The Market Detonation You’re Ignoring: “The Chinese Market Is In An All-On Crash”

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    With the eyes of the world on Greece and a possible collapse of the of the Eurozone as a likely end result, many are ignoring a potentially much more massive elephant in the room. It’s been the hottest market in the world, so flush with cash that they have actually built entire ghost-cities lacking populations and mega shopping centers without tenants – a clear sign of bubble waiting to be pricked. But the inevitable seems to now be taking hold as once unstoppable Chinese stock markets are now reversing the unprecedented gains seen over the last several years.

    Forget Greece. We’ve seen that story before. This could be the first domino:

    The Chinese market is in an all-on crash.

    Last night the Shanghai index was down 8%, and while there have been some wild recovery rallies during the last couple of weeks as well the cumulative loss is close to 20% at this point, the formal “declaration” of a bear market.

    That market had been in a parabolic blow-off since roughly December, a classic (to a chartist) three-stage parabolic move with two retracements.  The most-recent move down, however, threatens to violate the uptrend support originated back in November and has already erased the gains since May.

    Yes, a 2-month round-trip of about 20%.

    “Liquidity” is usually given as the reason for the “reasonableness” of stock valuations these days.  I have only one question: What happens when said “liquidity” is really nothing more than a loan (which it always is) and the borrowed funds are lost instead or producing “gains”?

    Source: Karl Denninger / The Market Ticker

    What happens is exactly what’s happening in Greece and China, and what will undoubtedly soon come to pass in the United States.

    The actions of the world’s wealthy should be followed closely, and as we’ve note previously, they are being told to make sure they have physical assets like cash, gold and silver on hand in anticipation of a serious destabilizing event. The reset is coming, and as was recently noted by Brandon Smith of Alt Market, the next stage of the elites’ plan for total global economic centralization is about to be in full effect.

    With China’s stock markets now imploding on a scale that can only be described as a crash, it is only a matter of time before the chain reaction of derivative-based defaults leads to similar detonations across the entire world.

    What comes next is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be pretty. One possible outcome, as suggested by analyst Greg Mannarino, is pretty much the worst imaginable scenario and one we have urged our readers to prepare for:

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    Source: Full Interview with Greg Mannarino

    It’s a scary proposition and one from which escape for the general population of the world seems impossible. As Mannarino notes, “there’s no way out.”

    It will be, for all intents and purposes, every man for himself. The elite know this and that is likely why they are buying aircraft landing strips, rural hideaways and divesting themselves of paper assets.

    If we are, in fact, on the cusp of this next great paradigm shift, it will be littered with panic, widespread civil unrest and shortages of essential good necessary for survival. It is a scenario for which the government has prepared for over a decade, but as former DHS head Janet Napolitano has wanred, such an emergency will leave the government overwhelmed and unable to assist those in need.

    That means you’re on your own and your only saving grace will be that you take steps to prepare for disaster ahead of time.

    As collapse survivor Selco has warned, once this goes down there will be little room for error: Either you’ll learn fast or you’ll end up dead.

    At the very least we strong recommend stockpiling the basics, including food, potable water, self defense tools, and physical barter goods.

    Of course, we could be overreacting. The Chinese stock market crash is happening so far across the ocean that we probably don’t need to be paying attention. And as for Greece, Americans will never have to line up in front of empty ATM’s hoping to get enough money out to put dinner on the table.

    The government would never let that happen, right?

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      1. Thought of buying the 3x short etf for a month, did not.
        thinking of doing the same for the Dow & qqq…

        • the world as a whole is so unstable in ALL respects it is hard to decide which enity is to fail first and thus causing the domino effect of a world wide war! keep on preppin cause the doo doo is about to hit the fan!

          • Thats why I say people need to take preppin’ seriously. When it comes down to it, all means of production are pretty much outside of the country, all we have is the printed piece of paper some people around the world still demand.

            If you dont have anyone to group with or you are unsure how to approach someone, or you want to see if your group can think alike, allow me to suggest this tool SouthernPrepper1 recommended. I used it with my group a few months back and it definitely brought us closer.


            Get ready folks!

            • I can’t really take any of you seriously. Are you a bad ass commando? Can you outgun special forces? No?

              There isn’t anything good in this world worth surviving over. And any quality of life that would exist in this scenario would not be worth the effort it took to survive. I’m walking into the bullet wall.

              • Soulless Technocrat:
                Good… the loss of you means nothing to us. Posterity will gladly forget you ever lived. Just shoot yourself and be done with it. Why have a soldier do it for you, other than you have no balls. Survival of the fittest means you’re not fit to survive. See Ya.
                I only have to take one of them out for the kill ratio to be on our side based on pure numbers. They won’t know how,where or when. We hold the high ground and ranges are known. This does not bode well for anyone who thinks otherwise.
                Asymetrical warfare is their greatest fear. They have had several thousand cops looking for only two barely armed guys for the best part of a month and they are only marginally winning. Imagine if there were 100 guys and they were shooting back with a LOT more than a 20 gauge shotgun and then fading back into the forest. Good luck Gomer Pyle.

                Multiply that activity by 50 states (57 if you are Obama)and the numbers aren’t in their favor. Not even close to being in their favor. They are man poor…we’re not.


                • GC, Braveheart agrees 100% with you. Let ST commit suicide if that’s his wish. I’m going to fight to try to get my country back from the POS taking it down the drain. We do have a chance. As you said, when it takes a few thousand cops 3 weeks to find 2 escaped killers…..

                  • I’ll stand with those that seek a return of the Constitution as the Law of the Land. God Bless.

                    • Return to the constitution… Consider that the constitution has gotten us to this point. Consider that those seeking power will find a way if citizens and the press don’t act as watchdogs continually. I don’t know the answer, but returning to the constitution just means a repeat.

                    • The Bill of Rights is the only part of the Constitution that is valid. It amended the otherwise Federalist government-supremacy that was declared in the earlier part of that Constitution. Now, the people are the supreme law of their individual lands–though at war with those who demand to be in power who declare the old, pre-Bill of Rights parts of that Constitution to still be valid.

                  • Let’s put it into prospective. Jade Helm has aprox 3,000 soldiers involved to cover 6 states. They couldn’t cover Texas alone. Last year the 48 states issued over 40 million hunting licenses. thet means at least 40 million people own a gun and think they are good enough with it to spend the money for a hunting license. History fast check: 40 million is the largest army in the world. Even drones need humans to operate them. and those operators gotta eat and go to the bathroom. They will have to come out of those trailers sooner or later. So do armored vehicle drivers. Funny how the most technical advantage can be defeated by a no tech/low tech defense. ST can do what he thinks is right. I chose to resist with 40 million of my closest friends. Good Luck!

              • Good.

                • I don’t give a rat’s ass about the stock market.

                  It’s a controlled game, that only the rich and elite can afford to play. Why is shtf spending so much time worrying about the stock market? I thought this was a prepper’s site…not business dot com.

              • If you have any family, make them do the bullet walk with you. You’re not only giving up on yourself, but them as well. Sad that you don’t care enough about anyone else ot even try.

              • Souless T

                “Can you outgun special forces?”
                If tennis shoe and skirt wearing ISIS can then I think I’ll hold my own. All the billions of dollars and thousands of American lives wasted in Iraq and now look what has happened.

            • This is the point. Perhaps none of possible issues, EMP/CME, New Madrid/Cascadia fault etc. occur. Maybe it won’t even be a catastrophic financial meltdown. But tell me, how disappointed do you think those Greeks who were preparedness types are, now that their meltdown occurred. No, it was not Santorini or Mt. Aetna next door blowing up; rather, it was something more mundane – just an “everyday, regular ol’ financial meltdown.” I would guess that 90% of the stuff they did a TEOWTWAKI prep for was still usable in a more, if you will, garden variety meltdown.

          • I talked to someone yesterday in the intelligence community. He asked me where the last two great wars started? I said Eastern Europe. He said you are right. Now where do you think the next one is going to start? I said Ukraine. He said you are right. Not sure what this means. Wish I could have talked to him a little more but they were leaving. I know it is vague. I hate that too. But I will not say where this person is or what he does. I am not even sure if this figures into Jade Helm or anything. If it does it still does not make sense to me.
            I just know that in the past when economic troubles happened it was always followed by huge wars.

            • I agree: Ukraine seems to be the place where it will kick off. It is swimming in mercenaries, NATO special forces, planes of weapons flying in from the US and Canada. It is being secured as the first line of resistance against Russia. But watch out because Russia may just come in through the Arctic and go after the Nordic countries and Canada: an easy sweep for the Russians to do. If they do that, they secure the vast resources of the Arctic – gas, oil etc. – all for China – and they also have a leverage point against Europe if Ukraine escalates. May you live in interesting times…

              One good thing about all this will be the draft for the Millennials: that will just make me laugh loud and hard. Watching those slackers marched off to Parris Island. Ha, Ha, Ha…

              • I wonder how many of Obama’s pet illegal aliens and homosexuals are going to like being drafted, and sent off to fight the Russians and/or Chinese?

                Should be entertaining.

                • I can see them now, holding the rainbow flag with limp wrists and shouting “Charge” as they scamper to their fates.

                  • HP, they’ll turn and run away shouting “Retreat”.

                  • You mean as they sache’ to their destiny!

                • Or fight guys like me,,,,
                  Heh heh

                • Watch what you say about homosexuals, AC– Acidface/ Eisencrap will get mad!

                • I used to wonder why they were flooding the country with so many low-IQ, low-skill people from Africa and the Middle East. And then it made sense when I thought about WWIII. It would be very easy to take mostly black and Arab immigrants, draft them, and then point them at white Russians and Chinese. Play on their hatred of whites and people who have more wealth (the Chinese) and they would be happy to go to war. Look at how they behave in their former countries, happy to endlessly fight each other.

              • So I guess Frank you don’t have any children or grandchildren in this age group. And by the way Not All millennials are slackers or would it be safe to say that anyone with the name Frank is not very nice. Sheesh!

              • Um, millennials have already been in two wars. What about you frank?

            • Chechnya rebels just joined forces with ISIS. This is not good as these are heavy duty fighters. Possibly the toughest in the world.
              Russia now has a serious problem as the Western induced Ukrainian crisis will divert manpower & munitions from the effort to shut down the ISIS problem in Chechnya fast.

              Syrian refugees continue to pour through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. These are struggling financially already and don’t have the resources to cope.

              WW3 is now progress the elite just don’t wanna scare us phlebs by admitting it until they have their own bolt holes tightly secured.

          • I remember what happened to some co-workers during the savings and loan debacle in the late 80’s. They had their checking, savings and mortgage at the same S & L because it was close to work. Suddenly it was closed. They lined up at the bank branch but it had run out of money. That S & L wouldn’t accept their check for their mortgage, and was hassling them about paying some other way. They couldn’t because their savings and checking were unavailable. Stores wouldn’t accept their checks. It was f-ing unbelievable. They ended up getting their clock cleaned before it was all over, depending on friends and relatives just to get groceries, but did get some of their money back eventually. I fear we will see this on a wider scale, and very soon in what’s left of the U.S.A.

        • The facts about the Chinese Stock Market regarding any crash is that many Chinese Brokerage firms reduced the margin borrowing to speculate, which caused about a 5% crash. Unlike the US manipulated Stock Market which runs on massive margin debt. When here in the US you can use one dollar to control $95 of oil speculation. Take the Margin borrowing out here and our markets would crash at.least 50%.

        • Oops, looks like I landed in the paranoid place where everyone is prepperation H ing . . .pretty sure most of you have a back up refuge . . . A short school bus or two put underground from first the Y2K scare, then the global warming conspiracy . . .and the back breaker was probably when that lady in Peru saw the image of the dude from nazarust on her burnt weenie sandwich . . .a sure sign the end is near

      2. Not really ignoring it (China’s economical coming disaster), its just that I got more important things on my plate like tweeking preps and whatnot. One morning we’re all gonna wake up and many countries will be naked for all to see. And then there’ll be war.

        • I think “war” will be conservative descriptor.

          I think “full retard” will be more accurate. A true WORLD war.

          I got a great 20 minutes to give.

          • Hopefully 20 minutes, may be less, some of us may not wake up

            • I honestly have no problem with not waking up. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a bus loadin’ up and I have choice, thank you but i’d rather stick around and be of good service to the family, but over all, we all aren’t gonna wake up some day and when it happens, well, I pray I know where i’ll end up….

            • Kula, 1911 in one hand, cold beer in the other…Molon labe… 😉

              • I sleep with that baby, not much beer though, no need

      3. Pass to the USA?! No way! We are the USA. We now have gmarriage! That will stimulate the economy, right?

        • NetRanger: Once the novelty of “gay marriage” is over and gays discover what “community property” really means, gay marriage stats will reverse and gay divorce rates will skyrocket. 🙂

          • More business for the lawyers!!!

            Yes, when people are hungry for something they view their attaining it as a 100% advantage. Nothing it the world is that way. Everything has pluses and minuses but the people that are so rabidly in a state of desire to obtain such a thing rarely think of the downside. gmarriage will have the same drawbacks as real marriage and then the howling will begin.

            Love wins? Don’t think so. Big government wins. Always bad. Never good.

            • That wasn’t the plan all long?

              • That *WAS* the plan all along. But, its very hard to convince the gmarriage crowd that they just helped everyone get closer to total loss. What a bunch of ultra maroons they are. The “Pro Choice” and “Anti-Abortion” crowds are the same way.

                If people had brains that they used they’d realize that this gmarriage thing could be used as a talking point. How come I can’t carry a gun at certain times in certain places and yet the constitution guarantees no infringement, yet, it says nothing about gmarriage and they’re ramming it down our throats?

                Its a big “WTF?” moment for me.

                It seems that government is really, really good at taking the desires of a section of the population and using it and legislation to further [enslave|impoverish|oppress|destroy] the citizenry.

                I mean, I laugh at the founding fathers’ ideas of government. …and then I cry. The mere *IDEA* that government was supposed to be a tool, a benefit, to protect and serve the people makes me LMFAO. Its like a cruel joke. I wonder how many years after we kicked the British out that government started oppressing the people? It probably wasn’t years. It was probably that same day.

                The simple fact of the matter is that pure Anarchy is way preferable to what we have now. No, not the popular definition of Anarchy. Thats just a different form of tyranny where official government leaves and then you have cells of tyranny move in while (faudulently) claiming authority that flows from the previous government. No, I mean pure Anarchy where men look after their own rights, are fully armed and are supported by their fellow men.

                Neither condition can exist and men be free. Government will always expand to tyranny. Anarchy will always devolve into violence and murder coming from cells of self proclaimed authority.

                We had a good couple hundred years. The USA is no more. That union of states that provided the combination of economic prosperity, security and reasonable freedom is *GONE*. The average American is so incredibly self centered, ignorant and so easly led to the slaughter that, even in reset, we’ll never be able to bring it back.

                Lets all pick a state and move there and force it into liberty. I think that would be the only way we would be able even start to rebuild what we had. The federal government is far too self serving and powerful to even have a twinge of guilt about its oppressive nature. Our only hope (minus libertarians moving to a single state and getting to work) is that if something comes along and slits the throat of the district of criminals and bleeds out and dies. Lets hope that happens soon. There mere idea of liberty and freedom is currently on the ropes.

                • New Hampshire has a Free State Project you might want to check into Nothing like some state in the socialist/fascist northeast to stick it in the face of the other leftists states there, like NY, CT, MA, etc.

                • Liberty and Freedom is already gone. You can see it in the laws, codes, and political correctness that we already are required to live by. Why can’t people just focus on themselves and allow others the freedom to do the same?
                  It is not just the government that is taking it away. It is our own neighbors on city counsels, and the board’s of supervisors. I should not have to have a permit to put a shed on my property. I should be able to live in a single wide trailer on my own land indefinitely if I choose. I should be able to have as many junk cars as I want on my own land. Then when I have paid for my house and land it should be mine free and clear.

                  I should be able to pray and say a blessing over a meal that my team at work cooks. But I am told I should ask someone else to do it.

                  Guess what? None of this was caused by the government coming in first. It was all caused by certain people in this country complaining about there neihbors. It was caused by a certain population in counties wanting it. We elected all these idiots that passed the codes and laws.

                  Freedom and Liberty has eroded to the point that we are not free. We are more like Europe and it is going to get worse quickly now.

                  • I had a libtard neighbor that stuck his nose in all my business. I put up with him for 9 year, I finally just moved. I figured in any kind of shtf happening he would be a liability next to me. Gov just wants us conform, I will not.

                  • Absolutely, where ever you are whomever you’re with there will always be someone trying to control you.

                • I must say, you make some good points.

                  • here is a game every one try and guess the president I am talking about here

                    and who can we compare the one listed below too ???

                    President ———————– is the worst political failure of the last
                    year’s he has had incredible blunders Gaffes and ham fisted comments . and many people are wondering just what he will do next.

                    president ———————– is losing control and lacks the ability to react intelligently
                    and make decisions that will not damage the economy.

                    its chilling to scan the daily press and see the mountain of disdain that president —————– is building for him self.

                    and international and economic leaders increasingly see president —————————–as a two bit self righteous know it all who has no business sitting in the white house.

                    they see him as unpredictable capricious spineless against the Russians aloof and uncaring toward this countries real friends.

                    this president brags about his organizational abilities his high moral character
                    yet he does not seem to know how any thing works his policies have every one off balance.

                    he appears to delight in insulting those who want to help him the most .

                    bankruptcies are up in ?????—————-

                    and what really has me concerned is more lower skilled workers are being squeezed out of the work force and on to the public dole for you and I too support.

                    we thought we had all the answers back in the 40s and 50s and now we have none.

                    politicians make bland speeches and vaguely promise everything for every body
                    and all things to all people
                    our govt defrauds the money that it itself issues.

                    our food industry is not safe any more and poisons us with herbicides pesticides colorings and enhancers.

                    our education systems is in the hands of idiots and criminals are turned loose every day to prey on us again and again

                    while those decent people are forbidden to arm them selves to protect home and life .

                    who does this sound like ????

                    • I will say Lincoln, early 1861….

                    • nope
                      Jimmy Carter

                • Spot on, NR! In full agreement here! We had a good couple hundred years, and now that has ended. We are now residing in the “aftermath” of that, however one would like to describe it. The politicians like to refer to the old principles of “freedom, etc” in their bloviated speeches to the dumbed-down masses, but these sheep are too self absorbed to even realize that they have lost their country and its founding principles. Even if it was shown to them directly that they are currently living in the aftermath of the FUSA, they would just harrumph and stick their head back in the sand. “Founding principles? Individual liberty? That’s too much to think about, and it makes my head hurt. Let’s see what’s on Facebook instead. Hey look! I can ‘like’ this person’s ‘status'”.


            • Acid will chain his Gay lover to the wall so he wont run off with some other gay lover and take all of Acids shit with him. Forget Reality TV, just get a seat in the local county gay divorce court room. That should be pretty entertaining. Example: “Then he bitchslappes my poodle and steals my rainbow dildo set.”.

              • Think of the poor court recorder who has to type out descriptions of things like expandable butt plugs. How do you do that without laughing or vomiting? Great diet plan for the recorders. They won’t be able to eat lunch after recording all the disgusting details.

          • And for those of you who like high drama just wait till we have gay “divorce court” on afternoon tv.

            • Ratings for that hissy-fit will likely spell the demise of Judge Judy if she doesn’t adapt. LMAO!!! 🙂

              • I’m gonna get a Confederate flag tatooed on my left butt cheek…

                • ROTFLMAO! Coffee out the nose never feels good.

                  • Glad I could make some people smile today.

                • Uh… Why the left butt cheek?

                  • Better question which on is your left one? Case if you look at it or turn around real quick your left one is your right one. World is a hard pace

            • Lol two queens, one fabulous shirt….its gonna be nasty

          • Amen to that DK!

          • I disagree dk, the gay/queer people have one thing in common, it is called self-gratification. However to get that self-serving, selfish kind of love, they need a partner that wants the same.
            So, they are not all that hung up on fidelity, in fact the LGBT community is just that, a cult that will share “love” amongst themselves freely. Hence the support from within their community.

            In other words, they stick together like glue and glazed doughnuts. They are all about being…well…gay. I have a little work that puts it all in perspective and what is at the root of homosexuality. I’ll share, for those that have a lengthy attention span, and an open mind.

            • Since not much more can be added to the conversation of the article above, I’ll post this lengthy explanation of the bigger topic of the hour. I apologize for the length, but i had to lay the groundwork and explain as much as possible, for a forum setting.

              • Homosexuality and Sin
                To get a clearer picture of how we as Humans should address male and female homosexuality, we should follow the Bible/HeavenlyFather’s Word.
                There is a deeper meaning to the phrase, “What would Jesus do”. It is found in the earliest days of this Earth Age and how the Son Of God addressed the situation of homosexuality.
                First of all; we need to understand that Jesus Christ, was always with us. He was with God from the beginning of existence. Possibly billions of years ago.
                Jhn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
                Jhn 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
                The Son Of God, became the Word, because he caused the communication of the Son and the Father, to exist, even before God created the Angels and His many children, as such, that we humans are His children in this flesh age.
                Thus, as before this age, we were His children in our previous “spiritual” bodies. We had a King, and Highest Priest, over us then as well. He was the Son of God. He was known by the name King Melchizedek. He was the High Priest and King over all the children of God, in the first Heaven and Earth Age, that had an “order” of all things and all angels, until Lucifer changed all that.
                Hebrews 5, 6, and 7 better explains and clarifies His role before He became flesh and walked among us, in this Heaven and Earth Age.
                Dead Sea Scrolls
                11Q13 (11QMelch) is a fragment (that can be dated to the end of the 2nd or start of the 1st century BC) of a text about Melchizedek found in Cave 11 at Qumran in the Israeli Dead Sea area and which comprises part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In this eschatological text, Melchizedek is seen as a divine being and Hebrew titles as Elohim are applied to him. According to this text Melchizedek will proclaim the “Day of Atonement” and he will atone for the people who are predestined to him. He also will judge the peoples.
                Please do not let previous documents written long ago, after the scrolls, and modern day self-proclaimed scholars deceive you as to whom King Melchisedec (greek spelling) King of Salem (future = Jerusalem) was. He was the future Messiah/Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. When He returns soon, He will fulfill that first position again, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, (the most High Priest). He was not Shem or any flesh man, as most try to convince us that he was.
                The scene in Genesis chapter 14 is a lesson to the world on how we should approach and handle anyone practicing homosexuality.
                Now, when King Melchizedek approached Abraham with bread and wine; who was “already” there representing Satan and the future Antichrist….The king of Sodom, who quickly offered Abraham gifts and wealth in exchange for Abrahams men and boys. But, Abraham was wise, and educated by the Son of God, King Melchizedek, because he had been walking with Him and knew all about the devils workings through homosexuality.
                We are told that the first words out of the future Saviours mouth was “blessed be Abraham….”
                The first words out mouth of the king of Sodom, the poster boy for homosexuality, was…” give me”. This automatically says one thing….selfishness, lovers of self. Secondly he says…”the persons”, or the souls, and …”take the goods”.

                In other words, king of sodom, like Satan doesn’t care about stuff,goods, money, land, material possessions. He wants one thing….warm bodies, aka souls.
                Ever wonder why it seems most of the people that follow a LGBT lifestyle have all the money and things they want? They are blessed with financial rewards by following Satan’s lie….”you will surely not die, you will be as God”. Satan’s demonic spirits can, and does make that happen.
                Satan is always trying to come between Divine authority and truth, with his lies, by getting there first. He did it in the Garden with Adam and Eve. He transformed/morphed himself into the body of the flying serpent, and was warned about, to Adam and Eve, as the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. They were to partake of the “teachings and love” from the “Tree of Life”, which was none other than the Son Of God, King Melchizedek, yet future Saviour, only. As read, the “Tree of Life” was not organic, it was King Melchizedek, King of the Just/Elect. For every negative from Satan, God has a positive present.
                Satan lied to them both and showed them how to have “unnatural” sex .
                Yes, I know this is definitely “not”, what is commonly taught, but in time, the truth will prevail, and people will see that the teachings of eating a forbidden apple was not, and could not, have caused all the chastisement and judgements that began in the Garden. Especially, not causing a hybrid demonic race, that started in the Garden with Cain. Not the giants, the kenites (sons of Cain).
                Rom 1:26
                For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: (lesbianism, women taking the role of a man in a sexual relationship with another woman).
                Deu 22:5
                The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
                ( note: it is not a sin for a woman to wear men’s clothing or vice versa, however; it is a sin/abomination for a man to play the role of a woman in a sexual act with another man, as well as a woman to play the role of a man in a sex act with another woman).
                Rom 1:27
                And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
                Lev 20:13
                If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
                Rom 1:28
                And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate (morally and literal) mind, to do those things which are not convenient (fit, or befit);
                To summarize these verses; God gave up on those that turned their lusts toward their own kind, men and women. When their minds turned away from Him, and to the morally wrong way of thinking to allow fleshly lusts of their own kind, to replace God, He washed His hands of them. Repentance and forgiveness is always available until the flesh and/or, mind is gone.

                If God washes His hands of someone, then they fall into the category spoken of here in…
                1Co 6:9
                Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate ( a male who submits his body for “unnatural” lewdness, or holds a boy for homosexual usage. The boy became known as a catamite), nor abusers of themselves with mankind (changing their sexual identity through drugs and surgical procedures, etc. = transexuals),…
                The LGBT community has caused the definition of “unnatural” to now become “natural”. God does not see it that way people. PC does not change God.
                And to add further, people that claim to be homosexual Christians…they can’t serve two Gods, nor can they make up their own style of Christianity and waltz right into Heaven. It does not work like that. God be Judge.
                Now to end this piece with an important message that is directly related to what I stated in the first few sentences. Go back to the top and read. Skip all the ground work that is laid out between the top and bottom.
                When the king of Sodom was before the Son of God,King Melchizedek, and Abraham, in Genesis 14, would not this have been the most oppertune time to scold and repremand, and preach to the poster boy of homosexuality? It seems as though it would. But, here is when the message to future generations of Godly peoples was set.
                What did King Melchizedek/future Jesus Christ, say to king of Sodom?
                Absolutely nothing! From all we are told, Christ totally ignored him. Why? He knew that the homosexual king, and all that followed his ways of ungodly, unnatural, living, were dead men (and women) walking.
                The lesson we as Christians are supposed to follow…. Have no part of their evil ways. Do not converse with them, do not try to preach to them (unless they ask with a repentive heart), nor accept them. In God’s eyes, (I believe) that are to be considered as, “set aside from society”, not accepted and supported, especially by governments.
                Do not coddle them and tell them we love them. That just gives them more support for their evil ways.
                I know this sounds harsh to a pc living world, but it is they that have brought judgment upon this nation as it was brought about by them in the days of Sodom and Gamorrah.
                Now that we as the modern day House of Israel/Caucasian peoples descending from the original tribes; North Americans have allowed the potus and scotus to bring forth that wrath for the end of this age. It should have never been allowed to come down to gov to make a law over people to mandate acceptance of unnatural acts of sex. It brings forth destruction, and destruction is forthcoming.
                All sin and come short of the glory of God, but definitely don’t be in one of the categories of people described in First Corinthians 6 : 9. Otherwise all your prepping and education from SHTF Plan is all for nought.

                • By now, most folks are getting tired of seeing my post on this topic. Unless, I feel the need to clarify or answer any questions, i promise, I am done.

                  However; I feel a need to add a couple points of follow up concerning the above article by me, and how I personally feel about LBGT people.

                  First, and foremost, I do “not” hate them. I feel sorry for them in most cases. Some are honestly confused, and are born with a disproportionate set of masculine/feminine markers. Some are even born with both sets of genitalia. How could we as Christians hate someone that had no control over how they were born?

                  So,as i mentioned before, Jesus gave us a picture as what we are to do with them that practice homosexuality. Ignore them and do not mingle with the, and definitely do not show support.

                  They are to be set aside for the Judge of all to deal with individually as He sees fit.

                  Family would have a hard time ignoring their own, and I can’t give advice on this situation. That is something each person has to work through with prayer.

                  Remember, don’t cast hate and sling mud, or do bodily harm to them; just ignore and hate the sin as best as we can, because the giant genie of homosexuality is out of the bottle, and only God can put it back where it belongs. Where it belongs is in the closet, and eventually into the Lake of Fire with him that created it.

                  • Excellent and informative post. Many are the things you posted, that I did not know. Thank you for opening my eyes.

                    • It is just so extremely difficult when someone YOU love is homosexual and you know that you have known it since his/her toddler years! How do you tell you own child what he or she IS, is wrong in your eyes? I believe that marriage is meant to be a man and a woman who become one. But I also believe that “nature” sometimes makes mistakes. I believe that sometimes, just every now and then a person is born as one sex when they should have been another. It happens in nature all the time, it just makes sense sense that it would occur in humans too. when it happens in your own family, what then. It is very east to say homosexuality is wrong, but when it is your own son/daughter who is homosexual it is not so easy. not so simple all all that, Passin.

                  • The “born that way” shuck is a complete diversion, another “play victim” ploy. Except for physicians, it is a non-issue. Why? Think about it.

                    Many diabetics are ‘born that way,” but we still treat their disease.

                • Well Pass,first off,any who believe that govt. should be involved in the relationships of consenting adults is a lost cause in my book.I am a firm believer in freedom of religion/speech as long as you don’t try and shove your religion down my throat(not saying you are,but many religions/people do).
                  I,first off,love women,dozens can’t be wrong(perhaps made the wrong choice!)but in my world do not care about anyones religion/ethnicity/sexuality/monetary status ect.,you are either a douche or a decent person,Warchilds world is simple in that aspect.

                  As am of Nordic bloodstock with a little Maori thrown in have gods/norns ect.,we begrudgingly acknowledge em but do what we think is right,again,tis simple.I will bow to no gods and thus that along with sleeping with lots of women/other things am sure in may religions will burn in hell what have you,well,I say FUCK THEM and their words written by men and women,kiss my ass in a non sexual way of course!

                  I will say Warchild driven crazy by bi-sexuals,not a moral stance but make up your mind!I find it patently unfair that some can go into a part/bar ect. and have double the odds of meeting someone.That said,Warchild is also open to the option of two attractive women who are more then just friends and would like to have Warchild as the meat in the sandwich of a sexual tryst of two afore mentioned women!

                  • Almost have the 350 ft of 6 ft tall barbed wire cattle fence up. Then adding a gate. That should keep the nosy neighbors from ever again walking back here. That 6 pt buck was again about 30 yrds out my cottage front door this AM. Still sporting the velvet horns. A good set of Binos gives me a good look. Then 20 mins later a fat Turkey Hen was out there as well. The guy whonaet up my solar said, “You will never go hungry living out here.” Day 124 at the BOL hidy hole. Digging a well is the next big project. Tapping 100 ft down into the Florida aquifer.. yumm.

                • Well Pass,first off,any who believe that govt. should be involved in the relationships of consenting adults is a lost cause in my book.I am a firm believer in freedom of religion/speech as long as you don’t try and shove your religion down my throat(not saying you are,but many religions/people do).
                  I,first off,love women,dozens can’t be wrong(perhaps made the wrong choice!)but in my world do not care about anyones religion/ethnicity/sexuality/monetary status ect.,you are either a douche or a decent person,Warchilds world is simple in that aspect.

                  As am of Nordic bloodstock with a little Maori thrown in have gods/norns ect.,we begrudgingly acknowledge em but do what we think is right,again,tis simple.I will bow to no gods and thus that along with sleeping with lots of women/other things am sure in may religions will burn in hell what have you,well,I say FUCK THEM and their words written by men and women,kiss my ass in a non sexual way of course!

                  I will say Warchild driven crazy by bi-sexuals,not a moral stance but make up your mind!I find it patently unfair that some can go into a party/bar ect. and have double the odds of meeting someone.That said,Warchild is also open to the option of two attractive women who are more then just friends and would like to have Warchild as the meat in the sandwich of a sexual tryst of two afore mentioned women!

                  • Your on the same ship with the gays and don’t even know it.

                    • Sadly, you are correct, SD.

                    • Agreed.

                  • Warchild:

                    Enjoy your “attractive” shit sandwich, Warchild. An std might be the dressing on your bread. But of course they must be attractive! OOOgly on the inside if that is their lifestyle.

                    Your lifestyle seems to be something you like to talk or brag about. No wonder religious info offends you.

                    • Granny,am sick of the holier than though religious freaks,your way or the highway.I am not offended by religions,just the sanctimonious/judgemental assholes that many religions seem to create,you know,folks like you.I am amused you find outside beauty ugly,probably because it is something you never had.

                • Jesus was surely Gay, The Bible never talks about any female lover of Jesus. And when Jesus runs off for months at a time with his other 12 gay deciples.. like where did they all sleep on those trips? It all adds up to one big orgy.

                • Thanks Passin’ for all the time you spent on that article.

                  It seems the world is coming down to good VS evil; with little time left to decide what side we chose to be on.

                  The best gift I was ever given was the link to:

                  biblestudysite dot com

                  No PC there…..No 501C3 to muddle the truth…..

                  • Thanks, POG,

                    I am humbled. I have checked out biblestudydotcom and go there often. The work that was put into that layout and explanation of the KJV, by referencing the true Hebrew words and their definitions is incredible.

                    Mr. Goggins is to be commended and his work is right up there with the works of Dr. EW Bullinger, Dr. Strongs, E Raymond Capt, James Moffatt, and Arnold Murray.

                    When I am stuck on an issue of full understanding of a subject or passage of scripture, I may go through all their works to rightly divide the word, and compare it’s alignment of God’s actual meaning and plan.

                    They, as all men, are not 100% correct, 100% of the time. I refrain from most modern day scholars that have doctorates because most have been indoctrinated with Liberal seminary schooling. A good example of this is following a non-biblical doctrine of a pre-trib rapture. When God Himself says in Ezekiel 13, that he is against a fly away doctrine to free souls, from tribulation and refining pure by that tribulation, especially against those that teach such….false preachers.

                    to sum up, Eze 13:22
                    “Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life:”……

                    ….exactly, by promising him life through a pre-trib rapture to escape the hour of tribulation. It ain’t happening people.

                    OK, Sunday school for today, by me, is officially closed.

                    • I agree, the master will be delayed…. 10 virgins and luke servant….. scoffers will say.. where is the promise of his coming once the tribulation has started… the pre trib promise….

                • Most of what you say is true.

                  I, however, add that, while we may wish to remain separate from homosexuals, as Christians we must pray for them. They are still our brothers and sisters, and only our prayers will save them from the deception of Satan. So do not completely ignore them in your prayers.

                  May God bless you with the Truth, which is the Word of God.

                  • Disagree in that they are not our brothers and sisters. They may become them, IF they repent but as it stands, they are not.

                    Yes, we ought to be praying for their conversion, unceasingly.

                    • Praying for their conversion?How about you and the govt. mind your own business.I grow so weary of all the religions that say their word is it ect.,others heathens that will burn ect.

                    • Warchild, bite Obunglers ass. I didn’t say my word is it. It isn’t my word it’s Gods’ Word.

            • Pls provide link. Maybe put on Scribd? Dr. Paul Cameron, Family Research Inst. in Colorado Springs, does great work on this topic

            • Homosexual break-ups are very, very violent. It will get ugly and more people will get to see how truly violent they are.

              They are selfish and they do share…well at least the gay men do. I have extended family…one is a female, one a male who are gay. The female is pretty monogamous…but the male, wow and WOW…

              It’s gonna be hard to watch.

              • Many marriages and just relationships in general unfortunetly end in violence

          • The average gay “marriage,” according to a study by Dr. Maria Xiridou, has EIGHT outside relationships per year.

            Yeah, some “marriage.” Try that in YOUR marriage, and see what your wife or husband does.

            Beside, the truth is, as both Madsen and Kirk the vile architects of the gay marriage movement said, it’s about changing society, not marriage. Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

            And the even more vile Judge Goonsburg will have a LOT to answer for when she stand before the Lord very, very shortly.

            • Great,bible study time,conform or die in lake of fire ect. time,fuck,you guys are as bad as isis.

              • That statement WD, just confirmed what I suspected about you.

                It saddens my heart that you think so little of folks that have tolerated your atheistic leaning comments. Many, like myself have tried to establish an internet relationship with you and wwti.

                Both have now made your bed of nails with your putting good Christian folks into the same categories as demonically controlled heathens like ISIS. Sad

                And wwti making demonic accusations against The One and Only, Son of God, as being a faggot.
                I would not want to be with in ear shot of your screams when the hammer falls on your sorry ass.

                I wish I didn’t even feel obligated to even send prayers out for both your sake, but i will, when i get around to it.


                • I am here to learn/discuss the survival here and now,not religion though believe in freedom of speech.Any man or woman who wants to judge me due to my beliefs though I harm no others,excepting perhaps your religious beliefs are all evil in my book,who the fuck are you to judge me,any more then I to judge you excepting youre actions/views here?!I thus relieve you of your obligation to say prayers to your god,though believe in your right to do so and even now would if you are actually threatened because of your belief system I disagree with would fight and if necc. die for your right to believe as you wish,save the prayers for those who want,appreciate em though.

                  • On a side note,not atheistic so much as just have gods/norns ect.,the cycles of nature are my religion(yah,I know,will burn for that also!).

                  • WD.

                    Shields up, Mr. Sulu.

                    OOOOOOh My, Captain. ;o).

                  • Too late! I have already hit send.

                    • PWTW


                  • “Who are you to judge me?”

                    Excuse me….but you do a pretty good job of judging people yourself.

                    But of course, the “you have no right to judge me” is the moral relevancy argument used so often by those whose moral compass is badly broken…. or non-existent.

                    The fact is, judging the behavior and beliefs of others is a necessary function of any civilized society. The alternative is pure anarchy. Everyone becomes a law (and god) unto himself. And everything becomes permissible.

                    In your line of thinking, one of the worst crimes one can commit is to judge another. And the hypocrisy of that is really pretty amusing when you think about it.

                • Wind,

                  Please save your bitter tears of trying to establish an internet relationship with him. He didn’t ask you for it or your Bible studies hour, which you’re trying to turn this place into. He’s correct, there are thousands of religious websites available to anyone who wishes to participate, so if you want to play the role of self anointed preacher, please take your act to one of them, I’m sure you’ll be appreciated more there than you will ever be here. The truth is your sanctimonious schtick has gotten stale, it’s obvious you have zero to contribute on the basis of prepping interest or you wouldn’t have to hijack every thread into a Sunday school class, so if you’re going to insist on thinking of yourself as being crucified because everybody won’t automatically fall in line with whatever you say, take it somewhere else, all you’re succeeding in doing is becoming a colossal bore to everybody but the couple posters who actually like your never ending sermons.

                  • How about this, Just Us,

                    As far as I am concerned, you are a troll,that has nothing better to do. Where have you been all these years on this site adding to the conversations and posting prepping information?

                    That’s right, you haven’t, because you are a mouthy piece of shit that has nothing better to do than blast christians that are actually trying to … dumb dick.

                    It is people like you that will be screaming like little bitches and begging for the mountains to fall on them when Jesus does return, because they don’t want to face Him.

                    Get this through your thick as a brick skull, with not much going on inside it: and understand I am not a preacher, and never claimed to be. I just love my Heavenly Father and love reading and trying to understand His Word. I share with people i care about, so take a hike, this info above is not for you.

                    Evidently, that is something you know nothing about, do you peckerhead?

                    • Wind,

                      All you’ve managed to accomplish with your childish tirade is to prove that when pseudo Christians like yourself are called on to face the facts, you break down into childish temper tantrums complete with infantile name calling. This is precisely what I’m talking about you being, the moment you’re told the truth about yourself you lose any semblance of your so called Christian self and become just another loud mouth self appointed religious nutcase. If you’re going to tell people that ” Heaven” is populated with jerks like yourself, than thanks for the warning, God knows why ANYBODY would want to spend an eternity with a sanctimonious old bitty like you, it sure as hell sounds more like hell than anything else.

                    • Well this ain’t Heaven, so I can still call a prick, a prick.

                      In fact I’ll go one better, you are a miserable prick.

                      Until I go into that other dimension, I have a right to throw shit back at pricks. You are either a faggot or faggot supporter. It isn’t necessarily the biblical teaching that pisses you off, it’s that the truth is hitting home with you.

                      Words don’t determine a “childish tirade”, it’s the timing and order, plus the continual bashing of Christians that make for a childish tirade. You liberals want it all your way and that way does not include “conviction” of your sin.

                      No, I don’t know your heart, but i have a good enough picture to say what i think. I think you are a miserable prick that has nothing but negative things to say to people that are trying to get their mind and heart right for what is coming upon the earth, and more importantly against USSAG.

                      Let the gourd thumping and judgment of America begin. We need it. If you have such a low opinion of Christians, then maybe you can side with the heathens and see where that gets you.
                      Maybe a quick one way pass to the Lake of Fire.

                      Is that too biblical for you? Or, maybe you need it sugar coated and spoon fed to ya like a whining little whussie.

                      I have been here for five years plus, and my “preaching” as you call it, has helped a lot of folks. What have you contributed but cause me to show exactly who i am on the back pages of older posts.

                      Yea i am a Christian, but more importantly, I am a warrior for Christ. Us warriors aren’t whimps, nor are we pussified little queers, that sit behind a keyboard and sling shit at people that are trying to do good.

                      So if you have been promoted to the ranks of “moderator” then so be it and do what you have to, it don’t make a shit to me, cause my message has already been received and welcomed by shtf folks that like what i post. And don’t be confused, there are a whole lot more of us here than your type. When we are gone, this site is history, bud.

                      We are what keeps the wheels turning, cause it certainly isn’t you, Warchild,wwti,acid, and types like you.

                      So, piss off, prick and have a good trip, my ministry doesn’t require me to kiss your ass or try and appease anyone,anywhere. or anytime, especially faggots and faggot sympathizers.


                    • Wind,

                      You have proven one thing and one thing only, bitter old people like you have to throw temper tantrums and call people names when you know nothing about them, only because somebody rocked your little boat, or in your case a kiddy rocking horse in a way you don’t like. I’m guessing you are a lonely, bitter old man, who could only make himself feel better by becoming a self appointed gateway to Jesus, everybody had better do what YOU say or burn in the molten lake of fire forever. It’s nothing more than a pathetic case of lonely old man using fear porn to convince everybody that he should be obeyed or you’ll all go to Hell. You’ve demonstrated that some, by no means not all, because there are some older folks here who are reasonable and intelligent through the wisdom of their years, but those like yourself revert into a second childhood, listen to yourself, you’re just like the 3 year old who’s been told no by his parents, Basically it’s ” I hate you and I want you to die!” Yeah, you sound like a REAL Christian there, read the Bible and you can see where Jesus acted JUST like you! If anything, it’s moron’s like yourself who give religion a black eye by talking out of both sides of your mouth and thinking people are so stupid they’ll never see through it. Good luck on your second childhood, you’ll need it.

              • @Warchild Dammit!….

                Yeah…Christians are just like Isis. Did ya hear about all those folks Christians beheaded just last week? And how about those Christian suicide car bombers? Or how about the bunch of Christians that abducted all those women and girls so they could make sex slaves out of them?

                Really….your moral equivalency argument is about as dumb as it gets. But it’s quite typical of the way God haters think.

                • Anon,just judging others statements here as they seem to want to judge mine.I have said it before and will yet again.I believe in freedom for all,including religion/speech and will fight for others rights to those things among others even if I disagree.You and I obviously have different views of a civilised society.

                • Anon,sorry,double post.That said,you have heard of the witch trials/inquisitions ect.Christians (some,not all) are as guilty of such heinous crimes as are many other religions.

      4. The fact is all the things that we as humans consume has been pumped up to giant bubble levels but our wages have not. One thing that corporate greed is very efficient at is hammering down labor. They feed the people shit sandwiches and tell them that its caviar and if they don’t like it they’re crazy. While people can be fooled, the system cannot be. It will eventually compensate. That may be happening now.

        The bubbles will pop. Prices and wages will align for a time. People will feel like the economy has been fixed. The corporations will shit-a-brick and the government will institution inflationary price controls.

        Use that time when prices are low to STOCK UP on stuff!

        Something is going to happen in September. Its supposed to be “TERRIBLE” but I have a feeling that it might just be WONDERFUL for the people and TERRIBLE for the crooked bastard thieves. It may just be that the crooks will finally be held to account. Could it be? Could it be The Reset? Please, God! Let it be the reset!

        • amen………….

      5. Just a side note, and off topic: I was in Rural King a few days ago. They’ve got something really cool. Not sure who makes it. (I think it may have been Federal.) They are 30 round, sealed ammocans with an easy open top. Totally sealed. I think the cans were aluminum. You could bury them and dig them up when needed. Just a thought.

        • Aluminum, and especially aluminum pop-tops, don’t play well in contact with soil, unless maybe in really arid country.

        • Uh,Genius,someone mentioned “Federal”,can you handle this one?Though Sunday,Warchild has a small gig to do today,enjoy the weekend all!

      6. The laws of sowing and reaping, karma, what comes around goes around…etc. We have been clearly warned of the karmic reactions to disobedience (sin). As in the roaring twenties so it is now. We have drought forming (dust bowl), economic trouble in the stock markets. Yes in many respects it is 1929 all over again as we repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.
        The new element in this depression is the rampant homosexuality that is taking hold of our country and our children. Just understand that the reaction of a Holy God to this abomination will be the same now as it was then. If we cannot stop this flood of perversion in our country, our cities will assuredly……………..

        Burn with fire.
        (When you see this shit hit the fan don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

        “Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

        Nuclear fire is the pretty darn close to eternal fire as I can see,

        • There is no such thing as karma. It is a human invention designed to pacify the mind when dealing with the most heinous acts committed by people against other people.

          If karma existed then the people in power would have received their comeuppance a long time ago.

      7. someone is not paying attention

        the chinese are not as naive as zog fiat co-dependent tax debt slave amerikans.

        the chinese are very savvy when it comes to their own family personal money.

        the average chinese investor understand the need to diversify their portfolio, by investing in international development markets and have a reserve of physical pm bullion.

        plus they have a very large developing domestic market and Russia’s untapped natural resources to draw upon.

        the worst case scenario for the chinese is some will have to return to the rural family farms from factory jobs.

        china will be the last man standing.

      8. “and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly; and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly.”
        2 Peter 2:5-7New King James Version (NKJV)

        • Pink, I didn’t watch the video but I’ll bet that this is what a lot of the idiots on this site look like, especially the eyes!.

      9. Got silver?

        “Junk” silver (pre-1965 coins) the best, and very affordable after the last bear raid.

        • Must go lower

          • Don’t try to time any market. If you have the general timeframe right, that is close enough.

            • I had a libtard neighbor that stuck his nose in all my business. I put up with him for 9 year, I finally just moved. I figured in any kind of shtf happening he would be a liability next to me. Gov just wants us conform, I will not.

      10. If you spin a Chinese man around would he become disoriented?

        Apparently animals make different sounds according to different Languages. For example, in China a Dog makes a Sizzling noise.

        Chinese Sex
        There was an american man who lived in China and when he was there he had a lot of sex and never used a condom the entire time he was there.
        Then he returned to America and one morning he woke up and noticed bright green and purple dots on his penis.the man freaked out.
        He went to the doctor.

        The doctor said “I have never seen anything like this before. We will need to run some tests.”
        So they ran some tests and he said come back in 3 days for your test results.

        The man came back in 3 days and the doctor said “I have some bad have a disease called pongolion HP. It is very uncommon here and we now little about it. I’m sorry sir but we will need to amputate your penis.”
        The man was horrified.

        He went to a Chinese doctor thinking he would know more about it.
        The doctor said “oh yes, pongolion HP, very ware. yes” said the Chinese Doctor.
        The american doctor wants to amputate my penis.
        “Stupid a american doctah, make more money that way, no need amputate.”
        “Oh thank god” said the man.
        “Yes,wait 2 weeks, fall off by itself.”

        • ““Yes,wait 2 weeks, fall off by itself.””

          ROFLMAO 🙂 ❤

      11. Three Guys
        There was three guys walking down a hill a black guy, a Mexican guy, and a Chinese guy.
        Then they got kidnapped by a crazy gay guy.
        He said, “If all three of your dicks add up to 12 inches your lives will be spared.”
        The black guy pulls down his pants and he measured 6 inches,
        the mexican measured 4 inches
        and the the asian measured 2 inches.
        Their lives got spared.

        Walking down that same hill the black guy said, “You are lucky im black”
        The mexican said, “You are lucky im Mexican”
        Then the Chinaman said, “You are soooo lucky I had a boner”.

        • Awsome

        • Only because someone wants it to….lil ole greece aint nothing and contagion is a lie.

      12. Great article.

        I was googling info on Asian markets and Chinese markets to truth check the article. Incredibly misleading results. Almost as though the information was being systematically scrubbed from the Internet!

        Finally found some decent charts and yes they not only confirm what you are saying; the chart displays a classic head and shoulders pattern that says the biggest drop is yet to come, within days or weeks. It may take months for this contagion to spread around the world?

        Mac, I’m always impressed. Awesome job!

        Sometimes the lack of Google hits, like I am seeing, is just the rest of the media needs to catch up, but sometimes I suspect there is censorship afoot!

        This may turn out to be one very long, cold, hungry, hard winter. For some reason the worst market crashes always seem to come in the fall! If a super crash happens in the fall, winter will make for a faster, more humane death for the ignorant masses!

        I did at “The Ready Store” find and order some freeze dried egg products on sale. I was surprised because egg products are under shortage due to avian flu. Been wanting to add more MountainHouse egg stuff to my larder! 40% off looked good! Best I could find elsewhere was 15% more. I’ve been determined to add more emergency food since the wife indicated she’d have trouble turning certain family away. I cringe because I need solid allies, not liberal dicks like the ones that got us into this!

        I’m really hoping for more time. There will come a day though, when time is up!

        • Don’t use Google. Aside from Google NOT being your friend, it is massively manipulated. They’ll do anything for a buck. Use Ixquick or DuckDuckGo.

        • Google is always soft censoring the news to fit it’s NWO design plan and if they want to hide news on China then they can and place crap articles at the front of the search results.

          They are also doing this with “Gay News” to make it look like everyone in the world loves them and wants to be gay themselves.


          • Google’s new motto should be “First, let’s ONLY do evil,” led by that disgusting Eric Schmidt – same guy that ran Novell into the ground.

        • Just my opinion, forget the eggs in a can, learn how easy it is to keep a few chickens. Seriously, even a handful of hens take so little space and effort, you will never regret owning them.

          • I hear you!

            I actually like miniture turkeys best, yup it’s an actual breed.

            They are sturdy, great egg layers, self procreating, and good meat. They are tougher than chickens and will give many predictors a run for their money. They bond well with humans and will follow you around the yard while you work. Heard a lot of stories where chickens just couldn’t cut it, and their owners lost everything.

            I have the means to produce much needed food! Some stored food is for the lean times that will inevitably come!

          • A sensible child of 10 can care for half dozen hens for a family without adult assistance.

            We are off to learn about rabbit keeping later this summer.

            Both can be kept in even a tiny UK size garden without fuss. Considering quail or aquaphonics for the shed.

            • The miniture turkey’s are quieter than chickens, if annoyed neighbors might be a problem. I also believe turkey is nutritionally superior to chicken, both the eggs and the meat.

              Poultry is a great resource, unlike a pet that needs to be borded, you can slaughter, fill the freezer, go on vacation, and buy new chicks or poults when you return. You are right on they are easy to care for. They need really secure quarters where I live, we have a lot of foxes, coyotes, raccoons, possums and an occasional stray dog, they’ll all kill your birds given a half a chance.

              Rabbits are good, beware of tularemia, I know a guy who raised rabbits for 45 years for meat and for sale, it ultimately killed him!

              • Plan,on other side,chickens may be a nice warning system,folks have also used geese as a early warning system.I realise other options but just something to consider.

            • Our 11 yr old son cares for 34 chickens. It’s not difficult at all.

        • I told jokes like that in junior high. And this is apropos to what?

        • I have searched, and searched for whole dried eggs.

          Almost all stocks are sold out. I have found none for less than $40.00 for 72 servings in a #10 can.

          Dried eggs products are different, and taste different too.
          That is why there are many still available. We got some for a worst case scenario and to save our whole powdered for baking.
          Ever tried making a cake, or cornbread, without eggs?

          Thank God I had purchased several #10 cans of the best, which is the “whole” dried eggs, a couple years ago for 23 bucks and change.

          We talked about chickens but to keep chickens where we live is a full time job, because of the varmints.

          Coyotes, cats – big and little, from house cats to black panthers. I have a picture of a bobcat the size of a german shepherd. My brother, lives over the hill from us, and he has had all his chickens killed on four different occasions.
          Twice by roaming dogs, once by raccoons, and once by an eagle sized red tail hawk. We had a small chiuahaha sized dog get snatched and taken off by that damn hawk.

          Living in the sticks has it’s drawbacks.

          Until I have the time and patience to keep chickens, I will buy eggs, powdered or not.

          • You can make your own powdered eggs. There are Youtube videos about it. You basically scramble a bunch of eggs, dehydrate them, and then grind them up. Then bag ’em and seal ’em.

            You can cage the chickens to keep them safe. Also put wire over the top to keep out flying predators.

      13. Distractions like gay marriage (perpetuated by some here) are exactly what the government wants. Don’t watch China, Ukraine, North Korea, Iraq, Russia, the bullshit economy etc. watch and rail about gays and a flag. Focus people. Focus.

        • Tun,a very wise observation,agree completely,(though am hanging me rebel flag in window),just a few seconds to spent to annoy the pc crowd!

          • Attract attention to yourself and be ready to have your life controlled by the type of attention you get. Once you’ve attracted attention you’ve effectively neutralized (or at least seriously hampered) yourself because your actions are fully known in advance.

            I prefer to use a different approach that involves waiting for the right time to make an effective move for whatever cause I make it for. I prefer winning over making statements, anonymity over fame.

            • Very well said. I want to scream at the world, but I keep quiet and bottle it up for the day it will be needed. God help the progressives, because only God loves them.

              • We be surrounded by them bro

                • Hey Braddah,
                  I know. This week
                  I invested in humanity.
                  It is worth more than
                  gold or silver.

                  • And way more painful.

        • Gay marriage is NOT a “distraction.” You are right that there are other similarly pressing issues, but bad and corrupt economics originates from bad and corrupt people. The whole gay marriage thing – and the lies from which is originated – are both a cause and a symptom of the evil infecting the culture.

          • Just get govt. out of marriage along with a whole slew of other things.

        • Doesn’t make any real difference whether you watch them or not.

          You can’t do anything about them and have no influence at all on how or when or where they come into play.

          It should be obvious to everyone with any degree of intelligence that things are going south worldwide at an increasingly rapid pace, so being ready for whatever events come your particular way is the wise thing to do (weather, war, riots, political oppressions, financial collapses, etc., any one of them might be what you are going to have to deal with – probably not all of them at once though).

          FWIW, what do you think is the most likely thing to have to deal within your own situation? For myself, I think weather problems are first and most likely, financial ones second and likely, and various forms of oppression third (nothing else I can see dealing with effectively at my age and health condition if it comes my way).

          • IMHO the stuff i feel i will be dealing with in order will be
            increased opression by govt (FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act) (county property tax increases) Increased state regulation and taxation associated with FDA and USDA BS and state mismanagement of its system.
            Reduced sales due to financial stress on customers.
            Increased costs.
            Weather fluctuation and insecurity.
            Increased crime due to slowly deteriorating economic climate.
            Possible health issues,
            Honestly its all a crap shoot, the world could just devolve into war,
            But again who knows, for sure from what i have been dealing with the list above is taking place to varrying degrees now

        • Agree 110%

          • Agree 200%. I’m the one with a nearby Volcano, Mauna Loa scares me.

            • MaunaLoa is capable of a big eruption, could go anywhere, cover Kona, Hilo, Waikoloa????
              Anyones guess,

              • I’m Hamakua. It will all miss me.
                But I won’t get my propane or Diesel
                anytime soon if the towns go.
                As long as the Chinese
                or Russians don’t kill off my
                Satellites I’ll be OK and
                can comment here..

        • so true this. gay marriage is just totally irrelevant to most of us. GMO foods, poverty, police corruption etc is not.

      14. About China’s collapsing market.

        All Planned by Western Central Banks, Wall Street, London. This is a last ditch effort to sway the vote to against the Chinese Yuan being included in the default basket of currencies that comprise the Special Drawing Right.

        The Murdochian Shills over at Fox News are even beating the War Drums the likes of which I’ve never heard.

        Western Central banks realize that if china is in, their (Western Banksters) unfettered manipulation of global currency markets, will all but cease to exist.

        They (Western Central Banks) need to be careful though if they actually get their way (DK thinks so). China will put that BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South African) bank into existence and all holy hell will break loose.

        If BRICS becomes a reality, Russia will no longer be beholden to / tempered by the IMF. Thus, Russia will triple gas/oil prices to Europe and Europe will literally freeze this Winter (Europe had 46000 deaths last year due which were attributable to high energy costs).

        Australia and New Zealand will stop doing business with the West (They already do business direct with china using the Yuan thereby bypassing the US Dollar).

        South America will do business solely with the BRICs (China is heavily invested in South America….even talking about building a canal to compete with the Panama canal).

        Manufacturing costs for the US (electronic components) will triple, quadruple. If one thinks that manufacturing will shift back to the U.S. if this occurs, think again. China has been stockpiling precious metals. They own the bulk of the resources and their main supplier is Australia. Bottom line, your IPhone 8’s will be 1300.00 a pop.

        Back to Russia. Vladimir Putin will begin to ramp up heavily his goal of reclaiming the lands held by the former soviet union. He won’t be constrained by the IMF anymore. There probably will be some serious decisions made about are young people…..we’ve all heard the “National Service a.k.a. draft” rumors.

        Back to global finance. The IMF won’t have any customers. There will be two default currencies and thus the linear inflation rate that other countries experience every time we inflate the default currency will cease to exist. That means we and only we will experience significant inflation…something that has never occurred for over 40 years.

        Everyone should know this as well. The dollar really isn’t the default currency. It is the Special Drawing Right as that is the unit that the Bank of International Settlements and central banks use as claims against currencies across the globe. The dollar is just a convenient unit of measure.

        And lastly, the economy collapsed in 2012….November with the advent of Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3). It wasn’t a loud crash, it quietly happened and thus you see the fundamental underpinnings of the global finance system being challenged by a newcomer. That is what is meant by a collapse. It is a weakness in the order of things.

        Get ready for the ride. It is this phenomenon (Review of the currencies that comprise the special drawing right) from which all things derive.

        • Yes I agree except fof the bit about Russia wanting to grab up land when it’s a well know fact that the west did the dirty in the Ukraine and Mr Putin is just trying to hold the line.

          Sorry but we saw what the USA did in Vitnam when it said it was helping the people and we will not allow the same to happen to any part of Europe.

          The IMF is ran mostly by zionist and a large part of them are jewish and this is the reason the bankers are after a war so that they can escape.

          • @ Mr. Smith

            Mostly concur.

            Russia is the largest nation physically. Its problem for a thousand years has been having too few people to work/defend too much land.

            The Vietnamese for a thousand years struggled to throw foreign occupiers out. Mostly China. Then Japan, France and the US. You would think a nation born in revolution as ours was would recognize that in another nation. Not when bankster warmongers can make a few stray hundred billion off of someone else’s suffering. The cemeteries filled with working class guys? They didn’t care. It wasn’t their sons.

            People who comment online saying Russia needs anyone else’s land are just telling you how ignorant they are. American propaganda masters like an ignorant public.

            Poppa gander isn’t designed to fool critical thinkers. It’s designed to give moral cowards the excuse they’re looking for to do nothing.

            • @lawns,

              “People who comment online saying Russia needs anyone elses land are just telling you how ignorant they are. American propaganda masters like an ignorant public. ”

              You must absolutely understand that Mr. Putin wants to restore the former Soviet Union. Restoring membership of the Soviet Union has nothing to do with “taking the land” so that it can be redistributed to current Russian peoples.

              It is about membership in a union. The Russian people are a proud people. When the Soviet Union broke up due to economic reasons, it was devastation.

              The loss of Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine, etc. is a low point for the Russian people and government. Putin’s sole goal is to restore it. period. Plain and simple.

              If you don’t understand that…and the difference between that and redistribution of acquired lands, then I recommend you review Russian history.

              It is critical to understand this moving forward. Images of oppression and NWO sponsored captions might be used to shape the sheep’s perspective on a critical issue.

              Avoid the up and coming fear porn with regards to Russia and Putin. Understand his primary objective is to restore the Soviet Union…..not take over the world.

              • Great post.

        • Thank you for this. You might want to review Jim Rickards, who states that China doesn’t want to end the US hegemony, but rather JOIN the good ol’ boys clubs. His contention is that the US will allow China to join the SDR club, but they must play nice in the sandbox. While he says a return to a gold standard of some type is possible, it is in China’s best interest to ALSO have paper currency to prop up their own shaky govt. If we go to SDRs, the USD will inflate vis-a-vis the SDR. I’m not doing justice to what he wrote in one sentence, by pick up his book – a good read. I tried his newsletter, but, at least for me, did not find a lot actionable, and a lot of info is just a rehash (your mileage may vary). Still, his most recent book is VERY interesting, you might check it out.

      15. It makes me sad, that the people don’t get it. O well. I guess some of us do and the culling will happen, Most people will be culled.

        The elite are right about the fact the this country will not continue. To many ignorant people who do no care or even interested.

        What and who are fighting for anymore?

      16. Judge Judy, that rude sickening old bitchy hag. Don’t get her too near the heat, her face might meltdown. What does she make, 65 million a year with her freak show display. She treats the people like dirt. That circus parade of hillbillies, black people that you can’t pronounce their names and they speak some other dialect, illegal messicans, squabbling prissy homos, and assorted bizarre greedy swindlers is quite the cross section of present day America. God bless them all. Aint America great!

        • Ajamo:

          There is a housecleaning coming. You can count on it!

          • Granny & Aljamo
            If it weren’t for the likes of you two, I
            would probably hang myself in desperation.

            • Outwest:

              Wish you lived further Outwest. We could partake of some of your “spirits” and watch how this insane asylum we now live in is going to be dismantled.

              T’will be a really BIG show…….

      17. Did ya see it??? Did ya see it??? The rainbow whitehouse!?! With all the BS going down in this world our great leader’s legacy moment will be that he legalized “butt *******”. A glorious moment in the history of our nation.
        And to top it all off he desecrates the white house with an asinine publicity stunt.

        Somebody pull the plug.

        • oh i’m sure obommie the zog puppet prez commie did worse in the white whore house lincoln bedroom with his very personal reggie love his gay personal trainer and man servant.

          that’s nothing; george bush jr. held gay orgies at the zog white house with gay porn star’s when the zog puppet prez.

          he even made one of them a senator.

      18. It’s crazy they can ram through gay marriage nationwide. Look for a national gun control scheme to change the game over night. This gov is way out of control. I cant believe an impeachment hasn’t been called for. This country has become so Europeanized. Traditional values are considered old ways. The shit is going down soon. There is no sign in the direction of the nation changing just more and more bad news. I glad I looked out for me. I won’t bother to vote anymore don’t care what they do either . I got my own agenda.

        • Sigh,yet again,get govt. out of our lives,in both marriage/firearms,hell,the list is endless.

      19. The jewish control over our banking is starting to come to bits and they are being seen for the scammers they are.

        Watch this

        It’s starting to go viral with 265,000 views on Youtube and thats just this copy so China is well placed to sit out the $hit storm thats coming and i hope starts by Greece giving the IMF two fingers during the next week.

      20. Interesting events are on the horizon. I woke up this morning and the horizon had been moved closer.

      21. All you who judge from the Bible aimed at homosexuals have a tough time getting your message across. It reeks of hate. Don’t say you don’t hate them because you do, you are just using your religious belief to judge them. That and you personally find it repugnant that two same sex beings engage in sex because after all that is the only way to produce another person. All you Bible thumpers, what happened to “judge not lest you be judged”? Have fun thinking you’re so knowledgeable as to judge people to hell. God is not doing it, you are.

        • Not hatin’. Jus’ stating the facts.

          Lev. 20:13
          “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.”

          • Stating facts from the bible,doesn’t make em facts.I though believe in freedom of speech/religion ect. feel perhaps we stay with surviving here and now as site seemed geared for,plenty of sites to discuss religion/debate ect.

          • redneck
            why not bring up all the other laws in Leviticus ???

            I love religion

            it’s kinda like going to a cafeteria

            you pick out what you like
            and ignore what you don’t

            why don’t fundamentalist Christians attack divorce ???
            the NT is pretty damn clear on that isn’t it ???

            they don’t say anything about it because so many are divorced themselves aren’t they ???

            WAY too UNCOMFORTABLE topic to talk about
            so they pick somebody else to attack

            • I’m not religious. Jus’ showing Mr. Aljamo stuff from the bible. Giving a nice perspective.
              Funny…killin’ folks for acts seems kinda Sharia Law like doesn’t it. Funny…

            • I cant stand religion,,
              Generally the biggest bunch of freakin Hippocrates!
              Religion throughout history is no better than government,
              Just another way to exert control over others,, = BS

              • agreed Kula

        • @ aljamo


          “The bible says so. It’s inerrant because it’s divinely inspired.” Oh, is it?

          I give the Flying Spaghetti Monster and your god of the book equal credibility as authorities on how we must live.

          When you can prove your cosmic grandfather up in the sky exists, let me know. Nobody has ever produced credible evidence that the virgin birth or the resurrection ever happened. If they didn’t, your faith is an interesting historical aberration. The jewish carpenter was nothing beyond human.

          If your deity is a figment of childish imaginations so desperately afraid of death that you’ll believe any crock of nonsense that gives you something to calm your fears,
          what becomes of “divinely inspired?”

          Your bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Quran were all written, translated, edited, taught,
          etc by human beings no holier than anyone else.

          FYI, christians didn’t invent marriage. You don’t have a monopoly on it. You want to remain in your pond, by your own rules, have at it. You don’t have any authority to
          harm others, or dictate to them, in the name of your imaginary deity.

          I’m with aljamo. A bigot hiding behind “god says so” to dump on gays is no better than ISIS, the Stalinists or other aggressive bigots using their ideology as an excuse to harm people.

        • aljamo, would you allow for

          Biblical discernment?

      22. Here’s the thing. It’s always the old magician’s trick of distracting you with one hand, while doing something unseen (or un-noticed)with the other. While we were distracted by gay marriage, we didn’t notice that now our government can (and will) take away the tax exempt status of our churches should they refuse to honor someone’s request for a gay marriage ceremony. The church will be “discriminatory” if they refuse. For the government, it’s a win-win. Just think of the extra tax revenues that will be collected! And the votes the Democrats will receive from the gay community!

        • I have to a degree disagreed with churches tax exempt statuss due to their in many politicalization,i.e. churches in Chicago recently calling for more gun laws/bans.That said,I just hate taxes in general.As a believer in freedom I think any business/church ect. should be able to turn away anyone they wish,tis private entities.I may not agree with em and thus could then not choose to do business with said business/church what have you.Just get govt. the fuck out of our personal business including marriage!

      23. make liberals EXPLODE
        Written by Allen West on June 27, 2015

        Yesterday, as you know, five justices on the SCOTUS redefined what marriage is in America and also found the time to violate the concept of federalism. They decided that an individual’s behavioral choice was grounds to create a new “right” in the U.S. Constitution. Now of course there are those of you who are somewhat despondent, but just know that in every storm there is a rainbow — quite sure y’all get my tongue-in-cheek comment. Yep, since now the SCOTUS has determined it can bequeath a right to marriage across all 50 states, there is an interesting point to be made.
        As reported by, “If you’re following any of the various media outlets this morning, you’re probably aware that the U.S. Supreme Court has just extended gay marriage to all 50 states. The Supreme Court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a right to marry nationwide, in a historic decision that invalidates gay marriage bans in more than a dozen states. Gay and lesbian couples already can marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The court’s ruling on Friday means the remaining 14 states, in the South and Midwest, will have to stop enforcing their bans on same-sex marriage. The outcome is the culmination of two decades of Supreme Court litigation over marriage, and gay rights generally.”
        The Court used Section 1 of the Fourteen Amendment to justify its argument, which reads: Amendment XIV Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
        Now here is the kicker, as the writer articulately brings to light: “By using the Constitution in such a manner, the Court argues that the Due Process Clause extends “certain personal choices central to individual dignity and autonomy” accepted in a majority of states across the state lines of a handful of states that still banned the practice. The vast majority of states are “shall issue” on the matter of issuing concealed carry permits, and enjoy reciprocity with a large number of other states. My North Carolina concealed carry permit, for example, was recognized yesterday as being valid in 36 states, which just so happened to be the number of states in which gay marriage was legal yesterday. But 14 states did not recognize my concealed carry permit yesterday. Today they must.
        Using the same “due process clause” argument as the Supreme Court just applied to gay marriage, my concealed carry permit must now be recognized as valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.“
        Yes folks, there is a standing right called the Second Amendment, which grants the right to keep and bear arms, and that specifically granted right shall not be infringed. So, the SCOTUS does not need to have a court case and prolonged legal, judicial activism — that right exists.
        So, since I have moved from Florida to Texas, my concealed weapons permit is not only transferrable here, but all across the country, in all fifty states — or fifty-seven if you are President Obama. Yeehaw! Thanks to the LGBT community for making it very clear, my constitutionally declared right MUST be recognized in every state. Not only is it my right to keep and bear my arms (weapons) but that personal choice is central to my individual dignity and autonomy — the protection of the unalienable rights granted to me by the Creator, the first of which is life. Hot doggone, I just cannot wait to hear the liberal progressive socialist anti-gun argument against this premise — which is now established!
        Perhaps I should probably remind folks of some of the quotes of the Founding Fathers on the Second Amendment:
        “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” — Benjamin Franklin
        “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason
        “No free government was ever founded, or ever preserved its liberty, without uniting the characters of the citizen and soldier in those destined for the defense of the state…such area well-regulated militia, composed of the freeholders, citizen and husbandman, who take up arms to preserve their property, as individuals, and their rights as freemen.” — Richard Henry Lee
        “[W]hat country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” — Thomas Jefferson
        “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent on others for essential, particularly for military, supplies.” — George Washington
        “An armed person is a citizen, and unarmed person is a subject” — Allen B. West…I know, I’m just a regular fella, but just thought I’d sneak this one in.
        Now, I suppose someone will say the words of Franklin, Mason, Lee, Jefferson, and Washington are invalid because of some lame excuse like — “ya know they owned slaves.” But the point is simple and easy to comprehend. If the SCOTUS could create a right that is truly non-existent in the Constitution using the 14th Amendment, then it seems reasonable and logical to use the same Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment and equal protection to extend the concealed carry right to all 50 states.
        So here is the call to action: since we are coming up on our 239th Independence Day celebration, let’s all call the White House and inform them that we CCL owners are going to be traveling for the Independence Day holiday and we plan on carrying our weapons wherever the heck we please. And if anyone decides to stop an American citizen and challenge his or her Second Amendment right, then let’s discuss the violation of federalism by the SCOTUS mandating same-sex marriage. As a matter of fact, we expect the ATF to start issuing NATIONAL CCL cards to all of us who are current holders of valid CCLs — heck, we know the DHS is planning on printing ID cards for illegal immigrants.
        Therefore, celebrate your 4th of July knowing that the SCOTUS just solidified our right to keep and bear arms — and that no state has the “right” to infringe upon our Second Amendment right. If the violation of federalism works ok for LGBTs — then it works well for gun owners!

        • Yea, progressive idiots dont necessarily see it that way, pay attention to the other hand

      24. How long will we have to wait, until the potus announces to the world that he is gay and proud of it

        • Announcing it ain’t necessary. Some of us here already believe he is. Especially since anyone who would take up with what he’s married to could most likely turn.

      25. OK folks,bears(?)watching,Greece has closed banks/market for Monday and perhaps a week.This could be the dominoe/butterfly effect mentioned here.My dad was big in the financial world till he dropped out as realised a ponzi scheme rigged slowly thru his career.These were the kinds of govt. actions we discussed trigger a financial market collapse/frenzy ect.,keep eyes on the market and the powder dry.

        • I just read a six day closure….this along withheaviy warnings aabout potential Isis attacks this week on us soil .One commentter suggested all 50 states could be hit .Distractions Distractions .Sorry typing on my phone .

      26. That said,for those on the fence about prepping/ new to idea or for those wanting to supplement/on a tight budget a good article: ht tp:// ,may be a bit more since article written and bland as hell on it’s own but tis a start or inexpensive supplement.It is never too late until,well….too late,this could be if funds available put together in less then a day.

      27. Well, the Greek banks are closed for the coming week.

      28. The Chinese will be fine. Why? Discipline. They got to where they are through discipline on a level nobody in today’s West could understand. They also invested in the latest modern infrastructure. That will stand them well in any recovery period. Think about it: try building a recovered economy using the crumbling infrastructure you find in American cities populated by zombie morons and ‘gang bangers’, or try doing it using the fastest broadband, sleek high-speed trains, highly educated, multilingual, very beautiful, well-groomed Asian women?

        It is a no-brainer…

        • “latest modern infrastructure” LOL. They bought manufacturing equipment the USA had outlawed due to EPA. Eventually, USA manufacturers destroyed their retired equipment rather than auction because the Chinese would but it and crank it up and compete directly with the USA company. Ever see that “living body” traveling museum exhibit? The cadavers are from China and ate up with pollution.

          Chinese probably have serious health and social issues hidden below their massive population.

        • China has one critical problem, their one child policy.

          Because of Chinese customs they feel they must have a male child, so many female babies are aborted as soon as the sex can be determined. As a result there is a huge shortage of young Chinese women in China. The demographic of male Chinese without available women is now peaking. Likely they will go to war over this, especially when there are so many Chinese women in Taiwan. All they have to do is kill all the men there, and they will.

          The one child policy is also causing a financial crash because the Chinese population is aging, and the young don’t produce enough to take care of all the old.

          Japan created a similar economic crash ten years ago when their post war baby boom ended earlier than the same US demographic. Japan’s economy shows no signs of recovery.

          You should look at some of the YouTubes by Harry Dent, an economist who specializes in the effects of demographics on finance. Just search on his name.

      29. America is finished folks you had to know it was gonna happen look for financial collapse then all out war. Better step up your prep stockpiling if your behind the ball. There is not much time left.

      30. Yes Copperhead. This is literally the homo sexualization of America. Good post, who would have every taught this could happen in Amerika. I just read on Hodges that one of our F – 16 fighting Falcon just got shot down by the Mexico border in Arizona.

        So i have had russina spetnatz up in my face in the Galleria 2 yrs ago, a russian and chinese famale showed up me 1 week ago when my friend suddenly said, look bro, that dude right there looks eastern european, look he is with a chineses lady typeing away on I-phones staring me down. My response was the usual. As Long as he dosent pull a gun and advance toward me, his life wont be in jeapardy. Notice, i mention his life, not mine. So now these f…kers are taking down jets at our border. Anyone of you russians chinese who approach me in public. I know your watching me, so are the swat team cop friends of mine , that you dont know about. Everytime these things happen i let them know, so keep screwing with me.

        The dangers of SI LAT. And for you summer salting flying chinese gung fu clowns, your priest didnt teach this stuff. We discard the garbage and incorporate the effective.

        Raid 2 is your educational process, Enjoy. What takes place when you mess with SI Lat fighter, its not going to go well.

        • I think it’s time for you to take your medicine, don’t look now but there are some Russian guys and Chinese girls who are outside your window right now texting about you, because they, well, they MUST know who you are and what you really mean to the survival of the planet.

      31. Chinese are soldiers training to kill American citizens. Its was a chinese president Hu Gin Tao, i belive who stated that they are hoping that all there soldiers when they invade America is the hope that they will kill every man, woman and child. I first heard of that quote from Steve Quayle on, one of their factual broadcastings resently. Dont let this frighten you guys, the best martial arts is still a gun, but if you encounter one of these killer, rapist chinese murderor soldier chinese types. Since they are always killing murdering and raping thier own kind, one can come to a conclusion that the treatment for us and the women in our cities will like what the japs did in Nanking.

        Believe my fellow sht-effers, we need to continue to prepare. We have seen what the ISIS types did in Iraq, Kobaine, and Syria. these killer chinese fighting types are now in our country by the 100,000 of thousands, and Dr James Garrow informed us about this. Nibiru is a major problem coming up, if that dosent throw us into shtf, then we have the invading army problem?

      32. Jimbo the agency azz clown. Gee I wonder why the cops I am friends with who told me that they are on High alert in my area since your Isis buddies keep coming to Houston. You must be chinese Jimbo or even worst a Muslim. When I am being watched by you f….ks I can tell..i don’t kneel and I don’t run, I am not a coward and if another man tried to kill me I will fu..k him up. Your only taking cra because you haven’t me in person, you would be making alot of excuse as you piss your pants in the process. You are more than a lib tard.

        That’s why both of them got their azzes arrested on Hwy 290. I guess the Patriots who reported them to the local cops need medicine too eh. F…k you prick. I do not post crap nor do I live in a fantasy land..i have been noticing for the past few months that their has been and attack on especially me directly, because I am having and effect..dont talk crap to me you gay pedofile prick.

        • You really lose your mind a lot easier than I thought, you don’t live in fantasy land,eh? You say you work in an office, but even a mail delivery boy has to be able to spell and write better than you do, so I wondering what the hell kind of ” office” you actually work in, unless it’s the kind they have in a mental institution. And your little girl insult hurling and name calling belie what type of upbringing you’ve had, I’m betting your the product of at least one if not several generations of inbreeding. Would I piss my pants if I met you in person, of course not, you aren’t anywhere near the big bad ass type you portray yourself as, you’re probably a 13 year old kid in your momma’s basement.

      33. Better start banging rocks together to make arrowheads and battle axes to stave off the barbaric hordes in blue helmets when they come to blast and rip you out of your wigwam to keep you subservient to their elite overlords.

      34. …The price of rice in China….

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