The Mark: Will You Wear This “Beast Tech” Digital Tattoo That Can Read Your Mind And Operate Your Devices?

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Headline News | 141 comments

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    Over the next several years we’ll begin to see advanced bio-technologies hit the retail market. According to Tom Horn, author of On the Path of the Immortals, this Beast Tech could lead to the eventual extinction of the human race as we know it today.

    Google engineers, for example, are working on life-extending technologies that will directly modify our DNA to keep us alive longer. Some have suggested that in the near future it will not be out of the question to live for 150 years or more.

    The advancements are happening at such an incredible pace that it’s difficult to keep up.

    Last month scientists announced that they have successfully brought back the Woolly Mammoth and spliced it with the genes of an Asian elephant. And just a couple of weeks ago Chinese researchers edited the genes of a human embryo, opening the door to the real possibility of not just curing disease before a child is even born, but enhancing them with faster muscles, a more intelligent brain, or better eye sight.

    Many of the real-world applications for DNA modification technologies are still some years out but the evolution towards technologies that will change a human to a cyborg are taking place right now.

    Take, for example, a new tattoo that is applied behind the ear. Once installed and integrated, the tattoo will not only act like an EEG and be able to identify your moods, but it will also be able to “listen” to your brain to launch applications, control home devices like your coffee machine or TV on demand, and they’ll eventually even eliminate your mobile phone because the speaker and microphone will be built right in.

    It promises to let us monitor our brains discreetly 24 hours a day, and can be worn continuously for two weeks, staying put whether you’re swimming, running or sleeping.

    John Rogers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign led the team that built the device, which is so light that it sticks to the skin through van der Waals force – the same mechanism that lets geckos’ feet stick to surfaces. It only falls off when the build-up of dead skin beneath it makes it lose its grip.

    Comprising just a small patch of gold electrodes on and behind the ear, it beats the existing tech, described by Rogers as a “rat’s nest of wires attached to devices that interface to the skin with tape and gels and bulky metallic objects”.

    To test it, the team looked at their system’s performance in tasks that clinical EEG devices usually handle. For example, volunteers were able to spell out the word “computer” on a screen in front of them using their brains’ electrical activity.

    Their stick-on EEG was wired up to a computer for the tests, but the team is working on wireless transmission of data and power, something they have already achieved in other devices.

    The focus is on medical applications to begin with – “EEG is important in detecting seizures – particularly in premature babies,” says Rogers. But the fact that it can sit discreetly behind an ear means that all kinds of other applications are feasible. No one wants to wear a headset constantly, but applying a hidden electronic tattoo once every two weeks is more acceptable.

    Although Hidden EEG can’t rival the precision of the keyboard and mouse from your desktop computer, it is good for controlling systems in a more passive manner. Instead, it might start a coffee pot brewing in the morning when your brain activity implies you’re waking up. Or, if the device reads that you’re in a highly focused state, it could tell your phone to silence any notifications.

    Source: New Scientist via Skywatch TV

    The new technology, as noted by the developers, will also hook directly into cell phone and Wifi networks automatically.

    While this will give adopters of the technology the ability to instantly access everything from their home air conditioning unit to their daily schedules, the danger, of course, is that the connection to the internet will be two-way. This means that those who wear the technology will also open their brains up to monitoring by research teams and more than likely the government.

    Imagine a scenario where law enforcement obtains a warrant to wiretap your brain. Or perhaps worse (but not by much), a situation that allows unscrupulous individuals the capability to brain-hack your emotions and thoughts.

    Need to steal someone’s bank account number or password? Brain-hacking will be all the rage and we can most certainly envision a world where this intimate information is eventually sold to the highest bidder on the dark web.

    Just as millions of Americans who protest the surveillance state happily put cameras, microphones, and GPS trackers in their pockets on a daily basis,  so too will the next generation of global citizens with the advent of Beast Technologies.


    (Hundreds of people line up for a chance to buy the newest iPhone in New York City – September 2014)

    While it may be hard to imagine people voluntarily subjecting themselves to something that can read their thoughts or modify their genetic makeup, the fact is that millions will adopt these technologies as a way to enhance their inter-connectivity and physical abilities. If the last ten years are any guide, they’ll be lining up in droves.

    And those who don’t want the technology will be forced to have it implanted, according to some researchers:

    It’s not possible to interact with society in a meaningful way by not having a mobile phone. I think human implants are likely to go along a very similar route. It would be such a disadvantage to not have the implant that it essentially becomes not optional.

    Source: Scientist Claims Human Microchip Implants Will Become “Not Optional”

    Just as there is a push to force health care and vaccinations onto people through government mandates, you’ll likely be required to be “chipped” or “tattoo’d” as part of your Patriotic duty. Failure to do so will mean you don’t want to be a participant in a peaceful, law-abiding society.

    This next wave of technological advancement, where we begin to directly modify and enhance the genome and the physical human body, is unstoppable. Governments and multi-billion dollar corporations are heavily invested in it. A large portion of the world population will accept it without question.

    When they do, will we still be able to call them human?


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      1. We don’t have a few years, besides, I will not comply.

        • Oh Heeeeeelllll No!

        • Most people who say they won’t, will.

          There will only be a remnant who actually won’t.

          • I choose to be the despised and hunted down remnant.

            • FS, I’m right there with you.

              • Unfortunately we’ll be the few. Anonymous is right…most people will actually ASK for them…so they can eat.

              • “…in the near future it will not be out of the question to live for 150 years or more.”

                Well, yeah, IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. You can bet this technology will not be available to the common bloke. Just the overlords.

              • Amen,I am also right there with U too! The good book states anyone who accepts the “technology” gets a one way ticket to Hell and thus the only way to survive is to be hunted down and martyred but at least we get to go to Heaven…”No brainer” for me…how bout’ U?…+

          • They’ll get them to do it under the mos innocuous and helpful-sounding premises. It’s only thereafter that the true, Devilish nature of it will become evident–and then too late to extract oneself or ones loved ones from it! Now is the time to stop complying with or being dependent on the system that forces us to accept Big Business only.

            • The good thing is if they are monitoring what people think or brain patters they won’t get much from the public at large lol. Just a blank screen for the most part 🙂

          • You are correct. When a parent sees little Johnny suffering or dying of hunger, they will cave completely. Majority will give in.

          • This article is for dummies who don’t understand the first thing about biology. No devise, now, or in the future, can change DNA. Sorry, but computer geeks are not geneticists, and the more specialized one is, the less they know about other fields like biology. Pure sci-fi B.S.

            • completely incorrect. our thoughts alone can change dna. other things can also.

        • Like I say, If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them 🙂

          • It’s you’re, not your. Genius.

            Irony. It can be so… ironic.

          • It’s you’re, not your. idiot genius.

            Irony: It can be so… ironic.

          • Genius, I know I’m surrounded by idiots at work and I know damned well I’m NOT one of them.

            • Ha ha ha, yes brave you get it! I am not also and I have a t-shirt that has that saying. It’s funny to watch co workers look at it and look dumbfounded 🙂

              • Apparantly were surrounded by spelling nazi idiots too lol.

                • LOL. Hey Genius,
                  It’s we’re and not were. LMAO. You brought this on yourself friend. This is so funny!!!

              • Genius, you have a t-shirt that says that? Interesting. You’re giving me an idea.

                • Brave, another shirt I have say’s “Groupthink, it’s a no brainer” lol.

        • Do you notice that in the new Terminator movie John is now a cyborg? The illuminati condition you to accept these things as normal through passive stimulation in your environment and mass entertainment.

          • Ho hum,more patter and nonsense from Acid. his tin foil hat is vibrating again.

            • But Acid Etch is correct.

        • Fuck obamanation and the muslim savages he works for. Whomever is sent to force me to comply will be killed…on and on and on until they kill me.

          • He doesn’t work for the Muslims, but rather him, the Muslims and every one else, including the cripts and the blooods aaaall work for the Masons. The Masons are the string pullers on the back than no one sees.

        • Confederate, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. I ain’t taking any of that mark of the beast crap, either. If anyone tries to force it on me, they’ll get some nice hot lead.

          • There were people that said that about the SS number.

            How many do you know today?

            Parents commonly give a number to their children at birth now, if you have children did you or if not and you do have children some day will you?

            If you have taken one you will find it morphs into the next one step at a time until you find that you have received the mark without even really thinking about it.

            The bible talks of people accepting the mark voluntarily, not having it forced on them, so you can expect it will occur that way because people will perceive it as a good thing as it is happening and not realize that it isn’t until well after they have accepted it if at all.

        • I don’t want to become one of the borg an operate as part of the collective, I don’t have a cell phone or an “I” anything, I will not get an implant or a tattoo that can monitor me. I will not comply!

        • Some idiots will believe anything.

        • If you take this Tatoo or Chip You give up Your Salvation.As for Me I will never serve the Beast.GOD,Jesus is 1st foremost and always

      2. It seems that most people eat mostly genetically modified, processed, fast, junk foods more than ever, are much more sedentary and exercise less, are more stressed due to job loss, divorce, etc.. and we’re going to have our life spans increase by 60-70 years?

        Wow, I’m heading to the couch with with a six pack, a pizza and a plate of nachos! See you all in another half century or so!

        • Your gut will outdo Nepal if you go through with it.

        • It’s far worse than that, Silver Lodge! Human DNA, apparently from kidnapped children and the “disposed of” remnants of aborted fetuses has been found in the food supply of at LEAST America. Aside from which:

          How long could it be before human brainwaves are decoded well enough to “read minds” or TO CONTROL THEM? How about that brain hacking? What if the government decided to use, say, one percent of all the brains using this technology for their own purposes? Would we know? How? Once we start down this road, it’s a one-way street, and governments have shown that anything they CAN get away with, eventually they WILL. This would make any sort of rebellion, or even any perfectly legal intent to change the law impossible, and we’d never see it. Not if they didn’t want us to. There would be, COULD BE no rebellion ever again.

      3. The Igadget brain dead will flock to this. They will see everyone else as inferior that is not “enhanced” and that is/will be the dividing point seen in Revelation. The chipped will narc off the non to get paid and to exercise their imagined superiority. DARK dark days ahead.

        • Yea, scary huh,,,
          The one that gets me is the one for medical records,
          Most people dont believe it, electronic medical records are the standard now, ALL providers must utilize these systems, and next year they are supposed to start rolling out the implementation of implanting a chip in all patients that holds their medical record, is supposed to “revolutionize the idustry”
          All i can say is screw that!
          Would rather die from lack of treatment leading to a single gunshot wound to the head than be forced to do yet again one more thing “because we say so”

          • Amen to that.

          • And again, Amen!

          • Kulafarmer, braveheart agrees and is right there with you.

          • Amen brother!

            • Amen,my doc is still old school paper only files.

          • I went to a new doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago. It’s owned by the same company that owns my previous doctor’s office. I didn’t have to fill out any paperwork. They had everything on the computer.

            The previous doctor had prescribed two different medicines for me so I could check with the drugstore and find out which one had the lowest deductible. They were equal in price and efficacy, so naturally I bought both of them. The new doctor just renewed my prescriptions for both. So now I’m getting double medicine and can store half for hard times.

            “It’s not possible to interact with society in a meaningful way by not having a mobile phone.” I seem to be interacting in a meaningful way, and I don’t have a cell phone. I’m not getting a chip of any kind.

            • Archivist,
              Most medical conditions or at least a good amount of them can be prevented or outright reversed without any med whatsoever. With the internet at your finger tip. You can successfully manage your health without any problem. Big pharma wants you to think they are fundamental to your survival and good health and they are not. It’s unnatural to be on medicine your entire life unless the person has some disease that is incurable. And even when it’s the case with conventional medicine, they usually suppress any effective alternative cure that might come along, just so they can continue to make their filthy dollars on the backs of people like you. Research your condition and do what you have to do to get off that crap. Trust me, you can get it done.
              Except if one accidentally swallows some poison, got shot or run over, I don’t see the necessity of having a doctor run your health for you. You can do it yourself and you don’t need to be PhD in anything to be able to do that either.

              As far as the I phone addiction, I wonder why the FDA didn’t rush to assign a disease or mental disorder ID name to such condition by now. I mean If they think eating healthy is a disorder or exercising is, that must be one for sure for how stupid and brainless people look when they constantly have their heads stuck up their phone’s ass. It’s absolutely pathetic LOL. But if one asks them a basic question about how the hard/software of that phone interfaces with itself, they wouldn’t have a clue for the cattle that they are.

          • This is one of the reasons all my client records are handwritten ONLY….

          • I guess we’d better get everything that CAN be fixed, fixed now.

          • Absolutely!…and Agreed.

        • Why would anyone want to extend their lifespan to 150 years and live to see what is left of America after the liberals have destroyed it, I don’t want to see what happens to the United States when it’s a third world nation and dirt poor with little or no influence in the world after it has been overrun with millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS under a one party “democratic” dictator for life. No thank you, I would rather be dead.

          • Maybe in 50 years or so it will be coming back from the rubble. If I’m still around, I can help.

          • That whole 150 Years thing isn’t something you need to worry about. If your bank account has less than 7 zeroes to the left of the decimal, it’s not even an option. Besides, a normal lifespan seems like enough to me (I’m 65)


        In the middle ages it was again popular and legal per guidance from the bishopry for priests to perform gay weddings. This was mainly because property was held my males and families wished to consolidate resources so they could survive in such a climate.

        Hinduism and Buddism and many more religions accept homosexuality.

        You old people don’t want to hear the truth? Too bad.

        • Acid, this old fart is not interested in your propaganda and also says for you to go suck an egg.

        • Acid,

          You’re on a march down the road leading straight to hell, and it is of your own choosing.

          Not to mention you really don’t know what you are talking about, Genesis 2:23-24 establish God’s law for sexual relations, marriage between a man and a woman, and anyone violating that is in direct opposition to God’s law.

          Anyone calling themselves Christian and supporting gay “marriage” is in direct opposition to God no matter what they may call themselves. Not all those calling themselves Christians are Christian.

          Jesus warned of the imitators, liars, and false prophets and talked of many entering the wide gate of destruction -that is the one that says everything is really OK no matter what God’s law is- and of the narrow gate of salvation where few will choose to enter. (The Church is warned against the following of unsound doctrine.)

          You should give some time to considering your eternal fate. Sin can be and is forgiven through Jesus -the Christ come in the flesh- to those sincerely seeking it but justifying sin and calling it right cannot be because it denies God’s law and God’s authority and sets yourself in a position of both being above and judging God.

          Have you considered what will happen to you if Christianity is driven out and Islam fills the gap? That is what the future holds if the attacks on Christianity succeed, when Christian rule moves out Islamic rule moves in (you can already see this happening in some parts of America).

          From what I understand, the Muslims do not approve of homosexuality and take a hard stand against it. You may find life in a predominately Christian nation far preferable to life in a predominately Muslim nation.

        • Acid popper, you misspelled ‘Roman.’

          • Why did Rock Hudsons wife divorce him?
            She was tired of him coming home SHITfaced lol.

            • AIDS= already infected dick sucker.

              • Rock Hudson had no friends when he died
                But he had Neighbors (Jim) up the ass!

                • Why were the homos the first ones out of Frisco during the quake?
                  They already had their shit packed!

                  • Old Coach told me he thought Acid was gay
                    I asked him why he thought that
                    He said “because his dick tastes like shit”

                    • Genius, good ones, keep them coming.

        • You are an idiot.

          • Who is an idiot?

            • Acid Etch. Sorry for the confusion.

            • acid etch.

        • Acid you’re an idiot. Why are you always bringing up crap that has nothing to do with the subject.

          If God would have wanted people to be queers, he would have figured out a way they could have children to pass on their queer genes to. Being queer is abnormal and disgusting. Queers should not be allowed to get married or adopt children. They will be allowed to live in peace as long as they shut up and don’t preach or push their lifestyle on others.
          molon labe

        • another pseudo exper and his obsession with sex and homosexuality. you are out in left field Acid.

          • We’re wasting waaaayyy too much space, time and energy responing to etch-a-sketch.

      5. When the people at the top start trying to act like God, that is the time they will be destroyed, in my opinion. I don’t think He/She will allow mankind to destroy all He/She has created. (Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, the Source from which we came, the Great Spirit).

        • Yeah well, aren’t they getting a little (LOT) ahead of themselves?

          We have an up and coming energy crisis issue to solve. Seriously, ALL research money should be thrown at this problem, kinda now. I mean we peed ourselves and did it when we thought the Russians were gonna nuke us, so it’s not unprecedented.

          And it appears to be solvable (I hope?)

          Otherwise you can be the most technologically advanced cyborg in the entire medieval village / cave. Assuming you leave your head out in the sun for 36 hours to charge.

        • I wish I could believe that, but too much else has always been “Root, hog or die”, “Sink or swim”. I have a nasty suspicion we’re on our own.

        • God lets things come to full fruition before acting, Jesus addressed this directly and explained why in the Parable of the Tares.

          The time of the harvest nears but is not yet here, there are still souls that can be saved and God will not give those up easily. When all have heard the word of Salvation and have made their knowing choice, the end will come and the wheat and weeds will be separated – the wheat to be saved and the weeds to be burned.

      6. Well, some cultures don’t allow for tatoos, so what about them? This is just silly crap, but for those of us who homestead and take care of ourselves, it just opens up more barter opportunities.

        • In both new and old testaments there are prohibitions of tattoos.
          Leviticus 19:28

          • I’ve often wondered about that,

            I’ve always considered them a pagan custom, but I’ve also wondered if, say, a tatoo of Satan with an upside down cross on your forhead carries the same weight of sin before God as a tiny tattoo of tweety bird on her shoulder that some young girl got for no other reason than she thought it was cute at the time.

            As for me, I have no tattoo’s and wear no jewelry. I figure that God knew well enough what he wanted mt to look like and that is more than good enough for me.

          • I often wonder why the hell people get tatoos. Is it because they are insecure and want to be in some groupthink thing? Is it because they think it makes them cool? Is it because they crave attention? Do they think they are impressing people? If I were an employer and someone came in all tatood up I would throw their application in the trash. Can someone explain what tatoos are good for?

            • Genius, those are some very interesting questions about tatoos. I’m personally opposed to tatoos myself; never had one and never will get one. I see so many young people, especially young girls with tatoos all over them who otherwise would be really attractive. I wouldn’t hire anyone with tatoos either. I’d go short-handed before I hire any trash like that.

              • yep, a lot of otherwise pretty girls make themselves look like total shit. Pathetic

                • Hey, I can’t say I’ve ever read the comments of a more coherent couple of intelligent individuals! Genius and Braveheart, you guys are right on the mark!
                  You two blog?

          • To all,
            Besides the Biblical prohibition,
            My dad always said don’t give the cops
            an edge to identify you.
            Since I only obey laws that I have to
            his advice made sense.
            I’m a pretty ethical guy before you
            flame me.
            I always drive 5 MPH over.

      7. On a positive note– I just met a man on the bus who was AWAKE– not part of the Matrix!

        It was so nice to be able to communicate with someone in an intelligent way! He knows what is happening, how the MSM is owned by a tiny handful of corporations, whose agenda does not include our own, how the police are killing people and how we all need to come together to stop the destruction of our country! and he was passionate about all this! 🙂

      8. “it will not be out of the question to live for 150 years or more”

        And you’ll be able to work and pay taxes until you’re 125.

        Get a tatto, I don’t think so, I still don’t have a cell phone.

        • I still got an old Verizon GzOne flip phone. Best one I’ve ever had as its going on 10 years with original battery. I use it for the business. It has a warranty to withstand depths up to 14 feet. Won’t be long before I will be able to test that claim.

          • PO’d Patriot, I also have one of those for backup in case my company-issued IPhone goes on the fritz. Like I said, COMPANY-BOUGHT AND ISSUED. No way I was going to pay that kind of money for a phone. I bought the flip phone on sale for $200 in 2010 and that was hard enough to do while buying preps. The IPhone 6 is $850.00 full retail price without a contract. I’ll spend $850.00 on preps before I will for any electronic gadget.

            • The smart phone is a useful tool.

              Get an outdated Android type smart phone cheap on Ebay or anywhere you can get cheap electronics. Then go online for instructions on how to “jail break” it. This allows you to replace the operating system and use most of the phone’s functions without paying a cell carrier company.

              You can then use the phone as a discrete web browser in public wi-fi places. You can plug in earphones and use it as an FM radio and as an MP3 player for music or audiobooks. You can load it up with hundreds of reference books and novels to read. You can take photos, make movies, and record audio discretely by hitting record and sticking it in your pocket. You can even use the flash as a flashlight.

              You can use it for almost everything except phone calls through a carrier. If you really want to make phone calls with it, you can do that through wi-fi without using a carrier (for free), although I don’t plan to do that with mine.

              I need to look into finding the actual GPS antenna in mine so I can dyke it out. The GPS might rat out your location when you use the phone for internet at a public wi-fi.

              If you want to carry even more electronic books with you, get extra micro-SD cards. You can swap them out like floppies on old computers.

        • Angry Old White Guy – I thought I was about the only one left without a cell phone! And as far as living 150 years, maybe EXISTING 150 years – and by then maybe a lot more – but existing isn’t necessarily living…

        • “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” (Revelation 9:6)

      9. Ah yes another time frame. Pick a day/date any day/date…….Ain’t nothing going to happen until it happens. When it does you got my permission to run out into the middle of the streets screaming at the top of your lungs. Me, I’m gonna light up a good cigar, take a sip of some whiskey or shine, get something to eat, go through my gear and then get some sleep.

        • Thats about where im at POP
          All except the cigar thing, dont smoke,,,,
          Might get a few to chew on though, they go well with my outback drover and hat and the drop leg holding my 1911.

          • If your going to go down fighting, might as well look stylish!

        • Innocent boy?
          Kinda like Mike Brown innocent,
          Dude was a drug dealer, innocent boys rarely get the piss kicked out of them by the cops,,,

          • As much as I despise cops, I agree with you.

            • What do you call a black woman that keeps having abortions?
              A crime fighter!

          • Kula, as I understand it, the boy took off running from the cops when they first encountered him, which means he was up to no good. Young black male, it figures.

          • You sound like a KKK. For a KKK a black or a minority person is ALWAYS guilty no matter what. At the time of the false arrest, he was innocent. When the press asked them why they went after him, their answer was “he run ‘unprovoked'”! And the poor dude had every reason to run based on the outcome.

        • He wasn’t innocent.

          That doesn’t mean he deserved to have his neck broken by six cops.

          It isn’t always a situation where one side is right ant the other wrong, sometimes both sides are wrong.

          But the whole truth of this has yet to be revealed.

          • Sharon, I agree that both sides are wrong. I do believe those cops screwed up royally and should be held accountable and punished, but at the same time NOTHING can justify any of the rioting taking place. the monkeys aren’t even doing it for the boy that died. they’re just doing it for themselves.

            • AGREED Braveheart!

        • yeah Acid,good excuse to riot and destroy property and then they’ll bitch because they have to go across town to shop. did you notice that it was all kids? It was about oportunity….to steal.

      10. Don’t fear the dark. Make the dark fear you.

        • Such wisdom. Sheeesh.

        • That actually is wise, Prophet! What we unwisely do to support our enemies in this society of slaves is what can be our enemies’ downfall.

      11. It’s not possible to interact with society in a meaningful way by not having a mobile phone.


        Funny since I (have one from like 2003) that I never power on. Ever. I keep it in case my car breaks down.

        And guess what, it’s just a phone. No internet anything BS.

        “Not possible” is a little strong, dontcha think?

        Though I do have to admit, a disease free life to 150 is… extremely tempting. The ear thing not so much… it would be cool for a couple of months and then the novelty would wear off, but… no disease, almost 2x lifespan? Yeah. That’s going to be hard to pass up.

        I’m sure all sorts of problems abound in how that can be misused.

        • But how will you surf the internet in restaurants?

        • It’s already possible to create system that tracks movements in your home, and intent to use a device could easily activate it. You don’t NEED a mind reading device, much less one that can alter your DNA. Our technology is NOT that perfect; it ALL screws up somewhere along the line… A diagnostic mind-reading patch is ALSO not needed. SO you lose three seconds while the ER gets and applies one. I’ll take the delay – even if it’s fatal. Nobody lives forever.

        • I dont like most of what i see going on around me NOW let alone want to live twice as long,,,
          I just hope when its my time to check out its over with quickly.

        • in 6 more years if the sh*t holds together I am solar with no tv/internet and will live happy everyday I wake up and it’s not Armageddon at the door…

        • TheGuy, damn good points. I’ve interacted with society all of my life before cellphones were even invented or before we even had internet. If what that scientist said was true, then I’d like to know what the hell he did before high-tech gadgets came along. When I was a kid, I interacted with society with 2 cans and a string. [SARCASM]

          • We had a party line when I was a young’n. Two quick one long it was for us.

      12. Things sure feel like they’re speeding up these days! Scary stuff!

      13. I will not let them put one of them in me PERIOD!
        They only way they will get one in me is to kill me.
        You can bet that there will more coming with me to meet Jesus. Some of them will be good Christians, and the others will be the ones that some Very Warm weather for eternity.
        God Bless mall of you that will stand and say not only
        no but HWLL NO!

        • Damn it is hard to type with splint on your thumb.
          should read “Bless all”, and “but HELL NO”.
          Splint keeps hitting the wrong keys!

          • Sarge, you know I agree with you. why a splint on your thumb? Accident?

          • Sgt. Just read what you wrote before you hit “submit comment’

      14. There is a positive side to this. If most people get this thing done to them they won’t become part of what most people in this community fear. That is the hoards of people and gangs stealing as they flee cities. The gov’t will just override their chip and make them docile and compliant.
        So I say go ahead and let them get that chip so they can cash their gov’t check or shop at walmart. There will exist an entire secondary underground economy and more food for everyone to hunt while they stand in a soup line comparing who has the newest model of gov’t control chip.

      15. These transhumanism and genetic modification ideas are some of the few which actually scare me to my core. I proudly declare that I am a human naturalist. When I was younger Ghost is the Shell technologies sounded amazing. But now it seems that there are nefarious cabals who found ways exploit our greatest weaknesses, vanity and the fear of death, to further their own agenda.

        I’ve been ranting about the error of human genetic modification since I first heard of a woman wanting to have her eggs spliced with another womans eggs so she could conceive a child, something was wrong and her embyro wall was too weak.

        Now under the guise of helping this woman know the joy of giving life, they wanted to splice DNA from another woman which would create the first ever 3 person child(the uk is the first country to allow such abominations). This may not seem like such a big deal but it is, not just in precedence but also as a species.

        There are 3 huge problems I see with genetic alterations. Firstly let us just say we allow this to happen and a child is born with 3 parents, now everyone who breeds with the 3 person human, they will forever have altered their childrens DNA too. If we snip a peice of DNA out of the code, we don’t know all of the implications of this action since different alllels(triats) are potentially effected by diffent loci(gene). So if we cut some DNA out it could code for what we think it does, and also things we don’t know it codes for.

        Secondly once we allow someone to augment genes in the name of allowing more healthy children be born, what stops it from allowing super human traits or designer babys take root, i.e. stronger, faster, smarter etc. Who wouldn’t want their children to be amazing at everything? Once that happens you have to question who does the gene editing. They already can shorten a cells lifespan by decreasing the length of the telomeres. So who is to say that they won’t insert “stop” codons or “kill” codons along with youre super genes, and by that I mean they can control when you esentially die. They could give you a shelf life, insert genes which give you cancers, heart disease, etc.

        Thirdly humans have survived by genetic diversity, from the spanish flu, to the bubonic plauge. Human diversity is what keeps us on top. Once everyone has the same “great” cookie cutter genes, humans or nature might throw us a fast ball of some pandemic disease. If we all had similar genes then we could all be equally susceptible to such an event, and boom their goes the human race.

        Think about it.

        I would recommend reading the book of enoch which talks about angels falling from heaven having children with human women and creating giants. It’s funny how an old book long forgotten has such information akin to what we are currently seeing in the year 2015.

        • Enoch is not considered an inspired book -the inspired word of God- but is one that has great merit and has at least some references in the the accepted Bible.

          Even Martin Luther recommended reading it, saying it is not inspired but has spiritual merit and there is a benefit to reading it.

          There is more to be learned from Enoch about the days of Noah referenced in the prophecies of the last days by Jesus, the Nephalim and their offspring the Elioud and Anakim (who may be the same with different names or may be different races) are mentioned there, a reference to the genetic corruption of the human race in the antediluvian period.

          When we see a new genetic alteration of the human race occurring we know the time is short, so be on the watch for it as a fulfillment of end time prophecy..

      16. Who here believes they’ll afford the 2x life span. That stuff isn’t for us peions. Its for the uber rich to live longer and pilfer the wealth for the next generation of uber rich. If you can acquire $30 billion on 45 years, just think what you can spend that on for the next 100 years while you’re alive and healthy.

      17. “Failure to do so will mean you don’t want to be a participant in a peaceful, law-abiding society.”

        No, it just means I want the state and its gang of “law” enforcers to leave me alone.

        I have never owned a cell phone but my wife does.

        I have not been to the doctor in over three years so I doubt they have any ACA data on me that’s relevant. I ignored their “checkup calls” for two years so they quit calling. I may be out of the system by now.

        I post mostly bullshit online. The state and most others know that by now and get no useful info from me. I don’t really consider that communicating with “people”. I do that the old fashioned way…face to face.

        Like I said, I just want left alone by the state. The only tattoo I want is the “mom” one on my right forearm.

        • Amen,
          And if you like your healthcare, you can keep it,
          That was all i needed to hear and i was done listening because i knew it was just more BULLSHIT!

        • “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”?, wtf happened???

      18. I read the news today….Oh boy! The newest, latest must have sheeple gizmo’s.

        • Because the wind is high, it blows my mind, because the wind is hiiiiiiigh.

      19. cmon mac post my og comment its been over2 hours scrub

      20. The question to also consider is what are you going to do when the mark of the beast becomes mandatory and implemented by force?

        11 “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

        12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

        13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

        14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

        15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

        16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

        17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

        18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Revelation 13:11-18)

        If anyone values their relationship with God and Jesus, they will do everything they can to resist taking the mark. Anyone who takes the mark is condemned to eternity in hell. We live in very serious times.

        Abide in Jesus, love one another as Christ has loved us. The enemy of our souls hates love and will do everything he can to distract our minds away from love.

      21. The only chips here are chips and salsa.

        • Swinging Richard, I hear you. Corn chips, tortilla chips, Ruffles, salsa, and almost any type of dip will do for me.

      22. The nit wits will line up to become part of a BORG type collective. The MSM and celebrities will mold popular culture like the pied piper did with rats.

      23. If you believe get this belief in the Mark of the beast from Revelation then you should also know it through a concordence in greek will tell you the Image of the best will be through Scarification and Not some chip and that those who take this mark have sealed their fate in the lake of fire….. not for tracking people just take it or die IF you go by Revelation.

      24. Shit like this is why you HAVE to get your act together NOW.

        Be in place to blend into the grayest almost non-existent person you can be. You’ll buy yourself some time.

        For me and my house; like hell if we’ll ever do anything that the article describes.

      25. Does anyone remember the old party lines? Seems like I spend a lot of time reminiscing. Guess the good Ole days are, that was two short one long it’s for men now get off the line!!!!

      26. These things are soooo stupid, for the mark of the beast is the Islamic bismallah and not a digital tattoo, SS# or other such nonsense. PLEASE try to educate yourselves and stop all the paranoid stuff.

      27. These things are soooo stupid, for the mark of the beast is the Islamic bismallah and not a digital tattoo, SS# or other such nonsense. PLEASE try to educate yourselves, for the bismallah has been used before and will be again. Without allegiance and wearing the bismallah, a person is a dhimmi and cannot buy, sell or own a business nor land.

        • I don’t think so, I think it will be a universal identifier -a special identification- that will emerge from the current system as it progresses and makes all, Muslims and all other beliefs included, a subject of the State and in fealty to it. The State by then will have become a universal government encompassing all countries and peoples and demanding allegiance from them to participate in any organized economic functions, there may still be a remnant that refuse to participate (the elect) and find other ways to survive but they will be outcast and outlaws for doing so.

          However, I would truly like to know why you believe what you do and how you discern it from the prophecies since I certainly don’t consider myself infallible and acknowledge that I may have it wrong.

          I do know we are entering an age of great deceit and it is more important than ever to seek the truth to dispel it.

          • Anonymous:

            I don’t think so either. Gibbs, another troll?

            • That’s right granny girl! You just a’ hit him upside the head with one a your ole pee soaked depends and he’ll see who’s right by God!

      28. No fucking way I am a human being I am a sparkler of the Divine. We are spiritual beings as lightworkers we are here to uplift humanity not demean it nor be demeaned by the Rothschild Cabalists.

      29. Contrary to popular belief, “they are NOT hiding the best evidence, it’s all in compressed images”, on Google Moon!! 😮 😮 😮

        Open up Google Earth, then go to the Moon to these coordinates; 8°59’16.92″S 15°25’21.16″E

        Scroll in as far as you can, (If it slips over to ground view, turn the camera back down), then open up the magnifier app in Windows 7/8, & turn it up past 1000%.

        Leave this for about 3 minutes. Then slowly decrease the magnification to 0%. Then slowly scroll back

        to where you want your picture to be. Make a file for the image. Like; Bob123.

        ➡ DON’T SAVE IT!! But take the magnifier & turn it back up to 1000%+.

        Wait about 1 minute. Then press the enter key. Process in Picasa3.

        In Edit, slowly enlarge the image with the slider, & up to 400%.

        ➡ Set with sharpness, & save. 😉

        Then look carefully into the finished image & see

        💡 crystalline technology throughout 💡 ❗ ❗

        💡 PROOF The Moon is CRYSTALLINE 💡 . 😮

        Use this technique any where on the Moon

        for 😮 spectacular results 😮 ! Some say;

        💡 Google Editor even works better. 💡
        (Best results with structure, drama, & hdr-ish.)

        (The key is to pre-magnify to 1000%+ for future meta-data (10x+) to later create the image via auto-focus, which decompresses the image! 😆 😆 )

        The deeper & longer the pre-magnification is, the more one can do with the finished image,
        as this guy found out;

      30. If anyone takes the Govt.Tatoo or RFID ChipYou give up Your Salvation in Christ.As for Me and mine its Christ always and FOREVER

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