The Marijuana Industry Is Smokin’ – Will Reach $60 Billion In Revenues Worldwide

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    Rather than fighting a drug war over pot that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people over the last decade, it appears that legislators across the United States are finally realizing that marijuana should just be outright legalized. That means no more drug war over a plant, no more jail sentences for consumers and better bud for everyone.

    In the U.S., 33 states have legalized its use for medical purposes and 10 have legalized it for recreational use. And more states are sure to follow as they try to figure out new and innovative ways to tax the public. With marijuana related industries estimated to reach over $60 billion in revenues worldwide, legalization becomes a no brainer for cash starved governments.

    And while we vehemently reject the idea of taxation of a plant that you can grow in your backyard, the movement is happening nonetheless.

    The following documentary from Future Money Trends provides some details on this budding industry and what we can expect going forward:


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      1. BEWARE: If you have a medical pot card or buy pot from a dispensary in a legal state you are setting yourself up for gun confiscation. Pot is still federally illegal. There are stories of this happening right now. I don’t use it but a lot of people do and it is their right. Just an FYI before the Stasi shows up at your door.

        • I know a guy in Nevada (legal state) that grows pot on a farm in Cali. He told me he has to do everything in cash. Some deal about using banks (I think he said it was illegal to use banks) because it was considered illegal income by the feds.

        • If you go to a doctor, they will administer tests, surreptitiously.

          Anything federally subsidized is just painting by numbers.

        • Anonymous sales: One of the MAIN reasons the black market is still thriving.

      2. One factor of this whole issue that is seldom pointed out is that inhaling any kind of smoke on a regular basis is really bad for your lungs. Most of the people that I see out in public dragging their own oxygen supply along with them probably got that way through cigarette smoking, but the potential is there in the future for the dope smokers to join that group too. Another problem not often reported, is that some habitual dope smokers get a chronic problem with their digestive system that causes them to suffer frequent bouts of severe vomiting. I know of a friend of a friend who’s an old hippie who smoked a lot back then, and nowadays he’s in and out of the ER all the time with this problem. I think that the medical conglomerates are eager for legalization because anything that increases the supply of sick people is in their interest. And not in the interest of those of us who want to stay fit and ready.

        • Carol,
          I happen to have a similar vomiting problem. The last grass I smoked was 45 years ago. My problem is likely is due to 40 years of very high stress occupations, and allergies, despite a good diet and active lifestyle.
          You just have to tough it out as there is nothing they can do about it. No drug will fix it. Good thing is, it will not kill you.
          My point is, you can live like a saint, but being “ridden hard and put away wet” will still take its toll.

          • Relik, sorry to hear that. I guess we’re all unique as far as the stresses each of us face and the things we can tolerate and the things we can’t. God Bless!

          • rellik, you need to start taking Probiotics capsules 3x a day for at least one year. That’ll cure your condition. Try one type and if you don’t feel results in 4-5 days switch to another Probiotic. Take them with purified water or distilled, not tap water and limit sugar. Good Probiotics need refrigeration so it’s best if you buy them at a local health food store or direct from the supplier (not through Amazon)if they will ship it with a cold-pack. Average cost is $40-$50 for a month’s supply but it’s well worth it.

            • I gave up on bottled probiotics a year ago an have never looked back. Just youtube how to make your own probiotic sauerkraut. for about $1.00 per month I eat a small forkful of my homemade probiotic sauerkraut, and my digetive issues have gone away. It’s EASY to make, really.

        • On an irregular basis, nature has given the lungs an ability to clean and repair themselves.

          • “Scromitting”.

            How much does it take.

            What is it.

            Why do you go into fits, then unconditionally trust whomever made the concentrate.

      3. Genius, spot on. This is definitely an issue where state law and federal law collide with each other. Gonna be interesting to see how this turns out. I don’t touch the stuff, either. Sure other people can use it just so long as they’re not hurting other people in the process. When they start trampling on my rights THEIR rights com to an end.

        • Work ended its use in the mid 80s and since I retired having quit cigarettes I can’t tolerate any respiratory irritants. I know several lifetime self employed that used marijuana their entire life and were successful. Likewise those who consumed frightening amounts of beer. Some can handle being intoxicated often, some can’t. I can say I never met a roofer that wasn’t a drunk, not an alcoholic; alcoholics have to go to meetings.

          • I have always lived South of the Mason-Dixon so I don’t have any experience elsewhere on this subject, but I have never met a roofer (not the owner or boss) who was a fat boy.

            They all been skinny with wire taut muscles.


            • bb in Ga

              They work hard they drink hard. Their occupation starts at sun up because it’s cool. They quit often at 1 PM as it’s too hot. To the bar they go for a sandwich and many many beers. The good custom car/bike painters were generally weeders. Industry thinned out the trend with random screening and as I seen alcohol often took its place. Many people just like to get FU#&ed up.

              • I can drink a lot and still go to work and do a very good job (and I have a dangerous job with peoples lives in my hands). 25 years and NO accidents except sprained an ankle once and nothing to do with operating equipment. Most accidents at work are by plain old stupid people doing stupid shit.I do work with a lot of idiots and ya…. they cause accidents.

                • FYI… I’m talking about the night before, not AT work lol.

          • I can say I never met a roofer that wasn’t a drunk.

            Naw K2 that title has always belonged to painters.
            Have you never asked yourself why one end of a paint can opener is used for opening cans of paint but the other end is a bottle opener?
            Think about it.?

            In their defence I remember reading somewhere that breathing the fumes from paint and reducers such as methyl ethyl ketone,lacquer thinner,denatured alcohol etc
            triggers something in their brain chemistry that makes them want to get f—ed up.

            • MEK methyl ethyl ketone, was a solvent that was used in purifying lube oil before the mid 1980s. That and a heavy drinking habit and you can kiss your liver goodby. Virtually all (I believe you can remove the virtually) hydrocarbon / derivative that evaporates very quickly at room temp will damage your liver, kidneys. Benzine, a component of gasoline is another.

              • TYLENOL would be even faster with alcohol. More than ALL other causes combined!

      4. I think it’s easier to buy pot than it is to get No. 10 cans of Diced and/or Sliced Potatoes!

        I just spent all day running around trying to find or order them. It looks like Walmart has stopped carrying them on-line as well as several other No. 10 cans. The only place I didn’t check was Sam’s Club.

        It reminds me that if you wait for the SHTF, it will be to late!

        • Justice, Try beprepared dot com. They usually have some good deals and cheap or free shipping. Some of the best deals I have found online.

        • Justice, Try be prepared dott comm. They usually have some good deals and cheap or free shipping. Some of the best deals I have found online.

        • Future essentials has #10 cans of dehydrated sliced potatoes for less than $17. Check Amazon. I know everyone hates Amazon, but when your local resources fail, adapt.

      5. Marijuana being moved to a Schedule 1 drug (no medical use) by the Nixon administration (yes I know its gotten worse since) to be specifically used to attack the anti war and civil rights movements without redress is indicative of the flaws in much of malum prohibitum. People currently in prison for doing what is now legal in a neighboring state, or that state, is unconscionable. Using the power of the state to continue it is a miscarriage of justice. Some wonder why there is a disrespect for law? Maybe it’s its unequal application where billionaires steal and politicians are their servants, both legally unaccountable while actions are criminalized and ruthlessly enforced upon the masses. This certainly adds to an overall disrespect as justice and law, meant to be a marriage have been given a divorce. Add to it asset forfeiture and wholesale disregard for the 1st (Snowden & Assange) and 4th Amendments (NSA spying) one wonders how long the facade can remain.

        • The masses are cash cows. It seems there are a number of ways to get milk.

          • And leather and meat and fertilizer and bone meal and, and, and, and

            • It’s like Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’, except YOU’RE the tree.

      6. I believe most all drugs should be legalized.
        Some are just too dangerous (Fentanyl) to be OTC
        and it is OK to control those, but not outlaw.
        The war on drugs is just a jobs program for liberals
        and union people. It makes really bad people very rich.
        Full disclosure; a cousin, I was very close to was a
        full blown Heroin addict. She is dead. The
        drug did not kill her, the lifestyle did.
        I rescued her many times. You would not believe
        the places I helped her out of. I always went in
        locked and loaded. Better to have this stuff out
        in the open so we can better deal with it, than
        force it into the shadows.

        • rellik, I am sorry to hear about what happened to your cousin. Addiction destroys so many lives and families.

        • relik

          100% agree. Alcohol prohibition put the big O in Organized crime elevating street thugs into multi millionaires fueling corruption. This is no different. A glaring example of corruption is the Philadelphia Special Narcotics Enforcement Unit. Every two or so decades they almost to an officer go to prison. They start taking bribes, then steal cash at raids that the gang paying tips them off to the competition. Then they steal dope at these raids and sell it back to the aforementioned. Finally they graduate doing selective hits for the dopers. Who catches them? Never Internal Affairs always the FBI. These guys had homes in Stone Harbor NJ (ultra big $$$). Cops have party’s with cops in attendance, detectives. Not one can add. How does a guy afford a million dollar plus home on an $80K / yr income?

          • Because he is a member of the biggest gang/mafia in the world.. the police?

      7. The only lawyers President Trump will appoint for Attorney General are those who are anti-pot and against recreational legalization and all for civil asset forfeiture.

        I agree with the other posters on another thread who said the only reason President Trump announced during his campaigns that he’d leave it up to the individual states was to play it safe and avoid losing votes over the weed issue. He was even considering loser Chris Christie a few weeks ago for AG, a known staunch opponent, as was former AG Jeff Sessions.

        It’s not hard to see the truth if we don’t believe the lies.

        No matter who actually ends up in that AG role, as of now quite possibly William Barr from George HW Bush days, they are are all anti-weed and totally against legalized recreational weed. Trump will not select anyone for AG who is pro-legalization. They will also allow civil asset forfeiture for those buying or growing “legally” in a legal state.

        Bottom line, President Trump is secretly anti-weed and pro civil asset forfeiture.

        I don’t smoke the stuff myself but for several valid reasons I am pro-legalization. I can spot those who pretend to be like-minded, but in reality are the exact opposite.

        • Rand Paul was my pick of the ones running for President. Trump is an authoritarian and sadly the best second choice. It goes to show that out of 330 million people “they” narrow us down to this.

        • There are alot of simple, human rights, which are not left up to the states.

          In general, a democratic republic is assumed to protect those, without infringement.

      8. By making marijuana illegal, the agricultural people can’t grab hold of it like they did with corn and wheat. So those companies are scrambling around trying to get hold of it, but they can’t, because it’s a cottage industry, and it will always be a cottage industry. Because the minute the big companies try to make it their own, like they did with soybeans…like Monsanto, they put their own patent on seeds, and you can’t do that with marijuana.

        Tommy Chong

        • This “dove tail fits” what a Jamaican told me when I was there. I said, “Hay, pot will soon be legal”. This Rasta type didn’t want that. He said now “we make the money” (small amounts are only a $50 fine anyway). If its legal, “The rich man make the money”. They’ll be working for little on the corporate plantations.

        • They actually hold patents, while telling you it is illegal, immoral, or pseudo-scientific.

          Wherever there is some trade, or territory, or intellectual property, the communists shut it down, and purge the undesirables.

          Then, they take it over, like crime bosses.

          Yes, they can patent a seed, control the land and water and productivity and dictate what they consider to be ‘best practices’ — a state monopoly.

      9. They want us all dumbed down and numb with weed.
        They want to take that edge off so they can control us.
        Smoke that shit if you want. I think its time to be sober.
        Stay alert. Stay alive.

        • I’ll drink to that!

      10. I suspect Donald Dumps sneaky way of confiscating our guns by having cops arrest pot people in states where marijuana is legal and at the same time not pissing off his base who don’t know he’s ok with gun confiscation. Once you have an arrest record/conviction you can kiss your guns good bye. Forever. He knows that. Backhanded but clever. Sick, impoverished and unarmed, that’s what the Washington DC elite want.

      11. Weed is so damn nasty, vile and disgusting not to mention it smells worse than wolf-pussy!

        • So who is worse and more criminally inclined… A drunk or a stoner?

      12. Big Pharma recently got approved for a marijuana drug. Big Pharma is working on getting magic mushrooms approved for depression. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they got in on this game.

        • Shrooms are a great enhancer for understanding/seeing what the creator is like. They are not for the neurotic mentally shallow people. If you want them to show you something they will. If you have never taken them you probably shouldn’t because your lack of interest in what they can do might turn against you. Shrooms have been used for 1000’s of years by various cultures to see/tune into universal conciousness.

      13. Kinda. Basically there are two mechanism. Dust cells will gather up debris but there are limits to how much they can do. Then there are cilia that sweep and move mucus upward to be expelled.

        When you get an infection or debris, a variety of white blood cells will target the pathogen or debris and this is what colors the phlegm/mucus from clear to yellow to green as the problems persist.

        However this narrows the bronchial tubes and causes a coughing response as inadequate gas exchange is going on. Then damage occurs which permanently makes alveoli incompetent then dysfunctional to nonfunctional.

        When the problem is persistant from an irritant, then trapped stinky globs of green mucus will adhere to the lower lobes of the lungs. This is why respiratory therapists will teach caregivers to do percussive therapy to dislodge them.

        It’s very likely for those with persistant discolored phlegm to collect food particles in it as it is swept up by cilia and coughing, then reswallowed. Very bad infections then occur thus a higher rate of incidences of pnemonia for example.

        If you are a smoker, you likely routinely have yellow phlegm which is showing these dead white blood cells, but some is NOT being expelled and damaging your lungs. With tobacco it turns BLACK due to all the additives as well as the standard debris. With MJ that is growth, there should at least be no additives, but still all the damage.

        • I almost choked to death on a curly french fry…. true story! And it was while driving down the freeway.

          • If yer gonna die… yer gonna die.

      14. Cops in Illinois fine people $500.00 for weed paraphernalia but let the cannabis oil slide. They must be really cashing in on the paraphernalia fines.

      15. We’re living in a total bastard society, where it seems no one can cope with reality. Trekker Out

      16. Cannabis lies, lies and more lies, this is what big pharma has built their empire on. Seeing legalization as a threat to profits along with the police prison state working the same angle. Cannabis is a miracle plant treating all manner of human illness including many types of cancer. Proven to not harm the human body including the lungs. Has been used for 5,000 years on Earth as medicinally beneficial. Other negative opinions are pure lying hogwash. Non addictive and non violent plus common sense revealing are the last thing the powers that be are interested in allowing. In the deep south the threat of medicated old people healing themselves with cannabis is the reason these states are mostly GOP controlled who consistently deny cannabis usage in support of chemical poison dispensed by big drug thieves. The entire existing medical system is a completed sham.

      17. When I was in Vietnam nearly all troops in my company smoked cannabis. There was also an entire housing hooch where heroin users lived. The commanding officers all ignored these issues. The price of 100 pre-rolled joints was $10.

        • I remember here in the states a 4 finger lid was 10 bucks too lol.

      18. Yea. It’s smokin alright. The first FDA approved marijuana prescription drug called Epidiolex will cost around $32,000.00 per year. That’s why Big Pharma wants in the weed game.

      19. Because it is a Schedule I drug (like Heroin), it is illegal for universities or big pharma to study it.

        Yet, many states want to legalize it when the ONLY clinically approved applications by the FDA are for two types of epileptic seizures.

        Their is NO scientific/clinical data to show or substantiate or prove that smoking marijuana helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so forth and so on.

        TRUE medical marijuana is high in CBD (cannibidiol) and low in THC.

        But studies show 85% of all “medical” marijuana is high in THC and LOW in CBD!

        Do you see the ruse that is being pulled on all Americans?

        Would YOU go to your pharmacy and fill a prescription for a drug that was NOT studied for your condition or ailment and whose dangers or ill effects were NOT known by anyone at the time of purchase, and still not known?

        So what is the answer?

        – Decriminalize marijuana. Do not legalize it.
        – Invite Congress to move Marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug so it can be studied clinically.
        – Spread the truth about marijuana: it interferes with short-term focus and memory and it attacks the motivational center of the brain.
        – Spread the truth about so-called medical marijuana: 85% of all medical marijuana sold is LOW in CBD!
        – And here’s the killer: the (natural) Marijuana of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s had a THC content of 5-8%. But TODAY’s weed is Genetically Re-Engineered to have a THC content of 22% to 34%! Many find minds are literally getting “wasted” through all the lies.
        – Lastly, marijuana is revenue negative: studies show that legalization is producing more (increased) costs in treatment and money lost in productivity that is offsetting revenue gains!

        I’m convinced there IS a reason (or more than one) why God put marijuana on our Earth. But the reasons proffered forth by politicians influenced by money hungry growers/dealers/dispensaries are neither clinically accurate nor scientifically proven (except the FDA found it does work for two types of seizure disorders).

        I invite each of us to steadfastly dedicate your self to the truth, especially in all its facets, regarding marijuana.

        Let’s not let our country go to pot. It’s already gone to some dastardly politicians who tried to sell out our country in more ways than one. Hold them accountable for their behavior, including misusing tax revenues from your hard earned money. Wield the hammer that is Truth!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        • The truth is NOBODY has any right to tell you what you can do with your body. Laws don’t mean a damn thing! Do you think because pot is illegal it stops anyone from using it? That is insane just like prohibition. Might as well let the tax mafia get a cut and stop throwing peeps in jail for stupid unconstitutional shit! People are sooooo fookin stupid, I doubt pot will make a big difference anyway.

          • Unless of course you like trump and his asset forfieture shit in which case you are the biggest asshole on earth….

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