The Mainstream Media Won’t Talk About North Korea Agreeing To Denuclearize

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 20 comments

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    The mainstream media has simply ignored the fact that North Korea has agreed to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. First South Korean, then Chinese officials have in recent weeks reported North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has told them he is “committed to denuclearization” on the Korean peninsula.

    But where has the mainstream media been? They’ve been entirely focused on an agenda to strip basic human rights away from the public and an alleged affair between the president and a porn star twelve years ago.   So why don’t they want to report on the actual big news? Agenda, propaganda, brainwashing, narratives for the elites.

    “It is our consistent stand to be committed to denuclearization on the peninsula, in accordance with the will of late President Kim Il Sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong Il,” Kim Jong Un said, according to  Chinese state media outlet Xinhua. Kim is currently in China for a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “The issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula can be resolved if South Korea and the United States respond to our efforts with goodwill,” Kim told Chinese officials during a visit this week, according to Xinhua.

    According to Reuters, Kim’s declared commitment to denuclearization, however, is neither new nor in line with the “bash Trump” and “turn all Americans into poverty-stricken slaves” narrative that is constantly being forced down our throats. However, President Trump has pressed North Korea to act since taking office in January 2017. And what’s more, he’s pushed China to do more about its belligerent neighbor, and taken some actions seen as overkill, like enacting tariffs on Chinese goods. But Trump’s efforts appear to have paid off, at least as of right now.

    This is a huge story, and one the American public should know about. There’s probably little to no reason to fear North Korea any longer, yet perhaps that’s why this has all been ignored. Fear, after all, is how the mainstream media brainwashes everyone they can in order to push an agenda.

    Obviously, Trump’s success (of any kind) won’t help the mainstream media and their narrative. North Korea also probably shouldn’t be trusted after years of haughty derision and terroristic rhetoric about their nuclear program. But the point is that progress is being made and denuclearization could actually occur on Trump’s watch and the media can’t be bothered to report on it.


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      1. I’ll believe it when I see it. Verify!

        • You sound like a gun-confiscator.

      2. Political discussion at work , a coworker teasingly said she is waiting for,her Obama phone
        I told her she can now get a trump phone with preloaded weather app. Unfortunately the forecast always comes up stormy

      3. What get me is that North Korea and Iran has done NOTHING to the US of A, NOTHING. There are countries that have nukes and have not signed the NPT, no one is bitching about them. The only one that has nukes is jew land and I fear that, jew land will start a war and want the US to finish it.

      4. While our attention is over there, what is happening right under our noses? Our mouths are being silenced. Our toothpaste contains chemicals that cause tooth decay. Make your own with coconut oil, one per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide, and aluminum free baking soda, cinnamon oil. If the kids swallow it, no problem.

        Male testosterone levels go done one per cent per year. Male IQ is going down. Boys are being put on drugs that make them seventy times more likely to commit suicide. Women are more successful, not because they are doing better; but because men as a group are failing in school, jobs, and life in general.

        The attack on white males by the Communist agents, and the real enemies of the state, has been relentless and on all fronts. It is time to confront the true threat to our survival, the enemy is Communism, Marxist, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-reproduction, anti-Western male, anti-white, anti-USA.


      5. They are covering this, including the fact that China is saying NoKo has said this, but the actual NoKo press release said nothing of the sort. Are either of these sources trustworthy? Not a chance. Don’t watch what they say, watch what they do. NoKo has spent decades getting to where they are, to where they can reach the US mainland (or at least threaten to) and join the nuclear club. Do you really believe they will give that up? I don’t.

      6. Whon Phat Phuk and his family has made promises over and over. Just more of his propaganda. I’ll believe it when he does it and will still be sceptical.

        • And yes the main stream media has been talking about this, so quit making up lies trying to influence people.

      7. “The attack on white males by the Communist agents, and the real enemies of the state, has been relentless and on all fronts.”

        Very true, and becoming more bold and obvious. I just took a flight and at the TSA checkpoint I was “randomly” selected for additional screening. After that I watched for awhile and saw their ruse. Each and every white man was “randomly” selected for the same additional pat down. They were clearly targeting all white men. All the brownskins and women, everyone else but white men, were let through. I was appalled and still am furious.

        I’m ready, anti-white bullshit needs to be stopped right fucking now.

      8. The only way a denucleariziation pact can work, is if NK is a protectorate of a bigger, nuclear power, and it’s formally illegal to attack them.

        They have a museum of gifts, and diplomatic concessions, given to their dictatorship, which they see as tribute.

        So, said superpower and the world court would be “servile” to the NK demigod, born under double rainbows on a magical mountain.

      9. Do you understand what is meant by the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula? It doesn’t mean Kim Jong un unilaterally removes his nuclear weapons.

        If you’ve been following what was really said,it means(and the DPRK and China have both said this), that North Korea will remove their weapons under condition the South and the US remove theirs.

        Do you really think any of the DC warmongers will agree to this?

        Hell, no. This is empire’s foothold in Asia to confront Russia and China. They will never give it up even though the Korean people would like to re-unify their country that the US arbitrarily divided along the 38th parallel after WWII to keep the Russians out.

        But it is the only equitable way to resolve this crisis. Yankee needs to come home and MAGA.

      10. Also, it doesn’t mean that NATO or BRICS disarm themselves.

        Noone ever thought that the baitdog, NK, was an actual contender.

      11. When fatso talks about “denuclearisation” my BS Detector goes off!

      12. its because of this:


        “Just an extraordinary evening, and of course opening the door to the big question: If President Trump can truly solve this problem, that would be going down as a great president, and there’s no way around that,” Erin Burnett said on her show OutFront. “That is the reality here.”

      13. Jong Un met with the Chinese and was told to back off of his belligerent caustic attitude. Was told he has a girls name and nobody takes him seriously. He cried all the way home and is now a shell of his former self as his bravado vanished into thin air.

        • But he still has the stupidest hair cut in the world.

      14. What we need to keep an eye on right now is China. This naval exercise of their’s is a good example of how things could get started. I’m wondering what the connection is between that and Kim Jong Un’s in-out visit to Beijing have in common.

      15. I feel the same way about the nuclear weapons control issue as the gun control (confiscation) issue. Every country has the inalienable right to self-defense.

        Here in the United States, the government treats every gun owner as Kim Jung-In — some crazy a** loser, an insane mal-content, a despicable, a deplorable, a disgruntled loner. And at the same time our government seeks to control (confiscate equals disarm) countries that have nukes.

        Where was the United States government going to go if North Korea would not give-up their nukes? Try to physically take them? With Russia and China right there?

        Where is the gun-confiscation thing here in the United States going to go if the American people say “No”?

      16. blame-e it will be a bloodbath. Can you think of a better way to destroy the USA.

      17. You understand that deal will include America removing all nuclear weapons out of the western Pacific region. This is all parts of China’s overall plan to totally control the western pacific; kick America out of the region a force Japan to be an ally of China not the USA. This will N Korea world status and keep that little fat man in power.

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