The Mainstream Is Circling The Wagons: “They Are Coming For All Of Us… This Is An Orchestrated Attack Against Truth”

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    Within hours of the election of Donald Trump the mainstream media, their politico counterparts and social media operatives began spreading the narrative that the President was only elected as a result of the dissemination of fake news. The term itself became a rallying cry for everyone from major search engines to massive social media websites who said they would create fact checking teams within their organizations to ensure only legitimate news and information would be listed on their respective platforms. Soon, the leftist media began spreading lists, none of which were backed with any actual evidence, of supposed “fake news” purveyors and Russian propaganda websites. The lists included some of the most highly trafficked non-mainstream websites and aggregators around the world. As these Silicon Valley behemoths and popular news organizations mobilized, so too did mainstream advertising agencies, one of which quickly pulled advertising from the purported king of fake news, conservative leaning news organization

    The battle was clearly on. And to this day, it continues in earnest. Legitimate news is being buried in feeds and search engine pages, while the effort to directly attack the revenue of alternative media websites continues to expand.

    Several weeks ago Mike Adams of penned an alert in which he reported that a shadow organization had contacted him with an offer to either help them take down Infowars founder Alex Jones, or be destroyed. Adams, being a long-time proponent of free speech and liberty, took to the internet to expose them instead. Naturally, the skeptics laughed it all off as another conspiracy theory.

    Except just days after Natural News posted the warning, Infowars was suddenly dropped by one of the world’s largest online advertising agencies, reportedly costing the network some $3 million in revenue. And within a week of that attack, the largest search engine in the world delisted some 140,000 pages from their search results.

    While this may seem like no big deal for the average reader today, what these recent actions demonstrate is that a conglomerate of traditional news media, big business and political operatives are actively working to suppress the reporting of information that runs counter to the mainstream agenda.

    First they come for the purveyors of truth and information that has remained hidden from the masses for decades. Next they will come for those who publicly discuss their views and and ideas on social media and other forums. And while you may not fall into any of these two categories, make no mistake, as SGT Report warns in the following must-watch report, one day they will come for you, too. 

    They’ll be coming for all of us… Because this is an orchestrated attack against truth… I cannot imagine living in a time in the United States of America where this is allowed to stand…

    As of this morning Google has reinstated, though the original reasons provided by Google, which claimed this was a technical issue involving a small number of outdated pages on the website, were unable to be duplicated by numerous well known SEO websites and cyber sleuths. Curiously, as Health Ranger Mike Adams notes in his statement on the censroship, the very same technical issues actively exist on mainstream websites like CNN and Huffington Post, though their pages have yet to be delisted in the same manner as Natural News.

    Based on the evidence, we are hard pressed to find any legitimate reason for why Mike Adams’ 140,000 pages would have been delisted, save for the fact that this was a direct attack against his alternative viewpoints on health, politics and a number of other issues. And though Google as an organization may not have been fully aware of the reasons behind the delisting, someone had to push the button. That the button push came just days after the aforementioned warning Mike received to either play ball or be destroyed is highly suspicious.

    There is a concerted effort to shut down views and ideas that run counter to the status quo. Today it has come in the form of silencing the most vocal critics. Tomorrow, they may try to silence you.

    Mike Adams discusses the delisting and reinstatement of his website on The Common Sense Show:


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      1. Mac, damn good article and just another reminder of what we all face. Ever since the civil rights movement the MSM has been totally biased against white people. We are demonized, marginalized, and lied about in MSM 24/7/365. It’s been proven time and again that you cannot get reliable information from MSM. And people still wonder why there’s an alternative media out there. I used to get my info from certain print sources and shortwave radio before I ever learned computers. Look up a video at which is very telling. Mike Brezinski admits that their job is to control what people think. I think it’s also on youtube. No libturd or anyone else tells me what to think or say.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          The end game is to equalize the planet economically, culturally and racially. The developed world is lowered while simultaneously the third world is developed. Culturally, truth be dammed, its being constantly repeated Joseph Goebbels style that all cultures are of equal value. A mud hut without electricity is not equal to a people that put a man on the moon.

          Regardless of the question from government the answer always facilitates globalization.

          • Right, Kevin, the man in the mud hut is most likely above the stupid morons who are ruining our planet– the people who want robots and shit running around.

            “God created us all equal”. Ever heard that saying?

            that’s the problem with the world, the elite and their shit going to the moon have decided we are the “indispensable people” and as such, have a right to bomb/ destroy other cultures… f… shit@

            • Welcome to reality. Working reporters, REAL alternative media has been under attack for years. With no fanfare or help from any of you… This lone freelancer was ganged up on by the corp media at the UN because he confronted MSM and the UN for their corruption and fraud. Was literally rounded up gang-style and tossed into the street by UN goons at the behest of REUTERS, CIA’s Voice of America, CBS, NBC etc at UN.
              This is just one vid of his ordeal- Matthew Lee evicted by MSM from UN

            • People in mud huts are probably happier and don’t live in fear. They eat when hungry, have peaceful sleep, and enjoy their connection to the earth and the life around them.

              They don’t think very highly of Navy Seals, Marines or even police in their dystopian uniforms, overloaded with weapons, and gizmos, dispensing violence on behalf of their masters.
              They may not mind an occasional jet travel, if they can, or a peek at an iphone, but they wouldn’t want to overdose on technology, and become a drugged zombie.

              A techno-zombie wouldn’t like someone being happier without gizmos and modern “healthcare”, and is satisfied only when the simple people are broken, and prevented from living the lives on their own terms.

          • Kev, this is what is behind the BIG GREEN MONEY AGW scam, incidentally. You are spot on.

            As always, you write good stuff. Thank you.

          • No one went to the moon. So you believe the gov, an trust the gov… so you trust the Nass holes too.. GMAFB… NASA IS A GOV AGENCY TOO. Read the book of genesis, it sure says a lot about CREATION.

        • “Black is white and white is black”.

          TPTB/Criminal elite/ the Shadow government) must have studied the book, “1984” meticulously. This seems to be their main tool in destroying democracy and bringing about the New World Order. Sickening!

        • As noted below – and which you can bring up to others – this history of the leftist lamestream media is replete with lies. Even a century ago, it was Remember the Maine! More recently is has been:

          – NY Slimes Pulitzer Prize winner Walter ” I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty

          – Lincoln “I have seen the future in Stalin’s USSR, and it works” Steffens

          – Fake Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, accidentally outed by another leftist

          – Another NY Slimes wunderkind, fiction writer Jayson Blair

          – Dan “I found a memo!” Rather

          – Brian “I was fired on” Williams

          I learned about this all first hand in the early 1990s, when I was at a meeting of concerned parents in Ottawa, ON, who did not want the fascist gay Nazis bringing their filth into the school system. CTV, one a Canada’s two national stations at the time, showed up, and put it as their LEAD story the next night.

          What they showed was a complete, bald, and utter LIE. Turns out, I had an audiotape of every single second of the meeting, and could prove 100% of their lying. I called CTV, and politely told them that what they reported was not how it happened, ***and that I had an audiotape of every single second of the meeting to prove my point.*** I was civil and respectful on the call… and they basically told me to shut up and hung up on me.

          Fine. I learned a valuable lesson. Since then I have been EXTREMELY active in fighting the lies, the hubris, the stupidity of the left. These vile people have messed over so many, in fact, that all these deplorables who have been messed over banded to together and voted in Trump.

          And guess what, fascist left? We are just beginning. In fact, you might just say “We are here, we are NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.”

          The fascist, ignorant, vile, lying, H8TE-filled, Orwellian, arrogant, power-hungry left. They better get used to free people doing, as they did when Castro took them out to execute them, “Viva la Christo Rey!

          And you know what? Each iota of arrogance, each and every single lie, each tiny action of oppression the fascist left does, it creates ten, or a hundred Armando Valladares types (if you don’t know who he is, he refused to put a “I’m with Castro” note on his desk – after which he spent decades in prison, tortured, etc.)

          The law of unintended consequences. Just got Trump elected, and this law will effect the end of the oppressing, lying left. Count on it.

          • Nothing on Iraq WMDs? THE biggest MSM lie ever? lolol
            These are the activists on our side… omg

        • Expose and end the use of directed energy weapons violating the minds and bodies of innocent citizens remotely. (V2K, microwaving, remote neural monitoring, scalar, gang stalking) End targeting. End the torture and holocaust. This is the worst human rights violation perpetrated by the government’s rogue agencies, corporate contractors, and infusion centers

      2. Well,with net will always be new places for sites if removed by the “big boys”.The day that ends tis the day the hackers will take down the whole damn net.

        Seriously,they try and personally jail you for speech against the powers that want to be is literally the time to start killing some of them,nothing to lose at that point.

        I hope does not happen but could be a time in history where better to fight back with violence then just be caged.

        • Warchild, same here. anyone who comes after me does so at their own peril. Not a smart thing for them to do.

      3. I would also like to say,don’t use goog as a search engine/don’t use feces book ect.,starve these fuckers just even a tiny bit,there are at moment plenty of alts.

        • yes, pay ATTENTION to all these sons o biches, and boycott ALL OF ‘EM! no more movies, i won’t use google(duckduckgo dot calm), no mainstream media(that was at least 7 years ago). no more NFL, and no starbucks…and a whole bunch of retailers…..damn, we need to start a LIST here on shtfplan, mac….

          • Butt:

            Yes. You are right. Our power is the fact that as consumers, we are numerous. If we don’t buy their product, they don’t make money. The very rich have enough to trickle down for a while, but it won’t take long before their riches are gone. We are the cow they keep on milking. Speaking of cows, I saw a couple of videos on Walmart. This guy did some research. He says the owners are part of the Rothschild family. The milk is under priced in order to drive dairy farmers out of business WORLDWIDE. They having control of the only remaining dairies, first make a fortune hiking up the price until none except the ultra rich will have milk, butter, or cheese. Buy Organic milk from local dairies in smaller grocery stores.

            Another Walmart issue is that all Walmarts have a reservoir with water connected to the building. He showed this in Ariel photos. Some of the reservoirs are full but most are empty. If this is real (could be another hoax) the implications are frightening. Researchers should be able to verify or debunk this story. Water would be needed in a prison. Lots of people require lots of water. Also, if public reservoirs are destroyed like Oroville, and Walmart has reservoirs. Water can be sold for fifty dollars a gallon, or five dollars a glass. People need to create their own water catch system from the drains on their homes. They sell covers for drains that keep dirt out. We have a series of canvass covered wood and metal structures as part of this farm for growing. It is a catchment for water, although the purpose is as protection from intense heat for plants, not water catchment.

            The pharmacy at Walmart undercuts prices on drugs. Once they control the market, they’ll be able to withhold drugs. Addicts will go nuts. Diabetics and heart patients will be messed up bad. People need to shop at small pharmacies and pay the higher prices. The people need to stay healthy and not become dependent on pharmaceuticals. One day the plug on them will be pulled.

            If people disregard these warnings, just remember how many people have been murdered in the last century under Communism and contrived wars, 100 million give or take. Got to thin the herd. To them, all of us are nothings, animals, cattle.


        • Warchild, I NEVER use google or any social media. Try They don’t report any of your web traffic.

      4. What You Need to Know About the Khazarian Mafia, and Their All-Powerful Cartels?

        By Voice of Reason · Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

        The word Khazarian Mafia may strike you as something out of a Star Trek episode, but we assure you, they are real, very real, and there is absolutely nothing funny about them. The Khazarian Mafia may in fact be the largest global organized crime syndicate the world has ever seen, and it has its tentacles in almost every aspect of the American way of life, including the Federal Reserve System, the energy industry, the mass media, and big Pharma; just to name a few.

        FULL STORY:

        • @FTW…

          Your link is loaded with malware. Hijacked my browser.

          • Use TOR.
            It will not only help with the nasty stuff, but also help keep you anonymous.

            • What is Tor?
              Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

              Why Anonymity Matters
              Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location.

              ● Tor prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits.
              ● Tor is for web browsers, instant messaging clients, and more.
              ● Tor is free and open source for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and Android


        • That’s what is so ridiculous about all the Trump-Russia bashing. When rich Russian Oligarchs are referred to? It is diplo-speak for Russian JEWS. The neo-Bolsheviks that picked the Soviet corpse clean in 1990s. Of course as always- THAT little tidbit will always be omitted by MSM and by fake alt media like alex Jones.

      5. So, like a tree that falls in the woods, does it make a sound?
        If an MSM story goes unread, does it still propagate a lie?

      6. Mike Adams is great.

        Word of the day: “Fomite”:

        Every year, a percentage of the world’s food supply is contaminated by their droppings, urine, and hair. These items, known as “fomites”, may contain disease-carrying organisms and, as such, render food unfit for human consumption. (From Doom and, great site. The lamestream media is a fomite.

        And might I suggest the guugle, led by the disgusting Herr Schmidt, change their motto to “First, let’s only do evil.”

        Now, back to the hourly BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming “news” from the lamestream media (yeah, this year has been warm in the US; now, check out the record cold in Europe)

      7. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”


        Interestingly, looking at the fascist left lamestream media today, their latest Feb 28th poll STILL has Hilary ahead by 10 points!

        Leftist media types are frauds. Going all the way back to NY Slimes Pulitzer Prize winner Walter ” I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty to Lincoln “I have seen the future in Stalin’s USSR, and it works” Steffens to fake Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, accidentally outed by another leftist, to another NY Slimes wunderkind, fiction writer Jayson Blair, to Dan “I found a memo!” Rather, to Brian “I was fired on” Williams, and the list goes on and on and on…

        No one believes you lying leftists in the lamestream media anymore, except the gullible and easily led.

      8. “I would remind you that violent opposition to tyranny is no vice….and let me remind you also that moderation in apposing tyranny is no virtue”

      9. make a list to see who is naughty or nice…..hit em in the pocketbook, it works both ways!

      10. Well, if they’re coming for us , I guess the cordial thing to do is give them one hell of a welcoming party.

      11. if they are coming for us, lets go for them first

        • Too early.
          Patience. You will know when.

      12. The revolution has already begun in America. It’s only now that a small but growing number of Americans are realizing this.

        Every war starts out financial. Obama not only emptied the treasury and left us in terrible debt. Much of our military supplies have been raided and given to our enemies. Virtually none of the military supplies the US placed in the Middle East and Africa during the Bush and Obama wars, secret and public, were brought back, when the US pulls out. Selling off and giving away government held supplies and resources was never counted in the national debt. Russia owns the rights to 80% of America’s uranium etc etc etc. This all adds up to a monster debt far greater than the borrowing of Trillions publicly acknowledged as the national debt.

        Now the revolution is getting physically violent. Police are being assassinated at an alarming rate. Politically motivated public assaults and murders were previously unheard of. For anyone who thinks we are not at war I suggest you put on a MAGA hat and walk around in any area that is not strongly conservative, have your dentist on speed dial to fix any teeth that get knocked out. Violent demonstrations await any minor incident that serves an excuse for the Progressive Globalist Brown Shirts to come out. The left with programs similar to Fast and Furious have been secretly arming violent gangs and drug cartels in several major cities. The goal is increasing carnage and distract the public while disrupting economic growth. Progressive and globalist politicians from all parties simply obstruct, distract, spew hate and just fiddle while Rome burns.

        It was very telling to hear loud audible groans from congress when Trump said we need to give the victims of illegal immigrant crime a voice. Suppressing truthful information and taking victims voices away, is just another face of Main Stream Media fake news. Also either hidden or dressed over by the MSM, is the Progressive revolutionary attacks and assaults, intended to further the lefts takeover. Shootings of police now carry unrelated stories of supposed police abuse intended to justify police assassinations. The left is spending vast sums of money to finance this ongoing revolution, and just because they lost the election, doesn’t mean they have given up or intend to play nice.

      13. Then the devil himself, Satan, (the Chew “and you are of your father, Satan”) offered to The Christ, all the wealth, and all He could see from the mountain top to the city beneath the mountain, that He should reign as a King in the land, if he bowed down and worshipped he, the Devil. But to the Devil Chew liar and thief, Christ told him to take his raggedy ass and GTFO?.

        So, the Damn Chew did then what he does now. He sent his prestitutes to lie about The Christ. They beat His Holy Body, tried him in a kangaroo court, and nailed him to a wooden cross. They Crucified the Christ. “May His Blood be upon our hands and that of our descendants for all time.” And Pontius Pilot washed his hands. (A symbol that all generations to come of the Romans/Gentiles are cleansed free of guilt). “I wash my hands of the blood of this innocent man.”


      14. The advertisers….hmm…..if you have not watched the series MAD MEN you should and see how it exposes how the advertisers and big corporate business manipulates our thoughts.

        In the present, we are not being told about how inflation is very high, much higher than what we are told. I see shrink-flation almost everywhere and with everything I buy. The MSM and big business do not want you to realize what is going on as your behavior will change.

      15. What happened to Ben Swann?

      16. I really wish they would come to my door!

        • Patience, your time will come.

      17. its time to sink msm, its nothing but lies, deceit, brainwashing, and programing. I dont listen to msm.

      18. The MSM has a HUUUUGE reputation for truth and ethical conduct —–
        WHY! They even write SONGS about it !
        DON HENLEY LYRICS “Dirty Laundry”

        I make my living off the evening news
        Just give me something
        Something I can use
        People love it when you lose
        They love dirty laundry

        Well, I coulda been an actor
        But I wound up here
        I just have to look good
        I don’t have to be clear
        Come and whisper in my ear
        Give us dirty laundry

        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down
        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down

        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down
        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em all around

        We got the bubble headed
        Bleached blonde
        Comes on at five
        She can tell you ’bout the plane crash
        With a gleam in her eye
        It’s interesting when people die
        Give us dirty laundry

        Can we film the operation
        Is the head dead yet
        You know the boys in the newsroom
        Got a running bet
        Get the widow on the set
        We need dirty laundry

        [Instrumental Interlude]

        You don’t really need to find out
        What’s going on
        You don’t really want to know
        Just how far it’s gone
        Just leave well enough alone
        Eat your dirty laundry

        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down
        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down

        Kick ’em when they’re up
        Kick ’em when they’re down
        Kick ’em when they’re stiff
        Kick ’em all around

        (Kick ’em when they’re up)
        (Kick ’em when they’re down)
        (Kick ’em when they’re up)
        (Kick ’em when they’re down)

        (Kick ’em when they’re up)
        (Kick ’em when they’re down)
        (Kick ’em when they’re stiff)
        (Kick ’em all around)

        Dirty little secrets
        Dirty little lies
        We got our dirty little fingers
        In everybody’s pie
        We love to cut you down to size
        We love dirty laundry

        We can do the Innuendo
        We can dance and sing
        When it’s said and done
        We haven’t told you a thing
        We all know that Crap is King
        Give us dirty laundry

      19. Yanks didn’t have the balls to stand up to the lies about 9/11 and won’t have the balls now.

        The land of the free has become the land of the cowards, sorry but it has to be said and not watered down to save peoples feelings

      20. They went after Mark Dice too. He has a video on youtube how he was contacted by an intelligence agent to work with them.

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