The Madness of a Lost Society

by | Nov 29, 2010 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    If what happened on Friday across America is any indication of the condition of the America populace, then our very foundations are built of sand. May God forgive us for what we’ve become and for what we’ve allowed to happen to our nation. And may those of us with the courage and sense to do it renounce this behavior and the monstrous marketing ploy that is black Friday, in it’s entirety.

    SGTbull07 – Micro Film Producer

    On Black Friday, when we referred to the biggest shopping day of the year as America’s Running of the Bulls, we found that many of our readers agreed. In the video below, director SGTbull07 points out what many of you said – that the majority of those rushing the door of retailers around the country to further enslave themselves in debt for inferior Chinese made knock offs have no realistic perception of what is actually happening in America. And while everyone can appreciate a good deal on products that we need, the fact that tens of thousands of people literally spent days camping outside of stores to save $100 on a TV or $50 for a video game system is a starkly frightening reminder that our entire economic and social system is driven by nothing but consumerism and delusions of grandeur.

    A perfect example is “Cyber Monday” which by all accounts is nothing more than a corporate propaganda ploy. If you happened to be watching or listening to the news this morning, you undoubtedly heard about Cyber Monday as being the biggest shopping day of the year, with 90% of online retailers reportedly slashing prices to take advantage of the digital version of consumers rushing through the doors.

    What you probably didn’t hear is the history of Cyber Monday and its origins. Nor did anyone tell you about that often touted 90% statistic.

    Surprisingly, CNN gives us the facts on why Cyber Monday is mostly a myth:

    Five years ago, published a press release:

    “While traditional retailers will be monitoring store traffic and sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), online retailers have set their sights on something different: Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.”

    Ta-dah! The term “Cyber Monday” was born.

    The only problem: It’s mostly a marketing gimmick, according to consumer electronics experts and an online metrics tracker.

    Cyber Monday has never been the biggest day of the year for online retail sales, said Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis at comScore, a company that monitors internet traffic., which coined the term “Cyber Monday” and operates a retail website called, says nine in 10 online retailers are offering Cyber Monday deals this year. But read the fine print and that statistic loses some of its shine. That data is based on a survey of 51 online retailers, and the majority of those said to be offering Cyber Monday deals aren’t targeting the Monday after Thanksgiving specifically. Only 21 of the 51 retailers surveyed on behalf of are offering one-day Cyber Monday sales.

    Now we know the real story behind “Cyber Monday.”

    Watch The Madness of a Lost Society:

    Hat tip GoldenFoxx


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      1. Does Black Friday, not remind anyone of the 70’s era Soviet Union images that we saw of people waiting in long lines for bread, toilet paper, shoes, ect. The slogan of that era  being “If it’s on sale buy it”, whether you need it or not. Wow,I guess history does repeat itself!

      2. My grocery store, gun store & filling station didn’t have a sale that day.

      3. only one thing needs to be changed to see a SHTF senario..

        change those people camping and standing in line to an Unruly Mob..breaking out the windows and doors and trampling on anyone or anything that got in their way of looting that TV or Radio..

        or change the store front to a grocery store,,

        Kmart–50% off…boots for me(for bug out bag)…thermals(top and bottoms, for bug out bag) for me…shoes for husband…not really irresponsible shopping, huh??  And this was late afternoon.

      5. If people in LA riot for their team winning or losing…

        If people looking for bargains on games and electronics will trample other shoppers or get in fist fights…

        Imagine what it’s going to be like when they are hungry with hungry kids and there’s no food in the stores…or the prices are so high they can’t afford it (or the banks are closed).

        This is just a good-natured warm-up for the main event.

        Be ready to be able to stay home during the initial stages of the breakdown, that’s all I have to say about it.  People getting robbed of their Xmas presents outside the store on Black Friday?  Imagine you just were able to get one of the last bits of food from the grocery store…think you will make it to the car unmolested?  I wouldn’t bet on it!

        Well, actually I would bet on it – but I would be betting AGAINST it.

        Be ready to stay home.  Have your spaghetti-0’s in order.  Also have a way to cook (indoors) that requires no public utilities.  I have a small butane stove top unit.   Do not count on the electricity being on when things get nasty.  Also get a sun oven, is another suggestion.

      6. “Be ready to be able to stay home during the initial stages of the breakdown, that’s all I have to say about it. ”

        So few words are necessary and these say it all.  Nicely done.

      7. Credit card defaults are the next wave of collapse.  4-6 months before shtf imo

      8. Comments….. When I first viewed this video yesterday, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or be pi$$ed.  I think I’m more pi$$ed than anything. If you look at the age group of those pushing, shoving and stampeding, those are the same people that will be running this country 20 years from now.  I should say they ain’t going to have a chance in hell of running anything but overrunning people.  Those people are the same ones that will be kicking in yours and my front door and taking what they believe is rightfully theirs.  That video is just a small little prelude to what’s coming our way.  We can denounce this kind of behavior, but nothing will change what someone else is hell bent on doing.  Boycott stores that practice Black Friday madness.

      9. Not all of us are like that. What portion of the population is actually behaving like that? No one ever says. Although traffic was busy in my area, I didn’t hear that people were pushing and shoving to get into stores….

      10. simple minded fools……..

      11. Maybe this isn’t the right venue, but, does anyone know when it will actually be SHTF time?  I mean, are there any hard indicators that someone could see on the news or something, that would tell us for certain that it’s time to make a last run to the gas station, or start filling up sandbags and stringing out cencertina wire around the house?

      12. @ michelle

        “…Be ready to be able to stay home during the initial stages of the breakdown, that’s all I have to say about it…”

        Echo – Echo – Echo 

        I’ve preached this is the time to hunker down, wait and access.

      13. Which credit card company do you want to stick it to?  That was funny!

      14. I dont buy much stuff for Christmas and never leave home on so- called Black Friday,except this year by accident my Lady and  I were in a store in Kidron Ohio called Lehmans,havent been there in 30 years or seen the owner in that time(had a nice talk with him). The place was packed but it is my kind of “candy store” all kinds of old fashioned tools and goodies,the kind of stuff I and my wife use every day here on the homestead.
        Got me some new oil lamps and heavy duty kitchen tools and even got a new (froe) for making shingles out of trees,have to rive(split)a bunch to finish the house and the barn walls and I didnt feel like firing up the forge to make one when I could get a good one for almost the same investment ,cash-wise.
        No crazy people were in the place(besides me:) and no retards fighting over things!
         You cant go wrong buying good tools!

        I dont understand these people who act like this,Im not sure they are even really human  anymore when they act like this,maybe human but having lost some of their humanity.
        Its not like they are competing to purchase needed goods or items to make their lives easier or more independent…just junk…just stuff…just to say they have one of whatever it may be…just to brag about being there…so sad to see, but nature has a way of “culling” the herd…so to speak and the ones who behave this way wont last once the law of the jungle kicks in for real,they wont be in a store pulling these type of stunts and getting publicity for it for too long…except maybe on the evening news as statistics,real folks will only be tolerant of this type of behavior for so long…and not at all when their life and their familys safety is on the line, thanks!

      15. I think it’s important to note just what tomorrow, the 30th, brings to this nation. And why it’s so important to be acutely aware of your surroundings. From 11/30-12/14, begins the end of benefits for the 99 week crowd. Their very LAST CHECK. Every single week thereafter, is another group of the American population off the dole, with no backup resources in many cases, as the video clearly suggests.

        It will flow like a tsunami, until there are no more. Know your neighbors, and be aware of any increase in crime in your town. And boy oh boy, get your supplies already. It begins in earnest in literal  moments from now.

        Be safe all.

      16. Comments….. Dennis is right, unemployment benefits runs out for 2-4 million people tomorrow.  Here in California cuts have already been made to childcare, food stamps and in home care.  I plan to stick closer to home now.  If they don’t get their cocoapuffs TSWHTF.

      17. This video is just another example of the chaff blowing in the winds of propaganda and media hype.  This is the same chaff that thought Obama was the messiah.  What does any of this have to do with the birth of Jesus?  Stay home and celebrate the real Christmas and real Messiah!

      18. i watched tv and saw alot of this stuff being reported. i even know some folks that were probably right there in the middle of it all. i have never ever indulged in such stupid activities. if folks keep on buying into these sales and gimmicks to save a buck only knew what they are really doing- well, they are soon to find out what it is like to be a third world country and wish they had stayed home and prepared for really hard times. i can remember as a child how precious and rare it was to get a real orange or tangerine in my xmas stocking. and i can also remember that most everything else we children got from santa was homemade. i do not buy anything that is not made in the usa, or made from imported products. when europe goes under maybe we will see more american made products.

      19. The political games will come out soon Dennis.  Have been watching it also.  I don’t expect it to be a closed case yet.  Both of my business’s collect Obumma money indirectly.  We put out a product that they purchase.  The people that are truely out of work, I feel for.  I and many are not far behind. 

      20. The Golden Horde at its finest. When TS does HTF, these people have NO PLAN!!! They will be like panicked rabbits before the jaws of wolves. This is why it will be TTHD (Time To Hunker Down). The horde will kill itself off fast enough for the last loaf or bread or the last flat panel TV. After the horde eliminates much of itself you will end up with two groups: the redeamables and the thugs, warlords and gangs. That second group is what you will need to worry about. The redeamables will be late to the party, but, they’ll be willing participants. You will, however, have to worry about the redeamables leading the thugs to you. Think about these issues, peaple, please. There will be people you can save. There will be people that if you attempt to save, they will end up getting you killed. You need to think of these issues now. Have a SHTFPlan and stick to it. It very well may save your life!

      21. I won’t go to a WalMart/Target/Etc.  unless I have my husband with me, and that might be perhaps once a month at best… and I’ve got the CHL.  I refuse to expose myself to a hazardous situation like that!
        I agree that the majority of these people we simply cannot be helped. All I can do is keep trying to raise their consciousness a little at a time. I talk about things like food storage and hyerinflation when I’m standing in line and some give me that glazed look.

      22. I have given up trying to warn family and friends, some  of them know things are bad, a couple know its gonna get worse but NONE of them are doing ANYTHING to prepare for it.  I would have thought by now that they would see that many of the things I had warned about are happening and they would heed some of my advice, but no, they are still blissfully unwillingly or incapable to do so.

        The real dilemma will be what to do when they show up at my door when things go south.  Do I really want to help them when up to this point  they either looked at me with a cocked head and glazed over eyes, or outright mocked me?

      23. I know this is cheating a bit, and only slightly off-topic, but I’m copying and pasting what I posted under a different topic, maybe this time without the typos. I hate typos. Especially my own! Ha!

        But it’s a valuable glimpse at the value of metals at this time, as just reported by Rob McEwen. But rather than re-hash all that, here it is below. This is the chaos to come, layered upon the already-clueless consumerist behaviors above! Here it is:

        I was listening to Eric King’s interview with Rob McEwen yesterday, and found it to be an enlightening picture of what’s to come. Rob has been selling metals for decades now, and was in Canada (I believe) during the 1979-80 mania into metals. He described this perfectly, as we in turn try to describe what’s coming, to loved ones, friends, etc. If only they’d listen!

        He spoke of the line of customers down the stairs, out the door, and around the block, looking to purchase ANY gold and silver they could get! But he nailed the steps, or phases of the mania perfectly:
        Phase 1.) People pay no attention, until it starts getting mentioned on TV. For some reason, that’s when it’s OK to act. (You can already see the problem there, given media today).

        Phase 2.) Same people start saying, “The prices are a little high. I’ll wait till the price goes down, and maybe get some then”.
        Phase 3.) Same people again (that haven’t been listening to the rest of us, like today) say, “Aww, it’s too late. I should have bought some back when”.
        Phase 4.) Prices in the supermarkets start to skyrocket, and all that’s talked about on TV and in restaurants is metals, metals, metals. And FINALLY, having missed the great opportunity they have had for so long, begin to line up down the block (as they did), and say, “I HAVE TO GET SOME OF THESE METALS!” And yes, paying extraordinary prices to now save what future they can.

        McEwen said this will be no different. We are right on track to just such a mania. His final thought being, “Those that were most brutally affected, were the honest, middle class, pay your bills on time, save for a rainy day sort of folks. They were the ones wiped out, because they thought their government and banks would never abandon them, or do anything to destroy what they worked so hard for. They were the ones that ended up penniless.”
        You can plug that same sentiment into the world we see today, no?
        Moral of the story? Would ya please get your metals already? 
        And if it helps those that already have their metals, I constantly tell myself this (Should I ever feel like taking some profits, cashing in a little, or buying new tires for the truck, etc): Am I willing to sacrifice a potential of $500+ per oz. later, for $30 an oz now? For something I don’t NEED? You start thinking in a whole new way once you examine what you’re willing to give up for a moment’s pleasure. Buy them, and leave them alone. Let this rocket take off! The fuse is already lit!

        Goodnight, and Good luck!

      24. So let me get this straight… The big evil secret behind “cyber monday” is that it’s most retailers aren’t actually going to have big sales/clearances on that day? That’s it?
        You sure busted the lid off that one. Is there really nothing more interesting out there to discuss?

      25. And a p.s. to the thoughts above. Rob had also stated that at the earliest stages of the mania, maybe 1 in 10 (if that) held any metals at all. Like today. By the time it struck the public consciousness, he said it seemed like every last person and their brother wanted it, prices be damned. So this is coming our way. Again.

        @Goldenfoxx – I left CA last year, and feel for every last one of you trapped in the madness of that state. Most states won’t be spared anyway, but you guys have something extra special brewing over there. I’ve lived in the country while there, and I’ve lived in San Jose. I hope you’re somewhat located to the former. SJ and Silicon Valley would not be a place I’d like to be when over a million people around you start freaking out.

        @Anonymous – I feel for you, and for them. I don’t slight people for making mistakes or ending up jobless. But it’s the ones in this kind of video that think nothing will happen because “We’re Americans!” They are the same ones that could be buying some extra water and food right now. Instead, frickin’ iPods. Desperation will strike them hard and without mercy. Katrina showed us that. The best and worst of humanity right there, a microcosm of what we can expect. Prepare accordingly.

        I’m 100% with the hunker down theory. It’s my plan as well. Stay out of the fray. And never brag about your storage or even what you have to trade. Don’t become a target, even if you were just trying to be helpful and kind to another. Perfectly good people will soon be tested when they nothing left to feed their families. Some really sensible precautions need to be taken now.

      26. Whether on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, I still believe in shopping, even if it’s on credit -IF I am living within/under my means, IF I pay my credit card in full every month. in other words, if I can afford it.

        For about 2-3 months now I’ve been brown-bagging to work nearly daily, haven’t bought any new clothes or shoes, and in fact, dug into my closet and found an old pair of shoes which I had shined and wear it to work. I plan on buying no new clothes anytime soon.

        Any money I’m going to spend in the near future will be either on prepping or on the reduction of outstanding debt. Fun money will be kept at a minimum.

        It’s one thing to buy essentials, things we really need. Someone mentioned thermals/boots that were half-off… great deal. I just bought a few body warming pads at $1.34 each at Walmart. I think I’m going to stock up on those, and on a few thermal blankets and have at least two in my car. Those are about $4 each.

        Oh guys, if you get good deals on flashlights, by all means get one and leave an extra one in your car. Even if it’s not for a society-wide breakdown, you never know when you’ll need a flashlight in your car at night if something unexpected happens.

      27. Bob: When the SHTF for sure, no one knows; but clearly we are in the “Last Days”. I personally do not believe that the cause of SHTF will be a financial collapse. Neither do I believe that it is war with Iran or N Korea. These issues are all “manageable”. Difficult, and expensive, but manageable.

        When a third of the earth is hit by a CME as predicted in Revelation, that will be SHTF for everyone. When the really Big One finally hits LA disrupting 18 million people, that will be SHTF for everyone. When a really major quake hits NYC making the WTC look like a walk in the park, that will be SHTF for everyone. When the third largest economy of the world, Japan, is decimated by an earthquake with the “greater portion” going into the sea, as predicted by Cayce; that will be SHTF for everyone.

        These physical changes in and of themselves could be the straw creating a financial collapse that so many expect, but a financial collapse in and of itself is not likely.

        Inflation by a thousand cuts. Reason enough to prep.

      28. Comments….. Dennis said: @Goldenfoxx – I left CA last year, and feel for every last one of you trapped in the madness of that state. Most states won’t be spared anyway, but you guys have something extra special brewing over there. I’ve lived in the country while there, and I’ve lived in San Jose. I hope you’re somewhat located to the former. SJ and Silicon Valley would not be a place I’d like to be when over a million people around you start freaking out.

        Nope not located anywhere near there,  we’re fairly remote. But that does not mean a thing. People who come up here will have to survive on their own.  I’m betting that most people wouldn’t know what to do without a McDonalds or a JackoffBox.  If  I handed the morons a can of beans, they wouldn’t even know what to do with them, and complain that it isn’t enough and demand I fix it for them. LOL! They ain’t gunna like that part.

      29. Durango Kid:  Thanks for the scoop.  Very Interesting.

      30. Comments…..Think people are taking this video a little too seriously.  While these people are deplorable, I guarantee each of you has sought out “bargains”.   There are plenty of examples of people doing good things this time of year, for example Salvation Army bell ringer volunteers, people contributing to food baskets, etc.  The lame stream media never shows the “house that did not burn down”.  While plenty of people are not prepared, while Christmas has gotten way too commercialized, at the same time, how about the millions that understand the true meaning of Christmas?  How about those of us that know that “stuff” is NOT what makes this time of year special?  Please, sit back and consider what is important, and dont let this poor quality video get your Christmas spirit upset.

      31. Comments…..Many of the comments are thought provolking, however, many of you are relying on gas, propane and oil products….get away from those altogether and begin to morve towards wood burning stoves for heating and cooking. At the very least, you and your family can scavange for wood. Once the SHTF, for those who have the precious oil products, it will be like a pack of hungry lioness trying to protect their young.

        As far as any convience such as flashlights, cars trucks, many of these items will eventually become useless. if there is a power grid issue or the gov’t comes in and mandates issuance of these items, bet for sure, you very well may be on the losing end of the line. Say it can’t happen? Think again, there have been many shortages during my 60 yrs., the last major one that I remember is the gas shortages in the 70’s, real or not, all of us then were most definately impacted.

        Cyber Monday, small business Saturday, folks it is all a ploy to get you to seperate yourselves for our money.  As far as rushing to the stores to purchase this “china junk”, I will still look for more domestic made products.

      32. Comments…..Durango Kid, although you submit that the possibility of  a finiancial collaspe is unlikely, I totally disagree, we can not continue to free spend with money that has no backing and use credit cards for the same purpose, it dosen’t matter as to whether you can afford to use credit, it puts you in a slave position.

        The collaspe is a very real sword of damocles that is dangling over our heads.  If you do not believe this, then all of you have your head stuck in the sand.

        Folks, this collaspe is very real. Please, do not be mislead or let the media convince you all is getting better,(maybe in some sectors) it is not. The vast majority of the networks have so diverse in their holdings, they cannot afford a downturn in any since of the term.

      33. Bob: Not much of a “scoop” really. These things are unfolding before our eyes, albeit, slowly. We all know that the potential of these things actually occuring are not just possible, but probable. Not if, but when. Still, when they do occur people will be “surprised”. Something about the psychology of humans no doubt.

        Try if you haven’t seen that page.

      34. DDR: read Bankster Gangsters: Bailout Number Two for a different perspective than what you have probably been getting on QE2 at SHTF Times. Link to the upper right.

        Or, the SHTF Economics Page at SHTF America to understand where its all going. Also try the Currencies Page for an update of SHTF Economics based upon recent events.

        My banking and financial background suggests that this is the analysis to believe, rather than the doom and gloomers profiting from sensational headlines that appeal to the fear of the public at large, (not without reasons) and provide incentitves to read their copy, view their most recent videos, and follow their line.

        QE2 will never hit the marketplace and make it awash in “cheap money”; whatever “cheap money” now means. This money will not be loaned to the masses. If the masses are not allowed to borrow this money (strict qualification), they cannot spend it. If they are not spending that massive amount of money, excess dollars will not be chasing too few goods: the definition of inflation.

        We also create the reality we live in. Thats your “sword” and it cuts both ways. The “collapse” will be triggered by a physical event rather than a financial event. The money can be managed. Acts of God and madmen cannot.

      35. That’s why  H.A.A.R.P experiments have been used to cause disasters.

        H.A.A.R.P has been called a WMD.


      36. The culture of liberty was allowed to erode due to its social inequality and amerocentricism, leaving only the consumer culture and its t.v. … that had replaced it.

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