The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

by | Jan 31, 2013 | Headline News | 287 comments

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    In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power.  Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power.  The errand boys.  The well paid hitmen of the global mafia.  They are not the strategists or the decision makers.

    Instead, I speak of institutions which introduce the newest paradigms.  Who write the propaganda.  Who issue the orders from on high.  I speak of the hubs of elitism which have initiated nearly every policy mechanism of our government for the past several decades.  I am talking about the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation (a socialist organization posing as conservative), the Bilderberg Group, as well as the corporate foils that they use to enact globalization, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, etc.

    Many of these organizations and corporations operate a revolving door within the U.S. government.  Monsanto has champions, like Donald Rumsfeld who was on the board of directors of its Searle Pharmaceuticals branch, who later went on to help the company force numerous dangerous products including Aspartame through the FDA.  Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have a veritable merry-go-round of corrupt banking agents which are appointed to important White House and Treasury positions on a regular basis REGARDLESS of which party happens to be in office.  Most prominent politicians are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which has openly admitted on multiple occasions that their goal is the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and the formation of a “one world government” or “supranational union” (their words, not mine).

    However, one organization seems to rear its ugly head at the forefront of the most sweeping mass propaganda operations of our time, and has been linked to the creation of the most atrocious military methodologies, including the use of false flag events.  I am of course referring to the Rand Corporation, a California based “think tank” whose influence reaches into nearly every sphere of our society, from politics, to war, to entertainment.

    The Rand Corporation deals in what I would call “absolute gray”.  The goal of the group from its very inception was to promote a social atmosphere of moral ambiguity in the name of personal and national priority.  They did this first through the creation of “Rational Choice Theory”; a theory which prescribes that when making any choice, an individual (or government) must act as if balancing costs against benefits to arrive at an action that maximizes personal advantage.  Basically, the ends justify the means, and moral conscience is not a factor to be taken seriously if one wishes to be successful.

    Hilariously, rational choice theory has been attacked in the past by pro-socialist (collectivist) critics as “extreme individualism”; a philosophy which gives us license to be as “self serving” as possible while feeling patriotic at the same time.  In reality, the socialists should have been applauding Rand Corporation all along.

    What Rand had done through its propaganda war against the American people was to infuse the exact culture of selfishness needed to push the U.S. towards the socialist ideal.  At the onset of any communist or national socialist society (sorry socialists, but they do indeed come from the same collectivist mindset), the masses are first convinced to hand over ultimate power to the establishment in order to safeguard THEMSELVES, not others.  That is to say, the common collectivist man chooses to hand over his freedoms and participate in totalitarianism not because he wants what is best for the world, but because he wants what is best for himself, and he believes servitude to the system will get him what he wants with as little private sacrifice as possible (you know, except for his soul…).

    The psychologist Carl Jung notes in his observations of collectivism in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia that most citizens of those nations did not necessarily want the formation of a tyrannical oligarchy, but, they went along with it anyway because they feared for their own comfort and livelihoods.  Many a German supported the Third Reich simply because they did not want to lose a cushy job, or a steady paycheck, or they liked that the “trains ran on time”.  Socialism is by far the most selfish movement in history, despite the fact that they claim to do what they do “for the greater good of the greater number”.

    Rand also used Rational Choice Theory as a means to remove questions of principle from the debate over social progress.  Rational Choice propaganda commonly presents the target audience with a false conundrum.  A perfect example would be the hardcore propaganda based television show ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland, in which a government “anti-terrorism” agent is faced with a controlled choice scenario in nearly every episode.  This choice almost always ends with the agent being forced to set aside his morals and conscience to torture, kill, and destroy without mercy, or, allow millions of innocents to die if he does not.

    Of course, the real world does not work this way.  Life is not a chess game.   Avenues to resolution of any crisis are limited only by our imagination and intelligence, not to mention the immense number of choices that could be made to defuse a crisis before it develops.  Yet, Rand would like you to believe that we (and those in government) are required to become monstrous in order to survive.  That we should be willing to forgo conscience and justice now for the promise of peace and tranquility later.

    This is the age old strategy of Centralization; to remove all choices within a system, by force or manipulation, until the masses think they have nothing left but the choices the elites give them.  It is the bread and butter of elitist institutions like Rand Corporation, and is at the core of the push for globalization.

    In my studies on the developing economic disaster (or economic recovery depending on who you talk to) I have come across a particular methodology many times which set off my analyst alarm (or spidey-sense, if you will).  This latest methodology, called “Linchpin Theory”, revolves around the work of John Casti, a Ph.D. from USC, “complexity scientist” and “systems theorist”, a Futurist, and most notably, a former employee of Rand Corporation:

    Casti introduces his idea of “Linchpin Theory” in his book “X-Events:  The Collapse Of Everything”, and what I found most immediately striking about the idea of “Linchpin Events” was how they offered perfect scapegoat scenarios for catastrophes that are engineered by the establishment.

    Linchpin Theory argues that overt social, political, and technological “complexity” is to blame for the most destructive events in modern human history, and it is indeed an enticing suggestion for those who are uneducated and unaware of the behind the scenes mechanics of world events.  Casti would like you to believe that political and social tides are unguided and chaotic; that all is random, and disaster is a product of “chance” trigger events that occur at the height of a malfunctioning and over-complicated system.

    What he fails to mention, and what he should well know being a member of Rand, is that global events do not evolve in a vacuum.  There have always been those groups who see themselves as the “select”, and who aspire to mold the future to there personal vision of Utopia.  It has been openly admitted in myriad official observations on historical events that such groups have had a direct hand in the advent of particular conflicts.

    For instance, Casti would call the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria an “X-event”, or linchpin, leading to the outbreak of WWI, when historical fact recalls that particular crisis was carefully constructed with the specific mind to involve the U.S.

    Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the Committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee’s investigation. The Committee stated:

    “The trustees of the Foundation brought up a single question.  If it is desirable to alter the life of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war…. They discussed this question… for a year and came up with an answer: There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people.  That leads them to a question: How do we involve the United States in a war.  This was in 1909.” 

    So, long before the advent of Ferdinand’s assassination, plans were being set in motion by globalist interests to draw the U.S. into a large scale conflict in order to “alter the life, or thinking, of the entire culture”.  When a group of people set out to direct thinking and opportunity towards a particular outcome, and the end result is a culmination of that outcome, it is obviously not coincidence, and it is definitely not providence.  It can only be called subversive design.

    In the economic arena, one might say that the collapse of Lehman Bros. was the “linchpin” that triggered the landslide in the derivatives market which is still going on to this day.  However, the derivatives market bubble was a carefully constructed house of cards, deliberately created with the help of multiple agencies and institutions.  The private Federal Reserve had to artificially lower interest rates and inject trillions upon trillions into the housing market, the international banks had to invest those trillions into mortgages that they KNEW were toxic and likely never to be repaid.  The Federal Government had to allow those mortgages to then be chopped up into derivatives and resold on the open market.  The ratings agencies had to examine those derivatives and obviously defunct mortgages and then stamp them AAA.  The SEC had to ignore the massive fraud being done in broad daylight while sweeping thousands of formal complaints and whistle blowers under the rug.

    This was not some “random” event caused by uncontrolled “complexity”.  This was engineered complexity with a devious purpose.  The creation of the derivatives collapse was done with foreknowledge, at least by some.  Goldman Sachs was caught red handed betting against their OWN derivatives instruments!  Meaning they knew exactly what was about to happen in the market they helped build!  This is called Conspiracy…

    One might attribute Casti’s idea to a sincere belief in chaos, and a lack of insight into the nature of globalism as a brand of religion.  However, in his first and as far as I can tell only interview with Coast To Coast Radio, Casti promotes catastrophic “X-Events” as a “good thing” for humanity, right in line with the Rand Corporation ideology.  Casti, being a futurist and elitist, sees the ideas of the past as obsolete when confronted with the technological advancements of the modern world, and so, describes X-event moments as a kind of evolutionary “kickstart”, knocking us out of our old and barbaric philosophies of living and forcing us, through trial by fire, to adapt to a more streamlined culture.  The linchpin event is, to summarize Casti’s position, a culture’s way of “punishing itself” for settling too comfortably into its own heritage and traditions.  In other words, WE will supposedly be to blame for the next great apocalypse, not the elites…

    I might suggest that Casti’s attitude seems to be one of general indifference to human suffering in the wake of his “X-Events”, and that he would not necessarily be opposed to the deaths of millions if it caused the “advancement” of humanity towards a particular ideology.  His concept of “advancement” and ours are likely very different, though.  I suspect that he is well aware that X-Events are actually tools at the disposal of elitists to generate the “evolution” he so desires, and that evolution includes a collectivist result.

    With almost every major economy on the globe on the verge of collapse and most now desperately inflating, taxing, or outright stealing in order to hide their situation, with multiple tinderbox environments being facilitated in the Pacific with China, North Korea, and Japan, and in the Middle East and Africa with Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, etc., there is no doubt that we are living in a linchpin-rich era.  It is inevitable that one or more of these explosive tension points will erupt and cause a chain reaction around the planet.  The linchpin and the chain reaction will become the focus of our epoch, rather than the men who made them possible in the first place.

    Strangely, Casti’s theory was even recently featured in an episode of the ABC mystery/drama show “Castle”, called “Linchpin” (what else?), in which a writer turned detective uncovers a plot by a “shadow group” to use the research of the innocent Dr. Nelson Blakely (apparently based on Casti) to initiate a collapse of the U.S. economy by assassinating the ten-year-old daughter of a prominent Chinese businessman, triggering a dump of U.S. Treasuries by China and fomenting WWIII: 

    Now, I think anyone with any sense can see where this is going.  Casti and Rand Corporation are giving us a glimpse into the future of propaganda.  This is what will be written in our children’s history books if the globalists have their way. The fact that Linchpin Theory is featured in a primetime television show at all is a testament to Rand Corporation’s influence in the media.  But, as for the wider picture, are the trigger points around us really just a product of complex coincidence?

    Not a chance.

    Each major global hot-spot today can easily be linked back to the designs of international corporate and banking interests and the puppet governments they use as messengers.  Casti claims that “X-events” and “linchpins” cannot be accurately predicted, but it would seem that they can certainly be purposely instigated.

    The globalists have stretched the whole of the world thin.  They have removed almost every pillar of support from the edifice around us, and like a giant game of Jenga, are waiting for the final piece to be removed, causing the teetering structure to crumble.  Once this calamity occurs, they will call it a random act of fate, or a mathematical inevitability of an overly complex system.  They will say that they are not to blame.  That we were in the midst of “recovery”.  That they could not have seen it coming.

    Their solution will be predictable.  They will state that in order to avoid such future destruction, the global framework must be “simplified”, and what better way to simplify the world than to end national sovereignty, dissolve all borders, and centralize nation states under a single economic and political ideal?

    Is it the Hegelian Dialectic all over again?  Yes.  Is it old hat feudalism and distraction?  Yes.  But, I have to hand it to Casti and Rand Corporation; they certainly have refined the argument for collectivism, centralization, technocracy, slavery, moral relativism, and false-flag dupery down to a near science…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Um, okay. I don’t agree with the linchpin idea. If there are way too many variables to even figure out what kind of collapse there will be, no person could figure out how to cause a certain collapse. I could be wrong, though

        • The global elite have been working on their plan for a long time.

          Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings

          “But as I mentioned previously, the global elite just don’t have a lot of money. They also basically own just about every major bank and every major corporation on the entire planet.

          An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.”

          “David Rockefeller wrote the following in his 2003 book entitled “Memoirs”…
          “SOME EVEN BELIEVE WE ARE PART OF A SECRET CABAL WORKING AGAINST THE BEST INTEREST OF THE UNITED STATES, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, … I STAND GUILTY, AND I AM PROUD OF IT.”

          • KY Mom, correctly stated, especially Rockerfeller. Mr. Smith states “It can only be called subversive design.” which to many non elitest is simply put: Evil.
            The elitest list: Rhodes-diamonds, Rockerfeller-oil, Rothchilds-banking, to name a few that are about control and enslavement of the masses. Our politicans are their puppets, not our representatives.
            They have us all so splintered: red vs blue, conservs vs libs, minority vs majority, rich vs poor(middle class), gov’t vs self rule, global warming vs truth, etc.. Through our non-unity they’ll have us all fighting each other, which is their real plan of: genicide. Then comes NWO for the survivalists(their plan).

            • That quote by the Carnegie group is alomst word for word the same question I read but by a Different org. The questin was “is there any Other or better method to align and unite the entire worlds peoples…Besides destructuve deadly War”?

              The group This time was Headed by the candadien Billionaire, Mr. Morice Strong, enviro-whacko supremeo.

              He and several others like him, all enviro whack jobs like Gore, were at a UN meeting of their own and Just their 5-6 mean at it. They asked what can be done besides war to convince all people of the world to Unite for Our “Cause”?

              After much talk back N’forth, one man there said “How about the Weather”?..The others asked what did he mean the weather and How does that work to unite etc?

              He answered the others and said-paraphraseing here- Like war affects entire world if as huge as WWII was and did…So does the Weather! Regardless who they are people everywheres are all affected the exact same in a huricane etc.

              It didn;t take much longer for their group of just 5 or so men to create what we all know of as…”Global Warming”! And they held that meeting and Invented global warm Hoaxes back in the Late 1960’s to perhaps it was early 1970’s eras. Cant recall now as I read this stuff 10-12 yrs ago.

              Everything we ever heard of global warming crap is invented By them guys in Cahoots with those evil bastards Brandon wrote of in article. A Total global Hoax to cause people in every nation to Fear warming as much as Fear of a WWII again. Look how swell That worked till recent emails leeked out and Proved it a total hoax.

              The SUN causes warming AND Cooling and is Natural occureing. Morice Strong desired a Non violent and non destructive scare tactic to equal fear and unity like wwii with less expense of nation rebuilding due to real wars etc.

              Global warming= Method to scam worlds majority to give up property rights=autos-Oil/gas-Most all we use or enjoy. While He and His pals like al gore Keep their 1/2 dozen mansions(Gore elec monthly bill adds up to $30,000 per year just in One home he usually lives in! 30 Grand for elec for 12 months useage!) and private jets etc while we all Walk or ride bicycles!

              Most all we was told last 50+ yrs is Lies or hoaxes ALL of it nearly! from global warming to black civil rights marches to todays wars and more, Lots more.

              And it is all avail to find out by simply reading various issues by the Proper Honest Truthfull writers such as Brandon is. The more you research the more lies and hoaxes you uncover. Amazeing we lasted this long with no revolts or worse eh.

              • This is BS global warming or climate change or whatever u want to call it is real. all u have to do to experince this for yourself is go outside. Yes there were big floods, droughts and hot and cold days is history but never as much as we are seeing today. there is lots that contribute to this like polution… the elite didn’t create global warming THEY ARE ONLY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT TO TAX PEOPLE MORE

                • Global warming is real but the question is: how much is due to the human population and modern lifestyle and how much is HAARP? HAARP is in use by multiple nations and it functions by superheating the atmosphere. When they first started using it they did not know if they would destroy the atmosphere and kill us all. But they knew then, and do know now, that HAARP is a gigantic microwave heating unit and it works in the atmosphere. So is it any wonder that the poles are melting? If you microwave ice, it melts!

                  • @cara….you need to realize that Idaho and Montana at one time were loaded with glaciers, some as thick as 3000 feet. Look at Glacier National Park, the Sawtooths, and the Tetons.

                    You see, at one time this whole area was loaded with glaciers.

                    They have been melting and have melted for thousand of years long before earth had 1 billion people and before the first Model-T.

                    Lets face it. The earth has been slowly warming ever since our last ice age. The ice once in Idaho are now long gone and at that time only a few Indians around. So what cause all that melting?

                    Don’t believe everything. The Global Warming stuff is all about money–taxes and research monies for the hapless profs. It is all about more and more control.

            • DRD5508
              Through our non-unity they’ll have us all fighting each other, which is their real plan of: genicide. Then comes NWO for the survivalists(their plan).

              We are not at 100% “non-unity”(well put) yet but we are working overtime to acheive it. The concourer(?) pitting enemies agaist each other for their destruction and his gain. Brilliant old world stratagy from an old world order. The survivalists may have a trick or two up their sleeve for the young buck NWO though. Just sayin.

          • And that is their weakness Brandon. The GIG have used the American male as their instrument of war to advance their agenda for more than 70 years.

            Now there are 100 million gun owners in America who are, primarily, battle hardened veterans who are skilled with their weapons and psychologically conditioned to wage war on their enemy.

            America is awake. America is aware. And 100 million American gun owners now know who is their real enemy.

            Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote these lying, cheating, hypocritical bastards out of office.


            • Oh oh. I think someone farted

              • Hey Big Perm! You are a real fan favorite hereabouts, aren’t you?

                How does it feel to be “persona non gratis” 🙂

                • It’s “persona non grata”.

                  Plural is “personae non gratae”.

                • LOL! Oh no. I got thumbs down. *sniff* I think I’m gonna cry fart-man.

            • Dorango, there are not even 1 million ‘battle hardened’ Americans unless you count the kids playing video games. Most military vets never even seen battle and even fewer were actually shot at or exchanged fire. Dream on. The US is full of drug addicted, fat, lazy, dumbed down sheeple afraid of their shadow.

              • Several million veterans served in Viet Nam alone. How many veterans served in Desert Storm? Iraq over ten years? Afghanistan over ten years?

                YOU are a fucking troll! 🙂

                • makata may i call you that,I know many older vets may be drugged addicted but they still know the enemy and who this fight is about,most of those vets will not fire on their people, they will be fighting people who try to control them. your right durango on the number.

                  • I know a couple older drug addicted vets, I would not want to be on their bad side, especially in a SHTF scenario, where the pills they take to calm them down run out, real good trainers though,

          • They don’t HAVE money, the ARE money, since they own the banks that can print the money.

        • About 3,000 years ago the Book of Proverbs (part of the Bible) recorded that “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7) Those who forget the past risk falling into a trap that this truth is a result of conspiracy and not the norm.

          America being exceptional is by definition an outlier and the principle of ‘Regression to the Mean’ dictates that it must (and will) move closer and closer to average and reflect the truth revealed in the aforementioned wisdom. What we call “collapse” is simply a transition from an exceptional outlier to normalcy.

          This may sound defeatest, but acknowledging the truth of the Word of God is the first step in positioning ourselves to prosper in a paradigm new to us, but which many third-world countries have never left. “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”
          – Proverbs 22:3

          • I disagree PP. “Collapse”, if it occurs or when it occurs, is not “simply a transition from an exceptional outlier to normalcy”.

            It would not be a natural phenomena to decline toward a “mean” since America cannot be measured by comparison to other States, as WE are a unique experiment in self determination, rugged individualism, and the personal responsibility intended by God for human expression.

            While there will always be the ebb and flow of societies and human civilization, “collapse” of the the American experiment must be intentional, orchestrated by those reptilians who have another Agenda (21) other than the American Agenda; which is the pursuit of happiness through OUR individual God given talents and OUR free choice as co-creators with Him.

            Lock and load.

            • I am so thankful for Alabamans SB477.. Signed, sealed and delivered. The UN is not welcome here. We take care of our own. April 27,2011 proved that.

              • Good grief, auto fill/correct! Alabama. Not Alabamans? Ha!

            • Durango, you drink deep of the government propaganda cool aid don’t you? The Us in not ‘exceptional’ except as being stupid consumers wasting their lives and resources. You need psychiatric help as do most of your neighbors. You are the kind of person I would be afraid of in the Us.

              • You should be afraid of me and my neighbors, very afraid. 🙂

              • That has only come in the last 30-40 years or so, and totally because of communist/socialist/marxist indoctrination.

          • Proverbs 223. Hmmm .

        • While true… you could set up several and game out all their possible outcomes, not knowing for sure which one will “trigger” but all of them leaing to a similar end result…

          This shit scares me.

          I hate to admit it but I’ve clearly been successfully indoctrinated with this bullshit way of thinking. It’s only relatively recently that I began to question this… whatever this is. I had no idea it was called “lynch pin theory” or this whole “maximize personal benefit” thing. All I knew is that it was what everyone successful was doing, and that it was prevalent in the culture and media. It always felt… kinda… “off”… but so did the continual, recurring, massive failure that was occurring to me before I started trying it out.

          I’m disgusted with myself.

          Try harder, asshole (saying this to myself).

          • Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re ahead of at least 90% of the population of the US right now!!!

        • How many more of these can we sustain before there is an outright ban on firearms? Forget the rational talk about bad people, this is out of hand. Yesterday, it was a man in an office building, the day before some idiot shot a school bus driver, and today another school shooting. It will not matter what else happens around the world, economically or otherwise, people are unable to contain themselves.

          • JustMe: You are right of course, people cannot contain themselves. People have been pushed into a corner by the PTB who only consider themselves and their cronies, and they are pissed off.

            It’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets worse and all the more reason for everyone to have the means of self defense.

            BTW, how many people died in a car accident today? How many were killed by the wrong medicine? And, just out of curiosity, did any kid drown in the backyard pool today?

            JustMe. I’m just asking. 🙂

            • DK,
              Yes, I do get your point. But the masses do not, and that is capitalised on. I am sick of seeing this kind of crap. I wish I had an answer for it is all.

              • I understand. I do not enjoy the carnage either. It is the price WE must pay to drive a car.

            • As things get worse economically there will be more of this.

              I just wonder why they gotta go and shoot up innocent people. I mean… really? What’s that supposed to accomplish?

              There was a guy once that set himself on fire on the steps of a courthouse. It was in the hopes that his plight would bring attention to the corrupt legal system. Of course, thanks to the media, this did not happen, and I bet no one knows who I’m talking about. It was roughly within the last two years.

              But AT LEAST that guy was… how do I say it? Attempting to call attention to the right cause…

          • It sounds to me like the status quo (government monopoly of force) is not working too well for the every-day people. Maybe we should realize we need to take care of ourselves and not put our trust in the central civil authority. You think?

          • Lawless man is being revealed.

        • I do like a good conspiracy theory but this is a bit to much. Yes maby the whole thing is desinged to crach or maby its just the SHTF. Just as there is misinfomation in the MSM there is also a lot of Misinfo in alternative news I find that most people try to overcomplicate things alot of the politicians are not as smart is they are given credit for

          • Whats the old saying, “Never attribute to evil (conspiracy) that which can be explained by incompetence.” Not sure if it applies here though, it seems like we are being controlled a lot more through evil than incompetence these days….

        • It’s just like a keystone in a massive foundation, remove the keystone or the brick next to it then it will crumble and fall. You can do that with all Powers that be, remove the lowers,even the lowest, and the uppers eventually fall. All powers are supported by the lowest, the useful idiots. GET IT!

        • MT Prepper: Very true; this comes from reading too many conspiracy books and also watching the movies. People begin to think that there are these super-powerful groups that run things. Bullshit! Some of these groups have been around for more than 100 years, some a little less, and some much longer. There are too many of these groups that are working at cross purposes to be effective otherwise they’d have taken over long ago. But unfortunately some folks can’t separate fact from fantasy. There are a lot of ‘wannabe’ world-controllers but they’ve done such a piss-poor job that all they’ve done is wreck the world economy. There are no ‘Super-Villans’ here, just overly ambitious folks with money and connections.

      2. Individuals like Soros, along with companies like Rand Corp, provide excellent examples of how “philanthrocapitalism” has been utilized to mold politics and society. Our very culture is handled and manipulated, from color choices to fashion to industrial style, food, and now they want our THOUGHT to be molded “just so”.

        I’m rather fond of the newly coined phrase around here, though: “Not One More Inch”, based on sound principles, not fads, sheeple-speak, or government prescriptives.

        Fantastic article, Brandon — worthy of some further research to learn more.

        • Zoltane,

          Some of the quotes from the article made me remember some of your comments in previous posts regarding leaving the cement jungle for a more simplified life.

          The one below is one of the main reasons I left Corporate America. My moral compass just wouldn’t stop working on que.

          “Basically, the ends justify the means, and moral conscience is not a factor to be taken seriously if one wishes to be successful.”

          The quote below describes what I think one of the biggest problems with the world today.

          “..the common collectivist man chooses to hand over his freedoms and participate in totalitarianism not because he wants what is best for the world, but because he wants what is best for himself, and he believes servitude to the system will get him what he wants with as little private sacrifice as possible (you know, except for his soul…).”

          A gave up a healthy paycheck and security in defiance to the concept in the quote below.

          “Many a German supported the Third Reich simply because they did not want to lose a cushy job, or a steady paycheck, or they liked that the “trains ran on time”.”

          Sorry, I choose to hold onto the old and barbaric philosophies. I’m done with giving.

          “ a kind of evolutionary “kickstart”, knocking us out of our old and barbaric philosophies of living and forcing us, through trial by fire, to adapt to a more streamlined culture.”

          I would rather be dirt poor living free than to go along with these philosophies. I took a stand 2 1/2 years ago and left Corporate America, the mainstream way of life and refused to just go along for the sake of the whole.

          I used to get in some trouble for asking questions and challenging authority…just couldn’t wrap my brain around what “they” were serving up. Oh well, we all have to choose our way in life.

          I used to think there must be something wrong with me because I just couldn’t fall in step with the herd…until I realized it was them, not me, with the problem.

          As “things” continue to surface and come into play I now know I made the right choice to leave and try to find my own way.

          • I did the same 10 years ago. I feel that
            large urban centers will soon be death traps due to a lack of food and water,

            • like the famous frog said

              “it ain’t easy being green”

              being sane in an insane world is a hard roe to hoe

          • Its not easy to walk away,it costs alot…it cost me big time…I walked away from the status quo in the early 80s and found I have alot of freedom but almost no money…but Id rather have the liberty than the cash…so I understand your thought…as society collapses it has less effects on you as you cut your strings,not saying to run and hide but to make sure they dont have you by the short hairs so you can act in a independent manner…its tough but its worth it.

          • Agreed – I began to say “screw it” about a year and a half ago when I requested to drop down to a different part time position. I was a shop manager at a large auto dealership previous to that. High stress and tons of hours. The company actually recommended that instead I consider seeing my doctor and taking a leave of absence for my obvious mental health issues in giving up the salary, bonuses and company car. 😆

            A few months later, the company downsized and I was unemployed with a small payout. Took the money and laughed all the way out of the city.

            We don’t have a lot of money, but we have enough. With the extra time I have on my hands I am able to do many things that I formally had to spend money on, so our standard of living has actually improved even though the income is a fraction of what it was before.

            • Daisy,
              Thats funny, about 3 years ago i quit an office gig with a big general contractor to start working my farm full time, everybody said i was nuts, said wtf, your leaving a job with 1k takehome, dont have to get dirty, in an air conditioned office, two years later they now have no work, and i just ditched whole foods as a client in favor of a couple small local markets, its really sort of nice!
              I think i actually only put in about 25 hours a week and am making more than enough to get by, go figure, the independence is excellent, should most likely spend more time working but have been trying to dial it as far back as possible, get as close to subsistence as possible just in case.

              • Kulafarmer –

                I like it way better too. I’m a single mom and I love being able to be home when my daughter gets back from school every day, to not have to worry about calling in and begging for time off when she is sick, etc. Further, in the corporate world, I was always stressed out and in a rush. I feel very fortunate to live like this and we really don’t lack for anything.



                • Single Mom? Now you have probably opened the door for many Prepper Proposals.

                • definitely fortunate,, now if we could only get the outside world to go awayyyyyy! maybe one of those watches like in that movie where they can push the button and everyone else freezes!

                • Hubby is stuck in the shithole, though…glad your life is surreal

            • @ Daisy. You are a lot better off, especially spiritually. I sent some information on why I feel coconut oil is dangerous in another comment below, please don’t be offended as I am in no way directing this towards you because you feel coconut oil is a good health aid. I analyze everything to death, like I do the earthquake predictions, and I have found numbers to be my best allies to figuring out an equation or a problem dealing with statistics. I just want to show everyone why I feel coconut oil is very bad for a person unless taken in small very moderate amounts. Math and numbers are so the coldest of all sciences, yet the most accurate. Every country that has coconuts as a chief chop has a lower life expectancy, in many cases much lower.

              • BI ~ Not offended at all – but I did have to debate with you. 😉


              • @BI….I have a different kind of nutrition question. It is about energy and the marathon, a running event of 26.2 miles.

                I have never broken 3 hours. My last 3 marathons were all 3:01. I do fine and average about 6:50 miles, then I hit the wall around miles 20-21, where I slow to 9:00 miles and then miss the sub-3.

                I have used GU gel and that seems to help, but not help enough. I am thinking about making baked potato slices and carry them with me. I will have about 10 slices and start eating the first one around mile 8 and have them all gone by mile 20.

                What do you think is a good energy meal the day before the marathon? Tradition always has spaghetti. And what would be a good energy meal on-the-run? Tadition has the GU gels and sports drinks. Just curious. My next Marathon is in May.

                • @ Ugly. If you are running marathons you are in wonderful shape. If you want to improve your time, run and practice at a higher altitude and run more uphill. Most marathons are fairly flat and if your body plateus out about 80% of the way, it needs to be conditioned on a harder course. Imagine someone’s body that is use to running uphill running the much easier flat course. Imagine your breathing and your blood circulation use to running with less oxygen running at lower altitudes. Adding weight to your practicing will help also. Many professional athletes for example use a type of parachute behind them to strengthen the muscles for when they don’t have it on. I have heard also runners get into swimming because it uses all muscles.

                  As for the eating equation, I have heard that complex carbohydrates are the best energy sources that slowly break down over time. Good fiber rich pasta, many spaghettis that are not high in fiber cause the slugginess in the body because they are not rapidly enough removed from the body. Sports drinks often have too many chemicals in them and hurt the performance of the body. Look for only rehydrating drinks at the health food store that are mostly natural.

                  To average almost 9 miles per hour over 3 hours is still pretty good. If you train harder than what you will go through, within safe reason, your body should improve a lot on that time. People for another example will train with heavier shot puts, javelins, etc. to condition their bodies to easier conditions later. Firemen train on some of the steppest hills you can imagine to be ready for when they need that extra.

                  • @BI….Thanks for the input. There was a famous coach from New Zealand in the 1960s that advocated hill training as well. I need to do it. I will.

                    I also know I am missing something in my diet. It is just the last 4 miles where I am failing.

                    This May is my next marathon and it is also on my birthday, which I will turn 52. Breaking 3 hours will be a great present.

                    Running has helped my attitude tremendously. Also, I feel it has helped spiritually and mentally. It is amazing how many ideas and thoughts that goes thru your mind while jogging. I know it has helped me as a prepper.

                    Thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know if I break 3 hours.

                • GMO soy with extra HFCS.

                • Ugly – I have never been a distance runner, but I have competed in many off-road motorcycle races (Enduros) and short to mid distance triathlons. Most are under the three hour mark. I always wanted to try the carb starve then load trick, but never had the need. For a week or so before your event, cut way back or eliminate your carbohydrate intake as you ramp down your training. Then the day before your event you consume a massive amount of carbs. The trick is to force more glucose into your muscles than they would normally hold. It sounds like you are exhausting your glucose supply at the 20 mile mark, this may help, but definitely do your own research, don’t blindly trust a washed up motocross racer!!!

          • Better.

            I should do the same.

            Out of curiosity, what woke you up, and how long did you deal with the corp. before you woke up?

            • Theguy,
              For me, I was at the first place 10 years and the 2nd one 12 years. I really started seeing “it” in 2003 but couldn’t afford to walk away. Then in 2008 when the recession really hit I saw some really ugly stuff that just wasn’t “right”. I tried for over a year and a half to find a way to reconcile it in my mind but found I was having to put on a suit of armor just to go to work.

              Some of the stuff that got me was when the corp would lay off really good hard working people just because they weren’t of “like mindset”. They would immediately replace them with “yes sir men.” brown-nosers if you will. The corp would rather have people that would just go along with whatever they said regardless of whether it was right or made any sense or was mathmatically correct.

              For my departments I managed the budget and financial plans. Annually I would have $175-200 million budget and my job was to help turn it into $350-400 million in sales. When “things” started getting tighter and the sales plan wasn’t made I was forced to do “creative accounting” to make the numbers look good for the stock holders.

              No one can ever tell me there isn’t a bunch of creative accounting going on in this world. I learned from the best of them.

              When the recession hit I saw our company totally screw the little guy (vendors) in order to save our bottom line. a lot of fancy blackmailing. We put some old time vendors out of business in order to not take such a big hit at our company.

              Since my signature was on the purchase orders it was my job to deliver the news to them. “sorry we have to cancel that $20 million purchase we’ve had on order with you for 4 months…yes, I know you’ve already made the product and it’s on the boat…but if you ever want to do business with us again you will cancel the order.” Blah blah blah.

              Made me sick. I was seriously good at my job but I saw enough cold blooded back stabbing to last a life time.

              Sorry to ramble but corporate america is one cold cold place where it doesn’t matter who you run over or ruin as long as you make the bottom line.

              I left and it took about 6 months to get a lot of “stuff” out of my system so I could begin to find my true self again.

              • Kindle….That stuff goes on. I am kind of beginning to experience the ‘brown’ nosers and ‘back’ stabbers myself. People try to make themselves look good by putting someone else down, or even lying about them.

                You just have to keep going and don’t play their game. Everything is in God’s hand, thus I try to walk that way.

                • Backstabbers? I hear ya. This wasn’t in the business world but in a place you’d least expect. After asking God to set things right and to put justice in place, He sure did! It was amazing to watch. Absolutely amazing – I still can’t get over how perfect things turned out, for me…not so much for the backstabber.

                  As long as you obey God’s Word and stay “above the fray,” justice will prevail!

                  That said, my husband and I knew we wanted no part of corporate America before we even got married 24 years ago. Boston’s “Peace of Mind” was our inspiration, in a way.

              • No, man I really appreciate hearing about this.

                I “make” stuff but I’ve always rather suspected the financial aspect worked like this. Like the time where that product could not possibly make its payback period and then voila! Magically the next week it did… but no costs changed… go figure eh?

                But I get what you’re saying about “yes” men. I’m fairly surprised (astonished is more accurate) that I haven’t “gotten it” already just because I can only “yes” up to a certain point and then it’s like it’s just not going to happen anymore.

                The one thing I can’t stand is us blaming our conceptual problems on our vendor’s manufacturing. Really?

                It’s sometimes their fault, this is true… but more often than not… it’s not.

                “Yes sir, oh those crappy vendors” (makes a pogo stick with an RV on top of it and expects it to balance in a hurricane)…

                No but it goes beyond Encorpia for me. Personal life too. I have a hard time drawing the line on getting taken advantage of. I’ll suck it up and suck it up and then one day just go “eff this” and without so much as a warning kind of just start going “what’s in this for ME, anyway?”

                Well… ok… sometimes I do the warning thing. No, often. So what do you do when no one will listen? They just keep doing you. But walk away on it and the consequences to them can be pretty effing dire.

                It’s quite a connundrum.

                And I take it until I’m about to get sick literally, and then I justify walking away from it based on this Rand horseshit.

                Not good.

            • I worked in the automotive industry for 12 years. I did everything from selling cars to writing service orders, then ended up as a shop manager.

              There was no specific incident that I would say woke me up. I wanted to get out of the business but it’s a scary concept, especially when you are concerned about the welfare of your children. My tolerance for the office politics and the stupid manager’s meetings began to wear very thin.

              When my children’s father passed away unexpectedly, I cut my expenses to the bone and then a few months later went to a part time position so that I could spend more time with them. The company was less than thrilled. When they downsized I was one of the ones that got cut.

              I was actually thrilled when that happened because it meant I was able to cash out my retirement and also received a payout. It was the kick in the pants I needed to change my life.

          • I did the same in ’09. Except I was too entrenched, too establishment. I’m still fighting those who would strive to keep me in. I will be for some time. Screw ’em.

        • I like the term linchpin, to the trapdoor on the gallows. What will the end game look like is the real question I and others want to know. Will it be like some world in which everyone is treated like an android, like some old Twilight Zone episode of horror. Will it resemble “The Road” movie. Maybe something like the movies the “Testament” or the “The Day After”. Will it end with the extinction of human beings? Or will people rise up and fight these tyrants and some type of very strange combination of futuristic world will emerge?

          The main issue here is that massive change is coming. The afterworld could look like something from the science fiction type of society like Star Trek, a flourishing world in which people’s freedoms are respected. Or a world that resembles the type of sicko control freaks like the movie “The Twelve Monkeys”. This right now is a major junction point in time, call it the largest crossroads possibly in human history. Which path is taken probably will be decided, or has already been decided.

          @ EVERYONE. Which path or which route do you all think that human beings will choose? I my sound pessimistic, but in reality I feel is the way of the movie “The Road” that will be the destiny to come. Too few of common sense people left, 1% about, the people that understand and prepare. From the ashes will rise the Phoenix, but it may taken decades or centuries. What do you all think out there, what will say 2030 look like?

          • BI, Politicians and power-elitists have fashioned a futuristic utopia through the UN’s Agenda 21, where urban collectives and inhabitants coexist amicably and the government is there for everyone with every need met. Health care for all, better schooling, diversity among the populations, and a place where fences aren’t necessary and trouble-melts-like-lemon-drops…..Isn’t this what we should envision? 😉

            If we are to believe that the American way is being intentionally shuffled and reorganized to usher in a system that implodes, we will watch our health care system change radically and we will witness a much higher frequency of illness and subsequent deaths. We will no doubt see further changes in our overall product delivery system and this will affect anyone who depends on consumer goods from foods, medications, fuel, to clothing, durable goods, etc.

            Most who comment here see that the political elitists are intentionally overwhelming the American system of government and our culture. IT IS BY DESIGN, but the majority of Americans don’t see it or even think such a thing could be possible. By reading old Communist papers from the 20th century, the goals that were set are culminating into the grand finale right now. We are exceptionally anxious and pissed because our fundamental beliefs have not just been challenged, they are in the process of being destroyed. These politicial elitists have engaged idiot-pawn activists to organize through them and they gleefully do so to further their own agendas. The assault on Americanism, Judeo-Christian beliefs, our Constitutional freedoms and God-given rights is so ramped up right now that the “dare” is not just in our faces, it’s up close and personal, breathing hot fire at us. BY DESIGN they have us at “Check”.

            Most Americans don’t play Chess….it’s too complicated and takes time. Too bad — the future is going to require serious re-adjustments and folks will be forced to put some skin in the game. I see lots of Pawns plucked from the board. Isn’t that how the game is played anyway?

            • The current administration is playing chess with the future of this great country. Every day I see another move to destroy us.

              • Texas, I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but it could be Elmo from Sessamee Street in the white house and the globalist agenda would still be carried out to the letter. For anyone suffering under the illusion that the two-party system actually represented a choice, please click your heels together and say “there’s no place like home” (repeat as necessary).

                The thing that has surprised me most about evil since I’ve awakened is how absolutely methodical and patient they are, and how impulsive and narrow I am.

            • Bravo Zoltane………well done

          • Cut off the head, and the body will die.

          • Which path? It’s funny because I tend to take in many different shows/podcasts/articles/etc about where people think we are headed and I see two distinct points of view.

            The first is “It won’t be that bad / It was get rough for a little bit then better.” This is the scenario where the US is compared to Argentina. It got rough for a while, crime increased, you had to watch your back but people still went to work (if they had it) and goods were accessible, but perhaps higher priced, some on the black market.

            The second is The Road where society collapses. This seems to be the fantasy of many arm chair Rambos that, in a sad twist of events, actually wish this would play out. Now, I don’t think everyone who thinks this way is a self-delusional warrior, so that leaves the practical person thrown in to a very bad situation. This is where I see myself.

            The key determining factor IMHO is how fast something else is lined up to be put in place after any kind of event or collapse. AKA – how long is life disrupted from the “norm”? All you need to do is take a look at 1 factor such as welfare (SNAP). If that system stops for any period of time, crime will skyrocket. If something isn’t there to pick that system up, you’re going to take the fork in the road to, well, The Road scenario. 40+ million people going crazy because they can’t afford to live.

            IMO, this is where tyranny steps in to “save” us. When people are destitute, they will do nearly anything and accept anything to not be destitute. This is also where the Constitution becomes a true historical document and not a current governing one.

            So the question becomes not which way do you think we’ll go, but how long we are left to “suffer” until the pieces are picked up?

          • Honestly? Yes massive change is coming. How the change occurs and the trajectory humanity takes afterwards is completely up to you.

            Resources are getting tighter and tighter in this system we’ve all created, therefore, to remain functioning as a whole, control will have to get tighter too.

            The United States will no longer be united. Israel will be toast.

            Also, can you explain why the 6.8 on the USGS map is a smaller sized circle than the 6.0?

            • @ The Universe. Optical illusion. Both the 6.0 and the 6.8 are 6 mm across, I measured them. The USGS uses the same size for everything within 6-6.9, 7-7.9 and so on. The reason that the one in Alaska looks bigger is that it is closer to the polar region as you eyes are drawn to the flat map that has been squashed to be shaped like a globe on a two dimesional surface. Also there are a couple of smaller squares inside the 6.8 square that makes it look smaller also. If you take a measure of it they are the same, like those eye tricks where they ask you which line is longer and they are both the same length.

          • BI: The future of America is outlined in Washington’s Vision. It is a future of ARMED Americans preserving their FREEDOMS by the grace of Divine Providence.

            The American Constitution is the TEMPLATE for self determination and personal responsibility for ALL of the people of the world to emulate.

            Read it at SHTF Patriots.

          • @BI
            i believe tptb will get things rolling, then with their support staff retreat to their hardened shelters and watch the show while the other 85% of the population make an attempt at survival…will take care of over population real quick and they won’t really have to do anything but a little steering here and there…i do wonder how the bankers and low level gov’t people will make out in those so called fema camps where they will go for protection.

          • I vote for “Idiocracy” as our final destiny via “Twelve Monkeys.”

          • 12 Monkeys first.

            The Road perhaps in 100 years when it fails miserably (as it must unless people are forcibly lobotomized at birth or replaced with robots).

          • Itll be like that movie soilent greens

          • The human specie is deeply flawed and cannot over come the uncontrollable addiction of power over others stemming from the number 1 most dangerous sin of pride. It is the idea of some thinking they are better than others so by default they should rule is our undoing. Divine intervention is our only hope because humans have changed little throughout the ages.

      3. The Money woe’s of the world will follow what happens here in America. Yes, troubling time are here and will remain for some time.

          • KY Mom,
            But what are we gonna do when they outlaw scissors and all pointy objects? (you know they’re workin on it)
            Maybe the Wet Sponge Militia can save us! 🙂

            If this world gets any crazier….I’m gonna be NORMAL!

            • No access to anything sharper than a Twinkie for you!!!!

      4. Not One More Inch

      5. I have been seeing the hegelilan dialectic all over since first reading about it almost 2 years ago. I talk about it to people and try to explain what it is and their eyes glaze over….maybe I just don’t do a good enough job of explaining it 🙁

        • Factor into it, that they just don’t WANT to know. I had one “used to be” close friend who told me everyone was tired of hearing it and that I was a real “Debbie Downer”. Well, that was possible, so I polled the rest of the group and they said that while I don’t talk about “prepping” or government much, it made them really uncomfortable when I did. That nothing I said was ever, ever going to happen and they worried about my emotional health. Wow! That was a wake-up shot. I don’t talk about prepping at all, any more, and am now shutting up completely. My “group” is still meeting for lunch and shopping on the week-end and I haven’t seen them for awhile.

          • They’ll be the first to your door when Piggly-Wiggly closes because the trucks didn’t get there and their shrimp cocktail is thawing in the freezer!!

          • Vicky,many of us have faced the same situation with friends. The worst is when family members react negatively!
            I,too,have given up on trying to actively make people “see”. We also now face the reality that others may “squeal” on us. I have even told some people that I gave up on prepping–it’s sure not wise to advertise that we have food & other stuff stored

            • So,the problem is…HOW do we safely hook up with others who feel as we do?

            • Snitches get Stiches!

        • BJ: Its like pre-planned bankruptcy of the too big to fail banks.

          Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

          Synthesis is the desired goal ie: the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the globalists and their 147 corporations that control 60% of world GDP. How do you get more of it and quickly?

          Thesis and Anti-thesis are the extremes that create the desired solution, which is then deemed to be “reasonable”.

          IE: Thesis, create a banking system where the banks are sooo big that they are too big to fail.

          IE: Antithesis, run the banks into the ground by making trillions of dollars of bad loans (on which you have made enormous fees and extraordinary bonus’) creating an immanent danger of bank failure and the fear of a subsequent global financial collapse, famine, and war.

          IE: Synthesis (solution) Scare the bejesus out of the POTUS and get the Secretary of the US Treasury to insure your solvency and rubber stamp your (FED) printing of $1.4 trillion to replace your losses and buy the bad loans you are holding at $65 billion a month to cover your losses and keep the gravy train going.

          Its simple really. Apply the same rationale to the gun grab. How do you (try) and disarm 100 million Americans who have an UN alienable right to gun ownership? (Goal)

          Make people believe gun ownership is a priviledge like driving a car instead of an unalienable, unfringeable right.

          Make sure kids, teenagers and little kids are killed in false flag attacks to demonstrate how dangerous firearms are to people.

          Have the LSM sensationalize gun violence, but do not sensationalize death by vehicles or other lethal weapons.

          Develop a propaganda campaign. Generate many voices from globalists in positions of authority with the ability to introduce legislation against guns.

          Repeat your lies often enough that fools are willing to accept your propaganda; while creating a special class of citizenship for yourself.

          Good luck.

          • Like Al Gore and Global Warming??

            • The world is warming. Humans are NOT the cause. The earth cycles through warm and cold periods and has for 4.5 billion years.

              Three million years ago, Greenland was free of its ice cap and had been that way for 50 million years. Man in any numbers, was no where to be found.

              All of the planets are warming. Mars once had running water, and lots of it. It will again.

              • Given what you just said, how does the atmosphere retain any heat at all?

                • The Sun is the generator of earth weather as its visible and invisible energies interact with the natural forces of the planet.

                  • @ durango kidd. For every action there is an opposite equal reaction. Yes man has SOME bearing on the warming, how much is what is up for debate. When you add carbons to the atmosphere you have to have some reaction to this additional CO2. The planet can react to this quickly or gradual, but it must react, this is physical law. The planet does go through cycles because of the Sun’s output, the tilt of the axis of the planet, even the distance from the sun. The Earth has an elliptical orbit just like the moon. An Yugoslavian decades ago said for example that if this distance changed from the average of 93 million mile away, where it is 94 and 1/2 million miles away and 92 and 3/4 M.M. away to say 90 and 97 that this would alter the climate massively even if the distance was the same on the average.

                    Also the continents have had a bearing on the heat output of the planet, especially when they were one giant land mass. Also the salinity of the ocean water. So many variables, but still when you add something to the atmosphere it must react, the same as when you add an acid to a basic and it foams up or explodes. The higher CO2 count is from people. The planet has its own air conditioners called hurricanes and other weather forming systems that try to calm things down.

                    The planet seeks an equalibrium, and how much it reacts to the unnatural amounts of CO2 added by people will be determined how out of balance the planet is. Just like the sharp or gentle contours (isobars) of a storm system we just don’t know how out of whack things really are and how quickly or slowly the planet will try to re-establish what it considers normal. Not like an intelligent being, but just a simple physical reaction to all things seeking balance.

                  • BI: I agree wholeheartedly and said that in two lines. Global warming is NOT us.

                    The only difference between the warming period I mentioned or the warming period prior to that at 500 – 600 million years ago, is that WE are here to observe, experience, and record the Changes.

                    After man is gone, I suspect that cycle will still continue.

              • I always ask the enviro nuts “How did it get the name Greenland?”

                Have to agree with DK and George Carlin. This Earth has seen waaaaay worse than us. 10K years after we’re gone, alien visitors will have trouble finding evidence that we were even here.

                • Bob: Per Carlin, WE are here to produce plastic for the earth. The man had a keen insight to things. Thank God for video tapes.

                  Aren’t they plastic too? 🙂

            • Like CLoward and Piven strategy

          • Exactly DK,
            If the left and right legs are thesis and antithesis,
            what, exactly, is the tool between the legs…


            • ‘Scuse me while I whip this out’

              Piper, It’s synthesis envy! We all suffer from it! 🙂

            • BI: What I read says CO2 like what we Exhale hangs out at Lower levels. And it is the Main thing all Green plants and tree leaves etc eat and turn into Dew(h20) and Oxygen so we can breath and remain alive.

              God knew what He was doing when he created earth and all our systems and resources etc.

              As for your question of the ending be like?…Read book of Rev and Mathew ch 24(?) what Christ says will happen and how he will return to Finish off all them evil bastards and Create a New heaven and a New earth.

              Probobly alot closer to what it says garden of eden and rest of world was like Before Eve and Adam fucked it all up for everybody.

              When He returns this time it will be as a Warrior King prepared to Kick Ass on all them fools and swindlers types we deal with today. we shall assist Him also!

              Show Time! tic toc

      6. oh and just wanted to say again….it won’t be the guns……it’s the ammo, get it where and while you can. Wish I had equipment and knowledge to reload, but then again without a whole lot of supplies (which are probably next to impossible to find right now as well) knowing how and having press won’t do any good.

        • Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing in the common calibers available anywhere on line…………..

          • just try finding piddly nothing little .22 ammo in a store or online anywhere

            • Just looked and yup the 10,000 22 rds in my closet are still there. We have been telling people for ten years to get their stuff. now it’s twice as expensive and people cannot find any. Well tough luck! People don’t smarten up, they are out of luck. In 6 months or a year when you cannot find a silver dime or a can of storage food; I don’t want to hear the whining. To borrow a quote: “Stupid is as stupid does”

              • Paranoid,
                Harsh but truer than true. You said what I’ve been wanting to say.

                Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble or inadvertently insults someone or comes across as unappreciative….so I’ve been trying real hard to be nicer….not always successful..but trying none-the-less.

                E has got me checking my spelling and grammer and Daisy just sets a good example for all. JOG might “talk” to me again someday…and I’m sure there are others.

                But damn, sometimes I just want to say, “stupid should hurt”. Thanks

                • Howdy Kindle,

                  May be a repeat here…..

                  …pray tell why it would be that I would not speak
                  with you?…You’re one of my favorites here. I have been
                  having some significant problems with my ISP of late and
                  as such I might well not have gotten back to everyone who
                  ‘shouted out’ so to speak. If so then to any and all such,
                  “I am TRULY sorry”. Too, the sheer volume of what is being
                  seen here at the site is daunting as well…over 900
                  comments in one of the previous forums…my God, they’ve
                  ‘stepped in it’ this time haven’t they?

                  I have lately tried to illuminate my own personal
                  thoughts here as best I could with a persnickety Net
                  connection so all here know my mind fully… I will NOT
                  yield, no matter the cost or consequence. I have a thought
                  forming now which troubles me in extremis…I will shortly
                  reveal that thought here, to the minds in this place, for
                  the consideration thereof.

                  This ‘thought’ will bring none here any comfort…think
                  on this in the meanwwhile: If someone handed you a jigsaw
                  puzzle but not the picture which shows it whole and complete
                  …just the pieces, how long might it take to assemble such?

                  This might be exactly what we are contending with NOW..

                  Till later All,


                  • Hey Jog,

                    Understand the ISP and busy stuff. I’ve sent a couple of notes out to ya in the last couple of months but no reply. I just assumed I messed up with all the Ebay babble before Christmas.

                    I reread my posts on that string a couple of days later and realized how unappreciative they sounded. Your posts were looking out for my good and I was being headstrong in my responses. I posted an apology to ya in the same string but didn’t hear anything.

                    I just assumed you got fed up with me. You know what they say about assuming…(damn E you made me dig out the dictionary again for assuming)….get out of my head E.

                    Anyway, Jog, apologies, for being headstrong and not being more receptive to your concern.

                  • make that last month not last couple of months. Yes E, I boo-booed.

                • Actually, I come from a long line of socially unacceptable louts that have so many bad habits that no one notices most of them. luckily, I am the one gifted with charm and sweetness. But I do remember the golden rule; “Don’t tolerate stupidity; unless she has big tits.” Most of the sleepers won’t even make good bait so XXX them.

                  • Well Paranoid…I guess it’s a good thing I ain’t stupid cuz I ain’t got the other.

                  • Hey you, quit talking about my wife!

              • Paranoid,

                Yup still got alot of 22lr stock, But I also statred building the stock 2yrs and 1 month ago when I found this site. What alot of ppl are overlooking is to take a drive to the smaller towns and look for ammo there. Hell here in TX all the hardware stores still carry ammo, and most all of them still have ammo.I found 10 boxes 22lr 525 rds for 14.99 55 miles away in a small town I bought them all….But then again I lost count of how many rnds of 22lr I have put back.



                • Im considering a move to san antonio from N E washington state to work in the eagle Ford strike.. I will know in a few more weeks if I am going to or not, depending on a job interview. Lived in houston in the 80;s and loved it. TEXAS ROCKS!!

          • I ordered a few days ago, 200 Hornady XTP 230 gr bullets from Natchez shooters supply, you just have to check the sites everyday, Midway, Midsouth Shooters supply, Cabelas, there are many suppliers, I have locals I buy from when they have it

            • I have been reloading a lot of 9mm 115 grain Nosler HP’s lately, but my damn powder scale just broke!!!

        • WE make guns AND ammo and reloading supplies in Arizona and WE have just introduced legislation into the AZ Senate that is similar to Wyoming.

          It passed even during the shoot out yesterday, when someone took Shakespeare advice about lawyers to heart.

          Federal agents trying to confiscate either guns or ammo in Arizona will be arrested and charged with a felony, eliminating their ability to own a firearm.

          I love this State.

          • Yep DK, I love this state!!!

            • Ive got state envy guys, sorry

        • BJ,

          Ammo is still out there, its just hard to find right now because of panic buying. Reloading is still the way to go, yes supplies right now are a little harder to find but it still there. It will never disappear because of the money it makes. Not only that but alot of the companies that make these supplies are Americans.


          • I tend to think Homeland Security buying 1.6 Billion Rounds tended to be part of the shortage too.

          • I actually found some CCI mini mag 22 LR HP ammo at Chimart tonight on my way home. But I was only allowed to get three boxes, they had 8 left and it was 24$ for 3 boxes of 100 rounds each. Went home and tried it in my Ruger 10/22….kind of acted like it didn’t want to load up….hmmm?

        • @BJ, just buy primers, they will be very valuable for trade.

      7. I’m sorry, I don’t believe its one group of people ruining the world. It would be convenient to lay blame though.
        I agree with the idea that, the scariest thing is that no man is running it all.
        There will always be those TRYING to control the chaos, but in the end they can’t.
        Its all free will.
        Some run with the heard, some don’t.

        • Havok: There are a number of groups vying for power and influence and that is why it is a bit confusing at first.

          Ultimately you will understand that these various groups have a few goals in common: One World Government; One World Banking; and One World Energy, all under the control of these “elites” who consider themselves superior to the rest of US and deserving of special privileges and a bigger piece of the rigged economy.

          Therefore WE have Free Trade which benefits the global investment class, the Gb’s, and one world government.

          Global warming, a global financial transaction fee, and universal internet are schemes for the UN to find a way to generate income directly.

          Currently they get their money from member firms and illegitimate drug trade, funneling more than 5 Billion British pound sterling worth of drugs through two major catholic Churches in Rome, every year.

          Follow the money. Their greed is insatiable.

        • Havok, don’t you notice the common themes that surface? Haven’t you realized the coincidence of the issues and how events become publicized to fit those themes????

          There is a divisional “war” pitting people against one another (“divided they fall”) and we have never seen so much “us versus them” activity. Social and religious issues are very important to destroy a society. And once the financial collapse occurs, it will be brother against brother, not the family struggles together that once built this Nation.

          • Here here.
            Sarah Palin just quit Fox news. I can’t find out why, but she is going to continue to fight The Machine.
            Another major dot.

            • If that’s true, Piper, I would suspect she is going to be involved more directly with politics. I think that there are regulations against that (although the govt-media system seems to disregard regs and ethics now).

              Time will tell….

      8. Anyone believing that these are “random acts” has no chance of getting to the other side.

        Anyone hazard a guess as to the percentage of Americans that get it…or even care?

        I’m at 20%, 1 in 5…that may be very generous.

        In my circle, it is close to 7 in 10.

        • forgot…nice article Brandon…funny you mention the Carlyle group…I am south of you a ways.

          Very bad people with very bad intentions.

          • carlyle Group….isn’t that an investment company?

            • one of the largest private equity firms in the world…google them to see what they purchase and who are the principles…very interesting.

              They like buying, owning and controlling everything that we need.

        • if it’s one in five, that’s significant. From there, it usually goes parabolic.

        • Wow,I can hardly find any in my area–family included. My guess would be closer to 5%

      9. It is said 300 million have died at the hands of tyrants over the last 100 years. Amazing our founding fathers had the same problem they gave us the right to defend ourselves. It hasn’t happened to Americans YET.

        • -Given by God. Enshrined in the Constitution.

          Man doesn’t give rights, and man can’t take them away. Men can, however, give up their rights by failing to act to protect them. The most dangerous men in America are not the Politicians, or Statists, or Financiers of a Collapse.

          The most dangerous men in America are those who put their heads in the sand and vote with their feelings rather than with their logic. They are probably very nice people, but they are facilitating their own demise.

          I wouldn’t mind so much, except that they are facilitating my family’s demise as well. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be changed. They outnumber us. The solution will not be found in DC.

          Esse Quam Videri
          “To Be, Rather than Appear”

        • However it goes down,fact is, the herd must be thinned. The finite resources and environmental constraints cannot support unlimited economic and population growth. Accept that fact, and make your plans.

          • I plan to start with you then.

            Still a fan of genocide?

            • #1, We’re all gonna die. I’m personally not thrilled with the idea, but I am a realist.
              #2, I’m not proposing genocide. I’m simply giving my opinion that there are too many mouths to feed, and one way or another ,manmade or nature , the “herd will be thinned”.

              I can understand your distaste of my comments. Your problem,not mine.

              • Rick: Yes WE are all going to die someday. Some sooner than others. WE give meaning to both life and death by OUR actions and motives for each.

                If you insist on dying, take your fair share of Globalists and the Golden Horde with you and WE will remember you kindly. 🙂


          • You’ve been brainwashed. Look at all the old farmfields lying fallow.Fancy homes and jobs are finite,but it’s possible to feed many more people

            • You can have all the fallow farm fields you want. What are you going to do without cheap plentiful fuel and oil based fertilizer,eh smarty pants?

              • Rick: WE will mix the bullshit and the chicken shit together, create a great mulch and live organically.

                Thanks for both! 🙂

              • I dont use over 50 gallons of gas a year to run my farm and man made so- called fertilizer isnt going on any good ground of mine…thats for jumpstarting dead ground..shouldnt be used for more than a couple years like a drug till the natural cycle can support itself …and most fertizers are made from natural gas…which we have plenty of.

          • Read my statement. Then look at Obama’s actions and tell me how they ALL don’t make perfect sense when viewed through that lens. He views himself as managing a huge hospice care center. Think about it. Why worry about the future, when there is none? Just make everyone comfortable, and guns will definitely add to the misery. And I am by No means an Obama fan. But it makes perfect sense.

            • Rick, the legislation for “Obamacare” was written prior to his election. Obama doesn’t play Chess, he’s told what pieces to move around. And Teleprompter tells him what to say.

              • @Zoltanne…..I believe that to be true……obama is the “puppet” and it most likely will not be long before the “puppet master(s)” step out from the shadows and reveal themselves….


                • “puppet master(s)” step out from the shadows and reveal themselves….”

                  Probably not

                  • Cowboy45 : You are probably right. It would be a good way for them to get shot. They want as little publicity as possible.

                    That is why there are certain very large private corporations that get the lion’s share of Government contracts, interlocking corporate boards, and why lobbyists remain low key.


                  • Who’s the puppet, and who’s the master is moot at this stage . Party’s over. Last call for alcohol.

                • FOB, his closest handler is Jarrett. Those in control are as have been mentioned above — bankers/financiers, major investment players, energy Kings (literally), and uber-wealthy power-politicians.

                  • Actually, I think soros is the main “puppet master”….

                  • Soros is part of a “collective”. There are no lone wolves trying to rule the world. They work together in groups and co-operate between groups wherever possible if it advances their goals and Agenda. “Forward!”

                    They organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote; thus magnifying their power.

                    Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them. 🙂

                  • FOB, I concur w/ DK and the content of this article. Orchestrated manipulative moves and swift changes to bring about a financial and societal collapse. Soros is one evil SOB but he’s not #1. It’s a collective.

                    Have you ever been to Muckety dot com? Go there and plug in an organization (or a well-connected person) and see how the collective works. It’s a good visual aide for people to see how inter-connected these groups all are.

                    Somewhere on this post, someone commented about Heritage and asked why they’re suspect. Plug in the Heritage Foundation and see where it takes you. They ARE “conservative”. They’re also tightly connected with the defense industry, defense policy makers, etc. And there is Koch brother influence (if you do the research, all of the Koch organizations are actually involved through one organizational arm or another). Anyway, check out some of the connections like Center for Security Policy or Mackinac Center for Public Policy or the Inst for Humane Studies — see how “policy” is crafted. And influenced.

                    We have been duped, manipulated, and shaped…..

                  • You mean Dr. Evil isn’t real??????? No Ernst Blofeld?????

          • There are too many people. We need a massive population reduction, not only to kill off all the competitors for finite resources, but to protect the environment and ensure that stupid people arent able to vote.

            Social Darwinism all the way!

            • Resources, like the Universe, are unlimited. We have a galaxy to conquer. Lets start with OUR own solar system.

              WE haven’t scratched the surface of real technology yet, but its coming. If not US, OUR kids, and OUR kids, kids. And their kids if they still have the freedom to do, to achieve, and to aspire.

              WE must provide that environment. WE are limited only by OUR imagination and the application of OUR knowledge as WE unfold the mysteries of God’s Creation.


          • Rick, you took some grief for this comment, but I get what you said. It is true: we have finite resources which cannot support unlimited growth.

            I feel that your words, “the herd must be thinned,” are not necessarily spoken from your first-person perspective or opinion (i.e., I don’t think that’s your personal sentiment); rather, I think what you intended is that this is what the government–Obama and his puppet masters and others–think and say (i.e., death panels, eugenics, pro-choice, etc.–all these ideas and many others bear out their pro-death agenda).

            When you say, “accept that fact,” I think you offer sage advice. We don’t want to be in denial of their agenda to put their plans into action (which includes “thinning the herd”), but we must acknowledge what they are about; therefore, your conclusion is correct: We must make our plans (been making mine for a long time).

            • Not with Thorium reactors we don’t. Have “finite resources” that is. Well, ok we do. In about another 1000 years. I’ll take that any day.

              And the best part is, hit them with all the Tsunami’s you like. Heck, hit the building with a wrecking ball. No one’s gonna glow.

              Food… ok. That could become problematic but something tells me that with that much energy to spare we can come up with something that works, regardless of whether or not it’s real tasty.

              1000 years is a long time. By then, a new life may await you in the off world colonies. One would hope. If not, it’s not like I’m going to know about it (frick there I go again with that attitude)…

              • Lots of room to grow food … on roof tops if necessary. Google it.

            • Amethyst. Wow! Your analysis of my words are spot on!

      10. “NOT ONE MORE INCH” Politicians Beware, take heed.

      11. “MAD” mutual assured destruction became too unthinkable because of the advancements in weaponry so “MAED” mutual assured economic destruction was introduced. This is where global economies are intertwined with the idea that one nation will not go to war with another nation if they’re economies are dependent on one another. War would ruin the economies of all the nations that are functioning under MAED. The danger is in a festering unintended consequence when you try to mix and control different cultures and governing philosophies and when the executives of the endeavor become too detached and overreach their founding principals, absolute power corrupts kinda thing and they are jockeying to be the most corrupt. It sets in place the environment for a Linchpin event. The elite don’t understand the mindset of the non-elites. Us peons like our national identity, our history, our communities and the idea of what our country is about, as does most peons on this planet does, there’s no place like home. I just don’t want to be forced through coercion or any other means to be Chinese and most Chinese peons have reciprocal feelings. I think people are getting fed up with the forced global economic change and that it was just too complicated and impossible of an endeavor, it’s unraveling and MAED is looking real. After MAED the bullets will fly.

        • Although it’s not absolutely true there is a strong relationship that can be stated as almost the opposite of the globalist propaganda: That is, the more two nations trade (especially if it is viewed as competitive trading) the more likely they will go to war against each other. Care to guess who Germany’s largest trading partners were just before the outbreak of WWI? Did you say France and Great Britain? Germany’s two largest trading partners before WWII (and after France and Great Britain were at war with them, they largely replaced with Russia just before invading guess who?)? Did you say France and Great Britain? How about Japan’s before being cut off from US oil and immediately before they bombed Pearl Harbor? Did you say the United States? How about Finland before the Russians/Soviets invaded (also, before their independence from Russia)? Did you say Russia/Soviet Union? Who, at least until a few months ago, was Japan’s largest trading partner? Did you say China? Libya’s before NATO put in the Muslim Brotherhood? Did you say the same countries that bombed it and supported the “rebels”? Who does China offload the most copied and knocked off goods to; and who have several of their generals said they are currently preparing to go to war against? Did you say the United States of America? Well, these must just be isolated random things, nothing to see here just move along. No, ‘globalism’ will result in a very predictable thing: war; and the more interlocked competing nations the more war will tend to result. Countries that trade and view that trade as competition tend to go to war against their competitors, whether or not the competition is real or just perceived, and whether or not the other country views them as a potential competitor/enemy. In short, trade works if it is framed as the Founders intended it, for the mutual benefit of both sides and not as an extension of warfare (economic or otherwise). The current system is designed to get perpetual wars for as far as the eye can see (e.g., China has been engaged in stealing technology and currency wars from day one, yet they were welcomed by TPTB with open arms).

          • The wars you mentioned were because of political allegiances and in an era of imperialism and transition from monarchy rule. This is a different era, different situation all together but the results could still be the same, global war with the end of the new monarchies or they could be completely different with global civil war or global economic collapse and feudalism or the can could just be kicked down the road and we learn to live and adapt to the changes that are taking place. I don’t have a crystal ball or a high enough IQ to know what’s going to happen. I’ll just keep my chickens healthy, plant a garden and go fishing.

            • Ah yes, “this time is different”. No, the same general rules apply. Watch Japan and China: first trade wars & or currency wars then shooting.

      12. Still some time to get OUT Move to the country for you and your family’s saftey ESCAPE all cities NOW! Screw your job find a new one City life will become even more dangerous very soon Go… GO NOW!

        • Fire to frying pan, or frying pan to fire.What a choice.

        • Finding a new job is easier said than done, especially if you are moving to the country. There are few jobs available and they go to locals first.

          It is far easier to relocate if you are self-employed and can bring your job with you.

          One thing people don’t always consider is reducing dramatically their standards of living. This isn’t the answer for everyone but if you’re willing to deal with some serious “simplicity” you can cut your expenses by a lot and get by with a less lucrative job. My housing costs dropped by more than 60% when I relocated but my house now is waaaaaaaaay less fancy than the one I had in the city.


          • Also – just wanted to add –

            If you relocate hastily without looking out for your finances, you aren’t actually going to be better off than you were in the cities. Homeless is homeless and hungry is hungry, no matter where you live.

            I’m not suggesting that people give up on relocating but please get your ducks in a row first – you don’t want to end up in a worse situation.

      13. Damn! IT IS starting to feel like the Truman Show.

      14. Much, if not the great majority of what the author writes may be 100% correct but he presents some things as fact without any source material at all.
        Prime example is the slam on the Heritage Foundation, If the accusation be true, I’d sure like to see some documentation because they sure promote some pretty traditional standards. I’d be grateful to anyone who can enlighten me on this particular topic.

        • Casey, you need to step out of the right/left thing to see the whole picture objectively. Look at both sides hard…like they are both fucking you. Don’t look at the politics. Look at what they all do, how they all live, the advantages that they all get, who they hang out with, who funds their campaigns.

          The only ones that benefit from all of them are the banks, the corps, and those that vote for more of it.

          Then look who gets screwed…those that by some stroke of determination still have a job or a business. Yet we are the enemy and they need us to produce more so that they can give it to those mentioned above.

          What if both side are wrong which is what most of us think. Make adjustmensts that work for you, your family and friends.

          If your having a tough time with the heritage foundation, check out Freedom Works and its founder Dick Armey…another pos conservative or how about the one bill kristol runs. (New American century???) They all suck. Look up the term neo-con.

          The left just steals your money and the right just gets you to donate it…just different styles to divide…wtf.

          Don’t know if I’ve ranted or enlightened but I’ve been thru so much material that all I know is that I have been lied to, screwed, mislead, etc. and i want to make it right for my kids and grandkids.

          You owe it to yourself to do your own work rather than blame someone for not posting you a link with all of the answers.

          In fact, the author has a site…alt-market…a damn good site.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

          • Actually you should take your own advice. Think real hard and I bet you could figure it out. Here is a hint and a quote from Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Let’s see, what people and/or group almost automatically attacks an American patriot as “nativist, racist, Nazi …” if they simply want to live in a country that remotely looks like the one they grew up in, yet only hurls that type of ad homonym (clearly intended to shut down any debate or thought) at what used to be European majority countries (i.e., except for Israel) and never at Asian or African majority countries. Hum, who might it be?

            • bg. I’m done thinking about this bs and done taking hints and playing games. I you have something to say, spit it out…much like I did above.

              While I don’t have all of the answers, I definitely don’t have time to play guessing games.

            • @LMS Bonus speaks of the tribe from Khazar. Or the ones the bible call “those who say they are jews and are not”

      15. I didn’t read this whole article, but one thing a lot of people forget (or don’t realize)– God is a whole lot more powerful than these fools and Mother Nature is going to be kicking a__ pretty soon. (She’s just getting warmed up; you ain’t seen nothing yet!). Also, scientist from many different fields predict that around 2030, a convergence of crises are going to be slamming us: energy problems, climate hell, over population, severe water shortages, economic hell and governments that have gone rogue. So it really doesn’t what these fools plan: Nature has a way of humbling us all!

        • Party’s almost over. Don’t let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya!

          • Rick, that’s great! 🙂

        • 2030?????!!!!!!!

          Wow your optimistic for sure….LoL

        • Cindy: Most all scientists Work for the ruler class the article speaks of. Thats reason so many scientists agree on so much stuf…When say, al gore hands em $20 million cash grants to Prove global warming is caused by My/Your autos…What do you think them scientists answer will be to gore?….Especaially when they know gore will Keep cash comming again and again for the “Right” answer he seeks.

          USA has more total Untaped energy of all major types we can use same as now today useage and last for 300-1000 yrs depending what form used IE Coal(clean burn) 300+yrs.

          Natgas=1000 yrs….Oil/gasoline=300+ yrs.

          Several yrs ago two researchers one a scientist and other archeoligist guy proved and wrote a book on proof of it that Oil is made by Enzymes deep in earth crust that Eat methane and Hydrogen in sea water or something, and excrete Oil. Kinda like Bees eats flower polen and makes Honey from its process.(go to World net daily website to find their articles and book, at least thats where I read it all aprox 3 yrs ago)

          We never will run dry of oil. Gull island alaska has dozens wells tapped and Capped off ready to flow oil in a few minits when cap is removed.

          Gull isle oil is so high pressured it will flow freely 20+ yrs then at least another 20 yrs by use of Pumping methods. We got oil everywheres On and off shore yet to be drilled. Russia has been doing it to depths of almost 9 miles deep and found Vast oil reserves.

          Stop believeing hype and Lies from most All msm and University scientist or kommie professors. Most are Bought off as Brandons article stated.

          After 20yrs intense reading Everything and I mean Everything, 30,000+ hrs worth now, All I can say is we been lied to on most all we was told or taught.

          Especially the Major events and wars of the Last 100-200 yrs. And like it or not yes Khazers tribe IS the main culprits…Not all of them of course. But quite a lot of them. A Highly Disproportionate number considering their overall population numbers worldwide.

          Not sure why? but That issue IE: Khazers- seems to be the hardest thing to convince folks of. But once your eyes see it for Real…You realize they Are the “missing” puzzle piece. Or the Keystone like at top of an arch which holds it all together and is called “Key” for a good reason.

          Anyone that desires true proof etc can easily read such if they but search it out and Read…Read, read, read.

          Connect the Dots & Follow the $$$$ and every time, you find Khazers at head of game. Every time. try it and see.

      16. It sounds like the “Atheists” are trying to prove there is a God. They are trying to execute the prophecies of Daniel, Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38, and Revelation.

        This is what God has to say about them. Psalm 14:1 ‘The fool says in his heart, there is no God.’

        What can we do? Be prepared to meet him.

      17. I think the strategy will be to force countries to implode financially which will cause civil unrest. Eventually a few larger survivors will come in and pick up the pieces.That will be a WW3,but not for years

        • Whatever happens, it is going to happen now!

          I have seen various stories implying that change will happen in 5, 10 years lately.

          The evidence says otherwise. There is simply too much going on for the Elite to be able to keep a handle on all of it for that long.

          We will likely see an increase in ‘Hail Mary’ type passes from them in the coming months, to give them a means to extract themselves from the corner they are now in.

          Everyone below a certain line is expendable to them. Expect to see those you would least expect to be vulnerable thrown to the Wolves in order to ringfence the top players, up to and including the destruction of Israel, America, and World War 3.

          They have nowhere to run to except China. And the Chinese will eat them alive.

          They want War (both Civil and Global) in a last, desperate push to bring in their NWO. Don’t take the bait.

          The entire World is waiting for the right moment to kick their ass. And they know it.

      18. But, we’ve always known the ‘collapse’ will be facilitated by the ‘elites’..didn’t we??

        • JayJay:

          I have. A long time plan of the elites is becoming reality. And in order for it to be successful, they must disarm the people. You can’t rule completely with armed resistance.

          BTW . . . it’s Green River Lake. Couple of hours, give or take.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Gotcha–Green River..who’d have thunk it.

      19. “This is the age old strategy of Centralization; to remove all choices within a system, by force or manipulation, until the masses think they have nothing left but the choices the elites give them. It is the bread and butter of elitist institutions like Rand Corporation, and is at the core of the push for globalization.”…sounds eerily similar to our governments standard operating procedure right now…

      20. Wow, this is a well written article. One can only hope to make it through the coming chaos and come out on the other end with family intact. I know a young girl who worked directly for Karl Rove in the last Bush administration. Either she was completly blind to what she was involved in or I am a gullible old fool to have had so much faith in her.

      21. Interesting compelling read. Pretty deep. Nice to know. It’s hard to fight an evil like this that is manipulating a national majority of Walmart SNAPPER Couch Potatoes yakking on their Obamaphones setting up their next drug buy. Look they elected Bush twice and Obammer twice. Need I say more? I give up. Time to duck for cover and let the shit fly. I think I could walk away with more from an article on home fortification, force multipliers and home-based defensive strategies.

        • @incognito.

          Invest in sandbags.

          • Right on slingshot. Like the way you’re thinking. Where and how many sandbags to put crosses my mind every few days; especially when peering out through the front window. Having a six foot chain link fence installed next week. Now….. is it possible to electrify?

      22. another super volcano threat identified

        “.” Some scientists hold that the volcanic system of the Earth is becoming increasingly tense and that underground cavities are full of magma, threatening to burst out any moment. Whether this will be a super eruption or a string of smaller eruptions, we should prepare for the worst. –Voice of Russia”

      23. Somebody needs to wear their foil hat a little more…

      24. The Bible mentions this very thing :

        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

      25. Hey all

        we could have Obama for a third term..whats that you say? cant be, because its in the constitution 22nd amendment?

        only FDR has served more than two terms..but that could change with the introduction of H.J. resolution 15

        a New York ( dam there seems to be a lot of trouble coming out of new york lately)
        A NY Democrat ( yeah go figure) Jose Serrano last week introduced a piece of shit legislation aimed at an amendment to our Constitution to remove the number of terms an individual may seve as President

        remember you heard it here and from me first

        NOMI M-fers!

      26. I am more inclined to agree with Cindy. The globalists will not be able to implement their plan. Why is the whole world economy tanking? It is based on usury and to pay that usury it must have infinite growth. We are at the physical limits of growth. Fighting is starting now for some of the needed resources in Africa. Without cheap oil NO economy can grow. Cheap oil is GONE. The low hanging fruit has been picked. The ladder will only reach so high to get the rest. When the EROEI becomes too low you get what is happening now. A glimpse of the future with small bumps up and larger swings down. No, Mother Nature will not be fooled. The yeast in the petrie dish is gobbling up the remaining sugar and the die off will happen. Better to get as self sufficient as possible NOW. Tough times are ahead.

        • bam!…(EROEI) Energy return on energy investment!!!

          and that folks is why commodities and tangible items will be our salvation…they are already produced, in your possession and way undervalued.

          Damn near everything gets you via oil…no oil, no food produced. no oil, no trucking of food IF it can be grown…no oil, no food grown, no trucking of food long distances to you…you get the picture.

          spot on JRS…get self-sufficient now.

      27. @ cindy….you need not wait till 2030…all of those things you listed are happening RIGHT NOW.

      28. From the article… “The collapse of EVERYTHING” (emphasis added).

        Were it not for the Central Banks loading up on physical gold, I would think the metals are also ripe to tank. Gold and Silver Mining stocks are making new 52 week LOWS as I type. Often a precursor to a similar move in the physical markets.

        “It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world, except for LOLA!”
        Ray Davies, The Kinks


        gotta keep beliefs in the lie going right to the bitter end

        “A strong defense of the status quo has existed in all human societies in all times and all places. However, in the United States, this tendency, which I’ve noticed because I write this blog, has become far more pronounced over the last three years—the consolidation of power by the powerful is accelerating, so-called “thought” in the media is more and more constricted, and dissenting, critical voices have become so marginalized that many (if not most) have given up.”

      30. We have said repeatedly, that the meaning of certain prophetic insights go deeper than preachers want you to know. Daniels status of Nebuchadnezzar, The Head of Gold, that makes the Rule of Gold, that; He who has the gold, makes the rules… has been the paradigm of planet Earth for thousands of years. What makes it successful is their hold over you… you love money(gold), and will do whatever it takes to get it. Some honestly, some, not so much. Times have turned from moral to immoral, and more and more will succumb to the Treadmill of Immorality. What happens when money dies slowly, you must run faster and faster on the treadmill to remain in the same place. This is the Red Queen problem. More and more will fall under the spell of the Head of Gold and the Red queen.
        This statue of the ages of empires runs by the power in the arms, the useful idiots, and stands upon the two legs of ideology, the left and right. The feet are the people, divided in the mind of iron, and the clay of emotions. These are also the religious doctrines of denominations and divisions that keep you submissive and apathetic as the preachers tell you to submit to ‘Godly authority’.
        The statue represents ’empires’, that were ‘like Babylon but not as good’. This concept of who and what Babylon is, has been confused by preachers because they are the Harlot that rides the Beast, getting tax free rides as long they follow The Rules of keeping you submissive to the evil that runs the world.
        The original system of Babylon was based on their mighty invention; The Fixed contract of debt. Which was the cornerstone of their empire of bankers, and contracts backed up by the Kings laws and soldiers, submission was assured by the priests preaching submission to ‘Godly’ authority. Sound familiar? It should. It is OUR SYSTEM. Thousands of years old. With the same families of gold, getting more powerful down through the ages, as the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of civilization more powerful than before.
        Symbols are useful, for they can show a thousand words. Brandon Smith, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin and many others in authority, tell you the same thing in the words of secularism, but to see the truth, you must see the symbols of spirit.

        The status of the Head of Gold, must be brought down by the power in the rocks, the Light of God, so that the Rule of Gold is conquered by the Golden rule.

        The only way to fix planet Earth, is to kill the Elite head of gold and their arms in suits, the true believers. To kill those that OWN the money, that is RENTED out to us useless eaters. For the bankers know, the only way for them to live in the lap of luxury forever, is to eliminate most of YOU, useless eaters. In so doing, they must reduce you to slaves, and eliminate the middle class, this is the lesson of history, not conjecture. Rev 6:6 shows what will be the end of the black horse of the time of the democracies. Which ends in money failure, and famine and death.

        This is also the reason why we must form the Remnant Network, now, before it happens. The Dark man’s people have already admitted they must ‘kill the dollar’. What do you think will happen then? Your bank accounts will be frozen, the oil will be cut off, and the pale green horse mounts. The green horse of Islam and the communist Greens, together? Would the Caliphate that rises, demand gold or national submission to gain oil? Would this give the Dark man an excuse to convert the nation to Islam? So many questions, so little time, so many idiots who do not have eyes that see.

        For this reason we are working on a system that will allow you to link up, anonymously, by ZIP CODE. To speak with codes that are unbreakable. We are Americans, we don’t give up, we break through and win. All you have to do, is WANT it.

        Only after this dark time, can the Golden age in the Light, come forth. But, many must awaken and come out of her to reject the MYSTERY of the Institutions, the Darkness, emotions and fear of change. You must learn to become PRODUCERS again, and trade amongst yourselves. No one man or group can grow or make all that makes life possible, for that we form economies of specialized skills. Brandon’s alt barter is a good start, but we need more than one way, distributed to hide from the Beast that comes on the failure of money.

        This network already runs, in the Babylon wilderness. To find your way is not hard, but the links you must click, are only for those with eyes that see.

        God bless
        The Piper

        • Piper:You are just taking certain biblical verses that Suit Your personal interpretations which are obviously also based on new ager type ideals. And sorry but all your fantasy two legs and head of gold makes rules etc is NOT the proper interpretations of them verses.

          No offence intended. But to make up your Own personal conclusions of bible meanings is plain Wrong and highly Heretical at best.

          I also noted, you prior several times said you dont believe the bible is acurate etc or something like that. Yet to create your own fantasy future scenarios you pick certain verses as back-up or some type “proof” of your scenarios. I cannot think any serious believer would give much credibility to that method. I sure do not.

          Its a mix of bible verse-new ager stuff-Disneyland-Alice in wonderland. But its Not biblical in any way except for the few bible verses you use. Sorry but thats just wrong.

          A more likly reality for toes of Iron mixed with Clay, is Multicult races clashing etc as we see today in all white nations flooded by non whites while zero Other nations(non white ones) has this problem at all.

          Japan-China-Korea-Africa-South america-Central america- Cuba-Phillipiens-Mexica- etc what does they ALL have in common?…I will tell you what…Every nation I mentioned has ONE major race populating that nation. To the tune of 98-99% each!

          Yet the aprox 35 nations that are white european stock like america england ireland etc etc etc…What does They all have common?…I will tell you what…Each I mentioned of white nations has in the last 50 yrs been FLOODED by Non whites and FORCED to deal with Lib Kommie multicultic society which is Destroying Only the white nations!

          That is your Feet, or 10 Toes as bible verse says it…Guess which race is the Clay?…Hint aint whiteys! Whites are the Iron-toes mixed with them clay toes and NOT because we especially desires it! it is Due to Khazer ruler class forcing it on us.

          That to me is far more likly what them verses actually are playing out to be. Time will tell since nobody yet can say for certain. It sure aint what todays pastors claims, that its ten nation EU stuf(eu=27 nations today so Proves pastors was wrong!) of course todays pastors was/is wrong on quite alot we’ve seen latly eh

          You cant deny though what I said of clay(mud when wet) Mixed with Iron which we Know means a form to Weaken the Iron, fits alot closer or better eh…What has weakened every white nation in world since aprox last 50 yrs now besides huge massive influxes of Non white Non assimilating 3rd worlder illiterate unskilled Parasitical classes into all of our white nations?…Nothing has thats what. Yes other issues exist and are bad too…But That single issue I speak of has and will if allowed to continue Unckecked as is done now totally Ruin and destroy every white nation.

          Untill the entire world is 3rd world status and Dark ages with naked savages cannabalizing their neighbors after there are zero whites left to parasite off of eh.

          Yes I do think my outline is closer to reality. Time will soon tell.

          • PS Piper: Sorry but if you use bible verse as proof of Your ideas, know this there is a verse that states GOD IS SPIRIT Not “Rocks” Rocks are rocks and have zero life or brain or thougt nor powers(unless thrown at you I guess or falls on you) God dont live in no Rocks and rocks nor mother earth nor nature has a thinking process like Humans does. Because God Created Us humans In His likeness And Image…he did NO such for Rocks.

            Sorry but its just so heritical and so much false bible interpretations by you I just must say so.

            Christians are supposed to reprove and rebuke eactly what some or most of what you wrote is about. No offence intended ok…Its just how it is. And as I said it is Heresy and wrong. Christ Himself said God is SPIRIT and we are to worship God In spirit. Its a part of the New Covenant as compared to animal sacrafices etc of the Old covenant ways. SPIRIT! Not “Rocks”!

            • Angelo.
              Your old MYSTERIES, are done. The Revelation that condemns is arrived in a New Song. Thus the ‘Mystery of God is finished…’.

              You should read more, and talk less about things you don’t understand. You rely on the doctrines of devils of modern pharisees. You’ve never read my site, that is obvious. But then, even if you did, I’m sure, its probably too much for you. Ever heard of Einstein? Special Relativity? The Electro-Magnetic Universe? No? Return to the beginning of this statement, and read more.

              What do you think makes the rocks? Energy. What makes energy? Light and Dark Potential energy. Which flows in everything and Einstein was proven in 1945 with the first atomic bomb. So, that proves God is IN all things… even your dumb preachers tell you that the Holy Spirit is IN all things Angelo… but they say man cannot understand the Universe? It is a MYSTERY of GOD? This is akin to saying that “If man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.” No, we were born with minds.

              But, you keep hanging on to those Doctrines of MYSTERY if it makes you feel good. The Revelation of the Gnosis has come, in the Knowledge of God that conquers the MYSTERY of God. The power of darkness that is condemned in your own book, for your preachers are the daughters of the Mother of Harlots, that ride the Beast of Governments by getting their 30 pieces of tax free silver. Governments that are controlled by the Ten shofars of the tribes, the white families of gold that run the planet.

              The trouble with you orthodox is you are the same thing as what you hate, the pharisees and jews, who had their nose stuck up their old doctrines so far, they couldn’t see the Messiah, so they killed him.

              Your churches are Anti-Christs, but this is not my philosophy, this is the words of your own book.

              The Gnosis lives, the Revelation is come, the Unified Field of God is delivered in the Spiritual Relativity. That light is love, and all men are redeemed through it. It matters not what you believe, being good is good enough. But it is better that you believe and love God, so that your reward in the Tree of Life and the Kingdom of the Aeons, is greater.

              May His Force be with you.

      31. Years ago when my eyes were open to all this and the jesuit hegalian dialectic theories, darwanism, engels, marx. I lost faith in this world and could see the evil behind the socialist/internationalist utopian ideals which were nothing more than a re building of ancient babylon sadly so much of christianity has been sucked into this cesswhirlpool of satanic humanism. Read Revelation 13:11-18 what happens i believe after a massive engineered collapse this 2nd beast forces all to take a financial mark. Jeremiah 51:53 Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD. & Psalm 18 Isaiah 64:1 Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence,

      32. There won’t be a 2030. Armageddon before that. I figure I have about 7 more marathons to run before Armageddon. I want to break 3 hours, then the drones can come by. I will refinance my home and throw a big giant party and stiff the bankers. We got stiffed, they get stiffed.

        • I was going to pay my Mortgage off..over the next 12 years to be done with,..screw em .

      33. There are times in life when you gotta make adjustments…like when a business gets into trouble and in order to survive they cut back,they tighten up the ship,perhaps close some low performing stores or field offices,they do what they can to cut costs,reconsolidate resources and so on.
        There comes similar times for individuals and families and in a like manner context nations and groups of people.
        Those of us who love liberty and the American ideal of a free way of life are dismayed to see the contraction of those ideals(they arnt selling as well)… we are seeing a similar contraction or trouble like the business or family referenced above….freedom may have to consolidate itself…one way of this manifesting itself may well be the states themselves withdrawing into themselves and defending their own liberty and that of their residents…perhaps joining with other states in unions or confederations that support each other in the fight for liberty…I know that some think it was tried before and failed,but thats not nessesarily the truth,its more the story as told by the PTB…what they want us to believe…that and this is a different time and place than 1861…there are however alot of similarties between then and now,at least to those willing to look critically at them.
        We are seeing signs of states saying no to this second self professed lincoln,lincoln believed in the supremacy of the union(federal govt)The current one certainly does so in an even more militant way.
        I see alot of states requesting imput into bills and actual language for bills ranging from sound money to rejection of obammacare and gun control….my point is twofold…even as I advocate that individuals insulate themselves from the system,becomeing more independent and self-sufficent,I also believe we must become as involved as possible in the fight whether it means talking about liberty in/outside our circles or advocation at the govt level(particularly your state)…I know that its a mess but I cant tell people theres no hope…I dont believe TPTB are gods,that liberty is dead,that world govt is inevitable and we cant do anything about it…I think thats what they want us to believe…cause if we give up, they win.
        I for one refuse to give up or give in…I think most people who “think” feel the same…it aint over yet…just my thoughts,thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

        • Reb: I agree what you said. Ever watch mega church TV preachrs?….Most every one keeps saying whats written in prophetic verses must or has to happen because its Gods plan and if we go against it we also go against God.

          Some pastors, most even, says we should go along with todays nwo evils and assist by total obedience to tptb so we can “Speed” up the return of Jesus!!!

          Total Nonsense! The bible verses all tell christians to Fight evil at every turn. Never does it tell us to go along to get along nor to speed His return!

          They quote “parts” of Romans ch 13 and tell us Obey all govnt and all laws no matter what…Thats plain wrong.

          Them pastors Never mention the last parts of romans 13 that says Rightous Honest govnt officials who do GOOD for the people and Protect our Rights God granted us etc!

          What a crock eh..Help and approve or enable UN-rightous leaders or officials so armagedon can Hurry up and then we can hurry Jesus’s return!…While 10,000 Fools in Pews stand-raise hands above heads-roll eyes back in head(like hobammy idiots) and Sway side to side saying praise jesus!

          Idiots who obviously cannot Read their bibles nor understand easy written words a child can comprehend…

          All who, do-enable-fund-approve of-support-Be-EVIL shall All Perish and lose their salvation. And No nobody or group of nobodys can “speed” Jesus return to earth.

          They need try This out…Yes God gave us a glimpse into the future and end. BUT perhaps he did so so we can Know what is comming and Fight against it as you said eh..Or at least try.

          What if the worlds folks did actually take a turn for the better?…Would, as them pastors say, God still destroy the world?…Not hardly!

          That whole idea of nothing we can do to better things so dont even try cause Gods plan is whats wrote…BS…Thats Gods Plan “IF” people reject His word and remain evil.

          How can these pastors believe that God cannot change His mind?…And maybe do it different if God wants to?

          Of all the TPTB types at least in usa, it seems Pastors has done More bad harm than all the rest, even worse than MSM and polititions. Pastors who worship Mammon($$$).

          And worship Khazers too!

        • Reb, you are so right! We can’t believe there will be (or is) no hope — and we certainly can’t send that message to others. Onward we go…life is a journey and even if we don’t know what tomorrow will bring to us, we plan for it today. We don’t become defeatists, we accept the challenges. We don’t sell-out, we hold our principles tightly.

          Like you, I refuse to give up or give in. Our focus needs to evolve (if it hasn’t already). Our primary needs must be addressed and met as we plan for a different tomorrow. There’s been so much in-fighting here lately and that demonstrates the struggles we are working through. But we need to remind ourselves that too much negativity affects our energy level and our health and we should manage it as best as possible. Time is critical, something we cannot get a rebate on. All we can do is prepare for our tomorrow and HOPE.

          • Angelo,Zoltanne….thanks…I do believe that there is an end to all things and that the Creator has a plan…I just dont believe that its all carved in stone and we have no say…after all whos gonna tell the Creator when its time…seems to me that TPTB have for years done the same thing some churches are now doing…trying to force the Creators hand…no way anyone gets to that in a negative manner!
            I ask people sometimes if they are willing to bet theirs and their childrens childrens childrens lives and futures on the assumption that this time is the absolute final “end times” that most of us believe will eventually come to pass…I understand it looks like it to alot of people BUT what if we do nothing and its not the end but because we did nothing America/liberty/our way of life is destroyed?…and we sentence our future generations to live under the boot heel of a tyrant for who knows how many generations…too often I feel people are looking for an “out”…wanting to not have to fight,to not have to concern themselves with the well being of unborn generations…just as long as “I” get to live my life in peace,then the future doesnt concern me…I cant look at grandbabies and not fight to leave them a future where a persons value is respected as God-given and not as a number on the treadmill to be used and used up…if its the time then itll happen…Im just not willing to bet my farm or my kids futures on what “I think” or on how it looks to me…Im willing to bet on their needing to be free and to follow the dictates of their hearts and consciences and so Im gonna do all I can to see to it they inheirit freedom…thanks to all of you who still believe in liberty and are willing to fight for it in order to secure it to yourselves and to future posterity!…”Live free or die tryin”

      34. In Amerika…

        “In the 21st century Americans have experienced an extraordinary collapse in the rule of law and in their constitutional protections. Today American citizens, once a free people protected by law, can be assassinated and detained in prison indefinitely without any evidence being presented to a court of their guilt, and they can be sentenced to prison on the basis of secret testimony by anonymous witnesses not subject to cross examination. The US “justice system” has been transformed by the Bush/Obama regime into the ”justice system” of Gestapo Germany and Stalinist Russia. There is no difference.”

        the question is
        will we go quietly to the trains ???

      35. The actions of men and events that occur are no more random than the random events in nature to cause evolution. It doesnt happen. These are spiritual events demonic forces pulling the strings of powerful men and blinding the eyes of the masses to vote evil people into office like Obama.

        • As long as you believe that you’ll be chasing ghosts while the real causes of our suffering remain elusive.

          • Timothy- those who believe in a higher being, are still actively doing the mundane things needed to sustain life. To be prepared, as best we can, for the future needs of our loved ones and ourselves.
            Having a view of an Ultimate Cause in the universe does not release us from the daily responsibilities of life. Even the responsibility to prep.
            Plus, most of us who do believe in God (or whatever creative force) don’t necessarily look for demons in every dark corner. More often than not, it’s people who create the problems. And, no, I don’t need to hate those who believe differently. I’ll learn from them if I can. i’ll teach them if I can. But I have nothing to gain by hurting or hating them…
            I honestly with the best to you and everyone here in the days ahead. Keep preppin. And….NOT ONE MORE INCH!

      36. Well herenwengo again, ATLANTA MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOOTING BREAking news

      37. Yes their are definitely Linchpin events. The first took place in the Garden of Eden, where the lord of this earth started his plan. And the second Linchpin event took place on the Cross where our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. But the third and greatest Linchpin event was when HE was Resurrected. And all of the events in human history have came about due to these Linchpin events. And everything that is come to pass was foretold in the Holy Bible. You must know that the “ruler” of this earth is not here to bring you peace and happiness. And all these thing must come to pass. So we must fight the good fight and run the race. The lord of this world will manifest himself through many different people and will use what ever is at his disposal, whether it’s man or a Corporation. Make no mistake our enemy is not of this world, but he uses what ever is nessesary to further his cause.It will be interesting to see what will be the next Big Linchpin event. GOD did not ordain a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT He just foretold it. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • My personal linchpin was ACCEPTING Jesus Christ as the One who did what you describe. I was originally going to mention the vials and bowls of linchpins yet to come. However, your post was a Revelation those are but nuts, bolts and cotter-pins. Thanks for your post Trekker. Just what I needed.

      38. Watched an Adam Curtis video and read a book, huh? That’s in-depth thinking at its finest.

      39. Geeze, fat fingeringntoday

      40. Way to complicated and over thought. It is simple. Economies cannot expand with out access to abundant, cheap energy. Energy = the ability to do work. As energy resources continue to decline in volume and rise in cost, the worlds economies continue to decline in tandem.

        The performance of our economies is directly related to the cost and availability of cheap energy.

        • Wish we could edit our posts.

          Anyway, here it is without the supporting link and corrected grammar.

          Way too complicated and over thought. It is simple. Economies cannot expand without access to abundant, cheap energy. Energy = the ability to do work. As energy resources continue to decline in volume and rise in cost, the worlds economies continue to decline in tandem.

          The performance of our economies is directly related to the cost and availability of cheap energy

          • Exactly Timothy…
            Thus, the I.bankers must eliminate the useless eaters, in order for their progeny to live like kings.

            But Smokin Okie is right…
            they only win the short game.

            • For those that read the ending of THE BOOK, we know who wins.
              We may lose lots of battles, but we do win the war.
              Hold steady and do not waver in your beliefs.
              Can I get an Amen!

              • You got it, JJ. AMEN! Trekker Out.

        • It is almost as if the Zionists want the Iranians to shut down the Straits of Hormuz so that they can take the blame when the wheels come off.

          A serious interruption of oil supply will cause a monumental SHTF moment.

          Every day their victims refuse to play ball, is another day of trying to hold their stinking house of cards together.

        • it’s a bit premature to say that energy resources are declining. Natural Gas from fracking is barely getting started. Energy efficiency in automobiles has dramatically increased gas mileage. Combined cycle natural gas power plants have broke 55% thermal efficiency with 33% being the norm for power plants 20 years ago.

          Increasing demand from global development is posing a significant problem.

          • Kevin. All that we know of based on growth. Everything. At what point do we overwhelm spaceship Earth, which is finite? Have we already exceeded? Laws of thermodynamics and entropy cannot be ignored. Well they can,but you won’t win the match.

            • Thanks Rick, and as for the shale gas boom, it’s already over, it’s just that no one wants to admit it. They go after the most promising wells first and decline rates are insanely quick. The shale boom is nothing more than an investor scam.

              They don’t even want to build a pipeline because they know by the time it is built, all of the wells will be in decline.


              • BS: Russia Just began a massive long pipeline to get russian oil to china and maybe elsewheres also. If I recall right its the costliest largest longest pipeline ever built in world. $ 30 or is it 60 Billion cost?

                Cant recall xact numbers now. You are wrong on peak oil crap and must be listening to the wrong or lib enviro whackjob types. Aint you noticed the last 5 yrs or longer most every two weeks huge new oil finds are located and spoken of?….Russia-usa-brazil and more.

                Just because stupid enviro whackos has gotten polititions, mostly libs, to halt all forms oil drilling and building refineries in usa to replace the hundred or more rfineries broken down or too old to use now.

                Does Not mean oil aint avail. Also last 40+ yrs when Libs ran us house and senate much of that time with veto proof majorities of Both, libs passed tons of anti oil laws and regs and taxes galore to halt production as part of Plan=Destroy america middle class.

                Get a clue.Read other than lib or enviro whacko save mommie earth types. We got plenty of ol and YES its as easy to get to as prior. there More found recently than all of prior.

                THEY want YOU to believe all is hopeless and oil is near dryed up…Peak oil?…Yeah for 50 Yrs they said so!

                Alaska-Russia-artic Off shore fla-kalif-many more areas are litterally swiming in oil.

                Read of the Massive oil fields streaches from off shore Hawaii to almost china!…Some say That may be largest fields of entire world. Bush jr I think it was gave it away to China to drill and soon they are going to.

                THERE IS PLENTY OIL and it does NOT need be costly. That costly stuf is by Design to RUIN YOU amd Me et al.

                • There is not ‘Plenty of Oil’ you cannot look at individual finds, you have to look at consumption rates, then look at the finds to realize these new finds are drops in the bucket.

                  Global oil production began it’s permanent decline in 2005. And make sure you look at the CRUDE PRODUCTION numbers, not the phony numbers put out there that include all of the other non-crude fuels being produced.

                • Here is the actual results of more efficient engines:

                  “The total reduction in gasoline use between 2004 and 2012, relative to what would have been expected, (based on the trend line in Figure 1, assuming the mix of products each retain their 2004 proportions) is about 1.49 million barrels a day. Thus, this calculation implies that about 23% of gasoline savings is from better mileage; the other 77% is from driving fewer miles.”


                  • Except for some of the big cars in say the 70s like caddys and lincoln which got 12-20mpg with the big 472/500 4-barrel quadjet carbs many of the older cars got just as good or better milege than these new”computerized out the backside”piles of super overpriced scrap” called cars of today…and you had way more comfort and safety than these rolling coffins give you now…had many a V-8 give me mid to upper 20s and some old 6s and fours that got mid 30s…had power and no friggin computers to monkey with…all this comp crap was designed to make it so the average guy couldnt work on his wheels…I still do but I rip alot of that junk out and scrap it…rebuilding my old CJ-5…3-4 circuits is all she’ll have in her…manual lockout hubs and direct gear engaged 4-WD
                    Thats all beside the point though…look up some of the oldcar specs…clear back to the early years and you find they were getting as good and better milege than alot of todays cars/trucks…and they were real American made steel all around…not plastic…last point,theres more oil around then they will admit…lots of good wells around here shut in for future use,not because theyre low output but because they are saving them…also know of old wells over 100 years old,pumped out years ago…free flowing oil outta them now…tptb have conned alot of people into a lie and are making alot off it!

            • Rick: If oil is so scarce or too costly to drill etc?…Why did Boeing just get 300+ orders for their brand new $250 Million PER Dreamliner airplane for commercial flights?

              Why would ANY nation or company buy so many or even a single new costly planes if They thought peak oil is Real?

              Them folks who Run airlines-airports-BOEING-aint dumb eh…They KNOW peak oil is a “MYTH” like “Global warming” myths. Stop believeing myths.

              You to timothy, how can you be so believing is such “oil Myths” etc yet reject God belief?…

              • Because I have seen the production figures.

              • Angelo. Are you serious? Your argument against peak oil is that Boeing is selling jets? I expect,no demand better from you. Lol

          • “David Hughes of the Post Carbon Institute is one of the skeptics and has a very pessimistic view about the production potential of shale wells. For a study that should be released by the Post Carbon Institute next month, Hughes has meticulously analyzed detailed information about individual shale wells, especially those in the Bakken formation of North Dakota and Montana.

            His analysis has led him to a sobering conclusion: Bakken wells decline extremely quickly. He finds that, once production from the average Bakken well begins to decline, its production flow falls to a fifth of its peak level within just two years. Separate calculations by the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources reached a similar conclusion.”

      41. What the folks at the Rand Corp, The CFR, Bilderbergers, and the rest don’t realize, is they are NOT the top of the food chain. No doubt, they are way above the political whores, as well as the armies and gov agencies used by the whores. But above even those very elite of the elite, the is another.
        He uses them to carry out his own evil ends. He is the epitome of evil. He’s unseen by the elite, and unknown to most of them. As well as most of us. But some know about him.
        Fortunately, there is One even higher than him. Much higher. And staunchly opposed to him. He’s the One who wins at the end. In fact, from His view (outside of the restrictions of time) the end has already happened. And He won! Just like He knew He would. He doesn’t just own the chess board of the universe, on which we, and the elites, and the ultimate evil one operates, He made the chess board.
        Could be, that He’s almost ready to finish the game…

      42. If it walks like a duck….

        all you red thumbs out there follow the money, good grief…

      43. ‘The article sayd, “Casti claims that ‘X-events’ and ‘linchpins’ cannot be accurately predicted, but it would seem that they can certainly be purposely instigated.”

        So, a question came to my mind … If linchpin events can be purposely instigated, why bother wit prediction at all? Just sayin’……

      44. SmokinOkie,

        Well said as usual, you are a wise man and clever with words. The devil is walking the earth as he always has and he may think he has the edge right now but in the end, he will get his share of sinners however he will never win what he truly wants. I agree with you, the game may be ending soon with only one winner and you can bet your bottom dollar who it will be, it is written in the stars. Mankind has become a poisoned species and a cleansing may be the only answer because I don’t see it getting any better.

      45. Sorry for the typos. I didn’t proof (and I get paid to proof everyday! Oops.)

        The article said, “Casti claims that ‘X-events’ and ‘linchpins’ cannot be accurately predicted, but it would seem that they can certainly be purposely instigated.”

        So, a question came to my mind … If linchpin events can be purposely instigated, why bother with prediction at all? Just sayin’……

      46. Thank God for the Koch brothers…

      47. NO GUN CONTROL



      48. @ EVERYBODY. I am always concerned about the well being of everyone out there. Yesterday I was discussing the new health fad of coconut oil and would like to present to the audience my own personal assessment of just why coconut oil is not a good thing. This is based on statistics of people that consume coconut oil and coconut everything as their countries are chief producers of coconuts.

        I have seen for example personal evidence of the benefits of Vitamin D3 from the Scandinavian countries and the higher level of MS and other nerve diseases because the sun angle is so low most the year. I however have seen no evidence of the benefits of coconut oil long term, only the evidence that people have much lower life expectancies in ALL countries where the natives eat this on a daily basis, and lots of it.

        Why do I mention this on a survival site? Because many people store enormous amounts of coconut oil, when in my opinion for cooking purposes canola and other oils would be a better choice, that are also considerably cheaper and healthier. Please look at the numbers and make up your own mind on it.

        It is important that people recognize what is healthy and what is a healthy fad. Up until recently coconut oil was considered a very heavy in saturated fat and dangerous in excess for heart problems and an artery clogger. There are all sorts of ways of proving this and disproving this. However, life expectancies is something that can be looked at from the people that consume coconut oil and the by-products of coconuts each day. If their life expectancy is higher than most countries, coconuts are good for you. If their life expectancy is lower than other places then just maybe coconuts drastically shorten the lives of people.

        There are 26 countries that are listed in the World Almanac as coconuts as their chief chops. In other words the people in those countries consume coconuts and coconut oil are a very regular basis. For a comparison of the life expectancies of those 26 countries, first look at 5 countries at how long the people there live.

        Country——————–Life Expectancy in years—–Males——–Females

        United States of America———————————-76.1———–81.1

        Now let’s look at the coconut eating nations:

        Antigua Barbuda——————————————–73.7———–77.8
        Marshall Islands——————————————–69.9———–74.3
        St. Lucia——————————————————-74.3———-79.9
        St. Vincent and the Grenadines————————-72.5———-76.4
        Sao Tome and Principe———————————–62.3———–64.7
        Soloman Islands——————————————–71.8————77.1
        Sri Lanka—————————————————–72.4————79.6

        Two countries that don’t have coconuts as a chief crop listed but many coconut oils come from are India and Columbia, which have life expectancies of India 66.1 male, 68.3 female, Columbia 71.8 male, 78.2 female. Also countries like Jamaica, the people there use it very often, males live 71.8 years and females live 75.2 years.

        As one can see, people that eat coconuts on a regular basis can expect to die several years sooner than those in other countries that don’t. No skewed or slanted numbers here, just the facts. Coconuts have 92% saturated fat, the highest of anything, even lard. Palm Kernel is 86% saturated fat and countries that produce a lot of this have similar much lower life expectancies also.

        Conclusion: If coconut oil and coconuts in general were some miracle health wonder then the life expectancies, regardless of race, as a human being is a human being, would be at least where the U.S. is. Not one single country could on the average that a male expect to live past 75 and no female past 80. More than half of the nations the male could expect to be dead by 70. IF coconuts were some wonder then the people that consumed them daily like in these 26 nations, they could expect to live much longer regardless of health care or other reasons. The coconuts would supposingly make them healthier, even regardless of economic status. This is hardly the case as figures don’t lie, as if you live and eat coconuts and the oil as in these 26 countries on a regular basis you MIGHT expect to live 7-10 years less.

        Sorry, they had it right before this health fad, too much saturated fat is lethal to the circulatory system of the human body. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are what is best for the body. This includes; safflower oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil, flax oil, olive oil, avocado oil, canonla oil and even the better vegetable oils. Heart disease is still one of the top human killers and saturated fat is a leading contributor. There is a reason coconut oil has that lip smacking good taste and good smell, it is loaded with that type of fat that clogs up everything. This is only one point of view, but I found with forecasting earthquakes and other climatic sciences such as hurricanes, that numbers add up all too well and show the hard core reality of a circumstance or answers to questions.

        • it’s not the coconuts it’s climing those big trees with that knife.

          • Good one!!!!

        • BI ~

          Those statistics are interesting but not conclusive at all. They are anecdotal. There are way too many variables to state that this drop in life expectancy is from the consumption of coconut oil.

          *What is the cause of death in the countries with the lower life expectancies?
          *Note that the standard of living, and thus health care, is lower in the countries with a lower life expectancy.
          *The climate is different.
          *Have other dietary factors been considered?
          *What are the genetic factors that contributed to the earlier deaths?

          Consuming any kind of fat in excess is unhealthy. Coconut oil should be used IN PLACE OF other forms of fat – so instead of butter or shortening in baked goods, for example. It has an indefinite shelf life and numerous health benefits, making it the perfect storable fat source for preppers, not to mention its myriad non-culinary uses. The molecule chain in coconut oil is extremely stable, so when using it in cooking, it doesn’t break down into altered unhealthy components.

          85% of canola oil sold in North America is GMO so that would be pretty far down the list for me.

          Organic olive oil is another good source of healthy fat. Others are wheat germ oil, avocado oil and grapeseed but these all have a very short shelf life.

          Coconut oil was defamed during the 2nd world war. Why? Because the US was the world’s largest exporter and producer of soybeans. That meant that the soybean industry had a vested interest in persuading people to opt for soybean oil over coconut oil, which had been the most popular up until that point.

          The American Heart Association, the corn industry and the soybean industry began to promote The Prudent Diet, which was a debacle from a health standpoint that still colors the diets of North America today.

          All propaganda and marketing – period. The research was skewed to show that these other options were healthier. The studies were performed on on hydrogenated coconut oil, and all hydrogenated oils produce higher serum cholesterol levels in those who consume them.

          I’m sorry to be argumentative, BI, and I truly mean this respectfully. This is a topic I feel very strongly about. Organic virgin coconut oil is the healthiest oil you can get – if it’s becoming trendy, that’s because it works and people who try it are sold on it.

          • @ Daisy. I truly enjoy your information, makes me and others think. You can purchase non GMO oils, more expensive granted. Now why I brought up those numbers is because they are 100% lower life expectancies for coconut eating nations. Not one single country had a higher life rate that ate coconuts on a regular basis. People are people, and if they eat the right foods they live longer with or without genetics. There are many black people that die from heart disease because of what they consume, poor slaveman’s diet they got use to. But black people that eat right live just as long as white and asian people.

            The climate for a human being is actually ideal tropical or sub-trpoical as this is where our ancestors came from, about the equator to 20-25 degrees north or south. These people living in these coconut regions have the perfect climate for long lives. Other dietary needs are again perfect, fruits and vegetables, usually lean fishes. People’s teeth are actually more geared for fruits and vegetables, as well the digestive systems. Coconut zomes are excellent for a wide variety of these good foods. Also usually these coconuts zones have much less pollution. Also they get more than enough vitamin D3 with a high sun angle. They also get many more vitamins and minerals in the foods than people much away from the equator.

            Why then are these people not living longer when practically everything is very favorable to longer lives? They get too much fat would be my opinion. Coconut and palm kernel oils are the likely causes. These figures are not skewed, something is causing these people, ALL of the nations to live less time. All produce lots of coconuts. The Japanese have the longest lives and eat fish and lots of vegetables and keep the saturated fats lower, mainly because of the high cost of beefs than the taste.

            I personally can’t stand fats, it makes me sick. I am not sure of which is better to cook with though, an organic butter that has 51% saturated fat content or coconut oil that has 92% saturated fat. Lauric acid is something that clogs up arteries like gum, and coconut and plam kernel oil are loaded with them. The liver loses its ability to get rid of LDL from the blood stream, and coconut oil is saturated with this.

            When I look at these life expectancies of people that eat lots of coconuts something is rotten in Denmark to me. Talking about Denmark, one of the cheese happy capitals of the world their live rates are 76.4 for male and 81.3 for female. True they have good health care, but if the coconut oil was a cure all then health care needs should not be much of an issue in these coconut producing countries. Coconut oil tastes real good and it makes big money like when MSG first came out and was shoved into TV dinners and every potato and corn chip there was. They said it was just a salt, and guess what? Years later they found out how horrible it is. Big money skewing the facts.

            I have found that numbers are seldom anecdotal as if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, it probably is a duck, could be a deformed seagull, but it is likely a duck. 100% of all countries that mass produce coconuts have lower life expectancies, most of them much lower. The people use this extensively and don’t live that long. That is pretty substantial evidence. Especially for someone like myself that has found how well numbers solve the questions to life.

            Again, I enjoy your very thoughtful answers, they make me think. I will be away from the computer for awhile now, until later tonight.

            • BI ~

              Despite your excellent points, the numbers,as they stand, still do not prove anything.

              To be conclusive you’d have to rule out all the factors I mentioned above. Although the numbers could lead one to suspect coconut oil is the culprit, there are too many variables to say conclusively that these statistics are present because of this single factor.

              I would be very interested in an unbiased study that was not funded by Big Agri.

              Keep in mind the economics – coconut oil, even the cheap crappy kind, is not a product that is distributed by Big Food companies like Kraft, General Mills, etc. Coconut oil producers don’t have the same kind of lobby with the FDA as do producers of corn oil, soybean oil and canola oil.

              I simply don’t agree that there is enough information to support your assertion, BI.

              I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this topic. 🙂


              • @ Daisy. Check this out. Okay when a diet doesn’t benefit the natives, not one single country has a good life expectancy that mass produces coconuts, why should it benefit others in different parts of the world? Mediterranean climate diets has some proof behind it that those natives have pretty good life rates to the most part.


                I already mentioned Italy and Israel, both quite high.

                Other than Turkey and hellholes Syria and Lebanon the natives have a decent or good life expectancy eating a Mediterranean climate diet. Most of the coconut eating nations had awful life rates. What is not good for the natives is not good for others in any part of the world.

                What I am trying to say is IF coconut has all these wonderful health benefits, then why has it not shown those health benefits to the natives that eat all forms of coconuts, including the virgin version? Why are the coconuts eaters NOT living as long as those that have a Mediterranean climate type diet if coconuts are some type of fountain of youth type miracle food?

                I totally appreciate the anecdotal heresay type of very non scientific gibberish that goes around. But when you get raw statistics like this that shows that coconut eating nations have vastly lower lower life expectancies, it at least shows that coconuts are not helping the people to live longer or healthier. While it can be argued that coconuts have not been proven to be the sole culprits behind people dropping over dead much sooner, it can also be argued that coconuts sure don’t help the people to live any longer in those coconut countries.

                The Philippines is only 69.0 for males and 75.0 for females. If coconuts had the benefits to help people health wise, those rates should at least be 74 and 80. For the argument that coconuts are helping people live better and longer, the people of the Philippines without coconuts would have life expectancies of lower to mid 60’s for males and upper 60’s for females. This would seem extremely unlikely as they are not that backwards like some African country with AIDS everywhere.

                Daisy, see what I am trying to say is that from a math and statistical point of view eating and using coconuts to benefit the body doesn’t add up. Not one native coconut nation has a good life expectancy, not one. If a few did have good life rates then I could say that maybe there was some benefits to coconuts. At best it would be a placebo type of way of thought that it helps the body because it tastes so good. At worst it would be very dangerous and a gumming type of artery clogger.

                Daisy, I still highly value your health knowledge, and we truly agree on most everything else. I just have very seldom had numbers and shear logic fail me, and I feel that this is a logical way of assessing the benefits or harmful effects of coconuts.

        • Me neighbor is organic coconut oil freak and in hospital with heart attack 62 year. He say put de lime in de coconut and shake it all up put de lime in de coconut call de doc woke him up say doctor ain’t there nothing I can take I say doctor to relieve this belly ache. Burp. serious as heart attack first line.

        • BI: When canola oil and other oils are heated it creates carcinigens in the oil. DO NOT cook with canola oil!

          • @ durango kidd. I would much rather use boiling water to cook most things with anyway.

            • BI…while I find your earthquake info outstanding and a godsend…I hate to think that you eat boiled hot dogs!

              I also don’t want my wife to get involved in the coconut oil dispute/discussion…none of us will get to bed at a decent hour!

        • Ever seen Mennonites? Ever seen a fat one??
          They tell us here, our medical problems would be lessened if we’d return to real milk, real butter, and real lard.

          BI–preppers are encouraged to store cocoanut oil for its long shelf lifes.

          • Raw milk, home made butter, and yes, lard. That’s what we use here. I agree JayJay.

            • Coconut oil? Canola oil? Not sure about that; guess cause I really don’t care. Could drop dead today. Bacon fat on the cast iron pans oh so yummy. Boo-yah!

          • JayJay, We eat real foods and stay away from the mumbo-jumbo fake foods like margarine, Cool Whip, etc.

            We don’t buy canola oil at all — most is GMO.

            We use coconut oil and olive oil. We use home-grown lard in pies, coconut oil or real butter in baked foods. Our salad dressings are mostly vinaigrettes made with olive oil and herbs.

            We store coconut and olive oils. We have Crisco in cans as the last resort but it’s not a real food so it will literally be the last resort as a fat.

            The body cream I make is made from coconut and olive oils and it’s the best lotion/cream I’ve ever had. Great in the Winter.

            Real food all the way!

      49. Kindle, I understand what you and Daisy say about the corporate world. Shortly after 911, I had a job offer in a corporate office, twice the money I’m getting now, better benefits, etc. Only problem was the job was in California and get this, the person interviewing me came right out and admitted I would have to ‘change my way of thinking’ in order to “fit in”. Something snapped inside me. I told the girl I don’t change anything about myself for anyone; such people never have good intentions toward you. Never trust anyone with that mentality. I was given just enough reason to reject the job offer. I make $45,000 per year where I’m at now, have health insurance, company truck, a more relaxed and sensible atmophere. I wouldn’t go to Commiefornia for any amount of money. I don’t even talk about prepping or government where I work. Same deal; nobody “gets it”. Just continuing prepping for the party. Braveheart

        • Hey Braveheart,
          I went from being poor and working for Outward Bound for 10 years to making seriously good money working for corporate america. Talk about a head-spinner. Went from the best laid back funnest job out there to doing mental push-ups daily.

          Now, I want to go back to the Outward Bound days but got too old. I haven’t found my next niche in the working world so I’m just trying to get by with buying and selling antiques and silver coins.

          I do continue prepping for the party…I think the hour is getting late.

          Best wishes to ya, Kindle

      50. Brandon is always an excellent writer with many salient and important points.

        Another great article.


      51. well I’m going with Paranoid’s theory

        it can’t be healthy climbing trees with a big knife

        kinda like running with scissors !!!

        • Specially for them small Pygmie types with short legs eh!

          Them tall trees are even Taller for pygmies!

      52. Telephone your WDC corporation senator and house rep tomorrow regarding the “fiscal cliff.” Ask for particulars and details. Why should a freedom caring taxpayer be blind-folded and delegated to peon status?

      53. Half an hour I will never get back… my IQ was lowered just reading this.

        • Then go back to MSNBC and lower it some more.

      54. Kindle, my best wishes to you and everyone except the trolls who come to this site; you know, like JoeinNC, finx, that type. My prepping is continuing all the way to the last minute, whenever that will be. Going to another gun show this weekend for more ammo and any other goodies I can find. To everyone, heads up! Somewhat off topic, sorry, but important article. We preppers are about to be targeted yet again! here we go again, unfortunately. braveheart

      55. Greetings Folks!
        Lots of good info here about the Global Elite and their agendas.Things are definitely getting “friable”,to use the medical term.We can see the best example of what their up to just by stopping in you local food store.EVERYTHING is getting smaller sized,”reformulated”,added to and other kinds of “adulterations” to deceive people into accepting that we’re still getting the same product at the same price.Utter rubbish as usual.The latest ploy comes from places like our friends in China.(the folks who give us mislabeled airplane bolts made from inferior metals,causing more than a few deaths from the failure of said bolts!)These happy folks now are putting “colored water”(read polluted)in with many olive,peanut and other products.They then sell them as “special discount priced” versions of the real thing.This is the best example of “behind the curtain” that I can think of at the moment.except the Toxic Sheetrock they flooded the market with a few years ago.As I’ve said elsewhere,when the Sheeple wake up(and they will one day)to the worthlessness of their fiat paper money,it will be a bigger event than even the PTB and contain.Or hide from.Or “cull” enough.And then there’s the very good chance that now they’re allowing the bird flu virus to be “experimented” with a new form of the Great Influenza plague of 1918 will sweep the world again.That one swept the world FOUR TIMES before dying out.The next may not die out for decades.Bugs such as that are like bullets,no friends,no foes,just endpoints.
        On a happier note from all this doom and gloom,I woke up today,gave thanks to my creator for being alive and in fairly good health with breakfast to eat.AND someone to who knows how to cook it for me(I can cook,but it’s nice to watch a good-lookin’ female do it for me!!).Governments and their Ilk come and go,but the basics remain.
        Best to All here.

      56. Mountain Trekker, you hit the nail on the head. When Adam and Eve committed their sin in the Garden of Eden, that is exactly where all the world’s problems began. Ever since day one, Mankind has believed he could create a better government than God, so God, all this time has been giving man all this rope to hang himself with. Just look at the sorry excuses we’ve had for government since the Book of Genesis; all the evil, oppression, rulers with evil intentions toward the people they control, etc. Romans Chapter 13 has to be the most misinterpreted, misunderstood scripture in all of the Bible. For way too long, seminaries, bible colleges, ministers, etc. have been teaching their congregations to obey manmade government REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT GOVERNMENT DOES! THIS IS WRONG! THIS IS NOT WHAT JESUS TAUGHT! Romans 13 set down guidelines for rulers to follow in how to govern people. WHAT IS TAUGHT ABOUT ROMANS 13 IN CHURCHES TODAY IS THE WORLD’S VIEW ON GOVERNMENT! It goes all the way back to the Roman Empire. What we are about to face on this earth will make all tyrants of times past look like Boy Scouts! Everybody get everything you need now while you still can! MOLON LABE! LIVE FREE OR DIE! Braveheart

      57. Alex Jones Show: Thursday (1-31-13) Larry Pratt & Bruce … – YouTube
        185 min – 3 hours ago – Uploaded by ConspiracyScope
        On this Thursday, January 31 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about war clouds …

      58. FOOD STAMPS FOR THE 1%

        “What’s worse, it became obvious that the very small 0.01% of the population that I call oligarchs (financial and political), who are actively gaming the system for their own pleasure, are well aware of the system’s terminal nature. That’s why they are rapidly putting in place the police state grid.”

        let me repeat that last part

        they KNOW its ending
        they’re the ones managing the decline

        “s I have repeatedly stated, the oligarchs are using the current period in between financial panics to put in place the surveillance grid they plan to use on the population once the SHTF.”

        “once the SHTF”

        it doesn’t get any clearer than this

        • All of that surveillance requires a functioning and powered energy grid. Our infrastructure is already in serious decline and without constant maintenance or the cheap energy to power it, it will not last long.

          In the case of a serious SHTF scenario we would be lucky to maintain power for more than two weeks.

      59. “John Casti, a Ph.D. from USC”
        USC is the most liberal school in Los Angeles, CA.

        Egyptian Moslem Morsi 🙁 graduated from this school, and he was groomed for the job long before Mubarak was removed.

        Every rich person who can afford for the expensive USC’s tuition and books goes to USC for their degree. It’s not that hard to obtain a degree from them. 🙁

        Everyone complains that it’s a breeding ground for liberal rich kids who can obtain a science degree without being all that smart.

        I think Brandon was misinterpreted on John Casti’s (aka the expert) main points and his hidden agenda behind them.

        His opinions are more about blaming us, 🙁 the population because of over population or searching for novelty
        Unfortunately it’s not the underlining cause and searching for novelty.

        It’s more about GREED, MONEY, and CONTROL THE WORLD.

        • In reality all schemes had planned out way years before politicians were put in office.

          Hillary is now ready and available for any job, including replacing Obama after a custom-made Chaos in the near future. Hillary’s workers filed paper for her to run in the 2016 election. It is actually Chelsea Clinton that they are seeking after. 🙁

          Chelsea is married to a Goldman Sachs’s boy, he’s also an investment banker and so is Chelsea…:( They are building a new long lasting dynasty for Chelsea or for for Goldman.

          Electronic voting system is very easily to temper with.
          Even though with electronics, politicians still have to show PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

          And anyone can be a president!!!!!!
          Anything dealing w/ electronics can be easily manipulated.
          The media outlets never tell you the truth, in that way the cabal can control the outcome.

          As long as the same people are in charge of the mainstream media and Godman Sachs, Clinton’s family will always on the news and in the power status.

          They’ve been preparing Hillary’s image for years by creating a fictitious FEMALE US president which was played by Genna Davis, a movie about Hillary’s family — more propaganda, just to boost Hillary’s image when she ran for president in 2008.

          Also Bill Clinton placed female politicians in charge of high positions in the US, to get people used to female in charge.

          hehehe, what dirty politics!

      60. Satori and Timothy, right on target. If EMP or solar flare takes out the power grid, ALL of the surveillance equipment, ALL of the military’s and LEO’s electronic weapons, even the tasers, will become fried, useless gear they can just toss aside. one thing is for damned sure; when it’s finally party time, we won’t be able to avoid it, whether we go to it or it comes to us. Braveheart

      61. Sometimes, I feel that we think the government actually knows what it is doing. Having worked abroad for the government, except for the military, most people who work for the government, for lack of a better word, suck. I used to shuttle Congressmen and Senators to go shopping or meet with the ladies of the evening. These guys aren’t smart. They just know how to use the system and believe me, you would to, if you had that sort of power. I’m always on the fence of does the govt have a plan of collapse, or did they try to pillage so much due to greed that they are now at the point, where there just not much else to be taken, hence the need to control the populace, because they know their days are numbered. I’d say the latter. They all know the War on Terror, Drugs, Guns, Iran is all crap. It’s just money money money. Well the money is starting to dry up and people are starting to figure that out, at ALL levels. I think that is what scares them. They are having their Madoff moment where things are starting to unravel and are doing everything in their power to keep the ponzi going. I don’t know what the next evolution of America or the planet in general is going to be like, but there are societies that will just keep doing what they are doing, because they’ve been doing the same thing for centuries. An interesting book is Jared Diamond’s new book where he says that human evolution was replaced by technology innovation. When the technology stops, it puts us right back to where we were before the technology revolution took over. I thought that to be pretty profound. I just hope and I can have my farm, feed my friends and not be looted by a bunch of criminals.

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