The Last Check Is In the Mail For Two Million Unemployed

by | Nov 30, 2010 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    For many, Black Friday was their last spending hoorah for quite a while. As we reported in October, over a million people were expected to lose unemployment benefits by Christmas.

    The time has come, and it’s worse than originally predicted:

    …since lawmakers aren’t moving to extend the deadline anytime soon, many more unemployed Americans will run out of their extended federal benefits in coming weeks. About 2 million people are expected to stop receiving checks in December.

    State unemployment agencies are very concerned about the impending end to these extended jobless payments, which they say people depend on to cover their rent and buy food.

    “It’s a critical safety net program,” said Nancy Dunphy, New York State’s deputy commissioner of labor for employment security. “This is the worst time of year to be running out of benefits.”

    Source: CNN

    The 2 million people that go off the unemployment insurance benefits will no longer be counted as “unemployed” or “underemployed,” which ends up benefiting the government’s monthly unemployment statistics in a positive way.

    Though we are told that the official unemployment rate is about 9.6%, and the underemployment rate is north of 16%, the actual numbers, according to John Williams of Shadow Stats, indicate that we’re looking at more than one in five Americans (22%) currently out of work. These are Great Depression numbers, folks, and they’re only going to get worse.

    This is just the first round of people losing benefits, and it will continue until jobs return to America – which isn’t going to be anytime soon. The government simply cannot continue to offer the benefits indefinitely (though they will continue to bail out major banking institutions as needed). For the nearly 30 million people officially unemployed in the U.S., two years from now, benefits will be gone for them as well. From the government’s standpoint, it may be touted as “zero unemployment” because those people won’t be counted anymore. In reality, those on the ground, employed or not, will be fully aware of the economic depression.

    In November of 2008, trend forecaster Gerald Celente said that by 2012 “putting food on the table is going to be more important that putting gifts under the Christmas tree.” Given the current unemployment situation in America, it’s no longer difficult to imagine this being the case.


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      1. This is what the Tea Baggers wanted.  I hope the destitute kick their doors in and rob them. Since 2002 we have lost 42000 factories to China. Not one Republican or Tea Bagger bitched about that. We reap what we sow!

      2. I’ve been unemployed for two months.  My benefits run out in four months.  I won’t be getting anything after that if I still don’t have a job.

        Do you remember when a refrigerator used to last a lifetime? Now we buy one and it does not last 5 years, 2 years into it’s residency and it starts acting up….
        2002? How about the outsourcing of engineering work to high value centers (third world) that started in the mid 80’s and continues today?
        I’m tired of buying junk not made in America.
        Maybe I should start building refrigerators?


      4. Wow!  That’s all I got to say about that.

      5. Johnny, you are right about corporate greed moving jobs overseas.
        Corporations are the devil and need to be taken over by our Govt.
        Our Govt. will take care of the jobless.  It is their duty to take care of us in any time of need.  They will be there to cloth, feed and shelter us when times are bad and if the SHTF.  There is no need to prep, our Govt. will always be there to provide.  Just keep a few $10 bills around for emergencies and you will be fine.  With our Govt. to lead us,  we are lost, walking in circles.

      6. I meant to say without our Govt. to lead us, we are lost, walking in circles.

      7. Johnnymustardseed
        November 30th, 2010 at 12:32 pm
        “This is what the Tea Baggers wanted.  I hope the destitute kick their doors in and rob them. Since 2002 we have lost 42000 factories to China. Not one Republican or Tea Bagger bitched about that. We reap what we sow!”

        Nice post Johnny…let’s advocate some violence on people that believe in Constitutional Government, a Gold Standard, whether they be Dem, Indie, GOP, Libertarian, etc…come by my “Tea baggin” house kick in the door and see what you run into. 

      8. Or if they really wanted to be correct, they could blame the president and his party for their jobs killing bills. Businesses aren’t hiring because they fear what the increased costs of doing business will occur due to the health sham bill, crap and trade (if it gets passed), etc.

      9. Who set the time period on this to run out before Christmas and after black friday?  That was pretty smart (cruel) politics.  Let’s put a wage freeze on fed workers.  Now don’t you feel better?

      10. Comments…..How long do you give away money? My guess is that many unemployed who fall off unemployment will find jobs quickly.

      11. Comments…..Johnnymustardseed

        This is what the Tea Baggers wanted.  I hope the destitute kick their doors in and rob them. Since 2002 we have lost 42000 factories to China. Not one Republican or Tea Bagger bitched about that. We reap what we sow!

        Be careful what you wish for, I believe you have a front door as well.  I am against more money being given to people who are able bodied and can work.  They stay at home because it’s takes less money for them to live than to get a job.  The hitch is up, and your reference to “teabagger” is offensive.  I take it you’re amongst the unemployed aka cocoapuffers.

      12. Gerald is trying to change history, he originally said that “by 2011 putting food on the table would be difficult”.
        Now he says 2012…

      13. Tom, you are out of touch with reality and have no clue how the unemployment system works.  1. the employer pays half the benefit.  2. it is not a give away.. all federal funds are our money, it all come from us, the government does nothing to make money.  This is a redistribution of tax money that you and I put into the system in the first place.  3. ever try to LIVE on unemployment?  People on unemployment use up their savings, sell off investments and do all kinds of things to make ends meet while on unemployment.  Most who will now fall off the roles have already used up all their resources.
        And, finally, Tom, just exactly where are these folks going to magically find jobs?  Who is hiring?  two million minimum looking for work in a desperate way.  I know people, lots of them, who have been trying very hard to find work of any kind for a year and more.  You must live in a bubble.

      14. We now have a primarily debt based, service economy which is extremely circular and the major reason none of this will get better in the near future. Another reason these issues will persist is the fact that inflation has destroyed our purchasing power to the degree that it is simply more profitable to stay home and collect unemployment that to pay the costs associated with mediocre employment in a service oriented job environment.  We need to take a 180 for the next thirty years then turn 90 degrees and establish consistency for the next thirty. Anyone here truly think things will last for another sixty years?? LOL yeah, me neither.

      15. @ Johnnymustardseed

        Even though I have Tea Bag sympathies, I have no desire to see those on unemployment get the boot. I know others that are of the same thought.  Since you brought up the Republicans – you must think the Democrats will save you- I get so frustrated because some can’t see beyond Party.  It’s the same snake, only with two heads. 

        They work the citizens like the good cop-bad cop.  Then they switch roles. The representative parties act like adversaries to the public, but party and feed at the same corporate lobby trough. There will be no change as long as there are no term or finance limits.  The majority have been there for eons on both sides of the aisle.  How do you earn a yearly salary of what? a $100,000 and parley that into the millions?  Both parties are guilty of being power hungry, greedy and corrupt.

        I’m an equal opportunity basher.  I bashed Bush for his policies and positions and as Obama holds the reins, it is his turn.  You talk about the jobs going to China and Obama talks about his job creations – those shovel ready jobs.  Yet, Obama rejected language that ensured those projects and jobs would be for tax paying unemployed American citizens.  Cause just like the Republicans, he too has an agenda and is cozy with the corporate thieves. Know how?

        General Contractors bid the whole project. They win the contract and take their share off the top and keep the oversight duties. To circumvent contract regulations and rules, they sub contract portions of the project like equipment and labor. Would you believe they get brownie $$$ points for using minority owned firms?  (This is all with the approval and knowledge of the government – I wash your hands, you wash mine.) The equipment and labor is subcontracted to minority owned companies who use illegal laborers.

        The General Contractor can testify before a congressional hearing that THEY don’t hire illegals and even get an atta boy for using minority firms. The minority firms using illegals got smart and expanded their scope of services to the general contractor to include (besides labor) heavy equipment rental, scaffolding, excavation, cement and pavers and related construction and project needs.  Sweet, isn’t it. 

        They can and do discriminate against the American citizen owned business, supplier and worker.  All the while, Obama has a big grin on his face talking out of both sides of his mouth.  He has created jobs, just not for the tax paying citizen. And they all talk about “feeling your pain” while they screw you.    

        What’s worst, given your party preference, folks like yourself say nothing about the twenty million illegals who stole into the country, have jobs and are working.  Maybe now those losing their unemployment benefits will not only get vocal about the loss of checks, but take the blinders off on who are working and demand tax funded jobs be for citizens.  It’s a start to get Americans back to work.

      16. @mushroom — “I meant to say without our Govt. to lead us, we are lost, walking in circles.”

        Nope ‘shroom, you had it right the first time – “With our Govt. to lead us,  we are lost, walking in circles.”. That is if you are stupid enough to be following.

        I thought you had finally pulled your head out of rectal defilade, but alas, you’re still spreading your ‘supposed sarcasm’.   Reagan had it right when he said “government is the problem“. The solution is obvious, but not until the sheeple get real, real hungry and loose the rest of what they own.

        Beans, bullets and band aids are far better investments than $10 bills, for those of you that are upright, breathing on your own and have a couple of neurons to rub together…buy some silver too!


      18. Hell, let’s ALL go on unemployment!  Why would should anybody have to work.  Waaaaaaaa  We will really stimulate the economy then!

      19. Family members and friends had to retrain  25 plus years ago; most jobs, incl mine became obsolete (technology, computers).   We are mostly retired now.  If we  did it so can this generation.  Unless they choose to be slackers and leeches.  We all have choices.   These people became mechanics, plumbers, HVAC techs, truck drivers, aircraft mech., etc. We got crackin’ as we knew unemployment checks  ran out in 6 mo.  It was then a stigma to move in with relatives.

      20. Monk: A fridge that works well and long would be great and so would the jobs!
        Chuckles: Most of the jobs in this nation are from small businesses, not from the megabusiness that is getting the bailout monies. So yes they are afraid of what the current administration has in store for the comming year and they are in survival mode which means they are not going to hire until they can predict a bit of stability and that means taxes and laws that don’t cost them and arm and a leg to comply with.           
        Tom: I agree. Sadly I know a couple of people who have stated they will not look for work as long as they are getting their free money.  But in some parts of this nation there are no jobs to be found and for these people my heart and prayers go out.
        The bottem line is that the government must shrink and taxes must go down, not up as the administration plans, and we must stick togeather and help others in our community. A friend of mine is a mormon and they do not just give away assistance. They say that robs a person of their dignity. So they will pay the rent and utilities but expect that person/family to work in various community or church “jobs” while they are getting back on their feet and looking for work.  That is an idea many churches might adopt.  In my area people call churches to find someone to pay their utility bills each month and they get help but they don’t look for work and are back each month, dialing churches.

      21. @Johnnymustardseed

        what else would you have the gov’t do? i’m sorry, but if you can’t find a job in 2 YEARS, then you either have an ego problem, or you’re not trying. Hell, McDonald’s is friggin’ hiring.

        For many, Black Friday was their last spending hoorah for quite a while.
        Hello???  if that was the last check and knowing it is the last check and you attended black friday??  Hello???  I didn’t see groceries at Kmart on black friday as I purchased my 50% off thermal underwear!!!

        November 30th, 2010 at 1:10 pm
        Or if they really wanted to be correct, they could blame the president and his party for their jobs killing bills. Businesses aren’t hiring because they fear what the increased costs of doing business will occur due to the health sham bill, crap and trade (if it gets passed), etc.

        You mean like Ford/Mazda who just started implementing a motor manufacturing project in China at the tune of 500 billion dollars??

        Read Levi moved overseas…read Dell moved their last factory overseas….Harley is gone to India or China…yep..keep taxing and regulating and pleeeeeeze, we need more unions!!!!

      24. I’m a UK citizen who has experienced long term unemployment. It’s a vicious circle. The longer you’re out of work, the less employable you become. You’re seen as either lazy, dishonest or as having a health problem by potential employers if you’ve been out of work for more than a year.

        However, in the UK you don’t lose your welfare money after a certain length of time, as appears to be the case in the US. You may be sent on ‘courses’, be expected to do voluntary work with charities etc, but they don’t just stop your money, no matter how long you’ve been unemployed.

        I’m surprised to learn this happens in the US. What happens to people once their money is stopped? Some will obviously try a lot harder to find work and will be successful, but what about those who still can’t get work? Do they become beggars on the street? Turn to crime? Become homeless and live off what they can find in refuse bins? There must be a lot of very frightened people over there.

      25. Comments…..tom
        November 30th, 2010 at 1:31 pm
        Comments…..How long do you give away money? My guess is that many unemployed who fall off unemployment will find jobs quickly.

        I don’t think so—a neighbor/friend has been looking for work in Ky. for 3 years..he’s been asked to operate heavy equipment for minimum wage…
        Ky. is really that bad.

        November 30th, 2010 at 1:54 pm
        Gerald is trying to change history, he originally said that “by 2011 putting food on the table would be difficult”.
        Now he says 2012…

        Well, maybe the 99 week unemployment checks has taken that date to 2012—I hae never heard of the checks running for almost 2 years…in my days it was 6 months…and that was it!!

      27. It is strange how leftist tag constitutionalists with a term that more appropriately suits themselves. Freud might have said that they project the hate they feel of themselves toward those whom they wish they were. We can just feel sorry “Johnny” and wish him luck in his journey from tea-bagger to the Tea Party. He will be welcomed when he arrives.

      28. @tom:  People are getting us confused.  I’m Tom.  You are tom.

      29. Comments…..i do feel sorry for those who have been unemployed..but, charity begins at home…and the government is now borrowing money just to pay out those unemployed. it seems to me that many are paying now for their past. my suggestion for those who are not gonna get anymore checks and still having trouble finding jobs is 1. find a relative or friend who will take you in. 2.sell almost all that you have 3.keep looking for work (even if it is just volunteering). 4. read up on your history and learn what your forefathers had to do to survive the depression of the ’30s… once you have hit bottom there is only one way to go and that is back up. it is my opinion that if you have not been listening to what is going on, if you have not been preparing for hard times, then you are indeed an idiot and deserve everything that you are fixing to get in the way of hardships…coulda, shoulda, won’t get a person very far.

      30. From
        How to be a banker or politician:

        The Donkey
        Young Paddy bought a donkey from a farmer for £100.
        The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day…
        The next day he drove up and said, ‘Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The
        Donkey has died.’
        Paddy replied, ‘Well then just give me my money back.’
        The farmer said, ‘Can’t do that. I’ve already spent it.’
        Paddy said, ‘OK, then, just bring me the dead donkey.’
        The farmer asked, ‘What are you going to do with him?’
        Paddy said, ‘I’m going to raffle him off.’
        The farmer said, ‘You can’t raffle a dead donkey!’
        Paddy said, ‘Sure I can. Watch me. I just won’t tell anybody he’s dead.’
        A month later, the farmer met up with Paddy and asked, ‘What happened with
        that dead donkey?’
        Paddy said, ‘I raffled him off.
        I sold 500 tickets at two pounds a piece and made a profit of £898′
        The farmer said, ‘Didn’t anyone complain?’
        Paddy said, ‘Just the guy who won.
        So I gave him his two pounds back.’
        Paddy now works for Anglo Irish Bank.

        Maybe now those losing their unemployment benefits will not only get vocal about the loss of checks, but take the blinders off on who are working and demand tax funded jobs be for citizens.

        That’s hard to do when this nation has seminars with attorneys present training HR how to turn down American citizens to qualify for the regulation stating >>>the job must have no American applicants to be given to foreign entities…

        Nice, huh??

        I watched the video and it was ugly.

      32. Comments…..jj, your friend has no job, no money…well operate that heavy equipment for minimum wage till something better comes along. What did people do before unemployment? They got off of their lazy bottoms and found a way to put bread on their tables.
        Tom, you are Tom and I am tom and we are all together…gotta love the Beatles!

      33. @ Mona

        You and I seem to be from the same generation and I remember and worked through those times too. My position then was the same as yours and other commenter’s.  If you didn’t change, take the blame.  The difference is, at that time there were actual jobs available in the country in other fields. Truly folks, this is different this time and so totally unfair to tar and feather the 99’r.

        The time we had to retrain was when corporations in collusion with the government were allowed to outsource our raw materials and manufacturing. The timber, steel, textiles factories and plants – gone. Leaving us the service industry and the jobs you mentioned.  Plus the illegals weren’t the problem they are now – we didn’t have to press 1 for English.

        Now due to technology, even the service jobs are physically leaving the country. More commerce is going online and less brick and mortar stores to utilize sales and counter help. Look at the Malls. I know of few industries that use to employ staff, that aren’t also e-friendly now using some oversees IT, customer service or tech support staff.  We know we have millions of working illegals displacing our trade workers. Those that did construction, heavy equipment, framing, roofing, landscaping, painters, installers, waste management, our working middle class. NAFTA and the trucker issues.

        Do you honestly think these are jobs Americans won’t do?  Do you buy into that crap?  Do you believe Americans like losing their homes and possessions they did WORK so hard for – cause unemployment is only barely keeping them afloat.  I’m terribly sadden,   that others don’t see how systematically and deliberately this dismantling of the American labor force has been done by the corrupt government and greedy corporations.

        McDonald’s – yes, but maybe not where you are, but here in the city, the crews are of illegals with a manager speaking English and the rest non-English speaking and you don’t get to work if you can’t speak their language.  Schools now require you be bi-linqual to teach, no English required in lunch room jobs.  My friend who is the school registrar of 15 years was told to learn Spanish or leave and no more English speaking hires on her staff.  Many city and state jobs, especially in social service, parks and recreation, water, waste management and highway jobs. This generation of American workers has been given the doo doo end of the stick.

      34. Comments…..Robert, if someone is getting money for sitting home and doing’s a giveaway. Redistribute your money if you like, I would rather spend my own. Here is an idea, join the army, they are hiring. Bubble that.

      35. I am the Walrus! 

      36. Opps!  Not Mona – meant laura m   -  my bad  – Sigh!

        To add further and this is only a few…buy their products??

        At the same time, U.S. corporations continue their race to the bottom for cheap labor. Cable News Network’s “Exporting America” broadcast listed hundreds of “U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor instead of American workers.” A very small fraction of the companies on CNN’s list are reprinted in the following three paragraphs to convey some idea of the enormity of the indifference of employers for their workers:
        Aetna, AIG, Alamo Rent a Car, Alcoa, Allstate, Anheuser-Bush, AT&T, Bank of America, Bechtel, BellSouth, Best Buy, Borden Chemical, Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, ChevronTexaco, Citigrouup, Continental airlines, Delta Air Lines, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Eli Lilly, ExxonMobil, Fedders Corp., Fluor, Ford Motor, General Electric, General Motors, and Goldman Sachs.
        Also, Halliburton, Hershey, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, IBM, Illinois Tool Works, ITT Industries, John Deere, Johns Manville, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Kerr-McGhee Chemicals, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Foods, Lear Corp., Levi Strauss, Lockheed Martin, Mattel, Maytag, Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Microsoft, Monsanto, Motorola, Nabisco, Northrop Grumman, Northwest Airlines, Office Depot, Orbitz, Oracle, Otis Elevator, Owens Corning, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Polaroid, Pratt & Whitney, Procter & Gamble, and Prudential Insurance.
        Also, Quaker Oats, Radio Shack, Rayovac, Rohm & Haas, Safeway, Sara Lee, Seco Manufacturing, Square D, State Farm Insurance, Target, Tenneco Automotive, Texas Instruments, Time Warner, Tropical Sportswear, TRW Automotive, Tupperware, Tyco Electronics, Union Pacific, UNISYS, United Plastics Group, United Technologies, Verizon, Wachovia Bank, Weyerhaeuser, Xerox, and Zenith.

      38. Comments….. I wish everyone would get over thinking our problem s with the government is a Democratic, or a Republican thing. it’s neither.  it’s a republocrat problem.  They all suck.  Both sides have had their chance, and they both screwed us every chance they got.  They just use different tactics.  Does anything ever change?? NO—and it isn’t going to change unless they’re all thrown out, and that isn’t going to happen.  So, it’s anybody’s guess as to what our future holds. We have to have a reset, whatever that takes. A totally new start .  But that is doubtfull.
            Another point.  I hear people badmouthing the ones who are on unemployment, that they are lazy and don’t want to work.   Some of them don’t, BUT–the vast majority will take pretty much any job to make the rent money. I see that every day.  So many people are working entry level jobs just to pay rent. When someone was making $35-$45 thousand a year, and now is at minimum wage, just to make rent money, our country is in trouble. I see colledge grads flipping burgers, mopping floors, whatever they can get.  This obviously isn’t a career move, it’s a survival move. Most people on unemployment want a job, but there just aren’t too many of ANY kind right now.  Yes, there are some low paying , dead end jobs out there.  But how is a family man supposed to buy food, and pay rent and expenses on this kind of job?? he can’t–he’s just hanging on.  So don’t put down the people coming off unemployment as all lazy or whatever. There’s all kinds of people out there, and the situation our country is in, is only going to get worse.  depending on where you live, there aren’t even many minimum wage jobs.  Yes, there are a few, and some would rather draw unemployment than take these low paying jobs.  It’s each individual’s call to make.
             I think things are going to get much worse, and there really aren’t any positive economic factors out there to change things much.   The unemployment problem is going to get much worse everywhere. These mininum wage jobs are only going to carrry people so far. Doom and gloom, or reality check.  You can call it like you see it. have a great day.

      39. With Thanksgiving being the beginning of the Holiday season and gathering with family, I’m amazed at how members of my own family are oblivious to what is happening in America.

        Other then the unemployed most people don’t seem to see it, hear it, feel it or believe it. No matter how the MSM and the government present the numbers the facts are that over 400,000 people are loosing their job every month. So give or take a few hundred thousand, thats 5,000,000 people a year.

        Over the next few months we will see about 155,814 people a week become 99ers. As Celente is fond of saying ” when people have nothing left to loose, they loose it”

        While the MSM and the government will find creative ways to present the numbers. The facts will become appearant as real unemployment numbers climb thru 25% to 30%.

        God help us all.

      40. “…demand tax funded jobs be for citizens.”

        That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever read.

        Let the free market do these jobs.

        But I guess the USA isn’t about free market capitalism, instead there’s modern day fascism everywhere.

      41. Well, folks, If the extention isint coming then i know what is ? Yes sir ree !!!   More crime, more rapes, more murders, more theft, more homeless, more hungry,more desperate and as well as people loseing thier homes on a larger scale . Drug and Alcohol and teenage pregnancy will be running rampant  on even higher levels . when the numbers of the have nots increases to pass the size of the haves , then revolution is at hand .  Desperate times calls for desperate measures and these measures may seem abnormal to those that dont understand but normal to those that are allready thier !    Life is going to be a whole lot shorter for a whole lot of people !

      42. What a bunch of pussies. I have not had a “job” in more than 20 years and I am in the top 10% of earners in the country. The democrats have done their best to destroy me, I just lay off more people.

      43. What a bunch of pussies. I have not had a “job” in almost 20 years and I am in the top 10% of earners in the country. The democrats have done their best to destroy me, I just lay off more people.

      44. @ clark

        If it was a  true free market I would agree.  Are you so blind in defending what was and not what is that  you can’t see the manipulation by the power elite? 

        Free market means what to you?   That our borders are intentionally not secured so we can be  flooded with cheap third world labor so our work force has to work for the same wages  to put food on the table?

        Is slave wages like China’s acceptable in your free market module because there are no tariffs to protect us from corporations outsourcing and paying pennies for child and prison labor?

        I’ve posted examples on how businesses and jobs are being hijacked and projects rigged to circumvent American citizens  being able to acquire government project work and jobs and in return I get  “…let the free market do these jobs…” and in suggesting to try and rectify the situation, that the fair and right thing be done, citizens over illegals,  I have posted a ridiculous statement? 

        Sorry clark, I don’t get it.  What’s going on is not free market capitalism.  The checks and balances of what makes free market capitalism work is missing.  

      45. @ clark

        P.S.  In that posting I did not take on the private sector in regards to non government commerce - but referenced the jobs being outsourced in shovel ready projects as being financed by tax paying citizens.  And a reasonable and prudent person would think American tax payers should have been the beneficiaries. Not law breakers, identity thieves, social service fraud artist and contract tax evaders.

      46. And *THIS* is why they “can’t find a job”:

        “…he’s been asked to operate heavy equipment for minimum wage…
        Ky. is really that bad.”

        Face it people. The good jobs are gone. They’ve been regulated and taxed out of existence. I’m in the IT profession. Still a lot of demand here for that. But, if I get let go (I make 70K), I’ll be lucky to land something making 30 or 40K. Yeah, their hiring but just not for much money. Whats more, I work in an office right next to a guy that makes $80K and all he does is surf all day while I take calls and handle emergencies. What a freeloader.

        Now this particular Kentuckian, when his UE checks stop coming will be forced to operate heavy equipment for minimum wage. I’ve done IT work for half minimum wage to make ends meet. It sucks but your Kentucky friend will do what he has to. 

        Too many people want to sit on their butts and get paid 70K and not know or do anything. That messes up the rest of us that want to work hard every day and actually make money for our employers. Too many people who were getting $20 an hour and got laid off won’t go back to doing the same job for $10 an hour. I’ve seen it over and over. …and it sucks.

        HOWEVER, if you can fix cars, YOU”RE HIRED! The auto, lawn mower, motorcycle, ATV and bicycle repair business is RED FRIGGIN’ HOT! Just try to get a car fixed in less than a week. Forget it.

        (Pssst! A little secret: they’ll pay big money for you to fix their computers.)

        One thing we need to get rid of are school corporation administrators. You want to see MILLIONs going to waste? Look at that. Pulling down $80k to $120k a year for a job that would never even be noticed if it were cut. Shameful and wasteful. Its coming to a head and its gonna be messy when it pops.

      47. Sorry but there hasnt been free markets in America in a very long time.
        And whats wrong with demanding that people who get paid with our money be Americans???
        Americans are tough enough(the real ones) to make it even if the govt has stacked the deck,time has come to ignore the state every time you get the chance,how you do that is up to you but it needs to be done.
        They are doing every thing they can to stifle freemen into submission and dependence,I SEE THE SENATE PASSED S-510,PIGS! I think you get the picture!

      48. Comments….. you guys still don’t get it!!! there is no money, there are no entitlements, there are no jobs. …that is the future of this economy/country very soon if our government and our citizen don’t start right now to make the decisions that need to be made instead of acting like alot of spoiled brats looking for a last place trophy. if you have a job you do everything inyour power to keep it. if you are flat assed broke, you sell everything you have and move in with anyone who will have you. and while you are living with that whoever you keep looking for a job, you volunteer without pay if you have to  and you do everything you can to hold onto your dignity. i have never in my life seen or heard so much whining…quit it and get ready for the hard times ahead. that is what those 99ers shoulda been doing all along instead of sitting on their butts taking government handouts..they coulda put those handouts to work for them by stocking food etc.. while living with mom and dad.

      49. So when does never ending unemployment benefits turn into welfare?   I have no problem with 6 months or so, but almost two years is ridiculous.  Sorry but at some point it is time to find something to do for yourself.   Been there and done that and have help others do it for themselves.  There is always away if you want it bad enough and stop looking for the Government to take care of you.

        Alas, I am afraid that America will soon see times that really make its citizens want it bad enough to get off  our butts more than ever….. or starve.

      50. NetRanger, you reminded me of this one, a short story, and a good example of why your advise does not work for many people:

        Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

        Well, Lady Hawk, I don’t think you could say The checks and balances of what makes free market capitalism work is missing. It’s more like there’s a Giant Wall in the way, and more of the same with a slight adjustment in who gets what will Not improve things.

        Tariffs and protectionism do not work.

        If you care to know, search these out for a different perspective:
        What Is the Free Market? by Murray N. Rothbard
        The Free Market as Regulator by Ron Paul
        The Free Market Means Civilization by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

      51. I was laid off from my upper management job in June 2008, and lost all benefits in May, 2010.  I have finally landed a job that pays about what I made when I was 18 years old in the 70’s. Yeah, it’s going to get worse, people. And it isn’t a republican-democrat, right wing, left wing thins. This is global, and it has been orchestrated by the wealthy elite to take everything you own and make you slaves. Want to get pissed at the right people? I’ll drop just a few names; rockefeller, rothschild, soros, brezinski. Go to war with them, and you’ll change the world. You’re thinking small when you blame the 2 party system here. They aren’t even remotely in control of what is happening.

      52. “Want to get pissed at the right people? I’ll drop just a few names; rockefeller, rothschild, soros, brezinski. Go to war with them, and you’ll change the world.”

        Nah, I blame my idiot neighbors for voting in socialist, warmongering, and  fascist criminals. The proper role of government isn’t to blow up pregnant Iraqi women and turn Iraq into a charnel house. The proper role of government isn’t to rob person X’s money and give it away to person Y or bank Z - that’s what charities are for. The proper role of government isn’t to enforce property rights – that’s what private security guards and private aribtration firms are for. The only proper role of government is to dismantle itself.

      53. You are correct, it is not a blame game, both Dems and Republ have contributed to the existing problem. Important thing now is to either get everyone jobs that are out of work now… resolve issues that will allow someone, either single or with family, to just vacate and get rid of all they know and have to walk out the door with nothing, and going no where. The parks are going to get very crowded with people that will make it their home.

        It is very much a ” destroy the middle class “  crusade that is indeed working. Jobs are gone, what jobs are around do not pay a salary where people can exist much less live on.

        Time now to act on the Constitution statement, that the people have a right, not only a right, but they have a responsibility to take down and change representative, when  government  is not looking out for the best interest of the people or the country.

        Time to send many of those representatives  that went to Washington DC  back to where they came from, especially when they are not representing the people that elected them. Definitely send these people back to whence they came.

        The wealthy elite and  big companies are now controlling and steering the public to be forced into having  and losing all they have and have worked so hard for all their life….

        The roof has been and continues to be taken from unemployed  peoples heads,  as well as the kids heads.  There is less and less ability to put food on the table and into the tummy of these children, and it will only get worse.

        Clean out Washington DC ….remove and send those that are not representing anything  for the people ,but for their own interests and the ability back to where they came from… and put in politicians that will represent the people…. that will not be looking out for their own interest but instead they will be taking care of the peoples intesest as well as the interests of the country.

        Things will be become a lot worse before you see any
        improvement at all, people will have banned together into a very large group …a large enough party  to start a new party….
        and we do need a third party to force the government into playing it straight and fairly …for everyone rich and poor alike..

        The time is now to clean house.

      54. No…I am the walrus, you are the Walrus.

      55. Help, I need someone…..    German bonds anyone? We’re sending a credit man over to Europe to help them today.  I’m sure that will help…..  Must be a little blood in the streets. 

      56. The future of CA is the future of America if we let it happen! CA will be a few rich and retirees serviced by a bunch of below minimum wage illegals. The future of corporate America is half H1B’s. We need to get rid of all the illegals and shut down immigration and H1B’s until we get below 5% unemployment again. Not the official number but the Shadow stats number.

        America should be for Americans first, then others next and illegals last.

      57. Tom,

        Forget the Krauts bonds, and come to Crete. We will go to my property, gather the olives, and send the olive oil to Ireland.
        We will refine it, bottle it, and sell it to the Portuguese.
        With some commition we will help the Portuguese to sell it to the Spaniards.
        So everybody will be happy and cash will move around.  🙂
        My teachers from Maryland will demand my bachelors degree back 🙂

        Be safe man


      58. pfff on working for minium wage. that is a hell of lot easier to say than do… min wage doesnt even cover the MANDATORY krap that has been legislated down our throats….

      59. The people I know on EU, just sit around and smoke weed all day. They won”t seriously look for a job until the checks STOP.

        One of them is in thier late 50s and has told me he is going to try to get on disability so he does not have to work.


      60. Other than being high, not wanting to work at all, being a moocher & given up.  Sounds normal to me.  Does he buy it or grown it?

      61. Everyone talks about the 2 million people without income entering their homes as unemployment benefits are not extended, what about 5 million more that have been unemployed for 2 years (99ers), still unemployed as they haven’t been lucky finding  a job and have not been having any income as well entering their homes most since last March 2010 when their benefits exhausted? We are seeing a total of 7 million people (and families) in trouble, whose jobs were exported overseas, and who exported them? The same politicians who have been opposing aid to the unemployed. The same politicians got a big share of the pie ($$$) by agreeing with the jobs exportation. As we can see, they are a bundle of criminals and liars and care nothing about the people of our country, but only about ways to add on to their very own bank accounts.

      62. @ sittinguy
        One of my pet peeves is when one person screws up it results in a blanket memo, rule or law applied to everyone else.  Deal with the screw ups, don’t tar and feather all the others that are not screwing up or cheating. 

        These dead beats and druggies bother you?  Then turn them in.  Get new people around you that have some character and initiative.

        This from Challenger, Gray & Christmas forecast:
        “…Chicago December 1, 2010 – The pace of downsizing surged to its highest level in eight months, as employers announced plans to reduce payrolls by 48,711 jobs in November, according to the report released Wednesday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
        November job cuts were 28 percent higher than the 37,986 planned layoffs reported in October. It was the highest job-cut total since March, when employers announced plans to cut 67,611…”
        Unemployment means these folks had been WORKING and no doubt would of continued working before being layed off- these are not the welfare deadbeats you are looking for.  Yet it appears they are being shunned and lumped in the same group.  It’s apple and oranges folks.

      63. sittingguy,
        get real, because sittingbull is the name of some great native american chief doesn’t mean that you are related, just because your posting name starts with “sitting”. Do not judge all people the same way, they are all different! Grow up punk!

      64. Look at the price of wheat going  up today.  Over 5%.  Do you think it will only cost 5% more by the time it hits your pantry….
        I seen that also LH.  Time to top the freezer off again before my business implodes next year.

      65. As someone with a professional education and mindset, I nevertheless feel for the unemployed who will lose their income. Every region is different. Yet, everywhere the middle class (technicians) and working poor (wage earners) have been getting the short end of the stick since the late 1980’s.

        The transfer of our manufacturing capacity and the jobs that go with these factories, plus the unchecked invasion of 30 million Illegals has destroyed the American Economy. 42,000 manufacturing plants have relocated to China from America during the Bush Administration.

        Someone, somewhere in a related post indicated that America manufactures more today than ever. I doubt that is true. American Companies may manufacture more product than ever, but they are not doing it here.

        Now, according to SHTF times, the defict reduction commisssion is looking to eliminate the mortgage tax deduction for homeowners. That action will CRUSH what is left of the homebuilding industry, which is the engine for jobs in America. The NWO is looking to turn Americans into SERFS, working at subsistence level.

        The commission is also saying that taxes can be drastically reduced by several hundred billion dollars every year if the health care tax breaks allowed to corporations for their purchase of health care for their workers: suggesting even that salaries and wages can be raised for the employees of these companies; intimating that workers will receive higher wages. Lies, lies, and more lies!

        If recent history is any gauge, any savings to corporations will be passed along to managers and directors

        SHTF Times: Where In The World Is Robspierre?   Its time for Americans to take to the streets – along the streets that Congressmen and women live, and get their attention in no uncertain terms. Unless THEIR interests and livelihoods are at stake nothing of value will trickle down to the American worker.

        The penduluum has swung to far in the direction of BIG Business and the Bankster Gangsters. It time to swing it back. If Congress gets in the way – too bad for them. America belongs to US!

      66. I agree Clark.

      67. Americans have been living high on the hog for too long: Americans break world records for wasting energy and over-consumption of material goods. And all of this was paid for with debt. It is a model that is broken and rapidly running out of road. Face those facts and change your mentality.

        You face two very stark choices but one choice is filled with energy and hope; the other is a dead end. Choice one: scrounge around on whatever government or charity programme you can get your hands on and live on that. Choice two: get back to work doing what you love, even if it is for less money. Do it really well and gradually scale it up but without illusions: that means no taking out bank loans, using the credit card, or trying to live in a monster home and driving a SUV. Live within your means and your life will come back together. After a year or two, you will feel great and be stronger for the experience.

      68. Comments…..It was not he Teabaggers who sent all these jobs overseas, and as a “quote” Teabagger I can assure all that I to have suffered the ravages of this bad economy also. I think the wise person would go back about 20 yrs and find the real cause of the current situation….

      69. Comments…..Take a walk through Walmart people and TRY to find anything made in the USA, Good luck with that…Is it the Tea Party that caused this. Grow up and do your research…….


        Frank, it has long been my contention that shortly the US will be like the Philippines (my filipina wife concurs) with mass poverty and slums, starvation and corruption.  There will be no middle class, only the poor and the elite.

      71. @ Frank Thoughts

        “…Choice two: get back to work doing what you love, even if it is for less money. Do it really well and gradually scale it up but without illusions: that means no taking out bank loans, using the credit card, or trying to live in a monster home and driving a SUV. Live within your means and your life will come back together. After a year or two, you will feel great and be stronger for the experience…”

        The ole American fairy tale.  And once upon a time it was true. Through out several topic threads I see referrals to this sage ole advise, so I’m not singling out Frank Thoughts. But it’s time to tell the tale of the high jacked American small business model. A fellow prepper is the latest victim and I am as mad as hell for him as I am for me.

        I believed like FT.  So at 52,  too soon to retire, but wanted to maximize my savings and go into business. I did just what FT underscored. Do what you love?  Food, cooking and blue collar people. The match was mobile catering.  Food trucks that serve hot and cold food and beverages on established routes. To ensure my success in the business, I even worked a year for the main industry operator before setting up my own.

        My goal was to establish and maintain a profitable route and equipment with a reputation for variety and excellence.  Which I did at the cost of working 12 hours daily seven days a week.  Shopping, stocking, driving, cleaning, cooking and starting all over again. Ran an established route weekdays, special events weekends. No bank loans, credit, lived in same motor home and drove same 1975 Dodge van.  I didn’t buy an established route or new stainless steel truck.  Went with a well maintained used and customized it -one operator truck (eliminating an on board cook wages) and built a route from scratch. Twice the work.

        Pre 9/11 I was making damn good money, post a good living.  The payoff would be the selling of the maintained equipment, product and documented revenue of the route.  Pre 9/11 $100,000 + was not unreasonable, post $75,000 for sale of business.  Six years in, as FT states, I did feel great. I had an excellent reputation, ideal ratio of base route (covered expenses and salary) and construction and special events (gravy).

        My customer base included American small businesses. Those jobs didn’t go oversees. This isn’t just about me, it’s about my customers.  From the small auto repair, tire and transmission shops with their half dozen workers to the larger truck diesel, and tractor trailer techs/office staff, to the passenger bus maintenance crews and drivers, heavy equipment rental outfits and waste management truck drivers.

        The destruction of the American business owner, industries and worker jobs did not occur overnight.  For me, it started with the burrito peddlers. The illegals whose cost to get in the business was a cooler from Wal-Mart placed in the trunk of their uninsured vehicle, selling burritos made at home using ingredients they brought using food stamps.  No health inspected and regulated stainless steel refrigerated and heated food truck. No state and local licenses, bonding and insurance. No requirements to use a state inspected kitchen and pay the fees of their inflated food costs, no taxes, no maintenance upkeep and records or other government regulated expenses like code enforcement.  Nope, not for them. Business start up and operations were  a Wal-Mart cooler and food stamps.  Hard to provide a $2 burrito, when one’s cost is $2.25

        What happened to my customers and friend?  If you are into PC, you may want to stop reading. This does not seem to be a subject anyone is willing to discuss beyond generalities. Like our representatives, those in government, regulations and enforcement.  My prepper friend?  15 year auto detailing supplier to major car dealers. Product in 55 gal drums. Five years ago, had three delivery trucks, routes and drivers.  One driver, a school friend of his grown son, had delivered for him for several years.

        This driver’s cousins jumped the border a few years back. First, it was the cousin doing a “special ” job or two for friends of the driver using his industry contacts. Just trying to make a few dollars. Slowly and incrementally he wormed his way into the auto detailing labor side, including working for one of the dealers. It was no coincidence that auto detailing labor became a career path for other illegals.  This one was promoted which put him in charge of ordering product supplies. You guessed it.  They go under the table, Mexican products and undercut my friends business. Better prices and more profit if your business is not registered, licensed, insured, taxed and fee’d to death. Like haz mat placards, commercial storage and shelving, MDSD (sp) reports, fire permits and inspection fees, you know, the price of doing business.  Nope, no overhead expenses for them.

        To stay afloat, my friend relocated to smaller quarters, reduced operations to one delivery truck with him driving and expanded his geographical delivery area. He had until yesterday, been servicing the smaller dealers and into the next state.  No longer, the illegals are moving in on him there too.  He’s mid sixty’s and no safety net except he owns his home.  He too was a FT fairy tale believer, but not any more.

        My customers.  Small businesses closed.  Couldn’t compete with someone doing auto repairs out of their backyard or garage.  Using stolen parts and accessories supplied by illegal gang auto theft rings.  The same with tire and car assesories shops – top of the line, slightly used wheels, rims, tires, radios and electronics (maybe yours?) - why do you think they can operate so cheaply?  Partnership with gangs, Mexican products, dirty gas transportation and cheap labor of other illegals. The law and rules are not enforced against illegals and their businesses. Their corruption, greed and distain for the American way is evident. For those reasons, American small businesses and workers can’t compete.

        The mechanics and divers of diesel and big trucks, the garbage truck drivers, the construction jobs – both home building and high way construction like roofing, framing, electrical, cement pouring and heavy equipment, all now are being worked by the illegals.  Even jobs requiring FAA certification for servicing and repairing cargo and passenger airplanes are being performed by Spanish only speaking workers and is condoned by the government.  Another high jacked American industry.  The reality of what has happened to the American small business and it’s workers is in the details, not the PC generalization of jobs lost.  Why are those jobs lost? The better term is stolen.  We have been invaded without a shoot being fired. Besides the American culture and business mode,  the illegals are high jacking industries and worker jobs while we do nothing. When is enough, enough? 

        My last day was I had an exclusive on certain construction sites, meaning by truck was the only food and drink provider. By that time home building construction was being done by crews totally made of illegals. The only American workers were the Superintendent, the Assistant and the Bi-lingual Foreman. Even thou my menu included their cultural fare, they had tried on several occasions to get one of their family members on site in a Mexican truck (still no licenses etc, etc,) but the Sup turned them away because of their commitment to me, the non legal unit and it was filthy. So, that last day they boycotted my truck a.m. and p.m..  (Illegals boycotting an American enterprise) When I showed up, they went to their vehicles or stood in groups.

        Saw the handwriting on the wall. The burrito peddlers violating route rights had already ruined the route resale value, and the regular customer base was dwindling due to the displacement of American workers with illegals.  I was the first in the industry to pull out, with only a few American operators remaining out of a fleet of over a hundred. The rest are all Spanish named trucks if they have a sign or Spanish speaking operators if not.

        Sorry, there is no longer any American happy fairy tale ending. . 

      72. I exist, therefore somebody must pay me or pay for me. I insist. Where is my next check?


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