The Irony: Kathy Griffin Cries About Being Threatened With Death After Beheaded Trump Pic: “This Is America… You Shouldn’t Have To Die For It”

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Headline News | 123 comments

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    Comedienne Kathy Griffin gave a press conference this morning following the outrage stemming from her recent photo shoot depicting a bloody and beheaded President Trump.

    To be clear, we fully support Griffin’s right to expression. Despite her insensitive and outrageous “artistic” display, it is this very act that our First Amendment is designed to protect. The First Amendment, however, does not protect Griffin from the consequences of her actions, namely the right of the public to be outraged and to also express their views.

    According to Griffin, the mob mentality following her display has led to scores of death threats that are reportedly quite specific.

    The death threats I’m getting are constant… and they are detailed… and they are specific.

    While we can understand Griffin’s concerns, we find it ironic that she was surprised at the death threats that came in response to her holding a severed and bloodied head of the President of the United States. 

    While it may have been considered art in her mind, the fact is that President Trump has been repeatedly threatened with assassination by personalities on the left, including the New York Times and major European newspapers, and we find it hard to believe that Griffin, deep down, didn’t want an end result similar to what she depicted in her photographs.

    The reality is, factions on the left leaning political spectrum in America would like to see nothing more.


    Creepy CNN Asks: “Who Is Designated Presidential Successor” If Trump Is Killed At Inauguration?

    NYT Jokes About Trump Assassination: “Good News I’ve Figured Out How Trump Campaign Ends”

    Media Talking Heads Continue to Call for President Trump’s Assassination


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      1. She is quite unattractive. Inside and out.

        • She threatened jihad on trump so what does she expect. These people are not in touch with reality.

          • What a sad sack of human excrement! What she should do is the right thing…. a jackknife dive off the roof of a thirty story building and failing to come out of her pike.

            • I believe that the right has given up on the possibility of having polite, fact based conversations with the left. The left has gone so far off the deep end that facts don’t matter and the left now threatens violence against anyone who disagrees with them. The left has also taken the tactic of trying to destroy people’s business and reputation in the community if they question the left.

              The right has no choice but to adopt the left’s tactics short of being the first to use kinetic action. The phone calls to Griffin’s sponsors, advertisers and venues for her act started right away. The right is smarter and more organized then the left. The right has figured out that there is no more Mr. Nice Guy.

              The left is reaping what they have sown in spades. Griffin was one of the opening salvos of the new game. I believe that fighting back against the Antifa forces and kicking their butts was the first salvo.

              The begs the question, Is this phony war a prelude to the real war?

              If the left takes out Trump somehow, the left could not deal with Jack Hinson times 10,000.

              • Red leader, the left is not worth talking to. They have some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. They’re forcing us into a war no one in their right mind even wants. And yes I believe this phony war is a prelude to the real war.

                • Yes fellow deplorable, if the left agreed with anything then it must be bad for working amerikans. All she kept saying was old white guys are causing her problems. I hope she puts a bag “burka” over her ugly twat face, please.

                  • Gandhi, I’m one ‘old white guy’ that won’t have any problem putting the bitch out of her misery.

                • I have listened to TV or radio conversations that conservative thinkers try to have with libs. Very seldom is there any sort of actual conversation–you know the kind: I say something and then you reply which goes back and forth until the topic is finished being explored.

                  Most of the time it’s more the conservative asks a question but even if it’s a yes or no, the reply is a five minute tirade which may or may not have anything to do with the question asked. And it’s all the same “talking points.”

              • Red, you are correct that we are past the point of rational discussion with the left.

                It is a no holds barred battle to control the power of the state. When the Obomination was President, they targeted Conservative as Terrorists. Not radical Mud-slimes but Constitutionalists! Unbelievable!

                Whomever controls the power of the state will win this war (yes, I believe this is a war against world wide communism). They will use this enormous power to crush the other side. Consequently, that is why we hear so much talk about marshal law and not relinquishing power. THIS is why people SUPPORT DICTATORSHIPS!

                • Don’t know which Kmart stores were affected. Be aware, if you have recently used your credit or debit card…

                  Sears Announces Kmart Malware Attack

                  “Five days after Chipotle, Inc. announced a massive malware attack resulted in widespread theft of customer payment data…”

                  ht tp://

        • Menzo, I wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s……never mind.

        • Quoting some earlier post that I agree with 100% Kathy is a stupid twat

        • Perhaps she and hillary can get together and sob uncontrollaby in each others crotch.

        • It sounds like she is now blaming Trump for trying to “ruin her”. And she just happens to have a leftist lawyer who hates the Trumps. Imagine that… Sounds like another BS setup attempt. She stepped in $#!^ on purpose, and expects no repercussions. More leftist BS.

          I’m all for Freedom Of Speech. I offend people often, but I will not shy from owning it.

          It would be awesome if those people would fall off the planet, or something.

          • Jihad Kathy is a hater. She threatened Baron. What kind of possessed demon would threaten a young child. She must be part of that pediphile ring. She is a filthy “not funny” twat-a-roo

        • “This is america, and you shouldn’t have to die for it,”

          Yes this is America. And if you are not willing to die, if necessary, to defend the rights and liberties embedded within you by Nature’s God as an American Citizen, you need don’t deserve to live here, you need to renounce your citizenship and move to a “safe space” in Europe or South America. Don’t let THE WALL hit you in the ass on the way out Kathy !!!


          • Every once and a while, you say something I agree with.

            • “Blinded by the light” I presume. 🙂

          • @durangokidd…..

            I’d like to see her and Hillary move to Benghazi.

        • Hand the Redheaded C*nt over to ISIS for some punishment. After a year, see if she has changed her tune about hating America and Trump. Friggin moron!!

          • Not a good punishment. This Ho would revel in being gang raped every day. Its probably the only way she would get some dick.

            I mean who would touch this piece of sleaze in their right mind …. and sober ??? 🙂

            • By the time someone had enough drink to want to screw her, Their penis would never get hard and they’d probably pass out.

              • Sounds like you’re talking about Anderson Cooper. Oh, wait he’s heterosexuality challenged, and a CIA plant.

        • Typical snowflake leftist……Thinks she can do anything she wants and there will be no consequences.

          I hope she has trouble sleeping at night wondering if someone is coming after her and I hope she spends the rest of her miserable life looking over her shoulder.

          The old adage comes to mind, “Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.”

      2. It’s a shame really that people are reacting and giving this idiot so much attention. Her only mistake was thinking she was ‘somebody’. Well…. now that she is, the old adage “you reap what you sow” must be real clear to her now. Or how about “2 wrongs don’t make a right”? Everyone needs to just grow the “F” up.

      3. That sewer rat photographer came out of his hole. He defended the incident. The rat defended it as art. Yea, it is art to the mentally unhinged.

        • Well today, the actor Jim Carey crawled out of his drug induced gutter and stated that she did nothing wrong.

          • Here’s hoping that Miz Griffin’s publicists over at PMK*BNC are foaming at the mouth and her agents over at Wm Morris Endeavor experience a sharp reduction in their slimy commissions. Oh yeah.

          • He says the same about his dead girlfriend. No responsibility at all.

      4. F*ck the B*tch!!

        • No thanks, I am not that desperate!

      5. I bet she isn’t getting any death threats…Or maybe they are from friends of hers that had to cancel her shows because they didn’t want to be boycotted either. cry baby.

      6. Kathy Griffin is blaming POTUS, His son Donald JR, Melania, and other Trump family members for losing her jobs. She, Griffin, does not want to accept responsibility for her own actions. No one held a gun to her head and made her take the photograph holding a severed head of President Trump. Griffin is starting to sound more and more like Hillary Clinton. They both want to blame everyone but themselves. Griffin is even boohooing over this incident which she caused herself. Griffin can dish it out, but she can’t take the heat. I don’t feel sorry for Griffin; if she is getting death threats she can blame only herself. So, Kathy STFU, no one wants to hear from you. And Griffin’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, says she doubts if Barron Trump was traumatized by the picture; like she would know! You reap what you sow.

        • Waiting, agreed. Someone just give her two bullets to the head and be done with it. Stupid communist bitch.

        • Kathy is showing typical Liberal behavior,which is TELL others how to live their own lives,blame others for Libs actions,but NEVER try to tell a Liberal how they should live their life.Liberals do NOT want to accept accountability for their actions,instead a simple apology afterwards is all that’s required and everything is good again,BULLSHIT!!!!..Kathy would have SCREAMED racism,Hate,etc.,etc,etc.,if someone would have posted a video holding a faux head with blood drippping from it if it would have been one of her loved one’s or Libby friend..Notice how Kathy said it was all just a joke,but when her life is “supposedly” threatened,look how SERIOUS she became!!!!!..What’s good for the slut has to be good for the whore….

        • In typical Lib fashion Kathy is blaming others for her actions..Lib’s love using reverse psychology on others and have them feeling guilty about things they had no control over and shouldn’t feel guilty about to begin with..Notice how the word “racism” scares the shit out of most white people,but blacks don’t flinch..Notice how white’s must walk on egg shells and blacks are allowed to say anything they want..I can’t help what happened hundred’s of years ago,neither can ANYONE alive today..White people were NOT the only one’s to own slaves,but Hollywood,media,college professor’s,and even most history books don’t want to talk about the other race that actually owned slaves…Hypocrisy is at an all-time high and one race is being held to a MUCH higher standard than ALL other races..Unless ALL races are held to the EXACT same standards we will continue to see the same things we see happening on a daily basis..Contrary to what Libs,Hollywood and the media WANT you to believe,racism is in ALL races,not just white’s…

          • To hell with my Cracker wife, Nigger cousin, Gook brother-in law. Kike sister, Spick aunt and Towel Head uncle.

      7. Cry me a river bitch! You had to some kind of special stupid to think you could post a picture like the one you made and expect zero blow back from it. Yes you have the right to express or make any political statement you want. But there is a line one does not cross, that being calling for the assassination of your elected officials. I get it, you’re still pissed off that Hillary lost the election and was rejected by the majority of the voters. Deal with it. Try acting like a responsible adult and give us what you think is a better idea. No, honey the Trump family is NOT trying to ruin your life. What ever consequences you are experiencing are entirely of YOUR own creation. Own it. You brought this on yourself. Nobody is required to shield you from the consequences of your own stupidity. What you did was not just offensive, in poor taste or even highly disrespectful; it was weapons grade stupid.

        While you are at it, clean up your act. Real adult women who have class and self-respect do NOT on national TV act out performing oral sex.

        • Well said.

      8. Yeah, one less talking head to deal with on TV,

        • Speaking of talking heads. Megyn Kelly always has plenty to say. Haven’t heard her flap her gums yet.

      9. Kathy, are you serious? Larry Flint?? THAT SCUMBAG deserves to die !! Oh, he is dead. Well, there you go.

        Stop having plastic surgery to improve your looks. It killed Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson. Nothing is going to help your ugly state of mind or resurect your sagging career. Jesus could save you, but your great great great, etc., grandparents murdered him. Oh, well. What goes around… ?


        • Hollywood is a huge promoter of plastic surgery. All the nips and tucks were normalized gradually. Now when you see a lot of creatures in the industry they have had extreme surgery. The question is what gender were they really before? Beautiful people? That is until you see most of them without make up.

        • she’s Irish Catholic you idiot.

          • 24 bolt,
            Exactly who are you commenting to? Who is discussing her ethnicity? Not sure who cares what that irrevelant bitches ancestry is. F u moron.

          • I don’t give a fuk where the toxic bitch came from.

      10. The First Amendment protects speech and political speech is covered with the widest brush of protection. This being said what she did was legal and you don’t die for it as you would in other countries. Its one of many reasons I like it here and those protections need to remain. Despite all of this just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do. Actions have consequences and the public has the right of association. They’re choosing to no longer associate with you.

        • Yes she has the right to say whatever she wants, and make ‘art’ like this. She has no right to demand that people agree with her, or employ her.

      11. She thinks it’s okay because she’s a comic????? (as she stated in her “apology”.) What’s so funny about beheading a person ISIS style????? Free speech does NOT include threatening or suggesting beheading, OR yelling “fire” in a theater. Which is worse,shouting “fire” or condoning someone’s beheading????? She along with the rest of her ilk i.e. Madona for her talk about blowing up the White House,
        should be arrested and charged with sedition.




        • Just point me at her (I’ll wont have to close my eyes because Justice is blind) and Justice will be served.

          • I am clearly joking because of my handle name. I have not now, nor ever have I ever, contemplated anything resembling Justice.

            I swear that I will never mention that word again. I whole heatedly support a world there are no consequence for ones action much less the concept of Justice. Please accept my apology for suggesting that Justice be contemplated, much less served!

      13. Beyond the apparent death threat she made against the president are the threats and personal attacks against the presidents son. These people are sick.

        There has been a huge double standard where the press and entertainment world are completely hands off of the progeny of liberals. While hateful and threatening toward the children of conservatives.

        • We can all imagine the outrage if that had been obama’s head instead of trump’s.

      14. Thank you Kathy Griffith. For your planned stunt, with your accomplice of the person who created the bloody head of Trump, this is now what took place:

        You, Kathy, created a Tremendous Tsunami BackLash of
        Trump Supporters, Luke Warm Trump Supporters, Republicans, some Democrats and Liberals who became
        OUTRAGED at what you and your accomplice did.

        Andy Cooper/Blooper even put out a statement saying he disagreed with what she pulled. Everyone, especially at
        CNN are distancing themselves from her, and it was a
        smart move to Fire her from the network.

        This will NOT GO AWAY, Kathy, in a puff or wisp of smoke. This WILL BE REMEMBERED and HELD UP as what
        the TRUMP HATERS REALLY BELIEVE. = Kill him.

        ( What do you people want – The U.S. to be exactly like
        Germany or England? Nail bombs 24/7? You probably were happy to see that little 8 year old girl die in the nail bomb attack in Manchester.)

        ( Do you want this country filled with Somali, Muslim, Central American jihads, terrorists? Who hate Western civilization, and its language and culture?)

        Trump’s travel ban to certain countries and ICE are trying to protect U.S. citizens from the bloodshed and terror that’s going on overseas.

        You, Kathy, pissed off the Secret Service, horrified Melania Trumps wife, you terrified Trump and Melania’s son, pissed off the adult Trump family, and all their supporters around them.


        You can hire all the lawyers and PR people to do a turn around SPIN on your stunt, but IT WON’T WORK.

        You are now right up there with = Hanoi Jane / Jane Fonda.

        You can apologize all you want, cry your fake tears, but

        • Well said.

        • Her ‘career’ was over long before she tried this desperate stunt to revive it. Notice how the ‘famous’ people who pull these stunts are usually washed-up has-beens with little to lose.

      15. What a dumb ignorant broad. I hope no one will hire her as anything but a cleaning woman or cashier.

        • I wouldn’t even hire her to clean my toilet. She’s a sick puppy.

      16. “This Is America… You Shouldn’t Have To Die For It”

        That is correct, otherwise we are the same as those who can not tolerate Danish Cartoons

        She is not someone I care to watch, but I have that choice, not to watch her.

        Ted Nugent, yes
        Sieg Heil, yes
        Super sized Confederate flag on I-4/I-75 by Tampa
        Hell YES

      17. now super a-hole Al Franken is backing out of his relationship with the bitch – she was supposed to do a joint show about his book and now he;s afraid of the stink taint ….

      18. She’s got the right to free speech, that being said if she wants to dish she better be ready to take the heat. Does it fall under the definition of a threat? Maybe, let her fall under the secret service microscope to determine that. If they find it does they can charge her.

      19. But it’s OK for her to suggest that Trump should die for being President.

        • Jihad Kathy is just self destructing to be a martar to waste Trumps precious time. I hope she gets her 72 virgins with tiny dicks.

      20. This is a publicity stunt. Play the tape back in slow motion, she’s about to bust out laughing. The only people the government is looking at are the gullible who may have lashed out verbally or over the net. She probably planned the whole thing with Kushner and his inlaws. Don’t take this stuff to heart, and be careful what you post. I’m seriously thinking of quitting my commentary here. We’ll see. There are people who benefit from my work, but they never give me a cut of the action. I think I’ll write some literature or something and sell it as ART. “The autobiography of a Couch Potato”. By: me, B.

        __ ?


        • Please do quit ASAP. don’t disappoint us!

          • B from Ca you insight is valued don’t let Cyclops or anyone else say otherwise!

        • B from CA, I hope you don’t quite commenting here. I’m sure someone finds it helpful or insightful. I can’t imagine who, but I’m sure they’re out there. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

          But seriously, I have NEVER made a prediction in 10 years of prepping, but we are approaching the collapse. Ever since the PTB put their fall guy/patsy in place, my preparations have gone into overdrive.

          This morning I was out gathering wood to test my Rocket Stove (I wanted to see how much wood it requires to cook a meal) and a had a big branch and instead of cutting it I was lazy and stomped it. Well long story short, I think I broke my ankle. Needless to say I will never survive the apocalypse.

          Also, I really hope Rocket Stoves can burn wood pellets! Pray for Mojo!

          • I never made predictions either. For me it was always just life. Get ready for hard times was the rule. Make hay while the sun shines. Get the garden in and the canners ready.

            But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among our kind (long-term, committed, preppers). All the ones I’ve known and associate with are all pretty much resigned and have been for at least a decade. It’s coming and nothing can stop it now. We’ve gone from abstract ponderings and discussions of possible problems to address in our preps (think rubber bands and paper clips) to a full understanding of what this all actually means.

            Barring somebody’s blood being a little cooler in temperature than mine, it won’t really affect me (and those like me) all that much. We’re off the grid and have been for years. We have our composting toilets and our bees. We have our gardens established. We’ve planted our fruit and nut trees. We have a secure source of water. I even cut out the weakest link (besides lack of rain) in my water catchment system. The sur-flo on-demand pump. Gravity never fails.

            We’re as ready as you can get.

            And not a damned one of us are truly ready.

            Here’s the deal… I’ve actually survived four short-term every-man-for-himself situations. Gunfights and everything. I was in Honduras for Hurricane Mitch (at a month with no outside help, my longest). It was enough (at the cost of my daughter’s life) to teach me that I was never ready for everything. I forgot to keep anti-malarial drugs on hand. I paid the price for my mistake. I won’t make it again. Prep for your AO. Don’t bring your Parka to the tropics. Leave those shorts and sandals at home when you visit the north pole.

            For just straight-up, everyday-livability I’d put my preps against anybody on the sites we frequent because I’m not discussing it as a “what if” situation. This is the way I already live. It’s the way I’ve always lived… and I’m not ready for what’s about to happen.

            None of us are.

          • “Pray for Mojo” is an obscure Simpsons reference.

        • You are very correct about being careful what you post. Things can come back on you. Drop F@cebok and anything like it.

      21. ARREST THAT red headed BITCH.

        The nerve of that ugly read headed bitch.

        No this bitch is calling the president a fool on national Tv. You think we are going for you shit, bitch CAPITAL FUCK YOU.

        That bitch is on tv with here attorney talking crap about Trump again. Not sure if you all saw this, see link. Her ass in trouble, listen to what she is saying about the president, calling him a fool on national Tv. Donald Trump is not fool. Trump is the best President that ever took office in this country in 100 years, FACT OF LIFE HERE PEOPLE. I am not huge fan, I love Trump, I have my reasons, I support him and don’t support him on certain issues. But this time, I think Donald needs to have that bitch arrested and sentenced. The bitch is out on tv talking shit about Trump is messing with the wrong red head. Bitch you are one STUPID DUMB FUCKING RED HEAD.

        I hope the secret service arrest that red head bitch. You fucking bitch, Now your gonna learn. I hope Trump gets that bitch arrested.

        Any bitch like that ever enters my residence, would get the shit slapped out her fucked up face, and literally kicked in the ass straight out side my fucking door. Fucking bitch.


        Donald Trump, internationally known, locally respected.

        Get that bitch Donald, get her.


        For all we know, the whole thing plus this recent tv press conference with the bitch ass attorney may very well be a Ted Turner staged event to show that the president is a bad guy. It may all be acting. CNN’S RATINGS ARE NOW SHIT. So they staged this to make it look like that are for Trump when I fact they attention as much as possible to save this lying shitty network.


        just saying.

      23. Remember: H8TE is bad… unless you are Griffin, Berkeley leftist burning and beating people, campus liberals putting the Middlebury college prof in the hospital after assaulting her, or holding “Rape Melania” signs. Then its “understandable” and “justified.”

        Truly the biggest H8TERS on the planet is the left

      24. Griffin: Arrested development? Psychotic? Bad potty training (also needed potty training for her mouth)?

        • Just read something on her childhood. The family was very toxic. Claims she had an older, pedo brother.

          • Lot’s of people have toxic childhood experiences.

            You have a choice between overcoming it and becoming a good person, or letting it turn you into the same kind of monster.

            Griffin made the latter choice.

      25. The left has a contest going on to see who can be the biggest as*hole. Currently, Kathy Griffin is leading the pack. Next week, someone will exceed her and she will be forgotten. Any ideas on who will be next?

      26. Griffin was never funny. This incident will be used by the establishment to crack down on free speech, to plant the idea into minds that government cannot be criticized in the long run. I’d like to see all politicians fake heads paraded in the streets, make a public display of anger peacefully within people’s rights. You would see exactly the rights you do not have, the right to dissent is on the chopping block. If your dissent doesn’t fit the desired narrative the approaching all encompassing police state will lock you up or outright kill you.

      27. OK. Who the fuck is Kathy Griffin?

        Before the article popped up over at The Sheeple I had never heard of her before.

        I don’t watch much TV (read any) and honestly don’t know who this woman is.

      28. such a NASTY woman!

      29. This is America you shouldn’t have to die for it. Tell all the vets that are in the va that seen their buddies die for America. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard if everyone thought you shouldn’t have to die for America who would fight for it.

      30. So let me get this straight. She can show a bloody head of the President of the United States in true ISIS fashion and when the president and his family respond with words about how sick she is, the president and his family are at fault? WTH!

        • She gets to threaten the President and his family with death and harm, but when she gets a threat, that’s not right.

          Welcome to the deluded and demented logic of the left.

      31. Stupid cunt

        • Cant Understand Normal Thinking

      32. Typical libtard cu nt

      33. Kathy Griffith is just another whining victim libtard piece of shit,
        I cant wait till she gets raped by mooslime refugees then gets her head cut off and shoved further up her ass than it already is

      34. She feels threatened? Fuck her what did she expect. In real life you get pushback you ugly cunt.

      35. She needs a 32 ounce glass coke bottle shoved up her beaver. Then break the bottle with a hammer while it is in her stinking skank hole. Bet that would give a good load a blood. After that just leave her laying there to bleed out. Dirty stinking rotten cunt. You DIE soon bitch.

        • I think your birthday card poems would be funnier than that stupid twat’s standup comedy, James

      36. Shut up Cunt. When you depict an isis video with the dismemberment of our president, you must face the music. Stop with the victim card sweetheart.

      37. We honor and remember you as the first War dead.

        Ciao Ginger.


      38. If she had s brain … she would of had Peter or Stewie do it
        They can get away with anything?

        ht tps://

      39. You can bet she never came to the defense of anyone that insulted her lord and master Obama. She probably laughed at all the leftist death threats against Rush Limbaugh and others on the right when they simply criticized some of Obamas policies. That commie twat will get no sympathy from me.

      40. I bet Russia had something to do with it!!!

        • Where’s Comey when you need him? Oh yeah forgot he got Das Boot.

      41. Bill Clinton will console her! Cigar?

      42. I think that for the longest time these libturds thought everyone thinks the way they do.
        Turns out not to be the case.

        Poor misinformed dumass’s!

        We the people, who love this country and and are in fact willing to die for it, have had enough.
        We have tried to be quiet, legal and generally good citizens. But now, you have mistaken this for weakness, this is not weakness, this is the proper and first way to respond and to move civilization forward. But now you have destroyed this process with your relentless pursuit of immortality and selfishness.

        The good and decent Americans have had enough of your rotgut ways and we are prepared, ready and rising.
        The irony is,,, you have brought this on yourselves!

        And for the record, yes, I have a bible and and a gun!!!

        We are so much stronger and dedicated than you and will not be deterred, we have won the country before and will do it again.

        While you try to figure out new ways to sink this country into the abyss of evil, we already know how to save her and we will.

        Enjoy your day in the sun,, for the sun is now setting,,, and we are watching, waiting and ready.

      43. Pesticides in food far more dangerous than was thought, cause damage to brain

        “Consumers should consider going organic because pesticides on foods are far more dangerous than was thought, causing damage to the human brain, a major study suggests.

        The research, published by the European Parliament, warns of the “very high costs” of current levels of exposure to pesticides – especially for children and pregnant women.”

        “The report warns of increasing evidence that residues from insecticides are damaging the brain, and reducing the IQ of the population. And it raises concerns that the chemicals could also cause cancer.”

        ht tp://

      44. send to iraq or some other arab country so she can get raped burned alive stoned and finally behead to knife the slow way not with sword put burning iron rods up her snatch she will change her tune you take america for granted all you left scum wait till the SHTF happens you will be helpless your smartphone won,t work and you will die slow painful death

      45. Folks I’m all for being funny and making people laugh hell I use comedy all the time to lighten some situations but this was not funny AT ALL. This woman, and I use that term lightly held up the bloodied head of a sitting president ARE YOU KIDDING ME what sort of idiot does that and my bigger point is where does it stop, I mean where could it possible go from there???? The left, media, and Hollywood types have lost it, really people I’ve never seen anything like these crazies going off the reservation like these people have they seem to think because they live in the greatest nation in the world that it’s there right to say or do ANYTHING they want to President Trump and his family and there be NO consequences for there actions, well people I think we see now if you push hard enough KARMA bites back and it took a real BITE out of her ass not only financially but sounds like mentally also let me be clear the death threats need to stop whatever STUPID thing she’s done violence is not the answer but it’s Americans right to decide if we watch her on TV or go to her shows and speaking for one Proud American I’m done with this comedian she didn’t just go over the line she BLEW it out of the water and Mac sir I love your site but you standing up for her FREE SPEECH really I’m all for free speech and the right to express yourself but Kathy did something even you writers and artist have to CALLOUT as wrong my gosh man she held up the bloodied head of A SITTING PRESIDENT if A AVERAGE AMERICAN did this they would be CUFFED AND STUFFED in hours of it being on the Internet and let me just end this by saying HOLLYWOOD AND THE MEDIA pissoff STOP trying to tell us how to act and what to believe most of us are smarter than you, just thank God for your cushy lifestyle and just TRY to act and entertain us and the mainstream media like the NY POST and WASHINGTON POST you all don’t have a clue how most of us live and provide for our families if you’d get off you fatasses and get out of NY and Washington and go mingle with REAL PEOPLE you’d find out the real pulse of AMERICANS and you’d find out why Donald Trump got elected remember you all told us he doesn’t have a chance in hell being elected guess we’re smarter than you thought love him or hate him he’s in office for 4 years 2020 will be here before you know it SO GET OUT AND VOTE that’s how our country works so to all you snowflakes who are beside yourselves take a art class or go buy some play doe or something but holding up bloodied heads of our president is only going to get you two things visits from KARMA and the secret service and THANK YOU BOTH for visiting Kathy………….one Proud Average American and small business owner and one PROUD AS HELL TEAM TRUMP SUPPORTER

      46. Pour Napalm in that carrot-top, FUGLY rats asshole and hope it burns all the way down. That whore deserves to HANG folks. She hates America and OUR President.

      47. I would like to be inside Putin’s head right now, to know his real thoughts on this one(Kathy and the look-a-like severed Trump head) You’d have to be in his head, because Putin will never openly comment on this one. I am curious though.

      48. BEOTCH!!!!
        You want to tell this to all the Military personnel, Firefighters, and LEO’s that have died for this country so that you can be the TURD you are.

        Screw you! You started the fight so take your punches. Just like a Libtard start the fight, but when we fight back you cry foul!!! FFFF@@@@####KKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU!!!!


        • She drank her own Kool-Aid when she thought it was a good career move to make the display, now she’s drinking it again with her lawyer. One thing about the left, they don’t know enough to shut up and sit down when reality walks in the door.

      49. Many have died for this country, to give this idiot the right to free speech. She exercised her right. And we exercised out rights to blackball her and call her what she is. She has never been funny, in my opinion.

      50. Most of the stand-up comedians that I have seen have a lot of unresolved issues and repressed hostility. They perform in front of an audience that share a lot of the comedian’s views. The result is that they go to far. They get into trouble with the general public. The smart ones apologize, tone it down and wait for the outcry to die down. Someone else will come along with something which makes the general public more outraged than what that comedian did. The trouble for Kathy Griffin is that it might take quite a while.

      51. Just to add my 2 cents:

        I think this is just another tactic by the left to push Trump´s buttons. This was probably something that was planned out by several people to provoke and enrage Trump and hope he would do something stupid that they could criticize him for. They want him gone so bad, I think we will continue to see stuff like this. They probably consulted a lawyer from the left to make sure what she did was technically legal. This is just another tactic the left is using against Trump.

        • You are awake redneck, this is just another attack from the left to waste the Donald’s time.

      52. “This Is America… You Shouldn’t Have To Die For It”……Well Kathy! More than 1.1 million have died for your right to express yourself. Why should you be exempt from the club. You are the one that opened this can of worms now deal with it.

      53. I think she wanted attention like Merl Streep got for her mindless rant. As my grandmother would state. Kathy You made you own bed now lay in it.

      54. Does she give good head?

      55. ” this is america you shouldnt have to die for it”
        Maybe SO

        But There are a Heck of allot of people that have died for AMERICA, they died to keep our LIBERTY, our FREEDOM, OUR RIGHTS

        and the MORONS and You Kathy Griffin ARE IDIOTs!!!!!

        you arte a MOREMORON,,,,



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