The Important Differences & Similarities Between COVID-19 And The Flu

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 6 comments

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    The coronavirus is not “exactly like the flu” although both have similar symptoms. But the differences are important, as are the similarities.

    Some of the symptoms of both the seasonal flu and the coronavirus are aches and pains, sore throat, and a fever.  These can also be symptoms of the common cold. They all may feel similar to those suffering from their symptoms, but it’s important to note that the novel coronavirus is not the same as the seasonal flu, experts stressed Wednesday.

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    COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, proves deadly in around 3.5 percent of confirmed cases. While this is not the same as its mortality rate, given many people may be infected but not realize it, it is significantly higher than seasonal flu, which typically kills 0.1 percent of patients. “There is still considerable uncertainty around the fatality rates of COVID-19 and it likely varies depending on the quality of local healthcare,” said Francois Balloux, Professor of Computational Systems Biology at University College London according to Science Alert. “That said, it is around two percent on average, which is about 20 times higher than for the seasonal flu lineages currently in circulation.”

    Hospitals could easily become overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, especially if several million people end up contracting the virus. Especially considering it’s much easier to get the coronavirus than the flu. Disease experts estimate that each COVID-19 sufferer infects between two to 3 others. That’s a reproduction rate up to twice as high as seasonal flu, which typically infects 1.3 new people for each patient.

    It’s making containment difficult, and testing for the virus hasn’t been up to par according to health experts.

    What is similar, however, is important to note too.  You can prevent both viruses by improving your handwashing, boosting your immune system, and wearing a face mask if you are infected.  Masks can be up to 80% effective if worn correctly.

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

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    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

    Avoid getting sick and take the appropriate measures to ensure your immune system is in decent shape.  That includes cutting back on alcohol and nicotine and getting a good night’s sleep. Eating right can also help your immune system. 


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      1. A not-young, not-elderly, but middle-aged acquaintance has been exposed to Chinese nationals, lives within a few minutes commute of a quarantine zone, and is waiting an extra long time for the results of a lung biopsy.

        My theory is that tests become cheap and readily available, only after we have supposedly reached the point of no return, so are under lockdown, pending the test results.

      2. Oh my God, what a day…

        Aside from the Titanic moves in the markets – which is more than slightly terrifying to many still invested – we’re seeing some trends emerging in the COVID-19 dept. that are to say the least disturbing.
        To wit, the current recovered cases vs total mortality is concerning me deeply. Briefly, take the following to consider,
        China; 62826 recovered vs 3169 total dead
        Contrasted against those below,
        Italy; total recovered 1258 vs 1016 total dead
        S. Korea; total recovered 333 vs 66 total dead
        Iran; 3276 total recovered vs 429 total deaths
        Spain; 189 total deaths vs 86 dead…
        And the list goes on and on. However, the Chinese figures should be taken with a boxcar sized grain of salt inasmuch as they were running their crematoriums so hard they literally burned several up in the process of disposing of the evidence, so…
        It is the remaining figures from other countries that I’ve listed above which are disturbing me presently. Before beginning allow me a brief segue here to set the stage for what follows.
        ‘HOW’ do we accurately assess the effective mortality rate of the CIVID pandemic while it’s still far from completion? It’s trivial to assess such AFTER an epidemic has concluded; simply divide the number of survivors by the number of deaths resulting from infection, yes? However, in the case of an ongoing, uncompleted cycle of infection/recovery/death it is a bit of a horse of a ‘different color’s so to speak.
        The figures I’ve listed above utilized in the prescribed manner yield fantastically high mortality rates if employed directly. Take Uraky as an example here,
        Total Deaths/Total Recoveries post-Infection yields a mortality rate of slightly less than 81% which is ridiculously high placing, the Italian strain up on a par with Ebola Zaire for mortality. For Iran the figure is radically different, that yielding a more believable figure of about 13%…for Spain, that yields a figure around 45%.
        Part of the problem lies in the relative sample of fully completed infection/recovery cycles but for the present all we have is the figures available to us now.
        It is a conundrum, make no mistake. That said, I am uncomfortable with the results we obtain with respect to the process regarding the Italian figures; something is very, very wrong supposing the veracity of the numbers we have to work with. Clearly, the Italians are experiencing something that no other nation is (yet) seeing and perhaps that is cause for fresh, more profound concern…concern that the ongoing process of mutation might – MIGHT – there have produced a new variant far more tailored to the genome of Western Europeans.
        I submit that hereafter a special emphasis on our monitoring of the progress – and the concomitant RESULTS, even if yet incomplete – of the virus on a country-by-country basis is highly advisable since that is the SOLE means by which we will be able to presage the advent of further, more lethal strains as they emerge on the World stage.

        Get your house in order Folks, I have utterly NO doubt whatsoever that what we are seeing now is but the leading edge of this…more WILL come.

        Be Blessed…all of you.


      3. My neighbor got five cars.

        I suspect he got a dose of car owner virus.

      4. Da )ews caused it to spread in NYC. They were all at the same bat mitzvah.

      5. A few factors which may be in play:
        •Chinese government is underreporting while Italy is truly testing and reporting.
        •Italy’s population is older and almost everyone in Italy smokes. I believe smokers have a higher serious/ fatal reaction to the virus.

      6. likely high numbers in Italy because their health care system collapsed last year, age and high number of smokers. Contacts in Europe say they only hear about smokers being affected the most.

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