The Hitmen Cometh: Third Parties Rumored to be Attacking US Dollar, Treasury Bonds and Gold Suppression

by | May 28, 2009 | Forecasting, Headline News | 3 comments

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    If Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter is right, then a serious paradigm shift in global financial markets is taking place before our eyes. In his recent article Hitmen Contracts to Bust COMEX Mr. Willie suggests that various third-party entities from around the world have been commissioned by interested governments to attack the individuals and organizations involved in alleged manipulation of,  and intervention in, US dollar exchanges, US Treasury bonds, and primarily the suppression of gold prices through COMEX.

    The global creditors for the USTreasury Bonds are so angry at the past suffered losses, the prospect of deep future losses, and the corruption laced throughout the US financial system, that they have hired third parties to kill off the US$-gold platforms, to destroy the burdensome banking ballast dominated by protected entrenched fraud experts, to lay waste to the vehicles used by the US-UK bond trafficking syndicate totally saturated with corruption, dishonesty, and collusion, replete with greed, totally absent conscience. They have systemically been dismantling the COMEX pillars and levers over the last several months, quietly and without fanfare, surely without publicity. If gold investors knew of their actions, they would become much bolder. Some want the bankers in their gunsights not to be warned. They await their fate with the Financial Grim Reaper. Their executions will be as swift as brutal.

    The HITMEN have been hired, with highly lucrative contracts and wide berth in methods to be put to use. Their assigned task is to castrate the levered family jewels from some of the major players who illegally keep the gold price and silver price artificially low. The targeted victims know their awaited fate, and are presently defecating in their skivvies.

    Essentially, it seems that certain “creditors”, and we won’t name any names here, are a little upset at how certain individuals and organizations in the US have been dealing with this crisis. Maybe they feel like they are about to get shafted for several Trillion dollars, so why not invest a few billion (speculation) with like-minded ex-US investors and hammer the institutions who have been changing the rules of the game in their favor. It can be said with near certainty, that creditor nations will not just agree to terms laid out by debtor nations. They will most definitely act in their own interests.

    According to Jim Willie, this is quite a tangled web, and looking at each individual component is not helpful in understanding what is actually going on. This article goes to great lengths to connect the dots of news and analysis from around the world, clearly outlining the gravity of the situation.

    If you are interested in a very informative read, click here to read the full article…


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      1. Gold bugs have been talking about a COMEX default for the last 8 months. The information in this article is quite convincing, though. The Douche Bank near delivery default is something I read about a few weeks ago and I got a weird feeling that a default might actually be possible. Now, the Germans want their gold back, as does the UAE. What happens if the US and UK can’t deliver? Will they figure a way to keep the Germans quiet about it or will this story break out in the MSM?

        If the big banks they discuss in this article can’t deliver (JP Morgan??), that could have some serious implications for gold. The rumors themselves could boost gold to $1200, and if it actually happens, then much much higher.

        I have my doubts — but at the same time, I hold gold investments, so I guess I am all for it.

      2. I am not convinced gold is going to head north in the next several months. Lots of “contrarians” are talking about a market correction. Look what happened last year when the broad markets collapsed. Gold went with them. Is it possible that gold corrects as well?  A possibility especially if we see a temporary rebound in the US Dollar.

        There is always the chance these guys are right, so I will be watching UGL (ultra gold ETF) in June if any news starts breaking. It will give me a chance to jump in and out quickly.

      3. Yeller,

        I think you have a good point in regards to a correction — if the stock markets collapse, a stronger dollar may very well have something to do with it.

        Marc Faber, in a recent interview on CNBC (Part 3: ) says he sees a correction with equities going DOWN, the dollar going UP, and interest rates going DOWN.

        That being said, my view is that gold drops with the markets here if the dollar rises. Of course, a correction would need to happen for any of this to play out.

        But, I’ll be watching UGL too! Not a big fan of gold commodity ETF’s, but for quick moves it’s probably the best way to go.

        RumorMel: I just about spit out my beer on my laptop screen when i read your “Douche Bank” comment… LOL



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