The “Heatflation” Scare: Summer Is Driving Up Food Prices

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Headline News

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    Now we have what the mainstream media is calling “heatflation.” The warmer temperatures of summer are responsible for driving up food prices.

    As heat waves strike Europe and China, crops are withering and dying. This is just one more “coincidence” in the long line of others that are impacting the food supply chain. We could be in for a real shortage, if not all-out famine by the end of this year if these coincidences do not stop.

    Western Europe is facing sweltering temperatures again this week, with the thermostat hovering around 110 degrees in Seville in southern Spain. More than 20 wildfires are burning in Spain and Portugal, and persistent drought has left rivers and reservoirs running so low that they’re exposing ancient artifacts.

    The bad news just keeps coming as most mainstream media continues to blame the “Russian invasion of Ukraine”, even though anyone with even a mild amount of cognitive function saw the food shortages starting in the winter of last year.

    In Italy, hot and dry conditions are expected to destroy a third of the seasonal harvest of rice, corn, and animal fodder. Locusts have descended on the island of Sardinia in the worst invasion in three decades, hurting the production of hay and alfalfa. According to Grist, the European Commission recently downgraded its soft-wheat harvest estimates from 130 million tons to 125 million tons.

    [This is] more bad news amid a food shortage precipitated by Russia’s blockade on exports from Ukraine. Grist

    They continue to blame everything, although it’s incredibly interesting how all of this stuff, like the drought, fires at food plants and warehouses, sanctions, invasion, heat wave, and locusts just seem to have come together perfectly to destroy our food supply. We are constantly being bombarded from all sides, but there are always enough COVID vaccines to go around and make more. In fact, there’s plenty for a fifth and sixth shot for everyone!

    The warnings are out there. This fall could be the start of some real problems with our fragile and debilitated food supply. Prepare and stockpile what you can. This is getting worse, not better, and even if you haven’t experienced a food supply issue in your area, you likely will soon.



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