The Great Reset: “You Have Less Than One Year”

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 27 comments

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    The Great Reset is scheduled for 2021 according to YouTube creator, Richie from Boston. So far, he’s been spot on about the coronavirus hoax and why the elites are using it, but the Great Reset will be devastating for humanity’s freedom.

    It’s important that we do no consent or use their currency when they do the Great Reset.  We have to start standing up for ourselves.  The elites DO NOT own this Earth and we DO NOT need their permission to be on it. They will not stop until we are all completely dependent on the government making accepting their tyranny easy.  Unless you break free from the system and stop using their money, you will be stuck in a position of being forced into deeper enslavement.

    “They are getting you ready for a second lockdown. And if Americans even consider for one moment locking themselves in, putting up with this bullshit all over again, you deserve to be the biometrically coerced slaves that you’re going to be,” say Richie.

    Americans are already enslaved and were long before this plandemic surfaced.  But the willingness to fasten the chains around their own necks has been what has surprised me the most, to be honest. At 3:36 Richie says he can decipher the occultic message coming from Christine Legarde, the President of the European Central Bank. According to her occult numerology, the Great Reset (one-world digital currency) will happen in 2021.  That means you have one year, give or take to prepare yourself. If you accept and use this new currency, you will be owned permanently.

    The elites have already come out and declared that they are going to do a global reset. This is not even close to a conspiracy theory. This is a fact, and they have told us. The Great Reset will be the focus of the elitists during a “twin summit” in January of 2021.

    “Do not be fooled. Do not be afraid. Do not stand for this and do not consent,” says Richie.  It all starts and ends with our compliance. If we stop killing people for the elites on demand, war ends. If we stop obeying tyrannical orders to lockdown, lockdowns end. This is the big secret.

    Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don’t Want You To Know

    They MUST have compliance from the public for the New World Order to succeed. We have been trying to tell people this from the beginning. We DO NOT need them. Stop depending on psychopaths in suits and become self-reliant. That’s what really scares them.

    The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.

    They need us. We DO NOT need them. The sooner you wake up to that reality, the easier this all gets.


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      1. I refuse to fall for their bullshit and be intimidated by them. They are totally full of shit and I am not afraid to point it out to them, and I don’t care if they are with their kids, grand children, neighbors, parents, or co-workers.

        They will head to their underground bunkers and not come out until I tell them that it is safe, if they know what’s good for them!

        Since justice has been denied by the government and the courts, it is the only option.They asked for it! They mandated it!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Ritchie from Boston should go to any Covid hot zone to volunteer. That way he can get a close up education on whats real and whats delusional – like his thinking/attitude!

        • What is a “hot zone”?? Call your funeral homes, they will tell you what they told me, business is actually SLOWER to unchanged from last year. Habeas Corpus–where are all the piles of bodies? Hot Zone? Are you speaking from experience? You sound knowledgeable, and how is it you’re STILL alive?

          Attacking Ritchie as an uneducated delusional, with a non-thinking attitude is NOT an argument.

          The phrase ‘ain’t no fool like an educated fool’ is so true.

          It’s true, Ritchie doesn’t sound like your skinny-jeaned ‘pastor’, but don’t kill the messenger b/c you don’t like his delivery. Ritchie has already paid his debt & served his time as an 11B for uncle sham in the DEATH ZONE. So have some humility. Read a book. WAR IS A RACKET. It’s easy–15 pages. Next time you want to ‘volunteer’ somebody, try it yourself first.

      3. Tomorrow is a triple witching day.

        Maybe its just a coincidence that people are talking about EMPs again, which have been talked about since October of 2016, FRANTICALLY! 

        They are just so full of shit. They cannot be believed at all. People would believe Kim Jong Un, Xi Jin Ping, or Vladamir Putin before they would fall for this EMP fucking bullshit! 

        More likely that the Tech companies, Wall Street, and the government would shut the internet off! 

        Psychopaths! 9/11 Never forget that almost every World Trade Tower employee didn’t go into work that day! Same with the Pentagon apparently! 

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Sorry, but I have my own agenda, so I won’t be a part of the Agenda21 One World Order.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. The fact that most people will comply and do exactly what their told is depressing. I see people driving around with masks on in they’re cars everyday still. Most will accept the new digital currency, some others will use precious metals and/or the barter system.

      6. Once again Mac and this site has proven that they are and serve the insane.

        • Kook Detector, Yes you are correct. I agree.
          My relatives also said I was a kook. Imagine that? They tried to talk the wife into leaving me. Because “I don’t have grasp on reality,” after my return from adventures thanks to Uncle Sam. Or something close to that is what they say.
          Because I have “odd” hobbies such as:
          Cellar with food.
          Food Storage.
          I’m always doing chores and chopping/sawing wood. They said that was “weird.” that I don’t relax. They said I “already had too much wood.” My wife laughed at that one.
          They also said I am”uncommunative and “hide in doing chores.” (as My wife just handed me another list of chores)
          Water tank
          Outside Outhouse. (just in case)
          Outside wash and shower area by water tank. (no pump required)
          8ft fence around the place. They said, “I should be more welcoming/hospitable” to any strangers. My fence sent the “wrong” message.
          Dogs to secure perimiter.
          Shotgun to ward off evil doers.
          Drive old truck and jap cars that get 350,000 plus miles use and still going strong.
          No cable tv. No Dish. And I don’t listen to “news”. So they said I am a kook and “out of touch.” It was two months before I knew Trump won election. Computer was broken. The relatives gave me the news. They were upset.

          Funny thing happened. The same relatives have been calling lately. They say they might like an “extended visit.” Seems they are out of work now. Have been out of work for months. Lost their new fancy cars. Behind on mortgage payments for the fancy house. Bank sent notice. Then the riots hit their city.

          I’m suprised they want to “visit”. They made fun of my “small shack” “antiquated” 1990 decor”.

          Yes you are correct Kook Detector. We are Kooks. That is why we are here. To learn.
          I would like to thank the oldtimers from the past who used to frequent this site before the censorship. Without their brilliant ideas I might have turned out “normal”. Normal like the relatives that now want to visit.

          To think? I could have had those nice cars, fancy highly mortgaged house and massive credit card debt. and been “normal” just like them.

          No thanks. I enjoy being a Kook. Also Enjoy the crazies comments. I have an outdoor outhouse and shower thanks to one of their crazy ideas. (Good thing too. The relatives will be using it. I wouldn’t want to disgrace them by them coming into my “old shack”.)

          Have to go now. Seems I will be building a modest bunkhouse for the soon visiting/staying wife’s relatives. Looks like they will be here for awhile. Their city still has riots. Over 60 people were shot there over the weekend. The mayor said “people shouldn’t protect themselves with firearms. To call Police. To be patient with “protestors”. Guess that is “normal”?

          Kook Detectors comment made my day. My wife is looking over my shoulder at this ramble, as she brought the coffee. She is also laughing. Takes a Kook to appreciate a Kook. Life is Good.

          Will be one happy extended family soon. Seems her visiting niece is pregnant. She earned a baby instead of a degree in “liberal” “open minded” university.

          I just made up the whole thing. Or not? I am insane. Or not?
          You decide.
          –signed ….just another Insane SHTFplan Kook–

          • Best Post on here for awhile. All the old timers are gone. I miss their thoughts and ideas. Keep posting. I enjoyed it. I am different from you though, my wife has very liberal nieces in NY city. I will not be building them a bunkhouse. or anything else. They made the hole they live in so I’m just gonna let them try to dig themselves out and wish them good luck. If they visit us, it’ll be for a day or two and that’s it. They didn’t help us build this farm and they are not going to reap the rewards and sit on their ever widening butts while we do all the work.

          • Spot on and not insane .

          • thanks

          • You’re not a kook. Much respect & power to you!!!

          • I LIKE the KOOK!!

        • Kook Detector, “insane” is NOT an argument. Now, back to hand-picking MY heirloom corn & tomatoes.

      7. They have already played their hand and shown you how it will work. They will use the blacks to terrorise and bully people into compliance. Chimp outs will occur every time people stop going along with the new system. Whites are being driven out of cities and being replaced with people imported from Africa.

        Think about it: why are there riots everywhere irrespective if the country has a history of the slave trade? Why are black people everywhere but claim they are ripped off and abused? Why not stay in majority black nations where they would be “respected”?

        Why has there never been a city or country that has got wealthier under black leadership? Why is Wakanda just a children’s fairy tale?

        When the new system is up and running it will certainly NOT being handing the remaining wealth over to black people. That you can put your bets on.

        • Exchange ur blacks with white hardworking southafricans

      8. what financial system and currency shall be used? No one from the “leave the system” crowd ever answers that question. I agree with their resolution to the problem, but I’ve noticed that most of them are in a location (rural) or environment (supportive community) or situation that allows them to follow their own prescription. Most people are not, and can’t be for as many reasons as there are people.

        (BTW, communists only understand kinetic energy.)

      9. In astrology uranus takes seven years to pass from sign to sign, so I am guessing that seven is associated with uranus – but does change happen every seven years – I dont think so – its been 11/12 years since the financial collapse – 1+1=2 1+2=3 2+3=5 – no cant seem to make anything out of that – ok what planet is associated with 11 or 12 – not even pluto – so lets throw that out of the window – the largarde clips seem to be a speach made in 2014 anyway – I dont think anything much happened then – what about 7 years back – thats 2007 – ok that the collapse (or one of the collapse years as some say it was 2006 others 2007 even 2008) so because of these three staes nothing there either.

        Trouble is with the internet (me included, and christine) is that its all a hodge podge of POV’s – dont beleieve anything, take a thousand feet up approach, dont be sucked in – it may make sense to you but its does not convert to making sense overall whatever the POV.

      10. The grid will go down. You’re fault, my fault, nobody’s fault. The blue city’s will starve and freeze to death. There will be a civil war and there will be a WWIII. The country will turn to propertarianism to restore and fortify the constitution. Study John Mark. Mark My Words. Very weird how this all is turning out to be the same way that John Titor described the future.

      11. Watch the Hunger Games Trilogy, this will give you an idea of what the New World Order/One World Government will be like (especially the 2nd movie Catching Fire).

      12. Insane, I think you have more common sense than 99% of Americans. Keep on preppin’.

      13. This simply will happen. It is what it is. Nothing can be done about it. It’s all in God’s plan.

        • Amen to that.

      14. And if Americans even consider for one moment locking themselves in, putting up with this bullshit all over again, you deserve to be the biometrically coerced slaves that you’re going to be……..
        Amen. I walked out of a local furniture store when a lady handed me a mask and I was threatened with a 911 call to be removed after I stated I could not be made to wear that.
        I just said, well, Lowe’s is calling!!

      15. I hope my question is not off topic, but does anyone have any idea what happened to Christopher Bollyn? His site is ‘still up’, but he’s been missing since what, January. I would like to think he dissapeared himself and is protected by divine angels or at least some heavy duty secular good guys. Not gitmo assanged or worse. I have never seen any journalism of his stellar quality, referenced and cited every which way. Does anyone know whats going on? Thanks much.

      16. They always leave God out of the equation –to their detriment.

      17. Amen to that.

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