The Great Lemonade Liberation

by | Aug 22, 2011 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    Via Adam Vs The Man:

    In response to a recent wave of lemonade stand shut downs and harassment of children over such petty regulations as are used to shut them down, several activist gathered at the west lawn of the capitol in Washington, DC to sell lemonade and were arrested. While the officers were technically on solid “legal” ground in shutting down the stand, they behaved inappropriately by any standard numerous times, using intimidation tactics on protestors and observers, and harassing members of the professional media. The willingness with which children and tourists participated by purchasing lemonade in disobedience of the police instructions is an indicator of how little respect the general public has for government in general, and specifically police when enforcing unjust laws. Gives me hope for America.

    While we can’t deny that the police were acting within existing legal boundaries forbidding the sale of merchandise on Capitol property, and as such acted within the law when they arrested the lemonade stand operators, Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub and Alexander Higgins point out the hypocrisy of it all:

    The police that took part in these ridiculous arrests do not protect and serve, rather they work for the federal mafia as they move to destroy the very foundation that America was built on.

    This video sends a clear message to public. Only politicians and corporations can wheel and deal at our nation’s capital.

    Sell lemonade on Capitol grounds, and they’ll haul you off to jail, and likely add you to the ever growing list of domestic extremists.

    If, however, you operated just a couple hundred yards away inside of the Capitol building it would be perfectly legal for you to not only sell your soul, but also sell the American people down the river of debt and destruction without the threat of ever being harassed or arrested by Capitol police.


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      1. I would have taken a hammer to that bitch cop’s head

        • She seemed to enjoy physically pushing cameras away.

        • And I would have shot you and if you died you would be able to post nonsense like you just did. md

      2. Yeah, those cops are out of control. They were only trained 6 months before being officially hired. Cops in German are one of the most professional cops in the world. They were trained 2 years!

        • Note the number of cops on site. A fine use of available manpower.

      3. Burn the lemonade witches!
        Kill those little boy-scouts!
        Hung the buscuit girls!
        We finally found why the system collapsed. All those “rivers” of money not declared to the IRS.
        so many millions of lemonade cups that no income statement was ever filled.
        Kill the little pricks. The enemies of the state.
        To say nothing of my grandma who drung the lemonade and she now has better boobs than my wife 🙂

        Have courage my friends. We see the global decay of all those stupid regimes. The last days of Pompey.

      4. A few years ago our Chief at the time was telling us that we needed to get out to the local park and start playing basketball with some of the local felons (seriously, not sterotyping) because a lot of the community didn’t like the police.

        The same Chief informed us a few weeks later that we needed to start paying attention to who was having yard sales and shut down any person that has had more than 2 in a year. We got right on that and I guess 9 years later we still haven’t found a single person in “violation”. 😉

      5. Ye have sold de lemonade of de king!?!? OFF WITH YE HEAD!

        How dare these serfs act on their own, this is only for kings!


        Those pigs are supposed to serve whom?

      6. If they were black that would not have happened. The female officer would have never touched the camera of a black or muslim.

        Intimidation of conservatives 101.

      7. funny the most aggressive officer there was a female??

        People need to start giving these officers and their families back the same treatment they dish out.

        Start publicizing lists of who they are and where they are

        • She will be the one to cause a tense situation to spiral out of control.

          Having her thuggish behavior exposed is obviously her greatest fear.

      8. They should be arrested for competing with the feds who are selling the socialist kool aid. The feds best selling kool aid is goofy grape!

        • no, what they should have done is purchase a few cups and drink right in front of the authority figures.
          Cops need these jobs this badly??
          Where are the ones responsible for keeping D.C. safe from crime??

          • sorry–the cops should have shelled out a few bucks and cooled off with the others.

        • That and Lefty Lemon…

      9. This was just stupid, if you can’t sell stuff on the property, then it’s none point. What a waste of time.

        • noone

          Who owns the property in question. Oh, that’s right, the government. Oh, but who owns the government? The People, that’s right.

          The gov corp has NO AUTONOMOUS AUTHORITY over ANYTHING.

      10. We are Europe. And that is not a good thing.

      11. The cops harassed them because they were competing with the Government’s Kool Aid biz. Today’s flavor: Hopenberry.

        • Damn! wish tehre was an edit button Mac. Meant to say “hopenBarry”

          • as soon as we get the member signup thing set up I hope to be able to add this feature. Thanks BC!

            • oh, wow..on moer misspeeled werds??
              tnaks Mac!!!

            • That many misspelled words usually means you’re drunk JJ.

      12. The cops were on solid legal ground to arrest them. You aren’t permitted to sell stuff on US Capitol property. They asked them to leave several times and then arrested them for vending without a permit.

        Now, should the female officer have touched the camera? No. If the camera man comes up and pushes the camera into her face, then I could see it. But if he’s standing still and she walks up and gets into the camera, then it’s her fault and she shouldn’t push the camera down.

        I also agree they shouldn’t have told the people in line not to buy it. They should have just waited until it was time to close it up. But if you don’t count the female cop touching the camera, they did not act unprofessionally or aggressively.

        • I agree. I also understand the principle behind the thought of the vendors but let’s face facts, they KNEW it was illegal and went out there with cameras in tow specifically to provoke a reaction. And a reaction was what they got. With the exception of the female and the camera, everyone else was doing their job and slowly arrested them.

          Over-hype this all you want but they clearly broke an established law just so they could film it and get a rise out of people.

        • She was quite agressive. The cops were on firm LEGAL ground, but looked like complete asses. Their kids will be embarrassed when other kids show them this video and say: “your mom is a bitch, or “your dad is a real ass”.

      13. I, personally, would’ve thought that area belonged to the United States of America. If those people were Americans, why can’t they sell on public (i.e. THEIR) property? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. It’s the U.S. Of Amerika! The corporations and China owns the property… And ALL property here!

      14. they don’t look like kids to me

        • The reference to {kids} was too the ones buying the lemonade, and being told not to give their money for the purchase!

      15. Might as well sold beer along with the lemonade, probably would have had a larger crowd. It would have been nice to see just how much weapon retention training officer Calamity Jane had just for shits and giggles. Look whats being done to us. Sad.

      16. Do you see my posting handle, Good because I am out! My former Sergeant wa a dyke and she was on the swat team, she thought she was it just like the stupid, stupid female orfice officer in this video, how freaking retarded!

      17. If they had pitched their beverage as “Socialist Koolaid” would they have been arrested, or would they have bused in FSA members to participate?

      18. These police goons will be the last to die .

        They will be placed to shoot those who come to kill the overlords at capitol hill, and will be given tickets to the lifeboat for their troubles.

        If you can’t beat them, join them.

      19. Its going to breed complete disrespect for the Police.completely by their own doing

        Si Vis Pacum Parabellum people

        • Doesn’t matter. The police will just kill whoever they don’t like and label them ‘enemies of the state’.

          And it will be the police who will survive and propagate to the next generation, not the freedom-lovers.

      20. Ok, I understand you can’t sell a product on the capital grounds. However, I’m a home brewer of beer, could I set up a stand and give away free samples of my handywork? After all the founding fathers never passed up a chance for a kegger. It was how they bought people votes, before entitlements,and tax breaks.

      21. oky, this is just stupid. first the cops are being set up. the lemonde stand is a protest not an innocent stand. next, the cop stated first thing they need a permit or they couldn’t be there.

        there is a reason for permits for commericial sales (yes, this commercial…not for charity) cause they do not want a whole bunch of half wits showling up on federal proerty the selling stuff.

        the proerty belongs to the people. that doesn’t mean that every one can just show up and set up a commercial stand. We the people have a right to to say no to such stupid and blantant acts of disragrd for our public proterty.

        these people should be arrested for they instigated it. it they had gotten the proper permit to do thier stand they would have been fine.

        instead they decided thier rights to conduct a commercial stand in protest trumps my rights to perserve the public property. When does one person’s rights trump anonother.

        this is a republic. we have laws regarding this sort of thing. permits laws have been around for generations. It’s not something new.

        the protesters were wrong to begin with.

        • +1

        • yes, if you or one of your family members is a member of the police, it is easy to sympathize them.

          • Never have been nor do I have LE in my family but this method of using “gotcha” footage to try and misrepresent what is actually happening (i.e. little girls lemonade stands being shut down in front of their own houses) has nothing to do with what these protestors are doing. That’s like me filming myself driving down the sidewalk in my car and when the cop pulls me over and arrests me I start yelling police brutality. You were doing something where it was not permitted by ANYONE, and you knew it.

            Next time you want to try and frame police officers I suggest these people recruit a smarter ring leader.

        • Until YOU are the one the bithc cop is pushing.

      22. ok I look at it like this……I as a tax payer (or theft victim) is the employer of these goons, therefore that land belongs to me and I am the boss…..they should be able to sell there. Permits are for weak minded people, why do you have to ask the govt for permission for everything, thats what a permit is.

      23. ~~~This video sends a clear message to public. Only politicians and corporations can wheel and deal at our nation’s capital.~~~

        Bartering will be the next form of dealing…truly.

        Get tax from that azzholes!!!

      24. They broke the law. If you want to make change, go and get the permits revoked so you don’t need them any more.

        I would go get a permit and sell bullets on the capitol steps.

        Bet that would put their panties on a bunch

      25. OK, this whole article and video was one of the worst things I have ever seen on this website, period. I am not a fan of big government or over regulation. That being said, this was a joke.

        First, the people in the video were not vendors, they were activists and anarchists. They were protesting and they went somewhere where they knew they couldn’t do something and did it anyway to start a fight and they got one. Try putting your camera in the face of a cop in some third world country. Your friends and family will still be looking for your body.

        Second, these idiots did what most activists around the world do and used innocent children for propaganda. They showed a cute little kid getting a cup of lemonade using his propper manners and saying ‘thank you’ to show how sweet the whole situation is then start putting cameras in the cops face to try and spark a confrontation. This was disgusting!

        I am a military veteran and retired police officer of over twenty years, and I do not like cops who abuse their authority or power, but this was ridiculous.

        This video had nothing to do with the local governments around the country shutting down and citing kids for theor lemonade stands, it only showed a group of idiots doing something they knew was illegal and getting arrested for it and trying to make a political statement. They are not heroes or freedom fighters, they are idiots.

        Mac, I have been coming to this site for many years and have used many of your articles to help me wake people up to what is going on. I usually come to this website for well written, well informed articles and opions and use them to help me show others what is going on. But in recent history your articles are going more anarchistic, revolutionary almost. If that is where SHTF is going, please tell us. Me and many other longtime readers will probably leave the site and go elsewhere.

        Your articles on economics and survival in general are always good and I love starting my day with them, but I will not support anarchists in any way, shape or form.

        Do you wanna see where a police force goes when their hands are tied by idiots like these? Look no farther than the riots in London. If that is what you want, then keep this kind of garbage up and we will become Europe.

        As an officer, I was in the 1992 LA riots and let me tell you something, that was the scariest thing I have ever been in. Civil unrest is something that no one, and I mean no one, wants to go through.

        If you kick a dog in the face too many times, he won’t come back. That is what is happening to out military and law enforcement officers. Stuff like this will not help a cause and if the SHTF like most on this website believe, then we are gonna need thosee patriots in the military and law enforcement community.

        Anyone who thinks they can do it alone is living in a dream world. I love this site, but garbage like this is not productive or helpful. I am all for bartering and shopping local. I do it all the time with local farmers markets and local resteraunts (I try to only eat at local places and avoid the chains), so don’t think I am some shill who is just complaining, but this video was horrible.

        • Once a cop, always a cop.

          • I copped a feel once with this girl back in high school 20 yrs ago in the AV room..

            Does that make me a cop too?

            Remember former LEO’s and Soldiers can be or could be your best allies, not all of them lost their morals.They got out for a reason.

            • exactly

        • I think I have a quote that seems to sum up your point of view, sir.

          “The way I see it, unless we each conform, unless we obey orders, unless we follow our leaders blindly, there is no possible way we can remain free.”
          — Major Frank Marion “Ferret Face” Burns, M.A.S.H.

          • Not at all. If the protestors had gone to the localities where the kids had been cited and fined and raised hell, then they would have gotten just as much if not more media coverage and more people would have seen the BS for what it was. They would have gathered support for their cause and the City fathers who were enforcing this travisty would look like the idiots and would have some explaining to do.

            But to protest at the capital where no vending is allowed period, you are setting yourself up for a fight. They knew it and the refused to move. That being said, then the cops will move them.

            If you want total anarchy where there are no rules, by all means keep supporting this. Personally, if something like this happens in my nighborhood where kids routinely have lemonade stands and we just throw them a buck for a 25 cent cup of lemonade everyone in the area would be up in arms and we would take the case to the City Hall.

            But this wasn’t done, and these folks in the video are trying to be non-violent marters. It didn’t work. Show this on any prime time news (and I know many will say that the prime time are corporation controlled and I agree) and the City Counsal, the cops, the Mayor and anyone in the chain of command will looks like Nazis (which I think they were acting like in the case of the original citations). If you think a network wont cover the incident, go to a local channel with local voters. That would almost ensure all the knuckleheads are voted out in the next election if they make stupid rules like this.

            If you think that none of the above works, and that the country is too far gone and we are now living in a facist state where people must simply follow any rule that the coorporate powers deam profitable, then the lemonade warriors have long past their usefulness and it is time for real warriors to take up the cause (like maybe the Oath Keepers, military, law enforcement community or much worse).

            The point I am making is that these were NOT innocent protestors protesting lemonade sales. I have dealt with people like this many times in the past. They are seeking a confrontation. Everytime I had a video in my face I would simply smile and say the same things I would normally. Maybe that is experience, maturity or common sense, but that is how you have to act. Slapping the camera man is an idiot move, I’ll grant you that, but these fools wanted a confrontation.

            Where was the supervisor (leader?) who regned in the officer with flaring tempers? Where was the written orders forbiding vending on Capital property? Their own video showed the dispersal order, and the protestors were very up front about not going along with the law and they wanted to be moved physically.

            When you protest outside the rules of protesting, then it is not a protest but a statement of defiance. That takes the folks out of the protestors catergory and puts them into the activist group. And activists will do many things to get their points across. Look no farther than abortion clinic bombers. I am not saying that these folks are anything like that, but still, they are being actively defiant. At what point do they take their ’cause’ to the next level? Are lemonade stands their only concern? I doubt it.

            That is what I am saying about this whole video and group of idiots. And as far as idiot cops, there will always be a few, and they usually get fired fairly quick because there usually isn’t much diference between them and the activists except that they are usually more violent. And like I said originally, violence is the last thing we need right now because this country is sitting on a powder keg and if and when we go off it will make the riots in Greece and London look like a kindergarden fight at the sand box.


            • Spoken like a true thug!

            • Watch LA Confidential. Things have only gotten worse.

              What happens is, there is the ‘discrimination’ card which prevents the organization from getting bad fruits.

        • Anarchists, hardly the point is/was it wasn’t a big deal, the officers didn’t have to make an arrest, a simple court summons would have sufficed along with simple interpersonal skills, it turned into a pissing contest. Law is to protect society not lord over it, and yeah I was a cop also. The training is what cops need/do so they don’t act like stormtroopers!

      26. Did the people operating the lemonade stand conduct themselves in a peaceful manner?
        Was anyone defrauded?
        Did anyone make a claim of wrongdoing or harm?
        Who initiated hostilities?

        Such a horrifying concept that we are each endowed with the inalienable right to peacefully conduct our lives in any manner we seem fit without the interference of government.

      27. “Only politicians and corporations can wheel and deal at our nation’s capital.”

        Uh, why is he repeating himself? The politicians are *THE* corporation.

        In Washington D.C. the criminal bastard class says:

        BRIBERY = OK


        …and Marc, yes, to the corporation, we are the enemy and anything we do is horrifying and will continue to be until we replace them ALL with people that will give us back the common law and stop using the UCC.

      28. While I have family in the government services (including police officers) there’s just something wrong with our country when we choose to shut down little kids lemonade stands.

      29. I could not agree more. That is stupid.

      30. OMGosh! I am beginning to be so ashamed to be an American. When did this all happen? Yes! I’m an Oldie….but Goodie! I was so asleep and just beginning to wake-up. I went along with life as it was supposed to be according to……….WHO??????? Awakening is the most IMPORTANT HAPPENING we can ever express. I feel shame and disgrace for those who are supposed to represent US as a Nation. My Love and Heart to all our Children and our Grandchildren. I’m still not getting the true breadth of all of this…. and my spouce NONE, but looks like time to opt out of this here U.S.A.

      31. A lot of muscle went into arresting those who provided lemonade, but nary an arrest was made when the rejects of san francisco socialist and communist had their little meeting on government grounds and left it a mess. Did they have the necessary permits to allow them to sell their form of propaganda. I never saw the little witch in her nice little hat pushing people with cameras or setting up to arrest individuals for littering and defecating on public grounds. It appears that enforcement is for the average citizen who wants to make a point that tax levys for permits have gone to far when applied to lemonade stands run by children. When friends of the socialist scum walking the halls of congress and the white house slither around the uniforms look the other way.

      32. The public needs to adopt a National Policy for the Individual: “In matters dealing with our leaders, we will use their behavior as a model which they find acceptable.”

      33. About two years ago, a neighbor handed me a copy of Larry Burkett’s book The Thor Conspiracy. If I remember correctly, it was written around 1997 but it was so prophetically accurate as to what is happening with our government today, I was astounded, and horrified as well. I believe it went into a second(?) printing in 2005 and if the reader of this post is interested in a really good summer read, this is it. Larry Burkett became a devout Christian minister but I really think he was a prophet of our future times.

      34. can you imagine the cops working that detail, going home at night, and their kids asking them. “daddy, what did you do today”? “WhY son, I busted an illegal lemonade stand, and carted off a couple young domestic terrorist to jail for violating lemonade laws.” They must be real proud of themselves. What an absolute joke these law enforcement people in DC are.

      35. Once upon a time in a place called America, the local policeman would have been the best customer to children and their lemonade stands.

        Those soulless drones called police today only exist because an uneducated public still respects a false notion that the rule of law is universal. Wake up fools, there are two sets of rules.

      36. This goes hand in hand with the government going after people who drink milk unpasturized.
        I hope the people wake up soon.

      37. who can afford to make lemonade today?

      38. Those corrupt pigs will be shot in the face.

      39. This is why the American people are losing respect for the gestapo bastards, don’t these pig have a donut shop to hang out at.

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