The Grand Finale: “World War III Will Be A Fight Over Basic Human Needs – Food and Other Commodities”

by | Nov 14, 2015 | Headline News | 172 comments

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    As political tensions heat up it is becoming clear that the world’s super powers are vying for control of resources like oil, water, metals and food. And though developed nations have thus far avoided any significant clashes with each other, the proxy wars being waged in the middle east and Europe are a slow burning fuse that will soon lead to widespread military confrontation.

    Throughout human history one key factor has been behind every major war: a battle for resources. As the following documentary from Future Money Trends warns, this time will be no different:

    “The Pentagon told Fortune Magazine that World War III will be a fight over basic human needs – food and other commodities.”

    (Watch this video at Youtube)

    Natural resource wars are brewing and becoming an increasing threat, and may be the grand finale to an already intensified currency war among the world’s top economies.

    Most wars in human history are a fight over natural resources.

    … Credit is ever expanding, but the resources we pull out of the ground are finite.

    The culmination of economic, financial and monetary crisis will be a grand finale unlikely any seen in the history of the world. War is coming. The time to prepare is now.

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      1. Russia has already taken control of the Arctic.

        China is buying up everything from farms to mining companies all over the world. Resource dominance is also why they rolled into Tibet — for that crystal blue mountain water.

        The middle east has NOTHING to do with spreading democracy or stopping terrorists, but everything to do with maintaining control over oil supplies and dollar hegemony.

        In five years or so the nukes are going to fly. Bet on it and make sure you are out of the way.





          • AE,

            Oh Yes! Especially right after we re-shim that baby up with a fresh ham hock.

          • Acid, the Catholic Diocese USA brings in 200,000 refugees from all over the world every year. This has been going on for many years. I’ve always had trouble with Catholic doctrine and clergy. They’re just as bogus as the day is long. These foreigners are averaging up to $30,000 a year in so-called benefits. That’s your tax dollars and mine and everyone else’s. We have some of our own people who need help and can’t get a damn thing. All immigration needs to be stopped, period.

            • Bh, your and my “tax dollars” go exclusive to paying the U.S. Debt. The Fed prints all the paper it wants to for whatever it wants to, like continually pumping air into a leaking tire….it will inevitably fail.

              • Do as I am doing to fight this problem. Do not pay federal taxes.

                • Been there done that, don’t recommend it!

                  • It’s all in how you stop paying and how you respond when they try to ask why you’re not donating anymore. Check out 26 CFR 301.6203-1. They can’t comply because they can’t provide a certified assessment. Before a tax can be collected it must first be assessed. You self-assess and claim to be an assessment officer when you file a “return.”

            • Brave ~ Maine has taken in a flood of refugees from Somalia; so many that in 2002 the mayor of Lewiston publicly asked for a halt, because his city could not cope with the huge drain on public resources. Six thousand Somalis poured into a town of 36,000 people and almost all of them began drawing welfare and other public benefits, causing an enormous strain on the city budget. []

              As you might expect, this was promptly spun into a “racist attack” and the mayor was pressured into making a public apology. Very reminiscent of the public shaming conducted by the ChiCom Red Guard forty years ago.

              I found this site of interest:

              A fellow named Jim Cook, who does NOT live in Lewiston, argues that crime has decreased since the wave of Somalis arrived. The comments following his article include many from actual residents of the city who vigorously contradict Mr Cook. Residents report sexual assaults, gang activity, vicious beatings of white kids in the schools. Mr Cook’s answer is to keep quoting government statistics that supposedly ‘prove’ his assertion. You know… like the government statistics that prove that unemployment is down to 5% and inflation is a mere 3%.

              I have no doubt that as the situation in Europe continues to deteriorate, the media will tirelessly blame TAWP (Those Awful White People) for everything –just like the media do here.

              Twenty years ago I lived in Portland, Maine. I could (and did) walk from the east end of downtown to the west end… even at night. Not 100% safe but with a bit of caution and SA it was okay. I would never do that now. Downtown Portland has far more minority youths who have wholeheartedly embraced gang/ghetto culture and roam the city in menacing groups. I see it firsthand when I am in the city. I have nothing against any particular race and would gladly be friends with anybody who is a decent person, regardless of their heritage…. but the fact remains that poor, uneducated minority kids tend to form gangs and prey upon the weak. It is ludicrous to pretend that this does not happen, just because the issue of race makes some people uncomfortable.

              And yet, the proponents of ‘diversity’ will never admit this simple truth. Never. Negative acts are always traced back to “oppression” by TAWP.

              I have yet to meet one of these liberal white “inclusionists” who actually LIVES among poor, uneducated people from Africa or the Mideast. They seem to prefer quiet, leafy suburbs. How droll.

              • Karl V., welcome, and I’m sorry to hear about that situation but I’m not surprised. everyplace that has taken in muslims has had nothing but trouble to show for it. I will give that mayor credit for standing up and trying to do the right thing for his citizens. all these organizations who bring in refugees need to be shut down and these muslims need to be kicked out.

              • Karl V

                How is it possible that non-US citizens are able to draw welfare benefits here? Is it federal or state aid? I’m curious how this all began. Wasn’t welfare supposed to benefit our own citizens through tough times? And any clue how to end this? This is all getting so crazy! It has to stop somewhere!!

                Blessings to all here

                • DJ ~ I do not have a ready answer as to the breakdown of municipal/State/federal benefits.

                  There have been long periods of time when I have not had a newspaper subscription, and it’s possible that the issue was dissected in print at some point when I did not see it.

                  On the other hand: The two most populated counties in the State are the two southernmost ones; and since these are the closest to Massachusetts, they have been swarmed by “Massholes” who are fleeing the overpriced, crowded, dirty, stressful living conditions of their home State and can’t wait to turn Maine into an exact copy. These people are 95%+ left-wing and very strident about using voting and activism to make this State into another socialist cesspool. Making pretty impressive progress, too. Over HALF the population of these two counties are now from away: usually Mass. but also NY, NJ, etc.

                  Combine this carpetbagger influx with the fact that Portland (largest city in the State) is a university town (more liberal influence) and the result is a mix of media staffed by liberals and catering to liberals. Issues such as an in-depth examination of the millions of dollars funneled to immigrants are unpleasing to the PC crowd. They are far more enthusiastic about whooping up the need for more gun control, more more more…. always more. No such thing as too many laws for those bad guns.

                  Anyhow, my guess is that articles will be few and far between, that objectively showcase the staggering outlay of tax money on what will surely be a permanent new population of multi-generational welfare parasites.

                  I will parenthetically add that in what was surely a stunning blow to the anti-gun fanatics –and believe me, what with the overwhelming liberal presence here, it was a hell of a surprise to me, too– the legislature rolled back the State requirement for a permit to carry concealed. Anyone can do it now; no permit necessary. It’s still not legal to carry loaded in a car, and there are no-carry zones near schools, etc but it’s an amazing development, considering the absolute tsunami of liberals that have contaminated the State.

                  On Oct 15th, along with ‘no permit for concealed’ going into effect, the State law against automatic knives and “gravity” knives was also nullified. I urge all readers to check the site for progress on blade issues. Keep ’em sharp, fellas! ~ KV

                • I’m a retired IT guy. I recently talked with an employee of mine who is now a IT bank manager in CA. He told me on the phone “…you would not believe the fake birth certificates, drivers licenses, passports, school papers that are on sale on the streets out here…they can print you a whole package of papers to collect benefits in a few hours….the state and fed never check up if they are real… we catch them when they apply for credit cards because there is no prior record of these people…but government could careless if we catch them…they want their votes…”

            • I totally agree. Charity should start at god damn home, but this asshole, corrupt, immoral so called Gov’t just wants to give it all away to foreigners and the top 1% that screw us over 24/7/365!! Wake up America and fellow white people…

            • While you are distracted and blaming the refugees you are missing the whole global dis-ease created by the NWO. It’s wholly convenient for a government to have everyone focus on “immigrants”. It’s classic slight-of-hand. Immigrants for the most part are human beings who have been manipulated by world affairs. When we lose our love and concern for people less fortunate than ourselves we have a life that is not worth living. Our psychopathic hatred of others is what will destroy most of humanity and we play directly into the hands of those who understand how we think and feel. We are conditioned from birth by people who are greedy and self-serving and if you have blame, focus it on them.

          • Acid, stop picking on Catholicism unless you are going to pick on every OTHER religion, that’s point 1. Braveheart, Catholicism has nothing to do with Obama’s decision to let immigrants in our country en masse. Obama is not a Catholic, but a Muslim.

            I’d much prefer the both of you pick on lamestream media’s ignoring the REAL evil that makes refugees flee! And when you are done doing that, expose the cowardly silence of Congressmen and Senators about this all. Thank you.

            • The Lone Ranger

              I wonder what the Pope and Obama were talking about when they had a little get together.

              Hmmmmm. More Syrian refugee’s into our country.
              Now Obama wants to speed things up.

              Didn’t the Pope want more Catholics to house Refugee’s?

              The Catholic church has it’s dirty little secrets too.

              • They were bumjugging little boys. It’s what they do…

                • Obama was sucking Pope’s cock. It’s what he does.

              • Indeed, slingshot! We have been told that the successor to Pope Benedict XVI would be the False Prophet, a deceiver. Why wouldn’t this Pope Condemn the silence of the President on the slaughter of Christians worldwide–either in private or in public? That baffles many around the globe!

                As to what I believe, I remain open-minded: I am not afraid of making an argument that he indeed is the False Prophet, but I also pray for the man and his soul, because Revelation is very clear: the False Prophet (whomever he/she is) will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for eternity in Hell.

                Since the evil guy deals in all sorts of lies and layers of deception, we must pray and seek both truth and discernment.

                Silence in the face of evil is complicity with that evil. CIA created or not, ISIS is doing the work of Satan: deaths, destruction, mayhem, chaos.

                Strangely, many around the world were silent about Hitler’s carnage, his evil, his death camps. So too, are all levels of our political (so-called) leadership, as well as many in the Christian Churches about the real roots of the refugee crisis: the relentless persecution of anyone who professes belief in Christ!

                The Lord will remember anyone’s silence in the face of evil. But we must pray even for our enemies so their souls won’t be lost to Satan for Eternity in Hell.

                “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, oh prince of the Heavenly Hosts, cast into Hell satan, and all the evil spirits who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.”

                – the Lone Ranger

                • The Lone Ranger.

                  The world spins on evil and it is going to get worse. I have no use for quoted scripture. As I said before. Too many secrets and KJV is written by man and has many books left out. Although Christ made the Pope head of the Church on Earth, he is a man that can make bad decisions. Pope’s silence of Jewish persecution in WW2 and Christians today as per your example.
                  Why is so much hidden in the Vaults of the Vatican.
                  The best we can hope for is that our upbringing has given us value of what is right and what is wrong.
                  The debate as to what gets you into heaven. You will know that by what fills your heart.

                • Lone Ranger.

                  Reply in mod.

            • Lone Ranger, I know you mean well, but you need a little education here. What I mentioned in that post about the Catholic Diocese USA is TRUE and was taking place even before Obama. I know other entities are involved in all these immigration efforts but the Catholic Church has been doing this forever. And yes, the MSM and all of TPTB should be condemned for their roles as well. My late wife was raised Catholic but she was one of those ‘recovering catholics’ when I first met her. she told me stories about her life under Catholicism that just blew me away. I confess that I’ve always been opposed to catholic doctrine. Catholicism is a MANMADE RELIGION AND NOT TRUE CHRISTIANITY. IT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE WORD OF GOD. The Catholics even have their own version of the Bible and a totally false version I might add. Go to the Bible section of any bookstore and you’ll find it. Read it for yourself and compare to a King James version. You’ll see the differences. Take care.

              • Why did the catholic priest go to walmart?

                Because he heard boys pants were half off 😛

                • Genius, you ain’t right.

                • Why did the Catholic priest make the alter boys sit in the snow on Sunday morning?

                  He likes to have a couple colds ones before the service begins.

                  • A Catholic toast : As the Bishop said to the altar boys, “Bottoms up”.

              • You are wrong on all counts. One day you shall see.

              • Make no mistake, the Catholics do want the u.s. To take in more refugees. This just happens to provide cover for ovomit’s true addenda – mooselim infiltration.

              • All religion is man made hahaha

            • Brave can “pick on” whoever he wants. That’s the Freedom of Speech pal

              • Anon, you can google it for yourself and verify everything I said. No one is being ‘picked on’.

                • It’s not just the Catholic Church bringing in refugees, there’s other denominations doing it, as well. The bottom line is they are being paid by the government to facilitate the process. So, you get more of it. A perpetual motion machine, in a way.

            • But if you don’t pick on the wrong people instead of the right ones something useful might actually get done.

              • Anon sounds like a ‘muslim lover’.

                • Braveheart1776 sounds like a blowhard keyboard commando.

          • Obama knows people are waking up and he needs to hurry the plan along.




          • Stop yelling asshole

          • Did I mention that they stink!

        • First comes world government based on the fear of all these things. Then comes WWIII or armageddon when the nations realize they have been hoodwinked into the global plan and it falls apart.

          Prepare by making all prudent earthly preps like food, water and a means of defense but don’t neglect spiritual preps of drawing close to God and seeking wisdom through the Holy Spirit.

        • It’s all about the resources. China has already grabbed Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The US has its own resources; Russia has its own and is pushing Canada and the Nordic countries out of the Arctic. Africa has already been carved up; now to chuck the people out of there.

        • Anonymous, I’d bet less than 5 years. Glad we’re out of the way.
          Might not be far enough but I like our chances.

          • US Lasers are MUCH, MUCH more powerful than anyone has thought. Once deployed across the globe over the next year or two, a Star Wars Defense and OFFENSE is reality with instantaneous destruction of aircraft, ships, and missiles.

            Even hyper sonic missiles. Advantage USA. BIG advantage. Expect WW III shortly after full deployment. 🙁

            • DK,
              did you happen to notice that there were several missile launches from inside the US after the ones from our subs?our government is worried and so they fired some ICBM’s from a sub and then tried to intercept them from the ground. what I don’t know is IF they succeeded or not! then IF you noticed today Putin fires TWO from his subs as well. I hope you got your ducks in a row because things could go HOT anytime! and YUP i used to be involved with that kind of stuff and it has been a VERY longtime since we have done THIS type of test. we do lots of testing BUT not like what just happened! hold on to shorts, gonna be a bumpy ride SOON!!

              • A54: I don’t think Putin will get jiggy anytime soon. He needs more time; at least a couple of years to produce enough new jets to challenge the US Air Force in Europe, while the US spreads its forces all over the world and dissipates its power.

                By then US lasers will be deployed.

                Europe however is NOT prepared for Putin and with the exception of the UK, Poland and Germany, its military is not up to snuff. A massive natural disaster in America could put Europe at risk, from within and without. 🙁

                • DK,
                  Yup we have had lasers for quite awhile the problem they had with them was NOT the laser, but they could not get the guidance control systems to be fast enough , but they finally have solved that and we do have some pretty strong laser’s YUP, could tell you things but better not here!

              • Cool I won’t have to waste propane or wood to cook. I will just set it outside my bunker door for a while and presto!

                • Apply cooking oil. You’ll brown up faster.

              • Think

                Bait & switch

            • Only USA is smart enough to build lasers. USA was not at all surprised by the Russian MIGs in Korea. USA! USA! USA!

              • All thanks to komrade klement Attlee, PM of Britain.

                Those copied RR ‘Nene’ engines killed a lot of US airmen. And I think America WAS surprised by the MiG 15. Certainly Australia’s ‘Mustangs’ and Gloster ‘Meteors’ were.

                • Check the “kill ratio” that American jets have had over Russian jets since Korea. Its astonishing.

                  Google that!!! 🙂

        • It will happen sooner than you think. For Putin readies his most destructive weapon and the US will buckle in one hit. Darkness will fill the nights and death will be every where.

          • quisno…shouldn’t you be building subs or something?

        • “In five years or so the nukes are going to fly. Bet on it and make sure you are out of the way.”

          I doubt that.

          I’m more in the camp that Russia and china will kick out the us dollar as king of currency and set off extreme depressions thru the usa, Canada and Europe.

          I’m more concerned of dirty nukes set off by muslims in the usa than the usa and Russia flying nukes, they know they’d be done for as much as the usa.

          but I give credit to the article.

          when whatever goes down, like county debt defaults and the us dollar; the fight to exist will be who can make it thru 3 months without going to the store for food and water and survive the chaos during that time. after that, enogh will have died off(and those will mostly be the people that are the biggest financial burdens on the country) that the country will start again in whatever form of govt has control.

          • How many people here remember the ‘suitcase nukes’ made in the old USSR? I still remember those from the 80s and they were supposedly under KGB control. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was supposedly discovered that they went ‘missing’, and to my knowledge have never been found anywhere. Is their any ‘age limit’ to any kind nuke that can negate its effectiveness?

            • Braveheart1776

              The firing device part needed maintenance on periodic occasions as a security measure. Otherwise it would be inoperable. The nuclear material would still be viable and could be used in a dirty bomb.

              • and IF they were brought into this country a longtime ago they could be safely stored where we cannot find there signature. now days it would be VERY hard to bring in as we have detectors all over, they will detect a person that has had chemo. therapy from a long ways and other stuff too. better hope they are not hidden from a longtime ago, although it would be hard to move them, without being detected,

                • Slingshot and apache54, that is NOT comforting to hear but I’m not surprised. Combine that with our nuke plants. Hell, nobody would even have to launch missiles at us. We can get fried by ourselves.

                • With thousands of miles of border and coastline it would be hard to sneak in a nuke?

                  • With thousands of miles of border and coastline it would be hard to sneak in a nuke?

                    That is what many people want to believe. Oddly enough airplanes have landed in this country without detection (found after the fact), millions of people have invaded over the Southern border, etc… etc… However, you need not be concerned about a nuke, the Government is keeping you safe. Yeah, OK


                  • Conni Lingus,
                    yes me have thousands of miles of borders , BUT we have detectors in locations that will pickup anything like that coming into this country, it would be VERY hard to bring them in now! BUT like i said earlier IF they are already here that is a different story, BUT would be hard to move them around, so they would need to be already in a location of use. HOPE NOT!! and if they were to be used, i am pretty sure if they would NOT have much time to activate them before they were detected, and hope it would be in time!

                    • Yep. A few years back LAFD? started using radiation detectors on their fire trucks I believe. Some poor fellow just got out of radiation treatment for his cancer and set the monitor off. Caused quite the ruckus as I recall.

                      ht tp://

            • I think I saw some on Ebay lol.

              • “I’m sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drugstore…!”

                — ‘Doc’ Emmett Brown / Nov 5, 1955




          • A couple of the bombers were definitely cowards, or incompetents, they blew themselves up before they reached a crowded area.

            Anyone who attacks unarmed civilians is a coward. Too gutless to attack armed police or military and die like a man.

            • smokey, I left a reply for you on the last article. Beware it will require some work and thought on your part, let’s see if your up to it 🙂

              • Or at the very least watch the video I posted down this page. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than actually learning something! I would like to hear some comments about what the video says from people. A little knowledge is a good thing…

          • AE, you have never been more wrong. Suicide is always cowardly, especially when they do it just to kill others around them.

            And please turn off your fucking CAPS LOCK!!!.

        • um…. where exactly is this “out of the way” place?

          Unless that whole “hollow Earth” theory is true and we can all scamper down into a balmy paradise a mile under the surface, I suspect we would all be SOL….

          • roughly 1000 miles sw of Fla. In mountains.
            Sure, if enough nukes go off, the Earth is unlivable. But if a semblance of sanity prevails and only a “few” go off, I’ll take my chances and we’ll survive.

            • check that, SE of Fl.

        • Is anyone coming to the next article? Really interesting.

        • Yep it is all already in motion and happening as we speak !Nothing new been ongoing for a long while, who coulda known, Hey ?

      2. If you are not prepped, well you are just inept…

        Be well all…

        • Great rhyme there! Just thought how tough it’s going to be when neighbors are begging for food and water, then the mindset change and the … I just hope to be able to keep my humanity. Without having to say I told you so. Interesting to actually assume, while in relative peace, the cruelties which may occur.

        • If the gloves don’t fit …. buy a new pair of gloves, or two, or three. 🙂

          • “If the gloves don’t fit, You must aquit”

            Johnny Cochran.

      3. Knock off the bs and show me the WAR. Paris does not make a world wide war. Again show me WW3 and I’m happy.

        • Taxdn:

          Want a real reveal on WW3? Albert Pike (look up his frank explanation of all three wars). You will find he is spot on with the uptick for WW3.

          Compare it to what is really happening in the world and you will see that the “plan” is being advanced at breakneck speed.

      4. Tick tock. Put up 4 cans of Mountain House chicken stew today, and put a deer cage around my fruit trees. Live for today, plan for tomorrow. It’s what everyone should do whether or not the end is nigh.

      5. As your working on getting all your supplys ready, an extra item you need to have on hand, is an extra CPU for your bug out vehicles engine. Remember, in a EMP attach your vehicles CPU may be fried, so having an extra CPU in a Faraday cage may be the difference between getting out of town, or staying put with 10000 rioters, watching them as they BBQ your city.

        • I’m assuming you mean a PCM. Most modern vehicles have at least 12 control modules onboard, all tied together by a CAN (Central Area Network.) A new PCM installation will require a vehicle to be reprogrammed (at your local dealership) so that it’s immobilization system works, or your rig will never start again. Newer diesel vehicles have individual IC modules for each injector. In short, putting a PCM for your vehicle in a F-Cage doesn’t matter. And another battery, btw… an EMP pulse kills a car battery.

          So if you were serious about having a vehicle that will withstand an EMP, it would need to be a manual transmission vehicle with a carburetor, a mechanical fuel pump, a distributor with points and a maintenance dry battery with battery acid in a bottle beside it.

          • Get real

            If you are in a large city, and an EMP hits, AND it does the damage that is feared. You will NOT be “repairing” your car and driving away. Hell, even if you have a running armored car, I doubt you will drive out of the trouble.

          • You would still probably need a replacement voltage regulator module and rectifier diodes (usually inside the alternator) as those will be fried in an EMP.

      6. You are right taxed. Paris does not make a world wide war. Its not a world war until the french surrender.

      7. Just remember…The rich taste like chicken and their kids are extra tender…The Powers That Shouldnt Be had better watch what they wish for…It never goes good for the tyrants!!!

        • arf

          “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight”.


          • LOL “Parts are Parts”

      8. Does this mean that RELIGION will not be a major part of the next BIG war?

        I doubt I can accept that, WW3 is rapidly approaching.

        • With or with out religion, you will have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things….
          Its when good people do evil things…That takes religion!!
          So yeah…big time crusade coming our way…

          • You know not that of which you speak.

            • I know religion of all types have murdered more humans then any other source…History PROVES THIS FACT!!!! You may believe and live by your belief..BUT FAIL to understand Believe and belief both have LIE right in the middle. Youve been TOTALLY BRAINWASHED to blindly follow, when you have the brain to think for your self, but refuse to use it…What kind of all loving god would sit back over thousands of years and let evil run rampant?? Whats the delay, whens he coming back to make right?? Can you prove evil is not its real plan and your willing to follow blindly??????? Your just another pathetic small brained human, the problem with the world since the beginning….

              • Again,
                You know not that of which you speak.

        • In the next war, your skin will be your uniform.

      9. Where is our oil? O Isreal gets it.

        • Explain.

          We don’t export oil to the ME.

      10. Interesting article! Good points! Seems like the the world is heading
        toward something, whether it’s WWIII or something less, is difficult
        to say! But it does remind me of some lyrics from an old song,” This
        is the end, my friend!”

        • It’s not the end, it’s just getting started. Get out the moonshine and party like its WW3!

        • INVSBLTY, that’s Jim Morrison and The Doors. Also the theme song to ‘Apocalypse Now’.

      11. We’ll need a LOT of natural resources to ensure the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals, Hollywierd socialist hypocrites, the Kartrashians, George Soros, and Michelle Marie Antoinette “Let them vacation in Aruba” Obama can continue their rich and famous lifestyles.


        Those extremely strict gun control laws in Paris sure helped, didn’t they! Kinda like the extremely strict gun control laws in Chicago. It’s not for nothing that former gun control advocate, Dr. John Lott of Univ. of Chicago, after doing his research, penned “More Guns, Less Crime.” I am strongly for non-violence… however, self-defense has been recognized in all cultures at all times.

        Even leftist Washington Post gets it on French gun control laws at states “French gun laws date back to April 18, 1939, though they have been amended a number of times since. They are certainly tough: There is no right to bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires apsychological evaluation.

        According to Gun Policy, a project by the University of Sydney, the punishment for illegally having a gun is a maximum of seven years in prison and a fine. As The Post’s Thomas Gibbons-Neff notes, the men who attacked Charlie Hebdo appeared to be carrying two different types of Kalashnikov rifles. Such weapons are highly restricted and require extremely stringent background checks to buy (CNN describes it as rivaling the “clearance work done by the FBI for anybody employed at the White House”). How did the attackers get the guns? Almost certainly illegally .” Gee…d’ya think??
        While smaller in scale, compare this to those jihadist attacks in Garland TX ( or that beheading in Oklahoma ( a year or ago, stopped by armed civilians with concealed carry licenses.

      13. Babylon will be thrown into darkness Her Armies will be without means to defend themselves. Babylon oh Babylon where is your strength for you are naked to the eyes of others. Like Sodom and Gomorrah you will be cleansed by fire, And your people will want But God will not listen. Surely you are doomed.
        many of the multitude will feed on the bodies of others People will starve, water will not be fit to drink and all will languish in their sins.

        • Burn, Baby Burn.
          Disco Inferno.
          Burn, Baby Burn
          Burn that Mother down.

          • Im burnin Im burnin Im burnin for you….

            WW3 party at slings house! 🙂

            • Genius

          • “B-B-B-Burnin’ Up with Love” by Eddie Rabbitt:

            ht tps://

      14. The Americas have more than enough resources to be rich and meet our needs. Our problem is Democrats and Socialists.
        In Asia, Russia is a tremendously resource rich nation. China, India, Europe are not as rich. Nukes guarantee an order of sorts.
        They all have versions of Democrats and Socialists.
        Middle east Asia, parts of SE Asia, and Africa is inhabited by idiots AKA Moslems.
        Where do you logically use your resources to remove a threat?
        I have more in common with a Russian, Chinese, and Indian than a Moslem.

        • A simply excellent explanation as to what is happening and what is at stake: Paris Terror Attacks, Islamic State Attempting to Spark Civil War in France

          The Great Ignorance is the danger and the importation of this ignorance is the danger.

          • Interesting post. France is a nuclear power. Moslems may want to think about that. I’d flatten Mecca and Medina tomorrow, If another Moslem wants to start a war with me. France can kill off most of the 1 billion Moslems on the earth, with very little blowback. If Moslems want to die, fine then kill them. Hopefully the virgins aren’t all male.

            • France has more than enough reason to turn Mecca to glass.
              Do it & start a new crusade.

            • If France were to light up Mecca, that would do nothing to solve the muslim problem in France.

              The French are going to get involved in Syria now, and just like nuking Mecca, it will not solve their problem.

      15. The Anglo-Zionists best tread lightly in the Middle East. The Russians have their number. They recently scrambled the controls of the Ronald Reagan and the seventh fleet:

        • Putin for prez.

      16. Sorry folks but this article is so much bull shit it makes me puke. Get a life fuck tards and leave us normal people alone or reap the consequences. There is no “Grand finale”… it’s all a bunch of total bull shit.

      17. a war will be caused by extremist muslims.
        time has come to round up all muslims with criminal records & jail them for whole life!

      18. Mmmmmm rich people kids are tender eating. Can’t wait I’m getting hungry. All joking aside ak’s are the most common gun and easiest to build. They can be built from scrap parts cobbled together in a garage who cares about how nice it is when your on a suicide mission. As long as it functions and can be obtained for the job at hand. stupid leaders think murderers are gonna abide by gun laws this shows how out of touch with reality they are smarten up and lead.

      19. I am preparing as best I can on five acres in the mountains of New Mexico. I want a little underground (mostly) house. It just seems the harder I run the slower it gets. I am moving forward on my Food Forest. Winter is here and cannot point a foundation until May at the earliest. Sigh… this is no recovery.

        • Nice little blog you have, always wondered what it would be like to dtart a homestead from scratch, especially somewhere like NM,
          Thumbs up Rebecca

          • I know what you mean I have done it twice. Just figure the time and cost and times it by 2 and you will be close.

        • Rebecca, you have an interesting blog. The BOL I’m going to is in the mountains of north GA and owned by one of my cousins. It’s a homestead and all other family have homesteads very close by. It’s tough work but not impossible. Keep at it. You’ll reach your goals eventually. take care.

        • Rebecca Says,
          I guess i missed your blog site, so i would like to see it, as we live in the mountains of NM as well and wondered if your close or not, we are in the southern part.

          • apache54…all ya need to do is place your mouse thingy on her name at the top of the post and click on it, that will take you to her blog…

          • Rebecca,
            OK i found your site thanks, looks great and I believe your north of where i am. I live at 7700 ft.

      20. Folks the finale props are being placed on the world stag as we can see daily. The curtain is about to be open to usher in the opening act to the total end of the world as we know it. Make no mistake about it the end fast approaches. Are you prepared for it and are you prepared to die, if not get there as fast as you can now don’t wait for tomorrow DO IT NOW!! When the opening act starts there will be no stopping it or turning back. Things are about to get very difficult and just plain scary. Stay safe friends.

        • Im ready, I have #10 cans of popcorn and a great view of it all. I will build a fort out of #10 cans and sandbags out of 50 pound wheat bags. When I finish a bucket of staples I will use it as a commode. I will make jewlery out of my spent brass and use my bob as a pillow. I will stay in a cistern under my garden with a periscope and collect root veggies from below. I will put on my guillie suit and shoot rats to eat with my bb gun. Can’t touch this 🙂

          • Genius, I love the idea of spent-brass jewelry. Awesome idea.

        • Totally agree.. Prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually. The spiritual part should come first, and is most important: because we don’t want to live in eternity with the Mooselimbs!

          • Here is a good video for people interested in expanding thier knowledge and critical thinking. Especially those in the military and police. I guarantee it WILL make you see things in a new light!


            • Go to marc passio’s website and read his statements for yourself everybody. He has a list of subjects he wants to investigate, but then says he doesn’t want to do an ” exhaustive” study of each subject, he just wants people to get an ” overall picture” of everything so they become ” aware”. He also claims nothing on his site are his own ideas, but are a collection of things from the world ” as he sees them”. He’s not stupid, he puts out a disclaimer that he doesn’t want you to take his word for anything but do your ” own” research.

              This is not anything I’m making up about him, you can read it yourself on his website. Now, the question is, do you take him seriously? Does he have any credibility?
              To me, it seems like just another ultimate conspiracy blog. You know the kind, everything, and I mean everything, is the result of some secret conspiracy caused by shadowy figures from the underworld. It’s good to keep an open mind about things, but not so open all of your brains leak out in the process. I’m also skeptical about him not wanting to do what he calls ” exhaustive” research on any given subject? Why not? Isn’t that how you get the truth about anything? Or is it possible that by just giving a smattering of information about something is a way of getting people to think you’re an expert on the subject when really all you’re offering are your own opinions?

              Like I say, check out his website and read for yourself. To me, it only proves that people see what they want to see, conjecture is prevalent, but that’s what you need when you think nothing is true and everything is a lie. But to present his views and offer them as facts, no way, no time, no how.

              • Of course no one can do exhaustive research on all the topics around us it would take 100 lifetimes. What he is saying is put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the big picture. Use logic and observation to come to your own conclusions. He speaks from his experience in the church of satan and what he learned from them. His presentations are logical and thought provoking. He does not claim to know it all but points out from the research he has done his own logical conclusions. I cannot refute his points but they make perfect sense and he also presents facts that fit in perfectly. To dismiss what he says is to be an ignorant fool that is stuck in a bullshit paradigm of brainwashing and will not look into any other explanations of why things are the way they are. If you want any hope of a victory you had better know who your enemy is. If you are going after a tiger you had better know what a tiger is and he gives you a very good description of that tiger. Take from it what you will and use your own critical thinking and discernment and be sure to think it through before dismissing any of it. Or just go on with your regularly scheduled programming and never seek out new info or make any attempt to be any wiser or more informed…

                • Genius:

                  Looking back through subjects at shtf the information and the research has already been pointed out to shtf participants but unfortunately PC seems to rule most Americans and the truth about how we have been deceived seems too much to bear.

                  By reading General Smedley Butlers opinion of War and checking Albert Pikes truthful explanation of why WW1 and WW2 were fought…..and how WW3 would be formented…those two websites are certainly worth perusing.

                  Pike’s explanation of how the bankster PTB would use the “muzzies” and our precious kids as gun fodder for their “hoped for” final war to set up their one world order is coming to pass just as he said it would.

                  Thanks for your truthful posts here at shtf Genius. There seems to only be a handful that is not afraid of the Kosher police that roam this website, beating the shit out of truth tellers; but most never are able to prove what has been posted is not TRUTH.

                  • Thanks makemyday, I agree I think most people are afraid to look very deep into things because they may not like or believe what they find. The truth can hurt and hurt bad. I don’t think many people want their reality shattered and discover they have been duped all along. I welcome any intelligent comments and feedback to any of my posts as I WANT the truth and if I am wrong I want to know so I can adjust my position. Sadly it seems most people just attack the truth rather than look into it which actually highlights their ignorance. I try and post useful info also that is pertinent to prepping which a lot of others do not, they just use this place to spout off ignorance. Sure it’s fun to joke around or express opinions but share your insights and info as well. I haven’t had the shit beat out of me here yet lol they just finally can’t refute me and go away.
                    Good to see a fellow thinker and truth seeker here, we need more of you! 🙂

                    • And thanks, I will definately read Albert Pike.

                  • makemyday, are you talkling about morals and dogma? Which Pike book has that info? … Thanks

                • Of course he has to have some factual information or he’d be out of business. But using facts and stringing them together with conjecture doesn’t make a new fact about something else. Yes, some things he says are truthful, but it’s the blurry area of fact mixed with conjecture to lead to a conclusion of some kind of ” AH HA!” moment about everything in the world being a conspiracy is far from being the last word on any given subject. Like I say, people should read his website for themselves, if you’re the kind of person who sees a conspiracy everywhere you look, odds are you’ll really like him. But he does say quite plainly that you should not just believe him but check it out for yourself. For me, that’s the best piece of advice he offers.

                  • “But he does say quite plainly that you should not just believe him but check it out for yourself. For me, that’s the best piece of advice he offers.”

                    That is what ANY person telling you something or showing you some theories should say. I guess what he is trying to convey is over your head. Go back to FOX and CNN and let them do your thinking and form your opinions geeeezus. You don’t need me, you make a fool of yourself just fine.

                    • So, I’ve discovered you’re absolutely right. NOTHING on any MSM outlet is true, NOTHING! So in that light, the Paris attacks are all bullshit, the cops shooting a 6 year old kid, all bullshit. None of that ever happened, it’s all a big ” Joo” conspiracy. So don’t come back and tell me that the Paris attack happened, because ” we” know it’s all joo lies, wink wink. Yeah, you’re a good candidate for marc passin’s version of the truth, because it’s true, everything has always been a ” joo” conspiracy. Maybe you think I’m a fool, great, but I don’t resort to little boy name calling like you so go and tell the world about how you’re going to ” get” all them eville ” joos” for wrecking your world.

                    • More words in my mouth is your response? My god you are a moron. EVERY WORD YOU JUST SAID IS A LIE. Holy shit the proof is right above you. You need to see a psychiatrist asap!

                    • In fact billy, I want you to copy and paste where I have said:

                      Your first lie: Everything the MSM says is a lie…

                      Your next lie: Everything is a joo conspiracy…

                      Your next lie: Im going to get all them joos for wrecking my world…

                      You know I call out liars here every time and trust me you have just shown that you are a liar. If you lie like a little boy I will treat you like a little boy. I am not alone here either, many people call out liars and just because you think my name makes you feel small it isn’t meant to. Grow up and stop lying because if you don’t… you won’t like it here very much.

                      Now go copy where I said those things in fact that invitation is open to everyone here…. waiting 🙂

                    • In fact billy, I want you to copy and paste where I have said:

                      Your first lie: Everything the MSM says is a lie…

                      Your next lie: Everything is a tribe conspiracy…

                      Your next lie: Im going to get all them tribes for wrecking my world…

                      You know I call out liars here every time and trust me you have just shown that you are a liar. If you lie like a little boy I will treat you like a little boy. I am not alone here either, many people call out liars and just because you think my name makes you feel small it isn’t meant to. Grow up and stop lying because if you don’t… you won’t like it here very much.

                      Now go copy where I said those things in fact that invitation is open to everyone here…. waiting

                    • Didn’t think you had an answer punk lol.

                • That Satan worship is as real as it gets. I have a friend who escaped from that and she described some of the stuff they were forced to do when initiated as little girls by their parents. The sexual abuse was off the charts. I’m talking with groups of people and also with animals. Animal and human sacrifices are also real. These kinds of people exist and some of them rise to high positions in governments around the world.

                  • Dam Mark, you know whats going on. pleasL tell people this is real!

                  • Mark I know you are right. I will respond in the morning…

      21. Nah,Genetically Modified foods will kill off 80% of the world population and the need to compete for resources will evaporate.

      22. The greatest threat to humanity today is the insanity of those who try to retain power by inciting hatred of AGW believers for AGW doubters, of Muslims for Jews for Christians for Hindus, etc., etc.

        The inhabitants of planet Earth will hang together or die separately.

      23. I have traveled all over the western part of Russia and met many people everywhere. Almost without exception they had absolutely no animosity towards Americans, and were genuinely friendly and kind to me. Our politicians are the ones who concoct Russians are enemies. I’m not saying they are guiltless but the American people must stop believing what our government spews out. The main-stream media is fed manufactured bullsh*t and repeats it; I knew fully the facts of a particular story but when published was completely remade into something having no resemblance to the truth. They are counting on a general lack of facts and knowledge on the part of the citizens mixed with misinformation to shape our beliefs, opinions, feelings, and so on. I don’t understand all the purposes why the government functions the way it does towards us but I do know things are the way they are because someone or something benefits in the form of wealth and/or power? Probably because the best and easiest way to control people is through control of facts and information. Therefore one can rationally surmise if there is war, large scale economic or financial trouble, etc. is because certain entities want it for their benefit. Since this is the case it must must be logically concluded that the average citizen is viewed as little more than disposable.

        • Well said, Billy. I agree completely. The American people are sick of useless, bloody, and expensive wars. But that doesn’t stop The Powers That Be from provoking more conflict from the Ukraine to Syria to the South China Sea.

          I’m not one to grasp at religious explanations, but sometimes it looks like a malevolent power which hates human beings is guiding the actions of “our leaders”.

        • I knew fully the facts of a particular story but when published was completely remade into something having no resemblance to the truth.

          Kind of like your replies billy?

      24. I have the belief that the government wants to put all the people in prison cities. Then just let riots etc. kill most of them off. The rest will become slaves. They will start of by raiding the country for food. Enslaving farmers.

      25. Durin6g WWII we armed an6d feed the world. the resources are there b5ut the politics gets in6 the way folks. Perfect example is the commodity called “rare earths” We grovel an6d kiss the foot of china t o b5uy it from them The US has such deposites b5ut they are n6ot min6ed. Australia has vast deposites of rate earths b5ut the term is so misleadin6g that people thin6k they are really rare an6d they are n6ot. Locally thousands of producing fruit trees have been taken out due to regulations imposed by the govt. the local govt tried to cut down trees in peoples back yards if they didnot approve of the way they were taken care of. The best local farmland is being sold for mobil home courts. Vast amounts of resources are wasted on fornt lawns. According to the USGS we can make gasoline from oil shale for 75cents a gallon. And so it goes as politicians get involved in simple things like a back yard apple tree which becomes a crime to have

        • Rockmanr- from now on, every tree I plant is going to produce something edible. Thanks for the info. What did the government want with the fruit tree meddling? Is this Florida?

      26. Did President Obama knowingly sign the execution order on French citizens? The taking out of senior ISIS figures was bound to lead to reprisals in Europe. The Americans knew this and yet did not give a heads-up to innocent civilians. Why? After knowingly flooding Europe with terrorists disguised as ‘refugees’ were the Americans seeking something more sinister to unfold in the coming weeks? We investigate…

      27. What? No conspiracy theories about how the Paris attacks were all planned by the “Government”?
        You boys are slipping.

        • Didn’t you hear?
          We voted our way out of it

      28. NEW PREPS NEEDED NOW – Beans, Bullets, bandaids, Bacon, for wrapping Mooselimbs and a BACKHOE to bury said mooselimbs.

      29. The coward pussy Zombie boot licking filth in the GENOCIDAL fascist shithole of collapsing America do not have REAL FOOD now. The basic nutritional needs of the coward Zombie trash has been purposefully removed, so the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered Zombies must consume the poisonous toxic GMO filled FAKE FOOD trash approved by their criminal Corporatist fascist US Government of nothing but pure evil psychopathic monster scum like the world has never seen.

      30. Kill all muzzies I don’t care if they are peaceful when they are under attack they will fight back. Every last one of these smelly camel jockeys. I mean it when you have an infestation you kill them all not just the problem ones. Total destruction of Islam is the only way or forget it. an islamic holocaust will settle it once and for all. God is good.

      31. No it wont, it will b a religious war……..

        Sorry, but you cant deny it. Resources are valuable, but thru conquest, they are aquired, conquest of a religious ideology.

      32. Hey Mac, WTF?!?

        Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.

      33. little off topic-

        I never thought America would degenerate into the piss pot it’s become…

        I remember coming out of AIT in the Army wanting to wear my jump boots and beret on leave…

        I remember coming back from Iraq and everyone walking past me: looking round,feeling like I didn’t belong…

        I guess it’s been a lot of years since America shined???

        I remember her from the memories of my youth and maybe she was diminished even in those years, but I didn’t see it…

        Amerika is severely f*cking up bringing the enemy into her home. Our government no longer serves the people in any way, shape or form…

        Increasing entitlement programs for refugees,on our dime, enticing them to our shores…

        …is treason

        • “I never thought America would degenerate into the piss pot it’s become…”

          Me too.

          I go to places that now look completely different and are completely different than just 30 years ago.

          For instance, the southwest part of Houston; where I grew up; I now go thru about once a week and it is completely different now. In fact I have noticed the quality of drivers is much worse there than in other parts of Houston and I thought about it and figured it out. The driving is worse there because that area is now heavily Hispanic and more drivers there are less likely to have grown up with a car in the family, had as much experience at driving as native americans and taken as much driving instruction as typical americans.

          Now apply this to everything else. Instead of spending your first 15 or 20 years learning the laws of the usa, the medical system, etc, you learned just enough to get what you need when you need it. Is it any wonder the costs of anything related to any kind of immigration are a mess ?

          • Lena- I believe the demise of Astroworld occurred because of the rise of the hood rats attending and bringing weapons into the park. They raised prices to keep out low lifes but it was the only fun park in town so they found the money and slowly chased out family business. The last few years there were sad.

      34. Mac, (and everyone)you might want to check zero hedge today.
        There are two articles about a passport found near one of the Paris attackers. Just like the Charlie Hebdo happening in January.
        All the makings of another FALSE FLAG ATTACK IN PARIS.

      35. Does anyone study diversity in nature. We are not allowed to bring plants or animals from one place to another place for a reason. Over the years separation allows individual habitats to protect their own unique ecosystem. When a foreign plant or animal is introduced into that system it can spell doom for the plants and animals within.

        As human beings we are an animal of sorts. At least we have animal bodies and are a part of nature. I am neither denying the human soul or basing my comments on the existence of the soul. Each of us humans has a particular set of genes. Each of us inherits our particular characteristics from thousand if not millions of years of evolution in separate locations on the earth.

        The discovery of flight has made it possible to bring diverse humans together. This challenges the natural diversity. It threatens it just as much as any other ecosystem.

        Now if we stopped this forced bussing or forced immigration we would still have intermarriage of different species of humans. This gradual natural evolving of the races into a single race might eventually result in one species of humans devoid of diversity. If however two or three diverse species are forced into one land mass, they will fight for dominance. One will seek to kill the other. It is a natural tendency of any species to seek its own survival.

        The architects of this plan are not looking to strengthen but to destroy. The only Country that does not permit intermarriage and who refuses to take in refugees is Israel. What do they know that we don’t? Why is the strongest lobby in America a foreign lobby APAC for Isreal. These refugees are created in wars for Isreal fought with American bolls and treasure. America is a fool for the leaders of the Satanic cult which seeks our destruction. We must reject the refugees. Perhaps we can help them somewhere safe in their own homelands. I don’t know. But I know I don’t want them in my neiborhood. Don’t call me racist. Call me American.

      36. Like I said before, the 2016 election, I have to see happen to believe it. We are on sh..t street right now.


      37. I say train them, send them back to there countries, arm them and tell them to go fight for there country.

        No more U.S blood to be spilled.

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