The Government Is Finally Becoming Afraid of the People

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The United States government is finally fearing the public.  US capital police have asked the Pentagon to provide National Guard troops to help cope with a protest over the treatment of the January 6th “insurrection” (which was anything but).

    Even though the ruling class’s hired force has put up an unscalable fence to protect the US Capitol, they are still afraid of what the public could do.  Be advised, however, that they expect to push people to the point of violence. It is imperative that we remain peaceful and not stoop to their levels. They want to provoke these protestors, which has become obvious.

    An overwhelming security presence may help support the narrative that Trump has incited violent and racist insurrectionists, who are a paramount threat to American democracy. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that police had made “unprecedented preparations to address another attempt to defile our national purpose.” -RT

    Remember what democracy is though. Democracy is mob rule. It’s the 51% ruling over the 49%. Any threats to a system like that should be welcomed. But the ruling class is determined to keep power at all costs.

    So far, there has been no indication that the protestors intend to be violent, yet the ruling class wants to provoke that response. That’s why it’s imperative to not play their game. Only about 700 people are expected to attend Saturday’s event, according to a Department of Homeland Security estimate, and organizers have asked protesters not to wear clothing or carry signs supporting either Trump or Biden. The rally will protest over the treatment of more than 600 people arrested in connection with the “Capitol riot.”

    The interesting thing about this is that not this much action is taken against rioters who destroy private property.  But if you dare to go onto government property (that we supposedly “own” because “we are the government”) you are treated like a hardened criminal.  We has better come together and realize that government is slavery and the masters need you to think you are one of them. You are not. You are still their slave. Remember, slavery works best when the slaves think they are free.

    This has all the markings of a setup. Do not fall for it!


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      1. 700 people expected, that should really show how strong the Trump people still are.

        Congress will have to take note.

      2. Leftists lie & try to redefine words used for centuries in an accepted manner. “Insurrection” is another word used as a LIE to mischaracterize a PROTEST of the corrupt methods used in the 2020 election of a President & many other elected officials. John James, a black candidate for the Senate, is also thought to have been cheated. Purdue, Loeffler, McSally, etc. were thought to have been cheated in their bids to be Senators during this term. Fellow leftists may burn down our cities during the summer prior to the election, but conservative people may NOT protest election theft. So much for EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

      3. The levitation can see the writing on the wall,it’s in a high stakes poker game and it knows that the odds are not in it’s favour. It’s paranoid therefore, and extremely dangerous. Look at it’s recent history,domestically and globally,it’s exhibiting extremely bazaar behavior. It knows that it has no real legitimacy to exist,it’s like a psychotic criminal that has been exposed. Be patient it will soon self destruct.

      4. Only the seriously physically disabled should show up to the Sept 18 protest. People who can obviously not riot or do anything physical that might be considered violence.

      5. You do not address mass murdering traitorous rat bastards (and bitches) with peaceful protests. For instance, this fat slob general (POS) milley has now admitted to engaging in treason – he doesn’t need a trial and a trip to prison; all 900 pounds of blubber that he is needs to be immediately gathered up by the nearest military police authority, tied up to the nearest tree, and executed.

        Apparently the US needs to invite some Taliban (Mujahadeen) to come visit and teach us and demonstrate to us the finer points on “How to Deal With Traitorous Rat Bastards/Bitches 101”. Identify – destroy.

        The gubbmint is about as fearful of the (generally) sloth ‘peeps’ as it is fearful the green cheese maker up on the moon. Not so much.

      6. Hope the protesters drag several guillotines with them to the Capital.
        I loved the French revolution
        I would really love the 2nd American revolution!

      7. there will be liberal agitators in the crowd to start the violence so the Government can crack down on it’s citizens.

      8. I hope NO ONE SHOWS UP to make FOOLS of the government intelligence and the president.

        Make them all look like IDIOTS waiting for nothing to happen. Then we can all laugh at them.

        The peaceful way is to have their lawyers take it to the Supreme Court for consitutional violations of these jailed protestors rights. No speedy trials, no access to lawyers, mistreatment, no bail, just political prisioners. Then if that doesn’t work, there are other legal ways but people have to all work together as a national force. I don’t think there are enough to make a dent because most Republicans, Christians, and Independents are asleep at the wheel.

        • ‘That’s a Setup’: Trump Issues Warning about Saturday Rally
          – September 17, 2021
          Trump continued, “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

        • Was thinking the same thing. I’d like to see the State declare a state of emergency, order trains and bus loads of soldiers brought in round the clock, tens of thousands of cops deployed, barb wire and concertina wire everywhere, check points on every street, and tanks and APCs at every corner. And don’t forget the provocateurs. Then have vast numbers of the MSM placed in numerous locations throughout the city ready to hype and spin the official narrative of some type of insurrection or siege – only for no one to show up. What a national laugh we could have at their expense. This would only highlight the State’s irrationality, it’s paranoia, and it’s illegitimacy. It would serve to make them look wonderfully foolish.

      9. Funny how the swamp wasn’t afraid of BLM lighting fires and protesting in DC a short time ago! Guess if it fits the narrative its okay to destroy!

      10. Down in Venezuela people have been gathering and banging on pots and pans for over a decade. Supposedly in the mean time they have killed and eaten all the zoo animals.

      11. A mass demonstration is not required. A mass consistent ignoring of gov’t would be more effective, a national boycott of gov’t if you will, just all (or most) citizens turn their backs and just peacefully but firmly ignore the mandates and edicts and authoritarianism.

      12. The Framers of the Constitution blocked all of this nonsense when they included Article I, § 8, Cl. 15 in the Constitution.
        I realize that almost every American, including just about every attorney, know nothing at all about law and doctrine related to the function.
        Since Cl. 15 exists, it bars anything else that may resemble or attempts to usurp that authority. “Expresio unius est exclusio alterius.”

        • That clause only grants certain powers to the government and states what they are intended for, it doesn’t bar anything.

      13. ?

      14. The latest BS is to slam James Bond as a rapist. This is beyond ridiculous. The women he “forces” himself on are not good women. They are villains and thus to hate f#ck a villain is fair game.

        Think about it: rape is done against a woman who is innocent and against her will. A villain on the other hand, is not innocent and is lucky to just be hate f#cked and not beaten or killed.

        Bond lived by an old fashioned code of justice where bad women would receive their punishment in his bed. This was a time when cads would hit women or worse. Bond felt he was doing them a kindness; a kindness they would not receive at the hands of their handlers.

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