The Global Race Towards Full Vaccination

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Scientists initially estimated that 60 to 70 percent of a population would have to acquire resistance to Covid-19 in order for herd immunity to take effect, a threshold that has been revised upwards since the start of the year with 80 to 85 percent quoted in some cases.

    As Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, the race towards full vaccination is well underway and Israel has the highest share of its population fully jabbed, according to Our World in Data.

    Infographic: The Race Towards Full Vaccination | Statista

    You will find more infographics at Statista

    Despite the ever-higher immunity threshold discussed by scientists, Israel’s Covid-19 case count started to tumble when 40 percent of its population received at least one jab and now 59.3 percent of its inhabitants are fully vaccinated. The country’s reproduction rate has been around 0.5 in recent weeks and it appears to be on track to emerge from the pandemic, suggesting that initial herd immunity estimates carried some accuracy.

    With 45.4 percent of its inhabitants fully vaccinated, Bahrain comes second on the list.

    In the United States, 40.2 percent of people have been fully vaccinated (though do not forget that almost half of unvaccinated Americans have natural immunity from prior infection).

    In this case, full vaccination refers to all doses prescribed by the vaccination protocol with data only available for countries reporting the breakdown of their doses.

    As Scott Morefield wrote recently, Blue-state lockdown-lovers drunk on their own power like Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who insist on a 70 percent vaccination rate in order to ease up on mandates and restrictions are ignoring the science completely in order to hold their people hostage to an unobtainable, unnecessary goal.

    Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital debunked the desire among some health officials, sometimes referred to as “zero COVID,” that COVID-19 can be eradicated completely.

    Well, unfortunately, we have this perception now that’s being created by some public health leaders that we need to reach total eradication. We’re not gonna get to total absolute risk elimination. That is a false goal and quite honestly it’s being used now to manipulate the public. We heard today again from our public health leaders that if we get to 70% vaccination, then we can start seeing restrictions removed. That’s dishonest. Most of the country is at herd immunity. Other parts will get there later this month. San Francisco had 12 cases yesterday, most asymptomatic. What do you call that? I call that herd immunity. And I think what’s happening is our public health leaders are dismissing natural immunity from prior infection, which changes the path to get to more population immunity. It invokes mandates, it means kids may have to get it and it demonizes those that are hesitant rather than respecting their decision.

    Indeed, you don’t have to have a medical degree to know that the formula for herd immunity has always been vaccinated plus natural immunity, but then again, when have Democrats ever been good at math?


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      1. There are some critical fallacies wrapped up in this level of global vaccination. They are:

        1) The idea you could reach that level of global vaccination within a year or two is total nonsense. The state of the world – wars, unstable governments, poverty, ignorance, religious bigotry – means it will be very, very hard to get vaccine compliance in places like Africa, South Asia etc.

        2) We are comparing our society – a first world place – with third world countries. This is a big mistake. Third world countries generally have higher death rates and lower life expectancy as just the way it is. Life is cheap in these places and death rates that would freak out Western governments happen EVERY DAY in the turd world.

        3) You think vaccine hesitancy is bad in the US just try Nigeria. Keep in mind in many countries Islamic terrorists actually kill people doing vaccination drives. In Mexico police officers can’t even protect their families. You think limp-wristed UN workers are going to stand a chance against that?

        4) The wisest thing to do is to vaccinate fully developed, first world countries because a) it is do-able, b) they are the countries that create the world’s wealth and pay for all the turd world people to stay alive through foreign aid, c) it is something that can be controlled. Once done you can then manage border entries just like we used to do 20 years ago before globalisation. Yes, children, we used to actually have border controls and health checks before the free-for-all we have today. It is no biggy to go back to what we had 20 years ago.

        5) Canada is very dumb, Canada was the one dumb Western country to put the turd world ahead of its own people and they then discovered they were at the end of the vaccine supply line. Don’t make Canada’s mistake. Look after your own people first. It is just like life: I wash my butt and so it stays clean. If everyone washes their butt then you have a nation of clean butt holes. Look after your shit well and then if everyone else does, you have a result. That’s how vaccination and herd immunity works.

      2. How long did it take for smallpox to go away in the US after the vaccine was first made?

        Took 184 years. ..1796 it was made, but took until 1980 to be declared eradicated in the US and longer in other countries.

        In the meantime not knowing what deaths, autoimmune diseases, sterilization, blood clots, brain bleeds, enlarged hearts, organ failure will happen, maybe no one will be left to see the end of it except the unvaccinated.

        • It is do-able this year in the West but I would forget about the turd world: that will take a decade or more. So that means border controls, an end to mass migration from the third world and an end to tourism travel by third worlders.

          In short it means living like we lived before 2000. And that really isn’t that bad. The open borders crowd are just going to have to pound sand.

      3. R the aliens getting the jab? U know, the 1’s being imported n.

      4. Hey Frank, why don’t you take a long jump off a short pier pushing these dam vaccines as if it was to people’s benefit. I’m in TN, come out this way for some bitch slappin you punk. This man from NYC hasn’t beat the _uck out of anybody lately.

      5. It still comes around to the same question:

        Will you take the vax; the prick; the jab; the ‘Mark’; etc.?

        Only YOU can prevent dumb-asses

      6. A jabbed sucker is born every minute!

      7. Dumping billions into a global vaccine campaign before the West is fully vaccinated is a huge mistake. The only reason they are pushing this is because they do not want to introduce the necessary border controls and travel and migration restrictions that we should have with the third world.

        Pumping Western borrowed and printed money into a China-run third world is a recipe for widespread theft and corruption; much of the money would be stolen just like foreign aid already is. The vaccine money would be diverted into China’s agendas; the very country that caused the pandemic in the first place.

        Africa already has an out of control population that they can’t provide for. China should pay for a) third world vaccination b) for animal health improvements to stop zoonotic viruses c ) work to reduce Africa’s population and instead create space for China’s educated population.

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