The Global Economic Reset Begins With An Engineered Crash

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    For a few years now, since at least 2014, the phrase “global economic reset” has been circulating in the financial world. This phrase is used primarily by globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to describe an event in which the current system as we know it will either die out or evolve into a new system where “multilateralism” will become the norm. The reset is often described in an ambiguous way. IMF banking elites will usually mention the end results of the shift, but they say little about the process to get there.

    What we do know is that the intent of the globalists is to use this reset to create a more centralized monetary system and micro-managed global economy. At the core of this new structure would be the IMF along with perhaps the BIS and World Bank.  It is a plan that has been supported openly by both western and eastern governments, including Russia and China.

    As noted, the details are few and far between, but the IMF describes the use of open borders and human migrations during the reset as a means to transfer capital from various parts of the world. It is a novel if not utterly insane way to transfer wealth that only makes sense if you understand that the globalist goal is to deliberately conjure a geopolitical catastrophe.

    The IMF also asserts that blockchain technology will make capital transfer easier and more efficient in this future environment, which explains the enthusiastic globalist support for developments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies despite the notion in cryptocurrency circles that blockchain would somehow make the bankers “obsolete”.

    The IMF also acknowledges that in the meantime a slowdown in capital flows has occurred, and that this slowdown is ongoing since the crash of 2008. What they do not explicitly admit is that the crash of 2008 never ended, and that the decline we are witnessing today is merely an extension of the recession/depression that started ten years ago.

    Certain facts have become obvious to anyone with any sense over the past year. First, as the Federal Reserve began tightening stimulus policies by raising interest rates and cutting assets from their balance sheet, the global economy began to return to steep declines not seen since the credit crisis. I predicted this outcome in my article ‘Party While You Can – Central Bank Ready To Pop The Everything Bubble’, published in January of 2018. The plunge has started in almost every sector of the economy, from housing, to autos to credit markets to retail. Now, even jobs, numbers which are highly manipulated to the upside, are beginning to falter.

    The assertion in the mainstream media is that this recessionary downturn is new. This is not the case. What began in 2008 was an epic implosion of multiple national economies, and what we are seeing in 2019 is the final culmination of that process – The end game.

    It is not a coincidence that the downturn started right after the Fed began tightening stimulus measures in 2017. With only a minor increase in interest rates and moderate cuts to their balance sheet, all the conditions the economy suffered in 2008 are suddenly returning. What this tells us is that the US economy and parts of the global economy cannot survive without constant and ever expanding central bank stimulus. The moment the stimulus goes away, the crash returns.

    Does this mean that central banks will try to keep QE going forever? No, it does not. So far, the Fed has not capitulated at all from the path of tightening. In fact, the Fed nearly doubled its normal balance sheet cuts from January 30th to the end of February, dumping over $65 billion in a 30 day period. The Fed also has not changed its dot plot projections for two more interest rate hikes this year. This means all the talk the past two months of the Fed going “dovish” was nonsense. Setting aside their rhetoric and looking at their actions, the Fed has been as hawkish as ever.

    The only people who might find this to be news are most stock market daytraders, who ignore all other failing indicators and seem content to base their economic projections on equities alone. Set aside the fact that stocks plunged in December into near bear market territory. The bounce in January and February has convinced them that the Fed is stepping in and will not allow the economy to tank.  But the “plunge protection team” is about to pull the rug out from under their feet after training them like Pavlovian dogs to salivate at the sound of the word “accommodation”.

    Their mindset is based on a host of incorrect assumptions.

    To be clear, while the Fed paid lip service to “accommodation” in their public statements, it was not the central bank that stepped in monetarily to stall falling stocks. That was actually the Chinese central bank, pumping billions in stimulus into global markets at just the right moment.

    Chinese stimulus coupled with pension fund buying at the start of this year saved stocks from losses beyond 20%, but markets have met resistance on the way up. Without renewed stimulus measures from the Fed, equities have topped out multiple times and refuse to move towards their previous highs. This suggests that the two month bounce is over, and that stocks will now fall back down to December lows and beyond. If the projections I made in January are correct, then the Dow will fall into the 17,000 – 18,000 point range from the end of March through April.

    The facade is slowly but surely melting away, not just in economics, but everywhere. I predicted both the success of the Brexit vote as well as Trump’s win in 2016 based on the theory that the globalists would allow or even help populists to gain a political foothold, only to crash the economic system on their heads and then blame them for the disaster. So far my theory is proving correct.

    Trump’s trade war continues unabated despite claims by many that it would be over quickly. Currently, there are no plans for a March summit between Trump and Xi, and the possibility of a summit anytime soon has come into question as Trump’s negotiations with North Korea fell to shambles last month. The negotiations are a farce and are not meant to succeed. I continue to hold to my position that the trade war is a planned distraction and that Trump is playing a role in a globalist scripted drama.

    The facade of Donald Trump as a “populist candidate” is quickly ending. His cabinet is loaded with think-tank ghouls and banking elites, so this should come as little surprise. But there are still some analysts out there that naively believe that Trump is playing “4D chess” and that he is not the pied piper he now appears to be. What I see is a president that claimed during his campaign that he would “drain the swamp” of elites, then stacked his cabinet with some of the worst elites in Washington D.C. What I see is a president who argued against Fed stimulus measures and the fake stock market during his campaign, and who now has attached himself to the stock market so completely that any crash will now be blamed on him no matter the facts. What I see is a willing scapegoat; a president that is going to fail on purpose.

    In terms of the Brexit, I still predict that there will be a “no deal” event, and that this is by design. The Brexit deal with the EU is slated to be decided in the next few weeks. A “no deal” outcome would be a perfect excuse for a major financial crisis in Europe, which is why I think it will happen. While sovereignty movements in the US will get the blame for the crash through Trump, sovereignty movements in the UK will get the blame for a crash in Europe through Brexit.

    It is important to remind the public that this narrative is entirely false. The economy has been in a state of animated death since 2008. Central bank stimulus acted as a kind of fiscal formaldehyde, keeping the visible signs of the crash at bay for 10 years but also creating a bubble even larger and more destructive than the one before. The “Everything Bubble” has now been primed to explode with maximum damage in mind.

    The Fed started the tightening process for a reason; the establishment is ready to start the “global economic reset”, and they have their populist scapegoats in place. The crash in fundamentals returned in mid-2018, and I believe that crash will finally be acknowledged publicly by the media in mid-2019.

    The point of it all is described in the very IMF interviews and documents I linked to above – Total centralization of the global economic framework, managed by the IMF. They describe it as “multilateralism” or a “multipolar world order”; this is meant to fool us into believing that the reset is about “decentralization”. It isn’t. They intend to move us from one unipolar economic structure to another unipolar economic structure that is even more centralized. That is all.

    The crash itself is simply a means to an end. It is a tool to gain fiscal and psychological leverage against the public. The everything bubble was created for a reason. The Fed has tightened into economic weakness over the past year for a reason. The timing of Trump’s trade war and summit failures have happened for a reason. The timing of the Brexit chaos is happening now for a reason. The globalists are pulling the plug on economic life support today; the crash is engineered, and sovereignty movements are supposed to take the blame.

    The best option at this time is to continuously force the issue of central bank culpability.  Liberty activists have to keep the focus on them and their criminal participation in economic sabotage, and we cannot assume that any government or political leader will be friendly to our cause.  The globalists have started the crisis, and we must finish it by making sure they are held accountable.

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      1. The fall guys for this economic disaster have already been lined up to take the blame. Firstly, it will be the pot bellied, bald, pasty English morons who brought about Brexit, which will wreck the U.K. and Europe. It will be easy to turn our diverse populations on them and have them pummelled in the streets. After them, it will be the crackers, red necks and other white morons.

        • Good job Brandon. A COHERENT, articulate, well written article. Not that I agree with all of your assumptions, but at least the article is well structured and logical. And that is a pleasant surprise. I thought maybe you had a “ghost writer” at first but then the IMF came along to verify the author

          You are still infatuated with the IMF, and to be sure the IMF wants to create a bigger role for itself under LeGarde, but I am not so sure that it will happen as she desires and you believe. It is not LEGALLY possible at this point in time, as that would require US agreement. Not gonna happen. It will not be possible until the EU is reconfigured.

          The EU is unraveling, will unravel as the three Kings exit, and will be totally reconstituted with a noticeably altered Constitution. Not unlike replacing the US Articles of Confederation with the US Constitution. These Changes will allow the EU to grow stronger, eventually, and may give the “IMF” or its successor organization the power Legarde seeks, but it ain’t gonna happen with Trump in power.

          Yes, Trump has appointed many globalists to his administration. If the DOJ & FBI are any guides it looks like it is virtually impossible to run the government without global sympathizers in the mix. He needs these guys to get re-elected.

          In the meantime he is making significant progress in reversing globalism here at home, and abroad, as nationalism has taken root and “open borders” is under attack in Europe.

          It has taken Trump longer to get the government under his control than I expected; and that control is still in process. The next two years will tell the tale of his Presidency. 🙂

        • All I know is, white folks best get off their asses and get said asses in GEAR or it will be very painful & ugly for a lot of these damn fools…I just don’t get people at all I swear.

      2. The globalists want a population under 500 million worldwide, but they haven’t written in stone just exactly how far “under 500 million”. Let’s say that the actual goal is under 20 million, maybe even as little as one million. We really don’t know.

        We cannot allow ourselves to rely on the system for anything. We need our own cash or coins separate from Federal Reserve Notes. Some cities have created their own currency successfully, so it has been done. Other cities and towns need to act independently and print or mint some form of local exchange. It’s not the total solution but it would slow the bleeding.


        • Honeypot: The globalists actually have written it in stone. Google THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES and see what they say. Scary.

        • Create our own currency. You do know the bankers have the military power to crush even the idea of we the people going our own way thus leaving them out of the control of all economic activity. That is complete pipe dream in. However we the people can become as self reliant as possible minimizing our spending of our hard earned fed notes. Take their $ but don’t spend it. That is fully legal to do. there is no law that says you have to spend like a drunken sailor and you can’t try to save a buck. Saving a buck by going without not to the point it hurts and your suffering. I really believe this is how we level the playing field but it can’t be just a few of us doing this. People need to stop their persuit of new cars and name brand shit. everytime you spend $ you pay state sales tax. fuck that. That is punishment for being a consumer. Start being a lousy consumer just buy only what you need.

      3. you want them to be accountable ? they you will have to take action yourself, the status quo will circle the wagons.

      4. Engineered Crash All the crashes are an “Engineered Crash”.
        Easy way not to get hurt is to limit how much you have in the Markets. Me I buy Land, Guns, Gold and Silver.

        • Have lifetime supply of pizza coupons. Also just tonight used some rice noodles that were over 20 years old, just stored in pantry. Made spaghetti with them, just fine.

          • Paranoid,

            I had some Ramen noodles from the pantry that were ’bout 15 years old. Talk ’bout NASTY!!! 🙁 The flavor packet was ok, but the noodles were just plain nasty to the taste. Had to throw all the noodles out. Kept the flavor packs.

            I’m running some trials with other packs in mylar and 02 eaters. I’ll pull them out after 10 years or so and try. 🙂

            Also, did some Mac&Cheese that I vacuum packed. After 5 years the cheese packet had an off taste an color. Macaroni is just fine, so now I’m doing the mylar trial on them.

            Before anyone lets me know, yea, yea, it’s the fats in the ingredients, I know. 🙁

            Just learning what we can keep that we like to eat, and how long it will last.

            Y’all play nice now. 🙂

            • Just opened a “cheese blend” (powdered cheese) from emergency essentials that has been stored 5+ yrs. in above average temps, about 75* and it is fine.
              Last year a can of dried strawberries had mostly turned to powder but was still usable.

              I recently read a proposal that will never happen but could work?!?
              If everyone had about 3k worth of silver coins and used it for local purchases and barter, it could break the central banksters hold…interesting idea.

        • Hey Sgt, Are you about ready to retire? We need some good folks like you in south central VA

      5. What’s the alternative?

      6. I am staying in the market.
        I suspect that all the wealth, or whatever will be left of it, will be transfered to Shangai stock exchange.
        It will be devalued like everything else. No safety there.
        My opinion only, of course.

      7. The Global Economic Reset Begins With An Engineered Crash
        Master Of the Obvious

      8. I believe DJT is sincere in what he preaches, it remains to be seen whether his actions back it up. Regarding his cabinet, what other choices does he have? It’s the uniparty in Congress that are the obstructionists.

        The populist movement, which includes the Occupy movement, by the way, is grass roots in the US, Britain, France and other European nationalist movements.

        Holding the globalists accountable is key, and I agree 1000% with Brandon on this.

      9. 20 years old? That would make me paranoid.

      10. Fear makes money. Money for someone. Usually the source of spreading “news” of fear, makes the buck.

        Articles like this one will likely be “correct” one day.
        But until that one day comes. The Fear makes people spreading it, money.

        May you find the same peace I find. Listen to Charelston Heston reading the bible to you from tape as you are at your reloading bench.

        “Ammo up while you can. Food stores while you can. Buy gold and silver. End is near.”
        Visit my web site: ultimatereloader. c 0 m

        By the way, I’m not a “profit” or “prophet”. Just a Deplorable farm boy with what most here call an ancient fairy tale book that I believe fully, KJV Bible. I follow a jew carpenter that the government strung up. Christ is my role model and savior. An old truck that I dated my beautiful wife while we were in high school, and the same truck helped out with the first child, and a shotgun gifted by grampa.

        With That I feel quite ready for the collapse told of in the article. Might add a few silver rounds if price drops? Has been up. Might plant another row of potato’s next season?

        My God, his word in the KJV bible. My old truck. My shotgun. All bring me comfort and peace.

        May you find the same.
        Deplorables are we.

      11. Hey guys,
        I want to “bag-up/store some rice beans in mylar bags and food grade 5 gallon buckets – what is the best practices for such an application?

        • Hey CC,

          We just did up 75 pounds of rice. It took 2 five gallon buckets (Homer pails from Home Depot) and I use the 5 mil mylar bags. Each bucket with mylar will hold 37.5 lbs. of rice. (may have to shake it down a Lil’ bit.)

          I place 2 of the Hot Hands (hand warmers from Wally-World) or you can just get the 2,000 cc 02 eater packs from where you get your bags. (We use Discount Mylar Bags dot com)

          I have a clothes iron (cheap Wally-World one) and a aluminum level with a smooth side (top) The iron is set to it’s almost hottest setting. Place the hot hands on top of the rice and start at one end with the iron and start to seal the top of the bag. Just run the iron back and forth (10/15 seconds. I leave just enough room at the end of the bag to put a hard plastic straw into the bag.

          I’ll just suck what Lil’ bit of air is left out of the bag, hold my finger over that bit, until I can seal it the rest of the way. Wait 24 hours before you place the lid on to insure the seal is good.

          The mylar bag should be as hard as a rock the next day, just like the coffee bricks ya buy at the store. If not, the seal did not work and you will have to try again. New bag and 02 eaters. I don’t try the bag a 2nd time as it may have a small hole that I did not see. (It has happened to me)

          I had a bucket suck down once when the seal broke in the bag. 🙁 Yea, those seals on the Homer buckets are that good. 🙂

          Store in a cool/dark area and your good for 30+ years.

          As a side note, I’m still using white rice that I vac. pack 10 years ago. Still Good. 🙂

          Hope this helps.

          • CC,

            As a side note, I watched David Sarti’s you tube video many years ago that got me started on using the Mylar/02 method.

            This was the video that I watched back then.
            ht tps://

            • HB-SC: Great, I will check that out as well. Thanks again.


          • HB-SC:
            Thanks brother, I really appreciate your time and information!


            • We learn from each other, and then perfect our ways, thru practice. 😉

              Enjoy the evening y’all.

              • I do the same thing excepI only use food grade buckets. That way I can use the bucket for mash or straight food or a number of things. Homer buckets are NOT food grade.

      12. If Trump is what this guy says he is I have really been snookered. I am going to stay with him through thick and thin. He is all I have. My last hope.

        • Jesus Christ, the son of God, is a better hope than ANY politician.

          Things learned the hard way:
          – Beware of anyone that talks faster than you can think, Especially if they are politicians/preachers.
          – Beware of “used car salesman”, that tell you what you WANT to hear, so that THEY can make a sale or have their way. President Trump comes to mind.
          – Beware of women half your age, that say “I love you.” While you are very successful.

          God-bible-gold-silver-food-ammo-garden seeds, all are better hopes than politicians or federal reserve debt notes called US currency.

          • @ Anon, I have all that stuff. I expect Almighty God to turn his face away from USA. When he does the rain falls on the just and unjust alike. My prayer to him is to guide me and save my family.

      13. Some believe that an engineered crash is indeed coming. But not for the reasons this article suggests. The crash will come after Trump’s re-election in 2020, and it will be the crash that ultimately destroys the Fed.

      14. Not a ton the average person can do. No new money entering the markets. Taking all out may not work as with Registered accounts that have penalities. Pay off debts, pay down mortgage. Get some beans and bullets.. sit back and watch the show… It isn’t going to be nice. Avoid crowds and stay home…

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