The Gates of Hell Have Opened and the US Is Being Attacked and Occupied: “They Are Here and Awaiting Orders”

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Headline News | 339 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. I read this article on Hodges’ site last night. Don’t know if it’s the real deal, so I’m just continuing with my prepping. I also know that any foreigners who come to act against me will end up taking “dirt naps”.

        • OK, so this guy knows they are here, So, where are they stationed? Tell us which base, country of origin, and their mission. This article contains absolutely nothing by way of evidence.

          Moving UN vehicles around on interstates means nothing. We’ve pulled a lot of equipment out of the Middle East, and some of it gets painted up in UN colors and shipped overseas to depots in host countries.

          • Agreed Smokey! I hear these reports all the time but never see any actual evidence. For example, the author asks why we haven’t seen reports of vehicles from Detroit. I can tell you why, because there is no manufacturing left in Detroit! Most military vehicle manufacturing that I know of (and civilian for that matter) left Michigan a long to ago and moved places like Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, etc. Here is a concrete example. The Abrams tanks are reconditioned in Alabama:

            Guess what else? The states that are listed in the article, California, Texas, and Georgia, all have sea ports. It should not be a surprise to see military equipment in these states.

            • Including vehicles marked ‘UN’ which were manufactured for export. These vehicle are (almost) always spotted on rails cars, a lot of which end up at ports.

              But logic, evidence, and rational thinking doesn’t move the ‘fear-aid’ off the shelves. Remember kids, fear is the ONLY thing that outsells sex.

            • Abrams tanks are rehabbed at the old Lima Tank Plant, Lima Ohio, or were until very recently. Been there myself.

              Auto manufacturing has NOT left Detroit. Well, it’s left Detroit the ,i>city, but there are still engine and transmission plants all around. Until I retired I managed equipment installation teams at Livonia, Pontiac, Flint, Romulus, Lake Orion, Dundee, all withing 40 miles of downtown. Also Windsor Ontario, Lima and Toledo OH….and those are just the ones I remember offhand.

              • Old Coach, my step daughter works at the Lima tank plant and they are in the process of shutting it down she is worried about her job.

          • Y, this guy hodges, lots of smoke, but never seems to have anything definitive. Most of his articles that I’ve read are composed of recycled bits of other stories, almost like he’s trying to convince himself of how prevalent these stories of,his are. A private echo chamber, if you will. I’d like to see evidence. Regarding UN troops, my .02 is that they are just a show of force. Anyone willing to resist them usually wins, just ask the Serbs. In was supposed to peacekeeping, Serbs wiped them out in one town, srebenica (sp?) and them proceeded to march all the males out of town and execute them, then bury them around the area so their crime would go undiscovered.

        • braveheart

          Time will tell.. but one of the originators exposing the strategy(Cloward & Piven)is now bringing teddy bears and soccer balls to the border as one of the greatest things he has ever done..wants us to “open our hearts”???

          That’s akin to Alex Jones asking for membership to the his favorite group..the Bilderbergs..

          I’ll tell you..this nation has become the most fubar’d quagmire I could ever imagine,,and in just the last few years alone!

          God only knows what’s to come next!?

          I hear many callers on all the local/regional talk shows now, as never before, saying we’re headed for martial law and civil war..and these are the hard core right wingers who would call all of us here conspiracy theorists..

          Go figure…

          (btw..manos is still ok and surviving their ongoing collapse)


          • Brave,though not a big fan if Alex could get invited to the bildberg meetings would think a great thing,a voice from the inside would be nice.

          • Possee, I heard about that stunt Glen Beck was pulling. That shows he’s still part of the MSM despite any claims to the contrary. I stopped listening to Alex Jones years ago when in my mind he became at least questionable on certain things. I wish William Cooper was still alive. Now that man was a straight shooter.

            • I agree re Beck. He’s owned dissent, utterly untrustworthy.

              AJ is arrogant, brash and abrasive, as a consequence of which he damages the credibility of the patriot movement.

              As for Hodges, he writes with a frenetic energy that makes him look out of his mind at times.

              • We might all need to be a lot more “brash and abrasive” in the time to come.

                • Sure, no problem. Just don’t do it if you’re trying to win a propaganda war. There’s a time and place.

              • Dittos. There’s something fishy about that guy. His website loads as many trackers as most liberal news sites do. I’ve quit clicking links because it takes so long for my tracker-killer to beat them all down, and even then I usually get script after script that has to be killed.

            • William Cooper was the damned best!!

              He called so much of what is occurring now 20 plus years ago

              It’s unfortunate that no one has ever even come close to filling his shoes..


          • posseecom,
            Thanks for the update on Manos, Was wondering how he was doing.

          • Possee, that’s just like Beck to do that. He’s just “loyal opposition”. Glad to hear Manos is OK.

        • In the future, the motto of the world government and citizenry will simply be

          “truth is Obedience.”

        • Stay calm and carry on.

          • my southern brother, this yankee has your back! semper fi

            • Thanks Sean, my son was a Marine also.

              • lock and load,rock and roll
                ssg usmc 1965-1971

                • Everyone need a little Army in their life. After all the motto is.’This we’ll Defend’.

              • no problem brother, we still have good people in this country that will stand together if the shtf!

            • Me too I have your back Confederate / YANKEE
              38th VA Artillery / 1st Conn. Artillery

          • At this point, I am not surprised should this administration plan to do something like this.

            Remember this quote…

            “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
            -Rahm Emanuel

            • Rahm just asked the federal government for billions of dollars to help the gun violence issue in shitcago.

              • It costs that much to get a few bulldozers?

        • I have a bad feeling we will be offering quite a few people “dirt naps” and “lead and brass refreshments” real soon brave.

        • Millions of invaders will be met on the battlefield by millions of patriots that have also been preparing for this event. This is our home and we are going to kill these people that would destroy our lives. All the while we are inching closer to getting the traitors responsible for this.

          • Just fucking great. Another blowhard looking to murder a bunch of desperate refuges from yet another deplorable situation; that we probably caused with our ‘intervention’.

            This exact same response has been uttered every time a new wave of emigrants arrive in America. Of course we always hear this from the people who are on the bottom rung of society, and haven’t or won’t work to improve themselves.

            Have you ever wondered why you’re on the bottom rung of society and tried to improve your position?

            • nosuchuser,
              These are not immigrants numb nuts but criminal invaders. Maybe you will get a few MS-13 living on your street. How much do they pay a shill like yourself to post trash and lies?

          • FinPissed,
            That’s one of the funniest posts ever. You must be smoking some good stuff. So far over thirty million illegals have met no resistance at all and most of the American patriots seem to have no problem with being invaded. The plan to replace the existing legal population with third world colonists is proceeding quite well and in time the two billion rounds of ammunition and guns to go with it will be issued for the final cleanup of those patriots. They will never get a clue or resist in any way and if they had the chance would happily vote for dear leader a third time.

        • RBH
          Just go back from BOL#2 got some major things done. I saw this Ventura piece a while back and I agree. I know where there is a FEMA camp with in miles from where I live right now.

          I agree just keep Prepping because that is all that we can do.

          While at BOL#2 went to a sale. Picked up a nice Finnish Nagant. Look up what that 7.62X54R round can do. It won’t replace my Sniper Rifles, or my AR’s. But it can do things they can’t.

          Hang in there my friend!!!


          • Can you recommend a rifle? I would appreciate your thoughts.

            • Cameron get a rifle that is a common caliber, preferably U.S. military, any semi auto in .223(5.56), .308(7.62), 30.06, the chances of finding these calibers after the shtf are highly likely, if nothing else you can take the ammo from the dead opposition!

          • Some guys have all the luck…Mosin Nagant carbines are nearly invisible to find on the net now., I was fortunate enough to get a Type 53…scoped it.,muzzle break and recoil pad..The 7.62x54r is around…but prices are rising…You are truly fortunate to get the Finnish M44…while those thugs are blasting automatic fire..they’ll run out quickly..while the M44 will still be lobbing steel core through 2 maybe 3 of them at once. If any of you do not have a 91/30 or a M44..find a way to get one…ammo is still about a hundred bucks for 440 rounds at Aim surplus…

            Live Free or Die

          • Howdy, Sarge. I wasn’t really planning on any more gun purchases, but I think I’ll look into that Mosin-Nagant. There’s another gun show in my area July 26-27. I will be there.

            • Most of them are still dirty with cosmoline, you need to disassemble down to the wood, totally clean it, oil it up, and reassemble. If you don’t, you will have problems with sticky bolts, springs, and can develop chamber overpressure due to the cosmo coating. You really have to clean them up.

              Avoid the WWII years 1942-1945, the Russians were churning out weapons as fast as they could, and quality control, fit and finish, are less than desired.

              The M44 carbine is the best way to go, about $250 and up, but usually matching numbers and really nice condition, as well as short and handy. Impressive recoil.

              • …and that great feature..the folding star point bayonet

        • I notice everyone in these comments is focussed on the scare mongering & potential false flag… That rational, okay.

          But the pandemic is of much more concern to me & we already know that people in contact with these kids are getting sick….
          whether moving the around the Country was by design or not – it’s happening!


          We have to figure out what WE’RE going to do…. screw what the government does!!

          GOD HELP US ALL!!

          Molon Labe! III%

      2. Immigration Crisis. Overrun by illegals. Diseases. Border Agents under siege. FEMA Camps. It’s all Cloward & Piven folks. Wait until you all see what this is going to do to us economically. Wait until these ESL students hit our public schools in September, and get free and reduced lunched, welfare, etc. Then wait and see how this is going to change us culturally. And politically, you’ll never see a Republican president or Libertarian again. It’s allpart of the master Cloward and Piven plan. Overwhelm the welfare system. go to “front line of defense” site and read all about it

        • It ain’t gonna be long now. Do what you gotta do.

          • With Obama standing down on almost every issue,
            it’s obvious he’s just waiting for a puzzle to
            come together before he drops the hammer on us.

            • Is it just me or the worst part of this are the un troops? At least the worst American will probably think twice about shooting a fellow American. Some un scum will not hestitate shooting an American. Neither does an invader, they will just shoot people like a rabbit in a field. The worst enemy is absolutely un, and ANY president, BO or anyone else, using un for anything in this country is guilty of being a despot tyrant. There is absolutely no excuse for un on U.S. soil.

              • One good turn deserves another, no hesitation.

                • Informed,that definitely works both ways as folks see un as mercenaries and will shoot with no hesitation(though honestly the soldiers if dumped here just pawns from their own countries sold out to the un).

              • BI said: At least the worst American will probably think twice about shooting a fellow American.

                Agreed, but if it comes to this, do you figure the US Military will not intervene on behalf of the citizenry? I have wargamed this in my head many times, repeatedly coming to the conclusion that the pivot point is whether or not the fidelity of our military goes to the tyrants or to the Constitution. If they go against us, we are pretty much screwed in any scenario. And if that’s the case, the resistance will take the form of 4th generation warfare and will be measured in decades.

                • Being former military I would have to say that some of the U.S. military will do as they are told and join the U.N. in controlling/murdering U.S. citizens. But….I think there will be contingents of our military that will refuse and will fight against those that are out to kill Americans including the U.S. military that have joined the U.N. thugs. Keep in mind that Obozo had all the heavy armament removed from National Guard armories throughout the U.S. so the governors will not be able to use the Guard effectively against the criminals invading our country. It isn’t going to be pretty. That’s for sure. We can only hope that a sub commander on a missile boat will take matters into his own hands when necessary and take care of business with a nuclear weapon. Ala “The Last Resort”. However it goes down it is going to cost the lives of at least half the U.S. in my opinion if not more. Ready, Aim, Fire!

                • Why do you think they are letting all the diseases in? A pandemic is a perfect scenario to establish FEMA regions, FEMA camps, martial law, etc. The soldiers would fire much more easily on civilians if they believed they were stopping the spread of Ebola. The disease scenario is easily the worst one, as it maximizes chances of the military going along with it. Also, some of these diseases are communicable to animals, as well. If there is also a mass die off of forest game, good luck hunting for food! The stores will be empty, the woods will be empty, and many of us preppers will have to resort to hitting convoys to steal the MREs once our personal stash runs out. Those of us planning on just riding out the storm hunting and fishing may find out the hard way that ALL of us must fight in the cities if we are to preserve freedom’s last light…

                  • Last of the Real: You asked why do you think they are letting all the diseases in? Here is one possible explanation. Children have no driver’s license or ID other than possibly a birth certificate. Somewhere along the line some Democratic bozo is going to claim that we need to permanently identify these kids in order to manage their benefits, and the most practical way to do that is with an implanted RFID chip. It will be extremely easy to convince the kids that this one small thing will enable them to get medical care, food, shelter, education, etc., and I have no doubt they will go along with it. Then the Democratic machine will start expanding the circle to others on the public dole, using false flags to whip people into a frenzy demanding that RFID chips be used to reduce waste and stop corruption. Then the argument will be made it’s not fair to chip some and not others and then we ALL get chipped. Once we’re all chipped, say goodbye to physical money. Every transaction will be electronic and monitored. I hope I’m wrong but this is what my gut is telling me why the government needs tens of thousands of illegal immigrant kids with an assortment of diseases.

                  • “many of us preppers will have to resort to hitting convoys to steal the MREs”

                    Sign me up for the logistics team…

                  • @ sixpack, your application has been accepted.

                • If your idea of constructive political discussion is staging an armed rebellion and flagrant acts of sedition then I will ‘drop the hammer’ on you with out a second thought. Hell, I will gladly reenlist to preserve our Union.
                  What’s a fourth war?

                  We are in fact a representative Republic and more specifically our Sovereign States are members in a Federal system.

                  I strongly suggest that if you don’t like the fact that Congress (the most powerful branch of the Federal Government) has a 7% approval rating and a 90%+ reelection rate then the only thing you need to do is to fix the Congressional district gerrymandering problem in your State.

                  The game is in fact rigged and it rigged in every State; and the rigging is done with malice aforethought.

                  Finally, if you’re thinking that I am being unfair just remember that George Washington was the only sitting President in American history to lead an army into battle. Why did he do it? To crush a tax rebellion, and he did it with overwhelming force.

              • One thing to remember, the new illegals are poorly documented, if at all and dead men tell no tales.

              • Once our economy fails, there will be no trucks on the road, empty grocery stores, no fuel, no electric, no natural gas flowing. It all stops. NO money, NO resources. If you don’t have at least 3 months of food/water/medical/toiletry/weapons/ammo, you will have a hard time surviving what is heading our way. Starving people will do Anything to eat, including kill whoever stands in front of Their survival. Stock up and find/form or join a group/militia…. there is safety in numbers, and only the strong will survive this. 290 Million Americans are estimated to die in a full out economic collapse coupled with a civil war. Prep, Prep and Prep some more…

                • So true! Great post:) It will all come crashing down like a house of cards.

                  The only chance of survival is your preps!


              • I totally agree, BI.

                The UN has had a presence in USA for a long time.

                While traveling along I-85 northbound thru South Carolina back in the late 90’s, I spotted a white 4-door, jeep type vehicle, with UN in big letters on it.

                A few years later I was telling an aquaintance about it at work, while we were discussing prophecy and world events leading up to the last days. He and his family, had just returned from a trip/vacation to Kansas to visit family for a week.

                He said, that while there his family told him about a nearby military installation that had been shut down recently. The towns people were really upset when they realized, in a matter of weeks after the shutdown announcement, that there was a lot of activity there and a picture was taken of a UN flag flying were the American Flag once flew. Go figure.

                The UN/NWO will do anything that is put into their mind by Satan. Any of those people have been brainwashed and most likely drugged and possibly genetically enhanced/deranged in order to behave as zombies.

                Secularist,communistic armies can be brought in from anywhere in the world and be commanded to do the bidding of TPTB.

                Killing of innocents will be of no concern for a heartless, brainwashed, piece of satanic crap.

                Hold on to your loved ones and gather your preps for the battle is coming.

                The first line of defense is having the blessed covering of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If one doesn’t have that defense in place, all others will be worthless at some point.

                Good prepping my friends,
                stay thirsty for Christ.

              • @BI:

                “At least the worst American will probably think twice about shooting a fellow American…”

                ….unless that American has a badge…….

                ….wait for it….wait for it…….BA.

                • My brother is a hi-po. He, and his cadet buddies, went through hell to earn their badge and i’ll be DAMNED if they take an order to disarm/shoot/arrest/imprison an American b/c they own guns, proudly served this country, fly the Gadsden flag, grow their own groceries, you name it.
                  Dont confuse hi-pos and county LEOs with city slicker cops. They dont move from the city to protect the country; likely the were born there so they some good ole boys. Besides, more likely than not the hi-po/sheriff in your area has more guns/ammo than you. Most of em own land, farm, and prep. Make friends with one, b/c when shtf, their issued gun wont be in their hands if its being used against you.

                  God, Family, Friends
                  Water, Food, Shelter


                  • Many if not most county sheriffs are elected. Only if you have a totally corrupt county does a bad one get re-elected.

            • Other administrations have been bad, some really bad.

              But this one is just pure evil and corrupt beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Our laws are laughed at. Our procedures not followed. He does what he wants, WITH the medias support! Our supposed watch dogs.

              We are dealing with a Rogue President. And no one we’ve “elected” or in power cares to stop him by removing him from office.

              If I broke the law over and over, my rear end would be rotting away in jail. Not obama, the chosen one, our King, our ruler……no one wants to be called a racist or “jeopardize” their party’s chance in the November elections.

              I love America, but not this country, this is no longer America, it’s morphed into something else. Pray for a miracle.

              • I believe there are two main reasons why obama has not been stopped.

                1. The NWO has prepositioned it’s members in high places, both in govt and media, etc. Those people control the agencies as they are told, without question.

                2. The NSA has gathered so much intel on EVERY person in authority, that they are nearly ALL blackmailed or coerced into falling in line.

                I also believe there are only 2 ways to put a stop to the NWO and at this point, it might take both:

                1. Destroy the NSA spy grid. The NSA has enabled the extortion of every person with any authority or power into submission. The NSA IS the grease that keeps the NWO gears running smoothly. Period. Without the NSA, the NWO has NOTHING.

                The NSA has been using it’s power not to spy on US, but to spy on corporations to either force them to comply by blackmail or put them out of business by espionage. This leaves only the most powerful players in charge.

                They have been gathering dirt on political opponents and anyone else who may pose as an obstacle. Simply, the NSA needs to be stopped FIRST.

                2. Destroy the IMF’s attempts to control of world currency. When they get the money, they have control of the people. That’s why the west NEEDS control of South America…BRICS…the anti-IMF vaccine has to go. I think Russia and China has known this for a while.

                If we could pull the tiger’s fangs, he will no longer be a threat to world peace and sovereignty.

              • We gotta get that horse’s catoot out of the White House. And then we gotta get her husband outta there, too…

          • “I am here as well”…donning the full armor of God and waiting for orders.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            bring it you satanic bastards. nomi…lms.

            • why are you WAITING for orders? Who do you think will be issuing them?

              The time for waiting is long past. The satanic bastards have been bringing it for years now!

        • J.veritas:

          The Cloward/Piven plan is to overwhelm the welfare system. Certainly that will happen if a lot of incurable disease breaks out in major cities.

          But I had been thinking that disease in major cities, Hispanic areas, etc. will affect mostly democrats, because they are the ones that live in these areas. So I had been thinking that if you kill off the people living in those areas, you kill off democratic voters — and elect republicans.

          Recently, though, the news is that these “migrants” are being transported to red states, and conservative cities. The conservative news media has suggested that they want to “turn Texas blue” and get a lot of blue people in red areas so as to affect elections in future decades.

          Now I am thinking that the ebola, etc is being transported to conservative areas to kill off conservative voters before Nov 2014.

          Am I crazy?

          • Yes, you are crazy…

            • Exactly!! VOTES DO NOT COUNT!
              SYSTEM IS RIGGED!!

          • One sacrificed peon carrying ebola, can take out dozens of others around him…trading 1 for 24 or more sounds like good odds to me—this works just like a suicide bomber in a crowded place.

            In practice, IT IS JUST LIKE A SUICIDE BOMBER IN A CROWDED PLACE…with less blood and guts.

        • You are right. Overwhelm the system. I had angry words with a friend the other day who now sees what she voted for in 08. She said she wanted to be proud for America to elect a black president. I told her, thanks a lot, you pulled the lever for the destruction of the country. She said she didn’t know that then. I told her the information was all there if you took the time to look for it.

          • ALOT of people FELT that way. you cannot say that there WASNT hope in the air. he talked/walked as if he really cared about this country as a whole. as far as i see alot of this has more or less transpired since he took office a 2nd time. i really dont believe he wouldve been reelected if we knew then all that we know now about the true state of this union…..just sayin

          • From the woodpile to the White House…

            • Not trying to be too personal, are you in WV? I am from there but live elsewhere. I am wondering if WV is getting any of these illegals. I’ve heard there are some in Lewisburg and Charleston but they have been there for a while (God knows why or how they got there and why they haven’t been run out). I am seriously thinking of moving back home but I am curious as to how it’s going up there. I can’t get it out of my mind, something is telling me to move back…just curious to know what other WV people say is going on. Thank you!

        • j-veritas- I have been a public school teacher for the past 18 years. The ESL programs are on steroids. Kids are showing up left in right and can not speak a work of English. Keep prepping.

        • We have an entire school that need not exist, filled with the children of the last amnesty, and the anchor babies of the post-1986 illegals. At least a third of our school district budget.

          It’s going to get worse.

        • Actually it is all part of the protocols of Zion and the communist manifesto. Cloward and piven came decades later.

        • Look at the bright side. Soon English will no longer be used in the schools forcing the five or six remaining American kids in those schools to learn Spanish in between hospital stays from being beaten by their new third world friends. This will be stealing lunch money on steroids. A brave new world indeed!

      3. I can’t believe I was the first one to post on this article. Come on and jump into this one, everyone. the water is fine. [sarcasm]

        • I just hope it don’t end up a piss bath.

          • Unfortunately Patriot,believe if goes forward will be a blood bath,perhaps of epic levels.

            • .308 and chest waders sound about right?

              • Eh,thinking more a tyvec body suit,yep,afraid it will get that deep!

            • The problem IS, Warchild, WHAT differentiates one American from another? What I mean by that is, in the Civil War, the South wore grey and the North wore blue. If this scenario of another Civil War takes place, just WHAT separates the “good” from the “bad”? Is there going to be a “signal” of some sort that ONLY the “GOOD” side knows? OR a signal for the “BAD” side? Everyone will NEED to know with absolute certainty who is whom, otherwise, this will be a bloodbath of EPIC proportions with nobody knowing just whom they’re attacking…… or am I being obtuse?

              • Ten minutes later, after thinking more on this, I submit that: WHY haven’t any “Wars” been won since Nam? The answer is simple– NO “enemy combatant” since Nam has worn a uniform to differentiate it from us or any other armed “good guy” who has the temerity to wear a target on their back by wearing a uniform. So, the best thing to do is, back the hell out of any conflict (unless attacked) and have FAITH that when Jesus returns, we have the purest soul possible. I’m not condoning having no honor to defend ourselves OR others, just trying to remain as sane as I can to come through all this as best as possible. I and my wife “may” be eradicated during all this coming up, but we will fight a good fight.

                • They were not won because they were never meant to be won. They were just away to waste lives and wealth while demoralizing and disgracing the nation and military. This is a well thought out and planned treason with many you would not suspect being in on it. The cold war never ended only the tactics were changed.

              • Your uniform will be your skin, in the next war, is what some folks are saying.

                • Smokey, the major problem, even in a race war, will be ideology. An ideologue
                  with the same skin color as “the good side” just may surprise that side by blending in with the crowd, then …. OOPS! that MoFo just shot and killed 30 of us before we could respond!
                  This is the reason why I feel so badly for racists… they are so blinded by hatred that they don’t see with their eyes. I’m not saying you are racist, but your post explains some things to me and why some folks won’t understand until it’s too late.

                  • White guilt thing is what got us into this mess in the first place.

                    Everybody felt sorry for the nice black guy and those poor Mexicans. We were all going to live in peace and harmony. lol

                    Well, no more Mr. Nice guy.

                    Plenty of bleeding heart whites need to go as well.

                    Equal opportunity.

                • Then they are wrong. there are many blacks and Mexicans I would depend on before the left wing white progressives who are the source of most of this garbage.

      4. Hopefully Israel destroys all muslim threats with everything it has and “makes” our so-called president show his real face to the world. Everyone with half a brain knows our “president” hates Israel as well as the US. I pray BB ignores o’s “orders” to stand down. Israel….true Americans are with you. muslims (satans followers) are the enemy of the world.

        It’s time for Israel to end this once and for all…..

        • It’s time for someone to END ISRAEL. The scourge of the world.

          • Wow, Wink. I hope is paying you well, as you post from mommy’s basement

            • KD,
              Looks like I struck a little nerve there…. Eh, KD….
              When and if you get to as old and as wise as me, you dam well will sing another tune. Until then…….. Best wishes.

          • Wow, Wink. I hope is paying you well, as you post from mommy’s basement

            • They pay by the word, so no, he didn’t make lunch money with that post.

          • Wow. Get a clue. When the Muslims own the banks, media, most Fortune 500 companies, then you would be right. Until then, your disinformation.

          • Your mommas failed birth control gave us the scourge of the world. What do you get? Five bucks a post?

            • Have you read the Talmud? The Kol Nidre? Know about the Pax Judaica?

        • BC,am not for or against anyone in the mideast,just keep our troops out of there and leave us the fuck alone.You really care go sign up for whatever side you want on your dime.1000’s of years and folks still can’t play well in that sandbox,doesn’t help that countries were drawn up after ww1 and without input from the citizens/clans/tribes that have lived there forever,just chopped up for explotation.

          • Warchild, it’s true that the middle east was divided into several countries after World War I, one of them being Israel. But you never hear anyone calling for the destruction of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or the other countries that were also created at that time. The only nation whose destruction is being called for is Israel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

            But I’m afraid that all those who hate Israel and wish for its destruction are doomed to disappointment. The Bible prophesied long ago that once God returned the Israelites to their land, they would never again be made to leave.

            • Israel was created after WW2(1949)by the UN

              • Israel was created by God in …00001 BC.

                Israel the land, more specifically Jerusalem, is His favorite place in the Universe.

                It is pretty clear in His Word that He intends to set up His Throne there, after the Millenium.

                No worrys about the Muslims, or anyone else wiping it off the map. God will split the Mount of Olives thru Jerusalem and all the evil crap along with the Dome of the Rock will be swallowed by the earth, forever gone. Good riddance!

                • God’s favorite place IS the Universe, which He created. IMO, to believe that God “prefers” one tiny little spot in all of creation over all else, is arrogant and absurd.

                  If God had preferences, moods and other HUMAN traits, He wouldn’t be God.

                  • You don’t have a fuckin’ clue sixpack!

            • First, Israel is a group of people descended from Abraham Isaac and Jacob Israel not a piece of sand in the Middle East.. Second, read revelations 2:9 and 3:9 where it says those who say they are Jews but are not are of the synagogue of Satan. Also John 8:44 where Jesus tells the Jews that they are of their father Satan. Then there is 2nd John that says that those who deny that Jesus is the Christ come in the flesh are the antichrist. Wake up and realize that Jews are behind everything that his evil. Banking, the Federal Reserve, pornography, Hollywood, the news media, the Isralie lobby, and much much more are controlled and run by JEWS!

        • I am a true American and I am NOT with the murderous apartheid state of Israel.
          Do not speak for me fool.

          • You are a leftist, not an American. And if you are concerned about murderous, apartheid states, how about commenting on when the murderous Muslims give Egypt back to the Copts, or Algeria to the Berbers. Heck, what about Syria back to the original Christians, or Iraq back to the Assyrian Christians, from whom it was stolen.

          • Sunni Muslims have states. Shiite Muslims have states. Why can’t Jewish Israelites have a state? Your charge of apartheid is ridiculous. Besides, there are Arab citizens of Israel. There are even Arab Muslims in Israel’s parliament.

            Doesn’t sound like apartheid to me.

            • Muslims routinely murder Christian and Jewish citizens of their countries. Israel does no such thing. Which is the apartheid race?

              • muslims thrive on killing Jews and Christians because the koran commands them to do so. It would be nice if some Americans would take the time and read it to see just what islam really is.

                • Speaking of Islam, where did all these mosques in the United States come from? And when? When we were growing up (1950s & 60s), neither of us had seen Muslims, except maybe in our geography books. They were confined to the Middle East, where they lay on the floor and prayed to something called “Allah.” Our town in West Va. had a Catholic church (where we went), as well as Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian and a Jewish temple. JUDEO-CHRISTIANS – who never screamed from rooftops or burned down buildings or plotted to kill their neighbors. NO FANATICS – just hard-working people who got along with each other and did the best they could for their families, their churches and their town as a whole. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

          • Arabs live in Israel. They can vote, and can pray in a mosque. How is that apartheid? In Saudi you can be killed for even possessing a Bible. There are no Christian or Jewish houses of worship at all. THAT is beyond even apartheid. Apartheid didn’t murder people for their religion.

        • ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! The Isra-lies are our worst enemies and have the potential todo us more harm than any others. They have been caught spying over and over, they have a death grip on congress with their continuous lobbying, there agents here poison the peoples minds with the media, Hollywood, and the porn industry, all controlled by jews. And what about the collapsing economy brought to you by the Fed and the banking system both ran and owned by jews.
          Jesus said they were of their father Satan, (John 8:44).
          Wake up before it’s too late!

          • All you prove with your rant is that you are a parrot and cannot think for yourself.

            • If YOU weren’t a parrot you wold refute me on the points I made about the damnable children of Satan instead of insutling and calling names. Why is it that Jews are maybe 2% of the population and hold high positions, mostly unelected, that are turning our nation from a free republic to a communist, diseased 3rd world country? By the way, who invented and promoted communism from the start? JEWS thats who! Get over the brain washiñg and start thinking for yourself as you say.

              • No, i’ve been through this so many times on this website that I can’t count them anymore. I’ve answered questions exactly like yours over and over again. I’m not in the mood to do it again today.

                The one thing that I will say to you is that you’re taking the Bible out of context. There is no way that you can reconcile your beliefs with the entire scripture. You cannot cherry pick one or two verses and ignore the hundreds of others that disprove what you say.

                • Grafique:

                  If anyone cares to check your “cherry picking statement” I encourage them to look back at most of your ‘biblical’ posts. You are the biggest “cherry picker” of statements in the Bible that posts on SHTF.

                  As far as you answering questions posed to you; most often it has been an attack on the poster, not ever proof that the post is not true.

                  Hate to burst your bubble, but Mark is the one telling the truth about what is happening in America and the world.

                  Never have I seen an answer from you telling me how a religion/people who does not believe in Jesus Christ can be his “chosen”.

                  Have you never saw verse after verse telling you if you deny Jesus Christ you deny God, and what happens to you on judgement day because of this denial?

                  You have been brainwashed by the “synagogue of satan”. What a pity…..

                  Need a real Biblical education and a teacher/preacher who doesn’t candy coat the truth?

                  biblestudysite dot com

                  • “Never have I seen an answer from you telling me how a religion/people who does not believe in Jesus Christ can be his “chosen”.”

                    That’s probably the best response to the Christian/Jew dilemma that I’ve ever seen.

                • Grafique: Might be time to wipe the dust off your feet….


      5. There is no way the majority of the people are going to take much more any longer at the pace things are going. Obama is a joke we all know that. Now they are passing laws trying to take our guns with feelings on if we are psycho or not, illegals over-running us and gag orders on doctors and people not allowed to see whats going on. This is nuts. We are one step closer to some major riots very soon I believe but its going to take one more major event on top of the illegals to light us up. Getting close. Be ready and always be aware of 2 faced people and back stabbers. They are out there and will try to kill you or rob you. Be safe friends. F-off liberals

        • CR-IOWA, I’m with you all the way on that. F#$% the communists aka libturds. Anyone who tries to hurt me had better have their insurance all paid up because I will fight.

          • Braveheart.
            They don’t pay their insurance bills dummy. It is you and I and the working person that does. They haven’t paid a bill in their lifetime. Confiscation, freebies, and purges, that is all they know….

          • This mentality you have against “communists” is ignorant. TPTB want you to stay divided over ideologies.

            Ps. Even Karl Marx was against gun control

            • Komrade, f#$% you! I’m very familiar with communism and so was my wife, a refugee from Cuba. she lost part of her family to communist butchers. try to tell my wife communism isn’t real. She lived through it until she escaped from Cuba in 1967. We’re not ignorant. You’re the one who’s missing the boat, troll.

          • What’s with the thumbs down? Are there that many and Geo. Sore-azz shill leftists ls on this site?

        • Anyone who believes Obama is a joke better wake up. he has pretty much dismantled this nation in five years. Pretty impressive for a joke. the joke is Boner and the rest of the cowards and traitors passing themselves off as the opposition while working behind the scenes to advance his agenda.

      6. All of this bull shit going on. What will be the next “crisis” that makes us forget about all of these things ??? I’m afraid to even guess but things are about to get very interesting, very bad, very quickly.

        • I never forget em Burden,just kind of add em up and wonder what straw will break the camels back.Till then,as a wise man once said,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.

      7. You are correct veritas. Cloward-Piven….

        Our congress are cowards. Democrats..republicans, there is NO difference. They are afraid to call a spade a spade — “the president = a muslim usurper, a communist infiltrator”.

      8. The fact is majority of the people in this country will cheer USA , USA when and if they see armed UN personnel roaming in the streets for any damn reasons what so ever (remember the false flag in Boston). The sad truth is except some patriots who are in minority not a damn soul knew or cared about Bundy’s ranch and every day crimes that are being committed by the elite class who controls the banking cartels. We hate and love per controlled media’s program even though most of the news if not all are simply a perfect design to achieve the elites goals. I really hate to believe or even say this but as one said……look at the Government of any country to understand its culture. Are we really became the Godless souls by design?

      9. I will never surrender, I will sacrifice everything against what’s coming.
        “I didn’t surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender. They have him pulling a wagon up in Kansas I bet.”
        Lone Watie

        • Josey Wales…. still love that movie……

        • Chief Dan George.

      10. Told you so, but you didn’t read the writing on the wall, too busy blowing off firecrackers, spending your money on stupidity. Pretty soon your peanut butter and crackers are going to run out and in about three days you will slowly but surely morf into a zombie. You should have been a prepper. Now when you reach into your pocket you will find your scrotum not a weapon to protect your family. Sorry ain’t the word. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about worthless and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save your self from disaster. Wanna live? Learn to read.

        • Nope,celebrating Independence day a great thing,not only fun but may be last chance for awhile,plenty of reading material out there have read and time willing more to read.

      11. Could this be the reason the CDC in Atlanta has issued a warning for Dengue Fever in Florida? They are blaming it on Mosquitos. My heart is heavy for the loss of this once great nation. What are we going to do to get her back? Or better question when are we going to get her back!

        • Dengue Fever? Oh crap.

        • Remember, America is an idea, you can’t kill an idea. As long as the people who believe in the idea of America live, America will live.

          Keep your heads on a swivel people.

          • America WAS an idea. Most people are completely fine with the current level of government tyranny. They’re all just sheep who don’t know they’re waiting to die when the SHTF.

        • This is nothing new. Dengue fever hit Florida last year. My brother and some of his employees got it in Stuart Florida. They all recovered. It’s spread by Mosquitos only

        • It’s gone forever. Obama is making sure there won’t be a Reagan to fix things and bring back prosperity.

        • There have been cases of Dengue fever and other mosquito borne diseases for years especially in the lower southeast US so this is nothing new. there is a new one coming out of Haiti that is new to the area since it is mostly in Africa. (chichimugi)pardon the spelling. It makes people real sick but generally is not fatal. Most of those states have spraying programs to control mosquitoes but you’ll never get rid of them. with people traveling and mixing all over the world this is to be expected.

        • Another good reason to add mosquito netting to the prep pile.

          • A good form of mosquito netting is what gardeners call “shade cloth”. I bought some for my garden this year, to keep cabbage worm flutterbys off my cabbages. Bought two extra rolls, and now I’m glad I did. Much tougher than what “outdoor stores” sell for mosquito netting.

      12. It’s just about that time to …

        “Pull that Trigger!”

        “Are you Ready for The Revolution?”


        • Ruff, I’m about as ready as I can be for it. I hear thunder…..there’s a storm coming.

          • The storm started YEARS ago. Say there frogs, didn’t you notice you’re in a big iron pot? Didn’t you hear the click of the gas beiing ignited? Haven’t you noticed the water getting hotter? And yet you still don’t jump… nobody is jumping…. still waiting for orders

            Ideals Mastering Power Cresting All Life GOD IS

          • I think I felt a raindrop…

        • A lot of things going on.

      13. “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.” Matthew 24:21 We are not there yet, but the dominoes could be being stacked.

        The world is going to hate these two:
        “And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” Revelation 11:3
        When they show up on the world scene, it’s definitely cranking up.

        Keep your spiritual preps in order:
        “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13

        • Amen brother and who in hell? Would give your post a thumbs down.

      14. This is a good example of why we have to stay the course and continue prepping…on all levels! They love this game they are playing and they could care less the lives they are putting in danger. We mean nothing to them.

        This is about to explode, it can’t be contained or hidden…They knew all along this would happen which means we are on our own. Buy medical supplies now before you can’t find them or you can’t afford them.

        Prepare. prepare. prepare.

        • We mean something to them,
          They expect us to be good little workers and pay for all this crap,
          Who is John Galt!

          • @Kulafarmer,

            Well, you are right about that! Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you…And after it all hits the fan, they will enact martial law ( for our own good of course )and then come looking for us to join their “camps” where slave labor and abuse will be the norm, all for 3 squares a day. Our “support” never seems to end!


      15. Dave Hodges has had a few weeks of very, very provocative, edge dwelling posts that if are true are absolutely disturbing.

        I know most here are extremely conscious about all of this, but middle America is still asleep at the wheel. For them, this will be like chasing parked cars…. SPLAT!!!!

        • …can’t stand no car chasin’ dawg anyway…

      16. Living on an Island in the gulf of Alaska is a strange place to be at this time . I feel somewhat helpless as far as helping if things go bad and at the same time I think this is a pretty good place to be if things go bad . Perhaps I wouldnt be so torn if more of my family were here instead of down in the states . Do the rest of you folks have family across the nation and if so how do you plan to deal with these issues

        • Good post, am in a similar situation, am quite glad now that i dont live in the contiguous 48, have family over there but are in the Redoubt, so they should be fine. We here have the benefit of year round growing season and mild climate. But every form of refuge has a price,

          • “I guess every form of refuge has its price.”
            Eagles “Lying Eyes”

          • Kula…
            Although you may think you are somewhat removed from the immediate threat…you are more vulnerable than any of us on the 48…Hawaii will be a island prison and easily controlled…no access on or off the islands and growing your own food won’t last very long,,as all the hungry islanders will find you…as well as FEMA..did you know there is a FEMA camp already set up in Ka’u on the Big Island?…there really is no safe haven anywhere…my only suggestion to you …is be ready to fight like a mad dog.

          • Kula: saw a thing on GMO’s and what they are doing in Hawaii….using you all as a test place to grow, along with lots of chemtrails….


        • Pray a lot for their protection. Two of them live in cities, one of them in a military city, the last place I would want them to be. But that’s where his parents are, so she has instructions on how to get here when it blows up, and I pray by taking the back roads, she will make it….

          • I’ve got no family to worry about. Just me and my cat.

            • Don’t you mean your cat and his servant?

              • Pretty much…

              • Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.

        • islander,

          I have a brother in Boulder Co, who refuses to believe there is a problem. He doesn’t prep, but says lots of deer come in his yard, so he will just kill a deer.

          I ordered him a bunch of cans of Mountain House meals, etc. and had them delivered to him by FedEx. Do you know what he did with them? He ate them — all. (He said the beef stroganoff was best.)

          He is 500+ miles from me. I can’t get to him and bring him here on one tank of gas. He would be an asset, as he is fearless and very good at handling a gun.

          • Bless you for trying to help him.
            This Christmas, buy prep items for everyone on your Christmas list. They may not appreciate it now, but one day they will.

            • If we get to Christmas!

            • I agree, that’s all I’ve bought for people the last 3 Christmas’s. You can skew the preps toward what they are into and it doesn’t look like you are getting them “prepped”. People into investing and economics get silver. People into camping and hiking get water filters, sleeping bags, knives. People into guns can get ammo and magazines. People who you think you may be able to wake up buy them “One Second After” or “Patriots”. You can pretty much find stuff for anyone, even the non preppers.

          • Daisy,if he has friends up in the hills beyond Esey he would be fine.The Boulder area and surrounding towns will have it very rough as much of the US due to proximity to Denver,ya’s get up in the hills with folks you know might be a good place.

          • I say, tell it to him like this.

            In 1989 I was on a backcountry Elk hunt in the Scapegoat Wilderness area of Montana. We were hunting near the Continental Divide, over 20 miles from the nearest house with electricity and phone.

            It was getting late and two other hunters were already gone off the mountain walking the two miles back to camp without telling us. So it was just me and the guide, our horses and their two horses tied to our saddles starting down the trail at dusk. Suddenly, right above us came a thundering roar of a grizzly bear. As i was bringing up the rear, i called out to the guide,”Did you hear that shit”?

            As he kicked his horse in the side to make dust down the trail, he turned slightly towards me and yelled; “Every man for himself”!

            In other words; in the face of calamity and an unexpected SHTF situation it is just that, every man and woman for themselves.
            The only lives a person nedds to be concerned about are any little children, the very elderly or disabled persons in their care.

            I wouldn’t give a rats ass about someone who fails to use common sense and heed the warnings. Especially hundreds of miles away. Family or not.

        • Some of us are prepping for family and hoping they find a way to get to us after it hits the fan.

          I have family in the area but we’re not on speaking terms. My daughter-in-law hates my guts so we don’t get to see our grandson. My stepson just does whatever his wife tells him to do. So when things get bad I have no idea if they’ll show up or not.

          • any wagers???

      17. Like I just stated in a previous post- “Alas, Babylon has fallen. You can almost hear the fat lady singing.

        Also of note, the FED announced that the QE taper is over as of October…just in time for winter, UGH. You can expect the costs of everything to skyrocket. If you study history, you will also see that October is *the* month for stock market crashes- Oct 1929, Oct 1987, Oct 2008.

        All the people who kept saying this was going to ‘drag on for years’…boy were you wrong. It’s HERE now!

      18. Is it just me who sees this…..? If the world goes to pot and there is no longer any civilized order to things, will there be a bunch of people out there who’s sole purpose to life will be to hunt down those scoundrels like Pelosi, Reid and such who have been the catalyst to the cause of this?

        • Don’t forget the biased main stream media that has aided and abetted the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and the one who is liable to orchestrate remaining in office after his term is done. Because, without the crooked and corrupt media in their back pocket they could have never pulled this kind of garbage off.

        • Stan, if something happens to my wife and kids, you can count on me joining the hunt.

      19. More spanish women to bone. Look on the bright side.
        Press two for spanish and a nice hummer. ha.

        I actually sit at my desk and listen to spanish so I can talk to the ladies.
        Folks… you roll with the punches.

        Then we’ll just breed them out.

        Can I get a thumbs up on boning hot latin women?

        You are NOT going to solve anything…so inflict your genes on the genetic pool to water them down.

        Just don’t give your real name. ha

        • I’ve done worse in my 80 years….

        • Yes, look on the bright side. You’ll have more opportunity to sin. You can make your eternity in hell that much worse. Sounds like a great plan for someone like you.

        • ME:

          You should apply for a government position in the Obama administration; your mindless ideas fit right in with thosr SICK BASTARDS……

          • how do you say blowjob in spanish?

            1. chupada (f) (vulgar)mamada (f) (español de España)
            to give somebody a blowjob chupársela or comérsela a alguien (español de España)

            Your born, you live, you have sex and you die.
            End of story.
            HA…. All the religious fuck.
            If you grew up and they told you to worship a giant insect nailed to a giant X you would.

            You are all sheep.

            Angry lady.
            When they close the lid on you one day..they will shut the box to all your anger forever.

            The mortician will say…
            “We’re going to close the casket now.”
            Someone who does not like you will say…
            “Don’t pinch your fingers.” ha

            So many hot Spanish women…so little time.

            Hey, Christians…what if at the end you get up there and you are in a room with 77 virgins. ha.

            • ME: So glad you’ll be getting all the diseases that they have…..seems like justice to me….


              • Yah, fact is that most of these illegals ain’t but a few percent Spanish, and they’ll tell you so. They’re mostly aboriginal blood. Now, do you know where syphilis originated, and how it got to Europe? Yep, some of Columbus’ sailor-men just hadda bone some she-aboriginals.

            • u r a sick F#$%. cant wait to see ur ass in hades. good luck/not really……

      20. It should be obvious to all readers here that two of the most IMPORTANT sites to read EVERY DAY are Mac’s AND Dave Hodges’

        I will not repeat the post I put up last night (I guess it’s somewhere amongs the last 10-25 posts of the previous article) because it summarizes everything I have to say here.

        I WILL say that I cannot find ONE MAN in the Senate OR the Congress who has ANY TESTICULAR fortitude!

        What are these men (& women) afraid of? ARE they THAT spineless???

        The President is purposefully and psychopathically FOMENTING the conditions that ULTIMATELY will lead to a Pandemic virus, COMPLETED Economic collapse, and Martial Law.

        But I forgot one thing: Mr. Obama is about to hand over our soon to be defeated/surrendered/anarchied country to the Antichrist who will declare himself after The Warning.

        Christ told John Leary [] that Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will form the “North American Union” (the NAU) and it will be handed over to the a/c. Christ said at that time the a/c and his minions will KILL all those who prepared the way for the a/c.

        Mr. Hodge’s LATEST article he published on 7/9 documents all the CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING our country HAS been doing and CONTINUES to do, AND that Congress has KNOWN about it since 2012!

        What RAGE would YOU have if you found out YOUR child was being trafficked?

        Now imagine your DIVINE PARENT’s RAGE at all this AND His 50 MILLION+ UNborn children who were MURDERED because God the Father is ABOUT to UNLEASH CHASTISEMENTS to get his Adult children’s attention!!

        These Chastisements will come in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, and the evil He will permit the one world people to do.

        Pastor Efrain Rodgriguez has been saying that ONE Chastisement will be a cataclysmic asteroid to hit just outside Puerto Rico; that NASA and FEMA have KNOWN about its coming; that Obama sent missiles down to PR to be launched to break up the asteroid BUT that Christ made them disappear because of the Will of the Father; that this asteroid will cause such a resulting Tsunami that the entire East Coast from Florida to Maine will be under water 50-100 miles INLAND!

        To any SKEPTICAL readers out there, let me ask you this one thing:

        If YOU were our DIVINE PARENT and YOU kept seeing ALL this HORRIFIC EVIL happening in the U.S. and around the WORLD, what would YOU do to GET your human children’s ATTENTION and to get them to CHANGE their destructive ways?

        And to any reader who LOVES horror films, I suggest you look up on YouTube
        “Mary Kay Baxter” who Christ brought to MOST of Hell’s MANY chambers so she would give witness to the REALITY that is Hell! Her descriptions scared the CRAP out of me. Hell is REAL!(There were a few places or chambers Christ told her He could not show her.)

        Dante said it best, “The hottest places in Hell are for those, who in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Hell is for eternity, which is why each of us needs to be VERY careful as to how we decide to proceed from here, in short, how we decide to behave, if you will.

        This is NOT a time to be NEUTRAL! We must IMPEACH this President and impeach him NOW for VIOLATING the oath of office he took! The evidence is ABOUNDING! This man MOCKS God!

        And to be SILENT in the FACE of ALL the Evils this site and Mr. Hodges’ site depicts, describes, and documents is to be COMPLICIT with it because it PERMITS it to CONTINUE!

        And what do I humbly suggest OUR response BE?

        Each of us must atone, repent.
        Speak and share TRUTH.

        So many people I have spoken to the past year or so have commented to me in one way or the other, “I can feel that something real bad is going to happen, I feel it deep down, I sense it, even though I don’t know what that might be.”

        Ladies and gentlemen, be it more evil from the one world order or a Divine Chastisement, we need to repent, we need to pray, we need to discern, we need to be prudent, we need to be careful we don’t get sucked into Satan’s many traps by which he hopes to bring us to Hell.

        Yes, watch your six, but also pray it.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • No disrespect but I got to call “horse poop” on the divinity section of your post. The only insider information is found in the new testament. The method of it being carried out is only what anyone could imagine. That leaves quite a huge void for everyone to fill.

          • With respect, if “the only insider information is found in the New Testament”, as you assert, then that denies the role of the prophets and how God continues to act through prophets, that is, the people to whom He has decided to reveal his Word, Heart, and Will.

            Although the central role of a prophet is not to “predict” the future but to announce or reveal the mind, heart, and will of God and at the same time call people to conversion lest they suffer Divine Consequences or Chastisements, in point of fact, what Christ has revealed both to John Leary and to Maria has come true one example of which is the Mark of the Beast which is required by the ACA of 10/1/13. As you know, it is not IF our currency will collapse, it is WHEN. And you are already aware of the description of the Mark in the Book of Revelation.

            Therefore, it continues to be vital or important to link God’s Truth in the New Testament with many modern day events this site and Hodges’ site keep documenting and reporting as well as that which Christ has revealed to Mr. Leary, to Maria, and to others.

            There is a Divine Parent and because He is BEYOND displeased with his earthly children’s behavior, our own country and many others can no longer be protected from the Divine Wrath that we will suffer. Our Faith will be tested like never before.

            I can’t ask you to believe as I do, but I can ask you to connect all these Dots. I think that once we all connect these Dots and then relate them to Scripture and current prophets to whom God has chosen to reveal His Word, the impact is quite frightening as Evill spirals out of control.

            – the Lone Ranger


        • How do control the Senate and Congress, they do this?
          First, they try to “Persuade” them.
          Second, they try to “Bribe” them. (Any amount of money, whatever it takes)
          Third, they “Set them up”, and “Blackmail” them.
          Fourth, if non of the above work, they will have an “Accident and Die”.
          That’s why Congress and the Senate “Do Nothing”.

          • Agreed. They have already been presented with examples of what can happen, if they don’t stand down.

        • @Lone … Impeachment, at this time, is a suckers move. Impeachment does nothing but accuse whomever it is aimed at of a crime or crimes. The penalty is being tried and CONVICTED in the Senate. With the current Democratic Majority in the Senate, the trial would be blocked, i.e. NOT EVEN TAKE PLACE. Even assuming that in the upcoming midterm election Republicans take control, you still need to 2/3 majority vote in the Senate to CONVICT. and effect removal of a president. NOT HAPPENING. (As an example, look at the impeachment of Clinton. There weren’t enough votes in the Senate to convict.) When you use this political weapon, and that’s what it is a weapon, you must be sure in advance that you have the votes to convict AND have the support of the public and the press. That’s why Clinton was not convicted. No support from the public or the press. However, in Nixon’s case, all three came to bear before impeachment. He resigned, with a full pardon, because he knew that if he was impeached, conviction was a certainty.

          • Navy Vet, I cannot muster any argument to refute all you say.

            I just feel so sad that so many of our elected leaders in the Congress and Senate lack either a conscience or the balls to say and do the right thing.

            In the meantime, all of us suffer from either their fear or their not giving a damn.

            – the Lone Ranger

            “Courage is not the absence of fear, it is acting in spite of fear.” – unknown

            • @Lone … I’ll tell you what would be a ballsy move, getting a federal judge to require that the NSA produce Lerner’s emails. They have’em and can easily gather them using PRISM, as outlined in Snowden’s revelations.

              The emails would be the proverbial “nail in the coffin” for Obama. The emails are no doubt damning which explains why they and the emails of the six others involved “disappeared”. NSA producing the emails would sway the press and public opinion and therefore the Senate that “high crimes and misdemeanors” have occurred (as if a lot of us don’t know that already).

              With the email “proof” the Senate would have no choice but to convict. Obama would fight it, unlike Nixon, because that’s his nature. I’m hoping that he does just that, as a fight will kill his “legacy” for all time. We would then probably never have to worry about another marxist black man in the White House. I say probably because the voters in this country have notoriously short memories.

              • That’s a brilliant strategy, Navy Vet.

                I just had a thought: if Snowden had not yet come forth with his revelations, he no doubt would have “leaked” the “missing” emails. Maybe some brave soul downloaded them months ago and is hanging onto them for the “right” moment. The same way I dream of a totally UNedited Zapruder film [or as of yet unveiled and unreleased film of the JFK assassination] being released.

                I do want to be clear about one thing, though: I peronally have no problem with any man in the White House: white, black, pink, gray, green, brown or whatever!

                I DO have a problem, though, with ANY such man [or woman] who would be deceptive, duplicitous, and who would use his [or her] cunning and authority to SUBVERT the truth and VIOLATE the oath he [or she] took upon Inauguration.

                It’s a SOLEMN oath and when the Constitution becomes eviscerated (as it did under the former ‘decider’ Bush) and when it becomes just about destroyed under this ‘destroyer’, then men & women of conscience– elected or not– MUST rise up to QUESTION and hold that person ACCOUNTABLE any wayward and ILLEGAL conduct or behavior.

                • bush- its just a damn piece of paper….

      21. So little time, so much to do, looks like from what is going down we will be in the thick of it before the first snowflake falls. We all need to top off our preps, gather the firewood and hunker down and try, as best we know how, to make it thru the winter; if one is prepper ready you should make it even with winter upon us, knowing that those who are not prepared will have a much harder time getting out and about just because of the ice and snow. I will try my best not to feel sorry for those who did not prepare as I have been shouting about getting prepared from the roof tops for several years and to date only a very few have.

        Tomorrow is another day we’ll see what it brings and continue my canning and preps.

        Good night all.

        • If I could be shure I would be able to remain in my home the winter would be preferable. however if im forced to leave The cold would be very difficult to endure.

      22. Its been proven that people that travel are more intelligent. If and when it happens…keep moving…the Nomad survives. My “bugout” location is thousands of miles from here and I know almost nothing about it except I can live there because I know the fuana.

        • I am thinking cross border “shopping” in to Canada. Being I lived on the Canadian border near 45 years, it is impossible to keep me out if I REALLY want in. Be a great place for me as I have many friends up there. Cold winters keeps out the riff raff.

          • I must be riff raff because the cold up north in yankee land will surely keep my warm blooded Mississippi self down in Dixie where the summers are long and hot and the winters are short and mild!

            • Mark B.

              Can you answer the following question? (A simple yes or no will do)

              Did you take senior calculus from a teacher who loved to talk about how much his ex wife loved baseball ‘batting practice?’

              Either way, nice seeing you around here!

      23. I’m not scared of the viruses and such they carry, for myself. But I imagine it’ll spread among those around me. It’s the reactions of those around me that concern me the most.

        See: Germ Virus Theory

        See also: An Economic Yellow Fever Is Headed Your Way

        “MEMPHIS, 1878

        In early summer, 1878, telegraph reports announced that yellow fever had broken out in the Caribbean. On July 27, it reached New Orleans.” …

        … If Only there wasn’t the draw of free benefits (Not for anyone!) maybe then, they wouldn’t come? Like moths to a flame.
        Such is life, in a Fascist state.
        …Just cut it off, already. …All across the board. From the corporations and gunvernment contractors on down to the peon. Peon American: North, South or Central. And the Ruling Class, too. Especially them.

        Withdraw your consent.

        Withdraw you financial input.

        De-fund, instead of revolution.

        Otherwise you’re just replacing one Boss with another Boss, same as the Old Boss.

      24. never let an opportunity pass you by… or so They say.
        throughout history we have followed good, and bad men, we are in the afromentioned.
        this is going to be ugly in a list of ways:
        1. gold/silver will skyrocket, dollar will fall on it’s paper face.
        2. dependent people will become desperate people, and will do anything for one more day.
        3. the people that have made preperations will not know who or what to trust, letting to more chaos.
        4. individuals who trust in modern medicine will all too soon become aware of the lack of morphine. old and young will be in this boat.
        5. turn off cable/internet, we will see another form of fat lazy fucks that have no idea how to deal with the reality that they now face, this isn’t the hardy generation 80 years ago, we are in for mass hands held high, with nothing coming
        6. turn off the power, who could last a week?
        7. just in time delivery cut short, not even bread.
        8. weak minded, needy people (populace) in need of clean water, food, (even gmo would be ok at this point) to provide for the masses, not going to happen.
        9. flushing your toilet, yeah, that will work real good for you. even the extra water you have to flush it won’t do anything but bring it back up through your pipes, into your home.
        10. sanity. joe blow tie is going to start letting loose. won’t take more than a few days, maybe a week.
        11. us spoiled rotten fucks are going to get a real lesson in life. I hope I stand a chance in this free for all. might may be right real soon, but given time, it won’t measure up to tried, and true.
        12. I’ve come to realize one thing. I know longer no shit.

      25. We need Dr Strangelove….this time though, Ugly rides the missile….

        • Hey there, Ug! Don’t forget your seat belt when riding that bomb. And plug some Steppenwolf in the 8 track. Magic Carpet Ride, like the movie Independence Day….

        • Or maybe it was Star Trek ‘First Contact Lens’. Or Star Trek Lasik Surgery. Who knows?
          Anyway, give ’em hell!

          • Congratulations (loud applause)…you just posted your 10,000 comment.

            Isn’t that how you get a red handle?

      26. I read an interview with Rush Limbaugh today, someone mentioned FEMA camps to him, and he was saying “What are these FEMA camps? I’ve never heard of them.”

        So, apparently he is a liar. How could he NOT have heard of them?

        • I heard that on the radio too. I truly think Rush doesn’t know what a Fema camp is. That’s mostly SHTF and Alex Jones audience. See how enlightened we are.

          • J Veritas:

            Glad SOMEONE still believes in Limbaugh. He is not that stupid. He is just another part of the lying MSM, including Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, and the rest of the “owned” msm.

            If you are a part of the MSM you either march to their “marxist” tune or you will find yourself unemployable in a hurry.

      27. You guys, we have to do a lot of research on what is going on around the world. Not sure if anyone read but in the past few months, in a test, the UK sent a lot of genetically modified mosquitoes to Panama in order to kill the Aedes mosquito, the one that carries Dengue, however, no real test was done to prove that it would work. Panama may have sold their soul to the devil and didn’t oppose the British firm doing this. Right now, Central America is facing the problem of a new mosquito more lethal that the Aedes mosquito and I wonder if those GM mosquito made the problem worse in order to eliminate the population. I shared the article on FB but no one said a word.

      28. Finally, an excellent article that we have been saying for quite some time. IT IS AN INVASION! Get ready for survival. Provide now for yourselves, loved ones and the ones who need help.

      29. Its funny that you think the car industry still exists in Detroit and that every vehicle in the US is made in one dead rotting city.

      30. Here’s an idea for an article:

        “How to prepare for the shutdown of and/or the Internet, and what to do when that shtf…”

        • I was told to get black widow software, copy your favorite resource websites and save to a hard drive with a laptop in a faraday cage. $40 and its legal. On my todo list…

      31. Don’t you just love getting ready for the prom? You know; making sure your rifle and hand-gun are clean, laying your BDU’s out on the bed, picking out which boots you’ll wear, making sure your tactical vest is alright. The little things like loading mag’s, sharping knives, camo sticks etc. you know what I mean, the little things. So much to think about; boonie hat or helmet. Oh so much to do; I’ve got to take break. Remember what your Mother said; you put on CLEAN UNDERWARE! You love it and you know it.
        Now what time does the PROM START?

        Rive Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • RR,
          Don’t forget your chest rig or LBE !
          Can’t dance if not properly dressed!

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Si, with a marpat assault pack attached.

        • Does this camo pattern make me look fat?

          • I can’t tell about the camo Kulafarmer…I can’t see you at all!

          • Sargent says to recruit:

            Hey I didnt see you this morning in Camo class

            Recruit: Hey Thanks Sarge

      32. I am not much of a religious man but I remember a long time ago when my (MOM) told me back in the 50s that the world is going to go up in flames.

        Well you were right (MOM).

        How did that go in the movie TERMINATOR? Its in our nature to destroy ourselves ?

        Well here we are!!!!

        The late great planet earth.

        Rumors of WAR,and WAR, disease,(look at our borders) pestilence (again or borders), famine, (its only a matter of time), it is all here my brothers, and sisters.

        Watching the latest news.

        I agree THE GRID IS GOING TO GO DOWN SOON, or in the next 5 years……….

        Look at Iraq NOW.????

        The cradle of civilization we sure left a mess there, and all our young military men and women did they get killed for nothing???? and the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS we spent for nothing ????

        Look at our veterans living in shit holes, and being treated like shit, IT MAKES ME SICK WITH ANGER !!!!

        I was there, and I am crying.

        Look at these ISIS these scumbags that are NOW!!!! destroying religious history.

        Evil is ramped my brothers, and sisters, and did we train them in JORDAN???? and finance by SAUDI ARABIA ????

        MY GOD ???? and they just fired a rockets at ISRAEL!!!!

        Well my brothers and sisters, I will let everyone fill in the blanks on the TREE of WOE.

        I guess now we just better go ahead have a shot of some good hooch, be with someone you love, put on a good tune, put a blind fold on, smoke your last cigaret, and wait for it.

        • Are you aware that the ISIS stole 88lbs of Uranium from the University in MOSUL????? CHECK out the news……

          I wonder ware that is going to wined up ????????????

          GOD HELP US

          • No, where will it wind up. I am getting wined up thank you.

          • yup…..

      33. It seems that our leaders are afraid of their puppet masters. It just came to me that maybe they are fearing the wrong people. They have burdened the taxpayer to the point where we and our families suffer to pay for those that abuse the charity handed over by our leaders decree.

      34. We are WROL now and the invasion will continue to worsen. Some of those videos are powerful.
        Face it, TEOTWAWKI already arrived and the shit has hit the fan. Now the SHTF plan comes into effect.
        We can blast the Marxist in the WH all we want but it gets us no where. Its time to focus on our future and how were going to survive this invasion.
        Someone yesterday left a comment and said that if anyone has a BOL, the time to leave is now. I agree. Cities and high population areas and the burbs will have a disproportionate rate of problems to face. First concern is disease or pandemic infections. Get out of those places now. This aint no trial balloon, its a matter of life or death.
        The SHTF plan has to be put into action by each one of us now. Please keep the info flowing on herbal remedies and alt meds.
        The time has come for heightened awareness, tightened perimeters, double and triple checked supplies and consumables. Cash needs to be on hand, not in banks. Extra water needs to be stored since contamination from municipal water wont be trusted much longer. Can you sanitize your water supply? Bleach, pool shock dry chems, face masks, latex/vinyl gloves…get some if you dont have these things.
        I got a second cabin to build in the woods and instead of getting it up in the next 2 months, were making it the #1 job here. The downturn is heading into freefall and thats when family will come in. We all planned for this and I thank family and God Im home full time now. We will shelter in place and get more fortified even tho were in the country. Time for deep inventory check and a few more practice runs and drills. Hope everyone is prepared and knows enough to keep prepping. Godspeed to all.

        • Oil of oregano – my husband caught h1n1 at work. We immediately started high doses and by day 3 all symptoms gone and the kids and i never got it because we took it too.

          Olive leaf, garlic, ascorbic acid powder, grapefruit seed extract capsule form, oil of oregano, colloidal silver,goldenseal, pau d arco, manuka honey, all these have proven to be power houses for us. Raw garlic taken freshly chopped around the clock is a potent as penicillin. Iam never without these in my home.

          • @PM:

            H1N1 —elderberry extract knocks it out o’ the park —

            …be safe…….BA.



        • “We can blast the Marxist in the WH all we want but it gets us no where.”

          I dunno ’bout that…there would be some satisfaction for me, if the pieces splattered far enough, after the blast…

      35. Author loses some credibility by repeatedly referring to these illegal alien foreign invaders intentionally imported by the Bushbama regime as “immigrants.”

        • They’re pawns. They just think they’re “comin’ to ‘Merica”. They don’t get to be in on the logistics of the plan. We should reserve the bad guy title for the bad guys, not the pawns.

          Pawns are just place holders with legs.

      36. My DW and I lived in South Florida during the 1980’s when another Commie Pres. “Jimmy Carter” allowed the Cuban boat lift to happen.
        The murder/crime rate got so bad then that they made movies about it (Scarface) and a TV show ( Miami Vice).

        The Cuban boat life is nothing compared to what is happening now. Besides disease, the three countries which the Illegals are coming from are in the top 5 for high murder rates!

        As Marine General John Kelly (Commander of SOCOM) said, “This crisis threatens the very existence of the United States”. In my book there is no more creditable source.

        Part of the reason why Medical Personal are being restricted about speaking on this is that only 20-30% of the Illegals are kids, the rest are males over the age of 14 years of age.

        • I remember that.


          I get chills seeing this happening now.. and with the claim ISIS just took 88lbs of uranium……false flag a brewin BIGGER THE 9/11 AND DEADLIER ….

        • ES, I was in Miami when the Mariel boatlift took place. We had some problems for awhile, but it finally settled down after the refugees were moved. My biggest problem when I lived there was Haitians. I, my wife, and her family had problems with Haitians. They’re totally useless as people. They end up getting straight on to the public dole just like the other foreign groups. My wife was killed by a Haitian drunk driver. No, I was never impressed by Haitians as people. I know what people say about keeping your heart free of hatred; well sorry, but when it comes to Haitians, there’s no way I can develop any positive feelings for them. I have no use for them, period. OK, bring on the red thumbs. I stand by my statements.

          • @Braveheart
            I’m so sorry to hear about your DW. Yes, Miami was/still is a zoo as far as I am concerned. Yep,on most Haitians. As you might recall, Castro open up the prisons and sent the worst north to us. As soon as they got out of processing, some joined their families, but others joined the drug gangs.

            Got a good friend who lives in Coral Springs still. That city was once a really nice area, but is now almost as bad as a 3rd. world country.

          • Yep braveheart. If you want to see just what black folks can accomplish without oppression from whitey. Take a look at Haiti! Haiti is a poster boy example. those Haitians only invented one thing The Haitian Necktie. The only thing they are good at is producing more Haitians.

      37. If we asked Obama to resign, and he did, we would be stuck with Biden. The skills that make good politicians do not make good leaders. Until we find a way to police political corruption, our elected officials will continue to line their pockets at our expense. The 2 political parties spend huge sums of money to steer the outcomes of elections in their favor. They then create laws that make their actions legal. Until we find a way to change this, the abuse will continue.

        • The way to police political corruption is called “treason” with an invite to meet the end of a rope around their treasonous necks……

        • Perhaps we need to hijack the NSA database and use it to our advantage.

      38. I think there are Muslim terrorists pouring into the country from the open border. Possibly Russian and/or Chinese soldiers in civilian clothes too.

        • So if Russian and/or Chinese soldiers are coming into the country, are they here to support Obama during martial law? Or are they here to commit acts of assassination and terrorism during World War III?

          • Barncat:

            They will be “invited” for both purposes…

          • I wouldn’t bat an eye if they got the HNIC.

        • @BarnCat
          There was a M.D. on BCY-Cross Talk yesterday, a Christian talk radio program, who said the same thing. According to her sources in the Border Patrol, plane loads are landing in CA filled with nothing but Illegals from China and India!

          I know where we live now, we’re overwhelmed with Muslims from Somalia. I live in a state “owned” my George Soros. It used to be called Minnesota, but now we call her Minnesoros.

        • What about tbe dual citizenship Israelies? Don’t forget the other half of hell being unleashed on us.

        • Drudge had a headline today that a muslim prayer rug was found on the Arizona border today. Imagine that!!!

          All part of the plan people…..go back to your every day lives…nothing to see here.

          • It’s not the first prayer rug found down there.

      39. It’s happening in the UK too. They are currently trying to ram through all sorts of draconian legislation while everyone is on holiday. An emergency act to endorse mass surveillance, the powers to grab bank accounts and hold savings until people cough up the cash, etc. While they do this, they keep saying they can’t do anything about the Islamic extremists crossing the border and going to and fro because they are citizens. The classic ‘create the threat’ then create the solution modus operandi. The elite are throwing out bafflegab messages to confuse the public. One minute they say the threats are exaggerated, the next they say they are severe and the government needs extraordinary powers to deal with them.

      40. You have to wonder how long before everything collapses. Obama is like Satan after he’s kicked out of heaven: he’s filled with wrath because he knows his time is short.

      41. OK,I have to ask,understand for Mac but why do some other posters names/monikers what have you appear in red?Did you solve the riddle/have the decoding ring?

        • WD, it allows you to use a fictitious (or legit) website which helps you get through moderation. Some do have real websites of which you can click on the moniker and it’ll take you to the site.

          • Thanx PO,I actually use a fake e-mail address (Mac’s suggestion)so I could avoid waiting in line,enjoy your day.

      42. Ill sday it.. blue helmet is a perfect target, aiim about 3″ below center mass.

        When I see them on our streets, It is then open season.

        When I see them in my area.. I will fire. I will not hesitate. I only hope other patriots will be thinking and doing the same thing. Sadly I fear many wont. So likely Ill be the maniac prepper on the media that opened fire un provoked at the peacekeepers trying to help.

        My name is Sideshow, so if you hear it in the news one day, you know the truth…this is our country, and I will defend it from an occupying force

        • So? Mayhap we will be reading about you and hearing about you on the news?

      43. A few lines to think upon:

        Do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands.


        The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it.


        A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.


      44. h t t p://

        drinking beer and playing pool, who would think anything bad about that..SMH

      45. For the SHTF Warriors…

        Do you know the Rifle Dance?

        Get out your choice of Battle Rifle unload it safely in a safe direction. Ensure it’s clear of Ammo, the breach firing chamber empty also. Double check it. Safety ON-SAFE.

        Then shoulder your rifle and dance around your home with it.

        Practice the movement of clearing rooms, halls, attic, basement, garage and back yard.

        Practice till it becomes a physical part of you and natural.

        Then practice combat , off hand and one hand reloading.

        If you want to be combat effective you have to practice as if you are in combat.


        • Also dry fire that rifle each day to build up that muscle memory .
          Your so called dancing with that rifle does the same thing . You must become as one with your weapon , shoulder it and practice bringing those sights up in alignment the first time.
          This allow you to reflexively spot shoot from a standing position.

          Then finally get to a range and check you zero . I sight mine in at 200 yards this is the current point blank aiming range center of mass good for 100.To 300 yards for a 5.56 weapon
          For 308 battle sight zero 300 yards , recheck your elevation drum ( M1A iron sights) ) for accuracy at 100 to 600 yards. It beniefits you to know your point of impact at various ranges. Use the same ammo you sight in with. ( I use lake city mil surplus)

          Distance is your friend.


          Semper Fi 8541

          • Lost’m all in a boating accident, can I do this with my 30-30?

            • Yep put a peep sight on that 30-30 and use the new polimer tipped Boat Tail rounds ( hornady safe tip) made for tubular magazines greatly improves accuracy. ,

              Makes a very good fast pointable Carbine! You can top off your magazine easily with rounds use a rifle butt catride holder . I have a marlin 336 out fitted this way. With practice you can fire a lever gun fast and accurately.

              Use what you have and have what you use .

              Semper Fi 8541

      46. This is what happens when you have a country with the reserve currency and a central bank that automagically conjures up credit into the economy.

        The two main exports of the corporate United States are weapons of death and financial terrorism called “inflation”.

        When both of these land in poor countries with little or no resources to feed their people, you have the mass exodus of refugees looking for a better place and an opportunity to try and feed themselves and escape the violence from the weapons of war.

        Yes, and Reagan started this by supporting the death squads in Latin America when he was president…”Iran Contra”?

        This isn’t just a problem on the southern border of the US, it is happening across the pond in northern Africa and the Middle East. Everywhere the US corporations go to rape the resources from other countries, this problem occurs. Overthrow a country, install “democracy” and international corporations, indebt the people and steal their resources.

        This is not liberal plot or a Cloward Piven scheme or a conservative plot or a UN plot. It is the plight of people that have been terrorized by central bank inflation and priced out of the ability to feed themselves. And it ain’t gonna get any better…but much worse until the whole world is starving and destitute.

        Better learn to grow your own food or you may end up like these refugees, too.

        • Wow. Talk about an omen. “even the rocks will cry out”

        • Sounds more like the deer had been poisoned, or was sick from something it ate. Maybe some pesticide from a garden. If that’s the case, they’ll probably never publish that info…might make monsatan look bad, you know.

      47. A wigger neighbor who draws disability (mental) supposed to be bipolar? Was telling me how all these illegals are just refugees excaping being owned by drug cartels ect. After listening to his unbridled belief in the Obama lies. I now think they are not refugees at all. they are invited invaders. they will be trained to become the blue helmeted army that will do the UN NWO bidding. A race war is on the way. and the white race isn’t the ones who start it. We are being invaded at this very moment. The folks in Calif stopping buses are a more legitimate cause for action than the Bundy Ranch. sometime somewhere very soon one of these events will erupt. When it does it will be like the shot heard around the world .After that event every blue helmet badge and skin color other than white should be a target.

        • Old Guy– this situation on the border is NOT about color or race!! I too am an old wrinkled assed caucasian but I have and will always have love for good, honest people.. color not considered. One man in particular, from Ghana, is a wonderful young man who I give a big hug to EVERY time we see each other! Good people have NO boundaries. PLEASE, people- think before you act. Put yourself in their shoes and pretend you are their color…. then feel what they feel as if someone else was going to harm YOU!

          • @TS
            Like my Pastor used to tell us in Sunday School, “There is one race, The Human Race”.

            On the other hand, there are people who do deserve to die and most ethnic groups do have cultural traits.

            • oh yeah there are people that “deserve to die”

              and than there are those that are begging us to kill them
              yet we dont act ..SMH

              • Im not talking about the illegals, when I said what I did up there .. I think you can figure out who’s begging to get shot

            • Your Pastor didn’t know much about the bible he preached out of or the God who wrote it. He probably didn’t think there was anything wrong with mixing the races either. God forbids race mixing, tbat is why he told ancient Israel to get rid of their “strange wives children”. Go to your concordance and you will find that the word strange means racial aliens.
              The preachers bave been schooled in jewish infiltrated semminaries. Judeo-Christianity is a perverted form of Christianity, an oxymoron, much like a virgin whore, there is no such thing.

          • Tater salad Its quite possible everything in your post is 100% accurate. However As things stand today the middle class land owning making producing patriotic gun toting free White citizens are under siege. We are at the very same place that the plains Indians where when the whites invaded their lands in the 1800,s. the saying was that the only good indian was a dead indian. the policy was kill then all even children because nits breed lice. The NezPierce tribe was peaceful and never broke any treatys or warred with the whites. however they where decimated by white mans diseases and their lands & freedom taken just the same as the rest. There is no such thing as a good invader. This is my country and im dismayed to se it colonized by illegal invaders. and anyone who is the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Ill give you a true example of what happens. this family has a daughter. she is a parents dream get good grades ect. Goes off to college. She believes the liberal crap marries a black guy. the have two sons. she gets a good job. the black guy don’t & wont work. finally he leaves after she refused to give him any more money. then she loses the job. because she gets very sick. comes home to aged parents with two teen mixed race no goods. they try their crap in the local school and get kicked out. then they start stealing raping ect. they go to their hunting grounds college campus at Jonesboro Ar and rape girls and mug folks. One got shot during a home invasion and the other died of Aids . the sick mother dies of aids too. seems her black former husband infected her. Her broken hearted father told me that what she gets for fucking around with a black man.

            • That’s what my Dad would’ve said, just a lot more colorfully…

          • If I was them I’d expect to get shot for what I was doing so I’ll treat them with that expectation.

            You got it hippy.

        • You don’t seem to realize there are some of us non-whites who will NOT side with Emperor Obammy and his totalitarian scheme, and WILL side with our white neighbors.

          This ain’t about color; it’s about freedom.

          • Tomahawk– I’ll be proud to stand alongside you and yours! I’m down in the southwest smack dab in the middle of your old nation between the Hohokam and Navajo tribes. I think you are also. Wish there was a way to secretly yak at each other… know a way? Also gave you 1 thumbs up, wish there was a way to give you a hundred more.

          • Yes its true that a good man is a good man no matter what his skin color. and a persons soul has no color. however the fact remains that if all the white folks disappeared overnite the other races would still have just as many if not more problems than before. if the opposite happened the white race would have fewer problems. you better cover up and put white shoe polish on whatever skin you have showing. In the coming race war & ethnic cleansing. The policy will be kill them all and let god sort the good from the bad. That policy will be the same no matter what race you are. There ive named the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge.

            • Old guy- “Yes its true that a good man is a good man no matter what his skin color. and a persons soul has no color.” — your exact words— my response? I can definitely say that by your words, your soul has a color- it is as black as black will get. God will sort out this mess and I hope you have an epiphany before meeting God face to face.
              In response to your “friends'” family problems, her family raised her to be a martyr for the democrat cause.. intentionally or not.
              When the scenario of ill intent by our government takes shape, many people of ALL colors will see clearly how you feel towards them and WILL take SWIFT action… be prepared for it.
              In order to be prepared, one should be willing to FORGIVE past events and treat others with the respect and courtesy they deserve… however, one does not need to forget as there are events not worthy of forgetting.
              I have transgressions toward others that I will definitely pay dearly for, one transgression in particular, that I fight for the “under dog” (poor phrasing) meek enough not to stand up to a bully. That will bite me in the ass big time.
              Just so that you know, I am NOT a bleeding heart liberal fighting for their “cause”, rather I am possibly an ultra hard line conservative, that unlike you and others here, has a fear of God and not just a blithe distaste for someone who was born “different” from them.
              Have a wonderful day and a better afterlife when God is done with you.

              • Tater I gave you a thumbs up. Because you posted your honest opinion just the same as I have. Having stated that I
                Do believe in God however Im not a Christian. I never asked jesus or anyone else to pay for anything. Ill gladly take full credit for all my bad deeds as well as my good ones. Your free to think & do whatever you wish. Because we all have to live or die with the results of our actions .One thing it does no good that when you disagree with the message and you can refute the facts. attacking the messenger doesn’t change anything. Race wars ethnic cleansing & racisn have been present since the beginning and will always be present. even blacks don’t like other races of blacks. African Watsui and Bahutus will fight and hack each other to pieces at the drop of a hat. The native americans fought and killed one another right up until the end. even today the Hopi & Navaho don’t get along. And the Sioux hate the Crow.

                • Old Guy- …… facts? If one believes in the Bible, (and I do) mankind was a derivative of Noah, Ham, Shep, Japheth along with their wives…. genetic diversity therefore is a product of a small group of … … NON WHITES. Nobody can claim to be “white”.
                  If one believes in evolution and not the Bible, the Mediterranean and Africa were the cradle of “humanity”….. ergo, NON WHITES. So what on Gods’ green earth makes anyone “believe” to be “white”? Genetically, if two people of dissimilar “color”, man and woman, procreate, generally (and only generally) the dominate gene succeeds to produce offspring that looks like the dominate parent. I.E., if a black man produces a chid with a “white” woman, their offspring MOST likely will have dominate black genetic traits. According to Darwin, the only “white” civilization was the Nordic… and then again, how does he explain the “cradle of civilization”?
                  Only after death do I concede I will have answers.
                  Also, in your post, you explain about the abject HATRED of the plains Indians, the Watusi, the Bahutus, et al, but don’t explain WHY you hate others. Hatred and racism are learned traits and not inherited through a genetic mishap.
                  Thank you for your thoughts, however, those thoughts will not be mine.

                  disclaimer– I have written this in haste and not considered some important Biblical writings according to some, so be gentle with criticism because my memory is fading……..

            • Yes, at this God will sort them out.

              Sorry about that…

      48. Patriots on here (SHTF),that live in the Northern Tier of States keep a sharp eye out; this southern mess just makes me stop and think. All attention is focused on the Southern Border (which is beyond belief) as a cover for what might be happening or going to in the North. Be very observant everywhere. On the River Bank thinking of what is coming.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • @RR
          I joke with all of my redneck family/friends down south and tell them I’m up here in MN guarding against an invasion by those “Devilish Canadians”. (joke)

        • already dispersed immis to 2 major cities around area.

      49. GATES OF HELL? How about trying to screw with the national security of Russia?

        Here’s a part of the article about how Russia will not wait to be attacked by the U.S., maybe using a patsy like North Korea or straight out blaming it on them or someone else for an EMP attack.

        That article lays out a scenario in which an EMP attack destroys America. Here’s the key part of this ‘fictional’ account:

        The Kwangmyongsong 3 weighed nearly 200 pounds and was roughly the size of an apartment-sized washing machine. When its fission payload detonated at 10:11 a.m. local time in broad daylight more than 300 miles above Indianapolis the flash that accompanied the resulting explosion was barely noticeable from the ground. The event certainly did not escape the attention of Captain Kevin Reynolds, Duty Officer for the North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. He reached quickly for the red telephone–but it was already much too late.

        Although U.S. Defense Department Officials claimed that the low yield of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons’ tests was evidence of failure, they were either spectacularly wrong or deliberately deceptive. North Korea was intent on developing a Hegemon-killing “Super EMP” weapon, not a mere atomic bomb. Instead of wasting the weapon’s power in the generation of explosive blast, heat, and light, energy was diverted to produce a gamma ray pulse more powerful than would have been produced by a much larger thermonuclear fusion device in the multi-megaton range. Upon detonation, every electronic device between the Front Range of the Rockies and the Atlantic not shielded by a Faraday Cage was rendered instantly and permanently inoperable.

        That satellite, the Kwangmyongsong 3 unit 2, really does tumble its way across our skies, in orbit around Earth.

        Is it really collecting data on crop yields and the weather, as they claim?


        Is it a Super EMP weapon?

        The goal of a Russian EMP would be to destroy the U.S. infrastructure and economy, thus cutting off the head of what fuels the military.

        As the article mentions, a stright up nuclear war could also be in the cards. To hit the U.S. hard enough in a first strike to minimize a retailitory strike by the U.S. In the Russian minds, a LESSER nuclear hit on their country would be better than the U.S. striking first and total decimation and a poorer chance of striking back.

        • @BI,
          OK, interesting stuff. Now add in a whole bunch of saboteurs/terrorists, already here as “Illegal Aliens”, and the scenario gets worse.

        • a textbook scenario for bringing in full implementation of the NWO….

          Know about, and allow another country to set the collapsable stage for chaos….

          then explain the only option to bring about calm and order… a new kind of order. TPTB have it planned.

          God has His plan also.

        • Interesting article. I’ve only got two observations.

          1. Notice the idea is a Russian first strike with an EMP, NOT a nuke. I wonder, would the U.S. be so kind? And yes, IMHO, an EMP knocking out devices would be preferable to the destruction of a nuclear blast any day.

          2. Since the whole premise behind a “first strike” is to ensure that the enemy can’t hit back, an EMp would do that, but only for a few minutes. Anyone who thinks that our nukes are not shielded from such a scenario is naive. Russia has to know this too.

          If Russia wasn’t going to “stop there”, why not just lead with the big guns and be done with it? Especially when you KNOW the enemy will be able to strike back in a few short minutes, and it will probably be really bad and the radiation will affect the entire globe.

          Tactically speaking, in a quest for dominance versus national defense, you give them everything you’ve got behind the element of surprise. You don’t slap them and wait for them to get back up and fight back.

          You make sure they can’t get back up…especially when you know they could do some real damage.

          Russia isn’t stupid. They know they’ll have to live here afterwards.

          We had better do something about the mad men in DC, before we have to test this theory.

      50. who ever owns the night

        • VRF,
          Actually I think like everything else, the Federal Government claims to. (sarcasm)

          • yep yer probably right , they probably not only think they own the night, they probably do on a grander scale

            so on that note : Own the night in your area

            dont discount owning some night vision capabilities.
            some of us spend upwards of 600 to 1000 on pistols or arms ..but dont think about being able to see when it black as coal out , you can get decent equipment for that kind of money and it might just save your life

      51. now we just need to follow her lead

        “The representative of the U.S. intelligence services at the United States embassy has been asked to leave Germany,” government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in a statement.

        “The request occurred against the backdrop of the ongoing investigation by federal prosecutors as well as the questions that were posed months ago about the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany,” he said. “The government takes the matter very seriously.”

        im sure the exchange was more like GTFO before we throw you out or imprison you

        h t t p://

        • There was a book that came out a few years back which connected Merkel with the old East German “Stassi”.

          I guess’n that the EU/US is worried she might switch sides like the 1930’s and join up with Russia/China.

          Let’s face it, without the Krauts, the EU falls apart pretty fast, leaving the Frogs and Brits out in the cold.

          • Every German is connected to their history in one way or the other. Just like all of us with descendents of the colonists are “connected” to the American Revolution.

      52. Did anyone think about the ‘refuges’ being put in FEMA camps with all these diseases, then rounding up all the ‘patriots’ they DO NOT WANT, and placing them all together, then all dying together witout any treatment???

        • I dont think things would go smoothly enough rounding up “True Patriots” like that saying in that joke line..”and thats when the fight started”

          and thats exactly what would transpire ..the biggest fight they ever walked into

      53. In the late 1920’s, Antonio Gramsci, the head of the Italian communist party, along with other communist leaders, devised the strategy for destroying the West. The plan was simple, just change the demographics of the West. Flood the West with non-whites and the West is no longer the West. Whites are nearly down to the 50% mark here in the US. There is no way to vote this problem away. No real conservative will ever be elected President again. There will never be a real conservative majority in the Congress. This situation is deteriorating at an ever increasing pace. Tomorrow we will be weaker. We’re going to die or go to prison. Turn off the television and pick up the rifle. Holding out in your prepper place isn’t going to cut it. Don’t talk about it, just do it so our grandkids and nephews and nieces can have a future.

      54. Immigration is the weapon of choice for the commies. It’s an invasion that is encouraged by “our” own government. Accept that as fact. Now do something about it, today.

      55. Drudge has a link about a muslim prayer rug found at the border and a contractor photographed it. Story is on Breitbart Big Govt site Ill post a link

      56. Our Forefathers did not politely protest the British. They did not vote them out of office, nor did they Impeach the King, march on the capitol or ask permission for their rights

        They fucking shot them!

      57. Prepper Website smackdown on this article w/ ref to tinfoil:
        Theyre linking this

        TINFOIL? – The Gates of Hell Have Opened and the US Is Being Attacked and Occupied: “They Are Here and Awaiting Orders” – 7/9/14

        They must not be in the US because this aint no tinfoil problem. Or are they proAmnesty?

      58. things that make you go…hummm?

        Cutting Veterans’ Benefits to pay for illegal aliens welfare?
        Now I understand why you want to take away the guns

      59. When they try this there will be blood flowing every where.

        Stay alert and stand your ground! Keep Prepping!

        If the UN. tries to move in, there will be a lot of them meeting Jesus. I’m not to worried about the Blue helmets. They can’t keep peace in any country. Just look at the nations they are in. The only way that the UN can control anything is when the US provides the fire power.

        FEMA camps be DAMNED. Fight to the death if they try to take you to one, because you will die there. Better to die free than a slave!!!!!

        I believe that the fight is just around the corner. 100,000’s of invaders on the southern border with Obullshit not doing anything to stop it. Bullshit most of them are not little kids only about 5%. The economy is in trouble. remember what I said about 17,000. Well as I’m posting this the market in the last two days has gone down over 200 points. Israel in on the verge of a war. ISIS has its own country now. GET READY GET READY!
        The Shit Is About To Hit The Fan!!!


        • I think that perhaps FEMA camps need to primaries when it goes down

      60. Man walks into a bar where there is a robot bartender. Robot ask man,
        “What will you have?” Man says, “Whiskey” Robot
        serves the man whisky and asks the man, “What is your IQ?”
        Man says, “170”. Robot talks to the man about quantum
        physics, space exploration, and medical technology. Man leaves bar
        and thinks, “That was really unusual”, and returns to the

        Robot ask man, “What will you have?” Man says,
        “Whiskey” Robot serves the man whisky and asks the man,
        “What is your IQ?” Man says, “100”. Robot talks
        to the man about NASCAR, Budweiser, basketball and the Mets. Man
        leaves bar and thinks, “This is so fascinating I just got to try
        this one more time”, and returns to the bar.

        Robot ask man, “What will you have?” Man says, “Whiskey”
        Robot serves the man whisky and asks the man, “What is your IQ?”
        Man says, “50”. Robot leans over and says, “So, you
        liberals and hoplophobes still happy with Obama?”

        • That was hilarious! lol

        • Lmao thanks for the laugh i needed that!

      61. Ask Gov Perry who is the Commander in Chief of the Texas National Guard him or the President? If Perry wants the National Guard deployed there then he can send them there – doesnt need the President’s help

        some one needs to wake him up to that fact

        yes I realize the border is longer than what meets with Texas ,but its a start and it will show that he isnt playing ( or is)

      62. VRF
        Love Ya Man
        Put a smile on my face. THANKS!

      63. all u white crackers will b his slave

        • I disagree with the use of the term n!$$er. i find it foul and uncalled for. HOWEVER.Anybody who uses the term cracker, oreo or uncle tom already is a slave. At least mentally if not financially.

      64. LOCK AND LOAD…
        SSG USMC 1966-1971

      65. Does anybody know what subcommittee report he is referring to?

        • Would be nice to see it, instead of just some reference to it as proof of the article. Post the proof, please.

      66. Some guys have all the luck…Mosin Nagant carbines are nearly invisible to find on the net now., I was fortunate enough to get a Type 53…scoped it.,muzzle break and recoil pad..The 7.62x54r is around…but prices are rising…You are truly fortunate to get the Finnish M44…while those thugs are blasting automatic fire..they’ll run out quickly..while the M44 will still be lobbing steel core through 2 maybe 3 of them at once. If any of you do not have a 91/30 or a M44..find a way to get one…ammo is still about a hundred bucks for 440 rounds at Aim surplus…

        Live Free or Die

      67. This is a website that tells you the antibiotic of choice for various bacterial infections. It gives you the generic name and sometimes the brand name. All of the animal antibiotics are the generic name so it makes it easy to match them up. Very nice site. Just in case folks. Viral infections are a whole other ballgame.

        • dobiemom: Thanks…exactly what I was searching for today!!! Wow….


        • Thanks for link to site. Very informative

      68. Those blue helmets in the picture it looks like it a helmet covered with a Wal Mart bag?

      69. Just think of all the hot milfs you’ll get when the shtf hits.

        Had a day with one last night by the lake.

        In an age of collapse if you have a good job….you’ll be aligned to get some serious loving up.

      70. How can this be?

        didn’t gwb the terrorist immediately and permanently secure our borders after 9/11/01?

      71. “This administration” has been planning this for decades. Putting Bush and Obama in place at the top was all they needed. Two perfect stooges.

      72. Not that anyone is going to read this but I feel that most of the time when EVD (Ebola) is mentioned in alternative/fringe websites(That’s not a good or bad thing to say about such sites, it just is.)there seems to be a severe lack of knowledge about it. You folks do realize that EVEN IF EVD made it’s way to the US, it would be easily contained? The reason of its spread in West Africa atm is because of fear, ignorance, mistrust of awesome folks like Doctors Without Borders, traditional burial practices (washing the dead, etc).

        None of those things, well,really occur culturally in the US. Fear, yeah, (which is understandable) but really, the chance of it becoming “entrenched” in the US is little if any. Be more worried about that drug-resistant TB, or the Flu of some sort.

        As for West African immigrants crossing the border-just BECAUSE they are from West Africa doesn’t mean they have EVD. Also, I am well aware of the often-touted “21 day” incubation period; that is an outlier and it is MUCH more common to be 7-9 days. Besides, anyone from that region would take quite some time to actually reach us, and would likely be very sick enroute and would be recognized as such.

        I guess I am trying to reassure folks who may be freaking out or feel fearful about this event. Let’s all keep an eye on W. Africa, but let’s not give in to fanciful notions of some world-ending pandemic. (Often fulled by pop culture, Plague Inc, The Hot Zone, etc…)

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