The Future Of Multicultural Europe: German City With The Most Immigrants Also Has The Most Crime

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Over the past 20 years, European cities have slowly become more ethnically diverse, as EU governments open their borders to foreign populations. And as this process has taken place, the authorities have been quick to cover up any crimes that have been committed by these populations. For instance, Swedish police are no longer allowed to describe the ethnic background of the criminals they catch, and most notably, the German government and press were desperate to cover up hundreds sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne in 2015.

    However, there are certain statistics that can’t be covered up. A government can try to conceal the connection between crimes and specific ethnic groups, but they can’t cover up the overall crime statistics of an entire city. Plus, politically correct governments can’t really hide the ethnic diversity of their cities. That’s something that their progressive sensibilities command them to promote.

    Fortunately, sometimes those two factors come together to give us all a good look at the relationship between immigration and crime in Europe, despite the best efforts of European governments to conceal that connection. For example, the German government recently revealed that more than half of the population of Frankfurt has a foreign background, arguably making it the most diverse major city in Germany.

    For the first time, more than half of Frankfurt residents now have a migrant background, according to official data from the city’s Office of Statistics and Elections.

    Presenting the figures, which show that 51.2 per cent of people living in Frankfurt have a migrant background, the city’s secretary of integration Sylvia Weber said: “We have minorities with relatively large numbers in Frankfurt but no group with a clear majority.”

    Representing 13 per cent of the population, Turks are the city’s largest non-German minority, and 61 per cent of residents who were born abroad are citizens of other European Union (EU) countries.

    And on top of that, the data reveals that these people aren’t thriving in Germany. 49% of people with foreign backgrounds in Frankfurt live below the poverty line, compared to 23% of native Germans, and they are significantly more likely to be unemployed. But that’s not the real kicker. Frankfurt was a diverse city long before the migrant crisis reached its peak, and even then it had a startling crime rate.

    The 2013 national crime figures, which were leaked to Welt newspaper earlier this week, show just under six million crimes were recorded in Germany last year.

    When broken down to the number of crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main rates as the most dangerous city in Germany with 16,292 crimes per 100,000 people. Its high ranking was put down to its red light district and the large airport.

    Of course if you brought this fact up to most leftists, they would call you a racist. But it has nothing to do with race. The real problem is that Germany hasn’t properly vetted their immigrants, nor have they successfully assimilated them. Germany is inviting people into their country who have no respect for German law, and they aren’t pressuring them to join German culture. And the result is rather predictable. Germany has a large foreign population that is young, jobless, alienated from mainstream culture, and more likely to commit crimes.

    What we’re seeing in Frankfurt is the future of Europe, if EU nations continue to celebrate multiculturalism and leave their borders wide open. It will be a divided continent, filled with ethnic enclaves, no-go zones, civil unrest, and crime. If they don’t see the folly of multiculturalism, within a generation every city in Europe will be like Frankfurt, or perhaps even worse.


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      1. Germany, like Sweden, is a dangerous and crime ridden country.

        • For two reasons; their leaders are scum and they are allowing in muslim trash by the millions.

          • We need more than illegal migrants in USA so they can fight eachother.

          • NAZI and mooselimbs have always been bedfellows. They deserve eachother

            • Gandhi was murdered because he insisted India had no place in the Jewish war on Germany.

          • Most of Europe has fallen thanks to globalists EU leaders who enabled it along with Soros. Sharia law is incrementally imposed, and the Euro person is the enemy soon to be killed off by Muslims or join up with them. Females will be sent to concubines turning them into full time whores. Euro men or she-males are stupid cowards and allowed this without resistance. Stupid nihilistic Euro folks get what they deserve for being idiots. Europe is a third world dump and will soon be trashed as Muslims tear down churches, monuments and other things representing a culture that has fallen into ruin.

        • Europe brought it on itself and the European Union especially. This will break up the union. The populations will demand it.

        • Crime has EVERYTHING to do with race. To find the most dangerous neighborhood, city, or country, just look for the most ‘diverse’. When large numbers of Africans have moved in anywhere, has life EVER improved?

      2. Too bad the German men cannot shoot all these muslim savages that are raping their women. They allowed their government to disarm them and now they are screwed. Here in the USA it will come to just that. Shooting all the muslim scum and just burning the damn bodies.

        • Menzo, at least in my city we already have apes that need to be shot and only a small percentage of muzzies. When the muzzies start their shit here, we have guns and can take them out. This is what the brainwashed left of Europe gets for believing in ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’. Their own governments protect these savages.

          • Multi-culturism? Yes, Blame Kentucky Fried Chicken. The darkies love fried chicken and they flocked to Germany for some finger licking.

          • B’heart: which is why Europe is now a third world crap hole full of third world barbarians. Stupid Euro folks gave it to the killer cult. I know enough about EU history, wars dating back thru time and invader groups taking over cities, pillaging, raping and killing. (Romans, Vikings, Saxons,goths, moors, etc.)
            Those idiots never learned anything nor taught by parents of their past. Eu men are feminized cowards and some parade around in skirts.

            • Laura Ann, agreed. Most of Europe’s history is full of wars, tragedies, etc. Their periods of peace don’t normally last over a half-century. This is what they get for believing in ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’. Both of those are code words for anti-white.

              • What does Lang mean, “it has nothing to do with race?” Even Disraeli said race is everything.

        • Happy Cuck Day Boomers!!!!!

          Youre going to see fireworks and eat hot dogs?????

          Congratulations. It’s meaningless bullshit and you know it.

          They all died for fucking nothing. We’re giving the country away without firing a shot. Damned fool baby boomers.

          • Sure eisen,,,,its all our fault! Screw you!

          • Eisenkreutz: I am a B.B., agree most of them are ignorant morons, ultra left and had moron offspring who loved Hillary and hated Trump. Hubby and I are social recluses big time. We are fed up and see the country soon to be trashed. Churches have been subverted turned into money pits for the stupid apostates.

        • “Hellstorm” never really ended for Germany, the parasites want it completely destroyed. It has simply morphed into the Kalergi Plan. The people who control the German government are preparing to start imprisoning people for speaking out against the invasion and silent Genocide being perpetrated against Europe.

          One more thing about the “minority” lie. Whites ARE the real minority on Earth…

          • the Kalergi Plan ht tp://

            Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity, to break down traditional ways of living and create a single mixed race, is the reason for community policies that promote minority interests. The underlying motives are not really humanitarian, but because the power behind the ruthless regime dominating the EU plans the greatest genocide in history.

            A prestigious prize is awarded every two years by the Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan.

            Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.

          • This multiculturalism happened on my watch. Future generations have the right to curse my name and spit on my grave because I sat by and let it happen. In my heart I feel incredible shame.

            • Push back!

        • What a coincidence here in the U.S. the citys with a large population of mud people have the highest crime rate as well. What a coincidence. How can that be?????

          • What about Tokyo?

        • Lol, no, here in the US, vigilante justice wouldn’t get you very far… just to the nearest prison. So, until all law and order breaks down, you’re going to continue relying on men in blue to do their jobs.

      3. I live in probably the most ethnically diverse state in America.
        We don’t have a lot of crime. We have lots of Christians, Buddhists, and Hindi. We value family (Ohana). We call our neighbors, Auntie and Uncle.
        We also have a devastatingly oppressive Democrat run socialist state.
        What makes us different from Europe, and many other Blue states?
        We don’t have very many Blacks or Moslems.
        Just an observation on cultures.

        • The reason there are few Blacks in Hawaii is, they don’t know how to swim, so many don’t make it there.

          You don’t see black Swimmers, or divers, or scuba divers or even ice hockey players, and they don’t take showers. Anything with water they are frightened. Even Ice Hockey. Just ask a black person if they want to go boating and see their reaction. Frightened.

          • Back in Washington state I took one of my best friends out sailing.
            My of my rules was you had to know how to swim before I’d let you on my boat(most people drown because they panic). If I thought you were lying about swimming, I made you wear a type 1 PFD which is what I kept on board, one per person plus some extras. He was very black.
            We had a rule, not to talk politics. or he might have had to swim a few miles, with me sailing circles around him and telling him my politics.
            The only non-swimmer I ever let on my boat was Vietnamese.
            He wore a type 3 jacket the whole time. I slept at the helm to be sure if anyone left the cabin I would wake up and everyone was tasked to keep an eye on him at all times if he was outside the cabin.
            Big boat, 45 foot Trimaran, easy to lose track of people.

          • Very true! Despite having the best complexion for long-term outdoor sun exposure, they are not a race of adventurers and this explains why they never made it anywhere else in the world EXCEPT when they were taken there either by slavers or jet aircraft and refugee boats.

            Whereas Vikings, got into long boats and braved the open ocean to discover the New World: that took immense balls to do.

        • Blacks and Muslims are no good, lazy, violent scum trash! They serve no good purpose in civil society. They ALL deserve to have NAPALM dropped on their damn heads!!

      4. Good luck with multiculturalism, especially if they are Muslim. Muslims have not integrated at all in any country where they have been established. Once the Muslim population reaches a certain percentage the dynamics begin to shift and they become more demanding. They are not known to assimilate in any major way. They have nothing but scorn for other cultures and religions.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Laeagle, the muzzies can take their demands and stuff them. No one owes them anything.

      5. Islam is a death cult that is not compatible with western civilization. Parallel societies have already been established. Why would Muslims or African gimmigrants work when they can be paid to do nothing?

        This is not going to end well. It will end when the next financial crisis hits because the gimmigrants will be the first to have their benefits cut off.

        How will this end? Badly and with lots and lots of blood.

        • PHIL,


          N A MISS O. GYNIST




      6. PD, you nailed it. When that crap starts here, I’m ready and able to resist it. We already have some of that with DC showing favoritism to minority groups, especially immigrants. They let the scum straight onto the public dole when there’s some people of our own who need help and can’t get squat. Lately there’s been some talk in DC of expanding the definition of the ‘hate crimes’ law to include the LGBT freaks and illegal aliens. That ‘hate crimes’ law is a race-based aimed strictly against white people who end up in any altercation with any foreigners or freaks. I don’t recognize the concept behind it so I reject it. If I end up in any altercation with any freak or foreigner, I will defend myself, period. And anyone who tries to target me with their ‘hate crime’ BS will have a fight on their hands.


        CHI-COMS CAUSING TROUBLE WITH INDIA. Why don’t you chi-coms come into my state up into the face of the citizenry and see if we don’t SHREAD you ass.


      8. My city already has ‘ethnic enclaves’ and ‘no-go zones’ thanks to blacks alone. The part of Memphis I grew up in is now all-black so I don’t have any reason to go there. Most of the crime in my city is definitely perpetrated by black males. Surprisingly, the foreigners haven’t really been any problem, YET. But I still expect that will change one of these days.

      9. A bit off topic, but still on the topic of “foreigners,” here is a man who now calls himself “trans-species”: I, personally, identify as dolphin (hey, if Rachael Dolezal is “black” and Bruce Jenner a “woman,” then I am certainly a dolphin!

        “You might argue that elves do not exist, but one man has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on surgeries, hair removal, creams, dyes and bleaches in a determined attempt to transform himself into one. 25-year-old Luis Padron of Buenos Aires, Argentina says that he “became obsessed with the world of elves, angels and fantasy beings after being bullied as a child”. Now he is spending about $5,000 a month so that he can permanently look like an elf, and he has told the press that “I consider myself trans-species”. Body modification has become one of the hottest global trends in recent years, but is this a case where someone has taken it way too far?
        When the world of fantasy becomes more important than reality to someone, they can do some things that may seem really strange to the rest of us. According to the Daily Mail, Padron has spent an extraordinary amount of money in order become the elf that he has always wanted to be…”

        “Men, it has been well said, think in herds. It will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” – Charles Mackay, Scottish journalist, circa 1841

      10. We will see the rebirth of the KKK or some similar organization in many States, Many will join in the millions, White men and women, and help clean up America. This will be a Grass roots effort as so many white people in America have watched our country be destroyed by the Blacks, and Gews and now Muslims. Turning great cities into Slums and Crime Ghettos. Gews instigating much of this racial and cultural hatred, and baiting the Blacks and the Muslims, with the NAACP, Black lives matter and other chaos groups financially sponsored by The American Hating Commie Gews, like George Soros.

        • If us whites want to survive the next few years, something has got to happen. We definitely need a strong Pro-White group to step in and promote whites for a change instead of blacks, foreigners, muslims, faggots, he-she’s and all of the other fruit cakes that are true waste of life.

      11. Camden NJ was multi cultural with German, Irish, Polish / Eastern European and Italian communities. The jobs fled and they fled. Now its black and Hispanic. Was the cause of the city’s decline demographics or economic?

        At the turn of the 20th century Camden became an industrialized city. At the height of Camden’s industrialization, 12,000 workers were employed at RCA Victor, while another 30,000 worked at New York Shipbuilding. RCA had 23 out of 25 of its factories inside Camden. Campbell Soup was also a major employer. In addition to major corporations Camden housed many small manufacturing companies as well as commercial offices.

        Importing trouble makes trouble; so does exporting employment.

        • K2
          Technology passed you by. I’m probably the only guy on this site that can explain how a Vacuum tube works. But nobody here will tell me why my bread, that I make from fresh milled wheat won’t rise fully!

          Happy 4th.
          I’ll shoot a cannon in WA
          DC’s general direction.

            • rellik, we have the same problem with the bread,Justice thanks for the link.

          • rellic; Aim well.

          • Try sifting the bran out of it first.

            And grind if more finely till it has no texture other than a smooth powder left.

            Or get used to coarser bread, the kind I prefer anyway.

            FWIW, some varieties of wheat make better bread than others.

      12. Can you say NAFTA, GATT.

      13. They haven’t properly assimilated them…. they don’t want to be assimilated.

        • I don’t want the muzzies assimilated…..I want them out of my country.

      14. The Germans should reopen those wonderful vacation camps, re plumb the showers and relight the ovens.

        • Amen!! White folks best wake up and do it right now!!

      15. Don’t let them into Europe. Keep them out. Send them home.

        The people in government hate Europeans.

        __ Europe must stop letting foreigners, nonwhite, blacks, Arabs, and others from Pakastan or India, wherever; stop letting them invade your Countries. Get rid of your government. They hate you and your children. Get them all out of Europe NOW! By any means necessary, NOW!!!


      16. The most violent and crime-ridden parts of British cities are also the most diverse. It is typically gang violence: one group or another taking revenge. This takes the form of knife attacks, acid attacks, gang rapes, machette attacks, snatch and grab attacks, etc. It proves that most of these people are not in the country to work, build a better life or any other noble purpose.

      17. Happy 4th of July!!

        We came to this country to find a better life.
        We eventually threw out the oppressive rule of law from the crown.
        We established our own laws based on inalienable rights bestowed unto us by the creator.
        Why the hell are we going to allow ourselves to assimilate back into a tyrannical form of rule.
        Why would we allow ourselves to be ruled from across the pond again?
        Everyday or country moves closer to being ruled by a handful of people who couldn’t care less about us or anyone for that matter.
        The great unwashed masses have gotten lazy, dependant, and frankly,, stupid.
        The powder keg is full, the fuse has been set,,, what will be the spark????

      18. Look at the bright side . They will be easy to spot. They all have brown faces.

      19. O except the ones that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan. Rev. 2.9 or 3:9 or John 8:44

      20. Read Daniel 2:43 it explains everything.

      21. How fitting the home city of Rothschild is now overrun by jihad.

      22. I’m an American and have lived in Frankfurt for the past 7 years. This article is definitely correct in pointing out the dangers of third-world immigration to Germany and Europe.
        However, although Frankfurt is dangerous for German standards, it’s still nowhere near the crime you could find in a major American city.
        There is a popular t-shirt often worn by wannabe Turkish thugs “Frankfurt – Hauptstadt des Verbrechens,” (capital of crime). The Frankfurt city government would claim the statistics are skewed because the crimes committed at the Frankfurt airport, which is by far the largest hub in the country and in mainland Europe, are included in the Frankfurt crime statistics. Personally there are areas of Berlin where I would feel less safe than the worst areas here, but still any of these places would make Indianapolis, Minneapolis, or Omaha look like a warzone.
        Anyways, the point of the article is spot on. Depressing the world we live in.

      23. Sand by the children of Satan . And see were that gets you.

      24. Rev. 2:9 ,3:9 John 8:44 Daniel2:43 The truth will set you free.

      25. All your preps. Are looking worth it . Rejoice in them . Your lamps are full. Foolis virgins die. So be it.

      26. Ounce again we have been warned. Be a foolish virgin at your peril.good luck. No no luck you need to be gone.the great culling needs to be by foolish virgin. And good ridinse.

      27. The Islamic Republic of Deutschland
        The Islamic Republic of France
        The Islamic Republic of Great Britain
        The Islamic Republic of Denmark
        The Islamic Republic of Sweden
        The Islamic Republic of Belgium
        The Islamic Republic of Spain
        The Islamic Republic of Portugal

      28. It’s not becoming more culturally diverse, it’s becoming more Muslim!

      29. Sorry, this article is bullshit. I was born in Frankfurt in 1959 and already then it had the highest rime-rate of all german cities – but no migrants at all. It kept it’s “record” over all the years. Why? Frankfurt is germans largest traffic-hub, biggest european airport, large railway and autobahn knot, town of fairs and banks for 400+ years. The Rothschild-Empire started here – poor jewish money-changers for the merchants coming to the fairs in spring and autumn from all over Europe. So Frankfurt was and is a historic magnet for thugs and criminals too and the quarter round mainstation the center of gambling, brothels and drugs since 100 years…

      30. Genocide of White Christianity.

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