The Future of MONEY Pivots This Friday as Putin Sets Deadline For Dropping the Dollar, Requiring Rubles for Energy Exports

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

     Regardless of what you think about Putin’s morals or ethics, he is a genius strategist whose intellect is vastly superior to Joe Biden’s. Putin’s latest move threatens the very future of the dollar (fiat) currency and may spell the beginning of the end for the dollar.

    Beginning this Friday, Russia will only accept rubles, gold, or bitcoin as payment for energy exports to “unfriendly” countries. No dollars or euros will be accepted. And why should Putin accept dollars or euros anyway, given that the western financial system has told Putin he can no longer use dollars or euros to purchase anything.

    As a result, Putin is demanding rubles, gold or bitcoin. And that means the Russian ruble is now backed by commodities exports, making it a currency backed by something real. If you buy rubles, in other words, you can trade those rubles for natural gas or oil.

    As Natural News previously reported:

    In a video posted to social media, Putin blasted the “theft” of Moscow’s resources and mocked the notion that first-world currency reserve holders are “reliable.”

    “Let me reiterate, the whole global economy and trade have suffered a major blow, as did the trust in the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency” of the world, the Russian leader says in a translated clip.

    “The illegitimate freezing of some of the currency reserves of the Bank of Russia marks the end of the reliability of so-called first-class assets,” he added. “In fact, the U.S. and EU have defaulted on their obligations to Russia. Now everybody knows that financial reserves can simply be stolen.”

    He added: “And many countries in the immediate future may begin — I am sure this is what will happen — to convert their paper and digital assets into raw reserves of raw materials” such as “land, food, gold, and other real assets.”

    Astute economic analysts foresee a world coming soon which will once again be dominated by hard currencies like gold and silver, as well as other precious metals, in addition to physical assets like land and food because paper fiat currencies and ‘virtual’ currencies like bitcoin are not just increasingly unreliable, they can be — as Putin said — simply stolen from the owner as if they never really belonged to someone else.

    If Putin enforces the new requirement this Friday, the future of money is instantly transformed… and the dollar no longer enjoys currency supremacy

    The point in all this is that if Putin enforces his demand of accepting only rubles, gold or bitcoin for energy exports, the dollar instantly loses significant utility in the world. Those nations that wish to buy energy from Russia — which includes most European nations — will need to first buy rubles, then trade rubles for energy. This gives rubles instant commodities backing.

    The dollar, meanwhile, is bring printed by the trillions and controlled by a cabal of criminal banksters and corrupt government officials who think money comes from nowhere. Every nation around the world must now be pondering the obvious question: Do you bet on dollars which are backed by nothing other than a bunch of pedophile lunatics and criminal hucksters that run America’s corrupt government and the clueless central bank? Or do you bet on rubles which are backed by gold, commodities, and energy that every country needs?

    The answer becomes rather obvious. Rubles have a future; the dollar does not. At least not with current economic policies in place. This could change quickly if someone like Trump were to come back into office, but until that day comes, the dollar is being systematically destroyed. And with it, the future of America is being rapidly eroded by the day, ultimately leaving the American people impoverished. From there, the riots will be unstoppable.

    Today’s Situation Update podcast covers all this in more detail:


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      1. Forrest Gump was a genius strategist compared to Joe.

        • That’s because Forrest Gump made sense.

          • We have bigger problems than vlad collapsing the dollar. Will Smith and G.I. Jada have to be comforted from the rude remarks of Chris Rock that he and Trump colluded on. Come on people, get your priorities in order

      2. Be interesting to see how this works out.

        Last time someone tried this (you know who) his country ended up being invaded, his government replaced, and he ended up executed.

        Is Putin big enough to get away with it, and why would he want to upset the world applecart anyway?

        • Qaddafi did not have EMP and Nuclear capabilities. The ZWO is scared…

      3. Irresponsible politicians placed the USA in this precarious position over many decades. DEBT, wars, the welfare state, and shortsighted governance made us vulnerable to being overthrown as the holder of the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Nixon separated our currency from “the gold standard” but “quantitative easing” and other Monetery gymnastics have held off the Piper. Now we will pay the Piper.

        • c/r – You hit it right. The country has been governed so bad for so long that we now problems where conventional solutions can no longer work. How are we going to pay off 30+ trillion dollars of debt, how is inflation going to be tamed with multi-trillion dollar deficits each year, how are we going to fund 150+ trillion in unfunded liabilities?
          But it doesn’t stop with the nation’s finances in shambles. As of May 23, Title 42 for covid/health restrictions for the borders will likely end. Many officials admit the numbers will be more than overwhelming. It is not hyperbole to say round-the-clock unstoppable hordes will be flooding in. Even though the majority of Americans don’t want that. Traditional Americans are being intentionally replaced, our culture will disappear in 10 years if it doesn’t stop. Furthermore, where are all the resources necessary coming from to handle millions of new non-English speaking immigrants every year. More borrowing, more debt, more taxes, more inflation, that’s where. Goodbye 1st world, hello 3rd world.

      4. Committing war crimes and calling the other guy a butcher has not triggered regime change, abroad, but when they sought financial independence from the nwo.

      5. Stop waiting for America to wake up and arrest the criminal Federal Reserve, National Socialist (NAZI) Workers Party, and Unilateral 2 Party Domestic Fascist Nazi Terrorist Democrats and Republicans. The writing is on the wall. The U.S. economy is as fucked as Blockbuster was when Netflix and Hulu came out. Short the dollar, long on Russia China. Profit off the collapse. If you lose, the dollar wins, and who cares because gas will be back to $1/gal and food prices back to affordable prices. But who really thinks that will happen? No one. The dollar will go full Weimar and you will profit off the collapse of Western civilization, that you saw coming, pleaded with everyone to do something about, and everyone did nothing about.

      6. The money system is nothing but a problem in our world. And we don’t need a NWO either. I’m sick of people always trying to rule over others. They die like everyone else. Quit meddling in our lives just because you love money.

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