The Future Is Deadly: Unbelievable SciFi Military “Weapons That Actually Exist”

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    It may sound like the kind of science fiction contraptions that would show up in a James Bond film or some other futuristic Hollywood spectacle… but these weapons are now making their way to the battlefield.

    The technology that is understood by the general public is seriously outdated. There has been a revolution of new advances in technology, and much of it draws heavily from the use of electromagnetic energy, lasers and A.I. robots.

    The future is downright deadly – that is, if you wind up in the crosshairs.

    Though many of these devices may seem outlandish, they are, in fact, ready to make the difference in the conflicts of the rest of the 21st Century.

    As this video points out, these science fiction-esque weapons “actually exist.”

    These technologies (and more) are changing the world that we live in, and titling the tables in favor of whoever can maintain dominance over the spectrum and the arena in which the battle is to take place:

    • Swarm bots: using the collective power of slavish, hive insect behavior – in the air, underwater and on land. healthcare, disaster rescue, mining operations, military operations and more. could play a central role in many military strageties and scenarios, using command and communication without the need for human operators.
    • Plasma force fields: currently developed, soon deployed… protect vehicles from shock waves, explosive blasts, etc. It is a defensive projection device that can be created on-demand in response to an oncoming projectile, etc. The plasma field can deflect or significantly slow down the impact of any threat with which it is equipped to handle.
    • Advanced-precision, kill weapon system: It attaches active, laser guidance to missiles or other weapon systems, and can even be adapted via USB to any non-guided (i.e. non-smart) weapon system, transforming it into a precision-killing device. This is already in use on the battlefield.
    • Directed Energy Weapon: rumored to exist long before the Pentagon admitted that it did, this weapon focuses a high energy laser that can destroy practically anything in its path. A 10kw laser can take out incoming threats, enemy planes and satellites and more.
    • Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS): This pretty much makes deadly, killer drones out of any robot of just about any kind. already they have been armed with automatic machine guns and grenade launchers.
    • Precision-guided firearms: This smart, long-range, superior tracking system won’t fire the bullet until the gun is on target. Now, being a highly deadly sniper doesn’t require rare skill and natural talent, but simply the ability to operate this smart gun.
    • Rail Guns: The major benefit is that they don’t need gun powder or explosives. Instead, it is fired via electromagnetic forces – which can be extremely potent. Projectiles can be fired at speeds up to 4500 mph, or more than 1 mile per second. Though this requires tremendous amounts of electricity, they may replace missile defense systems as a cheap and cleaner weapons grid.
    • The Active Denial System: A leading example of non-lethal weapons, this one has already been in use on the battlefield in Iraq, and at home at protests both in the U.S. and other nations. Microwave beams can heat the skin and force a targeted population to leave the area immediately in order to avoid the skin-searing sensation – literally no one can stand to remain within an active denial perimeter… to do so would be shear torture. Nevertheless, it is considered ideal for crowd control and perimeter security.
    • Laser-weapon system: There are many variations of this, but the most utilized is becoming the laser shot system deployed by the military on boats and other craft with the intention of shooting down UAVs and other drone craft. It is precise and very low cost, and certainly something likely to be part of the future of warfare.

    What else is coming down the pipeline from DARPA that we don’t yet know about?

    The answer is plenty, and there’s much more in development. Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before.

    Brace yourself, and stay prepared!

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      1. …sigh…what a bunch of MANURE!

        notice who has been developing all these sci-fi weapons? yeah–sure–the big, fat corporations cozied up to The Kenyan in the White House (translate–bribes, corruption, graft, and pay offs galore.)

        Question: The alleged “greatest military machine on earth” was fought to a standstill in the country of XXXX by goat herders with AK47s and roadside bombs who possessed ZERO high tech stuff and had an average IQ of 80?


        Moral of story–stick this high tech crap, which relies on batteries/grid and complexity and is run and developed by pansies at desks, stick it all where the sun don’t shine. GOD, GUNS and GUTS win wars–not machines.

        • They can’t kill me but once.

          • That’s not true. They can cause a heart attack (AKA dead) and revive you many times before your heart finally gives out.

        • An most of this Militarized Mafia Waste can be stopped by Americans stop paying Federal Taxes to the Beast. There is absolutely No Benefit to the American people for these weapons, that will most likely be used against us.

        • SC, that was Afghanistan. You forgot to mention Vietnam. I’ve read somewhere that all of the latest gadgets have chips made in China and can supposedly be turned off by remote control via satellite. If that’s true, then the US military will be toast. Not to mention an EMP can fry them.

        • I have been using older canning lids and did not realize this.

          The new canning lids are different and CHANGES the canning process. Not as good seal and REDUCES the time the canned food is good!

          Update on the Canning Process
          Your canning process has changed and it will affect how we all store food for the future!

          • I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut lol However, they will say it’s to save money on raising costs. I say it’s another way to stop prepping.

            • I too it is another way to stop prepping. The canned food won’t be good as long. Many people may not know this.

              • Ky mom: I haven’t seen anyone can fruits and veg. in over fifty years, but was told recently by a lady who still cans that food should be eaten within two years and marks dates on the lids. What is the expiration dates of fruits and veg with these new lids? I need to tell her as she may not know exp. dates on new lids. Both his mom and mine canned fr. and veg. as most women did fifty or more years ago. thanks,

            • I just played the video, and sent it out to friend who cans. this is truly a conspiracy! so it cuts time down to one year. We do need to get it back to old fashioned lids, as people could be poisoned!

        • I concur 100%. We have the Trillion dollar F-35 that don’t work, we have the most advanced destroyer BROKE DOWN in the Panama Canal. Yes the $4.4BILLION USS Zumwalt is nothing more than a buoy that had to be towed to port. It’s nothing but a SCAM to rob us of tax dollars, control us and to perpetuate fear of their next concocted bogeyman.It’s an unquestionable money pit that we’ve been brainwashed into believing that if you disagree with wasting massive amounts money on high-tech gadgets to kill/control people and destroy property then somehow you’re unpatriotic. REAL patriots need gear up and rid our country of these satanic bastards who’s sole purpose is to Lie, Rob, KILL, and Destroy for their master Lucifer.

        • You need to step back and “smell the roses.” These weapons are intended for the streets of America. Take time to read the “progression” of reports beginning with “Project Megiddo” which is, by their (FBI) own admission, an “assessment of possible domestic terrorism upon arrival of the New Millennium.” Read who and what they label as “domestic terrorists.”

          Then move on to read the “EOAC Student Guide” written by the US Defense Department. Then move on to “FM 3-39.40 I/R Operations. This is not about setting up internment facilities in another country, but right here in America…never happened before? Try WWII Internment camps for Japanese American citizens. Try learning about President Lincoln arresting over 30,000 US citizens and shuttering 300 papers and magazines. He suspended the Constitution as those arrested (30,000) had no right of legal representation.

          Read about the law of “Armed Conflict” and how this connects to the “Strong Cities” Network across America and the militarization of America’s police forces using the 1033 Program.

          They have no intention of using these weapons against your so-called “goat herders.” They have a much bigger target in their sights.

      2. These all have a common denominator. Electricity. A portable EMP generator can be handheld or put on a drone and ruin your multimillion dollar investment. I’m sure whomever develops these weapons has thought of this, but in the real world it must be pretty hard to shield this stuff from an emp.
        molon labe

        • Remember…. bamboo punji sticks in Viet Nam, soft logs shoved into tank treads in Finland during WW2 and all the other lo-tech methods available. Lasers are subject to disturbance from any reflector, prismatic barrier; even rain/water particles. All radio waves as WIprepped mentions have the soft-spot due to electricity; as well as, any full-spectrum/spark-gap disturbance (can you say ‘spark plug’ or Tesla-coil? For every highly advanced technical system there is a primitive mechanism that can be employed to defeat same. Simple foil could make a mess out of the active denial system either deployed as chaff or used as a barrier (save your Christmas tree tinsel everyone).

        • WIprepped, i agree with you 1000%, go after their power generation systems, or the fuel distribution systems that those generators relies on. Anyway you look at it, that’s the weak link in those weapon systems.

      3. *Once the “Elite” Super Rich, NWO, UN Communist, perfect robots and robotic weapons.
        *Then the “Elite” will Very Soon no longer need you “useless Eaters/Breeders”.
        *These evil NWO murderous trash will unleash HELL on the general population on a world wide scale. War-Bio Weapons-Robotics-Drones-State funded pretend Terrorist.

        I saw it in the military how the command structure are continuously taking the judgement and discretion of the Aviator/Soldier out of the decision making loop.
        There is a movie currently airing on cable TV ShowTime called “Good Kill.” This is exactly a small portion of things I witnessed. But MUCH worse in reality.

        “Terminator: Judgement Day” was a predictive programming movie to let you know their evil intent. That is how these “Secret Society” groups operate.
        They are sadistic demon worshippers that literally serve Satan.

        But you sheep can not wrap your mind around the obvious. Because of your normalcy bias mindset. You can’t identify that which you Refuse to acknowledge.

        The WOLF is Literally at your door. Robots are one method of the Wolf that the “Elite” will use to wage war upon the masses. They want you Dumbed Down, Controlled, then Dead. We average humans are facing a horrific threat to our survival.

        • It’s clear from Rev. 2:9. And John 8:44. The children of Satan in the synogouge of Satan . Are like their father the devil. The bible tells us exactly who they are and what they call themselves.

      4. Just think we have been shown these. Now just think. These are over 20 to 30 years old. THE QUESTION IS. What are they not showing us?

        • Exactly.

          Directed energy weapons also include a variety of V2K (voice to skull) technologies that can use a modulated signal transmitted over certain forms of energy to induce effects where the target hears whatever the modulated voice signal says to them. Look up Microwave Hearing Effect. Raytheon Silent Guardian, LRAD, MRAD, V2K, and, like you say, what else? Bioweapons that work in tandem with directed energy platforms to target specific subsets?

          Autonomous robotic weapons systems are also under development. There are groups of concerned scientists who are speaking up to try to stop it, but DARPA is dumping tons of money into the development of robotics and AI. If it’s DARPA, it’s weaponized.

          Tons of stories of this stuff being tested on unwitting/unwilling ‘subjects’ all over the place.

          • Creepy and fascinating… and disturbingly true. Thanks for sharing!

          • Zeira Corp, Are you a Targeted Individual? I am. AI hooked up to my brain, V2K with agenda (they want to change my religion) Zaps from weapons, silent sound system ect direct from DARPA. Do you know how I beat them, Jesus. Blast Jesus music with headphones back to them, loudly, shuts down the AI. Good luck everyone, It is more wide spread than you know.


          Shortly after THAT one came out the number of veterans using VA Facilities (hospitals mostly), dropped dramatically and so did the “service and services” being offered. As you know, there are vets still waiting on The VA. I thought my two-year ‘screw-off’ was ridiculous but nothing I went through remotely compares to what is happening to our vets today. (100% total screw jobs meant to ruin what little you may have left of a life).

          If nothing is done about it, I do expect they’ll have quite a problem trying to deal with 51 million or more very pissed off veterans …and of course they’ll all arrive ‘armed to the teeth’ fully intending to live up to their ‘given reputations’.

      5. Who would want to be born in a world where this level of evil exists? All money and energy poured down the rat hole to protect the criminals at the top. Of course no one has the choice of being born, why would someone bring another person into this madness? A better tomorrow? Corporations are the only people that count. Humans are confused thinking their lives are anything but modern day slavery.

        • The promise of the second coming. And a new world. For the true believers. With full lamps?

      6. Most of the high tech weaponry does not work as advertised in bad weather. A couple of EMPs and nothing works. Send in a battalion of pissed off Trannies and watch the fur fly!

      7. The PGF ( precision rifle) is amazing. I was fortunate enough to try one a few months ago. I have a few friends who are independently wealthy ( although you’d never guess as they are usually in t-shirts or fishing clothes) and 1 of my buddies ordered one and had some additional “modifications” done to it at the machine shop of a mass transit system workshop.
        His cost around $18k and comes with adjustments for barometric readings and of course wind speed and direction. My shots were from about 500 to 600 yards and were 100% accurate for all 5 shots I took( the “modifications” my friend had done allow for use of a .308 size magazine to be used). The thing that was tough to get used to was that once you set the target object, you often had to aim slightly away from the target entirely to get confirmation of the “hit zone”–and each shot was spot on even though it appeared as if I was aiming high/left.
        I have no doubt the same principle would work from 1000 yards.

      8. For the last 150 years sci-fi writers have been pushing fancier and fancier weapons that take the place of human brain in the war. Weapons designers have used this as an opportunity to sell concepts akin to these to the pentagon brass. My wife was a buyer for the army for 38 years who had to deal with 100s of these sci-fi prototypes.

        I asked her about them and she said “…yes we had 1000s of these come through the door. Of them 98.6% ended up on the trash heap. She said here are the main reasons they failed:
        1. Of the bigger ones the main failure reason is the support systems are too big and needed too much uninterruptible quickly rechargeable power sources. Would you want to be in a 36 hr battle and have your main laser weapon go out at 8 hours because power is not available?
        2. Weapon systems worked in a limited environment. She said 1000s of great weapons could not handle the heat of the middle east and the cold of upper Europe. But the most damaging one she mentioned was they could not handle water and mud. She gave as an example a rifle laser scope that tested to 4000 yards perfectly, that is until field temp hit 88 degrees and up and gave bad readings in every test in high heat.
        3. Complexity of operation and repair. She said she could give 100s of examples of weapons that were rejected because the battlefield setup time or the down time for repair was just too long. If people can’t use it fast or repair it fast it quickly becomes battlefield trash.

        She finished by saying “…they will continue to build tons of sci-fi weapons. But no general is going to use them as primary battle tools until they are proven to work dependably under all types of battle conditions. This is why robots are not doing 100% of the fighting in middle east wars today…”

        • Very well put! As somebody else also mentioned, all this stuff requires one thing to work: tons of energy. The US military is already the world’s biggest gobbler of petroleum. Then factor in trying to find enough energy to run these weapons across multiple battlefields; then factor in the semi-literate/retarded ghetto crud in the population who would be drafted in to fire and maintain such future weapons. Good luck with that!

          The great thing about the current ‘conventional’ weapons is this: they come ready-packed with energy, ie: explosives. Literally a moron can fire an AK-47, as we already see with most Islamic militants. That means they fire with or without the deployment of an EMP weapon. They are truly battle tested and have been used on a wide scale starting in WWII. I remember we would have ‘fire festivals’ at the range. This was where we would get ahold of WWII weapons (Bren guns etc.), and WWII ammunition, and just shoot the hell out of everything. That stuff still worked a dream.

          I agree this hi-tech stuff can give tactical advantage in a very limited engagement against a small or contained force. But in a balls-to-the-wall war with a major power (Russia etc.), then it just will not scale across the battle space.

        • Rabbitone, very interesting post. I had similar suspicions about those weapon systems and you just confirmed that for me. OLDER technology still works, don’t care what anyone says.

        • SEAL Teams are routinely (along with Marines and others as well) given all manner of “war toys” to TEST & EVAL.

          Out of around 1,000 items tested, I’d venture a guess that about 1/2 of 1% were actually “considered for use”, and that was only IF they performed ‘mods’ so that they meet MilSpec (a very ‘wide’ description at times).

          On the flip side, the stuff that actually worked virtually disappeared (no questions allowed), and afaik it isn’t in use yet, unless it was radically changed or the technology revamped for a different usage.

          Most everything that came and went had one thing in common. Batteries or the need for a ‘considerable’ power source to keep things running. I’ve no use for a weapon that NEEDS a freaking battery! (not yet anyway)

      9. I just read the woodpile report. he addresses the very issue of complexity versus simplicity. Every army must eat and have fuel. Disrupt their food & fuel supply and they are easily defeated. They cant be everywhere and guard everything. The US army couldn’t starve the Seminoles and that’s why they failed to round them up.

        • There is something good to be said for simplicity. The military used to have a principle called KISS; Keep It Simple Stupid.

      10. For every billion dollar problem there seems to be a 1 dollar solution. Or as Kipling put it in his great poem, Arithmetic on the Frontier,

        “A scrimmage in a Border Station-
        A canter down some dark defile
        Two thousand pounds of education
        Drops to a ten-rupee jezail.
        The Crammer’s boast, the Squadron’s pride,
        Shot like a rabbit in a ride!”

        The noble soldier, highly-educated and well-armed and equipped with the best his nation can provide can still be dropped by an ignorant, uneducated nomad with a zipgun out on the frontier. The more high-tech and complicated his toys get, the more susceptible to equipment failure and the more of a slave to that equipment he becomes. The Afghans certainly don’t seem impressed by us after 15 years of fighting. And they come up with cheap-o solutions to defang our wizz-bang weapons. For example, I saw one video where they explained they spread themselves out so they’re never worth the expense of attacking with a $58,0000 Hellfire missile.

        So bring on robots and drones and laser guns and microwave popcorn torture machines. They’ll bankrupt their owners, cost too much to issue to soldiers, cost too much to deploy, or just not work in the horrible regions in which we fight. All they’ll do is burden the troops and bankrupt the treasury.

        Did you hear about our billion dollar stealth destroyer which can’t even transit the Panama Canal and which we can’t afford to equip with a full complement of ammo? Or the Littoral Combat Ship we built a few years ago that fell apart shortly after launch due to the moronic omission of a degaussing system to counteract the ocean’s corrosive effects? (those are just the ones that come to mind right now)

        And what advantage do these technological terrors confer upon a military that, by its own admission, is planning for a future of combat in massive slum mega-cities full of impoverished, angry people?

        BTW- I’m curious to know if a roll of Reynolds Wrap tin foil would defeat the microwave torture machine? I bet someday protestors will carry space blankets to defeat them just like they carry painter’s respirators and water bottles to deal with tear gas now.

      11. Chances are that the Russians and Chinese know of these weapons and probably have countermeasures. When these weapons are captured by less technologically developed countries, they will figure out how they work. Iran, for example, captured a drone and suddenly they have drones of their own. That is why the military make it a high priority to destroy any advanced weaponry rather than let it be captured. (Iran is not technologially backward but may not be up to the same level as the major powers)

        The invisibility cloak has been publicly written about but if that gets available to the general public, it would be disastrous. No more reliable secrecy.

      12. Wrong again OldGuy, The Real Facts are, The US Army could not catch the Seminoles, because they escapes into the Everglades BOL for safety, and the Armies feared that swamp as it was hard to travel in with snakes and Gators. You been watching too many afternoon Old John Wayne TNT Movies.

        And its a fact, that the Seminoles are the only American Native Tribe not captured or sent to any reservation as of today, because they escaped into the everglades, no mans land. Had nothing to do with starving them. Maybe the Souix were starved when Gen Custer shot and killed all the Buffalo in the Dakotas. How about a little fact checking. I am not picking on you personally, just pointing out all your uninformed BS statements.

      13. There is a foreign army that is testing a robot warrior system that finds and kills humans on the battle field. No, it’s not called Sky Net.

      14. I’d still like to have one of those precision-guided firearms to play with.

      15. Tech has been suppressed for centuries.

        DaVinci drew up a complete guide to build a helicopter way back when. So why did so many die before the Wright Brothers finally proved that flight was possible??

        Do you think that secretly people flew based on DaVinci’s diagram?? Sure as hell; the few privileged ones know much more than they teach in colleges. But a good college will find a brilliant genius and exploit him. It is a club and most people aren’t in it.


        • How would you go ’bout explaining the Cuniform(sp?) writing on The Pyramids, or at any other place on earth, that depict people ‘flying’ in what appear to be George Jetson ‘flying saucers’ (the city/suburb type). heheh…

          The Mayan ‘runways’ (way up in those mountains and all that time ago)? Dayam, by all appearances it appears that flight was once “a given” (for at least one or two societies throughout history). Perhaps they didn’t have the runways for flying machines, but perhaps they had the runways for people dressed in “flying suits” similar to what we use in 2016 …yet somehow faster? Or similar craft to one-man ‘gliders’ that you hang from? Perhaps back then the prevailing winds were different and demanded an “airstrip” (of a sort). …I say; perhaps.

          B from CA; yeah, I can’t help but believe that DaVinci brought flight to the ‘select few’ and it was guarded “at all costs.” To NOT believe so would be as foolish as denying those cuneform pictures of ‘flying somethings’ “aren’t really there”, but just a shadow that LOOKS like a ‘flying craft of SOME kind’ …when they are right in your face! 🙂

      16. A lot of new tech quickly gets into the citizens hands and some starts there,yep,this is great,we are all figuring ways out to wipe each other out faster and faster!

      17. Why can’t these PSY-FI geniuses get the F35 or our latest $4.4BILLION super advanced USS Zumwalt to work? Why is that we can not win any of wars of aggression WE START anywhere? We have always had more advanced weapons, but the rice farmers in Viet Nam and the Goat herders in Afghanistan seem to keep up. Yes we have MURDERED far more of their people but we never “win”. Gen. Smedley Butler said it best when he said “war is racket”, and I will add it is nothing more than an unquestioned bottomless money pit, and a sinister justification to SLAUGHTER millions of innocent people. It all about control, population control in more ways than one. Force people to comply to THEIR rule and for blatant culling of poor and those who reject their self-declared authority.

      18. I’ve often wondered .If they put nano particles in our food with magnetic charges that would come together to form a device. Or talked us into a health safety chip in our hand or forehead that could release a chemical on demand. They both would be like shock collars. Or just by spraying fields with certain chemicals. Or doing all three? Slow kill? A controlled culling? This planet can only support so many . Just like an island? That can’t get resuplied. Solent green anyone?will we all become canibals eventually? Is that too inevitable?

        • I hardly think so. About 76% of the earth isn’t even being USED yet (sea-water), and yet is hardly beyond our capability to both build within and LIVE within (above or below surface).

          A ‘floating city’ isn’t exactly a sci-fi fantasy. It’s something that “the right person” could do all that needs doing and then put it together. Presto, now just work out the bugs.

          On THAT premise, we’ve got a LOT of room left to grow on (don’t let the bastards get ya down).

          Maybe that’s why they are “killing it” with radioactivity (they are saying The Great Barrier Reef is now all but gone, and will be gone by ‘our’ Spring. Others argue it’s a natural thing and it will reappear next year or whenever. (I’ve never, ever seen a dead reef brought back to life, and THAT reef is ghostly-white-dead).

      19. the only thing left for america now is death and destruction because of your traitorous leaders, so does it really matter how you die?

        • No, it matters how we live. And “their way” ain’t the right answer.

      20. Standing before the throne of God , viewing Him , shall be the most horrifying sight of them all . Thankfully He is good , and war shall be no more .

      21. Counter measures are already being developed. And so the tax scam and the communist scam goes on.

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