The Future Costs Of Politically Correct Cultism: “I See No Other Alternative But Utter Conflict”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.
    finally did it

    I rarely touch on the subject of political correctness as a focus in my writings, partially because the entire issue is so awash in pundits on either side that the scrambling clatter of voices tends to drown out the liberty movement perspective. Also, I don’t really see PC cultism as separate from the problems I am always battling against: collectivism and the erasure of the individual in the name of pleasing society. Political correctness is nothing more than a tool that collectivists and statists exploit in order to better achieve their endgame, which is conning the masses into believing that the group mind is real and that the individual mind is fiction.

    Last year, I covered the PC issue in my article “The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness.” I believe I analyzed the bulk of the issue extensively. However, the times are changing at a pace that boggles the mind; and this is by design. So, it may be necessary to square off against this monstrosity once again.

    In order to better examine the true insanity of what many people now term “social justice warriors,” I must study a few aspects of that strange movement separately. First, let’s take a brief look at the mindset of your average social justice circus clown so that we might better understand what makes him/her/it tick.

    Rebel Without A Legitimate Cause

    I spent several years (up until 2004, when I woke up from the false paradigm madness) as a Democrat. And before anyone judges that particular decision, I would suggest they keep in mind the outright fascist brothel for the military-industrial complex the Republican Party had become at that point and remains to this day. Almost every stepping stone that Barack Obama is using today to eradicate the Constitution was set in place by the Bush dynasty, including the Authorization Of Military Force, which was the foundation for the National Defence Authorization Act and the legal precedence for indefinite detention without trial of ANY person (including an American citizen) accused of terrorism by the president of the U.S., as well as the use of assassination by executive order and the implementation of mass electronic surveillance without warrant.

    But, hell, these are real issues — issues that many of my fellow Democrats at the time claimed they actually cared about. Today, though, liberal concerns about unconstitutional actions by the federal government have all but vanished. Today, the left fights the good fight against flags on the hoods of cars from long-canceled television shows and battles tooth and nail for the “right” of boys wearing wigs and skirts to use the girl’s bathroom. Today, the left even fights to remove the words “boy” and “girl” from our vocabulary. Yes, such noble pursuits as these will surely be remembered as a pinnacle in the annals of societal reform.

    Maybe I realize the ideological goals of the social justice machine are meaningless on a surface level; and maybe you realize this, too. But these people live in their own little universe, which doesn’t extend far beyond the borders of their college campuses, the various Web forums they have hijacked and a trendy Marxist wine-and-swinger party here and there in New York or Hollywood. They actually think that they are on some great social crusade on par with the civil rights movements of the mid-1900s. They think they are the next Martin Luther King Jr. or the next Gandhi. The underlying banality and pointlessness of their cause completely escapes them. The PC cult is, in many respects, the antithesis of the liberty movement. We fight legitimate threats against legitimate freedoms; they fight mostly imaginary threats and seek to eradicate freedoms.

    Don’t get me wrong; sometimes our concerns do align. For instance, liberty proponents fight back against the militarization of police just as avidly as leftists do, if not more so. But our movements handle the problem in very different ways. Look at Ferguson, Missouri, where anyone with any sense should be able to admit that the government response to protests was absolutely a step toward tyranny, ignoring violent looters while attacking peaceful activists. Leftists and PC cultists decided to follow the Saul Alinsky/communist playbook, busing in provocateurs from Chicago to further loot and burn down businesses even if they belonged to ethnic minorities. In the meantime, the liberty movement and Oath Keepers sent armed and trained men to defend those businesses REGARDLESS of who owned them and defied police and federal agents who tried to stop them.

    The left gave the police and government a rationale for being draconian, while we removed the need for police and government entirely by providing security for the neighborhood (killing two birds with one stone). Either their methods are purely ignorant and do not work, or their methods are meant to achieve the opposite of their claims. In the end, the PC movement only serves establishment goals toward a fully collectivist and centralized society.  Their publicly stated intentions are otherwise pointless.

    Your average PC drone does not understand the grander plan at work, nor does he want to. All he cares about is that he has found a “purpose” — a fabricated purpose as a useful idiot for power brokers, but a purpose nonetheless.

    People Must Be Forced To Bake Gay Cakes

    I personally do not care if two people of the same gender want to be in a relationship, but I do find the issue of gay marriage (and marriage in general) a rather odd conflict that misses the whole point. Marriage has been and always will be a religious institution, not federal; and I find government involvement in this institution to be rather despicable. When the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage came down, I felt a little sorry for all the joyfully hopping homosexuals on the marbled steps of the hallowed building, primarily because they essentially were fighting for the state to provide recognition and legitimacy for their relationships. Frankly, who gives a rip what the state has to say in terms of your relationships or mine? The state is an arbitrary edifice, a facade wielding illusory power. If a relationship is based on true and enduring connection, then that is all that matters, whether the Supreme Court dignifies it or not.

    The only advantage to solidifying gay marriage in the eyes of the state is the advantage of being able to then use the state as an attack dog in order to force religious institutions to accept the status of gays in the same way the government does. And unfortunately, this is exactly what the PC cult is doing.  What they do not seem to understand is that recognition by the state does not necessarily translate to recognition by religious organizations, nor should it.

    Should an individual, organization or business be allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason? Should the state be allowed to force people into servitude to one group or another even if it is against their core values?

    PC champions desperately try to make these questions a matter of “discrimination” alone. But they are more about personal rights and personal property and less about “hate speech.” Under natural law, as well as under the constitution, an individual has every right to refuse association with any other person for ANY reason. If I do not like you, the government does not have the authority to force me to be around you or to work for you. But this line has been consistently blurred over the years through legal chicanery. As I’m sure most readers are familiar, the issue of gay cakes seems to arise over and over, as in cases in Colorado and Oregon in which religiously oriented business owners were punished for refusing to provide service for gay customers.  Keep in mind, these businesses did not refuse outright service to gays.  What they did refuse, was to make gay wedding cakes.  To do so would have been in outright conflict with their religious principles.

    Punishments have included crippling fines designed to put store owners out of business and have even included gag orders restricting the freedom of businesses to continue speaking out against the orientation of customers they have refused to do business with.

    In order to validate such actions, leftists will invariably bring up segregation as a backdrop for the gay cake debate. “What if the customers were black,” they ask. “Is it OK for a business to be whites only?”

    My response?  Yes, according the dictates of individual liberty, yes it is okay.

    First, to be clear, I am talking specifically about private individuals and businesses, not public institutions as in the argument explored during Brown v. Board of Education. Private and public spaces are different issues with different nuances. I personally believe it is ignorant to judge someone solely on the color of his skin, and sexual orientation is not necessarily an issue to me. But it is equally ignorant for someone to think that the state exists to protect his feelings from being hurt. I’m sorry, but discrimination is a fact of life and always will be as long as individualism exists. The PC cultists don’t just want government recognition of their status; they want to homogenize individualism, erase it, and force the rest of us to vehemently approve of that status without question. This is unacceptable.

    Your feelings do not matter. They are not superior in importance to the fundamental freedom of each individual to choose his associations.

    If a business refuses to serve blacks, or gays, or Tibetans, then, hey, it probably just lost a lot of potential profit. But that should absolutely be the business’s choice and not up to the government to dictate. And in the case of “gay discrimination,” I think it is clear that the PC crowd is using the newfound legal victim group status of gays as a weapon to attack religiously based organizations. Make no mistake, this will not end with gay cakes. It is only a matter of time before pressure is brought to bear against churches as well for “discrimination.” And at the very least, I foresee many churches abandoning their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.  Again, marriage has been and always will be a religious institution.  The PC crowd will not be happy with government recognition alone.  They want to force recognition from everyone.

    If a group wants fair treatment in this world, that is one thing. I believe a gay person has every right to open HIS OWN bakery and bake gay marriage cakes to his little heart’s content. I believe a black person has every right to dislike white people, as some do, and refuse to associate with them or or do business with them if that’s what he/she wants. I also believe that under natural and constitutional law, a religious business owner is an independent and free individual with the right to choose who he will work for or accept money from. If he finds a customer’s behavior to be against his principles, he should not be forced to serve that person, their feelings be damned.

    This is fair.

    What is not fair is the use of government by some groups to gain an advantage over others based on the legal illusion of victim group status. PC cultists want us to think that choice of association is immoral and damaging to the group. I have to say I find them to be far more intolerant and dangerous than the people they claim to be fighting against, and this attitude is quickly devolving into full bore tyranny under the guise of “humanitarianism.”

    Gender Bending Does Not Make You Special

    A man shaves his head and eyebrows, straps a plastic bottle to his face, and has his feet surgically modified to resemble flippers: Does this make him a dolphin, and should he be given victim group status as trans-species? I’m going to be brief here because I covered this issue in a previous article, but let’s lay everything on the table, as it were…

    PC cultists are clamoring to redefine the scientific FACT of gender as an “undefinable” and even discriminatory social perception. No one, no matter how dedicated, will EVER be able to redefine gender, unless they have the ability to change their very chromosomes. Nature defines gender, not man; and a man who undergoes numerous surgeries and body-changing steroid treatments will always have the genetics of a man even if he gives the appearance of a woman. Take away the drugs, and no amount of make-up will hide the chest hair growth and deepening voice.

    This might be deemed a “narrow” view of gender, and I don’t care. Nature’s view of gender is the only one that counts. Psychological orientations are irrelevant to biological definitions. Are you a man trapped in a woman’s body? Irrelevant. A woman trapped in a man’s body? Doesn’t matter. If we are talking about legal bearings, then biological definitions are the only scale that makes sense. I realize that gender bending is very trendy right now, and Hollywood sure seems to want everyone to jump on that freaky disco bandwagon, but there is no such thing as gender-neutral people. They are not a group, let alone a victim group, and do not necessitate special attention or government protection. There are men, and there are women; these are the only gender groups that count. Whether they would like to be the opposite does not change the inherent genetic definition. Period. To make such foolishness into an ideology or a legal battle is to attempt to bewilder man’s relationship to nature, and this will only lead to social distraction and disaster.

    There Is No Such Thing As ‘White Privilege’

    A person determines his success in life by his character and his choices. Color does not define success, as there are many people of every color who are indeed successful. Do you have to work harder to gain success because you are brown, or black, or neon green? I’ve seen no concrete evidence that this is the case. I know that people who identify as “white” are still around 70% of the American population, thus there are more white people in successful positions only due to sheer numbers.

    I know that I personally grew up in a low-wage household and had little to no financial help as I entered the working world. Everything I have accomplished in my life to this point was done alongside people of color, some of whom had far more advantages than I did. I cannot speak for other people’s experiences, but I can say that being white was never more important in my life than being stubborn and dedicated.

    I also find it a little absurd that most PC cultists who harp about so-called white privilege are often white themselves and haven’t the slightest experience or insight on what it is to be a person of color anyway.  All of their concepts of discrimination are based purely on assumption. White privilege seems to be the PC cult’s answer to the argument that racism is a universal construct. Only whites can be racist, they claim, because only whites benefit from racism. I defy these jokers to show any tangible proof that an individual white person has more of a chance at success than a person of color due to predominant racism. Or are we just supposed to have blind faith in the high priests of PC academia and their morally relative roots?

    The Cost Of Cultural Marxism

    Marxism (collectivism) uses many vehicles or Trojan horses to gain access to political and cultural spaces. Once present, it gestates like cancer, erasing previous models of heritage and history in order to destroy any competing models of society.  If you want to understand what is happening in America today, I suggest you research the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s.  We are experiencing the same Marxist program of historical and social destruction, only slightly slower and more strategic.

    Younger generations are highly susceptible to social trends and are often easily manipulated by popular culture and academic authority, which is why we are seeing PC cultism explode with the millennials and post-millennials. In my brief participation on the left side of the false paradigm, political correctness was only beginning to take hold. A decade later, the speed of the propaganda has far accelerated, and we now have a bewildering manure storm on our hands. The result is a vast division within American society that cannot be mended. Those of us on the side of liberty are so different in our philosophies and solutions to social Marxists that there can be no compromise.  The whole carnival can end only one way: a fight. And perhaps this is exactly what the elites want: left against right, black against white, gay against religious and straight, etc. As long as the PC movement continues to unwittingly do the bidding of power brokers in their efforts toward the destruction of individual liberty, I see no other alternative but utter conflict.

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      1. We live in a strange world..

        • Been listening / watching ’22 after’.
          For the new posters here, look this up for a 90 minute video about after TSHTF…

          Who ever posted this months ago, thanks….

          • Brandon, one of your best articles yet and thanks for it. I never have and never will submit to the crap known as political correctness. No one tells me what I can say, what to think, etc. I have always been independent-minded and have the critical thinking skills necessary to survive in this world. If anyone tries to target me over my speech, etc., they will have a fight on their hands. They won’t be allowed to hurt me, period.

            • I like the cartoon of the final scene from the planet of the Apes.

              • still out there

              • I was listening to the news on the radio today, and they were raving about discrimination of transgender people and how the justice department was going to bat for them and would leave no stone unturned!

                I have relatives right now out of work who can’t get jobs because of their age, among other things like the blatant age discrimination built into ObamaCare! Companies openly say things like, we are looking for younger blood, you have too much experience and might be bored with a 10 month project! Huh!

                Lawyers laugh when they ask about age discrimination law suites. Obama and his justice department are a joke! It’s near impossible to sue for age discrimination anymore. Millions out of work who can’t get a job anywhere, because they would upset the demographics of the company, so they’d be in the next tier up in healthcare costs!

            • I have to agree, Braveheart.

              Brandon has proved his merit, as far as I am concerned.

              The gender bending and gay marriage thing is spot on.
              We, like Brandon, could care less who is sleeping with whom and how abominable they care to be in the Lord’s eyes.
              Just don’t tell me i have to like it or accept it.
              That goes for any group or gov.

              This is where a government by the people, predominately Christian, bible believing people, should make a stand to the separation of state and religion.
              No matter how you slice or dice it, it is a religious debate, and one that should not be taken as a humanitarian or equal rights issue.

              Queers and lezzies, dykes and fairies, have as much right to live their lives in sin as the rest of us and no amount of government acceptance will make it acceptable in the Creator’s eyes.

              The whole thing is also a backdoor ( pardon the pun ) approach at constricting the freedoms of religion, more specifically the Bible believing Christian one.

              The points laid out by Mr. Smith, may have been repetitive as he sees it, but as I have said before, some things are too important to “not” repeat them.

              Keep them coming, Mr. Smith.

            • Agreed Braveheart–I have been studying and reading a lot lately on cultural Marxism and its roots.

              The more I read and understand CM’s insidious nature and the deep tentacles that have embedded themselves within every aspect of our society, I have to say that I believe we are a lost cause. They have successfully taken over our judicial, education, all media programming and most importantly, the minds of the next 2 to 3 generations.

              Hopefully our future great, great grandchildren rise up and throw off their oppressors ( because it will be full blown tyranny in another 40 years) but this will ultimately lead to a bloodbath….socialism/communism always leads to democide.

              • Javelin, I know how grim things look but I’m not ready to accept it’s a lost cause. There’s no question we’re on a collision course toward conflict with the PC crowd. It will be bitter and bloody, to say the least. I, for one, will stand up and fight, and if necessary, die for what I believe in. There’s an old saying from the 60s, “BETTER DEAD THAN RED.”

                • RElax Brave, all the PC crowd love Gun control. That makes conflict an interesting issue.

              • The roots are Der Juden. /pol/ is always right.

        • Strange as hell. I won’t tolerate homos, scum muslims or scum illegals running over me. Not to mention our traitor government. I’ll fight no matter the odds. You can’t kill me but once and I will take some of you with me.

        • Death Valley

          By far the toughest excursion I have ever made. I was truly concerned that I was going to die. It was 110 degrees. It takes three liters of water to hike a mile. I seriously thought my heart was going to explode. It afforded me a small glimpse into SHTF when I thought myself near death and asked the question “what would I do to survive?” Cell phones don’t work in death valley. You know damn well the sheeple don’t have anything in their cars. The only thing standing between them and death is the A/C. And they ram their cars down the road at 100 mph. Lake Mead and Lake Hoover are visibly down 50%. The entire southwest is visibly reverting into a desert. All those people will have to move somewhere. Live near water, dig a well, and have a lot of filters. The water wars are coming. Nestle’s CEO and the Washington elite couldn’t have the fucking faintest conception of what it means to live in the desert.

          • Acid, good to hear from you and glad your trip is going well. I really mean that, no sarcasm at all. And damn right about being as close to water as possible and having a well with filters. Be careful out there and watch your six.

            • Acid,anyone in that region/travelling that region should among other things have lots of water in car ect.You hiking/camping that region like any place you let folks know roughly where you are heading/expected return date,you did that,right?!Anyhow,glad you made it and you realise death valley depending on how you are prepped may actually be a good short term bugout,sounds like most would not survive the region.

            • Me too.

              I wish Acid Etch No harm.

          • acid

            how right you are

            the water wars are coming and pretty damn soon by the way things are going
            Lake mead was 15 years ago at 20% over limits and for days the water was let out in huge amounts but the idiots at the wheels said ” its ok we know what we are doing ”
            and then came the housing boom thousands of homes built for all the folks that got toxic loans shoved up their asses. whats that you say ? you really don’t make 150 thousand a year as a card dealer ? that’s OK well keep that our little secret wont we?.

            and every week more homes were built in the las Vegas valley millions in permit fees given to the county. with no regard for how the lake was doing.
            and then the county and the water authority said ” lets spend 20 million for a third straw to draw water from the middle of lake mead.

            and that goes online next year and when it does watch the lake drop 20 to 40 feet in a few days.

            or another brain storm was too try and buy up all the farms north of las Vegas and in Utah for the water rights with the stupid idea of building pipelines from the north to lake mead basically draining Utah of all its water for 5 counties

            what most people forget ( or don’t want to know) is lake mead is a huge toilet !!!!.
            learned to dive in lake mead and at 200 feet its a brown muck about 10 feet thick.

            if you drink out of the tap in las Vegas you are drinking shit water and no amount of treatment can totally remove it.
            they can claim all they want its safe but most days the water smells so bad of sulpher its sickening.

            Las Vegas is heading for a huge problem and they keep there eyes closed and fail to ever open them
            when ( not if ) but when the true water wars hit you will see this place turn into a ghost town in a few years.

            and don’t think the Govt will step in there are already a lot of High up Govt types looking at moving out the former head of the water authority quit last year because it was shown on local TV that she had a 3,000 SQ ft lawn and 2 pools. and this was after she ordered most in the valley to rip out all grass and drain pools to conserve water HA !!!

            wait for the water wars to start its going to get ugly

          • You think that was hot!

            Keep up those homo ways and you might just feel some real heat in the future. I hope you did some soul searching on your journey, and might just have a change of heart and soul.

            You are not a lost cause yet.

            • Acid is not a lost cause Passing but you are.Anyone who believes god is the bloodthirsty ass hole you portray him/her to be is a lost cause in my book.

              • Right back at ya!

                • Hey preacher, take another swig off your bottle of whiskey and say hi to God for me, and say hi to the virgin Mary on your next grilled cheese sandwich. I think inhaling 2 million miles of diesel exhaust and crappy truck stop greasy food put your brain into a coma. Really, God told you that this site doesn’t belong to Mac Slavo, it belongs to ” you”? I pity the poor people who really think you’re sane, they’re in for a real surprise someday.

                  • Talking about stupidity and ignorance, you are the poster boy/girl, for it.

                    You are a troll and stalker as you have been following my posts like a snake in the grass. That is good because it shows I have you riled up and you are reading things that are causing conviction to come upon you. I tread on serpents like the little worms and maggots that they are, lol.

                    When you throw your little strikes, like a pissy little copperhead striking at a blade of grass bending in the breeze, you just show more of your stupidity.

                    First of all, I don’t drink liquor except for a swig every now and then for medicinal purposes. I like beer and wine but my diabetes keeps me from consuming more than a couple drinks and sometimes, that is less than once a week.

                    Secondly, I won’t waste my time speaking to God for you, you are on your own there, and the Mother Mary don’t give a shit about your sorry ass. She was just a person doing the will of God and that is it. Nothing special. We are not even supposed to bow down to the Archangels, so how much less are we supposed to bow to a thought or picture like Mary, whom didn’t stay a virgin after the birth of baby Jesus….you dumbass.

                    As far as trucking, yep, i did inhale lots of carbon and monoxide, but by the grace of God it hasn’t killed me or made me sickly. It causes way more cancer than people realize.

                    As to me saying that this site doesn’t belong to Mac, I stand by that, because everything ever created belongs to God, even your atheistic little ass and your soul.
                    You got that, shit for brains, He owns it all. He didn’t create your little puke face so you could enjoy the pleasures of life. He created “all” for His pleasure and purpose.

                    When someone stops bringing him pleasure and “mocks” him, then get ready for a divine ass whupping.

                    So if you want to pity someone, look in the mirror dumbdick, cause you will eat those words just like wwti will, and all that are like you two.

                    On that note, how come you always hide behind a different moniker? Afraid to let the readers know who you really are?
                    God knows who you are and He is watching….woe be unto those that mock our Heavenly Father and His servants. You are the one in for a real surprise someday!

                    • Wow, you really throw a hissy fit when you’re called out don’t you? Well, If everybody who follows your posts bothers you, why are you always shooting off your mouth so much, you love the attention you get from people, that’s the only reason you’re here in the first place. You know, you can always tell when a man loses an argument, he has to resort to being a potty mouth because he has no brains to fight back with. Why don’t show everybody these Bible passages where God threw temper tantrums and called everybody little potty names like you? It may surprise you but I do believe in God, what I resent are delusional men who think they’re self appointed spokesman on Gods behalf and think they can throw their religious weight upon everybody, be advised I’ll continue to out you on that particular point, now go ahead and start your swearing, stammering, and spit flying response, it should be hilarious.

                    • I guess you have never read about the story of Korah and all his followers. I am in no way comparing myself to Moses, but I am not saying and doing what you say I am, for my own gratification.

                      Num 16:28
                      And Moses said, Hereby ye shall know that the LORD hath sent me to do all these works; for I have not done them of mine own mind.

                      When Moses was called out as a self-serving person, instead of being led by the Almighty, then see what happened to the likes of Korah. You should relate to him because you are calling me a liar and self serving person, not of teaching from the Holy Word. All things biblical that i have brought forth here, i can back up with scripture,…ignoramous.

                      Num 16:30
                      But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.

                      I suggest you be careful of mocking the Lord, or your calamity may cometh in an hour you see it not, oh unholy one.

                      Num 16:31

                      And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder that was under them:

                      Num 16:32
                      And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods
                      Num 16:33
                      They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished from among the congregation.

                      This happened to all that aligned with Korah, even their children and livestock, and every material possession. They mocked God and followed a man not sent by God.

                      In about ten minutes i suppose, and ten thousand were swallowed up by the earth.

                      If my Heavenly Father wants me to stop my teaching, He will inform me, or take me out of this heathen world.

                      So, which is it? Do you believe in God’s word or do you make your own way with false teachings? If you are a fake, then I ask God to bring a consuming fire upon you and cause you to see truth. You can let me know how your night went, oh mighty judge of men.

                    • Well, at least you cleaned up your language and responded like an adult for a change, well done. It’s too bad that I had to point it out to you to get you to go along with it, but I’ll take it. Yes, I believe in God’s word, but I’m careful not to listen to people who think that quoting a few verses of scripture make them the final word on what God thinks or wants. My belief is that people who attempt that are insane and/or dangerous and should be watched carefully. You may want to watch out for who you hope to be consumed by fire, it might just end up being you. Remember, just because you THINK you’re God’s messenger doesn’t mean you ARE God’s messenger. After all, remember that completely stupid crack you made about ” slavery is not evil because it didn’t say so in the Bible”. Jesus, what kind of real Christian would utter such stupidity? ” In fact, it gave them great opportunity to become sharecroppers” Yeah, after they were kidnapped, and forced to work long hours in the heat being subject to getting beaten, boy what a GREAT opportunity that was, eh?! In light of your previous statements such as that, I have no problem standing before God and calling you out for what you are. There’s a consuming fireball back at you, what do you have to say to that?

                    • See you from the other side. get it fireball.

                      the other side. lol!

                      Oh and FYI. God showed me what He wants me to do in an out of body experience. So my work is not done from some egomaniacal delusions as you seem to be coming from with your rants.

                      But since you are the “all seeing eye”, you should already know that.

                      You have an agenda that makes you seem very disturbed and a hater of truth. someday you will see truth, if you make it into that realm. That is God’s call and He is my Light and Defender, it sure ain’t from you or people on this site.
                      When the tallies are done, we will see who has done more for people here, you, or me. Let’s see, six years and count me through.

                      My time was done here a few weeks ago, but God kept nudging me back, and I now know why that was. There were a few people like yourself that He wanted to be exposed as for who and what they really are. Well, that task was just completed, the folks that needed exposing have taken the bait and set themselves up for chastisement.

                      Any chastisement that may or may not come my way because of my little “language” spurts, i will honor and take like a man. At least i am no whimpy ass, childish girlie boy, that hides behind various monikers all the time.

                      Stand up and gird yourself and act like a man, and identify yourself, otherwise stfu, asswipe. You can understand that can’t you?

                    • Preacher, we both know what’s bothering you and it isn’t my handle. I’m going out on a limb and guessing pissinthewind isn’t your real name, but it should be. No, the facts speak for themselves. How’s this for a laugh, you call me the all knowing judge of men, when for years you’ve judged everybody on the entire planet and condemned them, { on God’s behalf, of course} to your ever popular molten lake’o’fire because they disagree with you. Yeah sure, God tells you everything, doesn’t he? Must be pretty damned convenient for you just to throw your crap out for everyone and say we have to take your word for it because we’ll all suffer for eternity if we don’t listen to some snaggletooth hillbilly truck driver. Yeah, I can understand why you’re a foul mouth, stupid hillbillies like yourself get delusional when facts are pointed out to you. I don’t have an anti religious agenda as you claim, what pisses you off is I remember all your idiotic comments, you really don’t want to talk about your stupid slavery commentary do you? Of course not, you’ve shown yourself for what you are, a stupid, bigoted old man with an attitude problem. I remember the Bible also saying something about letting he who is without sin cast the first stone, so obviously you must be, based on the amount of rocks you’ve thrown at everybody who disagrees with you. THAT is what shows people you are a liar, pure and simple, your hate always finds a way to seethe through your ” love” for humanity, The truth is your an old racist trying to use God for a cover front to justify your hatred of probably 99 per cent or more of the people on the planet, Jesus didn’t spend time criticizing the flaws in people he met, but it’s the ONLY thing you live for, how sorry is that?

        • Political Correctness has only one intention, to give protection to weak-minded blacks and mentally-deranged liberals/homosexuals.

          Without nigs, libtards and fags we wouldn’t be pushed with the PC BS.

          As I have little tolerance for that PC crap, I have little to no tolerance for libs, nigs, and queers.

          • You left out the illegal Mexicans…..

            • I call them scum illegals

          • Nobama, I don’t tolerate the PC crap, period. I especially won’t tolerate anyone trying to penalize me over my speech, either.

            • There is another advantage to solidifying gay marriage in the eyes of the state—REVENUE. Gays will now pay for the “privilege” like the rest of us.

              Then the lawyers and court systems will get their cut down the road.

              Like feminism—THEY DIDN’T WIN ANYTHING.

              Nice article Brandon.

          • They should all get a lighter fluid enema.

            • Commodester, LMFAO! Damn good one.

            • took a road trip down to keywest ,wasent as bad as i thought ,only 50% of the people are gay ,the other 50% are sucked into it

              • Lower40, I lived in south FL 1975-1982. The keys used to be a real paradise back then. My last time down there was in 1997 and it was going downhill even then. Too many painful memories for me to ever go back.

          • Nobama and everyone else, has anyone here ever noticed how PC crap is ONLY enforced on white people and NEVER against any minority groups? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

            • (raises hand)

              • Sixpack

                Still out there.

            • Braveheart; BINGO!

            • ya I wonder what group is the promoter of this ? I know who it is but I will be censored for saying it . ya lets not talk about who is behind the white genocide I mean lets target the peeps being used and not the controllars seems to be classic divide and conquer . as a prepper site shouldn’t the knowledge of why things are happening be just as important as prepping for after the fact events?

            • I often tell my wife I’m taking every penny we have and starting a television station called WHTY. Tired of everyone getting a channel except you? Watch Whitey TV and enjoy the same basic miserable crap as every other channel, except you get to say you’re watching Whitey TV – TV just for you cracka!

              I really don’t care either way, but I do get so tired of every so called minority group and their half Black/ half Hispanic transgendered brother-in-law who happens to also be a member of NAMBLA and wants to trans-species into a turtle, getting their own TV channels, magazines and so on. Yet, if ole whitey wants a whitey channel or a whitey club, that makes whitey a fucking creepy ass cracka Klansman and worships Adolf fucking Hitler. FUUUUUUCK THEM, I ain’t any of that.

              So why don’t we just do away with all the special treatment bullshit and move on. Fuck sake.

              • Joe I’m with you 100%, spot-on. I too am fed up with the double-standard. We need our own version of NAACP, BET, JET, UNCF, etc. etc. etc. Oh, but that would be deemed racist, illegal, or terrorist. Fuck it then, I guess I’m all the above.

                NAAWP, WET, UWCF,…

                Why is it straight white males are the true minority in this country?

                • To get things started, we just need to flip the script. We all need to start calling each other Cracka ALL THE TIME. So, when you meet friends out in public, be sure to strut right up to them and utter one of the following:

                  1) Yo, sup my Crackas!

                  2) Myyyyy Crackas

                  3) A-ight Crackas

                  To further the emulation, we need to start making our own brand of music. Similar to rap, just with a more white and manly approach with emphasis on being straight too. Using your normal cracka voice, recite rhymes to music in no particular order of rhythm and be sure to use the word Cracka,..A LOT.

                  Once we get this going, be sure to gather on public corners, convenient stores and other spots of loitering in your neighborhood often, smoking cigars and drinking from red cups, pretend it’s alcohol. If approached by anyone and they call you a cracka and they are not indeed a cracka, run them off quickly for doing so. Make it clear that NOBODY gets to call us crackas except us crackas!

                  By the time these things start to get noticed and mentioned in the lying whore media, we may get some backers to start that television station.

                  Laytuhz Crackaz!

              • JR, I do without TV service altogether. Nothing on it I want to see. I’m an internet freak.

              • I will watch it.

          • Political correctness works much like the civil rights movement which was promoted by the Jew. The Jew wasn’t concerned about blacks but used them to get rights for minorities then slipped in behind them on their coattails. Their objective all along was to get rights for the Jew. With civil rights and political correctness it becomes much less acceptable to speak truth and the Jew hides behind that.

            • You are partially correct ck, but painting with a very large brush.

            • CK, google ‘Founders Of The NAACP’. The only BLACK founder among them was W.E.B. Dubois. The other founders were WHITE MALES and all but one of them had Jewish-sounding names. They were also high-ranking members of the Democratic Party and were all socialist. The NAACP’s first five national chairmen were white males until 1975 when they finally got their first black chairman. To this day, they still have a certain number of white people on their national board of directors in New York City. Makes a person wonder…..

        • What? You mean our world is strange when permit holders stand outside military recruiting offices to defend it? Or, do you mean when we can no longer refer to people as him or her because it might offend someone. Strange that they want to tear down Mt. Rushmore? How about arresting the parents for neglect for allowing their 12 year old son to play basketball in the backyard by himself? Somebody stop me!

          Hell, they have been offending me for years. When is it going to be my turn?

          • “Political correctness” is what offends me. Calling me cracker or whitey or gringo or whatever never bothered me. Why the blacks call each other nigs without going apeshit on each other but homey can’t do that.

            PC is aimed at one and only one group (straight white males), and always has been.

            Zero tolerance.

            I don’t call my favorite tools “diagonal cutters” or “wire insulation removers”. No, they are called DIKES and STRIPPERS, always will be.

            • “I don’t call my favorite tools “diagonal cutters” or “wire insulation removers”. No, they are called DIKES and STRIPPERS, always will be.

              You the man 🙂

            • The dykes, strippers comment is funny and great at the same time.
              I like it.

              Used a few in my time as well.

              The kind that is carried around in a tool belt, that is.

              You have stumbled onto a very important point with the comment…
              “PC is aimed at one and only one group (straight white males), and always has been.”

              Here is why that is a correct statement.

              Although, many will not agree, Adam and Eve were the very first “white/caucasian” couple. As time went on, their bloodlines, (not Cain’s) included Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob. From which came the 12 patriarchs/ tribes Of Israel (actually 13 if you count Joseph’s two sons as his replacement).

              Ephraim became the chosen over all the others, even his older brother Manasseh. Even over Judah.

              Remember all the brothers despised Joseph and sold him into slavery, and telling Pappa Jacob he had been killed.
              What brought that on? Jealously.jealously, and envy,

              Remember, They are all white, straight, males. As their families and tribes grew, God gave them distinctions and duties. For whatever reason, He gave Judah the job of holding the kingship. Levi the duties of teaching/preaching the Word and also liturgical duties.

              Judah was a horn dog and loved to strap on the Canaanite girls, which was forbidden fruit. It was so forbidden, that God did not want two of the sons from those copulations to have anything to do with the king line, so they were removed, and a fake whore was set up, by God, to snare Judah into unknowingly father a “white” son of the Adamic bloodline, to carry on the lineage.

              Judah had to be duped into doing what was right, even in the beginning. The tribe grew and had as it’s capitol city, Jerusalem. All people living within that tribal land area and in the main city became known as……JEWS.

              When travelers went out of the city, people were dubbed descriptive names to their particular tribe or “region”.
              Kind of like it is today, if you live in Texas, you are called a “Texan”, even if your heritage and birthplace may have been in Chicago.

              Anyways, through time and with the ego tripping at work, The jews took on a new face, and style, associated with rituals and many different accepted practices. Because they were “revered” because of the “king line” thing, and had been infiltrated with Kenites (sons of Cain) and other mixed up races, they began seeing themselves as the “chosen ones”.

              At some point, all whiteys that lived in the nation of Israel became known as Jews, mostly because the ten Northern tribes had scattered into mostly western Europe.
              The Jews left behind, also mixed with Edomites, and others, a topic for another discussion.

              A few of the last of the true Jewish bloodlines, via the daughters of King Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, went with Jeremiah and ended up in Spain and Great Britain. It is believed that one daughter named Scoto, was the matriarch of peoples that eventually became Scotland.

              The stage is now set for white/caucasian peoples, mostly from the original tribe of Ephraim, to become numerous as the sands of the seas.

              They were all blessed, and even though they were not identified as from a particular tribe anymore, except the Jewish peoples from the daughters of Zedekiah, they were still predominately true bloodlines of White/ Caucasian/ Israelites.
              The remaining Jews in Israel later dispersed and mixed, mainly into the areas of modern day Turkey and Russia, etc.,etc. and later back into Germanic lines and others. These Jews claimed the birthright covenant and were jealous over all other “white/caucasian”, peoples.

              That jealously and self induced pride has followed that particular mix of jews and caused many of the races to have that jealous hate over white males, as well.

              The white females are given a free pass, mainly, I believe, because of the mothering, feminine, weaker sex, mentality.

              As time has progressed, the white male dominance factor has caused many to abuse their blessings and status with their Creator. They have dominated other races by tactics of double dealings and treachery, and have given white males a bad name in many circles.

              As modern day, white American, Christian, straight males, we are the whipping post boys of the PC liberal crowd, and Jewish leadership, unless we are deemed as one of the elite power players in the circles of jew leadership and control.

              The jealously factor remains as it were even back in the biblical days. Hence why all of Israel is called Jewish, and given the “God’s chosen” description.
              The facts have been skewed and the waters of truth have been muddied. God will clear it all up in time.

            • Nobama, you sound just like me. Dikes and strippers? GO, NOBAMA, GO!

        • Indeed, very strange times. It feels like a twilight zone episode

        • No, we live in may illusions and PC is just one more control mechanism to control you and your tax dollars to be used against you in a myriad of ways everyday here in USSA today ! much more at my site for free to help all understand the many illusions we all live under !

      2. Eppe: With people who grow exponentially weirder by the nanosecond.

        • Political Correctness = Suppression of Freedom Of Speech

          Origin: most likely created from Joseph Goebbels
          卐 NAZI HANDBOOK 卐

          Suppress me verbally, I’ll suppress you physically.
          That’s all I have to say about it.

          • Political correctness is cultural Marxism. Communist, not fascist.

            • Correct ac. The civil rights movement was communist all the way. Rosa Parks was full blown communist and her bus ride was fully planned out. She didn’t just take it upon herself to do what she did. Communism is Jew.

              • Excuse me Charles king, but you said just 2 days ago that you were going to walk out the door and this site was just a disinfo pysops site, Your comment # is 3416063. Well, what happened? Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t appear to be gone now do you? Maybe your just showing everybody exactly how much credibility you have aren’t you?

          • TM, I’m the same way. Nobody is allowed to hurt me, period.

        • yes, blame the Jews

      3. just a little more on all that “we’re gonna freeze to death”
        story going round currently

        A Scientist Explains Why ‘Mini Ice Age’ News Is Bogus

        h ttp://…i-ice-age-news

        • There are paid dis-info scientist, then there is the real scientist. Typical normal business in America as usual, unfortunately the dis-info government paid scientist tend to get the spotlight spreading propaganda. All the Government wants us to do, is open up our wallets and pay them the monies needed to stop mother natures destruction……lol.

          There has been mini ice ages in the past, and we’ll have them again. Earth and Suns normal cycle behavior and this has all been documented through analyzing “ice cores”.

      4. What a rambling rant. I still can’t figure out what a social Marxist is, other than somebody this guy disagrees with when it comes to discrimination.

        Sorry, when you run a public business, provide services, or work for government, you have to follow laws. You are not allowed to discriminate. And there is no such thing as a gay cake, by the way.

        • Sharon,disagree if it is a private business,say you have the right to serve/not serve anyone you want.By those same rights folks can bring attention to it/lead boycotts against business ect.,tis private/not public sponsered govt(which is sponsered by theft!)

        • Sharonsj, 1. If it’s a private business, you do have the right serve or not serve whomever you choose. Only if it’s a govt. entity funded by our tax dollars would it be different. 2. It still all depends on what someone means by discrimination. When someone makes a complaint about someone else, they need to be as specific as possible about that complaint. They have to show a legitimate basis for said complaint.

          • Yea, there is a distinction…unless you follow Odrama’s rant that (to paraphrase)…

            “if you own a business, you didn’t build that, you don’t deserve to say you did, so therefore you can’t dictate how you run it. Government built that business. We own it, and we can dictate what you do with it. We just allow you to work there and draw income from it, once in a while if you are lucky…..assholes”

            Sorry sharonsj, but you didn’t do yourself any favors this time.

            Brandon is spot on with everything he wrote here. Well, except he did forget to mention “freaks of nature’ in the gender bending section. People born with both genitalia are usually predominately feminine in nature, but not always. We leave that particular determination to them and their maker.
            Point. We had a little freakish guy in our highschool, that was said to have a vagina slit in between his gonads. I can’t confirm, nor care to, but he was definitely predominately male. True hermaphrodites have their gonads on the inside of their body, that is why they are sterile.

        • I’d just take a big shit in the cake and be done with it.

          • Commodester, that’s another damn good one.

          • No they eat each others shit holes so they would probably like that too much.

        • Sharon,

          The Constitution guarantees you the right to live by the dictates of your faith, to freely exercise it in your life.

          That means in all of your life, not just within the confines of your home in private.

          If you are Christian and want to operate a business according to your beliefs, that is your right.

          Have you ever noticed these attacks on businesses are only against Christians and never, say, Muslims? Wonder why?

        • @ sharonsj

          What is a “public business?” A quasi-government corporation, such as the US Post Office? Or perhaps you mean Metro, the mass transit subway and bus system in greater W/DC, which is supported by government subsidy as well as individual fares?

          A business is owned by a natural or corporate person, survives or fails based on how well it serves its market, and explicitly is private. Government “corporations” survive by coercion and theft. Subsidy is a gussied up word for theft.

          If I am not a commercial motel, but am renting a room in my home to someone who wants to transact with me, I reserve the right not to rent to co-habiting hetero couples, or to gays, or to proud clueless statists.

          The First Amendment right of association, pursuant to the Tenth Amendment, encompases the right not to associate with someone.

          I have never understood why avowed gays insist on buying services from avowed Christians when a plethora of other choices exist. Only reason I can think of is to
          use the coercive power of government to ram their views down someone else’s throat.

        • read up of socialism/Marxism and communism. It will help you understand this .

        • “And there is no such thing as a gay cake, by the way.”

          Yes there is. It’s a wedding cake with two male or two female figures on top. I thought everyone knew that.

          • since it is actually the top decoration that is the problem. the answer would’ve been to bake the customer the cake, and let them decorate it however they want.

            It is kinda silly, don’t you think? I’ve seen cakes, pastries, lollipops and chocolates in the shape of both male and female genitalia.

            Refusal to make those, I could understand the religious objections to, but to object to your average tiered wedding cake simply because the customer was gay…this whole thing could’ve been avoided. I think those businesses fell right into a very well-laid trap. They were predictable and the fags made their point at the expense of good people.

            I would’ve said I’d sell them the cake, but they’d have to get their own top decor, unless they wanted what I already had in stock—a man and a woman together.

            The End, with no publicity stunt.

            • Actually 6,saying you don’t stock the gay couples/polygamy couples ect. is a great idea!Just say the demand is not there and not enuff suppliers.I will say though as a private business they should be able to just say no.This along with marriage in general is something among millions govt. should not be involved in.

              • I just don’t like sneaky, manipulative people (which is why I live alone). It’s obvious those gays did that on purpose to bait the businesses. They probably had their video camera at the ready, right?

                You fight those kinds of people by giving them ANYTHING BUT what they’re after. To know your enemy, is the first step to defeating them.

        • Sharon I bet you can figure out what a paid shill is.

      5. I recall a few years ago, when in college a woman in my class stated that the issue was (what ever we were discussing) that she lived in a state that did not recognize her marriage, N.C. Looking back on that statement and seeing and hearing today what their complaints are, it is about benefits, and state help.Has nothing to do with love, or marriage, all about handouts. I have had about enough of the bullshit, burning flags, banning flags, o.k. with fags, all whites are racist, blah,blah,blah, let me go vomit now, thanks for your time.

        • Govt. should not be involved in marriage,among many other things.

          • Warchild, AMEN to that one.

        • Ncprepper, welcome, and we all share your views. You’re in the right place.

      6. Political Correctness is BU$S%^T.

        I said a long time ago that this was going to cause a major problem in this country.

        I call black black and white white. I Fly my stars and Bars. carry my gun. If I offend your political correctness F#$k you! (this pisses me off to no end if you can’t tell)

        If I say a muslime scum bag is a scum bag and I’m glad they took his ass out (yes killed the piece of SHIT) and we don’t have to spend any money on him in jail.

        Just think after we loose our 2Nd. the 1St. will go so fast that it will take less than 24 hours for the 1St. Amendment is gone!


        • Sgt. I will never ever ever give up my self defense weapons for a corrupt government to just simply take. Many people say you will give them up just like everybody else when they day comes. WRONG. I will fight to the living death and you can mark me down for that one.

          • Clinthospo, Braveheart is standing right there with you. If they come to me looking for trouble, they’ll find it quick.

        • Good evening, Sgt. Dale, and Braveheart feels exactly the same way. I dare someone to target me over any of my speech. They’ll find out quick what kind of mistake they’re making.

      7. I don’t see the PC crowd as looking for a fight at all; not one physically anyway because they shrivel at physical confrontation. That is why they are using the power of the courts and media to affect the change they want. They are organized and they are winning; by a landslide! Their cause has been picking up momentum for decades now. They now have the majority of the public on their side; either through sympathy, ignorance, or persuasion. They not only have a desired outcome; they have a plan for everything and every response of ours. What do we have? Just reactions to them implementing their plans. They catch us with our pants down every time and no body is really doing anything proactive. When I see comments like Tony Montana “Suppress me verbally, and I suppress you physically” I laugh. Not a condescending laugh, but more of a “too bad that isn’t actually happening” kind of laugh. You are being suppressed verbally Tony! As lovers of individual liberty we have lost nearly every battle and are close to losing the war. They have the younger generations so if nothing else, they will wait us out until we die of old age and no one will ever remember what real liberty is. If you are waiting for a fight to start so you can jump in and commit everything you have, then you are asleep. The war has not only begun, it has been waging for years! Stop the “if they do this, then I will do that” kind of nonsense. Get proactive, make some plans that will make a difference and implement those plans. Do you actually think that the PC crowd is just waiting around for things to happen? They have infiltrated all walks of life; education, politics, law, and media. They are in control. What the heck are you waiting for???

        • Well, the PC loudmouths do tend to shrivel, but only long enough to call upon the “Government monopoly on force” to come along and do their dirty work for them.

      8. Thank you for another thoughtful article. You mentioned “White Privilege” and I agree with you that the concept doesn’t exist today. However, we do have privileged classes in the country today. Those classes are BLACKS & GAYS. Evidence of those privileged classes include “Hate Crimes” for actions that are already crimes. EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW requires the same penalty for the same crime. The thought police idea of greater penalties for what we think the suspect was thinking is ignorant & not EQUAL PROTECTION.

      9. The PC crowd will not survive what is coming. they are too wrapped up in low-pri items to care.

        • They have no useful priorities, that’s why they are granted special protections to be the freaks that they are.

      10. We do live in a totally back wards world.
        Being P.C. is one of the biggest mistakes mankind has ever made.
        To be P.C. is to be wrong in the real world, but right in your own protected little world that they live in.
        Here are some examples:
        you can’t say anything that MIGHT offend.
        You can’t profess your faith in public
        can’t pray in public
        can’t preach in public
        can’t play the national anthem in public
        You can’t were a tee shirt with the U.S.A. flag on it
        can’t play tag, dodge ball or red rover
        can’t play cops and robbers
        can’t play cowboys and Indians
        cant play army
        cant’ fly a flag
        can’t ask questions
        can’t choose whom you serve.

        I’m not P.C. and I never will be. I have to call it the way I see it. If it is wrong according to the scriptures it is wrong.
        I’m a Christian first, them an American.
        1. If I was P.C. I would have to go against my faith.
        2. If I was P.C. I would have to go against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
        So you can take that P.C. stuff and bury it in the dung pile because that’s were it belongs!!!!

        I’ll probably get flamed over this one, but I don’t care I’ll hold to my beliefs.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Rebyou can do all the things you mentioned in your post.

        • Reb,you can do all the things you mentioned in your post.

          • Warchild:
            I know I can or you can, but you will NOT be P.C.
            I’ll do them just to see if some whines and cries.
            I’ll have to tell them NOT P.C… I’m R.C. Reality Correct.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            P.S. I will have trouble playing tag, red rover or dodge ball, I’m getting to old and slow!;-}

            • Eh Reb,me guess is you get a few hard balls thrown at ya’s you will remember how to dodge/duck real quick!

              • Warchild:
                yeah, but I bet I still will get nailed!;-{
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • “Getting nailed” isn’t always a bad thing 🙂

                  • True 6,remember in elementry school in early 70’s we had inflate gate(as opposed to the nfl deflate gate!),while gym teacher in bathroom we pumped those dodge balls up for all they were worth,was like throwing rubber bricks at each other.I spent some “office time”on that one but as always weaseled out as no one ratted me out,they thought even then would admit/turn meself in,fools!

                    • LOL, I guess I was referring to the other definition of “getting nailed”, like in the back seat…I know many of us may have done it in our late teens.

          • You are apparently not paying a lot of attention to the news.

            People get arrested and charged with crimes for many of those things on a daily basis.

        • Northern Reb, you sound more and more like Braveheart. Any possibility we could be related? [just kidding] I’m still proud and honored to communicate with you. Stand tall.

          • Braveheart:
            We are related, but we have different Mother and father!;-}
            Thanks you stand tall also.
            What ever happen to Laughing at Lemmings??

            • NR, good question. maybe I can google that one.

        • Northern Reb
          Crazier than a bedbug in a Louisanna Whore House

        • Northern Reb.

          I wish you were my neighbor. I have no one to teach.

          • Is there anyone willing to learn. Willing to take the chance. I did have one person and he was good. Hey Mike.

            Coordinates North Florida. Bardin Road, Hogarth, County line. Pull it up on google map.

            • Anyone near Green Cove Springs Florida.

              • I just hooked up with another prepper who has access to those big water barrels and other prep stuff—Oh happy days! I can now fill in some gaps in my preps.

                I can get 5 gal buckets for less than from emergency essentials, and save on shipping.

                I can catch rainwater from my gutter and see if I can get arrested for it (I’m in Oregon).

                I’ll be able to have a small garden next year.

                I don’t even know what all I’ll be able to get yet.

                But I feel blessed today, despite the PC crowd.

            • Slingshot:
              There are still a few out there. Just keep trying and you will find some more like minded people.
              I just found out a couple days ago that there is a group of like minded people on the far east side of town. A group of good old boys and girls that just want to be left alone and not bothered. I know of another small group northwest of town. So yes they are out there. They are keeping a low profile.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Northern Reb.

                Let me tell you something. Drunk bastard as I am. And you are a good guy. How many people will answer my call?

                • Slingshot;
                  I really can’t answer that by numbers, but what I will say is that you will have someone there to help. I have faith that there will be like minded people out there and when the time comes you will find each other, work as a group and show TPTB how is the real BOSS!!!
                  Keep the faith, plus you are a good old boy and you will survive!!!
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                  • I cannot do the group thing,do not have combat experience and thus do not know how will handle meself,if I fail others die.I would also say as solo can do what I want and if tortured can’t give up what you don’t know.I also long ago decided whatever the odds when things go wrong will fight it when seeing evil:i.e. round ups/murder/rape/,you get the idea.I can see the gods having a laugh at me expense sticking me with orphans and thus have to tame meself a bit and postpone the trip to the rock in hell!

      11. An example of PC and propaganda heard on ABC news just this morning .
        “he was just your average all American boy from the south”
        They are speaking of the islamic terrorist , of course !

        “We have no idea why he would shoot marines”

        “There seems to be no motive”

        “What have THE AMERICAN PEOPLE done to provoke this action?”

        These sick PC ,islam loving journalists need to wake the hell up and start tellin it like it is , instead of using this as a way to not only hide the fact that the shooter was Muslim , but also a chance to beat the south with another stick . This is just another attack on southern culture and soon , the bible belt.
        Watch how this gets twisted so that the murdering muslim POS is the victim .

        • PC crap starts with the president and rolls downhill.

      12. PC/racism is just a way to divide us,don’t fall for it.Keep saying what you want/flying your flags ect.The powers that want to be want to divide us,a perfect example,gay marriage.The only celebration of marriage and govt. should be govt. is just not involved/none of their business/stay out of marriages,leave it to conscenting adults and their beliefs.
        Sarge,as for your comment/losing the 2nd,we only lose it when we surrender or are dead,nothing else can take it away,including court decisions.

      13. “I spent several years (up until 2004, when I woke up from the false paradigm ”

        You are a recent critical thinker. And glad you did but What did you do before that kept you in the dark?

        If all of you know this corruption and mayhem is coming down the pike and your well prepared to battle the consequences, why read any of this?

        Seems this has been written about (the end) for over thirty years. All you have to know is that you and your family are prepared if it ever comes about.

        Don’t over think it nor believe all the “buy this” hype. If it comes it comes. Live with it.

      14. Pure Democracy & Freedom can only come from the end of a barrel. Make sure you have one!

        • F16:
          In which caliber would you like, I have several!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • F16hoser, I have an entire ‘ventilation team’ of barrels ready and willing to go into service.

          • Braveheart.

            I have read your posts. Have grieved for your loss.
            Have supported you in your opinions. As a friend I would ask you to refrain from the ventilation team.
            We have to express ourselves smarter.

            • Slingshot, you’re several years late in asking braveheart to do that, you would have an easier time braking bricks with a plastic hammer.

            • Slingshot, let me clarify myself. The ‘ventilation team’ is ONLY for when the time comes to use them. Not time for that yet so I’m still refraining from them. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        • There’s no Freedom in a Democracy – There is Freedom in a Republic.

          You bought that DEMOCRACY crap hook, line, and sinker!

          DEMOCRACY – Government wanting to take your guns away.
          REPUBLIC – Government encouraging you to keep and bear arms.

        • Pure Democracy is the mob. Our constitution does not support democracy, but a republic.

      15. “Social justice” the fascist left. Now that’s wonderful irony!

        For those of you interested, pick up Dr Arthur Brooks’s book called Who Really Cares. ( he is a professor at Syracuse University) You will find out, for example, if left just gave blood at the same rate as conservatives we would have 6 times the amount of blood in our national blood supply. Typical of the Learjet leftists isn’t it? Then there are the Hollywood limousine liberals. For ex, Tom Haks bought THE the largest house in LA county in2010. Do you think even a SINGLE one of the Hollywood leftists ever put up a single illegal immigrant or indigent person in just one room of just ONE of their zillion room mansions?

        • I get sick and tired of yahoo posting articles about the huge, elaborate luxury mcmansions of the elites. You know, those multi-plexes with 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, swimming pools, servant’s quarters, guest houses, theaters and dining rooms the size of concert halls?

          THEN, they alternately post their “tiny houses” articles and why it’s so trendy for US to live in a cigar box.

          See the message there? I do.

          • Sixpack, one of those tiny houses with everything stripped out would be just right for my preps. The cabin at the BOL is big enough to put 8 of those damn things together. Braveheart needs something with some space.

            • What braveheart needs is to be first in line at the soylent green factory.

              • Please could you elaborate on your comment,are you saying Brave the first to try Solylent Green or Brave the first to become Solylent Green?!

            • Yes it would make a good BOL, BUT they are advocating that we LIVE in the as a regular residence! Damn—I couldn’t even fit my canned goods in one of those, and still have room for toilet paper and to lay down and sleep.

      16. This is the Sad Truth of America today… It won’t be Long before there is Fighting in the Streets of America once again! This Fight will make all Prior Wars Combined look like a Training Mission!
        Sadly this MUST take place to Restore the Constitutional Republic that was Founded!
        Dismantle the current Federal Government which has been Un-Constitutional for Decades and We can build a New Federal Government with the Constitution & Bill of Rights as our guide!
        It is the Constitution that is Important NOT the Federal Government!
        Long Live the Republic!!!

      17. I had a great sarcastic comment, but I am so sick of the bullshit PC public that I can’t even be funny. On a side note, I shot my buddy’s .50 desert eagle today. It was not fun after the third round. I’ll stick with my kimber .45

        • Simon:
          I like my 45’s also. After shooting those hand cannons I like my 45’s, I can put them on target all day long, but those hand cannons after a couple shots I’m done.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      18. White privelege ha. I know people who are white and live in a slum lord tenement drive junk that’s not completly legit. While black and minority people have Lexus and all the other rich type cars wear nice clothes too so I don’t see any white privelege. The only thing that’ sets people apart is skills ambition and education.

      19. very good article

      20. Mac Salvo.

        I find your site to most confusing on many levels. Some truth. Then exaggeration of the truth. I wonder if you are looking for the amount of comment for sensationalism, instead of substance for the display of topics.
        Undoubtabaly you can gage by the numbers of comments, topics that hit common core, that are most argumentative.

        All aside, Mr. Salvo. I would challenge you to a drunk fest in Daytona, Florida. to speak on any subject.
        I will be there in August,

        • I extend that invitation TO BRANDON SMITH

          • Slingshot, both of us need to call it a night.

            • Just Me.

              Words of wisdom. But wisdom does not abound here.

              I ask, Who would do battle with a drunk?

              • Well sling,am sober @ moment but have a few bottles of #7 in waiting,as things de evolve will crank the Tull one final time and have a few shots(pun intended),I die during this time(right,like I’d be that lucky!)I die happy,then,it’s off to the races whatever they may hold!

      21. “Just maybe making the Military LGTB Friendly AND SENDING THEM ALL INTO THE GREEN MACHINES MEAT GRINDER ON THE FRONT LINES is a Good Thing.”

        Let them All go off to Die for their PC SJW Rainbow.Bright Marxist Country of Zog Amerika!

        Meet the U.S. Army’s newest Secret Weapon – The New ‘VERY SPECIAL FORCES’ Element – Fairy.Troop!


        • Aqua,as a Monty fan those would be SAS/SBS,not US Army!

          • Ooopsy!

            Aren’t you the ‘SENSITIVE’ one!

            Bwaaa Bwaaa Haa haa haa ;0)

            • Aqua,was wondering how you confused the Brit/US special forces then it occured to me,you were not confusing them but Monty Python with something more along your lines the “Full Monty”!

      22. Political Correctness–aka–the neutering of AMERICA–failure to call and see things the way they are is at best ridiculous and at worst, the most dangerous thing threatening our oh so once so great country. Although I do believe it is beyond fixing at this point (get yer beans and bullets in order)–I do enjoy watching the talking heads and their retarded view on things. I can’t believe the things that come out of these inbreds mouths. I often get scolded at work for my view on RADICAL JIHaDIST ragheads KILL THEM ALLLLL), our oppressed OH SO POOR black population (do what Lincoln was gonna do–repatriate them to Panama , all of them), the ILLEGAL immigrant problem (what can I say–block permits on a grand scale), Fags bitchin cause someone won’t bake them a cake (reallllly–gimmmeeee a break), the unsustainability of our national debt–yadda yadda yadda. I DON”T CARE. I don’t care if I offend a fag, a raghead, a wetback, a ghetto thug–YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE–your a drain on society that I have to pay for– and I’m damn tired of listening to the excuses for your behavior AND paying for it. I don’t care if I offend YOU. You got a problem with that–guns or knives bitch. Pick your poison (demise)
        America–Grow some nuts–call it what it is–As much as I hate to say it–at the moment AMERICA disgusts me–our political system and it’s Oh So Politically Correct thinking is a joke-the joke of the world. This place we call home would disgust our founding fathers. I know it disgusts me and above that I’m sure God is going “what the fuk”- within a generation it’s going to happen–the purge or cleanse–however you look at it. Scary times are ahead–well–to the sheeple-I know many here will view this as ” ewwww–look at all the bad things he said about those poor people” but sometimes the truth hurts. I just got a new T-shirt—it says–ALL MY FRIENDS ARE WALKERS–for all you walking dead fans–quite appropriate.

        • AMEN-AMEN-AMEN

      23. Not doing well. wish the kids would just understand . worried for my grandkids. Love them so very much. Very down today on future.

        • Let me ask you all.

          We all know what we think of ourselves.

          What do you think of Slingshot?

          • Slingshot:
            You are a good guy and I am proud to call you a friend.
            We might not agree on everything, but you still are a great guy and I respect you thoughts and comments.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Slingshot, Braveheart will have your six covered any day.

        • If you are down on your future, then maybe you need some soul searching.

          Anyone that is thinking and living worldly, will be down as things begin to crumble around them; but, the spiritual thinking people are getting excited and ready to rejoice, for their Redeemer is about to return and fix the mess of evil in the world.

          No more pain and suffering after that day..the Lord’s Day.

      24. “while we removed the need for police and government entirely by providing security for the neighborhood (killing two birds with one stone).”

        This, I believe, is why the right to bear arms is such a threat to them. While I think there is a need for a small, professional force, we plain old don’t need 95% of the police out there, if the people as a whole armed themselves, and helped one another. However, I understand this is near impossible by today’s standards. Most people will walk right by anyone in need.
        More cops, more taxes. Less money for you, more money for government. And, it gives a false sense of security and reliance on government. Even though when seconds count, cops are minutes away.

      25. Excellent piece.

        This is my first time commenting here. Great comments too.

        The problem with all the shit that is being dumped on us on a daily basis is that we let it happen. We were too polite to say NO, or too busy working to pay the freight, when the left hatched their stupid shit. Now when we object or resist we are called extremists.

        We are reaching a breakpoint in our nation’s history. SHTF is not a fantasy.

        • Hardnox, welcome. You’re in the right place.

          • Hardnox,you have a realistic view,to see who is at fault we first must look in the mirror,tis a tough thing but necc.

      26. Kulafarmer.

        Could you let a dumb ass like me farm your land?

      27. Ive seen something that warms the cockles of my heart. Since they took the rebel flag off the General lee. and made it incorrect to fly the stars & bars. Ive never seen so many confederate flags flying. seems ever one of us crackers has them flying on our vehicles. That really backfired!

      28. PC is to silence those who do not support the agenda.

        I make it a point to be the white man from town every chance I get, most of the time…

        I travel and some of the dribble I hear coming from white liberal socialist/marxist demorats is friggin’ unbelievable.

        I was in a quiznos in Plano Tx and on hearing their liberal conversation pollute the air I looked across the booth and said my ancestors were slaves and did they have $10 each to make reparations to me to relieve their white liberal guilt???

        They were confused because I was white too and I said I had the white color pigment but was genetically 51% black and my great grandfather on my mothers side had been a slave and I wanted reparations from each of them.

        They didn’t finish their small talk after the meal and politely went to the ladies room but bolted from the exit. I was still motioning them when they left…

        I want my reparations!!!!

      29. Political correctness has always been profitable for the so called injured party. Factions have always used PC to fatten their wallets.

      30. I agree with Brandon Smith. Obama’s PC club has gone so far with the left it screams conform to their thuggish will, or be punished.

        So the PC crowd wants to illuminate the words boy and girl because of the gay movement. Then I will call them “it” like a foreign alien life form is called.

        With the government’s supported Planned Parenthood encouraging abortions so they can sell the baby’s body parts to make money and the PC camp is silent on this, it must be Politically Correct to do so. The later term of abortion, the better for them.

        This is the end game to me. Nothing is more repulsive to kill babies for body parts and money, and the women who do this to their unborn children and fathers who don’t care. This nation needs to be washed clean of this evil and it won’t be long.

      31. In the article, he said that eventually it would come down to…,a fight! Of course, we all know, and have known forever, that at sometime, one day, someday, down the road, it would come to violence between the liberty minded, individualistic, Free Born American and the World Revolution represented by collectivist, communistic thought very craftily instilled into the minds of trusting American students. Our young people are very far from stupid but they ARE conditioned by the communist’s in our educational system, as well as every where else! It is, as it must be, our goal to inform our younger generations, that it was the American Revolution that was the hope, the only hope, of an enslaved mankind and that it was, from it’s inception, the light of the world, the hope of the world and that the “World Revolution” is nothing, absolutely nothing more than a return to a communistic world of GLOBAL SLAVERY!!!!!Fight? Hell yes, we will fight!, and let the government readers of this site report that we will fight..TO THE DEATH for the liberty of mankind!!

      32. Say it ain’t so, they defiled the General Lee! So much for freedom of whatever……….

      33. Great article here. The intent of political correctness is and always was to destroy the first amendment. Totalitarians need not regulate peoples speech, because people are apparently happy to regulate it themselves. When people charge me with being politically incorrect, I merely respond “I am no politician”.

        On another note, my garden was a failure this year, but that’s alright, I now know what I did wrong and how to correct it. I’m moving more towards a fruit-centric plan until I get the farm worked out. Blueberries and cranberries geow wild where I am, and I have many fruit trees already. Seems like a logical plan, as they reproduce on their own each year.

        In my solar experiments I have found some useful information for you all. There are many, multi bulbed solar kits available that can offer light in an emergency. One thing I have discovered is the particular kit that I recently purchased can actually power itself. The charge controller has 3 bulbs available. By placing one bulb directly over the solar panel, and shining a flashlight on it briefly, it provides enough charge to run the light. I’m currently working on a self sustaining lantern built off thus premise.

        Good luck and godspeed to you all.

      34. Adam,outdoor solar lights with quality battery work well,just put em out for a charge when needed.

        • yep, till the emp strike.

          • The lights mean that much just faraday a few along with any other what you feel necc. electronics,would always have alts availiable i.e. candles/oil lanterns ect.

      35. Yours is a timely article for me Brandon. Over the weekend I was talking with my husband about this very subject. I had asked him to think of a reason why the elite would be pushing so hard to advance the gay agenda, the agenda of a small portion of the whole of society. If you ask yourself what overall societal need is fulfilled by advancing the idea that gay people should be allowed to be married? (SCOTUS would say (and did say) that it is their “right”.) Is it an economic need? Gay people were already allowed to have civil ceremonies where they pay a fee for a “official” certificate, food is served, a cake is ordered, decorations set up, honeymoons were booked, etc. Was it to improve societal-familial relations? Studies show that children raised in same sex households have many more issues than do children raised in traditional households.

        What it comes down to is that this is all about the normalization of homosexuality and the breakdown and destruction of the traditional family unit along with the Christian faith. Why would this be desirable? Because a society where the family unit is weak and where there is no devotion to any God but the State is a society that is easy to direct and control.

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