The Four Prescription Drugs You Must Have in a Crisis… And How to Get Them

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    This article has been contributed by The Daily Crux and originally appears in The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual by Dr. David Eifrig.

    In any crisis event, you could be on your own for days… even weeks.

    Hospitals could be impossible to get to. In fact, if we have a bioterrorism attack, plague, or viral outbreak, going to a hospital could be even more dangerous than staying home.

    Your town could be without running water for a month or more.

    No washing. No flushing toilets. No way to shower, clean dishes, or cleanse wounds.

    Every year, poor sanitation kills more than 2 million people around the globe. We don’t see the effects of this very often in the United States, but in a real crisis, poor sanitation is deadly.

    As a medical doctor, I can tell you that one of the most important things you must have in your home is a good supply of antibiotics.

    Now… how do you get antibiotics when you’re not sick, and which ones should you keep on hand?

    Let me explain…

    In short, there are four (4) prescription drugs I strongly recommend you have at home.

    One of these drugs is an often-overlooked antibiotic, called Doxycycline. Like all antibiotics, it treats bacterial infections.

    But the reason you want to have Doxycycline is because it also treats “atypical” bacteria such as Rickettsia, which causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever and typhus.

    I’m not sure how much you know about typhus, but it’s extremely deadly (without treatment) and is sometimes referred to as “camp fever” or “hospital fever” because it affects large populations living near one another in poor sanitary conditions.

    Typhus epidemics have actually changed history.

    Typhus killed 3 million Russians during WWI… and during one dark period in Britain, it killed 10% of the entire population.

    The point is, in a city or town with no electricity or running water, and generally poor sanitary conditions, typhus and similar epidemic diseases could definitely strike again.

    So Doxycycline is something you should definitely have around. And it’s a lot cheaper and easier to get than most people think. A 10-day generic for Doxycycline shouldn’t cost much more than $10 at any pharmacy.

    And in addition to Doxycycline, you definitely should also have three other drugs on hand:

    – Augmentin
    – Ciprofloxin (“Cipro”)
    – Bactrim (from the sulfa family).

    These drugs can be used to treat things like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, skin problems, and dozens of other deadly infections… even exposure to the most common bioterrorism agent: anthrax.

    Make sure you are not allergic to any these antibiotics before taking them.

    Talk with your doctor now about how to get these drugs. He or she may  have free trial packs (like the popular “Z-Pac”) to share with you. Doctors will often prescribe Cipro and Bactrim DS (both as generics) for  people planning overseas trips.

    You can get 60 pills (a one-month supply) of each at Wal-Mart for $20 or a 10-day supply for $10. Rite Aid sells generic Doxycycline for a similar price.

    Store these drugs in a sealed freezer bag with desiccant (anti-moisture) packets inside. Place them in the freezer. Once thawed, they will last for six to 12 months when kept at room temperature.

    Crux note: Get Doc’s complete, expert advice on how to be prepared in a crisis from his new 96-page Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual.

    It’s free with a risk-free subscription to Dr. Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire.

    And, right now, the offer’s even better: Start your Retirement Millionaire subscription for60% off the regular price and get a 100% money-back guarantee.

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      1. It’s best to build your immunities now so that you won’t ever need drugs if something terrible were to ever happen to the country or world and remove the option of medication.

        It’s survival of the fittest for a reason.

        • A scarcity of medicine will rank right
          at the top along with food and water on
          the list of must haves, but hard to find
          necessities of life. Good advice.

          • “… if we have a bio terrorism attack, plague, or viral outbreak, going to a hospital could be even more dangerous than staying home”.

            I think it is now, Doc. 🙂

            But Hey! Thank’s for the article. Good info!!! But why do I have to buy a subscription to a Financial Newsletter to get medical info?

            What kind of Doctor are you? As a financial “expert” I don’t take advice from other “financial experts”, just make my own analysis if their data looks helpful.

            And if I don’t take financial advice from other “financial experts”, why would I take it from a medical doctor or dentist?

            No disrespect intended, Doc, as Armand Hammer was a medical doctor too, and he didn’t do too badly for himself and his stockholders outside of his field of expertise. 🙂

            • Can’t say enough about Vitamin A in the beta carotene form that won;t destroy your liver like the fish based oil can. When fighting bacteria, anti-biotics are very important, and sometimes life savers. When fighting off a virus, that requires your own immune system and Vitamin A works with this. Vitamin C and B vitamins are also very important. One mineral highly overlooked is Zinc, but anything over 100 Mg. is not helpful. never forget old Elderberry. The silver collidor is very good and as people mention D3.

              The real ticket here is TOO AVOID catching it in the first place. This has to do with excellent sanitizing everything. Insect and vermin control. Washing your hands, be constantly hands aware. Plenty of anti-bacteria soap and BLEACH. make sure EVERYTHING that you eat that can have bacteria in it is COOKED or properly washed with something that will kill the bacteria. The water you drink also is so essential to be clean. The word here is PREVENTION so you reduce the chance of coming into contact with something that can make you ill.

              • BI,

                Do you, or anyone here have any solid experience with “colloidal silver”?


                • @ JustMe. The collodial silver I used once and it was the ONLY thing that helped me with this awful infection I had in the throat. Everything else failed, including antibiotics. I guess that would quality as solid experience with it.

                  • I make my own with my handy-dandy colloidal silver generator.
                    I can make a gallon for pennies, versus the $20/oz. at the health food store.
                    FYI- don’t store it in clear bottles! It reacts with light!
                    (Think of photography dark rooms and film development).

                  • I make colloidal silver for our own use, both internally and externally. I’d recommend it in an instant. I’ve stated before, I watched a neighbor with massive open wounds on his legs splash mud and filth into these, then a night apply silvadine. Even being eaten alive by cancer these wounds stayed heathy and even healed some before he died! I was an instant user. Just do your research and keep it in a dark place!
                    Standing ready in Daytona

                  • Thanks BI.

                    I have read of it’s use as a disinfectant, but never knew anyone with experience with it.

                  • Thanks Matt, will do.

                • Just Me.

                  I have been using Colloidal silver for about 8 years. A teaspoon a day and have had no colds. I do suffer from Hay Fever and it does nothing against allergy’s. It heals covered cuts quickly. Does good to fight sore throats. I wash my hands frequently. Not compulsive disorder! Out and about I use a hankerchief to wipe my itchy eyes or runny nose. Can’t tell for sure what else it fights cause I have not caught anything. Knock Wood.

                  • @ slingshot,

                    The Hay Fever and some other type allergeries, can be controlled, and in my case, cured, by a simple daily intake of BEE Pollen.

                    After working in landscaping/lawncare/firewood business, for about fifteen years during the eighties and early nineties, I developed bad allergies of the respiratory tract and had hayfever symptoms almost all the time. It became so bad that i finally decided i had to do something different, so i sold my business, and look out, Truck Driving School in ’93.

                    Anyways, the problems persisted until I became injured and had to leave OTR trucking for a while and worked momentarily for a Bee Keeping Supply business near my home. I read about the positive results of taking “raw” Bee Pollen, so i started purchasing it where i worked, and eating a teaspoon full every morning. After a few weeks I noticed I had began to feel better and stopped sneezing every time the wind blew. So i began taking a tablespoon full with lunch also.
                    A side effect that did seem to happen every time the wind blew, was a stiffey of the pee stick. Yep, it sure put lead in my pencil.

                    Anyways, after a couple years, I was back on the road and started taking the tablet form. I have been taking the Bee Pollen Complex- 1000 mg. w/ Bee Propolis and Royal jelly for the past ten years. I do take Zinc fairly regular and occasionally Vitamin C if I haven’t been eating plenty of fruit/etc.

                    I have been allergy free for over fifteen years and think i have had one common cold in the last ten years. The Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae that I take “religiously”, probably does as much good for keeping my immune system built up as everything else combined; but, I will never stop taking the Bee Pollen to keep my Hay Fever in check. the other positive side benefits of it are just a plus, especially at my age.

                  • @pissinwiththewind about that bee pollen….be careful. after only a couple days of eating bee pollen, i woke up one day flinging myself at the screen door! JK….couldn’t resist.

                  • slingshot and all allergy sufferers: Get a nettipot. fill it with some lukewarm (not hot)water and salt. stir it or just put your finger over the spout and shake it.
                    Do put salt in it. Use your head on how much. The nettipot directions may tell you. I just shake some in there. One time I didn’t use enough and it didn’t work quite as well. In a real pinch of course you can just use warm water.
                    I used to have bad allergies and certain times of year with ragweed and golden rod and pine trees, it acts up because it’s always blowing in the wind and gets in the house from open windows and sits in the carpets.

                    The nettipot (CVS; Walgreens) looks like a small tea pot.
                    Put the spout up your nose and gently pour. You don’t feel it. It’s gentle. It goes thru your sinus and down the back canal. Do this on both sides.

                    The only way I can describe the spores, pollen etc that get up there ad stay there is this: I liken it to the fact that we have tiny pockets in the sinus that are open the opposite way in which stuff comes out our nose when we blow it. These tiny opening don’t get flushed when we blow our nose because they are facing the opposite direction.

                    The pollen, dust etc get trapped on the way IN the nose.
                    So to get it out it has to be flushed (gently). These tiny pockets are not deep. In fact they are very very shallow. So just the water being flushed through there moves it out and throught that back sinus canal and OUT.
                    Bye Bye.

                    If you do this right away when you feel stuffy it works faster. Otherwise about 4 or 5 times during the 1st day til you feel better.

                    For complete success do it every day when you first get up and again just before bed.

                    I have a friend who was always sick because she has so many kids (she caught everything from them). She swears by this thing and is faithful to doing it once as soon as she gets up in the morning and just before bed. She said she never gets sick anymore.

                    I would say you won’t have the stuffy runny nose, less colds, etc.

                    Also the heater in the car or dry heat anywhere will also activate your allergies. Stuffy nose? Use the nettipot. Not only will it flush out but also moistens your dry sinuses caused by heat and air conditioning and colds.

                    I believe it’s less than $20. for a lifetime. It’s plastic. Can throw it in the car in case you need it at work or elsewhere. If it’s $10, get 2.

                • The thing about using colloidal silver is that it is going to kill ALL of the bacteria in your gut, not just the bad ones. If you do use it, make sure you eat some yogurt to replace the good bacteria after the period of use.

                  If you use it every day without fail, you do not give the useful colonies of bacteria a chance to regenerate, you might develop some resistance to it, or even turn blue over the long term, as some have done.

                  If that happens you automatically become a member of “Blue Man Group”, but it should scare the shit out of the Zombies if you catch them by surprise! Just saying. 🙂

                  • If the Blue Man Group is not hiring, you can always be a Smurf.

                  • “”” you might develop some resistance to it, or even turn blue over the long term, as some have done.”””

                    You can’t build a resistance to silver, that’s ridiculous. It’s a mineral that attacks bateria and single cell virii.

                    Nor has anyone EVER turned blue from taking properly made colloidal silver. A few turned blue back in the 40’s from pharma made silver salt products, and ONE idiot who turned himself blue by making and taking silver salts.

                    You comment only shows that you are still susceptible to propaganda.

                • Colloidal silver not only kills ANY bacteria known, but it also kills any virus.

                  Screw the pharma pills, as any corp made “bug” unleashed on the people will be resistant to it by design, whereas silver will kill any virus whether it is engineered or not.

                  This article is for those who can’t afford a foot of silver .9999 fine silver rod and a couple of 9 volt batteries.

                  Or for those dumb enough to buy Pharma pills instead of making a much smaller investment in becoming your own producer of the best antibiotic God has provided.

                  And not only does it kill virii and bacteria in your body, it can make water safe to drink when there is no filtration available.

                  • good to know, you still need a prescription w what is suggested, and Dr here would not do it unless you were sick.

                  • Gosh GC, If it’s that good then why not package it in an enema form so that you can administer it to yourself and then your shit wouldn’t stink..

                  • I dare you to drink water from a dirty source that has only been treated with your quacksilver stuff…

                • also look into essential oils-tea tree

                • I use and recommend my patients to get NutraSilver Plus. It is the only product that is 3600 ppm. Works great, and is the most cost-effective form out there. (You will pay $15-$25 for colloidal silver that is only 50ppm, so NutraSilver Plus can SAVE you a lot of $. One bottle can make 30 bottles of diluted formula.) It is extremely safe, and is fantastic in diluted form for sinus infections (using a Neti Pot or similar device), or directly on wounds or infections. I wouldn’t face a collapse situation without it!

              • Whoa Whoa. Are you aware that there is no such thing as vitamin D3? D3 is a chemical and it is in fact a sterilization drug. They’ve been tricking everyone who doesn’t remember their 4th grade science class. Vit D comes from the sun and cannot be bottled. No D1,2,3 etc.
                You’ve (and we also) have been deceived by design.
                We are being sterilized by design and paying $$$$ to be sterilized. D3 is found in some pet foods, most of their treats. Read the ingredients. It is found in many milks and many grocery store foods and mixes. I know this will come as a shock to you and you will be in denial for awhile. Go check. Rotsa ruck.

                I know for a fact that D3 is a sterilization drug because the people that manufactured the dog food were angry they had to put this in the food and label it no less, so they revealed in parenthesis these words (D3 is a sterilization drug). Right after that they were forced to remove the parenthesis and what it said).
                Consequently I stopped purchasing a lot of foods.
                It’s a chemical….a sterilization chemical! Don’t think they would do that to us at this point in history?
                Why not? They did some sort of sterilization during WWII. Hitler did it to his own people.

                  • I have two of those book in hardcover, thanks for the link for the others KY Mom 🙂

                    Peace and blessings….

                • Bactrim is deadly to those allergic to. I strongly recommend doing research on it because most other countries have outlawed the drug due to side affects. It almost killed me and I ran a fever for 4 days over 100. I’m now allergic to all sulfra drugs.

                  • IC:
                    People will need Bactrim for oral treatment of MRSA infections. What would you suggest in that case?

                  • Bactrim is one of the best drugs for MRSA and it is very inexpensive.

                • I don’t really care what D3 is–it prevents my ‘3 in the morning’ muscle spasms in my legs and the only thing that does.

                  • JayJay: The B Vitamins are fo muscle spasms. Apparently you have a B vitamin deficiency. I used to have them. I used B Complex and it works quickly. Why?
                    One of those B vitamins in the complex I was deficient in. You don’t have to stay on them forever either.
                    B Complex are the series of B vitamins that complement each other so you get repaired in whichever B vitamin you are deficient in.

                    If you happen to be an alcoholic then you may need to keep taking them. Alcohol depletes the body of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. If alcoholics dumped the booze and immediately got on vitamins, minerals, nutrients their body would not crave the booze any more.

                    For instance, I crave chocolate. I like it for awhile but then the craving gets out of control. I take magnesium and the craving for chocolate is immediately gone.

                    It’s usually a deficiency of something that causes, illnesses, spasms and cravings, etc.

                    The key is to build up the immune system with the above mentioned.

                  • I take a multivitamin and mineral every day. I am a big guy so I take one about every 12 hours as each capsule represents the MINIMUM daily requirement for an average man. I also take garlic, pomegranate, ginger root, turmeric, cinnamon, and additional vitamin C as it is water soluble and will exit the body if not used.

                    I snack on cashews and almonds, carrots, and broccoli. I eat potatoes with iodized salt, bananas, apples and other alkaline foods. I drink distilled water with lemon cuts in it, and coffee or tea with as little sugar as possible to eliminate the bitterness. If I have a burger I make sure its with onions, tomatoes, and ketchup. Ketchup is a vegetable ya know? If I eat chicken I make sure it’s honey BBQ wings. 🙂

                    I NEVER have any cravings for soda, chocolate, cake, or any sweets. Apple pie is my worst snack. If you are eating the right foods with good nutrition and necessary supplements, you will not have a craving.

                    That said, I have to remember to take some semi-sweet dark chocolate, dates, and honey from time to time. 🙂

                  • My daily intake–calcium/magnesium, D3, fish oil, garlic, cayenne, ginger, and turmeric.
                    Hemp oil at night.

                  • Oh, I have honey and cinnamon in my daily oatmeal!! 🙂

                • Lanolin?

                • Whoever told you this was an uninformed dunce. It’s all made up and untrue. Some of you folks on here are so gullible that you are going to kill yourselves with some of these homegrown concoctions….

              • BI,
                you got it ! those are most of the key vits. that will keep you healthy from normal known bacs. and virals, antibacterials just use as a LAST resort as they tear down as much or more than they fix! you don’t need BIG pharma they are only good for the stock investors

              • Hi, BI.
                Just an update on anti-bacterial soap: scientific/medical community beginning to think that anti-bacterial soap is increasing resistance in bacteria, a lot like antibiotic resistance. So, recommendations are to wash well with soap and water, which is a mechanical process that does not induce resistance.

          • Silver kills over 600 different nasties.
            Colloidal and ionic silver can be made at home.
            There are several do-it-yourself colloidal silver generators on the market for relatively little cost.
            Consider it an investment…
            And if you are the only kid on the mountain making colloidal silver, you get to be the next ‘Medicine Man (or Woman)’.
            How’s that for a barterable skill?

            • SS, this stuff is pure and dangerous quackery…..

              • Love those folks that make sweeping statements without backup…there is a quotation in the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” 3rd Ed. p 570 attributed to Herbert Spencer [debatable] which reads:

                “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

                • RN,
                  Here’s a quote for you… Better for you to be thought a fool than to start writing your nonsense and remove all doubt….

              • Colloidal silver isn’t quackery. Do a bit of research. Been using that to treat infections like pink eye and steep throat for years. Also as a topical substitute for antibiotic creams. Tea tree oil (and oregano oil) are excellent disinfectants. My youngest son had something he picked up in the yard burrowing into his foot, chigger As i recall. Took him to doctor and they prescribed a course of antibiotics. When pressed the doc said it really just needed something to kill the bug. Put tea tree oil on the point of entry for a few days and it was gone. Antibiotics would have cleared it up too, but 10 days supply was a bit expensive, plus those “wonder drugs” kill ALL gut flora, diminishing the immune system for weeks/months afterwards. No downside to a more natural approach.

                FYI, think about this: why do some manufacturers embed silver as their antiseptic of choice in consumer products? Because it works and has zero negative side effects. 100 years ago, silver was THE antibiotic, until it became profitable to start making/selling the current crop. you cannot patent something from nature, so you make something up and denigrate the natural alternative. Good job drinking the big pharma kool-aide. Does it taste good?

                • Tomas, you are the one who needs to do some research. Before the advent of antibiotics and modern medicine people died, that’s right they died from simple treatable diseases. It’s strange that your silver solution didn’t save a damn one of these folks….

                • Everyone of you dunces that are against modern medicine will be lined up at the doctor’s office the minute you get really sick. I know your type and have read all of your quackery crap about how your natural remedies all work so well. But when the real illnesses and problems come you all always run to the nearest clinic, doctor, or hospital to get a big gulp of that big pharma kool aid because you know it is all that really works…..

          • OutWest.

            There will be a shortage of medical supplies, besides medicines. You would be surprised how many people do not own a simple first aid kit. Do not know how to apply bandages. The amount of bandages used to keep the wounds clean and to reapply fresh ointments to heal and prevent infection. In the case of antibiotics internally the only solution is colloidal silver that can be replenished readily by yourself. I know of no drug interaction.
            Those who use the outdoors, far away from civilization, should have First Aid Training. In my hunting camp, I am the Field Medic. “Dr. Frankenstien” at first but they have come to trust me for the small injuries. I have Red Cross and Military Training. I want to thank all those who provided the Homeopathic side of medicine for I have copied them for future use.
            Of all the injuries to encounter the worst is a non bleeding puncture wound for it leaves infectious agents deep inside the wound and is almost impossible to completely clean. Tetnus and blood poisoning. Internal Antibiotics for this is a must have. Gangrene and Flesh eating microbes is serious. Know your medicines and all their possible uses. Simple aspirin for aches and pain,joint swelling, can be use for heart attacks and prevention of blood clots. Not to be use where bleeding is excessive or internal. It is a blood thinner.
            Snake bites, spider bites, scorpion sting, bee stings, ticks and chiggers can ruin your day. Extended periods without bathing or change of clothes can cause jock itch, athletes foot and butt hole irritation.
            Identify, Prevention and Treatment are important.
            Medical is one area that is not covered enough.

            • Get Started with Life-Saving Medical Supplies for $50

              The items in this first section can be purchased over the counter for around $50, provided you penny-pinch! Look to dollar stores and sales, or big-box stores who sell for less.

              The basic list helps combat the top killers, globally, which are as follows:
              •Upper Respiratory Infection–leading to pneumonia
              •Diarrhea—leading to dehydration
              •Wounds—Leading to Blood Loss & Infection

              List #1
              Build Your Medical Supplies: Just the Basics
              •Apple Cider Vinegar (Yeast infection, stomach upset and more)
              •Ibuprofen (Fever reducer & helps to control inflammation)
              •Children’s Fever Reducer
              •Tylenol (Fever reducer)
              •Benadryl (Treatment for nausea, insomnia, allergy)
              •Penlight Flashlight (To check for sore throat & pupil dilation with head trauma)
              •Surgical Tape
              •Feminine Pads (Can also be used as economical bandaging for larger wounds)
              •Mucinex (Helps reduce upper respiratory infection & the chance of pneumonia)
              •Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Helps to control infection of wounds)
              •Hydrocortisone Cream (For treatment of rashes, poison oak and poison ivy, etc.)
              •Butt Paste (Treatment for chafing)
              •Non-latex Examination Gloves (Helps to avoid cross-contamination)
              •Instant Cold Packs (4inch X 4inch Sterile Gauze Pads
              •Band Aids—Get plenty in assorted sizes!
              •Non-Adherent Sterile Pads (Both Sterile to protect wounds and larger to wrap wounds)
              •Isopropyl Alcohol
              •Hydrogen Peroxide (For cleaning wounds and can be used as a gargle for tooth abscess)
              •Bragg Used for relief of sprains)
              •Thermometer–Both Adult and Children
              •Ace Wraps

              continued at…
              Survive the Coming Collapse dot com

            • Learn about the medicinal uses of herbs and other plants.

              Plantain is a weed with many medicinal uses, that grows in many places. It can be used to treat snake bites, bee stings, spider bites and even severe blood poisoning. Learn to recognize it.

              Off the Grid News (direct link below) has a series of articles about plants with medicinal uses. Type in “medicinal use” in the search bar. A number of common plants and information will come up.

          • There are very few prescription drugs that are dangerous to take after the labelled expiration dates, but DOXYCYCLINE is one of them. When your doxy has expired, replace it and do not use the expired Rx,

        • Good idea, we’ll just eat some organic okra and gluten-free bagels and be immune to typhus and cholera.

          • I read the CNBC web page from front to back and the huffpo every day. I figgure swallowing that load of B.S. every day has got to strengthen my immune system.

            But yeah Smokey, I’m with you on this one. When I. Get anthrax I plan to be helped by cipro etc. And not rely on my immune system training regimen.

        • Yes being in the medical field. It is best to completely
          avoid anti biotic unless they are TRULEY NEEDED! because you will build immunity to them. Then they wont do any thing for you.

          • YOU will build immunity to them? That doesn’t sound quite right.

            • Bacteria in your body will develop resistance (“immunity”) to antibiotics if you use them indiscriminantly, especially to treat conditions like flu, which are viral (not bacterial) and which will not respond to antibiotics.

              In other words, it is the bacteria who build “immunity” to antibiotics. The larger the infection, the more bacteria there are. The longer you treat with a given antibiotic, the greater the chance for the bacteria to become resistant. It is a numbers game.

              mathematically: # of bacteria x the length of exposure to antibiotics = the chance of the bacteria developing resistance.

              Having said that, it is important to have enough antibiotics on hand to complete a full course of treatment for a bacterial infection. Initially, the antibiotics will kill off (or prevent from multiplying)the susceptible bacteria. You may get a 99% eradication and think that the infection has been cured, and therefore tempted to stop the antibiotic early.

              But stopping an antibiotic early is the problem. The last 1% that have not been killed by the antibiotic are then left to resume the infection, and before long, the number of resistant bacteria have multiplied back to the original number, but this time all the bacteria are of the resistant type. So the second time around the infection is much more difficult to treat.

              In summary, be sure of whether you need to use antibiotics, and know with a high degree of probability the type of infection you have so you can match with the proper type of antibiotic, but if they are needed/indicated, be sure to follow through with a complete course of therapy to be sure every last bacteria has been reasonably eradicated.

              Often this involves making sure that any infected wound has been cleaned, irrigated, debrided (dead or infected tissue physically cut out with a scalpel or scissors)as thoroughly as possible as the baseline treatment, preferably leaving the wound open to drain (covered with sterile dressings of course), leaving antibiotics as complimentary treatment.

        • Poor advise. While under the best of conditions, a healthy immune system will handle almost anything, the compromise of even the best fit people by constant chemtrails, environmental pollution, not to mention stress, lack of sanitation, disease during SHTF, and finally exposure to NBC will kill ANYONE. Proper medical supplies, and knowledge of protocol, not to mention the hand of God, are NECESSARY to survive what is coming. Get a clue.

        • That’s nice, except you can’t build an immunity to typhus.

        • AJ-

          What the world desperately needs…is a global/mass-broadcasting of a vaccine, to immunize “Western Civilization” from its headlong dive into depravity, communism, then PURE HELL.
          It must be focused against the predatory practices, lies & manifold soul destroying EVILS, propagated by your fellow tribesmen & their gentile sellouts($$$)!

          FYI, the serum is called..truth!

          Sadly, our problem is, its “slow acting” to a degree.

          GOD willing, its intellectual & soul cleansing properties will prevail one day.

          P.S.> –(nothing personal, you understand!)–

        • If you are allergic to penicillin these don’t matter anyway. Have the right vitimins and herbs to help you. Also MMS with help. If you are not allergic to penicillin go to the pet store and start buying the fish and water cleaners. These products are penicillian just sold under diferent names. Just saying, way cheaper than a script or setting off red flags to cvs or the feds for buying all these pills.

        • You are right. The best gift you can give your children is let them get dirty and eat the occasional mouthful of mud. Start them out when they are knee-walkers and their immune system will thank you for the rest of their lives.

          Give them a wide variety (the Biblical, “all things in moderation” approach) diet so their bodies will have the nutrients they need to do what God made our bodies able to do when we need them to do it.

          Raise up a child in the way he should go…..

      2. If shtf, I would think some Xanax wouldn’t hurt and some flowers…

        Puff puff pass

        • Just roll the spleif man, a bomber a day keeps the anxiety at bay!

      3. Yup…


        • Y’all,

          Sorry, guess I should add that I have what will be needed already.

          Kind of had this completed a couple of years ago… 🙂

          Now we just keep current.

          All the Vet places (net) keep all this stuff. 🙂

          Y’all play nice.

          hillbilly SC

          • Doxy is on back order and when it does come available the price is up 600%

      4. While I agree doxycycline is very important. Unfortunately the price has skyrocketed due to a shortage.

      5. According to my research and medical personnel I’ve consulted, doxycycline can become toxic after the expiration date. The other antibiotics loose their potency but are still safe. Freezing increases their shelf life, but people should take note of how long they have, once thawed, before doxy expires!

        It would also be smart to print up detailed information on each drug like specific conditions they treat, suggested dosage amounts, and how to handle allergic reactions.

        • And during my research, I discovered amoxicillin affects illnesses the same as Cipro.
          I have amoxicillin.

        • The devil is in the detail. To be told that fish antibiotics can be used and knowing how to use them is two different things. The literature for the proper dosage, frequency and durations of usage for humans doesn’t come with the fish antibiotics. I suggest to buy the antibiotics that you have the literature for.

          I have “The Survival Medicine Handbook” it has listed some of the fish antibiotics, what they are useful for and their dosage. I will not stock meds without knowing how to use them.

          • Sage advice…I couldn’t agree more,good that someone pointed this out!

          • Speaking of the devil…….nice of you to promote fish antibiotics. First of all fish is not an antibiotic. #2 The fish is all contaminated by radiation and all the spraying of chemicals in the sky. And you know it.

            • Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He He Ho Ho Ho Ho, good one.

          • Speaking of the devil, you know perfectly well that the fish is contaminated from the radiation from Fukishima and also from all the chemical spraying on us from the sky. Real nice of you.

        • “””According to my research and medical personnel I’ve consulted, doxycycline can become toxic after the expiration date”””

          Your research is wrong, and the medical field is taught misinformation to make sure the patients throw it out and buy more.

          There was a problem with the way it was manufactured in the EARLY 60’s, but that was long ago corrected and it is now perfectly safe after the expiration date.

          Here is one of many links you can find to verify this

          http REMOVE THIS ://

      6. So, to get them you have to know a fucking doctor.

        • No–I got amoxicillin from Thomas Laboratories.

          • exactly. Tetracycline, amoxicillin, penicillin, you can get them all cheap and without a prescription at any aquarium or pet place, like petco.

            Already been doing that for years.

          • Thanks much JayJay-

        • Actually, maybe not. I recently read that many over the counter fish antibiotics are produced in the same drug production facilities as their human counterparts…only the label and packaging are distinct. Cipro is Cipro is Cipro…

          More here:

          • Fish have extremely sensitive systems. They require the same purity in their meds and humans.

            Other animal meds are NOT as pure. Canine and feline systems are heartier therefore their meds are allowed more impurities. Stay away from them for human consumption!

            • In a pinch, I’ll brave the minimal impurities to save my life. By impurities, they usually mean a buffer that might make your stomach queasy or something like that—unless it comes from China—then it might kill you.

        • Who want the girls in the ads on this page?

          • The one in the green dress is my favorite

            • Yea, cutey, the one in the red dress looks like my girlfried though, at first i had to look twice, almost gave me a heartatack

              • Know what you mean, Kula. Everytime I scroll past the bodacious boobs I go back in time for a brief moment when nice t & a were on my steady menu.

                The little woman still has nice firm boobs @ 50 but her ass has got dunlop disease. Oh well, looks aren’t everything.

          • The only girl on the page I see is Miley Cyrus. Good luck, you’ll need more than penicillin to cure whatever she gives you. Yeech.

        • Doxycycline is a Tetracycline. You can get Tetracycline powder at Tractor Supply under the brand name Durvet Duramycin. 10 grams per 6.4oz package. That’s (20) 500mg doses for $5.99. They also carry liquid Penicillins, which can be substituted for Amoxicillin, which is the primary ingredient in Augmentin. You can walk into TSC or any feed store and buy with stuff without a script. They won’t ask you a thing and if they do, just tell them you’re picking this up for your brother’s goat’s and that’s what the Vet told him. End of discussion. You can also pick up cheap hypodermic needles and syringes. Get a handful of 3ml syringes and some 20 or 21 gauge needles or something close. If you want a real resource, find a Vet or someone with animals who medically cares for them and ask them. Good luck.

          • You need to be careful using tetracycline. It cannot be used in pregnancy and it can damage the teeth, especially in children.
            Also, most liquid antibiotics do not last for very long. They are much more stable if powdered or tablets.

      7. Some great tips, thanks Dr. Eifrig! Also not to be overlooked are simple things you can buy NOW without a prescription or loads of money. Like?

        – Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol. Kills germs on contact. Get it. Costco/Sams have it by the case for a good price. WalGreens has 91% Isopropyl which is even stronger.

        -Hand Sanitizer. Also a must have. Same as above.

        -Nitrile medical gloves. Avoid latex if possible since some are allergic and they are not as strong. GEt the right sizes for you hands or even one size larger.

        -Band-Aids, compresses, New Skin and Neosporin.
        -Distilled water
        -Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. You can alternate taking them which is a good idea anyways so you don’t kill your liver.

        Others can chime in on the other major things I left out. ; )

        • Socrates, great suggestions. If I can’t get those antibiotics over-the-counter, then forget it. I avoid doctors like HIV. I’m not on any medications, period. I take some vitamin D3 every morning and haven’t even had flu in 4 years. I believe I’ll make it just fine. braveheart

          • braveheart

            you’re tougher than rawhide anyway, pardner…..

            But I believe we will see a black market economy
            emerge that outstrips any growth industry on the
            exchange today.

            Buy stock if black markets ever become an IPO. HA!

          • braveheart: Great…..and you’re sterile too. No little bravehearts.

        • Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen…

          My research said Naproxen is easier on your liver and stomach.

          • Don’t take Naproxen on an empty stomach!
            Learned that the hard way!


            • Or Ibuprofin! Tylenol doesn’t trash your stomach as badly, but high doses can kill your liver. I have to take something every day, and I find that Naproxen is the least damaging. Doctor agrees.

              • I have to use a cocktail of naproxen and Extra Strength Tylenol to keep the chronic pain from my neck in check. And with winter coming, I am going to be one miserable bastard. Cold and humidity make it hurt even more…

                Take note, folks, don’t go around breaking your neck. Even of you’re still breathing aftewards (miracle) and no paralyzed (major miracle) you’ll be in for a world of pain you’ll be stuck with until your last breath.

                • I’m right there with ya, CV. I’m a cervical injury survivor too.

                • 3 major back surgeries here titanium brackets in my lower back and the dr told me he stopped counting herniated dics after he got to 10 no the feeling quit well Canadian Vet its a rough sport lol. Since I am new to prepping I am now holding back on my pain meds I only take half of what I am suppose to per day so at least if something happens I will have some to wean myself off so I don’t go through with drawl from them.

                • Have you seen a chiropractor by any chance?

                • To Canadian Vet:
                  Have you seen a chiropractor by any chance? Some are much better than others. Just checking.
                  Mine was great but he’s back in the New England states.

            • Doesn’t bother me.

              • That sounds so crude–it was in response to upset stomach using Naproxen.

        • Add the most basic superglue for cuts and scrapes! 3M had some for sale a couple years ago, it has since disappeared though. Works far better than any bandage!
          Standing ready in Daytona

        • Those are great suggestions, but from what I’ve read rubbing alcohol on an open wound damages the tissues and slows the healing, which is an invitation for re-infection.

          • True – it would be OK to clean the wound initially with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, but repeated daily use will cause a bigger wound.

        • Good post Socrates……If I may add, I was told by a dermatologist to use POLYSPORIN on open wound since Neosporin can cause severe contact dermatitis.

      8. I heard a crisis talk show program a few months ago that recommended — since antibiotics require hard-to-get prescriptions — that survival planners could order pet antibiotics and keep them on hand. Is that feasible, or dangerous?

        • The pet antibiotics are identical to human antibiotics. The capsules have the exact same colors and numbers, which by law means they are identical.

        • Are the same meds, just get friendly with a vet,

          • i had major dental done in 2012 every week for about 4 months filled the amoxacillin and pane pill scripts everytime but never took any of them i have an ass load of both ,i wonder what the shelf life is

            • Lower40,

              Just do what we do.

              I vacuum pack them and place in the bottom of the spare fridge. The army did a study awhile back and wanted to know how long the med’s they have will still be good. (look on the web for the results.) But some are still are useable for up to 15 years.

              But, like others have said, the tetracycline and doxy/any of the ‘cyclines do become toxic with time. I would keep them like I do for 18 to 24 months past the date and them replace them.

              I ordered mine from the vet supply websites. (Bunch of them, just check the prices and make sure they are from Thomas Lab’s.)

              Good luck…

              Y’all enjoy the weekend. 🙂

              hillbilly SC

        • I agree with Archivist. I have an 800 page prescription and over-the-counter book that has pics of all the drugs.

          I have compared the online fish antibiotics I get with the book and the only ones I got that did not match I trashed. They were from the far east.

          Best to buy pet antibiotics from a reputable source such as Thomas Labs.

      9. A relatively small purchase that could save the life of a loved one or yourself when faced with disease or infection.

      10. ….and then what? After your thawed 6-12 months, then what?

        This goes hand-in-hand with my conversation with my better half today. Topic was rye, wheat, oats, and could we recognize them if we needed to in plant form? BECAUSE at some point the stored provisions WILL run out, whether medicines or foods…and then what?

        • That is why you buy non-gmo seed, plant it, harvest some grain, harvest some seed for the next planting. Never plant all your seed in case of drought, disease, etc. Practice growing and harvesting herbs for remedies. Research now and become knowledgable before it is too late. Tip 1: Peppermint is great for sinus pressure and headache. We use peppermint oil now and it works wonders!

          • But there’s more than just planting something you were lucky enough to still have — you could grow all the grains in the world and still not know why your kids are dying.

            There is storage of the grains and the inherent molds, etc., that go with them such as aflatoxin.

            “Aflatoxin is a fungal toxin that commonly contaminates maize and other types of crops during production, harvest, storage or processing. Exposure to aflatoxin is known to cause both chronic and acute hepatocellular injury. “…CDC

            Did you know corn can only be ingested fully and nutrients absorbed with the addition of lime (older cultures got it from ash) … otherwise you can have real problems.

            “Nixtamalization typically refers to a process for the preparation of maize (corn), or other grain, in which the grain is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution, usually limewater, and hulled.”

            “In the United States, European settlers did not always adopt the nixtamalization process, except in the case of hominy grits, though maize became a staple among the poor of the southern states. This led to endemic pellagra in poor populations throughout the southern US in the early 20th century.[4] Fortification of wheat flour, the other staple food, essentially has eliminated this deficiency”

            AND what if you have no STORED seed left?

            Read an interesting article about a family called the Lykovs in Russia…lived in the Russian wilderness for 40 years…actually got down to their last 9 kernels of grain and had to decide whether to eat them or plant them. Children had never eaten bread. Google them — interesting read — that’s survival.

        • ISC: Two words: wheat grass. 🙂

          • DK: That’s hysterical!! Now where did I put my ELECTRIC Juicer and the other three compartments of my stomachs? LOL!!…

            But don’t forget: “In addition, wheatgrass may develop mold around the lower part of the shoots that may not be healthy for consumption, according to Meyerowitz. Eating wheat grass on an empty stomach may cause nausea in some individuals.”….(thanks to Glenda Taylor, Demand Media)

        • @InsanityISContagious, I have a couple of herb boxes that are 3’x8′ and I have planted in them culinary and medicinal herbs. I also have medicinal herbs and local edible wild plants around my property that I’ve encouraged to grow. They look like weeds and they are not in a cultivated plot.

          • The neighbor has 5 cats who think the plantable plots are their litter boxes. I have to use planters with screens on them.

            Anybody know how to keep cats from shitting and pissing in my dirt? (short of shooting/killing them)

            • I strongly recomend killing the cats. A house cat isn’t native to north America. they destroy a lot of birds. they also carry a lot of harmful diseases. Spinal meningitis is one of them. if someone wants a cat they need to keep it indoors. I kill every free roaming cat I can

              • Maybe I should shoot the irresponsible owner and find the cats a decent home…

                • SP: We have had the same problem with neighborhood cats.

                  But we figured out a simple solution: Cats are like bugs and other animals…give them one thing to focus on and they leave the rest of your stuff alone.

                  Cats are trained to poop in a box (the NOT wild ones). so we left one BIG planter empty except for dirt and some of their poop in it (so they would be scented back to the right container) and that’s the one the neighborhood cats would use. Would occasionally trowel it out. It’s really no big deal at all….(no, we don’t own cats).

                  • The problem with your idea is, feral cats don’t use litter boxes anymore. They don’t generally have a box.

                    Secondly, cats are pretty finicky. Sometimes they won’t use the same place as other cats, they want their own private space. Cats are territorial.

                    Thanks for the advice, but it’s pretty obvious that you don’t own cats.

              • God is going to get you. Animal or not, it’s murder.
                You’re not killing cats to eat (because you have no food).
                You are murdering innocent animals. I’m sure God has a particular place for you and I doubt it will be with him.

                It is said kill by the sword and you will die by the sword. I hope you go by the same implement you use on the cats and by the same method.

                People like you need to be arrested and kept in a cage.

                • Yeah, killing the cats was never an option for me. They didn’t have a choice to be dragged here and then abandoned to fen for themselves. I blame the person who brought them here. I do not agree with her blatant disregard for life and if I had it my way, she’d be sitting in a jail cell until she could come out and not hurt anything or anyone else.

                  I have absolutely NO tolerance for animal abuse.

              • How many people do you know that contracted bacterial or protozoal menigitis from a cat? You might as well never leave your house (unless out hunting cats) because there is greater chance of being hit by something falling from the sky.

            • I let my chickens free range and so I have to have all my gardens fenced off from those critters. They are relentless hunters and will scratch up/dig up everything.

            • Trap and release. Just release far away so they cant find their way back or shoot them which ever suits you. Killing them is the more humane thing to do .My neighbors cat kept spraying our garage thought there was only one cat turns out there were two spraying it. Last straw was when one sprayed our luggage when we were packing the car for a trip. Folks..remember to neuter your male cats. There is not much worse than luggage full of cat spray!

              • If you want to use non-lethal pqwersuasion, this is how to do it. Grab a handful of your oldest .22lr ammo. Remove the bullets and dump the powder out. (save both for future use) Take the plastic airsoft pellets (available everywhere) and hand-seat into the case mouth. Now you have a hyper-velocity air soft pellet that has minimal penetration to ‘persuade’ the felines to mosey on down the road. You will need to experiment to see how much ‘bullet’ drop at whatever distance you are getting. Regardless, be careful of ricochets. Those little buggers z-i-n-g. Now go out there and get zingin’!

                • I’ve got a wrist rocket (slingshot) and some 10mm pea gravel…I just can’t get out there fast enough to catch the little devils. Maybe I’ll get some of that spray, “kitty no”, the stuff that keeps cats off of the furniture, and use it around the perimeter of the plot.

              • Feliway spray can deter cats from spraying.

            • put moth balls around your dirt,cats hate it.

              • That sounds okay, depending on what it does to the soil. It will defeat the effort if whatever I do ruins the soil for planting.

            • try some balled up alum. foil in the boxes. and snap type mouse traps.

            • A product called “Stay Away from my Garden” will help with cats and produce thieves like deer and raccoons. Where we live I’d say just go with the screens- they protect against a variety of scourges.

        • And then…. it is all over. One blows one’s brains out.

          Facts be known I have concluded that if and when this all falls apart I have no desire to live in the crap world that comes next. I have no desire to fight off people for food, or hoard food from starving people, or have no easy access to food and supplies.

          Other people can do what they want, thye can hide out and shoot people etc etc etc but I like the world I have lived in for 40 years and when it goes away I don’t want to slowly dwindle into a crap existence.

          If it ever gets as bad as people say, it is never coming back, why should I stick around?

          My only “after it ends supply kit” is made up of 3 canisters of helium and an over the head bag kit that will help me painlessly leave this place. Look up suicide kit, exit bag, helium, something like that.

          • And in case the helium exit bag does not work, my trusty shot gun will do the trick. Just be sure to not shoot out the back of your throat, SHOOT UP into your brain. Blow your brains up and out.

            Hopefully things will not fall apart, but if they do, you all can have it, because I am not sticking around to merely exist in that crap world. I want to LIVE not just exist. Id rather be dead thna simply exist.

            • How about going out taking some bad guys with you? All your post is about me, me, me.

              It might be tough for a while until things settle down. But there won’t be a huge government and bureaucracy to support.

              Those that survive will be living self sufficient lifestyles and 100% of their effort will be going to them and their families. Not 50% eaten up in taxes.

              The survivors will be creative and unburdened by an overbearing government with huge restrictions.

              Imagine, no more welfare!!!!

            • I think the people that subscribe to this website have to much SELF RESPECT to simply blow their brains out I feel sorry for you.

              • Who do you think you are to judge anyone for their mental well-being? Maybe to a lot of people here mental health is one of these namby-pamby touchy-feely “progressive” BS but for others it is a very real, very painful part of their lives.

                I for one have been struggling with PTSD for years. Has suicide crossed my mind? You have no idea how often. Have I made attempts? Yes.

                Because sometimes, you truly, honestly feel like that is the only way to end the pain, the fear, the doubts, the shame and everything else that goes with it.

                So speaking just for myself, FUCK YOU and your pity. Try some fucking respect for those who go through things you can’t possibly understand or even imagine in your worst fucking nightmare.

                • Canadian Vet: Pretty much everybody on this planet has thought of suicide at one time or another as the result of sorrow…and the parts of life that totally suck…we’d be lying if we denied it.

                  Got one Vietnam veteran in the house and one person with an incurable, painful, life-shortening disease, so we get where you are coming from. The one (and sometimes ONLY) thing that keeps us going? Thinking, “Well, made it this far…why bail now? We’re not going to quit at the 5-yard line.”

                  So, CV, whether it matters to you or not, we stand with you, brother.

                • Try some respect yourself, scroll down to +/- 96 adds and maybe you’ll see some of my nightmare.

                • Sorry to hear that CV
                  But yes you are right, MANY folks struggle with personal demons, and they should not be marginalized. Selco talks about that in his course and his blog, most people have no idea the horrors that await them if or when the SHTF, and many people have already experienced stuff that will haunt them for the rest of their days. Is sad but true,

                • Canadian Vet: Have the meds checked by someone you know; a nurse, doc, pharmacist but not the V.A.
                  Many meds have suicidal chemicals in them. I’ll bet that’s what’s doing it. Many antidepressants have it in them, by design. Perhaps you need to get off them altogether. Then rebuild your immune system because deficiencies can cause suicidal tendencies also. Lots of sleep too.

                  A person I knew had hallucinogens in hers and had to get meds without it. They have it. Don’t let them deceive you.

            • Mr McCoy, a lot of city folks and the pampered will be right there with you. You will have plenty of company. You could take the opportunity to seperate yourself from the pack. There was that asteroid cult that put on purple gowns, took some poison and went to meet the space ship. They had style, will you? You could use that helium to fill weather balloons and fly high in the air then leap off with a swan dive, jack knife double gainer with a full twist while wearing an Elvis outfit. Use some creativity.

          • Hold on there Jim Bob McCoy.

            The future is not set in stone. Somebody loves you and you may be the person that makes the difference in OUR DARKEST HOUR. TPTP want you to feel helpless and worthless. Seek out others to help you along. One other person can make the difference. I wish I could reach thru this screen and shake you hand. We are the One Percenters! I don’t think you will give up, otherwise you would not be reading here.

            • Somebody asked a question “and then what?” I gave an answer and some advice/tips about a painless and/or sure easy way to end the suffering whne it all goers to shit… AND THIS SITE DOWN VOTES THE SHIT OUT OF MY COMMENTS/ADVICE?

              That tells me lot about you closed minded folks who DREAM you know it all, and so sure you are 100% correct, you are fooling yourselves.

              You ALL dream your 1 years worth of supplies will make it all OK? AND AFTER THE SUPPLIES THE RUN OUT!!!?? THEN WHAT??

              • I have read one too many times people on this site say that they would beg borrow steal rob plunder murder anything it takes to survive, some would even resort to cannibalism. Doing those things makes you no better than wild animals and you are disgusting, NOT HUMAN.

                I would rather die a self respecting human than do inhuman things and then die anyway after doing those things.

                Maybe some of you have no conscience, but I do.

                • We are all going to die at some point anyway, and probably soon, probably within 10 years or maybe 20-30. NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, no matter how much you prep.

                  I will die with a clear conscience.

                  I do not fear death.

                • We all have a line in the sand and, where we draw that line is up to each of us.

                  Draw your line anywhere you like. Join the club.

      11. And to think that 70% of ALL Americans are presently on at least one prescription drug and 50% are on at least two, or more.

        They’re going to be in a heap of trouble when they can’t renew their prescriptions. I doubt that any of these four will help the majority of them.


        • Exactly. Ditch the drugs. Learn to live without them.

          If you’ll die without them, I suppose it would be okay to stock up. But if you can live without them, it’s best to get rid of them.

          Learn herbal medicine, things that will be available when the SHTF. Learn the chemistry to synthesize certain products without an electrical grid or modern technology if necessary.

          We can’t rely on bottled products or pills forever, the supply WILL run out if the SHTF.

          • Since 2005 I have right in front of me watched four people die. From natural causes and old age. Congenital heart failure was listed on the DC.
            But what we noticed all of them included was they were so flipping medicated it wasn’t funny. I’m talking about a gallon ziplock bag of meds. My dad was on so many with different times and schedules once a day, twice a day, with food, without food, by mouth, by injection, in the morning, noon, evening it was nuts.
            The load of meds seemed to be the bigger problem coupled with the critical scheduling.
            In all four cases hospice was attending. Most of those people were pretty good. They could look and give you an estimation nearly to the hour. However though, if you are down and you see a big bag of morphine drip hung besides you, your close.
            My wife and I have discussed this in depth and have agreed to avoid medication as long as possible. Once you start, it doesn’t seem to stop, and gets bigger, maybe for a reason.

            • hammer run your correct anythime some one goes on drug,s they are on them for the remainder of their days.

            • Also beware of the visiting nurses. They aren’t as helpful as appears on the surface. I know personally someone wasn’t dying fast enough to suit them and they tried to get me to withhold water and food from the dying person, saying to me, “why prolong her death, she’s dying anyway”? I said, THAT IS MURDER!
              I put them in their place verbally and I told them that God will decide the hour, the minute and the second she dies. Not you and not me. So they didn’t try that again. I had to watch them real close after that. I never left them alone with her where I was unable to see what they were doing at all times.
              Previously they put the dying person on hallucinogen pain meds. Luckily the dying person told me that she was seeing things and what she was seeing. I made the VISITING NURSE call and immediately change the meds to something with no hallucinogens. Then the patient stopped hallucinating (seeing people that weren’t there).

              The person I was caring for died in 2 weeks time (1 week after those blasted nurses wanted her to die) but it still wasn’t fast enough for the Visiting nurses and their associated Visiting nurses helpers. Why? They wanted to murder her but I was in the way. So they conspired to try to get me to commit the MURDER. I refused.

              You are very smart and intelligent to notice what is going on. Now you can look a little deeper and see what is really going on.

              Also, that drip might have something final in it if you catch my drift (you would never know). …to make it murder. These people may be put to sleep permanently with something added to that drip or injected into the line after the drip is set up. It can be done when you aren’t there.

              Hospices and Visiting Nurses need to be watched constantly. Beware!

              • I don’t trust hospitals. My mother lives across country from me, and had a heart attack with double bypass. After I had to go back home to care for my kids, they moved her into a recovery area that is like a nursing home facility to get her some PT and moving again.

                One night she called me crying and said that she had to go to the bathroom really bad and that when she called a nurse to help her get up to go, the nurse told her to go on ahead and pee the bed, and that she would come back and change her! Mom said she kept trying to call for another nurse and no one would respond to her. So she went on ahead and went, and waited for 2 hours for a nurse to respond to her and help change her out of her clothes and bedding.

                They were also withholding sufficient water from her even though her doctor said for her to drink to thirst.

                Needless to say I was on a plane and back out there going face to face with these people.

                • My best friend in the world just died last year of kidney failure. When he went in they said he’d last a year…he died 13 months later. I often wondered how many nursing homes have psychics on the staff…my guess is NONE.

                  I’ll always believe they banned me from seeing him, so he couldn’t tell me what they were doing anymore. I will always be3lieve they “helped” him just a little too much.

                  ANSWER: Don’t trust the life of anyone you care about to strangers.

              • Specially under the new O-CARE to reduce the overall cost. Darn..Sara Palin called it the death panel 5 years ago. Too bad she was running with the dinosaur.

            • Yes, Hammerun…and could that reason be BIG PHARMA???

          • High blood pressure medications: You may not really need them.

            Here’s what happened to me.

            Without going into detail, suffice it to say that by the time I get to the Dr’s office, I’m highly stressed and have over-exerted myself physically to get there. Of course my blood pressure would be very high. Any normal person’s would be.

            They take your blood pressure long before it can settle down, and THAT is the reading the enter into your record. THAT is the reading they use to calculate your medications.

            I started getting suspicious when the blood pressure monitor I bought for home was getting significantly lower readings than the Dr’s office. They calibrated my unit for me, but the readings were still way off.

            I started asking for a second reading, right before I left the office. Every single time, the same person who took my first reading, immediately referred to my chart before retaking my blood pressure. The readings were very close to the first one, every single time.

            The next time I asked for a second reading, I waived a different aid into the room and asked her to retake my blood pressure. She bawked at first but I insisted. She started to go read my chart first, but I stopped her.

            I made her take my blood pressure the second time, without advanced knowledge of what the earlier reading had been. Guess what? It was a whole lot closer to the more normal readings I had gotten at home.

            I’m not implying dishonesty on the part of the aids. What I think happens is this:

            When you are trained to do something like taking vitals, and have done it so many times, it is assumed your readings are accurate. You are after all, a trained professional. I think for that reason, there is a subconscious urge to trust and then match your previous reading, because it has already been considered “accurate”.

            When a second person refers to the previous reading, the urge there is to not make them look like they are sloppy or incompetent and, to trust that their reading must be accurate. In both scenarios, the second reader tends to want to match to original, “correct” reading.

            Having taken possibly a thousand blood pressure readings myself, I can attest to you that it is pretty easy to make the readings match, without even realizing it. The reading comes down to deciding when the thumping of the heart beats has started at a certain audible level, and when it has tapered off to a certain audible level, and is decided to be no longer meaningfully audible.

            It’s all a matter of opinion, really. There is nothing scientific or constant about it, unless you’re using an automated, mechanical system.

            In conclusion, I made my doctor tell me how to ween myself off of the meds that I really don’t need. I only hope there hasn’t been any permanent damage after having been on them for over 3 years.

            LESSON: Beware of human error—both intentional and not.

            • i just had the same experience. after getting a high reading (i was psyched up for some “how many guns in your house?” questions from a new doctor)

              she said, “that was high. let’s do it again”. so of course, it was high again, because I was freaking out.

              so they had me come in a 1x a week for two weeks. each time it was lower (because I quit caffeine and carbs)
              still got a call that I am being “advised” to go on HBP meds even though my last reading was only a little high, even though my asthama inhaler says right on it that it causes BP spikes.

              really. no mention that maybe a little weight loss, less caffeine and some exercise might be beneficial? (maybe she was afraid of offending me?)

              got a home BP monitor.
              it notes that you should NOT be leaning back while taking it, not within 30 minutes of eating, drinking or exercising, and no crossed legs.

              remember this if anyone takes your BP again.

              • Also never talk while getting your blood pressure taken. Talking causes it to rise. It really bothers me how many nurses will ask questions while taking blood pressures and this greatly increases the chance of a high reading.

              • Figment: Excellent. Thank you.

                Also don’t drink coffee or hot chocolate or soda or chocolate candy, cakes etc. before going for your appointment. We went in with large cups of coffee because we knew it would be a long wait in the waiting room. The both of us, unrelated, had high blood pressure. We were suspicious and both refused meds. I figured out what happened and months later had it taken again elsewhere and it read normal numbers. The idiots that are supposed to be medically trained, don’t bother to ask what you’ve eaten or drank in the last 24 hours let alone the last 12 hours. They also don’t give you a list before an appt of what not to eat and drink so many hours before appointment where blood pressure is to be taken. Why? Because they don’t care so they can put you on indefinite meds that they get $$ for in pharma stocks, not to mention perks. Also, the newbies aren’t being taught to check all this out before administering the blood pressure test.

            • Something I have noticed and have been taking note on also when it comes to my issues of HBP at the Dr’s office.

              There are a lot of Big Phrama Reps in and out of the Dr’s offices, especially those that prescribe HBP meds.
              There are billions being made from the BP meds and thousands of free samples for you to try to prove it.

              It makes me wonder what other “kick-backs/fringe benefits” the Dr’s are getting. I am skeptical of all the reps floating in and out of the offices, especially when they are of the sexy looking female persuasion.

            • I took a bladder tablet for 29 years.
              One day I was just thinking how our body heals itself and wondered, what if.
              So, I stopped the drug, Donnatal.
              I saw NO difference and continued for days without it.
              I take no prescription drugs and am 63. Sometimes thinking for oneself is all it takes.

            • sixpack: It was you I meant to say excellent to. Your plentiful information is invaluable. I hope folks copy it. I did. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us.

              We are so often duped at the doctors office and hospitals. We need to all stay alert and question everrrything. We need to not let them make us feel we have no right to ask questions and redo things. We most certainly have that right and these days it is very necessary to speak up. Don’t let them deceive us.

              • Thanks Anon—I like to be able to give something back to this site sometimes, since I take so much of value from the many posts.

          • Angry Jew

            You are right. Ditch the drugs. I am 70 and until recently had been on two prescriptions for years. The second one was to prevent a rapid heartbeat (sometimes up to 240 beats per minute which required visits to the ER) Then I read the precautions for the first drug, which was for a non-lethal condition. It said that long term use could result in a deficiency of Magnesium, which could in turn cause a rapid heartbeat.

            So I bought a bottle of magnesium and gradually stopped both prescriptions. I feel so much better and have lost 15 pounds to boot.

            Of course, some prescriptions are necessary, such as insulin. But in a SHTF situation where there is no electricity, there is not much hope for diabetics. My next-door neighbor lost 80 pounds and his doctor told him he could go off his insulin and heart medication.

            • What gets me about HBP is they try to fix it by giving you meds to slow down your heart beat. Your heart needs exercise to function property—either that or everyone who does a cardio workout is a fool. So your heart gets fat and flabby and you die.

              Doesn’t sound like a fair trade to me, but it seems to make perfect sense to big pharma doctors.

        • Probably half of those 70% could take a placebo pill and would never know the damn difference.

          • I found out my HBP was caused by thick blood—they call it “sticky blood”. Once I started taking natural blood thinners like vinegar and aloe vera, by blood thinned considerably. I started drinking more fluids because I was dehydrated, and that also causes blood to thicken.

            Thick blood is harder for your heart to pump. Research it for yourselves and see. This is a detail my doctor failed to recognize.

      12. Don’t overlook fish antibiotics, you can get them without a prescription and they are made by the same company’s that make all antibiotics.

      13. Natural herbal is the best….

      14. Does anyone know any type of replacement or plant for thyroid medications? I can’t really stockpile these, and when they’re out, I’m SOL.

        • My thyroid doc, who is paying attention, said I should get my own hog, then I would have access to the thyroid, which is what my low (but extremely necessary) dose of Nature-throid is made of. (He and I both live on acreages.) He didn’t tell me how to powder it, though, and that isn’t something easy to find online! But I’d still like to have some healthy pork, so maybe we will follow his advice anyway.

          • Also chicken thyroid. Study up now and find out how to harvest it and correct dosage. I told my doctor about having chicken and she did not deny it would work…she just added pig to my list.

        • A quick search gleaned troves of information on thyroid friendly herbs. Now would be the time to find what works for yourself and how to use the herb and or medicinal plant.

          I’m a skeptic of what a lot of people write until I’ve read enough for there to be a consensus and then I have to find out for myself and do what ever it is that I’m interested in.

        • I googled synthroid and found a Canadian pharmacy to send without a prescription. 100 mcg/600 qty for $200. Pricy but better than comatose. I’ll check my bookmarks and reply with exact website name

          • they did send me a generic form instead of name brand. Hope this helps. Might not be a bad drug to have on hand due to fukushima. I believe lots of thyroid glands will not be producing hormones soon.

            • Among many endeavors while on AD, having been a baby sitter for MK43’s, I don’t have a functioning thyroid…
              The most I can muster up is about a year’s worth.

              Thanks for the tip, I shall investigate.

            • Found this site to be pro run, they wouldn’t fill without script…

              • That’s strange Jerry. I just got 600 shipped last month without any questions. And I never had to produce a prescription. I just took a closer look at was delivered. It shipped from Dubai.

                • can u post a link?

                  • My daughter has had her thyroid removed, and I have stocked up on synthroid. Alldaychemist or easterndrugs don’t need a prescription. I have used both and they are ok. But someday the synthroid will be used up. By then we will have a small herd of sheep and pigs to make our own natural medication. Almost any animal thyroid will work, but pigs should cause less problems.

                    For the ones that survive and do this on their own, remember it takes a very small amount. Measuring in micrograms will be harder than making it!! It was done years ago, so it will be possible after shtf.
                    molon labe

                  • Thanks TBTP …spot on.

                • Thank you all for your thyroid help. I’ll have to do more investigating quickly on this.

            • Get iodine. Nascent is best, but any will be better than none. Look up the relationship between your thyroid, iodine and radiation.

        • A large percentage of thyroid issues (hypo and hyper) are due to as lack of iodine. Stats show a lack of iodine is becoming a major epidemic again, thanks in part to chemicals replacing iodine in most foods. Try going on the iodine protocol for a while and see if your thyroid issues magically subside.

          • thanks for the links!

      15. good info. thanks.

      16. where do I get a Proscription ????

      17. Prefer natural remedies:
        zinc (30 – 50 mg. tablets NOT lozenges)
        colloidal silver
        vitamin C

        I’ve taken care of many nose, throat, and chest problems as well as “lady issues” when caught early. However, natural isn’t 100%. When you NEED antibiotics, take them and take the full dose. The abuse of antibiotics is what has messed up our systems and created super bugs!

      18. And drink raw cow/goat milk. Since we’ve been drinking it, our whole family hardly ever gets sick, and if we do, it’s so mild–feel a bit tired, a bit of a fever, and then we’re up and running again. I’m a believer!

        Also, fresh non-GMO vegetables and fruits. Be extremely healthy to begin with, and you’re already surviving all the $h!T that’s going on out there.

        • Hey that’s excellent advice. Since we started drinking raw milk and eating homegrown veggies and when buying meat, ONLY from a butcher that has pasture raised and non GMO fed cattle, my wife has been able to get off her diabetic medicine and several other “mood” drugs. Her health has dramatically improved.

      19. Will i be able to get these under my obama care? Haha

        • “To be used only in an emergency.”

          I make my own ionic silver solution and I drink a shot glass (1 ounce) every day. If I feel like a bug is coming on, I double that or just slug some straight out of the bottle. Seems to work for me.

          I also huff hydrogen peroxide every day. Maybe I’m starting to border on being a hypochondriac…lol.

          • JRS

            You definitely should ONLY use colloidal/ionic silver IN AN EMERGENCY if all else fails. Metal build up in the body can be devastating and very hard to eliminate. It can build up in the brain, bones, etc, just like mercury.
            Can cause insidious effects on your health and personality.

            No silver is completely safe but here is a safer brand

            or if you wish to make it yourself, this is a safer method

            Using this if antibiotics fail, can save your life.

            • California Woman.

              Colloidal silver. More is not better. 10 parts per million. A teaspoon a day. If you eat collard greens, mixed greens or kale they remove metals from fatty tissue.
              Bio Chemistry, what a marvel.

      20. Don’t forget colloidal silver, oil of oregano, tea tree oil and others. You can get around not having prescription meds.

      21. @ RightWingMom. I have heard that with echinacea that after using it for about 3 weeks it actually starts to become a liability to your immune system. I use to take it and personally it made me feel very strange when taken with golden seal. Could just be an allergy with me. With Vitamin C you want to spread it out over the course of the day and not just take it all at once because like B vitamins it is water soluable and you eliminate the excess. I have found taking 500 MG every 1 and 1/2 hours to every 2 hours or so seems to have good results. I too don’t like dr. quack’s dope as your body don’t recognize synectics, but sometimes antibiotics are necessary like the case of pneumonic plague that is near 100% fatal without them.

      22. tetracycline is one of those antibiotics that can become quite toxic as it ages

        “The breakdown products of tetracyclines are toxic and can cause Fanconi Syndrome, a potentially fatal disease affecting proximal tubular function in the nephrons of the kidney. Prescriptions of these drugs should be discarded once expired because they can cause hepatotoxicity.”

        self medication is something not to take lightly
        antibiotics can and do interact quite detrimentally
        with other prescription and non=prescription meds and herbals

        self medication should be an absolute last resort
        if at all possible seek medical expertise

        • Pick up a Medical dictionary as well as one of the books describing antibiotic uses and definitions. You can get these books sometimes from your doctor that might be out of date by a year or two.

      23. golden seal-ginseng- willow bark. jimsonweed poltice ect. don’t need any stinking prescription meds. typhus is caused by lice. I never get a flu shot, Ive had the flu a few times and quickly recovered.

        • I’m with you, old guy.

          Approaching 60 and never have, nor ever will get a flu shot. Anything administered by our phucked up/forked tongue gov has all kinds of negative potentials attached with it.

          a good friend of mine took a flu shot a couple weeks ago and was sick as a broke dick dog for several days. after he got better, I called and said two words, “dumb-ass”!

          PS. Thumbs up on the occasional binges of golden seal root.

        • Old Guy,

          My mom in law almost died from the H1N1 flu shot. She works for the school district and they mandated her to get one. 24 hours after she took it, she was in the ICU with.. you guess it, H1N1 and she had a fever and was very sick.

          A month after she survived from the shot, her heart went into A-fib and stayed there. They have tried everything to correct it, but it won’t so they keep her on medication to control it now. My husband and I firmly believe H1N1 shot also did something to her heart.

          So what does she do once she goes back to work the following year? Gets her flu shot.

          My ten year old daughter has never had a vaccine or flu shot. Not one at all. We take a lot of criticism for this from family and doctors, but we will not allow her to have them. I had one doctor tell me that if my daughter dies from a disease it will be on my head.

          When all of the kids around my daughter are constantly sick and on some form of medicine practically all school year, she is not sick. And if she catches something, her natural immune system deals with it very quickly.

          I also avoid flu shots, and so does my husband.

          • thanks

      24. To help build your immune system, make and take master tonic. ACV, cayenne, ginger, garlic, and a few other things. Google master tonic. It has helped my immune system tremendously.

      25. Good to have them antibiotics on hand in case of a tooth infection. Always seems to come on during time of crisis. Also don’t forget that whiskey or rum for that tooth. Alcohol will numb the nerve after gently swishing over the affected area, yeah it burns at first, but boy it helps when it gets in there to allow the aspirin or if you prefer aspirin powder in the affected area.

        • Colloidal silver (CS) used as a mouthwash will help with the tooth problems, bleeding gums, bad breath, etc. Swirl it around for a couple of minutes to let it work. You can either swallow it at that point or spit it out. Leaves a metallic taste in your mouth but not too bad. There are lots of plans on the Internet on making your own CS generator, just need distilled water, silver and a DC source. I’ve also used CS for ear aches and sore throats. Sprayed it on my Swiss Chard to kill some type of mold/fungus that was eating it, stopped it cold. Several colleges and labs are now publishing peer-reviewed studies showing beneficial uses of CS. A CS generator should be on everyone’s SHTF list.

          • I get cheap mouthwash and add a cap full of hydrogen peroxide to it. Swish and spit as usual. Repeat.

            The bad breath goes away and so does the bacteria that make tooth problems…it does foam in your mouth, so be prepared for the funny feeling.

      26. To whom it may concern

        A big Thank you to the person who recommended the book “Wheat Belly” a few weeks back. I suffer from common ailments and the elimination of wheat from my diet has helped immensely and my husband has scleroderma and has been wheat free for 3 weeks and his symptoms have eased up. Skin losening, skin ulcers healing and almost no more itching.

        It has led to more exploration and recommend another book about wheat called “Grain Brain”. I think we are all slowly getting poisoned by our government

        By the way currently i am taking fish antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Dosage instructions are everywhere on the net. So far so good.

      27. I ditched booze and tobacco 30 years ago, went vegetarian, and learned as much as possible about natural remedies and preventative medicine . I’m 63, look 20 years younger, and my wife who is a few years older than I, looks like she’s 35. I truly believe most illness is diet related. With proper diet, much can be overcome.

        Most of the Pharma stuff is downright dangerous. Antibiotics are life savers, no doubt, but once you’ve run out, then what?

        Natural antibiotics? Onions, garlic, colloidal silver for starters. Arthritis, inflammation, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s , go with curcumin from tumeric, D-3, Omega 3 from fish oil, and newly pressed olive oil. Many, many effective natural remedies.

        Indeed, sanitation is critical, and an abundant water supply is critical for that. Add to that fresh air, plenty of sunshine , exercise , and above all, faith in God, and a positive attitude.

      28. Should have added that vegetarians can get Omega 3 from flax seed oil.

        • They tell me Carnivores thrive on Vegetarians. Just a rumor!WASP

        • I’ll be damned if I’m giving up bacon. Especially the thick sliced apple wood smoked. Saturday and Sunday mourning at 5am…….its on filling the house with that wonderful smell.

      29. how can we ge these in the UK?

      30. Heres one for you, I had high blood pressure due to a chemical (aspergillis arocia) I was working with when I retired blood pressure returned to normal and I went OFF all meds so much for Dr.s “advice” (they knew but it was easier to proscribe for than tell me to change jobs) After a heart attack, and a stroke before I turned 45,I retired after 30 years full retirement. (at 50)

      31. All I have to say is if you don’t know about this site you should!

      32. My H.A. happened at 38 my stroke happened at 45 therapy for 6 months followed by chelation therapy for 1 year my return to normal followed at 50 my 2nd stroke wasn’t severe and I quit. (complete paralysis rt. side) I couldn’t talk. So tell me bad enough?

      33. Thank you! That tidbit on Doxycycline and Typhus is new info for me. I knew about the others, and now I know about this one. Pity these things need to be frozen until you start a regimen.

      34. Most antibiotic treatments are unnecessary. People want them when they have viral infections and that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re in good health and have a normal illness you won’t need one. If you have a broken bone that breaks through the skin you will die without antibiotics. I don’t have any. Don’t plan on needing them.

        • I’m sorry barn cat, but you’ve overlooked the fact that the govt has now WEAPONIZED our viruses! We no longer deal with the average virus or bacterium. Everything has evolved or joined with others and mutated into something nature never made.

          My point is, it’s not that simple anymore. They create stuff that our bodies can’t naturally fight off. Forget this fact and it might be the end for you.

      35. I have my eggs & bacon (well salted) and goats milk every morning. 63 years old very active and low blood pressure never go to the doctor.good genetics and a happy lifestyle play a bigger role then diet & medications.

      36. This doctor should have listed warnings for his suggested medications!

        1st, I challenge you to look up the side effects of Cipro and see what damage this drug has caused people. It is dangerous!

        2nd, Doxycycline is a good antibiotic, but once it has expired, it can be toxic and kill you!

        You want antibiotics/medicines that will have a long shelf life. Even after expiration, most antibiotics will keep their values, even for 10 years, but some of them won’t and Doxycycline is one of them.

        Many other antibiotics will do the job that the 2 above will do. Do your research and you will see.

        • I have heard the same about Cipro but i did not know about Doxycycline. thanks for the heads up.

          • Cipro is a dangerous antibiotic. It even wipes out all the good bacteria in your body and you will be susceptible to illness much more than other antibiotics.
            It wipes out your immune system totally. When the shtf you don’t want to have your entire immune system wiped out. That’s when you’ll need it the most.

            Beware of what folks on here advise you to take. I suspect many interlopers of the worst kind who don’t have your best health interests in mind.

            • As I stated above, my research suggested that amoxicillin does the same as cipro.
              I don’t store cipro.

            • Any very powerful antibiotic will do that to you, so you really must follow up with a probiotic supplement. When I was put on a quinolone antibiotic for a suspected sinus infection I ended up with thrush (yeast infection of the mouth). 2 probiotic supplements a day and yogurt cleared it up quickly. I use this routine anytime I go on antibiotics. Another useful precaution is to go sugar free and as low carb as possible as you are re-establishing your good bacteria to avoid candidiasis.

            • AVOID ALL OF THE PROBLEMS AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Do not take anyone’s word for it, your situation might be different than theirs. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF. Don’t blame others for making SUGGESTIONS.

            • I agree that cipro can be dangerous, but, itmis the antibiotic needed for anthrax

        • I think Cipro is good to have stored because it can fight Anthrax and several other infections that are resistant to other treatments. However it has fluorine as part of its chemical makeup and this makes it dangerous to use unless absolutely necessary. It can cause tendons to rupture and other problems and it interacts with other common medicines, It is definitely one to use with caution/

          • Big time

            I had to take Cipro for a Prostate infection a few years back for about 2 months, fuuucked me up…sore as hell all the time, and it lingered for months afterwards..Im as strong as an ox and can take a lot of pain..but months and months of being sore all the time takes its toll, not to mention muscle loss, and weakness due to this drug

            be very careful with it, use it only if necessary, if other antibiotics will do the job I suggest you try them first

            Yes it killed the infection, but I really wonder what price I paid for it.

      37. The camping survival site advertised on the SHTF site here sells all kinds of fish antibiotics which are exactly the same as your doctor gives. Iam also a big fan of colloidal silver as it kills all bad pathogens including MERSA.

      38. PWTW.


        Copied and will give it a go.

      39. Y’all should look into the taking of an Usnea extract. Usnea grows on all the dead pine trees around here. It has been used for centuries by Native American Indians. Is is edible and when soaked in a high proof alcohol can be made into a tincture. It’s so useful that even some of the big pharma companies use the the extract in many of their medicines. Antibiotics attack both good and bad bacteria in the body. Usnea attacks only the pathogens in the body. Nature provides us with many cures to the many ailments which hurt mankind.

      40. I wonder why you are mad and frustrated. Is that your signature legislative achievement is about to crash and burn. Maybe it’s your fellow liberals are jumping ship realizing they are not going to get re-elected if they follow you into political oblivion. What about the people that have lost their insurance policies because of your fucked up vision?

        In your speech today you said you fumbled the ball and everything is on you. That statement goes to show how out of touch you are with reality. Millions of people losing their health insurance is not a fumble it’s fatal mistake.

        All of which begs the real question ‘ WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING “

      41. Most doctors will not just give out a script so you can hoard antibiotics. I have asked two different ones, who looked at me like I had two heads. I even tried lying, and saying I needed to keep them aside in case I get a sinus infection while traveling. They are not so fast to hand over the goods anymore. It would be wonderful to find me a doctor that has the mind of a prepper. So I found out about how I can get them without the help of a doctor and have found the products to be genuine. The real deal. I have tested some of the antibiotics from aquatic p. on myself and they work just as good as the ones from a regular people pharmacy.

        As much as I trust my herbs and alternative ways, I also want to keep some Pen VK, Clindamycin, Zithromax, Keflex, Cipro, Doxy, and Flagyl put away. I do not want to get into a situation where my herbs won’t touch a tooth abscess, and have the thing go septic. A tooth abscess can kill you if the bacteria gets out of hand. I have heard of people dying from untreated abscesses so I want to be on the safe side. Same goes for strep throat.

        I do keep aside goldenseal, garlic, powdered ascorbic acid, echinacea, cinnamon, clove, oil of oregano, etc. I have cured a tooth infection with garlic and oil of oregano together. I have killed many strep throats with oil of oregano. For colds, if you get it at the beginning, raw garlic and oil of oregano can knock it out in a day or so.

        • clove oil and the hottest chili pepper you can find…gets rid of any toothache really fast.

      42. There is a very easy and legal way to get just about every anti-biotic you need. Simply go to a pet supply store & buy it. It is exactly the same drugs for humans that are used for pets. No prescriptions needed. I’ve bought quite a bit for my horses, dogs, cows, fish and birds to keep them healthy.

      43. I wouldn’t take any drugs. I think this is just a commercial to sell things you don’t need.

      44. slingshot:pissinwiththewind and all allergy suffers.
        I forgot to say that when using the nettipot when you pour it up your nose (thru sinuses), it’s ok if the water falls back out your nostrils rather than going down the back canal. It’s still getting flushed.

        It would help if this site had a nice little edit button. Now this won’t be able to come out near my original post.

      45. I can attest to the Z Pack…..just got over pneumonia last week, and I was prescribed the Z Pack, a 5 day supply of Azithromycin.
        Took 2 pills first day, one pill each of next 4 days. Worked like a charm…..

      46. I totally agree with the Doc, however, before anyone goes out and buys Cipro- PLEASE research it! It has been Black Labeled by the FDA, which means it is only SUPPOSED to be used ONLY for lifesaving purposes because it is DANGEROUS. As many as 40% of people who have taken it have had some level of allergic reaction to it. It is know to leave people with a condition known as “Spontaneous Tendon Rupture”, it is known to affect your DNA (but they don’t know the extent yet). It nearly killed me in ’97. It chemically burnt the skin off my hands and feet, gave me temporary (3-4 months) Rheumatoid Arthritis,screwed up my nail beds and left my finger nails pitted and then eventually I experienced a spontaneous rupture of my Achilles Tendon. Only take this crap if you’ll die without it! Everything I’ve listed is WELL documented about it and easy to find.

        • “The warning applies to drugs of the fluoroquinolone class, including Cipro, Cipro XR, Proquin XR, Levaquin, Floxin, Noroxin, Avelox, Factive, and marketed generics.”

          A co-worker had a heart arrhythmia develop after taking azithromycin last winter (nasty bacteria went around our office and I was put on doxy for the same thing)- antibiotics are administered under medical supervision for a reason, but be sure to keep an eye on yourself as well. A lot of doctors aren’t as well versed in side effects as they should be.

      47. I say stay out of the doctors office. Bottom line they are trained to medicate not heal unless it is something acute. Treat your bodies well. Stay away from processed, refined sugary foods. Eat whole foods. Sleep and get some exercise

      48. Doxycycline,
        the key antibiotic to take when a deer tick has chewed their way into you, I’ve taken many and keep a supply on hand.

      49. This is not helpful to seniors who cannot trust their doctors because of Obamacare. They are already trying to involve seniors who own their own property with government run social workers to “help” them. I don’t see a doctor unless I am sick, which is not very often since I am into natural medicine. My bluecross/medicare turned my name in to my advocate social services because I have not seen my doctor in over a year and a half. They wrote a letter to tell me that “at no cost to me” they will appoint me an advocate to help me make an appointment with my doctor. What the HELL. I changed my phone number so they cannot call me, and one really don’t want to come out here.

      50. Has the author purchased Doxy lately? There was a shortage when the we both were sick this winter- it cost about $75 each at Wal-Mart and would have been $90 elsewhere. Also, if anyone is allergic to amoxicillin, Augmentin is that plus prednisone.

      51. Augmentin does not have prednisone in it. It is amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid- a compound to boost (thus its name “augment-in”) the anti bacterial properties of the antibiotic.
        Doxycycline has had intermittent shortages where the price jumps really high, then it goes back down to a very economical price.

      52. Do not overlook Herbs. That is where we got the first antibiotics from. Herbs can also be a great source of nutrition as well. Take some time, do some reading and build some skill.

        “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

      53. Drug-resistant “superbugs” represent one of the gravest threats in the history of medicine, leading experts have warned.

        Routine operations could become deadly “in the very near future” as bacteria evolve to resist the drugs we use to combat them. This process could erase a century of medical advances, say government doctors in a special editorial in The Lancet health journal.

        Although the looming threat of antibiotic, or anti-microbial, resistance has been known about for years, the new warning reflects growing concern that the NHS and other national health systems, already under pressure from ageing populations, will struggle to cope with the rising cost of caring for people in the “post-antibiotic era”.

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