The Flat Earth Society Responded To A Tweet By Elon Musk: ‘Thanks For The Question’

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 50 comments

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    The Tesla and SpaceX chief, Elon Musk, has a rather complex understanding of the universe, and Earth’s shape. He even made a tweet directed at those who believe the Earth is flat, and the response from the Flat Earth society will leave you dumbfounded.

    Elon Musk would have to have a working knowledge of Earth’s shape in order for his math to work and his company to propel a spacecraft to Mars, which is a goal of SpaceX’s. With all the news swirling around flat Earth conspiracy theories recently, Musk got a little philosophical on Twitter.

    While pondering the exotic spectacle of the Martian sunset, the CEO asked the question: given there’s such a thing as the Flat Earth Society, why doesn’t the Red Planet have its own equivalent? “Why is there no Flat Mars Society!?” he tweeted, probably just to amuse himself and his followers, and likely never expecting to find a serious response.

    But he got one, and Darwin himself is rolling over in his grave at the undeniably de-evolved response from the operator of The Flat Earth Society’s twitter account.

    That’s funny.  There have been astronauts who have observed Earth from the International Space Station, all of whom say the Earth is a globe.

    Of course, that didn’t convince those who actually believe that the laws of physics created the moon, the Sun, and Mars as globes, and made Earth flat.  But the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took an image of the moon and the Earth, and both are indeed globes. 


    This is the kind of conspiracy thinking that leads flat-Earthers to set up ambitious crowdfunding campaigns to ostensibly conduct their own “real” scientific experiments. For example, when rapper and evident flat-Earther B.o.B ran a GoFundMe campaign to launch “one, if not multiple” satellites into space. Astronauts had a lot of fun at B.o.B’s expense, and now, given the publicity around flat-earther Mike Hughes’s rocket launch, (which the government shut down) scientists are again appealing for a bit of common sense here.

    While others tend to just laugh at those who actually believe the earth is flat.  Personally, we are all up for a good conspiracy theory, but please make sure you’ve at least got a shred of evidence to back up your theory, or you’ll just end up looking crazy.


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      1. some people just like to argue and stir

        move on nothing to see here

        • CGI, composites and renderings. NASA lost all data for moon travel, Van Allen radiation belt is actually the firmament and government would never hoax people or trick them for a agenda right? No outer space= no big bang, no aliens, no evolution but a enclosed and contained system made by a Creator…

          • Ah…that old time desert religion syndrome. Thank God the Earth is flat, the universe revolves around it, and it really is still the fifth century…

            If you really believe the Earth is flat, you need help.


        • Save us the trouble of studying all that information and give us a Laymens education on how that instrument proves world is round. Thanks.

      3. Im sorry but I believe a ton of conspiracy theories are dead on accurate because they defy government fairy tales with the most painfully obvious impossibilities and yes I am referring to the 911 fairytale the USA government wants everyone to believe. These flat earthers IMHO are nothing more than the same as the feds on 911. Its all an impossible theory. Also what about a high and low tide? That can’t happen with a flat earth theory. Its completely laughable in my opinion.

      4. The curvature of the earth is easily factored by simple, high school level geometry and proves that the earth is a globe.
        Plus we have been circumnavigating the globe from east and from the west with transcontinental flights for decades and nobody has gone over any “edge”– these people are just nuts.
        Kinda like liberals, they believe what they want regardless of any empirical evidence.

        • Chicago seen across Lake Michigan at 60 miles. Curvature of earth would have put the city below horizon some 3 thousand feet.

          • So why is the moon ‘upside down’ in Australia? Also why is it summer in Australia when it’s winter in the US? And how come when I go on plane flights (30,000 feet high) the Earth looks like a big ball? You know a flight to New York from LA will be far less than the cost of that rocket and you can see the curvature easily on a flight like that 🙂

            • not arguing one way or the other because I honestly don’t know which way to believe, both sides make good arguments. However, I’ll answer your questions with questions, just as you did to the original poster. What difference does any of that make? The moon being seen from a different perspective does tell us something but does it mean the world is round? Perhaps but that isn’t the only conclusion you could reach. Why is it summer / winter? Again, that tells us something but not necessarily that the world is round. There are many other logical conclusions that could present.

              As for the plane trip, windows in planes have to built a certain way to withstand the pressure, That alters the view out of them.

              Again, I am not trying to argue flat earth, just wanting someone to answer either sides questions with and answer, rather than more questions.

            • You didn’t answer his question, you only posted your own questions. I don’t know which is true, flat or round, but I do know that many of y’all use faulty logic/arguments to make your point.

              Perhaps, Australians are looking at the moon from a different perspective, which could be true IF the moon is much closer than what we have been told.
              Perhaps, the sun rotates around the earth and warms different parts at different times which could be true IF the sun is closer than we are told.
              Perhaps, the windows in planes are built to withstand the pressure they must withstand and this creates a distorted view.

              I don’t know but I know answering a question with a question is a poor excuse for debate.

        • Now ‘javelin’, let’s not confuse the poor mental midgets with science now… okay? You might ‘trigger’ some moron into doing something terrible…. like get a real job and life.

      5. There was a real woman one time who said that she knew the Moon Mission was not true because the men on the moon and the men on earth were supposed to be talking to each other and she lived in New Jersey and couldn’t even get radio programs from New York.

      6. Mars is not round, it is just a luminary like all the other stars. There is no outer space, you are not a spec in a cosmic accident like they want you to believe. If no one told you the globe model you would naturally assume the Earth was flat according to what you can see and feel. NASA hires more artists then scientist s and has zero credibility.

      7. Flat Earth is a psyop designed to present a strawman to conspiracy theories that are not so easily debunked, like the missing telemetry data from the moon landing. Every article debunking flat earth should open with that line.

        • Could you image if we were in a enclosed system? No outer space and that means no big bang, a Creator, earth being center or heart of God’s creation and so on. No aliens, no evolution. No escaping or planet seeding, just us having to come to terms with the reality we aren’t going anywhere and can’t and that God created us.

          • If you really buy that, you need help.

            • …those that need help are those that buy the lies. truth isn’t what you were told.

        • Or rather, heliocentric is the psyop by freemasons cause people have been believing in the flat earth for thousands of years before the heliocentric theory.

      8. Recently did a traveling recon of some Interstate highways. I-24 in Tennessee is not the road to be on in a national crisis. All around Nashville sucks. Stay on small highways and back roads. I-75. Where did all of those cars and trucks come from and where are they going? Real heavy traffic. All the way down to Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville traffic sucked big time. I-10 was a dream compared to I-75. I-55 was ok. Watch out near all big cities. But you already know that. Have a vehicle that will get you up the side of the shoulder and away from life threatening situations in the roadway. Had to escape, some years back, by driving up the side of the steep shoulder. Post your experiences, now and then.

        • My thoughts on highways and bad weather.

          A good number of years ago up in Michigan, I was driving home as a snow storm was beginning. Instead of side roads, I took the expressway thinking that roads would already be salted. They were but temps were making salt borderline useful. Anyway I spun out and ended on the shoulder facing traffic. I couldn’t back up and my son was way too young to help push a V-8 Cordoba. So, I gunned it and went across the median which had not yet iced up and headed back where I came from. Also, exited the highway as soon as possible and got home via side roads just fine. It turned out to be a really good snow storm so glad I didn’t get stuck for long and glad I had the idea to just go forward instead of spinning the tires. (One good spin is all I need to go look for the problem and find a solution.)

      9. I24 in and around Knoxville is bad too.

      10. Well, I’ve been to the Indian Ocean from the West and the East while making WestPac and Med/IO deployments in the Navy and never fell off the edge. That’s proof enough for me the earth is not flat. Maybe these flat earth people should put down the pipe and get a life.

      11. Flat earth, wow, are people really THAT stupid,,,,,

      12. The Earth is indeed a flat plane, and there is no”edge” to fall off of. The Antarctic ice shelf 100’s of feet high encircles the plane.

        And in that CGI photo produced above with the alledged globe earth and moon in the same shot…Interesting that there is NO star field in the shot too. Not a SINGLE star makes the photo. Don’t be so gullible to believe in the round earth theory. Make observations, study the subject, and the truth will set you free…I promise.

        • Dad, you predicted with absolute certainty that there would be no inauguration this year.
          What happened?
          And what happens when a sailboat sails over the horizon?

      13. I think, in Musk’s mind, he is gaining popularity, through a popular controversy.

        He has made an ‘a priori’ argument and ‘reductio ad absurdum’, which are both logical fallacies.

        Firstly, why was there a resurgence, in the flat-Earth theory. It appears to be a tenet of Islam. Just saying. They are literate, in the writings of their historical figures, also credited with algebra, chess, medicine, trade on the Silk Road, and were the singular, high-culture, between Romans and the Medieval period.

        Many cities have a street named after Euclid. The founder of our geometry, which we have learned in the communist schooling system, also believed that all of the philosophical elements were in the shape of a polyhedron. The maths were supposed to represent occult mysteries, yet, we use them to rebut fringe claims.

        According to some of the flat-Earthers, planets are just parts of the same landmass as Earth’s continents, and “outer space” contains breathable oxygen.

        Noone has performed any of the flat-Earther’s tests, on Mars, so by jihadist standards, it is not proven to be round.

        • Persians invented Chess, NOT muslims.

          • Where Esther used to live, now modern day Iran. They are intellectually capable of high culture, when not using the finger saw.

            I am knowingly using a broad brush.

      14. “Flat Earth” is passe. “holographic Universe” is the new concept. This holds that the the universe that we say is a massive hologram that encircles our solar system. There are no other galaxies or for that matter no other stars. There are astronomers and astrophysicists that adhere to it. Who knows? The philosophical argument that there is no reality and that it is all in our mind is easily disproved. Pain!! One quick kick to the groin and that idea is quickly disproved. if the earth is flat, then my advice to Kim Sung Il is the same that Horace Greeley gave Americans in the nineteenth century. Go West, young man! Go west, Kim! Keep going until you fall off!

      15. I think Flat Earthers are Morons or disinformation agents and would celebrate if their skulls got bashed in.

      16. Someone needs to tell Al Gore…

        Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years
        “Global warming has not accelerated temperature rise in the bulk atmosphere in more than two decades, according to a new study funded by the Department of Energy.

        University of Alabama-Huntsville climate scientists John Christy and Richard McNider found that by removing the climate effects of volcanic eruptions early on in the satellite temperature record it showed virtually no change in the rate of warming since the early 1990s.”

        ht tp://

      17. Too late…I have seen the earth from the window of a space ship.

        NEWS FLASH: off topic: Breitbart news:
        Last year, before leaving office, Bammy Obutthol signed an
        agreement with Australia to resettle 1,250 mentally violent
        and aggressive male (prisoners) known as “refugees”
        from Afghanistan to the US.

        Pres. Trump cannot reverse this ‘trojan horse’ from bombing on us.
        They are scheduled to go “free and clear” in OREGON, CALIFORNIA,
        TEXAS, ARIZONA and COLORADO. (all terrorist, sanctuary cities).

        This, in addition to the several thousands of prisoners (& killers)
        he pardoned in US prisons, as he left office.

        Bammy is truly evil and satanic…..and he is still working his mayhem
        in sympathetic countries as I write this.

        • Disgusting, isn’t it? Australia refused to allow these violent “refugees” to settle in the their country and kept them on a separate island. Obama kept this binding agreement secret, until AFTER he got out of office.

          Don’t be surprised when soon after they are settled here, they bring in other family members and wives.

        • Absolutely true. But right now America’s first priority is to deal with these roving bands of butt-gropers. Their stories are sordid and chock full of deviant sexual fantasies. And we demand pictures.
          Also, I would advise against posting a comment at The Hill saying you believe that Obama is one evil negro, or you will be banned for life, as I am. LOL

      18. Kay123 – As of the latest missile launch, they now believe he can hit anywhere in the USA. He is already said he wants to take out Washington, DC. Living twenty miles outside of Washington, that really ruined my day! I have a sickening feeling that their aim won’t be that good. If he lands a missile on my roof, I am really going to be pissed (also dead)!

        • Look at the bright side, at ground zero, it will be quick and merciful.

        • Brian, I live in Northern Virginia and I feel much the same. I’m already looking at how quick can I sell and buy elsewhere. My neighborhood is beginning to really suck these days.

      19. it is nice to have something to Laugh about

        lol lol lol lol

        and round and round it goes
        and where it stops no one knows…

      20. I think the earth is not perfectly round, NOR is it perfectly flat..kinda like that chick I dated in high school..she was happily in between 🙂

      21. When you ask them “What is on the other side?” they never have an answer.

        So, the other side is just rock, like the picture with this article?

        No, we all know that if you dig a hole and keep going until you get to the other side you end up in …… CHINA. At least that is what we believed when young, and was depicted in ALL cartoons. 🙂

        • When the kids dug a hole on Night Gallery, they found John Carradine.

      22. Wow. Some people believe the Earth is flat. Some believe it’s a globe. Both say to look at their proof. Personally, I could care less. My immediate surroundings in which I reside are on a hill, therefore my world is not flat. My beliefs are my beliefs, and I am content. The vitriole of keyboard warriors against anyone with views contrary to their own is astounding. What effect does the answer have on your world? Beats me. I see it like arguing over which pole has the coldest ice. It doesn’t matter, just be sure to wear a coat – it’s cold.

      23. Seems we will try to create an atmosphere on Mars , then seed the planet? Isn’t that what God did on Earth?

      24. There is always the questions for earth being a globe, like if you travel the equator, will you end up where you started from?

        But I have yet to see any discussion or questions about gravity and what else is making all the other planets round, like the moon?

        Thinking of gravity on earth, how could the earth be flat when the force of gravity itself would tend to make the earth round?

        Thinking of that, the Annunaki said the earth in the past collided with a planet and lost some of its soil in the collision. I believe the earth (plates) are in a transition causing the earthquakes as gravity forces the plates.

      25. If earth is flat, will it tip over like that island the Congressman was worried about?

      26. If NASA and the Govt says we live on a ball earth globe spinning around at about 1100 miles a day and racing thru “space”,..well then it must be true.

      27. In a fit of frustration over the abject stupidity of the flat earth preachers, I prayed: “Father, why do some of your people believe this flat earth nonsense?” He replied: “Because they would rather believe Satan than the truth.”

      28. Don’t waste time using facts with such people!
        As with all other religious extremists, NOTHING – not even God – could get them to hear anything they don’t want to….

      29. If we see stars from earths surface tons of them then why do satellite photos not include them as well

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