The Flashpoint Continues to Build: Intelligence Sources Indicate Russia May Be Planning A Spring Offensive

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    The news network reports have been combined with leaks within the intelligence communities of Europe and the United States to paint a picture of a possible spring offensive in Eastern Ukraine by Russia.  Now that Ukraine’s “bid” to enter the EU seems to be coming apart at the seams, the United States and the Western IMF hegemony seem to be in an indecisive state about what option to pursue next.

    Arseny Yatsenuk, the puppet of the United States installed by Victoria Nuland, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham has resigned, so no more words of ventriloquism will be emanating from his lips.  Petro Poroshenko the chocolate magnate will now hold the reins in his hands while the IMF/NATO cartel figures out what is next in store.  The plan to “take” Ukraine into NATO and the EU was nothing more than a thinly disguised design to encroach upon Russia’s back door and invade her sphere of influence.

    The Daily Mail’s Allan Hall reported that Vladimir Putin has been building a secret army of trained battle groups for close combat operations in Western Europe, specifically in Germany.  These battle groups are reported as being ready to go into operation “at a moment’s notice.”

    Actually this is nothing new.  Vladimir B. Rezun, writing under the pen name Viktor Suvorov has written such revelatory pieces such as “Inside the Soviet Army,” and “Inside the Aquarium,” the latter work chronicling the GRU and Spetsnaz operations throughout the world on behalf of the Soviet Union.  The techniques (as corroborated by Stanislev Lunev, a defecting Colonel and author of several works on the subject) have carried over into Russia today.

    Russia has always been adept at inserting agents and clandestine operatives in other countries in the event of hostilities.  Of course, these agents are also performing intelligence-gathering functions, but they are in a “hold” pattern for the most part.  The agents Hall refers to in his report have a wealth of experience drawn from more than a decade of brush and ghost wars (such as Chechnya I and II, Georgia, Ukraine, and recently Syria).  The Russian military policy is to expose their special units in these brush wars to “get their feet wet” and give them a taste of combat operations.  Subsequently they are inserted into their target countries, and the ones who have experienced combat are pegged for leadership positions in an operational capacity.

    The Russian response in Eastern Ukraine is justified and, under the circumstances, completely understandable.  Ukraine is very important for the transmission of natural gas resources through Gazprom Russian pipelines: Ukraine is the “bridge” linking those gas supplies to Western Europe.  The United States and NATO have failed miserably in their attempt to undercut Russia by securing part of Syria for a planned competing gas line running from Qatar.  So much for the IMF’s bid to deprive Russia of natural gas income from Western Europe.

    In Eastern Ukraine, the fighting against the Ukrainian military is always reported by the mainstream media as being “initiated by pro-Russian separatist rebels.”  In all actuality, the fighting was initiated by the Ukrainian army against Ukrainian citizens who are ethnically, culturally, and linguistically Russian.  The United States and NATO overthrew Viktor Yanukovich because he was pro-Russia.  The Ukrainian Constitution and the duly elected leader of the Ukraine were trampled upon, as Nuland played the role of Geppetto, and Yatsenuk the part of Pinocchio.

    Insert into all of this Soros and his Open Society Initiative foundations, and you find that he was responsible for the rise of Maidan and the ultra-nationalist faction that staged the protests and enabled the confusion for the coup to come to its fruition.

    The Russians, on the other hand, neither mince words nor fool around.  As soon as Sevastopol and their naval base on the Black Sea was threatened, they acted.  With the current Russian military-supported actions by the separatists, what is not being reported upon is the high level of atrocities that almost amount to ethnic cleansing carried out by the Ukrainian military.

    Soros and the other Oligarchs are bent and determined to have Russia capitulate and allow Ukraine to join the rest of their European hegemony.  They’re not going to succeed.  We will probably find out this spring or summer if indeed Russia feels it must secure more territory in Ukraine in order to more firmly establish a buffer against the West and its allies.  Ukraine is a hotspot to watch, and surely the U.S. will try to insert another yes-man of the ilk of Yatsenuk, probably one with a little more ability this time.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Russia and China are allies, and that makes russia and enemy of the American people. Period. Until you have a Russian up in your face threatening you like what happened to me and a female friend, it then will it make sense. Just like what David hodges and Steve mentioned. They are always 5’10 to 6′, muscular, aggressive, busy pointing AK’s at hunters. Have killed hunters on public lands. Any or you ruskies, and chi-com want to try our some of the American female Talent by killing us men, then be prepared to get you you Russian and chinese soldiers asses shot the phuck up in my city.. coming up on me in my face was a mistake.

        Russia is our enemy. Quote Dr James Garrow.. I take Garrow’s advice very seriously. Me of all people would know why. China is russia’s allies, this means that it legal for us to shoot an kill them on site if they role in tanks into the city.


        Keep it up Putin. Keep it up..your going learn about phucking with the citizenry.

        • not the sharpest tool in the shed

          • Here we go again. Jerry the Johnson spewing more fear porn. Hey asshole why don’t you let N Korea attack ( as you previously stated) before you start inciting more bullshit. Douchebag.

          • Remember OPSEC.

            DHS is here.

            Why? This site gives them a clear channel into your minds as well as a clear view of what’s happening. This allows parallel construction to be prepared in advance.

            Each comment is numbered. This makes things easier to explain to a jury.

            • A jury? Dude when they come a knockin, there won’t be any jury.

          • Few Roos loose in the top paddock.

            • He has I mean.

              • He sounds a little like someone with paranoid schizophrenia. What he wrote is incoherent and tries to make points without context all the while acting paranoid like some bogey man (Russian/Chinese) is waiting around every corner just looking to get him.

                • its easy to judge and call names on the inter net….tell you what get back to me on april 22 2017 if your still alive…….

                  • Why wouldn’t I be? Are the Chinese and Russians following me and planning to kill me? Has the CANBUS in my car been hacked by Spetznaz because I know the truth? You…you…. you’re working for them… aren’t you? I KNEW it! You are only here to spy on me so that the 5’10” tall Russian/Chinese hybrid can hunt me down with their AK-47 and kill me during deer hunting season! And I don’t even hunt! DAMN YOU!

                • Dude is a friggin nut job. Keeps going off his meds and then posts. He does NOT represent all Texans!

                  • Wow. Just wow.

                    Seriously, what the hell is he talking about? Half of what he said makes zero sense at all.

                    Hey Mac, is this guy for real? He seems a little lot off kilter. Not playing with a full deck. I bet he’s really a downer at parties.

                    HCKS, dude… take a break. You sound like a whack job.

        • Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

          I think you have a conditioned knee jerk response of, “USA good, Russia bad”. The USA is pissing in their sandbox. This stuff is going on right up against their borders. The US is flagrantly provoking trouble.

          ” The United States and NATO overthrew Viktor Yanukovich because he was pro-Russia.”

          Just who is the USA to overthrow sovereign nations at will?

          ” As soon as Sevastopol and their naval base on the Black Sea was threatened, they acted.”

          Its wise not to threaten them. If they threatened Norfolk Va we would be on it too.
          The Ukraine is their neighborhood, not ours. MIC (Military Industrial Complex) made a fortune arming against a Soviet Attack of Western Europe. Utter bullshit and nothing more than a transfer of wealth from the tax payer to MIC.

          “Soros and the other Oligarchs are bent and determined to have Russia capitulate and allow Ukraine to join the rest of their European hegemony.”

          Soros………..enough said right there.

          • The only part ( WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ) is that China AND Russia are NOT going along with the NWO! and for that they are a target, since the US has been infiltrated and is mostly being controlled by the NWO along with many other controlled countries I see War on the horizon unless they ( NWO ) somehow are able to get China and Russia on board with them. I don’t think that will happen so just a matter of time before it all goes south!

          • Good answer Kevin. But trying to reason with the demented and inarticulate HCKS is a lost cause.

          • In a conventional conflict, Russia will hand USA it’s ass in short order. Lardass American landwhale women are disgusting to Ruyssians. Average Russian women are hotter than 90% of American women.

            They did it for their own benefit, but Russia did Ukraine a favor by keeping it out of the EU. If Ukraine had made it into the EU they would have gotten a metric shitload of ‘refugees’ dumped on them.

          • You just blew his mind!
            He’ll be looking up what you said for weeks.

        • NUT..!!

        • HCKS
          Hell of an attitude…. Our way of Nation building, I guess. Last I checked, Mr P’s approval rating was 85% while our Presidence was a little above our minimum voting age.

        • What exactly are you referring to with regards to hunters? If that is happening on Russian territory then they have every right to do so.

          Now, so far as Eastern Ukraine/ Crimea goes, you need a history lesson. The Crimea was part of Russia until 1954, when Nikita Khrushchev became leader of the Soviet Union. He was a Ukrainian by birth and was seeking to better the economic fortunes of the Ukrainian SSR, so he ceded that territory to Ukraine. As they were all a part of the USSR, it made no difference other than giving Ukraine some economic benefit from having the port of Sevastopol. Thus this ethnically Russian land became part of Ukraine’s territory. This only became an issue after the breakup of the USSR in 1992, when Ukraine became an independent country. However, Ukraine remained within the Russian sphere of influence as part of the CIS.

          Part of the agreement to allow the end of the USSR that Gorbachev made with Bush was that NATO would not seek to expand into the former Warsaw Pact. This was to keep a buffer between Russia and Western Europe and was something sought by Stalin in both the Molotov-Ribbentorp Pact and at the Yalta conference. However, this was quickly forgotten and NATO expanded quickly into the former Warsaw Pact countries, especially those that had been forced under the Soviet sphere of influence due to the Molotov-Ribbentorp Pact like Poland and the Baltic states, who had much to fear from Russia. Russia was in no shape to fight back at this time though, as it was going through a tough transition to a market economy that eventually led to the hyperinflation of the Ruble. This time, of course, paved the way for the ascendancy of Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party. While he hasn’t exactly been the greatest champion of human rights, he did manage to stabilize the economy and if there is anything a people going through economic chaos loves it’s a return to some form of stability. Now that the economy had been stabilized, the country started to see foreign investment into former state owned enterprises (like GAZ and AvtoVAZ, for example). Along with this new found investment came the ability to rebuild militarily, something that the Russian people quickly got behind as they were anxious to leave behind the humiliation of their defeat in the cold war. This is where we are today. We have an ascendant Russia that is now in a position to protect it’s interests right at a time when the US is a diminishing power that is heavily indebted and struggling to maintain it’s hegemony.

          As an American, I can see this in a variety of ways. One of them is that this is no longer the America I grew up in. It has lost it’s principles and perhaps it deserves what it gets. It no longer teaches it’s young what makes it great and for that reason it is bound to fail. Another is to fear Russia and run around thinking that the ICBM’s are about to start falling, but I really doubt that. The Russians are more concerned with maintaining their own territory than conquering ours and I do not believe they will start a hot war with another nuclear power. Putin is not suicidal. No, the Russians are chess players and they will let us rot from within and hang ourselves, just like every other overly ambitious military superpower has throughout history. That is what saddens me the most. My country is dying and the best I can hope for is secession.

          • Winston Smith

            Thanks for that posting. Its a great read.

            • 2ndt’d…. yes, excellent writ and read!!!

              • Thanks! I basically wrote it in stream of consciousness and thought it came out fairly well. I don’t think I proofread it well enough though as I saw a word or two that I would have changed so that it flowed better. (I used the word quickly two times in the same sentence when I should have chosen a synonym for the second occurrence, like rapidly, as doing so makes my writing look too amateurish for my taste.)

          • ive heard of this going on in indiana usa as much as 6 years ago….

            • Heard of what? The Soviet Union breaking up? The Ukrainian civil war? Context please.

          • Winston Smith, Thanks for the history lesson.

          • great comments.the last sentence hits the nail on the head…..

        • Someone get this kid to bed.

        • Lay Off The Crack Pipe.

      2. the only one likely to start WWIII is the USA. If putin wanted it, he wouldn’t have been the one to protect Syria and to fight ISIS/CIA/mossad.
        If anything, this is propaganda to get the sheeple ready when o’bama decides it’s time to go the next step to destroy the USA.

        • Probably won’t be Obama. More likely to be Hitlery.

        • Russia is provoking war. See how close to our military bases they put their country?

          USA has become every bad thing we ever said about USSR many times over.

      3. I disagree that Russia “had” to be our enemy. It was pre arranged by McCain and Nuland going to Kiev while Putin was playing host at the olympics.
        The USSA has militarily pushed up next to Russian borders in Georgia, and Ukraine.
        We would not permit the same done to us. It is a restart to the cold war for corporate military profiteers. I worked inside this neocon beast and it is all profit and money driven. Our soldiers and sailors are mere pawns to the elitist pantygone and corporate sycophants.
        Gen. Smedley Butler called these leeches out for exactly what they were and are.
        Trunp offers dialogue with Russia, charting a winning foreign policy with military as well as trade. Understand Our Leaders have betrayed us, We didn’t end up in this mess by accident.

        • Trump, spelled correctly, 2016

          • Russia used to be our best ever allies and top trade partners…Going back to Pre civil war era too.

            It was a swell partnership and one which made perfect sense since both russia and usa were mainly white europeans and christians..

            but it all came Unglued and disolved when aprox 5-6 gang of NY bankster Khazars tried to get another usa Prez to capitulate and act on Their crazed behalf.

            Not certain on that us prez’s name? Think it was Garfield perhaps?…regardless his name, he rejected every argument and every demand made for him acting as us prez to withdraw the usa from its orig treaty of allies and trade treaty partners with russia.

            so…The bankster khazars JFK’d him too…Only it was done PRE-JFK era and he got stomach shot…but even after being gut shot he refused to cancel his ongoing speech when shot and finished his speech of rejecting demands to dishonor the treaty etc.

            He ended up dead later if I recall correct?

            but that was the Official end of usa and russia as true Proper allies…untill of course the biggies! that being Two world wars also instigated and pre planned by said khazar nation wreckers…And there again we became allies with russia again..only during both world wars Russia was already Hyjacked entirely by the khazars since 1917 when they switched names to becaome the bolshevik soviets, aka Kommies….Yet usa allied with known Kommies to assist a nation that Twice attacked usa with War back in 1775 and again in 1812!

            nevertheless, even after twice attacked by that enemy, usa allied with Known kommie bolshevik trash, to join forces in assisting that prior 1812 and 1715 enemy britian, in the defeat of the ONLY nation and peoples to become a true force against communisim aka Germany.

            It is understandable that Our parents, uncles and grand parents being without the internet ability to see real facts or truth etc, that they allowed themselves to get royally Duped into fighting the wrong enemys in WWII.

            However Todays usa folks and even folks globally now has absolutly ZERO good nor proper reasons to continue to be royally duped and decieved again as were our parents in WWII era.

            Russia was only a real threat to anyone back when the Khazar clan tribe overtook it and mass killed off half of eastern european whites with their revolt against whitey and christianity….But Putin more than anybody else has Booted out so far at least 2/3rd or more of those khazars yet in russia whom have not as yet moved to Israel or usa or london or even other EU states.

            Also to be included for todays yet deluded duped souls, is the Facts that a huge vast majority of the citizens, and litterally 100% of top leadership such as nuttyahoo and crew/cult that hyjacked palestine and now call it Israel, are also Khazars…..This has been DNA proven beyond all doubt.

            They are not of ancient hebrews, nor any of orig 12 tribes and as yet a full one Third of usa folk defend and support them as if they were Gods!

            Perhaps if such deluded ones would Read Chuck Baldwin’s latest Two articles written back to back last week and just posted up as of Yesterday the 20th or 21st of April, AT:…newswithviews dot com website…Perhaps Then they shall finally truly awaken fully to the big ruse and swindle ongoing so long now and doing far greater destructions to usa than all other issues combined.

            Plus for bonus points! Baldwin himself is a trained and practiceing baptist pastor for 40 yrs now…When a guy like him admits in Print that he was misguided and falsely trained at seminary school in the same phony beliefs surounding the insane cultic support for all issues Israel and more WARS! for israel benifit..

            Well that alone should make what baldwin writes even more easy to believe is real truth eh.

            Especially what he wrote on Cruz run for prez and cruz connections to same Haggee type “end times prophecy cultics, that promote and believe cruz IS THE annointed ONE! to usher in the great milenium etc etc”

            When in reality with their more wars calls constant now, and statements such as Cruz: who is promising to “make the sand glow” in the Arab states–except not in Saudi Arabia, of course. Meaning he wants the United States to launch nuclear missiles against millions of innocent men, women, and children throughout the Middle East. Again, all in the name of Christian love. No, that’s not exactly true: all in the name of ISRAEL and all in the name of Bible prophecy. And if he’s elected president, I’m sure he would make good on his promise.

            All these end times false translations of deluded prophetic anointed ones, also falsely believed! is going to acomplish is to usher in the Real terrible Nuke end of entire planet if allowed to gain more power yet!

            Dialogue? with Putin/russia by such deluded fools?…get serious!…They actually believe they as anointed ones Can set off global nukes, but save nations of saudi arabs and israel both, and do it just meere seconds prior to their personal rapture Lift Off earth escape plan as taught by likes of hagee et al…

            Hopefully This reply wont get deleted if a certain “P-est” with censor power here and a huge cruz supporter here at shtf sees what I wrote eh…

            go Read Chuck Baldwins last TWO new articles at..

            newswithviews dot com Hard to believe that webiste even allowed his two articles so critical of israel to get posted up eh…..but both articles are 100% factual truth and right on the spot accurate.

            • Them Guys,,,the descendants of the khazarian gang ( that took over russia in 1900-1920’s..and proceeded to murder 30+ million christians were called the red terror )having been mostly kicked out of russia by putin, have now bribed and blackmailed their way into control of most of the U.S. government..Their plan is to continue their war on christians and kill as many as they can in the U.S. having gained control of the powerful U.S. military, they will try to gain control over as much territory as they can…..i think very dark days are ahead…….

      4. So most of the article is correct. The Maidan was a US/SOROS funded coup and the Ukies have definitely escalated the civil war. My major issue is the headline. There is NO support in the article for a spring offensive launched from the E. Ukraine side. The headline and the article are not supportive of each other. There is some evidence of military support but that is mainly in the form of volunteers from Russia and some training forces.

        If a spring offensive comes, it will be from the Ukie side as they are against the wall with the internal economic malaise as well as their inability to make any substantial progress towards the Minsk agreements.

        There will certainly be war. It will not be as the headline speculates.

        • I have to disagree with JJ’s analysis of the situation in Ukraine. The ‘pro-Russian separatist rebels’ depicted are actually RUSSIAN MILITARY and their weapons provided by Russia. Putin is waging an undeclared war against Ukraine, which is a sovereign nation. Crimea was Ukrainian territory occupied by Putin in violation of international law. I will provide some links to some websites reporting the TRUE situation in Ukraine that neither Western news sources nor Russian news sources will touch. Links to follow.

          • Check out these sites if you want REAL information about Ukraine. Very interesting sites worth your time and there are English-language versions of them. You’re not getting the truth from our own MSM or even Russian sources for that matter. Russians are treacherous and not to be trusted. Putin himself was once a member of the Soviet KGB. THAT alone speaks volumes.

            • JJ, sorry to disagree with you on this one, but you’ve been given some misleading information on Ukraine. check out the links I posted. Very interesting sites with info you won’t get from any Western or even Russian sources. However, I can believe Putin is planning for some more crap sometime this year.

            • Putin is no saint but the US is playing in their backyard. GH Bush who couldn’t remember exactly where he was on Nov 22nd 1963 was CIA director in the 1970s. Make no mistake the Russians are no more treacherous and untrustworthy than we are. The list to support that allegation is just too damn long.

              If the Russians overthrew the government of Mexico I would be quite upset.

              Its all about “Location, Location, Location”.

      5. Generally I don’t like to throw stones but this forum along with others like InfoWars that is often mentioned along with Zero Hedge and lots of Paul Craig Roberts material I’m surprised at some of the postings. Obviously there are posters that don’t understand what is going on. Globalism, BB group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bretton Woods, Federal Reserve, NWO, Oil Peg and Oligarchy are all investigated and discussed topics.

      6. Old “loose cannon” McCain…

      7. Somehow lost my email address from the screen. This is a test to see if it will show up.

      8. Testing

        • I somehow erased my fake email address and it no longer shows up on my screen when I am on the website. Back in moderation.

      9. War with Russia or China would be nuts. NO ONE WINS!!!

        • The donors and oligarchs win.

        • The US gov’t really only wants war with Americans. Straight white conservative Americans, that is.

      10. I can’t see the word “Soros’ without wanting to vomit

      11. In the movie ‘Platoon’, near the end, when a soldier is being airlifted out immediately after being notified his ‘tour’ was up, he shouted from the lifting ‘copter’ to his former buddies still on the ground, “So long, Suckers”.
        As a Viet combat vet, Purple Heart recipient, I can tell you that was my feeling exactly. We were ‘Suckers’ to ever believe our government about Vietnam.
        I genuinely feel sorry for our younger generation, who fall for the government line that we’re warring in these foreign countries “to protect our freedom”.
        Total Bullshit! War is a Business!

        • Sure as hell is… peace brother

        • War Vet

          I wonder how long they can continue to use the flag raising at Iwo Jima as a recruiting tool? Every war is WWII. They have to go that far back to find a valid one.

        • It was actually “Goodbye Motherfuckers!” but your post is right on the money

      12. Sgt. years ago it was said that China’s thoughts of war with US was (probably still is), whichever country recovers first is the winner.
        So also we have Russia with it’s civil defense plans, so it appears they are thinking similarly.
        With China’s 1.5 billion people (even with 30 million of whom live in caves), our odds of recovering first are slim to none.
        Still no reason to stop prepping. Great hobby, though, huh?
        I still enjoy every day likes it’s the last, all the world’s shit notwhihstanding. Working the property, farming, walking the dogs, going to the beach, surfing, exploring the nearby woods, all is good.

      13. Someone always wins war. It’s the after affects on the people and the earth. Russia wouldn’t be testing us if Obummer was a strong leader. They see they were able to take the Crimea back and get away with it. So they go to Ukraine next. at this point we will need to have war and people will have to die needlessly because no one will stop Russia. Looks like Russia is winning. They are stronger than we are. It’s only a matter of time. China is building islands and using them for military installations. Americas best days are past. Just waiting for the bright flash in the sky then the blast wave. Count the seconds between. If you shoot them first and kill them quickly you win. See war is winnable.

        • ” Russia wouldn’t be testing us if Obummer was a strong leader.”

          Sorry Asshat, that really is not what is going on. It would not matter who was in as potus of USSAG. Pukin and his counterparts have had an agenda for a long time. In fact it goes so deep in their blood linage, that it is prophesied in the bible.

          The majority of Russian leadership bloodlines go back to the house of Esau, as Edomites. The Omnipotent Creator of them told of this inner hate from the beginning as Jacob and Esau were in the womb. God even went so far as to say that He loved Jacob and hated Esau, because of what they did in the first Heaven and Earth Age, before flesh bodies of humans existed.

          Anyways, the hatred against the mostly Caucasian/House of Israel/migrations of the western europeans to North America, tribes; are ingrained into Pukin’s spirit. Also, his hatred for USA for buying Alaska from Russia for a song…back in the day, is also at the root of his hate. In his college writings, he swore to get it back for Russia one day before he died.

          There are old evil spirits at work here that 99.99 % of the people never take into account.
          What drives Hitlery and Odrama to do the evil things they do?
          Well, greed for one thing, but; most of their evil hatred is ingrained, as with many other leaders, within their spirits, by other spirits that are working feverishly to kill the Kingdom to come. They could not kill Jesus Christ, nor pollute the bloodlines from which he came, so they are working overtime to make their last ditch effort here, through corrupt and dark peoples.

          Everything was foretold and is done for a reason. Nothing is new under the sun. The end of this dispensation of time is winding down and we are seeing things unfold just as our Heavenly Father said it would.

          Nothing has changed about the agenda of the evil empires that are lead by demonic spirits, such as Russia and China.
          The hatred from the son of Abraham, via the bloodlines of Ishmael (Arabians,etc.), is a working force along with the evil spirit king of Persia (Iran). Mohammed was nothing but a conduit to spill all that hatred through, with a false religion that is called islam.

          They are all driven by evil forces to come against the Christian nations of North America, and come they will. Nothing but the hand of God Himself will stop them as spelled out in Ezekiel 38/39. God sees the country we call Israel, as either the land of Israel or the House of Judah. He sees North America as the “House” of Israel. It is written for those with eyes to see. It will come about as has been foretold.

          For those that can’t see it, just hang on a few more years, or maybe months if the Lord so decides, and the events will unfold that causes the shaking of the self-proclaimed Christian Nation of America and Canada to fall to it’s knees for it’s transgressions.

          I see a timeline that takes this event “possibly” into the middle of the 2020’s. By the end of 2029, the world is in deep tribulation and the season of Jacob’s trouble is coming to a screaming crescendo. All these prophesied events that transcend that timeline can be escalated at the will of the Father, but I believe He has His timeline established for His purpose.

          When the mothership arrives, and an awesome looking figure appears, calling himself Christ returned, showing great signs and wonders, but has the voice of the dragon ( the whole heathen world will whore after him)…it is then on.
          The mega churches will be in turmoil because half the people will see the dragon for what he is and will curse the leaders for teaching them a false doctrine of a pre-trib rapture, flying away to escape tribulation, that has not occurred, nor ever will.

          Preppers will just hunker down with their beans and bullets, like we plan to do, and just wait out the storm to avoid taking the mark and worshiping the beast.

          • In moderation for seven hours now.
            Are we now in censorship, or is it just me, or the fact that i happened to use the word “Israel”.
            All seems to strange and unfair, as the time put into the commentary, is a moot point, because is mostly passed over at this point.

            • Three Times in recorded history Persia aka now Iran Saved the jews asses and the first time was in book of Esther.

              Russias Orig peoples were began with a viking called “RUS” He is who warred against the jewish khazars aka ESAU edomites….Then it became called Russia.

              Then it was the Czars and Orthodox True christians that date back to days of Christ walked earth.

              Back before the split between orthodox and roman catholics…Both used to be One and the only true orig Church that Jesus created and he created only ONE real church….Not created what today has become a mish mash mix of is it 400? or closer to 4,000 seperate and differing teachings based on apostate false interpretations etc?

              And the worst yet apostasy to occure so far has been the abomidable apostate Cyrus Scofield aka Zionist influenced and funded and Published by a Rothschild bankster grandson biggest source of KJV falshodds yet!

              of which 99% of todays many apostate congregations adheere to as if super-glued or gorilla glued to scofields version..No wonder so many apply so many various theories of Dispensationalism etc to make Their own versions of future events..”Fit”.

              Modern day israel state is 99+% Khazars aka esau…

              I posted several times prior, check archives its in there!, the Dec 2012 latest DNA PROOF of Khazar lines that are mixed race of..

              Kkazar= TURK(aka esua edom)+ HUNN+MONGREL+Caucasian.

              ZERO DNA from 12 tribes nor from OT ancieny hebrews…and THIS fact is IN their OWN Jewish Almanacs of several various eras like, 1920’s almanac, Late 1890’s or so, and most recent if I rfecall correct? was around the Late 1980’s jewish almanac issue…Which STATED as FACT, that.

              “it is totally wrong and INcorrect to identify Ancient Israelites and their 12 tribes with todays Modern day Nation state of israel’s inhabitants, and also this includes litterally all of modern day jewry.”

              Their almanacs also add to that with this…”therefore it is also as incorrect and wrong to ID modern day jewish folks with those ancient hebrews of the OLD Testement wrote by Moses etc”

              That is very close, 98% close to exact verbiage of actual almanac context and close enough that I aint wasting time to look it up again to see if I misplaced a comma or two.

              Spelling nazis can do their Own look it up homework!

              ALSO: the KGB evolved into a TWO part system that had as ONE section a smaller group of Loyalist to Russia membership….Putin was a member of That section/part of KGB….They are who pre planned and finally overtook those KGB originals that were mostly jewish aka khazar soviet kommies loyal to lennin and trotsky and Kangavitch etc et al…They is who were the Red Terror machine of worlds worst ever tortures and mass deaths of whiteys and christians…Yes most all were atheists…but that means little if anything when one comprehends the true cultural, and tribal, Nature of being a jewish member.

              Putin was raised christian, and went back to it once he “Awakened” so to speak…and has been ever since a real bonafied member that regularly attends orthodox christian weekly services/mass or whatever its called in russia….

              So unless and Untill Putin shows good proved reason to think otherwise?…Then he IS christian period.

              Putin Vowed last year or so to “Aid and Defend real christians regardless WHERE located on planet earth if he and Russia as a nation are able to etc”

              part of his keeping that Promice made publically to the World and shown globally on msm tv news etc, was recently when putin assisted Syrian Christains.

              Far Too many usa so called christian folks sre so wrapped or is that warped? with all issues “israel” and biblical falshoods regards jewish folk, they are totally UNaware that “YES virginia! There Really ARE Multi-Millions orthodox Christians whos Familys date back to when Jesus walked earth! and these real cristians reside in nations of…Wait for it folks!!

              In SYRIA-IRAQ-IRAN!!-PALESTINE!!! Yes in Palestine WITH the Muslims for the israel jews reject christians within israel as bad if not worse than reject muslims!.

              Yes I know if one goes on a famous john hagee israel Tour one shall never SEE these realities nor see how badly non jews get treated within israel…but of Course eh! For such hagee baptist israel Tours brings Big Shekkels aka $$$$ into state of israel and awake folks Knows what that tribe so worships most, besides self worship as self chozens that is…Indeed $$$ shekkels makes their Eyes widen and GLOW in Dark! Such a, Deeeeaaaaallll! Oyvey!

              NT book of Galations explains how new covenant Replaced the old one period…If you reject That which Paul wrote in Galatians chapter, 3 is it?….Then You aint a believer christian period…For christianity IS Based upon and explained etc in the new testement…

              And same as Christ commanded “you Heard it spoken (in old testement) that and EYE for an EYE etc etc…BUT! I tell You NOW it is Changed to Trun other cheek” etc etc.

              I mention that as proof that YES in some details, many even, whats wrote in the New testement Overides or replaced that of the old covenant…

              And NOTHING Could be cleaerer in this regards than what Paul wrote in Galations about the old was replaced by new testement period…Paul also Stated in Same context/chapter/verses that…

              The book of Genisis Promice by God TO Abraham about “I will Bless them what bless aberaham and also his “SEED'”…DID Not, and DOES NOT…Refer to jews nor the so called blessing of jews NOR nation state of Modern day israel aka Palestine, which is THE Biggest falsehood and apostate teaching ever and going back now since that wicked false scofield bible version came to usa in aprox 1904 era!…Paul Stated that: “Christ Has Fullfilled that OT “seed” part of Promice to Abraham, PERIOD!”

              So why on earth does so many evangelicals so reject those Paul-verses in the NT books? and Yet wish to be called a christian? It sounds as Oxymoronic as to call self a jewdeo-christian! a huge oxymoron. One Must Choose only One and it IS the Rule as Christ Himself spoke of…

              Why do you think Hs said also “I was Sent to ONLY the Lost Sheeps of House of Israel(ten northern tribed, kept name of israel)?…So to get them to CONVERT! to be a christian! NOT any type oxymoronic jewdeo or zio-christians! Wakey wakey sleepy at he wheel christians.

              READ Chuck Baldwins Last Two articles that so deals with this issue folks!…

              NO offence intended here…but I am confident that between Chuck Baldwin VS Pissin in winds poster guy here, one would do WELL to at Least check what Baldwin says compared to a prior truck driver biblical teachings…Just a suggestion and one I for one think is good sage advice for folks needing to know more info.

              Also one More other great source would be very early church “Fathers” who were gifted and spirit Guided and that is reason even Today what They wrote/taught IS still accurate info and though many has tried cannot be refuted as anything else but truth and real biblical fact etc.

              And it makes perfect sense eh…One type devotes entire 90 year lifetime to nothing BUT biblical/christianity knowledge and Wisdom VS one devotes 30 yrs to…Drive a truck!….Which would You trust most eh?

              Compare sources prior to cement ideas into head is good plan I think.

              • Them Guys…..because they did not follow Gods word, most true isrealites were destroyed by the assyrians in 370 -something BC….then the total destruction of the remaining isrealites occurred in 71 AD…….God left the tribes of israel totally destroyed…

          • You know, this weird bible prophecy stuff is enough to turn anyone away from Christianity … You see a timeline? So have tens of thousands of others and they’ve all been wrong. Get away from your stupid timelines. Learn to practice justice and mercy and leave the timelines to God. I think Jesus had a fair bit to say about people who wanted to calculate the dates … The bible is not history written beforehand, as you seem to think.

      14. What do know about russia and China and Kevin2.. China is throwing female students to the PLA to be h
        Gang raped because they talked crap about the murdering communist regime, then they are throwing females to the PLA then they cut out the organs while they are alive and sell it around the country, they are shooting women in the back of the heads with Mac10’s, 7.62 and you feel that China needs to be running our government and occupying Americans country.. educate yourself self and stop talking. Bullshit around here and pull your head our of your ass.. Tia Min square, do you remember that Chinese lady standing in. A picture with the AR.. did you listen to what she said.. the students rose and thousands were murdered, women mass raped.. then in the last uprising what did Z do, line up 200 people in a stadium and. Mowed them down with. 50 those chi-coms are in the country by the hundreds of thousands.. sob talked crap that you know nothing about.. guess makes the guilotines, the 30,000 plus that’s was brought into the country, China again.. China is a sponsor of terrorism, and is busy trying to kill the US dollar and so is Russian. We teach those fucks. Capitalism trade with them and they fuck us..fuck China, fuck russia a d fuck Putin. You have no early clue what is going on in is ten times worst than the middle east.. now Russian are up in My face in the galleria area is Houston and you going to advise me..fighting the NWO my ass, you must be one of those types that support the abuse of women..


        • Just to be clear, HCKS, are you saying 30,000 Chinese Communists have entered the US or 30,000 guillotines, or both? Perhaps each of the little Chicoms carried in a guillotine on his back so they can decapitate all those women they’re going to rape (before selling their organs around the country). Interesting stuff, indeed.

        • HICK

          “and you feel that China needs to be running our government and occupying Americans country..”

          What diluted logic do you use to imply that I desire Chinese troops in the US? No one is coming here, its first utterly impossible.

          Regarding China and Russia the US is quite capable of, and proceeding rather rapidly towards, its own self destruction via fascist corporate rule at the top, with a creeping indigenous socialistic control upon the masses from there down.

        • every great wall buffet is staffed with pla how do you think so many of them can stay in buisness so long they are fronts…

      15. Wow…. Ya can’t fix stupid… The Chinese are not going to go to war with us…Why should they? They will use our own money and debts we owe them to buy up the good companies and land and allow the American people to pay them rent, as they ship back everything of value to China. As for Russia, All you ever needed to do with the Bear is give it some respect and leave it alone. Russians have plenty to fix inside their own country, they really do not have the interest, desire or ability to get into a pissing contest with the USA. Everybody there knows it, they however have dibs on Ukraine. It is theirs and has been for centuries. In fact a large part of modern Ukraine was “given” to Ukraine to run by Russia as an administrative area in the 1950s That additional territory was Russian land and was never intended to be given away, only to be managed thru that part of the Soviet Union known as Ukraine.
        As for some Russian getting in your face in the Galleria, my question is…were you spouting off ignorantly like you do on this web site? If you started insulting me like that, I might react badly too…and I am a fellow American. I have spent a lot of time with Russians, and they are not easily angered. You seem to just have that talent I guess.. Your problem is you confuse your right to free speech with the need for intelligent speech. Practice

      16. The Ukraine is the place where Stalin and his Communist Zio party starved native white Christians by the millions. I don’t understand what is going on currently but I still am so disgusted by what the Stalinists did to those poor Ukranians, it makes me want to cry or pull some bodies hair out.

      17. Heres an Excerpt from Chuck Baldwins new article at…


        By Chuck Baldwin
        April 21, 2016
        NewsWithViews dot com

        The Matriarch of the pro-life, pro-family, Christian Right movement is the elegant stateswoman Phyllis Schlafly. She has no peer; there is no close second. At age 91, she remains the icon of America’s pro-life community.

        She founded her Eagle Forum organization in 1972, and today over 80,000 people claim membership.

        As we speak, Phyllis Schlafly is the target of a hostile takeover by people within her own organization, including by her own daughter. They want Phyllis OUT. They want to throw her into the garbage bag like an old dishrag. After all of these years, after all she has done, after a lifetime of Herculean effort, they want Phyllis Schlafly GONE.

        What, you ask, could be the awful sin, the horrific iniquity, the egregious act of malfeasance Phyllis could have committed to warrant such an attack? Answer: she endorsed Donald Trump for president.

        Mind you, these attacks are not coming from the ACLU or the SPLC. They are coming from Christian conservatives within Eagle Forum. And from a political perspective, the people who want to destroy Mrs. Schlafly are, guess who: the Ted Cruz supporters, that’s who.

        Ted Cruz’s base of support is comprised mostly of Israel-First evangelical Christians. Prophecy preachers from all over America have declared Ted to be God’s “anointed” presidential candidate. These end-time evangelicals see Ted Cruz as their Elijah or John the Baptist to usher in the Millennial Kingdom. However, the fact that Cruz’s supporters are attacking Mrs. Schlafly in such a vile and vicious manner, shows that hell, not heaven, is in their hearts.

        This leads to a very serious and all-too-common current reality: a sizeable percentage of our so-called “Christian” community is filled with a heart of hatred and war. They like to talk about peace and love, but what they are really about is war and hate.

        I can’t keep from saying “I told you so” at this point.

        When G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney began their propaganda war against Iraq and Afghanistan, I told my radio audience, “Because G.W. Bush professes to be a Christian, and because he has so much support from within the Christian community, Bush is going to change the definition and character of the word ‘Christian’ in this country forever.” And that is EXACTLY what has happened. Ted Cruz is picking up right where G.W. Bush left off.

        The Christian standard used to be “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Today the standard is “Blessed are the warmongers.” These Bush/Cruz, Israel-First cultists are prepared to not only blow up the Arab world, they are prepared to blow up Eagle Forum or any other organization or personality that does not subscribe to their brand of Israel-First obsession. Believe me, if these divisive, hate-filled “Christians” could get away with it, they would be as bloodthirsty and violent as any Muslim terrorist. But since they are unable to behead people such as Phyllis Schlafly or Chuck Baldwin, however, they set out with all malice to destroy our work and reputations. Yes, I am dealing with many of these same hate-filled “Christians,” too.

        And I know that many of my brethren will recoil when they hear me say what I’m going to say, but I have analyzed and studied this phenomenon for many years now, and there is a DEFINITE common denominator.

        I’m talking about decades of church splits; pastors being savagely and mercilessly attacked from inside the church; pastors’ families being destroyed by members of their own congregations; and the most bitter, divisive, backstabbing, meddlesome, tale-bearing, discordant, mean-spirited actions and attitudes on the planet. All in the name of Christianity. All in the name of love. All in the name of Bible doctrine. All in the name of Jesus Christ. All in the name of truth.

        What is the common denominator? Almost without exception these haters and destroyers are Israel-First, end-time prophecy zealots.

        I cannot imagine another presidential candidate’s supporters attacking someone such as Phyllis Schlafly like the Cruz supporters are now doing. It is Ted Cruz’s supporters who are engaging in this attempted destruction of America’s First Lady of The Pro-Life Movement, Phyllis Schlafly. And again, Ted Cruz is Mr. Christian Zionist. Cruz is to politics what John Hagee is to religion.

        Ted Cruz claims to be pro-life, but he is allowing his supporters to crucify the most influential pro-life American of the last half-century, Phyllis Schlafly.

        The Above is OUT of actual full article Context….go to the wbeiste named at top for full article.

        And, MAC: PLEASE! Do NOT allow “Test” to delete this reply simply becauce Test so loves and supports Cruz, and seems hes unable to allow any anti-cruz info etc….Thank You…TG

        • Test is not a moderator here – just FYI.



          • Mac: Okay and I thank you for allowing my replies to be posted up, but I really do wish the constant limbo-of-moderation could be done away with or shortened greatly so my reply can be read in a more timely manner by others here.

        • TG, interesting article and I’m not surprised. I grew up in an ‘evangelical’ church back in the 60s and 70s so I know their mentality all too well. I LEFT them in the 70s because of their mentality. They support all of this warmongering, propping up tyrants, etc., ad nauseum. Phylis Schafly was one of the few decent people among evangelicals that I had any respect for. It’s sad and disgusting that even her own daughter among everyone else at Eagle Forum want her removed. If those people had their own way, they would have had Jeb Bush instead of Cruz as their hero. They’re just as blind and misled as the libturds.

      18. I’m still trying to figure out what is on the horizon here. Other than the obvious WW3. There are US units currently employed in Kosovo. Others getting ready to deploy to Lithawanea. Welcome to cold war 2 and possibly another WW. I will keep all posted with what I know when I find out more.

        • A short, short story, NWO nightmare actually:
          WWIII is a preplanned NWO war to collapse the current ponzi economic system and further reduce the current USSA into a more subservient world role.
          The USSA will sustain an “acceptable” but overwhelming initial defeat. This could be an EMP or Grid Hack to plunge the country into months of chaos to be solved by the invitation of UN (mainly Chinese)peacekeeping troops bringing food and relief to cheering survivors in LA, San Diego, San Fran,and Hawaii etc. China has plenty of troops. Russian troops will reoccupy Alaska.
          This will be approved as part of the world collecting on the collateral of the USSA Debt Default authorized by the BIS/IMF/World Bank from the War. Obama/Hillarity will accept these negotiated settlements.
          Another scenario would come from a Hot War where 2to3 USSA Aircraft Carriers are sunk by Chicom-Russian Missiles with huge loss of life showing an apparent USSA vulnerbility, so a negotiated surrender is initiated by the traitorous collusion of whoever is the sitting Putz Potus. (except Trump, hence the extensive attacks on him from ALL sides)
          The seizure of lands in the Western States by the Feral Gov by BLM goons is to preserve mining collateral for the Chinese, so these mines will be developed and run by the Chinese for 20 to 50 years under “Treaty-Deals”.
          We are in very, very deep shiat, IMO. CYA comrades.

          • GenEarly

            Think of the NWO as Al Capone. Think of the US because of its military as Frank Nitti. The US reason for existence is to be the bully boy for Wall Street. Don’t take my word for it, take USMC Major General two time Medal Of Honor Recipient Smedly Butler word for it. Read his book, “War Is A Racket”.

            • I couldn’t agree more. The Russia bashers posting here conveniently overlook the history of the expansionist US with the ethnic cleansing of the Eastern Cherokee, destruction of the Southern Independence and the colonization-suppression of the Philippines. Gen. Butler was brutally honest, but we continue to march off to fabricated wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan, never looking behind the curtain at the real instigators.
              We have much more in common with Russia and should be allied with them. China not so much at present, but their government is the problem, not necessarily the people.
              But the same could be said of US, the government is the problem, and we are responsible for what we allow to govern us.

      19. Sorry about the typos in the last post. I am working daylight and must be still half asleep. More coffee please.

      20. Russia can teach the USA nothing when it comes to using dirty tricks and is not invading the world like the USA is or have you not looked at a map of military bases, all US owned that are around the world.

        Most people in the Ukraine are against the government and the Crimea is happy to be parted from the nazi’s that seized power by force.

        Bankers are behind our troubles and spent $5bn in the Ukraine to start a revolt and ten times more in Syria and will be the death of us all if we don’t….. err… know what them.

      21. The Russians – and slavs in general – are tough mothers. And who wouldn’t fight that hard when you see how beautiful their women are?

        I am seeing an interesting coalition being formed to fight back against the refugee-jihadi invasion. It will be Russia/Mafia/Biker gangs/neo-nazis versus jihadi-fugees. I imagine the Russians will lead this well into Western Europe. Yesterday, the refugees were actually taking over the Greek border and demanding Greeks show identity papers to travel and make deliveries: that is how bad things have got: the Europeans are now being bossed around by the refugees, who now think they are the new hairy gorilla in the room.

        Here is one of the best headlines of the year: “Migrants versus the MAFIA: Cosa Nostra ‘declares war’ on refugees as mayor says Sicily capital feels more like Istanbul or Beirut than Europe”

      22. The Russian people have a very strong sense of nationalism predating the various governments that governed them. They never fought for communism, certainly not for Stalin but rather for “Mother Russia”. They’re a hearty people having recovered without western help after WWII. Certainly they have been forcibly exposed to, “The ends justifying the means”. After losing 20 million people in, “The Great Patriotic War” they should be accorded a security zone of primary influence around their country which excludes a third party military force like NATO. In the end their security enhances our security.

        • They are reverting to what they know best: Predation. For over 270+ years the Crown and Communists took land the average rate of the size of Vermont. Form the time the Vikings established themselves in the late 900’s, Mother or father Russia has always been a land grabbing bunch. What would make them secure is to establish themselves as a true democracy and leave others alone. Land grabbing requires many of the most productive males to form an army with, and huge amounts of civilian input, as we did in WW2. My mother in law (God bless her) was a riveter in San Diego for Boeing until the end of the war, doing 3 years of service that way. War-like propaganda and military muscle-flexing to make it appear that the homeland is in danger of being destroyed is the surest way to get the common people’s minds off the miserable conditions they are still living in. Kevin2: if this is what you really think, then you need to renounce your American citizenship and get on the first thing smoking to Russia. At best you are a “useful idiot” (V.I. Lenin) and at worst just plain stupid. I would recommend you read the history of Russia for the last 1,000 years (Yes, I have, among many others. I think then you would recast your views considerably.

          • Russian history is very brutal, and does not reflect our apparent failed experiment with constitutional “self rule”, but your US vrs Them only indicates your willingness to forgive with familiarity our own brutal history. The real problem is the Russians are still capable of brutality while the USSA has sunk into an effeminate poser of it’s former self.
            Not to worry, we will surrender rather than fight, so at least the prospect of war is lessened.We should be fighting our own internal traitors rather than foreign boogeymen. Just my opinion.

      23. ” Ukrainian citizens who are ethnically, culturally, and linguistically Russian.”

        The writer failed to mention the part where Russia went in and murdered all the ethnic Ukrainians and allowed Russians to go in and occupy a sovereign nation… the 1932–33 genocide in which Stalin’s regime murdered 7 million Ukrainians and sent 2 million to concentration camps. That’s how Ukraine became Russian.

        • Stalin came from a long line of Rabbi(s).

          • You are right about Obasturd – he must have been castrated after the 2nd kid. As to strength, the Russian Navy is mostly junk, although being refitted slowly. Thins is, we have 4,025 independently targetable nuclear warheads on our boomers (The Big sub’s), more than enough to turn both Russia and China into one vat lake of glass. America’s best days have darkened by Clinton and Obasturd, but like my step-father said “Don’t never sell America short”. You’ll notice their naval aircraft are doing things that would have caused Johnson or Eisenhower to issue a shoot on approach order. Because when he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, they knew they were dealing with faggot punk who doesn’t really give a shit – he wants to be a peacemaker. You’ll notice that most peacemakers historically end up dead. The Roman’s had it exactly right: “Sic vis paceum. parabellum”. If you want peace, prepare for war. That’s always been the deal, and it always will be, because there is always some religious or dogmatically crazy bastard who will chew you up and spit you out, given any chance at all. Belgium, France, Poland MacMillan (“Peace in our time”) – they all read the writing on the wall (Daniel 5) and stuck their thumbs up their butts and got rolled over like a pop can underneath a D-11. Asshat: I think you may in fact have your head in your ass. NOBODY is stronger than us. Nobody can project power like we can. Drones cost just a fraction of a fighter and you’ve seen the damage they do.

      24. Too much propaganda in the press. I get my Russian info straight from the most reliable source, Russian strippers. Plus I feel good after I get all that info.

      25. Yes, communist are paranoids. Witness their party in America of called under the pseudonym of Democraps.

        One of their leaders even used her home residence to send secrets back to her “comrades”.

      26. This is inevitable… j

      27. Not only does no one believe a word these clowns say,
        we’re laughing at them too.
        If only they weren’t so lethal..

      28. sooo tired of the US governments psychopaths and pathological liars warmongering!

      29. No offense, but you’re all wrong! ALL nations are satanic puppet corporations! Russiacorp & chinacorp are no different than USAcorp, they’re just NW0 chess pieces!
        This is just more luciferian Hegelian dialectic!
        There are only two sides, the satanists vs. the followers of Jesus Christ. Shalom

        • ou vey mate, you f#kkin spot on, I see what’s happening around us, but there’s so much reservations regarding Mr.Put-in-and-out, things such as his declared yearly salary, what was it, some ridiculous US150k a year or so? come on! My approval rating for Mr. P is perhaps at most 60% even if he shines pretty well in this sub-orderly world.

      30. To cast John McCain in such a role is unwarranted and baseless. Where did you spend the 7 years of your life while McCain was being tortured regularly in the Hanoi Hilton. Where ever it was, I’ll bet both my testicles you were not ever in a war zone. They crippled him for life, and even though they tried to use him for propaganda and get him to revile the US for being in Nam (because his dad was an Admiral, they thought he might be soft enough to take the early release) he steadfastly refused many times, and was tortured worse than before. I think this is one for which I have to tell you to shut your Goddamn mouth. Ask yourself if you could take the abominable maltreatment he took by having the balls to say “NO”. WELL…I’M WAITING !!!

      31. WW3 will bury the coming economic and monetary collapse.
        So here comes WW3 …

      32. McCain was a spoiled brat in the Navy and his record isn’t all that sterling if you care to look. Be that as it may be, the current present day McCain is what is important.
        McCain has thrown in with BLM land seizure in AZ like his “friend”Dirty Harry in NV to gain personal wealth from Feral Gov tyranny.
        Also keep waiting on Amnesty McCain to do more on Border Security than bloviate at sElection time.
        I bet you keep voting Repub thinking they are the freedom party.
        Repub-DemocRat same NWO putzes.

      33. I’m sitting here with my weekend beer, popcorns, oh.. and my shades just in case of, so… just bring on the WWIII already mate so we can finally enter the NWO and have some peace in our minds, ok?

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