The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee has inadvertently posted election night results. The results page appears to be similar to what mainstream news networks display on election night, including Presidential and Congressional results, the popular vote count, electoral votes, and percentage of precincts reporting.

    The page, a screen shot of which has been sourced from internet archive site The Wayback Machine, is posted below and shows totals for the upcoming Presidential race. It announces Hillary Clinton as the winner.

    As Jim Stone notes, the page was pulled directly from the content management platform utilized by major networks like NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox and appears to be a non-public staging area for news and election results.

    The original page has since been reset.

    (Click here for full size image)


    Though the results information appears on an FTP server at, media companies like NBC’s WRCB TV utilize the platform, also know as “Frankly,” to power their news content. This can be verified directly a the WRCB web site by scrolling to the very bottom of the page footer which notes that it is, “Powered By Frankly.”

    In addition to national results, Jim Stone has identified another page at the FTP server that appears to show the State-By-State Presidential election results. This page is also accessible in archive format at WayBack Machine with a line by line breakdown available at Stone’s website.

    Of interest is that the State-By-State results indicate a Hillary Clinton win in states like Texas (42% to 40%), Florida (44% to 40%) and Pennsylvania (44% to 40%) which have all been identified as states Clinton must steal to win the election.

    Do these latest election “results” confirm that the fix is in and the vote is rigged?

    If so, then we are no longer looking at an election where our votes will count, but rather, a selection where the winner is determined by those who count the votes.


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      1. Seriously, WTF!?!?

        They’re just going to outright hand it to her, the will of the people be damned.

        • Maybe a Dewey defeats Truman in the works?

          • Neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States. You have been told true.

            • Dad,I believe the same thing. You basing your view on a prophecy or prophetic utterance???

              • Dad is drunk, he had one too many.
                Ignore him for now.

              • yes sir.

                • Yodaddy troll. You keep repeating yourself article after article like a broken record. However you offer NO Shred of theory, other than your spit from your breath and hollow words. Go away. Post something legit and maybe people will take you more serious. Other than that, you are a nut job troll spewing nonsense.


                  • “Other than that, you are a nut job troll spewing nonsense.

                    Takes one to know one.

                • Yourdaddy: Are you a follower of Charlie Johnson?

                  • No…Charlie Manson

              • It’s spelt “Touche” and prophecy has always proven to be psychobabble. Unless you can point to one, clearly defined example that is not open to interpretation?

              • Next Right Step

            • You cannot possibly be that stupid. You just can’t.

            • All world is praying for that 🙂

            • I’ve thought the same thing. This whole thing of a ‘Soft Coup’ by Steve Pieczenik on YouTube has me weary.

            • Who is ??you dam sure aren’t going to keep that African Clown.

        • There is no election. “Voting” is optional and just there to make gullible sheeple feel good like they somehow mattered.

          This premature ejaculation on NBC’s part pretty much confirms that Nov 9 will be a very bloody day for America.

          • I don’t see it as an election for a long time.
            It’s always “the king is death, all heil to the king”
            And they always become more corrupt and more dangerous to the people.
            I can only imagine what kind of freedoms we’ll lose in her 8 years….
            I downright scares me to live here. And when I look arround me, most of our countrymen aren’t fit enough to stage a revolt!
            As a people we’ve all become fat by their unhealthy food they sell us, our moral system has been destroyed, nobody respects us in the world anymore…
            we’re doomed…

            • No, you’re fat because you choose to be.

        • and let the civil war begin!! people have had it with there corruption!! they will hang from the street lights on the beltway! before it is over!!

          • no we wont , we’re confiscating the rope too come wednsday and all your ammo and rice. We’re gonna need it all because in january all those chineese are gonna start marching our way to collect payments we’re gonna default on. so turn it in peaceful or you remember what negan did to rick in front of his crew dont ya?

            • slickwillie,
              GOOD one Slick!! LOL, LOL BUT you can’t confiscate anything from a JAIL cell!!! see ya on the headlines news swinging from the lite pole on the beltway!!! LOL

        • War

        • Stalin said it’s not who the people vote for, its who is counting the votes that matter.

          • before THAT, mark twain said “if your vote MATTERED, they wouldn’t let you DO IT”

        • Of course not, she paid for it!

        • Why doesn’t contact the NBC affiliate and ask them WTF?

        • Don’t fall for the PSYOP / propaganda of the state run clinton/communist news network.
          The polls are skewed as well, because they’re getting desperate – they know their sorry butts will be in prison soon.

        • Mac the knife…

          God knows I tried.
          Elections. For the love of God, if you don’t hear anything else I say for the rest of the evening, listen to this.
          Elections are no longer free. They are staged theater, designed to maintain the illusion of representative governance and to enrich the political class. This is despotism. If after this mess that we just went through, if you do not understand this, you are beyond hope.

          My God.

          And then you have election fraud on top of it. Here in Colorado ten counties had voter turnout in excess of the total adult population of the [county]. Not just the registered voters – the total adult population of the county, excuse me, the county. And what did Romney do? Roll over. How can you not see this? How can you not understand? Do not talk to me anymore about elections. There are no elections. There are no more free elections. Just stand over that dead horse and beat it – it is never going to get up. For the love of God.

          I’m sorry, but there comes a certain point where you have got to pull your head out of your a ss and deal with reality. You cannot just keep going on with this over and over and over again, saying, “Well if I just give somebody some money and I put some signs in my yard I’m doing enough…”

          No, you’re not doing enough. You’re not doing enough at all. Not even close. In fact, if you’re participating in this, you’re part of the problem.”

        • It is irrelevant who wins because neither would be running the country anyway. This has become very clear.

        • That has alway been the plan that killary would be given the Presidency this time around. She feels it is owed to her because she lost to obama last time round. But she is not qualified and is so corrupt she will finish obama’s job of destroying America, our military, our Constitution and make this a socialist dictatorship. We will no longer be a Republic but just another third world country with NO freedoms. If they can predict this election now, then it is so rigged that an honest election is beyond conception. We cannot allow this to happen and for the clinton crime family to take over our government.

          • Please vote and bring your friends. If you stay home because you feel defeated, remember the leftists are voting and you are helping for the opposition.

        • Well I guess this article was wrong. Thanks for wasting my time.

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised. One way or another the 3% will take over.
        If this comes to pass it is time to go to the AMMO BOX we have tried everything else.


        • Never happen, too many sheep in this country.

          • the sheep will be culled out!!

        • Soap box
          Ballot box
          Ammo box
          Seems to be the order to establish order.

          • Doc,while at moment still valid thus do not forget jury box.The recent Oregon trial showed jury nullification can work!

            • …only after they got rid of the government ringers…

        • Sarge I fear your right. Lace ’em up boys and girls time to test some of those supplies you’ve been stacking.

        • you stated the obvious as usual.

          • sgt dale DOES have that keeen sense of the obvious, doesn’t he…hee hee hee…..

      3. don’t be a dickhead it’s not results it is a test injection to the system to check that all is working -_- how can you be so morronic.

        • if its a test why wouldn’t they just put fake names instead of the actual name of the candidates…..its rigged so face the fact that your a puppet along with 98% of people in this country “they say jump you ask how high” that how it works now days unless your that 2%.

          • It’s an old tactic of the enemy to discourage their opponent from acting, in this case from voting.

            Keep your poker face, keep your powder dry, stay cool, and vote anyway.

            The next few years are going to be hard enough with a decent man in office. They could very well be insurmountable if the wicked wtch gets in.

          • french reader is correct. This was hard coded test data. Why use the real names? because the company is testing the real people… Why do you think its gone now. I do software and have left up test data in the past. It happens. Its all random number generator (hence, why texas/florida/etc show for clinton). It happens.

            • “I do software and have left up test data in the past.”

              I call bull shyte. I’ve been a developer for over 20 years and worked for about a dozen companies. NOT ONCE has my dev/beta database EVER been connected to production that way.

        • FrenchReader is correct here.

          Hubby worked in TV land news stations as well as award shows and such.

          they want to make sure everything is in proper working order before air-time.

          it can make or break a news stations credibility/ratings if reporting is slow or the tallies change repeatedly in error.

        • What a load of rubbish French reader. Who is paying you idiot.

      4. just a test spreadsheet – idiot Gary Johnson with 8% ???? – only in his wildest wet dreams ….

        • That’s how they steal it for Hillary. They justify her winning by flipping some % of Trump votes to Johnson and explain that’s why Hillary won. That it was the independents voting for Johnson that took votes from Trump. Johnson isn’t anywhere near 8% in any polls currently, he’s more aroun 5%.

      5. I am buying more ammunition. I feel the need coming on for both rifle and handgun bullets.

        • 22 cal bricks area still few and far between in my town.

          • Bought a 5,250 round case a couple weeks ago at my ‘local guy’ shop. ;-D

            • Have you ever heard of OpSec? Also, why are you buying.22?

          • Folks,plenty of ammo including .22 on ammoseek,still at moment reasonably priced.Worried about ammo being shipped to your home?Well,face it,by being here you are already on many “lists”!What the fuck is a few more lists matter?

            • And you get to leave a trail of your purchase right to your front door.

              • Yes,as does posting here!Millions order online,so,when they hit millions of homes do you not think the time has come.All firearm purchases thru ffl(millions a month for the last 8 years)also leaves a trail,again,all start getting hit,again,the game is on,don’t you think/agree?

          • here in so cal i bought from dicks a couple months ago…no limit, so i bought about 70,000 rounds of 22 for LESS than 6cents a round…seen it many times for around that price….walmart STILL aint got it hardly ever though….EFF them!…but i DO think prices fall even further, because of the new plants coming online making only 22LR….unless, of coarse, the shtf….which is highly likely if yuh ask me…and yuh DIDN’T.

          • I saw some mediocre quality stuff recently, the kind that used to be loss leaders at sporting goods store sales, a couple of bricks at 60 bucks a brick or 13 bucks a box for some better quality stuff.

            Wonder why no one makes the stuff anymore, all other calibers seem to be in more than adequate supply with a good choice of brands to choose from at reasonable prices.

            • i can help you with this one. they make a LOT more money on other calibers, so all materials have been going into where the money is, but now they have ramped up production so much that SOON we will see much lower prices, because of a glut….unless the shtf, of coarse(more likely).

      6. All I can do right now is GROWL Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      7. Next Wednesday is the day we better be ready for anything. This shall not stand. Molon Labe

        • wednesday might be too LATE.

          • It’s been too late for a long time, LOL.


        My opinion: What do I know? The trolls have warned everyone, don’t listen to HCKS, he needs medication.

        And based on what I have heard, this will be the result because patriots and veterans know that blood shed is coming to our cities.. Alot of dead russian and Chinese soldiers will pay a heavy price in our cities. A car could crash right into me today, crush my ass to death, and nothing would stop what’s coming, and the dumb ass trolls think coming on here will suddenly steer thinking by discrediting me. I have to fucking laugh.

        The list of killers, murderers and rapist coming to your

        MS13, tattooed face morons- good luck your dead
        Russia-get yours ass shot up
        lativians.-you to
        mongol/burkas-30-06 will fuck you up
        Mexican military-get your ass a taste of Texas.
        chi-coms-1,200,000 from mexico standing strong.-your dead
        dred lock/and other latino gangsters.-total fucking joke.

        The dred lock and latino gangs, are the least of our worries, the dumbasses cant even shoot straight at the shooting range much less take on militias, veterans and red necks and local cops.


        2016-2019, in a mass grave, dead or decaying in and empty field being eaten by vultures somewhere in Houston.

        Molon labe.

        SHTF will commense.

        • HCKS, you forgot some…let me help you out.
          people that wear their underwear below their buttcrack
          people that sit at green light 3 seconds after it turns green
          people that slap their kids
          people that steal shoppin’ carts
          people that come to your door to take food from you
          people that cut in front of you at the gas station

          did i forget any? oh, yes, my first mother-in-law….anyone else?

        • Hcks, Yes, send the Smoking Hot Russian and Latvia Chicks my way, I will find room for them. Thanks in advance

          ~WWTI… Notice how these Nut Jobs keep their Doom warnings open ended with out any dates or legitimate facts or proof other than their illusion under heavy narcotics? So did that little voice tell you all of this?

          …Beware, If any Doctor, medical person or law enforcement ever asks you, “if you are “Suicidal?” Tell them “NO Way.” They will use that info, if you say “Yes or Sometimes, etc,” that they will put you on a list, and make sure under court order that “You give up all your guns and weapons and turn them into law enforcement. If you fail to surrender them, they do a SWAT Raid on your property to find them.” As they will show Cause that you would be considered a “RISK”.

          I was recently being interviewed by a Medical person in a Hospital, I was asked that question multiple times, along with other questions like do I smoke? Meds I take, etc. I was in there for a Friggin “Hernia” not some psychotic incident. But this is now in their Medical Protocol to ask if you are “Suicidal.” You also should always guard your medical records with extreme privacy. The Government Nut-Jobs will find a way to disarm you for their pleasure, using 3rd parties under guise to trick you into saying something stupid.

          This falls under the same category as child abusers, spousal abuse, as medical professionals are obligated under law to report this when they witness this or interview you.

          • This is actually real good advise !

            My aged father-in-law was at the dr and his youngest son told the dr that his dad had said he just wanted it to be over with.

            When dr found out dad had old WW2 guns, that dr sent him straight away-RIGHT THEN- in an ambulance- to the psych ward.

            Took hubby and me three days to get him back home!

            best to keep mouth shut at dr office.

        • This video is full of bullshit! We the people of the United States are voting for mr. Trump and he will beat Hillary without a question so you can shut up with your smart-aleck results and get aboard the Trump train because that’s what we’re coming to!

      9. Not a surprise Trump said it was rigged. Only hope be that the sheeple wake up but we all know that ain’t happening

      10. Those of us who know, realize, care, and have the balls to do what needs done and undo what has been done will have a lot of work ahead of us. I can’t imagine how the founding fathers felt while they were signing the constitution I think nervous would be an understatement prob more like a cat trying to shit a peach seed

        • well, now THAT’S a painful thought….i’ld rather get stuck Washing the underwear at an old folks

        • i watched my dad baptise a box of kittens when i was younger.

          • Did the brick help?

            • it DID make it a manageable task.

              • sniffle 🙁

      11. If Hillary wins, we scream fraud. If Trump wins, they scream Russia did it. Civil War 2. Get ready to rumble!

      12. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (purportedly by Joseph Stalin)

      13. Best you can do is lead the sheeple troops when that time comes. It will probably consist of giving them a rifle, show them how to load it and tell them shoot in that direction. You can prob skip the safety latch instructions cus they will forget the safety is on and get them selves killed.

        • GS our local militia is mobilized and ready. The Gov is ready. The stupid bowl is about to begin.

          • Your local militia is who will lead. If you have 20 in your militia then you have 20 that can lead sheeple outfits. Now if each outfit has 20 in it then you have a 400 man unit. Remember your not under some oath to acknowledge the Geneva convention crap and prisoners are a distraction and liability that will get you killed. As citizens there will be no war crimes cus you have to have laws rules of war in order to have crimes. It will not be a civil war it will be a revolution.

            • sounds like you been readin’ selco.

      14. The Powers That Shouldn’t Be want insurrection so they can institute Martial Law.

        Do we play into their hands. I hope not.


        • For the last time….there is no “Martial Law” statute on the Fed/books!

      15. Wtf no rate hike by the feds??? Oh yea it’s still Obama’s watch. Nothing to see here keep moving along. Oh look its a herd of skittles sitting unicorns and they have care bears riding them. Now ain’t that special

      16. ‘Olglaigh na h’Eireann, The “TROUBLES” have hit, and the people who have fought to defend FREEDOM, are alive and ready! We Irish Catholic’s are well schooled on the “TROUBLES”, Long live the USA and Northern Ireland, need say more? Don’t think so, tiocfaidh Ar La!

      17. Cleaning my scope glass,mags loaded,enemy identified,canteen filled and flag raised. Commence target practice!

        • Make every head shot count.

      18. Sad to say my blood will spill on my own soil for my kids future.
        You may find my body in a ditch but it’ll be on top a pile of brass..

      19. We all knew that dreaded day would come. Gather up your like-minded communities, have a plan, but still, control your sweat.

      20. I’m not even gonna vote cus I know she’s gonna be pres. I will be at home watching.

        • Yeah. Don’t vote while every liberal left wing nut job votes. Stay home and then when Clinton wins you can say I told you so and feel good about your ability to predict outcomes.
          I think I stumbled on a parody site.
          Are you really this stupid? I bet you aren’t even registered to vote, but you like to bitch about how fucked up things are. In the meantime leftists are voting big time.
          You are a traitor if you don’t vote, Why don’t you just kill youself?

      21. hhahaa, you americunts are such silly fucks. Go play with your 9mm peepees you goddam retards.

        • ‘Dickhead’ den Hartog, go f#$% yourself!

          • I know you would like us to be unarmed like you are because the contrast between our freedom and your lack of freedom wouldn’t be so stark…

            Your comment has a strong tone of envy.

      22. Anyone who believes this doesn’t realize what tests are. Newsflash: news outlets do test runs with fake data to get prepared for the actual election night. Someone made a mistake and a test showed up on a public page. Who in their right mind thinks Hillary will win 44%-40% in West Virginia?


      24. Uh, where were you guys the last 4 rigged elections? Took you long enough.

      25. Its fraction magic!!! Take a look at this if you have not already.

      26. Look, if you want to pretend the election is fixed, fine. Trump has run such an absolutely awful campaign that’s it’s much easier to believe that he’s a sock puppet candidate that was only put forward to make Clinton more palatable and make the American people acceptable. But to pretend anyone is handing this electio to Clinton other than Trump? Please.

        Take a look at his campaign. Look at the massive populations that he has offended. I don’t care if you think he’s the better candidate, I don’t care if you think people “shouldn’t” have been offended by what he said. What you think should’ve happened doesn’t matter. What DID HAPPEN matters, and whether or not they “should” have been offended, they WERE. You can’t piss off that many people and think you have a fighting chance. ESPECIALLY not as a Republican when the Democratic candidate starts off with New York, California, and Illinois already in the bag along with their 104 of the needed 270 electoral votes. Republican candidates have to almost sweep the swing states to win, and you don’t pull off a sweep by being an asshole.

        That’s what drives me nuts about this conspiracy theory bullshit. There’s actually a semi-plausible way to explain this without accepting the media’s account of things, but it’s rejected in favor of this NWO Illuminati bullshit because it fits the Looney Tune narrative better.

          • It’s a fake. An absolute fraud. Click the “Date” button on the upper left. The LAST time anyone posted was June 2015. Further proof? Navigate to


            and tell me what you see. You’ll see nothing. That should be a hint.

        • Between the Haiti, Bengazi. The Clinton foundation payoffs offended people with a three digit IQ. The idiots are offended by talk .The third worlders that the dems. Have smuggled in are voting for more EBT money. And the government employees bigger pay and pensions. They combined out number the non takers. If the takers win this we are on the way down . Or the second civil war.

        • but how can a lying, cheating, killing bitch be a possible choice. trump needs refining a little, but damit, we need to drain the DC cesspool all the way local city councils.

        • “Look at the massive populations he has offended.” You sound like you need to go wipe your pussy and stick in a tampon.
          If you ever listened to what he says in his speeches instead of believing everything the media tells you about him, you wouldn’t be making moronic statements that make you sound like a offended leftist college girl.
          It’s the media that has run a trerrible campaign against Trump. What a sucker you are for believing the media. NO wonder we’re losing.

      27. This “screengrab” is dynamic. That means this is not a screengrab. WHY DO CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS LIE SO MUCH?

      28. So, if I am correct, the voting has already occurred? Odd; I thought Tuesday was voting day. I guess the machines are already tabulating, so the presence of voters is not necessary after all!

      29. Haha. Did any of you smarties even read the supposed results? It had Hillary winning both Arkansas and freaking TEXAS! If this were real, wouldn’t they try to make it at least believable? Try reading next time …oh yeah, and then applying coherent thoughts to what you read. Hillary will win but the results won’t look anything like these.

      30. I see trump signs and bumper stickers everywhere. I have never seen a Hilary sign or bumper sticker anywhere. Never. Women and minorities. The domestic enemy? What percentage? 95 percent of minorities? 60 percent of the women? The Tares must burn. Come soon.

        • Sae here – only Trump Pence sign – no Hillary signs in Michigan

      31. o’ bummer for 3rd term

      32. I agree that the game is rigged, but the rigger must at least make it believable. Looking at this table, even the most incredulous would not believe that DJT will win Maryland and Massachusetts. I live in the state of Wyoming, which has been decimated by Obama and Hillary’s energy and environmental policies; there is no way in hell Hillary will win here by a 5% margin – I predict Trump by about 2 to 1, as in the past 2 elections. Similarly, North Dakota, also ravaged by leftist environmental policy, is not going to go 9% in favor of HRC. There is real corruption in this nation at all levels, lets attack the real stuff, rather than the fairy tales.

      33. no other way except vote Trump.. because he is more better than she to choose anyway… almost all american people hate her with a giant problems

      34. Someone above pointed out that Trump has spent the last four months offending almost everyone. If he loses, it’s not because anyone stole the election. No one has to – the Republican Party had a chance to nominate someone reasonable but instead did their best to throw the election away.

        Calm down. Put your MRE’s back in the pantry, hang your tiger stripe bdu’s in the closet, and use some of your hoarded ammo for practice instead. You look ridiculous to the rest of us with all this careening around the internet in a breathless panic. You don’t have the right to threaten tens of millions of legitimate votes with violent unrest just because you picked a bad candidate. Stop whining, suck it up, and try again in 4 years.

        • He only offended people the media convinced to be offended like you. Do you really give a damn if illegal Mexicans are offended? Hown about Muslim invaders who plan on converting you or cutting your head off?
          Yeah. The uniparty had a chance to nominate a more reasonable candidate who would do what the bankers tell him to do, but the people decided otherwise and morons like you stay home and don’t vote so you can make your prediction come true while you fantasize about a shooting war against the people you let win by not voting.
          When was the last time you put on a 50 lb. pack and hauled your fat ass into the wilderness for a week, alone and without your buddies to keep you company?
          Why don’t you quit fantasizing and go vote?

          • Fantasizing? Only thing I’m fantasizing about are two choices other than Trump and Hillary. But I’m not going to get them.

            Look, this thing has been posted for several days and there are only about 140 comments and maybe a few thousand views. Our conversation here doesn’t matter to anyone. Is all the ugly in your comments really justified for just that? Maybe it is to you. I’d hate to think your blind rage is the same thing driving so many of the Trump supporters I know, because some of them are excellent people. What kind of a person are you? Are you proud of your words here?

            You attacked a commenter further up because he dared suggest that Trump’s problem is Trump. Whether you like it or agree or not, you can’t run your mouth and anger so many people and think it’s a solid campaign strategy. That’s it. If you wanted to win, you should have chosen a candidate who could act respectful. You got what you got, it is what it is, and if your guy loses it’s all his own fault. There’s no conspiracy.

      35. There will never be wny kind of revolt in yhis country against our corrupt government because the American people are to weak and dummed down… and secondly; the corruption is so vast and so deep. The United States of America is doomed and I am really amazed that it is happening in my lifetime. I’m going to witness the destruction and total collapse of this beloved country… because of greed for power and money. And Americans just sit there, watch and let it all happen and do NOTHING.

      36. They had to go to the Internet archive because they did not break the story …

        I ‘stumbled’ across it when I was researching my ‘state campaign’ and took the original screen shots … as well as created a .pdf file so that people could download the results and keep me safe.
        I sent it to Mr. Trump the very moment I found it.


      37. Accidentally or accidentally on purpose?

        Does this not make them complicit in the plot to overthrow government elections, thus the government itself?

      38. It looks like someone was doing a test of the system. Obviously each state certifies their results no matter what it says on the TV.

        Software engineers and data entry workers would be negligent if they didn’t enter test data into the system to see if the state by state results added up correctly in the database.

        • 1) These pages were on worldnow’s server, not on any TV station’s server. The only way to see them was to hack worldnow’s server. This is on Jim Stone’s website –
          ” when you access WRCBtv. You will see all content is coming from”.
          Worldnow has around 200 client TV stations. Worldnow makes graphics pages using its software and puts TV station logos on them. The way this was supposed to work is that on election night, every worldnow client TV station would get a worldnow results page with the same numbers and its own logo. There’s no reason for people seeing them on TV to suspect that the vote counts were made up a week earlier. The TV station they’re watching didn’t have them a week before the election. They were hidden on worldnow’s server.
          West Palm Beach’s Aug 29 election results were broadcast on August 25, 2016, and was considered predictive programming. Tyler Durden at Zerohedge says “Why do we need voters when it’s far easier to just skip straight to the results?”. The DNC and Clinton agree.

          So you’re really saying that the person who hacked worldnow’s server was “doing a test”?.
          A test of what? If you right-click on the graph, you can see that the numbers can’t be updated, and they’re not linked to precinct voting info or anything else. They’re like painting a number on the odometer in your car; the number you paint on it won’t change if you drive 100,000 miles.
          2) This is worldnow’s business. The voting information on the website was entered at worldnow. Why did worldnow need to enter complete poll results for each candidate for each office in each state to test an election reporting table that doesn’t change much each year.
          Worldnow was sold to Lou Schwartz in 2015.

      39. That imagine is so obviously photoshopped. Not only is this whole so-called article ridiculous, but if you save the image and zoom in on it, you can see that it’s photoshopped.

        Oh, and there’s this (url from top of image).

        Nice try, though. =)

        • Follow the direct links to the WAYBACK MACHINE internet archives for the original HTML code and imagery.

          Yes, the image is “obviously photoshopped” because it was taken as a web screen shot, imported into photoshop for resizing and then uploaded to this website.

          However, it is an exact replica of the original page, as evidenced by the numerous direct links to third-party internet archives.

          Nice try, though =)

          • All I can do is laugh at you moronic people.

            • All you can do is laugh? Then who’s the moron?

            • Joyce, uh, you’re just kidding aren’t you? If so then OK. If not…..

              • No. I think he’s serious. This is obviously a scam.

      40. The Illuminati admit things before they happen . See SNL clip called Black Jeopardy. About3 minutes in the clip, Question: They are ought here saying every vote counts. Tom Hanks answer: They already knew who won the election before it even started. Jeopardy host answer: Yes! The Illuminati already figured it out!

        • It’s called mocking. They were making fun of people like you. OMG, can you be any more moronic?

      41. this is just another bull site of moderation/censorship..

        you are full of bull bull bull

        • All you can say is bull bull bull? Then who’s full of bull?

      42. Is there a way this can be sent to Trump campaign?????… Like now!!..

      43. Perhaps they were just testing their systems with some random data. I know that I routinely do that with systems I design.

        Or maybe we’ve all been scammed by a bogus news report.

      44. Yaaaaaa… so back to reality now… This is likely just a screenshot of a web designer/developer’s layout with some placeholder numbers. Not like web devs ever test their shit before they publish it live or anything…

      45. A lot of people here seem to have given up on the election because we know the Democrats cheat.
        We all need to vote for Donald Trump because he needs large enough numbers so they can’t steal it from him.
        Just vote. If we win, you can handle being wrong about not having a chance, but if you stay home, remember leftists are voting and they want you dead.

      46. Trust it’ll be opposite,
        Both Hillary and Billy already have much experience in cheating (dead or non-existent people voting) from
        Chicago…. happened when JFK barely won by 2,500 vote votes. Man who had addresses in Lake Michigan or the river, or were already dead or alive and voted 5-20 times….this discovered at about the time ha slaughtered in the Plaza .

      47. So what are all of you going to say when the votes come in and the numbers aren’t identical to this articles screenshot? I mean, since this is the proof you all needed that it’s staged, right? SO when she does win, but the numbers are different, what are you going to say then?

      48. Hahahaha…the fix is in everybody! SMH

      49. Hahahaha…the fix is in everybody! SMH

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