The Final Warning: Individual Investors Piling Into Stocks, Market Leverage Hits All Time Highs

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Headline News | 221 comments

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    The story goes that in the Winter of 1928 Joe Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy, went to have his shoes shined. When the shoe shine boy finished he offered Kennedy a tip. “Buy Hindeburg,” he said.

    Kennedy promptly sold off all of his stock holdings. Within a year the United States saw a massive stock market crash that wiped out the life savings of millions of Americans and ushered in a decade’s long Great Depression.

    When asked why he sold all his stocks Kennedy replied, “You know it’s time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips. This bull market is over.”

    Throughout history there have always been critical warning signs in the midst of financial exuberance that signaled the bursting of the bubble.

    According to a report from Bloomberg the warning siren may have just gone off again.

    Individuals Pile Into Stocks as Pros Say Bull Is Spent…

    Main Street and Wall Street are moving in opposite directions.

    Individual investors are plowing money back into the U.S. stock market just as professional strategists say gains for this year are over. About $100 billion has been added to equity mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in the past year, 10 times more than the previous 12 months…

    “If Wall Street, after poring over all known data, comes up with a target and we’re already there, and you still see individual investors buying and they’re typically the ones that are late to the party, it would seem there is limited upside,”

    “As institutional investors, we’re always concerned when the retail investor is actually arriving in the market,” Skiming, who helps manage $10 billion at Ashburton, said by telephone from Jersey, the Channel Islands. “The retail investor arrives when they can only see blue skies.”

    But that’s not the worst of it.

    Here’s the kicker, and it’s one that could potentially lead to massive losses for all of these folks piling into stocks and exchange traded funds.

    According to market veterans, average investors are heavily leveraged right now. That means they are actually borrowing money to buy more stocks in the hopes of making huge gains, an effect that could lead to extreme stock market volatility very soon.

    Big moves in a handful of stocks provided traders with a worrying signal—an “ultra-high” level of leverage in the stock market, a veteran trader told CNBC.

    “People must be three or four times normal leverage,” the trader said. “We’ve seen margin accounts go up. … If we start to get a protracted move, it could get very volatile.”

    The Elliot Wave Financial Forecast noted that earlier this year investors had an unprecedented leveraged debt load of $466 billion. Though investors have slightly reduced that leverage since February, Elliot Wave notes that a very similar divergence was observed back in 2007, shortly before the implosion of the global financial system:

    At the October 2007 stock market high, The Financial Forecast cited a similar divergence between rising stocks and a slump in margin debt as a clear signal that the market’s advance was at or near an end.

    The Financial Forecast had foreshadowed the severity of the decline by noting that the then-record total of $381 billion in July 2007 was “well beyond the old record of $278.5 billion set in March 2000.” The 37% increase in borrowed money to trade stocks that occurred from the 2000 peak to the 2007 peak led to a 54% decline in the Dow. At this point, the latest record is 67% higher than the 2000 extreme.

    What all this means is very simple. Investors have borrowed nearly half a Trillion dollars in an effort to realize multi-fold gains during the unprecedented rise in stock markets over the last several years.

    After all, who wants to miss out on this one shot to early retirement?

    What they may not be counting on, however, is that an economic recession is soon to be announced. Though not spoken about in most public financial circles, the elephant in the room is the deteriorating state of the American consumer who is cash-strapped, jobless, and maxed out on their personal credit.

    Without that spending there can be no economic growth. The first quarter of this year, though initially touted as an economic success, turned out to be a total dud when the government announced that the economy actually shrank 3 percent.

    Now it’s just a matter of time, because that negative growth trend hasn’t changed and at some point in the next several week it’s going to be making headlines, revealing the purported economic recovery to be nothing more than fantasy.

    Those leveraged investors who have piled into stocks over the last twelve months should take heed.

    Once the panic starts there’s going to be a stampede for the exits and all of those large-scale economic collapse simulations the U.S. government has been preparing for may soon become real world scenarios.


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      1. This bubble pop will rival “The Big Bang”

        • And it won’t just be the stock market popping…

          The late Michael Ruppert once discussed the popping of the ‘human population bubble.’

          We’re looking at a potential economic collapse over coming years and decades unlike anything in history… and this will inevitably lead to great war(s).

          I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but the fact is that the public, the worldwide public, has let it happen. In some cases unwittingly, but in many cases we willingly fell for the scams and grifts – we were even complicit in some of them.

          We will pay dearly for our arrogance, ignorance, and apathy.

          • Yes, Mac, we worshipped “The Almighty Dollar,” and soon we will receive its “judgment.”

            • I’m past the point of caring. I was worried and started prepping in 2008. Gave it all I had for 6 years. I have reached the point that additional time adds little to my readiness. It’s now mostly a waiting game. I maintain and add to my preps as time passes, but most of my days are again focused on living life and finding joy.

              Fact is, when SHTF or EOTWAWKI happens, joy will be harder to find. Might as well take advantage of the current opportunity. Spend time with a loved one. Go for a hike, or a swim, or do something else to build a moment you treasure. If SHTF, you’ll be glad you did. If S does not HTF for a while, you’ll still be glad you did.

              • Good sage advise.

                • Bloombergs piece is bullshit. Trading numbers dont back it up unless this big volume just ran thru in the past 2 weeks. Just read this at Zero Hedge “stock trading in the second quarter fell 43.6% from second-quarter 2009 levels to their lowest level since 2007”

                  The article is “Boring”, “Absolutely Dead” Market Leaves World’s Largest Trading Floor “Virtually Empty”

                  “a deep slump in trading activity in everything from stocks and bonds to currencies is changing the face of Wall Street. Today’s markets are “boring,” rants a senior credit trader; “It’s been absolutely dead,” warns another adding, “When you go a day or two and don’t have a trade on the tape, it’s frustrating,” as stock trading in the second quarter fell 43.6% from second-quarter 2009 levels to their lowest level since 2007.”

                  ” A deep slump in trading activity in everything from stocks and bonds to currencies is changing the face of Wall Street. Businesses that once contributed disproportionately to the revenues of the world’s largest banks are now bleeding jobs and sparking fears of a permanent decline.”

                  Maybe someone has more charts or the numbers. Im not believing that everyone is jumping into the market.

                  • Off topic;

                    Not sure if this has already been posted but Matt Bracken’s “Enemies foreign and Domestic” series is currently free on Kindle downloads.

                    He usually does this once a year. I got mine last year. It is a great series, and is highly recommended.

                    ht tp://

                  • What you say is true. I don’t buy it. You can’t here a news update on the radio without it ending on what the stock market did that day. We have been conditioned to think of the stock market as the barometer.

                    I guarantee the average guy on the street has far more things to worry about than a stock market crash. The bond market and interest rates are far more dangerous situations.

                  • Nobody is in the stock market other than banks getting QE and idiots that believe the government is there to protect them. They are the same ones who believe the government actually owns and operates the banks when the reverse is true.

                    When the market crashes, NO MONEY WILL BE LOST. There is no money, only debt and credit used as currency. It is time for that system to crash into the dustbin of history for the benefit of all of mankind.

                    So long as the Banksters are prevented from establishing the Ponzi Scheme worldwide under a single debt currency, the new beginning can start.

                  • Same song different verse. Go back to last August on zero hedge and you’ll read how the insiders were dumping stocks and fleeing the market while individuals were just getting in. The end is near. Didn’t happen, market still went up some. Geez

                  • GC! There you are. …with words of wisdom much like my own. Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

                  • When it happens, don’t stand
                    beneath any tall buildings …..

                  • Invest in AMMO, AMMO Boxes for storage and and extra Magazines, it is almost back to the 2011 Prices, and since we have an election coming….well…..You all know what happens then. This is your Last Warning….. then Wudda-Coulda-Shoulda….

                  • My thoughts. Maybe the little guy is poring his money into the market, but this is not a lot of volume. Meanwhile the big money (which can create volume) is not buying so: Both points are correct.

                • Brings to mind a old/tired phrase some poster keeps using,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”

                  • Heello my Names isa Warchild, Isa Aka-holic, All Isa have controls ofsa Isa whats Isa can dosa today and Plansa for tomorrowsa.

              • We’re passed the prepping stage and started living it.depending much more on the growing garden and bartering work for items not cash. The town council was asked by a few people not to allow the large gardens and chickens but the administrator, bless her heart, said to the persons, “this is a farming community and they will be allowed”. We live is a rural Wisconsin town and gardens and chickens are allowed, no large farm animals though, Chickens are enough for us…It has been a transition and a huge learning phase for my family and I thank God He has alerted us to the need to change. Preps will run out eventually so learn to survive without the “preps”…God Bless

                • Part of Prepping is about being efficient and not letting anything go to waste. How often have you had some left over parts of a project, (wood, springs, Hinges, screws, wheels, etc) then thought, instead of not throwing that item out, and save that just in case. Southern Prepper refers this areas of left overs as his Dark Place. Other call it their Junk Drawers. Ever been driving down the road and see somebody throwing something out, then stop and snag it? I found 2 perfect plastic storage containers with lids I am growing potatoes in this summer. My extra ends of 2×4’s are kindling just in case I need to use them as fuel to cook a meal. I see lots of people (Scrappers) driving around in pickup trucks, looking for anything metal they can haul off for scrap recycling for a few bucks. I hesitate about throwing anything of possible value out, or could be for reuse or re-purposing. When SHTF, and there are no more products on the shelves, those extra screws or bolts could be a good barter itemor put to use. Go check out yard sales and estate sales for hand tools, chains rope, or other great prepper items, check Craig’s list, for food grade water barrels. I bought a roll of barbed wire off CL, for perimeter protection if SHTF. I built an entire chicken coop out of about 15 Free wooden pallets out there and have almost enough now to build a rabbit hutch. Pick up rolls of chicken wire, for a pen. Just saying keep your eyes peeled for sorts of goodies all around us. Necessity with creativity is the mother of invention. And a must for survival.

                  • WWTI.

                    Alright! Trash Can Pickers. One mans trash is another man’s treasure. Yes sir, if I throw something out there is little chance that it has a alternate use.
                    Flea markets and garage sales for just about everything a prepper needs. Learn to haggle the price.
                    Go to Home depot and Lowe’s and check out their prices and then go treasure hunting. Now is the time to buy winter camping clothes. Military wool blankets, Goretex coats and pants on the cheap. Get on some of those military surplus sites and price items out then hit the Flea Markets to save money.

            • “an unprecedented leveraged debt load of $466 billion”

              I remember reading somewhere that the TBTF banks were, at least at the time, on the ropes for exactly the same amount of toxic assets after the housing bubble burst.

              Does anyone else think that coincidence is odd?

              Could it be possible to recover some of that loss by getting these investors to over-leverage themselves in this stock buying frenzy?

              I’m not well versed in stock market stuff.

              • You guys probably already talked about this but I wish the Texas air national guard would bomb some mexican railroad bridges to help stop this foreign invasion.

                • Remember when GW Bush was in the Texas National Guard? Then went MIA AWOL for a year. And when they located him, he failed to show up for his physical, failed his drug test for flying cause his nose was stuffed with cocaine. Bush had his wings ripped off his chest, and Congressman Daddy somehow got him off the hook for not completing his Guard Duty. So Kids, let this be a lesson, if you Snort Cocaine and go AWOL and you too can be President someday. Welcome to the American Dream, “Now watch this drive!”

                  • WhoWuddaThunkit

                    Where do you get this from? Seriously.
                    Just a political rant of BS?

                • The cities need to do some “major” road work projects and close down some roads. Other road projects will close down some lanes. Traffic congestion will add to the ability to stopped unwanted buses and vans.

                • The strings being pulled to make this “immigration” happen were planned some time ago and it is all intentional. Those little people are as much pawns as we are.

              • I see and hear ads that breathlessly scream “You can borrow 100% of your home’s value”. Probably some out there offering to loan 125% like in the last decade. I’m sure there are plenty of takers.

                Just when you think people couldn’t get any dumber, they prove you wrong. Wait till the suckers find out their forclosure will take a few months instead of years during this down leg. The banksters have surely learned, and this time, your (mortgage) papers are in order.

              • “an unprecedented leveraged debt load of $466 billion”

                Most people have no concept of how much that is. Heck, most don’t have a clue to how big a billion is.

                Some years ago a friend sent me a good definition of what that number represents.

                How many zeros in a billion? This is too true to be funny.
                The next time you hear a politician use the
                Word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about
                Whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.
                A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
                But one advertising agency did a good job of
                Putting that figure into some perspective in
                One of it’s releases.
                A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
                A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
                A billion hours ago our ancestors were Living in the Stone Age.
                A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
                A billion dollars ago was only
                8 hours and 20 minutes,
                At the rate our government
                Is spending it.
                While this thought is still fresh in our brain…
                let’s take a look at New Orleans …
                It’s amazing what you can learn with some simple division.
                Louisiana Senator,
                Mary Landrieu (D)
                Is presently asking Congress for
                250 BILLION DOLLARS
                To rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number…
                What does it mean?
                Well…If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans
                (every man, woman and child)
                You each get $516,528.
                Or…If you have one of the 188,251 homes in New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787…
                Or… If you are a family of four….
                Your family gets $2,066,012.
                Washington , D. C
                Are all your calculators broken??
                Building Permit Tax
                CDL License Tax
                Cigarette Tax
                Corporate Income Tax
                Dog License Tax
                Federal Income Tax (Fed)
                Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
                Fishing License Tax
                Food License Tax
                Fuel Permit Tax
                Gasoline Tax
                Hunting License Tax
                Inheritance Tax
                Inventory Tax
                IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
                IRS Penalties(tax on top of tax)
                Liquor Tax
                Luxury Tax
                Marriage License Tax
                Medicare Tax
                Property Tax
                Real Estate Tax
                Service charge taxes
                Social Security Tax
                Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
                Sales Taxes
                Recreational Vehicle Tax
                School Tax
                State Income Tax
                State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
                Telephone Federal Excise Tax
                Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
                Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
                Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
                Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
                Telephone State and Local Tax
                Telephone Usage Charge Tax
                Utility Tax
                Vehicle License Registration Tax
                Vehicle Sales Tax
                Watercraft Registration Tax
                Well Permit Tax
                Workers Compensation Tax
                (And to think, we left British Rule to avoid so many taxes)
                STILL THINK THIS IS FUNNY?
                Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago…And our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
                We had absolutely no national debt…
                We had the largest middle class in the world…
                And Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
                What happened?
                Can you spell:
                And I still have to
                Press ‘1’
                For English.

                • @passinwiththewind
                  You forgot:
                  Capitol Gains Tax
                  Tangible Tax
                  Hotel Bed Tax
                  Airport Access Tax
                  Excise Tax
                  Import Tax
                  I am sure there are plenty more other taxes, if I thought about it more.

                • great post!

                • Haysoos Kristos! And I thought I was depressed before!

                • Y’all forgot the Kosher Tax (it’s the one we pay on most products at the grocery store; look for the U symbol or other odd markings of the Jew).

            • Just hope my neighbors are shooting too….

            • This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
              People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God–
              having a form of godliness but denying its power. From such people turn away.

              Ever notice these type of people are everywhere?

            • No. The Fed has devalued the dollar 98% since 1911. People are forced to work their asses off just to make ends meet. It appears as though many worship the dollar, when in fact, they are just trying to earn enough to balance this equation…

              Consumer goods (going up)
              Taxes: Going Up
              Payrolls: Stagnant (going down)

              The only folks who worship the dollar are the .01%

              The rest of us don’t have any dollars left to worship.

          • @ Mac. You are so correct. One word; WAR. These suckers at the top know that this phantom money scheme has an end point, and that end point is closer than the thread of the rope above. Just look at all the armies positioning themselves.

            One thing I read that was extrmely ominous that shows that war is getting ready, besides the 100th. anniversary of the start of WW1 is what is going on over in Israel. Hamas is not actually interested in hitting cities but more interested for Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and others to TEST the vulnerability of the Iron Dome anti-missile systems. This is why they have blanketed the entire Israeli coastline from north to south. Test our enemy’s weak spots before the REAL attack.

            China and Russia have been testing their own militaries at an increasing pace. This is likely not to boast themselves up like some bird or other animals flaring out their fur or feathers to make themselves look bigger and tougher. It is testing what they plan to use. Deep sh%^ is what is looking in the future from a war point of view. I truly believe, from history, that the military option will be deployed rather than a total economic collapse that anarchy and mob rules.

            • I would love to see how any of these countries, but the United States especially, plan to pay for expensive wars when the financial crash to end all financial crashes happens. Confiscatory taxes might help to keep essential government services going but they will come at the expense of the populace, most of whom don’t have a pot to piss in, and who will be cut off from govt bennies once the crash occurs. I am thinking that governments are more interested in fighting their own pissed-off citizens instead of one another, and are hiding their preparations and mobilizations behind bellicose chest thumping at their neighbors.

            • I agree BI. The hell of it is, that plan is very likely to lead to a catastrophic war AND financial collapse. 🙁

            • B. I. Have you heard anything about jamming of our military frequencies? I received an alert from one of my group that stated there is currently ongoing extensive jamming over the mainland U.S. I would appreciate your input as you’re aware of space weather among many other topics. Thank you sir, Matt
              Standing ready in Daytona

              • @ Daytona Matt. Nothing going on solar wise that would be doing this. Figuring out where the jamming is coming from would be key here. We are in big trouble if the government here is trying to prevent anyone from hearing anything military wise. It means that an event is coming, false flag?! If it is Chinese or Russian, this could be an indication or they are testing how well their systems work or something else. Either case, anytime communications are being blocked it means something substanial is happening. Seldom is it a natural occurring event that is that widespread. Frequencies have had localized disruption before earthquakes, like the world series quake in 1989. There is much that we have to piece together like a puzzle to what is really going on. This is why it is so important to mention anything strange that is going on. The more ready we can be beforehand the better.

                • B.I. have been noticing the higher frequencies starting with Broadcast FM have began bouncing off ionosphere about 7 years ago. I have also noticed it has spread to the 400 MHz range. My guess is th
                  e sun is the culprit here as shortwave has become erratic over the past few years as well. I have an asociate degree in electronics and am a former reporter. Problem today is what’s not being reported. Mac is doing an excellent job here and the comments have very good infromation.

                  • @ Casual Observer. I would think it would have more to due with some destablizing of the Earth’s magnetic field rather than the Sun because I have personally had terrible reception on the shortwave when the Sun has been extremely quiet.

              • DMatt: Heard that too….


                • What you guys are hearing on your scanners is not jamming it digital encrypted communications causing that buzzing sound . There has been a lot of propositioning of equipment and assets around CONUS . It’s really hush hush at work right now the .GOV is re-negoiating our contracts this is happening government wide. There is a LOT of Dissent in the workforce, sides are being drawn and I fear the outcome may be ugly the REGIME is in total collapse mode and I would not be suprised if the “Dear Leader ” is removed from office . ITS THAT BAD. We may well see a president removed for mental defect or an attempted power grab by what’s left of the administration.

                  Something Foul is going to happen and it’s going to be swift .

                  Be alert , be aware , be ready.


                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering when the dam would break….we see cracks….

              • With the advent of, and widespread deployment in FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) comms, and EDPT (Encrypted Digital Packet Transmission) Civilian comms are all but worthless in “HEARING” MILITARY / GOVERNMENT transmissions. Only hope for that would be commandeering a RT or a division level military unit that were to take their oath seriously; desert – equipment and all, and hope the remaining goons are too stupid or too busy to change the FT settings…Be that as it may, a lot of the time, the units I worked with didn’t bother to transmit “In The Green” and so they are merely on single frequencies, and any scanner could pick them up.

                Odds on any of these tactics being successful? Slim to none. BTW our good friends the Hebs, Brits, Danish, Norwegian and others added to the “Allies” list in the last 8-10 years have FHSS and other gear as good as, or arguably better than ours. Of course, these forces are fielding these goodies compliments of (U)ncle (S)ugar.

                FWIW, Damage the antenna base (Matching Unit) on the vehicle well enough, long range comms go bye bye. Remember, not sat phone, VHF/UHF handhelds, or other INTCOMM devices. (IR, UDRS, Cellular, or even Light-beam (Think Naval), as these are all self-contained devices because they are hand-held…

                • You do know that all cellphones use the same spread spectrum technology. Heck, my model airplane radios even use it.

              • Like Drone signal frequency jammers/ And like the amateur RC signal Jammers, that can be bought on the internet. Everything runs on frequencies. Some encrypted.

            • BI, it is my impression that slavery of the mass population is always the goal of TPTB. Typical slavery (like the black slavery here in the union before 1860), outright and in your face is difficult with an informed public. However, war is much easier and debt easier yet.

              So, the debt slaverty scheme is coming to an end. We haven’t had real war slavery for 50 or more years. In that time, the vast majority of people have forgotten about it (if they ever even knew) so, its about that time again.

              Typically, a government uses one or more or all of the following actions to create the change they want: 1. Lie, 2. Steal, 3. Murder.

              The lie and steal era of ponzi schemes and debt slavery is wearing thin so they must employ different tacticts. We’ve been prepped for war with the “War on Terror” and the “War on Drugs”. The war on drugs was turned on the American People years ago, but people started objecting. They started the war on terror because there was not enough fear in the War on Drugs. The War on Terror was so created in order for them to “word-magic it” to fit the domestic population later. This is what is happening now.

              The increased domestic crimes against the population of the USA will create pressure and make the people more flexible to accept the new draft to further destroy our next generation. (So they think…)

              I think TPTB are in for a big revelation.

              While we think the population is a bunch of dumb, sports and drug addicted morons, they are not. While the consious minds of the 97% are stupid fools, the subconscious is just as smart and attentive as the 3%. When TSHTF, the subconscious will kick in more when the addictions and stupid habits can no longer be followed. Their hypnotic affect will be gone and the rational and moral subconsciou mind will take over. There will be a withdrawal period that follows the crash as the conscious minds rebel and people are vulnerable to the evils of TPTB. This is the period where TPTB will attempt to cement their control. If we can simply keep them behind cover with a stream of bullets. Which reminds me of some reading I’ve been doing.

              I’ve recently read several short stories about how this could be done. One story titled “The Draft” told how the wars of Vietnam, Korea and WWII would have been totally different if people had been wise to the fallacy and lies told to start those wars. In The Draft, any person that supported the draft was simply shot in the head. The draft board was formed and a vigilante group called “The Drafters” were formed in secret. They would simply execute anyone involved with the draft. They left a sign on the dead bodies that said “I Was Drafted Too.” Quite poetic if you think about the draft and draft boards.

              From that story I that this would work in other situations. Gun turn in and confiscation?

              I then read another short story called “My Guns Were Lost In A Boating Accident” where people walked in and shot those that were manning the checkpoints and dropoff points for weapons that had been suddenly made illegal to posses. In the story the tone changed real quick. These vigilantes even killed the sheople that were turning weapons in and labeled them as traitors to the constitution also. There were multiple situations where TPTB then started going into the general population and stealing weapons directly from homes. What happened next was shocking. Multiple patriots booby trapped their houses so when the treasonous bastards busted in they were showered with thick hot flammable goo and set on fire as digital video caught it all and uploaded in to the internet with a warning: “Fuck with us and we’ll fuck with you!” The story ended with the destruction of the United States Federal Corporation and a return to our lawful form of republican government.

              These stories (among many that I’ve been reading) show how an informed public is next to impossible to control and a single bullet fired from 300 yards away while the chairman of the draft board, a member of gun confiscation committe or the chairman local resource acquisition board is sipping a lemonade on his back porch can be more effective that massive protests and unrest. In these stories, the local support for these types of initiatives “evaporated like raindrops on a 300 degree exhaust manifold.” At that point the federalies came in to try and force their will on the people, but, without local support, they were stumped. The vigilantes, seeing no other way, executed a bunch of them too. In the end, the vigilantes won. Even the drones and then 24/7 protection for the federalies didn’t help since the vigilantes would simply wait for good S&S (Shoot & Scoot) opportunities and then nail them.

              There is a reason they want us unarmed. They can’t do it. We won’t let them.

              So, yes, we are left with the military option but they will only get a few of the dumbed down sheople to support it. War is the ultimate PsyOp. I think the “New World Order” which is the re-labeled “Old World Order” is about to go down and I think the internet is the reason. Many have no hope. I, however, know that we’ve got bad times coming but it won’t last forever.

              • Net Ranger shoots, and SCORES!

                Brainwashing requires daily maintenance, and once left on their own people will snap out of it quickly. Especially the part where the corp monsters portray themselves as untouchable and invincible.

                Once the monsters are shown they ARE NOT invincible, and some of them die on EVERY assignment, there will be no more volunteers no matter what the benefits offered. There are not 10 cops or corp soldiers in the world brave enough and willing to run an unlawful road block if they KNOW in advance that at least three of them will die before the night is over.

                Those who fight for the corp and are called “hero” because they “put their lives on the line”, will no longer do the work when the lie of putting their lives on the line becomes the truth and their “buddies” stop making it home at night.

                The day is coming. But not today. Live now and enjoy the things today that MAY be lost tomorrow.

                The best way to prepare for the coming world is to reduce or eliminate the need for what the corp offers. If you need it for nothing, the collapse will have little effect on you.

                • “The best way to prepare for the coming world is to reduce or eliminate the need for what the corp offers. If you need it for nothing, the collapse will have little effect on you.” -God’s Creation

                  Wisest statement I’ve heard in a while!

                  On a different subject:

                  Have any of you ever had a vision? A waking dream? A dream so vivid and real that you could feel it after you came back to reality from it? I’m not much on visions, but, this one is driving me these days because I keep seeing it. You won’t hear me talk about it much but in the recent past I’ve been very down on our situation here in the US. It just seems like nothing can get any better. Scandals are everywhere. Government only lies, or steals or murders (or all three in combination). Then, the other day, I had a waking dream. This vision popped into my head and it just won’t go away. So here is it. Call me crazy if you want. Many do, but, the future is near and after all the smoke, dust and blood is clear, the future isn’t just bright, No!, boys and girls, its GLEAMING! I was simply sitting outside resting and cooling off after doing some heavy sweating in the hot and humid midwestern weather as I did some improvements on a shed I recently put up. Here is what I saw:

                  Once the brainwashing is stopped there will be a shudder in the psyche of America. Like any addiction, willing or forced, there will be convulsions, hallucinations, vomiting and sweating. During those times the people will be very vulnerable to being attacked in different ways. What the corp doesn’t want you to know is that it, too, in a super huge way, will be vulnerable. This is why every patriot must protect the people and, regretably, the corp from outside attacks. The worst thing that could happen is that the corp gets wiped out by another, equally malovent and less subtle corp-like entity (or, can we call it a “subsidiary” of the same parent?). As the people are supported the corp will become weaker and weaker and die off. We, who swear our oaths to protect and defend, will simply let the corp die of its on volition.

                  Then, we will take the people and remake America based on truth, justice and honesty starting off where it was hijacked in the late 1850s. We will then have a New World Order that is truly a *NEW* World Order instead of the relabeled Old World Order of serfdom, liars and oligarcs. We’re going to call it the Free World Order and it will make the most prosperous years of the united States of America look like a recession! It will truly be the American Dream. But, it doesn’t stop there. Its spreads like a virus to all countries throughout the world. The bad people are not just punished, they’re “sent on down the line” (executed) because we know we can never trust them. We, effectively, send them on to the next life with a message: Don’t try this again.

                  Do not fear the collapse! It is the collapse of all that is bad. Does a snake fear shedding its skin? …a butterfly emerging from its cocoon? …a chick hatching from its egg? The old rotten parts that have been allowed to flourish in America must be stripped away.

                  Let me tell you, the future is bright, boys! Bring your sunglasses! You’re gonna need them.

                  But, don’t get all punchy yet! Dark times are coming first. It will be a purge of the crap that we’ve collected for the last 140 years.

              • I like those stories.

                • That’s all these are, stories! Face it You are all to cowardly to take the fight to them. Look at how many lines in the sand that have been crossed. Still… Nobody want
                  be be first to pull the trigger.

          • Nice job fleshing it out Mac. 🙂

          • Your word Apathy is probably most accurate. When we don’t care, we will soon see the affects of our non-caring attitudes and lifestyles. The Wages of Sin is death….that is where we are heading….

            • You took that out of context Ugly, in Romans Paul is telling people that the reason we die is because of the original sin of the garden. It is fact that science is still puzzled by our death because we are a self replicating entity that rejuvenates the cellular structure and by all accounts we shouldn’t die. But according to scripture, the REASON we die is because of the sin of the flesh through the blood of Adam. Romans is a heavy scripture to try to get your mind around. After reading it about 40 times, and doing research from everywhere imaginable,if/when you finally get it, it is really an awakening.

              • 02….
                I hear ya. I read the NT. Reading more and more these days. The Lord is in control; we are not. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. He provides the green pastures…….

                • Good on YOU! If the sheepole were to read and understand exactly what Paul is trying to convey in Romans, and when/if they initially “get” it, the pews would be empty and all these 501c3 entities would be shuttered.

                  • The so-called churches would fold in a heart beat if the Gov. pulled the 501c3 rating. It would show the real heart of people when the donations dried up because donors couldn’t get a tax deduction…

                  • Old nam vet, That might be true in your big city churches, but not so in the more rural churches. There are still people who give cheerfully believe it or not.

                  • 501(c)3’s are money laundering scams. OK so you donate $10K to your church, they keep $500 and give you back $9K in cash. Boom Washed!!! You get the tax deduction, they get their fee, win-win. And you know damn well this is going on all over.

                  • Do you mind elaborating a little on this? Why would people understanding we die because of the original sin, cause them to not go to church?


              • @.02

                “It is fact that science is still puzzled by our death because we are a self replicating entity that rejuvenates the cellular structure and by all accounts we shouldn’t die.”

                As a scientist, I can tell you that science doesn’t think this at all. There is no puzzle among scientists as to why death occurs. We know that all of the cells in our body die. It is said that after about every 7 years no cell in our body remains that is older than 7 years.

                The problem is, our body copies our DNA to create the new cells. This process does not use a fresh example of our DNA but the DNA that has been copied multiple times. If you have ever made a copy of a copy of a copy 10-12 times you can see for yourself why our DNA goes bad and isn’t copied true to the original DNA. Errors creep in but get copied as if they were true when they are not. As this process continues, our cells and the systems that are created from them don’t work as well and sometimes not at all. The entire human body “machine” becomes unbalanced not only chemically but physically. Eventually, a critical system, such as the heart, lungs, or critical blood vessels fail and we die.

                If we did not, the Earth would be so over-populated that we would be neck deep in people. Our fertility rate is just too high. It needs to be dialed back and control of our DNA will allow us to do this. Better yet, DNA control will allow us to keep a master copy so that we can infuse a direct copy into this regeneration process rather than one that has been copied a dozen times or more. While this might or might provide us with a type of immortality, it will definitely give us a much longer lifespan and a much healthier one at that.

                WHAT death truly is, however, is the real mystery. There are many explanations of what death is but there is very little hard data that supports many contentions.

                • That is the how, not the why. WHY does the body not make perfect copies? Sin perhaps?

                  • .02

                    In answer to your question about why the body does not make perfect copies:

                    At the end of each chromosome is a series of telomeres, which protect the chromosomes. During duplication, the telomeres at the very end are not duplicated, so the chromosomes become shorter each time. Eventually, they lose all their telomeres and die. (The way I understand it. Google telemere for a better explanation.)

                  • No Daisy that is still the how. WHY during duplication, the telomeres at the very end are not duplicated, so the chromosomes become shorter each time. Eventually, they lose all their telomeres and die.

                    Some will say. well BECAUSE.. or that is the way it is, or natural entropy, but considering scripture and now we know how it happens, being our bodies through generations have inherently become worse copies of the original, does this not explain why the biblical people of ancient times lived hundreds of years and we might make 1? See how it all fits together from the times of Adam until what Paul was explaining up to where we are today and what the bible said people are or will be like? Even tho a lot of people are now saying “man wrote the bible so it is fiction” those “men” must have had a time machine to see into the future because it sure is dead on accurate to what HAS happened and what IS about to occur.

                  • My telomeres split at chromosome 2….

                  • Because the ancient aliens who geneticly modified and thus created modern humans designed the hunma body to have a infinite life span. Its good that everyone dies. If we never died our soul would be forever trapped in the human body. A soul can leave the body and astrial travel. Some native Indians can go into a trance and temporarly enter the body of another species. sometimes its a hawk or other raptor. of a wolf or coyote. its programmed into our DNA as to how big, how beautifull, how talented , how intelligent , how productive and so on we are. When we mix the races we are many times breeding down and enhancing poor less desirable traits. Hitler knew this and that why he wanted to create a super race. the koreans and some other Asians believe in keeping their race pure. Humans are more a product of their DNA than anything else. DNA has moreto do with who & what you are & do than environment, religion, parents, schooling ect all combined. their are born acoholics, druggies, killers just the same a born artist, healers ,inventors ect. bad genetics versus good genetics?

                • And is there not a promise of casting off this imperfect sinful error making body for a perfect one?

              • Romans (verse-by-verse) by William R. Newell

                The best in depth commentary on the book of Romans.

                Makes a great year devotional.

            • To get into it even more, when wages are paid what transpires is a situation of being even. You work for x amount of hours-wages are paid- everyone (employer,employee) is even. SO, when we die, we PAID our wages of sin so what ever happened on earth is a wash, BUT if we have our faith to Christ,after we pay our wages in death, we are even and eternal life begins. Crazy hunh?

          • “We’re looking at a potential economic collapse over coming years and decades unlike anything in history…”

            Indeed so, Mac. None of the systemic problems discovered in 2008 were fixed. All have been put off by massive borrowing, printing, and spending. Whenever a problem is put off, it always gets bigger and harder to solve. So, financial collapse was put off for a few years and the time to pay the piper is coming… soon… likely before 7/15. Prep up, buckle up, and hang on, folks. It’s gonna be a real doozie.

            “… and this will inevitably lead to great war(s).”

            Indeed it will… including one right here on the streets of America. MANY promises have been made to the mooch class that not only will not be kept but cannot under any circumstances be kept. When those EBT cards quit working, all hell will break loose. It will be the ’65 Watts riots in every major US city and quite a few minor ones. The government will respond, gently at first but when that does not work, brutally. People will fight back and it will be the American Civil War, Part II.

            None of us can affect this coming disaster. All we can do it prep like there is no tomorrow, keep family and friends close, pray with sincerity, and keep our heads down because any heads that pop up are liable to get popped.

            • Many believe the civil war never ended,just taking a vacation.

              • In reality, this is true. …even in law. Basically, the north wanted to end black slavery and institute everyones-a-slave corporatism, which they did 6 years after the “Civil War” ended when they converted the federal government into a corporation with The Columbia Act of 1871.

                We are still at war because the treaty of peace was never drawn up and signed. This allows us to be under a sort of soft version of martial law. It is the only way the corp can stay in bizness.


          • Mac,

            Regarding, “….the popping of the ‘human population bubble.’”,

            All we really need to observe is Japans’ steadily declining population which is directly attributed to Japans’ 20+ year recession. Just my theory, but when economies are in decline, people instinctively curtail everything including procreation. I believe it has to do with a self preservation instinct but I cannot prove it. The Japanese seem to be proving the theory on their own.

            • You see that happen in nature on a regular basis,bumper wild apple crops,many more deer for a bit.The natural supermarket shelves low,populations go down,the natural plan if not interfered with seems to work in balance.

          • When the so called “pros” are calling a top, they are now short.

            My stance is the bond market and interest rates and far more dangerous than the stock market. I don’t believe the average guy on the street these days has to worry about a stock market crash.

            We have been conditioned as a society to think of the stock market as a “barometer of things”. I believe the recipients of QE have the most to lose in the stock market, not your average Joe.

            They will cause a coordinated collapse in the Fall so money will flow into the bond market all because QE is ending and something has to make up for the lack of bond buying. You can bank on that one.

          • The late Michael Ruppert would be sure to link the coming economic problems with the runaway resource consumption that the globe is addicted to. Specifically crude oil.

          • Mac,
            It is a dirty, thankless job, but, some one has to tell the truth and state objective reality. The grown-ups i the room will consider what you and others have to say, however unpleasent it may be. The children will thrown their usual hissy fits and temper tantums.

            The gods of the copybook headings will have the final say in the matter. To the extent that I am the wiser and the better, my gratitude to you and the others here.

        • Just got a SHTF investment in today with a Trijicon ACOG just like I used in Iraq. Bring it bitches.

          • I hope you plan on mounting on something, Mc.

            • Perhaps to your coffee cup?

          • That is one really fine compact telescopic sight! That and night vision are two things that I have totally neglected.

            When I finish with my solar power setup, I will turn towards those areas. But I have to admit that I am jealous of your new peepers McLovin.

          • Yes they are nice. Fast acquisition. Eye relief is not as good as the T-1(2moa). Which Acog did you pick up?

            • I got the full illumination crosshairs. I would of liked to have gotten the horseshoe reticle but the crosshair Acog was more “affordable”.

              • mclovin,
                I have the ta-01 model the the tritium crosshair stadia is the right choice in retical for ranging and fast acquisition, you can beat the acog for clarity and handiness when mount on a AR-15 carbine.
                Great all around pointable light weight combo.

                Semper Fi 8541

          • I went with the EOTech 556 with NV and 3.25x flip to the side. Baddasss..pinpoint precission

            • Very nice WhoWuddaTHUNKIT and Night Breaker. OK everybody at once “GET OFF MY LAWN…”

        • Fed Funded Ponsi Scheme.

      2. Sigh…the ‘smart’ money has already pulled on their holdings in the markets. The poor retail investors are going to get stuck with the bill.

        Anyone has hasn’t cashed in their 401k and turned it into useful preps…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

        • Many have,you have enuff eggs perhaps riding this wave and trying to time not a bad idea.You are on limited funds/few eggs take any tax hits and bail!

          • Ditto! I basically said, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

            I’m 10 years or so from retirement. I paid the 10% penalty and the income bracket change hit and paid it with a smile. I figured the “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is somewhat true.

            Out of $26k I got to keep $20 and, so far, I’ve spent some of it on silver, a shed to house the solar equipment. I’m down to about $15k. Next expenditure: solar panels, batteries and a charge controller. Any solar recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

            I’m still in the 401K game with funs from current employer, however, I can’t exit those until I either quit, I’m laid off or I retire.


      3. Nothing wrong with this article, but I would like to see less doom-and-gloom and more practical stuff.

        • SirTimothy, sorry to say that ‘doom and gloom’ comes with the territory. I can only wish that wasn’t true but it is. just continue prepping.

          • Tim,consider the “doom and gloom” a impetus to prep,many ideas about prepping/survival and just some needed humor come as a result of these articles,tis a good thing.I will admit am a slut to a degree in regards to sites,many sites dedicated to just prepping/outdoor living ect.,hell,many listed on left side main page of this site.You have specific ?’s not related to article,ask,folks will have some answers and give you links at time to specific info.This article talked about markets and yet am already thinking how to mount optics on my coffee mug!

          • @ST- Many people have ZERO coping skills to deal with any hardships, negativity or even the thought of prepping gives them hives. I have learned that if you prepare ahead of time, you will not have to deal with the mass stresses of not being prepared during a crisis. Just like an athlete who practices hard and hurts themselves in practice so they don’t hurt themselves in the race. When your life depends on something, you want to already have the tools to fix the problem. Mental preparedness in one of those tools, so SUCK IT UP NOW, and when SHTF, you can smile and laugh at all the Unprepared freaking out cause they only have 1/8 of a tank of gas in their cars. and out of food, No weapons to defend themselves, and really pissed off that TV no longer works. Just Ain’t right!!! lol They will just lay down and want to die. I like to pass this SHTFPlan article on to new preppers. Great Article:

        • SirTimothy:

          One more time…..

          ” You Can Ignore Reality….But you can not Ignore
          the consequences of Ignoring Reality ”
          Ayn Rand

          Now back to your regularly schedule program…sorry, I meant agenda.

        • When you say ‘practical’, do you mean like how to put your money into the stock market? Or, do you mean how to live simply, stupidly, and walk as if nothing is happening….

          • Hello Ugly;
            I am truly not worthy as far as investing goes. Over recent years I have purchased metal,(down 25%). Real estate, which even when owned outright, it is nearly impossible to find a buyer who can come up with a down payment. This is not to say that these things will not appreciate in the future but not too rosy at the moment. Meanwhile, my wife has made a small fortune in the market, (gauged by our humble means). I tend to follow the fear trends and in retrospect it has not paid off that well for me. Would appreciate other peoples experiences in these matters. Not just bullets, beans and beer, but where your investments have paid off and where they have fallen short. Thank you all. DK’s opinion would be interesting.

            • Just remember the old Rothschild maxim: “We always sell too soon.”

        • One person’s “gloom and doom” is another person’s truth.

      4. My prepping has just picked up another notch. Everyone get whatever supplies you need LIKE YESTERDAY. We’re getting closer and closer to D-day. I can feel it.

        • I added a couple more #10 cams to the pile today, and a little more silver.

        • Well done, Braveheart. Feel is a critical component in all this. There is a way to tune into to information within all of us. In many cases, this comes to us in dreams but also as feelings that we can’t explain. This has happened to me before and even saved my life once. I have learned to listen when such feelings come to me.

          The current US stock market is near all time highs, yet the economy is anything but robust. I just can’t help but feel that the entire house of cards is about to fall. My intuition in this is that it will happen before 07/15 but I have absolutely no data whatever that supports this. Still, it is making me very uneasy about the next 12 months.

          On the good side, my garden is doing wonderfully this year and I am getting plant growth that is 4-5x what I got in each of the past 3 seasons. Because of this, it looks wildly over-grown but who knew that this would be a bumper crop year ahead of time? If commercial farmers are seeing this same thing, then there will be a HUGE harvest come late summer… and falling food prices as well. That would be good, as food price inflation has been much higher than the CPI indicates.

          • the size of harvest will not automatically equate falling food prices. the food prices are set by the manufactures.

            • Some food prices are set by the Government for price stability and profit. Lots of manipulation, subsidies, etc.

      5. We should expect some mass distraction in 5..4…3…2….

      6. Yall be careful…

      7. Well, this is what you get when you treat Pneumonia with Nyquil .

        • Actually, its like we have an infected liver from too much drinking. We are in pain, so, what does the doctor recommend? More alcohol to dull the pain and make us forget. See! All better!

          They have used more of the fiat spending and printing to cover the previous spending and printing. This will happen until it all falls apart. I think we may be into the last iteration.

      8. Interesting timing. The market was up triple digits today with stocks finishing in nose-bleed territory of 17055. I think it would be incredibly perspicacious of Mac Slavo to offer “a final warning” about an over-leveraged market on the last “record day.” That would be a legendary call. I will admit that my site has been predicting a run up in precious metals, only to have the bullion banks orchestrate a short smash in silver and gold, as reported by Kingworldnews. As always, the years will teach us what the days never know. Here’s a link to my precious metal call:

        • King world news is doom and gloom gold bugs, that make money by selling Gold. They are right, but don’t know the hour or the day, to borrow a phrase.

          The Fed is crushing gold to puff up their electronic dollars. King World is right, but it could take five years, or it could crash next month.

          Be diversified, and be alert.

          The market is at all time highs, figure out which of your stocks are dogs and dump them now while you can sell them at a profit. Record highs is a great time to clean house. Don’t wait for a major correction, or worse!

          • The Market should have taken a major dump a year and a half ago. What you all have right now is a Massive GIFT, and Pigs get slaughtered. GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW!! Pay off all your debt, and prep with at least a year of food, and months of food buried in the back yard in food grade barrels hidden under a wood pile or trash.

            • The fed has markets completely under their control. There seem to be no limits to their blatant manipulation. They can print unlimited money to cover losses incurred while manipulating markets, and then they can print more! With that kind of power, the thing that causes the big crash will no doubt need to be epic indeed.

              We know that what they are doing will ultimately cause a massive crash, but it’s either at a time of their choosing, or something bigger than them.

        • The economy is a surplus “energy” equation, not a surplus monetary one.

          Yes, those colored pieces of paper, and yes, that gold and silver y’all value so much is based on energy surplus.

          All saleable goods are surplus, derived from the use of energy…be it calories, BTUs or joules.

          Without surplus energy there are no surplus goods and no need for any money…and that is where this world is heading.

          There will be plenty of demand and not enough surplus energy to satisfy it. Billions of unfunded liabilities will be liquidated in the coming years. Try not to be one of them by growing your own food and securing clean water and debt free shelter.

      9. I’m hearing its gonna bust in a week.

      10. I know its coming but when??

        • You must be blind if you ask when….

          • Right at the open bell it will crash, b/c of some nighttime event. Then life will change forever.

        • “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

          So don’t try to time it, just know this, it is coming as all the warnings are banging, clanging, sirens from nature, earthquakes, volcanoes, the earth is casting about like a drunkard… tomorrow, or hell TODAY! wouldn’t surprise me.

      11. I read somewhere something might go down this Sunday.

        • Do not be suprised if you wake up on Sunday and the middle east went FOOOM !
          Durning the night .

          Reports have also been coming in that people in high places are noticing the increasing aberant behavior of the “Dear Leader” Some in his own party are growing concerned and are distancing from him . Read what is going on we are real close to an event . The tension is so thick at work you could cut it with a knife and the rumor mill is running overtime.

          Get your gear and plans in order make those last runs NOW before something goes down.
          Pay cash buy local .

          Shelter, Water , food the basics and PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS.
          All the evidence is there for something to happen we are in a perfect storm condition.
          The UN wants to declare a refugee emergency on the Mexican US border this could be one flash point , wait till it gets hot in those camps and the rioting starts , wait till the budget nregoiations start for fiscal year 2015 in September another flashpoint all benefits programs may be suspended . We are one Major natural disaster away from a total collapse scenario .
          It’s so apparent even a blind man can see it. I really do not think we will see an election in the fall the odds are really stacked against it . the fusion centers are in complete overdrive.

          Prepare quietly keep OPSEC . Form teams trust no one except those you have known for years or direct family , it’s going to be a very hard ride to make it to the other side. Keep a VERY LOW PROFILE AND BE OBSERVANT.

          Sargent Dale did you check your LEO bulletins this morning ?
          This could get very real very quick.


          Semper Fi 8541

        • @Rider, Sunday, yes that’s July 20th, the same Birthday of both of my Ex wives (Cancer). Like a Hurricane, both of these relationship started out with a lot of sucking and blowing and in the end I lost both houses. Bad day Bad Dog July 20th. Lookout Beware!!

      12. I dont know why anyone with half a brain would buy int the stock market now,
        Even i get that and am an ex construction worker turned farmer,
        But hey, if you didnt really work for your money then by all means, easy come easy go!

        • Or if your the average bankster and you’re investing SOMEBODY ELSE’S MONEY…

          • This is what worries me…our living is primarily what investments hubby made before we married. He’s retired, and I work part time( self employed.) when the stock market goes up in smoke, there’s nothing I can do except pray. Fortunately, two years ago I found this site and several others, and am well into my preps, and hubby is on board. But he won’t let me touch the ira and I won’t be 59.5 til next July….so I’m just praying it holds out a little longer. Selfish of me, I know, but I don’t want that money that he invested stolen, cuz he’ll never see it again….and I am planning on working til I go be with The Lord. I don’t think there will be retirement funds for me….

            • “I don’t think there will be retirement funds for me…”
              BC55, I got news for ya. That’ll be one crowded boat for sure.

            • That’s what you get for giving your hard earned money to a stock broker and paying him to use your money to gamble in the stock market. Why would you do such a thing?

              • Because we were (are) told that that is the way to GROW your money!

                I wish I had all my money BACK! Even taxed I could have started investing in things that would have paid me back even if the system crashed. But, no, we are brainwashed by our employers and our neighbors and Fux News, etc, etc, etc.

                Except for the solar, I’m ready to watch it tumble. Just dumped one 55gal barrel into the cars and I’m refilling it with cheaper gas. Hopefully the gas price will stay down for a few more days.

      13. If you invest, watch the smart money.

        Most people and funds trade during the first few hours of the day, but smart money is the small group of people that trade in the last hour of the day.

        On a Friday, look up your stock, and look at the five day chart, make sure it shows volume. See if there is a trend during that last hour, is there a selling trend for the week, or is there a buying trend. In general don’t try to fight the trend.

        This government is openly manipulating markets, you can’t fight trends created by an entity that can print unlimited money and use it to manipulate stocks bonds and commodities. They will not stop until they lose control, and that may take a while! Smart money will have insider info when a real crash begins to present itself.

        • What few people don’t recall is back in 2007 or 2008, hitlery suggested the govt should control the stock market, to make sure. People don’t lose money. What a considerate sweetheart eh? Looks like it wasn’t just talk after all.

      14. Now is not the time to be timid. Today we must be bold. We must boldly go before the throne of the King, submit our will to His and ask forgiveness, knowing He has promised by His word to reconcile us to Himself.
        Then we must boldly go before the other throne, of the other king…. and lob a fragmentation grenade in his lap. Just sayin…

        • They strengthen the hands of evil, so that no one turns away.

          The prophets follow an evil course and use their power unjustly.

          Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

      15. Off the subject or not? My preps are A few dollars here …a few dollars there. 1 -1/4 troy ounces of silver is about the same price as box of 20 round remington .308x 180 gr. hunting rounds. Given the choice of antibotics it seams soft jells such as keflex are stronger than hard pills such as “Z”pack but do not last as long. BOB or bug out vehicle? Just how far can you carry this stuff? I keep empty back pack in bug out vehicle. My first BOB was sold at garage sale by accident. Now some better items available. Now empty back pack can be loaded to fit needs from bug out vehicle. Pre-packaged first aid kits or buy plastic box and make your own?
        Point. No matter what we do, mistakes will be made. Go camping. Go parking lot living for 2 days (I did this) Make your mistakes now. It took 3 attempts at growing own food and still learning. Make your mistakes now. Hopefully you will not be on of the bug eyed people staring out in space, wondering what happened. Scary ain’t it?

        • Yes, it is, Mike and the reality of it will be a LOT scarier when it hits.

          I genuinely feel sorry for the sheeple out there. They will go into this completely unarmed, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Many of them will not make it. That makes me sad but there is nothing that I can do about it. I prep for my family and a couple of dear friends. I do that because they will not and it needs to be done. I don’t mind but I would not refuse any help that they would care to give. Oh, well. S*** happens and the heck of it is, it keeps on happening!

          Best of luck to all, especially to those who can see the smoke on the horizon long before the fire alarms sound off.

          • Yep. People are absolutely clueless. I no longer warn them because they don’t want to hear it and it jeopardizes my opsec.

        • How about going naked into the wilderness. That would be a rush. Actually tho, have you ever shot anything larger than a rodent? If not, get a license and kill something large. After that adrenalin rush, now picture the situation of your life depending on what just transpired. Can you fish? Do you know how to tie flies? Did you know para cord has 7 strands of fishing line in it? Can you trap? Set snares? Dead falls, tan hides, gut your kill, cut meat, defend yourself with hand to hand combat, throw an ax, use an axe, sharpen a chainsaw or hand saw with a file, build a fire in a hurricane, cook over open flame, heat structures with hot stones, filter water without store bought items, dress wounds, know your local areas mushrooms-what are poison-what are edible- same with plants, can you throw knives, sharpen knives with just steel, open a can with an opener, make a hobo stove from a can, build shelter from what nature provides, make moccasins, snowshoes, mittens from hides, what you might have noticed is it is not 100% about having things. Knowledge is the key, because things will always be around to scavenge.

          • Like on “Naked and Afraid” ?
            Who allows their S.O. to hang out with a complete stranger in the wild, alone and naked, for weeks on end?

            • And they stink……I said they stink!

              • Book of Eli: You know what’s good about no soap, you can smell a hijacker from a mile away!

            • Who allows their SO to run naked on tv,actually,no matter how nice looking and kind a man or woman is,somewhere out there,there is someone that is totally sick of their shit!I would say that is who!

              • More important, who in their right mind would even turn on a tv? I have no idea what this person is talking about, and only know of the show naked in the wilds or something about some guy that tried to go naked or something by overhearing others. But the reality of reality shows is there is no reality. These guys in the wilderness have a doctor just off camera.

                • I enjoy Tv. I like watching Matt Dillion get the bad guy. I enjoy the programs on the history channel. I get a kick out of the simpsons, married with children ,my name is Earl . survivor man is interesting to me. TV is not any different than reading a book or reading & posting on the internet. Not all of it is bad not all of it is good. Only a weak person with little fortitude would be negatively affected by TV books or the internet.

          • adrenalin rush? Why because you killed something? I only kill when its necessary to protect me and mine or I need the food. im not gleeful that something is dead. it makes me sad. And ive killed plenty.

            • Where do you get off putting words in my mouth? I am not gleeful to kill, I am thankful for the food/pelt, but I do not revel in the creatures death. I do find it very exciting tho, and if you can tell me that you have hunted and track and played cat and mouse with a huge bull elk and finally get and take that shot.. if you don’t have trouble standing up because of your shaking knees, gtfo of the woods and sell your gear.

            • when you lose that adrenaline rush and shaking in your boots you lose something. When you can kill without feeling your soul is gone. One should kill only for food and one’s preservation and be thankful for both.

              • No adrenaline rush here I don’t stalk anything that I wish to kill for food. I bait read the sign and simply calculate when they are going to be present. for me its Like shooting fish in a barrel. would you get a adrenaline rush from shooting a captive animal. I killed some tame rabbits and dressed them out. I got the satisfaction of providing our own home grown food nothing more. Im not a sportsman I could care less about horns or trophys. Its for the food or to kill a varmit. of course I grew up doing the same thing. ive lost count of the number of deer ive killed as long with everything else. its all old hat to me. now my first piece of tail that was a adrenaline rush and I remember that!

                • hunting over bait is shooting fish in the barrel.I have never hunted like that. I believe in fair chase. That is just me, I could be wrong. Elk is a completely different animal than a deer and you are not allowed to bait or salt lick or anything of that nature. I am not a trophy hunter either but in this state it is bulls only forcing you to be one more or less, and since Idaho has a wolf epidemic it too has gone to bulls only. Washington elk hunter success rate is something like 2.5% so yes, getting an elk in this state is a HUGE deal and if you think it is a walk in the park and not a challenge…. please spare me.

                  • Its legal to hunt deer over bait in Arkansas. We have too many deer. Lots of deer vehicle collisions and a few deaths every year. Its legal to kill does also. bucks have to have at least three points. Ilike to kill yearling & fawn does their the best eating.

              • 100 thumbs up on that post Jim.

                • 02,only hunt at moment with bow,really need it will reach out with .308,I really need it though unfair/ethical will bait if it would help me or others survive,any other situation would never bait but do keep a eye on natural food draws.

          • “Prepper Tip of the Day.” Axe Sharpening: Beveled edges- A properly prepared secondary bevel of 17.5° per side on a quality axe will hold up in the species of wood found in North America, even chestnut oak, shagbark hickory, and black locust. Be particularly careful with hemlock, though, especially if it is frozen. Although generally a soft wood, it harbors small, dense knots that can chip or bend even the finest tool steel. Get yourself a good set of steel files, you know those flat bastard types and a good honing stone to put that edge on your axe tools.

        • Mike,

          The most valuable thing you are learning is that you can make mistakes and that its not just like a walk in the park.

          Once you get it all figured out, you’ll find that it ain’t scary at all, its just effort.

          Good luck!


      16. Three mice went out to make their way in the world. One went into the woods where he found seeds for food, grass to build a home and shelter to hide from the hawks. He met a nice girl mouse and raised a family of 16. All his mouse sons learned of honesty and work ethics. His home was modest, but filled with love and laughter. He was never rich or famous, but he lived a long and prosperous life, by mouse standards.
        Mouse number two went into the city. He found garbage for food, fiberglass insulation for building a home, and sewage pipes to hide in from the cats. His life span was shorter than the first, his stress level was much higher but, overall, he lived out a reasonable mouse existence. He left no wife, but did have three ex mouse girlfriends. And a few sons he never knew.
        Mouse three went to Washington.(following a huge media build up about his speech at the mouse convention) He got himself elected Head Rat. He drank expensive wine (made from irradiated grapes), ate fine cheese (from hormone-laced milk pasteurized by laser light) and played mouse-golf every weekend. He had many sycophant rats catering to his every whim. He grew fat (cholesterol level-375) and lazy.
        One day, while sitting in the oval trap, a minion he had trusted turned on him, shoving a shiv through his back. He died a painful death, was tossed in an unmarked grave, and was soon forgotten. The minion assumed his office, carried on his predecessor’s practices, and was soon deposed in similar fashion.

        The moral of this story? — There really isn’t one. Just a question: In the rat race of life, where have you gone to find your way in the world?

        • Reminds me of that saying from an old “Laugh In” (I think?) comedian named Lily Tomlin.

          “The trouble with the Rat Race is that, even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

          • Or this one: Right when you think you are winning the rat race, along comes faster rats.

          • @JRS…it reminded me of the scene from The Green Mile when the prison guards are telling the inmate about “mouse circus” in Florida to keep him from worrying about the fate of his pet mouse after he is executed.
            In the next scene the “evil” guard tells him it’s a bunch of lies and there is no “mouse circus”.
            Later on, the same “evil” guard steps on the mouse…squashing him to death.
            I gotta quit typing…I’m beginning to think we are all mice. I certainly feel I’m being “squashed” by Big “Evil” Gov.

      17. Does anybody remember “pyramid party’s” in the late 70s?
        I attended a few of these and I picked up real quick that by the time I got there, there was only spots left in the 16 and 32 lines. Lots of food, liquor and everybody, even the people that you had no idea who they were, were just so kind and friendly buddying up to you coaxing you to throw in a $1000 and get in on the good fortune.
        I think when the thing split the top spot paid $48,000, curiously the same amount of the bottom two lines combined.
        I knew a lot of people that bought into a few of these, but NEVER knew anybody that made the top spot.
        It looks like somebody’s running a monster pyramid party called the “stock market” and it might about ready to split, split as with your dough!

        • Sure you met them. It was always the person who set up the party.

      18. When the market crashes. Presuming society continues without any civil unrest. Expect to see half a million jobs cut for a while as we slide into a Mega Depression.

        If you have any cash reserves. This might be the time load up on food or tradables.

        • The market will NEVER crash.
          Because the fucking Sheeple will only acknowledge a crash if it is blazed across the Bankster owned, Sheeple media at 6.00pm.
          …….and that will NEVER happen.
          The market will NEVER, NEVER, EVER crash……ever.
          The Banksters have the Sheeple dumbed down completely, watching singing shows, dancing shows and renovation shows. They care only about celebrities, sports and fucking.
          Forget your preps.
          Kiss your kids.
          Accept your slavery as reality.
          Slaves……all,of us.
          And not one damn American ready to form a “well organised Militia”

          • Try a Pick 7 in your area and see how many come out to join

            Pick seven people you can trust. Many have no outdoor skills at all.

            • Pick 7? Please explain…

      19. When the market crashes and the money dries up expect a massive die off in a few weeks. People on dialysis will go very quickly. (these treatments cost $3500 a pop, three times a week and paid for by medicare/caid) People on insulin will check out rapidly and then a host of others with various ailments. As people die their corpses will overwhelm the system and area. The stench will become unbearable. People coming off drugs will be a very big problem. Initially there will be a collective shock from what is happening then reality will set in. There will be a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ but FEMA will not be there. People who you thought were rational peaceful folks will go bananas. If you prepped and they didn’t you will have to shoot them. I am not looking forward to what’s coming.

        • Let me add, if you have any disposable income I suggest you enjoy what little time we have left. 😉

        • “If you prepped and they didn’t you will have to shoot them.”

          Not necessarily. You will only have to shoot them if you are trying to defend yourself and your stuff. If you have the ability to bugout into the wilderness, the crazies-drug dependent-psycos-gangs-will not be looking for you out in the canyons. If you stay in a mcmansion over looking the valley, well yes you are probably going to have to kill a shitload until one finally gets you. The trick as I see it, good camo, good glass, so one can transition from the edges back to “civilization” to get an idea of the situation.

          • 02,
            Exactly what will happen, those with the knowledge will E and E to the outskirts of the wilderness
            And transition back when the others are either dead or in a weakened state . Cammo and good glass and GHILLE cover , could not have said it better myself this is the TTP’s I trained with many years ago , RECON. Skills will be VERY IMPORTANT when transitioning back to civilization . With in 28 days most will not be able to function due to bad water and lack of food , the first 14 days will be when the heavy violence occurs after that death will happen exponentially . Within 90 days the cycle will be complete leaving the smarter and nastier still around , those who are organized will mitigate that problem. Expect to see all kind of horrors starving people are capable of unbelievable actions even including eating their own.

            You have to be self suffient in the field for about 30 days minimum freeze dried food is probably the best choice with forageing to extend your supples . Catches can improve your situation have a plan and practice it. Effective use of Terriane , tactics and weather to your advantage will determine your survivabilty , access to water for filtering. You should now while the Internet is up down load maps of your AO from USGS they are free, print out 8-1/2 x11 With the satellite images and have them laminated use these for planning , walk those areas learn how to navigate with map and compass , do not rely on GPS it may not be there when you need it .
            Be sure you can carry the gear you need ( not the gear you want) distances , lets face it you may not be able to carry that 60 lb pack any distance, mobility is the key ,More PT ! Try to keep the weight below 50 lbs for winter , 40 or less for summer .get a pack that fits you and has adequate suspension , 2400 CI seems to be the ideal size . Distribute your load evenly , ammo on a belt kit, water , all your first line gear on your person incase you have to ditch and catch your pack . Some packs incorporate a small removable assault pack 1000ci ) keep your survival items in this, the assault pack can be detached and run with, this should contain about 24-48 hours of supplies with your essential gear ( fire starting , extra ammo , water purifying gear)
            Kifaru molle express and escape and evasion pack is my go to operational system.

            I use for three seasons of the year a Clark Jungle Hammock in cammo Model NX250 , it keeps you off the wet ground and can also be used in the winter,.i prefer to use my Kifaru parartarp with Parastove in the winter I have used this combo with a MSS system and ground pad down to 15 degrees F. And remained toasty Once you use a heated winter shelter you will never go back.
            Eating something before turning in for the night works wonders in keeping you warm.

            You only bug out as a last resort , but harassing the hostile and retreating back to the wilderness will be an effective strategy . The key is stealth , leave no trace , the untrained will not follow you deep into the wilderness, if they do the will not survive long. Use force multipliers NOD’s , hunt at night , make those occupying your former home pay . It’s extremely demorilizing when your homies head next to you explodes in red mist and the direction of the round can not be acertained.

            Hopefully this will remain speculation and not become a reality that very few will be able to process and survive in, this nightmare scenario for those that live it it will be TEOTWAWKI .

            Get tactical training now while you can before it’s to late , Max Velocity Tactical , Mason Dixon Tactical, John Mosby tactical training ( former SF operator) are some of the reputable schools .
            Training is not inexpensive but what price is your life?


            Semper Fi 8541


            • I agree with a lot of what you say and your advice is excellent until the red mist head exploding part. The reason I will bug out is to keep that scenario from happening and the idea of “ownership” of property after it is abandoned is ludicrous imo. When there is 90% die off in 90 days,, why worry about the abandoned shack? There will be mcmansions from horizon to horizon for the taking. I pray on a daily basis i can get through this life and to the other side without ever taking the life of a fellow human being. Even the ones that in most instances “deserve” it. I have talked to those that have and when that moment occurs, you become a different person for ever.

          • “If you have the ability to bugout into the wilderness”

            I haven’t seen any 18-wheeler all-terrain bug-out vehicles, so that means that if I am bugging out prematurely to the boonies, then I am leaving more than 90% of my preps behind.

            I figure that I will stick it out until I can take most of my preps with me. That may be a while or it could take one day if something catastrophic destroyed or contaminated the majority of my preps.

            I will figure it out eventually….

      20. It’s the only game in town. A rigged game, but with high frequency trading and Central Banks over the world being the buyer’s.

      21. Another beautiful day at SHTF. ;0)

        Keeping in mind that 7/20 date, I would say the elections hold everything together before the markets goes south. Can’t have the economy down and all that.
        The Market will need a pump and dump and the tops of DOW 17,500 NAS. 5000 and S&P about 2500 should cover the losses of 2008. Although there is concern that the -3% which takes +6% to get even in growth, there is no major talk. Just another number to say. O.K. and move on.
        As we all know, the TPTB are good at keeping things together, so we have time to do what we need to do.

        • I missed the significance of 7/20?

          I do know that July 20 is the “closing date” for agreement in the Iranian-Empire nuclear negotiations. Is this what you are referring to?

          • JRS.

            Head of IMF used numerology to set July 20th as a special date and/or warning to those that use that method of forecasting.

            There is a video on it.

          • I have been wondering the same thing….whats with that date?

      22. As for me all the Bloomberg’s, Gate’s Soros’s, Kissinger’s, Bush’s, or who fits the HIGH AND MIGHTY attitude class; a Blake Shelton’s song just about says it all “You can KISS my COUNTRY ASS”.
        PS: They haven’t a clue what their slaves are up against!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      23. Wall street has set up and baited the trap. Now for the unwary retail investor to wander in.

      24. @everyone…I got a question and need some advice.
        I need a new emergency radio. I hate my old one but have been hesitant to replace it but I like the features but hate how “it works”.
        I want one that has solar, battery and dynamo charge. (if it also has a d/c plug, that would be the icing n on the cake) With flashlight. With weather and shortwave and local bands.
        Any recommendations?
        My current is an Eton. It really drains the batteries and the solar panel on it sucks.
        Thanks for any help/recommendations.

        • @npgh

          good radios, suggest one with weather/ham as well as am/fm. expect about $150 or so.
          as for solar, I would buy a separate solar device, to be used with anything else you may want to use, not exclusively attached to radio.
          I think mac has some advertisers listed just above for that.
          check out the wattage consumption for your selected radio, to choose your correct size solar panels

      25. On and off topic.

        What do y’all think will trigger everything to collapse and how close are we to the end of our “normal everyday lives” and the beginning of the fun. I’m just asking to see what ya’ll can brainstorm and come up with.

        • from the chair I sit at there aint nothing that stays the same now.Our ‘normal everyday life’ is about surprises and unplanned events. Its expected and we keep adjusting the contingency plans for the worse.
          The basics are where our focus is now and thats water, food, shelter, family, God, security, health. Right now were doubling up on a few antibiotics and herbals since it looks like the illegals are the newest biohazard to deal w/.
          Seems the Feds are shipping illegals into most states already so it wont be long before health problems start to crop up. I see so many angry folks now it wont take much to tip over. Be ready to defend what is yours: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

        • Normal everyday lives ended some time ago. It only gets worse. Learned Spanish yet?

        • Im of the opinion that it will be the increasing Clatyclismic disasters that are caused by the magnetic pole shift. The last pole shift was during the time of the Exidious. and we know what happened then. Yep let crop failures and events like the new Madrid or Yellowstone happen and its a trigger. a EMP could be the trigger.

      26. Mac,you have been calling for the stock market to crash for years now. The likelihood of this market crashing in the way you describe does not become greater every day. It becomes slimmer and slimmer. Whether you will accept it or not, we have certain high inflation coming(Hyperinflation). Good grief , you have even posted articles on here suggesting one should short the stock market. There comes a point when you must give up on your fiat holdings and accept reality. Besides, any market crash this time will be accompanied by other things so devastating that you really wont need to worry about the market. This aint 1929, this aint 1987, this aint 2008. We are in new uncharted waters. Do not expect a carbon copy of the past. It just isnt in the cards.

        • eeder, I agree but the unfortunate situation of the coming loss of the u s dollar being the reserve currency is literally tons of this worthless paper/digits returning to our shores. One can invest in stocks, watch the market and prices shoot to the moon, (gold/silver is also in this equation) but one will not be able to cash out as the taxes/inflation will eat up all gains leaving you with a billion dollars and no bread to buy because that boat sailed. Back to going long wheelbarrows.

      27. Lets put it this way. When that final thread breaks this time, it will not be a stock market crash but rather the stock market will go much higher. MUCH MUCH higher.

      28. Wake ,me up wehn the S&p 500 gets to 10,000. We can have a converstaion about this than. Until then, if you get a 2,5 or 10 percent correction???? You buy that dip hand over fist.

        • eeder….

          It is like this. It has crashed. We are being played. Central Banks are pumping phony & printed money into the system to allow the rich to get richer and then take those profits to buy tangibles such as land….companies are not earning their stock values. Yes a common person could have made a lot of monies in stocks in past 6 years. When will it end? Very simple. Once the printings no longer work, then the end is near.

          For me, I can make more money by re-investing in my own business. That is where I was stupid. I am slowly taking money out and investing in me. Yes, Ugly Inc.!!!!

          • This is correct. Two smart men here. I think what can “crash” a fiat is value. When people see value then they will buy into it. That’s why the Mexico silver article was so tantalizing. And that’s why people prep: they are value investing. Meanwhile, the goons at the top print more money and acquire control over more assets. Clearly, they are wiping out the middle class. But, with welfare numbers skyrocketing and reproducing at twice the rate of working class, looks like their grand plan will be successful.
            My hunch is some place/country will attract the productive people. I just don’t know where that is. The place where productive people are allowed to enjoy the fruits of their own labor instead of taxed left and right to enrich goons and conscript the zombies.
            Will the market crash? Not unless there is war. Right now, it is crashing (as said) in real value terms. Dollar is crashing. So, market goes up as stocks are seen as safer investments than dollars. Get it? Sign of high inflation!!!

      29. I am no longer concern about dates in regard to any potential crash. However, it does seem that from history the September-October time frame seems to be the best time for those who watch/expect.

        I would say that anything can happen at anytime and that is how I live. Many of you, to include myself, are materially prepared but it is going to be that psychological impact that will cause many to crack, even commit suicide, even those who are/have prepped. yes, all of us must be prepared for that sudden life change.

        In regard to this article, although it can be tempting, I think The Stock Market is a organization built on sand and every wayward wind that blows sends it into a feeding frenzy.

        For those of you who come here quite often, may I suggest that you keep an eye on the activity at Yellowstone. I think something is brewing there.

        be watchful…….

        • @watching and waiting

          Yes, October has historically been the month where the crashes occurred…although I don’t see this particular ‘crash’ being a trivial thing; more the opposite. Economies all around the world are clamoring right now, I don’t remember a time when it has been this bad globally, before.

          Anyone worth their salt financially speaking, will verify the fundamentals for the stock market growth are just not there- it is as many said…a massive fraud.
          People are waking up to the reality of the lies they have been surrounded with, many will awaken too late, I’m afraid.

          Yes, Yellowstone seems to be groaning and belching…something out of the ordinary anyways. The asphalt access road leading to Firehole Lake has been closed to the public since it recently ‘melted’. The scary thing is: temps have only been in the mid 80’s or so…it hasn’t been overly warm temperature wise.

          Surface readings on the pavement showed 160 degrees F however, and that shows built up underground heat, lots of it. Oh and it is said that Jackson Hole Wyoming also had roads melting as well and that is 103 miles away from Firehole lake. Even the Weather channel had a segment on the recent road melting issues if I remember right.
          Keep a near eye on the horizon my friends…there’s a storm coming.

      30. WTF do I care what the stock market is doing. It’s no indicator of the economy. It’s so disconnected from reality by corruption and manipulation. In the past the stock market would lead the general economy by about six months. This market has been on the rise for 5 years and has reached record levels. At these levels there should be full employment with employers hiring head hunter for even service sector jobs. An opening for an office receptionist will garner hundreds if not thousands of resumes from professionals with master degrees just trying to get any job.

        August 03, 2003|David Friedman, LA Times article titled White Collar Blues. Friedman states/predicts that big business and government will become closer. The large number of people being ejected from the work force will seek government services, government will grow larger in order to provide those services. Big government will depend on big business for revenue. Big business will demand more from big government. The cycle will repeat. His article was so on target that it stuck in my memory. Then came Obama and he added a whole new element.

        I suggest that you google Friedman’s article and give it a read. It’s out dated but still helps to explain some of what we are now living.

      31. Obummer don’t care about no elections, party, country, immigration, nothing as for, one he’s not running again.
        And two, he don’t have to, as when the stock market crashes or if that don’t happen soon enough he will initiate a “black flag” event if he has to and then suspend what’s left of our Constitution, FIRE the Congress and the Supreme Court and then he can become Supreme Dear Leader for life. Ain’t it wonderful how these Executive Orders have all arranged for THIS very event. And then he can become Dear Leader FOR LIFE, to Protect and Serve us.

        • Dear leader for life. Except for one thing. He wouldn’t live very long. those who are now closest to him would send him to the grave. Obama is a sacrafical lamb. he has no real power or authority. nothing more than a puppet for the NWO.

      32. The stock market is a mirage, Plato’s cave projecting a fantasy on to the cave’s wall, all flashing images and noise but no substance.

        Assets are currently being propped up by the world’s central banks, who are printing money at a furious pace and then buying up assets to keep prices rising and demand up. If you are trying to buy a house and are wondering why the prices are so high, it is because you are competing with central banks. Thus, you will never win.

        It is all rigged and gamed by the government in cahoots with the big players. Keep in mind: the government believes all is fair game because we are at ‘war’. That means they can do anything they want to keep the show on the road.

      33. Rahm Emanuel, advisor to POtUS and Chicago mayor, stop lying about your city’s homicide rate. You have one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, there is no need to lie. STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…

        • Oops , sorry folks , supposed to be posted on previous thread , my bad… or more like they are bad

      34. Liars

        In Hillary Clinton’s new book, she claims that both her and Slick Willy were FLAT BROKE when they left the White House. Is that why there was six billion dollars missing from the State Department after Hillary left? Hillary, do I believe that? Mrs. Clinton – STOP YOUR LYING!!!!! The American people deserve the truth, not lies. STOP IT!!!

        • After bill lost the ark governors election in 1980 to Frank White. The Clintons where kicked out of the govenors mansion. they where broke and homeless. for two years they mooched off others. by hook 7 cook bill regained the gov office and you all know the rest of the story.

      35. Something has to be going on with all those bankers committing suicide.

        Those who can, will play the financial game till it burns. You have to devote lots of time and effort to succeed and their are as many pitfalls in the markets as we preppers have to become self sufficient.

        Choose your poison.

        • I read the corporations where they worked had big insurance policies on each of them. Thats tax free $ on the books.

        • For the Greedy, Stocks are like a big pile of Crack for Crack Addicts. Its the relapse that is the dangerous part.

      36. Destruction of America Check list
        1. Hide Background documents
        2. Infiltrate Government Via Senate
        3. Gain CONTROL Via Presidency and a lackie VP
        4. Neutralize Media and Hollywood
        5. Increase spending until Bankrupt
        6. Over Regulate Job Creators
        7. Higher Unemployment rate
        8. Destroy Heath care
        9. Raise Taxes on the Productive
        10. Print Money until Currency crash
        11. over 40% of Americans On some kind of financial assistance
        12. spy and the surveillance of all
        13. Dis -arm all
        14. Control food, and even what Mfg’d food and its actual nutritional value
        15. More Middle east wars, and conflicts else where
        16. Amnesty for any Illegal

        If you blame the decline of America on

        Gun Owners
        Tea Partiers
        Meat Eaters
        Red Necks
        or anyone other than who is truely to blame
        than congrats , you are whats wrong with this country!

        • “lackie VP” I like that VRF.

          Biden is one of the most ardent Zionists in the DC corporation. In 1973, in prime minister Golda Meir’s office, he declared “I am a Zionist. You do not have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” Yea, he’s a lackey for the Israeli lobby.

          And this is one of the main problems in DC. When the legislators care more about the welfare of Israel than they do about the people living here.

          I’ll tell you what I think about it. No elected legislator should be allowed to hold dual citizenship, doesn’t matter for what country.

          • I’ll give that an Amen

        • @VFR -Once you attach the words “NWO Agenda” to to the Destruction of America Check List, the Jew naysayers come crawling out of their holes defending themselves, like they are the chosen people of peace. Reality= Host vs. Parasite.

          • Not Sleeping in Seattle WA. Massive Anti-Jew/Israel Campaign Kicked off Saturday – An anti-Israel demonstration in Seattle to oppose Israel’s week-long response to Hamas’s rocket fire called for the destruction of the Jewish state, with protesters waving signs equating Zionism with Nazism, shocking Jews who came upon the rally at Seattle’s Westlake Center on Saturday. The Seattle protest came as pro-Israel rallies were interrupted in Los Angeles and Boston by violence at the weekend. Let the Race Riots begin. Burn Baby Burn!!!! And across the Globe Anti-Jew protest taking hold.

            Los Angeles. When some 2,000 Israel supporters showed up at the Federal Building in Los Angeles on Sunday, a group of pro-Palestinian men – they were identifiable by the large Palestinian flags they carried – attacked the demonstrators with sticks. LAPD attempted to stop the fight, and the attackers reportedly drove off in their truck. Witnesses reported, according to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, that “a gun was fired in the direction of the truck, reportedly by a police officer or Department of Homeland Security officer who was at the scene.”

            Paris. Anti-Jewish thugs attempted to break into a Paris synagogue carrying bats and chairs. Another synagogue was also targeted, prompting French Prime Minister Manuel Valls to state, “France will never tolerate using violent words or acts to import the Israeli-Palestinian conflict onto French soil.” The synagogue was full of Jews memorializing the three Jewish boys killed by Hamas operatives.

            Frankfurt. Neo-Nazi protesters threw stones at police. Fellow anti-Israel protesters, who numbered 2,500, screamed “God is great” and “children-murderer Israel.” One sign stated, “You Jews Are Beasts!” The groups apparently tried to find Jewish institutions to attack after their rally. According to the Jerusalem Post, “student organization Left-SDS, Islamists and some members of the Neo-Nazi group National Socialists Rhein-Main attended the anti-Israel protest. Flags from Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Hamas were on display at the protest. Banners compared Prime Minister Netanyahu with Adolf Hitler.” Police reportedly allowed demonstrators to use “a police vehicle and loudspeaker to blast anti-Israel slogans.”

            Seattle. According to blogger Michael Behar, pro-Israel rallies were met with anti-Israel rallies in the city with protesters screaming “anti-Israel slogans calling for the destruction of the Jewish state while waving signs and marching through the downtown sidewalks…signs comparing Jews to Nazis were commonplace.” Behar reported that posters utilizing the blood libel were present in the crowd, including “a Jew eating a gentile child along with a cup of blood to wash it all down.”

            Boston. Pro-Israel protesters were called “Jesus killers” and swarmed at a rally outside the Israeli consulate, with TruthRevolt columnist Chloe Valdery, among others, assaulted by anti-Israel protesters. According to Aviva Lamveira, “Some phones were knocked out of our hands, Israeli flags were yanked, and a whole lot of disgusting things were shouted at us.” Valdery reported, “There were several cops who literally did nothing.”
            As Israel’s enemies are emboldened in the Middle East, Jews’ enemies are emboldened around the globe. It is no surprise, then, to watch as Jews across the world come under attack, given the unprecedented level of tacit and spoken global support for anti-Israel activity.

      37. Some good advice. The economic implosion is around the corner. Watch the fat cats on Wall Street, they always get out before pulling the rug out from all those true believers. Same old modus operandi for the Ponzi scheme: pull in the suckers with promises of big profits, and then blame the economic downturn on all their losses. Guess what, no one goes to jail, sucker! But you’ve been warned before and didn’t read the writing on the wall. A while ago you were too busy blowing off firecrackers, spending your money on stupidity. Pretty soon your peanut butter and crackers are going to run out, and in about three days you will slowly but surely morf into a zombie. Who you gonna blame? You voted these sociopaths in and they robbed you blind. You should have been a prepper. Now when you reach into your pocket you will find your scrotum, not much of a weapon to protect your family. Sorry ain’t the word. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about as worthless, and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save you and your family from disaster. Wanna live? Learn to read. Survive!!

      38. Just passing through my fellow preppers. Great article Mac. Whoever suggested the free Kindle books a big thank you. Have a great week everyone.


        BTW, European American, aka, Your Mother Was Wrong: Thanks for the attempts at sending me the repeated email virus. Yes I tracked it back to you. Childs play for my IT guys.

      39. And now this, politicians say there is a labor shortage in North Dakota. So will they ship unemployed Americans there to get jobs? No. They want to ship illegal immigrants there to fill the alleged void. Your government is looking out for you. You better look out for them. Also, Microsoft to announce the largest layoffs in company history later today. Can it get any better? America, what a country.

        • I personally know some young men who are working in the Dakotas. after living expences ,taxes they are not really clearing a lot of money. and its very hard brutal work out in all kinds of weather.

      40. The WTO has ruled against the USA on behalf of China and India over some tariffs that the USA put on some imports.

      41. I got questions

        any one on here in a local militia? if so would you mind answering some questions of mine?

        you can be Anonymous, as I am too

        I’ve been on this board quite a long time ( i have a different screen name ) but for opsec and leading into this I want to remain Anon.

        Any members here? people that have been on SHTF for a while , so they “get it”
        if not I’ll still respect your information


        • lol so much for Anonymous eh?

          oh well F it ..nothing i gotta know is that sensitive

          • We are all Militia 300 Million Americans Strong. Ask your questions, somebody will offer you up some advice.

      42. Remember that fraud and greed I had mentioned earlier?
        Prime example right here:

        CYNK Short Squeeze Scam Costs Trader His Job
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        “My 10-year-old knew it was a scam. It was a complete joke,” rages Tom Laresca – a market-maker at Buckman Buckman & Reid – who sold “pure madness” stock CYNK Technology short at $6 last week. Laresca assumed (reasonably so) that the SEC would suspend trading, sending the price towards zero. Despite Zero Hedge’s initial exposure of this farce to the world (and the rest of the mainstream media’s attention following), the SEC was slow and CYNK soared to $16, squeezing Laresca and forcing his firm to cut off his ability to hold positions – he plans to resign today. “I wish people would just not trade the stupid things.”

        As Bloomberg reports, a Wall Street trader said Cynk Technology Corp.’s (CYNK) 36,000 percent stock surge cost him his job, and he blames a short squeeze and regulators who didn’t halt the shares before the company’s value shot past $6 billion.

        “The stock looked worthless, if there’s even a company behind it,” Laresca said. “My 10-year-old knew it was a scam. It was a complete joke.”

        He sold it short last week around $6 — which means selling stock you don’t own with a plan to buy it cheaper soon, pocketing the difference. Laresca figured the Securities and Exchange Commission would suspend trading, sending the price toward zero.

        Instead of falling, the share price more than doubled the next day, July 9, starting the squeeze. Market-makers who had sold the stock short got nervous and scrambled to buy stock to close their positions, driving it even higher, Laresca said.

        “If you’re short, you have to buy it within five days,” Laresca said of market-making rules. “That’s what was driving the stock higher.”

        The SEC stopped trading two days later, citing concerns about the accuracy of information in the marketplace and “potentially manipulative transactions.”

        That was too late, Laresca said, and slammed the SEC…

        “When it goes from 6 cents to $16 and you haven’t done anything about it, I’m sorry but you fell asleep at the wheel,” he said. “Everybody knew it. How come they didn’t know it?”

        While Cynk’s $6 billion paper valuation was unusual, spikes and crashes are common in the over-the-counter markets where it traded. Regulators bust alleged pump-and-dump scams there regularly. Many involve defunct companies, or shells, with shares that still trade. The SEC has suspended trading in at least 255 shells this year.

        “You lure other people into the marketplace, whether they believe it’s legit or they’re just along for the pump and believe they can get out before the dump,” Sporkin said. “It’s like a big game.”

        The end result of this farce… more unemployment…

        Laresca said that his firm cut off his ability to hold positions after the Cynk fiasco and that he plans to resign today. He declined to say what the trades cost.

        OTC Markets Group Inc., which runs the trading venue once known as the pink sheets, marks questionable stocks on its website to warn investors. It branded Cynk with a skull and crossbones. Cromwell Coulson, the trading venue’s chief executive officer, who predicted the SEC suspension, said the agency will eventually figure out what happened with Cynk.

        “I wish people would just not trade the stupid things,” he said.

        It’s not just Laresca who has a major problem, as we noted previously – cost of carry on the short is adding up all the time CYNK is halted…

        Case in point, this sad individual who on that bulletin board of epic retail investor comedy, Yahoo Finance, has explained their problem: it appears some brokers actually did allow shorting of CYNK, at a cost. A rather high and recurring cost it would appear.

        But all the other momo stocks trading at triple-digit P/Es are not stupid…? Or are they – according to Yellen?

      43. Funny, I just pulled all of my assets out of the market this morning. My finance guy made an off hand comment about it being a “good call”.

        In past articles I’ve discussed some of the going’s on in the aerospace industry. Within the last few days there has been a significant ripple effect throughout the aerospace powerplant community due to General Electric refusing to firm commit any of their 2015 forecasted engine builds on the CT7, GenX and LeapX platforms. Two out of those three are their “next big thing”. Lots of their Tier 1 suppliers have quietly started asking about order cancellation fees as well.
        Sikorsky & Lockheed Martin suppliers have also gone very tight lipped over the past week as well. It “seems” as if the big boys in the aerospace world are anticipating a significant slow down in production/orders in the next 8-12 months.

      44. If true about Q2 being in the sh*tter… layoffs end of Q4.


        This is getting to be old, man…

      45. Everyday I check the Baltic Dry Index. It is at the lowest rate for the last 52 weeks. It is rapidly closing in on the all time low. Nobody is shipping stuff. If it ain’t movin’, it ain’t sellin’.

      46. Between selective amnesia and down right greed, I will not feel sorry for anyone who loses their butt when the take down happens. The Wall Street casino has been rigged for a very long time.

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