The Federal Reserve Has No Reserves, Only Printing Presses (Video)

by | Jun 8, 2010 | Headline News | 11 comments

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      1. Is this news to anyone? Most of us already know the World is Broke!!!
        So when does the collapse come? When the press stops printing new money.

        Its just a fiat counterfitting scheme. Its only a matter of time to collapse.

      2. We’re screwed.  It’s already game over.  I need more time to prepare, but feel confident in my abilities to survive. 

        It will be a relief in some ways once our economy collapses.  I always felt people weren’t meant to live the way we do now.  Yes, life will not be easy, but it isn’t supposed to be.  Since the fall of man in Genesis God said
        “Gensis 3:17 Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. 18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. 19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken;
        for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

        Life will return to the simple ways.

      3. I really enjoyed the slide show, but it was often very difficult for me to see the text clearly against the background photos.  For future videos, could you please either enlarge the text or increase the contrast with the background?  I think it would help a lot for those of us over 45.  Again, I enjoyed it and I hope you keep ’em coming…

      4. If anyone of us commenting here tried to run our personal family finances the way that the US Federal Government theirs ……. we would end up in jail PDQ!

        The FRN isn’t backed up with anything other than BS! The gold reserves supposedly existing at Fort Knox, KY haven’t been inventoried since 1052. Do you think that there is anything still left there? They don’t even have enough gold and silver coin blanks to manufacture the proof bullion coins anymore. All the folks who have been buying the proof Silver Eagles since they were first issued in 1986 really ‘took-it-in-the-shorts’ last year in 2009 when NONE were made. So much for your collections people.

        A 1$ FRN and a 100$ FRN are now worth exactly the same; the 0.02 cents for the paper, ink and press time. You need to believe in the US Federal Government to get the rest of your value!!!

        I can’t wait until the Schumer really hits the fan and the sheep finally become aware that their currency is worthless and that everything that they have worked for all their lives is gone. It promises to be a very interesting year!!!

      5. Sorry for the typo ….. gold reserves haven’t been inventoried since 1952.

      6. Good stuff Mac!

      7. Mike in Virginia, thanks for the tips. I know exactly what slides you are referring to and I thought they may be a problem too when I made them. I think I held off on changing them because sometimes after a video is uploaded youtube does some “processing” to make the text more readable, but it doesn’t always do a good job in some cases.

        I welcome all comments/feedback so I may do better next time.

        By the way, to the commenter asking if this was news to anyone, my answer is – No, not really. Not to anyone who frequents this site and/or has an ounce of critical thought left that is. It’s intended more for the oblivious audience, to which I’m still struggling with how to reach (as I’m sure Mac is with this great website).

        Thanks again!

      8. Thanks zuk, but kudos go to Chris C. He put this vid together. He’s got some other good stuff on his YouTube channel over at:

        Chris — I understand your plight… My hope is that more unaware readers come across this site and check out some of the articles, but more importantly, read the comments.. the community here is very informative, for the most part, and I think those new to the alt. news scene would really find some benefit reading those regularly… I often find that the comments are more informative than the actual article or news story I publish.

        Patriot One – I am a little concerned about the printing presses… with the BP oil spill and the moratorium on drilling, how ever will they lube up the machines?!?!?!? Oh dear.

        MadMarkie — While hyperinflation is not a foregone conclusion, it really does amaze me that more people aren’t considering the possibility of it happening…. They figure they’ll just put their money in an FDIC backed CD and boo-ya, problem solved… I do hope we’re wrong, but the fact is that the middle class is being wiped out and the destruction of our currency is just another tool to this end. By the time folks wake up, it’ll be too late….

      9. Mac,

        You make a good observation about the middle class being wiped out.  Back in 2008 I mentioned to my friends that they middle class was being targeted for elimination because they (we) have our own ideas about how things should be done, and that this is at odds with what the elites want.  Most people scoffed at me.  Only two listen(ed), the rest don’t want to hear it.  Long ago, I came to the conclusion that as long as Americans have something to eat and can watch Dancing with the Stars or its equivalent, they really don’t care what the powers that be get up to.

        On a different note, I’m on an island in the Pacific ocean and have dial up access.  I’d really like to see the videos you post be can’t seem to get any that are longer than three minutes.  Is it possible for you to post the transcripts as well?  I visit this site everyday and find the information very useful.  Thanks for all you do.

      10. an agent for the german jewish banker rothschild named paul warburg met secretly with wall street bankers on jekyll island georgia one hundred years ago. this planning session was the beginning of the federal reserve bank which is not federal, has no reserves and is not a bank. they established the current american “bank” system which is based on a fractional reserve high margin credit “bank” system which has resulted in the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. this system will eventually result in an american feudal state populated by masters and serfs.

        good luck/

      11. Following are three books that can be read on line that explain how this mess got started and whom the people are that have done this to the nations past and present.

         The Synagogue of Satan 740 to the present. – Find out where the gold went.
        The Rockefeller File. – They are not the good benefactors you might think they are. 
        A book by Mary Elizabeth Croft. -I had to read it three times to get  it through my head. 

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