The Fed: Interest Rates COULD Still Increase IF Economy Meets “Expectations”

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Rising interest rates could still be in our future, even though the Federal Reserve initially stated they would be holding off on such until the end on the year.  But according to The Fed’s Chicago leader Charles Evans, if the economy meets the “expectations” of central bankers, they will raise the rates.

    Evans said that he fully expects the central bank to raise rates again, however, the door is also open to rate decreases as well.  Low inflation may keep rates frozen through much of 2020.  It kind of sounds like the Fed doesn’t really know what to do with this nutty economy they’ve created.

    “I do think that inflation is a little weaker than I would like to see,” Evans said in an interview on CNBC, according to Market Watch. “Because inflation is a little bit lighter, the economy is doing fine…I can see the funds’ rate being flat and unchanged into the fall of 2020,” Evans said. “For me, that’s to help support the inflation outlook and make sure it’s sustainable.”

    But there is no path the Fed can take that will result in a sustainable economy.  They can kick the can down the road, for certain, but as far as real economic growth goes, there is nothing left to do.  The great experiment in central banking has already failed.

    Central banks and international institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund) have overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks or balances. Meanwhile, the open door between private and central banking has ensured endless opportunities for market manipulation and asset bubbles–with government support. – Nomi Prins, author of COLLUSION: How Central Bankers rigged the world.


    The Chicago Fed president, who is a voting member of the Fed’s interest rate committee, said the first quarter is now looking “a little bit stronger” than it did at the start of the year. This should ease concerns for anyone who was overly concerned about a downturn, he suggested. “The economy is doing solidly, I would say,” Evans said.

    However, we beg to differ.  Everyone should be concerned about a downturn as the entire economy is in an “everything bubble” created by the Federal Reserve and could pop at any time.  Even if it simply slowly loses some air, it is always a good time to protect yourself from a recession – or any financial hardship.

    Any decision the Fed makes now is going to do no good.  There’s no going back and undoing the manipulation and interference in the economy central bankers have done. The Fed is trapped, but you don’t have to be.


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      1. Hope they do, there are a lot of old “Savers” out there who rely on Bank rates and CD’s for their retirement. Screw the Stock Market!

        • “Screw the Stock Market”. Agree!

        • SW,
          Your advice is OK for old guys that are near retirement or have retired. I buy Tbills rather than CD’s as you get better interest rates and at least get some of your taxes back.
          But for younger guys, get debt free ASAP, and then invest in quality funds. Keep diversified!

          • Even better stay away from paper assets and banks etc. That shit can disappear overnight and makes shitty returns and is on the table for anyone to steal from you and you pay tax on it and can lose it all in a lawsuit or divorce or any plethora of things. Nothing could be LESS SAFE (except maybe cash lying out on your lawn). My investments (land. guns, metals,etc.) combined return has outperformed my retirement by at least 5 fold. Just my metals alone have quadrupled while my pension was cut in half in 08 and IT IS AS SAFE AS CAN BE! But then I started in the 90’s when it was cheap. I sold off some when it was 45 bux and did well while everyone else ate shit. What completely safe asset has paid 10X returns? Oh ya… silver. Diversify in guns, ammo, land, preps, self sufficiency.

            • I had the IRS after me for years! All the time I had a cabin and land, guns, preps, 10’s of thousands of dollars in silver. Guess what, they never knew it and no one could find it. If I had paper assets etc. it would be gone!

              • My original comment was a little more in your lane, But I trimmed it back. I agree the paper is useless, but as long as it is still here use the system to your advantage. As is well known I’m not much of a PM guy. I agree on your idea of diversity otherwise.

                • Good on that my man. I’m just pointing out that I have survived several personal disasters just fine even being without income for a YEAR while paying for school and whatever else. My financial plan has proven itself multiple times already. Tried and true, it will get me through again in the near future. They don’t call me genius fer nuthin’! (pokin ya in the tummy) lol 😛

      2. Sorry but I don’t see them increasing rates. If interest rates go back to normal then the whole house of cards come down. All the federal, local, business, and personal debt would then cost so much more. I feel ridiculous even saying that because the debt numbers are mind boggling now. The only thing the fed can do is keep printing. That will lead to the crash too. We all know it. It is why I became a prepper.
        I just would like to know when it is going to happen. I would have thought this would have happened years ago.

      3. overheard by the fly on the wall:

        “What can we do to get this crash started?”

        “First, we create confusion in the markets.”

        “How do we do that?”

        “Well first, we say one thing. Then a week or a month later say the opposite.”

        “Yeah, that’s the ticket…”

      4. Off Topic

        Notre Dame Cathedral is burned to the ground.

        Diversity in France is not the problem.

        Some people calling it France’s 911 are silenced.


        • HP,
          Notre Dame did not burn down. Only the wood roof . The stone smiths of the day did a good job as did the architects. Since many of the stained glass works survived, it did not get that hot inside. Ever made stained glass stuff? I have. Low temp lead holds it together. Structurally from an engineering point of view the structure is crude, but it works! As a work of art, it is still beautiful.
          There could also be some divine intervention.
          I want to see how they replicate the Large Oak Beams to rebuild the roof. One of my skills is wood boat building, I’m curious how they will replicate something the French ecologists will scream about.

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