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A Tragedy Unfolding: This Is ALL Going To End Badly, Central Banks Are TRAPPED

Mac Slavo
April 11th, 2019
Comments (38)

According to Sven Henrich, the founder and the lead market strategist for NorthmanTrader.com, this regulation of the economy by the central banks is all going to end badly.  The fact of the matter is simple: central banks are hopelessly trapped.

Henrich says that it’s only a matter of time before investors learn the hard way that this sudden capitulation by central bankers is not a positive sign, but rather a sign of desperation. In a recent article he wrote for his website Northmantrader.com, Henrich says this economic manipulation by the central banks is all going to end badly.

“Even some ardent bulls will freely admit this, the question is the how, when and the where. Frankly, it’s a tragedy that’s unfolding and discerning eyes can see it. Since the December lows markets have taken the scripted route higher salivating at the prospect of dovish central bankers once again levitating asset prices higher,” Henrich wrote.

He also tweeted that this is all “a shell game” in which central banks are trapped.

The capitulation is as complete as it is global and 10 years after the financial crisis there is not a single central bank that has an exit plan. As today’s Fed minutes again highlighted: No rate hikes in 2019 while the tech sector is making a new all-time human history high this week. What an absurdity. A slowing economy ignored by markets as cheap money once again dominates everything.

So great is the fear of falling markets and a slowing economy that the grand central bank experiment has ended in utter failure. But at least the Fed tried for a little bit before capitulating. -Sven Henrich, NorthmanTrader.com

In their desperation, to cling to wealth and power (that they created) central banks may have set a combustion process in motion that they can’t stop, one that may bring about even more ghastly consequences than the market troubles they sought to avert in the first place.

Read Henrich’s entire article here: NorthmanTrader.com

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: April 11th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. All they know is QE and zero rates. They are all out of options.
    We aren’t out of options as long as we have rope and lampposts.
    Time to make some citizens arrests. Where’s Judge Roy Bean?

    • TharSheBlows says:

      Of course it is ALL Rigged. The 1% are trying to scare you into giving them more free Fed money to prop up their empires, and you need to save them or you will be doomed. lol

      They all deserve to crash and get back to normal. What you hold in your hand is what you own, and that’s it. When it all crashes, not much will change in the common mans world. Preppers will see a blink on their radar and ho hum, back to building more bird houses and enjoying our homesteads.

      Patent your Land Folks, Claim your mineral rights below the ground. A Warrantee Deed is just a color of title. Got a land boundary dispute? A Land Patent beats a warrantee deed every time in a court of law.

  2. Kevin2 says:


    “All they know is QE and zero rates. They are all out of options.”

    According to the bible of “Keynesian Economics” they’re not out of options, those are the options. QE certainly will resume its life support, banksters will syphon off as much bail out money as possible in the process. Its 2008 act 2.

    • Genius says:

      Ya retirement is going to be cut down by inflation dammit. Next year is a huge money making year for me though. More work than I can stand actually. But it is my last year so I will bankroll more silver and solar supplies (for side jobs). The days of being a bank robber are over lol, they have hardly any cash because everyone is a cardtard. The new bank robbers are hackers and scammers. I need a bigger still! 😛

      • Kevin2 says:

        They QE funds to bail out banks but little gets into circulation for spending thus inflation is dramatically limited. It’s likely that the stock market will take a huge hit. Deflation caused by loans not paid are the inverse of fractional reserve banking literally destroying money while fractional reserve banking created it. Throw in a black swan or to to complicate matters at inopportune times and their master plan can run afoul even for them.

        We’re living in an age of a blurring between reality and fantasy.

        • Genius says:

          Ya but another bad thing is I have a union pension that is invested in the markets. In 08 it was cut 40% and I have no say about it. I’m sure these fookheads will do it again but being a genius (kidding) I stockpile metals and have paid for everything and no debt. I can do sidework of various kinds and be fine (as long as my back holds out). The only worry I have is medical insurance. I get a discount on union insurance which will be about 700 a month. And I can work a limited amount per month if I want (reducing ins. cost more). Meh, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, Iv’e always been up for some adventure lol. 😀

          • Kevin2 says:


            You’re doing all you can do. The stock market, once a pillar of stability has certainly become a casino post Glass Steagall. Stock buy backs using debt falsely prop up value. None of this occurs in a vacuum; many who think they’re not effected are. What trade are you in?

            • Genius says:

              I’d rather not say as it would pin down my location. What I do is only in a few cities out west. It is something far out of the normal job type. I don’t live in that city but 180 miles away and just go down there when theres a lot of work. The rest of the time I just make wheesky and blow shit up lol 😛

        • odd ball says:

          “We’re living in an age of a blurring between reality and fantasy.”

          Was there ever a time when this was not the case?

      • repr sleepr says:

        BTW what is your gallon size? Mine is a stainless 15 gallon keg modified.

        • Genius says:

          A small 5 gal. and a bigger 20 gal. both SS made from large pots. How do you clean out a keg?

          • Anonymous says:

            You can use a vinegar solution but then you’d need to make up a small batch and run it through to make sure the vinegar didn’t linger. Most times you can use just hot water and soap after each run and is fine or you can get the cleaner that the beer companies use. If I haven’t used the keg in a while I’ll take some STAR-San and clean it with a long handle brush and rinse thoroughly, the dry the inside with a clean white towel. PBS is also another cleaner I use and it is also used by the beer companies.

  3. as a side note: TB is surfacing in Arizona. It magically appeared. But not a word from the main stream media on where it might have come from. Couldn’t possibly be from the unvaccinated filthy illegal aliens (undocumented migrants they call them) swarming across the border.? No, that would be racist to even imply it. The invasion is getting worse by the day. If we don’t get our troops home and militarize that border asap, we are going to lose this country….and become strangers in our own land.!!!!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      We all know it is from the filthy, disease-ridden vile ILLEGAL INVADERS coming in this sinking ship of a nation every single god damned day, just SMH, I don’t get it Jesus H and Mary….This place truly deserves to Sink!

  4. Anonymous says:

    No other specie, of which I am aware, pays for the right to exist, in and of itself.

  5. Yeah, the planned tragedy. They’re never trapped. The criminal central bank engineered the trap. The sheeple are trapped. Wake up….sheeple.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Stop paying all the credit card bills people – if the masses say fuck you, what can they do – Nothing and we can sink this shit and just get it the hell over with. I stopped paying mine years ago and I do not feel bad about it for a damn second. I pay for shit in cash any damn way, so fuck it and fuck them twice!

      • CC, try moving to an apartment without a credit score. Or no recent credit history. Building managers are the gate keepers for the bankers. I had to get a credit card and put minimum charges on it then pay it off every month just to get a credit history or no apartment.

  6. Banker motto:

    “You can fool some of the people some of the time…and that’s enough to make a decent living.” WC Fields

    • Genius says:

      Ha ha ha, that’s TRUE!

      • Genius says:

        “Symphony Of Destruction”

        You take a mortal man
        And put him in control
        Watch him become a god
        Watch people’s heads a-roll

        Just like the Pied Piper
        Led rats through the streets
        We dance like marionettes
        Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction

        Acting like a robot
        Its metal brain corrodes
        You try to take its pulse
        Before the head explodes

        Just like the Pied Piper
        Led rats through the streets
        We dance like marionettes
        Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction

        [Solo – Friedman:]

        The earth starts to rumble
        World powers fall
        A-warring for the heavens
        A peaceful man stands tall

        Just like the Pied Piper
        Led rats through the streets
        We dance like marionettes
        Swaying to the Symphony of Destruction

        Dave Mustain megadeth

  7. Heartless says:

    The last sentence of the article referring to ‘ghastly consequences’ had me thinking instinctively “to who(m)?”. It’s a relative thing. To everyday working slobs, people who just actually enjoy working to feel a sense of value in their lives, can be more or less satisfied with their small dreams (a nice fishing boat, a vacation with the wife in an RV, seeing the kids get married to some decent person…) the ghastliness would be what is going on now to them. Those same dreams being destroyed by greedy people who desire nothing less than destroying our country just to remain ‘above’ all those same …. slobs. Ghastliness in this future being painted … well now, sure would be a turn wouldn’t it if it was reversed? Not so damned ghastly to my reckoning in that case.

    • Genius says:

      H, it would be ghastly to those who are in debt or barely getting by. Prices and interest would shoot way up while wages remained stagnant (if you still had a job). It would destroy many millions of peoples lives. I refer to them as “those people” because they are financially retarded and want to live like a king on a paupers salary. I saw hundreds of people in 08 lose their houses, cars, divorced, you name it. The thing is (another reason for my loathing of humanity) is they are doing the exact same thing AGAIN! Fookin fools DESERVE what’s coming! You can’t fix stupid!

      • Kevin2 says:


        What separated people today and a few decades prior with the “old timers”, depression babies, was experiencing hunger. Some today took advice from those that were born in the 20s and early 30s and lived within their means. Subsequent generations have been not just spared the experience but spared even knowing someone well that had the experience. The 2008 crash was a shock but it was of insufficient magnitude to make a cultural change.

        A wise man learns from the mistakes of others thus avoiding their own. An average man learns from his own mistakes. A fool repeats mistakes each time expecting a different result.

        • Genius says:

          K2, THUMBS UP BRO! Other than my grandparents I don’t know anyone who lived or talked about the depression. My grandparents didn’t talk about it but I always spent most of summer (when skool was out) on their farm. They always canned a ton of stuff from the garden and slaughtered sheep and beef, we went trapping and fishing, it seemed like a normal thing to do. Hunting and shooting was a treat. I had a lot of great experiences and learned a lot from them. People nowdays (esp. city folk) have no idea what it takes to live in the country. They are doomed, but I feel not for them as they have foisted their bullshit beyond belief on me! Fook them, I HOPE they all die! I’m older and sick of their shit and payback will come in spades….

          • Genius says:

            “The Last Resort”

            She came from Providence,
            the one in Rhode Island
            Where the old world shadows hang
            heavy in the air
            She packed her hopes and dreams
            like a refugee
            Just as her father came across the sea

            She heard about a place people were smilin’
            They spoke about the red man’s way,
            how they loved the land
            And they came from everywhere
            to the Great Divide
            Seeking a place to stand
            or a place to hide

            Down in the crowded bars,
            out for a good time,
            Can’t wait to tell you all,
            what it’s like up there
            And they called it paradise
            I don’t know why
            Somebody laid the mountains low
            while the town got high

            Then the chilly winds blew down
            Across the desert
            through the canyons of the coast,
            to the Malibu
            Where the pretty people play,
            hungry for power
            to light their neon way
            give them things to do

            Some rich men came and raped the land,
            Nobody caught ’em
            Put up a bunch of ugly boxes,
            and Jesus people bought ’em
            ‘nd they called it paradise
            The place to be
            They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

            You can leave it all behind and sail to Lahaina
            just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
            They even brought a neon sign: “Jesus is coming”
            Brought the white man’s burden down
            Brought the white man’s reign

            Who will provide the grand design?
            What is yours and what is mine?
            ‘Cause there is no more new frontier
            We have got to make it here

            We satisfy our endless needs and
            justify our bloody deeds,
            in the name of destiny
            and in the name of God

            And you can see them there,
            On Sunday morning
            They stand up and sing about
            what it’s like up there
            They call it paradise
            I don’t know why
            You call someplace paradise,
            kiss it goodbye

            • Genius says:

              SORRY I GOTTA POST 1 MORE LOL….

              “Song For The Life”

              I don’t drink as much as I used to, lately it just ain’t my style.
              And the hard times don’t hurt like they ought to,
              They pass quickly like when I was a child.
              Somehow I’ve learned how to listen for a sound like the sun going down.
              In the magic the morning is bringing, there’s a song for the life I have found.
              It keeps my feet on the ground.

              Don’t the midsummer days sit so heavy.
              But don’t they flow like a breeze through your mind.
              And nothing occurs in a hurry to make up for someone’s lost time.
              Somehow I’ve learned how to listen for a sound like the sun going down.
              In the magic the morning is bringing, there’s a song for the friend I have found.
              She keeps my feet on the ground.

              Somehow I’ve learned how to listen for a sound like the breeze dying down.
              In the magic the morning is bringing, there’s a song for the life I have found.
              It keeps my feet on the ground. Ooh, yes, it keeps my feet on the ground.

              • Justice says:

                Hey Genius, (my God I just flashed back to growing up and working in the yard with my father) I left I couple comments back in the article where we discussed comms.

                I took your advise and purchased 2 more Baofeng UV-5R radios. Thanks for the heads-up about the 8 watt version. I probably would have gotten the more powerful version if you hadn’t mentioned it.

                • Genius says:

                  Justice, the main issue with the 8 watt is they have a very small frequency range. They advertise a wide range but that is BS. You have to have it programmed with software and I tried it both online and with a cd and could NOT get it to work. Same thing happened to a friend of mine, No one I know has been able to make it work. You can’t even get GMRS frequency on it or MURS just ham band (which you definately don’t want to be using if your not licensed). 8 watts won’t make that much difference anyway, I have talked 20 miles line of site with a regular UV-5R. And you can get a simplex repeater that works with them cheap on ebay too for longer range or over mountains. Keep up the good work!

          • Kevin2 says:

            It’s not necessarily the live off the land training but the live within your means and save for emergencies. If it works keep using it. My father is getting close to 100 and has a box TV, it works so he is happy.

        • Montana Guy says:

          Ol’ Remus has some awesome pre-World War II canning/pantry pictures on Woodpile Report #573.

          • Thanks for the pics. They remind me of our cellar as a kid. My mother still has that very same pressure canner, but no longer uses it. She’s 90 years old.

            Actually, pics of our cellar today would look much the same except we have more wire shelves than wooden and don’t use quart and a half jars.

  8. Plan twice, prep once says:

    A recession is normally defined as two consecutive quarters of significantly rising unemployment.

    The latest numbers show unemployment is at its lowest since 1969.

    The economies of the world are in sad shape, right now the US economy is the cleanest shirt in the dirty cloths hamper.

    In a downturn the world will want to hide cash in the cleanest shirt in the hamper. As long as Trump policies are working, the US will remain the safest place to be.

    The issue I see is globalist bankers who are willing to crash the US economy just to stop Trump. This is the biggest threat, though Trump has been successfully hunting these creeps because they are all into sick crimes like pediphilia and human trafficking.

    It’s going to get really interesting.

    Will we see economic corrections, absolutely. Economic Armageddon, I’m not so sure.

    • Justice says:

      Plan twice, prep once, I think it will be “Economic Armageddon” because “they” want to usher in their NWO.

      The World Economy is REALLY just a big “Ponzie Scheme” and ALL ponzie schemes have a life cycle before they collapse. These schemes don’t slowly go down. No, they violently collapse. The bottom drops out of it.

      Also, they have not allowed to economic cycle to make periodic corrects for 50 years. Consequently, when a downturn finally occurs, and they cannot or will not be able to kick down the road, it will be massive.

      Finally, everything is now built on lies and deception but eventually truth will win out. The truth of what’s coming is going to be something terrible to behold!

  9. Name says:

    Just take away women’s rights and everything goes back to normal. Jail any woman defaulting on a student loan. By the way…if you saw 200,000 American men demonstrating in dick hats, wouldn’t you think to yourself…”there’s something seriously wrong with men in America”? Yet nobody questions 200,000 over medicated, obese, nasty and ugly women running around in pu$$y hats as a problem. They are begging us to take away their rights. Take away their right to vote and it all goes back to normal.