The Fall Of The U.S.A. Empire

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    G. Edward Griffin has broken down the issues of collectivism, the plausibility of a Chinese takeover, and the Yuan becoming the world reserve currency.  In an interview with Josh Sigurdson, he also breaks down his thoughts on the mysteries of life itself and whether there’s hope for humanity.

    Griffin, who is the author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, talks with Sigurdson about the imminent issue of China’s global takeover. For many decades, alliances and policies have lead to China’s vast growth. Today, the Chinese utilize technocracy in order to maintain and control their subjects (slaves) digitally. With a collapsing United States empire and dollar, the likelihood of communist China surpassing the U.S.S.A. in the next ten years is imminent.

    But there’s more to the story:


    The fall of the U.S. empire has arrived, and many of us will be around to bear witness to the historic fall of one of the most manipulative and violent police states that has ever existed.


    H/T [Activist Post]



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      1. “The fall of the U.S. empire has arrived, and many of us will be around to bear witness to the historic fall of one of the most manipulative and violent police states that has ever existed.”

        Wow Mac, you’ve fallen to a new record low! You consider the US a “violent police state”???? You should visit NK, should be a nice holiday for you!!

      2. China is a great power, and will continue to be, but it will not be THE dominant power. The communist party initiated a one-child per family rule back in the 1960s, this caused a more severe problem of an aging society than here in the US (lower number of children per number of adults). Fewer adults cause fewer marriages and fewer marriages produce fewer children (Chinese culture absolutely does not allow out-of-wedlock children).
        Even though China has reversed the one-child per family policy it’s not making much difference, China is catching the Western phenomenon of delaying marriages and smaller families. Their birth rates are still falling, their population is predicted to peak around 2035 to 2040, then start falling dramatically. They will grow old before they would be able to globally dominate.
        The 21st century will not be dominated by the US as a uni-polar power as in the recent past either, the globe will be a multi-polar world. There are reasons the US will not be dominant as it once was. First we have horrendous debt, altogether un-payable, it will be defaulted on. Secondly, and this is a good thing, the millennials and Gen Z generations are far more inclined to not be involved in global matters, and they don’t want to be the world’s cop. The Chinese economy may surpass the Amer.s, but they won’t care much.

      3. The Republic is long gone. The Constitution survived for 72 years (1861 Your date may vary). It is vital to accept it and move forward.

        I’m with Brandon Smith regarding, ‘What is the difference between China and the U.S.?’ Ten years. China is the model for the global elites’ NWO. What you see is what is coming to the U.S.

        ALL of the U.S. is occupied territory, yes even Montana. Voting is a joke. The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.

        • ” China is the model for the global elites’ NWO.”

          That is a fact. They will incorporate (pun intended) as many elements of their state control as possible. The “grease” for acceptance would be a massive economic crash as’ “an empty mouth is not a good political barometer”. In the end however the US is and will remain the structural inverses of China which has communism at the top using capitalism to achieve its goals. Conversely the US is Capitalist / Fascist at the top using elements of socialism in the welfare state to facilitate dependency and hence control.

          Regardless it matters little because all roads are leading towards war.

      4. Muslims attacked America on 9/11. Since, they have been attacking the U S while moving their crappy families into Western countries. The reason for the US going into decline is right there. Don’t fight to preserve your civilisation?, be destined to have it taken over by your enemies.

        China is packed with hot, smart women. I would rather spend my days surrounded by them than obese ugly women.

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