The Establishment Wants You To Start Panicking: Omicron Is More Transmissible Than Delta

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments


The ruling class elitists are not stopping with their plans to strike fear into the hearts of everyone who will listen. They want people to panic because omicron is allegedly more transmissible than the Delta variant.

Japanese researchers say omicron is 4.2 times more transmissible than the delta scariant, and that vaccines don’t work as well. So the solution is to get more vaccines in people. “The omicron variant transmits more, and escapes immunity built naturally and through vaccines more,” Hiroshi Nishiura, a professor of health and environmental sciences at Kyoto University, said during the meeting, according to a report by RT

And big pharma is already trying to create vaccines to combat the mild and likely nonexistent omicron variant. They want us lined up for neverending shots to stop something that would result in a few sniffles at best. This is not about our health. It’s about an agenda, and no one should be surprised that the news is once again trying to scare people into getting shots.

The number of cases in South Africa has been relatively low in recent months, but it jumped to almost 20,000 cases a day after the Omicron variant emerged. However, observations by the WHO have suggested that the mutated strain didn’t make the disease harsher, with the majority of its receded cases being mild or moderate. –RT

Japanese officials are now “preparing for an omicron outbreak.” This is laughable. By all initial reports, this thing is so much more mild and insignificant than a cold. Are we so afraid of getting colds now that we are going to suspend critical thinking and allow our masters to decide what and how much they get to inject into us?

Haven’t the rulers told us for years that viruses evolve to become more transmissible, but less deadly? Isn’t this a good thing that most won’t know they even have omicron so we can build up a natural immunity to it? It seems like the lies get more obvious by the day and more and more people are opening their eyes to the truth.

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    1. cooties

      The evil psychos never
      stop with the fear porn.
      Oh no, a more transmissible
      version of the flu!!!???
      The horror!!!The horror!!!!!!

    2. couldn't resist

      Can’t believe that Japanese
      officials are preparing
      for an omicron outbreak –
      that is simply moronic.??

    3. Anonymous

      Any numbers of how many cases of the Omicron vs how many hospitalizations from it?

      Something seems to be putting more and more people in the hospital, but what is it and why is it that serious?

    4. The Truth

      Well let’s expose the truth now. Ready to wake up and free yourself from the delusions the matrix hypnotized you to believe? The U.S. DC Government is a Corporation and was formed a while back so there really is no more government of the people in assembly!!!! Look it up. Now why would a Corporation that cannot essentially go bankrupt with the FIAT Currency they just keep printing wnat a Debt ceiling raised and more spending? And why would the U.S. Corporation have ownership in the Clot shots they call vaccines which they are not!!! That US Corporation is fighting over ownership with Moderna now and the others. SO you see why the Corporate WHORES are wanting you to take their products so they can steal from the BS Bills they are calling infrastructure which has VERY LITTLE to do with infrastructure. The Political Corporate Prostitutes all are getting kickbacks and their stocks are going up and they are making millions to billions of dollars off all this and need you to help them promote that. Does all this make you feel warmer and cozier now knowing your delusions by the death cults are shattered?

    5. Beowulf

      People, We are all going to die. We don’t have to die afraid. To hell with the Powers that Be and their gaslighting.

    6. Spider25

      OMICRON transform, take out parasitic elite plaque now, yes Optimus. First stop, lame stream media satellites! Done, next, round up criminal big pharma for Nurremberg 2.0 Trials! One can dream right! Stay away from the 38 page side effects JabJuice of Death! No job is worth your life!

    7. David

      Get your Vaccine or you;re gonna die!!
      it’s called life stupid liberals. No one gets out alive!

    8. Frank Thoughts

      What they don’t tell you:

      1) Vitamin D is key to having a robust immune system which is what you need to give your body a fighting chance against any virus.

      2) Covid in all its variants is only lethal to a very small percentage of the population, primarily late-stage cancer patients, diabetics, those other serious diseases, the very old, or having a combination of all the above.

      3) Hospitals ‘can’t cope’ because they are simultaneously implementing a policy of reducing ICU and critical care beds because ideology and market forces. There is a wider agenda which is driven by big pharma that wants you sick and taking as many pills as possible, your DNA tracked 24/7 and you becoming a revenue-generating ‘sick node’ for the medical-industrial complex. They don’t want you healthy and not needing their crap.

      4) Exercise, not being obese, eating lots of fruits and veggies are all the things you can do to be healthy.

      5) If you get Covid gargle with Listerine or one of the other medicated mouth washes and it will kill the virus.

      And finally, I still see lots and lots of obese, m-f-ers out there wobbling around. I have lost patience with these lazy, useless f-ers. If after TWO YEARS of the pandemic and these lazy, worthless oxygen thieving fat f#cks can’t bother to eat less and exercise, I don’t see why I or any other person should continue to have the economy destroyed and our living standards and freedom crushed to save their lives.

    9. Marcy

      Not going to happen. Not going to live in fear. Just because the establishment lives in fear doesn’t mean I will.

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