“The Entire White Race Is Violent”: BBC Proudly Airs Transgenders Attack On All White People

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Headline News | 117 comments

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    In yet another obvious example of a mainstream news outlet pushing racial divide throughout the world, the BBC recently gave a platform to openly anti-white transgender model Munroe Bergdorf who asserted that the entire white race is violent during a disgusting tirade against white people as a whole.

    Amazingly, Bergdorf initially gained notoriety after another anti-white rant that forced the company L’Oreal to end its working relationship with her. Despite this fact, Bergdorf, and the BBC by extension, decided to once again stoke the racial divide in an interview that has many people furious at the national broadcaster for airing it in the first place.

    Appearing on BBC This Week, Bergdorf doubled down on her attacks, claiming that the United Kingdom was a “deeply racist society” that had “built its success on the enslavement of non-white people.”

    Bergdorf then went on to claim that white people do not learn racism, rather they are born with it automatically.

    “If white people want to see an improvement for people of color, they need to understand that racism is not learned, it is inherited and either consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege,” she claims in what amounts to declaring that in order to fight racism, all white people must first declare themselves racist regardless of their actual reality and life experiences.

    She then gets to the crux of her argument which is seemingly that white people as a whole are the devil that must be stopped.

    “The uncomfortable truth is that the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth,” she continued before concluding with her worry that it is “too late” to do anything about it.

    Comments such as those by Bergdorf are not only openly racist, they can also actually help real racists by providing source material for white supremacist organizations to claim that the left is pushing “white genocide.”

    One has to wonder, why would the BBC allow this to be aired when the only thing it could possibly do is further stoke racial animosity amid an already tense situation?

    Divide and conquer anyone?


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      1. Never mind that most violent crime and the highest percentage of violent crime per demographic is anyone other than whites and that is the world over.
        Stupid queer leftist trash

        • Nail,
          Well said!
          Keep in mind that is on the BBC and they
          are actively seeking to destroy British culture,
          much like our MSM is seeking to destroy
          American culture.

          • We,(white patriots) are fixing to get extremely violent.

            • Half measures amount to nothing, if im going off im going to make it fucking count

              • very much so…

                • Nail, well expressed. Somebody once said, “when SHTF, the hardest part is going to be hiding my excitement”.

                  The only time it’s too late is when you give up!

            • Menzo, damn right. Let the ‘brown plague’ bring it on. The streets will be flowing with blood…..THEIR blood.

          • Rellik, if I was self-employed I wouldn’t hire that freak for anything. Let IT complain. I don’t care. I don’t have anything to do with freaks.

          • (((BBC)))


            must stop pulling punches about (((chews)))

        • The storage tanks for gasoline at the gas stations are underground.

          After the hurricane went through they all got flooded out and there was no availability of gasoline.

          All the cars ran dry and sat on the streets. You couldn’t go anywhere regardless of whether you had gas cause the roads were blocked.

          If you had gas cans where would you put them? Put them outside they will be stolen. Put them inside the fumes will build up in the tropical heat.

          How will you bug out without a vehicle? What if your vehicle runs out of gas or you reach an impasse halfway to the BOL? Is your BOL close enough to hike to? Is there cover and concealment in your BOL route?

          What if floodwater gets in your oil gallery? What if the floods swamp your vehicle, fuel runs out of your vehicle and the battery sparks and you got a fire?

          How can you store fuel safely at your house?

          If you have enough fuel to cook with for months on end then are you storing it safely?

          Do you have a fire blanket and extinguisher in date?

        • “Genocide has eight stages or operational processes. The eight stages of genocide are classification, symbolization, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination, and denial.”

          White Genocide is coming. The people behind it never hid their plans. These plans were laid out long ago, but it was a seemingly fringe background issue talked about by hard leftists, so White people were able to ignore it. And most will still ignore it, then the day will come when the slaughter begins, they still won’t get it.

          The coming genocide has been a century in the making. Our people have 2 choices, neither of them are good. Time is short.

          • The whites (western democracies) will simply be the first to go, everybody else will follow a few years later.
            The so called patriots have NO CLUE what’s coming!
            Ignorance won’t be blessed this time.

            • Bobane, uh, have you been living under a rock or something? The patriots here do know what’s coming and are still prepping for it. Not a single one of us are ignorant. Wrong site if you’re looking for that.

              • You tell us about black-on-black crime statistics, yet abuse eachother, under the color of authority — every man against his brother, without exception.

                You are most certainly not prepared for anything, in the sense of a unified bloc.

          • That is what gun control is all about

          • So who are these people? Why not name them? ((()))

            “. . .The people behind it never hid their plans. . .”

            They sure as hell didn’t advertise those plans.

            Why not mention the Kalergi plan?

            • I have been mentioning the Kalergi plan, and the real goals of Cloward-Piven, for a long time, and have taken a lot of flak for it. No one, White people especially, want to hear about White Genocide, it makes them uncomfortable…

              Here is the bottom line:
              The America you knew, is long gone, and not coming back. Western Civilization has long ago peaked and died. What you see now, are the maggots feasting on the carcass.

              We have no homelands left to call our own, and the people who control what were once our nations, have every intention of replacing our people. All of our moralities, philosophies, hopes and dreams will die with our people.

              Every institution our people have created, is now in some way being used against us. It is an error to think this mess just recently began, as over a century ago, the hard left began talking about destroying the White race.

              If you are White, there is only one question that matters:
              Do you want the White race to survive, or not? Yes, or no?
              There is no gray area, no waffling, no indecision.

              If, your answer is “No”, then do nothing, as White Genocide in all forms goes on around you.

              If, your answer is “Yes”, then you must make hard choices, and be ready to do hard things.

              The scraps of Western Civilization will only go to the living.

              That will make a lot of White people’s heads explode…

          • I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that has seen this coming.

        • Nothing would reduce global population quicker than civil war between white and people of color. Just saying there must be a reason, an AGENDA, behind this divisive propaganda.

          What is it ??? 🙁

          • The civil war should be everybody vs. (((fake money aristocracy)))

            That is, everybody versus jews

        • Already read this on another site. I guess you all can imagine what my comment was there.

        • “The Entire White Race Is Violent”: BBC Proudly Airs Transgenders Attack On All White People, Then SHTFPlan Proudly continues to give this uninformed Black Moron a continued platform.

          Alex Thomas
          October 13th, 2017

          FACT: 75% of the Crime in the US is caused by the Black Race which only constitutes 17% of the entire US Population. Source: Dept of Justice & FBI Statistics.

          SHTFPlan seems to be turning into a Tabloid News Source. Catchy Headlines, Hollywood scandals, etc. ALL BS and nobody cares. When a Moron Lefty makes some bizarre statement, it is best to just ignore it and let the comment die on the vine. SHTFPlan likes to further promote the Insanity and thinks this is newsworthy. Wrong Again.

      2. Well, if you think about it a bit…they’re right. Northern Europeans (whitey) have excelled (historically) at weapons development and warfare in general. In contrast, black folks lived in one story mud huts and lacked all but basic metalworking ability. Native Americans were also straight out of the Stone Age (hunter-gatherers). Middle Asians invented curry spice and belly dancing, and that’s about it. Chinese people topped out when they invented food poisoning.

        Northern Europeans will continue to rule the roost until the others gang up and commence warfare on us. Not that I hate on anyone else or discriminate in my daily activities, I don’t. I just recognize the truth.

      3. I then wonder what this POS thinks of all the WHITE transgenders?

        • outliers, and not germane to the grand scheme of things

      4. Divide and conquer? Or separate the wheat from the Tares and burn the Tares?

      5. Well those porch monkeys can think whatever they want. The hard fact is if every person who isn’t white dissappeared from the planet tonite. Tomorrow the White race wouls have a lot fewer problems than ever. If the opposite happened those remaining would have more problems than ever. When are folks gonna realize there is a race war already. War on the white race.

        • Blacks are a modern Plague. They must be eradicated to save civil society. They are an out of control cancer. Pour napalm on all of them, the end.

        • Old Guy, they don’t have the numbers to successfully challenge us. While a lot of people on both sides would die, the blacks only make up 13% of our population. They need to be careful what they wish for.

        • Noon tommorrow EDT.

      6. Yep, I’m sure going to listen to some dude that thinks he’s a broad. Some black that is a bleach-blonde. Some racist fag that pushes racial division and can’t figure out how to properly use the genitalia he was born with. Finally a person who comes from a genetic heritage that has contributed the least to human progress…… yep, I’m listening to you. But darlin’ twink boy, you’ve got a point. Push the white over the edge and sooner or later you’re going to find out what violence is like. You’ll see ….. that race you disparage knows more about how to take care of little bitches like you than you can dream up in your worst nightmares.

      7. The BBC certainly kept quiet on that prolific predator Jimmy Savile. And Jimmy Savile had quite a prolific social circle. Easy one to figure out.

      8. whoa! “black” must be the new “white”, all those Baltimore protestors of Michael Brown sure had me fooled those crafty white devils disguising themselves as innocent peace loving black folk.

      9. Ohhh….Pleeeezzzzzz.
        All black people are this…and all white people are that…..STOP already!
        Nobody owes you a living…… nobody owes anybody anything.
        You want something….EARN IT!
        I am white and I will never have everything Oprah Winfrey has…
        Baaaawahaha….baaahoooohoooo! ?
        Get over it sweetheart, nobody ever promised life would be “fair.”
        You want a successful life….get a job!
        You want crackers to go with your whine?

        • don’t put new whine in old bottles

      10. Name one country that is run by blacks in the past or present that is successful? I will wait.

        • Wojo,
          I think I know what you mean, but what do you think
          successful means?
          I would define it as a country or empire that has made
          contributions to the world that are still in wide use
          by todays world.

          Your definition?

        • None, he’ll name a city or state.

        • None,,, they all degress into chaos and murder, look at the cesspool called Africa,, not a lot of success stories out of there,

        • Dont get me wrong, there are plenty of good decent sucessful black folks all over our country and Europe but in sub saharan africa its a freakin cesspool.
          The US inner cities are also a problem, and im sure many of the more educated and reasonable black folks will agree,,, ive nothing against other races, but the truth is brutal sometimes

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. I’m in a city that’s almost 70% black and with a liberal city govt. so I speak from experience.

          • Let that damn freak come to Memphis and IT will find out who’s really the most racist and the most violent, who is responsible for most of the crime, etc. Those DOJ and FBI statistics speak volumes.

        • Wojo, there’s never been any successful black-run country and never will be. Excellent point.

        • The first and only successful black civilization is Ethiopia. It is the first black nation and the only land in Africa never to be colonized. However it is only modern because whites have shared technology freely with them throughout their history.

      11. That stanky tranny believes Zimbabwe is a success story

        • there were lots of billionaires. . .

      12. There has been far more violence perpetrated in this world in in its history by non whites than there has been by whites.

        Not a single race has ever been non violent, or even only moderately violent for that matter, most surviving and emerging by killing each other as well as anyone of a different race.

      13. HANg that disgusting he-she mental-midget. God those critters disgust me beyond belief. Bad enough its a nigger to begin with but its a seriously messed up deviant that wants its cock cut off and earn itself a pair of fake titties, just execute this animal on site to save humanity.

      14. The only thing I want to know from the BBC is how they knew WTC 7 was going to collapse before it did.

        • that’s why they paid jane standley $5 billion/year

      15. “One has to wonder, why would the BBC allow this to be aired…”

        One doesn’t have to wonder why an organization run by pedophiles would air garbage like this.
        If anything, it serves to take the spotlight off of themselves for a few minutes.

        • It says 0 to 2 hours. Not 15.

      16. I don’t take her words seriously in that she might know what she’s talking about, she doesn’t, she only believes what she says is true or important or necessary because she thinks herself intelligent or clever. Obviously she is not; in reality, she is only trying to stir the pot. Nothing she says is constructive.
        It’s true whites have done many horrible things in history, and they should not be excused. However, for perspective, whites were a tiny insignificant minority on the planet until about 1450 AD, up to that time all other races and cultures and religions existing throughout the world were busy trying to exterminate each other, enslaving others, and wiping out other cultures, all without most even knowing white people existed. And continue to do so in many areas with no whites involved.
        I actually heard a person say that blacks in America were the only people ever enslaved. I told her that in the entire history of the world if there was no slavery in a society or culture that was the exception. She did not believe it. I told her European culture and values developed democratic society, ended slavery, and have devoted more resources to world peace and solving problems of humanity than all other cultures and societies combined. She just told me I was a racist for saying that; with that kind of ignorance I realized there is no point trying to reason with her. (Besides, she was shrill, frantic, hysterical. She would not let others talk because we were hopeless racists and bigots.)
        Only unlearned and uneducated people, or people prone to making provocative statements use silly phrases like “white privilege”. Ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%) of all white Americans are descendants of European peasant stock. We were owed by the nobility classes for centuries; we built their castles and manors, raised their crops and livestock, fought their wars, and lived in subservience for almost a thousand years, with absolutely no recourse. I never read about them demanding reparations, they came to the New World and went to work to improve their lot.
        I learned that most of the time when one is attacked it is because they are an exception, the absurd belief is if we all lived in poverty and ignorance and backwardness the world would be a better and more just world.
        Let’s be honest, what would the world be like in say only 50 years with no whites.

      17. More white than black!
        More male then female!

        Don’t do drugs kids because your brain turns to porridge and you don’t know what you are and confusion reigns!

      18. As a man, if you were having sex with a woman (ladyboy) and you were about ready to blow your load and she whispers in your ear that she used to be a man; would you ejaculate into her?

      19. They think we are violent now? haven’t seen anything yet. Make America White Again.

        • MAHA- Make America Human Again

      20. Thanks BBC for making fake news international….look who’s calling the kettle black! That is one bitter,hating person.

      21. She’s awfully light-colored to be saying things like that.

        • Archivist, if someone researches her family tree they’ll most likely find a white male or white female in the woodpile.

      22. The far left which is the social/political driving force of the democratic party is doubling down on their strategy of focusing on fringe elements and minorities at the expense of bettering the middle class. They are therefore demographically mathematically doomed and will lose future elections. The cry and actions of these elements in their increasing frequency of resorting to violence is indicative of their desperation with their numerical loss. Claiming oppression does not make it so nor does its repetition give the claim increased validity. Likewise the white people are more violent assertion is hollow in the face of not just open eyes but statistical evidence from the Justice Department. The underlying flaw of progressives is that they see what they believe as opposed to believing what they see. This “illogical logic” makes debate and reason impossible with them.

        • Kevin2, agreed. What the libturds never admit to is that their ultimate goal is to keep the minorities dependent on them for everything they need. They indoctrinate them with all of this propaganda about white people in order to keep everyone divided. They couldn’t handle it if the blacks all of a sudden woke up and learned the truth of their situation and decided stop hating and unite with white people. Correction: NEITHER PARTY WOULD BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND SUCH AN ONSLAUGHT. Can it ever happen? With the level of indoctrination and hatred I see towards white people I have to say no. We’re headed towards civil war 2 and nothing short of a miracle can stop it.

        • The underlying flaw of progressives is that they see what they believe as opposed to believing what they see. a keeper

          a book, from 1776


          by immanuel kant

          asserted that what you see with eyes is not reality-there is a “higher” world- the noumenal- which is TRUE REALITY

          literally claiming that non-sense [non-sensory] is the basis of real knowledge


          this “noumenal” world rationalized the statism of the last century- socialism, fascism, communism, progressivism, dictatorship, slaughter, and so on. paper money is noumenal
          idealism put into practice

          gold represents old-fashioned common sense, paper represents modern non-sense

          the philosophy is called German Idealism. It also is the basis of the Frankfurt School- I almost fell out of my chair when I found out a couple of years ago

      23. The proper subject to study regarding all this transgender rubbish is “estrogen mimicking environmental toxins.” < Stick it in google and allow your mind to be blown…

        Those that think own us seek to place us at each other's throats to prevent our uniting around theirs.

        “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy

      24. I would challenge “it” to spend one year in any country in Africa and then let us know who are the most violent.

        Or south America, or the middle east or central America. any place that no matter how much money white countries give them; they are still a mess.

        I see a whole lot of non-white people living in majority white countries telling you how bad and oppressive they are.
        I have yet to see one leave and go somewhere that whites had not been in charge for a couple of centuries.

        • It would be murdered by the muzzloid alfrikans,,,

        • Lena, agreed. If “IT” thinks the UK is so bad for “IT”, then “IT” needs to go find a country that works for “IT”.

        • True: if African countries were so great, then blacks would not be fleeing them in such large numbers and black Americans would be jumping on planes to get to Africa. The only people who want to go to Africa are the Chinese and that is to take control of its resources.

          As for whites, the ignorant, lower class whites are violent but most other whites are passive and obey the law. Even blacks admit they cross the street when they see a group of black youths.

      25. The left is pushing White Genocide.

        Are you opposed to it?? Then what does it have to do with ‘racists’???

        Whites flee, they follow with the state’s help, and then they complain we’ve oppressed them.
        Their societies are undesirable because they live there.
        If enough of them come, our societies will be indistinguishable from theirs. Even if they were given an
        advantage, the outcome will be the same.

        This talk about “oppressed minorities” ignores the real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and denies us our
        right to survive in a world of our own

      26. I’m not violent and have never shown any indication of violence toward anyone from any race. That’s just me. So shut up you racist itch. White people are civil you stupid itch. Blame some other figment of your imagination for your imagined unworthiness. Your reparations have been paid in full, you uppity moron.

      27. The heshe/shehe represents sodom and gomorrah well. Libtards are sodom and gomorrah. Still think gay is ok? Is it! Gay day at disneyland! Gays teaching your children in grade school thru high school! Trannies reading LGBTQ nursery rhimes at the public library! LGBTQs in every movie and TV show that’s coming out! Etc. etc.

        Sodom and gomorrah wasn’t just about LGBTQ. They were evil! They wen’t content with themselves, they had to have everyone else as well! This is what we see with libtards today! If you aren’t 100% libtard too, then they hate you with an intensity we have not seen. They stand with all that is evil and immoral. They now stand together (libtard radical blacks, libtard radical whites, LGBTQ, satanists, muslim terrorists, etc). The church of satan says more than 50% of its members nation wide are LGBTQ! Still think it is ok! Still think the libtard left is ok! It is getting darker and darker, and he will get his 7 years!

        • Dave, agreed. Hollyweird is simply just today’s Sodom and Gommarah. It’s time of destruction is coming.

      28. Munroe, that’s a gasser name for a fake woman. What is it with you people and the strange names and spellings you come up with? Learn to use English properly, you know like you no longer live in Ubangi.

      29. I like being racist.

      30. Hi;
        I don’t mean disrespect, but who so many articles and only a few posters, always the same. Mr. Mac, you need to take a look. Good luck cause I have followed for a long time. Hope you dont go away.

      31. Imagine when whites are the minority. Think we will be well treated? We see it starting now.

      32. Anon, no disrespect taken. You bring up a very important question that I’ve been wondering about myself. Most of the articles are good but we don’t get near as many comments as we used to. I don’t think it’s Mac.

        • Maybe something about a comment taking hours to days to never to appear, which kills anyone wanting to follow a discussion from posting since there is no running discussion.

      33. Who actually cares what this piece of human scum thinks? And doesn’t everyone know that the BBC is the tabloid rag of the day by the Zionist Rothschild family of inbreds that own the
        UK and specialize in divide and conquer? Been doing this for years and few even realize it. This racist would never have a forum in a reputable real news organization of which the UK and US have virtually none.

      34. Truth is, as Solzhenitsyn wrote, the line between good an evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts.

        Bergdorf is mentally ill, evil or just plain ignorant.

      35. Truth is, by FAR, FAR FAR, the biggest H8TERS are the gay-uber alles gay Nazis. As even Bill Maher said, there IS a gay mafia, and if you cross them you get whacked.

      36. *facepalm*

        The only people more ignorant than this MAN are those who believe his drivel.


      37. Then again they need that violence to fight their Mideast wars.

      38. Besides the good laugh, as a white person reading this article, I found myself thinking: “Sometimes, there just ain’t enough bullets.”

      39. 2 Edras 6:9 For Esau is the end of the world. The so called “white people” are edomites, and yes according to the bible they are naturally a violent people.and enemies to The Most High god. Romans 9:13 Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated. Genesis 27:40 foretold that esau would live by the sword, he would conquor his land by violence and war.

      40. They are edomiye 2 edrad 6:9 King James even said white people were edomites

      41. They are edomites 2 edras 6:9 King james even said white people are edomites.

      42. This is “poor me” promoting disinformation. Take it from a person who was raised in a military family in which all sports teams were multi-ethnic. All of us were on the same team. Teams were based on locals – military bases, high schools and so on.

        This “snivel” article promotes weak minded people. It’s time to promote that getting smart, getting tough and detaching oneself from _______________ is OK.


      43. Additionally, did this interview site have an LBGTQ latrine? How many LBGTQ latrines are in the southern hemisphere of the world?


      44. Don’t you just love it when people from the “armpits” of the world come here illegally,
        then try to turn this country into the foul swamp from which they came?
        When they protest our laws, rights, culture and benefits….. why does nobody ever
        say to them……”You go back to your own crime ridden, out of control country and fight
        with that government (your own homeland) if you want a better place to live?”

        Most all crime in this country is from illegal squatters. IF you have NO LEGAL
        documentation, you get NO ADMITANCE, NO RIGHTS, NO EXCEPTIONS ..period!!!
        Get on the BUS!

      45. The problem with blacks is their math… (This goes for all colors of uneducated)…
        …but many ‘people’ living off of welfare often have more babies to get MORE
        In Africa, they have no income, no resources, and little food. One would think they
        would hate burying their babies after they starved to death, but no…. they always
        have six or seven more. They just don’t get it! The poor need to budget for six kids
        but they can’t do the math. Look around…who has the most kids?

      46. Doubtless, she would love to see all white people dead and non-white people in power. Non-whites would not tolerate her because she has too much white in her and she is so different. She wants to be accepted as a person and a woman. She probably doesn’t see herself as a racist. There is no place for her in the world she wants.

      47. Which of these is not like the others —
        Anti white. Bergdorf. blond, British Broadcasting Corporation.

        • Ooh, good point — that didn’t occur to me! If HE hates white people so much, why the blonde hair?

          • Bergdorf is apparently named after a white place in Germany, and the BBC was named after a white race of people.

            She is partially-white, making herself look more white, using white resources, to speak against white people.

      48. How can they say that with a straight face after reviewing the black on black crime statistics?


      49. The truth be known.

        • Where have all you aggressive white people been, for the last 50yrs?

          • The few that remain live at Harrison Boone County Arkansas.

      50. Actually the white race went soft when you think about it.
        100 years ago we used to burn their neighborhoods down if they pissed us off.
        We’ve come a long way, us white folks have.

        Old Klan joke.
        Q. How do you get a n—-r out of a tree?
        A. Cut the rope.

      51. Naw Sgt we are not violent. We are simply mean when necessary. I live in the heart of KKK country. Boon county is the national headquarters. And there is very little violence or trouble. Everyone knows that trouble will be repaid in spades. If Someone rented to a no good here the place would be burned down just that fast. There are unspoken rules you don’t break.

      52. Violence and war has marked all of humanity through all of the ages. It is in African history as much as European. The Europeans became the most technologically advanced for a time. This advancement increased the killing power of the weapons used. This meant more deaths. Part of the human condition.

        The world is full of mixed-up people. She just seems more mixed-up than most.

      53. BBC sucks!

      54. First off,Bergdoff is a HE,not SHE. Tranny’s have no idea of what being female is. I find the idea of men having breasts and a falsetto voice makes them female,insulting and offensive. They are MEN with a severe mental illness. Check out Dr. Hugh from John Hopkins University. He did an in depth study of ‘transexuals’ and concluded they were mentally ill.

        • Explains the chip on the shoulder mentality.

      55. Same goes for women who think their men. They are not,they are women.

      56. If the entire white race isn’t violent . It better get so quick. Or we will be exterminated. We are 8% of world population. We are out numbered 10 to 1 . And the clock is ticking? Do you actually think they will treat us like we treat them? Our bimbos will destroy civilization. So they can get more sex. Isn’t it obvious? Time to get busy?

      57. The great delusions of the end times? Isn’t it obvious? Trans gender? It’s a biological impossiblity? Soddom and Gomorrah? And the nessesities of existence?or prolonged existence. Isn’t it obvious? The Tares must burn?

      58. Do you have any idea what hair straightening or skin bleachening costs. These people are insane. Or plane third world stupid?

      59. Racism is inherited ? No shit Sherlock. Look at your kind . Anywhere your kind rule is a third world shithole. And we should like that . We are not that stupid . Go to a country your kind rules and see what happens to your ass?

      60. So he is a half white half black who dresses like a woman and probably has made a fortune modeling… Does that mean s/he/it is inherently racist too with the privilege and all?

      61. 9,000+ blacks are murdered by other blacks in the USA each year. 340,000 during the past 35 years. [crickets]. Let’s get them all back to work, end all entitlements to all persons of working age and apply a tax on all processed foods, let’s say, a 100% tax on all the garbage food, take that garbage food tax and rebate it back to all working taxpayers. I LMFAO It sickens me to have to interact with the morbidly obese knowing they don’t work and they get their free food and free life off me the working taxpayer. I see even more 62+ illegal aliens in my area, it must be great to retire in a country where you never worked in.

      62. This site gets more paranoid with each passing day. Where’s the articles about surviving when the SHTF? Instead of survival prep advice, we’re fed a steady diet of paranoid political propaganda, ad nauseum. How about getting back to what this blog is supposed to be about, instead of this white political crap?

        • “. . .white political crap?. . .”

          Where would the world be without Whites? I direct you to book Human Achievement by Charles Murray. 97% of the great stuff comes from White genius. . .

          The country USA was open to “free White persons” [see Naturalization Act of 1790]. Why did the Founders want to exclude others?

          Whites are being genocided by the Chews. The hour is late.

          Without Whites Earth would have no meaning.

      63. Just remember, as long as they are killing each other every night, black lives don’t matter and they are doing us a big favor by keeping the population in check.

      64. A lot of Transgenders decide they made a mistake and no longer want to be what they once wanted to be, they want to go back to their original sex. From female back to male that seems an unlikely fix. But then medical innovation can probably mangle up a suitable doohickey.

      65. Transgender or not – the messenger has yet another chip on her – I mean his shoulder. Lets face it she is not 100% black – facial features – straight nose etc…Bergdoff – German name.
        Why address/trash (incorrectly I might add) half your ethnicity. Do your research before you appear on major television.
        Shame on BBC – another fake news. This is your best journalism?
        Why I never watch this trash.
        All MSM is clinging to their false narrative by a thread.
        Nothing is forever!!

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