The Elites Are Jumping Ship As The Financial Collapse Draws Near

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Headline News | 120 comments

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    It’s easy to think of the political and financial elites who run our world as lofty and all powerful. They command dangerous governments that can wield devastating weapons, central banks that treat our economy like a rigged casino, media conglomerates that pacify the minds of the public, and unbelievably wealthy corporations that have concentrated wealth to an unprecedented degree.

    However, they’re certainly not invincible, and the systems of control that they’ve created are rapidly diminishing. Most notably, they seem all to aware of the fact that the global economy is headed for a crash. On the rare occasion where you can catch one of the elites in a moment of candor, they’ll tell you that the party is almost over.

    Mohamed A. El-Erian is a bona fide member of the global power elite (a former deputy director of the IMF and president of the Harvard Management Co.). Yet he writes in a fairly accessible style on the popular Bloomberg website. When El-Erian talks, we should all listen.

    In a recent article he raises serious doubts about the sustainability of the bull market in stocks because of reduced liquidity resulting from simultaneous policy tightening by the Fed, European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England.

    He says stocks rose on a sea of liquidity and they may crash when that liquidity is removed. This is a warning to other elites, but it’s also a warning to you.

    Their actions are quite telling as well. Sovereign wealth funds, which are largely funded and owned by powerful governments to invest in domestic industries, are jumping ship.

    Among sovereign wealth funds, the Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC) is one of the largest, with over $354 billion in assets. So what does the head of GIC say about markets today?

    Lim Chow Kiat, CEO of GIC, warns that “valuations are stretched, policy uncertainty is high” and investors are being too complacent.

    GIC allocates 40% of its assets to cash or highly liquid bonds and only 27% of its assets to developed economy equities.

    Meanwhile, the typical American small retail investor probably has 60% or more of her 401(k) in developed economy equities, mostly U.S.

    In other words, the investment arms of wealthy nations are pulling out of the stock market and out of companies in their own economies (developed economy equities), and putting their money into assets that can be quickly turned into cash. It’s practically an admission by the elites, that they think the economy is completely unstable.

    But this is just the latest warning sign that the elites are getting nervous. Corporate executives have been selling their stocks at an unprecedented rate for several months. Meanwhile, ordinary people are still placing their faith and their bets on a stock market that most experts agree is completely unsustainable.

    And let’s not forget that “luxury bunkers” have become immensely popular, and that the super-wealthy have also been buying remote retreats all over the world. Are they afraid of what the public is going to do to them when their phony economy crashes and leaves everyone broke? Are they positioning themselves for a crash that they know is coming?

    All of this suggests that the wealthiest and most connected among us know that chaos is in our future, and they’re getting ready for it. Ignore them at your own peril.


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    Dear Millennials: You Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Stock Market Crash

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    As Civil Unrest Brews, Wealthy Go Underground in Luxury Bunker Community: “Safest Places on Earth”

    Landing Strips, Farms, and Hideaways: Secret Escapes of the Elite: “The Rich Are Worried and They Should Be”


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      1. Can someone help me…my wife has 25k in her 403b and I’d like to do something with it before it disappears, what if anything can we do, change it into a few gold ounces, kept at home in a self directed gold ira, is that even possible?

        • When I left my first job after ten years I pulled all of mine out, paid the taxes, and purchased all silver. I’ve never regretted that move.

          • I did exactly the same thing after 33 years. Thank God I did it. I haven’t a regret at all.

          • Did the same thing. No regrets.

        • I would highly recommend that you obtain your PM’s physically. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

          • PO’d, good advice. Maybe buy a few firearms too and a vasectomy (will save you a ton of money).

            • If you buy gold DO NOT put it in an IRA! Hold it privately otherwise it is subject to seizure and taxes and every other shark that comes along. DO NOT put it in a safe deposit box either! Why have your wealth out on the table for anyone to see and steal. Be smart, pay cash for metals and hide them off your property.

              • Another thing is DO NOT buy gold in anything over 1oz. bars. If you had a 5 or 10 0z. bar it would be over the limit for reporting. The more you keep it private the better. Unless of course you WANT to be taxed and investigated…

                • Genius, it’s also much easier to keister a 1 oz. bar. Man am I regretting buying those 100 oz silver bars. LOL

                  • Justice, you know there ARE better places to hide it ha ha ha ha…

                • Genius: One oz bars way to go to keep from reporting later if sold. Hope this informs others that didn’t know this. By the way, does anyone have a timeline for this so called collapse? Our 401k is in gov. securities (not stocks) and we are drawing down on it for five years now. Would draw savings out of credit unions if I had a timeline. No one seems to be able to answer after I emailed other bloggers pro hard assets.

                  • Timeline: 3-6 months. I’m selling everything and moving out of the country, hopefully before then.

                    • Bravo. Take us with you. Been telling folks this for awhile. Falling on deaf ears.

                  • I have mentioned this before. Take it for what you think it is worth. “SHTF starts in September” according to my Source.

                    Buckle up ?

                    • I’m getting too old for this.

              • That is great advice. If your property is large enough you could hide it close by, esp buried in a sealed container

          • Buying precious metals, buying and selling precious metals often requires an IRS 1099 form so they can track you, and tax you on imaginary profits. There are gold and silver products that are currently exempt from IRS 1099 reporting.

            Google “exempt gold and silver 1099 reporting” for more info.

            Here’s a PM dealer that discusses the subject:

            In the list of exempt PM coinage is Chinese Pandas, I recommend avoiding them, there’s a lot of counterfeiting. If you buy coins on eBay, beware a percent are counterfeit. You can read about counterfeiting before buying on the web, lots of YouTube videos too. A good digital scale and a dial caliper can detect 99.9% of counterfeits.

            I like US gold or silver eagles and Canadian maple leaf coins. US coins are obviously protected from counterfeiting by the US Gov and we have recipracle agreements with Canada. Counterfeiting foreign coins will likely just net a fraud charge in many cases.

            If the SHTF and the dollar tanks sending PM prices to the moon, expect the IRS to take new interest in formerly exempt PM coins, especially one ounce gold coins. The IRS will take the view that inflated PM prices represent profit and not real value, and will want you taxed according to their interpretation of economics. There may be much more latitude in silver and small fractional gold coins, since they are of far lesser value.

            Be aware also if you bought 1099 exempt PM’s, that doesn’t mean the dealer won’t have his sales records seized by a greedy government intent on stealing from you.

            I see privacy as a real issue. I would only buy 1099 exempt products. Dealers charge a premium for fractional coins, so there’s a downside there. Being able to unload them later, golden. Read and learn, before buying. Buyer beware.

        • 403B,
          My guess she is a teacher or works for a school.
          TIAA is very good and reliable.
          25K isn’t much, pay off all your debts, get her a
          masters degree and start saving.

          • WOW, the Pilot of the Loretta Lunch Plane, that heard the entire secret meeting conversation on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and the Atty General Loretta Lynch mysteriously dies.

            Hmmmmm. Wonder what he knew.. And did he ever write down the conversation in notes for safe keeping? Stay tuned for more of the Clinton Murder tail of evil.

            • How about the Clinton Foundation and Podesta flipping Billions sitting in cash, into Gold and Artwork, Diamonds, etc. to hide their assets on paper.

        • You ask a hard question.

          401(k) and 403(b) funds usually give employees the opportunity to choose among several types of investments. Some employees prefer safety and invest in bond funds or stock income funds; others may assume more risk and invest in stock growth funds. Their retirement income depends on how well the fund did with the investment employees chose.

          Got that partial answer from Yahoo search and asked the question” Whats the difference between a 401K and a 403K?”

          Many on this site will tell you to invest in PM’s which is not a bad idea but as with any PM, Gold, silver, you can’t
          eat it, shoot it but could use it as a good door stop in some cases. Also, Precious metals will never replace on hand assets such as food and other every day items a person uses to live. But is good in bartering in some cases.

          In any case, accounts like this are tax deferred until a person begins to withdraw from the account.

          You have several options but remember every one will suffer lost regardless of accounts own if events occur as posted on this and other alternative news sites. The drop in the Stock Market will cause many to go broke and to even commit suicide. Worked all their lives to save and in a moments time, lost, never to recover.

          The stock market is being held up by accounts such as yours and those who own 401k’s according to some analysts. The market is over valved by investment plans by the ordinary person.

          I would recommend that you do more on line research on your options.

          My Step Father pulled his 401k and used the money, not all, upgrades to the home, paid off some debts, and kept some at home and put the remaining in the bank in a cd which does nothing towards major growth.

          Only you can make this decision and again do more on line research and ask more questions. Just you posting your question is a sign of your uncertainty but don’t jump into the pond without testing the level of the water.

          • Someone asks whats the difference between a 401K and a 403K. Answer: 1K
            Sheesh this is basic stuff folks. lol?

            • lol… See if anybody catches my error. 2K. Damn fat fingers.

        • I live in Canada, and do not have a 401(k). Here is a lead that may help at Birch Gold Group. Contact Cheri Green at (800) 680-6895. Hope this helps.

        • Cash, precious metals, weapons or any combination thereof. Everything else- stocks, bonds, paper instruments (basically IOUs) are worthless. In fact, cash (as in Federal Reserve Notes) will eventually get there, as well…

          It’s a very simple rule: if you don’t have it in your PHYSICAL possession, you don’t own it.

          • The following is an unpaid advertisement…

            “Shitforbrains IRA LLC.”
            Disclaimer: All funds and property are subject to lawsuits, judgements, liens, divorce, confiscation, govt. actions, hacking, bankruptcy, taxes, reporting, acts of god, and other types of losses. Shitforbrains IRA LLC is not responsible for any of these mentioned…

        • Glacialhills, speak with a local tax firm, they will be able to help you set up a self directed gold IRA. You can then go to a local precious metals dealer and buy the physical metals. My tax people also handle investments and they made it easy.

          It is not that difficult or expensive to do and it is worth the peace of mind to have some precious metals on hand.

          • Justice, please read my comments about having your metals laid out on the table. Why would anyone in their right mind put their wealth at risk like that? There is NO peace of mind with that plan whatsoever.

            • Genius, I really understand what you are saying. However, some assets can be hidden and some assets one should not attempt to hide. That’s all I’ll say about that.

              • Patriot Bob had an IRA
                I’ll have enough to retire he’d say
                With deffered taxes and all the rest
                No one can touch my safety nest
                He’d file his paperwork every year
                Confident that he had no fear
                Then one day it all went down
                The economy crashed into the ground
                The Govt. froze all assets
                To cover all the banks bad bets
                A paper trail led straight to Bob
                Made it easy for them to rob
                With nothing left he went to his shelf
                Grabbed his gun and shot himself…

                • Bob is a figment of someone’s imagination.

                  • Bob is a vision of the near future…

        • Yes it is. A friend of mine did it. It’s not that hard to get done. He decided what amounts in each metal he wanted and they shipped it directly to his house via FEDEX. I’d look into it.

          • I’d highly recommend GainesvilleCoins Dot Com. Purchase 1 Oz Rounds in the Walking Liberties. .999 Fine Silver. Just .75 to .95 cents over spot price. Delivery to your door. This will be your true safe nest egg and real Money when the dollar crashes.

        • Glacialhills

          401K generally can’t be touched while employed and I’m assuming a 403B has the same restrictions. In a 401K you can withdraw some of your contribution in a transfer to an IRA. From there, with 10% penalty you can get it. Personally I would go to all cash and keep it in the 403B.

        • I’ve had a self-directed IRA for many years through Equity Trust Company of Ohio and you cannot physically possess the precious metals in one. You could loan the money to a straw man to purchase the precious metals and entrust them to you then distribute that debt to you when you turn 59 1/2 at which time it would be taxed (the fact they hadn’t made any payments could reduce the value and therefore tax basis) and cancel the loan. I rolled mine into a Roth IRA which purchased timberland. In case of emergency I stop paying the annual custodial fee and it gets automatically distributed. I own enough precious metals to pay the property taxes for over 200 years, but if I truly believed the economy was collapsing soon would put another monster box on my credit card.

          • Why on gods green earth would ANYONE rather have their metals out of their control, restricted, taxed, distributed, open to siezure from lawsuits or govt. or divorce etc.? VS. Actually possessing it completely safe from any outside action, lawsuit, crisis, taxes, bankruptcy, and being able to access ALL OF IT anytime you choose!

            Sounds like a great plan you have lol… NOT!

            • Idiots let others hold their PM’s. And when the music stops, you get to fight with 47 other people who lay claim to that 1 Oz. There are like 47 paper holders of the same silver they have in safe keeping in their vaults.

              I have one vehicle I will sell to 47 other people. You cant take posession if it, just look at it. Any suckers want to buy into this deal? Its a good deal. Stupid is. I also have a house to rent out. I will collect 47 Rent deposit checks and you all have fun fighting it out with each other on moving in day.

        • Glacialhills,
          Not sure about 403’s, but 401K’s really limit your options. You literally have to quit your job to get access to your money. If you could get access to your money, then I would suggest you Google “self directed LLC (limited liability corporation) IRA’s” and a number of companies will show up that can help you move monies out of your 401/403 and you can then invest in gold/silver bullion coins or real estate and keep the coins in your possession, under the umbrella of the IRA (tax deferred) regulations. Look into it.

        • SHTF starts in September according to my Source. Buckle up 🙂

          • Remember remember the month of September…
            I love the smell of chaos in the fall! Ehhh wait, I have work lined up then… make it October 🙂

            • Estate planning. You all better have at least a “Will” to pass you assets on to Survivors. Failure to do this even in a sudden death accident. Your property may end up in probate and the State can get it all. It is prefered to have an “Inrevokable Trust.” That includes power of atty to manage your affairs if you are incompacitated and if you want DNR (Do Not Recessitate). Or be left on a machine and watch all your assets be swallowed by the Medical community. I knew a couple that got a divorce because one spouce had terminal cancer and quit claimed all the assets to the healthy spouce to protect the shared assets. Sadly failure to do this and they would have lost it all to Cancer treatment costs. The guy died and I bought the condo from the surviving lady. Get your ducks in a row now.

        • Leave it in the market – the crime syndicate won’t let the market go down again – they can’t. Printing money to prop up the markets is the new “normal.”

          Don’t let the Mac Slavo’s ruin your retirement like they did mine 8 years ago when they told everyone to sell everything and buy guns, gold, and bandaids. Everything has gone up in the last 8 years EXCEPT guns, gold, and baidaids. Mac Slavo and his ilk have destroyed more patriots financial future with their doomsday advice than anyone in the history of the world!

        • Cashed in my money market accounts after the 2008 fiasco which cost us over 14K. Paid the taxes and bought survival supplies. The leftover cash went into a clean mayonnaise jar and was buried in the back yard.

        • If i were you, and I could pull the money out invest 50% in gold and 50% in silver of small donations. Your going to have to barter. If you barter your going to want easily tradable currency. Not everybody will have enough to trade for ounces of gold.

        • Don’t panic just yet, I read an almost identical story at least two years ago, but do buy a mix of gold and silver coins (55% gold & 45% silver), most precious metals in other forms can be and has been confiscated by the gov’t before. None of us know for certain, and Slavo has been inaccurate more than a few times, you still have a window of time to accumulate precious metals. But act soon, P/M prices are will hit a climb phase after this next manipulated attempt to lower gold and silver prices.

      2. I worked for a global Polymer company. When they stopped QE, the ship started taking on water that was the start of unwinding everything.

        What they have mainly done is reduce costs with Lean Six Sigma and eliminate jobs to show good numbers to Wall Street. Even though they are not making more sales. When they couldn’t do that anymore they buy up a small competitor and LLS the hell out of that company.

        I had 4 peoples jobs laid on me back in 2009, People making a decent wage are targeted like this, so they will leave, then they hire in the dummies for nothing.

        Also, the average joe worker out there has no clue how to manage their 401k. they blindly trust the company. In the low wage plant I transferred to, not one of those idiots had a clue of how the 401k worked, nor did they care.

        Typically, these companies that handle the 401k’s automatically invest your money going in. This is all about the companies getting out of paying. Lower wages, mean they put less in.

        The snake has been eating its own tail since June 2015.

        • The entire thing is a complete shambles! Corporate America has been getting over big time for so long now. Wages for the “average” person are a complete joke. Pensions haha yeah right. Most 401k plans, the company will give you a whopping 3-4% after a year if you are lucky. They love it when workers do NOT enroll in the 401k, saves them all kinds of money. I don’t know what these people think they are going to do when they no longer are capable of working. Guess they just think the good ole’ Gov’t will be there for them in some capacity – good luck with that thought process.

          • Dow sitting at 21,789 today. Real asset value is like 13,000 – 14,000 Its stupidly over valued. Just look at the P/E Ratios. 401K contributors / holders are clueless about basic stock fundamentals.

        • “Taking on water after QE STOPPED”??? Part of QE was printing more money because we had left over paper…so every stage of QE that the gov printed more money that was not backed by gold in reserve meant that the dollar in your pocket was worth less and less. I would call that taking on water when QE was started.

      3. Very much true!
        The ordinary Joe Blo gets shafted while the elites quietly enjoy the successful transfer of wealth to Asia.
        The BIG corporations are NOT going down!
        They are quietly operating under the guise of Asian “cheap labour”…
        Even the less prominent ones have moved to Asia.
        Some have even decided to change their names when the brand name is not an issue.
        This is not necessarily bad, but this is another issue.

        • Why do you think obummer was shoving that TPP through, it wasnt to help you n me,,,

      4. It is easy to explain money in the USA. YOU are getting robbed.



          • Give Genius a Bottle of Booze, he drinks for a day,
            Give Genius a Still, and he drinks for life.

            • I’ll drink to that!

              • CHEERS! 😛

            • Let a man set by your fire and he is warm for a time. Light that man afire and he is warm for the rest of his life!

              • OG, I like the way you think.

              • @ OG, LOL

            • Let a man look at your watch, he knows what time it is that minute.
              Give a man a watch, and he knows what time it is for life.
              If man drops watch in toilet, he has shitty time.

      5. Where are the elites going to go?
        Who is going to feed and care for
        them when they get there?
        Someone in section 8 housing thinks
        I’m an elite, because I have a small
        farm/ranch in the tropics. I’m well
        educated and I have a stable income.
        The only thing I need from the outside
        world is some fuel for my machines and
        if pressed I could do without that.

        My point is that most of us here are
        the elite. Not politically or
        economically, but we are far richer
        in many ways than most people in the world.
        Most of us have already jumped ship
        and are enjoying watching the “ordained
        elite” re- arrange the chairs on the
        sinking ship.

        • I think he means the elite as in the people that are filthy loaded $$$$

          • Ya, like the oprahs, obammas trumps and bushes types, oh and 98% of con gress who do nothing but get huge payoffs,
            I dont care if i die broke, at least i can say i didnt pay these turds anything

            • Estate planning. You all better have at least a “Will” to pass you assets on to Survivors. Failure to do this even in a sudden death accident. Your property may end up in probate and the State can get it all. It is prefered to have an “Inrevokable Trust.” That includes power of atty to manage your affairs if you are incompacitated and if you want DNR (Do Not Recessitate). Or be left on a machine and watch all your assets be swallowed by the Medical community. I knew a couple that got a divorce because one spouce had terminal cancer and quit claimed all the assets to the healthy spouce to protect the shared assets. Sadly failure to do this and they would have lost it all to Cancer treatment costs. The guy died and I bought the condo from the surviving lady.

        • Get your point,
          Even though i havent a dime to my name beyond whateve i scrape up from odd jobs i still have way more than 99% of the turd world peeps

        • 90% of people in the world do not own a car
          70% of the people in the world live on less than $10 a day.
          40% of the people in the world lack indoor plumbing.

          • Prepared Pastor, if I’m able to maintain indoor plumbing, refrigeration/freezer, heating/maybe air-conditioning, solid roof, and food through this I will count myself VERY blessed.

            I have NO expectation of having anything else.

          • 90% of people in the world have no critical thinking skills
            70% of the people in the world have an IQ below 100
            40% of the people in the world are complete knuckledraggers

            Does that explain why? lol

        • If these Elites are dropping their stock. Wouldn’t it show??

          • Not if the Fed buys, or plunge protection team, or Swiss national bank, or … You get the picture?

            For every seller there is a buyer. When there are no buyers, there is the Fed.

            Markets only crash when they want dictatorial powers passed through Congress. Like patriot act, obamacare, etc.

            • Yep, makes since…….

      6. Have a safe location plenty of preps,good reliable friends and no debt. You have a hell of a head start!

        • Jim, I already have those items, but family in the place of friends. I’ll be headed back to the BOL in 2 weeks.

        • Very well said, Jim. All my preparations really just buy me time to transition to the new reality. Whatever, that may be.

          Economic collapses often last more than 10 years. Few of us have enough preps to carry us that long.

          • A two year food supply allows us to transition to providing 20% of our own food the first year (we already hunt & garden), 40% the second, 60% the third, and 80% the fourth before the necessity of dipping into other assets which history shows will retain value. The off-grid home that can produce it’s own heat, meat, power, and water is already paid off and I can pay the taxes ($39 a year) for three lifetimes so we can devote the majority of our time to feeding ourselves. I learned as much as possible from my father and grandfather who both survived The Great Depression in the country.

            • @Prepared pastor, I wish I’d paid more attention. My wife and I took a canning class last weekend. And we join a cast iron club last year. The classes and group is fun and being with like minded people. This past spring we got started with bees.

              • WED ~ The only cast-iron clubs that I’ve heard of, are the folks who collect antique cast-iron stuff. Is your group focused more on the actual use of cast-iron for cooking and similar tasks? How did you locate a group like this in your area? Thanks ~

            • Thank god for religious tax breaks, praise jesus. Now all you sheep don’t forget when you is offering up dem tidings you is giving all dat money to god. Just look away from what you dumbasses have bought for me.

            • Damn, where can a person find a property that only requires $39 in property tax payments per year?

        • Leave now and pack and the airport. This country is going to be a ZOO when it comes down. Nobody’s going to be safe Bubba.

      7. Hr. 3364 Declares any country buying or selling to Russia can not buy or sell to the USA. That’s drawing the red line in the sand . Telling the world to pick a side for WW3. And they put in a clause to stop the president from changing it. The Bolshavic communist Jewish mafia wants Russia back. Or the Samson option.

      8. And Putin is famous for saying: if you know a fight is coming , hit first.

      9. everything comes down to labor. Your health and ability to do labor to produce what you need to live is crucial. $ is the means to steal it. My buddy used to say when you work somewhere for a while your tied in. You become so used to the situation and don’t like change that you will put up with pay cuts lost overtime or increases in your medical premiums. Your labor is being stolen. its the frog in the water boiling slowly. Most people will not leave a job that they been at for 20 years cus fear of unknown. I’ve seen people lose their minds or constantly complain about the place when they are able to leave cus this is America still. You can be a slave for a different corporation. You get to pick your slave master.

      10. I’m staying behind. I waited all these years to see a collapse, and damn it, I’m going to see one. Eeehaaa!

        • @ HIM Lol, looks like Mountain Guerrilla is on a tear.

      11. CNTL-P does not increase goods and available services.

        Folks/entire nations fight over the scraps. Therefore, pay attention to the supply and demand.

        PM’s preserve wealth, providing a system remains in place to utilize it.

        A life living in fear is not much of a life. There are folks today whom are either eating or tossing out their already aging stacks of preps.

        Should the sky actually fall, none of this will matter.

        Being wary of the state of your hood, and those in it, is a worthwhile endeavor.

        Making lifestyle changes that puts more decisions about self sufficiency into your hands is also a worthwhile endeavor.

        “Dealers” and their “Addicts”. Either learn to make it yourself, or decide that it’s better to do without, especially if the alternative means someone else having control over you.

        There’s more than one kind of welfare. There’s more than one kind of dependency. All if it is the result of one kind of thinking. We are biological computers. Through programming, we become what we think. So, think differently.

      12. The pig state must be desperate if all out highway robbery is endorsed by the AG even over states that have curtailed the outright theft. Freedom of nearly everything Americans once enjoyed has been eroded away and apparently there is nothing that can be done about it.

        • Yep, Trump and his AG are all for the outright theft of your property. One thing you can do is keep physical metals paid for with cash hidden off your property. That way they cannot steal what they cannot find and will have no idea you even have it. Like a govt. proof insurance policy.

      13. Nothing in government or the big corporations happens by accident. Written into the script well before now. They are the producers, directors and actors. The rest of the population just watches and pays for the show.

      14. I did exactly the same after 33 years on the job. Cashed out the retirement and 401K and purchased 90% silver. No regrets.

      15. Genius and Aljamo, when LE agencies say their budgets depend on civil asset forfeiture aka stealing from us ‘civilians’, THAT tells you there’s no honesty or integrity in those depts. Sessions doesn’t surprise me supporting that practice. EVERY US AG going back to Reagan has supported the practice. I say it needs to be abolished. It’s NEVER used against any real criminals. It’s ONLY used against innocent people who never even face any kind of charges. If anyone tries it on me be ready for a fight. I don’t play that game, period.

        • DB, yep and Trump is famous for using eminant domain to steal land for his projects. Any agency that uses civil forfeiture as part of their budget needs to be abolished. Now more than ever, people need to be hiding their assets.

        • Braveheart, I cannot believe that we allow this practice to continue. As the economic situation continues to get decline the government theft will become worse and worse.

          Any asset not hidden will be stolen by the Government. Count on it.

          • “Any asset not hidden will be stolen by the Government. Count on it.”

            Like a self directed or any other IRA etc. ? That is contrary to your post above. Just pointing that out. Food for thought…

            • Once the government is aware of assets, it’s hard to make them disappear. It’s best to follow certain steps and practices if one wants to be a magician. I’m just saying.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          No conviction no confiscation; pure and simple. If by some chance one can read into “Due Process” and come up with a quarterback sneak around the Bill Of Rights its certainly not within the spirit and a real stretch of the letter of the law.

          The Bill Of Rights has been hollowed out.

          Fifth Amendment:

          No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

          “deprived of life, liberty or PROPERTY, without due process of law”

          What is so vague about this? No conviction is “due process”? Hell if thats the case why have law at all?

      16. I live in Illinois, and there is no ship to jump, as it is *already* at the bottom.

        And yeah, I am trying to get out.

      17. I am surrounded by elites right now and they do not seem too concerned. They are still getting drunk, eating shit and getting fatter, popping their Big Pharma poison, and hiding out on the golf course after they whored their children out to psychopaths.

      18. Off the subject 75 years ago Jimmy Doolittle and some brave americans took off from the USS HORNET to hit japan back.

        Growing up we looked at these guys as kick ass HEROES.

        NOW! WHERE ARE THE HEROES NOW !!!!!!!!??????????

        CAN ANYBODY !!! ANYBODY STAND THE F–K UP ???????????????

        • You mean the war that japan was pushed into? The war that they knew was going to happen and stood down? That war? The only way they would be heroes is if they bombed DC! I guess people were stupid then too and never questioned anything….

      19. El-Rain is correct when he states:

        He says stocks rose on a sea of liquidity and they may/will crash when that liquidity is removed. This is a warning to other elites, but it’s also a warning to you.

        The stock market is NOT supported by any fundamentals.

      20. You get dinged a 30% tax hit on all 401K distributions, so your $25K is really only $17,500. Use the money to buy a rural piece of land with trees and water, and a small travel trailer or RV.

      21. I also agree that many of us have already jumped ship. since I draw more from the social Security Ponzi Scheme than I pay in taxes I am content with my situation. Of course to the parasite libs and commies who must robb others to survive folks like me are considered useless eaters. part of Hellerys so called basket of deplorables. Before I let the government confinscate and redistribute anything we have I will destroy it. If we are ever forced to leave our place. I would burn it when I go. We wouldn’t leave except as a last resort. So its better not to have everything at one location. One thing I have is old 50+ year oil LP tractors. I have them at my different places. I remove the magneto and place blocks under them and let the air out of the tires. If I want to use one I install the magneto hand crank it to start. I can attach a 100 pound LP bottle to the side for fuel. And use a device that screws into a spark plug hole to inflate the tires. Anyone who happens to see them as they now are just assumes its a rusty old tractor that is junk. Those tractors can pull a old beat up pickup bed trailer almost anyplace. Across country down the R R tracks & ford streams . Follow highline or pipeline right of ways. with a quiet muffler they wouldn’t attract attention.

        • OG, That’s a cool idea!

        • So — let me get this straight — you are inflating the tires with a mixture of fuel and air?

          • Yes its a adapter that screws into the spark plug hole. It does have a check valve that lets air in. However there is always some of that fuel air mix that will be pumped into the tires. Those spark plug air compressors have been in service since the first Pneumatic tires where put into service. Ive never known the small amount of fuel to give any trouble. Also My tractors are LP. And LP doesn’t harm rubber like gas and oil does. One time I bought a Gleaner combine at auction really cheap because the big tires where flat. So I broke them down and patched them. Some no good had shot the tires with a 22! any way I aired those huge tires up with a spark plug pump . It took several hours . I was using a old ford truck that had a 292 Y block engine. Do a Ebay search a spark plug pump is a handy item for emergencys.

            • That is cool too OG. If people are worried about LP or gas in the tires just deflate them and refill when you have the opportunity. It’s not rocket science (to most people) lol.

      22. features an affordable listing that will make an excellent survival retreat for someone now living in Phoenix, northern Arizona, or Albuquerque.

        It is an undeveloped 3-acre parcel of remote mountain property, located high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, approximately 20 miles northeast of the small town of Durango.

        There are 4.2 million people living in the greater Phoenix area. If an economic collapse, pandemic, cyber-attack on the grid, or World War 3 happens, the entire Valley of the Sun will be a hot bed for unprecedented violence and civil unrest, and it will spread for a hundred miles in every direction.

        As for Albuquerque, there are over 907,000 people living in the Albuquerque metropolitan statistical area. Albuquerque is currently the murder capital of America. Not only that but Albuquerque holds the number one spot in the nation for every category of major crimes; murder, robbery, aggravated assault, rape, burglary, arson and motor vehicle theft. Furthermore, the corrupt Albuquerque Police Department has a longstanding history of brutality and unnecessary deadly force. They are some of the most heinous thugs in American policing.

        If you are living anywhere near either of these death traps you’d better have a good exit strategy.

        The answer is obvious. Either move out of the heavily populated city to a nice small town such as Durango, Colorado, or establish a bug out destination to flee to. You don’t want to be trapped in a major metropolitan area when society breaks down. Without a remote place to run to the rest of one’s preps may be of little long-term help. The best plan is to be where everybody else isn’t.

        Because the desert state of Arizona has almost 7 million residents, and it lacks any real mountain ranges, combined with a serious lack of water and poor hunting opportunities, and with summer temperatures commonly reaching well over 100°, the entire state is a bad choice for a long-term survival retreat. When the power grid goes down, the municipal water supply, which most Arizonians are totally dependent upon, will likewise shut down. New Mexico has over 2 million people, and also lacks water, wildlife, and trees for firewood.

        Survival expert James Wesley, Rawles believes that a rural retreat should be at least 200 miles from the nearest major city. This particular property is 450 miles from Phoenix, so that equates to a 6-hour bug out drive. Short of an EMP attack, driving that far to reach one’s retreat is definitely doable.

        For more information visit the seller’s detailed website. Several sections describe why America is in such grave danger.

        • Do they have a walmart?

        • No mountain ranges?Lack of water?Poor hunting? That’s true for Phoenix but not the central or eastern part of Arizona.

      23. Here is a good video on “The Looting of America” by Catherine Austin Fitts. It was made a number of years ago, and the best part of it is that there are no interviewers interrupting her. You get to hear her thoughts all the way through.

        ht tps://

        Everyone needs to see this.

        • Thanks Archivist.

      24. Take a good look at the condition of your house, your car, and your health. If you are not already, get uptodate on your health checks including dental. Then do any repairs that really need doing. The same thing with your car. Look for things that really need repairing/replacing and which would be critical in a crisis. I’ve usually found that that does away with any money that I am trying to figure out how to invest. If I ever get past that, I usually spend it on preps. After this, I haven’t had any to invest.

        • Good points! Also when things are about to the worn out point (alternator, starter, belts, hoses, etc.) replace them and save the old ones for backup. You will have to do it anyway so why not have a free stash of usable parts and not wait till they fail.

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