The Disaster Myth Narrative: No One Panics, No One Loots, No One Goes Hungry

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: There will be no panic. The government will be there to help when everything around you falls apart. Those really smart people on TV said so. This is the 21st century, and we’re way past really bad things happening.


    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  ~ George Orwell

    I was recently doing some research about the aftermath of some natural disasters that took place here in America. I was shocked to find that the articles I was looking for – ones that I had read in the past – were pretty hard to find, but articles refuting the sought-for pieces were rampant.  Not just one event, but every single crisis aftermath that I looked up, had articles that were written after the fact stating in no uncertain terms that the hunger, chaos, and unrest never happened.

    Apparently we, the preparedness community, are all wrong when it comes to the belief that after a disaster, chaos erupts and civic disorder is the rule of the day.

    According to “experts” it never happens.


    Panic?  What panic?

    According to newspaper articles written after Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast and after Hurricane Katrina caused countless billions in damage in New Orleans, people were calm, benevolent and peaceful.  Heck, they were all standing around singing Kumbayah around a campfire, sharing their canned goods, calming frightened puppies, and helping the elderly.

    Apparently studies prove that the fear of anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos is nothing but the “disaster myth”.  Reams of examples exist of the goodness and warmth of society as a whole after disaster strikes. All the stories you read at the time were just that – stories, according to the mainstream media:

    Yet there are a few examples stubbornly fixed in the popular imagination of people reacting to a natural disaster by becoming primal and vicious. Remember the gangs “marauding” through New Orleans, raping and even cannibalizing people in the Super-Dome after Hurricane Katrina? It turns out they didn’t exist. Years of journalistic investigations showed them to be racist fantasies. They didn’t happen. Yes, there was some “looting” — which consisted of starving people breaking into closed and abandoned shops for food. Of course human beings can behave atrociously – but the aftermath of a disaster seems to be the time when it is least likely. (source)

    Looting?  Only hungry people getting food from unmanned stores. Who wouldn’t do that?

    Beatings and assaults?  Didn’t happen. Disturbed people made these stories up for attention.

    Gang rapes?  No way. You watch too much Law and Order: SVU.

    Murder, mayhem, and gangs of youth on the streets?  Silly readers – we just made that up.


    The Disaster Myth is a narrative created by the establishment and delivered by their stoolies in the mainstream media.  The Disaster Myth points fingers at many of the things that are commonly believed to be true by the preparedness community.  Included in this narrative:

    1. People do not panic after a disaster – instead they pull together.

    2. The official government response is always speedy and appropriate.

    3. You will be taken care of if you simply comply peacefully with authorities.

    4. There is little increase in post-disaster crime.

    These statements all stand in direct opposition to the stories we hear from news sources during the crisis.  We heard terrible stories from eyewitnesses who suffered from hunger, thirst, and unsanitary condition in the Superdome after Katrina.  We heard about citizens being robbed of their 2nd Amendment rights by police after the crisis, and we heard about gang rapes, looting, and mayhem.  Fast forward to Sandy where people were defecating in the hallways of their high rise apartments and digging through garbage to find food just a few days after the storm.  As for the official response, who can forget the FEMA shelter that closed because of inclement weather?  Of course the weather was inclement – it was a freaking weather-related disaster!

    Mac Slavo of SHTFplan wrote of the unrest, discomfort, and mayhem after Superstorm Sandy ransacked the East Coast:

    For tens of thousands of east coast residents that worst case scenario is now playing out in real-time. No longer are images of starving people waiting for government handouts restricted to just the third-world.

    In the midst of crisis, once civilized societies will very rapidly descend into chaos when essential infrastructure systems collapse.

    Though the National Guard was deployed before the storm even hit, there is simply no way for the government to coordinate a response requiring millions of servings of food, water and medical supplies

    Many east coast residents who failed to evacuate or prepare reserve supplies ahead of the storm are being forced to fend for themselves.

    Frustration and anger have taken hold, as residents have no means of acquiring food or gas and thousands of trucks across the region remain stuck in limbo.

    Limited electricity has made it possible for some to share their experiences:

    Via Twitter:

    • I was in chaos tonite tryin to get groceries…lines for shuttle buses, only to get to the no food left & closing early (link)
    • I’m not sure what has shocked me more, all the communities around me destroyed, or the 5 hour lines for gas and food. (link)
    • Haven’t slept or ate well in a few days. Hope things start getting better around here soon (link)
    • These days a lot of people are impatient because they’re used to fast things. Fast food, fast internet, fast lines and fast shipping etc. (link)
    • Glad Obama is off to Vegas after his 90 minute visit. Gas lines are miles long.. Running out of food and water. Great Job (link)
    • Went to the Grocery store and lines were crazy but nail salon was empty so I’ve got a new gel manicure and some Korean junk food (link)
    • So f*cking devastated right now. Smell burning houses. People fighting for food. Pitch darkness. I may spend the night in rockaway to help (link)

    garbage food

    At the time of the event, even the mainstream reported on the affluent East Side residents dumpster diving in search of food. Was this NBC report, complete with video, a work of salacious fiction ?



    As far as civil unrest is concerned, the “Twittersphere” was jammed with people planning looting sprees in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  Those who were already of criminal leanings saw the disaster as a great opportunity. In the great North American Edit, however, these tweets are said to be part of the myth – apparently they were just kids playing around Some reports pooh-poohed the very idea that looters had run amok.


    This article from Prison Planet refutes all of the refuting and says that the civil unrest DID occur, and that it generally does given evidence from past events.

    Legends from the past? Every single extreme weather event in recent years in the United States has been followed by looting.

    As MSNBC reported at the time, looting during Hurricane Katrina was so prevalent that it “took place in full view of police and National Guard troops.”

    Residents described the scenes as being like “downtown Baghdad” as looters filled garbage cans full of stolen goods and floated them down flooded streets.

    As Forbes’ Erik Kain points out, “looting and rioting…occur after most natural disasters,” including after Hurricane Irene as well as Hurricane Isaac.

    Looters also targeted victims of the Colorado wildfires earlier this year.

    Does this sound familiar?

    This revision of inconvenient history will sound quite familiar to anyone who has read George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 (which was not meant to be an instruction manual, by the way.)  In the novel, the main character, Winston Smith, worked for the Ministry of Truth, which was actually a department of propaganda whose job it was to rewrite any faction of history that did not make the government look omniscient.

    In George Orwell‘s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Ministry of Truth is Oceania‘s propaganda ministry. It is responsible for any necessary falsification of historical events. The word truth in the title Ministry of Truth should warn, by definition, that the “minister” will self-serve its own “truth”; the title implies the willful fooling of posterity using “historical” archives to show “in fact” what “really” happened. As well as administering truth, the ministry spreads a new language amongst the populace called Newspeak, in which, for example, truth is understood to mean statements like 2 + 2 = 5 when the situation warrants.

    The Ministry of Truth is involved with news media, entertainment, the fine arts and educational books. Its purpose is to rewrite history to change the facts to fit Party doctrine for propaganda effect. For example, if Big Brother makes a prediction that turns out to be wrong, the employees of the Ministry of Truth go back and rewrite the prediction so that any prediction Big Brother previously made is accurate. This is the “how” of the Ministry of Truth’s existence. Within the novel, Orwell elaborates that the deeper reason for its existence is to maintain the illusion that the Party is absolute. It cannot ever seem to change its mind (if, for instance, they perform one of their constant changes regarding enemies during war) or make a mistake (firing an official or making a grossly misjudged supply prediction), for that would imply weakness and to maintain power the Party must seem eternally right and strong. (source)


    So why the vast effort to expunge tales of mayhem and to make it seem like our own national disasters really weren’t that bad?

    It’s simple. Those who live a self-sufficient lifestyle are a threat to the status quo that those in power would like to see.  If you don’t NEED them, then there is no leverage to force you into compliance.  You don’t NEED to go to Camp FEMA in order to have 3 squares a day.  You don’t NEED to give up your guns in order to have a roof over your head and government supplied security.  You don’t NEED to get some kind of chip implanted in your arm to be scanned in order to receive “benefits” like medical care, food, and even money.

    Self-sufficiency means freedom.  When you can feed yourself, clothe yourself, shelter yourself, and protect yourself, you are far less likely to need to cede your freedoms  in order to stay alive. And in a police state that is frantically trying to withdraw our constitutional rights, this just won’t do.  They need leverage.

    So the establishment has created a narrative that tells us what we are doing is silly and unnecessary.  They are rewriting history even though we only lived that history in the past decade.  Even though we know the truth of the matter because we watched it live, they are changing the facts to make us doubt our own perceptions.

    This narrative was created to make a society of anti-preppers – of people who believe that all will be right with the world, the government is kind and benevolent, potential disasters aren’t really that big of a deal, and that preppers are stark raving lunatics.  They want us to be perceived as extremists so that others are less likely to follow our examples. If they need a crazy bad guy at whom to point the finger, all they have to do is call someone a “Doomsday Prepper”. (Remember how poor Nancy Lanza was vilified after the Sandy Hook shooting last year?)

    If this civil unrest is not occurring, why is the National Guard called to keep the peace?  Why are state police riding around on tanks wearing body armor? Why were the guns of law-abiding citizens taken away in the aftermath of Katrina?


     My family and I have opted to be prepared with food, water, a self-defense strategy, and home security.  We believe that when bad things happen, worse things often follow before order is restored.  We won’t be lining up to get an MRE and a bottle of water to share amongst us. We won’t require a cot at Camp FEMA.  We won’t need to give up our firearms in order to get our next meal.

    Which reality are you going to believe?  The one that you witnessed or the perverted rewrite that the mainstream media is trying to push upon you for the benefit of their handlers?


    A sampling of articles and studies supporting the Disaster Myth Narrative:

    Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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        • Thanks for the link. Jim Quinn has already given us the go ahead to post this one and will do so in the next couple hours. Always good stuff from Jim!



          • The government must think we’re
            really gullible and stooopid.

            I wasn’t born with a silver
            spoon in my mouth.
            But then again, I wasn’t born
            with a tin cup in my hand, either.

            Thank you, Daisy.

            • Just pull up a couple of videos of black Friday last year, people willing to kill one another over a $3.00 item. Yea right, when it comes to food they will be completely civilized when their kids have none, I don’t think so. What about the drug addicts, are they going to be thoughtful and patient while they wait for their next fix that isn’t there?

              I say copy what Homeland Security is doing, stock up on food, prepare for the worst, have the means to protect yourself, observe everything around you and wait patiently.

              • I went to a black Friday event at Walmart two years ago. I live in a gentle loving southern hospitality state and I was rudely and bluntly over with a buggy. It hurt….I won’t do that again. I doubt I’ll do last minute shopping during a catastrophic even either.

                • Sorry for the spelling errors and hillbilly scrabble. I’m using my mobile phone.

                  • “””Those who were already of criminal leanings saw the disaster as a great opportunity”””

                    Sounds more like the “leaders” of government than the street gangs the article referred to. Definitely the criminal leaning part.

                  • You guys are such kidders. I was outside a lot during Katrina. and the other storms. There wasn’t even an empty beer can out of place. Casper was calm and orderly.

                • I guess every town, city, community is different. In 1989 hurricane Hugo came up through south Carolina and did a lot of destruction in the Charlotte nc area. Our community was hit hard. Many homes were destroyed including my parents. The entire county was without power for 14-21 days. There was no looting, no increase in crime and certainly no mayhem. The only real problem was a few stores who charged a premium for ice and coldcuts. Big woop.

                  Things would maybe be a little tougher here if it happened here now, but no way would our townspeople put up with what you’ve described in this article. Glad I live in the south in a small rural area.

                  • It is that way with all the smaller mostly white towns. Just look at Joplin Mo. Folks there were helping each other, Eureka Ill. when a f4 ripped through that place and towns in between. White’s there were not beating and gang raping and murdering each other. Again this Article like many before it failed to show the correlation between blacks and there Mayhem they commit when there is a disaster or any opportunity that presents itself to act like animals. To look at those facts it would be easy to see why they are changing the real history. Next they will say blacks dont beat and kill whites on a daily basis to. Hell it dont take no math pro to add that up. I am not saying all blacks are bad either, just pointing out the facts and differences in there culture and ours and it is like black and white.

                  • Daisy,

                    Great article! Thank you!,

                    When the tornados hit Kentucky last year, we got a glimpse of what happens when the SHTF. Homes in our neighborhood were hit, with many having sections of their roof gone. Thankfully, no one in our neighborhood was hurt. Our neighborhood stuck together. As many trees were down, some roads were blocked and there was no electricity.

                    Within hours of the tornado, there were some who ‘took advantage’ of the situation and tried to steal things from damaged homes and buildings. Sad, but true.

                  • That was a long time ago and times have changed. Currently 50% of the population is dependent on government (food stamps, welfare, social security, disability, etc.). What happens when those people don’t get a government paycheck for a month or two? Add to that the fact that the last 30 years have been spent trying to turn every American into self-absorbed narcissists (massive divorce rate and broken homes, elimination of God from our culture, social media like Facebook promoting self-importance above all else, etc.). In most of the country, there is no such thing as community or family anymore. Sure pockets still exist, but that’s not what most people will experience, especially in the cities.

                • My family comes from the Great Plains, the most civilized region, IMO, and my elderly parents were wiped out in the tornado of 1991. The lines of gawkers driving the seven miles out of town to stare at the wreckage were disheartening enough, but as night fell, the rest of the family and our neighbors were left trying to stem the flow of looters who began to steal articles blown into the ditches, then slowly moved up the slope toward the remains of the house and barns. About 10 PM, the flow of cars lessened and pick-ups began to appear. That’s when we went back to our house and broke out the guns. Many of the pick-ups had tags from Wichita, which meant they had to drive over sixty miles to loot one devastated farm. This behavior in no way detracts from the Knights of Columbus and Mennonite Relief Society who walked our fields and cleared them of debris for next year’s harvest. Many, many good people respond after a crisis, but the looters got there first. My parents died from their injuries and my faith in random strangers died as well. Don’t expect civility…you won’t get it.

                  • So sorry…some people just aint human…sorry for your loss… 🙁

                  • so sorry all of that happened to you and for the loss of your mama and daddy… i know how hard it is…..

              • The clown in office is now Putin’s little bitch so that makes us more vulnerable than ever. Batten down the hatches because this story is not going to have a happy ending. Who would have ever dreamed that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia would be calling the shots for the USA.

                Some may think Putin is a hero in this but let’s face it, he is just another dangerous ego maniac. We are surrounded by psychopathic demons who are only concerned with their own power and greed. There are no heroes on the horizon that I can see.

                • Look in the mirror. Be the hero on the horizon.

                  • Right on….

                • Both Putin and Obama are “ego-maniacs”, but Putin is by far the more skilled politician. Obama still wants to look like the smartest human being in the world, and Putin can use his vanity against him.

                  • Puten is a defacto dictator he has already outlawed many of the protests not just the girls that defiled a church.
                    Obama is a wannabe but thankfully the media and the congress did not go in lockstep with Syria which has done despicably
                    inhumane acts but with Al-Qaeda etc as opposition fighters it a no win for USA but a reward for the death of Assad might work.
                    as for disasters we saw a lot on tv but if the mainstream thinks everything was fine all the commentators owe GW Bush an apology sins it was such a non event as for the city of New O raped robbery and murder was a normal everyday thing as was the corruption of the mayor whose is under indictment as we speak

              • No one in a city need look back at Black Friday shoppers or disaster video from years ago to get an idea of what’s in store. All you need to know to extrapolate what behaviors will be like in a crisis is to observe today’s drivers.

                Driving today–at least where I live–has become an exercise in going the speed limit(65mph)in the middle lane and trying to keep from being run off the road by one after another car or truck going 85. They will cut in front of you, forcing you to slam on your breaks, they will cut across three lanes of traffic and endanger families, they refuse to wait in a line to exit but drive to the front and force their way in. It happens on my commute a dozen times a day.

                A few people drive safely, many are just completely indifferent to the fact they can kill someone due to their own stupidity and desire to get ahead of you.

                These are the people you are going to face when the SHTF. Them, their cousins, the retarded adults who raised them, the moronic multitudes who don’t have a care in the world regarding how their behavior affects anyone else.

                They will coming after your food, your water, and anything else they WANT. The fact it is yours is of less than no importance to them.

                This is the reason why I have a bracingly large supply of flechettes for my Benelli auto 12 gauge. Perhaps finally seeing consequences to their actions will discourage their continued misbehavior. Either way, they’re not getting any more free passes from me.

                • Peoples growing self-centered nature has not escaped me either!

            • @ Daisy. Isn’t this the sad and insane truth? Excellent article.

              There are certain individuals that have been so poisoned by the chemical witch’s brew in foods that they will basically waddle around and not be a threat to anyone. They will just drop over in a heap and that will be that. Others will expect the government to come to the rescue, and when they DON’T, this is where the prepper/survivalist will have to fight and defend themselves from these people.

              Daisy mentions something that is so important in this article that no one should overlook. This is the expectations of the masses to assume that EVERYONE should behave and act a certain way. This political correctness and conformity is being engrained in almost everyone that each one of us MUST share what we have with anyone that needs it. If the government doesn’t have it, then your neighbor does and they MUST give it up. This is a problem. BUT there is a “bright point” to this.

              The masses are being turned into sheep, which means there is not much fight in them. Most of these sheep don’t even have any firearms or much of anything they can call a weapon. Even a mob of unarmed hungry people stand little chance against a family that is well armed. It is my firm belief, and I could be wrong but I don’t think so, that when the masses are confronted with literally dying right there that they will back off. The taming of the masses actually benefits the people that prepare. Even the mere threat of getting a shot gun slug, buckshot, or a wide variety of other rounds slamming into them can stop the mob or smaller collection of individuals. Pillsbury Dough boys and girls are really not much of a threat to anyone other than the disease their dead corpses will spread afterwards.

              This is the positive of this article, that more and more people are being turned into total wimps that pose no danger to anyone willing to protect their families. I have never heard of a domestic sheep attacking anyone, unless they have rabies or something. The masses are being turned into “roll them up at any hint of fear” pill bugs, and that means less people trying to come for your food. The others that will fight to get what you have will have to be dealt with. It is always better to face off with less people willing to fight. This is one bright spot for the prepper/survivalist to the country being turned into cowards that listen to their masters, the government.

              • The sheep can only muddy the wolf’s water in the end. The flip side of what you say is that we that prep and take serious a SHTF event are considered that much more dangerous by our less the benevolent government, it makes the job of survival that much more difficult with multiple enemies to contend with.

              • “The masses are being turned into sheep, which means there is not much fight in them. Most of these sheep don’t even have any firearms or much of anything they can call a weapon. Even a mob of unarmed hungry people stand little chance against a family that is well armed.”

                By thoughts exactly, BI!

                • I am afraid that I won’t be able to shoot hungry people. character flaw I guess.

                  • You are to be commended for your humanitarian impulses but the truth is, it’s like drowning yourself while you try to help a panicking swimmer. The time for people to be helped is now, not when there is nothing out there but your stocks. People are CHOOSING to fail to prepare, they will go to movies, sporting events, buy clothes, beer, drugs, whatever. They choose. Didn’t Ayn Rand say “You can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”?

                    With the Internet today, it takes less than 20 seconds to dial up an query on preparedness or survival and have more info than you can possibly handle. They CHOOSE not to do that.

                    What you are saying is you are prepared to become a VICTIM of those people. If you think you are going to meet the same humanitarian impulse in those who are hungry as you show, you are in total delusion. You can afford to be generous BECAUSE you have prepared. When you are starving, killing Mother Teresa with your bare hands becomes a viable plan if it will get some food in your stomach.

                    As long as you realize what you should expect, the decision is yours. Personally, I believe that natural selection will weed out those who were too sophisticated/busy/disengaged/cosmopolitan etc to ever believe prepping was necessary. They are evolutionary dead ends who will give way to those who figured out which way the wind was blowing and prepared for it.

              • Try the walking dead if shtf.


            • sadly- they’re right. most “people” ARE that stoopid…just not us.

              • You also misspelled stupid, I wonder the ironic pattern being developed here

                • I think you’re too “stoopid” to realize the spelling was deliberate. Just my two cents worth.

            • You misspelled stupid…hmmmm

              • or maybe I are not as litret as i were thinkin i were? or maybe you just aren’t quite as bright as you’d like to think? hmmmm….

                • theenk yur reyet olo:)

              • WAHT?!?! Sumbud-E maked a splelingg errair on da intertubes?!?!

                • kontrol da langwage an kontrol da sheeps ,whats haz to use da langwage.

                  Engrish expertos ? I have met a slew of them , they fetch my drinks and do lap dances, or say do you want fries with that ? .
                  Hell I can offer minimum wage to proof read my scribblings . There will be a line of them ingles studies graduates around the block before zero dark thirty )

                  • just gotta luv sprekin ze americaneze! btw- if you’ve never been to….it’s a “innahtubez” must read!

                • kontrol da langwage an kontrol da sheeps ,whats haz to use da langwage.

                  Engrish expertos ? I have met a slew of them , they fetch my drinks and do lap dances, or say do you want fries with that ? .
                  Hell I can offer minimum wage to proof read my scribblings . There will be a line of them ingles studies graduates around the block before zero dark thirty )

          • Hmm. I do recall hiding for my life during the LA riots.
            I also noticed all the missing video from that event too.

            • Look to the recent riots after the Zimmerman trial, and OWS. Great read, but it doesn’t surprise me. As long as we are fat and happy, we will never change our situation.

              War is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery.

              Thanks for the post.

              • I’m noticing footage of major protests during the Iraq war coming up missing as well. One example is a fairly large march in Portland OR in March, 18th 2005.

                The reason I know this, is because I was there and shot some of it myself. I found a quick reference on Wikipedia, but little elsewhere. It seems they are sanitizing anti-war protests from the bush era.

                • Where is Hollywood protesting pro-war Obama?

                  • I would hide too, if I got myself burnt that bad in public.

                • Deleted film coverage from the midstream media?! Say it ain’t so. Clinton, Albright, Solana and other socialist warmongers bombed EVERY BRIDGE on the Danube, as well as hospitals, busses, etc. Try finding any photos or video footage.

                  YOUtube revoked some accounts and deleted videos that would scare the drugged up mASSES. Like videos of beheadings, gang rapes and other Muslim Brotherhood atrocities!

            • I’ve had the misfortune of being in a number of disasters during my lifetime. I was born in Detroit during the race riots. My father had to walk to work through the middle of them. I once asked if he was scared. He said the rioters left him alone despite his being white because they could tell he was just as poor. The first one I recall vividly was the Blizzard or ’78 which our governor called the closest thing we had ever experienced to a nuclear attack. My parents were unprepared and after what seemed like an eternity sitting in a cold house with little to eat, the grocery store in town got power and we were able to drag a sled through feet of snow and get something to eat.

              I was working at what became an evacuation shelter when Hurricane Hugo hit and knew one guy that got crushed by a tree. I’ve also been in a couple less famous incidents where power was out for a couple weeks meaning no grocery store or gas station and people bundling up to survive in unheated homes the best they could.

              I see two differences that determined whether there would be rioting or not:
              1. Population Density – Where we were during the hurricane there was no looting, but in bigger cities looting was rampant. I remember the Radio Shack warehouse got decimated and most of that stuff was of no use to people without electricity. High population density during a disaster both makes people feel trapped and provides them with the anonymity to misbehave.
              2. Culture of Dependence – I never wonder why people who have been taught they are entitled to food, water, transportation, a cell phone, and Internet access get upset when the flow of these things is interrupted.

              Yes, there will be rioting in areas of high population density, low accountability, and a culture of dependence. The good news is that we do not have to be there for it. We can seek out places with low population density, high accountability, and a culture of independence.

          • @ Mac. What a good article this is about the 5 stages of collapse. We are seeing this right now, so much so. I was watching a Tom Petty video, “You Got Lucky” and I can see the world like this in the aftermath.


            That low rider motorcycle type of whatever is so cool. This type of Mad Max afterworld is what we are destined to see the way everything is going. The music is so haunting also. Remember Tom Petty was in the post apocalyptic movie “The Postman”.

          • @mac & nsm
            that’s a long article but is very well written and seems to be accurate. I can see some of these things have happened or are currently taking place.
            Good choice of article mac.
            Thanks nsm

          • Did you just see this. Putin just PUNKED Obama. This is what happens when a rank amateur buffs up on a Professional.

            • Listening now…scary (but not surprising) stuff 🙁

          • Damn,
            1984 HAS become an instruction manual…

        • Speaking of chem weapons heres a site for all you non believers of chemtrails.. knowledge is your friend, don’t be an idiot! LOL

          • Thanks Genius for this post. They are drowning us with that stuff in central Oregon.

          • It’s all crap. No such thing as chem trails. Absolutely no evidence to support it. Belongs in the same category as Bigfoot and Nibiru.

            • Barn cat…There’s a ton of evidence to support chem trails. Aluminum particles, barium, etc are in the chem trails and unfortunately, those are all poisonous for humans and animals to be breathing in. In areas where there have been heavy spraying from chem trails, people have been tested with abnormally high levels of barium and other heavy metals in their blood….jeez!

            • I think someone up north actually looked up at the sky one day and wondered, “what is that white stuff in the sky?” They didn’t grow up looking at the sky every day like I did. They didn’t know that jet planes leave water vapor condensation trails, or contrails, and that if the humidity is high enough, they can persist. If they persist long enough, the wind spreads them out into a wide band.

              Then they decided, what a great idea for a conspiracy. I like how in the video they tried to say the contrails cause droughts. If they cause droughts, why don’t rain clouds cause droughts? They block the sun even more. Highly illogical, as Spock would say.

              • I guess we can all say what we want. My say is…I’ve seen both at the same time. Central Oregon, Bend area.

                • TRUE STORY!!

                • LSB:

                  I have seen them so heavy in this area that it looks like a game board for playing X’s and O’s. Now tell me in our area that is how the sky should look with small amount of jets flying over our area.

                  • Its not every day though. Some days it looks like they have a bee in their bonnet, nuts!

                  • There is you-tube video of a jet spraying. It was recently filmed by another private jet following it.

              • @Archivist – YOU LIE!!

                Go away you Yankee Yank-off Troll.

              • Might be a valid point for a high humidity environment, not so much for Arizona during the dry times of 10% or less humidity and the sky is a shade of grey or white when in the 80,s they were a clear deep blue.

            • There are chem trails in the world of doom and misfit toys.

              • urban dogshit, don’t know where you’ve been, but we’re in the real world!

                • There brave dude. I made myself brave too. You infancy like in the world of tough computer guy. All day everyday. You are a scared old guy and have to rely on family for a bug out place. You live in a world of fear and waste your life.

                  • Take remedial English, get a GED, learn how to troll using complete sentences…

            • Dig deeper, Barncat. Don’t know where you live but central Oregon’s blue skies are doused with chemtrails.

              • Their just trying to kill all of the worthless libs in Portland and there-abouts…

                Just needed them for their votes…since votes no longer count, they are no longer needed.

            • Sorry Barn Cat, you are mistaken…

              The first chemtrails were temporary antenas used for over the horizon communication, before sattelites existed. During the 1990s, when people began talking about “global warming”, Dr.Edward (I love the H Bomb)Teller proposed using the same aluminum/barium trails, to create artificial cloud cover. Do a search, you can find the paper. Also, go to, and read the years of research…

            • Keep in mind that chemtrails have been categorized as an “exotic weapons systems” by the 107th CONGRESS of the United States in House Bill H. R. 2977.

          • I looked at the video on that site. I have never seen the sky look like it does in some of the pictures. Where I am we have blue skies and clouds like we always have. We have a few contrails from high-flying jets, but very few that persist. They only persist when the humidity is high. I know that in some heavily traveled airspace, such as NYC, there might be enough persistent contrails in the summer to actually merge into artificial clouds. But that has always happened ever since commercial jet traffic started in 1953. Finding blue skies in a major northern city might be hard anyway because of smog.

            There are some strange claims in the video, such as we’ve never had heavy wet snows before recently. Then they started in with the climate change fantasy.

            I have been all over the eastern half of the US from Florida up to Canada and as far west as Oklahoma, and I have never seen anything like the photos in the video.

            ps: I was thinking about the grid patterns, and it occurred to me that it might be they’re taking new aerial photos for Google Earth.

            • They only persist when humidity is high is total BS!!! Chem trails persisted all day long in the southwest US(low humidity area) where I used to live, so please stop! I realize that some people prefer to believe fairy-tales, but you shouldn’t try to sell them as fact!

              • JP your right I live in west Tennessee where the humidity
                is very high and they persist and for those that don’t
                believe you can see when the generator is turned on and
                off just watch the sky and you will see

              • jp, I remember back in the late 50’s early 60’s living near military installations watching the long white trails flowing out behind those high flying planes watching them move around actually thought it looked cool, didn’t know back then it was a conspiracy to kill us all??

              • Over PDX, you can watch the same aircraft fly from north to south, and lay the trails over the metro area from south of PDX, to north of Vancouver. The lines are unmistakable, then the trails spread into a milky “cloud cover”.

                Real contrails, or jet engine vapor trails, are easy to dsicern from chemtrails.

                A short vid:


            • No, that’s not it. When we moved here about 1 1/2 yrs ago, google earth had the same picture up of our place as they are showing now. We have added a lot to the property since that pic was taken.

              • Well there ya go BarnTard, another ill informed reply from you LOL. Tell ya what, 1 more chance, go to the DOE website and read the documents on geoengineering if you want proof. And search for the video What on earth are they spraying. There is also a patent on the sprayer on file. Do some homework before you lose all credibility man! Oh and tell Hannity and Rush I said FU.. LOL

                • Ok gotta go play a game of conflicted with my wife, see ya all later 🙂

                  • That card game was very enlightening… what would you do if….and discuss it with the other players.

          • HOW I TREAT MY ASTHMA.
            Because of the chemtrails…
            I have VERY bad asthma.
            I have the asthma that creates buckets of crud in my lungs.

            I found a way to deal with it.
            Below is a link to a SALT INHALER.
            They use these in Europe.

            The inhaled salt micro particles limits the histamine reaction in the lungs.
            So…no “LUNG BUTTER” yuck.

            Most likely in time…you or a loved one will come down with asthma.
            They are spraying barium and nano aluminum powder..finer than smoke.

            I’ll take some heat for this but thank God they are doing this.
            Why… The ozone layer is mostly gone. Without this shit in the sky…all the plant life on the planet would burn from the suns UV rays.

            Yes, it sucks they are doing this..but at least they have a solution or a fix.
            But I do miss those days of DEEP TRUE BLUE SKIES.
            I was the last generation to ever see them. Sad.




        • A few things to have in your attic now, long before this type of chaos comes down:

          1) Bio-hazard signs (Ebay sells these)

          2) Quarantine signs (Ebay has some of these as well)

          3) Caution tape (Ebay or your local hardware store)

          4) Orange spray paint (Any hardware store, get the good stuff that the government and utility companies use. It will have the down spout for spraying on the ground).

          These are supplemental items for deterring entrance into your home. Inside, go hard with door braces, carbon fiber screens, security film on windows and plenty of booby traps. Anyway, you can probably guess where I’m going with this.

          When a major disaster strikes your area, first thing you do is caution tape around your entrances. Next, place the Quarantine and Bio-hazard in highly visible locations around the outside of your home. Next, draw a body outline near the front door, be sure to let some condensed pea soup dry in a puddle near the head of the outline. If you can handle it, place animal excrement whipped into a paste with water, near the ass of the outline. You are staging someone dying a horrible death here, make it look good! Doing all of this under the cover of darkness is preferred.

          The idea is to prevent a looter from wanting to enter your home in the first place. These people aren’t geniuses and would likely steer clear of something that looks like a major disease zone. Stage your quarantine area carefully, going for full on death and disease. You may even want to pick up some road pizza, freeze it, and bury it when needed under 2-3″ inches of dirt near the front door. Make it smell of death too.

          We all know if someone is determined enough to enter after all of this, you better have something waiting for them. I know this idea may sound extreme and a little gross, but ask yourself, “would you enter a home with this shit all over it?”, yeah, didn’t think so.

          • Here’s something I’m playing with right now. Large canisters of bear spray. It’s supposed to be illegal to use on humans but given the right situation I’d hose somebody in it. It would be an easy way to put down a group of assailants.

            • also try wasp and hornet spray long jet an really nasty stuff

            • Hammerun, I’ve been stocking up on bear spray myself. I already carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go. that’s also supposedly illegal, but I don’t follow ANY restrictions on self-defense. Following those laws has a price tag: your life! While I’m thinking of it: if any of you live in kommiefornia and can get out, do so!

          • Too funny ! I believe it might work . Thanks.

          • Pretty much in line with what Selco is teaching.

            May very well work (especially on gullible city population).

          • Or if one was so inclined they could in theory of course empty a #10 can of something tasty (freeze dried steak, etc.) and spray it with nasties and dry it out good then recan it with a new oxy absorber and put the original label on the new can 😉 Nice suprise for looters, govt. thugs, people you don’t want coming back LOL. Payback IS a bitch! (this is just a theory not a recommendation).:)

          • Kinda makes it tough to sell my home too, after the dust settles.

            Still laughing from the imagery of pea soup and pasted poop. Thank you for this advice and the 2 am chuckle.

          • JR…maybe its just the contrairian in me but Id be more apt to check out a place that looked like what youre saying….youre right in most cases folks may be scared off but Im sure Im not the only one whoed be curious…just sayin… 🙂

        • Good article, Daisy.

          “Chocko ration’s going up, eh?” -1984

          That meshes with the distortion of reality surrounding gun confiscations of the last century, example: Stalin did’nt massacre anyone after taking their guns, that’s a paranoid lie! Um…yeah.

          Side note: Got the “Conflicted” card game, tested it with a dozen people, the answers were most interesting. Conflicted from, highly recommended.

        • Whatever they’re smoking, drinking, or snorting must be some really good sh*t because they can’t tell reality from their drug induced hallucinations. I’m sure that’s the case for some of them but other folks like Popular Mechanics, and the like, must be doing this out of some misguided desire to protect the public from the horror of the reality that has struck, and will strike again, when disaster hits. Some people just aren’t good at dealing with reality in all of its forms.

      1. You are not going to realize what happened till just after it happened. The normalicy bias will take you first,but, as preppers, you will quickly assess the situation that just happened. THAT is the difference between us and them. We know INSTINCTIVELY that all we have is ourselves and whatever knowelege we have acquired through the years. Preppers Rock!

      2. How appropriate that John Mayer’s “Waitin’ on the World to Change” was playing as I read this.

        One of the stanzas is so perfect: “When you trust your television / what you get is what you got / ‘Cuz when they own the information / Oh, they can bend it all they want.”

        • Freedom of the press…is for those who own the press.

      3. Paints a grim picture of what we can expect after “insert your favorite catastrophe here”. Hunker down, don’t be a target for opportunists. The longer you can be self sufficient, the better your chances…imho…

      4. What? They lie? 😉

      5. With ineptocracy who knows what will happen. We have Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals, NSA gestapo, targeting of reporters, and a schizophrenic president thug that who is writing the book on how not to go to war with Syria. I long for the days when congress could ignore a 14 trillion dollar debt and concentrate on whether or not someone lied to them about steroid use is baseball . . . those were the days. I wish we could randomly pull names out of telephone books rather than what we have now.

        Ineptocracy_****(in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

        • You’re wrong. They’re not inept or stupid. They’re evil. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. That’s why the economy is dying and we’re on the verge of World War III.

        • Well, they put “twerking” in the damn dictionary didn’t they, which is some dumb bitch rubbing her ass on some guy’s crotch, in front of a mass audience…this makes me wonder why we have a “dictionary” anyway, if we’re gonna bastardize it with shit, calling it “words”.

          At least”ineptocracy makes sense.

          • I guess Im “behind times” (pun intended) as I didnt know they porned out the Dick tionary. chill its a joke.

      6. If they come to my neighborhood; I’ll still take an MRE and a bottle of water. SHTF I’m not going to shave and wear the biggest clothes I have. If you are boarded up in your house everyone will know somethings up.

        • Bingo. That’s hiding in plain sight and should be encouraged if it won’t compromise you and your family. That and it will stretch out your stores too.

        • Good points Indy. Accept their handout and perhaps stand in line at the soup kitchen just to blend in.

          I’m already not shaving, and I have baggy old clothes to wear. I’m purposely keeping old pants and shirts in storage for the “look poor” days. Same with old worn tennis shoes. Perhaps a couple ball caps can’t hurt. Anything to blend in and gray into the corwd.

          • hell, ScoutMotto, you’re talkin’ about the
            only clothes I own.
            They don’t call me Joe Skid, the country
            bumpkin for nothin’.

            • Outwest you’re the best!

              • Thanks Granny — I’m really fond of you, too

            • ‘They don’t call me Joe Skid[z]…’.

              ahem, perhaps some moist towelettes. Lol, I kid.

        • They’ll hand out food to you as you board the FEMA bus. They WANT Americans to die. They won’t be helping anybody after it hits the fan.

          • BARNCAT you made a good point

        • Good points agreed. Also, if you bug-in, don’t forget to throw some furniture on the lawn, break some things outside, and generally make it look as if your house was already looted and nothing is left. Throw some old clothing and brick-a-bracks out side as well.

          • that’s a good use for a TV, after putting your foot through it, of course.

          • Put a couple of old phone books outside too. Soak them in water first so it looks like they got rained on. I’ve thought of putting a fake note on my outside door. Something like, “When you get home, meet us at Jim’s house.”

      7. I’ve said it before: civilization is only 3 meals deep.

        And even meek people can become animals when the alternative is their kids starving.

        • i think it’s 3 days (or 9 meals), but hell, in some parts of this country, it might very well be 3 meals.

        • CV…..I think 3 meals duration has been reduced… of today we have no existing starvation and we see thugs are killing innocents such as the Ausi student, 84 years old WWII vet, and today killing a bus driver in Manhattan after the thug screamed he hates white people. Food shortage only adds into the audience but the actual SHTF is here.

          • those are all black on white crimes.. the unofficial race war on whites because of the Zimmerman verdict. Did you notice something in common in the pics of looters?

            • Dave in ID, black-on-white crime has been on the increase since the 2008 campaign.

            • Dave, Exactly right. I was ready to go out for a while and was afraid I get beat up. Where the FUCK is Eric Holder?

            • White Genocide is part and parcel of the nwo gig, been going on long before the Zimmerman trail. In the 1990s, and Autrailian author named Paul Sheehan, wrote an article titled: The Race War of Blacks Against Whites

              You can still find this article, the statistics are double what was written 20 years ago. Despite what msm would have you believe…

        • Please take note of the “Troops” riding on the State Police Tactical vehicle. They apparently are well armed, well hydrated and well fed. Those on the ground are quite the opposite. If anybody doesn’t believe that ethnicity doesn’t play a significant role in these situations please go visit your State Prisons and Federal prisons in your area of residence. Unfortunately, the lower socioecenomic groups perform a disprepotionate amount of the felonious crimes which result in incarceration. While in the correction system their behavior deteriorates even closer to that of an animal. We then let them out early due to overcrowding and they end up on the streets worse that when they first went to prison/jail. That having been said, when the SHTF this whole damn country could end up looking like post- Katrina New Orleans. Arm up, train up, stock up and pray up.

      8. I can still hear Donna Solli today: “When is the government coming?? We’ve had no water or food for three days! People are going to die!”

        There are a lot of Donna Sollis out there all over the place. “Well, you have to give us some of your food and water, or we’re going to die! Give us some of your food!”

        Ya know, I have no problem with charity and with helping friends of neighbors, but my survival dictates that I keep the greatest share for myself, since I paid for it and saved it when it was wise to do so in the first place. Those of us who heeded the warnings are not the selfish ones. We put aside in anticipation of the hard times.

        “But we have no food, and we’re going to die! We can’t die! Do you want people to die?”

        I have neighbors with four little kids next to me. I will certainly not see them starve if the parents are not keeping up on preps. They will have some food, milk, etc. There is a limit to this though, as I and my own need to survive, which is why I prepped in the first place.

        I read on one web site the other day something like: “So you have one year of food saved up. Good. Go get more. You’ll thank me later.” I see no harm whatsoever in increasing the stash. My only limit is real estate – basement, bedrooms, etc.

        • ScoutMotto, I’m right there with you. Some charity on occasion is OK, but as you said, there has to be limits to it. All supplies I’ve ever bought for me over the years, the money came out of my pocket and no one else’s, ESPECIALLY NOT TAXPAYERS MONEY! Sadly, this nation is full of Donna Sollis. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own well-being. I’ve never put off my own responsibilities on anyone else. whatever kids other people bring into this world, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THOSE KIDS, NOT I NOR YOU NOR ANYONE ELSE! Same thing goes for me if I had ever had kids, which I don’t. Life will be very interesting when MEGA SHTF finally hits. braveheart

          • It’s good that you didn’t have any, just sayin ….

            • Thank goodness, are you talking to me, @hole? The only reason I didn’t have any was because my wife was killed by a POS drunk driver before we could have any. My wife, God rest her soul, was a tough, top-quality woman that you didn’t want to f#$% with! She could’ve had your sorry ass for breakfast, lunch, supper, and even a snack if she wanted to. I can also take you on if I had to, so go f#$% yourself!

              • Brave dude. Wow on the anger. You are right about not wanting to fuck your wife. I am sure of that.


              • Braveheart. I don’t believe in laws against drunk driving. Too much government. I will drink and drive whenever I want. When the government comes they better be ready. I will shoot them in the face. I will do what I want when I want. Sorry about your wife tho. Collateral damage. Freedom first.


                  • Brave dude. I think he was making fun and light of anti government morons. Just illustrating some laws are needed. Just as you would think all gun laws are bad. Tell your bullshit to the parent of a dead kid killed with a gun. Anything goes and some people don’t agree with your anti booze, drunk driving, government nazi bullshit.

        • I admire your sentiment and willingness to help your neighbours should SHTF but I can see two problems. First, how can you guarantee the supplies you give out will go to the kids? And second, once you give them anything, they will keep coming asking you for more and more. Or worse, they’ll tell others just how kind and generous and well-stocked you are.

          And once it becomes known to ANYONE that you have food to spare, you might as well hang a 20 foot neon bullseye over your house. In my opinion, you’d be better off teaching the neighbours how to plant and care for some crops, and maybe give them a starter crop worth of seeds, some chicks or baby rabbits and a how-to guide to keeping them, all while the times are still good.

          But don’t get me wrong. I probably won’t have many good nights’ sleep should I refuse to give out some of my stores and people die of starvation, thirst or exposure. But I can live with the nightmares if it means my family isn’t going hungry or worse.

          • There’s no point in giving any food to anyone unless they can survive on their own OR unless you’re taking them in. Otherwise, any food you give them delays the inevitable and makes you a target.

            After it hits the fan there will be a lot of people hunting small game. It won’t be long and there won’t be a bird or a squirrel or a rabbit to be found. Unprepared people can try to live on what they can hunt but they won’t last long.

            • I was actually going in the “teach a man to fish” direction, combined with “give him a fishing rod and a loaded tackle box” instead of just “give a man a fish”.

              ScoutMotto has his heart in the right spot and I have to admit I don’t think I’d be half as charitable as he. So I was trying to suggest means to offer his assistance to his neighbours without compromising the survival of his own family. After all, if he can get the neighbours to prep and think about sustainable food sources then he won’t have to choose between digging into his stores or watching their kids starve.

          • Canadian Vet, excellent points. I don’t care what other people do for themselves. I don’t plan on giving away anything if I can avoid it. That situation is definitely a double-edged sword. My neighbors ignore me for the most part, so I think I’ll be OK in that regard. what concerns me is strangers coming into my neighborhood looking for food or anything else. That is where I expect trouble to come from. braveheart

            • Braveheart, In reading your post over time I feel like we’re cut from the same cloth, I’m not married nor kids. The road that go’s by my house went nowere, now theres five new homes back it. I’ve had to have Conversations with them going by my place like their in a Baja race, witch makes me an asshole I guess.I call it Disrespect to me and a list of other resons. The point being I would help anybody out, but treat me like your better than me. I wont be walked on and I dont take shit from anybody, I dont care who you are or how bbig your think you are.Again I would help but I dont see anybody coming down my lane witch works for me..Good Luck an standing by in pa.

              • PA farmer, I hear you loud and clear. I don’t even try to date anymore. Just not worth the effort these days. i’ll help someone as long as they’re making good-faith efforts to help themselves; pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but I’ll tell a freeloader to just move his sorry ass along. braveheart

          • CV,

            “First, how can you guarantee the supplies you give out will go to the kids? And second, once you give them anything, they will keep coming asking you for more and more.”

            I can’t. I’m counting on the parents of thoe four kids loving them enough to feed them. As for them coming back for more, I’m still weighing how things would work out just from trying to be nice.

            • I won’t be answering my door.

            • Canadian Vet is correct, you will become a target. End of story.

              • You can be charitable without becoming a target. Distribute the extra food and water at the roadblock checkpoint leading to your area.

                • Even that is risky. Then your whole area will be marked as one with supplies to spare. Or worse, you will be followed home by someone creeping around the roadblock.

                  Or the extreme worst case scenario, someone in your area that you trust comes around and decides to go after your stores because he sees he much you can spare.

            • Like I said I admire your altruism. But if you’ll refer to comment 2214421, you have other options to see them fed like teaching them to plant and maintain a garden or food animals like chicken or rabbits, maybe even providing them with their first crop’s seeds, chicks or baby rabbits and some help in setting up the coops.

              If you do this in the still good times, you would be teaching them how to fish instead of giving them a fish and you would have led them to water. Whether or not they drink, it is no longer your problem because you will have done more for them than most would have already.

        • Food grade drums buried deep . Or a ” new septic ” tank , koi pond , well or what the fuck ever as long as it is wide and deep and cement lined. I always thought an inground pool would be an excellent place to store shit with a cover on it. Oops the damn thing sprung a leak and I can’t afford to fixt it. After stuffing it witk supplies then cover it with dirt and plant an ornamental garden ).

        • “you have to give us some of your food and water, or we’re going to die!”

          Scoutmotto, they got that about HALF right…

          • Sixpack, they got the part right about they’re going to die BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DO LIKE WE DO, WHICH IS PREPARE. they refuse to take responsibility for their own well-being. As individuals, it’s all we preppers can do to provide for ourselves and/or our loved ones. any spouses and kids we have are the only other people we have to provide for. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLES’ FAMILIES. WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, NOT ‘ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS’ FOR FREELOADERS TO FEED FROM. Sorry for the caps. Articles like this one really get me on a roll. then the trolls that come on here don’t make things any better. braveheart

            • EXACTLY, BH…exactly.

        • I keep a three year food supply, but would like to expand it to a seven year supply. I also keep a one year water supply, but plan to up that a bit, as well. One can never be too prepared.

          • Leslie Anne, that’s what I’m shooting for myself. I’m concentrating primarily on more food and water now. Whenever the balloon goes up, I don’t think any of us will be as prepared as we would like to be. I just keep stressing to everyone to get everything you can now while there is still time. the more we can get, the better our chances of survival. It is true that no one can ever be TOO prepared. braveheart

            • A lot of people don’t realize these are still the good times.
              Water is crucial. I have a nice Katadyn filter, but figure the first year of a crisis will be the most dangerous time to be wandering about looking for water. So I have the water to last me a year and can then fall back on the filter for additional water. (Although I would still like to up my water supply some more).

              • Leslie Anne, you’ll love that Katadyn filter. I’ve used mine only twice but it works good.

        • You need the “Conflicted” card game…

        • ScoutMotto, you are awesome and so very right. Great post.

      9. yes, i was one of the skeptical ones. i keep hearing this for 2 years and saw nothing change, so i gave it up until these stories came out:

        1. news stories of how some are living in greece.
        2. what detriot has turned into.
        3. that cyprus and now poland just took peoples money.

        i dont think its going to be a SHTF and all the suddens its the 1800s everywhere, but a slow decline that keeps affecting more and more until govt systems collapse because there’s not enough money coming in to keep things running.
        i think we’re still years away from this unless WW3 breaks out, the the US could decline to SHTF in a year or so.

        • I think the collapse will be gradual then sudden. China and Russia could destroy the dollar and the bond market by dumping all their dollars and all our debt on the market at the same time.

          • i agree with that senario. it is going to be one thing taht really triggers it, but there’s still a lot more rope in the US before its at the end.

            even if WW3 breaks out tomorrow and gas goes to $10, its going to take a while before that shuts down the US economy.

            • Unless Russia and China dumping the dollar leads to panic selling of the dollar worldwide. Then we could experience what Weimar Germany experienced: prices increasing 10 fold each month. A loaf of bread goes from $2 to $20 to $200 and so on.

          • Barn Cat, we’ve been going through collapse since the 2008 financial crisis. I also believed it would be gradual, then sudden. This house of cards can stand for only so long. braveheart

            • @BH

              As a business guy, been watching the markets and financial house of cards a long time. I do expect a single event that jerks the yarn and unwravels the whole thing relatively quickly, like a derivatives crash, followed by extended bank holidays and a dollar collapse. We are seeing a dollar collapse now, but in slow motion.

              There is no way out of his global, fiat currency debt holocaust except a crash, eventually followed by a re- set. Problem is, this will be a controlled crash, with the PTB stronger than ever, and the Sheeple so decimated that they will bend to anything.

              We are already living in a nightmare, a truly unreal world. This will not end well for most. But I will tell ya’ll this: Most business people I know are also secret preppers. Run into them all the time. They know the score. Many have bug out locations. If you have a business head and have been at it a while, it is not hard to figure what is going on with
              the Fed, the central bankers, the rigged game.

        • The 1800’s AD would be a paradise compared to what’s coming. My guesstimate is more like the 1800’s BC .

        • The 1800’s AD would be a paradise compared to what’s coming. My guesstimate is more like the 1800’s BC .

      10. Self-sufficiency means freedom, individual freedom is the only thing worth fighting for, so in turn the Government and the MSM (ministry of truth) work to take the fight out of us.

        Once the SHTF the clock on civilized behavior will tick quickly, I’ve read fifteen days but as most know it will come down to the cultural norms within your country, state and city. Unless it was propaganda the Japanese people pulled together quite well after the tsunami, I don’t believe America will fare the same but one can hope in one hand and arm themselves with the other,

        • Y99, that clock will tick faster than you think. I’ve seen the SHTF within just a few hours after a hurricane and it’s nothing nice. Fifteen days? Ha, less than 1 day. The only reason Japan didn’t come unglued after their tsunami and Fukushima is that they don’t allow immigration in their country. Won’t be the same for us, considering the nature of some of the different groups of people here. it’s only one of many reasons why I prep. braveheart

          • especially when you consider that tens of millions of others came here from other countries just to get free stuff.

            • Both statements are true, I don’t question how bad it will get because of America’s lack of cultural and moral purity. The real issue for me is having the ability to quickly identify who the initial threat is, I don’t mean the first mob or unprepared neighbor to show up on my lawn for a handout; it’s what government agency threatens my survival first.

              It is through those initial confrontations that government will use propaganda to paint us as the enemy, they’ll use our forethought and preparedness as reason to condemn us in the public square.

              Strength in numbers and planning will be the only way to survive for any length of time.

          • BraveHeart, If you want to pack up your truck and relocate up here, I can help you find a place to rent, etc. Where your way of thinking is the norm and so is prepping.

            • I love Idaho Dave, bit cold in Winter for my liking although I may be on a hunting trip there late in 2014 if the world hasnt gone belly up in the meantime. Where I’ll be bugging out to here is within a few miles of the coast – temps range from 35 to 70 in Winter and from 60 to 90 in Summer. Good growing seasons, good rainfall, good fishing and hunting and plenty of seclusion.


            • Dave:

              Check out my comment. Somehow it got stuck way down the line.

            • Dave in ID, I’ll keep the offer in mind. My way of thinking and prepping are also the norm in north GA where my relatives are located. I already have an arrangement to go to a cousin’s BOL if I can get out of my current location in time. braveheart

            • He already moved in with BI Dave.

              • “M”, I live alone.

        • I have been to the US several times and can truthfully say if you get out of the bigger cities we are remarkably similar in beliefs and outlook. We were once a fiercely patriotic country, like you, but with a larger and larger percentage of our population not being born here they therefore do not have the intense love and patriotism so essential for a cohesive society.

          They are, by and large, no more than economic migrants whose loyalty is still to the country of origin even the so called “refugees”. We, like you, have a large entitlement class who are little more than parasites, sucking on the public teat and contributing stuff all to the overall prosperity of the country.

          It is these people, who also are also inmates in our jails in numbers out of all proportions to their population percentages and responsible for a similar large percentage of serious (and therefore by inference, minor) crime which suggests that when TSHTF there will be serious looting, crime and most likely total anarchy – that is the background from which they come and to what they will eagerly return.

          My belief is firmly that a city will not be the place to be. Prep and plan accordingly.


          • It is truely sad what they have done to our countries. Good luck.

        • I lived in Japan for over 2 years. They dont have the “multi culture” problem. Thats why there was no rapes, murders, riots, and looting over there.

      11. I wonder how many people will actually buy into the propaganda.
        We have all seen the video of the police officer looting after Katrina. But I am curious to see if peoples memories will be rewritten in accordance with what lame stream media says. My bet is that the number of sheeple is quickly reducing, and many people will trust their memory and not what they are told… I hope so.

        • I know I trust my memory over govt propaganda, always.

      12. hey if you have grown numb to all the lies out of Washington..Now you can get more lies from the Media, and Japan

        trust me..this is all about sounding like everythings OK..Its all about getting the Olympics they don’t want to scare anyone off that might still have half a brain..

        Wheres the 100 tons of fuel rods at folks? huh? where?

        • VRF, I don’t think I want one person’s propaganda over someone else’s. braveheart

          • im an equal op it really doesn’t matter where the shit flys at the fan.

            any idea where the 100 tons of fuel rods went? anyone?

            • yes im being rhetorical

            • Ah…they made them into little robots that bring your coffee to you and are able to both cook your food and light your home with a gentle glow all while requiring no batteries?

              • …they had to prop the back fence up with SOMETHING…

      13. Maybe we should be asking what’s going to happen to America since Putin has effectively made Obama his bitch?

        • The HNIC will find another way to destroy us. count on it.

          • LOL – I must be slowing down. Do you know how long it took me to figure out what in the hell HNIC meant? LMAO

            The whole world is going to shit, and I have to get Alzheimers.

            • Sorry, I alway think of Blazing Saddles when I think of the gov. Remember the scene in the governers office with the cabinet meeting?

        • CALIFORNIA their just playing the game OBAMA jump the gun
          to soon that’s all

        • Perhaps America can now get off under him and fix this mess…anything that hurts barry helps America…

        • Ca Res, Putin didn’t make obummer anything—the stupid jackass did it TO himself, all by himself…much like the rest of the world, Putin just stood back and watched.

      14. What happens when the SHTF?

        I believe it would be the exception, not the standard for a community to maintain normalcy after the SHTF.

        Our leaders do NOT want us to be educated, aware or prepared. When the majority is unprepared and relies on the government … it is so much easier to make the changes THEY want.

        • Howdy, KY Mom. I think it’s safe to say all of the nonpreppers will be crying, “Where’s the government? Where’s the government?” I’ve seen it happen in New Orleans and even in Miami when I live down there. I’ve always been grateful to mrs braveheart for selling me on the idea of prepping. I’ve never regretted it for one minute. When I lived in FL and went through hurricanes, I had everything I needed ahead of time before it hit and I survived all of them with flying colors BECAUSE I WAS PREPARED. I was a prepper before the word was een invented. I’ve always depended on myself and no one else, ESPECIALLY NOT SOME STINKING GOVERNMENT. I’ve never trusted anyone else but mrs braveheart, God rest her soul. It’s going to be so hellish and horrific for the nonpreppers whenever the balloon finally goes up. We preppers, on the other hand, shall persevere, BECAUSE WE PREP. braveheart

          • braveheart,

            Well said! I agree.

            I pray that you will meet a good woman who will help and support you. No disrespect intended. I know that had things been reversed, you would not want Mrs. Braveheart to face these trying times alone.

            I have added you to my prayer list.

            Take care. May God bless and guide you.

            KY Mom

            • KY Mom, thank you for those kind words and no disrespect taken. I know you mean the best in the world and I enjoy those articles you post links to. mrs braveheart is in a much better place. she would be grief-stricken to see what this nation has become. If I can’t have another woman like she was, than i’ll just keep doing without. I’m not desperate. I won’t lower my standards or even compromise my beliefs. braveheart

              • BH….”If I can’t have another woman like she was, than i’ll just keep doing without”.
                YOU ARE AN HONORABLE MAN.

                • Tactical, thank you for that. I’ve had a few others off and on over the years that were lower quality than she was. None of them could hold a candle to her. About the time of Ruby Ridge, I had one girl in particular that ended up trying to steal from me. Came home from work one day and found her and another guy [she’d been cheating on me] trying to steal my preps. I pulled my .357 on them [had only revolvers in those days] and told them both to get the f#$% out of my house right now if they wanted to live! never saw either of them again. You don’t know how close I came to wasting both of them on the spot. I was shaking badly afterwards, but I recovered and my preps were safe. braveheart

      15. @ScoutMotto..agree with you on the ‘lack of real estate’ for storage…but it’s funny I say that,as each time I go to basement or closet to ‘re-arrange’ STUFF, I seem to find a little bit more room. (:

        I recently had to be ‘creative’ in finding more space as I had a friend who moved across country, and was unable to take all their preps with them and was kind enough to leave MUCH with me…..there really are ‘Angels’ out there!!

        Nice article Daisy, (as usual) take care all, CC.

      16. Daisy, I’m glad I saw your name attached to this article, otherwise I was going to ask whose fantasy world is the author from? I know that Daisy Luther ALWAYS writes good articles. I was in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina and saw with my own eyes some of the s#$% that took place. The chaos and insanity I saw was real, not some illusion. I voluntarily took part in some of the rescue efforts. Had to fight off a few of the monkeys that wanted to do something to me. Oh, yes, I had some real fun in New Orleans [sarcasm intended]. When MEGA SHTF finally hits, it will make Katrina look like the proverbial sunday school picnic. Think of Katrina in every major city in the US. Like that old Beach Boys song goes: “We’ll have fun, fun, fun til’ Daddy takes the T-bird away”. Hell, I’d give up the T-Bird to avoid what’s coming down the pike for all of us. braveheart

        • B/H now you know where Daisy’s been, writing this article. kiss-kiss. Ck her site out it’s pretty good if your into prepping instead of b/s*itting. If you think Katrina will be looked at like a picnic tells me you weren’t there or the news was lying about the rapes, roving gangs, bad cops and Gov. forces running the constitution in the ground, unless all that was lies it sure would make a SHTF situation for those that were. I’m sure there keys to the t-bird would have done no good 6ft under water.

          • Z-71, I’ve been prepping since the 1970s. it’s politicians and others that BS! SHTF will hit the entire nation and all urban areas, I have no doubt about that for even 1 minute. I’ve been through more bad things in my life than I want to remember, but I’m still alive and kicking. I’m a survivor!

            • Many people don’t realize prepping isn’t just for widespread SHTF. It’s good to prep because a person could experience job loss, illness, a family member’s job loss/illness, natural disaster, pandemic, etc. When I was buying my home and needed to scrape up a bit more money, I just lived off my food storage a few months (with the added benefit of having less to move). I sometimes make up care packages for others (it helps them and helps keep my food rotated). A lot of things can happen in life that are not actual “end times”.

      17. The government wants as many people to die as possible after the collapse. The global elite want to depopulate the earth to a “sustainable” level of 500 million. There are about 7 billion people on the earth right now. That means killing 13 out of every 14 people. Not only that but America is going to be depopulated at a higher rate than the rest of the world. They want to make sure America as we know it will never rise again. And they plan to deindustrialise America and have Soviet-style collective farms that Mexicans will work in. Hence the open borders people on both sides of the aisle.

        • Barncat:
          Sounds like you have been reading some of the same stuff as I have:

          Black Nobility
          Club of the Isles
          The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor
          The (true) intent of The World Wildlife Fund

          Interesting education isn’t it. Ask a sheeple if they have ever bothered to read any of this.

          • Can you post some links? I’d like to read some of this myself. Thanks
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • Daytona Matt:

              This should pique your interest for a few days:

              The best:

              www dot iamthewitness dot com

              The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor:

              members dot tripod dot com/americanalmanac/fallhous dot htm

              Black Nobility:

              biblebelievers dot org dot au/bb980306 dot htm

              Committee of 300 (2010) Who rules the world?:

              pseudoreality dot org/committee of 300 dot htm

              Of course, everywhere I have put a dot you replace with a period.

              Let me know how mad and disgusted you are about the history you have been taught….

              • Thanks Granny! & yea, history in school was deplorable. I’m kind of lucky, as I have a keen interest in it. But, I think this will really will be eye opening. My wife and I have been seeing so many stories come up as “file not found”. Revision is right. Thanks again!
                Standing ready in Daytona

                • archive dot org and their “Wayback Machine” can be your friends. A lot of stuff that has disappeared from sites can still be found on the archived copies they store.

                • Daytona Matt:

                  Here is an all inclusive one on the House of Windsor, Club of the Isle, World Wildlife Fund:

                  tuks dot nl/docs/eir (The coming fall of the house of Windsor)

                  • Read an online free book called “Gruesome Harvest” published in 1947, its ten chapters that deal with the After affects of WWII Germany when that main 4 allied nations, usa-brits-france-russia, agreed to the “Potsdam” agrement. It devided german lands into 4 zones, each ruled by one of the 4 allied nations.

                    As you read how badly german folks, Innocent Non nazi-reg avg folks, got screwed you will see a vast comparison to todays usa troubles.

                    Example: After WWII all 4 allied nations sent in a mass mix of Diversity Multicutural soldiers and allowed them to rape german women as young as 8 yrs old. In order to “Breed” the Whitness and germaness OUT and create a mixed bag of raical half breeds etc.

                    What was done to Deindustrialize Germany of whatever was still left standing after being carpet bombed in most areas, is Akin to usa loss of manufacturing factorys since Klintons “NAFTA” etc. What they did to germany in about 4-5 yrs after WWII ended, especially the Russian zone atricities!…Has been done in Like manner almost Identically to america. Only unlike germany in the usa it has been a much Slower process.

                    USA Multicultic diversity of Non-whites flooding into america, and allowing africans and mexicans to get away with countless rapes and murders of whites, is identical to how Potsdam agreement affected germans.

                    I will Post a Link in a seperate post so this post wont get held up in moderations.

                    Heres a list of book title etc…

                    GRUESOME HARVEST

                    The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The
                    People of Germany

                    By Ralph Franklin Keeling


                    127 N. Dearborn Street



                    Table of Contents




                    Chapter I:
                    WAR DEVASTATION

                    Chapter II:

                    Chapter III:

                    Chapter IV:

                    Chapter V:

                    Chapter VI:
                    THE PEOPLE HUNGER

                    Chapter VII:
                    ECONOMIC TRIBULATION

                    Chapter VIII:

                    Chapter IX:
                    THE KREMLIN’S PROGRAM

                    Chapter X:
                    FACTS WE MUST FACE

      18. I was just 85 miles away from the LA riots in 1994. I watched on TV from the time Denny got beaten in the middle of the street until the National Guard came in. That stuff was on 24/7. If you watched you seen just how fast one of these things can get way out of control.
        I’ll never forget the two Korean store owners out front of their shop protecting it. A camera was right on them, two 9mm Sigs just hammering down. Their shop didn’t get looted or burned. Good for them.
        Endless camera shots of looters loading up. Not food, but anything and everything.
        Another one that was a good one. There was a strip mall on a corner with a big parking lot and no chaos was going on on it, nothing at all. Why? The half dozen men on the roofs with rifles that’s why. And NO cops either!
        That riot started out as a reaction to the not guilty verdicts of the officers that beat Rodney King. Explain to me how the hell the Mexicans got in on it. What was their beef? The answer is only obvious.
        Here’s an excellent example of what happens to law enforcement when things get out of control. POOF, THEYRE FUCKING GONE! AND YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!!!
        That place was a free fire zone, no kidding!! Hell, someone was shooting at fire guys. The cops wouldn’t go in and protect them so they backed out too and let it all burn. And they burnt a pile of it.
        Law enforcement is designed to deal with between .08 to 1.5% of a population. Beyond that they’re ineffective, completely. Past that point they are just people driving around looking at shit. But don’t go near state and federal assets, Oh shit. They will protect them fervently, you betcha!!
        In closing, if a shit storm occurs near you like that one in LA. You have just two choices. Be ready, be trained, be equipped, and willing to defend your lives and property. Otherwise, get your ass in your car and go 180 degrees in the other direction as fast as that thing will go.

        • I grew up right in the ‘hood that the L.A Riots started in, and saw many of the places I’d walked by on the way to school as a child burning down on TV. Some things make a life-long impression on you. A buddy of mine from High School was a cop in Watts at the time of the riots and he said they just quit arresting people because there were too many to process, so they’d just take their zip-cuffs and cuff looters to the light poles to at least slow them down.

          • I lived in Asbury Park during the summers of 1970-71, and went to sleep at night hearing gunfire, fire sirens, ambulances, and seeing the burnt out hulls of buildings. I will never forget it as long as I live. Between that, the Roanoke flood of 1985, and Hurricanes Floyd, Isobel, Gus, and a couple others, is what drives my prepping gear…full speed ahead, mateys!

        • Check out the Real True “Greatest generation” WWII Era.

          Chapter V:

          Not only have the conquerors set out to destroy Germany economically by pulling
          down the three pillars of production but they have launched an assault against
          the German race itself by an attack against its mothers. From the record it
          appears that the men who met at Yalta deliberately formulated a diabolical
          program of racial bastardization which they considered an appropriate response
          to the claim of racial superiority.

          A Russian General told General Ira Eaker, Commander of the Mediterannean air
          forces: “We’ve decided just to kill all the German men, take 17,000,000 German
          women and that will solve it.” Something on this order was obviously the intent.
          The millions of German men of marriageable age not killed or disabled in war
          were marched off into slavery where they could not protect their wives,
          sweethearts, daughters and sisters. And then the attack began.

          From the east came the Bolshevized Mongolian and Slavic hordes, repeatedly
          raping every captured woman and girl, contaminating them with venereal
          diseases and impregnating them with a future race of Russo-German bastards. In
          the west the British used colonial troops, the French Sengalese and Moroccans,
          the Americans an excessively high percentage of negroes. Our own method was
          not so direct as the Russian: instead of using physical force, we compelled the
          German women to yield their virtue in order to live – to get food to eat, beds to
          sleep in, soap to bathe with, roofs to shelter them.

          Senator Eastland of Mississippi, after a European tour of observation, told his
          colleagues in the U.S. Senate early in December, 1945: “The virtue of womanhood
          and the value of human life are civilized man’s most sacred possessions, yet they
          are the very cheapest thing in Russian-occupied Germany today.”

          He had learned first-hand of such incidents as the following, told by a priest in a
          letter smuggled out of Breslau, Germany, September 3, 1945:

          “In unending succession were girls, women and nuns \iolated. . . Not merely in
          secret, in hidden corners, but in the sight of everj^body, even in churches, in the
          streets and in public places were nuns, women and even eight-year-old girls
          attacked again and again. Mothers were violated before the eyes of their children;
          girls in the presence of their brothers; nuns, in the sight of pupils, were outraged
          again and again to their very death and even as corpses.” [1]

          Meanwhile newspaper headlines assured us that “Ivan and Joe Are Brothers
          Under the Skin.”

          Prime Minister Churchill had told the Germans in January, 1945, just before they
          surrendered unconditionally:

          “We Allies are no monsters. This, at least, I can say on behalf of the United
          Nations. . . Peace, though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to
          Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and

          When our Russian Allies “liberated” Danzig they promptly liberated all the
          women of their virtue and chastity – by raping all – from small girls to ladies as
          much as 83 years of age. A 50-year-old teacher says that her niece, 15, was
          violated seven times the day after the Russians arrived, while her other niece, 22,
          was raped 15 times the same day. When women of the city pleaded for protection,
          a Russian officer told them to seek shelter in the Catholic Cathedral. After
          hundreds of women and girls were securely inside, the brave sons of mother
          Russia entered and “playing the organ and ringing the bells, kept up a foul orgy
          through the night, raping all the women, some more than 30 times. [3]

          A Catholic pastor of Danzig states: “They even violated eight-year-old girls and
          shot boys who tried to shield their mothers.”

          It was the same in all regions overrun by the Communist Armies. When Berlin
          fell the Commander told his Russian soldiers the women of the city were theirs,
          to help themselves. They did! The only escape the women had was suicide.

          The following is an eye-witness account of what the Russians did in eastern
          Germany written by a veteran American newspaperman who had been taken
          prisoner by the Germans in Paris and later freed by the Russians with whom he
          stayed for nearly three months as they swept over eastern Germany and on to
          Berlin and beyond:

          “London, August 4, 1945 – As our long line of British Army lories (trucks)
          carrying American, British, and French liberated prisoners of war from the
          Russian to the main Anglo-American zone of Germany rolled through the main
          street of Brahlsdorf, the last Russian occupied-town, a pretty blond girl darted
          from the crowd of Germans watching us and made a dash for our truck.
          “Clinging with both hands to the tailboard, she made a desperate effort to climb
          in. But we were driving too fast and the board was too high. After being dragged
          several hundred yards she had to let go and fell on the cobblestone street.
          “That scene was a dramatic illustration of the state of terror in which women in
          Russian-occupied eastern Germany were living. All these women, Germans,
          Polish, Jewish, and even Russian girls ‘freed’ from Nazi slave camps were
          dominated by one desperate desire – to escape from the Red zone.”
          “In the district around our internment camp – the territory comprising the towns
          of Schlawe, Lauenburg, and Buckow and hundreds of larger villages – Red
          soldiers during the first weeks of their occupation raped every woman and girl
          between the ages of 12 and 60. That sounds exaggerated but it is the simple
          truf/i.” (emphasis added)

          “The only exceptions were girls who managed to remain in hiding in the woods or
          who had the presence of mind to feign illness – typhoid, dyptheria or some other
          infectious disease. Flushed with victory – and often with wine found in the cellars
          of rich Pomeranian land owners – the Reds searched every house for women,
          cowing them with pistols or tommy guns, and carried them into their tanks or trucks.

          While a good number of American troops have resisted the example of others and
          deported themselves in a manner becoming their Christian backgrounds, the
          record for our occupation forces as a whole is dark.

          An Associated Press dispatch from Nuernberg, Germany, quotes a letter which
          appeared in STARS AND STRIPES written by Capt. Frederick B. Eutsler,
          Chaplain of the 478th United States port battalion, charging that public behavior
          of American troops in Germany had become deplorable. He urged that the
          newspaper “launch a crusade against this disgraceful conduct which is earning a
          bad name for our army,” and added, “I refer particularly to the assumption of
          many GI’s that every German woman is immoral and it is their privilege to force
          their attentions on these women and insult them with indecent proposals. [7]

          In April, 1946, the military authorities found it necessary to “crack down” and
          ordered stricter adherence to soldierly standards so as not to “discredit” the “fine
          performance of our troops in general.”[8]

          One of the consequences of the immoralities of howling G.I. wolf packs is an
          upsurge in venereal diseases which has reached epidemic proportions.

          After our
          arrival, contamination soared. In December, 1945, only 7 per cent of German
          civilians receiving venereal disease treatment were men; by August, 1946,
          however, men constituted 41 per cent of the patients. [10] In other words,
          contamination had spread from our troops to the German women and finally to
          German men.

          A large proportion of the contamination has originated with colored American
          troops which we have stationed in great numbers in Germany and among whom
          the rate of venereal infection is many times greater than among white troops. In
          July, 1946, the current rate of infections among white soldiers was 190 per 1,000
          men per annum, meaning that slightly less than one in five would be infected in
          the course of a year. In contrast the rate among negro troops stationed in the
          American zone of Germany was 771 per thousand![ii] In speaking of this general
          problem, Lee Hills, Chicago Daily News foreign correspondent, writes:

          “Two of the biggest headaches in the American occupation of Germany are
          problems we brought with us. One is the extreme youth and inexperience our
          army men . . . The other problem – and one so politically touchy the War
          Department is afraid to remedy – is the hea\y use of Negro American troops. The
          result, despite some superb Army leadership at the top, is that American prestige
          has steadily dropped from its V-E Day peak.

          “The top men in Germany, almost without exception, think it’s a mistake to have
          so many (42,000) Negro troops here. ‘They’re simply not trained and disciplined
          for this job, which is vastly more complicated and delicate than fighting,’ said one
          general. ‘They have a higher crime rate, a venereal disease rate several times that
          of the white soldier, and a worse record for mischief in general. . . Frankly, the
          worst problem comes from our colored troops going with white German girls.
          This stirs bitter hatred among German men. Many of our own soldiers feel almost
          as strongly about it.”‘[l2]

          That the German women do not accept advances from American troops out of
          choice but rather out of sternest necessity is shown by the close connection
          between the venereal disease rate and availability of food.

          G.I.and Allies crimes WORSE than Nazis!

          It fails to declare that the crimes to be committed by the Allied armies of
          occupation would eclipse those of which the Nazi armies have been accused. Now
          that the war is over and the heat of combat has died down enough to enable us to
          view the cold facts again, it must be brought home to the American people that
          much of what they have been led to believe was born of propaganda, that the
          German army, for example, actually behaved itself very correctly toward the
          people of occupied territories whose governments were signatories of the Hague
          and Geneva Conventions. The facts are now well known, and are beyond dispute.

          Reference Notes:

          [I] From “In den Haenden unserer russischen Allierten,” Der Wanderer, April 11, 1946.
          [2] Time, Jan. 29, 1945.

          [3] Nord-Amerika, Dec. 6, 1945, as summarized by Dr. A.J. App, Slave-Laboring German

          Prisoners of War.

          [4] B.J. Kospoth, London, August 4, 1945, Washington Times Herald, and Congressional Record,

          Dec. 4, 1945, p. 11554.

          [5] Walter Trohan, Washington, Feb. 6, 1945, Chicago Tribune Press Sersdce.

          [6] David Darrah, Stuttgart, Germany, July 24, 1945, Chicago Tribune Press Service.

          [7] Associated Press, Nuremberg, Germany, Feb. 24, 1946.

          [8] Associated and United Press, Frankfurt, Germany, April 24, 1946.

          [9] Edward P. Morgan, Nuremberg, Germany, April 3, 1946, Chicago Daily News Foreign Service.

          [10] Hal Foust, Berlin, Aug. 17, 1946, Chicago Tribune Press Service.

          [II] Hal Foust, Berlin, July 22, 1946, Chicago Tribune Press Service.

          [12] Lee Hills, Frankfurt, Germany, Aug. 8, 1946, Chicago Daily News Foreign Service.

          [13] Same as No. 11.

          [14] Same as No. 10.

          [15] Dr. A.J. App, Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe.

          [16] Catholic Digest, December, 1945.

          [17] Requoted from Dr. A.J. App, Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe.

          • Read ALL 10 Chapters of, Gruesome Harvest, for truth of what Really went on AFTER WWII was Officially Ended!

            Book from 1947 Fast read, 2 days or less if a good reader.

            This is what You never were told of in school-history text books, MSM-and Especially phony wwii Hollywood movies made by Jews with a definate Jew bias slant against germans and white folks.


      19. Sun Tzu once said, “All War is Deception.” This pithy saying is as true now as it has been since the advent of history. To think otherwise not only leaves you but your loved ones open to a world of hurt.

      20. Great article, Daisy! Always appreciate your insights! And thanks for posting her articles, Mac! Y’all are both very much appreciated!

        I have been prepping for about 6 years, and for much of that time have come to realize that our gov, the media, and just about anything/anyone else in an “official” position, only spews info that suits tptb. My family thinks I’m loony, and don’t want to hear anything I have to say. So I keep my mouth shut, and I’m biding my time…and prepping! I have NO DOUBT that ts WILL htf – and sooner, rather than later.

      21. You people who have generators better think twice about firing one up after it hits the fan. In a world with no gas and no electricity it will be quiet enough that you won’t be able to hide running a generator unless you live in the sticks. Running a generator will make you a target.

      22. I remember a natural disaster where the people remained orderly. They waited in line patiently and didn’t riot. Oh, that was Japan after the Kobe earthquake.

      23. I went through the 4 hurricanes, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and the last was a couple days of no power. In my little slice of Mayberry, the vast percentage of my neighbors were eating that shit from the FEMA trucks in the first week. Out of curiosity, I accepted one “meal”, WHAT is that horrendous looking & smelling slime my neighbors were soo happy to receive? I took photos and was going to save a small amount to drive my prep point home, it spoiled within 16 hours. A small sample bottle BURST in the refrig. After that, I started telling them that I’d rather eat them than that crap! Jokeingly, but it got the point across. We had tons of food & water in food grade drums, but I could see only one other family that wasn’t standing in those lines. And, as soon as the sun went down, the crime rate exploded!!! Generators would start, few hours later & silence. Didn’t matter what it was, if it could carried, it was gone! You name the crime, right there in Holly Hill. We’ve since moved to an infinitely better situ.
        Standin ready in Daytona

        • A few years ago, I saw a couple pull up next to a generator at a small construction site, pull all the plugs and throw the still-running genny into the back seat of their car and drive off—it wasn’t even SHTF, just a couple of druggies looking for a fix.

          It WILL be much worse.

          • That would get someone shot in my county.

            • Yeah, but it’s about par for the course in Portland.

        • I knew this country was going to hell in a handbasket back in the 60’s, when they started fencing simple home construction sites. It’s 20 or 30 times worse, now.

      24. I wish my wife was on board like you all on this site. I’m a LONG time reader and I believe this is only my second comment. I prep for my family alone as she is in no way shape or form interested and really we don’t talk about it. I mean, yesterday I was showing my daughter one of the Lifestraws that just arrived and my wife walks into the room and begins to question it. I mentioned I got 4 of them and she mumbled something about “that’s just what we need right now…” and walked away.

        Like 2 days before she found a large pack of TP in my car in the back (SUV) and asked if it was for the house and I said no. You would have thought hell was going to break out in the driveway. I said it’s for my other stuff (my preps). So between those instances and the fact that I’m setting money aside, things are getting tough around here :/

        Any advice out there?

        • Do what you have to do to protect your family. Have you tried showing her various articles and youtube vides? The one by Porter Stansberry called “The End of America” is what convinced me. A good, short one is called, “The Day the Dollar Died”.

        • Tell her: to get on board or shut up.Tell her you will spend the money on preps or hookers and whiskey, she decides.

          • That’s pretty much what I was thinking of saying too. Start stacking the stuff on your side of the bed and under it. Tell her that someday she will thank you. Either be quiet and trust me, or go back to your mother.

          • Show the Wife what the Bible says: Wives SUBMIT to Husbands!…..Show the verses about how God ORDAINED the Man as HEAD and the women Under him in the Godly Ordained Order of Hierarchy. IE: God then Christ then Man then woman. Genisis also has a nice few hard hitting verses where God tells Eve “Your desire will be for the Man, but he shall Rule over Thee”

            Desire for the Man, means eve will desire to be Boss since she scammed Adam into also sinning as she had done. Now eve/women shall desire to be the Head/Boss.

            God says NO! His orig plans still stand! Man is Boss Period. And no ammount of femanazi liberal kommie bitches ranting or whineing about that is going to ever change it as the Facts as God designed it to Be.

            Thats a major reason femanist femnazis are also Atheists. They hate that God ordained it that way. Too Bad for femnazis eh!

            ps not implying Your wife is a femnazi. Just was as an example I used.

            • “Bitches be Crazy…Got your Back Jack”
              -Sheldon Cooper.


        • Been there…done that…and lived to tell the tale. You can ask your spouse to read books, look at articles…they still think you’re a dumbass.

          Till something happens. After my stash got us through Superstorm Sandy, there isn’t as much antagonism on the subject. It isn’t exactly that he’s on board, I’m still doing it all, but it’s gotten a lot less nasty and more accepting.

          Long story short…unless something bad happens to THEM, they aren’t going to get it.

          • Is it too early for me to propose marriage to you? I can trade in a wife he’ll get along great with.

        • I had a wife that wasn’t understanding in the beginning of my prepping but she came along. I never spent a huge amount of money at one time; just started adding extra at the store like water, rice, beans. I did spend more on ammo and arms than I should have a few months ago. I told her she should be happy I’m not a man that goes to bars and wastes money because everything I buy has value. Tell her to think of it as a hobby of yours like how other men play golf. Another way you could mask this stuff is to act like you are going to camp a lot and maybe join a boyscott regiment or something. Bottomline, everyone has fun money and you should tell her this is how you choose to spend yours.

          If she thinks prepping is stupid; tell her this. You may have four tires on your truck, but you still carry a spare. The same goes with prepping. We all hope to never use it, but we will all be ahead if SHTF. Good Luck

          • Oh yes. Perfect logic. I think there are maybe just a few more flat tires than shtf events.

            • There sure aint no shortages of Urban MUTTS running around all the Ghetto urban villas eh.

        • Maybe just keep it low key and quiet but keep it up … also split your supplies into two parts keeping one as your primary and one as your own little secret in case something happens and the first on is compromised…reason being Ive heard of situations where a spouse had a stash against the wishes of the other but then when a disaster took place the dissenting spouse gave all or a major part of the stash away to neighbors and such…Im not saying you are in such a spot but others may be and as they say its better safe than sorry…Im blessed in that my bride of 30+ years is in agreement and grew up in a lean household…hope that all of you can win them over but in the meantime do what you can with what you have where you are!

        • Searching13, welcome aboard, and glad to hear you’re prepping for yourself and your family. You’re doing the right thing; no question about that. sorry to hear your wife isn’t sold on it. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut if an EMP or other SHTF event occurred and she discovered no stores, no ATMs, etc. she’ll start singing a different song. braveheart

          • How in the fuck would you know ?

            • Mason Jar Man, f#$% you!

        • Don’t press the issue, but get some sites, and vid links, and ask her to check them out. She will either look at the information, or not. Most people are afraid of this issue. They are afraid that all might not really be right with their world. It is far easier to accept comfortable lies, than blunt truth. It is better to say nothing, and continue to prep silently, than force the issue. Good luck.

        • Don’t bother with videos or books, you can’t convince her, she’s already heard it and this is the reaction you got.

          Just keep quietly doing what you are doing, don’t spend the rent money, make sure she still has her allowance or however you divvy up your family income for discretionary spending, and wait for something to happen that will convince her, she has to come to it all by herself.

          • Outstanding advice. From all of us who have been there, true dat.

      25. I’d love to hear BO give one of his sugar coated bullshit convincing speeches on this matter. He’d probably say along the lines, this is why Americans are the greatest people in the world because, (WE) all come together to tackle adversity when it comes a knockin 😀 I can’t stand people trying to be American.

        • Buzzfix, People can try to be American but can they be REAL AMERICAN? Real Americans are fair, strong and believe in God and goodness of mankind.

      26. I wish my wife was on board like you all on this site. I’m a LONG time reader and I believe this is only my second comment. I prep for my family alone as she is in no way shape or form interested and really we don’t talk about it. I mean, yesterday I was showing my daughter one of the Lifestraws that just arrived and my wife walks into the room and begins to question it. I mentioned I got 4 of them and she mumbled something about “that’s just what we need right now…” and walked away.

        Like 2 days before she found a large pack of TP in my car in the back (SUV) and asked if it was for the house and I said no. You would have thought hell was going to break out in the driveway. I said it’s for my other stuff (my preps). So between those instances and the fact that I’m setting money aside, things are getting tough around here :/

        • @Searching13, some individuals (wives/husbands) wake up slower than their respective counterparts. Sadly, your efforts will soon speak volumes of truth to those that ultimately depend on your attitude and preparations.

          Hang tough brother…THEY will thank you in the end. After all, what we do is really for THEM.

        • I agree also. Stay persistent, get in a tight spot and when you have to fall back on your preps, she’ll come around. My wife was really reluctant in the beginning then we on two occasions were lucky enough to have the preps available at hand. Now we maintain about 2500lbs of everything. Once you get it going its nice as not having to run to the store all of the time. She will see this at some point. She is your wife and you have to live with her, it’s your call. If at anytime those preps saves your asses, she’ll see the light. Until then, I don’t know what to tell you. Good Luck!

          • Searching 13;
            There’s one other thing. This shit scares the crap out of people. We are all different and we all have different levels of fear. You, me, everybody here, no body wants to see something like this happen. Some people chose to confront it and others choose to ignore it, thinking it will just go away. But you may come to a place wether to go along with her or deceive her a little in order to protect her. A husband wants nothing more than to protect his family.

        • Your marriage will implode before the economy. Your wife sounds like she is tired of your shit. Maybe just humiliated and embarrassed. Sounds like your ass wipe is going to get your ass kicked to the curb. Oh well at least you will have butt wipe in your car when you live in it.

          • Urban Dog:

            Do you use a fire hydrant?

            • Evidently, “the dog” uses this site and commentary. Maybe “it” either eats, or at least picks up “it’s” own crap!

            • Granny and Yental, I don’t know about ‘it’ and don’t really want to know.

          • Well, well, well, the troll urban dogshit is back. You back off from the guy. sounds like you’re the one who needs his ass kicked to the curb. what the f#$% is your problem today; the MSM sites get too boring for you? we’re giving advice to someone new at prepping whose family is resisting the idea and you step in with a totally stupid and asinine remark. Who the f#$% yanked on your chain? I don’t think anyone here did. Move your trolling @ss along.

            • Urban brave dog shit to you old loser. I am brave. I wrote it therefore, like you, I am brave. You are not in charge so I will not move my ass along. You are a loser on a computer. All day long.


                • I own my bug out location. You don’t. You are a sponge who needs relatives to take care of. You need the pity of relatives.

                  • Urban dog, how much trouble did you have when applying for that mortgage? easier said than done, but lucky you. I tried once to get a BOL in the Ozarks bsack in the 90s. Was turned down for the mortgage even though I had more than enough down payment and even a cosigner. That was one dream I hated giving up on more than anything.

            • thumbs up, My wife resisted at first. I started slowly now when she runs out of something in the home and goes to my preps and gets it, I just say ” nice huh?” she smiles and I keep prepping.

          • urban dog

            What you destroy in others will bring about your own destruction in your time of need.

        • Searching13
          I wish I could find the key to that situation and send it to you, my situation with my wife is not confrontational at all, but she is not involved.

          I’ve come to the conclusion that her aversion is pure fear, it’s something she just doesn’t want to think about.

          You can try as I have and see if she’ll read “one second after” she may read it, she may not but it’s best I think to only help them find there way to the obvious.

          Good luck Y99

          • Sorry 99. I was confused when you said all hell break loose regarding the toilet paper. Do you read your comments? Not confrontational tho. Hahaha

            • Yeah, you’re confused as hell.

        • Don’t get me wrong here, my wife is on board, lets me spend whatever I think is needed without a word and even buys things once in a while. One of my daughters helps out a lot and the other just studies me. At first she thought I was nuts, but that was a few years ago. I think she is beginning to see things my way finally.

          But once in a while just to sweeten the pot I go shopping for them. Once I bought them all a purse and another time I bought them all expensive bath robes. I brought them home with a load of stuff from Dick’s and Cabellas. Not one of them questioned my preps.

      27. So, this seems like a lot of rhetoric for naught. FEMA still advises the public to stockpile food and other necessities. FEMA is a government program, so I don’t see the government trying to do the things you declare. That being said, I am not pro-government and I think people are crazy to depend upon the government. I also will agree that our Constitutional rights are being slowly erroded, but we are allowing that to occur. I just think this article is purely for speculation and devoid of basic facts.

      28. The Lone Ranger:

        As usual, my response to you is in the last topic. Sorry.

      29. I can remember hurricane Ike like it was yesterday. My area got hit pretty hard. Did I see fear and panic, you bet I did. Oddest memory has to be when I visited the grocery store to get a couple of items, ten people in at a time only. Everyone in line, talking out loud, I need this, I need that, what if they don’t have this…no atm machines on, cash only sales. No running water in my area at the time, and that meant no working toilets. I was lugging water from the pool to the toilet. I’ve feel more awakened not than I did 5 years ago. Hopefully I will be more prepared myself for the next event.

      30. Myth my ass! I was told by former ATF agents how bad it was in New Orleans! How the City police bailed out and left. And how they were being shot at by snipers. And the gang rapes, looting, thirst hunger.

        • read “The Great Deluge” Lays out all the chaos and the breakdown of government that started before the storm ever hit. Never trust the government. Gives insights from thoughts of Nagin, local radio media, and citizens from all districts. This is a 400+ page book, but worth every bit of it. It may help convince some spouses, as it was written by an Historian.

        • Agent provocateur, they told you right. I was there and saw some of it. I even helped a few people avoid being victims of that shit. NOPD totally candyassed and left. Everyone was truly on their own. It was a true SHTF situation.

      31. *****H7N9 UPDATE*****

        New Bird Flu ‘Has Unique Traits’

        Infections like the common cold spread easily as they infect the upper respiratory tract, the nose and throat, so sneezing releases a lot of viruses into the air.

        Other more deadly infections, such as the H5N1 bird flu, infect the lower respiratory tract deep in the lung where they can cause deadly pneumonia.

        One of the researchers Prof Thijs Kuiken told the BBC the new bird flu could do both: “This has not been shown for this virus before.

        “The study points to the fact that the virus has the potential to transmit easily in people and give pneumonia.”

        Emerging H7N9 virus has potential to cause a pandemic

        Virus attaches to both upper and lower respiratory tract epithelium, according to report in The American Journal of Pathology

        • Satori:

          I will take my chances before I will take whatever vaccine they may be “cooking” up.

          Need more info:

          Nomorefakenews by Jon Rappaport has all the information you will ever need concerning vaccines.

          • @Pissed Off Granny: Thanx 4 the info, I will check that out. Just last week my Dr. wanted me to take the shot(as I’m in my 60’s)for pneumonia,(which I chose not to)

            She told me she is an expert on infectious diseases and had worked in that field for several years and really encouraged me to take the vaccine….then gave me a phamplet to take home and read up on it!

            • They’ll tell you anything you want to hear, to get you to hold still…

          • were mandated to take the flu vaccine at my hospital. One of the nurses became ill just 2 weeks after the vaccine, and is still having autoimmune issues and a vague diagnosis of possible rheumatoid arthritis. Another person came down with Guillian-Barre one month after taking it at the behest of their physician. a very sad story.

            • PenCRNA, I never take any kind of vaccine for anything. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s website is a very good source for info on vaccines. Link to follow.

            • she also has written a book titled “Say No To Vaccines”; an excellent reader.

            • I had been working at a clinic for probably 6-7 years when one of the healthcare providers said that I had to take the hepatitis series. I confronted the clinic manager about it and he said that each employee had the choice whether they wanted to or not. I refused and as I was one of the employees, I had access to my medical chart and low and behold, there was written in my chart, Non-compliant. Why would any body want those diseases placed, on purpose, in your body?

              • What amazes me as a physician is how honest everyone is about vaccines. I have never seen anyone create any false documents showing that they have gotten the vaccines elsewhere. Maybe there were some that I just wasn’t astute enough to recognize but it seems like every patient that I have seen produces legitimate paperwork. Given the high incidence of opposition to vaccines, I am surprised that no one is peddling false papers.

                I might note that I am not a fan of vaccines but I used to work in places like nursing homes or youth centers where the PTB required some vaccines and I had no say so over that policy.

            • And putting in a disability claim by chance? Just one person? Why not all of you? That’s right. It’s not the vaccine.

          • Granny, I’m with you all the way on that. I never touch vaccines or even any prescription meds for that matter. I saw what chemotherapy did to my mother when she had her breast cancer. that only reinforced my belief that doctors cannot be trusted. braveheart

            • Hi Braveheart:

              And what it did to my late husband, my dead brother, and now my sister who has 3-6 months to live.

              • Granny, my condolences for your losses. May they rest in peace.

          • Take a look at this recent Message given to Maria Divine Mercy:

            For every evil act of war and terror, God will cast them out and strike them stone dead
            Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

            My dearly beloved daughter, the world is about to endure terrible wars and hatred will spread and infect many nations. Unrest and division will be present in most countries and people will know then that times have changed beyond belief.

            A deep unsettling anxiety will be felt and people will find it difficult to know whom to trust. This is how Satan infests God’s children, as he pits one against the other. Only those who believe in the True God will find comfort, for they will know that their faith and love for Me will keep them strong.

            You must pray hard, so that the deceit that has fallen, which is the cause of many wars, will be exposed for what it is – an attempt to cause deep division and hatred in order to control. My Father will punish the oppressors, as they cause havoc and pain upon the innocents. They may kill and maim many, but they will be struck down by My Father, for their wickedness.

            Those who believe that they can create war and fool the world will not get much time to boast of their wicked activities. Their fate is sealed. Intervention by the Hand of God will be seen in every part of the world. For every evil act of war and terror, God will cast them out and strike them stone dead.

            War created by the hand of man destroys life of the flesh. Punishment by My Father stops the life of the soul from being given the Gift of salvation.

            Your Jesus

            • Yet another Message:

              This fire will also be cast down upon the enemies of the Earth and those who persecute these Two Witnesses
              Saturday, August 24th, 2013

              My dearly beloved daughter, you and all those who have been blessed with the Truth, must know that the wrath of Satan is increasing against this Mission. His daring interference has meant that he has now manifested physically before you, for the third time. He groans in pain, but cannot withstand My Light, which is present within you. You must gain the strength you need, through the recital of the Holy Rosary, in order to prevent him from attacking you. Oh, if souls could witness what I permit you to endure for the sake of this Mission, they would faint with shock.

              Those who insult Me during My preparation to save souls, will be cast aside as this battle intensifies, before the antichrist is presented to the world. When you become obedient and question nothing, which I demand of you, I can save more of you and pluck you from the grip of deceit, which will be planted within your minds by the evil one.

              Don’t you trust Me to protect you? Don’t you know that when you accept the Graces I give, to help you withstand the pain of rejection, that they are meaningless if the receiving soul has reservations or doubts? I cannot fill you with the strength, the courage and the Gift of the Holy Spirit, if you cower and hide. You must be open to My Call, My Love, My Gifts.

              The Seals contained within the Book of Revelation have already opened. Now that they have opened, fire will fight fire. As the fire of hatred erupts, when the beast prepares himself, fire will be poured over the Earth by My Father. This war will not just be a spiritual one. The Earth will be rocked, split and the fire will burn it, as My Father inflicts punishments, so that He can delay the actions of the evil group.

              My Father’s Power is to be feared by those who follow, blindly, the lies, which are inflicted upon the world by the evil one. He will retaliate for every wicked act carried out by any of you – knowingly or unknowingly – when you pay homage to the enemy of God. The Power given to My Two Witnesses – the Christian Church and the House of Israel – will mean that fire will pour from their mouths, as they spread the Flames of the Holy Spirit. This fire will also be cast down upon the enemies of the Earth and those who persecute these Two Witnesses. Do not underestimate the battle for souls, for it will be a terrifying one for those who deny the Word of God. Those who uphold it, will be protected, so that their proclamation of the Truth can be given to those who have no idea what has befallen humanity.

              This is why you must accept My Graces, to give you the strength you need to fight in My Army, so that I can bring an end to the wickedness.

              Your Jesus

              • Yet another, this one from God the Father! And He is angry!

                God the Father: Fear you, those who stand up and curse My Son
                Sunday, August 25th, 2013

                My dearest daughter, I Am to bequeath a great Gift upon the world because of this My Most Holy Mission. I Am going to save 200 million souls, without hesitation, irrespective of how much they offend Me, and I will do this next week because of the suffering associated with this Mission.

                My Act of Intervention is because of your request, My daughter, and I will continue to grant great Gifts as this Mission continues. Those who love Me will endure, with patience, the persecution they face and will continue to endure, because this is My Desire.

                Those who persecute you, My dear little one, because you continue to proclaim the Holy Word of My Son, must know this. If you demonise My Son, I will punish you. If you demonise His Most Holy Word and then say that you are a child of God, I will cast you into the wilderness. Nothing will prevent My prophet from completing this Mission. Nothing. Try as you will, you will fail, for you will be fighting a war which you will never win. My Almighty Power cannot be touched, tampered with or challenged. Challenge My Divine Intervention to save the world and you will feel My Wrath. You will be destroyed. Fear you, those who stand up and curse My Son. Your pride and your disobedience will be your downfall. I have warned, through the prophets of old, the consequences of ignoring My Voice.

                I now move forward to finalise the beginning of the final onslaught upon humanity. I have permitted the final battle to take place. I have given the evil one the last chance to infest those who are drawn to him. I do this so that by the Mercy of My Son, souls will defy the beast. They will do this because of their loyalty to My Son. Those, who do not know Me or My Son, will be given great Graces so that they will accept salvation. All salvation is by the Power of My Mercy. Only those stubborn hardened hearts will remain loyal to the beast. I will pull all the others towards Me. I will ensure that every chance will be given to every soul, so that they can redeem themselves, before My Son, before the final day.

                This Final Mission has been created in Heaven since the beginning. All the angels and saints work in union to bring all of My children back to Me, their beloved Father. The final journey is now. All who walk with My Son, stay close to Him at this time. You will not be able to endure this painful journey unless you listen to what He tells you. Do not be swayed by those who will work day and night to force you to turn your back. If you allow this to happen you will find it very difficult to pick yourself up again.

                You are nothing without My Son. You are nothing without Me. Until you surrender all and follow the Truth, you will never find it.

                Attempt to prevent the Truth from being given to the world by Me, your Creator and I will strike you down and your weeping will be of no consolation. I will cast the proud and arrogant, who believe that they know more than Me, into the wilderness. You will not succeed when you defy My Word and deny My Presence when I try to save you.

                Ungrateful man, you have little time left. By listening to Me, you can come to Me, but you can only do this when you crawl on your face and fall in humility before My Son. My Mission has reached a very dangerous phase as every effort will be made by those who are My enemies to tear it apart. This may seem to happen, but know that those enemies of Mine have very little time and soon, when My Patience has been expended, they will be no more, for they will never see My Face.

                Your Father

                God the Most High

                • This, the LATEST Message, published on 9/10/13, is so BEAUTIFUL!

                  Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days
                  Friday, August 30th, 2013

                  My dearly beloved daughter, please ensure that every nation hears My Prophecies, so that they can prepare themselves for the wonderful, renewed Earth – the New Paradise. Every child of God is entitled to his or her inheritance and so, just as if they were preparing for a great wedding, they must begin to plan for this Great Day.

                  I Call out to Jews, Muslims and Christians, as well as every other creed, to listen to Me now. Not one of you will be untouched by the wickedness of the antichrist. But if you prepare now, you will become immune to the suffering which he will inflict on the world, by taking the Seal of the Living God and keeping it in your homes.

                  When the Word of God, the True Word, is made known to you, you must stop and listen, for it will lead you to the Gates of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This New Paradise is awaiting and will become home to billions of souls, including those who await in the state of Purgatory and in Heaven. I will unite all those whose hearts are open to the Command of God, who will feel the Love of My Mercy.

                  Please do not fear this Day, as it will bring you great happiness, peace and joy. My Kingdom will astonish you, because of its astounding beauty. Many of you fear My Messages because you believe that the Second Coming means death – the end. But that would be an incorrect assumption.

                  Those of you who come to Me willingly, without any conditions, with humility and love, will not experience the pain of physical death. Instead, you will, in the blink of an eye, find yourself in your new surroundings. This will shock you at first and you will look around you quickly to find your loved ones. I will save so many souls that you will be with your families, including those who you love, who are already with Me in Heaven and those I will release from the fires of Purgatory.

                  Great rejoicing will take place everywhere. This will last 100 days. My New Paradise will have only one religion, the New Jerusalem, where I will be adored, daily. All will be in union with the Holy Will of My Father. There will be twelve nations, but only one language, for I will not permit division.

                  I will appoint leaders and in each nation there will be no shortage of food, water, homes or life. There will be no death, because I will give all those who enter, Eternal Life. All nations will work together to spread the Word of God, and happiness, which is impossible to attain on Earth today, will be one of the greatest Gifts I will present to you. You will be very much loved and you will love Me, just as I love you.

                  Many of you will meet generations of your families, going back centuries. Generations will continue and so you will see your sons and daughters marry and produce perfect children of God – each blessed with great Graces. There will be appointed, a Head of My Church and his name is Peter, for I promised that he would form My Church on Earth. And so, in the New Paradise he will head up My Church.

                  Oh if only I could show you what lies before you, you would cry tears of joy and fight your way to the Gates. So please, all of you, ignore attempts to stop you in your quest for Eternal Life. Ignore those who tell you that I do not Exist. Do not give credence to those who use My Holy Word to convince you that I do not speak to you now through these Messages.

                  You must fight for all of you to be given this glorious inheritance, for no man has the right to deny another this great inheritance, which belongs to every single one, no matter how blackened their souls may be. I Am giving you the tools to bring Me souls, everywhere, so that together we can destroy the work of Satan and move swiftly into the New World.

                  My peace be with you.

                  Your Jesus

                  [Note: to access these free Messages, go to and just click on the button that says MESSAGES. God bless you all!]

                  • The best joke on the Internet today. I needed a good laugh. They let inmates have internet access. How humanitarian!

                  • Vincent- How humanitarian of you to make fun of someones religious beliefs! BTW, I’m sure your warden would like to see you too.

                • Are you going to be OK? I worry about you.

                • IN The Bible: the Apostles asked Jesus “How should we Pray”?…Jesus told them: “Do NOT pray Repititious prayers(rosery- 10 hail marys again and again) Like those Pharisee do. The Father does NOT listen to such Repititious Prayers…Instaed pray like This…Our Father who art in Heaven etc etc etc”

                  Hail Marys constantly Repeated IS repititious prayers.

                  So take Christs advise and Word on it..Or Online Maria! aka Mambler Jambler supreme cultist at large.

                  • You’re not a biblical expert or scholar Themguys and everyone can believe as they choose! I doubt seriously that Jesus would have allowed people “only” to pray in a particular manner and I think that he would be thrilled that people pray period, so do everyone a favor and get off that high horse that you have elevated yourself to!

                  • Since you seem to prefer literal translations of the bible, here’s a quote from Matthew 7: regarding judging others.
                    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
                    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
                    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
                    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
                    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
                    6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

                  • His words, written in Greek by St. Matthew, were “…δὲ μὴ βατταλογήσητε ὥσπερ οἱ ἐθνικοί.” “De me battalogesete hosper hoi ethnikoi”. Battalogesete comes from the verb infinitive “battalogeo” meaning to stammer, to babble, to chatter [mindlessly]. The “ethnikoi” were the “gentiles” who worshipped Baal on Mount Carmel and the Artemis-worshippers in Ephesus ( Remember “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”?). They would make certain noises that had a mystical value in that the “stammering” would transport them into a kind of ecstasy. They believed that babbling like demented beasts until they got “high on Baal” would allow them to communicate directly with the Gods. Perhaps they did communicate with some sentient beings in the spirit world, but God, YHVH, the Holy and Blessed Trinity, cannot be contacted through ecstatic prayer. Perhaps they were communicating with daemons. Or maybe just their own febrile “Id”.
                    In any case, Christ our God did not proscribe Christian prayer, whether rosaries, the “Jesus Prayer”, or any other wherein a Christian (Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox) earnestly seeks God. Sometimes it’s all I can do to say “God have mercy” or “Gospodi pomilui”. Sometimes I feel like like my jaw is just a steam-shovel for the dust of the ground and all I can get out is “God have mercy on me!”

            • Why are we listening to someone who claims to be in touch with God when we all have that still small voice within us? Thanks, but I really don’t feel the need to go to Maria Divine Mercy for my spiritual guidance.

              • No one is forcing you to go to any website for spiritual guidance….you have free will, don’t you? The Lone Ranger is merely presenting his religious beliefs….

        • Did you see the Map of the states entitlement (welfare)wages. Kalifornia pays around 35000$ a year. Some states on the east coast are up to 50000$ a year.

          • Dave in id…..”Kalifornia pays around 35000$ a year. Some states on the east coast are up to 50000$ a year.”

            If I may … not the states paying such benefits…IT IS ALL OF US. I work an average 60-65 hrs per week. I don’t even get OT because the scums label it as exempt. When I look at my taxes, based on above figure, I am supporting one recipient per year.

            • Same here. The point I was making is: the larger the ebt, the higher the concentration of recipients will reside.

      32. ” They are rewriting history even though we only lived that history in the past decade. Even though we know the truth of the matter because we watched it live, they are changing the facts to make us doubt our own perceptions.”

        Exactly right… and the pace IS quickening…

        Great job Ms Daisey!!

        • I’m so sorry I misspelled your name Daisy…oops…
          What’s worse…took almost a day to see it…

      33. I think this is the standard path, first ridicule a movement or people, then make them the enemy.

      34. Anyone who commuted into a major urban environment knows what he can expect in a crisis. People are panicked and vicious every day and will run you off the road for a perceived slight. Imagine what they’d do in a real crisis.

      35. Many on the welfare food stamp drawing telly tubbies wont be a danger to anyone. They couldn’t get very far if that had to take the shoe sole express. Its the bad folks that we have living amongst us that are the greatest threat. Folks like the druggie neighbor the husband of that wal mart employee. that husband who she found and married while he was in prision. possibly Your siblings juvenile delinquent child. Maybe your own sorry assed relatives and inlaws. Its people who you know who are your greatest threat. Ive already identified several. I purposely left equipt parked out of sight of the house. Got the Idea from watching Bait Car. I placed hidden game cameras so as to see who trespassed and stole fuel batteries and tools. I never called the law. But I know for certain some who cant be trusted. The batteries where dead. the tools junk imported crap. And the fuel was laced with battery acid. I had that type of things stolen before. All I really lost was a good plastic 5 gallon fuel container.

        • You sly ole devil you… 🙂

        • “Its people who you know who are your greatest threat”

          Absolutely…for my friend I’d hesitate…

      36. George Orwells 1984 was meant to be a novel not an operating manual.

        Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? Apparently life borrows from art if it is to the advantage of those with power and in doing so is then incorporated into society. A wordy way to say YES.

        Shakespeare’s line, “All The World Is A Stage” is so prophetic it should be elevated from literature to divine writ.

      37. I’ve followed this site for about a year now, but this is my first time posting;

        I just did a quick search to verify the article. found this on wikipedia, under “AFTERMATH”:

        I’m active duty Coast Guard and I saw first hand what was going down in New Orleans immediatly after Katrina, “many reports were exaggerated”– HA! Many reports were UNDER-exaggerated, would be more like the truth. I read 1984 a few years ago and never would I believe that something like this could happen, they are literally re-writting our history! Keep a journal, for it will be the only way our future generations will know what’s really going on!

        • G19TMBRWLF, welcome aboard from someone else who was there at the time and lived through it. braveheart

          • It wasn’t exactly a war. Good buddy and storm vet brother.

      38. Hi Dave:

        What a good guy. In the last subject on shtf I was asked about where someone should relocate.

        I said if I were rich I would go to Yellow Pine,Idaho. Not everyones slice of heaven. No doctors, no hospital, 1 grocery store, 2 bars, good fishing, good hunting, fresh air, beautiful scenery…..

        Ahh…what a place!

        I said Dave in Idaho would know what I was talking about.

        • Sounds good Granny…

        • Yellow Pine? I will google earth it. I am Way north by Canada and Montana. I have some land within a mile of the Montana border, but my house is about 12 miles away. You dont need to be rich to live here. Lots of Mennenites, (spell?)whom I buy my bulk items from.

          • @ granny.. wow. I know Mc Call, the closest full size town gets 15 feet of snow sometimes. I would think yellow Pine would get much more and is over 40 miles away East. I would assume you would have to get to town(Mc Call) by snow cat. Not a quick enough escape route for me in the winter. 3 roads, and I use that term loosly in ID. 2 are most likely un passable except maybe by snow cat. I noticed 2 small air strips North and south, but quite a few miles away. Mc Call is a ski town with….Yuppies (fuk them) So I see what you mean by being rich to move there as thier Starbucks slurpping scone munching asses raise the prices up. Just move up here. The more preppers that relocate here, the less the Libs will consider this area.

            • Dave:

              Notice I said “if I were rich”. I would then helicopter in and out. No yuppies there; not their speed. Don’t you get plenty of snow where you are? I was raised in Fairfield, lived and worked over by Sun Valley years ago so I was used to snow. Played in it a lot with snowmobiles. Fun stuff.

              • I have a snow plow, but I dont need a snow cat. There is a few sonwmobiles where I live… maybe 1 per household.

        • What is wrong with Stibnite?

          • Ugly…Did you work there? Have you been there lately?

            The reason I would live in Yellow Pine is because it would be so hard for anyone to get to and from there. The yuckies in McCall do not bother Yellow Pine. Not their speed.

            My nephew owns a house in YP that his grandparents moved from Stibnite.

        • White Genocide, one body at a time…

          • People are catching on everywhere I go. Thanks to the internet people are getting the real news. They are seeing what is happening all over the place. One day the deniers will catch on… maybe before there dead.

            • I do hope you are right. This is one more reason the parasites are desperate to lock down the web. Time is short, and there are only 2 choices…

      39. I and quite a few in my hood were losing gas occasionally. Got a cheap metal jerry can at a flea market and painted “Unleaded Only” on the side. Filled it with gas and a pound of sugar. Left it on my verandah and it soon grew legs. A week later the car belonging to a parasite who lives with his family of losers in a Gubbermint house not far away was dead on the street outside their house. Still there 3 months later.


        • sugar in gas won’t hurt an engine. sorry. but clorox is another story…

          • sugar will gum up the piston rings and seaze the engine. I prefer Karo brand syrup.

            • Dave in ID, I’ve seen an engine torn down after being nailed with sugar. not a pretty sight what that engine looks like inside after the fact.

          • Destroys an engine, I’ve seen one at my mechanics that had been pulled down. When fed into the combustion chamber with the fuel the heat turns it to carbon and it’s like filling the cylinder with grit. Once it’s in the fuel tank the only way to fix it is to remove the tank, fuel lines, filter, pump, carburettor or injectors and clean the whole lot. A little bit does a lot of damage.


        • Works like a charm, doesn’t it?

          These folks think they are so smart, they can steal from their neighbors and no one will know and nothing will happen to them.

          Lucky for them it hasn’t gotten serious, like about food or something. That’s when their house will make a great location to move some deserving refugee family when the crunch comes.

        • old very stale gas can damage an engine. It causes the valves to stick shut bending the pushrods. The engine will turn over very rapidly and not hit a lick. It has the same symptom.s as a bad timing chain. The Myth Busters did a episode on sugar in the gas. Battery acid works fast and will screw up fuel injection. and they can fix the problem and never know that it is the fuel. so it immediately reoccurs unless they clean the entire fuel system. I see nothing wrong with putting thieves on the shoe sole express.

          • Styrofoam melts in gasoline and does wonder for the engines , or so I hear.

      40. Check out my new short story “Alas, Brave New Babylon.” It’s floating around the internet.

        • Hi Anonymous:

          Powerful, powerful truth. I’m past impressed. Congrats!

      41. Fact is most of the time, when the disaster is regional, the government can solve the situation sooner rather than later, and all the disorder we have seen is just the tip of the ice burg. The slow response of the government during Katrina gave us perhaps the greatest glimpse of how much more violence and mayham lurked beneath the waters of a perceived disaster relief.

        On the day that people run out of food or water and realize that help is not coming from a far off government anytime soon, that’s when we will see what happens to the unprepared. I can’t think of the last time that happened, so there is nothing to study that aptly describes this reality.

        • During the Holodomor, in the 1930s, in the Ukraine, people turned to cannibalism…

          • JustMe – I’ll start to be nice to my fat neighbors then. Sorry I had to say it even if it was a poor taste.

            • They will probably taste poor…

      42. Fact is most of the time, when the disaster is regional, the government can solve the situation sooner rather than later, and all the disorder we have seen is just the tip of the ice burg. The slow response of the government during Katrina gave us perhaps the greatest glimpse of how much more violence and mayham lurked beneath the waters of a perceived disaster relief.

        On the day that people run out of food or water and realize that help is not coming from a far off government anytime soon, that’s when we will see what happens to the unprepared. I can’t think of the last time that happened, so there is nothing to study that aptly describes this reality.

      43. My brother was a Sheriff In New Orleans, he had lost all his front teeth, and told me many stories about being in gun Fights with the blacks down there. He new when Katrina was on its way there was gona be no way to defend against the blacks already knowing how they act on a Daily Basis,an seen no sence in staying there with what was coming so he came up too pa,witch after seeing what happen was a smart move.

      44. Again, 1 more prepper = 1 less looter. I just used this prepper/survivalist game to get 2 co workers thinking about prepping. I know at least 1 of them woke up and wants my help. Here is the link for the game if anyone is interested:

        For $10 bucks man, this is a hell of a buy, definitely recommend it!

      45. Can someone help me out here?
        -Why are you all fighting with each other? Why does this site exist? The comments are a series of fear and gloom. Wouldn’t you rather be prepping? You are not sharing ideas, you mainly talk about things that may happen and what you are going to do about it. You are not organizing. You are mentally playing with yourself and each other.

        • Scenerio situations is prepping.

          • Over and over? Scenarios are all the same here.

      46. There is less than 1 hour left in the colorado recall election. If you live there and haven’t voted you may be throwing your 2nd amendment rights away.
        It’s good to see that at least one state has gun owners willing to fight back against the sheeple and the wolves.
        parable of the sheeple.
        Man I hope they get their fangs and claws back.

      47. I can personally vouch for what happened during Superstorm Sandy the shore towns got pulverized Long Beach Island NJ and farther north . I was pretty well prepared but put in some last minute shopping about 3 days before it occurred , on a Saturday.what I observed at the store at that time 3 days before the event was almost all of the D cell and AA batteries were completely sold out people were buying mostly perishables ! Unbelievable ! They had no idea that they would quickly spoil without power. I went for mostly instant dehydrated food – oat meal / potato packets/ bear creek soups etc, dehydrated fruit , canned goods i.e. meat , spam ,chicken , tuna in smaller cans ,instant ramen meals , (the one in the cup I will explain later why) . and rice. I store all of my stuff in 5 gal. Buckets with Gamma lids. After that day the stores were progressively worse each day when the track of the storms path became more solid.

        That Sunday 36 hours before the storm hit a lone police car went up and down our development announcing on the cars PA. That we were to mandatorily evacuate our homes and leave no later than 12:00 pm the following day . Work give all of us within 20 miles of the coast the following day off we were not required to report lucky for me I was not on call with DHS that weekend. Spent the remainder of Sunday boarding up the larger windows , trimming tree limbs and bring in items in the yard , cleaning the gutters typical hurricane prep. Started filling my Military 5 gallon water containers , all 8 it took a while.

        Monday October 29 , police reentered development again without leaving the vehicle annound 9:00 am announcing everyone MUST leave by noon or face the consequence of being on their own . The sun was still out no wind no clouds like any other day . Started recharging my jump start batteries for the radio gear , set out the emergency gear . The news that night predicted a direct hit just south my
        location. The philadelphia news channels started going 24 hours at this point , GROCERY STORES were ordered to close at 3:00 pm , the remander areas of town were ordered to be evacuated at this point and the red cross set up shelters around town away from the lake and bay front. my work called and wanted to know if I wanted to ride out the storm there, I said I would be fine. Did not want to drive 40 miles away knew I would not be allowed back into town after the storm passed.

        Tuesday October 30 awoke to cloudy skies and building wind. Most neighbors left during the night at this time I did not know then I would be awake for the next 48 hours. About noon the power was shut off . I hooked up the police scanner to the battery pack. The storms center was still about a day away. Conditions deteriorated the rest of the day with raising wind and rain at dusk.
        A late model green pickup drove through the development turned around at the cul- de – sak and went back down the road and stopped on the next street , two really dodgy characters got out with a breaker bar and tried to gain entry in the rear of the house behond me , I called the PD they showed up about 5 minutes later nailed them leaving the residence , the joke was on them the house was allready vacant from a foreclosure. The PD then give me crap about not evacuating , a couple of other neighbors showed up , the patrol officer left shortly after. It was raining heavily now. This was just the start of looting for the next week.

        Wednesday October 31 to November 1, 2012. All hell broke loose over night 75 mph plus winds , rain howling gale typical hurricane weather. The shore area were taking a pounding and inland where I live trees were breaking and toppling all over . The sound will be something I will never forget.

        Around noon those of us who stayed started the clean up helping each other, my neighborhood is a pretty self sufficient community we started discussing what we might have to deal with when nightfall came. The police showed up about 4 pm luckily It was the chief of police he asked why we were still here and if we needed any assistance. It was agreed upon we were good and were thinking of putting up a security watch. The roads in and out of town were pretty impassable due to downed trees and power poles. We are in sort of a rural area the largest town is the county seat about 30 miles north of us with a larger population some of it not pleasant company and Atlantic City to the south with their problem residents.

        Night of November 1-2 SHTF we started our watch at dusk most of us covertly armed because word of looting spread on the police scanner. People were using boats to access the barrier islands. And coming up creeks into the inland areas some said they were roving gangs of 5-10 people from some of the urban areas to the south of us in the next county. We got kind of spooked on this news. We had moved vehicles in a v formation to block the entrance to our community. One of the guys had a very powerful portable spotlight. Others went home to retrieve long arms that we kept out of sight but with in reach. We were visited again by the pd they sort of looked the other way because there hands were full at other areas in town they were kind of glad they did not have to keep patrolling our area. I used my PVS 14’s to keep an eye on the road in front of our development it was pitch black at night you could not see your hand in front of your face. About 3 am I ended my watch when I was releved , retrieved my Colt Match Rifle and collapse on the couch to sleep.

        November 3 , I found out returning to our watch barricade that the police got into a roving gun battle with looters who fled by boat during the night on the other side of town . The National Guard was supposed to be arriving later that day but due to Debris Clogged roads it took them an additional 2 days to reach us , we were basically on our own for almost a week. Most of the county was in a state of emergency for 2 weeks. We kept up our watch’s till the guard arrived .
        The Major news networks really did not report about our area there was Loss of life in our area and incredible damage the closer you got to the shore.

        Almost a year later things are still not normal, you never heard about this on the news because it would have been embarrassing to the state government their inept handling of this disaster proved that the government can not and will not help, it is up to you as an individual to prepare .

        lessons learned:
        Prepare way in advance before disaster happens I.e. storable goods , batteries etc.
        Have different methods to purify water, cook ,For hygene etc.
        Two really neatvsurvival items that shined are the SUN ROCKET SUN KETTLE solar water heating system that provided hot water for freeze dried meals, and a KELTY KETTLE for cooking small meals and boiling water.
        Also the use of portable folding solar panel systems by goal zero for running com gear and recharging batteries they worked like a charm .
        The larger lesson a group with arms tends to keep the riff raf away they sought easier prey , just the suggestion that we were armed acted as a deterrent. Those nights in the dark were tense and the worst of it was the unknown, without outside communication we only has a loned police radio to call for back up if needed we were the eyes and ears of our community and treated as trusted citizens I guess we were luckier than most.
        After the National Guard arrived we were still with out power for 3-1/2 weeks.

        I shutter to think what things may have been like if no one in my community was prepared or unwilling to band together.

        Sorry for the long post I wanted to illustrate what really happened during Sandy. The official story by the MSM is not to be believed.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Thanks Night breaker — my hats off to you

        • Amen brother. Great job.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • I’d rather read one actual experience like Night Breaker than a dozen armchair Rambo’s description of their gun collection broken down by caliber. The real deal–like Selco’s website where I am a member–will give you much more insight into what is IMPORTANT when a real crisis hits.

          My thanks for your post…

        • Night breaker, thanks for that story. Brings back memories of what I went through with hurricanes during my years in FL. Glad to see you’re still going strong. braveheart

        • This is what should happen in our neighborhoods when SHTF. We band together, work with the authorities, and take care of the people and property in our area.

        • Were you packing a side arm in NJ?

          • not packing , but with in range on private property if needed.
            Thats kind of frowned on here ;( but it was extraordinary circumstances, I live in a private development. Can not say any more due to OPSEC.

            You have to do what you have to do. Apparently the looters were not obeying the law either.
            Plus my credentials allow carry.

            Semper Fi 8541

      48. When the hordes arrive (and they will) they will be foraging/looking for water, food, shelter just as our ancient ancestors did thousands of years ago. They will be looking for places with all the things you have now- unbroken glass windows, power, neatly kept appearance. Because they know the chances of finding something they need and want are greater in those locations. A burned out, busted up looking place with no windows doesn’t look as inviting or promising for hunting or gathering items of value.

        All the biohazard tape, signs and warnings in the world mean nothing to animals… which is what you will be facing. Freshly killed dead bodies in your front lawn just mean they take the clothes and boots off of them, or they will know someone there is armed and dangerous…and they should return in greater numbers later. If you really want to know how people will act…just study animal behavior, because deep down people are all animals. If you want a decent visual of how things will be- watch the movie ‘The Road’ and I guarantee you will think differently about things after that.

        • Socrates, Confusious says, it will be hard for a band of douche bags to continue past the first several who have fallen due to a splitting head ache…

          or sucking chest wound.

          • lastmanstanding, truer words were never spoken.

          • True enough…to a degree. The smarter ones send in the disposable grunts first…to test the defenses. When they see them fall- they wait. And wait. They wait for you to come out of your foxholes or boarded up shelter to move the pile of dead bodies that are drawing flies and attention. Or they send a child to your door to see if you will shoot them. When you think it’s safe to open the door a crack and see what’s going on, it hits you…right square in the forehead. You know, the place your body armor wasn’t. Point is- the animals are thinking like animals, they are no longer human and you have to quickly know the difference between what was and what is.

            Oh, I highly suggest everyone buy ALOT of big fire extinguishers…you will need them. When they find out you are holed up someplace and they cannot get in, they will burn you out. Works every time, all throughout history. Flaming arrows can be shot incredibly long distances…with a simple arc.

        • So we should burn our own places out before the hordes get to them?

          Run this logic past us again.

          • @Smokey-

            Sorry if I wasn’t very clear. I’m saying people cannot ‘divert’ or fool the masses with slight of hand or parlor tricks. If they see what you have and they want it they are coming in. Do not put faith in ability to fend off the hordes, unless you have your own standing army. Not suggesting anyone burn down anything- but saying a burned out shell will not look inviting… a well kept, intact structure will. I thought it was simple logic really. Anyone who doesn’t think massive fires will be a problem… is clearly in denial.

            In other news: Colorado recall vote successful in removing 2 gun grabbers from office!

            • I think Mr. Rawles recommends roof sprinkler systems like the ones they use in wildfire-prone areas of the country. Those would actually be useful right now in those parts of the American Redoubt that are on fire.

          • If I am forced to leave my home for whatever reason. ill burn my buildings as I leave. Like the civil war general Sherman Ill leave a scorched earth behind. If I cant have it nobody else will. Just as well If I don’t someone else probably will. And If I know for certian its gone ill not be tempted to return. Anyone who isn’t self reliant and prepped should perish. they will not force me from what is mine and then reap some benefit from it. Call me mean greedy and stingy I don’t care. Ill only share with my grandchildren everyone else is on their own.

      49. BO is so full of it. This does not have anything to do with the chemical weapons used against the people of Syria. This is such a true false flag, likely from the rebels that eat people. I think a huge part of this has to do with weakening the retaliatory ability of Syria towards Israel WHEN Israel attacks Iran and all their allies. Without chemical weapons Israel is much less in danger. Of course the other reasons are that Syria blocks the pipelines that would kill the Russian monopoly of natural gas to Europe. Don’t forget the necessary need for the U.S. to stop the bleeding of the petro dollar that Iran has very successfully started. ONLY way of stopping the demise of the U.S. oil dollar is to eliminate Iran, Syria and their allies.

        BO is such a BO that he gets up there and actually believes what he says. A true liar totally believes what they say. Frankenstein Kerry is a poor liar and can’t even shallow this crap, he stutters and gulps and flails around like he has to go to the bathroom when he talks about Syria. What a total truckload of horsesh^& this was tonight. Wasted 20 minutes, again, watching BO’s speech to the public.

      50. The MSM shows events through a straw. They will show a downed tree and make a summer breeze look like a hurricane, they will show an icy patch on a road and make it look like the whole region is shut down due to an ice age event, they will seek out the most pathetically panicked worthless dependency addict to interview. If it bleeds it leads, if it don’t bleed then make it look like it does. Is it no wonder that people see the worst and never see the community that pulled together or the individual or couple that managed just fine by not panicking but by adapting, improvising and over coming.
        So what am I to believe, the MSM? after action reports edited and redacted by the government? posting by some stranger in an area that was wiped out (how did they get on the internet to post if the power is down and internet service has been disrupted)?
        I’ll just do what I do and get ready for the winter and plan next springs crops and projects.

      51. The main reason these “tails of mayhem” have been expunged is simply because they were false reports spread by an anxious media that wanted to keep everyone tuned in. “Everthing is not that bad” doesn’t get viewers.

        This article reminds me of some of the 9/11 and Oklahoma City bombing conspiracies. There were news reports on both days of rumors of other explosions and other attacks. They were quickly rescinded because they were FALSE, not because some shady government types showed up and destroyed tapes and threatened people.

        How sad, when you REFUSE to believe that people aren’t as horrible in reality as they are in your dark imagination.

        • Oops..”tales” not “tails”, lol.

      52. The revisionists can kiss my ass. I WAS THERE during Katrina. Looting, armed assaults, shootings…it all happened, and a lot more of it happened than got reported. And a lot of what was reported was glossed over or downplayed. It was a lot worse than the lying media would have you believe.

      53. Well, yeah, obviously New Orleans will be terrible when the SHTF, just as Haiti or the DR of the Congo will be.

        Can’t we focus on more legitimate comparisons to what readers (i.e. people who can read) may encounter, like the residents of the Texas towns who were swamped with the vermin from New Orleans?

      54. Here in the UK our channel 4 screened a docu/drama this week called ‘Blackout’ about what might happen if there was a nationwide power cut for seven days. I thought it was rather good and it made me think about a few things. I don’t know if you’ll be able to watch it outside the UK but here’s the link, or maybe it’ll pop up on Youtube evetually – it’s well worth a watch.

      55. When they tell us it didn’t happen, we know they lie. If they told us it was all media lies, we would believe that.

      56. The U.S.A. is getting more like “HUNGER GAMES” every minute.

      57. Here is what is not seeming to be considered. Yes in hard times such as Katrina, people will remain good because they know that the disaster is limited. They know, that FEMA or one of the other acronyms are on their way. Now, here is the real issue, what happens when the disaster is on a larger scale. When you take a persons hope away from them you will start to see an uprise in militia’s and psychotic men and woman who have been waiting for the chance to rise up.
        —just a thought

      58. I have no idea whether or not in a specific disaster people will remain calm, however, I would absolutely always assume that panic will ensue and prepare accordingly in case.

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