The Dictator Wants to Bypass Congress – The People Cheer

by | Jan 6, 2012 | Headline News | 340 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.
    -President Barack Obama

    Glenn Beck assembles a video montage that includes President Obama making reference (on numerous occasions) to bypassing Congress in order to push forward with his agenda. Rather than outrage  over the President’s desire to ignore his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, the masses cheer.

    Beck on GBTV:

    This is the way a republic ends.

    …The problem is not Obama. The problem is the American people. Because, if they fall for it this time they’ll fall for somebody worse next time. It’s the American people.

    How many times did he say ‘You know there are people that want me to bypass [Congress]’ ?

    He’s setting the road. He’s plowing the field. That’s all he’s doing. And the people are cheering him to violate the Constitution.

    References: Before It’s News, The Daily Sheeple, Rolls Report


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      1. We have to get rid of this guy!

        • No, we have to get rid of the people who vote for people like this guy.

          • If only stupidity was painful…..

            • It is… only problem is that the pain is felt by the rest of us.

            • Interesting article on Drudge Report

              THINK TANK: Global Economy Could Endure Disaster For a Week…

            • That’s a great line. What a world this would be if stupidity hurt a bit.

              The worst part about it is no one is going to beat him in 2012 and we’ll have a 2nd termer with no fear. That is the most scary of all.

            • The problem is people promoting anything that Glenn Beck says. I mean, for fuck’s sake: GLENN FUCKING BECK?

          • Obama and Oprah have a lot in common. Oprah figured out a long time ago she could buy her way to popularity by way of giving things away to her audiences. Remember the time she gave everybody in her audience a free car? Obama is doing the same thing with our taxes, and then crying foul when somebody opposes him. But here’s the outcome. Look at Oprah now. Her OWN is struggling and on the verge of collapse. They keep throwing tons of money at it and it just won’t fly. It looks like there is a lot of similarity between the two. Maybe when Obama and Oprah were buddying up back in his campaign she must have given him some advice. I hope at some point we figure him out and get his ass out of office.

            • Another similarity is that they both give away other people’s property. The cars were supplied by GM (at least she had permission to give them away).

            • I just read an article that I want to post off of Facebook…

              An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.
              The professor then said, “Ok, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A… (substituting grades for dollars – something closer to home and more readily understood by all).
              After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little…
              The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F. As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. It could not be any simpler than that.
              Remember, there IS a test coming up. The 2012 elections.

              These are possibly the 5 best sentences you’ll ever read and all applicable to this experiment:

              1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
              2. What one person receives without working for, another must work for without receiving.
              3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not take from somebody else.
              4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
              5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
              By: Ed Will

              Pretty much says it all for where we are heading if we don’t derail our ruling President’s agenda.

          • Beefcake, that too!

          • @beefcake what PART exactly DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THE VOTING IS RIGGED!

            they are gonna continue to ROB steal RON PAUL votes at every caucus/ primary behind closed doors after the last ballot is cast!

            only a FREEMEN with a .308 will solve this problem… and there are multiple targets throughout our nwo.zionist.jew.cia.aipac owned congress , justice department and whitehouse!

            • Ron Paul delivers his message, and gets 12 to 21% of the vote. Its less in urban states like NY and more in rural states like Iowa. What I don’t understand is why RP supporters have to “cry rigged” when their man doesn’t get the majority of the votes cast. The fact is I will never support Ron Paul because of his libertarian views. Mr. Chamberlin tried this views and millions of people including Amerian’s died for it – I prefer not to repeat history. That does not mean I believe in going to war in every middle east nation either, but his stance isn’t just “not going to war” its not being there. That stance will not resonate with the majority of Americans – and it shows in the primary process in which Paul is engaged.

            • Jim hello…anybody in there? We are repeating history!
              Yeah libertarian views are bad….liberty is a much harder traveled road than serfdom…..pfft wake up.

              “That does not mean I believe in going to war in every middle east nation either, but his stance isn’t just “not going to war” its not being there.”

              Let me see if I can break this down for you Jim, most people on this planet don’t like being occupied by other nations militarizes.

              Did Afghanistan mujaheddin invade the USSR after they withdrew their occupation? No, but did they fight those Russians with everything they had during the occupation? Yes.

              See a pattern here Jim?

              Now lets just hypothetically pretend that slightly ok pretty cheesy movie from the 80’s was reality today?

              Would ya like being occupied Jim by another nation? Cause ya know there here to help, their just spreading democracy!

              If you’re any kind of a man you would not…and you would resist…dying if necessary to defend your life, family, country, and way of life.

              Pattern starting to form for ya….see any history repeating?

              I’m not gonna even touch on your notion that Chamberlin is to blame for Adolph and the Third Reich’s rise to power….but I will LOL at the absurdity of your statement.

            • Never mind “Jew” . Zionist will do. And there are plenty of Jews who aren’t Zionists, and plenty of Christians who are. We need allies, not enemies. Try to keep that firmly in mind.

            • @johneypatriot, do you not see the irony of your alias and calling out zionists? Anyway, if you are a Christian, your roots are Judaism. To eschew our Jewishness, is to deny our Lord Jesus. Drop the racism and focus on the issue and root cause, which is: total lack of personal responsibility. This crap gets fixed from the bottom up, not top down. The top is too corrupt, so instead starve the beast by living/doing the right, moral things. Then, enforce those same values on those you support locally, then nationally. Enforce those values in your family, in your business. Be the light that attracts moral people. If no moral person runs for office, refuse to vote. This “he’s not as bad as the other guy” nonsense has gotten us where we are today. btw, Obama will be re-elected ( for a variety of reaons unknown to me) we will start to endure real hardships, soon. Be prepared, spiritually and physically.

            • Tomas says “refuse to vote”:
              That won’t work because some will vote and somebody will get elected.
              In the midwest a corrupt judge was running unopposed. The people did refuse to vote in the election and by law that judge was voted out of office because there was not a minority vote to make it legal.
              Congress can remove judges who act in a manner that does not befit the office or that contradicts their oath of office. It has not happened in a long time but it has happened and it made many judges stop creating their own version of the law and stick to what Congress had written.
              In Montana and several other states, people are looking into how to recall Senators and Congressmen who voted for the recent bill that negates the 4th and 6th Ammendments of the Constitution.
              And what about a President who feels he can bypass Congres to do things his way? Can he be recalled?
              Interesting things are afoot!

          • no, you need to disconnect– disengage– from all of it. that’s the ONLY way to rid your life of this trash.

            getting rid of one thing or another won’t solve anything. DISCONNECT. get your head out of the system and get the system out of your head. the system is crashing; this is what COLLAPSE looks like. it’s been happening for a very long time.

            you can’t get rid of the voting populace. you can’t get rid of the players of the rigged game. vote in some other candidate? give me a break. look at what 200+ years of voting has gotten everyone: NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. voting is a waste of time and it welcomes trouble. face it: the USGovt is a criminal enterprise. ALL the players are criminals. ALL OF THEM, GUILTY, even the mayor of your hometown (guilty of complicity).

            you want FREEDOM? you have to achieve it. it starts by disconnecting from the system. you’ll never achieve freedom until you disengage. disengage from the system and the system– absent your energy– loses power automatically. the more people who disengage, the more power TPTB lose.

            it’s your choice. choose freedom or choose slavery. whichever you choose, you can rest assured you have definitely made a choice (unlike when you vote, where you really have no choice).

            • Citizen Ron understands.

              Too many seem fixated on the “freedom of the masses” and associates it with their own freedom. They believe that if Obama does something, it must affect them personally and it must be law.

              YOU have a choice of law, and you have the choice to refuse any law other than those of God.

            • i disagree, everything you all do everyday from what you sleep in, on, to your shower an toiletries, your toilet paper, what you eat, drink, wash with, even the very air you breathe is being poisoned… not to mention ALL FORMS OF MEDIA IS PROPAGANDA… YOU CANNOT JUST DISCONNECT! the very world you live within is being poisoned by them on purpose… it’s called PROFIT EUGENICS! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS…..

              you can try… but you will fail.

            • I believe what you’re saying here, BUT…. disconnection or disengaging from an enemy is impossible at the moment. Anyone who has purchased a house for example can’t simply “disengage” from – property taxes, utilities, insurances or any other part of our “system”. The collapse must take it’s toll before any actions can be warranted by the populace. Otherwise, our system is set up to squash anyone who tries to disconnect. Unless you plan to live in a tent somewhere you BELIEVE is safe until the collapse, feel free to “disengage”. And good luck! BTW, this is exactly what we deserve for erroneously thinking that we were given, by our founding fathers, a Democracy instead of a Republic. The “masses” are extremely ignorant sheeple being led to slaughter by the antichrist.

            • i agreed with u 100%.
              solving the problem NOW is better than voting who?

            • citizen ron…
              yes you are likely right , and we must continue to prepare for this vigorously. I also believe in staying a tad positive, that we could get Ron Paul elected. And until he either loses the election or bows out , i am going to hold on to that sliver of hope. It is our only real hope. I mean we always have enough to worry about with potential natural disasters, I really dont understand why we have to do this to ourselves essentially. PLEASE GOD! RONPAUL2012

            • Yes Citizen Ron
              We have to disconnect. The most important thing to disconnect from is the Federal Reserve Note.
              The money is the most insidious form of tribute collection the world has ever seen.
              Remember old movies where the conquering king has conquered people bring him chests of gold and slaves as tribute? The federal reserve collects tribute every time they create a new federal reserve note. They rob the purchasing power of your notes when they create new ones. Even a Afgani in a cave in the mountains holding a dollar can be taxed when the federal reserve creates a new note.
              The most insidious form of tribute the world has ever seen.

              Refuse to use the Federal Reserve Notes.


            • Disengage from the system..disengage from the system??? You ARE kidding!! You can’t even get the idiots/sheeple to disengage from the many have turned it off..disconnected??
              I mean totally disconnected; not just give up CNN or MSNBC.

            • Disengage? Sounds good. How? The only real concrete suggestion given so far has effectively been deemed illegal by tptb. Disengage from the dollar and pick a substitute and you are an economic terrorist. As LRD said you will be squashed. I am sincere in my desire to find ways to disengage and disconnect from this dying system, but now, the only things I can conceive are things that will get you lengthy prison sentences (not paying taxes, using other forms of money, etc.) I love the notion of being a fighter for freedom, but I also have a family to take care of. What kind of man would I be if I ignored my responsibilities to them?

            • GC, I think we’ve got a third! Welcome Citizen Ron.

              “I do not consent and I waive the benefit.”

              Feels better every time I say it!

              Was doing 65 in a 55, no seat belt. Cop runs up behind me REAL close. Sees the bumper sticker then pulls up beside me, sees I’m not wearing a seat belt. I grin and nod. He drops back to 55. Passes me 2 miles later while I’m in a passing lane stopped to turn.

              MAN! That felt good.

              There is inner peace when you know who you are. And there is power when you know how far above the prostitutes of justice you rank.

              My strawman just kicked his butt!

              Here is the deal: When you vote you vote for someone who may sound like (s)he is going to be your representative, however, what you do is you empower your candidate to do things that you don’t approve of. But, you voted for him and he uses your permission to do things you don’t want to permit. The fact is we have been enablers. I hope Ron Paul wins. I think he might do something drastic like wipe out martial law that we’ve been under since at least 1861.

              I may vote one more time in hopes that we can actually head the ship back down the channel, but, if this doesn’t work, I’m done. I’ll never vote again.

              I’ve fully supported 4 presidents since I started voting. None of them were worth a spit in a bucket. They all turned out to be crooks, nuts (sometimes both) or simply opportunists. We have to get rid of this federal government. We have to get back to our constitution. The problem is, people are so far removed that they don’t even understand what the constitution is and they think there will be chaos and killings and orgies and mice will sleep with cats and dogs will not chase rabbits anymore.

              Honestly, I think we may already be destroyed as a nation. Even most of the people on here seem like they want freedom but what they want is not freedom, its just a little less tyranny. I want FREEDOM! FULL AND TOTAL! …and you can’t have it both ways. Give a little to tyranny and it wants it all. Roll it back and it comes at you again. Its all or nothing.

              We need to disconnect all right. We need to disconnect from the Federal Reserve Note. In 5 years most of the problems would be fixed.

              Salute to Citizen Ron and Gods Creation. Happy New Year guys!

            • NetRanger and Gods,

              I would still like to know more about what ya’ll are talking about? Do you have a site with this info? Could you please enlighten me?
              I would really like to read more about the ” I do not consent and I waive the benefits”


            • Of course it is difficult (impossible really) to completely disengage but, you can greatly weaken the connection by throwing away your television, reading books on subjects such as history and self sufficiency and the constitution, reducing your daily living costs, getting out of debt, buying tools to do your own work and repairs, growing your own food or buying food from local producers and farmers markets, buying food in bulk and storing for hard times, maintaining your health with good food and regular exercise and using herbs and spices, reducing energy usage by insulating your home and driving fuel efficient vehicles and riding bicycles and using solar energy, making and repairing your own clothing etc., etc. OK, I gave you a start on disconnecting…now GET ON IT!!

            • Are you advocating leaving the US of A or are you advocating putting a gun in your mouth and squeezing the trigger?

              Or are you going to build a “compound”in Montana and wait for the ineluctable confrontation?

          • The people are too comfortable to be willing to look at what is going on. And when they finially start getting mad it will be too late! Right now we have a sliver of a change to pull our fat out of the fire but the votes are rigged and the media is methodically pulling up each candidate, showing their good side and then pulling out a bunch of junk and making each one look bad so that they all look like old shoes.
            It will come down to Obama and Romney because the media has not trashed him like the others so he is their pick. And for the people they are the same: both big government, big money special interests and both rig the system to suit their friends money interests. This is “legal” rapeing of the nation. And most of congress has their finger in the pie so they won’t stop it. And most Americans are too confortable to want to move off the sofa to stop it. So we WILL reap what the majority have sown and it will be poverty, slavery and darkness.
            I say that because they are crafting a communist world for us to live in and them to control.

            • c
              i have reason to believe you might be wrong. I think there is a chance that paul can win the nomination, i think he can win the presidency and i think that he could have bipartisan support. I do realize its a longshot, however i think it is now at least a possibility. It is our only hope as well. If we get obama or romney we have a problem. If we have gingrich , santorum or perry, well lets just say I will be making new , more aggressive, more urgent plans and actions. It is not an alternative to continue to do what these vile individuals support. Nuclear war is not an option in my book, however, sadly, it is a bigger possibility now than ever before.

            • C—-spot on, I agree.


              I love your passion for RP…I to believe in what he is about and support him,But where we differ is that in my mind I see him changing little…not for lack of trying, but because he won’t be allowed to.

              Tyrants do not relinquish power easily. The men behind the curtain that call the shots will call the shots whether its the Kenyan, the salamander newt Romney, Santorum, or Ron Paul.

              Its to late for politics to fix this mess.

              It’s gonna get ugly…real ugly!

            • …and then there is this wee small voice of hope. I agree eeder. I’m talking to people. I’m dropping flyers.

              People can run down Ron Paul all they want. I’ve voted in 9 presidential elections. In each one the candidate I voted for I had disagreements with. Honestly, I try my best to find fault with what Ron Paul says and says he believes. So far, I’m batting 100% with him. At this point if you disagree with Ron Paul, you disagree with The NetRanger. It feels so wierd because I’ve had to “swallow” a lot of dirt with the others when I voted for them, hoping I was wrong. With Ron Paul, I have no reservations. None. Not one. Everything he says will work because it is EXACTLY what I’ve theorized in the past. If you don’t agree its simply because you either don’t understand what he’s really saying (media distortion is rampant) or you don’t understand how it all really works.

              The deal is that Ron Paul says things and people get all steamed because they don’t really hear what he has said. They cut him off (in their brain) because we in America have this filter that everything after the 7th or 8th word a politician says gets cut off. The media has trained us to analyze with sound bites. You can’t do that on complex issues like foreign policy, monetary policy, heck, any kind of policy. But, the paid distorters (reporters? no.) have trained people, like Pavlov’s dog. It makes them easy to manipulate.

              You have to drop your normalcy bias with Ron Paul. My conversion came when I went to his site and actually READ his policies and opinions. Honestly, people, its what we discuss and say on the street. I’ve never seen what a person says distorted so much in the media. Its further proof to me that FOX (whom I used to love), CNN, MS(GAG!)NBC and all the other shit-for-brains networks are nothing but paid distorters. Distortion, like extortion, must be quite profitable these days. NOBODY will tell you the truth about Ron Paul. YOU WILL HAVE TO GET IT ON YOUR OWN.

            • NetRanger…100% agree.I too used to watch Fox news. I also listened to Rush 20 years ago.It wasn’t until I did some research that I discovered the truth, Am still learning. I sometimes turn on MSM to yell at the tv and shake my head.The internet is a wonderful thing if you dig deeper than yahoo,etc.

            • Hey Net, welcome onboard with Ron Paul. I have said on here several times that I voted for him 30+ years ago because of his opinions and stance on policies. I will vote for him again. I also agree with you that if he does not make it, I won’t waste my vote by eating dirt with some other POS. Tired of being betrayed.

              I do like DK’s position that 90 million guns owners can turn this country around without firing a shot. All we need to do is unite as one voice and vote Paul in. The pressure would be on the rest of the scum to straighten out or get your ass kicked out.

              To those that say the system is rigged and the vote will not count, I am willing to give it one last try before the real SHTF scenario begins.

          • No.

            We have to get rid of a mentality that proposes we can only choose between Democrats and Republicans.

            Two shades of the same monster.

          • Truth in these points, but that would only treat the symptoms of the cancer, while the disease continues to run rampant underneath. We must learn to completely extract the cancer…lock, stock, and barrel. Until we knock out the puppet masters, WAY above Obama, more of the same, and worse, will continue. A new paradigm must emerge. There’s only one family name that comes to mind at the top of the pyramid pulling the strings……. Say it with me, now…”Gimme an R! O! T!……….”

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • Those who voted for him are the weak: either physically, emotionally, or morally weak, or some combination of those. They are the ones on long-term welfare,the ones who never had a real or hard job, the ones who never servered in the military. Most of them have never spent much, if any time, in the real world of work and personal sacrifice. This also applies to their “Leaders”, the effete academics that have spent their entire lives in school churning out useless papers on economics and social policy. When the hard times hit they will not be tough enough to survive. These weaklings will want the governemnt to step in and take from us to give to them, because like junkies, they can’t stand the “pain” of withdrawl. But this will backfire because we are mad as hell and won’t take it any longer. It will be a very nasty, but necessary, die-off, a natural culling of the herd’s weaklings in order to keep the rest of us strong. But I could be wrong.

        • we have to get rid of the congress and senate who let him get away with this crap.

          • There is nothing Congress can do. Anything Congress does is posturing.
            Since 1933 the US Constitution has been suspended and Mr. Obama and ANY President can bypass Congress and rule via EOs.
            This is the reason that there is ZERO chance of Mr. Paul becoming a President…ZERO chance.

            • Executive Order 6102 signed on April 5, 1933

        • i’ll do it… just give me the funding , the men , i’ll take down the whole ILLEGAL corrupt FEDERAL system! bring to trial every single nwo.zionist.bilder.boy.bugger and then retire back to my cave. You All can then Rebuild America as the Constitution Promised when first signed in constitution hall 1787!

          The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by conventions in eleven states in the name of “the People”. The first ten amendments to it are known as the Bill of Rights.

          all it takes is money… look for the FREEMEN soon… then donate… we can PUT A STOP to AMERICAN TAX DEBT SLAVERY , together as one… AS FREEMEN… WE CAN CHANGE AMERICA~!

          • What I see Obama doing is, the way he and his ilk are attacking this. If they commit 10 acts and get called on 2 of them, they figure they are up 8. Shit that’s 80%. And he will keep doing this until we sit on him like a fat chick. This Bro doesn’t give a flying damn about anything other than his own agenda. Screw the Constitution; it doesn’t play into his plan. Maybe he and the others figure we are way past and far too civil to fight for beloved country. It remains to be seen if they are right or wrong.

        • Now let me get this straight…

          we presently have a President whose horrific warmonger (both inside and outside America) makes the nefarious Bushman’s foreign policies appear rather laid back,

          and the results of the iowa caucus tally indicated that 80% of those that voted, voted for warmongers.

          What does this imply about the quality of Amercia’s Collective Consciousness, in that, government is an innocent reflection of that collective.

          • Accurate reflection maybe. Never innocent

            • I think he meant innocent in that its not judging or modifying that reflection.

            • Bingo, NetRanger. Excellent observation.

          • They will never let Ron Paul be President. He is against everything They have laid out. WTFUp PEOPLE! Take what ever “money” you have out of the banks. No Credit Cards! No Banks. No Loans. End it and End it NOW.

            . . . and from Congressman Ron Paul, in his weekly ”Texas Straight Talk” column on his
            House of Representatives website, posted on January 2:

            ”According to a USA Today analysis, there are currently over $61.6 trillion in unfunded
            future government liabilities, which amounts to $528,000 per American household. A huge
            part of these liabilities are Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — promises made to
            make the American people feel secure in their futures. But how secure should the
            American people feel knowing that a default is becoming more mathematically unavoidable
            with every NEW program added, every bailout, every debt ceiling increase, every new war
            we rush into, and every round of quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve? The last
            thing politicians should be doing is adding to that $528,000 household burden, with
            either more spending or more taxes. This is unequivocally a problem of too much spending
            by a government far outside its Constitutional bounds.

            It is especially a slap in the face to the American family when the Federal Reserve
            dilutes the dollars we work for in order to bail out profligate banks and governments in.
            The already perilous state of our economy and our currency should not be further
            endangered in a futile attempt to save the Euro. The least the government can do is
            allow Americans a choice in how to actually secure their financial futures that doesn’t
            depend on a sinking dollar and irresponsible government. My competing currency bill
            allows for that and I will continue to fight for economic freedom from foolish and
            selfish whims of the central bank.

            • Opps!

            • Shit! Now I burnt the Tots!

        • This seems like more of a political site than a shtf disaster / survival site. New website name should be: Lower-Middle class republican sons of alcoholics complaint room…. not quite as catchy though. Sadly, the biggest driver of hits to this site is B.O. I doubt Willard will bring as much traffic…. then again, the world will end before Willard takes office.

          86+ thumbs up to “No, we have to get rid of the people who vote for people like this guy.”

          Really, is that what we need to do? It’s seems pretty realistic. I’m thinking that would run out of ammo first. It also sounds like something a dictator would say.

          I doubt Mac Slavo is one of those voters…. but maybe he already owns the site named

          I wouldn’t worry. If God wants them gotten rid of, then He will do it.

          Now, let me get back to waxing (the outside) my big berkey…. one of the 37 things I need in a crisis!

          RON PAUL 2012!!!

          • Your right about this site.
            I rarely come here anymore besides for entertainment to see what the same old kooks are fighting about today. Not many new here….all the same old “clicky” group people posting the same old political bullshit.
            Bush took this Country apart and this one is just continuing the work.
            There is a lot of money in doom and gloom. Don’t forget that.

        • You mean Glenn Beck? I agree, he is a shill.

        • has anyone here @SHTF ever made Pemmican? Not sure
          if mines alright

          • I make jerky all the time, never made pemmican.

            What are your concerns about yours?

        • And where was this outrage when Bush made his appointments?

      2. Remember your history; the people cheered caesar as the games in the colesium went on distracting them with “gifts” of more games and free bread.

        • … and then the bread ran out! all the granuaries were emptied and sold for profit… and then the people GREW HUNGRY BECAME DISEASED and REBELLED! AND ROME BURNED!

          arm up stock up prepare for CIVIL WAR!

          • That lasted for more than 4 centuries after Caesar first entered the Coliseum.

            The fields of Egypt, where most of the grain had come from, supported the masses of Rome for 4 centuries.

            Because of overfarming at that time, ever since then Egypt is no longer well known as a food exporter; in fact, before Mubarak’s fall last year, it was one of the largest food importers.

          • johnypatriot
            yes , we must remain very much ready for the possibility of civil war. at this point it remains the most real possibility we will have to deal with. What fears me even more though is global nuclear war, however i do believe some kind of a civil war is more likely first.

            • @eeder , thanks for gettin’ my six man… I’ll track for you anyday of the week brother – RESPECT!

              3rd SPG 3rd SPS Security Forces Bravo Flight K-9 Eliment – “NIGHTHAWKS”… “POST!” grab your battle rifles and take up your leashes it’s huntin’ time… our prey is the NWO.zionist.jew.aipac.splc and their zionist.goyim.congresscritters.nwo.slaves and all state nwo.zionist.slave.governors who have sold out to the NWO!

              It’s time JUSTICE was SERVED!

              arm up stock up prepare for Civil War

              FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

              RON PAUL 2012

          • This one is better, one of the most powerful messages you may ever view. I encourage all of those who are absolutely correct about Ron Paul’s foreign policy views to take a peek. “Chinese” troops on behalf of whatever Der Fuhrer is in office will spark another War Between the States starting in Texas!


      3. This is big big news. So why are the people currently running for office not taking this to the people in a big way? This should be an impeachalbe offence.
        Why is nothing being said?

        • “Why is nothing being said?”

          Everything today is done behind the peoples back. We don’t know the half of it.

          It’s all a gigantic Ponzi scheme. The difference is that this version is completely legal. No one was even blamed, let alone arrested for the financial crisis.

          This is just more of the same.

          Democrats and Republicans blaming each other for the nation’s debts instead of taking responsibility.

          If our leaders are acting in this manner, what does this say about the future of this country?

        • They all know that if they do not play along once in office, they will be taken out. Simple as that. It would be thier own suicide to speak out against it. Better to smooth over the people and make them BELIEVE that they would change what they cannot mention.

      4. They ALL need to go and we need to start fresh with the proper intentions – For The People – and keep it that way. Not For the Corporations!

        • They have plenty lined up to take their place if voted out.

      5. The people have the government they deserve. The problem with democracies is that quality is always outvoted by quantity. Find a way to mobilize the mob and you are guaranteed to win elections. We should have stuck to the intent of the Founders, that only people with skin in the game should be allowed to vote.

        • Here in lies part of the problem. We are not a democracy, never have been. We are a Republic. We vote for people to represent us and follow the constitution. This is obviously a complete end run around that constitution and must be stopped quickly and decisively so that it cannot continue and cause more problems.
          Personally I believe this is only a trial balloon.

          • We were a republic. The days of rights guaranteed by law ended a long time ago. What was ObamanationCare but a triumph of democracy over the rule of law?

            • “We were a republic” if “WE THE PEOPLE” have already abrogated that then we are truly finished. That is like George Washington saying, “We just can’t cross that river cause ya know it’s Christmas, its cold, too much ice and gee the guys just really don’t want to go.
              America stand up! Scream and yell and take it back! Why do we let OWS, and their ilk do what they like? This is AMERICA or it used to be. STAND

            • Jericho,

              You its funny you brought up OWS and let me explain why.
              While those kids had no direction or goals the did succeed at 1 thing
              They started out with I believe less then 200 people in 1 city, they keep trying to get people to listen to them even if the didn’t have a clear message, They stayed as people put them down and the remained persistent. They took a message that contained NOTHING and took it World Wide. Many people say they have accomplish nothing I say they have help to wake up people.. Now I am as guilty as anybody, But that has to change it needs to be time to stop talking and come up with a plan!!!!!!


            • Yes, Moon, you are 100% absolutely correct!

              As I have tried to make known, we have ceased to be a Republic since 1913, the year of the establishment of the Central Bank. You must now purchase with $20 what it once cost only $1.

              The entity of Organized Crime known as our “government” engages in Eternal Warfare through the creation of debt for its own sake: that is, its ultimate hegemony over all that it deems its slaves, leaving them homeless on the continent conquered by its forefathers for the sake of the blessings of Liberty.

              For this purpose, it will erode ALL of our civil freedoms until they are left defunct and meaningless. The Constitution protects us against these evils, yet it could not make the world we know immune from ignorance, cruelty, and indifference.

              The minions of Organized Crime AKA “government” in the media and police, along with its corporate cronies in the military-industrial complex, are devoted to the principle of an OMNIPOTENT UNIVERSAL STATE OF ORGANIZED CRIME THROUGH COERCION.

              War is Murder. Taxation is Theft. And they give you the offer you can’t refuse to coerce you in this manner. There is no Mafia on this earth that can dare match it in terms of ruthlessness and corruption.

              The sheeple are blind, dumb, and inured to having increasingly authoritarian rulers devoted to this seemingly implacable resolution.


              There is only one way to defeat the Tyranny of this entity of coercive, malevolent organized crime of the Universal State.

              The purpose of Natural Law, and “The Law” itself as understood by Bastiat, no less, is the defense of our liberties as sovereign individuals.

              It is our Creator who has endowed us with our natural rights. When those are threatened, it is our obligation, as sovereign individuals, to DECLARE INDEPENDECE & ABOLISH such Tyranny that would dare violate our sovereignty!

              Although one hundred years too late, it is still better late than never.

              The treacherous “government” that deems itself Zeus has swallowed us whole to digest and destroy us like a blood-sucking vampire.

              Now, we MUST tear out his entrails with our sword, leaving him bleeding and dying in the ugly mess of his own making!

              Sic Semper Tyrannis.

              Happy New Year.

            • I think Franklin said, when asked what kind of government they had formed “A republic if you can keep it”.

              Didn’t Franklin also say that when the people figure out that they can vote themselves money, it will herald the end of this republic?

            • …and now, a fourth. Welcome SST.

              …in freedom.

              …in sovereignty.

              I salute you!

              SST, Citizen Ron, Gods Creation. Now there are four of us.

              This is a good day! Why? Because I see 3 other people with a vision of America much like my own.

              Happy New Year, gentlmen.

              -The NetRanger

          • Many of you have seen the video that explains the differences between a democracy and a constitional republic, but maybe it’s time to watch it again to remind us what’s important. Click my name to see this 10 minute video. It’s important.

          • republic, democracy, liberty… America is none of these things anymore. It is a communist republicis what i would call it… its a scam and weve all been had. If people just followed common sense more than anything, and the constitution… well we wouldnt have these problems , now would we?

          • The US doesn’t even resemble a republic anymore.

            The fraudulent 14th amendment is used to override the states. The fraudulent 16th amendment (sort of) established the communist progressive income tax. The fraudulent 17th amendment removed an important check against tyranny by removing states’ control of the US Senate.

            Executive orders usurping Congress’ authority have turned the people of this nation into property to be man-handled by the federal government. The federal government statutorily declared itself a corporation back in 1871.

            A central bank, also communist, issues our money to us at usury, and has destroyed the might of the nation’s commerce by enriching parasites called stockholders of the Fed.

            Several (if not all) of the tyrannical charges against the king of England, at the time of the Declaration of Independence, can just as rightly be levied against king Soetoro.

            Swarms of officers harass our people and eat out their substance, in many cases at five levels of government (city, county, state, federal, UN).

            Deceit, waste, tremendous lies, corruption, theft, arrogance all abound in all three branches of the federal governement, and on down to state, county and city.

            The animals behave better than the people. To paraphrase Ripley from Aliens, “I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them screwing each other over for a percentage.”

            A republic? It’s a lost cause. Time to hit the reset button and reboot.

            • Superbly stated…agree in full!

              This plane is definitely crashing!
              This boat is obviously sinking!
              This building’s totally burning down!

              Reset button indeed….

        • Thank you for putting it politely. Stupid people vote and breed more stupid people. I have friends who one week support Ron Paul and then they hear some disinfo about him and they change their minds. My best friend and I talked about things last night and he told me he likes Ron Paul but he is worried about his pension so he isn’t going to vote for him. I wanted to rip his eyeballs out. The problem is that a lot of people will vote for the candidate that protects their interest and not everyone elses. I hate to say it because I am not a defeatist, but we are screwed! There is only one way to take our country back and we all know what it is. I stand ready.

          • Only people that pay taxes or not on welfare should be able to vote!

            • You say that as if voting works! Hahahahahaha. It’s all rigged. It’s all planned and it is probably already decided. An agenda cannot be pushed through without the proper puppets at the helm.

            • I almost agree with that, Rich.

            • NO–NO–NO–NO—Only those who qualify by passing a civics exam, a test of the Constitution/Bill of Rights, and a drug test..and drug test ON the day of voting.

              I’m one tuff bitch and tired of all this crap.

              When the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they never climb another tree.

            • Hahaha! JJ! Thats good! I love that analogy. I’m going to keep that one tucked away for use often.

            • You are a useless eater then MLG. Don’t vote……

            • Damnit RICH99-Now they/we know you’re a Psy-Op.

          • blackriflewarrior
            they should vote for the candidate who protects their interests most. The problem is that they do not understand that candidate is Ron Paul. Anyone else is going to destroy their futures one way or another. Those friends will come back to Ron Paul, just remind them there will be no social security of any description when we have total chaos, anarchy and armegeddon.

            • eeder…You are right but the problem is that alot of people just follow the newest shiny object. I have begged my friends to do their own research and not take my opinion as fact. My friends know I am a prepper and I have become somewhat alienated from them for that. I get ribbed alot about prepping and it used to bother me but I resigned myself to the fact that when the SHTF, I will have to turn my friends away in order for my family to survive. The truth is out there for all of us to see but if someone is too lazy to bother to find it then I guess they can go suck hind-tit in some FEMA camp somewhere. I would rather die and take a few of scumbags with me than live on my knees!

            • BWR,

              Well said Brother, and welcome to the club. Lost many friends in the last yr, they just don’t see it coming. I see it as insurance, my family will not do with out. While I have never taken the oath I stand ready as well.


          • BRW, I pray you are the most wrong person on here. I wish I could just call you a stupid, trigger happy, moron. I wish I could just brush you off with some comment like some of the meaningless shills that peruse this material. I wish I could. I cannot. I hope it never comes to this. I stand ready, also, if necessary.

            • God I hope I am wrong too but I walk with my eyes wide open and I see the blindness and lunacy every single day of my life. I have children to think about. I don’t want to leave them a country and a future that has been stolen from them by the evil bastards that run this country. I wish no violence…I said that in my prayer last night but when I leave this earth and God asks me why I was so cowardly, I won’t have an answer. If some one came to do harm to your children and you were there, would you not defend them to the death if neccessary? Yet, the overwhelming amount of idiots in this country allow their children to be put in harms way by continuing to vote for these assholes that only have themselves and their greed in mind. If we don’t act and act soon, by whatever means we can, we will all have to sit down and apologize to our children for sitting on our thumbs while their future was flushed down the toilet. I, for one, have never liked the taste of crow!

            • Why do we hope we are wrong, when we know we are right? Don’t get me wrong I felt the same way, but it’s like I am starting to tell myself that this whole thing needs to go down and I’m actually thinking that we need to embrace the unknown future or next phase and disconnect with the old. From now on, I hope we are right, and I know we will be stronger. This is the greatest momment in human history, you would have to be a fool’s sheeple to not embrace it.

          • Yessir..and if the people would just support the interests of the Republic then all our interests would be protected,a win/win…but alsa as you state too many will only look to their own narrow self interests and by doing so guarentee we all lose!

        • Well said Moon!

      6. OVomit has got to go. Ron Paul in 2012. I don’t think we can survive another 4 years of what we have now.

        • No “thinking” about it, Mike…we will NOT survive another four years under Obama, OR anyone like him!

          • I fear that an old alcoholic hillbilly friend was right. This will be settled with rifles in the street.

            None of us want that to happen, but it looks like that’s where we are headed. Americans won’t give up their freebies willingly, and those Americans are many in number.

            BTW, this is not meant to disparage alcoholic hillbillies. I have heard a lot of wise thoughts from that crowd.

            USA is in need of a complete boot.

          • “…OR anyone like him!” Oh, you mean like Romney or Santorum? Big government types want more big government. Expansionists, all of them. …except Ron Paul.

        • If he does get in again, (dark frightening feeling he will) then I am planning on a very extended camping vaca in the rough with the fam.

      7. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

        ★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★

        ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

        Nope, he can’t solve everything. I don’t think he can even solve 25% of the problems. But it’s a damn good start!

        • The reply to people who say that, if Ron Paul is elected president he won’t accomplish anything due to Congress: if you’re digging yourself into a hole (like our contry is doing) the first step is to stop digging.

        • Yeah, I gotta agree. And its been ages since I’ve gotten hopeful about anyone. His pros add up to more than his cons. I worry for his safety thougth. I think if he did make it, (doubtful since IMHO I think it’s already decided) But lets just say that they let him make it and then when he tried to get to “radical” they took him out, but it wouldn’t be a deranged vet they blame it on this time, it would be “the voice of the people” that they simply couldn’t handle so much freedom, confirming our need to be controlled. That’s my fear.

        • joerepublic
          even if he solves 5 percent of the problems and stops the current ongoing creation of problems… things will be immensly better… even if he just uses his veto pen for 4 years will be bettert than the option.

          • I’m in total concurrence with you. Ron Paul is pretty much the last shred of hope this country has of saving itself. The economy is already doomed, but maybe we can save the Constitution before they burn the original and tell us it never existed in the first place.

            • Right in there guys. However, I think you’re wrong. He could solve ALL the problems in less than one hour. He could repeal ALL the executive orders since the first one. After his inauguration, he could go right to the oval office and DO IT. It would be like a mega quake but and it would be quite an upset but slowly then things would begin to right themselves.

            • +1

      8. Hiel Obama.

        • Feels like we’re on the door step of the Fourth Reich; and I don’t think I’m overstating that analogy. Folks like the SHTF plan community who are “switched on” and see reality for what it really is are labeled as “fringe” groups, yet the government seems to be going out of it’s way spending huge sums of money to shut us up, and shut us down. We must be doing something right after all.

          • kinda makes you wonder how the american people will be judged in the history books 50 or 100 years from now

            • look at how they are judged now

          • joshua 10
            we are the doorstep. only the american people can decide to enter the house of hell or turn around and head back.

      9. We not only need to get rid of this guy. We need to wake those that think letting him do this is a good idea, we also need to get all the dead weight out of congress..its a complete mess the entire governance of this country is filled with incompetence and greed.

        Clean sweep 2012
        Term limits on every dam one of them and nothing over 4 years period.

      10. Obama has got to go. His replacement may be no better, even if it is Ron Paul.

        It took time for it to get this far, It will take time to get it back.


        How Obama is a clone of Chavez, and will make a clone of Venezuela out of the USA.

        I’ve got family in the East that reads only Time Magazine, watches CNN, and gets internet from a Time/Warner ISP. Any wonder this is happening? There are still people in Russia that cheer the name of Stalin whenever it’s mentioned.

        Ron Paul would be assassinated within a year if he were to be elected President.

        • Which warrior will you vote for?

        • Joe Farah and his World Net Daily Farah-sees are a bunch of Israeli bootlickers.

      12. What he carrys out and says will be endorsed by the same who passed the Bill to allow no trial,no due process,no legal representation.So is this one indivisual or a collaboration of many?

      13. It’s too late. They have the children.

        • This is not @ you but for everyone who posts here:

          Agreed, to a point. The point is they have the children. It is not too late, however. It is NEVER too late!

          Apparently, the way you steal Freedom, and subsequently a Nation, without firing a shot, is a little at a time, and through education.

          Seems like that is ONE of the ways to win it back, also.

          It took time for “US” to lose it. Some of it was “Lost” before we were born. It will take time to get it back.

          Continue to prep.

          Continue to “Wake” people up to what they have already lost.

          DON’T GIVE UP!

          • ole’ chinese proverb: “Take in Inches… That which you would… Take in Yards!” and the irs.debt.slaves will never notice…

            Very soon some of you are going to hear a loud knock on your door… KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK , you’ll open your homes front door and there will stand two members of your local army/ air guard with m16 rifles at port arms and a pot bellied sergeant, on the street will be a deuce-an-a-half truck half full of civilians with armed guards watchin them…

            and the sergeant is gonna say while looking at his clip board – mr. and mrs american family, gather up your kids, bring nothing, it’s time for your PERMANENT VISIT AT CAMP FEMA!

            GAME-OVER AMERICA!

            HERE’S A HINT : YOU LOST!

            • @ Johneypatriot — You are not only right, you are VERY right in the scenario you outline. THEY are getting the last of their ducks in a row to deal with the populace of the late Amerikan Republic:

              — snip —

              The National Guard Bureau’s top officer is now a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A provision in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law Dec. 31 by President Obama, adds the Guard leader to the nation’s highest military advisory group.


              — end —

              This de facto federalization of the guard is the last stop on the road to destroying the power of the individual states. In addition, anyone who disobeys or even questions “our heroes,” once they are DE JURE “federalized,” can be classified as an “enemy combatant.”

              It’s coming VERY SOON.

            • Ahab,

              If you don’t mind me Ask sir what country do you live in?

            • You’re a loon. The pen & vote is mightier.

            • Yeah, Rich.

              The pen and vote have worked well so far….oh…wait! No, they haven’t!

            • @DPS — USA. Born and raised in NYC.

            • Then why are you voting and blogging here? Phone your Uncle and ask him. Sounds like you two need to get together and spend some quality time. At least e-mail or call him.

            • Rich ~

              I’m not a soldier. I do feel like it’s everyone’ responsibility to do what they can, so I take the steps that are within my ability.

              Really – I am utterly sick of your comments to me. Your fake names. Your not-so-veiled insults. Your constant attacks.

              Does it make you feel like a big man to take shots at any person who actually stands up for something?

              Your impotent little barbs do nothing more than underline what a sniveler you are.

            • You are the bell that was made to be rung with a sledge hammer, the lightning rod that asked to be hit with a bolt of lightning, the boat with the drain plug missing, the gun with the firing pin missing, the new car with the missing steering wheel, the purse with a broken strap. I’m a woman too!

            • Rich99 says

              “I’m a woman too!”

              Not much of one.

            • @RICH99,

              Go ahead and see how that pen and vote work for you when you when you find yourself in a FEMA camp being gang-raped by a bunch of police thugs. Or when you are hacking your lungs out as you die from some global elite created bioweapon.

              That “pen and vote” only provide one with the illusion that they are “making a difference”, and it gives legitimacy to the our captors because they were voted into power in a “free and democratic election”.

            • They don’t call me 99 for nothing!

            • Call your Uncle and I’ll quit hacking on you.

            • Rich99 take your meds and lay of my buddy Daisy….don’t make me have some (OK) secret squirrels in an agency I can’t name (OPSEC) I know track you down….you’ll piss your pants when they toss a flash bang through your window…gawd they do get a kick outta that.

            • Thanks, RWS3. 🙂

            • Ahab,

              Well then you sure do know how to write.


            • I gave you a thumbs down..and I don’t do that—

              Your comment?? WRONG–I have sheriff on speed dial!!

              Think I’m kidding??

            • Oh, you did it now! That will happen once in my county. In the city, maybe. In the rural areas, just once. The next door knob they touch, the whole porch detonates. BOOM! You think towelhead goatherders can make IED’s? How about MIT and USC grads? They will not. The *CAN* not. Not by force.

              They will try to starve us out. They will fail. The Red Cross doesn’t have enough plasma in storage to handle a single county in the rural areas of the USA.

              As I am fond of saying, “If they try rounding us up, the tree of liberty will need a snorkel!” Resistance won’t just be preferable, it will be duty to God, Family and Country.

              TPTB know they can’t take us by force. They try that and we’ll call the Shoot-N-Scoot snipers in. Americans won’t stand for it. Besides that, we have OathKeepers. American Military personnel are the most honorable people on the planet. Most of them. They took an oath. They know what they’re doing. You pull something like that and you’ll have a division, a split and the shit will hit the fan in a way nobody can imagine.

            • NetRanger,
              I have never taken a oath, I was turned down when I applied,So I ask where does somebody like me stand with the oath keepers?


            • may i have your recipe for baked wino deer sausage pasta. Do not forget to copyright- thanx

            • DPS,
              Anyone can be a member of the Oath Keepers organization.

              Also one does not have to have taken an oath in military or law enforcement in my book.

              Even if I hadn’t served in the military I would still have my personal Oath to my bill of rights, family, and country.

              It’s the same for you.

      14. “Get rid of”? Well, I can see voting for someone other than Obama. But what, beyond that, does it mean to “get rid of the people who support him” or “the people who think this way”?

        There will be no “getting rid of” except insofar as we are able to change minds. We are responsible for figuring out how to get people who currently support a Statist worldview to change their minds and reject such tyranny. The only way to do that, I hate to say, is to convince them that they will be better off under LESS government than they are under MORE government.

        What really needs to happen is to return to Square One. We need to go to “all stop” and ask ourselves, as a people, what, fundamentally, we want our government to be? Do we favor a “that government is best which governs least” framework, or do we favor an Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Frank/Bush/Clinton/Boehner/McConnel “that government is best which best enables us to acquire power” framework? Unfortunately, I fear that a majority of Americans favor the latter.

        The KEY, however, is in the process. At Square One, we return to a State-focused seat of authority on the matter. So, a State such as Massachusetts may vote overwhelmingly in favor of the Statist framework, while a State such as Texas may vote overwhelmingly in favor of the “less government” framework. Thus, if a State chooses not to resume membership in a Union bent on Statism, it can choose to go its separate ways.

        We may well end up with at least three nations under such a scheme, and likely more. It would be easy to see a NE nation, a MidAtlantic/SE nation, a MidEast nation, a Central nation, a Rockies nation, a NW nation, a WestCoast nation, and an Alaska nation. And what would be wrong with that?

        Within each such smaller nation, perhaps substates form within each current state, allowing for the return of government power to a level closer to the People, making government answerable again.

        So, here’s to a “Square One” movement to restore the republic, or establish several republics.

        • Abraham Lincoln would have a thing or two to say about that. And he can be told to shut up and resume being dead.
          Nice approach, I have oft wondered when and if that will happen.
          Statehood, in the cradle of the collective of individuals, is the soundest method of restructure.

        • Federalist 45,
          I know I have heard this on more than 1 occasion,
          There was a KGB analyst, that made a very similar prediction back in the 80’s
          He said that the USA, would break up into 4 or 5 regions.
          I couldn’t contemplate it ever happening until around 08.
          Now I believe it is very possible.
          As the Euro will collapse because you cannot make the Germans, pay for all of
          The socialized infrastructure and Greek pension plans that are collapsing,
          Why should we in Florida, pay for the sins of California, or New York?
          It may be the only way to break the federal governments strangle hold on the states.

          • Slick, that breakup is a given after the new Madrid fault lets go, dropping the bridges across the Ohio and Mississipi…- After that 5.8 Earthquake in Virginia, one bridge across the Ohio was shut down after cracks were discovered, that was Interstate 64 at Louisville Ky.

        • Texas DID elect Rick Perry and Sheila Jackson Lee.

          • Obviously there is a block of he’ll reserved for those that would support Lee.

      15. We are on the very knife’s edge of a Precipice.. we are teetering on the edge, at best.

        The beast ( lower case on purpose ) is in our house…

        At this point; in all honesty, the only possible answer I can see is for each of us, individually, to repent, turn our hearts back to our God and trust in His mercy.

        Yes, we must vote; yes we must resist; but some things are only solvable by Divine intervention.

        2 CHRONICLES 7
        14 IF MY PEOPLE, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

        • Sam, while talking to a group of people, I’d explained that without divine intervention or the return of Jesus, there is just too much evil (which has excellerated these past 11 years) for anyone group to combat. Agree with your input.
          Stay prepping spiritually as well as physically.

        • I can’t resist, when the scripture’s come out it’s a whole new ballgame. My 2 cents are that we’re beyond healing the land. The generation mentioned in the parable of the fig tree are getting some gray hair. We’re close, in order for the One World ruler to be accepted in we will have to be in a desperate state.
          We can pray (and we should) but if it’s God’s will for all of the earth to be in despair in order to bring hearts to him then it will be.
          How many people only pray when their world is falling apart?
          I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama gets re-elected (gasp), but regarless of who gets in office I don’t think there will be a fix in store for us. It is prophesied that we will see troubles like have never existed before.
          I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

          • You hit the nail right on the head. The Great Tribulation will be like nothing the world has ever seen, nor will see again. In fact the Scriptures state that if God had not cut those days short, no flesh would be saved. Obama will get re-elected because he is the only one who can bring us to the place where One World Government makes sense. We HAVEN’T seen anything yet.

            • Zone Read Right,

              And which of the 7 within the 7 within the 7 do you see us at?

          • I have to agree with DRD and Sandy..I follow no debates, tv; it’s past the point of healing our land..however, every night I end my prayer..Come smite these evil bastards..I know who the Man is.
            As for the evil happening on this earth by TPTB?? It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.

            • This is the group I stand with. So nice to hear all your voices.


      16. All is well !!!


      17. I continually applaud Glen Beck for exposing this progressive nightmare agenda, Mac thank you for doing the same!

        Glen is right though, we are witnessing the end of a republic.

        • Glenn Beck is controlled opposition!

          • I don’t think so. Anyone that can bring a over a half a million people together at the Lincoln memorial on 8-28-10 is not controlled. He’s on our side.

      18. Save known relative worth…

        i.e. crisp new uncirculated united states federal reserve ten dollar notes.

        Minimum bartering necessary. Their relative value is known at any given time.

        In fact at given times they will be in high demand……

        People who had them in the Weimar republic, Bosnia, Argentina, Uganda etc. survived with comfort galore.

        • Nickels also Mush. Composition to steel clad is coming in a hurry. Congress will vote up for it. I believe a roll of nickels will double in numismatic value within a year when congress passes the bill.

      19. when the shit sinks deep within and triggers our primal instincts ,the faces of betrayl will be ripped clean off the bodies totally incapable of surviving on their own..

      20. If Obama is off the hook as far as following the laws of our Republic. Then we are as free to ignore them also and find a more “creative solution” to the problem of bringing to justice the domestic enemies of our Constitution and liberty. If it takes a split up of the states into those who want a Republic and those who choose tyranny so be it. Guess which way the flow of refugees will be.

      21. You can see part of the problem in this article. Universal suffrage has helped to destroy the Republic. Let stupid people vote and you get stupid government. We’ve crossed the tipping point. If you fail to recognize it, then you can’t move to the next phase of resistance, and on to victory.

        • Old Fuzzy has it right… the problem is that we should only allow the right kinds of citizens to vote. Now I will decide who is the right kind of citizen… oh no maybe you don’t like that… ok who decides?

          Silly people…the same people advocating democracy are actually calling for a tyranny. Just as long as that tyranny sees things their way.

          Now if the Republicans in the legislature only did their constitutional duty and review/approve appointments so the Executive branch could enforce the laws they passed… everything would work. Your outrage is in the wrong place, but the republicans are doing things you like even if they are just as bad.

          • Wrong. Studies indictate, and I agree, that for representative government to function properly, the electorate needs to have a minimum IQ of 90. And I don’t promote democracy. I promote a free constitutional republic.

      22. With so many programs that help the financial dissabled, it’s no wonder citizens of America are racing to the bottom.

        It seems there are many advantages to being a sheeple and following the herd. But if you raise your little fuzzy head and look way down the road. You are being lead right into the slaughter house.

        Because the wise know that any sheep hearder worth his whool…..keep the productive and get rid of the nonproductive members of the herd.

        Thus taking the herd right down to a managable number.

        Makes me wonder if I truly want to be productive enough to gain the attention of the farmer, or if I want to head for the hills and put on wolves clothing and bare my teeth to the Government.

        Then again, I could play the gray squirrl and hide my booty in the ground and live in a tree happy with all my preps.

        What do you say?

      23. NinaO ~

        calling 911…

        • ambulance on way, keep rubbin it’… faster… faaasssssteer… FAAAAAAAAAASSSSSTTEEEEEEEEEEER! ;0p SLURP!


          thanks @ms.daisy… yur’ da best!

          ;0P slurp

          • WHAT? ya buncha perv’s………… I had a cramp in my foot….. from my morning hike in my combat boots! ;0P pssszzt

            • Get a tent

      24. You know everyday we all give our opinions about what should be done. But Damn enough Ron Paul is the Best choice and we know it, But we don’t need a Rep. or a Dem. in the white house when need a AMERICAN!!! Instead of discussing what should be done. Should we not be making a plan to end this BS, Its going to be alot to late to plan when they implement SOPA and shut down the Internet. I understand that some what to start up a militia and attach with arms, But sorry to say 5000 to 10000 armed men are not going to stop all this Treason it would be a massacre. My thought is with all the great minds we have on this site we should be able to think up something to stop this BS, it will come down to armed men but we ain’t there yet.

      25. Like who: Mittens “Tax Cheat, Draft Dodger” Romney? Or, Rick “I like Big Pharma” Santorum? Or, Newt “The New World Order Illuminati” Gingrich? American people better pull their collectie heads out of their asses and Wake The Fuck Up!

        Ron Paul for President

      26. I voted for Ron Paul on Tuesday. Did my part.

        • thank you iowa!

      27. Watched the Iowa Caucus,When two murderous clowns like Romney and Santorum poll so many votes,there can be no political salvation,it will only come through armed resistance.The last hope of a political solution has gone.

      28. So what is your #1 thing that will cause the revolution to begin?

        • someone has too form a large group of FREEMEN 200,000 ARMED patriots and as ONE seize THE COUNTRY CAPITAL, D.C., show the rest of america it’s possible… it was almost attempted once before… ASK usmc gerneral smedley butler… he who controls the snakes head , controls the rest of the snake!

          all we gotta do is take down the whitehouse… the rest will follow along behind!

          1.) whitehouse
          2.) pentagon
          3.) wallstreet

          • Johney,

            Ok its a start so how do we go about recruiting 200,000 men and women? I’m being serious today what kind of marketing would it take to get 200,000 Americans together? Any Ideas gang?


            • ;0) just get me the money… let me build the FREEMEN PROJECT of MONTANA and once in place… the FREEMEN PROJECT will be started in every state in america by thats states people… so it is multi-cultural and crosses the race and culture gaps here in america! Then we recruit… train… and then AS ONE MARCH UPON WASHINGTON DC AND SIMPLY TAKE DOWN THE WHITEHOUSE!

              it’s that simple… i know of 70,000 homeless veterans right now who would stand with us, fight with us… help us cause we helped them!

              it’s that simple @dps…

              it just takes heart, guts and money…

              i got the heart, some guts, need the money… more will join once the organization grows and becomes organized!

              ya’ feel me… @dps????

            • Nina,

              Yes I feel your pain brother,and hear me out you say just get me the money and you will do the rest, well ok so if you had the funds where would you start? How would you spend this money? how can you get those 70,000 vets on your side? How would you make this money count? I belive BadAmerican said just make it count.
              I just know from my past people that have money and are willing to give it if they know there is a plan or a goal to be achieved.



            • @dps email {{ [email protected]
              ]]… the FREEMEN Project Of America is non-profit, all donations go to the project and secondary project of shelters for veterans and their families… i personally don’t get a dime and honestly don’t need it… i will explain in detail to you what i have done so far and what the freemen projects mission statement is once you contact me through {{ [email protected]
              ]] and to all you haters … don’t even think of it or I’ll get your ip address from your email and will show you what I learned from 4 yrs IT Tech School and 8 years in the field … spam and dns attacks is my favorites of retribution against haters! Anyone else interested in participating , donating , creating your own chapters of the FREEMEN in your own STATES please contact me ([email protected]) all races color and creeds accepted and encourage to join up with the FREEMEN Project of America!

              warm regards,

            • @dps email ms.daisy… my posts aren’t posting here… she will help you contact me or go thru terry’s website to reach me , he can forward your contact info to me also very cleanly… this website is very compromised… the rest of the info is best done via email.

              write me and we can build the FREEMEN Project of America , together!

            • DPS ~

              My email is posted on my blog if you need it at a different time.


              daisy luther at y mail dot com


            • all one has to do @dps is call every single american legion, vfw hall and moose lodge in america and walla instant patriot army of pissed off gun owners ready to make a change in nwo.zionist.facist amerika’s illegal brided corrupted politics!

              email me and we can do this… ALL of US as ONE!

              The FREEMEN and WOMEN of AMERICA! Together!

            • Johney,
              Funny you brought up The Mosse lodge… I’m a member


            • DPS ~

              another contact email address for NinaO

              freemen dot project at gmx dot us

            • Daisy,

              Got it I saved your blog to favs.
              Doing some checking on somethings, will get with ya’ll


            • Note how the main thing Johnny needs is money.

            • Ok my line in the American dirt is. taking my 2nd amendment rights, when they come for guns that’s the line. I will not comment much tonight because I am having a fight with wild turkey and turkey is winning…


              Friends don’t let friends drink and type!!!!

            • DPS ~

              I don’t know, that turkey might just make things more interesting around here….


            • @DPS

              Defeating or at least mortally wounding a vastly superior adversary doesn’t necessarily require huge armies of combat troops engaged in open conflict. Brains often defeats brawn in non-conventional warfare. Knowledge is Power!

              Q#1> What is the mission?

              A.) A two phase operation designed to induce a multiple day or week complete shutdown of the target metropolis. Financial repercussions of the mission will likely devastate Wall St, thus sending a political message to all foreign governments and especially the well heeled global investment community. Chaos, confusion & possible collapse of global markets could result. Martial law will be the secondary affect!

              Q#2> What is the min required budget for the operation?

              A.) An estimated $100-$120k.

              Q#3> Does the mission entail deliberate termination of targeted individuals?

              A.) No! But non-targeted collateral loss of life is likely.

              Q#4> Manpower requirements?

              A.) Max of 70 healthy dedicated men!

              Q#5> Equipment requirements?

              A.) Radios, non-traceable cell phones, 10-12 reliable nondescript non-GPS equipped vehicles, 4 disposable non-traceable laptops, a case of 100 CDs, 500ft of det-cord, 70kgs of dynamite or 40kgs of C-4 or RDX, 14-28 twelve volt fully charged motorcycle batteries, 500ft of insulated 16ga fine strand wire, eighty M6 electric blasting caps, 14 8hr commercial timers, a min of 18 AN/PVS-7 or better night-vision units, miscellaneous quick attach fasteners, a few hand tools, tool belts and good topographic maps.

              Q#6> Estimated mission duration from staging point?

              A.) 7 hours max. Escape & evasion may require several days depending upon how rapid the response is effected.

              Q#7> Any additional requirements?

              A.) Yes! A min of 20 safe-houses within 50-150km of target area.

              Q#8> Duration of mission training requirement?

              A.) 30 days max. plus 3-4 days recon.

              Q#9> Possible unintended consequences?

              A.) Long term? Civil War inside the Continental United States.

              Disclaimer: the Q and A above is merely a fictional outline of a chapter in a book I’m currently engaged in writing.

            • @BEN.DOVER go phuck yourself… I’m retired slimo… my money go’s to over priced rent, utilities and food… to survive ya piece of sheeit! What you get from me for your donations is my education experience and HEART! It’s muthafookers just like YOU BEND me OVER and take it up the ass Zionist.jew.goyim… that I fight every day here to stop YOU f-in ZIONISTS from DETSROYIN’ America!

              Lawyers, Accountants, Advertising , phones , office space , electricity , gas , computers, network servers , websites , etc etc ALL COST MONEY $$$! Ya piece of NWO SCHILL!

              And if YOU wanna be FREE America… I’m just Telling You America – Help me Build it! I’m lookin’ for State Chapters Members and Counsel Memembers! Each State will run it’s own Project! By member Votes and Elected Officers!

              Together as One we Can Beat the NWO!

              p.s. zionist jew bend over ben.dover… you sir will find no rock too hide under… even if you are a piece.of.shit.fed , i will soon direct all my attention upon finding you… thats a promise!

              now go find someone elses leg to piss on before i kick ya in the head!

            • incognito,

              You got that right, Knowledge is power. When you finish your book lets us know I would very much like to read it..


            • In my studies of civil unrest in the rest of the world, I have found that the regular people don’t do much at first. The organized crime groups are first to act, as they have the organization, leadership and balls. Study Lebanon in the 80’s. I knew people who were recruited into the various militias. Most militias were based on crime units. The rest were Hezbollah, PLO etc. Study Northern Ireland. The violent groups were basically street gangs recruited by the different political groups to do their bidding.

            • You can’t ignore the efficacy of social media. I say this all the time, but the entire OWS movement, which got a LOT of bodies in one place, was begun via Facebook.

              Blogs, Facebook, email forwards, and other manners of electronic communication organization will play a big part.

              Look, for example, at Ron Paul’s campaign. He was under a media blackout until the bloggers and alternative media came out in full force to make themselves heard!

              This kind of project is the easiest type of marketing campaign ….selling something EVERYONE wants …..freedom.

          • what it will take is for the round ups to begin and the only problem with that is by then there will be such a short time to do anything….. we have crossed the threshold mentioned in the science fiction book 1984 we are already there and once the feet hit the streets it will be too late they are fighting a war people and we are all enemies of the state. you are watched and listened to by your cell phone what you but is monitored at the register by camera and credit card where you go in your new is tracked by the gps in it (put there for your safety) the rf id tags are in our troops and they are putting forth the legislation in congress to put them in our children at birth your dna and fingerprints have been stored by the fbi since 1975 taken at birth at the hospital folks the end isnt coming its here and its almost too late to do anything…. our government has been inflitrated to highest degree by criminals hell bent on destroying any and all freedom we may still have they pass laws while congress in vacation when thier croonies are the only ones present. and by executive law we that speak out or think anything that goes against out enslavers and captors are insurrgents against this great land so think and remember OLE bens statement “those that chose safety over liberty deserve neither”

            • The turbulent have to be corrected,
              The faint-hearted cheered up,
              The weak supported;
              The Gospel’s opponents need to be refuted,
              Its insidious enemies guarded against;
              The unlearned need to be taught,
              The indolent stirred up,
              The argumentative checked;
              The proud must be put in their place,
              The desperate set on their feet,
              Those engaged in quarrels reconciled;
              The needy have to be helped,
              The oppressed to be liberated,
              The good to be encouraged,
              Cf. Isaiah 1:17:
              Learn to do well:
              seek judgment,
              relieve the oppressed
              judge for the fatherless,
              defend the widow.

          • so sorry man.iclicked on ur f’in link:Guess What
            It wants 2 run a MF PROGRAM
            on my ‘puter.
            Thanks, but no…..

            • Worms…

              That’s because it isn’t a link….it’s an email address. Your computer was trying to open outlook.

              Chill out.

        • I think it will be a lot of hungry people who are armed. We haven’t really hit the point of mass starvation yet so no one is going to stick their heads up and be the “first”.

          Maslow’s Heirarchy will determine the army. When enough people, who are armed, lose the bottom tier, then the revolution will begin.

          We are almost there. The second to last tier is almost gone.

        • I dont know for sure,but i do know there wont be a political solution,i mean just look at the candidates,apart from Ron Paul they are idiots.The situation would be laughable if it wasnt so sad.They just look and talk like the liars and phoneys that they are.I hope i am wrong but i fear America will not get the political change it needs.

        • 1. UN troops on the street.
          2. Confiscation if all privately owned firearms
          3. The mark of the beast or any system that would tag me like cattle on my body
          That would be game on for me…

        • This is truly disappointing 1 f–kin simply question and out of the people I got 8 answers… Wow we really maybe FUBAR.

          • DPS ~ I’m not living in the US so I didn’t feel qualified to answer that question – it’s too hypothetical. I know that someone coming for my weapons or my food supplies would be the end of peaceful lil me.

            Also, if I saw my extended family down that way suffering, I would have to get involved more strongly than I am now.

        • My deepest fear is that a civil war caused by an economic crash will dispel any hope of a peaceful or armed revolution that might occur.

          An armed revolution by the way will be started by them first. Christian PEOPLE don’t start wars, they end them. We’re too Good to fire the first shot, morally speaking.

        • DPS,

          There is alot of talk about the 2nd Amenedment being the main focus, well everyone focused so much on it that they didn’t pay attention to what was being done. I beleive it was the main distraction to accelerate their agenda. They have already stripped everyone of their rights with all the bills and laws the current and past admins have passed that while we or everyone were so focused on the 2nd they went around the American. All it takes now is to start confiscating people who prep and their wares and they get the majority of the guns and ammo, food stocks, gold and properties, the new laws allow them that ability now at any time day or night( mainly). All we are doing now is playing chess against them without the rooks, knights and bishops( the Constitution). Once they call check, its game on, for the revolt will truely begin.

      29. Ron Paul is the starting point to getting our country under control, the politicians should only serve 1 term keep voting them out for the next 6 years, this way the lobbyist will have a harder time controlling them and the voters are sending the message that they work for us, I know this doesn’t sound right but it’s going to take time to take back our country nothing will get done but nothing gets done anyway, 1 term forces them to work for the people the few bill that they pass will show if it’s for the corporations or for the people.

        • We need to put previous political unknowns in the primaries. “A big city mayor (already corrupted) voting into Congress is a scant advantage. The primaries are where “power to the people” has the best opportunity to grow and the lower house of Congress is the best place to start.

          When Congressmen / women voted for NAFTA in working class areas only to be re-elected the result was no fear of a political backlash with the China Free Trade vote. For the most part the electorate is ignorant and lazy. You get the representation you deserve under those circumstances.

      30. But he’s black jesus, he should be able to do whatever he wants!!!!

      31. WE LOVE O-BOMA!:)

      32. Oh and you guys and girls are deluded if you think Ron Paul can save your country! He may not be one of “them” but he will be and if refuses, he’ll go the same way as JFK did. Either way you lose!

        Only thing you can do is prepare and wait for when the rest of your country men/women wake up if they ever do.

        It’ll probably be too late by then anyway and you’ll all be in FEMA camps or dead or maybe if your “lucky” in hiding somewhere shiting in bags and eating animal carcasses to survive.

        • Citereh
          what exactly do you reccomend we do to try to avoid this outcome than?

        • Citereh– and just WHICH branch of the Fed do yo call home? Spoken like a true Fed, trying desperately to confuse. PLEASE scare me some more. Sheeple will NEVER awaken and most here will agree. Another thing, Road Kill Cafe serves a good meal!

      33. That’s USMC Major General Smedley D. Butler, to you johney

        And that is correct, a faction of banker scum wanted me to command a 500,000 man army to overthrow DC so they could create a fascist dictatorship. But I thwarted their pinko, commie, fascist plans.

        If I wasn’t dead I would on the other hand today lead an army of patriots to overthrow the commie treasonous pit of vipers that have hijacked our republic.

        • SIR NO SIR! I hear you clear Sir! CRYSTAL CLEAR SIR!

          I pray to the “FIGHTIN’ QUAKER” every night prior to crawlin’ on the rack with his picture by my pillow!

          • pls. note: “sir no sir” , is a underground illegal u s army enlisted newspaper created by active duty army personel for active duty personel during the 60’s… it fought the corruption and rumor mill of the u s military and gave the enlisted a voice! look it up…

      34. The American People have grown accustom to the idea that they are free no matter what the government does, but freedom that is contingent upon compliance is not freedom!

        • “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” Janis Joplin


        • Oh yeah….. right… call for impeachment. Is anyone upset that the Republicans hold sessions for 30 seconds a day just to prevent the President from filling lawful vacancies they refuse to approve. Oh and now they also prevent c-span from recording their antics. Children!

          The truth is they passed the laws and they now have the obligation to support the executive branch in filling the posts they created. They are acting like children and subverting how our government was structured to work. They play baseball, but ignore the rules and won’t play in the field when they have 3 outs. You guys are the refs and you don’t care because winning the game is more important than the rules.

        • Your oatmeal grows cold…….I couldn’t resist.

      36. Obama is a BLACK stain on this country!

        • obama is a oreo / mulatto, not black, the american blacks / african americans have disowned him… and the africans don’t want him back in kenya!

          so technically america still hasn’t had a black president, just an cia puppet oreo cookie…

          • Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing their joker….and they said keep him, we’ll find a better one.

        • Yes, and every black that voted for the fraud will do so again rather than admit they were wrong..and whites too.

          • I wouldn’t count on that….remember a lot of them thought he was gonna pay all their bills, and buy them a new car.

            Myself I almost voted for RP…but then my narcissistic side kicked in and I wrote myself in.

            I got 3% of the total vote…mostly from threepers….coarse you won’t here that on main smear media

        • more like a black stain in the shorts

      37. It’s Bush all over again.

        • And Clinton was Bush 41 with Bush 43 being Clinton.

          The names and party change but policy on the major decisions continue.

      38. Folks, your talk of 200K armed men marching on DC is a recipe for disaster. First, you won’t ever get that organized. Second, if you did, they wouldn’t get anywhere near DC armed as you suggest. Third, if, somehow, they broke through and got to DC, you can bet that they would be routed as quickly as were those vets routed by Patton and Ike and McArthur and Marshall et al. Fourth, we live in a system which enables us to make the changes you seek peacefully, by winning in the marketplace of ideas. Fifth, once we win in the marketplace of ideas, we vote out of office the Statists and vote in Liberty loving, private property protecting, free enterprise promoting Constitutionalists.

        In short, any talk of armed assault on our nation’s capital is doomed.

        • federalist 45
          go fuck your self you nwo, aipac,fascist , zionist, communist prick…. we will make that decision thank you very much…. i think you should just resign now and leave DC…..

        • Federalist45

          Wow, I simply have nothing more to say to you sir!!


        • 200k men marching on DC???? At least 1/4 would be fbi spys and another 1/4 would work for nsa. Remember those poor old guys in Georgia this year … busted by informers for their plots. 40,000 new fed and state laws this year …. anyone know what they are? I doubt it. The feds are control freaks and regulate and data mine 24/7. Built a remote cabin last year and the builder starts work to double its size in the next month for full time residence… I don’t plan on being searched while bugging out by the TSA … I plan on living with my guns and watching after the one thing I have worth risking all for, my grand babies.

          • Orwellian ~

            Just because that action isn’t one that you personally would undertake doesn’t mean that it is the wrong action.

            It would be a shame for people with the same basic goals to be against the activists because of how they choose to make themselves heard.

            Remember, there is a change that we ALL want to see. It may take a collaboration of many different methods to make that happen.

            It’s one thing to walk away, but it’s another thing to get in the way.

            If you can’t say something supportive, and have some pride in the people who dare to take action……well, maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all. Then again, maybe you just aren’t on the same side.

          • 90 million gun owners in America can change the direction of this country without firing a shot.

            Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. A $100 donation by every gun owner to America First! could elect Patriots at every level, all across the country.

            Read their Platform.

            Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

      39. Bush did the same stuff. There’s a quote from Bush about how things would be much easier in a dictatorship. People who think this is all Democrat vs. Republican have short memories. Voting in a Republican next year will change nothing.

        • Yep. People forget what inspired that scene from Star Wars and how much hell the movie got for it. These are the very same policies carried out under Bush. It’s just that a lot of Bush people are finally pulling their heads out of their asses and waking up. Now we have to wait for the Obama people to wake up. It’s all about keeping us busy with politics. Divide and conquer. It is funny though how those who were big fans of the Patriot Act are all upset now about NDAA. The R and D makes people blind.

      40. Proof God loves stupid people…….because he made so many.

      41. Wow. The veil is off..

        Pretend to be that which you are not, in order to ensnare that which you fear. You have become what you were falsely convinced that you needed to protect against.

        The snare will ensnare the fowler..

        Adios Amigos.. it’s been fun.. and enlightening.

        • Yeah, I think I’m right behind you Sns.

        • sns, I’ll get the lights my friend.

      42. Brilliant! I do not know why I did not think of it before? All states realigned into their own Square One Bloc based on their respective football conference! Too easy.

        • Not nearly as scary as the time I let my brother be in charge of the powder while we was drinking moonshine.

          Nope after that day we only drink beer when we reload…….

          Oh ps that’s sunshine if the revenue man asks ya…

      43. Some good news out of New Hampshire: three newspapers have endorsed the Constitutional Warrior/Defender of Liberty.

        Yet I cannot understand how people calling themselves “conservative” can even be slightly interested in voting for either Romney or Santorum, who will be absolutely NO DIFFERENT than the Demagogue Komrade in Chief presented in Mac’s article! Absolutely no different, due to the following reasons, supported by both of these dullards:

        – TARP Wall Street bailout of $800 Billion
        – Destructive Money Printing by the Federal Reserve
        – Foreign Aid to all our enemies of the world
        – Creation of debt for the funding of Eternal Warfare
        – Continuing unbalanced budgets for the sake of impoverishment of all Americans
        – NDAA, Unpatriot Act, and destruction of civil freedoms
        – Falsehoods leading to false flags like 9/11 to provoke war with the umpteenth country of the world
        – Socialized healthcare control by a centralized regime
        – Destruction of States’ Rights, thereby preventing the right of nullification to federal laws deemed unconstitutional

        I am doing my best. Contributing money, volunteering information, telling my friends and relatives (over the course of the last number of years) about my belief in the one true patriot for the cause of liberty.

        If the “Republican” party cannot appreciate the centrist viewpoint of liberty, which is so “dangerous,” yet understood by the Founders, I am sure the Independence Party appealing to the hearts and minds of real Americans will make it happen!

        I truly believe it’s only a matter of time…….

        • you forgot about the solyndra and mfglobal/jon corzine fiascos. WHY IS JON CORZINE NOT IN PRISON YET?

      44. Glenn Beck is an evil manipulative prick.
        Do I agree with everything Obama does? NO
        But I will never be taken in by the likes of Glenn Beck.

        • Worse is Sean Hannity. Constipated. Sadomasochistic. Anti-anti-Semite Nazi. Leviathan Lover. Attorney Aficionado. Ignoramus. College Dropout. Notice I did not use any expletives.

          • Don’t forget about that serial hypocrite Santorum, a real sinister, sniveling goombah.

      45. “The danger to America is NOT Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency.
        It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a DEPRAVED ELECTORATE willing to have such a man for their president.
        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America .
        The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is LESS likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

      46. Hacking Democracy

      47. Why then if he has done things against our laws why has he not been impeached? Honestly what is going on. Can’t we get together and get him out for breaking our laws?

      48. Folks, you really need to get a grip here. The ‘citizens’ did not vote Obomber into office. Voting didn’t matter during his election any more than it will during the next one. He was PLACED into office by those that have the money and the power to do so. You, the citizen, have NO power to replace him with whoever you think deserves to be the next puppet-in-chief. It is almost over, the armed farces of the country are warming up the engines for a direct attack on Iran. Retaliation will be swift by those who are supporting Iran. And don’t fool yourself, there are those that support Iran. A sea of glass is in the future of the district of criminals, let’s just hope Obomber stays home that day.

        Pray that you might find yourself worthy to escape. The entire world LIES in wickedness, that would include the imperial ass, Obomber.

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills – or haven’t you been listening?


        • That’s awesome!

          I just sent that link to about a kabillion people!

      49. Right on Mushie…all though I’m still not to sure on the crisp $tens……This forum is a bit of therapy for us all and maybe it helps one in such a way that we don’t feel all alone in this world, all I can say is to prepare for HELL ON EARTH. Cherrio..

        • Thanks butch…most on this forum discount anything I say. You will need all the crisp $10 bills you can get soon – and yes, they will still buy stuff. If you haven’t filled all the #10 cans with food, ammo, gold & silver and $10 bills you can, you may be too late — but better late than never!

          Obomber and the idiots in the district of criminals will defend Israel down to the last amerikan piece of cannon fodder available.


          • Hi Mushroom,

            I would like to know more about having new $10 dollar bills on hand. Why do they have to be new and why exactly are they going to be usefull in bartering? I am truly interested in your reasoning. Thanks, Justice

            • Wow, Thumbs down because I ask a decent question with no ill intent. Excuse me for inquiring, I meant no harm.

            • I left my last message at 1:24 pm today, still not posted at 10:10 pm. I guess I should just take my toys and go home. Thanks

            • @Justice100…I did not read this until today. Here’s the point, it doesn’t matter if it is a crisp $10 bill or one that’s old as the hills, you will be able to spend the fraudulent reserve notes for a while, even after all hell breaks loose. If you haven’t saved any currency, you should. Banks, atm’s and your credit cards will likely not work in/after a shtf scenario occurs. You will need to buy stuff. Cash will likely be the only thing that will work. Use it to buy stuff that you can then barter. I’m sure you are aware of what those things are, so I won’t repeat the list. Don’t sweat the thumbs down shit – it happens to me all the time.

              You need to lighten up while you still can, just find a place to make your stand and take it easy…Take It Easy – Jackson Brown


          • Mushroom,
            Thanks so much for answering my question, makes sense and I appreciate it. You are right on about this.


            • Mushroom,

              I was referring to the site not posting my message for almost 8 hours after I wrote it. I’m sorry if you thought I was referring to you answering me. Thanks again.


            • @Justice100

              [Grandma Sarah notices that Lone Watie has painted his face]
              Grandma Sarah: What’s all that paint about?
              Lone Watie: It’s my death face.
              Grandma Sarah: You know, we’re sure gonna show them redskins somethin’ tomorrow. No offense meant.
              Lone Watie: None taken.

              The Outlaw Josey Wales…


          • Mushroom

            It’s The Eagles, dammit. Not Jackson Browne.

            • Uhhh you would be mistaken…


              check it out for yourself. Brown wrote it, Glen Frey and the Eagles covered it and made it a hit…


      50. DPS,

        I’m with ya brother….ain’t no mofo taking my firearms unless there from that often over used, yet woefully true statement…”from my cold dead hands”!

        As far as turkeys, the ones with feather have never bested me….but damn those ones in a bottled are another story.

        If we live through the coming storm, and somehow meet…I’ll treat ya to some of my shine…sunshine that is (revenue man says moonshine is illegal) and I’m a law abiding man don’t ya know….anyhow have a great night.

      51. RWS,
        I hear you brother, sunshine is a good thing. And if I could brew this Rare Breed Turkey, well I would have to say no being a law abiding man that lost his guns in the bad ass boating accident…


      52. For the majority of any voting society, it’s citizens always vote for individual self interests. Candidates who promise individual gains at the expense of the whole society will generally have an edge on their opponent. Promising the most individual gains at the expense of the society becomes a competition with the man convincingly making the biggest promises being the winner. America began with great men and a greater God but it’s current state is simply the result of human nature and time. Like the Israelites of the old testament, complete repentance and prayer can return this country to it’s former prosperity but like the Israelites we will not turn our course till the moment before our destruction.

      53. HEY…DPS…I like daTurkey too…got me a bottle from 1982..never been cracked…I’ll send ya pics if’n ya give me a UURAHHH…lol

        On a more sober note…good news, Obummer announced that unemployment is down for Dec. —..funny tho, how Jan is gonna show all those jobs were just temp work for the holidays.

        …I agree with Mushroom, $10 dolaar bills and dollar coins, be your oun bank….end your bank accounts….be your own bank….-…nuttin’but love (Hi Daisy !)

        ……………….be safe…………Bad..

        • Hi back at ya, Bad! 😉

      54. I just can’t wait till 25 million plus people flood the court systems refusing to pay for their fines etc for not getting something that was not constitutional to begin with. They thought the protestors were bad just wait till this happens. My breaing point will be when they try and take away the 2nd admendment. Won’t happen with me Here is one! Any others?

      55. ”’ hic ”’

      56. Eric @ January 6, 2012 at 7:08 that steals an office with the help of the Congress can not be impeached.
        1) the fraud more than likely isn’t a natural born citizen; IF, and that’s a big IF, his father is Barack Obama, he is not natural, because the father was a Kenyan, under the rule of Great Britain.
        2) regardless, he is at best– and there’s no evidence that he is American– a dual citizen of Indonesia (and the liar says American) by his adoption of Soetoro of Indonesia.
        3) this constitutional travesty will

      57. Let’s try that again, Nellie:

        Eric @ January 6, 2012 at 7:08 pm..
        one that steals an office with the help of the Congress can not be impeached.
        1) the fraud more than likely isn’t a natural born citizen; IF, and that’s a big IF, his father is Barack Obama, he is not natural, because the father was a Kenyan, under the rule of Great Britain.
        2) regardless, he is at best– and there’s no evidence that he is American– a dual citizen of Indonesia through the adoption by Soetoro of Indonesia.
        3) this constitutional travesty will NEVER be rectified because there are not enough courts, jails, and judges to try all individuals guilty of treason that simply turned their heads and ‘played’ stupid when alerted, advised, and informed by their constituents.
        4) who’s gonna charge and try the cases of the Supreme Court??

        I’ll leave you with this:
        “The nasty things that you think are coming always take longer to arrive than you think they will, but once they get here, they make up for their tardiness by being worse than you thought they’d be.”
        Prep like your life depended on it–it will.

      58. Arrrrggghhhh.this is driving me crazy!

        can anyone answer this question.

        If rabbits stop eating carrots, will they need to wear glasses?

        • RWS

          those wabbits will need suglasses at night cuz of that bright “moonshine”….just sayin’

      59. RWS,
        Of course not what the can’t see the rabbit will smell..


        He sits smoking a pipe because he is smarter then the wolf.

      60. Things will have to get really bad for stupid Amerikans.Only then will a small minority wake. Just go out in public. You’ll see the walking dead. This is the same way Hitler took over. Sad to say I hate the sheeple. And they deserve SHIT!!!!!!

      61. Just wondering, what does it mean that the website is very compromised?

        • @all , i encourge all readers here too create out of country , out of the usa email accounts NOW while you still can, yahoo, google, facebook, myspace are all cia fusion centers and all your emails and instant messages are being READ COPIED AND SHARED by your nwo.zionist.facist goverment the very people who are enslaving you… an create with multiple backup accounts. all different user names and 8 or greater number with letter passwords! write it all down , print it, lock it up for opsec!


          arm up stock up prepare for CIVIL WAR!

      62. The golfer-in-chief may as well bypass Congress… they ceded their authority to declare war to the Executive branch long ago. Congress is little more than a bloated shit parade.

        • See–this is the stuff that bothers me not—it is the reaction that little turd wants–he does all this to get a reaction–not from me!!

      63. NinaO, DPS, RWS, Gunsmith, eeder, etc…..

        From a tactical point of view, something interesting is coming up.

        The Occupy movement is Occupying Congress on January 17th in protest of the NDAA bill. They’ve applied for the proper permits to set up in the National Mall, as per Washington’s regulations. They are expecting a turnout of around 2000 people.

        While you might not agree with the message, you have to love the volume at which they say it.

        http:// www dot occupyyourcongress dot info/

        This is in response to Federalist 45’s comment above. It will be very telling to see how this is handled. This is like watching the other team play football the week before you meet them to figure out some of thier plays, which lineman to watch out for, and whose going to try and do an end run.

        • yes daisy, it should be interesting to see what happens.

        • Good news.I am wondering why they decided to get permits this time tho. If they did they turned their rights to peaceably assemble into a privelege granted by rulers. Nevertheless, I am behind them all the way.

        • Daisy,

          Yep it will be very interesting to see that go down, I guess they figured out a way to spend those donations


          I fought the Turkey and the Turkey won.

        • @Daisey & the list

          From a strategic viewpoint, this is an ideal diversion. Lots of background noise & chaff blooming the enemy radar CRTs.
          Besides the above pluses, said event will consume substantial alphabet-soup agency manpower hrs.

          Hence, a golden opportunity for some real Americans to work behind the scenes, in relative safety.

      64. @incognito , RESPECT Sir!

        I don’t suppose You want a J O B!

        I’m lookin’ for a FREEMEN.PROJECT INTEL CHIEF!

        Best of luck to you, an watch your 6 six this site is compromised and trolled!

      65. From Butch to the other Butch….Please change your handle to ButchII or something like that…I’ve been on here for a long time [long before you], but seldom post. Not trying to be a a-hole, just trying to avoid confusion. Thanks….and Cherrio.

      66. Mac

        You are dead on..

        50 + % of the population is 100% reliant on the government for food/housing/health care and will vote the incumbent in.

        Another 10 or so % are public /state/federal union members who will vote the incumbent in to protect their pensions..(laughably though as they are liabilities unknown to them)

        Another 20 % are rabid diehards of the political system counting on their GOP Savior to save the Republic..

        Then there’s the T Party gang..numbers unknown

        Could go on and on..but the figures don’t lie..

        there’s probably at best less than 10% of us here nationally who see the light..and the dimmers are fading fast..

        keep on prepping..and stocking canned goods/dry goods/and leaded goods..


        • possee(sp?)-Do go on,am very interested. nO,its not
          a psy-op

      67. NOTICE TO NWO
        you are not listening or taking me seriously. you are edging on provacation and i ordered you to stop. we have a problem here that you dont seem to take seriously. what you need to do is step aside and allow Ron Paul to become the next president. I expect to see progress on this immediately. Im trying to be polite here , you dont seem to respond to nasty or nice…. so what, precisely do you respond to? do the right thing and be on the good side of history.

        • What WE have here is a ” … failure to communicate!”

          To coin a phrase.

      68. NOTICE TO NWO

        “paper or plastic”
        -Dr. Stanley Goodspeed

      69. @All… Just finished my morning 4am 2 mile combat hike! and want all FREEMEN.PROJECT Donors too know this…

        @ALL this is a PUBLIC NOTICE: All FREEMEN.PROJECT Vetted Members. All (within.reason) will have direct access to all accounting… every dime donated will be accounted for and directed to the FREEMEN.PROJECT’s 2012!

        On my Life, this I so Swear!

        1.) Build Recruit Nationally FREEMEN.PROJECT, Restore the U.S. Constitution! As Originally Written 1787!

        2.) Build Provide SECURE Basic Housing and Basic SECURE warmth Shelters Nationwide for the 70,000 Veterans and their Families who are Homeless. Civilians who are disabled frail destitute will be given access as spacing is available. No one will be denied if truly in need! NO ONE WILL FREEZE to Death or Die of Starvation!

        3.) Build the FREEMEN.PROJECT (value based) Nationwide Banking System! FOR ALL FREEMEN MEMBERS! YOUR MONEY will be backed by PRECIOUS METALS! You Will Be Protected!

        These are MY GOAL’s and the CHARTER of the FREEMEN.PROJECT’s 2012 , in that Order!

        FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

        RON PAUL 2012

        • Gawd,dang man-what ticket are you running under/over?

      70. @All… Just finished my morning 4am 2 mile combat hike! and want all FREEMEN.PROJECT Donors too know this…

        @ALL this is a PUBLIC NOTICE: All FREEMEN.PROJECT Vetted Members. All (within.reason) will have direct access to all accounting… every dime donated will be accounted for and directed to the FREEMEN.PROJECT’s 2012!

        On my Life, this I so Swear!

        1.) Build Recruit Nationally FREEMEN.PROJECT, Restore the U.S. Constitution! As Originally Written 1787!

        2.) Build Provide SECURE Basic Housing and Basic SECURE warmth Shelters Nationwide for the 70,000 Veterans and their Families who are Homeless. Civilians who are disabled frail destitute will be given access as spacing is available. No one will be denied if truly in need! NO ONE WILL FREEZE to Death or Die of Starvation!

        3.) Build the FREEMEN.PROJECT (value based) Nationwide Banking System! FOR ALL FREEMEN MEMBERS! YOUR MONEY will be backed by PRECIOUS METALS! You Will Be Protected!

        These are MY GOAL’s and the CHARTER of the FREEMEN.PROJECT’s 2012 , in that Order!

        FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

        RON PAUL 2012

        • The biggest problem in these united states is that 60% of the population has no morals. They will vote for whoever promises them a the proverbial free lunch. Most of this 60% are left wing Commies, Fasciests who belong to the National Democratic Socialist Party. O’Bamma himself is a born again Nazi. Heil O’Bamma Komrad.

      71. @All … I am Recruiting for the FREEMEN.RED.GUARD, the FREEMEN Security Corps! Your Job, Protect the FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012 and Enforce it’s Charter! You will be Vetted and Checked Out , no POSER’s Please! I don’t want to waste my time weeding you out! You are a SINGLE Male Female no Dependents , Ex Military Grunt or Security Forces – FULLY Trained – with or without Combat Experience… All who meet this requirement are encouraged to apply , including ex-cons also who meet the first criteria… Your Records are all wiped clean , forgiven , the day you sign up to be a FREEMEN.RED.GUARD and make your blood mark! A Fresh Clean Slate too all who make their blood mark!
        Think of this… The Call will come for YOU!

        email contact: freemen (dot) project@gmx (dot) us

        • Ninaorket,

          Your call for a RED Guard does not sound very promising, the reason I say this is that why single? why not a family man or woman too? Are you scared to have someone with family values, or someone committed to protecting their family? I find your pledge a joke, you only want one class of individual and history has seeen that before, you’ll take money from someone with a family but not include them. I am former S.O.A., I went to SWICS at JFK,stationed at Campbell, served since 93 and DD214 out in 08. I have a family and they are proud of what I have done, I have worked hard to provide for them the safety and security everyone desires, what makes me not a candidate? All because I have a wife? a child? Because I will tell you what you need , if your a family man and threaten my family and try to take away the things that balance my life that make me happy you and the world will not stop and a man who no longer has anything to lose. I have seen and done things you would not imagined for this country willingly and knowing it was wrong, all in the pursuit of knowing America was free. What I would like to know as probably some of the other former and current military memebers of this forum is what do you have to bring to the table. You obviously just showed your one sided to the single individual as to a family unit. So what says you about being single only to be in your elite, what has a single person ever lost? I bet myself and JD and some of the other Vets and former L.E.O’s here will eat your RED Guard for breakfast lunch and dinner and still be hungry for a midnight snack. Its people like you that will set things off the wrong direction. You might want to rethink you plan to include a more diverse group of individuals besidesingles, but oh wait even if you did your already biased you just showed your true colors. Do you need a hammer and sickle to go with your flag?? ..

          You wont see a dime from this pissed off VET!!!

          • Not Another Dictator:

            There’s one part of you comment I would like ot address, if I could.

            In previous posts, NinaO has commented on why he is asking for initial volunteers to be single. (and I believe he also opened the invitation to women). It’s because of leaving dependants in a worst case scenario.

            I myself HAVE fatherless children and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Children need a mom and a dad, and especially with the times coming, they need family to protect them.

            I don’t read any ill intent into that criteria.

            • @ Daisy,

              I just don’t buy it, defend the criteria as you must but it makes no difference married or not to defend the rights of your freedom . If I had been K.I.A and freedom is preserved then my children would be proud and able to understand what it took to ensure that freedom through sacrifices. I am sorry for the position you are in but not everyone is in that position and that is not to sound callious, and without a doubt I am sure you would fight along side anyone and the fear is not knowing what will happen to your children, and thats a hard choice to make. Times are changing and the freedoms you , I and everyone here have enjoyed and grown up with are almost gone. I feel and understand what you are saying but look at the bigger picture using the American Revolution and look at the 1st Civil War. Many of those men and women and sons and daughters who fought for freedoms were in fact from families some from the same and many from others. Now fast forward to today’s current situation and look at how children have been raised, educated etc, these are the people you want protecting and fighting for you, half of the age bracket he wants have no life experiences. The family unit still stands for something regardless of being with or without someone or with child, its the hardest job there and a rare breed. The point being is that be it man or women, young and old, married or single. If you want to pull this off he might want to broaden his critera, family or not if guilt of breaking up a family to preserve the honor of American values and freedom is why he wants singles then he isn’t as strong as what needs to be done. Death should be worst case scenerio…

              P.S. Your a strong willed women with a heart of a lion as I have read in your post. Keep fighting the fight

            • Daisy, I do believe that two parent families may now be illegal in California. Well, two parents of opposite sex anyway.

      72. Guess I’ll take the opposite side of the argument when it comes to this article and the automatic buy-in by most posters. Where was the outrage when Bush used the same procedure to appoint the neo-con John Bolton to the UN post? As someone stated above, this site seems to be drifting from survival to right wing politics.
        Someone else mentioned that we the people are the problem. In some sense, I agree. Take a gander at this video from Jesse’s Cafe and you may find something else to blame:

      73. I once interviewed the leader of the Minutemen of the 1960’s. He stated when he was arrested by the Feds, the people who stood by him and refused to testify were the people who really hated the socialist government. The people who buckled under in court and testified against him were the bible thumpers. They are the weak link. Keep that in mind.

      74. This declaration is being passed around in certain circles amongst FREEFOR.

        Whereas, on the 14th of December, 2011, the House of Representatives of these United States voted, in the form of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, in favor of indefinite military detention, without charges, of American citizens on American soil, without due process of law, at the discretion of the government alone;

        Whereas, on the 15th of December, 2011, the Senate of these United States voted in favor of the same bill;

        Whereas, on the 31st of December, the President of these United States signed the same bill into law;

        Whereas, the proscription against the use of military force to police the populous has been an essential feature of American civic life and civic liberty since the arrival of our civilization upon this continent;

        Whereas, the wanton violation of this proscription was one of the chief causes of the separation of the American people from their government in Great Britain;

        Whereas, the Constitution so chartering the government of these United States, in Article III Section III, states that “No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

        Whereas, the Constitution so chartering the government of these United States, in the Fifth Amendment, states that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”;

        Whereas, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President of these United States have disregarded the plain text of the Constitution;

        Whereas, in openly disregarding its founding document, the government of these United States has lost any semblance of legitimacy;

        Whereas, the use of such draconian measures has been an essential feature of the enforcement of tyranny by every totalitarian governments of the 20th century;

        Whereas, the use of such draconian measures is carefully calculated to quash all political dissent amongst a captive people;

        Whereas, the codification of such draconian measures effectively nullifies all civil liberties the people may hope to hold;

        And whereas, the codification of such draconian measures is an act of war against the populous at large;

        Therefore, be it declared that a STATE OF WAR formally exists between the Government of these United States and the People of these United States, perpetrated by that Government against the People.

        We, the People of these United States, declare any and all attempts to enforce the provisions of the NDAA to be unlawful, void, and of no force.

        We declare ALL WHO voted in favor of the NDAA, and ALL WHO attempt to enforce the NDAA to be traitors to these United States, punishable under law.

        We SHALL DISOBEY, APPREHEND, OR RESIST WITH FORCE, at our discretion, any person who attempts to enforce the provisions of the NDAA.

        We SHALL NOT aggress against any Federal, State or local government employee who shall not attempt to enforce or aid and abet the enforcement of the NDAA, they being as trapped as the rest of the populous.

        Such STATE OF WAR shall continue until the NDAA is stricken from the code of law, and all who had hand in the NDAA are removed from positions of power.

        Everyone is encouraged to pass it around, it’s time we the people let the tyrants know “were mad as hell…and we ain’t gonna take it no more”.

        • RWS3:

          That is awesome. Can you send me sources so I can post it? daisy luther at y mail cot com

          I’d like to help get that out there!

          • Just sent you two, miss Daisy…can gather a few more later, but I got some chores to attend to right now.

            RWS III…O&O

            • Thank you RWS – got ’em. I’ll post them this afternoon and then plaster them all over the social media sites. It’ll be fun. 🙂

        • Note *populace* at all times not populous. And every totalitarian *government* no (s). And all who had *aided and abetted the codification of* as opposed to hand in the, as they are criminals.

        • Yo, yo, yo, my peeps! WE need to remember that WE are the government. Those in office either elected or appointed, are employees of that government, which is US.

          Refer to them as the current PTB or refer to them as a Rogue Administration, but please do not refer to them as the “government” any more.

          WE are the government.

          The term “government” only lends them some credibility when they have none and commit treason against US on behalf of the special interests.

          I am the government and so are you. They work for US. It’s time to fire them, try them, and fry them.

          Just saying. Words matter.

          • DK-You Rock!

      75. Daisy,
        could you forword those to me when you get them?
        I just signed up on your blog.


        • Your email won’t show up there DPS, because I made the privacy settings that way to protect readers and commenters. Send me a not at my email address and I will forward these right to ya.


          • Daisy,

            gotcha just sent you a e-mail


      76. bush did recess appointments didn’t he?
        and didn’t he say it would be easier if it were a dictatorship?
        looks to me that obama is just bush lite.
        we don’t have a government anyway, we have a corporatocracy.

        • what we have is fascism.. thats the name that best describes it

      77. nina, daisy , and everyone, we have a big problem… during the iowa caucuses on tuesday there was a us army soldier who had a tatoo of the twin towers on his neck who was on the situation room on cnn with wolf blitzer, and was telling wolf about why he voted for Ron Paul and said he wanted to see some peace time than began to mention how israel could look after themselves and the minute he said israel they pulled the plug.. well there was a “technical” problem…anyhow as Ron Paul said his speech that night he brought the soldier to the platform and everyone cheered… Are you guys aware of this ? Anyhow , this soldier is now under scrutiny for potentially breaking the law! because he had his uniform on.. and they are trying to put heat on Paul too.And they are bringing up some past problems this soldier had…. it is sickening! THIS MAN HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG AND SHOULD BE HONORED!

        • The only thing I see that we can do is inundate the comments sections in the news sites. You can actually change a lot of opinions that way, as you long you are careful to sound rational and be able to back up what you say.

          Are there some particular mainstream sites you can see this on? That would be a great starting point, eeder. Alternative media can sneak into the mainstream by posting comments and links.

      78. I bypassed Congress, and Obama, in my life long ago. I also bypassed the state legislature and government as well.

        I have the power to elect my own government. I elected ME and fired the rest.

        • My grandfather an immigrant from Italy would be told by my father that this or that was “the law”. He would then say, “Who Say”? My Dad replied, “The Government”. Grandfather would reply, “Ima my government” and he just did as he pleased. He drove for over 20 years w/o a drivers license. The list of his non compliance of “laws” (although not a criminal) was quite long. He operated in a cash world (self employed), carried a pistol (no permit) and was in essence off the radar screen passing in the 1960s long before computers.

      79. My problm with Glenn is who some of his IDOLS are from Government and History. O’Dan is not doing much any different that Lincoln did, BUT Glenn thinks Lincoln was one of the GREAT! Lincoln didn’t say the people wanted him to bypass congress, he just DID IT! This Government gas been a fight since DAY ONE, between th Federalist (Large Gov, and Control) and the Anti-Federalist. The Federalist of yesterday are the Liberal Progressive dems and reps.Yes some Republicans spout smaller government, but they don’t mean it, just look at the history of the Feds over the last couple of decades, not much difference is there?
        Glenn is right though in the respect that it is a vocal majority of people who want the Feds to have total Control. There is no real Anti-Federalist party today.

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