The Deep State Would ‘Nuke A US City’ To Murder Trump And Blame North Korea

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 71 comments

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    There isn’t anything the deep state wouldn’t do to eliminate Donald Trump should he get in their way too much.  It’s now becoming clear to some that they would even nuke a city in the United States and blame it on North Korea if the opportunity presents itself.

    According to Mike Adams from Natural News, the deep state has been trying to get Trump out of office since the moment he was elected. They have tried everything, and are now becoming desperate in their quest to eliminate the most immediate threat to their agenda.  But just how far would the deep state go? According to Adams, they aren’t afraid to nuke a city and blame it on North Korea.

    “The deep state will do anything and everything to get Trump out of office,” Adams said. If they have to shoot Air Force One out of the sky, they will.  If they have to kill tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans, the deep state will do it because they don’t care, they only need Trump gone. “Would they drop a nuke on Seattle to kill Trump? You bet they would,” Adams says. “The deep state is desperately trying to cling to power.”

     Adams continues saying that what the deep state has planned now is “orders of magnitude” larger than what took place on September 11, 2001. He also made a prediction in the event that the deep state succeeds in ridding the White House of Donald Trump:

    Now, I predict…and this is not condoning such actions, I’m analyzing it…I’m predicting that any elimination of Trump, either just eliminating him from office or killing him will set off a civil war. An armed revolt across America, probably converging on Washington D.C. where the know, the second amendment activated people who elected Trump into office will finally say to themselves ‘they’ve had enough.’ They’re gonna take their country back.  Mike Adams

    Adams says that democracy is now gone because the deep state will simply remove who they dislike.


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      1. Alright. Enough is enough!


        I am tired of all this “deep state” talk and never any names. No proof. How are we supposed to save America if all these conspiracy theorists do is hint and assume, etc.

        PROVIDE A LIST OF THE TRAITORS, THE ENEMIES, or go back to delivering newspapers for a living.

        Enough is enough.

        Too busy shopping online to get started? Let me assist –


        okay, pretty much any billionaire ….

        NAME NAMES. Enough is enough.

        • deep state=oboingo, hitlery, Comey, big bankster soros etc. cant name them everytime idiot. the list is too loooog.

          • Considering they been at this since Rothschild in the 1760s that list is long.

        • even the NFL are scum lefties with a long history of violence like OJ.

        • If a person has a government office in DC, they should be on the list.

          BTW, I believe if they would go as far as bombing a city to get rid of Trump, they would have done something earlier to keep him from being elected in the first place. In other words, regardless of the actual votes, they could have had the media just tell us that he lost.

          So, either they don’t have as much power as we think, or they allowed him to become president. I think they let him, so that he will be the one blamed for the coming crash. The same thing happened to Hoover.

          • We need to remember that President Hoover was inaugurated in early March 1929 (they did it later back then) and the Stock Market Crash happened in October.

            His policies and legislative agenda hardly had time to have any effect at all in about 7 months.

            The Power of Leftist Democrat Big-Lie propaganda forever ties the Great Depression to Mr Hoover….


            • Of course, intelligent people, who have read folks like Amity Shlaes know for a FACT that the Great Depression was made “great” by FDR. There was a similar downturn around 1920 or 1921, of similar magnitude, that did NOT use the socialist nostrums, and it ended 6 – 8 months later. FDR unequivocally was responsible for the Great Depression, yet is credited with opposite. Also, Hoover wasn’t that different from FDR in his big gov’t intervention. Truth is, gov’t, as Mises and Hayek tell us, don’t have enough info to correctly handle issues like this, and always end up making it worse.

          • I agree that “THEY” let him in, they can choose who they want in by simple manipulation of votes and media reporting, etc. Why did they want him in is the question, but I think it’s to continue to sow discord for the people of this nation. They know he’s outspoken and many times he speaks without thinking of how his words will affect others. What a perfect way to continue the separation, instead of the coming together, of the people of the USA. The ONLY thing they fear is the total coming together of the people. Right now, with just half the population being together and standing against them, they are not that worried even though these folks are the ones that are armed. But civilian arms for (let’s say) 10 million people won’t be enough to stop them as they have tanks, planes and probably things we haven’t heard about yet. It would take 100 million armed citizens to upset their plans but then they could use their nukes to turn that around. The only hope for us to stem their total domination is to literally clean full house, all new members of congress and the senate who would take away their money, thereby slowing their plans.

          • They were 99% sure that he wasn’t going to be elected. That is why they didn’t do much except at the last minute set up the Russian collusion thing…just as a precaution.

          • Because I fully believe that God’s hand is firmly guiding and protecting Donald Trump, NO WEAPONS formed against him will work. Nobody – including the putrid devil himself – can stop the hand of God. As we have seen time and time again over the last year, any attacks against him have boomeranged back against them.

        • Bush,Clinton,the banksters,The Oueen of England etc

        • What a moron.

        • Vatican …. master of the “Deep State” or “Shadow Government” or “the Swamp” … home of Satan’s vicar. Great Whore of the Revelation.

          • Twenty five percent Roman Catholics in the United States. Many our conservative minded people as me. Your reference to the Vatican and its leader as the Whore of Babylon is a story bought and paid for by politico’s generations ago. The Church very well may have been infiltrated by left-leaning powers beginning when Vatican2 was initiated and completed …. In fact, the social-justice and warming-climate Pope takes on the left agenda in so many cases…but to the rest of us Roman Catholics the conspiracy ends. Please don’t equivocate the Church to the Whore of Babylon and other verbiage that impugns the intelligence of a quarter of the U.S. population. We do think, we are educated and we do vote…thanks, jkm

        • What is the secret of the Royal Gartr,Freemasons and globalists, whom do they serve?

          32nd degree Mason – keeper of the royals secrets!

        • I love how all these Trump-worshipers think their hero is against the “deep state” when he’s actually their best friend in the world.

          Big Business has run this country for decades and decades and EVERY policy Trump has supported has been to help them while screwing the average citizen

        • Below are links to organizations with memberships that are the”deep state”:


          If you haven’t explored the Trilateral Commission and their objectives, then you will be lost in understanding the current geopolitical reality. Patrick Wood accurately details the Trilateral Commission’s plan for our world in his book “Technocracy Rising”. He also has discussed these ideas in detail in various interviews on youtube.

          • Read Tragedy and Hope – Carrol Quigley – circa 1964…he talks about these people and names them pretty much all. Mind you it only goes to the 1970’s.

        • “It’s now becoming clear to some that they would even nuke a city in the United States and blame it on North Korea if the opportunity presents itself.”

          The District of Criminals is a safe space. 🙂

        • There is no saving America. We have gone past the turning point. Everything Right is wrong and everything wrong is right. Trump controls the White House and none of the agencies that are dominated by radical socialpaths.

          Seriously, everyone knows who all the deep state members are, even you. They have came out of the “wood work” against Trump. He made them expose themselves.

        • Some call them “Deep State” and others call them the “New World Order.” They are the globalist supporters who have been active for 50 years in infiltrating all levels of society. This includes the last four Presidents, much of Congress and all government agencies. Their goal is to destroy the United States from the inside out, without ever firing a shot. Doubt that, merely look at the sorry state of the nation today. They were right on schedule until upstart Donald Trump showed up and defeated their anointed candidate Hillary Clinton. Led by George Soros and if you want to know who many of the players in the New World Order are just google membership lists of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group and the Tri-Lateral Commission. You can be in denial all you want but they are still here working to turn us into a One World Government.

        • HRC and her cabal. You figure out who they are moron.

      2. The list would be about 10,000 names. 1,000 of them the main players. 100 of them would be the elitists. It’s better to wipe out Brussels, London, New York and the D.C. area. That would get most of them. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a very open, in our face agenda.

        • Him, good points. And Stormy cries because not everyone is named? I don’t think Mac would use up valuable space with all the names and think of how long it would take to enter all that data. Not sure if Mac has any time limit on these articles but I’m sure he has plenty to do instead of the BS Stormy is crying about.

        • Him

          I’ve been reading, learning, studying this since the late 1980s. I’de say your numbers are quite a reasonable estimate.

        • Steve, I have the entire Jericho series on DVD and watched it again just back in September. Very plausible scenario.

          • Yep EMP then stretegic nukes

      3. A nuke strike assassination on Trump, pinned on Fat Boy Kim?

        Yea, I can see that. If anything, I am surprised something like this hasn’t happened already.

      4. The deep state hates Trump? I don’t see how since he bends over backwards to further the Neocons agenda. Medical Marijuana rights now subject to gun confiscation because using it makes one dangerous to just what within the human body and the many cannabinoid receptors found to regulate human health.

        • Alj,
          Outside of Honolulu (not exactly trump territory)
          I wasn’t aware of any police demanding
          such confiscation. BTW Honolulu PD quit
          sending out such letters. Unfortunately if you
          are a law abiding gunowner in Hawaii the cops
          know who you are, where you live, what kind,
          and serial numbers of all your guns
          located in Hawaii.

          • No surprise, but I think Illinois says if you have a medical marijuana card you must turn in your firearm owners ID card.

          • Buy 6 or 8 inch pvc pipe, caps, female and male fittings, some pvc primer and glue. Assemble to the desire length. FILL WITH GEAR OIL AND PLACE YOUR FIREARMS INSIDE AND BURY TILL THE STORM PASSES.

            • Gear oil is really hard on optics. Plus it smells really bad!
              I get your point. Honestly I think less than 10% of Hawai’s guns are registered. Only the ones bought from a gun store, you are supposed to register private sales, but NOBODY does that.

        • I have a friend who has had prostate cancer stage 2 Aggressive for three yrs now. He has had NO conventional treatment. He has been keeping it at bay with B17,certain pancreatic enzymes, Vit D 5000 u a day, selenium, and the baking soda/molassis treatment. Oh, and he just started the Budwig protacal with flax seed oil and cottage cheese. He just had a bone scan and MRI and in 3 yrs it did not spread to his bones. He just had a biopsy 3 yrs ago and they found it. He is next going to try Hemp oil as he heard on the radio of a man who cured his pc with it. Hemp oil and CBD oil is legal as no thc in it.

      5. In the book “Blasphemy” (very good read) the author calls it the “Catastrophe Inducing Agency”.
        Or go with Chaos Inducing Agency.
        It’s what they do.
        aljamo, here’s a good summation IMO. Remove the space ht tp
        and I can’t tell what he’s about anymore…

        ht tp://

        • I looked at this link and some of the comments. It was the trip du jour down a rabbit hole. Made my head hurt. But, wow, what a tangled mess.

      6. If it happens on a day/time where the worst of them (elitists, politicians, lawmakers, etc.) aren’t there, that will be a real bummer. Because they are not all there at the same time. They are all over the place. They travel a lot. As far as Soros, the Koch brothers, the Mercers and other assorted scum bags, they’re very often yachting or jet-setting to one of their many residences or favorite destinations or golfing, or whatever. But most of them are not all there all at the same time.

        Secondly, he is well protected because he was selected by TPTB. They made sure he got in as they know he will carry out the NWO and other evil agendas or he sure as hell would not be in the Oval Office.

        As far as those plotting and murdering Trump that would be awful, tragic. At this point, like 60% of voters, I also disapprove of his behaviors, actions and decisions, but don’t want him murdered.

        If that does happen, and sets off a civil war, innocent people should not die because of it. Kill the perpetrators, not the innocent and those who had nothing to do with his murder, as killing people not responsible for his murder solves nothing and certainly will not lead to taking back the country or MAGA.

      7. All, I would recommend watching the TV series called Jericho. This was from 2004-2005 over 10 years ago. It is EXACTLY what is now happening.

        I just finished the first season.

        You can buy the entire 2 seasons in DVD form via amazon.

        I highly recommend as this will provide you with exactly everything that is and will happen to all of us here in the US.

          • The Revolution series is possible too

        • It’s on Netflix for free. One of my all time favs

        • I was shocked that the series Jericho was ever produced and aired on TV. It put the Second Amendment in a positive light.

      8. can we democratically pick a city to be nuked? Washington?

        • New York City and Wall Street would be another good choice.

          • San Francisco. Please, San Francisco first.

      9. If Trump was re elected liberals would spontaneously combust…

        We can only hope…

      10. what? my understanding of deep state consisted of banksters and other rich people. why would they mess with trump, he is one of them.

      11. The deep state are the high ranking fascist/socialist administrators and bureaucrats safely embedded in the civil service system. Civil service law must be reformed to rid this country of this cancer.

      12. Mike Adams. The nutritionist. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

      13. Am I insane? All Trump has done since he got in office is help the corporate state!!!! Conservatives keep saying it’s liberals are running the oligarchy but I see they almost all are Republicans! It’s bizarro world.

      14. And these assholes remain where they are because of… what? I’d say it’s time to root them out and do what’s necessary to make sure they have no more power! Hell, the French (I apologize for using that word) had the right idea during their revolution…

      15. I have looked at all the propaganda videos produced by NK.
        I have found many problems with them. My main question must be how could such a poor nation afford or have access to such devices. it is like these threats were delivered to N Korea to keep up the tension and a reason for spending money in this regen. follow the money who stands to gain when we have conflict.

      16. Their credo is, “The ends justify the means”.

        There is nothing, absolutely nothing they wouldn’t do to remain in power and they’ll weigh the effect of orchestrated inhumanity to further it. They have started wars for gain under false pretenses, assassinated opposition that too often were seeking positive change (thus challenging their rule). They’re not necessarily immoral they’re amoral. What is unfortunate is that its unwise to believe anything official. That in itself can create problems.

      17. You said “Adams says that democracy is now gone…”. Please explain your use of the word “democracy” to describe our government.

      18. Ladies & Gentlemen,

        Initially, I dismissed the idea . . .

        BUT, the more I thought about it the stark reality of the possibiility became apparent.

        With that in mind, let me present another possible “strategy” . . . Read on !

        The Winter Olympics are starting in February. If President Trump were to attend, for ANY reason at all, I believe that a “Fals Flag” nuclear strike would be used to assassinate Trump, at the Olympics, in South Korea !

        Of course, North Korea would be immediately blamed and the USA would “respond” by nuking North Korea ( probably by a sub-launched missile ).

        The “Deep State” would “kill two birds with one stone”, impose Martial Law “in the interest of National Security”, Pence would have an “accident”, the Deep State would gain TOTAL CONTROL and NO DESTRUCTION would take place on U.S. soil !

        Thoughts & Comments ?

        • EyesWideOpen,

          the Tet offensive was done on the Chinese new year. The Chinese New year is not the same as the west’s new year. The next Chinese new year is 02/16/18 during the first week of the winter olympics which just so happens to be on a Friday.

        • Wow. Sounds workable. Damn.

      19. I think the deep state would symbolize the majority of people who did not vote for far as billionaires being on the list..I don’t see it…his policy is geared towards them…why would they want him gone?

      20. I think smaller incidents drawl suspect attention in the eyes of the public. The JFK assassination is an example, but bigger events, like 911, are so large and hideous that the citizenry, looking through moral eyes, will generally not believe (regardless of evidence) that their country could do such a thing. Therefore the greater the event the more easy it is to “get away” with it in thought.

      21. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “traitor”.

      22. Mike: What you are saying makes sense. These people have no morals and their god is money and power. Presidents were only figure heads (same as congress men, etc), as the real power was hiding behind the curtain.

        The corruption has run so deep that removing it will destroy the country in the process. Civil war is coming. They tried using the black vs white, but that did not work, so something else must be tried, something that will truly settle the matter once and for all.

      23. Trump is promoting almost all the neocon agenda. I think it’s a waste of time to defend him, anymore.

      24. wow this guy sounds scary, i cant wait to see him pull a rabbit out of his ass

      25. The deep state is all the alphabet agencies that are headed by globalist following bureaucrats take your pick as all are. CIA, BLM, Park Service, etc.

      26. “It’s now becoming clear to some that they would even nuke a city in the United States and blame it on North Korea“

        FEAR PORN.

        When do all you so-called survivalists start talking SOLUTIONS instead of the constant click bait of yet another thing to be afraid of???

        Be it on the Internet radio shows or blogs everyone gets hard nips trying to prove just how much THEY know about all the bad things in the world. F-ing stop it and start sharing your insights in how to put a halt to the madness. We know enough of the players, strategies, weapons, etc. so get on with the leadership roles if that is how you see yourself

      27. I’d start with members of Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group. A lot of them are in 2 of those, but only a handful are in all 3.

      28. Hi Mike,

        Divide and conquer has always been the go to strategy. Killery was to be anointed but the Controllers, [the Illuminati and Top Freemasons/Vatican/Banksters] of the deep state realised, almost too late, that the skeletons hiding in the past could not remain buried any longer. She would easily become a total embarrassment and maybe bring the whole house of cards down. Too early, not yet.

        Damage limitation kicked in, Bernie had been robbed of the nomination so who was left? Trump has been organised for a long time by his paymasters to fulfil a future role of their choosing. He is a divisive figure, he appeals to the make America great again part of the electorate. Straight talking and straight shooting appeals to the macho Wild West Man and his supposed successful business career to the I want brigade.

        The planning and multiple agendas have only one ultimate goal in view, that is to dominate the world by one world government, one consolidated religion, one currency and one army controlled from the Greater Israel Project.

        The present dog and pony show is a distraction from the real world events which need more exposure and discussion from congress and to formulate plans to kick out at least 75% of elected members and for anyone in public office make it a condition that they take a polygraph test to see where their true loyalties lie.

        The Podesta paedophilia allegations will be the key to unlocking the deep state, it is indefensible and many have been outed by the Wiki Dump. Another 10,000 should get the ball rolling the right way. The deep state is the facilitator of the current agendas, think Military Industrial Complex, the corrupt court system which supports the corrupt banks, MSM and politics aided and abetted by sex blackmail of the worst possible kind.

        No one gets a top job in world Power Politics unless they have made their bones and worship Satanic practices or will cover for those that do. The US military has been gutted in the same way that Industry has disappeared to China and off shoring of jobs. The US is a shadow of the powerhouse of the fifties and sixties and can only export war and import disease and illegal immigrants.

        The political power structures, FBI, CIA, NSA et al have all been infiltrated by the operatives of the Criminal Elite Cabal. Similarly the MSM needs to be restructured around that old chestnut, the truth otherwise the Internet will become a clone of the present MSM.

        Biblical prophesy is being followed so within those time scales to crash the system now would deny to the perpetrators the death and suffering which the cataclysms of the end times can produce. This will be brought about by the use of Weather Modification Weapons and other exotic technology which includes anti gravity craft which several countries have had for 50 years.

        This is the current situation, bring this to the attention of all your elected representatives and Police at you local level.

      29. Prolly nuk South Korea and blame Trump.
        That position has all kinds of positive aspects for Trump haters.
        Blame, isolation, the claim of 25th amendment-he’s crazy and caused it.. dangerous.
        I’m expecting something to happen, might be big and also something here in the states.

        see if this goes through..

      30. Prolly nuk South Korea and blame Trump.
        That position has all kinds of positive aspects for Trump haters.
        Blame, isolation, the claim of 25th amendment-he’s crazy and caused it.. dangerous.
        I’m expecting something to happen, might be big and also something here in the states.

        see if this goes through..
        second try, this has become amusing.

      31. Wish I could believe it that 100,000 or 1 million patriots could take the country back from the deep state, but if this
        is attempted, the army will be mobilized to massacre us. Much better to let the fascist Antifa people do the initial
        revolt and let them be massacred, as they will be. Then the
        100,000 or 1 million can rebuild the nation properly.

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