The Death Of Free Speech: Twitter Ramps Up CENSORSHIP Of ‘Hate Facts’

by | May 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 46 comments

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    Twitter is banning conservatives and others who don’t subscribe to the leftist mentality plaguing social media.  Using the excuse that people are posting “hate facts,” the social media outlet is just shutting down accounts that post any truth that doesn’t fare well for the liberal agenda.

    By now, it should be well understood that the terms “hate facts” and “hate speech” are nothing more than buzzwords used by the left as an excuse to suppress the speech of those with which they disagree.  This is becoming more and more apparent as we devolve quickly toward a fully totalitarian system too.

    Breitbart reported that the most high-profile individual to be banned on this basis was Islam critic Tommy Robinson, who received a permanent ban from Twitter after he posted statistics showing that Muslims are vastly overrepresented in child grooming gangs in the U.K. Robinson is now taking Twitter to court to prove that “facts are now treated as hate.”

    The censorship of British accounts, including those of the Britain First team, is tied to increasing pressure from European governments for social media platforms to censor their users. Robinson claims that 10,000 Twitter accounts have been closed at the request of the U.K. government over alleged “hate.”

    Facebook has banned the conservative political group Britain First for breaking its rules that prohibit “hate speech” on the social media platform.  Facebook said they had “repeatedly posted content designed to incite animosity and hatred against minority groups.”

    Britain First described itself as “a patriotic resistance and ‘frontline’ for our long-suffering people” that will “restore Christianity as the bedrock” of national life and put British workers first. –SHTFPlan

    There are now concerns that the accounts of American users are also being shut down at the request of European governments. Nick Monroe, an independent journalist based in America, says he was banned from the platform after he began an investigation of Tell MAMA, an “anti-Islamophobia” organization based in the United Kingdom. Monroe’s account was eventually restored without explanation only after he publicized his story, and Breitbart contacted Twitter for comments. 

    Even when European politics aren’t involved, Twitter still punishes conservatives for making factual claims. Conservative twitter user Mark Samenfink had his account locked after claiming that black-on-black homicide was more common than other types of homicide and implying that Islamic terror attacks were more common than non-Islamic terror attacks.  But these facts fly in the fact of the globalist and liberal agenda of complete government control over everyone, so Twitter is doing it’s part to suppress factual information, just like Google, and Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

    Twitter also refuses to address attempts by left-wingers to scam its reporting system. Pro-Israel account Ozraeli Dave was hit with a temporary suspension over a tweet in which he called out an anti-semitic tweet from another user. Facebook has used this tactic as well, suspending a conservative comedian for posting violent hate messages he’s received from liberals.

    Williams stated that despite multiple reports drawing Facebook’s attention to the screenshots and the abuse he keeps receiving, Facebook failed to act. “Facebook said that they reviewed the screenshots and said that none of the threats violated Facebook’s guidelines,” said Williams. –SHTFPlan

    In January, Twitter employees were caught on camera boasting about discriminating against pro-Trump, conservative accounts. One employee discussed shadowbanning political accounts, a practice that Twitter has continually denied using, while another claimed that accounts that expressed an interest in “god, guns, and America” were likely to be flagged as “bots.” Another employee, Mo Norai, explained that Twitter moderators regularly discriminated against accounts deemed to be pro-Trump.

    “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.” –Potter Stewart

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes


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      1. Stalin had an actual law that gave the death sentence to any speech critisizing, oh you know, the same word that gets my posts put in moderation. Moderation is extremely similar to censorship.

        Who you can not criticize rules over you. Who rules twitter and this here as well.


        • Since you mentioned Stalin, it reminded me that Amazon won’t sell a Confederate Battle Flag that represented at least 1/3 of this nations people, but I can buy a red Hammer & Sickle Communist flag that flew over the USSR that murder in excess of 50 million of there own people, could this be called censorship. I guess hate is in the eye of the beholder. Trekker Out

      2. “Who rules twitter and this here as well”

        An algorithm embedded in a software platform known as Discus. But I get your point.

        • The censoring algorithm is not Discus… it is the “community standards” or “community guidelines”. Congress needs to send agents to seize (without advance notice) the computer source code, data files, and documentation from facebook, you tube, google, twitter, etc. for use in investigating censoring in social media. The hackers can do everyone a big favor by getting this computer source code if Congress won’t do its job or simply bungles the investigation. If Congressional committees sent agents after Mr. Trump’s attorney, then agents need to be sent to seize this computer code… It needs to be published far and wide so everyone knows how the censoring is being done.

      3. Almost all sites, both left and right and everything in between, ban speech and posters that don’t fit their theme.

        Exceptions seem to be few and far between and usually the smaller and more obscure sites that lie outside of the mainstream.

        Free speech means it is legal to say it, not that anyone in particular has to provide you the medium to say it.

        • Good points Anonymous. Twitter is a company. In existence to make money, they way they wish. People don’t like it – find another site. Like right here for instance. Censorship laws are in place only for public venues. Not for corporate platforms. Twitter, F-Book and the rest sell the information gathered on their users and push advertising on same …. all to sell b.s. to. If those who pay the bills don’t want their products aimed at the Twits…… fine by me.

          • Heartless

            Unfortunately modern technology affords Twitter a unique position with comparability to a monopoly. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 did the same by statute for the main stream media allowing 6 corporate conglomerates to own it in entirety. Imagine companies owned by King George’s friends owning the printing presses in the Colonies?

            It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot.

          • Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter all have sweet deals with the Embedded Power, the Deep State, the New World Order, the deluded Darkened Ones who call themselves enlightened, these have the mafiosi-type monopoly of force. And they have stolen the minds of those who sold themselves to he lies of servants of the Devil.

            So these particular social media giants are part & parcel with the tyrants. YES IT IS CENSORSHIP BY SECRET SOCIETY STEALTH RUKERS.

        • The “New York Times,” the “Washington Post” and the “Los Angeles Times” advised me some time ago that their comments sections had limited me to “Read Only.”

          I dumped all my social media some time ago. Facebook, Google, Twitter — all spies for the State (those seventeen (17) security agencies).

          And who are you going to complain to? Where I live, New York State, is ruled by Governor Andrew Cuomo (son of Mario). Cuomo passed the most draconian gun control this side of California. Then there is the seventh richest man in the world, Michael Bloomberg. He can buy any government he wants, and any gun control (confiscation) he wants. Then then there is our representation, an entrenched Democratic Regime headed by Chuck Schumer.

          Next stop? Total World Domination. Syria is just a pit stop.

        • Twitter, Google, Facebook,et. al., are informal organs if govrrnment as much as Operation Mockingbird Media is. Too many gov contracts. Censorship it is.

      4. Methodically a de-facto monopoly has enveloped the media facilitated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and technology advancing creating forums that were ripe for unregulated consolidation. A “trust” breakup along with and expansion of Constitutional protection in communication forums needs to occur.

        • an not and

      5. President Donald Trump can kiss his Twitter account goodbye. Guess who gets blocked, censored, banned first?

        Things really suck big time when even “the leader of the free world” and the “Commander in Chief of the most powerful military on the planet” lives or dies by the will of Twitter.

        The soft Coup d’état begins shortly. The hard coup to follow.

      6. I hope they ban Trump. Certainly there will be a “cease and desist” order, guaranteed. This will be fast traced to US Supreme Court. Have them rule for Twitter and those that were blind (and deft and certainly dumb too) will see what is happening. Have them rule against Twitter and its a done deal too. Twitter will leave Trump alone.

        • Wouldn’t it be rich if Trump had to begin posting here? LOL

          • Heartless, that would really be rich. Hell, I’ll even respond to him.

      7. Hmmm

        Jews are vastly over represented in Congress, The Supreme Court, Senior White House Staff, State Department, State and Federal Judges, Hollywood, The MSM, The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, etc… And in point of fact, “Muslims” are under represented in all of the above in the US. Considering Jews are barely 3% of the population, such gross over representation, in so many vital areas is cause for concern. Factoring in the entirely Israeli centric foreign policy actions of the United States since 9-11 it becomes a massive red flag….

        And yet not a single solitary Jew signed either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution….
        I lost count years ago the number of times all these facts have been deleted by websites.

        Heck, this country was founded by a population that was overwhelmingly white, Christian and Protestant. Stating this indisputable fact gets your post deleted and you banned after being labeled a white Supremacist….

        • They tend to be better educated and gravitate towards more important positions than trailer trash like the Palins.

      8. Hmmm

        I have posted here literally dozens of times. And yet when I posted facts that paint one prominent minority in America in a less than flattering light, the post is flagged and “is awaiting moderation”. The death of free speech starts with tactics just like this…………….

        • That’s nothing! [kidding] But seriously, over a Zerohedge, when I go to click on the headline of an article I want to read the screen changes to some cloud and a message: “Hmmm . . . can’t reach this page.” Does somebody not want me to be reading Zerohedge? Anybody know what is going on here?

          Try it with Quoth the Raven and the article about the latest Tesla crash.

          • Maybe, you’re blocked.

            • I don’t comment on Zerohedge. How can I be blocked? Who would be doing the blocking. Since I don’t comment on Zerohedge they don’t even know I exist.

              • Sounds like a Windows OS behavior.
                If so – ditch Microsoft – Run a Linux OS – preferably “Linux Mint” if you are accustomed to a Windows platform.

                • I thought Bill Gates might be a little pissed off at me for not wanting to update Microsoft “10” account and trying to delete all this “Cloud” crap and “One Note” crap. Must be tough making ends meet when you’re one of the richest men (I wonder how Melinda / Mrs. Gates feels about “all that”), in the world.

                  Microsoft actually seized my computer, locked it up, until I went out and paid $100 bucks for “Windows 7.” Now, I’d give just about anything to get as far away as possible from “10.”

              • “…they don’t even know I exist.”

                But they do. As soon as you access their website they know your IP address and where you linked from. This is done with counters. The know your general locale from your IP. They know what language you use and many other things that depend on the programs installed on the website.

                You are constantly tracked on the interwebs.

                • F*ck them. All 17 of them. Can’t wait until the real shooting war starts right here in the “Good Ole Piece of Crap” USA.

              • Zerohedge may be part of a larger parent group like Disqus and you may have been banned from one of their offshoots

        • DDearborn – (((They))) portray themselves as the eternal victims, fooling many people into slavish sympathy for them.

      9. I doubt whether most commentators, spouting facts and objectivity, are providing basic amenities, for their own people, at the level of self-sufficiency or political autonomy. What is more factual than literal reality.

      10. All these social network company’s must be brroken -up via anti-trust laws.
        Either that or shut down by the do nothing FCC.
        Most media are American haters and are Globalist

      11. Social media only censors white people. Try to censor any minority people and see how much heel they raise.

      12. Someone should start their own conservative social media platform. Competition, can make people honest.

      13. Well, isn’t fairly obvious what needs to be done? Conservatives have to muster some fight and quit using Twitter, FaceBook, etc. and see what that does. If they are going to censure us; screw’em. If you REALLY need Facebook and Twitter to get through your life; I truly pity you. I’ve never had any of these social media accounts and my life is just as full or probably better than most of these attention seeking, dependent muskrats. Quit SOCIAL MEDIA; BE FREE!!!!!!

      14. I’ve had to wipe out everything on this phone net access 4 times in the past week. Every half minute a facebook screen image telling me to go to facebook popped up. I got sick of the interruptions and kept resetting and wiping out everything. So far it’s gone for the past day.

      15. To hell with Facebook and Twitter…I’ll go where I can be read/heard,like here

      16. Don’t, won’t, never have, used “social Media”.
        Just being online is bad enough.

      17. I Hate Twitter. That’s a fact…

      18. Consumer Reports magazine ran an interesting article titled “You’re Never Alone in Your Car”. It talks about what kinds of information are collected by on-board microprocessors and what information is transmitted to whom. Some of this information assists the mechanics in fixing your car but some of it could be misused. The data collected isn’t ours as far as someone else can collect and use it. The newer cars have more of this data handling going on and the future is for less privacy in our cars. If you have an older car that runs well, keep it running as long as you can.

      19. Lurkers, listeners, paid trolls, agents of change, posers, propagandists, provocatuers … that’s who you share the internet with. Compliance and docility are already being shaped at Facebook and Twitter. Places like this are still allowed to exist for the time being in order to collect your thoughts. There is no anonymity, you are transparent. If you don’t want it played back at your tribunal, don’t post it anywhere. The future world looks cold and bleak.

        • Very good points! In court trials it is now standard practice to always read into the public record the accused’s internet trail and encounters. They do this to traduce your character and paint a picture of you being sinister and sleazy.

          Social media is nothing but a siloed social control machine. AI now allows them to feed you garbage and create an artifical web world where you are shown only what they want you to see, not what is really out there. This has some strange consequences. It means people can be walking around with a totally false idea of what is going on and even what people say or think about them. This occurs with major organizations where the staff are kept behind a firewall and are blocked from seeing 9/10ths of the web.

          Of course for the powers that be there are huge advantages. When a war is coming, they can dial back the web so that people are receiving less and less information and more trash (celebrity gossip, porn etc.). I have friend who grew up in the Soviet Union but now lives in the states. She refuses to follow the news or keep up to date with what is happening because it stresses her out. The consequence is that she is clueless as to what the government is doing.

          • Yup, what you said.

      20. Facts are facts hateful or not.Cry as they will the truth hurts!

      21. It’s all connected. Everything goes through a “hub”. A continuous feed of public opinion for profitable consumption. Each person, like an individual brain cell of a monstrous AI that is cataloging, learning and evolving. The battle for ones mind has been won.

        “I don’t wanna work- I just want to bang on my [phone] all day…”

      22. [semi off topic]
        Some “free” network TV: ELEMENTARY, CBS series about Sherlock Holmes

        One must turn off ad blocker for this to work. First aired 5/7- may not always be available, so look now. Watson is now Oriental female- of course. No credit given to Conan Doyle.

        This episode [“you’ve ruled put God”] is heavily about White Nationalism and how rotten we are. We want to kill all non-Whites. Christian Identity is mentioned. We are terrorists. If above link fails, do your own search- CBS, ELEMENTARY. once you get to the site look for the May 7 episode.

      23. So now facts can be hateful. So the truth is hateful, therefore you must lie. But telling untruths is a sin, and sinning is hateful to God…but God is the truth, so God must be hateful! It does not Compute! Logic error…logic error…logic error!!!

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