The Database: Why Criminal Governments Spy On Citizens

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    This commentary has been contributed by Brandom Smith of Alt Market. Brandon is truly one of the great voices of our time for liberty, truth and common sense. His Alt Market web site is an organization that facilitates networking, local community action, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and promotes decentralization, localism, and the de-globalization of human economic systems. To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help others, visit Alt Market’s donate page here:

    At the very foundation of perhaps every modern day conflict between the expansive powers of unchecked bureaucracy and the dwindling freedoms of the ordinary citizen dwells the vital issue of privacy. Privacy and the right to hold personal and political views without being singled out and scrutinized by government is absolutely essential to any society which dares to deem itself “fair and just”. Ultimately, without the presence of these two liberties, and without people to defend them, a nation is ill equipped to circumvent the growth of tyranny, and anyone claiming to be “free” in the midst of such a culture is living a delusion of the highest order.

    Often, social engineers attempt to direct debate over the issue of privacy towards rationalizations of relative morality, or artificially delineated priorities. We quibble over the level of government intrusion that should be tolerated for the sake of the “greater good”. We struggle with questions of bureaucratic reach, wondering at which point we should consider government a threat to the safety and liberty of the people, rather than a servant and protector. The dialogue always turns towards “how much” room government should be given to lumber about our personal lives. Rarely do we actually confront the idea that, perhaps, government should not be welcomed at all into such places.

    Really, what makes a governmental entity so special that it should be allowed free access to the activities of the average citizen? Why should ANY intrusion of privacy be tolerated, let alone the kind that goes on today? Our most important concern is not how much leeway our government should be given to snoop into our pocket books, our medical records, our education, our political leanings, or our child rearing philosophies, but rather, whether or not they fulfill any purpose whatsoever through these actions. Is the government, as it exists now, even necessary, or does it cause only harm?

    Under tyranny, privacy is usually the first right to be trampled in the name of public safety. Its destruction is incremental and its loss a victim of attrition in the wake of more immediate crisis. Disturbingly, many people become so fixated upon the threats of the moment that they lose complete track of the long term derailment of their own free will in progress. Government, no matter how corrupt, is seen as an inevitability. Conditioned by fear, desperation, insecurity, and sometimes greed, we begin to forget what it was like to live without prying eyes constantly over our shoulders. In the past decade alone, Americans have witnessed a substantial invasion of our individual privacy as well as a destabilization of the legal protections once designed to maintain it. Not just America, but most of the modern world has undergone a quiet program of surveillance and citizen cataloging that goes far beyond any sincere desire for “safety” and into the realm of technocratic domination.

    Spying on U.S. citizens by a host of alphabet agencies has been going on for decades, but the actual cataloging of the public by government became most direct during WWII, which saw the use of the Census Bureau as a tool for collecting the names and residencies of Japanese Americans, as well as the highly illegal and unconstitutional internment of these innocents and their families:

    The creation of lists designed to brand dissenters, activists, and even average passive persons has only become more prevalent since. From the McCarthy witch hunts (based on some real threats but skewed by McCarthy’s ignorance of the bigger picture), to the Cointelpro antics of the Vietnam era, government spying and cataloging has been a way of life and an expected prerequisite part of the relationship between citizenry and leadership. Though consistently opposed, surveillance has become ingrained into our social framework.

    In 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Information Act (FISA) was signed by Jimmy Carter into law.The claimed purpose of this act was to confront the extensive abuses of power initiated by the Nixon administration, and to ensure that intelligence agencies were never used again as tools for suppressing political opposition or activist groups. Instead, the act merely became a cover for even more surveillance of American citizens. FISA’s use was expanded far beyond the realm of “foreign intelligence” by both the Bush and Obama Administrations to include vast warrantless wire tapping programs and internet monitoring against U.S. citizens in tandem with telecom companies who are now immune from civil litigation should their intrusions ever be discovered. In 2010, orders for FISA surveillance were up 19%, and not a single request was turned down. This included over 24,287 national security information requests by the FBI pertaining to over 14,000 U.S. persons:

    In 2002, the Bush Administration established the Information Awareness Office (IAO) under the supervision of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Using what they call “Total Information Awareness”, and stemming from the usurping authority of the Patriot Act, this project’s purpose is to monitor vast swaths of domestic communication, as well as collect a massive database of the personal information of every U.S. citizen, including phone calls, emails, social networking records, medical records, and financial records without search warrant authorization:

    In the UK, a national database including biometrics has been ordered for completion by 2017, including the issuance of a microchipped ID card:

    A similar action has been taken by the government of India for citizens “below the poverty line”, supposedly, to make welfare programs easier to administer. Of course, nearly half of India’s population is under the international poverty line:

    In 2009, the Russian government gave itself sweeping powers to spy on citizens, including unlimited access to all private mail without a warrant:

    Last month, the Obama Administration launched a website called ‘Attack Watch’. Its purpose?To monitor and catalog all internet based opponents of the Obama presidency. Obama supporters can “report” attacks on the White House using the website by sending an email or twitter:

    And most recently, the Federal Reserve itself launched a new strategy called the “Social Listening Platform”, which is designed to compile and monitor lists of Fed opponents and critics in a vast database, while at the same time watching billions of web conversations and blogs for negative influence against the central bank:

    Obviously, the current levels of surveillance against citizens has gone way beyond the old excuse of “defense against terrorism”, and jaunted into the realm of Orwellian thought police.The Fed, for instance, has always claimed that its privately controlled banking structure is valuable to the U.S. government and the economy because it allows them a level of political independence that is useful in applying “objective” solutions to economic problems. Yet, they now insist on tracking the political views and opinions of their opponents in the general populace! This hardly sounds “objective” to me…

    If the Fed wants to know what we think of them, they certainly don’t need to covertly monitor our communications or writings. All they have to do is ask us! Of course, this kind of tactic has less to do with knowing our opinions, and more to do with silencing our opinions.

    To understand the concept of the subversion of dissent through surveillance, we must examine two factors. First, is the reality of the spying itself, which we just outlined clearly above. Second, are the common arguments and talking points used by the champions of Big Brother culture, and how nonsensical they can be. Let’s take a look some of these arguments now…

    1) If You Have Nothing To Hide, Then You Have Nothing To Fear From Government Surveillance

    At bottom, whether we have “something to hide” or not is none of the government’s concern unless they can provide probable cause. This issue is directly dealt with in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. It is NOT subject to wild interpretations or matters of stipulation. No national emergencies, wars, terrorist enemies, nor little green men from outer space take precedence over the rights of the individual to be secure from constant and unwarranted scrutiny. In a free country, all men are innocent until proven guilty, but in a surveillance slave culture, everyone is treated as a potential criminal.

    2) Surveillance Makes Our Country Safer

    Regardless of the society at risk, or the government involved, history has shown that the act of government spying is rarely if ever about citizen safety. Rather, it is invariably about protecting the establishment power structure itself, especially when that structure has committed heinous transgressions and criminal behavior that inspire the citizenry to overthrow it. The more offensive and corrupt the government, the more surveillance that government thrusts upon the public. Guaranteed. The safety provided by the state is, in general, an illusion, and the prevention of danger is hardly successful enough to warrant the faith that the populace places in the establishment. Citizens ultimately provide their own safety, or none at all. Governments cannot save you from danger, they can only give you a superficial sense of comfort. A social placebo to ease the constant paranoia they simultaneously strive to perpetuate.

    3) The Authorities Already Know Everything About Us Anyway, So A Little More Surveillance Won’t Matter

    The magic of faulty logic is apparent in its circular nature. One lie feeds into another until a complete, but erroneous, idea is born. Again, the question needs to be raised; what makes the inhabitants of government so trustworthy or upright that they deserve to expect full knowledge of our personal lives? What they know or do not know already is utterly irrelevant to this question.Being privy to public information databases does not qualify an individual to walk into your home, track your phone calls and emails, or place you on a list of undesirables. So, why should it be any different for a government?

    4) Our Government Is Elected By The People, So If You Don’t Like Surveillance, Vote Them Out

    The ignorance of this response is hopefully apparent to most readers. In an election dynamic controlled by a two party system in which both parties represent the top 1% or less of global elitists, and not the people, voting on the national level is hardly meaningful or effective. There is only one Ron Paul, and few others in government with similar convictions or principles.Therefore, regardless of how we vote, the system is designed to continue forward in the construction of a surveillance society. Our government today is NOT elected by the people. Not as long as the false left/right paradigm remains.

    5) All Individuals Should Make Sacrifices For The Greater Good

    The “greater good” is a matter of perspective. My definition is certainly much different from that of an elitist or a collectivist. Ideally, any widely applied view of this elusive greater good should be built upon the foundation of inherent conscience, and be driven by true sincerity and empathy for the future of humanity. This future, if it is to be any future worth living in, must include those liberties and desires for self determination that exist in every one of us. There is no group (an abstract concept) that is worth the sacrifice of these principles. There is no group that is worth more that the individuals which make its existence possible. The greater good then, logically, should revolve around the nurturing of strong individuals, without which, the group crumbles into chaos and dust. Supplanting individualism for the sake of a surveillance society always leads to such an end.

    As stated above, government spying and cataloging of citizens is a means to several ends. It is meant to create fear, doubt, and self censorship. It is meant to divert attention away from the legitimate criminal behaviors of authorities and towards the inevitable and justifiable reactions of those in opposition. It is meant to create efficiency in subversion. Meaning, when smaller forces (corrupt governments) seek to destabilize and diminish larger forces (populations), efficiency of action is the key. By identifying, then targeting and defaming specific and prominent critics of the Fed, for example, rather than making broad based attacks on all of us, the central bank is more likely to dissuade the growth of dissent, and chill the air for leadership figures in the movement. That is, if they are successful…

    The great anxiety here is one of “what if”? What if they target you? Or me? What happens then?My personal response; who cares! The more people who effectively endure as obstacles to centralization of control, the more people they have to add to their ridiculous lists. Eventually, with catalogs of millions cluttering the war room, the very tactic of government spying becomes futile. The key is to cast off the dread of the machine and realize that none of us is alone in the fight. The juggernaut is hollow. Its terrible roar is choked with smoke. It rolls forward only because we have not yet dared to stand in its path. It is weak, and indeed, we may find, its doubts are far heavier than ours.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, visit Alt Market’s donate page here:


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      1. Shit IS hiting the fan.

        It seems like this site ignoring “Occupy Wallstreet”? The mobs are happening, the police are swinging billy clubs, shit IS hitting the fan. How about the cival forfiture laws, where law enforcemtn is allowed to sieze and try to keep (with the help of federal law enforcement) private property?

        These crap is going on all over the country and protests are going to start happening nationwide, things in this country are not fair. It is all coming down. Shit IS hitting the fan.

        • Oh, did someone promise you that life would be fair ???

          They lied. Get over it.

        • The “Occupy Wallstreet” protests are troubleing but they are also staged. Most of those thoughtless imbeciles are there because a union rep or a professor told them to go. When we start seeing the lazy ass welfare recipients start taking to the streets, then you know that the real trouble is starting. When those people get out, it wont be signs and chanting, it will be looting and molotovs.

        • This guys posts a lot of stuff on here every day 3 times a day! He did make a mention of wall street earlier. And yes they are in wall street, LA, Seattle, and Boston!!!

      2. You can rule yourself, or let someone else do it. If you choose to rule yourself, become invisible to those seeking to rule you. There is no other way when criminals are in Defacto power.

        • Yep, fly under the radar. That might be hard to do on this blog tho.

          • perhaps we should be flying INTO the radar—knocking down another surveillance tower.

      3. The fact that the Bible warns of a One World Government that requires a “mark” just to exist,well,,,, you’ve got to admit how amazing it is for such an ancient piece of literature to be so accurate.
        Ancient history would suggest this isn’t the first time “governments” have attempted to gain total control of its population.

        • “It is easy to go down in to hell; night and day the gates of dark death stand wide; but to climb back up again, to retrace one’s steps to the open air, there lies the problem, the difficult task.” Virgil, The Aeneid

        • Let’s not forget the great apostasy in the Church, the “revolt” of 1 Thessalonians 2, that precedes the appearance of the “man of sin.” Let’s not forget what happens to those who do not love the truth. See 1 Thessalonians 2:3-10.

          The Catholic Church is in great apostasy, enormous disarray, and would not be recognizable as Catholic by any pre-Vatican 2 Saint, Doctor, Pope, or even grammar school pupil. The End is near. When He returns will He find Faith? Luke 18:8.

          • Ooops typo… see _2_ Thess 2:3-10

        • perhaps it was read by someone who wanted to make it a self fulfilling prophesy?

      4. And just this past week our United States Gov. Which I have served executed a US Citizen on foreign soil. No trial, no due process, and it was not even in self defense. He was executed for his political views.

        • “Secret panel can put Americans on kill list
          (Reuters) – American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials, which then informs the president of its decisions, according to officials.”

          Pretty soon they’ll be coming after US if we disagree with our government. Let’s party like its 1984.

          • Mr. B,

            There are too many of US. The best the corp can hope to do is scare as many as possible into voluntary self censorship.

            For every bit of information they decide to abuse, it ultimately takes manpower to do the actual crimes.

            If they came after those who are not happy with the criminal government, it is already about 75% of us.

            Fewer are totally awake, but how many acts of atrocity would it take to turn those who are willing to tell a surveyor they are unhappy into a wide awake and pissed off Man or Woman?

            The People know something is wrong, they just don’t know what or that everyone else agrees with them and wants to do something about it. When those people are forced to come together, the corps resistance will be futile.

          • Its easy to justify killing an al queda terrorist plotter etc etc. I haven’t looked into it to even know if he was anything but a voice for al queda – did he ever pull a trigger or plant a bomb? It could change my opinion of it if he had, but still its killing and not in self defense. As a former LE officer I could never imagine shooting in anything but self defense. As an agent for our government assigned to protect others I could not imagine using a firearm for anything other than to protect or defend. The idea our government can cross this line and kill offensively a US Citizen that disagrees with it should frighten anyone that disagrees with our government. Mind you I have zero interest in attacking our government but I seriously disagree with much of what it does. At what point does that “thought” and “talk” put a target on your back.

            • “At what point does that “thought” and “talk” put a target on your back.”

              I am not sure but I am beginning to
              think if we keep hanging out around Mac’s place we’re gonna find out.

            • You cannot imagine???

              No need to imagine; it is all quite real, nothing imaginary about it.

            • Jim: He was clearly a terrorist, who, as a leader of jihad was organizing and initiating attacks upon Americans. He was engaged in war against US.

              He deserved to die.

        • He was helping the enemy, that is treason!!!

          • Your treasonous enemy is in New York, London, Tel Aviv, and Washington DC and “he” is not Muslim.

          • GeorgeW and Cheney used fear of terroism to control the nation and take our freedoms away. Do you not think that is treason. Why aren’t they hanging from a tree. If memory serves me correctly,anyone commiting treason during wartime can be shot without trial. Again,they commited these acts during wars they created. Why are they still around? I’m really fed up with all the morons blaming Obama for the situation this country is in because of the bush/cheney years and their criminal,yes crimminal,activities. I also hold all those who supported and voted for them equally responsible for the destruction of this country.

            • Obama is not innocent, do you think using taxpayer money to bail out the unions, getting, dare I say it, involved in Libya, bailing out failing companies like solyndra,Obamacare, Bush and Cheney were no saints, but neither is Obama, so if you voted for him, you are also a “moron” so stick that in your peacepipe Injun!!!!

        • “He was executed for his political views”, I’m fairly certain that if during the second world war, if an American went to help Hitler, and this person was caught, he would be executed on the battlefield

          • Even in WWII I think there would have been a tribunal before he was executed. I’m not defending what the man did merely pointing out there was a decision made to execute someone with out due process. A line in the sand has been crossed.

          • executed for what he though? No. executed for what actions he took.

        • Jim,
          I struggle with disagreeing with you on this one, but he was the worst piece of pig vomit that I could ever create in a novel. If the term “enemy combatant” ever fit someone, I could see it fitting him.
          And I wont mince words on this.
          We will be at war with these musilim pig fuckers in short order.
          Submit or die “their words not mine”.
          Still conflicted.

          • Slick I get it; I’m conflicted as well. The man no doubt deserved to die, but I don’t like the government killing its citizens for their views alone. Capture, put on trial and if found guilty execute but this guy wasn’t even tried in abstentia unless you call a secret committee that?

            Its kind of like the NRA’s view of no gun control cause its a slippery slope to all gun control….well they crossed a line here and its something they’ll do again unless the people say NO.

          • @ anonymous 4:36pm

            What about the “dual citizens” infesting the Executive Branch that conceived and promoted their war with lies and false flag ops? Are they also “pig vomit” etc.?

            Or do they get a pass because they and their banksters are “Chosen People”?

            Here is what they believe about us:

            “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” Bereshith 47a

            “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

            • OK John,
              First things first.
              I have never seen a Jew saw someone’s head off with a Bowie knife, with a group of Jews, all chanting God is great!
              I have not seen any Jews, strap bombs onto their body OR their childrens body. And go blow themselves to hell, killing as many people as they can.
              No John,
              I can find no common ground with that enemy, as I will always be an infidel.
              As for the banksters, if things completely break down, many of them will be in the same boat as us, and many of them have some splainin to do, this is true and I get it.
              Neither Banksters, or Jews have committed any honnor killings last I checked.
              No John,
              Those vomituos pig fuckers will always view me as an infidel, and there is nothing there to work with.
              But John,
              You caught me in a good mood tonight.
              I’m sold!
              I’m blaming it all on the Jews!
              The Jews did it! The Jews did it!

      5. At the risk of sounding paranoid, the many ways we can be tracked are terrifying. Our purchases, when made electronically or with the benefit of a “discount” card; our driving habits and locations, when a vehicle with GPS or satellite radio is driven; cell phones; computers. Big Brother is winning.

        Only governments with something to be ashamed/afraid of, crack down on dissenting voices.

        • The only way to disappear is to stop using the technology that allows for such tracking.

          Use disposable cell phones. Use trust or LLC names for the internet access and other utilities. If you feel compelled to register your property use them for that as well.

          It took them 20 years to find the Unibomber, and only then because of his brother.

          It is possible to be invisible, if a little inconvenient at times. On the other hand, when should protecting your property and freedom ever become inconvenient?

          • Not a very good strategy if you want to reproduce.

            Women rarely mate, and much less reproduce, such kind of men.

            reread the New Madrid Quake book. The only women in that book were past reproductive age.

            • I just want to practice. What are you talking about?

            • Boy, what the Sam Hell are you talking about?

            • You’re a braver man than me.. I was a-feared to ask..

            • You know what he is talking about. Don’t act stupid.

          • Problem in our State, all information re corporations, LLC, etc. (officers’ names, addresses) is publicly available via the States’ Secy of State website, & for free.

            Not sure re a trust.

      6. This is very sad. This is not the America I grew up in.
        The government tracking people and can decide who lives and who dies.

        Obamacare has a panel that will decide who get medical care and now we have a secret panel that can put Americans on a “kill list”. (link on Drudge Report)

        I read this morning at Judicial Watch that the Democrats have introduced a bill to “forever seal Obama’s records”. It is called the “Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011”.

        Surely makes me wonder… what are they hiding?

        • We know damn good and well what they’re hiding. The zero is not a legal POTUS.

        • Any politician who votes yes for this bill should be held accountable by their constituants and the mobs who’ll soon demand justice.

        • His records will be sent to a vault at his home in Kenya.

        • KY Mom

          Obama is a muslim marxist or communist. That’s what they are hiding.

          And here’s the sad thing. He could stand at his podium, read from his teleprompter and tell the whole world that he is a communist and the 43% who support him would continue supporting him. THEY DON’T CARE!!!!!!

          It’s time for America to divide into 2 nations. We don’t have the same philosophy anymore. Some of us want freedom & are willing to work for success. Some just want a hand out or want things made easy for them. Life doesn’t work that way.

          • Yurp, couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s just like the occupywallstreet kids, they’re obviously angry and the grievances are there but the don’t know who their real enemy is (hint, it’s the people they’ll likely support come election day and, of course, themselves). I can respect the energy and enthusiasm but they just want more of what causes dependency on the government instead of independence.

        • They are hiding the fact that they have no lawful authority under the Constitution, and Obama’s records are solid proof of that.

          It is only your government if you allow it to be. Thomas Jefferson said it best in the Declaration of Independence

          “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,”

          That is a right of each individual. You do not need other people to exercise your rights as given by the Creator.

          To support the United States is to support an unlawful government. If you do that, you have no right to expect it to act in a lawful manner.

        • Couldn’t be that he’s a dual citizen adopted by an Indonesian and ineligible to be president under those dictates, because 90% of Americans already know that.

          You’re right–what can me so damaging that ‘they’ would hide?

          Possibly that the entire (s)election was a ‘coup’???

          •, not me…but Random has me covered…thanks Random…it was a ‘coup’ wasn’t it?? and we slept right through it.

        • America stopped being America many decades ago Ky Mom. It’s just that people are starting to catch on. Big Brother has been a part of our lives for probably most of our lives, if not our parents lives.

      7. 1) not a US citizen ….a Kenyan socialist
        2) why Barry & Moochelle turned in their law licenses
        3) what Barry & Holder knew about Fast & Furious
        4) where all the campaign money comes from
        5) that George Soros is the puppet master behind the curtain
        6) that Barry will be listed in the Guiness book of records
        for collecting more frequent flier miles than the past 3 presidents combined.
        7 how much spent on vacation ???
        8) how many rounds of golf ?
        9) it just goes on & on. This guy makes Bill Clinton look honest !
        Montgomery County Texas

      8. Only frightened lambs are concerned with whether or not some nosy bureaucrat is reading what we type.
        It is they who fear us.

        • Only when there is Liberty is that true.
          They dont fear us at all anymore. Read the article again. They dont give a shit what we think or say.

          • If “they don’t give a shit what we think or say”, then why worry?

        • Corner a scared animal sometime. That’ll be a lesson you won’t soon forget.

      9. An open letter to NunJoBizness. Thank You so much for that lovley chainsaw vidio link from last week. Any idea when I am expected to return to my normal self? Or is this my new normal? Haven’t been able to cut my own meat at the dinner table, won’t grab the electric hedge trimmers to cut the bushes,and I toss and turn all night… and that’s before I go to bed! Don’t ask me to “see somebody” about this… cause I’m too damn scared to go outside! Thanks again and tell the old man I said hello. Yours truely, Babble-on.

      10. Yet no mention of Facebook, MySpace, Google, iPhone……..on and on and on. People freely abandon their rights to privacy for the sake of convenience and entertainment yet bitch about government intrusion. Google is Big Brother, yet you wave for the camera as it rolls down your street, LOL.

        • I think it’s more like in bed with big brother.

      11. Remember their belief is if they tell a lie long enough the majority of the people will believe it, at this point and time Discernment is the Key. The people need to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. The answers won’t be found at the bottom of a bottle, I know I tried it!

      12. The war on ‘terror.’ Think about that. The usgovcorp has been fighting an undeclared war on a noun! You cannot fight a war against an action. You must fight the PEOPLE who undertake that action. If we needed to identify the terrorists as saudis or afghans or, for that matter, all muslims, then we could have fought them properly. Instead, the usgovcorp has given itself a never-ending, full-out, carte blanche to kill anyone, anywhere, from now to eternity. And to spy on us without our knowledge or consent, and basically to strip away the last shreds of personal liberty. They want to enslave and de-humanize us all! And in the name of fighting ‘terror.’
        Now, you all know me. I’m no fan of radical muslims. I say, if they are indeed the enemy, then kill every one of them! And if a few hundred million non-radical muslims in the same countries get turned into collateral damage, that’s their tough luck. That’s the price they pay for not rooting out and destroying the radicals themselves.
        But, if we weren’t in the middle east, proping up one dictator and overthrowing another, then maybe the muslims wouldn’t give a damn about us. And we certainly should NOT be letting those people into our country. Then, we wouldn’t have a problem with them.
        But we can’t do that–we have to maintain the profits of the oil companies. And that means amerikan assets staying in the region til the last drop of oil is sucked up. By then, we’ll have found some other 3rd world region to go occupy while we extract their resources. The insidious evil of the political whores and the corporate devils is limitless. They care not one bit about killing you, your children, or foreigners, if it continues to feed their insatiable lust for money and power.
        I better stop before I write something that truly would be considered a crime…..I just get so damned angry at the military-industrial complex, the wall street con artists, the dc whores who would sell their grandma to satan himself for cash to buy votes, and the whole rotten system, it makes me want to scream!(please plug you ears)….AAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!!
        I usually just stick to posting silly-assed drivel that does nothing but provide, perhaps, a bit of humor. But now, I’m just PISSED! I wish a true leader would arise and lead the few million of us who are not only awake, but also angry and willing to fight to regain the free nation we once had. And, no I don’t mean some pipsqueak militia with a few hundred members. I’m looking for someone to lead the millions of us into battle(however you want to define that) against this corrupt system. And then to lead the way to rebuilding this country in the God-fearing, soveriegn, constitutional way it was done in the first place.

        Switching: rant mode (off)…..sorry, i just had to let it out. I’ll go inject some elderberry wine directly into my veins and I’ll soon be mellow again.

        • looking for a leader? why not you? if you have the answers, then please take the lead.

        • Slick Spectator, gives this rant a 96
          Smooth and well rounded all the way thru.
          One could ask for no finer rant on this topic.
          Enjoyed it from start to finish.

          And Hammerhead,
          Piss off, you sound like a kid at the playground that was picked last for dodge ball.
          And a little like my wife.

        • SmokieOkie–our leader may not be of this earth—I don’t see any good coming any time soon—I see more and more of the same old, same old.
          Nothing is changing…we’re just still here bitching and complaining…
          To all CONgress…Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do.

          Agreed; we continue to let them in, but are prodded to hate them…Is that part of the plan?? More dividing and more hate??

        • you mean ‘verb’ a verb is an action word.

      13. This is a misquote, but the sentiments are correct.

        Anyone who is willing to exchange liberty for security will have neither.

      14. How much money and manpower is being used to facilitate all of this? Getting information is one thing; using it another. How many people can be thrown in jail and how quickly before the public at large says, “Hay this is not good”? In the USSR / Eastern Block one stroke of the pen and your fired from your job. They had tools of civilian control that the western democracies / republics do not have.

        There are just too damn many people thanks to the internet that are informed and it’s increasing daily.

        • until they shut down the internet

      15. The answer is we don’t live in a constitutional republic anymore.

      16. Fear,, thats the answer to the topic question

        They still fear us..and we need to keep it that way..and maybe ramp it up a notch or two

        Now the next thing as a Unity Public..we need to put cameras in all the Judges chambers, and on the the cop cars pointed at the the Mayors offices, and the prosecutors offices…and while were at it..lets put them in their homes too..hell if they want to keep up this civilian spy program..its time to bug the White House and put cameras in all those offices too

        whats good for the goose you know

        they really better be carefull for what they wish for

        • VRF, they don’t fear us, they fear that we’ll learn the truth. Who, what, where and how. (The truth shall make you free.) Then our knowledgeof the truth and exposure of them is what they fear. As long as they (the elitest) can stay out of the lime light and let the front men take the fall, they fear nothing.
          What seperates us from them is one word: compassion. Because of our compassion for our fellow man, we don’t think like them. We battle evil, they battle hiding the truth.

          • I forgot to add; don’t underestimate evil people. They’d love for us to think they’re fearful of us.

            • Take in to account, theres way more of US than Them..and they know it

      17. “Our Government Is Elected By The People, So If You Don’t Like Surveillance, Vote Them Out”

        The People, all over the USA, have ALREADY voted for the “de-criminalization” of cannabis…yet it’s still illegal. It has become apparent that “democratic rule” doesn’t mean what we think it does. We are being ruled by an occupying force, not by a democratic government. Buy gold.


      18. wait til SHTF real good….let em go to their bunkers….and then lets weld the doors shut….we can watch em like trapped rats as their supplies run out….many of us have many plans….gooobs better be nimble, better be quick, cause some anonymous someone is gonna cut of their dick

      19. don’t worry. I’m sure the government is working on inventing a new big, scary boogie man to focus us all on.

      20. Redford,”Would you happen to know what month this is?
        Grier,”No I wouldn’t…. March, April…maybe.

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