The Danger That There Will Be No “Big Event”

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Paylie Roberts, author of Bugging Out to Nowhere and Life After Bugging Out, and most recently, Memories of Poland, Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism.

    Editor’s Note: Paylie was born behind the Iron Curtain, during the heydays of Soviet occupied Poland. She understands a thing or two about what a real collapse looks like, and as she explains in her highly informative commentary below, it may not all “go down” like some might expect. Though a large-scale waterfall event always remains a possibility given the current geo-political climate, Paylie argues that there is another possible outcome of what we are experiencing today. Rather than a full-blown, rapid decent into chaos, what if the “event” many are pointing to as the singularity for collapse is actually happening right now, as a slow and consistent degradation of our way of life? And what if the “other side” of this degradation, wherein most people expect a resurgence of individual liberty and sound economic policy, turns out to be even worse than the system we have today? We know the elite members of the political, financial and business classes will not want to let go of their power, just as was the case in Communist countries across Europe in the 20th century. Who’s to say they won’t make every effort to remain in power by way of the iron fist many of us understand is behind the command & control organizations managing global affairs?

    big-event-th big-event

    The Danger That There Will Be No “Big Event”
    By Paylie Roberts

    How many times do you hear preppers and liberty-minded folks make statements along the line of “When the schumer hits the fan, I will take such action,” or “After some event I will make that change,” or “If it gets to that point, then I’ll take a stand!”? These ideas are based on the premise that there will be “the big event.” The assumption among many preppers and liberty activists is that there will be a clear cut “before” and “after,” with a defining moment, event, or series of events, delineating between the two. Such events could include economic collapse, natural disaster, a pandemic, an EMP or CME, a “terrorist” attack, or martial law. I myself have at times fallen into this very trap.

    However, what if this assumption, this premise, is in fact incorrect? What if the creeping trends of tyranny, economic impoverishment, and oppression just continue on, gradually, indefinitely, without an obvious “big event?” After all, the elitist Powers That Be are masters at gradualism, ever so careful not to wake the frog before the pot is boiling.

    If this were not the case, we would likely not find ourselves in the present circumstances. Instead, we would already have had major changes that involved trials that dwarf Nuremburg. Many high level officials or participants of the BIS, IMF, World Bank, ECB, Fed, CFR, Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, CIA, NSA, IRS, DHS, FDA, EPA, and BATF would already be serving life without parole, or feeding the worms, for treason or crimes against humanity.

    Just look at recent events that resulted in militarized police actions that were never officially called martial law, such as those that occurred after Hurricane Katrina, or in Watertown, Massachusetts after the Boston Marathon bombing. Many folks I know fear martial law as the defining moment, but fail to notice it is already occurring — subtly — but not quite yet on a nationwide basis.

    Yet here we are, with many people still waiting for the “big event.” Many people seem to have the mindset that when the “big event” happens it will wash away all the tyranny and corruption we now experience, like a Spring rain clears the air. But it is likely that nothing could be further from the truth. Any “big event” will likely only serve as an excuse or a tool to further escalate the tyranny and oppression that we are already experiencing. Remember, “they” “never let a crisis go to waste.”

    The western world in general, and the US in particular, are rapidly moving in a direction of tyranny, destruction of civil liberties and property rights, and economic disaster which serves to reinforce the former. To anyone who values liberty, the US Constitution, and economic freedom and prosperity, this is beyond unacceptable.

    It is important to note that if the “big event” were to occur, it would make the reality of the circumstances plainly obvious to a large percentage of the populace, and therefore would likely incite significant resistance. This is what those of us who value liberty should want, and is exactly what The Powers That Be do not want.

    So what concerns me the most is not that we will have a significant event or events in the near future. What concerns me the most is that we won’t. And that would likely result in an indefinite creeping complacency among the populace that will allow elitist tyrants to complete the implementation of their total control grid, without the majority of people ever actually taking action to stop or prevent it, even though they may be prepared to do so.

    The author Claire Wolfe wrote a line for which she became well known that states: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, and although she wrote it in 1996, it is still true today. While it may not yet be the time to take up arms for freedom, or more accurately (and ominously) take up arms to defend ourselves from alphabet agencies purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, it is certainly possible that time will come. It is also entirely possible that that time may never come. Therein lies the risk: many people use this as their proverbial “line in the sand” for taking action.  And if this point is never reached, then they will remain complacent, potentially forever.

    Yes, it is true that many people are becoming more prepared for various emergencies, crisis, and disasters. This is important, and needs to continue. But it is not enough. With only a few exceptions, such as Oath Keepers, there is very little true action. There is a lot of preparing to take action, but little actual activity to resist the tyranny. Despite all the talk, complacency is still the order of the day. We all have our various excuses: need to work to pay the bills, need to finish school, need to raise the kids, and so on. We all have lives such that we can’t drop everything to fight the wrongs, especially when those wrongs haven’t crossed our imaginary lines. However, as the tyranny gets ever closer to our lines in the sand, we don’t react when our lines are occasionally tested, just to see if we notice. In the end, our lines get moved without us realizing it, and what has already crossed the line, only appears as though it has not. That is both the power and danger of gradualism.

    To anyone who has paid attention to politics over the last several decades, it has become glaringly obvious that the solutions to these problems are beyond the ballot box, as the ballot box is now inherently rigged, bought, and paid for, via multiple mechanisms.

    I am not suggesting that people protest march on Wall Street (again) or in Washington DC (again and again and again). I am not suggesting that people riot. I am certainly not suggesting that people commit acts of terror or violence. While we may be beyond the time for the ballot box, and it may not yet be time for the cartridge box, we must continue using the soap box, and we must start using the jury box.

    What I am suggesting is actually both more difficult and more effective than the strategies mentioned above. What I propose is more along the following lines:

    1. Stop supporting the existing oppressive structures. Do whatever you can to minimize feeding the beast, and in the current context the beast is both government at the Federal and State levels, as well as certain major corporations, particularly major Wall Street banks. Structure your affairs to avoid taxes to the greatest extent possible. Similarly, don’t use major banks. Keep as little currency as possible in the banks, pay as little interest as possible to either banks or governments. Don’t buy products or services from companies that support and/or comply with oppressive government tactics. For example, some telecom and internet companies have been less willing to comply with the NSA spying on Americans. Support companies whose actions are more in line with your values, and boycott companies who are willing to contribute to your enslavement. Here is a web site/business idea for someone: create a site that investigates and rates companies based on their “liberty quotient.” Create a “Consumer Report” for liberty minded consumers. Maybe there is already something like this that I am not aware of. This is a way to vote with your wallet – a vote that is less subject to fraud, but is still effective.
    2. Create positive alternatives to the existing oppressive institutions. If you merely remove a negative, even if you succeed, you are only left with the absence of that negative. You have nothing positive with which to replace it. So an even better approach is to create positives, or work on creating what you do want, rather than merely eliminating what you don’t want. Use precious metals, barter, or alternative currencies for financial transactions, not Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). Have problems with your local police? Create a neighborhood watch or community security force to allow for competition to your local police force. If there’s competition, they might likely be more willing to follow the Constitution, rather than mindlessly obeying orders to maintain a paycheck. Support businesses that are in line with your liberty-minded values. If you can’t find a company to do business with that supports your values, if you have the means or the connections, create a competing business that does support those values. By creating positive alternative institutions or organizations, we make the existing system, to a certain extent, redundant and obsolete. This will force those in power of those existing institutions to either fade away into irrelevancy (unlikely), or attempt to clamp down even harder. This will make it plainly obvious to even those who are the most deeply entrenched in the mainstream Matrix propaganda who the wrongdoers truly are.
    3. Nullify oppressive laws. There are several ways to do this. One way is to get liberty-minded people elected at the local level to enact laws that nullify unconstitutional or immoral Federal or State laws. Such local officials can also refuse to sell out to Federal regulators by not accepting bribes in exchange of adopting local regulations, such as Agenda 21 land use restrictions, implementing education reform such as Common Core, or allowing local police and sheriffs’ departments to participate in the Federal 1033 program. Get a Constitutional or liberty-minded Sheriff elected. There are many resources available online regarding how the Sheriff can use his authority as the highest law enforcement official in a county to tell both Federal and State officials to take a hike. This method would be assisted substantially by more of #2 above, by creating a Constitutional security force to back up your Constitutional Sheriff.

    A second way to nullify unconstitutional and immoral laws is through jury nullification. In criminal courts today, judges typically instruct jurors that they are solely “finders of fact” whose job it is to assess the accuracy and truthfulness of the facts presented, and then pass a judgment of guilt or innocence based upon those facts. However, there is another very important and legitimate role of a jury based in Common Law tradition, and that is to be a judge of the law itself, which is known as jury nullification. This means that if a jury finds a particular law to be unjust, immoral, or for some other reason unacceptable, they have the right to refuse to find the defendant guilty, even if the facts in the case support that ruling. And there is little the judge can do about it. The Fully Informed Jury Association provides a wealth of additional resources and information about jury nullification.

    1. If you find certain laws to be immoral and Constitutionally unsound, don’t follow them. This is another way to withdraw support from, and circumvent an oppressive system. Obviously be careful, selective, and morally mindful about this. Unlike Henry David Thoreau, I advocate you do your best to not get caught. In a worst case, apply #3 above to enforce your rights. Remember: real crimes have victims. If there is no victim, there is no crime. If there is a true victim, reconsider the action. A great example of this is how otherwise law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut have refused to comply with a state gun registration scheme there. Any law that a large number of people deem immoral and refuse to comply with becomes unenforceable and thus null and void in practice.
    2. Although this next point could apply to anyone, if you are in any way involved in law enforcement, criminal justice, or the military, then this one particularly applies to you. This is a play on the famous words of Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for evil triumph is for good men to obey.” Don’t obey unconstitutional orders or laws. And if that causes you too much professional difficulty, then find another career. What if they had no one willing to enforce all these unconstitutional, oppressive, and unjust rules?

    Each of us has our own “lines in the sand” for when we will or won’t take action, and what form that action will be. My concern is, given the numerous already extant attacks upon our rights and liberties (NSA spying, IRS abuses, FDA fraud and abuse, DEA RICO fraud and abuse, BATF fraud and lies, TSA abuse, EPA theft and abuse, Federal Reserve fraud, globalist tyranny, etc.) that we have set our thresholds too high – so high that for many of us our “lines in the sand” will never be crossed, and people will use that as an excuse to remain complacent and not take initiative or action. This is what we must avoid. Growing up in communist Poland taught me that instilling feelings of complacency and helplessness is one of the primary weapons used by tyrants against an oppressed populace. I expand on these ideas, and offer others, in chapters nine and ten of my book, Memories of Poland, Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism.

    While it may not yet be time for armed resistance, it is certainly time for resistance, or circumvention, or disobedience, by every other means available to us. Exactly when that becomes appropriate, and what forms that takes, are decisions left to each one of us as individuals. However, consider the US Founding Fathers would certainly never have tolerated the level of loss of liberty and rights abuses that we are already experiencing today.

    Where is your “line in the sand?”

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple


    Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism


    Paylie Roberts is the author of the recently published non-fiction book Memories of Poland, Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism. She is also the author of two novels: Bugging Out to Nowhere , and Life After Bugging Out. She has a Bachelor’s degree in biology, and lives with her husband, two German shepherds, and various livestock, somewhere between the Cascade Range and the Rocky Mountains.


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      1. It is happening! Death by a thousand cuts. And we don’t feel it, or see it, until it is too late.

        • The danger has been that most people haven’t recognized big events as big events.

          • When you still have the power to purchase, you feel no pain. In due time.

            • ht tp://

          • Waiting for the BIG event reminded me of this story.

            The place is the Wild West, and the time is the last decade of the nineteenth century. The town is a typical wooden town of that era.

            There is a big commotion in the streets, everybody is making himself scarce. Someone bursts into the saloon and announces, “Big John’s coming!”

            All the customers quickly leave their meals, their drinks, their poker, and run for cover.

            Meanwhile, riding a rhinoceros and holding a rattlesnake as a whip, arrives a giant of a man, who enters the saloon ripping the doors off in the process. His face is full of perspiration, and his voice panting, and he orders the bartender, “Give me a drink, fast!”

            The bartender quickly pours him a drink. After the third glass, the giant pays for his drinks and begins to leave. The trembling bartender asks him, “Aren’t you going to put up for the day in a room upstairs?”

            The giant looks about him cautiously and says, “No, I gotta go fast.” The bartender says, “Well, have dinner on me.” The giant gets up to leave, and says, “Thanks, but not this time. I really gotta go. You see, Big John’s coming!”

            Moral: There is ALWAYS a BIGGER event

            • Well said, Sir. Well said.

        • The worst part of this crisis is that we are dying a slow death. It would be so much easier to survive a major event then a slow recovery rather than a slow downward spiral.

          Anyway, watch this video, it is interesting, about how the Cubans deal with no technology imports.

        • Get on the danged wagon. Right now there is news that NRA has received a letter from an ex-Special Forces (retired Navy man) that has requested that all law-abiding citizens be allowed to have AND carry not only firearms, but items like throwing knives, grenades …items that the constitution would most certainly allow (“we the people” have the right to bear arms/ammo and thus “any and all things” that are considered ‘arms’. Dynamite, plastiques. This is one that would be a real game changer and I am ALL FOR IT and putting some bucks behind it too. I am sure I’m not the only legally armed citizen (screw having to pay to first BUY a handgun, then pay to take a class after you’ve had 20 years of military service (all combat), and then after fighting so that everyone gets to supposedly have all these freedoms, we get told “you can’t have that” (like I can’t have a fully-automatic weapon without spending 3 grand for a license that expires. (THERE is one example of a “screw us” law that doesn’t hold any water (constitutionally speaking). Thus, it IS time to begin visibly and openly “resisting” on everything that is just plain WRONG >>>which is just about everything that the feds have put into place (did any of you vote for such things)? “They” (the feds) are our “servants” and only have the power that “we the people” delegate to them. For the past 200yrs or so they have taken that and silently changed it illegally so that it all works their way (Look at The Clinton’s if you really need an example of political BS at work). Listen, “WE THE PEOPLE” tell the feds what to do, not vice-versa. SO STOP FRIGGING DOING WHAT THEY IMPOSE UPON YOU AND STAND YOUR GROUND. As a nation doing this “all at once” we can easily take back America and then fix her to as she used to be. (There are more combat experienced vets that are retired and still very able to make ‘toast’ out of any federal badasses that feel they have to follow orders (when they took an oath to defend the USA against “all enemies foreign and domestic….” (Well now, 99% of this freeloaders in the government are keeping us under their thumbs 100% illegally, and using scare tactics to keep most everyone “in line.” Get some balls and stand your ground, READ THE CONSTITUTION AND AMENDMENTS, BILL OF RIGHTS (commit them to memory). Simply REFUSE to cooperate if something you run into is not “constitutionally ‘sound'” …and as I said, if you are surrounded by those of like-mindedness, those that seek to enforce “the rules” will be sent away with their tales between their legs (or if they want a gun-fight, they’ll get one …and since about 1/2 of all police officers are ex-military, (and each of them took the very same aforementioned oath), I do believe that this man with all of us standing with him can put it all back as it was when “the framers” first wrote the constitution.” Don’t think about it …”get’er done” everyone ….get’er done! We are OUT of time and “they” are all but ready to start kicking in your doors at 3AM and haul asses off to “who knows where” or shoot/kill you where you stand (especially if you are a veteran that owns and carries a weapon …they are all on a ‘kill list’ from everything that I have read …damned if I am going to let a pinhead take my life for the sole reason of defending this country for 20-years …would you? I’ll get off the soapbox now, because I am not preaching what we SHOULD do …I am telling you what we MUST do, and we must do it NOW. Immediately. Period.
          Get yourself involved with or any similar “network of ppl” who are already standing up against Uncle Sam …who is totally lawless and cares nothing about us …it is all for them now and money for their damned coffers. Screw that! I am outta here …DO (please) HEED ME and read up on what we are supposed to be ….”WE THE PEOPLE” shall prevail simply by sticking together like glue and remaining that way.
          Cheers and watch your asses in the interim (until we have finished what we fully intend to start and complete). Via con Dios!

          • What license are you referring to that expires when owning an NFA weapon?

      2. True, the destruction of the U.S. Constitution will slowly happen and is happening now.

        I walked from San Diego to D.C. carrying the American flag with each step, along with a homeless veteran, in “Support of the U.S. Constitution”

        It’s not “circling the wagons” that will return our freedoms, but taking the offense as we did.

        I’m ready to walk again if I can find another patriot willing to drive the van (and walk if they want too).

        It’s time to find our destiny and become a part of history. Leave a comment (not published) and let’s walk across America.

      3. Everyone has their line. I know mine. Cross over it and I don’t care who you are or who you represent. Even if you are wearing a costume. After I kill you I will dig a hole and put you in it.

        • “Rather than a full-blown, rapid decent into chaos, what if the “event” many are pointing to as the singularity for collapse is actually happening right now, as a slow and consistent degradation of our way of life?”

          Catherine Austine Fitts likes to refer to it as a slow burn. That’s where we are right now. We are in the descent phase of the collapse. Will it pickup speed and we have a Wile E. Coyote moment? Don’t know but it’s possible. Geo-politically events are picking up steam in a bad way. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

          The problem as the article mentions is what’s on the other side? Will the system that replaces this corrupt banking system be worse than we have now. I think so. All signs are pointing to TPTB gaining more control and power over the Plebs. We could be looking at an Orwellian global banking system and that’s what it looks like is developing with the IMF/BIS/AIIB/BRICS all wanting to merge into one entity.

          • This Author nailed it across the board 1-2-3 bamb! ! I have been doing all of that off the grid. I just love all that free electricity my solar panels pull in each day. Just took another chunk of cash out of the bank today, but it blew out the window coming home. Just disappeared somehow. Ha.

            • Wudda know why joos keep their money?
              They use wallets.

            • Speaking of boycotting and the author did, Americans should boycott, IN PARTICULAR, those celebrities who make action movies on one hand, dis the Second Amendment with the other, and stump for liberal candidates.

              Boycott their movies and they will be flying a sign on Hollywood and Vine, or selling crack behind the Chinese theatre to survive.

              Their influence will crash when their latest $100 Million box office bomb implodes at the theaters. 🙂

              • ALL HOLLYWOOD

              • Durango, That is something my wife and I have done for 10+ years. No movies, concerts, CD’s etc. The entertainers are a sad uneducated lot and they continue to spout the state line.

              • I’ve done this for 30 years. Hasn’t worked yet but there’s hope. Hollywood is fake and so are the morons that pay any mind to it.

                Not in my world.

              • durango kidd said:

                “Speaking of boycotting and the author did, Americans should boycott, IN PARTICULAR, those celebrities who make action movies on one hand, dis the Second Amendment with the other, and stump for liberal candidates.”

                Allow me to edit that statement for purposes of “Fair and Balanced.”

                “Speaking of boycotting and the author did, Americans should boycott IN PARTICULAR, those celebrities who make action movies that propagandize for the worship of State killers, and stump for conservative candidates.”

                Q: Would you apply your “boycott” to Clint Eastwood and his movie “American Sniper???”

                The same Clint Eastwood who endorsed/stumped for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election!

                Would you???

                A: Your stench tells me NO!

              • why not ALL OF YOU…. boycott the IRS..?

                • i was ignored.
                  dissolve the Federal Reserve Board,
                  dissolve the IRS
                  dissolve the the corporation that own you.
                  Dissolve Washington District of Criminals.
                  Dissolve the SCOTUS
                  Dissolve the POTUS
                  Dissolve your Congress
                  Dissolve your Senate.
                  These groups have declared you their enemies.
                  and you are in the process of being culled by them.

                  Then you can have your constitution back.
                  Then you can have your government of, by, and for the people,…. back.

                  You must do this with whatever way you can.

                  Do not secede. Unite with like minds.
                  Other states are not the enemy.

            • Dude some of it blew into the river I was boating in and when I reached too far to get it my boat tipped over and I lost some more firearms. Bad day for both of us.

            • whowudda, it’s a gambling problem ! ! ! yeah mine is at least

        • So you find your bank account emptied by the IRS.

          Who you gonna kill?

          Or is your finances and property one of your lines, if not what is one?

          • Question: If you saw something on the net that convinced you it was on the way; RIGHT NOW! What would you do in the next 10 minues, before morning, First thing in the morning? You don’t need to answer, but you sure need to think about it now, because that’s more that you will get, when it does come.

            • Paranoid.

              Good question or questions.

              Do the things that are Time Sensitive. Follow the checklist, so to not to forget important items or procedures.

            • I know one thing I WONT be doing.. I wont be loading mag’s.. because that job is already done

              • EOTS

                Sandbags filled. Only have to put them in place
                Mags done also.

          • NOT THE BOTTOM FEEDERS, HOW DO YOU FIND THE number 2,3,& 4 people.

        • You think they give a rats ass about your pithy little line in the sand? You think YOUR pithy little line in the sand makes them quake? Crap their pants?

          Huh… Rambo?

          • Nah just the ones you shoot

          • Well really they do care – why else do you think they hide what they do……

            • “Nah just the ones you shoot.”

              Yeah. You’re a frikkin one man Army! You get caught in your home defending your pithy little individual roving line in the sand, whether it is just you, or with your Special Operations Rambo Team, you are dead. It doesn’t matter if you get one or two. You are dead. And then your pithy little individual roving line in the sand means jack-shit.

              And maybe we should scratch your Special Operations Rambo Team. They may think your pithy little individual roving line in the sand does not live up to their own pithy little roving line in the sand and you are on your own.

              It really is amazing how all you Special Operation Rambo’s outwit yourselves. Why… why… I’ll…

              “Everyone has their line. I know mine. Cross over it and I don’t care who you are or who you represent. Even if you are wearing a costume. After I kill you I will dig a hole and put you in it.”

              No you won’t. Your gang of Special Operations Rambo Group will leave you out to bleed.

              Huh? What’s that? You’re a specialforcesrangergreeberetnavysealforcereconciasniper11bravo? And when your pithy little roving line in the sand is crossed, you are going attack, attack, attack from… the snipers nest on your porch, and take them all out because of your Special Operations Rambo training?

              “Everyone has their line. I know mine.”

              No you don’t. Since you know what your pithy little roving line in the is, care to share it with us. Ahhhh… right, it’s OPSEC Krypton Secret.

              Frikkin children. Fantasy dwellers.

              Don’t go worrying. When your pithy little roving line in the sand is crossed, our pithy little roving line in the sand is crossed… and you know the Special Operations Rambo Group will come to your aid and help bury… them!

              I suggest you WTFU.


              • Curtass, pray tell, what are you going to do, just bend over. Sure I’ll die but I will die a free man and not as a whimpering little coward

                • You are living right now like a whimpering little coward. So… what? One day you’ll get your balls?

                  Who is going to hand them to you?

              • Curtis lernt a new word:


                Go you!

                (seriously, you’ve got a totally valid point but it’s completely (read COMPLETELY) lost in your so-called translation)

                • Oh yeah Billy, you are full of vigor and meaning, but it amounts to nothing more than… spongy tissue.

                  • Your pithy little mind has no bounds. It’s little pukes like you that cried themselves to sleep in boot camp; whimpering that they need their mommy. It’s little pukes like you that will suck the ball sweat of those who dominate you. It must suck being such a little man that you have to be so pithy.
                    I’m sure that in the safety of your mommie’s basement it’s easy to cast stones at men who will carry the water while you whimper and look for a reach around.
                    “Bite the pillow bitch” is the last thing you hear each night. I bet your pithy sense of reality will serve your masters well.

                    FO and die you little pansie. We don’t need, or want, your kind in the real world.


              • And I suggest you learn the meaning of a word before you use (in YOUR case MIS-USE it! You sound like a vile little Troll, vile enough to respond to…First time ever, congratulations o’ venter of spleen!

          • To those who think that we have no way to fight against superior forces, I point you to your favorite search engine to find and download a copy of “Total Resistance” – Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations.

            A bit dated perhaps, but most of it still applies in today’s world.

      4. whether your a fan of Celente or not
        you have to agree’
        he is dead freakin’ on

        Gerald Celente: “To Pee or Not to Pee”

        h ttp://

        “Look what happened last week when five banks admitted to committing felonies: not one head rolled. Nobody. None of the big banksters go to jail…don’t get caught with any crack, you’ll do 15 years to life…but steal the entire nation, rob it blind and the neo-feudal system where the nobility have become the entitled rich – they get a free ride…that’s what’s happened in this country – it’s in front of everybody’s eyes and the people lack the courage to stand up and speak out and fight against what’s going on.”

        I can’t believe how things in this country have deteoriated over the last 10 years
        it staggers the imagination

        we are literally ruled by a criminal cartel of corrupt politicians and amoral bankers and Wall Street thugs

        • So I can put the tomato plants back outside?

          • Mine are growing well Genius, and without any man made fertilizer whatsoever.

            • Fear not Zero,with the veneer of civilisation cracking will soon be plenty of man made nutrients for the garden,even just the scraps of long pig(the other white meat!)will provide good nutrients.Genius,you need to stop coddling your tomatoes and just let em grow!

              • Great article! I practice the same things she does. Vote with your wallet, STOP SHOPPING AT FOOKING WALMART! Don’t buy levis, or hanes or sara lee or any of these anti american corp pigs shit! Pay cash for everything or use money orders! Only keep enough in the bank for online purchases. It’s only a minor inconvenience so don’t be lazy. God how I hate these idiots that go to the store and buy a soda with a credit or debit card. Pathetic sheep don’t even have a paper satan for a candy bar. The mind numbed masses will just follow along with whatever they are handed.

                • I pay with cash specifically so they will give me change back. I keep the nickels and sort out the pre-83 copper pennies. The quarters and zinc pennies get spent, only when money is running low close to payday and I’d like to buy a drink or something, but otherwise they’d be kept too.

                  Up in the U.P. I bought a $20 box of pennies from the bank and a full 40% of them were copper. Basically unheard of these days in most places, according to the internet penny sorters. Down in Alabama there’s not nearly as many floating around, but I snag every one the pops up.

                  If and when the dollar crashes I’ll be happy to sell someone an ounce of weed in exchange for their “junk” pocket change.

                • WHY NOT JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY..?

                  • And go where…? My ancestors already tried “leaving the country” back in the 1600s. That worked good for a while but now the gig’s up. Time to stand and fight.

        • You are correct Satori.

          The problem, is that people “are” awake. They see things getting worse and worse for their families. The ones that are working, are working harder and longer, and not seeing any extras.

          They see the swamp rising and the gators are climbing up the sidewalks to claim more of their shit. They continue to try to build their way up and out of the snapping zone, but it is a tough life, just to keep their heads, much less their ass, from going under.

          The gators are and will be, gaining ground, until a Saviour and Warrior comes to drain the swamp.

          He’s pacing the halls right now, and it won’t be long. When the swamp is drained, the gators will be exposed and ripe for the picking.

          I always wanted a pair of gator hide boots. My ostrich hide Tony Lamas are wearing thin.

        • Satori

          “we are literally ruled by a criminal cartel of corrupt politicians and amoral bankers and Wall Street thugs”

          In reality we have been for quite a long time. The difference today is that its so out in the open that Ray Charles can see it and still no one (abet far too few) actually care.

          Small minds talk about people (about 30%)
          Medium minds talk about things (60%)
          Large minds talk about concepts and ideas (10%)


      5. It’s already here. Now. It crept in and will continue to get worse. Tomato plants out for today.

        • Tomato plants are doing great, for getting a late start with seeds. The Early Girls have blooms, and expect to have harvest beginning about July 4th. Brandywines are about ten inches tall.

          Last year in our neighborhood, we had frost on May 17th, so no plants went into the garden until about the tenth. Got the first rain last night, in about five weeks. Watering is a bitch.

          This article has some good points. However; I will not be making dumb decisions about ignoring or breaking any laws. To get big fines or worse, imprisonment at this late date would be a death wish.

          The clock is ticking, and 9-11 is just around the corner. The hammer will fall on NYC, this fall. Set your clock by it.
          As to the degrees of economic crisis, I won’t dare declare.
          I just know that the impact on my household will be minimum.

          We are close to being prepared to go back to 1800’s living in a matter of a few days. Our level of confidence comes from “years”, not “months”, of preparing. The pace has been slow because of age and disability factors, as well as limited budget.

          If I had been driving towards a debt free houshold, and not been researching and paying attention, I might be up to my ass in alligators, like wwti. BTW, the swamp is rising, oh wise one.

          Anyways, keeping diligent is the order of the day. The worst thing that could happen is that it “all” happens within one hour. The best thing that could happen is if they gave a collapse, and no one came.

          Lights out, the party is over. Lights stay on, and it will die slowly, but surely, until all the booze, booger, and benjamins are gone.

          • Passin~ 90+ days off the grid. Its all coming together. I’ve been a busy beaver. Got to get the well dug next. Kicked up 2 deer last night just walking the property.

            • That is good to here,wwti.

              I am truly glad for you. Seriously, I am.

              Now, you would be complete if you would just remove those shackles from your heart and get to know Jesus. He does love you, but you got to let him show you.


            • WWTI, A good magazine with lots of info is This article mentions one of the writers. Good luck on your place.

            • Gets easier and easier when you get used to it, doesn’t it? I’ve been living so far away from mainstream society for so long it’s easy to see it all (and even well meaning people, even people on here, who are somewhat clueless) as the clusterfuck it is.

              No late tomato starts here; I had an entire garden worth of plants growing indoors and ready to put out in April, and have dozens more seedlings growing now. Been munching on tomatos for months. Have a planter with 5 varieties in it (grocery store cherry, Stupice, Indian Stripe, real San Marzano, and Black Krim) that’s doing well.

              Also have three tomato plants from Stupice x Cherry, looking great with 11+ tomatoes per node, already at “large cherry” size and still growing. There’s about a dozen Black Krim x Cherry seedlings too, with plans to make more tomato crosses.

              Got three tobacco plants, from seed sold on Amazon by Robert Graves of Tennessee as “1000 LITE TOBACCO SEED.” Those are growing in 3 gallon buckets like many other plants, and looking great, big and healthy. First time growing tobacco; looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

              Also have a few hundred cannabis plants growing in various hidden jungle locations around the county, which are likewise doing well.

              I believe the weather here is going to be great all year round, like it has been the past two years, for a specific reason: because the USG is using geoengineering (specifically chemtrails and HAARP) to re-route the jet stream, causing moisture to bypass the Western half the country, and bring the precipitation to the East. I believe they’re doing this for multiple purposes; to drive people out from the West which has already been written off as lost in WW3, and to divert that moisture onto our Eastern agricultural lands so we can build up food and fuel production.

              Incredibly arrogant and stupid of them, but I’m not complaining. There’s a lot of arrogant weed growers out West right now, believing themselves to be living in the “best weed growing land in the country”, who are now looking on our lush green Appalachian grows with envy.

              • Almost forgot; Cosmonaut Volkov is another great tomato variety that folks should try. It’s better than all the ones listed above IMO, except maybe Indian Stripe. Make your own tomato varieties by crossing the ones you like, and you’ll find over the succeeding generations you’ll get much stronger, healthier, and better plants than you had previously….and which will be more adapted to grow in your particular environment. Always save seed from every harvest, and either use it yourself or give it to someone who will.

          • Ohio has been cold and dry and is now hot and dry. My tomato plants are the same size as when planted. Still alive, but not doing well. I’m not used to drought in Ohio, but am keeping everything watered, which is hardly a problem for the Great Plains. Is this also supposed to be caused by Global Warming??? We had a horribly cold winter and dry powder snow. From what I gather, it’s all the fault of Man-made Climate Change which is caused by white Christians. Guilty!

            • Yea, I’m with you Vicky.

              The climate change arrived because of global warming, that somehow grew from the white middle class that worked manufacturing jobs.

              TPTB were heavily influenced by wealthy celebrities and the trust fund crowd environmentalists, so, they all decided it was time to ship all those jobs to developing countries so they could cause… more pollution and climate change because of slack infrastructure and a non-caring environmental policy in those countries.

              But all that doesn’t matter to the liberal elite because they now have removed the guilt from their shoulders by pushing their agendas. It is a vicious cycle, by which there is no end in sight until it all ends.

              Which by, all ending, I mean the end of this Earth Age. The Earth will go on for eternity when the balance of Nature can work as God intended it to. Until then we need a total Earth “Cleansing”. It will come, and the “rudiments” will disappear by the consuming fire.

              So, in the near future, there will be “no” so-called climate change = warming and cooling trends. The firmament will be restored and the earths moisture content along with the near 70 degree temps will remain a constant for eternity. It would not matter what temperature the air was for our new bodies, because they will all be spirit, and therefore non-organic, never changing, never aging, never sickly.

              I can’t hardly wait for my new, like the original (First Heaven & Earth Age) spirit body. I have nearly worn this ole flesh one out, from hard living and the effects of the darned climate change.

              • There never was such a thing as the balance of nature. things have been going extinct ever since the first life form appeared. man has been of the scene just a short time. mans activities are a mere pimple on the entire huge posterior of time. What folks do is try and adjust. things change the change is positive for some and negative for others. you can like it or lump it. you cannot stop change. Everyone is so worried about the Now one world government. Heck In past 60 and the UN one world government has been in place since before I was Born. Roosevelt brought it into place before pearl harbor. Roosevelts administration and every other administration since has been redistrubiting the USA wealth to other places and every administration since has also eroded the counstition and tried to limit the citizens god given rights. What is different as of late. Is they have run out of other folks money. the USA is broke and racking up insurmountable debt. They don’t care because they know the End of an Age Earth Change has already begun. It caused by the rapidly shifting magnetic poles. These floods , droughts, earthquakes , volcanos ect. They will increase in both magnitude and frequency. The UN NWO and agenda 21 plans are for one end result. The countinuation of the government. Notice I stated The Government. Not as government or any individual nation or countrys government. The NWO government that already here and has been present since Roosevelt.

                • Old Guy, this is not meant for you because you apparently are not a believer.

                  Rev 11:15
                  And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

                  This is the alarm! Their governments (NWO/satan’s gov) and any trace of them are soon going to go into the lake of fire, to be destroyed forever.

                  Rev 19:20
                  And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

                  The “beast” here is not Satan, for it is his gov/NWO, and it is destroyed/gone, forever as well as his religious system.
                  Contray to Seminary teachings, the Beast and False Prophet here are not individuals/entities. They are the “roles” that are played out by Antichrist/Satan. Soon, never to be again, along with the 7000 Fallen Angels. When? On the Lords Day, at the beginning of the Millennium and the last day of this current Earth Age, at the “seventh” Trump.

                  It is spoken, it will happen, and all, including you, will witness it. Either from here, or from the other dimension. How and where you spend the following 1000 years is totally dependent upon your decisions.

      6. Paylie Roberts, thank you for an outstanding article and I do share your concerns. You sound just like my late wife, who escaped from Cuba during the early years of Fidel Castro’s Communist rule. She lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. I still think a ‘big event’ aka false-flag attack will take place that will be the trigger event for people to rise up. Something will happen this year; I can feel it.

        • and there is ALWAYS the danger that the government will stage
          a false flag and use it as a reason to become even
          more draconian

          I think the probability of this is virtually 100%

          George Washington; Even More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come To Light

          ht tp://

        • I agree with you. It feels like a pressure cooker…

        • BRAVEHEART;
          My Spanish teacher was from Cuba, He and his family escaped in a small speed boat with one suitcase of clothes and pictures and the clothes on there backs.
          Jose Mendoza was his name. He told us about life in Cuba before and after Castro’s take over. it was not a bad place to live not perfect but livable. After Castro it was pure hell. He said he lost a brother to a hit squad because he was a school teacher.
          I really think Paylie Roberts knows what she is talking about and we all need to listen.
          Don’t be fooled by false rumors and the BS you get off the TV. Verify and prepare for that time you have to stand at that line in the sand.
          I hope you are wrong about this year and I hope I am to. I think something will happen this year also.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • NB, my wife left with 13 other people on a fishing boat at night. nobody realized they were gone til’ the next day and by that time they were all at Key West getting processed. My wife had learned English as a 2nd language in a private Catholic school for girls so that gave her an advantage over the other refugees. as far as TV goes, I don’t watch it, period. I’m strictly an internet freak. I’d LOVE to be wrong about something happening this year but I won’t hold my breath on that or anything else.

        • I’ve been feeling it for years but so far I have been wrong.

          Maths don’t lie and sooner or later money in the peoples pockets will run out and then we will have another revoloution where bankers heads are chpped off.

          Cold and hungry people just lack numbers to spread the wealth right now.

      7. I’ve been doing all this. It’s not new. Unfortunately paylie $ can cause gov officials to follow an agenda . We’d have to get rid of our gov lawmakers exist to crush freedom. Neighborhood watch to compete with the police ya right. Just what the world needs another George Zimmerman taking the law into his own hands. You can go apprehend the ms 13 members oh and while your at it go get the Aryan brotherhood too take them to your own jail. This sounds good but what neighborhood watch member is gonna put their life on the line for no$ cops get paid and they don’t want to. Don’t obey laws that’s fine if you have a criminal history. If you don’t have criminal record go ahead and get one that’s a great way to be unemployable. When it comes to firearms doing unlawful stuff is a sure way to lose your rights altogether. Nullify laws good luck every crime imaginable has been committed and there are case files that show how it was handled by the judges and courts this is called precedence they will rule in line with how it’s been handled in the past. Do what you want if you wanna live in a hippy commune and think you fought for your rights. We all know the gov is corrupt to the core but this is bad advise sure to ruin your life the courts and gov can wreck your life and you may not be able to fix it. If your gonna go this route I’d suggest you join Isis and fight using real force oh and don’t be surprised if you get vaporized in your home by a missile. You were fighting for your rights the way you should after all. I’m not trying to rain on your parade but be real and do things you can actually do to improve you situation.

      8. one of my favorite quotes

        “It took millennia to build civilizations on this planet but we will watch them unravel over the span of a few years.” -The Extinction Protocol,

        • Yet Another Reminder:

          “From bondage to spiritual faith;
          From spiritual faith to great courage;
          From courage to liberty;
          From liberty to abundance;
          From abundance to complacency;
          From complacency to apathy;
          From apathy to dependence;
          From dependence back into bondage

          • Feisty

            I wonder where we are in that line?

            It is just so true!

            • It is easy to see where we are in that line, Mikey.

              We, North Americans, are stuck in the middle, between dependence and bondage.
              We as Americans, are teetering back and forth between dependence on our Creator, and bondage from our self elected leadership.

              If not for Divine intervention since the turn of the last Century, the USSAG would have been in total bondage by the JOOster/Kenites. Other societies are in bondage and don’t see it. The blinded Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Fake Christians, Atheists, etc,etc,etc, are stuck in bondage because their dependence is primarily based upon the existence of hardworking, mostly Christian Americans.

              They will have their eyes opened somewhat, when North Americans can no longer support and supply them. That time is just around the corner. It’s game over for the supplied peoples of the world. Instead of learning self sufficiency, they kept leaning on the generosity of God’s chosen peoples of North America, Caucasians; (that has very little to do with the Jews). They will realize their dependence, but for most they will remain blinded to their bondage. That is where the Millennial Reign comes in. It’s for teaching the blinded, lost, and ignorant.
              God is fair and everyone of His children get a chance, not a second chance, but a fair chance, to accept truth.

              Some had their chance already, and there is nothing in their future but hell, darkness and despair.

              The chains of bondage are about to be loosed forever. Some are loosed into an eternal life of peace and comfort, while the majority are loosed into the lake of Total elimination from existence. Even the memories of them are erased.

          • Always a good reminder. Thanks

      9. The “line in the sand” was crossed years ago.

        The destruction of the US constitution is “mission creep”.
        And will continue along with your regular scheduled programming .
        Disconnect and live your lives folks .

        It aint over by a long shot , the US is still the only nation on the face of this planet that has a constitution that lays out what the government CANT do to us .
        I would suggest that we find a way to hold some feet IN the fire and extract understanding of our resolve from some of the (s)elected wannabe overlords .

      10. It took Rome 200 years to die, and in fact it never really did. In the West the “barbarians” (who were not actually all that barbaric), simply took over the management. There was plenty of disruption in some places, and for the people who starved or were killed or enslaved, there certainly was a “Big Event”. If there was anything like a global event in that time frame, it was the onslaught of Islam, but even that took a couple hundred years to reach it’s apogee in Spain and the Balkans.

      11. The line was crossed on December 23, 1913 – with the Federal Reserve Act – but it has taken a century people to begin to realize it.

      12. Corruption: That’s What Government Was Designed For

        h ttp://

        “The system is corrupt,” he said. “The government. The banks. The central banks. Big business.”

        • Romans 13:1
          Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority, have been placed there by God.

      13. Thanks Mac for bring us this article.
        I have no clue how much more we as a nation will take, but what I have seen in the past few years, is that the line has been drawn and the people are starting to stand their ground.
        Of coarse all the head lines are going are that everything is OK with your money and your 401’s, but how many of us have started stockpiling silver and gold? And every thing is OK with food on the shelves everyday for you to buy and every time you turn on your water you will have clean drinkable water. NOT SO!!! I believe that the people are starting to wake up.
        How many of us have put food and water away just in case TSHTF? How many of us have stood up and made our wishes known to the people that are running for office, IE. The Tea Party. I know that I have signed more petitions in the last few years than I ever had in the last 59 years.
        I know young people in their late 30’s and yearly 40’s that have said enough and are raising cane with their representatives. So I have seen changes in this country , but things are still on the edge of the cliff and could go over at anytime.
        My belief is that it will be a depression that hits the world again just like in the 1920’s and 30’s. After all the country is “ONLY 18 TRILLON in DEDT”.
        Back then (20’s &30’s) most of the population lived on a farm or in farming country, now most people live in big cities and it is hard to grow food on sidewalks and streets, and when a lot of those people rely on some government program to live off of, then TSWHTF.
        I started in the late 70’s and back then I was thought to be paranoid by some people that are now putting food and water and other things away for a cloudy day. Back then when there were only 5% to 8% preparing. Now I think there are about 20% to 25% of the population that are preppers, but are staying under the radar and not telling anyone.
        Here is and example: I have two friends that have put away food and water for their family to last for 30 days and they have no clue that they were preppers, they also can defend themselves now. We had a tornado go through and they had to rely on other people to feed them and give them shelter. They told me that, that will never happen again.
        So that line for each one of us is different to some degree, but I think there is a line drawn and I pray they never go across it. I know what mine is and I have made a promise to my GOD and to country and myself that I will stand at that line even if it coast every drop on my blood. I don’t want to harm anyone one, but there is a limit.
        N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • AnotherAss, thanks for the video. Very interesting. Those were 3 Arabs I had to agree with. They weren’t afraid to speak the truth.

          • can anyone on here verify if those were really the words spoken from those 3?

            just curious ,, as you know we cant trust anyone anymore ..

            so does anyone on here speak that language or read it well enough to say that yes in fact those were the words spoken

      14. To everything there is a season, a time to live and a time to die, the season of change is in the air.

      15. There have been obviously, small events, but the big one surely will bring like minded individuals together….hopefully. UNITED WE MAKE A STAND divided WE fall….we need to identify each other and come together when the need arises…I have said this before, but now is the time WE must understand what is rapidly approaching

      16. The very bottom line is that those of a certain generation, of which I proudly admit to, is unaware of the dishonor with this Next Conflict will be administered…..YOU may have honor and respect that, but there will be many, many more who answer only to obama….and the politicos….May God protect and keep US all in the coming days of chaos….

        • Obama is only a tool, his job is ‘crisis’, once that is accomplished they will replace him and the ‘new’ leader will be the devils spawn.

      17. All civilizations will fail plain and simple. The only way anything changes is if everybody changes it together and that’s not happening so I’m gonna put me and mine first the system is a complete failure and the dumbest most unemployable morons know it. I’ve talked to town council and they have no answers on anything people in charge will not make a stand on an issue because they are afraid of it being unpopular and suffering because of it. It’s such a joke I never stress any of this bullshit I don’t care and if I did it wouldn’t matter anyway because my opinions do not matter nor does my vote. The electoral system is fraud. The people with the most$ make all the calls and when it don’t work out they just steal more$ from everybody. So you see we will never change this collapsing shit hole. There probably will not be some big event we will get used to getting fucked and our butt won’t be sore from it because we will be used to it. I’m surprised people even participate in the work force when they can get it all free. Our military can’t defeat some terrorist group that has no air power or ships we supposed believe they can protect our homeland. No confidence in them.

        • One way I’ve been trying since 1996, I quit my job with a 14,000 employee corp and formed my own. Playing their game, this new corp has been really good to me. What I like best is I’m able to keep more of my labor for my tribe.

      18. For what is happening today in our world we have but one person to blame for the start of it: Abraham Lincoln; with his taking states rights away. The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery that was used as an excuse.

        If you disagree so be it. Just look.

        • I agree with you premise but not your terminology. A civil war is when two factions fight for control of the government. In 1861 the South wanted independence and succeeded. Lincoln illegally and unconstitutionally declared war and conquered an independent nation.

          A brief study will show the complete legality of Southern independence and is simply demonstrated by the fact that none of the Southern leadership was charged with treason after the war. Succession was legal then and several states, such as Texas still have it written in their state constitutions that it’s still legal now if the citizens vote for it. Of course the current dictator or the next one won’t allow it either, but the South acted legally then while the tyrant Lincoln did not.

      19. I agree completely with this. I think no one really knows what to do or when to do it, so it will get really ugly when the citizenry has finally had enough. Hope we recognize it before it gets too far, and before I get too old to take care of our family. I’m getting older by the second, but am feeling mostly depression and anger instead of coming up with a lawful way to fight back.

        • Vicky, welcome back. i understand your feelings. As far as fighting back, don’t worry about legality. just fight back any way you consider necessary and forget about any possible legal issues. if you play the game by their rules you’re guaranteed to lose.

          • I can’t agree Brave,

            At this point, we have gone past the point of return.

            To object and fight the current system will cause hardship on family and self. The only way to rebel, is on a personal/family unit, basis, by gradually removing you and your family from the system. Become self reliant and begin a simple lifestyle of living like it’s the 1820’s.

            People that choose to do this can bring a few things from more modern technology back to that style of living as ways to ease the backbreaking workload.

            It can be done, but you still have to pay property taxes or rent, and find a way to barter or make income for paying those taxes plus the necessary basics of living.

            Living simple as possible and growing 95% of what you consume is about as far away from the system as you can get, and still reside here.

        • Vicky, the key is to communicate, educate, and inform. Ranting is ok, but for personal satisfaction only. Find others, form a small group. A lot of us on this site encourage one another. If we communicate adequately, we will still take the day. Remember that things were just as dark before the Battle of Midway, or the Battle of Britain. King Alfred the Great had only left a tiny portion of his kingdom.

          Get informed. Communicate. Speak out. Become a precinct committeeman. Call your reps, even if you live in a socialist hellhole like IL. like I do. And here’s an idea: I got fed up with the utter ignorance of the anti-gun left, so I did a very heavily researched paper on it, found here: Copy what you wish from it. I know a major gun group had already used it, as it is HEAVILY sourced. I also did a 400 p. paper on the utter freaking scam of faux global warming, which I use in many places.

          Be encouraged. Be courageous. Their intent is to discourage you. Ain’t gonna happen.

      20. We used to have the best system in the world but we lost it to greed and coruption. I hpoe it is not to late to get it back.

      21. Might be a slow burn now but there will be a ‘crisis’, the process of Ideological Subversion demands it and that is the plan they are following. You need the ‘crisis’ before Normalization… They have to completely destroy what we have now in order to build their ‘utopia’.

        • We had “the crisis” in 2001. It came and went with nary a wince.

      22. People we are the ones that uphold the constitution and everyone is asleep at the controls. Tptb knows this and they run a huge propaganda campaign to dumb everyone down. Fuck them they need a reality check so they will now who they work for.

      23. Paul Craig Roberts Rages “Free Financial Markets Are A Hoax”

        ht tp://

        “The absence of integrity in Western institutions and politicized professions is proof that Western civilization has declined into total decadence just as Jacques Barzun said.”

      24. to everyone in the nation of Israel, first let me say as an American I am so sorry that this idiot we have as a president was elected. Obama could not do more for the enemies of peace and decency then if he was a number of Isis.

      25. The EVENT can not be prevented. In 6 months you’ll see and learn about the unimaginable! Cleansing is way overdue!

      26. It seems to me that the U.S. population is clearly divided by design, more illegals bolster this reality, although growing numbers of people realize the obvious decline and direction of the overall collapse effecting their lives. The plan is incremental for sure, so as to not alarm a counter public uprising as the article states. There is little to no opposition in public about the police state actions to enforce tyranny nationwide being reported in mainstream media to turn people against those who dare to challenge a thoroughly corrupt system. These criminals will not lose their power, if that means killing all opposing voices. That is the stark reality facing this nations citizens. The peoples reaction to the completed progress of these diabolical plans has been pathetic.

      27. With only a few exceptions, such as Oath Keepers, there is very little true action. There is a lot of preparing to take action, but little actual activity to resist the tyranny.

        The sad truth is that the American Government believes Oath Keepers are the enemy.

      28. The line was crossed long ago.

        Too many people are dependent on government to care. Also life in the U.S. is still so much better than in most of the rest of the world.
        I don’t see how one big thing cannot happen. They can print and pay welfare until the cows come home. Eventually the things they print just become worthless.
        I would have thought it happened years ago. Who the hell knows!

        This week I found out some new lines that have been crossed. I have a feeling it is a local or state thing. July 1st is when building codes change. It will cost 20 to 30 thousand more dollars to build a house.
        They are going to mandate how many windows, light bulbs, doors, ect. I have been told it is going to be decided by how many bedrooms you have in your new home.
        Who the hell do they think they are? When does it stop?
        No big plants, refineries, or business like Walt Disney could ever be done today.
        Too many regulations that are all designed in the name of the environment, or urban sprawl, or the public good. What ever name you can think of.
        One of the main things in this country originally was the ability to own your own property. We gave that away.
        Sorry I am just in a bad mood thinking about it.

        • I too build in Hou, every time I go to pull a permit for new construction res the city has raised the bar. A while back the city produced an active shooter vid in our new permit building, how ironic.

      29. Knowledge is power. Read “Technocracy Rising” by Patrick Wood and also “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.” It’ll get your head around their plan,agenda,and goal.

      30. I prefer the term “Quick Sand moment”, it is that moment that you realize you are trapped, and never saw it coming.

        I liked the phrase “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”. May I add, don’t waste any ammo on the messengers! Yeah that was sarcasm!

      31. They are quick to dig up dirt over FIFA because someone wants to slap the Clinton bitch but thay won’t go after the bankers and jail any of them.

        Just how much of your tax goes to bankers after you consider how they push up the price of mud with planning permision and you get to pay all that intrest on debt that was created from nothing.

        Have you reached 40% yet and are you tired of bankers robbing the money from you pockets via inflation or will you wait for land taxes to go sky high and your 401k to vanish before you feel the need to take some direct action because talking is not fixing a thing.

      32. Real decent article. We keep looking for monsters under the bed but find only dust bunnies. Things is the dust bunnies keep growing larger with time.

      33. Good article!

      34. It does not matter if their is a big event or not, I like the feeling of being prepped.

      35. The line shifts with every generation. The young will allow what we would deem to be too much just as we have allowed constraints to be placed upon us that our forefathers would have fought against, and so it goes on. The PTB are masters at it. Just my thoughts on it.

      36. Im very optimistic that the end of an age earth change. we are now having will completely disrupt and destroy the Government plan. When the US elected leaders willingy take orders from the UN we are no longer a independent nation.

      37. I agree with article 100% !

        The elite have made the majority dependent serfs which they rule over and control; why would they want to ruin that for themselves ?

        Only muslim worldwide jihad or china wanting to be #1 is going to wreck this train IMO.

      38. Heads Up.

        The amount of shootings and killings in major cities is on the rise. Baltimore is in the News. Chicago is no better.

      39. The starters pistol discharged in November 1963. Those alive at the time felt the concussion. It killed everything good and left the never healing wound. The reason we didn’t recognize it at the time was because they used the Warren silencer on that pistol. It turned everyone including Patriots into patsies and after 50 years of festering has brought the greatest nation to its knees. It isn’t constipation relieved that will hit the fan. It is green, gangrenous and will stink much worse.

        • So true.

          Evil reared it’s ugly head, and said we ain’t leaving, and we are gonna smear your faces in it until the bitter end.

          Don’t believe it, just look at the clintons and bushs, and see all they have gotten away with. Evil begats evil, until it is taken away.

      40. GrandpaSpeaks… Aint that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I wonder what has to happen to wake the people up even slightly. Anybody in a publc position who openly speaks the truth is murdered, but they can’t murder us all if we all speak the truth openly together. That is what is needed. That is righteous anger that won’t be easily dismissed.

        • Agreed.

          But, these days, you can’t even get enough honest people together to punish a murderer like oj, much less politicians.

      41. South Korea just confirmed case #12 of MERS
        all of the cases stem from one person who had recently traveled to the Middle East

        what I find interesting is that we know MERS can be transmitted human to human
        but the authorities insist that this is very difficult

        now in about a week or so this one case has caused 11 more

        has a mutation happened that makes human to human transmission much easier ???

      42. With few exceptions, most of us on this board agree on what the real problems are, how and when they were foisted upon us, and who was responsible, as well as who was asleep at the switch. I was recently a fly on the wall as two local businessmen argued over current hot news topics and their arguments were totally opposite with almost no points of agreement. One I know to be a rabid Fox news viewer and the other I believe a CNN viewer. My view on these topics, had I voiced it, would have been a third completely different take on the subjects. My question is how do we break through the Fox or CNN propaganda? Has anyone found a short question or statement that will get these folks to at least question their beliefs, to look at things from a different perspective? I wonder how otherwise intelligent people can view the same events and not come to a similar conclusion. I get that cognitive dissonance plays a part but even among those who clearly recognize a problem exists, the divergence is mind-boggling. At what point after the SHTF will they get it or will they never get it? These folks are the wild cards in the game and there are so very many of them.

      43. With few exceptions, most of us on this board agree on what the real problems are, how and when they were foisted upon us, and who was responsible, as well as who was asleep at the switch. I was recently a fly on the wall as two local businessmen argued over current hot news topics and their arguments were totally opposite with almost no points of agreement. One I know to be a rabid Fox news viewer and the other I believe a CNN viewer. My view on these topics, had I voiced it, would have been a third completely different take on the subjects. My question is how do we break through the Fox or CNN propaganda? Has anyone found a short question or statement that will get these folks to at least question their beliefs, to look at things from a different perspective? I wonder how otherwise intelligent people can view the same events and not come to a similar conclusion. I get that cognitive dissonance plays a part but even among those who clearly recognize a problem exists, the divergence is mind-boggling. At what point after the SHTF will they get it or will they never get it? These folks are the wild cards in the game and there are so very many of them.

        • FOX

          “Two men enter. One man leaves.”


      44. this doesn’t qualify as a “big event”

        ISIS Claims Car-Bombing of Saudi Shiite

        ht tp://

        2nd recent attack of this nature

        terrorist attacks in Saudi ???

        Sunni against Shia

        someone wants a war REAL bad

        this is the sort of thing that will literally inflame the Middle East

        and if Saudi oil production is affected ?

      45. I’ve always thought it would be a slow death, like the frog in the pot of hot water.

        My line in the sand is when they come for our guns. At that point I would have to decide whether to go down fighting or move to Canada or any number of European countries. Not that I’m going to have anything in the way of gun rights there, but I can’t see staying here waiting to be overrun by a bunch of Mexicians. May as well move to Sweden, Austria, Switerland…. because this country won’t be worth sh!t.

        • Well, bye.



        Voices from the Gasfields : It started with just ONE well

        • Did you know………………………….

          the technology is available to manufacture and produce generators to nearly half of all homeowners, that will divide the two properties of water and produce hydrogen? That generator can be powered by solar and wind.

          That hydrogen can then provide the energy to supply all your household needs, ….PLUS…. provide enough Hydrogen to fuel the cells in your vehicles…. for pennies on the dollar per gallon.

          The new Hydrogen powered cars, can travel for up to 300 miles per tank, and even at today’s California retail prices, be refilled for about $26.00.

          The amazing thing is that the only thing coming out the exhaust pipe is water.

          How dumb can people be?

          Why aren’t politicians demanding this technology be put into full scale production, now?

          Answer….there aren’t as many kickbacks available on start up businesses of this nature. The kickbacks and fraud/corruption, is built into the fossil fuel industry, and TPTB ain’t giving it up.

      47. Get that 9mm ammo while you can.

        • I have 5,400 rounds of 9MM at home. And another 5,200 rounds of 45.

          • You must be angrier than me.

      48. ***** H5N2 Update *****

        US: Four more H5N2 outbreaks confirmed

        ht tp://

        “Four more outbreaks of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) have been confirmed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
        The new outbreaks bring the total birds affected to 43,292,373, and the total number of detections reported since December 2014 to 191. ”

        this is VERY concerning
        191 detections so far in just 6 months
        and this is in a first world country
        that has a very aggressive response to this sort of thing
        so far we have been powerless to stop it

      49. Charleton Heston on this issue:

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

        Sex in the City, DWTS or Will and Grace, anyone??

      50. There is an article in today’s news that because of America’s demographics, there is an argument for “creative” social policies, including immigration, to provide the working population America needs for the future.

        Excuse me?

        I do not claim to be a professional demographer, but the last time I checked, America’s population had grown quite a bit and is now somewhere in the vicinity of 320 million, with the overwhelming majority of the most recent (in the last ten years) increase coming from third world illiterates with no job skills, no English language skills, no investment plans because they are destitute, no natural sense of Western or American right and wrong (i.e. morals and values), no complete family units for support and moral guidance, no history of stable/non-traumatic life experiences, no history of or experience with daily life in a developed society with established infrastructure (such as indoor toilets connected to a functioning sewage disposal system),no history of or experience with daily life in a developed society with civility and the rule of law, and no particular goal or destination in mind once they arrive, which increasingly is drawing them into organized highly predatory criminal gangs wreaking destruction and chaos on the country the rest of us built.

        Could someone please enlighten me, in addition, as to these demographic facts and figures that supposedly make American society’s future so dire if we do not bring in more people, and evidently more illiterate, destitute, unskilled third world’ers? I am yet to see these demographic statistics published anywhere.

        This individual’s statement seemed rather broadbrush, without supporting facts, and playing to an extremely narrow audience in the U.S., meaning the “immigrant” community. Nonetheless, this individual evidently is enough of a heavy hitter that his comments were deemed worthy of national attention.

        It seemed to me that his argument was something like saying that you are in equally good hands with 10,000 untrained, uneducated, people practicing medicine without a license, to take care of the sick in your community, as you are with 10 trained, educated, actual doctors taking care of the sick in your community.

        Any normal, sane person can see that such an argument is preposterous and does not even merit being debated.

        America does not seem to have an aging/demographic problem. America seems to have an underclass problem. America seems to have a skill-shortage problem among her own native population, primarily due to a lack of appreciate for education. America seems to have a fiscal mismanagement problem which pays anyone for not working and procreating without the financial means or ability to cover the costs of their offspring, both before and after birth.

        America seems to have a problem with getting priorities straight.

        • From what I hear, about 25% of Mexico is now in the U.S.

          If anyone needs to worry about not having enough people for the future it would be Mexico, and they don’t seem worried at all.

          Too many would seem to be more of a problem than too few (for US).

      51. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
        -Edmund Burke

        Sobering steps from freedom to fascism

        “Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!”
        By Kitty Werthmann

        “I lived in Austria under Adolf Hitler’s regime for seven years. Dictatorship did not happen overnight. It was a gradual process starting with national identification cards, which we had to carry with us at all times….

        Gun registration followed, with a lot of talk about gun safety and hunting accidents…. Freedom of speech was the next target…. With a large network of informers, people were afraid to say anything political, even in their own homes.”

        An Austrian witness of Nazi tyranny and transformation

        “Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria. Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath.

        Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.”

        crossroad dot to

      52. Only four quotes are needed:

        The further society drifts from truth, the more society will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell. As if on cue:

        Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

        And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

        Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

        Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!!

      53. How many people do you know care about what is going on in the world? How about our country? Your State? Your Home town?
        They didn’t care what I was saying back then. I don’t care what they are saying now.
        The best thing to do is prep and prepared to defend what you have in store.

      54. A waste of life with such intense paranoia and fear

      55. It used to be called incrementalism, small meaningless moves to the left. Not painful by themselves, but they add up to a giant step towards communism.

        • This sounds like what Comrade Steve (Prime Minister Steven Harper) is doing bit by bit to Canada.

        • It also used to be called creeping socialism. Now it’s just called reality.

      56. It hopefully won’t pass but a split tale (female) congresswoman introduced a bill today that will require liability homeowner insurance for all gun owners in Americda. Huge fine for not having it. Again, hopefully it won’t pass. But if it does this could be the one that sinks us or sends us out in the streets to protect our 2nd rights. thanks

      57. As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air—however slight—lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.—William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

      58. The “time for armed resistance” is when they show up armed, pretty much anywhere, the way they’ll confront and demand you surrender if they “catch” you armed.

      59. Realistically, I don’t see a big event not happening. The government is spending too much time on man power, military movements and training. All this coupled with the anit gun, christians, and several other pieces of legislation will ultimately come to a flash point. Now, depending on where, this takes place and the nature of the event with the governments response, will depend on the response from the people.
        Take for example: Baltimore—As the Blacks rioted for days, among the police, the riotors went crazy. Once the national guard showed up, the all ran home to mama’s house. Now, lst’s take a scenaio in the South. Let’s say, thy try and pass anti gun laws and the police show up to a rallye. The police try and stop and confiscate guns. People lock and load—-a showdown occurs, media is going rampant. Day 2, another 2 thousand patriots sho loaded. Police fall back, national guard come in, —some weekend warrior gets nevous and fires a shot—-the war begins. Hundreds lay dead, patriots, militias are moblized, anyone wearing a police or milary uniform is killed. Your next civil has come. No amt of talking will stop it. As the people only need a flash point. the dead patriots will become mrtyars. Oh, did I just happen to mention the peobaberlity is 80% in the Obama admistration, along with the war powers he will envoke, he will remaine in office.

      60. The problem with most if this type of resistance is that it is either a small, local or individual thing that does not change the direction of the country – or that it expands and and is oereceived as a threat, so it becomes ‘illegal’. The author’s point of the ‘S’ not hitting the fan is a good one, and represents another thing that preppers will need to prepare for. We are, in fact, living such an ‘event’ today – though it can easily keep getting worse. Seems like the best thing is to get out of the cities, get enough land to grow your own garden, and basically minimize your dependency on the government — which is not a bad thing for any prep. And don’t forget the grey man rule – active resistance makes you stand out.

      61. Retweeted!!
        Hi Paylie, many thanks for this very INFORMATIVE and timely article.
        I will be tweeting this at various people in the next few days and emailing it to my (sheeple) friends and family.

        Quick Question…
        Can someone PLEASE provide me with a link to an article that EXPLAINS to my sheep friends/family at home and overseas why the US Dollar is a fraud?
        For instance, I have lots of friends wanting to come to the US for a visit and I keep telling them to “stay away…some serious shit is going down!”

        I have friends overseas who are totally NAIVE about US dollars. I mean, FOREX rates in some countries indicate a strong desire to acquire dollars versus their domestic currencies.

        How on earth do I tell them that this dollar thingy “is NOT REAL??” That it’s imposed inflation on the rest of the world simply because it’s the reserve currency.

        DurangoKidd, I value your knowledge on all things relating to Economics/Finance etc. Do you have a link for me? 🙂

        If there was an article that explained the dollar, it’s out-of-control-printing (fiat, QE) by the Fed and how using it in your country is not a smart thing, then PERHAPS I can open some eyes.
        It boggles the mind how many countries are so addicted to US dollars via their FOREXs. Total ignorance.

        Once again, great article! This is probably one of the best HowTos I’ve read at SHTF. The sheeple just gotta follow the damn instructions.


        • Hi RebelEyes1776:

          I’m sorry I did not see or respond to this sooner. I am doing my best to keep up with comments in the limited amount of time that I have. This question is a very good one but not a simple one to answer. There are many articles on various web sites that have been written on this topic. However there is no concise guide due to the complexity of the topic. Here is the most simplistic answer that I can come up with.

          All currencies in the world today are fiat (to my knowledge, although some predict that China is planning on backing the yuan with gold). Fiat currency by definition has nothing of intrinsic value backing it. Fiat literally means by government edict. People all around the world need to understand that if you allow any organization (including central banks or governments), to create currency out of nothing, particularly in unlimited quantities, you give them tremendous unjustified power (“money” = power).

          Furthermore, in the current con system, all money is debt. For new dollars to be created, banks, bank customers, or the US Treasury have to borrow them into existence from the Fed. That is the only way. And that debt is then used to enslave people via debt servicing, whether in the US or globally. These imaginary units are conjured out of thin air by the wizards behind the curtain at the Fed (or ECB, etc.), and loaned to banks for next to nothing (currently). Then the banks lend it to everyone else via more conjuring known as fractional reserve banking.

          Most monetary systems today work similarly, regardless of country. This is hard to comprehend for most people, but if all the US Treasury debt were paid off there would be no US currency units (Federal Reserve Notes). Yet here are a few reasons why the US “Dollar” is supposedly “strong”. It is currently the global reserve currency, but that may not last for much longer. As you know, what that means is that most international transactions (across currency boundaries) use the US “Dollar” as an intermediary – rather than direct currency exchange. This is partly a historical artifact of the Bretton Woods agreement when the US Dollar (USD) was backed by gold, and is partially due to the phenomenon of the “petrodollar”. The petrodollar standard basically means that most oil is required to be purchased (“traded”) in USD, which creates an artificial demand for USDs. You have to have USDs to by oil (although this is starting to change, such as the Russia-China oil deal). This artificial demand for USD artificially increases the value of the USD relative to other currencies, which are not required to purchase oil. Hence people in other countries want more USD because it supposedly holds more value than the local currency.

          However this is only perception. In reality currencies without intrinsic value are only valuable because they can be used to buy other things that do have value (i.e. food, clothes, housing, etc.). So if the *perception* of value is lost, the actual value is also lost.

          This is not true of other types of money with intrinsic value, such as for example silver. So in a way, the entire phenomenon of fiat currency is a confidence game of con men. As long as people believe currencies have value, currencies do, because people can trade them for other stuff. But as soon as people lose confidence or question that the pieces of paper or 1s and 0s on computers have value, they don’t, because people will no longer accept them in trade for real stuff.

          So all that it would really take to defeat the power of central banks is for people to stop the matrix-like hallucination that these little pieces of paper or 1s and 0s have any value. This is a tremendously powerful insight which I will be writing more about soon. Because these green pieces of paper we have in the US are only marginally good for wallpaper. They aren’t even good for TP – too small and course (plus you don’t know where they’ve been). Maybe kindling?
          Hope that helps.

      62. “2. Create positive alternatives to the existing oppressive institutions….
        Use precious metals, barter, or alternative currencies for financial transactions, not Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).”

        What other ‘alternative currencies’ would SHTF recommend?? I know, deep down, they’re all fiat currencies. But some countries are better (fiscally) managed than others.

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