The Crisis Is Imminent: “When The Real Crash Comes It Will Be Worse Than the Great Depression”

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    “The United States is like the Titanic, and I’m here with the lifeboat trying to get people to leave the ship… I see a real financial crisis coming for the United States.”

    Peter Schiff
    August 2006

    In 2006, when he faced off with many well known Titans of investing and warned of an impending financial disaster and economic collapse, Peter Schiff was laughed at by his colleagues. He urged Americans to exit financial markets and take steps to protect themselves before the wealth held in their savings accounts, retirement investments and real estate was wiped out.

    Few listened.

    We know what happened next.

    Now, those same financial experts who publicly vilified Schiff for his predictions six years ago are at it again. Many, including our politicians, central bankers and leading economists, have unequivocally stated that the worst is behind us, and that a global recovery is on the horizon.

    Once again, Peter Schiff disagrees:

    “I think we are heading for a worse economic crisis than we had in 2007,” Schiff said.  “You’re going to have a collapse in the dollar…a huge spike in interest rates… and our whole economy, which is built on the foundation of cheap money, is going to topple when you pull the rug out from under it.”

    Schiff says that, despite “phony” signs of an economic recovery, the cancer destroying America stems from a lethal concoction of our $16 trillion federal debt and the Fed’s never ending money printing.

    According to Schiff, these numbers are unsustainable. And the Fed has no credible “exit strategy.”

    Eventually interest rates will rise… and when they do, Schiff says, stocks will tank and bonds dip to nothing. Massive new tax hikes will be imposed and programs and entitlements will be cut to the bone.

    “The crisis is imminent,” Schiff said.  “I don’t think Obama is going to finish his second term without the bottom dropping out. And stock market investors are oblivious to the problems.”

    “We’re broke, Schiff added.  “We owe trillions. Look at our budget deficit; look at the debt to GDP ratio, the unfunded liabilities. If we were in the Eurozone, they would kick us out.”

    “The Fed knows that the U.S. economy is not recovering,” he noted. “It simply is being kept from collapse by artificially low interest rates and quantitative easing. As that support goes, the economy will implode.”

    A noted economist, Schiff has been a fierce critic of the Fed and its policies for years. And his warnings have proven to be prophetic.

    His recent warnings, however, have been even more alarming.  Will they also prove to be true?

    In his most recent book, “The Real Crash” How to Save Yourself and Your Country“, Schiff writes that
    when the “real crash” comes,” it will be worse than the Great Depression.

    Unemployment will skyrocket, credit will dry up, and worse, the dollar will collapse completely, “wiping out all savings and sending consumer prices into the stratosphere.”

    “All we can do now is prepare for the crash,” Schiff said. “If we brace ourselves properly and control the impact, we will survive it.”


    We must understand that none of the fundamental problems leading up to the 2007/2008 financial crisis have been resolved.

    If anything, it’s gotten worse.

    Our politicians will not change, and therefore, will change nothing in Washington. Wall Street is as corrupt as ever. Our central bank continues to devalue our currency. There is no end in sight for these people. They will continue on this unsustainable path until we as a country finally hit the proverbial brick wall.

    As Peter Schiff notes, the destruction to life as we know it in America and the world is imminent. It’s going to be severe.

    So much so that the government has been simulating the collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence.

    A collapse happened in 2008, but THE collapse is still ahead.

    Watch: Peter Schiff Saw It Coming:


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      1. Gold, guns and gardens. Get all 3 going for a shot at security in times ahead.

          • THE collapse is an ongoing process. There will be no definitive event, just bigger and bigger crimes being committed more and more out in the open.

            Nothing the corp does can affect your life if you don’t depend on it’s favors. Let it implode and then explode. If you are still standing where that can do damage to you, then you have destroyed yourself by staying in the path of the destruction we know is coming.

            • The more cynical I become about this FAILING government, the more I feel that THEY won’t let it happen. Two words, either or, from this are the most likely scenarioes; FALSE FLAG, WAR.

              I know people like Eisenkreuz that think everybody over 30 is washed up and old aged, that cynicism is an old age trait. Being cynical works for all ages, in a world that the most self interest driven mottos usually win over. Those so called leaders will not allow the collapse like some Mad Max chaos. What they will do and or allow is for some sort of event that leads to either martial law in this country before it gets out of control, or just like with past economic collapses, large scale or world war will develop.

              After a scenario of martial law, we will all get some form of new revalued currency that will likely be mostly electronic tracking system, and some form of new casino chips RFID also tracked that operate as money. Maybe some paper currency will be allowed with BO’s picture on everything just like the second Total Recall movie. Seriously, check out the movie where Carl Houser is going through that container of documents and cash money that has BO’s picture on it. Talk about an awful future where BO is still being worshipped a century later like George Washington. Then we all live under Big Brother’s big ugly thumb where all money is tracked by some satellite, and so is everyone’s movement.

              Then there is the other scenario in whcih 90-95% of the population is wiped off the face of the planet during the spouting of mushrrom clouds and the aftermath of mass starvation, disease, and rapid die off to those that have not prepared. The war will look like this to open. Middle East explodes, US, Isreal, and NATO go after Syria and Iran. Russia and China get involved immediately. North Korea goes after South Korea and/or Japan. China takes out Taiwan. Russia goes after anything and everything in the Caspian Sea region, perhaps even advances on Europe, as the people of Europe have been turned into mass cowards incapable of fighting because of having all their self defense taken away from them and had their governments destroy their backbones the last few decades. Then the missiles go aloft when one side is losing as insurance that they are conquered. This all likely within a week or two.

              Yes, the cynical way of thinking of anyone over 30 that has lived long enough to see that the most selfish scenario normally plays out. One of two choices in my opinion from this. A nice George Orwell type of police state where you live like robots or as criminal refuges from society, and your every movement and even thought is tracked, a true hell. OR war and the aftermaths of it. Pick your choice from a cynical point of view that usually tells what is coming all to well.

              • I think the War scenario is the most likely, throughout history our species has shown time and again that we are the most violent self destructive species on the face of the earth, we have been given all we need to sustain life, resources, intellect, ingenuity, but what have we done??? find ways to enslave others and push our own ideals upon the masses under threat of death or worse,,,
                Cynicism knows no age limits,, as a 20 something guy I was told so many times that I was too cynical, I finally just embraced that and made it work for me, still works for me, is why I dont care if it all collapses, in my mind the sooner the better, rather than living with this constant when will it go feeling, at least then we can just get it on.

                • Our species is actually very peaceful and social.

                  It is the subset of our species known as BANKSTERS that are warlike and self destructive. And they have been that way since before the time of Jesus.

                  The war scenario is a given. The banksters have used it every single time they have needed to deflect blame from themselves in an act of self preservation.

                  This time around, they shall not be preserved.

                  • This problem was addressed many times in the bible. The problem is indeed the bankers. However, it goes much deeper. Its the usary system. The true bloodsuckers are those which live from gains in investments and capital. Any time a group gains the system by such means are the true “money for nothing and chicks are free” group. The bible is very plain about debt. You only pay the exact amount. No interest.

                  • Bankster= JEW

                  • Yes I guess that’s why Cain had to kill Able whoile he slept.

                    Standing by in SC, Out!

                  • There were wars long before there were bankers. People like to wage war. Read some real history.

                  • At first I was insulted, but now I’m amused at your ignorance and stupidity.

                • Mahalo Kula. A man who had experienced the favours of fortune and was an optimist, met a man who had experienced an optimist and was a cynic. So the cynic turned out of the road to let the optimist roll by in his gold carriage. “My son,” said the optimist, stopping the gold carriage, “you look as if you had not a friend in the world.” “I don’t know if I have or not,” replied the cynic, “for you have the world.”
                  I fight cynicism all the time but one must control it. Because I am still shovelling snow doesn’t make me mad at you because I realize the bastard child of cynicism is envy. Aloha.

                  • Not sure if i follow completely, ???? Clarify a little, having a slow moment this morning,

                  • Sorry Kula, the late spring here has tweaked my cynicism a little. Just wanted to share the “Optimist and the Cynic”. The old saying still rings true, probably more than ever.

                  • So the cynical are cynical because of their envy (according to this little parable)? We live in a country were people are consumed by fear, anxiety and depression, for good reason. Suicide is about to take the #1 spot for deaths. We do a good job of covering it up by showing a different face and of course through drugs. I’m pretty sure it’s not because of envy. People know things are very wrong and headed to hell in a hand-basket, despite the efforts of the lying liberal media to keep us clueless. I realize your intentions, but I don’t think it applies now or ever has, generally speaking of course.

                  • Just checked back, old wise one, I am shovelling snow and Kula is farming the “best island”. Naw, its envy, but only as far as the climate goes. Step aside, theres a golden carriage coming. For whatever reason.

                • Kyle Bass who is a pretty smart cookie agrees, there will be war, the ultimate reset.

              • Be Informed: Yeah those scenarios are great for books and movies but they don’t fly in th real world, that’s why they’re all just works of fiction. God’s Creation has got it right: the collapse for lack of a better word, is an ongoing process punctuated by by periodic down-turns and other negative events until each time the new lower level is accepted as the ‘new normal’ like higher unemployment, more militarized police forces, etc. But TPTB aren’t in control of much beyond extending the end game (printing more money) in order to get their own preps in place so that they can go into hidding WTSHTF. When we finally go down like the Titanic, we’re taking the rest of planet with us (financially). There’ll be no UN troops because all the other countries will be too busy quelling their own populations. Most cops and many military won’t even show up for duty becasue they’ll be too occupied protectiong their own families that live in the outside world like the rest of us. No one knows exactly what the final nail in our coffin will be, or when, but when it does come we’ll all recognize it. Then it’ll YOYO Time (You’re On Your Own) for all of us. Maybe not Mad Max, but they will be unpleasant times. Good luck. Got your preps?

              • At what point does it reach American soil? The bullies in the upper uber crust can only hold it off for so long. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t gotten worse for us here in this country with all our Boys & girls spread out all over GOD’s creation! How many years has it been since foreign troops were on American soil?Yup exactly but hey it’ll NEVER HAPPEN HERE RIGHT

            • GC, I don’t know that there are going to be any safe harbors for the floods that are coming.

              Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

              • HAW, I tend to believe that those who live off the land will survive, those who live off the corp will not.

                The only true safe harbor will be in your heart and mind. So long one can keep those under their own control, they will be largely unaffected while thriving or learning to thrive in relative seclusion in Gods country.

                Without peace in your heart, the best is the worst.

                • I heard a song on country radio today called “country folk will survive”. I thought it very appropriate for this blog.

                • You sound like one of them dippy hippies from the sixties. Hope you have better luck than they did.

          • Schiff is WRONG! The debt and QE2 are only symptoms. The problem is FREE TRADE that transfers the American means of production offshore and OUR jobs with them.

            Debt to GDP is 105%. After WWII US Debt to GDP was 125%. OUR economy has handled this level of debt before, and much more.

            Some spending problems are being addressed by the sequester. The dollar MUST decline in value if the costs of production in America are to become “competitive” with the second and third worlds. Invest in gold, silver, and yuan.

            Thus the dollar will continue to decline until some equilibrium is achieved between production cost globally. IE When Catapiller products made in the USA can compete equally with similar products manufactured in China that can now be made there and shipped all the way to the East Coast and sell for less, then OUR balance of trade deficits will mitigate somewhat, GDP will increase, and Debt to GDP will decrease.

            Spending IS a problem but historically America has monetized its debt at 3% annually while increasing its GDP. Fracking will help as excess gas will be liquified and shipped to Europe, Look for the Euro to strengthen over the dollar to assist Europe in its purchase of OUR gas. Putin will not be happy about that, but its a couple years out before significant quantities reach Europe.

            For this to occur, the Yuan must rise in value, the dollar decline (not “collapse”), and the American people must adhere to Agenda 21 while their wealth is systematically transferred to the Global investment class.

            Engage your employees or be impoverished by them.

            • DK, Putin may just be one step ahead of the scenario you stated. About 6-9 months ago Putin began the worlds longest and largest and most costly Gas Pipeline across most of russias lands to exit into China so china can buy Nat Gas from russia once completed in a few yrs. Cost if I recall right is Over $6 billion pipeline! Length is I think it was like near 3000+ miles long.

              As a Nationalist and very Pro white pro orthodox christian man putin is all about Russia first(like the usa used to be). A Very intelligent leader he is.

              Russia just may end up to be the Only good nation to reside in soon if you are white folks. Putin is repairing not only 70 yrs of soviet kommie destruction there but also is doing exactly as americans used to do when we were kids. IE: Takeing care of Home nation and Own folks first and foremost. he has booted or jailed most every last oligarch swindler so far and rebuilt Russias major cities wonderfully. Putin vows to rebuild every christian church burned down by the reign of terror soviet jewish communisim they suffered under. Ironicly while kommies claimed to be atheistic, they never harmed a single jewish synagouge the entire 70 yrs of commie soveit control! They did destroy about 24,000+ Churches though.

              • Kudos to your comment TG. To the extent that an anglophone can, I’ve been studying Russia for about ten years. Putin first and foremost is a Russian nationalist. His grandfather was a cook in the Soviet PM’s summer home. He has been near or in the highest echelon of power most of his adult life. He knows how to play hardball but those who think he is the sum of all evil are mistaken. They will defend Russia to their last pint of blood. To those who claim Putin can’t wait to suck up to BO or to the UN … I’d like to see the evidence. Because I doubt such evidence exists. “Taking cre of home nation and Own folks first….” Yesss.

                • Putin sucking up to BO is laughable. He has nothing but contempt for BO, and NO fear of him.

                  • Anon 6.8- Thanks and glad to see another wide awake person here. Seems you did way longer research on russia and putin than I have. I been at it about 2 yrs only. But when you read alot it shortens the time to learn process.

                    I agree that so much talk of putin wants to kiss up to hobammy! thats laughable at best! A great clue to Who is the good guys and correct guys is to see who are all msm talkers bashing? Same for online forums like this here one. Who posts truth? Well which posts get hammered non stop yet without any debate or comments to negate what was orig posted. I call it Blind aproval and support of whoever or whatever. And those who do it are addicted to Emotional Feelings based methods, based usually on what Another person(pastors Big time!) and MSM tv or radio talking heads repeat over and over. Like hannity and 100% Faux tv news shows non stop coverups for illeagles-blacks-israel-jewsih swindles. Yet always bash non stop Progun whites and of course their latest boggiemen ALL Muslims=Evil!

                    These are the very same folks that will tell Us “be carefull you do not include everyone in a group”!

                    Unless of course you say all of Their favorite group is spoken of always as Unable to do any wrongs. That is always good! Example= Whatever israel/zionists do is 100% great…yet 100% muslims and white americans is Evil bad!

                    I think they should be labled as Hypocrites. Or at least total ignorant Fools. Thats what a lifetime of brainwashings gets you. Inability to at least “consider” an alternate viewpoint if it is about Your favorite persons or religion etc. And none can honestly deny if issue is religions, Talmud judiasim is at very Top of “Must Never question or critize” But bash all islamic folks, go fo it.

                    I Challange such folks to First READ some talmud verses(which some here have posted) then Compare to Koran bad verses. Which is worse? You Will be suprized at the answer! I see BOTH of those religious attitudes as Anti- christian and americans enemys. Both have many similar verses and methods. Neither is even close to christianity or new testement verses etc. NEITHER!

                • You should watch some of “Brother Nathaniel’s” videos on Youtube. There is a clip in one of Putin staring down Obama and it is classic.

              • TG: You are right about Putin and Russia will be able to expand its markets and sell its gas to China, India, and Japan, along with other smaller nations. Pipelines from Baikal to China and east to its coast for shipment to japan have been in the works for a decade.

                Ukraine seems to be a captive audience.

                The idiots who thumbed me down are apparently economically illiterate. You will be the fools living along the light rail in micro apartments with your EBT Card in hand. 🙂

            • You are correct. This country no longer has the wage base to pay it’s own way. Then they refuse to allow the use of our own energy sources so we have to transfer even more wealth mostly to countries that wish us harm. What a plan.

            • DK is right that the American standard of living will fall considerably. My 1600 sq ft home is small by American standards, but huge compared to most of the world. Many homes this size will house at least two families. As we compete with the third world, we will become them. Look around you, many things considered normal would have been reserved for impoverished neighborhoods 10 years agg. People all over the world would still jump at the chance to come to USA and be one of our poor. As an example, in the 90s I had a coworker who had a French husband and lived in France for a few years. She said the average French family didn’t have a/c or a clothes dryer. I hear the average European refrigerator is about 14 cu ft. Mine is 26.

            • Your seeing this clearly IMHO kid. Here is a thumbs up. Stay sharp and be confident; knowledge is powerful. Keep stacking like there’s No Tomorrow because … it is an insurance policy you can actually live with.

        • Those not in a secluded location will have to sleep in their gardens with their guns during the summer.

          • Good point prep pastor, garden will be useless really, unless you keep an armed guard on it 24/7 or you are in a remote location. Have a garden in a populated area and you might as well put up a sign, “free food”

            • Same with fruit/nut-bearing trees, of which we have nearly 30. We’re in a very small unincorporated town, so better than a city, but we’ll still need to be vigilant.

              • probably moreso due to rovers whom”ll come in the dead of night,more than likely armed and wont mind putting the hurt on you;keep 2 dogs if you can and make a trip flare so they’ll hopefully run away to easier pickings and hopefully you and neighbors are on the same page. Stay The Course.

          • NV helps keep the real big bugs out after the sun goes down.

            • Sharpening some pikes here. Populate a few near the garden, downwind, and things should sort themselves out…

          • Mostly what you need is to be able to keep a low profile for 6-18 months. I don’t think it’s possible for a small group to keep safe and have obvious garden where it can be found/seen. That’s what your food stash is for. Especially near cities the mess will burn itself out quickly, but to survive you just need to keep low, People who cannot support themselves will either die or resort to theft within a few weeks or months. The theft people will run out of targets fairly soon. At most two winters, and the survivors will be all that’s left. Then plant your crops.

          • I’ve already been doing that (rabbits, deer, moles, chipmunks):). Watch stars with binoculars.

          • @Prepared Pastor-

            and WV is one BIG cesspool of poverty. You better stay awake 24/7 if you have more than a heavy rain as someone will prob be looking to take what you have… and they will…. you aint “pone of them” no matter WHAT you THINK.

          • I hear it happened in the 30s.

          • Sounds like “scarefro” duty. Crows will be the least of our worries…

            • If you lose your compass fret not. Just look UP and when you see Pigeon’s flying, head in direct Opposite direction as they always fly Towards inner city ghettos.

        • I’m glad one of my landlords who is a tax attorney knows we are headed for a collapse. His wife on the other hand who is a IRS agent thinks otherwise. Both really nice people but the husband always catches flack from friends ans family who think he’s NUTS.

          I told him he wasn’t. It’s all true. 😉

          • some atty’s know, some don’t

            irs agents on the other hand, don’t

            a tax attorney and an irs agent. how weird is that?

        • …and foremost, God.

        • “Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it
          must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be eaten.

          Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the
          slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

          It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle –
          when the sun comes up – you had better be running.”

      2. American consumerism can be partly or wholly blamed for this, sheeple blindly spending what they don’t have, including our government. This even is inevitable and we can only prepare and hope for the best. The signs are clear yet many are still licking at he sugar coating of what is a bomb with a wick that is about to expire. It is not too late to prepare. Keep your ammo dry and spirits high.

        • Hey NY…

          Can’t argue with you, people spending 100’s on I-crap and not one penny on extra food. 🙁

          This week, our local food store chain has London Broil on sale for $2.69 lb. The misses and I have put up 60 lbs. already. Making that unregistered “ASSULT” canner, work overtime. 🙂 Makes great beef stew/beef stroganoff etc.

          Really great for the nights that we just want to do heat and eat.

          People don’t “Get it” till it slaps them on the tail. 🙁

          Y’all behave and play nice. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

          • Corn that london broil, you will not be sorry!

      3. Darwin will be sorting it out soon enough.

        • I’m deeply afraid you’re right.

          Ever play paintball? It’s really instructive as to how exactly Darwin works, when dealing with a group of a similar skill set at the game.

          Hint: very very VERY unnervingly fast, and totally utterly randomly.

          Those with better skills… eh outlast maybe 3 or 4 guys out of a team of 25.

          Darwin is a serious asshole, don’t kid yourself. Why you think we’ve been spending the last 10,000 years trying to give him the finger?

          • @ tHEGUY: Like the Nam.

            • Remember we owned the day, Sir Charlie owned the night. We are no longer there , Sir Charlie is. Lesson Learned ?

            • EXACTLY !

          • strange how this doenst have a higher green thumb count than it does…maybe the truth is a hard pill to swallow?

            I see the same thing in the tactical training sessions i attend..out of 30 people..maybe 3 will survive, most just dont take it seriously or will not push themselfs to the extreme .. because it might hurt or something., I really dont understand why some even think they can make it

            • VRF
              To be realistic. I do not think I will make it past three firefights. Depends on if I get shot. Damage to my structure and how many more of the enemy shows up to overwhelm.

              • Shoot and scoot. The best firefight is the one you avoid. When faced with superior firepower, escape and evade. OWN the Night not the day.

                • when they bring it to you, they have the atvantage. When they are finished riddling you place with rounds to release some testosterone, they will deploy igniters. Scoot, follow, plan, and wait for the window of op.

                • A good rifle and a .22 revolver so no brass has to be picked up.

              • Why do you say that. From the info you have provided here before. I would say in the dealing with a threat department you would be above par. What am I missing. Serious ??

                • @Facebook Page.

                  Indeed you would think I was capable of holding off a Battalion, but there is more to it and to realise that I can not do the things I could have done twenty years ago as the battlefield has change drastricly.
                  Before we were dealing with natual ocurrences. Now we have to deal with Government both state and federal. Alot more has change in locality as the dangers are more wide spread. We all have to be aware of MISSION CREEP. Tell me you have seen the changes in the militization of the police dept and interaction with the military. Drones and armored vehicles and personel equipment which adorn the latest SWAT/Paramilitary. Impressive is it not? And they do have more little goodies not available to us to level the playing field. Then consider more malcontents, so far hidden from the public eye.You can have all the equipment but only have two hands.
                  I have much info to pass on to those who will listen but that is very low on my end and will tell you that those who awaken now, have a very high learning curve. The ideal situation is that training has been efficient enough to react to the danger and not to think what to do. How much does ammo cost?
                  Wait, Facebook Page, till you have to do the normal things of everyday life while under stress of being killed. Game changer for sure.
                  All that info I have to teach deaf ears, will all be taken away with one sniper’s bullet.
                  Time, Logistics, Material, Manpower and other factors and I am only one person. See, you can only do so much.

                  • @slingshot

                    I have felt the same way for some time. If evasion is possible, chances are good. If not… too much firepower, technology, and determination from the other side to last long.

                  • Slingshot: If a major SHTF episode occures, the cops and most military not living on a base will vansih like a fart in the wind. They’ll head home to protect their own. There a 315, 000,000 people living in the 5th largest country in the world with only around 4,000,000 total cops and military, many of which are not combat arms. Hell, their combined forces couldn’t take L.A. and their estimated 150,000 very well armed gang members spread over 4,000 miles of urban/suburban lanscape without tremendous losses. These gangs have many members that are military vets and they are armed with military weapons too. What on earth makes you believe they can take an entire country. The local gangs will be the only credible threat in any real Shit Storm scenario. Hope you don’t live too close to any big city.

                  • I think you over estimate the enemy. Very few preppers will have to deal with any significant number of problem people, Very few of us are in the large cities.but 90% of the people are. Look at the math: starting with 300 mill everyone deals with 5 and you are down to about 10 Million. 10 mil people are so few in this country it’s almost empty. Most people won’t ever leave the cities. That in and of itself should allow food production to drop by 80=90 percent without affecting us at all. Then figure out how much we export and the huge amount we feed to cows etc and there should be plenty for the people that survive. If you can keep low for one or two winters it’s over.

                  • Gregory8 that’s what the stationed foreign military is for (REX84). There is probably around 300k of them, definitely Russian and probably some Chinese (south of the border) all waiting in FEMA camps for their order to search and destroy when martial law is declared. The scenario will be a lot like Syria, where these troops will have their way with the females before executing them in front of loved ones. The death and evil will be like nothing this world has ever seen.

                • It’s because one on one skill will usually win out. One on 12 not so much.

                  Then there’s the odds of survival that go down over time. With each hostile situation you’re in, your chances of winning, yet again, keep going on down.

                  it’s not a flat slope but a bit of a roller coaster ride downwards. Live through a couple and you will have experience and hopefully learned what kept you alive while others died. So your chances go up. But with each such climb there’s always a dip as the odds continue to stack up.

                  Eventually, given enough hostility, you will get wounded.

                  Eventually, given enough hostility, you will get killed.

                  The trick is stacking the deck in your favor as much as possible.

                  Have gear you can bet your life on, because you are.

                  Have buddies you can bet your life on, because you will.

                  Have training that will enable you to do on autopilot the things you need to do, because once rounds come at you, are cutting the air next to your head, are hitting your plates like a baseball bat, that’s when the ones with training to the point of automatic response will have a huge edge.

                  But eventually, given enough hostile encounters, you’re going to get damaged to the point that even good health care won’t work and in a true collapse very few people will have access to good health care.

                  And very little but random chance dictates if you or one of your buddies is chosen as the target from that 1000+ yard shooter that you’ll never see.

                  I don’t say this to be discouraging or defeatest.

                  I say this to help you think about what’s coming and what you should be doing now to better your odds.

                  • Excellent Post! HAW.

                  • And the trick is to know the difference between the two.

            • Let me be really really crystal clear here.

              My first time out it was like the Normandy invasion. They blew the whislte. Literally 15 seconds later I and 2/3 of my team was dead.

              I got better enough (as did they) to live maybe 5 minutes, as both team became much more shy after that event. But it was merely prolonging the inevitable, and not by much.

              There was one guy that had been doing it a long, long time. He was the Rambo guy. He managed to sneak up on an enemy position and take out 5 guys. And… almost… escape. Key there being almost. He opened up the line for the rest of us but his skills didn’t save him.

              This was against people who had never played before. Ever. It should have been a cake walk for him if reality worked the way you think it does.

              It doesn’t.

              He was very stealthy. No one could see him. They got him anyway, and he didn’t put himself outrageously at risk.

              Betting on Darwin is like betting on the lottery. It really does work like that. Darwin randomly picks one guy out of 5000 and says “you survive… rest of you not so much”.

              That whole thing about competitive advantage in Darwinism is about times of relative peace and safety. Darwin is blind Russian Roulette in a conflict situation.

              • Saying that my advice would be to hide. Hide hide hide. Middle of nowhere, middle of the ocean, underground, whatever you gotta do.

                If you’re well prepared and well trained you MAY survive one or two serious conflicts assuming you’re surrounded by equally trained guys and the numbers are close to parity.

                More than three… not a chance in hell.

                So I wouldn’t be going out of my way to get into them. I’d be going out of my way to avoid them.

        • Isn’t Darwin in the heart of the earth with the rich man ?

          Christ said “the very hairs of your head ARE ALL NUMBERED”
          and DNA proves his words true, he also said “the rich man died
          and opened his eyes in torment in the heart of the earth” so
          Darwin is probably cursing the fact rhat he still exists.

          • no one is interested in your nonsense mythology.

        • I like the saying “a little chlorine in the gene pool” myself. Can’t wait. It’s like Chistmas eve here! Got food, orchard, huge garden, 2 creeks with salmon and trout in them, everything else, including a small army of ex-military buddies who will come here. But my newest vehicle is a 1999. guess my priorities are all screwed up!

          • And you’ll kill each other over a woman. The teenager with a .22 will get some of you before you know he’s there. Dream on, Rambo wannabe.

      4. don’t forget other desired consumables that will soon become unavailable or downright too expensive:

        smokes, liquor, razor blades, condoms etc…..

        • Smokes: Grow your own, whatever variety suits you, if you really do need it

          Liquor: Make your own — Just need fruit and yeast

          Razor blades: Wear a beard

          Condoms– I’ve always thought a mouth makes a pretty good condom

        • Smokes and liquor are already priced all out of reason.

          • Mikey, Don’t you get mad when you have cock breath though?

          • Dunno what you are smoking , roll my own for 14 dollars a carton .

      5. Loose Lips,Sink Ships!If I may say, when a new article comes out, don’t go back and make comments on an old post.They will be read by few, and rated by none. But your thoughts and comments will be added to a file which one day could be used against you. Most, if not all of us, that comment on these sites could be very easily profiled, not only by Mac, but by TPTB. I believe in Free Speech as well as the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and intend to exercise both. But we must be wise in what we do in this dangerous age. As for me, I know that I speak to much. Trekker Out.

        • I get the argument for stealth old man but I was born a real American and I refuse to be censored or disarmed. I refuse to be made to feel like I have to constantly edit my speech for fear of what the government will think. If thats the case then the Bolsheviks have won.

          Remember the Kronstadt sailors.

          • The same argument could be made for OPSEC—I refuse to be made to act like a criminal on the run, in order to keep what I have. In other words, if I have to hide what I legally own, in a place where I have a legal right to be, then I have put myself on something worse than house arrest…I am not free, I’m a prisoner in my own home.

            TPTB have already imprisoned me, or more accurately, I’ve imprisoned myself because of them.

        • point well taken..

        • Copy Lima Charlie Over

        • Trekker,,
          Kenny Rogers song the Gambler,,,
          pick your battles my friend,,,

          • Kula my friend, that’s my point exactly. And I just violated my own comment. Trekker Out.

          • Discretion is the better part of valor. Pick the fight and live to fight another day. No good to anyone if dead, especially yourself.

        • F ’em, ain’t nothing out there but commies and cowards.

        • We never were free dude. Further the generation Y could care less about freedom..they just want a job and a home. They gave up.

          The American sovereignty will surrendered when the dollar collapses and a global currency brought in.

          Korea will be nuked and that will spark a limited nuke war.
          Then they will collapse the dollar and blame it on the war.
          Then it’s one world govt. There you go.

          Nothing you can do about it. Yeah..that will earn me thumbs downs.

          Face it..the commies and dems won.

          The next time you see a dem…spit in their face.

          Think about it…
          We all shop at the same large place, all work in the same large companies.
          Centralization…commie style.

          I don’t get upset about this shit…it’s just a huge pendulum that swings back and forth in history. After the commies take over and people realize that socialism sucks…then there will be a move back towards capitalism.

          Yet the end game is Agenda 21.
          Everyone living in stack’em and pack’em units.
          The burbs will be used for farmland.
          Just look at Detroit.

          So sit back, relax and watch the collapse go down.
          If you are smart you have a well stocked and rotated pantry, armed and your wealth is in silver.

          Many are getting too old to worry about all this shit…so we’ll just enjoy the chemtrail skies and eat our GMO foods and prepare for liver cancer. All as planned.

          Next up..they will buy up the funeral homes and sell us our finals.

          They will nationalize 401k and IRA next.
          It will be used to fund the unfunded pensions and ss.

          It’s over.
          It ended when you all bought foreign cars and imports.

          It ended when the boomers all bought RV instead of spotting their kids a down payment on their homes.

          It ended when you all put down your credit cards to go to Disney and it took a decade to pay off.

          It ended when you did buy ammo and instead bought the latest apple shit.

          It ended when everyone voted for Obama…a known socialist.

          The nation is full of a bunch of foreigners, old people and a minority that is becoming the majority.

          Better stay armed. One day..these folks will outlaw white folks and blame them for everything. They will rewrite history.

          What I’m doing.. I’m buying real estate…
          I’ll rent to folks and in the end…get 20% of their net income forever.
          There you go.. my version of being an illuminati.

          I leave behind a real estate trust for my kid that will self perpetuate.

          The only freedom left is real estate.
          but watch Al Gore’s green taxes….so you’ll just pass them on in higher rents.

          But there’s a catch.. In the great depression…my grand dad lost all rental units as everyone could not pay the rent. so in these cases… quality over quantity.

          You stack silver and when it all collpases….before the recovery…you cash in your metal for an apt. building.

          No matter what’s going on.. people will increase and need a place to live.



          Good luck everyone.
          Don’t think I’m surrendering or happy about the commies.
          I’m just pouring my mind into productive things that I can control.

          • @damn bankers:

            You know, the bankers you refer to in you name have the Republicans on a choke leash as well as the Democrats, right?

            Think, man: Does it really matter who the puppet is or what party he’s from? You are free to keep blaming “the Dems” but remember that there are as many Democrats that are against the corporate police state as there are Republicans. And the Democrats that are against the police state blame the Republicans, especially Bush, since he oversaw the start up of the Homeland Security. Who is the enemy? Is it the bankers and corporations that have stolen our country or is it the nearly half of your fellow countrymen that vote Democratic party because they are stuck with a sh*tty choice like everyone else?

            Look who has gone up against the police state and taken the brunt of the riot gear and pepper spray the last few years. It’s the young people protesting corporate control of America (and the world). Many or most are reluctant Democrats only because that party’s social policies are more liberal.

          • It’s fascism at the top with communism at the bottom with totalitarianism through and through.

      6. Get your roof fixed, a spare set of garden tools ( include wheelbarrow, axes, saws…) and seeds and fertilizers. Stack your fire wood and get used to cooking outdoors, chickens and rabbits for food and fert, secure your water and perimeters. Oh yes be ready to defend it all. Know your neighbors – communities = strength in numbers of skills. Welcome back to the Future Dark Ages. Be Strong! We will Prevail but please realize our day is coming Soon. Stop feeding the Corp Beast Now. Peace be with all

      7. As someone once said to me on an unrelated topic:

        “500 miles per hour into a brick wall”.

        Kafuckingblooie Roger Doger, that’s some heavvvy shit.

        Control the impact. Huh. Optimistic I see. How do you intend to diffuse that much kinetic energy?

      8. good morning.. off to work I go,,, while I still can//

      9. And, if it’s not a financial collapse, it’ll likely be the next civil war. People can only take so much from this gub’ment. Whatever you believe is coming, are there any roads into our future that are not horrifying? I think we have passed the point of no return, and only God can help us.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      10. It is the strangest time in all history, a free country with laws that garantee that freedom. Populated by a people so willing to hand over that freedom as fast as the tptb can grab it. It makes no sense at all. A willfull ignorance and contagious malaise seems to be the only sure bet anymore. Passion, vigilance, patriotism, pioneer spirit, entrepenurship all but fading memories of a once magnificent free and prosperous land.
        The sheep are asleep, they are not in the mood to wake up just yet, maybe if Charlie Sheen or Kim Kardashian spoke up and said something it may be different, but whats the point. People are just not interested in looking at anything that they may need to use critical thinking on. Espescially if they have to reach into their own pockets and do something horrorfying like spend money on eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww bags of rice and beans. And why would you do that when the govt will show up and give everyone frees.
        I think we are looking for a political solution to a spiritual problem.

        • That is the end result of 50 years of welfare society.It began as the Great Society in the 60’s and here we are today. It failed,like communism,to take human nature into account.When you start handing anyone a free lunch for multiple generations,you really can’t claim to be surprised when they refuse to pay for it.It will continue to be voted for by the masses of minorities and will not stop until the inevitable bankruptcy clears the locusts from the land like a strong wind.I’m betting the locusts will be displeased.

        • 0/11 was stage one in a crefully planned and executed psych-op to condition people to accept that which before would have gotten a reaction. The deification of all the LEOs and firemen at the WTC is a case on point. That same worship has now been projected on all LEOs no matter how screwed up they are and no matter what they do. Just like Obamas race card.

      11. Think Tightens should be Titans.

      12. Peter Schiff is a voice of sanity in an otherwise insane world. That being said, the apple does not fall far from the tree. His father attempted to wake people up, and look where Irwin Schiff is today. Sadly, I do not see the economic train wreck ahead anything other than a completely contrived game being played by TPTB. Soros speaks of a “controlled decline” of the U.S., why because the NWO group must kill whats left of the U.S. and the Freedoms that it represents. The Muslim Socialist Balack O’bummer is just another slave to fascist state ( the merging of corporations and government ) that we have become. He calls gay basketball players, but not medal of honor winners??? Eisenhower in the 1950’s spoke of the Military Industrial Complex. The education system in America is creating absolute dependency on the “Nanny State”. We cannot “spend our way to prosperity”, THE VERY IDEA IS LUDICROUS. Long before I was born, the United States was sold into slavery to the International banking syndicate ( the creature of Jekyll Island ). This bad dream just keeps getting worse. I pray that people will “wake up and consider their awful state “, and rise up and restore our Constitutional Government, but I really do not see enough people waking up in time. We can re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic for only so long, but the ship is certainly going down. Sorry for the rambling post in advance. Please place your tray tables in the full and upright position, have your preps secured, the plane will be landing soon.

        Potato out.

      13. You guys keep talking about Idaho. Whats so great in Idaho?

        • Most of Idaho gets little rain and it’s been getting so much prepper press everyone who didn’t prepare will head there like in the documentary ‘After Armageddon.’

          • Sorry, your wrong. The southern part of Idaho has most of the population. Idaho has 2 million people and the land area of over half of Ca which has over 45 mil. counting some of the illegals. The north has plenty of rain. I water the garden once a week verses every other day when I lived in Ca. There is very few handouts for “unemployed workers”. If you recieve assistance, they have required labor assignments for you. The winters are rough and deadly if you think you can live in the forest with Nature. The people are friendly, but they dont like squaters, libs, or trespassers. They are armed with deer rifles. North growing season is short. They dont like libs coming in and bringing thier politics like locust ready to devour another crop/state.

            • right on. I live in the Careywood area(panhandle). 38 degrees right now and graupel falling like hell. ground is white. some of my garden has been in for a couple of weeks, greenhouse has a ton of starts getting ready for the earth boxes, which stay in the g.h. I live in the woods 8 miles from town, all neighbors are armed to the teeth.
              kalifornians are welcome, just leave kalifornistan where it is when you come up here. and bring your damn guns, by all means, if you you still have them…;) and be ready to work your ass off, i.e. gardening and fire wood cutting and stacking, besides your day job if you’re lucky enough to have one.

              • I have property near naples below ruby ridge and I live in Moyie. We are neighbors. I am from Ca and I did bring my guns. (I could use some more cause Elk season is coming)

        • @Eisenkreuz,
          I lay the fascination with Idaho at the feet of Rawles. His book Patriots, and his blog. However, just go to the store today, pick up a pack of vegetable seeds, and flip it over. Look at the planting date map and ask yourself, “How in the heck am I supposed to have a long enough growing season to be able to produce adequate food?” Maybe if you grow cold season crops like cabbage, broccoli, etc. you can do it. The people in Siberia have done it for years. He promotes getting a place with fertile loam soil, last time I checked Idaho wasn’t in the breadbasket region of the US. Rainfall, there is a reason why farmers and gardener’s alike irrigate in the western US. I could go on solely on the growing season/soils/irrigation as reasons for not moving to Idaho, but you get the picture. He has to promote Idaho, that’s where he lives. It’s called saving face.

          • I don’t know about whether or not Idaho is the right place but you touched on the subject of growing with little rainfall. There is a video about a guy named Paul Gouche or something like that. He lives in Washington in the rain shadow of some mountain but he has awesome gardens with little irrigation by using loads and loads of mulch. He explains what kind of mulch to use and why. I believe it is called “Back to Eden”. Its a free video to watch online. I can’t watch it without having the urge to get out and get in the garden.

            • The mulch helps incredibly, organic mulch as well as man made plastic or cloth mulch, a friend of mine actually uses old cardboard boxes,, ge gets a few of those big ass bales of boxes from his store and spreads them on the ground around his plants, keeps weeds down, controlls evaporation, also keeps soil cooler, the biggest benefit of mulch though is conservation of moisture, if you irrigate with drip that will also direct your water prcisely where it needs to be,,,

              • Thanks rainyday! Here it is, I’ll be reading this for sure: Paul Gautschi Back To Eden website:

              • Black & white newsprint, solid or shredded, around plants but not on roots, then cover with old grass clippings or pine needles. Keeps moisture in, weeds out. All deteriorates over the winter and amends the soil.

          • I have an aunt and cousins in Idaho. I suppose in a pinch I could get there if it were safe enough.

            I too have read Patriots. Also read Survivors and Founders. All good reading in my thinking.

            • All those northern states are great get aways! Yawl go on up and check them out!

          • I grow volunteer grass hay without any irrigation. vine berries, apples, cherries, and pears grow in short season. Ground crops are Potato’s (of course) carrots cabbage, broccoli, onions, strawberries etc. You need to take a half dozen trips through the whole state and talk to the people. For me, too much rain in may and june was a problem for my tomatoes, but I did get some. Idaho has a lot of mountain and forest area which is why it isnt the bread basket you are talking about. Google Earth grangeville, moscow, and weiser Idaho areas, miles and miles of wheat and hops.

        • You are not there.

        • TATERS!

          • I learned something useful yesterday—NEVER try to cook rice in a crock pot.

        • What’s so great about Idaho? The freaking potatoes potato head. Where you been?

      14. You should have blue-green, red, or green lenses for your flashlight. These colors at low intensity wont affect your night vision. I prefer the blue-green now used in submarines. The Army has switched from red to green. Pilots also use green. Mariners use amber. Intensity is more important than colour in terms of the effects on your night vision.

        • Who’s on shift right now. It must be the night shift. At least they give some good ideas.

        • krutz, not sure how much real experience you have but my time being transported around Iraq in support of the Marines all used the blue light for reading there ck lists or moving around in the cabin of the helos I flew in. I’ll take there clue and use blue. Wished we had them in the gunship I flew on in Nam in 70-71.

        • Low intensity blue lights resemble a TV running.

      15. Little Stevies’ underground garage is playing some blues. Me and Jack gonna go listen.

        • Great radio program PO’d…although I haven’t listened in a couple years they had some great history of 50s and 60s music.

      16. It will all come down to our ability to successfully wage asymmetric warfare…
        Game every aspect of your daily life…then do it again.

      17. Peter Schiff vs Kudlow

        Schiff misses his mark many times but still trust his overall calls long term…he’s been dead on on the overall demise economically..

        Kudlow is gawdawful..still bleeting his mantras today perpetrating the false “recovery”,glimmers of hope and prosperity,strong stock market blah blah blah..

        Santelli is another one to watch once in a while from the Chicago exchange..he rants against the machine while all his pundits look aghast in total disbelief..


        Don’t forget John Williams @Shadowstats…there in lies the true “numbers” Schiff poignantly points out in his interview..

        We’ve been warned for quite some time now..but the Bernank & co have pulled out all the stops, and then some, @ 85+ billion per month to keep the Titanic afloat!

        Interesting how JPMorgan issues the ebt cards nationwide..yet they are the kings of derivative exposure wonder we see no bread lines as before in the 30’s.but once those start to implode..stay the hell out of the cities,,!


        • Possee. Santelli don’t cut no slack for the armchair polishers in the studio. Them boys and girls all look like they’re ducking their heads when he opens up. I get a kick out of his passion and truthfullness.

        • They issue the ebt cards, do they hold the account (money)? If so, can’t they leverage against THAT account also? Can’t they gamble in derivatives with whatever they hold? Just a thought as to why JP would do ebts—it’s the derivatives.

          • Sixpak, JP Morgan gets aprox.$2.50 Per EBT card issued every Month! Thats grand total Per month of about $125-Million dollars!(assume close to 50 million EBT cards now). I bet one single jp morgan low pay worker can use a single computer One time per month to hit Enter and rejuvinate every ebt card nationwide huh.

            Their main computer program probobly decifers and checks who is still elligable and then reloads proper ammounts for each card every month. Bingo! Fast Easy $125-Million that likly costs jp morgan a couple hundred in pay and bennies for that single worker person once per month!

            Another Bankster Swindle…Again.

      18. Tangible Assets, buy them now while you can. The collapse that in my belief has already started will not be an event that only lasts for a period of a few months. This will be a life style changing event. A full re-set of what most consider normal.

        Those of us who survive will have to use a whole new set of day to day living skills. The majority of our food will be as a result of our personal efforts. Bartering will be in full bloom and the standard. Purchase and consuming commodities will not be the norm. You will have to produce some thing that others need if you have not stored up on tangible assets to trade with.

        Family values, Religion, Character and Personal ethics are what others will once again quantify who you are as a person. Not the shallow and I want it now because I deserve it and the government will give it to me life styles most people are living today. Those people will be the first to starve and or fight with others of the same ilk and die.

        The process of getting there has started. Those of who prepare have a better chance of surviving than those who do not. It is my sincere hope and wish’s that the parasites who have brought us to this point die first and as some one mentioned above let Darwin do his thing.

        Keep prepping, keep what powder you have dry and may the Lord above keep most of you safe when it really hits the fan.


        • I got the weekend off and drove back in time to my retreat community last weekend. Traffic was backed up on the road from the closest village because it was opening day for little league. Peacefully aware no one could see me, I took a nap in my hammock until the only neighbor above me on the mountain saw my truck and stopped to chat. Later I watched the fire go out and listened to music on the shortwave. Sunday morning I attended church with a bunch of farmers.

          As we strive to preserve it, let us not forget to live some of it. Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

          • @PP
            All of that is true but even Jesus wore clothes and ate.

        • I think there will be very little bartering. Very few people have food. Anybody who still has food 6 months after the collapse might be running out and looking to kill you for your food. I won’t trust anybody after the collapse. Nobody outside of my own house. Not friends or relatives or co-workers or neighbors. Anybody who’s hungry will be dangerous.

          • especially if the temporary government “in charge” still has access to supplies and stores in the so called FEMA camps and bases.

            Food and supplies could be used as bribes to desperate starving people to get them to snitch on those who will not be “assimilated.”

            Still think FEMA camps are for the Government/DHS’s benefit, not the unprepared citizens.

            • The unwashed masses will be left to die. Maybe even hurried along to that goal.

        • You mean the “environmental manager” at work will have to have something else to sell? Doesn’t bode well for our Vice President of diversity.

      19. The worldwide banking system is broke. It depends on infinite growth to pay the usury interest fees. The Central Banks are furiously printing to try and make up the shortfalls. They are failing as the world’s economies are still sinking. Why? LACK OF CHEAP OIL. The whole world depends on cheap oil for business as usual. It is gone. As the EROEI gets lower and lower the oil will eventually stop coming out of the ground. The common man will have lost his share long before that happens. Government will snap up remaining resources for them to stay in military power and you will be riding your bicycle. Depression? How about the end of the industrial economy. The Amish and some few others will be the only ones really prepared for this post-industrial life. Better learn to be as self sufficient as you can now before you are priced out of the oil market. To paraphrase a now dead Saudi oil sheik…

        My great grandparents rode a camel
        My grandparents drove a Cadillac
        I drive a Mercedes
        My grandchildren will ride a camel

        • JRS
          They are failing as the world’s economies are still sinking. Why?

          A big part of the why is that there are too many dependent on government, primarily government employees,, look at how many people in your own state work for city, state, and federal government, it is the same all over the world, government, produces nothing, is just a big sucking sound, sucking the money and life out of you!
          yet the government spends more and more and more,,, our little state has an unfunded retirement liability in the neighborhood of 20 billion dollars, that is a totally ridiculous amount of money that will NEVER be able to be made up short of confiscating every asset and every dime from anyone who owns anything here, think that will fly???

          • Sure they are sucking the life out of the world economies, Kulafarmer. Big gov always does. Worldwide big gov is not sustainable any more. When easy cheap oil flowed in ever increasing amounts it was not a problem. High flowing cheap oil peaked somewhere around the middle of the last decade. When the cheap oil flow slowed down so did the world economies that are dependent on cheap oil. This caused the financial farce known as usury based infinite growth fractional reserve banking to collapse. . I believe all gov from top to bottom will be exposed as bankrupt very shortly. Sure, confiscation is a given. I suppose you should diversify out of FRNs into whatever you think is best…as much as you are able. Some like PMs, some like bitcoins, some like arable land and the skills to grow food. We each have to choose our own path. I believe you will need to pay taxes on land (at least we do here) and that may be a problem. Gov will shrink whether they like it or not. I don’t collect any gov largesse and expect I never will. If I cannot support myself I will die like many others.

        • Infinite growth. Now you have the real reason for our insane immigration policy. They need more and more consumers. And voters to keep them in power.

      20. But, but, but, the DOW closed at a record high yesterday!

      21. The Pinheads still want to make him out to be a nut job, but I haven’t seen many of those guys still on tv. They need Schiff to be wrong so no one realizes just how stupid they are.

        Most of these pinheads are not brokers or economist they are just spokes models. They are actors interviewing a real business man.

        Hang on to your hat because they are repeating themselves with a new cast, but Schiff is still, well Schiff.

        • PO: I am neither a pinhead nor a spokesmodel and I say Schiff is WRONG! He has an agenda too and his agenda is to spread his version of things, to convince US to support his business model.

          Ask yourself: what does he sell?

      22. @ eisen
        The above comments are 180 degrees out of phase with past comments. Keep this up and you will be an asset on here. Peace.

      23. Sarcastic:
        If you didn’t know it things look pretty good right now. DOW at a high, S & P at a record high. Time to get on board and place your savings back in the market. Buy a house, prices have increased across the board. If you don’t buy now you will be priced out of the market. If you are underwater on your home, no problem, we can get you re-financed at a lower rate and stretch that loan out for forty years. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will even guarantee that new loan for you. Want a house but didn’t think you qualified, no problem, we are back to selling homes to people with credit scores of 550 who cannot re-pay these loans if they use 50% of their monthly income.

        Not sarcastic:
        You greedy bastards who have started a whole new bubble while the old one has not even collapsed all the way. There are so many vacant houses out there that are not on the market because the government who own them know that if they put them up for sale it will collapse the equities of all the other houses in the neighborhood. Actually the government doesn’t own them (via HUD and PMI) they now belong to the Fed who prints money of no value and gives it to HUD to pay off the investment bankers when the loan goes bad. This is bullshit I tell you pure unadulterated bullshit!

        We have and are being taken to the cleaners by a corrupt government who now knows there is no way out of this mess and they (the politicians) are out to get what they can for themselves before the party ends.

        Printing money out of thin air, selling treasury bonds, buying them from themselves and reselling them back to themselves at a discount. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile Jane and John Doe kick back, watch American Idol and have no idea what has and is happening.

        Repeal a law that prohibits insider trading by Congressmen and staffs, the President signed it into law the other night not two months after they made a big show of signing into law a bill that prohibited them from doing so. Anyone heard about that reversal? Two sentences of discussion and a Middle of the night signing back into law by the President. Has anyone pitched a bitch about it?

        As I have said, the collapse is not coming, it is here it is now. Defend yourselves.


        • The banks are wanting to get the houses off their balance sheet and onto the taxpayers– aka Freddie and Fannie.. The lending standards have to be lowered and a bubble created to lend to the new norm of stagnant wages, poor credit and high debt ratios– we wouldn’t want the kids outta college up to their eyeballs in student loan debt to miss out on the American Dream of home ownership do you? I fully expect to see debt to income ratios revised, and the return of liar, no doc loans to return…

          • The Culture of Deceit, Parts 1 & 2

            Swindlers’ List


            (1) scholarship (including Torah scholarship), (2) sexuality, and (3) hospitality
            The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol II, p.49

            (4) lying to gentiles (Baba Kamma 113a)

            (5) for “peace” (meaning, “it’s OK to lie to keep out of trouble”) (Yebamoth 65b)

            (6) when everyone should know you are lying, “guzmah” (Hullin 90b)

            “Rabbis are liable to alter their words, and the accuracy of their statements is not to be relied upon.” The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol. II, pp. 48-49.

            It is strictly forbidden to moser [inform the non-Judaic authorities on] either a Jewish person or his property. One who mosers a Jewish person or his property has no share in the world to come. (Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat, 388)

            “I describe incidents which may or may not have happened but which are true.” Elie Wiesel in Elie Wiesel: conversations By Élie Wiesel, Robert Franciosi, (1970), p 33.

            • If any christians here do not as yet understand Exactly Who the “TARES”(weeds) are, spoken of in Christs Parable of “The Wheat and the Tares”

              RE-Read JQP’s Posting Again slowly. Now that you figured out Who those Tares/weeds really are, all that is left to inquire about is….When will the “Harvest/Uprootings” of said tare weeds begin? Soon? Sooner? VERY Soon?

              And the apostles who were walking beside Jesus Marveled when Jesus Cursed the FIG Tree(israel) and it Withered and DIED as soon as He spoke the curse.

              The Kingdom Will be Taken from You(israel-fig tree-/jews) and Given to Another peoples(christians ie: the New covenant). And these verses Prove most of Todays preachers who parot the same exact “theorys” of Pretrib raptures-1948 jews/israel-1967 israel/jews return etc. are Wrong as can be. God never promiced anything to a bunch of Khazers and fakes.

              When Christ said that he “Fullfilled the Law and Prophets” do you think Christ not only meant prophecys of His first comming, but perhaps He also meant any/all prophecy of the Old testement prophets that originally Was predicted to happen in Latter days, end times, were Canceled Out and Replaced by New Updated prophecys for end days by John the revelator. As well as the several predictions Christ Himself spoke of for end time events.

              In other words whatever “If” anything old test prophets said was “Promiced” to the 12 tribes of israel(never said it was promiced to jews, but always said to Israel or tribes of israel) That they never recieved yet were no longer Valid nor were they binding on Gods promices any longer, since after so many offences and failures of all the tribes(including the Judah/jews tribe) when God declared to Jeramiah that soon a brand New thing, a New Better Permanent-never again to be replaced by another-Covenant, is to occure. Became the New Standard israel was supposed to “Convert to and Accept”(yet even now after 2000 yrs barly 1% if that many ever has).

              Since after all, Every such Promiced blessing upon the Whole House(all 12 tribes) of Israel All and Always depended on those 12 tribes OBEYING the first old covenant God and 12 tribes of israel Both fully agreed to obey. After about 2000 yrs BC era of constant reoccuring Failures by all 12 tribes to obey God and His commandments as well as their Mutual agreed upon Covenant.

              Is it any wonder they failed to recieve most of the orig blessings and Gods Kingdom was Taken away from Them and Given to the New covenant people aka Christian Believers?

              After more fantastic God granted blessings given to America since the Mayflower ship pilgrims days,than all other ages national blessings combined prior, who could those Modern end times decendants be that recieved the Orig Blessings? IE: Your decendants shall number as the Stars of the sky(too many to count!) and your many great blessings will so overwhelm you they will Overflow out to bless All the Nations on earth, and even bless every Family on earth.

              Now you must ask yourself this question. If americans have proven to be blessed moreso than all others in history, and it is easy to prove how many times americans have Shared their great blessings with most all nations and peoples on earth(usa=Bread basket=we fed world etc fought wars to save them etc sold goods cheeper or sometimes Gave goods for free like to africa to assist the poor folks etc)as in usa folks are first to provide disaster help to even enemys nations when disasters strike! NO others do such unless they follow Our footsteps after we help out!

              So actually it is Two questions to ask self. #1 can america and its founding peoples as well as their todays decendants(mostly euro whites folks) perhaps be those who recieved the God Promiced blessings?

              And finally #2: If they have barely numbered 13-14 Million members on avg for many Centurys, maybe the last 20+ centurys! and That Fact Rules Out “Numbers as the Stars” promice by God. AND Unless You can actually provide Factual True examples of ANY era or time frame since those promices were spoken by God, which is aprox 2500-3000 yrs ago!

              That the folks who today and in past times have called themselves jews, and were Nomadic peoples or a Tribe with ZERO homelands(since 70 AD when as Jesus predicted their 2nd temple was torn apart by Romans armys, and not a single stone remained on top of another etc and the live survivor jews were booted out to be Homeless Nomads for about 1900+ yrs(till 1948 swindles).

              Then Your #2 main question has to be “When ever have they, jews, gotten said promiced blessings? AND WHICH nations and FAMILYS of entire earth has EVER been also Blessed by or thru jews? Your Only True factual real honest answer can be…”NO! They and zero nations or familys of earth has Ever got blessed by or from or thru Jews period.(would so many call em nation wreckers if they did any such blessings to others?!)

              So once these Vital issues are delt with no honest believer christian, as well as all non christians folks can continue to believe those False teachings by so many preachers within the last 50 yrs, if not last 100 yrs now!

              Actual In contextual biblical verses withOUT added false prophetic or false teachings proves this all.

              These key issues are an absolute Must for many folks today to awaken to if we are ever to see a restored America again. Anything less and we Will continue to see More Wars by Banksters etc. More Poverty-end to middle white america. And more bad events till we cease to be a nation any longer. Stop blind aproval and support of these nation wreckers due to False preachers wrong teachings and Awaken! Know the Truth as Christ mandated.

          • That is EXACTLY what is coming….and the fat cats that are now buying not one or two houses, but double and triple digit houses have this charade figured and timed

        • I reported the insider trading deal the same night it happened on this site. I was so mad for the next 2 days I could hardly carry on a conversation. The congress and the president of this country have no respect for the working people. In case you don’t know it, they just thumbed their nose at us and told us to go take a long flying leap because they were going to get theirs. I always thought in the past that my congressman was working for me. He and all the rest are not worth spitting on. This one deal should confirm in everyones mind that there are no democrats or republicans, just crooks. All the crap they do as a congressional body is just for show so they can get elected again. This is the ultimate con game and we are stupid for letting it go on.

      24. I was giving some thought to ObamaCare yesterday and I was really mad because my insurance plan that I buy (because the family plan at hubby’s work is so high) won’t be deemed good enough. I don’t need maternity care, alcohol and mental health care, etc. I get 6 dr visits a year and hence the premiums are low, no coinsurance the deductible is at a level I’m comfortable with– risk/reward..

        I’ve decided I’m not paying more for stuff I don’t need and will be switching to a Christian Healthcare expense sharing program. These are exempt from the ObamaCare penalties for lack of insurance…

        Anyhow, this country is broke, states are broke. If the average median HH income in the US is 50,000, I suspect upwards of 75% of HH will qualify for some type of healthcare subsidy under this monstrosity or get Medicaid which is going to be the death of many states. Folks getting a free ride on Medicaid need to be reading the fine print because when you die Medicaid can and will try to re-coup expenses from your estate…

        This country is borrowing 46 cents of every dollar it spends now, how in the world can they pay this? There were no reforms to the healthcare system to lower overall cost of treatment. Healthcare expenses are rising on average 8% a year. So expenses are set to double in 9 years using the rule of 70… I suspect it is on a trajectory to double before then with the Baby Boomers. Its not sustainable– income levels won’t support it.

        I was talking to my sister in law this weekend and we got on the subject of college and saving money for kids college. We lamented the fact that when we went through, you could live at home, work minimum wage and pay the tuition. The tuition wasn’t a big deal. Tuition is now increasing at a rate of upwards of 6 to 8% a year so but the time our kids graduate high schools its going to be 1 1/2 to 2 times what it is now– 75-100K a year for a public school.. Not going to happen..

        I told my SIL that I don’t even worry about it anymore, most of the 4 year degree stuff is going to be outsourced and vo-tech programs and working with your hands will be the way to go if you want a job.

        I could go on and on… Our way of life is unsustainable because the illusion was built on debt… it will soon be time to pay the piper….

        • “…or get Medicaid which is going to be the death of many states”

          More on point, Medicaid and Medicare will be the death of many people.

          ObamaCare and other efforts to drive physicians out of practice are all part of the Master Race’s agenda for 95% depopulation and enslaving the survivors.

          Contaminated food, contaminated water, vaccines, engineered “influenzas,” abortion, Big Pharma, etc.—all of it Culture of Death blood offerings to their demons Moloch, Rempham, and Baal. (Jeremias 32:35; Amos 5:26; Acts of the Apostles 7:43)

          • John Q P, I have a question for you please. That false god you mentioned of “Rempham”, was that the old testement Star god spoken of, and which was represented throughout ancient history by a Hexagram aka a “Six-Pointed-Star” emblem(same as the curent israeli state flag) and so many other things where that six pointed star emblem is used?

            I do know that other false god of Moloch was the fire god statue made of brass super-heated to glowing red and where they tossed their children into as live fire death sacrafices. I think todays methods of abortion are a modern day repeat of that fire death sacrafice, since abortions are easier for them to accept as compared to death while alive by fire religious practices.

            With abortion they still get blood sacrafices and death of alive preborns. Pretty close to orig fire death thru Moloch as end results equals blood spilled and murder of innocents right. Gotta hand it to them and pass out an A+ for effort. They always get around it one way or the other or simply change meanings of words used!

        • Obamacare sucks,,,
          I dont qualify for any sort of reduced rate anything because I own 2 vehicles,, dont own a house mind you but because I have 2 vehicles I am not elligible for any sort of subsidy, never mind that my income was after expenses less than the poverty level,
          (not complaining, my life is good and self sufficient)
          the policey that at the moment has the lowest cost to me is right around 600 per month, and that has a huge deductible,,and doesnt cover any medications.
          Now mind you I maybe go to the doctor once a year if even that,, so now with obamacare I need to have a policy that will actually cost me more than the lower policy I found, or I will need to pay a fine when I do my taxes,,,
          I say GO TO HELL

        • I agree totally about college. I’ve been saying for the past year that by the time our kids get there, college will be totally different than it is now. It can’t sustain itself the way it is going.

          My dad always gets on my case about not having money in a 401k and not saving money for my kids’ college. I try to tell him that it would be a waste. 15 years til my oldest is in college. 30+ years til “retirement age”. How different will things be in that much time!?

          I figure if I get a piece of land (in progress), and live debt free (obviously after the land/house are paid off), then really, I could “retire” whenever I wanted to. I would produce most of my own food, and have no debts. Just need to make enough money to pay for utilities and a few extras…

        • Medi-Share

      25. We have the worst people working in government I have ever seen in my lifetime. They are failing us and don’t seem to care. I don’t know how much more we can take. Maybe when the crash comes, the free stuff isn’t there anymore, the ones who will suffer the most will understand we were right all along. What a life to look forward.

      26. The dollar will eventually be worthless. We’ll see a loaf of bread go from $2 to $20 to $200 all the way to $2,000,000. And more. The real question is this: at what point do hungry people in stores fill their carts and then head for the doors without paying. And at what point do stores close altogether?

        There will be no food, no electricity, no public water, no jobs, no police, no government services of any kind. I expect 250 million to 300 million Americans to die during the collapse.

        • Barn Cat, I have also wondered along those lines.
          I think the owners/managers of those grocery stores know, due to JIT.
          However, I talked prepping with a Piggly-Wiggly manager and he said he just told his wife, since he wasn’t stocking foods and goods..
          Get ready for it……”Why bother, I got the key”…oh yeah, he actually said that.
          I just stared!!! Like bricks don’t bread windows??? DUH

          • break, not bread.

          • when the trucks stop bringing goods ans the shelves are bare, what’ll Mr. smartypants do then??

            • Few people look at things in depth. They see “this happening” or “that happening” and don’t bother to think “what will that cause?”.

              Let the USD collapse and there will be labor strikes (union or no union) as workers refuse to work if their pay check won’t buy groceries. That means the truck driver is not likely to deliver the goods assuming the goods are made at all. The kayos would not be confined domestically as wealth in USDs just evaporate and the US Military is called home to stamp out domestic trouble. Nation A then decides to invade nation B and steal their resources because the global cop has just left the beat.

              The above is a global and domestic free for all.

            • ~~when the trucks stop bringing goods ans the shelves are bare, what’ll Mr. smartypants do then??~~

              Hey, I just staredwith moiuth open for a while. These people even in the business are stupid, and you can’t fix that!!

            • By then he will have used his key for a quiet entry and world class transfer of food stocks to himself.

        • Double digit inflation is NOT hyperinflation.

      27. We keep hearing about this, keep getting warned about this, keep reading the dire warnings of valid economists like Schiff, McGrath, Celente, etc….then nothing. 5 years ago I started getting ready, but I met someone, a Mr. Chicken Little. Every DAY I read someone saying collapse is imminent…and that started 6 years ago. Gettin’ real hard to listen to them any more.

        How can anything be taken seriously when we keep hearing, keep prepping…and nothing happens?

        Ok, guys we’ve heard you….now shut-up already.

        • The collapse is coming. You can’t print $100 billion a month out of thin air forever without the dollar collapsing. A wise person will prepare accordingly. The foolish will stop preparing and be caught unprepared.

        • This is simply because of QE Infinity. Picture the economy as a kid on a bike. The training wheels are QE. The kid is the US economy. The kid is also retarded. Watch what happens when the wheels are taken off. (Disclaimer: PC police, my brother is retarded. Still not very good on a bike.)

        • @ Klingon.

          Yepper, we kept on prepping and nothing happens but things do happen in local areas,like storms or fires. I often explain that the PTB think in terms of years and decades and not days, weeks or months. What we will have next is the biggest and badest ever depression and it takes the whole world down. Have to keep it afloat. Time, till have all the pieces are in place to control. The PTB have tried to incorporate socialism on all of us, but I think they know it will become a runaway train on greased tracks.

          How many years were there before WW1 and WW2? All the politicians dialog and turmoil. Military expansion and agreeements. Twenty years?

          • I think we have a worldwide economic collapse that leads to the one-world government talked about in Revelation. I think it starts in a year or two. Maybe less. Not more than five years away.

            Worldwide agricultural is being decimated by floods and droughts. Grain reserves keep dropping because each year the world eats more food than it grows. It’s just a matter of time before the world faces serious famines.

        • God told Joseph 7 years ahead of time to get ready….be glad you’ve been warned and had time to prepare. I imagine Joseph had the same questions when he was preparing for 7 years of famine but he was sure glad he listened during the 7 years of feast! This is what I remind my family when they start to ridicule. I tell them that when it does happen they will be glad I loved them enough to keep on keeping on despite their ridicule.

        • He who is prepared shall not fear. Be patient, it is coming.

        • I’m thankful for the extra time to stack ’em even higher.

        • You’ve seen the warnings but how ready are you? It is better to be ready a year too early than rushing around in panic a day too late. If you’re ready, chill. If you aren’t … think carefully. You can ignore reality but not the consequences of ignoring reality. When those are dehydration, starvation or death by mob … it’s too late to whine for a do-over.

          • The melee at stores near where a hurricane is expected to make landfall should be enough motivation. What will these same people do when told to shelter in place (on 0 notice) because of a flu?

      28. for those of you interested in learning more
        about how incredibly dangerous the flu is to the human race
        I can recommend a really good book
        I’m about halfway through it so far

        it’s titled FATAL STRAIN by Sippress

        you’ll find the chapter Into the Volcano
        particularly informative and DISTURBING

        we’ve had numerous brushes with the influenza throughout history
        and another one is CERTAIN

        and if what the author says is true
        it will largely be the stupidity and greed of the human race
        that will result in the deaths of tens of millions

        • There was a world wide flu pandemic that killed 20 million people during World War I. That was before air travel. Or who knows? Maybe it would’ve killed 200 million.

        • “Spillover” is also a great read in this genre.

        • The alphabet TV networks show no interest at all in this latest bug. Not until thousands or millions start dying. Then, for a short time, we’ll see reporters wearing masks reporting on the tragedy.

        • Really? From what you posted, gotta say you and I are on opposite sides.

      29. True the collapse comes later than expected, but the basics are there. How can this end well?The s will htf. Bet on it.

      30. Here is my take, where I am at in suburban America. Our malls are packed, and they all look like new car lots, because everyone MUST keep up with the jones’. My family is currently “just getting by.” Why, because we refuse to use credit cards. I am considered a “nut Job” by all of our “friends.” I say things to try and get people somewhat on board, like start and get three days of food and water, just in case we have a bad storm. No one listens. I am on an island. I have no like minded individuals near me. I am buying supplies as much as I can, but will still NOT use credit, so I get stuck a lot. People are living it up with there heads in the sand. They buy into ALL the mass media calls of recovery. I know it is NOT there, I see it. While these people are packing malls and buy crud, they have also become EXETREMELY rude, and angry. They don’t talk at little league games, they don’t let others pass on the road, they chuckle when anyone mentions something bad.

        My wife and I are preparing, for what, we don’t know, but we know something is coming. We both lose sleep at night, because of a bad bad bad gut feeling.

        Sorry for rambling, I have been lurking here for a while and wanted to say Thanks to you all, I feel like I am not crazy when I am here.

        • It’s coming. If your house has a basement it’s important for you to stock up on water. A water filter isn’t enough if you have to walk 5 miles to get water. We have 1500 gallons of water in our basement. We bought one gallon water jugs and put together storage towers out of cinder blocks and plywood. We have 3 5-level towers that take up 3 4’x8′ sections of our basement floor. I think after the collapse a lack of good drinking water is what will kill most people. They’ll drink polluted water, get diarrhea, and die of dehydration.

          • We have a garage with lots of water…and a Berkey for that water.
            Every empty jug, whether milk, juice, etc. gets filled.
            I know about leaking jugs and keep my eye on those.
            20 (30 gallon) water drums filled and wish we had more.
            I also bought 10 dirty factory used 20 gallon drums and if necessary will double line with black garbage bags and fill.
            Don’t preach; that’s 200 gallons of drinking water run through a Berkey added to what we have already.
            Total, about 900 gallons and still not enough.

          • Why not just fill the basement with water and stock it with fish. The you would have a real wet bar down there.

          • Barn Cat. Encourage anyone you know who has a man made swimming pool to ditch the chlorinated water, clean pool and refill with drinking water. Would those thousands of gallons be fit to drink? Maybe not. That’s what a Berkey filter is for. “Q to BErkey: Could it purify any residual pool chemicals? Yes. Could even purify normal chlorinated pool water, make it fit to drink.” The four killers SHTF will be dehydration, starvation, disease and homicide.

            Buy: coffee filters, activated charcoal, generic PeptoBismol, anti-diarrhea capsules. I lack the health background to have real rehydration drink but GAtorade is better than nothing. Met-Rx supplies the protein etc that gatorade lacks. Have seen Hibiclens in MD, DDS offices: antiseptic. Baking soda or white vinegar for cleaning, don’t need name brand products. I like Emergency Essentials water storage products. Have ya thought about how you will bathe or wash clothes when the grids go down? Lehman Brothers galvanized tubs. Start thinking now about how you will prevent those killer diseases that arise from unclean water and bad hygiene.

        • Don’t forget to enjoy the here and now while it’s still possible…. there will be plenty of time later to be miserable, possibly sooner than we think.

        • just an abstract thought i had.
          maybe it wouldn’t be a terribly bad idea to have a credit card with a limit of say $1,000, only to be used, if, and only if you see the signs of an economic collapse within the next few days.
          I guess what i am saying, is if you know that the dominoes have begun falling, and the prices have began rising dramatically, why not go and use that thousand dollar limit credit card and purchase $1000 worth of goods while the dollar is still somewhat worth something and you can still get a decent return.

          even if you have to pay that 1000 back, it would be better to have gotten that 10 carts of groceries for the $1000 before, whereas that same $1000 would only buy one cart of groceries after.

          just some food for thought.

          see you all on the other side.

        • You aren’t crazy Rusty, everyone else is:)
          I am fortunately in an area with many preppers. We live in NC. Where are you from, perhaps there are a few out there who read here too. Maybe you can link up with someone you know, but didn’t know they were prepping.

      31. This is not news. This is olds.

      32. found on the net,at slate dot com

        Lady Liberty’s Watching You
        The Statue of Liberty is getting a facelift, though the changes aren’t only cosmetic. An upgraded “state of the art” security system will help keep Lady Liberty safe when it reopens soon. But what does the system entail, and could it involve a controversial new face-recognition technology that can detect visitors’ ethnicity from a distance? I tried to find out—and a New York surveillance company tried to stop me.

        Face recognition was first implemented at the Statue of Liberty in 2002 as part of an attempt to spot suspected terrorists whose mug shots were stored on a federal database. At the time, the initiative was lambasted by the American Civil Liberties Union, which said it was so ineffective that “Osama Bin Laden himself” could easily dodge it.

      33. La Raza says 90% of Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) are getting WIC, federal welfare program. Nearly every immigrant is aware of the social programs available to them. And I mean immigrants from everywhere. Once they get legal status, they can legally bring the entire family over. After only a 90 day wait, the elderly and sick get SSI, medicaid, EBT card, etc. I know of several Eastern Europeans who brought their relatives over signed them up for SSI, etc., then they go back to Europe and live a lot better. On our dime. The feds admit to 11 million here. That’s a low guess, intentionaly. Last amnesty they were off by 50%. Then they bring an average of 4 relatives here legally. Do the math. 50 million new parasites sucking your country dry. Doomed. We’re doomed. Lock and load, Granny, here it is.


          So disgusting.. Upon receiving amnesty they’ll be entitled to free phone, welfare, etc. They’ll be exempt from ObamaCare penalty. Employers will receive a host of incentives to hire them including a $3000 per worker credit and if they don’t provide health insurance to the full time worker who was recently granted amnesty– the company doesn’t have to pay a ObamaCare penalty.. Don’t forget this also pretty much guarantees chained immigration of 10’s of million more relatives.

          The war has been started against the white, Christian American w/ traditional values..

          There’s been some discussion on here before about where to go– I’m thinking Iceland– only place with citizens with the balls to stand up for themselves..

        • There are 11 million just in California. The entire central valley is now Mexico.

      34. Your children’s children will live under Communism. You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like ripe fruit into our hands. –Nikita Krushchev, 1959
        The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals
        Cultural Marxism – The Corruption of America

        • 50% of the nation communist, the other 50% cowards.

        • Investigations mean nothing, it’s the end results that matter (see 9/11 commission)

      35. When I got my first job back in 1954, I was told if you don’t pay into Social Security, you won’t get it. Also told you had to have a certain amount of credits to quality. Who changed the rules? The young are furious now about paying into the system, so its required. Its stealing from the pot to give to people who never gave a dime.

        • SSI comes out of the General Revenue Fund, not Social Security Fund. That’s how they get around it. Free schooling for all their kids. Don’t forget free lunches, too. Free school bus, also. Free Medicaid, free ambulance rides, free firefighters, free police, free garbage pickup, free street repairs.

          • because the social(ist) security they take from your paycheck goes into the general fund. there is no soc sec fund, it all goes into the general fund, where it gets pissed away by all those perps in d.c.
            look up;
            Railroad Retirement Board v. Alton Railroad Co. – 295 U.S. 330 (1935)
            the US Supreme Court shot the whole idea of soc sec and other forced retirement programs in the ass.
            study people.

      36. Ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?

        COME ON PEOPLE!!!.. WAKE UP!!

        Life will continue.. it will not end.. pull out a world map.. its huge and there are many people who reside on it who can say.. NO…we will not eat this shit your feeding us and say yum any longer..

        Just go and enjoy this summer..and leave the worrying to the credit card companies and the bankers in finding more suckers into slavery..

      37. Ask your WDC corporation Representative/Senator to attach a lien on Congressional retirements and benefits.
        Might make a small dent in the exponential deliberate debt.

      38. To Eisenkreus and everyone else who think 30 and over is old and has caused all the world’s problems. Take the time out of your busy day of playi with your smart phones and playing games on your X-box, and watch the movie Logan’s Run; at 30 you go to CARROUSEL (you are terminated). SEE YOU AT CARROUSEL!

        Keep the FAITH

      39. Free phones and health care. The land of the free. Just come and get it.

      40. Take the children and yourself
        And hide out in the cellar
        By now the fighting will be close at hand
        Don’t believe the church and state
        And everything they tell you
        Believe in me, I’m with the high command

        Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
        Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
        Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
        Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

        There’s a gun and ammunition
        Just inside the doorway
        Use it only in emergency
        Better you should pray to God
        The Father and the Spirit
        Will guide you and protect from up here

        Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
        Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
        Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
        Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

        Swear allegiance to the flag
        Whatever flag they offer
        Never hint at what you really feel
        Teach the children quietly
        For some day sons and daughters
        Will rise up and fight while we stood still

        This old song just about says it all.

        • How about giving credit for the song to Mike Rutherford and Mike and the Mechanics who wrote the song?

        • Thank you Still Running. I think about that song often.

          God Bless,

      41. Hell On Earth IS Coming, With A Vengeance!
        Time is Oh So Short, Prepare!
        Store Food, Water, Water Filters, ammo, guns, get a solar panel and a 12 volt deep cycle battery and a charge controller so you can at least have lights using a 12 volt (super effecient) LED bulbs. Got a wood stove? IF you do store cut firewood. If you have the right kind of wood stove you can cook as well as heat with it. Store propane and get a propane burner to cook food on. You can also buy a Coleman 1 lb. propane camp stove and store 1 lb propane bottles to cook with.
        A lot of things YOU CAN DO and most don’t really cost that much and you will be so glad you at least did something. Cause when SHTF it’s all over cause the fat lady is already singing and the ship called Amerika is going down. And wild animals will be roaming your streets looking for anything food, water, weapons, women, tools, ammo, gold, silver ANYTHING they can use, IF you have it they will try to take it so prepare for that too! (As for investing in gold & silver, BUY FOOD, WATER, WATER FILTERS, GUNS, AMMO, Gold will NOT keep you warm on a cold winter night and you cant eat silver and diamonds will NOT protect you when the beast come callin.

      42. Mac, as always I appreciate your diligence in bringing us this information. Part of me however feels like “Fine. Let’s get this going already.” Bring it on, let’s get this over with. These traitors are keeping us on the edge all the time.

      43. Back in the 70’s when I was in college I spent a year studying international govt. and politics. That was when I was first introduced to the idea of Globalism.

        The original goal was to have this (Globalist System) in place by 2000, but since things are event driven not time, that original goal has been delayed some.

        Foreign policy goals of Nixon and Reagan were to break down Russia and China and get them open enough to embrace being a partner in this grand scheme.

        China and Russia now know they have been sold a bill of goods worth nothing, that they would be second class members in their plan. Thus Russia is going back to being the Soviet Union. China is fuming that our banks sold them the idea that if they build an infrastructure for a middle class and they will come,failed. Thus you have all these ghost cities in China and now China can’t pay it debts to or banks and China is not happy.

        Thus China and Russia have now formed their own BRICS international bank in their bid to crush the western banking system. This will lead to war soon! This is not years away, but months.

        This next war will be huge. It will be the western banks vs the Russian and China banks. Everyone knows the current system is doomed. Now the fight begins on who will top dog under the new quasi-democratic/socialist world system.

        Or is all of this a big Kabuki dance, where everybody is on the same team, just breaking the dollar system, killing millions and dividing up the world for themselves and starting over? Either way, you and I lose our freedom, and independence. We will all be slaves again.

      44. I’ll get lots of thumbs down on this one, but here goes. As long as the Federal Reserve pumps fake money into the system, the system will never crash. All of the Wall Street junkies have their arms outstretched waiting for their daily artificial stimulus. They walk around in a zombie money haze. Only when the stimulus juice stops will the US change as we know it today, until that time they will continue to vacuum the rest of our money out of our accounts.

        • The system will crash when the dollar collapses. When will that happen? It could be soon. The rest of the world is going to realize that the government isn’t serious about deficit reduction. Panic selling of the dollar could start tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

          • Not yet, Barn Cat. I have to sell my house to someone who doesn’t mind living in the city…

          • Scott I think you are very correct. And also consider this scenario. What is to stop the fed res banksters from simply agreeing to Forget ALL current nation debt and usury intrest owed. As long as all the nations agree to Keep useing the us dollar as a world reserve as they have for the Past 100 yrs now?

            After all, all this fear monger talk of $16 trillion debt we owe. USA ows to Who or whom? a small cabal of 300 persons that are the Bansksters folks? And what exactly do we really owe? FIAT paper cash right!. Whats to stop congress declaring the US Treasury dept will Print the debt we owe in full and pay it off entirely? Nothing prevents that!

            Just as nothing prevents them banksters rejecting all owed depts worldwide, and simply start over like 1913 again with fresh new money and usury intrest again.

            They aint stupid. They can do other things also such as switch to new form cash or whatever else They choose to use. A Fresh start for all even individual persons worldwide. PROBLEM AVERTED-SOLVED. Zero Mass crashes, zero hyper inflations, zero problems and buisness as per usual for another 100 yrs. Why Not? who would reject such a swell offer? You? usa? any nation at all?…None will reject an offer as this. No riots no problems and keep their swindles going. Eaiser to do than all other options period. And They lose nothing if done so.

        • europe is crashing now, our banks are tied to them, so when they are all the way done like by this summer then the usa will go down as well

        • they are already stealing from us in the forms of taxes and inflation

        • Scott, gave you a thumbs up.

          “The Spread!”

          “The Spreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead!”

      45. The most Transparent administration in our history..

        Fast & Furious didn’t work…
        3 False-flag events including the death of 20 school kids didn’t work…
        Screw it, just take the ammo for the guns…

      46. The GAO investigating like one proctologist telling another proctologist that he looks at assholes for a living

        The GAO mouthpiece says the investigation is “just getting underway”. That’s g-man speak for “the cover-up is just getting underway.” The GAO is part of the legislative branch. Last I checked the legislative branch was headed by Harry Reid and John Boehner. A couple of real trust worthy crackerjacks there. There is no way that any agency of the federal government is going to take on Big Sis and the messiah. I smell a whitewash coming.

      47. My wife and I have a new goal, buy a cheap shack in the woods and pay it off, then I’m going to make as little money as possible and live as much as I can off the land. If I don’t make anything there’s nothing to take.

        The 401K man is here for work, where we don’t get a 401k match, they just basically offer to take it out of your check for you, he thought I was insane for not wanting to put money in the booming market. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

      48. What happens if “they” just continue to bleed us in a slow methodical manner? No big shake up, just very slowly increase your taxes or “they” confiscate your savings and your preps? Just to make things even for everyone. Time would be on the governments side.

        Some would say I will just live off my land and barter. What if Big Sis says you have to share your already prepared land with the less fortunate? What if every aspect of your life is under scrutiny by friends, relatives and neighbors?

        Can’t happen? Ask the Vietnamese or the Chinese or the North Koreans.

        What would you do?


        • Or they can do like Chavez did and take “wealthy” landowners property away and give it to others….

        • When farmers are FORCED to share their crops with those lazy, mooching, irresponsible liberal democrats?
          There’s gonna be a lot of sick people out there.
          Farmers do know poisons!! And we ain’t talking Monsanto poisons either.

          • Lets not make this a political debate. Both the R and D’s caused this equally.

      49. An AmeriKan CIA AL-CIA-DUH Agent ‘free syrian army’ Al-Nusra leader Kidnaps Rapes Tortures a female Al Jazeera reporter for 24hrs .

        So happy to see AmeriKa is still ‘Freeing the Sheeit’ out of other countries around the world !

        If this is what the AmeriKan CIA does to Reporters just imagine what their doin’ to the defenseless children and women Christians and Muslims in Syria .

        AmeriKa What a SheeitHole of a Country !


      50. Pro-gun Native American billboard draws criticism

        Two billboards in which images of Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument are causing a stir with some Colorado residents who say the image is offensive and insensitive.

        The billboards in this northern Colorado city show three men dressed in traditional Native American attire and the words “Turn in your arms. The government will take care of you.”

        even the ad agency said this.. Wells said he has not received any complaints so far.

        LTF after mod’s

        well that about summs it who’s the ones “complaining” or “critisizing”?

        I bet no one really just is what the reporter of the story wants you to believe..isnt it?

      51. I wonder if it will be a singular event that would cause the collapse or if it will just be the continuation of this slow decline into the abyss that we are currently in. I always think of the Frogs in Boiling Water story…they don’t know they are being cooked because it happens gradually. The gradual rise of food prices, the incremental growth of the government, the erosion of our Constitution, the complacency of the general public, the decline of the family unit…it does seem like the destruction of life as we know it in America and because it happens so gradually most people don’t recognize it as it happens, they only feel it when the water begins to boil.

        • I expect some big shocks on the way to the collapse. The first shock could be some countries refusing to accept dollars. Then more and more countries refuse to accept the dollar. Then lastly, OPEC has an emergency meeting. It denies that it’s considering no longer selling oil for dollars but that’s what they vote to do. The day OPEC no longer accepts dollars is the day we become a third world country.

          • Couldn’t agree more. Once the dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency, increasing the money supply at will is no longer an option and economic collapse becomes imminent. Here is the first shot across the bow.

            China And Australia Bypass The US Dollar

            Note. As long as the dollar is the worlds reserve currency, increasing the money supply (printing money) linearly inflates all other currencies as well.

            Furthermore, they can continue printing money till the end of time in order to fund the military and law enforcement such that the game is preserved.

            However, once the dollar isn’t the worlds reserve currency, all bets are off. They won’t be able to print enough to preserve the current state of affairs.

          • Barncat, why would any nation reject us dollars when the usa has handed most countries worldwide FREE cash non stop since at least WWII era? It is called foriegn aid cash. And it is quite alot of free cash and the usa gets what in return? We get in return a world full of people that Hate america! And ironicly it seems most who blame individual usa citizens for every woe or problem they have, it is usually ONLY white americans that they so blame. Yet a huge percentage of white us citizens Disaprove of most every form of action or cashola payouts done in “Our Names”. Bastards, all of them.(Our leaders) and to all the worlds Ungratefull savages and barbarians and illerates who benefit so swell. Screw em all. A Bunch of mostly Inbreds and Pagan Savage idiots.

      52. Have to change, what if they, to they are.

        They Are bleeding us already in taxes and laws that suit the elite. The Are planning to go WAR with the Little person. They Are continuing to propagate their Lies about the Economy.

        When it breaks I think we will find out, in the first week, which way the country goes.

      53. Oh why worry, Obama just came out and said he’s got Collins back so to speak and is proud of him for coming out. You know, the prez is always working hard on the important stuff, relaaaaaax!

      54. Funny you mention that Mac….as of yesterday, the Dallas Fed’s figures came in, in a word; DISASTER.

        The prior period’s figure was at 7+, the expectation was a ‘print’ of 5+…

        ..the figure came in AT 15….MINUS, Yep, -15. Regardless of WHAT MSM ‘guru’ is “talking things up” on the ‘tube, it is in FACT the case that the American economy, indeed, the Global economy IS imploding before our VERY EYES.

        Time IS short now, in the ‘aftermath’ Life WILL be Hard….the decisions you make and the actions you take TODAY will cast the mold of your future life, permanently. Act or Not, the decision IS yours.


      55. Not to be a killjoy but you should read Martin Armstrongs views on collapse. It wont be hyperinflationary but deflationary. Reasoning: euro is a basket case, as is Japan. there is no other reserve currency. Armstrong and other argue that gold will fall WAY down before finding a bottom.
        Federal debt is still in demand by at least some foreigners. As long as there is no competition for reserve currency, and we start producing and using more of our own energy, hyper inflation cant happen. At least according Armstrong.

        • I follow Armstrong and he doesn’t say that. Stop posting BS Puddin. Armstrong’s latest posts on the subject, I have pasted below straight from the horse’s mouth —

          “The Gold Stocks have fallen from grace fairly hard. This is what is actually necessary for the rally to continue into the 2017 to 2020 area. Supply must be reduced. As marginal mines shut down or slow production, this helps to reduce future supply. It will take a steady rise in prices to new highs before a lot become convinced to start-up again. Adjusted for inflation, the 1980 high is about $2300. That is the general level that must be exceeded before a real bull market unfolds.”

      56. Gregory 8

        Did not say they could take a whole country. I said I would probably last about 3 firefights. Live close enough to a big city. ;0)

      57. Now the deadbeats are getting pet food stamps? WTF? Sad to say think some retired fixed income people eat canned cat food. This country is sad

        • I’m retired and I say any person that eats cat food should. People food is cheaper. So if they are that stupid they can just die.

      58. wow quite a crowd today Mac

        I see everyone is looking at The Shiff’s latest warning, I hope Everyone is ready, we have had quite some time to prepare…

        Like Jesus said, “I will come as a thief in the night”

        As Nobama said
        “With your Help we can Fundimentally change America”
        And He Has

        We now Live in a country where the Government has Absolute Power, and the People are Pesants serving the ruling class, and the majority of them are happy with it.

        Famine is rarely caused by nature, it is most often caused by politics.


        Extreme scarcity of food.
        A shortage.

        hunger – starvation – dearth – scarcity – shortage

        We are facing a Famine here in america, of both food and resources.
        the resources i speak of are not limited to food and water
        the greatest resource we lack here in AmeriKa
        is Self Sufficiency

        During the great Depression, a majority of Americans were self Sufficient. Grew their own food, Sew their Clothes, did not rely entirely on indoor plumbing. used wood to heat their homes.
        Today we live in a Just In Time Economy.
        that JITE will not be there just as it was not for the residents of New Orleans, or New Jersey and New York

        We Can only Prepare so much without Completely Changing our Lifestyle

        A complete Change is Imminent, We can Choose it ourselves or it will be chosen for us.

        We All Have A Choice to Make

        Live on our Knees
        Or Die On Our Feet

        the Watcher

      59. Shiff is right about the dollar bottoming. Some people are deflationary and some inflationary. The Chinese, labor unions, and increasingly the Japanese hold the paper on the debt. The inflation side will prevail due to no one feeling sorry for the aforementioned. There will be an attempt to inflate out of this mess. It will be painful but will work in a strict sense. If you thought 17 % rates were high in the late 70’s early 80’s watch the next move.
        Shiff is wrong about the timing. Two years from now. We won’t be able to buy govt issued debt from ourselves. The rates will go nuts and everything will follow.
        What to buy? Not much out there. Equities will tube. PM’s will follow the equities ( like they have for 5 decades. The housing market will be played with no long term leases. This will be ugly and there is blame enough for everyone. Shiff is a one trick pony and gets too much credit for an obvious call 5 years ago. He is right again good luck……

      60. The big mistake made in most of the doom-and-gloom analysis is this: they view the US as a self-contained nation and economy. The reality is the US is the world’s economy, military hegemon, rule maker and reserve currency for all key trade (ie: energy supplies). This makes any talk about debt at the macro level complicated. It is true within the global macro economy states, cities, companies, nations and people can and do go bankrupt. But the US – because of the above factors – will never go bankrupt.

        How do I make such a confident statement? Because at every stage of this crisis, when the gold bugs and the doomsayers said we were minutes, hours and weeks away from complete collapse, it never happened. And it doesn’t happen because it can’t happen.

        Most of the noise and the hysteria is really coming from two sources: 1) losers: people who overbetted on housing etc. and were burned in the 2008 crash, and 2) gold bugs, market manipulators, pump and dump artists, and general greed bags and opportunists, and I do place some of the people playing the survivalist theme in this category too.

        • Frank, you were reading my mind! I also question why most pro gold bugs and silver promotors most all keep claiming Supply and Demand rules it all. Yet if that is correct? Why Now for 3 weeks straight since gold and silver dropped badly,(silver is almost at 1/2 vs its top highs a year or so ago). They claim while prices dropped so bad we have Massive numbers of Metals Buyers awaiting a chance to buy because they cannot even Find any gold or silver for sale! Massive shortages! While So many clamor to buy!

          Then per supplys vs demand beliefs. Why has Prices Stayed so Low for 3 weeks now? Should’nt Gold and silver prices sky rocket vastly due to such massive demands to buy it and such Low amounts available for sale now?

          For litterally all other items a person can posibly buy, every one would answer “Prices should rise dramatically high due to demand and low supply!” Except Metals?!

          Oh forgot to add that Mine collapse which equals 16% of world supply of Silver! That alone should cause mass rise of silver prices no?…Unless all these gold or silver sellers are wrong. I think they are mainly wrong on alot of issues. Their ideas of money all sound real swell in theory and on paper in text books etc. But in Real actual world issues it seems not so swell. They sure make alot of Profits based on fear mongering though.

          • Its because the FED’s metals broker/dealer criminals illegally naked short massive fractions of total annual production in mere minutes.

            Remember LIBOR is rigged so there’s nothing now that isn’t.

            And that POS AG Holder is too bought off to prosecute what he clearly understands as crimes by the big banks.

            Whats more treasonous than loading nation upon nation with fiat debt money debt with interest, which geometric ROG, our economy’s growth rate will never now catch up to.

            Audit the FED & Ft Knox, the results of which will awaken the diseducated masses, is a necessary first major step to justice.

      61. Usury is NOT the problem.

        If I loan you my capital, I want to be compensated for the risk and the opportunity cost.

        If it’s voluntary it’s MORAL.

        What’s NOT MORAL was the gold confiscation, and near instant 70%-ish paper devaluation of bankster and bankster puppet FDR, after Wilson’s FED & inc tax crimes.

        So, like the 1st & 2nd BanksUS, the FED used the people’s gold as the reserves to kite fiat from thin air upon, eg during WW1 causing the great crash of 1920-21, then hit the monetary expansion gas again resulting in the Grt Depression.

        Interest upon debt money from nothing is THE CRIME.

        It pre-indentures unborn generations to shylock’s slavery.

        That all this is FINALLY getting OUT to mankind, is why the corporate state is going police state rogue, to defend themselves only, for the reprisals mankind deserves to mete out to them by the repossession of our stolen wealth/gold, or let their heads roll Great Terror style.

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