The Collapse of the American Economy Has Begun

by | Sep 28, 2014 | Headline News | 367 comments

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      1. A world of shit this way cometh.

        • Pretty sure we’re already up to our necks in it.

          • What this guy is saying about the Ukraine (video) is utter crap! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!

            However, he actually got the first part right (about the economic collapse).

              • Here’s an interesting point of view:

                Top Republican Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

                ht tp://

                Damn moderation…

                • Democracy is not freedom and liberty!

                  It’s slavery to the 51%

                  • Hundreds of Thousands or people are rioting in the streets of Hong Kong right now seeking Democracy. Financial Markets are freaking out, looking for the exits, since the populations are ready to hang them all. Look for the Mercedes and Porches racing out of the cities. Go after the 1%’ers….

              • Sixpack…sent you mail to Yahoo address.

                • 🙂

          • It’s up to the rafters in the “White” house.

              – Spectrum

              The POLICE STATE is ENFORCED by the POLICE.
              -Semper Fortis

            • unreconstructed southron

              its beyond the rafters the whole white house is floating on a sea of crap

              the Muslim in charge will never hurt one of his own faith but he will throw a shit load of Americans under the bus every time.

              all of this crap is because of ovomit and harry reid

              i would be willing to bet a case of 223 rem that if he was thrown out tomorrow this country would get better almost over night

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • Your talking tactics Skittles. You need to be thinking demographics. One man does not a tyrant make.
                War is not coming. it is already here. You don’t win by removing the head of a hydra, you win by striking the body. The president is the head, he can always be replaced. The power structure is the poliburo surrounding congress and the senate.

                Strike the body and the hydra dies.
                Kick the bums out of office, fire their enablers, the bureaucrats, throw a monkey wrench into the voting process by voting against the incumbents. You can’t get a third party in but you can sure as hell make it harder to control the outcome.

                What to call it?
                Operation Hercules?
                Operation MonkeyWrench?

                • Devil may cry

                  this is exactly what i have been saying for years now but it falls on deaf ears
                  all any one cares is keep there guy in its always some one else s fault but There guy is NEVER bad etc.

                  all of this stuff about prepping etc is just some thing to keep us busy so we wont notice.
                  and any time i mention kick ovomit out i get told i am the biggest racist ever seen

                  • obblahblah is HALF WHITE too, so you’re only HALF racist…

        • “When this house of cards comes crashing down, how do you think the government will deal with the situation?”

          Who cares???

          The/You people “voted” for this “government!”

          You/People get the government you/they deserve!!!

          As you sow, so shall you reap!

          Q: Have you had enough yet!!!

          • Like ALL empires in the past with ….”Tyranny and Oppression”.

            • oops, forgot intimidation and violence against it’s own people.

              • Offtopic, and calling out the heathen savages who wish to kill us all. I know many of us are concerned about spying from the NSA/IRS/Google/Yahoo/ATT/Vzn/AOL/Microsoft and all the others. We’re also concerned about the militarized police and heavy handed government, but these isis clowns may pose a more urgent threat to our country than we have seen at any other time. With an open border, and radicalized US citizens who have possibly returned, we could see SHTF in various ways and at any time. Check out the absolutely horrific videos on liveleak. Appalling and completely shocking brutality. Hollywood doesn’t even come close! And it all could happen here! Time to lock and load fellow Patriots:

                Please ISIS, please come to America. You think you have the hearts of lions? You have not met an American fighting man or veteran face to face on the battlefield. The American fighting spirit is envied all over the world, and we will gladly introduce you to it. Come to our country. We have taken on fanatics over the centuries, and we always win. America wins.

                You think you are invincible, but you behead unarmed women and children, and cowardly Iraqi and Syrian men who have no leadership or training. You hide under women’s skirts and in children’s schools. You hide your faces with the unwashed c*m stained undergarments from your whore mothers. Cowards!

                Come to our country. We will wipe our asses with your flag. We will show you no mercy. The barrels of our M-4s are well oiled with pig fat, and our pork fat-coated bullets will pierce your weak heathen bodies, and your souls will burn in hell for eternity. Our fighting forces in America will not be bound by Rules of Engagement. We will show you no mercy. We will hang your bodies from the light posts and let the birds peck out your eyes. Your filthy bodies will be sent to commercial pig farms and used as hog feed. Please come ISIS. Try to bring your pedophilia loving, hate-filled, perverted caliphate to our country, and we promise to send you all to hell where you belong.

                • Copied your post.
                  I’ll FRAME AND POST IT IN MY SHOP !!

                  • I like the part about birds pecking their eyes out. Once they find out we have turkey vultures the size of ostridges, that kackle like hyenias, and rip flesh like grizzly bears.. And we can train them to attack on command like pitbulls. That should scare them. LoL

                • Poor Spike….for all his swarthy, patriotic bravery, he hasn’t yet realised his very own president is funding ISIS.
                  But that’s OK…..if Americans fight “ISIS” in the streets, the rest of the world will simply call it The Second US Civil War….for that is exactly what it would be.

                  Bring it on says the rest of the world. The sooner Real American stand up, the sooner the planet can heal. As for “The Indespensible Nation”….may it be smacked into the gutter it deserves to lay in ASAP.

                  • Nuke ’em Duke says:

                    “Poor Spike….for all his swarthy, patriotic bravery, he hasn’t yet realised his very own president is funding ISIS.”

                    Obama is not funding ISIS.

                    The people who control/own Obama fund ISIS. BTW, they’re the same people who control/own the entire federal government. They are the “Deep State.”

                    Also, do you not understand the false left/right paradigm?

                    Even children eventually come to understand that Santa Clause is not real.

                  • OBAMA is ISIS/ISIL

                    Obama is THE Muslim we have all been warned about and he would never want to openly hurt another Muslim

                    BUT since the Islam religion says its ok to lie even to another Muslim it all makes sense.

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                • Bought a few hundred more rounds of 5.56 and buck shot yesterday plus cooked and fed my family some bacon in their honor…. I saved the bacon fat…. it’s in the fridge….. bring em on…..

                  My whole neighborhood is ready…..

                  • Bacon Grease can ve use as gunlube if necessary.Tip your hollow points wth bacon for the NWO. (QvQ)

                  • Bacon grease lube? – a bad, bad idea. Loaded with salt. Nothing can be worse for steel.

                  • I prefer Frog lube, which was put on as I built my firearm(s).

                  • I said bacon grease if there is nothing else left to lube your gun. During SHTF you may never see any frog lube. Turn to animal fats, old motor oil strained through coffee filters, vegetable oil, etc. When there is nothing left out there available, you need to be creative and innovate or evaporate. Maybe saliva spit to keep the bolt moving. lol What ever it takes.

                • I’m already lock and loaded with extreme prejudice.
                  Live Free or Die…not you Barry …just die

                • I recommend investing in silver to protect you’re wealth, however, if you invest in silver you also better invest in plenty of lead & steal to protect that other investment.

                  As far as I am aware, the govt has many contingency plans
                  when SHTF – I just pray they don’t go full retard and blame the victims (us) for all this mess that their empire has created in the first place … but be ready for that to happen regardless.

                  • …and what currency are you going to redeem that silver in? If there is no national currency…who sets the value of silver for a loaf of bread?

                  • …and what currency are you going to redeem that silver in? If there is no national currency…who sets the value of silver for a loaf of bread?

                  • The Game of Silver is over. Buy Silver if it drops back to about $4 an OZ. You missed the exit back March 2012 when it hit $48. I dumped all of my silver at $42 a day or 2 close to the top. Laughing now. When investing in any stock or commodity always always look at a 10 year chart and drill down into where the momentum is going. Silver is down trending and will be under $10 by Jan. And why do I say that? Because Money will be worthless and people will be dumping silver to buy food. Right now sell your silver and buy AMMO. Ammo will never get this cheap again. After silver is gone, people will be bartering with bullets. Ammo will get really pricey due to its multiple utilitarian uses. Especially when the shooting starts. Ammo will be worth way more than any useless gold. And maybe a few years from now when half the population is dead, there won’t be too many people left to have to kill.

                • Not very PC LOL. The problem is we have a “no boots on the ground” policy. Don’t want our soldiers to get hurt.

                  General Patton in rolling over in his pine box.

            • Before reading this article, just wanted to mention a book called, “the Shock Doctrine and the Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein. Its extremely well written and right on the mark– yes, this economic collapse we’re in the midst of, IS ENGINEERED. This is a got-to-read book to see what TPTB are doing to us and plan to do to us!! PLEASE READ!!! (for your own survival and well-being!)

              • “We’re also concerned about the militarized police and heavy handed government, but these isis clowns may pose a more urgent threat to our country than we have seen at any other time.”

                Personally, I wouldn’t be concerned about what gear our police have, IF THEY WEREN’T TURNING IT ON WE, THE PEOPLE. If they were fighting murderous gangs and real terrorists with it, I’d be okay with that…but that’s NOT what’s happening.

                They’re using SWAT teams and MRAPS to serve WARRANTS FOR FAILURE TO PAY TRAFFIC TICKETS. They are throwing stun grenades in baby’s cribs and laying siege to peaceful families who were either just in their way, or at the wrong address.


                They seem to avoid those neighborhoods where they actually could get shot, where they need to be, and end up terrorizing pot smokers and juveniles out too late.

                If the police ever get their priorities straight, I’ll back them to the hilt. Until then, most of them deserve whatever they get.

                • Sixpack. Most police Dept have a policy if you don’t use yout gear you lose it. So they justify using it on trivial warrants to keep their military gear. I am surprised there are not more police ambushes set up by gangs in retaliation. Gangs are not organizes or loyal to anybody. Crackheads.

                  • If police departments had any ethics…they wouldn’t use it and just lose it…or it’ll mysteriously get lost.

                • I agree with everything you said except “their people”…WE are NOT THEIRS!! We belong to GOD and there is only one TRUE GOD, Jesus Christ.

                  Remember, WE the people do NOT “BELONG” to the GOVT. The GOVT belongs to US!

          • YMWW, although you make a valid point, why all of this backbiting? Why not save your wrath for the NWO? I’m not happy at all about what has been done to this country, so I’m saving my wrath and energy for the ones who really deserve it. You’re not helping things at all with this constant bickering.

            • the renegade braveheart says

              “Why not save your wrath for the NWO?”

              The “people” ARE the NWO!

              My “wrath” is straight on target!!

              Wake the f**k up people!!!

              • “There are two kinds of people on the battlefield; the warriors, and the victims.” –Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, Ph.D – Westpoint and authority on war psychology

                If in fact we are in a war with terrorism, a war on drugs, and a war with crime, and every other war that the Bush/Obama administration has declared “war” on, then why would our own government even attempt to take the very tools out of our hands that make us “warriors” in the fight?

                With their constant barrage of attacks on the 2nd amendment, they seek to relegate us to the mere status of victims in their wars, now that they have declared us enemy combatants on the battlefield of American soil. It is very important to know who the warriors, the victims, and the enemy are.

                • LMFAO!!! Duck ‘N Cover everybody the sky is falling!!! 🙂

                  While the markets are likely to crash and reset like they ALWAYS do, and while the USA like the rest of the world is likely to descend into a prolonged economic depression prior to an extended war, the END is not yet, so do not despair.

                  The USA is not going to disappear as a nation by 2017. You can stick THAT under your mattress and sleep like a baby. I do. 🙂

                  • DK

                    I rarely agree with your comments


                    respect your opinions


                    this time

                    I couldn’t agree more.

                    Enjoy the day


                  • DK

                    I agree with you that the US will not disappear but the math in the above does not lie. The question is when and what are the political / economic ramifications. I think those with a few million dollars will have Uncle Sam clean them out of tangible assets. These people have assets but in reality insignificant political power. The bottom rungs standard of living will change the least except in the increasing numbers of their rank. I would not be surprised if the energy / food wealthy states attempt to band together first using the 10th Amendment and if that fails and it damn sure would then attempt to leave the Union. This may not bear fruit but some significant arrests of high ranking National Guard officers might be seen in the future news. The excuses for it would of course be ostensible. If this happens thats then the “Shit Has Truly Hit The Fan”.

                    On another note is their any evidence about the 100k acre ranch the President supposedly bought? I take some of this article with a “grain of salt”.

                  • K2: If GWB bought a 100 acre ranch in the middle of SA understand a few things about it.

                    First, the Bush family is wealthy. Wealthy people diversify by asset class, by geographical location, and by geopolitical environment. Using a strong dollar against a week fiat currency would be a smart move to accumulate tangible assets.

                    Second, the Bush Family is the First Family of the Illuminati/CIA. From that strategic, base location in Uruguay, CIA Operatives would be able to access all nations in SA rather easily.

                    Third, GWB will never leave the USA for fear of arrest and or assassination. Crawford Texas is as close to the Hole-In-The-Wall-Gang as you can get. 🙁

                  • DK, I agree. We won’t ALLOW this nation to disappear. Civil war, 2nd revolution, whatever it takes. I’m ready to stand up and see it all the way through. BTW, I’m sick of YMWW’s BS with all of this backbiting.

                  • Been hearing this for several years now. Blah, Blah Blah…….Fear, fear, fear….It’s always two years from now………Sorry, just Rich99ing it some.

                  • same old story, just different yrs, last yr it was 2014 and 2016, next yr, it will be 2016 and 2018 and so on for thr next ten yrs.

                  • DK

                    My question is did the Bush family buy a 100,000 acre ranch (not a hobby farm 100acre)?

                    While the Bush family is bred into this stuff Bill Clinton gave them what Bush could not deliver; NAFTA, China Free Trade and the demise of Financial Regulations with the abandoning of Glass-Steagall. Clinton hurt working people far more than any Republican President. Bush 41 water too but couldn’t, Clinton did it, Bush 43 and Obama continued it.

                  • durango kidd says:
                    Comment ID: 3234502

                    durango you can bet its just as you say
                    there is no way in hell on earth that OVOMIT would allow any major collapse on his watch

                    now he will set it up to collapse on a republican watch and would really enjoy that

                    Harry dingbat Reid will never actually allow any bad shit to stick to his boy ovomit that’s why he wont allow more then 300 plus bills to go to vote

                    Harry is making sure that Ovomit stays out of the white house and on the golf course so that Harry and Nancy can run the U S A.
                    and if you really think that’s not what is happening then you need to wake up and take a real look at this country.

                    Why else would Ding Bat harry push so hard to get the dream act passed so that 60,000 plus unaccompanied children could crawl across the border

                    Skittle shittin unicorn

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “Using a strong dollar against a week fiat currency…”


                    Three points here:

                    1. “Week” in this context is spelled: “Weak.”

                    2. The dollar is a pure “fiat currency.”

                    3. The dollar is only “strong” because the US military says so!

                    If a country tries to conduct business outside of the dollar (think Libya), it will be demonized, labeled a “terrorist” state, and finally find itself on the business end of the Military Industrial Complex. The strength of the US dollar has nothing to do with real value. It’s strength is imposed by brute force; through the barrel of a gun; not through the market!

                    The durango kidd knows this to be true. But as a fascist apologist for a fascist state, he thinks you’re to stupid to understand this.

                  • Sorry kid, I cannot stick it under my mattress, No room, to much ammo.

                  • The US will not exist as an independent nation for much longer. We’re going to find ourselves part of the North American Union and then the one world government prophesied in the Bible.

                  • K2: Sorry I forgot the K but it makes little difference to my analysis. That still applies. 🙂

              • YMWW, I don’t know where you’ve been, but the NWO are the international bankers, politicians, Wall St., City of London, etc. NOT the average people of this nation. No, your wrath is on the WRONG target. I know most people are asleep and have no idea what’s coming, nor do they even care, but what about the ones who ARE awake, aware, and have been prepping for a long time? You do what you want for yourself. I’m continuing with my prepping for what we all know is coming.

                • RB: YMWW is either an anarchist or an agent provocateur. There are MANY voices on the Internet spewing total bullshit, like V, in an attempt to undermine weak minds and faint hearts. Its all about divide, discourage, and conquer.

                  Don’t listen to what they say.

                  Understand what the results of what they advocate would mean if manifested. IE voting may not be the definitive way to effect change in America, but if you look at how YOUR enemies came to power, it was through organizing THEIR parasites to vote while discouraging THEIR enemies to be discouraged from voting, and filling them with disillusion and despair.

                  When Americans don’t vote, American enemies are emboldened to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote to validate THEIR candidate and YOUR enemy to justify THEIR NWO government. Elections can change things. The Scots lost a major opportunity to control their own destiny because the fear mongers shouted louder.

                  Its psyops plain and simple; classic Sun Tse. Don’t be fooled. 🙂

                  • If voting didn’t matter, as some here say, ACORN and La Raza would not be collecting millions of dollars from our NWO government to sign people up and get them to the Polls. 🙁

                  • DK, if only we had the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE running for office I would gladly utilize the ballot box. I wish we had ANY kind of PEACEFUL alternative for change in this country, but we don’t. I believe the cartridge box will be the only way out now. Look at the kind of people we have for politicians now; totally useless POS. And the bureaucrats? Don’t get me started about that bunch. They all work hand-in-glove to destroy our nation. I dread what’s coming, but I just don’t see any other way out.

                  • RB: Go to the polls. If your choice is between Evil and the Lesser of Two Evils, then vote for the Lesser of Two Evils. Better yet, get involved in a neighborhood Tea Party. All politics are local. get involved in your neck of the woods.

                    White people elected Barack O’Bummer. They regret it now. They regretted it in 2012 and stayed home. That made things worse. Even the blacks in America regret it now.
                    Only the parasites in the Democratic party love him ( 🙁 )and Dem office seekers are running from him. 🙂

                    La Raza will vote even if you do not. ACORN will vote twice even if you do not. VOTE. The vote you save may be your own. 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “Don’t listen to what they say.”

                    That’s right DK. Just stick your fingers in your ears and say: lalalalalalalalalalala.

                    That’ll fix it!!!

                  • @the durango kidd:

                    You think voting makes you “free?”

                    “Free” to do what? Line up on the battlefield for bankster wars!

                    “Free” to do what? Line up and get poisons pumped into your system via the medical establishment!

                    “Free” to do what? Line up for genetically engineered DNA disrupting food like substances controlled by a psychopathic company and endorsed by the U.S. Government!

                    “Free” to do what? Give up your life in a dead end job to keep the beast alive. Alive so that it can continue to suck the life blood out of each and every victim in it’s death grip!

                    Hey DK, what if they held an election, and nobody showed up???

                    What then?

                    I’ll tell you “what then.”

                    The pretence that voting matters would finally crash and burn, and then the reality of “the way of the gun” would take it’s place!!!

                    Better the devil you know!

                  • @ DK if TPTB pre-picked all the winners then why did Hillary the first lady borrow a bunch of the FBI files on political figures? The only one she couldn’t find was Obama’s, if she had she would have been president and not barack.

                  • YMWW: “Hey DK, what if they held an election, and nobody showed up???”

                    Reality check for you. Not gonna happen. Party faithful will ALWAYS show up to support their party to get their bread and circus’. Each party owns about a third of the vote.

                    It is the independent vote that swings the elections depending upon which party and for which candidate they vote. As an independent thinker, you vote could count.

                    An ugly thought, I know for anarchist. It will probably keep you awake all night!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                  • Hillary couldn’t find O’Bummer’s file because he is a CIA agent just like GWB, and GWB Sr. Slick Willie was a CIA stooge as Governor of Arkansas, allowing CIA transport planes to bring in plane loads of cocaine from South America.

                    The CIA controls the Media, the Military, and the Money in America. Obummer has two very eventful years left for which he will do the CIA/NSA dirty work. Then they will hang it ALL on him. At their root, the Intelligence Community is racist. Always have been.

                    He’s a CIA Muslim Brotherhood Co-Founder with his half brother and stooge. 🙁

                • Braveheart

                  You are completely correct with your post.

                  To those that constantly bicker about the timing of the economic collapse.

                  We all know there is going to be a reset. Why bicker about timing. The statistics do not lie. What do you think will happen if the government does not send out welfare checks. The country overnight would become a war zone. No one would go to work. All services would stop.

                  I am shocked that it has not happened yet. When you have a printing press that can print as much money as you like then you control the timing to a point. Your bickering about this is not helpful in any way. It also could cause a brand new prepper to reconsider putting the time, resources, and effort into prepping. I understand your frustration but please try to be helpful.

                  • Mike in VA, I understand your points, but I’m not the one who’s bickering about anything. Plus, I always welcome newcomers to this site and encourage them to ask questions about any prep-related subject. I try to help them any way I can.

                • the renegade braveheart says:

                  “NOT the average people of this nation. No, your wrath is on the WRONG target.”

                  Do you seriously think a NWO would be possible without the support of the public?

                  I think NOT!

                  Democracy is the public. The public is stupid.

                  “You know you’re over the target when you start taking flack!”

                  • YMWW, did you forget to douche today? You sound like some whiney little kid.

                  • Whiny little kids don’t douche… Only smelly old ladies do that… I can’t believe that some of you are set off by something you read in fear porn site. You let emotions rule and you will be ineffective as a fighter when the time comes. I miss articles on how to plan for shtf. Did you know that you can stretch your coffee by using acorns that are triple blanched, dried, dehulled, and then crushing and adding before brewing?

                  • After dehulling, I forgot the baking part…

          • While I agree with you, this brings up a larger question: shouldn’t we vote for the worst possible candidates so as to speed up the collapse? It is already well understood that voting as a source of positive change is a fool’s dream, but aren’t we all better off if the most incompetent idiot gets elected instead of the reasonably-qualified candidate who may actually forestall the imminent collapse? The whole shithouse is gonna go up in flames, I think everyone who reads this forum will agree, so don’t we all have an obligation to help it happen sooner rather than later?

            • No need JC, diebold will do it for you 🙂

              • shouldn’t we vote for the worst possible candidates so as to speed up the collapse?

                No need JC, diebold will do it for you 🙂

                Great comeback!!:-)

            • @ JC : We have an obligation to prolong it as long as we can. Every day their are new prepers to the game, and they need all the time they can get. Also, the most prepared person here has forgotten something. I guess eventually it would seem like the sky is falling and people get complaicent. I have been prepering for 16 years now and would like at least one more. A lot of folks can’t throw thousands at preping. The longer it takes, the more you can be prepared. Just recently I found a lot of great books at the habitat for humanity stores for pennies on the dollar. I got a bunch of nursing and triage books. Keep preping.

            • curious has a point. ive wondered about the same thing. I Hillary gets elected maybe that will bring the festering boil to a head and it will finally pop? However be careful of what you wish for you just might get it.

              • If you like your EBT Food stamp cards you can keep your EBT Food stamp cards, But you have to keep voting for us. If you like your tax loopholes you can keep your tax loopholes, just keep voting for us.

            • Do you mean we actually have worse candidates then we have in office now?

          • Actually I think a lot of dead people voted for Obama!

          • Ever Wonder Why THEY HATE US??
            Here is the productivity ratio for Bomb Dropping Drones:
            For every 50 People Killed just one of those person is actually a terrorist.

            Americas deadly double tap drone attacks are killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan

            Just one in 50 victims of America’s deadly drone strikes in Pakistan are terrorists – while the rest are innocent civilians, a new report claimed today.

            The authoritative joint study, by Stanford and New York Universities, concludes that men, women and children are being terrorised by the operations ’24 hours-a-day’.

            And the authors lay much of the blame on the use of the ‘double-tap’ strike where a drone fires one missile – and then a second as rescuers try to drag victims from the rubble. One aid agency said they had a six-hour delay before going to the scene.

            The tactic has cast such a shadow of fear over strike zones that people often wait for hours before daring to visit the scene of an attack. Investigators also discovered that communities living in fear of the drones were suffering severe stress and related illnesses. Many parents had taken their children out of school because they were so afraid of a missile-strike.


            • Oh, right. Stanford and NYU. People with NO known agenda.

          • yourmotherwaswrong,

            Which is why you can’t fix stupid. There’s no surgery, therapy, or rehabilitation that can fix stupid. When the majority of Americans vote for “free” Progressive giveaways, the folks in the frugal minority get screwed.

            There is no way to stop this runaway train. The brakes are sabotaged, the throttle is welded wide open, and the bridge ahead is out. All we can do is prepare for the coming meltdown, and try to pick-up the pieces afterwards. How bad will it get? Know one knows for sure.

            I hate to be defeatist, but I’d rather preserve and transfer my limited resources into a post-collapse period rather than expending everything I have now in a failed attempt to fix an irreparable problem and reason with irrational and hopelessly indoctrinated Progressives.

            • YH says:

              “Which is why you can’t fix stupid.”

              “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy… to be followed by a dictatorship.” ~ Alexander Fraser Tytler.

              “There is no way to stop this runaway train.

              Indeed. All one can do is prepare.

              • +1!

        • It already arrived in 2008. That should’ve been the wake up call but it wasn’t.

          • Don’t worry, citizen…just a few more years of “recovery” and we’ll be back to “normal” before you know it!

            • Government Message: Yeah Banks need more money to get them over the hump. BTW/ you peasants will get your pricey loans for food and water coming up sometime, just keep paying your taxes so we can keep the banks healthy.

              Had enough of the Lies?

          • No, it happened in 1912 with the creation of the fed reserve. Thanks wilson you fooking traitor! And every pres since then has gone along with it except Kennedy who wrote an exec order phasing them out. Gee I wonder why he was killed? You need look no further than the money changers to see what happened. There is a simple answer to all of this, so simple even a 3 year old could do it… STOP USING FED RESERVE NOTES! That would exterminate theyre power in one fooking day! But no, the sheeple love theyre paper satans, they kill and die for them, they slave theyre life away for them, they commit all manner of crimes to obtain them! Worthless paper satans rule the day for people are too fooking stupid to even know what money is.. 🙁

            • Yes look up JF Kennedy’s Executive order EO-11110 June 4th 1963 that would put the (Loan Sharks)Federal Reserve out of business. Well this EC did not go over too well with the NWO Banksters and Rothchilds, so they had Kennedy Killed. After Kennedy was out of the way they took the dollar off the silver standard and started printing their Worthless Fiat Money, oh they put IN God we Trust on the Dollar to instill value for Dumb Christians to think it must be A-OK.

              • The word God can be anything. Notice they never mention what god they trust in? Fookin people never question anything geeezus…

              • Dumb Christians

                If it were not for Christian values then this country would not have become great. The country denying Christian values has caused it to get into the mess it is in now.

                I as a Christian am offended at your statement. I support your right to believe what ever you want. But the truth is Christians are the only ones in this country who don’t have rights anymore.

                I had to attend a leadership meeting at work a couple of months ago. The meeting topic was respect. They showed video clips of different situations and how it may be offensive to different people if you act or joke in certain ways. We were told we must respect gays, transgenders, different religions, different races, women, and different races. Then they informed us that the company had come out with a new policy. As leaders if we were asked to pray we must refuse. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be told I could not pray. I am a free man in the United States of America. Well at least I used to be. I told them I would not comply with this policy. We were told we had to respect everyone and everything except Christians I guess. The sad thing is out of around 500 people I was the 3rd person that said they would not comply.

                This is how we ended up in this mess. Good people are not standing up for what is right.

                Dumb Christians. You can believe what you like but I will as well.

              • The God we trust slogan was put on in 1951. It was Nixon that decoupled the money from anything of real value. However it was 1965 when the sandwiched coins first showed up. I remember the guys on the armored trucks letting us try to lift the sacks of silver dollars. Must have weighed over a hundred pounds. Just change back the. Lots of Morgans still being used.

            • Correct…

              Just watch some older videos from Mike Ruppert and William Cooper…between the 2 of them they summarized where we’re at now and why….

              Everything’s about the flow (and total control) of money and resources..period!

              politics,media,race,drugs are all a means to the end to divide us all with never ending warring amongst ourselves.

              The only difference between government and organized crime?

              Government has the full force of the ‘law’ on its side.

              and the banks worldwide have made sure of that..



            • Genuis,,come on,federal reserve notes are backed by,what else?,federal ammunition of course,what could possibly go wrong?!

          • The “Wake-up Call” we come when the iphones go dark.

        • They say that any problem can be solved by the application of high explosives. Sometimes a firecracker works. Sometimes it takes a few sticks of dynamite. This problem, constructed by politicians and their handlers (i.e. greedy corporate/banker types), will require the utilization of ICBMs and multiple, independently targeted warheads. So you see it is fixable.

          My point is that our corrupt government will not allow itself to be the one holding the bag. They will not admit that they themselves steered this course of self destruction – no – they will find a scapegoat. Russia, China, Iran, RNK, doesn’t matter. They will not allow our economy to crash while the rest of the world prospers from their mistakes, oh no. Hope you are at least 10 miles from any target, and have the equivalent of 36 inches of packed earth between you and sky. All thosee stupid military vehicles and DHS preps don’t bother me – that’s like sticking a bandaid on a severed leg compared to the hurt that is coming to visit developed nations.

        • If travelling in avalanche country, you should carry a RECCO passive transponder.

          The North Face clothing company sews these transponders into certain selected garments in their catalogue.

          • Acid. When SHTF no GPS signal device may work nor will anybody come to save you.

            • No shit, Sherlock.

            • And any GPS device that sends out a signal will be a good tool for law enforcement to find you as well, to send you to the Local Acid FEMA Camp. lol

          • AE keep up the good work. You may get a job modeling outdoor clothing yet. Trekker Out

        • Why did George H.W. Bush build a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay? This Land Purchase is about controlling a 200 year supply of drinking water. Its the Globalist Devious Plan. Controlling Water is the new OIL Boom. LINK:

          “The Guaraní Aquifer…is one of the world’s largest aquifer systems…It is said that this vast underground reservoir could supply fresh drinking water to the world for 200 years.” “US President George W. Bush allegedly has recently purchased a 98,842 acre farm in Chaco, Paraguay atop the aquifer. The Reverend Moon has purchased 1,482,600 acres in Chaco, Paraguay.”
          For additional info re: Bush/Moon/Paraguay connection —> [link to] *

          • That’s also why the U.S. government is positioning itself to end up in complete control of all of the dirt covering OUR aquifers in the CONUS. Look at the map and compare it to the current federal land grabs.

            • And Chelsea Clinton had a baby Girl. Who I hear aready has been hired at NBC for $600,000 a year for a no show Job, identical to her mom Chelsea. Ahhhh to be connected to the right gene pool.

              • And unfortunately, that child will be raised to believe in communism just like her sorry-ass mother and grandparents.

                • Braveheart I am sorry. Did not realize my post above could seem like I was talking to you. I was not. I was saying you are correct and then talking to several on here that bicker and don’t seem to want to help fellow preppers.

                  Did not mean you bicker. I am sorry.

                  • Mike in VA, it’s OK. I stand corrected on the bickering part. I just wish YMWW would dry up and blow away.

          • How in the world do you build a ranch?

          • Truth is the Bush family owns a total of 300,000 acres in Paraguay, and conveniently a new U.S.military installation is in place near the property.

            • Got a link to that?

        • I only listened to 5 minute of the video and I can tell you the guy is correct.

          I just read a few pages of Naomi Klein’s book, “the Shock Doctrine and the Rise of Disaster Capitalism”… she says the same thing… its all fixed. TPTB are doing this on purpose. READ THE BOOK!!!

        • More fear porn from Dave Hodges.

          • Smokey, normally I’m skeptical of Hodges myself, but he only linked to this article. I’ve already checked the other sources and verified it for myself. he didn’t write this one, otherwise I would call BS on it myself. the article fits in with some other things I’m aware of happening. What’s happening to our country is NOT fear porn.

            • Saudi money. Why do you think our own govt. fights any oil production increase or border control actions here in the US? Oil and drugs are where the wealth is being generated and then invested and leveraged.

        • Obama administration: also known as the Weiner Republic…

        • It’s not how the scum government is going to handle us, it’s how we are going to handle them. They better stay the fuck away from me.

        • I am so tired of “fear porn!”

        • Whenever someone (video) begins by bragging endlessly about how important and “high-up” his nameless source is, the infor he’s giving you isn’t worth sh!t.

      2. Has anyone heard anything from BI?

        • Green Tomato, good question. I miss BI too. I hope he’s OK.

          • I miss Manos. Any word from him? It’s like he dropped off the face of the earth.

            • Dammit eppe get back here now! Don’t make me tell my crappy jokes dammit..
              OK heres one for you,
              How do you tell when a muslim reaches puberty?
              He takes the diaper off his ass and puts it on his head 🙂
              How do you know when orientals are moving into a nieghborhood?
              The mexicans run out and buy car insurance 🙂
              What do you get when you cross a teamster and a lesbian?
              2 people that don’t do dick. 🙂
              Why is aspirin white?
              You want it to work don’t you?
              I will post more depending on the votes lol 🙂

              • 16 to 1 the ratio of gold to silver!
                Ok you have a mexican and a black guy in the same car, who’s driving?
                The cop 🙂
                A man goes to the proctologist, the doc says ” ok I want you to pull yer pants down and bend over this table” The man does as asked and the doc says “ok Im going to stick one of my fingers up your arse and see what the problem is” The man thought about it for a minute and said “gee doc, do you think you could stick 2 fingers up my arse?” The doc looked puzzled and replied “why do you want me to do that?” The man said ” I just want to get a second opinion” 🙂
                Why did the pope go to walmart?
                Because he heard boys pants were half off 🙂
                What are the 4 kinds of orgasms a woman has?
                1: the positive orgasm, oh yes oh yes!
                2: the negative orgasm, oh no oh no!
                3: the religious orgasm, oh god oh god!
                4: the fake orgasm, oh bama oh bama! 🙂
                How do you get a priest to date a nun?
                Dress her up like an alter boy 🙂
                Why are all the welfare people moving to new york?
                They heard there was no work there 🙂
                Some tasteless jokes but thats mostly all I know lol…

                • Genius, you do pretty good yourself with jokes. keep them coming. I gave you a green thumb.

                  • Genius,we need to bribe you with thumbs to keep you going?!Well,personally,I refuse to do that,but,might be able to dig you up a box or two of,ah,never mind!

                • I’ll contribute one:
                  Lil’ Johnny asks his dad one day what the difference between theory and realty is. Johnny’s dad says,”The difference between theory and reality huh? That’s a good question son, and I’m gonna try to answer it for you. Here’s what you do, you go in the kitchen ask your mother if she’ll f@*! the neighbor man for a million bucks.” Lil’ Johnny goes into the kitchen and asks his mother if she’ll f@*! the neighbor man for a million bucks. He tells his father,”Sure daddy, she said she would for a million bucks.” His dad says,”That’s nice. Now you go upstairs and ask your sister if she’ll f@*! the neighbor boy for a million bucks.” Lil’ Johnny goes upstairs, and comes back down a few minutes later,”Sure daddy, she said she would for a million bucks.”
                  “There you go son, the difference between theory and reality. In theory we could be a couple of millionaires, but in reality we’re just living with a couple of sluts.”

                • Thor was a savage Viking raider who just returned to his native village after numerous raids and conquests over seas.
                  Thor and his fellow Norsemen had a large bonfire party going which consisted of the usual heavy drinking and wild orgies with the local women. The following morning Thor wakes up with a godawful hangover and stumbles through some bushes looking for a place to barf. He comes to a clearing in the shrubbery where he sees a Viking maiden waking up in the same condition he’s in.
                  She’s a gorgeous blonde, but Thor notices that she’s missing a lot of teeth. He looks at her and says “Hi, I’m Thor”.
                  She stares back at him and says-“You’re Thor? I’m so thor I can hardly pith”.

              • Here, lemme help.
                What do you call a Mexican woman with no legs?

                What’s the first 3 English words that a Mexican learns?
                Welcome K-Mart shoppers.

                How does a Mexican family pose for a family photo portrait?
                They all pile into the Chevy and run a stop light…

                Psychiatrist interviews a client and evaluates him by holding some Rorsach paintings.
                Psychiatrist asks the client what his first thought is when he sees the painting.
                Client thinks for a moment and says “pussy”.
                The psychiatrist holds up a 2nd painting and asks the same question.
                Client comes up with the same answer: “pussy”.
                The psychiatrist is baffled by the client’s answers, but holds up a 3rd painting and asks for the client’s immediate response to the image. The client stares at the painting and comes with the same answer: “pussy”.
                The good doctor puts the paintings away, looks at the client and says “you seem to have a fixation on the female genitalia. Do the paintings remind you of any particular woman”?
                The client answers, “Yeah doc, that would be your receptionist”.
                The psychiatrist tells the client “that’s not possible, you don’t know that woman”.
                The client says “that’s true, doc, but every time you wave those paintings in my face, I can smell your fingers”.

              • Eppe ran out of jokes and didn’t have anything else worthy to contribute. Hes busy building his fish trapping invention. Comes complete with instructions and 100 jokes.

                • Who,really guy,just fuck off!

            • Red Leader et al..

              Manos is fine and weathering the shitstorm in Crete,Greece.

              We stay in constant contact via the web etc…

              Here’s some of his recent communiques..

              hey, good morning. Increasing rumors speak about a thrid bank bailout in greece. This means that deposits will be eliminated in order for banks to cover their loses due to unpaid loans and mortcages This would mean that they are taking us to a Cyprus-like model. Having managed to hide a few eurow, we are going to buy whatever we can in terms of food and provisions immediately. I will send more news as soon as i can. Be safe.

              Just returned from the super market. We managed to buy meat cans, rise, and tomato juice. We also found aluminum blankets, hand crank torches, and chocolate bars with extra protein (such as the ones been sold in gyms). Tommorow i will fill one of the cars with gazoline, and buy 6 more dozen of 2lt water packs. The last thing to do is to buy an extra entrenching tool (shovel, axe, and knife).

              Manos has delved into painting as well to release his creative flows..sent us 2 beautiful oils that are now hanging proudly on my walls..

              Enjoy the day


              • Possee, thanks for that update on Manos. glad to hear he is still hanging in there.

                • Any word anyone from Jeep dude?,hope all is well in his world.

                  • War child ,
                    He’s posted on the Bushcraft USA. Site about two weeks ago , said he was out of the hospital and home and was doing well thanks to his sister .
                    Maybe he will pop up here

                    Semper Fi 8541

        • A lot of people have been dropping off here’ a lot of of us are federal govt workers ,
          Some of us are getting a lot of flack by visiting sites like this one at work they are really controlling what can be viewed on Govt computers , they call it blue coding . I tend to use an iPad
          At work and not the Govt IT system.

          Another reason for the drop off it’s getting real close , the interview on Fox News Sunday with Dr Ben Carson was an eye opener , in short he stated that the 2016 elections may be postponed due to economic anarchy . It’s. Getting close when you start hearing stuff like this on the MSM .

          The hints are everywhere now it’s going to be October soon when almost every economic collapse has occured and nasty revolutions tend to take place . If you are prudent make sure your supplies are in order and your emergency bags are ready to go. I am at the tip of the spear at work it has one up side I tend to get wind of “stuff ” most of the time and can extrapolate the data trends. Right now the are looking the far side of scary. The collapse could happen anytime things are that unstable . PRUDENCE DICTATES KEEP PREPARING .
          Be you own intelligence collector .

          The trends and possible near future events .
          * not official Govt information derived from MSM and other sources

          Outbreak of entero virus , paralysis in some cases ( polio myelitis ? )
          Outbreak of EVD ( Ebloa viral disease ) just a matter of time ,projected 1 million cases by january
          Collapse of the stock market. Panic In the financial markets due to world events EBT CLASS RIOTS IN MAJOR US CITIES , Racial conflict fueled by Justice Department rhetoric.
          False flag or actual terrorism on US soil
          Extra constitutional actions by rogue Goverment leadership ( unstable Harry Reid keeps the senate ) Signing the UN small arms control act and a host of UN mandates undermining national sovereignty
          National emergency declared by Presidentional Decision Directive due to economic chaos and social unrest .
          Martial law instituted , UN forces sent to secure US WMD sites , US military revolts ushering in WW3 on US soil . Tactical Nuclear weapons used for first time since August 1945 and on US soil.


          240 million causalities in CONUS 7 years of war .( November 2, 2014 – September 17, 2021)

          We have a very hard decision to make , who’s side do you stand on ,
          Do you have the will and dedication to prepare for the worst and hope for the best?
          The Future is unwritten , only known by the Father



          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night Breaker,

            You summed up the storms (economic, financial, viruses, etc.) that are building. I have felt for some time that I am waiting for the other foot to drop. That feeling grows stronger.

            We are IN an economic collapse. All kinds of steps have been taken to slow and mask it. If not, I believe the reset would have already occurred. I compare it to the frog in the pot of water placed on the stove at a low temp. Or, think of waves in the ocean, that build before a storm.

            The MSM (for the most part) reports the “official news story”, to pacify the people. The economy is (and has been for a while) on life support. The MSM likes to tell everyone we are in a recovery and report the “official” numbers, such as unemployment is down.

            Thank you for your warnings and posts.

            Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

            • KY MOM,
              I can agree 100 % we have never recovered from 2007-2008 collapse things that existed then still exist now ,
              It’s tiring trying to get others prepared, they cannot see what is right in front of them.
              Every thing in finite and everything has to end . I did not envision this to be my future but must accept it for what it is . The only thing we can do is try to save who we can and prepare to the best of our ability . No one really knows the time or place and how this is all going to shake out.

              When in uncertain times only those things we can do for our selves is the only certainty .
              Things are accelerating , only time will tell.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Knight,thanks for your posts,for all I know you are a govt. mole trying to get people to fight so martial law can be declared,or,you are as you lay out,no real way for me to know.That said,your posts get people thinking,something I really do not think(pun intended)the govt. really wants.Thanks to you and all who put up links and ideas/preps ect. for others here,gets people thinking at least.

                • Warchild ,
                  Not to get everyone to fight but to get every one PREPARED TO FIGHT SO NO ONE WILl HAVE TO . TPTB are cowards I am trying to,get people to think and be prepared if we can show a unified Deterance to what we fear may happen , might just not. I have seen way too much death and blood shed to,welcome it willingly.
                  Hopefully justice will prevail and we may never have to,use that last option .
                  I may work in the government but I believe in those documents that affirm our god given rights and limit the powers of the government . The government is us , we the people we just have to stand firm and reclaim what is ours from the illegitimate current regime .

                  Some times the best fight is the fight avoided , a strong deterrent is the best defense.

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Knight,I do hope you are right.I believe actually when things get truly/openly ugly,millions will fight,good thing about a well armed populace,though hope we don’t get to that point not sure there will be much of a choice given circumstances.I certainly would be very happy to not be in a position to kill people or get killed but have accepted that short of total surrender there may be no choice and that I will probably die,sucks to even have to think like that.Thanks for the Jeep update,he did post a few weeks ago then nary a word,am glad to hear he is kicking!

            • KY Mom,

              I think the Government keeps dumping all this doom and gloom fake false flags on us, hoping we will just give up and commit suicide. lol But we are smarter, knowing much what that say, is all a pack of lies.

          • I don’t post much but I always look for yours, thanks for the heads up on things!

      3. Love this site. Read everyday. Anyway no offense, but the “collapse has begun” headlines have been beginning for a long time now. Again, love the site, love the posts, just sayin.

        • And they are all correct. Collapse does not occur instantaneously. It’s a process, which we’re in the middle of.

          • . . . Rome did not collapse in a day.

            • AC…. Fire travels pretty fast.

        • I did not even read the whole thing. It pisses me off when they keep calling social security a massive entitlement program. Maybe for some, but we pay into that all of our lives. It is not my fault the FUC***G goberment is STEALING from it. It is not my FUC***G fault the FUC***G goberment puts every tom, dick, harry, and jane on social security without just cause. It is not my FUC***G fault the FUC***G goberment is letting every FUC***G illeagle into this country and putting them on social security. For the ones of use that pay into social security all of our lives, it is NOT a massive entitlement.

          • It is indeed your fault. You could have chosen to stop paying taxes at any time…as others have done. Not me: I’m a compliant drone who obeys the orders he’s given and would never advocate anything illegal. But YOU could grow some balls and give a big middle finger to the system, if you chose to do so. Instead you kept paying in because it was the easy thing to do. Good luck with that whole “voting yourself freedom” thing.

            • You are right in a way. If you try to be Rosa Parks and not pay your taxes, you’ll be in jail. Nothing changes. You need a massive, all at once, of everybody not paying their taxes. Good luck with that. White America will not stick together until TSHTF. That is part of the reason we are where we are. Black people stick together. Mexicans stick together. Gays and lesbians stick together. Antigun people stick together. And on and on and on. But white people do not stick together. When we have our belly full, we will not stick together. Not until TSHTF. Then and only then will we stick together. Their will be small little patches that will stick together before SHTF, but not enough. As long as you can turn on the boob tube, go to wally world, etc. you will bitch about it, but will not stick together.

              • Social Security is a ponzi scheme!

                A ponzi is a process of paying old investors with the money gained from new investors

                Social Security is a socialist ponzi scheme!

                The money you paid into Social Security would have served you far better if you had invested/saved it yourself.

                A fool and his money are soon parted.

                Your government knows this all too well!

                And yet, you vote for it!!

                • Currently, I don’t think we have the option of self investment. You have to pay the ponzi scheme, and if I have to pay into it, I would like to collect from it.

                  I know, I know, good luck collecting. Their is always hope. It still pisses me off that they make me pay in, and then call it a massive entitlement.

                  • Generation boom and their parents , thought it was fine and dandy. To steal 11 % of my lifetime earnings , by changing the combined SS tax from 4 % to 11 % in 1976. Long before I even got my first paycheck . So expect nothing cept a schadenfreude smile , when it dawns on you , that old alan wasn’t lying. When he said we can guarantee checks , however we can not guarantee purchasing power at congressional hearings in 2005.

                  • It’s only a “massive entitlement” in as much as the government is entitled to take it from the masses against our will.

                  • I draw a monthly check from the Social security Ponzi scheme. I like most others will recoup every penny I paid + interest within 5 years. it is a entitlement welfare or dole after you recoup the money you paid in plus interest.

                  • fishandmud says:

                    “Currently, I don’t think we have the option of self investment.”

                    Sure you do!

                    It is possible to opt out of the system.

                    You just gotta want it!!
                    All that’s necessary is a desire to take control of your life, and to not let yourself be a mark for the State!!!

                    Its like “dieting.” Dieting does not work. What works is a “lifestyle” change.

              • Fishandmud, you make more valid points than Nathan Cline does.

                • Braveheart, every single article that has ever been posted on this site is full of big talk from you about how this system is never going to get you down, how you will fight and defend your family and freedom and honor, etc. It’s all a bunch of bullshit though, isn’t it? All it takes is for the IRS to exist and be threatening and make examples out of a few unlucky people, for you to be cowed into toeing the line. All this brave talk about fighting and revolution, but you can’t be asked to take even the smallest risk right NOW to defend yourself and your livelihood from the government thieves as they rob you blind daily, amirite? America is full of big talkers, who whine and cry about how nobody will step up and do anything about this terrible government, but as soon as somebody puts a real plan into action y’all are the first ones to drag him down. It’s pathetic, really.

                  What are you personally doing to help bring about the end of this corrupt and wicked system, Braveheart?

                  • Nathan, if people were to rise up right now, it would backfire. This system WILL collapse on its own. An EMP/CME event can and will fry the entire grid on which this system is totally dependent. If/when that happens, all hell will break loose and it will be everyone for themselves. I’m not dragging anyone down over any plan nor do I whine or cry about anything. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves. I have my own plan and reasons for sticking with that plan.

                  • “Nathan, if people were to rise up right now, it would backfire.”

                    You are just making up bullshit excuses. Freedom isn’t free, nor is defending freedom risk-free. I didn’t say you had to stand out on the public square with a poster board saying you don’t pay taxes. You can find ways to do it without being noticed….IF you had the courage.

                    “This system WILL collapse on its own. An EMP/CME event can and will fry the entire grid on which this system is totally dependent. ”

                    I will be fair less likely to be caught with my pants down when that does happen, because right NOW I am not foolishly spending my money to support Uncle Sam. Every dollar I earn–which is precious little–is going toward the future of me, not the future of the American Empire.

                    ” I’m not dragging anyone down over any plan nor do I whine or cry about anything. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves. I have my own plan and reasons for sticking with that plan.”

                    I believe you will be successful with your plan, at least from what I know from your posts here. It’s my hope that we will both be successful with our respective plans, and maybe one day we’ll have a chance to meet each other. We don’t live that far away, actually. I’m in northeast Alabama, about an hour down I-59 from Chattanooga. From reading your posts here I feel you are a kindred spirit, and we’re probably in agreement on more things than you realize.

              • “White people do not stick together…”

                That is correct, it has been brainwashed and beaten out of our people.

                And, that is why White Genocide is quietly occurring, and will soon happen full scale.

                • Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.

                  We are being bred out.

                  Save this Country, or retreat back to Nordic lands?

                  I am sure all those rocket scientists and astrophysics majors flooding our borders can pick up the slack.

              • “If you try to be Rosa Parks and not pay your taxes, you’ll be in jail. Nothing changes.”

                Really? Rosa Parks changed nothing?

            • Nathan, go ahead and follow your own advice. Let’s see how long it takes the IRS to drop a hammer on you. Good luck with that.

              • Stop being a coward, “Braveheart.” Do you think I’m posting this from a jail cell?

              • The way out of the SSI tax nightmare is to change your name to Jose Gonzales and start working for cash-only in the underground economy. 12 million illegals can’t be wrong!

              • @ Renegade braveheart : You are right. They want us to rise up and start the ball rolling. That Clive Bundy thing was about just that very thing. They wanted us to rise up, show our asses, and get the ball rolling for them. I am so glad that cooler heads prevailed. Make them look bad, make them bring the fight to us. That is the only way we win. Keep preping, don’t let the aholes bother you, never let them push you into doing something stupid. We will all have our chance to be heroes or zeroes soon enough.

                • Fishandmud, AMEN to your posts. the right time to rise up is when the government makes the first move and we respond in self-defense. We’ll be the heroes and the other side will be the zeroes.

                  • “Fishandmud, AMEN to your posts. the right time to rise up is when the government makes the first move and we respond in self-defense.”

                    How many people do they have to kill all at once before you will choose that moment to stand up? One? A dozen? A hundred?

                    So where were you at Ruby Ridge or Waco?

                    They aren’t going to send a few soldiers out to purposely shoot up a crowd and thus start the big all-at-once Revolution you dream of. Instead they’ll come after folks one by one….as they have already been doing…and they will continue doing this, getting people one at a time just like the Nazis did when they consolidated their control over power, while sit there with your dick in your hand waiting for a massive attack. By the time they come for you everyone else will already be in the, concentration ca…er, FEMA camp.

                    If Be Informed or any number of these other people who have disappeared here recently were already in a FEMA camp, how would you know it?

                    “First they came for the conspiracy theorists, but I sat on my ass and didn’t say shit, and continued paying my taxes like a good little slave, because I wasn’t a conspiracy theorist.”

            • The reason you pay taxes is because you volunteered to! You are a corporate citizen of the US corporation. Therefor you have given up your constitutional rights and agreed to be a part of the corp. govt. You use theyre notes as your currency, you agreed to have a social security number, you agreed to use theyre licenses and permits, you contract with them in all kinds of ways, marriage license, hunting/fishing license, drivers license, voter registration, filling out tax forms and signing them, you own nothing the state owns your house and cars, all you have is a title giving you permission to use it in commerce and have it taxed. Where is your original birth certificate? Where is the manufacturers certificate of origin for your car? Ever wonder why the system just does what it pleases and gets away with it? Maybe you are part of the system and have agreed to theyre rules by fraud. Theres a lot more to all this bullshit than meets the eye, look into it.. 🙂

              • I was assigned my SS# when I was born…I didn’t agree to it. I bought their licenses and permits, because it was, in my mind, better to pay for their licenses and permits, than to sit in jail for most of my life after getting caught without them…I did not “willingly” agree to any of that shit. I was FORCED TO, or pay the consequences.

                I NEVER AGREED TO SHIT.

                As far as that goes, everyone hates a “criminal”, thinking that because they broke some rule, they are bad.

                People who think that all criminals are dirt and have no right to live because they defied the law, are the enforcers of this govt game of control.

                Every one who will not hire a person with a criminal record, is guilty of propagating this corruption.

                Everyone who votes to keep them all locked up and ostracized from the rest of society, based simply because they broke some law (not talking about people who harmed others) propagated the control.

                My point is, it’s not only the govt hand that slaps people in the face when they don’t follow “the rules.” It’s US too.

                It used to be that once you paid your debt to society, you were free again. BUT NO MORE.

                We carry our criminal history for the rest of our lives now.

                HOW JUST IS THAT?

                It’s just another form of DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

                And we let our fear get the best of us.

                If you don’t believe this, I’ll ask one question of you:

                Would you privately sell a gun to a felon, if their only felony was driving without a license or insurance?

                If you answered NO you wouldn’t, because they were a felon, then you’re argument about “you agreed to use theyre licenses and permits, you contract with them in all kinds of ways, marriage license, hunting/fishing license, drivers license, voter registration, filling out tax forms and signing them…” IS NOTHING MORE THAN USELESS BULLSHIT.

                • Lots of valid points Sixpack. Keep em coming.

                • Sixpack, I didn’t say you knowingly volunteered for any of that shit but they see it that way. Corp. law is legal/statutory common law is lawful. Big diff between legal and lawful. By using corporate benefits you agree to the terms. It’s a really diabolical way to get everyone under theyre legal authority. It is extremely hard to live outside theyre system and you had better know how to deal with theyre legal system or you will be in a ton of shit. I have tried it and so have a few others I know and it’s a constant battle with govt. assholes. But it does open your eyes to just what a giant fraud everything around you is. When you come to realize how all this shit works and it starts setting in, it will floor you.. 🙂

                  • The Government assigns claim to your fetus still in the womb before you are even hatched. They know one day you will be a good Slave TAX Payer. Or sacrifice your body in one of their illegal wars. Either way, they look at us as asset crops to harvest for their pleasure.

                  • Genius, my comment was designed to hopefully get people to think about things that hadn’t come up in the conversation. I didn’t retaliate against you personally either. We’re on the same side. It takes a lot more to offend me than some people seem to think.

                • “I didn’t agree to it. I bought their licenses and permits, because it was, in my mind, better to pay for their licenses and permits, than to sit in jail for most of my life after getting caught without them…I did not “willingly” agree to any of that shit. I was FORCED TO, or pay the consequences.”

                  You weren’t forced to do shit, sixpack. It’s a fact. You CHOSE to submit yourself. You COULD withdraw your support from this system at any time….you just choose not to.

                  People are such fools. Do you think freedom is free? Do you think there is no cost attached to defending your freedom? Are you expecting to be 100% free and never have to work for it or take any risk whatsoever? Do you think you’re going to vote yourself freedom?

                  • I know that one can’t effectively fight for freedom from a jail cell, and after you earn the “criminal” tag. Criminals and the elderly are the easiest people to rob of their freedoms.

                    So you’re saying my “choices” were between being jailed and ostracized as a criminal, or doing what I had to do?

                    Future life planning isn’t your strong suit, is it?

                  • “So you’re saying my “choices” were between being jailed and ostracized as a criminal, or doing what I had to do?”

                    Are you a person who stands for their principles, or are you yet another weakling who can’t be asked to stand for what he believes in if it requires even the slightest bit of risk or discomfort?

                    Freedom isn’t free. Those who hide behind excuses will always remain slaves.

          • @fishandmud,

            You are right. Social Security is NOT an entitlement program. It is the NWO/Forture 500 business owners method by which they can avoid having to pay you long after you’ve stopped earning them profits.

            After all, why should they pay you, you made them money, optimized processes, and overall contributed to bettering of their business. Why should they give you anything….It’s just not in their makeup.

            In the past, every time they wrote that pension check, they cringed. Now, they can just hand you a watch and say thanks a ton. You’ve got Social Security….Thanks LBJ.

            The only entitlement going on here is that the business owners get to keep all the intellectual property, patents, process optimizations, etc that the worker’s developed over the years while the workers get squat.

            And no one better give that bs that employers pay 6.2% of the social security. We all know they decrease the wages to account for that. Throw medicare in their too for the argument’s sake.

            Hold your head High FishAndMud. The wealthy didn’t pay a dime for your retirement. We take care of it ourselves.

          • @fishandmud says – “For the ones of use that pay into social security all of our lives, it is NOT a massive entitlement.”

            Nobody “pays into social security”, it is stolen by way of an immoral direct taxation scheme. I’ve not paid one cent into the program but sure as hell have funded present recipients to the tune of > $100K.

            Read the two main SCOTUS decisions on social security – Flemming v. Nestor and Helvering v. Davis. Social security is in fact “a pay you go social welfare program”. Contributions (their words, not mine) are not earmarked in any way but go to the general fund to be distributed in any way the congress sees fit. You are merely an accounting entry. It is not an insurance plan as some think because as the supreme court indicated it “bears none of the characteristics of insurance” including a contract. The government could terminate the program tomorrow just before you retire and there’s not a damned thing you could do about it. Read those two decisions or at least the summaries and you’ll understand it more and be able to make intelligent comments about the program.

          • Fish and Mud. I can tell the F-word creates emphasis of your PO’d status. Ditto. F-Them.

          • It is not my fault the FUC***G goberment is STEALING from it..

            Uh, if you haven’t heard…the word is ‘was’ stealing from it.
            That money was gone 6 months after Clinton and his congress moved it to general funds.

            • And Chelsea Clinton had a baby Girl. Who I hear aready has been hired at NBC for $600,000 a year for a no show Job, identical to her mom Chelsea.

          • My father once told me fifty or sixty years ago that the social security fund had so much money in it,that it would be impossible to spend it all. Guess that’s changed!!

            Anyway, whether the government concedes it or not, social security is not the problem. Big government is. Every day I go out I pay road tolls: I pay gasoline tax: I pay tax on the coke I drink: I pay sales tax on the dvd I buy: I pay federal tax, social security tax, medicare/Medicaid tax: I pay health care tax (a new one!): I pay property tax: I pay cell phone tax, cable tax, electric tax, gas tax, sewer tax, garbage tax…there are more taxes than I can possibly list!…

            Multiply this by 150,000,000 taxpayers that are fully taxed in every facet of their lives and looking at everything, what is that dollar amount???…

            Big government-We pay $1,000,000 to build bridges for turtles so cars won’t run them over: we throw another million on studying the mating habits of the now extinct Peruvian Maple Fly: supposedly the most recent victim of global warming, we pay $500,000,000 to start ISIS- we pay $10,000,000 a day now to fight ISIS and we paid $3,000,000 for obamma to golf in Palm Springs and Key Largo this year…

            Lack of money is not the problem-big government is, accountability is, the fed is and I fear we are a day late and the proverbial dollar short.

            When did we become the “HOMELAND? I used to live in America. we were the land of the free and the home of the brave. You didn’t have to lock your doors and us kids could play outside after dinner until it was time to go to bed. On Halloween my neighborhood would have a block party and judge costumes at MIDNIGHT: every year we had a watermelon feast to close out summer, we didn’t have the worries of pedophiles, gangs, rapists, murderers, terrorists, satanic cults, meth heads: it was possible when the American dream was real, to grow up in a childhood of innocence and naiveté that is no longer possible today…

            Calling America the HOMELAND smacks of the Nazi Germany.
            From a recent article-
            “When you add everything up, it seems that the Department of Homeland Security is becoming Obama’s civilian national security force. With the powers being given to them the weaponry and ammunition they have purchased, they are taking on many of the same aspects of Hitler’s Gestapo and Janet Napolitano may be the next Heinrich Himmler.”
            No unfortunately for America but she may be our next Attorney General? A real step up from what’s his name…

            note-(the expenditures I used are not actual, but if you google where the money is going you’ll discover it’s way worse than what I indicated.
            The $3,000,000 for obamma to golf this year and the ISIS numbers were unfortunately accurate to the best of my knowledge)

            • “When did we become the “HOMELAND?”

              Odd…I’ve been WONDERING about that myself for some time. I mean, doesn’t ‘Homeland’ sound distinctly too close to ‘Fatherland’ or ‘Motherland’, like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia? I have to tell you…the hair began standing up on my neck as SOON as I heard various our own various Governmental and Coporate ‘apparachicks’ start using that particular nomenclature; These rectums are the very definition of a ‘hive-mind’ and THAT verbage – invariably – is what THOSE use to describe thier ‘happy hunting grounds’ and the associated prey that they thrive on, namely…you and me.

              Where will this end? I’m not too sure but I KNOW it won’t be a ‘good place’ to be. So, BE somewhere ELSE, soon. A word to the WISE.

              Addressing the premise of this piece I will point out that any physical system has a certain momentum (once it has enterted into motion) but that also that when there is no longer a driving force ‘pushing’ that system forward, then whatever momentum it has will soon (-er or LATER) be dissipated and that system will come to a STOP. The easiest analogy that can be given is one which we are all familiar with, that of your car when it runs out of gas…modst of us have had that happen at some time, surely.

              Ever notice that when – at the instant that the car first “hitch’s” – as the fuel is interupted, then stops completely – and you are going down the road seemingly in good fiar speed? Perhaps you were starting to climb a littel, samll rise in the road…one just ahead a small distance, Ok?

              Sure…at the the instant that the car starts to climb that slight grade you INSTANTLY begin losing SPEED very quickly…you might well have coasted on the ‘flats; before it for some good distance but as you began to climb…thinking, “Oh Yeah…I’ll MAKE this!” you suddenly find that the car slows and then stops in a suprisingly short time…always BELOW the crest of the wee little rise; following on here?

              THAT is what the economy is currently doing; moving forward on MOMENTUM alone. The ‘Consumer’ has stopped spending because they DON’T have any MONEY left to SPEND on anything that isn’t CRITICALLY neccessary to daily life, no ‘impulse purchaees’ of any sort. Every retailer – virutally everywhere now – is looking into the face of the ABYSS as they scan thier sales figures for the last few quarters…as well, the BIG BOYS are seeing thier earnings plummeting…IBM, CAT, and etc…no joy there Folks; Please don’t take my word for it, just look around at any reliable source you feel comfortable with. Were that not enough, the most recent ‘Baltic Dry Index’ figures are just BEYOND belief, corroborating the foregoing rather nicely.

              The SHIT IS HITTING the fan right slow motion. I have a lot of respect for Durango Kid’s estimations; generally they are MORE right than wrong…but THIS time I think we might ALL get suprised rather soon. Remember what Hemingway said about the process of him going bankrupt, “….slowly at first…then all at ONCE’.

              I am now of the opinion that we will see – rather soon – the current small cracks appearing everywhere broadly in the ‘System’, suddenly begin widening, frighteningly fast…after which we can reasonably expect that the system finally collapses under it’s own “monumental” weight…but that’s just my opinion, FWIW.

              • I had a pinto station wagon with a manual tranny when I was in my late teens. It had some electrical problem that I never found in the short time I owned it. It died at nearly every stop, and I had to get out and push-start it every time…needless to say, it did not end will for the pinto.

                • The Pinto was almost as bad as the Chevy Vega. My sister had the Pinto, I had the Vega. And yes, I am old.

                  • Truth of the matter is sixpack, if you still had it and it was indecent shape, you could more than likely get what you originally bought it for.

                  • in decent.

                  • I had one, too. Except for the rust, mine was a very reliable car. Bought it with about 75K on the clock, ran it up to 150K over about three years. Handling on snow and ice was a bit, ah, exciting, but hey, I was young and loved the excitement. Only the “gas-tank problem” ginned up by the ambulance chaser lawyers killed it. Biggest problem I ever had with it was tires. No US tire makers had figured out how to make radials back then, so keeping four round tires on it for more than three months or so was an event.

                    The VEGA, on the other hand, had a monumentally stupid engine design; an aluminum block with no liners in the bores. Any junior high school hot-rodder could have told them how that would work out.

                  • PO’d P, we took a vega and dropped a V-8 in it. We added lead to the body and custom-narrowed a Heavy-duty rearend, cut a truck driveline down to fit and with a few other tweaks, we made a vega that blew doors….the mods cost more than the vega, and in short order, the frame buckled at the windshield. The brakes sucked too, but hey, how many kids worry about brakes anyway? 🙂

                • Pinto, the Ford with the Exploding Gas Tanks in “Rear-end” collisions. My sister had one and she let me practice drive it, out on the back country roads when I was about 13 or 14 yrs old. I was already driving tractors on a farm we used to own up in Wisconsin. Back in the late 70’s we still had lots of freedoms. Kids could go bike riding all over the country side, and never worried about anything. Kids these days you cannot let them leave their front yards. In fear of some nut job stealing them.

                  • Lot of cars back then had the gas tank located behind the rear axle where it could be crushed in a rear-ender. Remember all the ChevyBuickOldsPontiac sleds with the filler cap behind the license plate? The Pinto just happened to be the one that some idiots were backing up on an exit ramp on the Indiana Toll Road when they got hit, and to cover their stupidity hired a bevy of lawyers.

        • I think a more appropriate statement would be the collapse has accelerated. It started slowly, insidiously a long time ago, probably around the time the US relinquished control of its money to the bankers in 1913. The dollar has lost 93 percent of its value since then, inflation. Another point of collapse acceleration had to be Nixon ‘temporarily’ taking us off the gold standard to fund the Vietnam war. But today, literally every day the collapse is accelerating faster, almost at ramming speed now.

      4. Some might view this as off topic, but it’s actually completely relevant to this discussion….because it’s WAR the elites want to cover up for this impending collapse!

        Sometimes I see signs and signals which tell me there is hope for America yet. Inevitably, my hopes end up being dashed against the rocks of reality. Case in point: this Iraq/Syria situation.

        Two years ago when Obama wanted to go to war in Syria for no good reason, America said no, because everyone hates Obama! So those who pull his strings thought about it for a little while, and they came up with a new plan:

        Phase 1: The CIA funded, armed, and trained this group called ISIS, from the beginning in 2012 when they were just harmless, innocent, courageous “Syrian rebels.” They then sent these paid MERCENARIES across the border to overthrow the Iraqi government, which has until now been refusing to play ball with our corrupt Middle Eastern agenda.

        Phase 2: Every day the news has been blasting these SCARY warnings about how ISIS is hiding under everybody’s bed and in their closet, and is ready to strike anywhere on the globe at any time. This message was specifically targeted at the IGNORANCE, COWARDICE, and STUPIDITY of the average American.

        Phase 3: While everyone and their mom is scared that 9/11 times a thousand (911,000!) is right around the corner, we now find Obama dithering and wavering, not sure if war is such a good idea. **And because clueless dipshit Obama “opposes” this necessary and sure-to-be righteous and just war….that makes the typical dumb ass American want it all the more badly!**

        They are playing a “good cop, bad cop” scenario on y’all, to get you to do what they want….and it’s working like a charm….because most of you are too CLUELESSLY NAIVE to see it. You just play the part you were programming to play by the fucking glowing box in the corner you’re always mindlessly staring at. You’re cheering your way right into WORLD WAR 3 just like the “useful idiots” you are.

        “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

        – Herman Göring

        • monkeys on a rock…..that’s U.S.

        • All they talked about on faux news today was what the govt could do to make us safer. We all here saw that coming.

        • This feels spot on!?!?

          • It is almost spot on.

            Cline hits on some important points that for the most part are true and can be linked….like….

            CIA involvement with ISIS/ISIL/ICE Capades.

            He makes two statements that are completely false:

            1… “everyone hates Obama!”

            There is a liberal and a “black”, element of society, that would follow him and whatever he is preaching, all the way to the gates of hell.

            2… All of phase two…..

            All (“average”) Americans aren’t stupid or cowards, and most Americans have more sense than to believe that an ISIS member is hiding behind every tree.

            Given enough time and resources, along with a sympathetic POTUS, it could happen in the future though.

            Americans “are” people on this site, a varied bunch that is very much awake in some circles, and just awaking in others. We vary in social status and backgrounds and education; but, also we are predominately patriots and believe in a God,Saviour,Salvation, and Eternity.

            There has always been a segment of any society that is asleep and just doesn’t care; and always will be.

            We see the truths of the workings of TPTB, and know it is has gone past fixing, to a point of no return. That’s why we prep for the coming economic collapse that this article foretells.

            What isn’t told by Cline, whether out of ignorance or by blatant ommission is the fact; that there is another factor, the main factor, behind ISIS/Syrian conflict/ and the hatred towards white Christaian/Jewish Americans….they are called the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

            Don’t believe it? Do the research, and follow the trail of $$,the gov/Obama administrations close ties and involvement since BUSH Jr. Just because they lost their control and raping ways in Egypt, doesn’t mean they just disappeared.

            Their goal is world dominance, and will do anything or anybody to get it.

            Cline wants us to believe that it isn’t the islamic mindset that is the problem and place the blame directly on one segment of political control. There are three distinct elements going on here, actually a fourth if you include the Russian part.

            As long as there are Muslim Brotherhood, there will be terror and uprisings. They didn’t just begin a few years ago. Remember, they want world dominance and they are muslim/islam. Blame the war we are now in on whomever you want but it will continue until islam is gone completely. There are no peaceful muslims, only “deceptions” of peace with some elements, especially in America.

            “They cry peace,peace,peace, but there is no peace!”

            • “Cline wants us to believe that it isn’t the islamic mindset that is the problem”

              Muslims are not the problem. Muslims have never been the problem. The U.S. Government is the problem.

              • The Sunni ragheads and the Shia ragheads have been hatin’ on each other for 1300 years. The US government didn’t create the longest-running religious war in human history, but when so much oil was found in the region there was an imperative to try to manage it. Which is about like a cop going on a domestic-violence call in Ferguson – they may be screamin’ and throwing things at each other, but when the cop shows up they both turn on him.

              • We get it. You hate America.

                Muslims are indeed the problem. They want domination. Christians are not going to convert. So, endless war.

                If muslims were not the problem, why are they so fucking silent on the beheadings? All you get is the token “we do not condone”. Bullshit. Your silence and inaction condones it.

                We will go on killing muslims, just like we have for thousands of years. And when they are all dead, we will come after the atheists. When they have been eliminated, we will start on the Mormons.


                • “We get it. You hate America. ”

                  I hate what America has become, ever since Abe Lincoln destroyed the original Republic and ushered in the American Empire. I hate empires, because they are inherently built on warfare, plunder, and slavery, as ours is.

                  “Muslims are indeed the problem. They want domination. Christians are not going to convert. So, endless war.”

                  No, “they” simply don’t. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. I’ve met many of them personally. The people of Afghanistan are in many ways some of the best people you could ever meet. Stop repeating MSM propaganda.

                  “If muslims were not the problem, why are they so fucking silent on the beheadings?”

                  I think the real question you should be asking yourself is, why has the Western mainstream media been so silent on Muslim criticism of the beheadings? There are protests currently going on all across the world from Muslims against ISIS…but you didn’t know that, did you?

                  Muslims by and large are sick and tired of being painted by Western media as bloodthirsty and violent, when all they want to do is live in peace, as they did for hundreds of years before oil and other precious resources were discovered in their lands!

                  ” All you get is the token “we do not condone”. Bullshit. Your silence and inaction condones it.”

                  This is the same argument that will be used against you, when your name goes does in history right along with the Nazis as being a clueless piece of shit (not my words; historians’), because your people tortured and killed people all around the world for decades while you sat at home in comfort, oblivious to it all. Indeed, sitting there with your eyes and ears covered the whole time. You simply don’t want to believe that your team could ever be the bad guys. But God is all knowing and all powerful and he will show no mercy on you for your willful blindness and ignorance.

                  “We will go on killing muslims, just like we have for thousands of years.”

                  You don’t even know the history of the past hundred years, so how in the world can you ever claim to know the history of a thousand years? Or of ten thousand years? You are simply repeating the propaganda which has been burned into your brain circuits by too much exposure to the TV and newspapers.

                  “When they have been eliminated, we will start on the Mormons. ”

                  What is the source of your sarcasm here? That America will come after Mormons next? Or that America means to rule the entire world at any cost?

      5. Great news on a quiet Sunday evening.

      6. He has been “galt” for awhile now.

        • Wagon driver what dept are you with ?

      7. Green I was wondering the same thing. Haven’t seen a post in quite a while. Hope all is well.

      8. JUST A POLL. Is it more interesting to respond to an Article or to Someones Comment. VOTE*Green Thumb for Comments * Red Thumb for Article.

        • MT- I try to sometimes be the Contrarian of the subject matter to get people to think about what they say. If you make a statement, I hope you have some justification for it. Good or bad. Religious people get very defensive on this blog, and resort to calling me names like I am a sinning Athiest. Instead of providing any proof or facts of what they blurt out. lol Peace!! BTW I am a peaceful person normally, Athiest are more combative.

          • WWTI I disagree with your viewpoint, but you’ll get no attack from me. Thats between you and the Lord. God didn’t make puppets, he gave everyone a choice. Theres no reason for me to be angry just because you don’t believe. Trekker Out. No Skin Off My Teeth!

            • Trekker, It isn’t I don’t believe. I just don’t believe in getting fleeced or duped by organized religion.

          • Despite how you want to twist the truth about your beliefs, your words are the “tale of the tape”.

            You have a liberal mindset. You have an atheist mindset, which doesn’t necessarily mean you worship satan, but you will argue any proof or facts that anyone puts forth, that God exists and the Holy Bible, is His own Word. Why waste our time putting forth facts that you will never acknowledge anyway.

            You are too self-loving to worship anyone but yourself.

            We don’t care. It is your ass that is on the line with judgement coming.

            We just have a problem with your continual bantering and bashing of the majority of folks on this site, “that are true believing Christians”.

            OK wwti, you don’t consider yourself an atheist because you are non-combative and they are.

            You don’t consider yourself a sinner… but yet you don’t believe in God or His written word, or His plan for the remission of sin. So you are perfect and without sin?

            Naw, i nor anyone else is buying that crap.
            I have made my final point to you and, with you.
            Have a good trip.


          • WWTI, I disagree with your atheism. I was an atheist by the 7th grade, in the Bible Belt, because I too was smart and thought it was all a bunch of horse shit. What I came to discover is that everything I was rejecting about religion was actually a straw man argument. There is no floating man in the sky; God is the Universe. They are one in the same concept. Heaven and Hell aren’t places you go to; they are what people believe about the value of your deeds on earth, and what they say about you after you die. There are lots of Christians and others out there who are well meaning, and who do understand many things you might not, though their overall understanding of their own religion may be flawed. I think in time you and most other thinking people will come to see religion in the same light I do. When you push aside all the supernatural B.S. you find there is actually a lot of light and truth in it.

            That having been said, I have read many good comments by you on here and I appreciate the perspective you bring to the conversation. You are a smart guy who makes a lot of good points.

            • You claim to believe Christianity but you obviously deny it. God is a living spirit being that created the entire physical universe. God inspired different men to write the various books of the Bible. We have God’s word. Absolutely everything that happens is subject to God saying no.

              The world is being gradually handed over to Satan. We might see billions die even before the Great Tribulation starts.

              The majority of atheists believe in God. They just hate God and refuse to acknowledge His existence. Nobody hates the tooth fairy but it’s hard to find an atheist who doesn’t rabidly hate God.

              • “You claim to believe Christianity but you obviously deny it.”

                Did I? Where did I say I was a Christian? I’m not a Christian; I’m an intelligent, independent thinker who has thoroughly explored the subject of religion. Christianity is not the only religion in the world, though I realize there are certain zealots who choose to act if it were so.

                “God is a living spirit being that created the entire physical universe. ”

                God IS the Universe, and everything in it. The nature of the Universe is debatable, but I’ve observed that the “old man in the sky” theory has been steadily losing ground for centuries.

                “God inspired different men to write the various books of the Bible. ”

                That is correct. Men were inspired by what they perceived in the world around them, which is all part of the Universe. This is why it’s said that God “spoke” to and “inspired” people.

                “We have God’s word. Absolutely everything that happens is subject to God saying [so].”

                I think that last word was a typo; let me know if I’m wrong.

                God does not literally speak. It would be more correct, in a religious way of speaking, to say that everything happens because God wills it. This is correct. God’s will = the Laws of Nature, and every other derivative law built upon them. Whether you say that something occurred because of the Laws of Nature, or because God willed it, the meaning is the same.

                “The world is being gradually handed over to Satan. We might see billions die even before the Great Tribulation starts.”

                We will see billions die over and over again throughout history. The history of the Universe is the history of warfare. One of the main errors people make in interpreting the Bible is their belief in “The Great Tribulation.” What we are experiencing right now would be more properly referred to as “A Great Tribulation.” This type of disaster occurs over and over again through history, in regular cycles.

                “The majority of atheists believe in God. They just hate God and refuse to acknowledge His existence.”

                The main measure of an atheist is how little he believe that his actions have real and lasting consequences. This is closely correlated with selfishness and unwillingness to consider facts and ponder truth.

                “Nobody hates the tooth fairy but it’s hard to find an atheist who doesn’t rabidly hate God.”

                It is not God they hate, but the idea of not being able to do whatever they want whenever they want wherever they want, if it feels good.

        • I respond to the comments more than the article. I’d rather engage the people directly, especially when the article isn’t interesting or a repeat…but that’s just me.

      9. I’ve been to V’s website,, and this guy is the real deal. I don’t normally defend Dave Hodges, but he DID NOT write this article; he only linked to it. I know we have all read ‘collapse’ articles for a long time, but I do feel something big is not very far off. My prepping is continuing and I trust everyone else is also.

      10. Right, but, check the last 3 years for basically this same claim repeated 300 times.

        • Yea, it was supposed to be fall 2012, then spring 2013, then spring 2014, now 2015, then…….

          • Gonetoolong, It will definitely be 2015 cause thats when the last of the four blood moons occur, but then again it could be 2016 cause thats when the Big election happens, but on the other hand Obammy don’t have to give up his seat until Jan. of 2017 so thats when it will happen for sure. But it could be the winter of 2014. Best bet would be,to sell everything and cash out of you 401K, don’t worry about the penalty and everyone head for Pike’s Peak, cause the Mothership will be there sometime in the first part of October. So you better hurry. Trekker Out. Sure Wish I Could Find Some Cheap 22LR.

            • I’m with you, MT.

              But, if the Lord tarries…..
              and we are still suffering away with this looming disaster into 2016, it could go on until the next set of blood moons which is in 2032/33.

              If it does continue, you can catch me on the water. I’ll be fishing my ass off on the lakes, in a self propelled Hobie Kayak. Mouthing a backwoods smoke and sipping homemade wine. Some stream and river fishing also. Not taking chances with the big ocean eaters though, but maybe an occasional winter trip to the inlets for brackish water trout and flounder.

              Keep the faith!

            • 22 Long Rifle is a myth.

              Have not seen a brick in, literally, years.

              I refuse to pay $13.00 for a box of 50 CCI Hollow-points. Good ammo but only worth about 1/4 of that price tag.

              People say they can find it online and some places have it locally, but not anywhere within 100 miles of my house.

              It is actually cheaper to shoot my shotgun than the 22. Sad day indeed.

              • Hmmmm. I just bought one of those mythical bricks at a gun show for $45. Good CCI target ammo, too.

      11. slow at first and then all at once. catches 99.998% of the world off gaurd. good luck and God speed!

      12. WTF; been here for a few and now a lot of people are leaving. I’ll take that as a sign something big is about to happen, most had something on the ball.

        • Anon. Some left here cause they are busy checking their rice and bean preps. Or looking for fresh jokes. No jokes here any more. I think with in the next few months, its is going to get pretty Fugly. Watch the stock market plummet and the drunks will sober up, realizing the drunken bash is finally over, the the bill is due and they can’t pay it.

        • Hmmmm…good observation,



          Be Informed….????.

          Gee, I get a LITTLE nervous when the ‘Science-types’ begin disappearing…and OTHERS as well. Also, dwell on THIS ‘one’ a tad; BI seems to have VAMOOSED almost immediately AFTER MayBeSo left him (and DK) a ‘last message’ a bit ago….look it up. Yep, I’m gettin more nervous by the DAY.

          • Glad I’m not the only one to notice. MayBeSo’s messages seemed really creepy and cryptic. Like he was trying to hint at something but observing OPSEC….or just off his rocker completely? I couldn’t tell exactly. It was BI’s absence that made me take notice.

      13. Five years ago Iran was supposedly going to have a nuclear weapon within “a year”. We don’t hear anymore about that. I think predictions are pointless because they are usually wrong.

        • Don’t you think they already have nuclear weapons? If they’ve been on a course to make them how long would it take, we made them from scratch in the 1940’s, how many years did it take 4 maybe? How much better tec did they buy from Russia to produce nuclear materials and again, how long have they been at it?

        • SunTzu, Iran put their Nuke making on hold, they’re waiting to see if maybe ISIS can take Israel with an AK47 and a Toyota! Trekker Out. Don’t Think So!

          • Disagree, Trekker,

            Iran is on a mission from Allah. There is no turning back, or slowing down. They are in a screaming rush/race for nukes so they can claim world dominance before Muslim Brotherhood/Cia backed ISIL, gets there.

            The Joosters have their NSA counterparts/intelligence in place and will allow them to release an early small nuke into israel before “releasing” the hounds….Justification by “we told you so”.

            The hounds are BIGGER, badder,nukes than Little Boy and Fat Man, released on Japan.

            If the prediction of a third of the World being killed off by war/bombs, in REV. is literal deaths, than this most likely will be how it is done and how the Muslims will be brought under control. Wipe out the masses and the few remaining parts don’t squeal much.

            Cut off the head of the viper, and the tail don’t rattle very strong or very long.

            • “Iran is on a mission from Allah. There is no turning back, or slowing down. They are in a screaming rush/race for nukes so they can claim world dominance before Muslim Brotherhood/Cia backed ISIL, gets there.”

              You’re completely and totally wrong.

              Iran has not invaded any country in HUNDREDS of years.

              How many countries has the U.S. invaded over the past 100 years? 50? 20? 5?

              Iran is not a threat to anyone but the assholes who run our government, and the liars on TV who support them. It is the UNITED STATES that wants to dominate the entire world. That’s why the US is about to get its ass bombed back into the stone age in WW3.

              • Another “blame America” post.

                As America goes, so goes the world. If we get bombed, you can bet your ass we will take the world down with us – in flames. I don’t hear you talk much about your preps there Nathan. I guess the .gov has your back?

                So what is your solution? Who do you stand with?

                • “Another “blame America” post.”

                  Your refusal to accept blame for your failures is at the heart of why America has become such a failure.

                  “As America goes, so goes the world. If we get bombed, you can bet your ass we will take the world down with us – in flames.”

                  That’s quite correct. The rest of the world is in the process of going down in flames because they have followed America’s lead. And we have lead them straight into Hell. Half the world has begun to turn back, but our half presses onward, oblivious.

                  ” I don’t hear you talk much about your preps there Nathan. I guess the .gov has your back?”

                  Perhaps you should take a moment to search through this site and read my previous posts, before making any more foolish assumptions. I have made many preparations, the most important of which is the accumulation of knowledge. The only thing I lack is willful ignorance.

          • Iran has not invaded another Nation in like 216 yrs. The last Iran-Iraq War was Iraq retaliating against Iran. So it is pretty absurd the US Government calling Iran a threat. I am not defending Iran, but hey somebody has to tell the truth. Our Government has invaded like 50 countries in the last 50 years. maybe more. Hypoctit liars.

            Here is a Link: from 2012
            The last time Iran invaded another country was 214 years ago, why are Americans getting fooled as Iraq before?
            “Zandie” invasion were shah of Iran attacked “Basra” Iraq in 1798 was the last Persian invasion. The 1980 Iraq – Iran war was initiated by Saddam backed by the U.S and Israel and when establishment media tells you Iran is supplying WMD’s that is just ridiculous considering IED’s cost only $30 to make. And CIA has no evidence Iran is on a verge of a nuclear weapon, which means as WMD’s of Iraq before the fool is getting fooled again !!!

            • Persia wasn’t threat until the mullahs took over, with Jimmuh Cahtah’s blessing. I had the experience of working with three different Persian refugee engineers before I retired. (They don’t like being called Iranians, by the way!) Intelligent, educated people who were entirely pro-Western, as would well over half of the Persian population be, except they live in an Islamic police state. Obama has had a couple of chances to support the secular opposition in Persia since 2008, and has ignored them. He’d rather see a murderous Caliphate than a civilized society there.

      14. I like the theme of the article but the conclusion zaps the otherwise well written article. Why did the Bush family spend 100k for a place is an odd supporting comment. The Bush famil owns property in several countries. 100k would be similar to most of us spending 10 cents.
        The drills have been going on for decades. The bankers hiding? Who and where? Most importantly why? Perhaps buying in countries that doesn’t have extradition treaties.
        Aside from the poor reasoning at the conclusion, the level of debt, both national and personal will eventually collapse the nation. The devaluing of the dollar will help but cause panic when it the dollar reaches 10 cents.
        The reserve issue is due to competition and power plays. China is pegged to the dollar and have been trying to overtake te US for a long time.

        • Roseana Rosanadana (Fyyff), The Bush family likely spent a lot more on 100,000 ACRES of land, not $100,000 of land. Slight difference.

          • Roseana Rosanadana

            OMG–I miss that character.

      15. Does anyone have a “bug out” plan for their investments/cash/etc. I know, most of you will say “take all your money out and buy PM’s”. I haven’t. What I mean is, has anyone planned around the withdrawal restrictions and other things to plan out a 3 day plan to liquidate. An 8 hours plan. Things to buy at the last minute. etc.

        • It’s pretty simple math, if you don’t hold it YOU DON’T OWN IT.

        • I know some people planned on using their cc, running them up at the last minute. In 2008, I needed to purchase some building supplies. I had a card with $22000 limit. Balance was under $10000. Swiped card a checkout for $150 purchase and it was declined. The cut the credit line with no notice. Was never late, nor did income decrease. The banks WILL protect themselves. If you don’t trust the system and your intent is to take your money out, do it now.

        • No such short term plan can be viable. They can cut you off from anything in a bank in seconds, and they will. Best plan is to withdraw an inconspicuous amount every week, (or month), until your bank accounts are only enough to cover current bills and monthly purchases.

      16. I see so many good people are leaving, something they know? My first comment and my last, look out!

        • That’s the way Vapor is, here one minute gone the next.

      17. If it ever hits bottom will have a hole dead center
        of America 100 miles in diameter and a 1000 miles deep

      18. @ MT : It depends on the artical and the comments. I respond to both depending on the topic, subject, and responses. I can’t green or red thumb you. Thank you.

        • F&M thats OK, this ain’t no scientific poll, besides you know how polls are, they don’t really give you a choice. It’s either Yes or No! Trekker Out.

      19. All I can say is get ready.

        But this is the problem, I think more than one event other than war will occur and so when SHTF does happen and it could be this year, do conserve, resupply may be difficult.

        Just my opinion.

      20. The “collapse” officially started in ’08. The Fed has been very busy printing as to not alarm anyone. But make no mistake, we have been in depression mode since then. The only difference from ’29 is the little blue card keeps people off the street waiting in bread lines! But once that gets clicked off, and access to your bank gets clicked, major chaos will ensue! And of course DC will let everyone know who the boogey man was that was responsible for the collapse! The global war will soon follow!

        • I’m sure BHO being president at that time was to preside over the acceleration of the end. And he is surely accelerating it, like a dive bomber.

      21. I believe David Hodges is spot on, there is a storm coming, that will utterly destroy our nation.
        The Elite are preparing, we should all be doing the same.
        Don’t let all the bad news overwhelm you, do not fear.
        Put your trust in “God Almighty” and prepare the best you can, with what ever resources you have.
        Food, Water & Filter, Medical Supplies, Gun’s and lot’s of Ammo, sleeping bags and camping supplies for every member of your family.
        Something Evil Comes!

      22. Ezra Taft Benson said that “storing food will be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the time of Noah.” Through the many great articles on this website and those like it we can see the truth to those words. I firmly believe there is no way to avoid what is coming. Some people I talk to still believe it is a matter of voting the right person into office, but they simply fail to see the bigger picture and accept that both right/left will take you to the same destination. We have reached the point of no return, and now all we can do is prepare temporally by storing every needful thing, learning skills that will be of worth when the collapse happens, and for those of us who are parents, teaching our children the importance of self-reliance, and passing our skills on to them.

        “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

        • I’ve always found it encouraging to witness a measured understanding of what is and what must be done…


        • “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

          Hey!! Is that from the Preppers Bible??? 🙂

          • hmmmmm says:
            Comment ID: 3234571
            September 28, 2014 at 8:44 pm “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” Hey!! Is that from the Preppers Bible???

            Yes and so is “Lo I shall fear no evil for my 45 and 223 art with me, extra magazines and ammo comforteth me.”

      23. If anyone here asks, or knows someone who asks, “How did things in America get so bad, and why is evil growing so fast in America?”

        Consider that the answer is because many people in America have chosen to not abide in God’s love and have instead chosen their own ways above all, and this has lead to the growing darkness which we see today in America.

        Repent, God loves us all and his arms are still reaching out towards us in love:

        “16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

        17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

        18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

        19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

        20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

        21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”(John 3:16-21)

        • EEEhh, screw telling them bible versus, tell them to do a search for the documentary “the money masters” that should explain it to even the the dimmest of bulbs 🙂

          • And who do you think the money masters are? The same people Jesus Christ drove out of the temple – ‘money changers’! You see they didn’t go away, they just wear suites now instead of robes!!

            For the deeper biblical scholar, the bankers/money masters/money changers are non other than the blood line to blood line sons of Cain, aka. satan’s kiddos!

            • You mean the joos?

              • Nope – the synagogue of satan as stated in the Book of Revelation. If gives our (true) brother Judah much trouble, because the main line churches do not teach the difference! They are not real jews, they have only taken on the persona of the jewish people, but they are not!

                • Thanks for pointing out that our real enemies are mere impostors (I call em parasites too).

                • Thanks for pointing out that our real enemies are mere impostors (I call em parasites too).

                • Thanks for pointing out that our real enemies are mere impostors (I call em parasites too).

        • Doorman- For God so loved the world he created Genocide and the Nuclear bomb too. He created starvation, drought, wars, hurricanes and floods. That’s why he so loved the world, and why he loves you too. Ready for another helping of that religious loving, Fill the plate and stop complaining. He loves you.

          Has anybody seen that show out there called Manhattan – aka Manhattan project? It was on last night reflecting how when people died or exposed to radiation while building the atomic bomb, in area 54, they tried to tell the families they fathers were killed because they were spies. Many Government lies back then, and demonizing Japanese Americans.

          Ever look up the facts Why Japan Bomber Pearl Harbor? The US Cut off Oil supplies to Japan. Then the US knew about the attack but let it happen so we could retaliate and get into WW2. You see Japan was going to try and conquer China. And the US should have let them do it. but once again the US injects themselves in to somebody else business, and why China is the power house they are today. The US screws up every time.

          Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

          On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese Naval attack force launched a surprise air attack on the US military force on the Island of Oahu, in the US territory of Hawaii. Aircrafts numbering to 253 were used to attack Pearl Harbor; the US Pacific Army airfields. About 2400 soldiers and civilians died, while approximately 1200 were wounded. The Japanese also sunk 21 ships of the US Pacific Fleet.

          The beginning of this Pearl Harbor attack started way back in 1931. Japan was planning for its imperial expansion, and invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria. In 1937, Japan declared a full-fledged war against China. In response to this attack on China, the United States had increased military and financial help to the Chinese. It had also cut the export of oil and other raw materials to Japan.

          So, in order to get back the oil and raw materials, Japan decided to conquer the Asian and Pacific territories that were rich in oil and natural resources. Japan knew that the United States will not overlook the war between Japan and China. Japan knew as well that its capture of Asian territories was also not tolerated by the US.

          The two countries started considering the issue as sensitive, and showed interest in negotiations, but no peaceful solution developed between the two governments. The Japanese Government believed that the war with the United States is inevitable.

          So Japan found an easy way of destroying the US military group installed at Pearl Harbor. Japan strongly attacked the US pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, and destroyed it. The Americans took a long time to recover. The Japanese thought that their Pearl Harbor victory would demoralize the US troops, and eliminate the intention of the United States to engage in war against Japan.


          Thus the Manhattan Project to drop the Atomic Bombs.

          Another History lesson by WhoWuddaThunkIt. lol

        • Doorman; Your quote: “16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

          Can you bring forward anybody who ever got everlasting life? You know proof if life. Out of billion and billions of Christians on this planet, can you bring forward just one who got the big promise of everlasting life?

          Show me who made it? They must be 400 years old by now a few of them eh? Bring them forward. lol

          Ever get the feeling you’ve been duped?

          • 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

            53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

            54 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.

            55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

            56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.

            57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:52-57)

            If you care to, ask God for help in understanding the truth of the meaning of the above verses. This is not a game.

            • You haven’t lived until you’ve heard those verses sung by a large chorus to music by Brahms. In German, of course.

      24. In 2009 NJ avg income was $65ki/yr… Now it is $40k/yr.

        BTW the economy started it collapse on Jan 22,2009…..

        • the collapse started july 30th 2005. that was the last day you could put a house in escrow, close in 30 days, and still have the long labor day weekend to move into it so the kids can be in their new school district. the dumbshit realtors will tell you that prices kept going up for 2 more years, but it was only the MEDIAN price going up. when you sell more expensive homes than you do cheap homes, it drives the MEDIAN price HIGHER, even though ALL homes are selling for LESS…it’s what the NAR is so good at, cherry-picking data to put the best light on their BOOK. do some research, and if you REALLY want to know about “why it’s a terrible time to buy an expensive house”, google those words i just put in quotations, and READ all three pages of patrickdotnet housing crash info ….you will be an expert….at least you’ll know more ….no, MUCH more, than the average dumbshit!…i will put a link below soon…..SERIOUSLY!…all americans should have this as REQUIRED reading before being allowed to buy a house….we’re in a BUBBLE RIGht nOW, folks.

      25. GOOD !!!!

        Lets get this over with so we can hit.


        And get bloody on with it.

      26. USDA needs submachine guns, yeah right! Well, bring it if you feel lucky!

        • Hey! they never know when a rogue bull may jump the fence.

        • Gee…

          What caliber are those “sub machine guns”…

          Sure looked like short barreled 40cal AR platforms to me…

          • Old news from May, they are 40 cal to go with all that 40 cal HP ammo that was ordered by a different alphabet group prior to the gun order.

      27. “The collapse has already started”
        DUH x 100
        It started around 60 years ago people…
        The GFC was just a wakeup call to the mindless masses as to the corrupt,diseased, rotten-to-the-core system, which of course they ignored.
        As for this tired rhetoric about the USD collapsing (like debunked Lindsey Williams/Alex Jones dribble about “the USD will be dead by the end of 2012” which “I” called bullsh*t to back then and everyone called me a shill) – IT WON’T.
        The USD is holding up the entire world economy.
        It’s the ONLY currency holding the entire show up !
        The USD will STRENGTHEN as other economies fail because (and go do your economic history research kiddies)capital moves to the lowest risk base, as is happening RIGHT NOW.
        As the Eurozone implodes and secession increases the USD gets stronger not weaker ok ?
        BUT.. global socio-economic collapse will increase rapidly starting next year.
        Things will really pick up speed next year. Oh yeah, baby..

      28. To everyone at SHTFPlan:
        I rarely post, though I read often. My dad ‘eppe’ turned me onto this site, and I read here once a week or so for a while. Being only 17 years old, I have to say, what is wrong with some posters here? I have seen things here that make me angry, disgusted, and disturbed with what has been said by some. My dad tries to make everyone smile with a joke. Is that so bad? My dad is one of the coolest people you could ever meet, and he has taught me so much on so many things. I get to do stuff that other kids never get to do. Being homeschooled was one of the best things my parents ever did, because I get to do internet schooling for four hours, then figure out what to do in life for the next four hours. He has really tried to be a good poster, and I think he has. But some of the things I read here, you people need to chill out. He has gotten tired of the religious and political crap that everyone here seems to press on. But who am I, just one of those kids who want to see a better world, and the view is dimmer and dimmer.
        Mini eppe

        • Nice to ‘meet you’ mini Eppe. My mini me goes to public school, but we’ve done a lot to teach him about real life. He is amazed at all the sheep at school. Last year he had a history teacher that would let the students ‘debate’ the subject being discussed in class. A few kids have come around to a more constitutional way of thinking.

          Btw I love your dads jokes, and some people are just burn agitators and never learn to be any different. Maybe your comment will help them to see a different perspective to their behavior.

        • Eppe is alright with most of us.

          Most of us are alright, too.

          Just a small minority of nutbags and haters can make a lot of noise. Separate the signal from the noise.

          • Take what you can use, and chuck the rest.

        • Chin up bud, you got good roots,
          It will be ok.

        • Mini Eppe, welcome aboard. I believe your father’s comedy is second to none. He’s so good sometimes I spit up some drink into my keyboard. Fortunately I’ve never had to replace a computer yet [I have laptops only]. Your dad is really a bright bulb in the house. Sometimes I get tired of the religious and political crap myself, but unfortunately those 2 things are part of life. Your dad is one of the best posters here in my view. sometimes he makes some serious posts in addition to the comedy. his jokes are really a bright spot for me every day. I hope someday I can meet both of you in person. Again, welcome, and hope to hear more from you.

          • Long time reader first time poster. At age 55 I am old enough to remember a very different country to the one I now find myself I began prepping about a year ago as I became convinced that our society cannot sustain itself for very much longer. The moral decay of America ( not really talking about religion here) has reached a point where the basic social contract necessary for a peaceful civilized society has reached critical mass. I recently read Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and the underlying cause of Rome’s collapse appear to be present in ours. I might point out that Romes collapse led to what is now called the Dark Ages. They lasted for hundreds of years. Given our current state of weaponry and the stae of human technology what seems to be coming will make the Dark Ages appear to be a picnic. I do not know if I can survive SHTF but as I have three fine sons who deserve a chance at life I feel it is my duty to try. It is both amusing and sad to watch folks argue about WHEN it will come. If you cannot see it is already happening, I really don’t know what to tell you. As for the end game wiser men than me cannot predict its outcome so I will not try. I do believe it is near, and I dread it and if you do not you are a fool. I did not chose to be born but I do have a choice about how I live. I will use my mind and body to keep me and those I love as safe and happy as I can. Sorry to rant but watching the bickering and chest thumping by some is tiring and non productive. Sometime very soon we will once again be forced to “hand together or hang separately. God bless.

        • Glad you joined us mini eppe. Welcome. Tell your Dad we need more like him in the world. It seems as though it is sometimes better to have a thick skin to post here. Tell him to read my comment in the previous article.

        • Woof woof, I am eppe’s Dog, and he is my master woof woof. he pets me and takes me for walks. He seems sad so I jumps up on his lap, dirty paws and all, and lick his face. woof woof. He told me to go post here to let every body know not to worry or picks on hims woof woof. So do you all likes me so far??

          • LOL.

            Epic troll.

        • You are blessed my friend….

          Tell your pop, i appreciate his final remarks yesterday, and will remember you all in my prayers.

          keep your eyes on Jesus, and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. it will help by telling God how much you appreciate His blessings, and will keep you from dwelling on all the crap that must come upon the earth before it can get better.

          Good day, eppe jr.

        • “He has gotten tired of the religious and political crap that everyone here seems to press on. ”

          Son, we are living in the Great Depression 2.0, and on the verge of World War 3. “Chilling out” is the last thing anyone needs to be doing right now. What you’ll find if you pay close attention, is that practically everyone in America is completely on edge and strung out. If I curse and insult people sometimes it’s only because I’m sick and disgusted with people’s ignorance. Imagine living 31 years and watching the country circling the drain the entire time, because most people are too stupid, ignorant, and AFRAID to face reality. Sometimes harsh words are the only thing that will penetrate folks’ thick skull. Other than a .50 cal round of course. Ask a drill sergeant if he ought to be kind and gentle to his recruits in the interest of getting the message across better.

          • At 31 you still are mostly blind.

            Pop a few children out into the world, then you might have eyes to see.

            Let me guess, your not having children, cause, you know, the world sucks and all that. Especially America.

            • “At 31 you still are mostly blind. ”

              That’s correct. But I’m also far wiser about the world than 99.99999% of my peers, and 90%+ of those who are twice my age.

              “Let me guess, your not having children, cause, you know, the world sucks and all that. Especially America.”

              Guess again.

          • Imagine being 70 and remembering when the country was NOT circling the drain. Makes me very, very sad at times.

      29. Now wait a second …..I know I heard 6 years ago that the collapse started

        • there’s one yappin’ now, mini eppe….BTW, you are a LUCKY kid to have a parent like eppe! he is a great asset to us here at shtfplan. there are thousands of people looking at this site, and a BIG majority love what he does, but there’s always a few BAD APPLES/boneheads, if you will….that’s a GUARANTEE in life…you need to learn THAT lesson at a young age…and what i know about eppe, i BET he’s ALREADY taught it to you…see yuh on the other side!

        • Ahhhhhhh….Rich99. Can’t fool you can they.

      30. To those who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching the documentary movie “22 After”. It’s a lot like The Road, but years before the father and son went south. You can find it on Vimeo. If you liked The Road, After Armageddon, American Blackout, I think you’ll like this one.

        • thanks white fox. i enjoyed that one.

      31. Speaking of the dollar fluctuating, today’s word is …….Fluctuations.

        I was at my bank today; there was a short line.
        There was just one lady in front of me, an Asian lady who was trying to exchange yen for dollars.

        It was obvious she was very irritated …
        She asked the teller, “Why it change? Yesterday, I get two hunat dolla fo yen.
        Today I only get hunat eighty?
        Why it change?”

        The teller shrugged his shoulders and said,
        The Asian lady says, “Fluc you white people too”

        Y’all Beware! keep Smilin.

      32. I have tried to fill all the holes in my preps because I believe the system has been abused to the point of no recovery. Unless there is some miraculous plan put in place, the world is going to suffer greatly. I only hope those responsible will be held accountable.

      33. Seems a little extreme. I’ve been hearing of how things will melt down every month. I’ll keep on track and keep on doing what I’m doing. When the shit storm comes… I’ll be ready. There’s only a few 4 stars out there and they can barely even read without help from their staff. Be wary of the messenger for he may tell you lies to weaken you.

      34. More sand bags around the bunker, more concrete added to the walls. More food,water ammo,weapons and band aids. Gonna be hairy!

        • They can get you out of your bunker. Anything made by man can be breached. they will never find my bunker. Because I don’t have one. Wouldn’t want one if it was given to me.

      35. The Collapse started in 1971 when Richard Nixon took us OFF the gold standard.

        Only now it is Accelerating, as the HOT lava of evil/decay/collapse/chaos/denial/lies spews down all sides of the the economic mountain that Used to be our economy! It’s not only melting, it’s burning up.

        A few quick points:

        – “V” is 100% accurate– he has never been less than accurate Ever before.

        – Read Dr. Jim Rickards’ book, “The Death of Money” if you want more background.

        – Not one bank in the entire world let alone the U.S. is solvent– not one!

        Why? Because of the derivatives evil.

        So what does our response need to be right now?

        1. You have maybe three weeks or LESS to get your IRA and 401k CONVERTED into a SELF-Directed SILVER IRA with a reputable firm, and this is a NONtaxable event. Have the silver put into a private depository OR into your own PHYSICAL possession. All available evidence points to the unavoidable DEATH of our PetroDollar and October appears to be the time when a LOT of crap (terror, false flag, epidemic stuff, economic stuff) will hit the fan.

        2. Once the Petrodollar is completely dead, our banks, under current law, will seize all of our assets to pay off debts. (Like they did in Greece, as a test run, the other year). Kiss your savings and all IRA/401k/Pension funds goodbye. Only keep enough cash in the bank to pay this month’s bills. The stock market is an illusion to keep the sheeple enslaved.

        3. We’re in for a very harsh winter, so are you properly prepped for it?

        4. An Ebola (or other) quarantine will freeze all commerce, thus shutting down food stores, and all others. Are you properly prepared for that?

        5. Every morning, and every evening, get right with God. Pray, prep, Pray some more.

        Financial prepping
        Regular prepping
        Spiritual prepping

        Time isn’t short, it’s shorter.

        Our Father
        Who art in Heaven
        Hallowed be Thy Name
        Thy Kingdom come
        Thy will be done
        On earth
        As it is in Heaven
        Give us this day our daily bread
        And forgive us our trespasses
        As we forgive those who trespass against us
        And lead us not into temptation
        But deliver us from evil, Amen.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      36. Spike: you forgot to mention ISIS POS,decapitate cats. Saw on this on a video. Let them POS come. I’ll knock them into next week. I will.

        • I’ll offer barncat to them 🙂 (joking)

        • AMEN!

          • Whoops, the AMEN was meant for The Lone Ranger’s comment not Southside.

      37. I know it’s all the fashion to predict disaster by [fill in your favorite year]. For my part, I’ve thought for about 6 or 7 years that 2015 is the approximate year. We’ll see.

        But let’s keep in mind that the US and more broadly the entire western economic system is one of the most complex man-made systems ever devised. When things start really moving, anyone who tells you they know how it will look in the end or who will get screwed the worst is lying through their teeth or else has a ridiculously overinflated view of their own wisdom and/or intelligence.

        Just one example is my family situation. My folks each draw a pension plus SS. If the current system expires before they do, the SS will be gone. The pensions are with a state who SEEMS to be in better financial shape than average, but that’s not saying much and who really knows what some snakes in some office somewhere might be hiding? Questionable at best. I personally am in the middle of a career change that, if the system lasts about 20 years, would provide me with a very similar pension. My earnings already in a very nice first career would supply me close to top SS benefits. My pension I know would be with a state that is near the top in reliability…unless we move to the redoubt and then who knows. As with my folks, my SS would be toast. My small bank accounts and stash of cash? Toast, except maybe what I could use the cash to buy if I moved fast enough.

        However, I do have a significant stash of consumables that would see us through for far longer than the average presuming that nobody found out we had it and shot us in the head for it. We also have a somewhat less significant stash of precious metals that would carry some wealth through to the other side, or work as an great source of emergency bribes or to purchase food and whatnot. We also are locked and loaded with enough ammo to reasonably see us through to probably the other side of whatever conflict might come provided we’re not really in the thick of it, though I’ve been told that ammo always goes faster than you would think so again who knows. Worst case, I have some cousins who do some major farming out in the hinterlands that we might be able to run for, but we might not be very welcome in such a situation either. We’re not that close.

        On the macro level, derivatives go POOF. Probably lots of stocks become worthless. Lots of capital equipment idles and rots/rusts. Same with a lot of commercial and residential real estate. The banks will either bail in or shut down, and in either case you’ve got lots of people with no savings and maybe even no checking to cover daily expenses for even a little while. Lots of NFL and MLB players discover that the bling they bought to wear around their necks are about the only things of value they do or ever again will own. Sorry about that, dudes. Thanks for the memories.

        Maybe other countries get ideas about moving in on us if it gets chaotic enough…or maybe they have their own problems. Either way people will have itchy trigger fingers and ideas about looting national guard armories and commandeering grenades with launchers, MRAP-type vehicles and so forth. Probably we have enough vets around who know how to maintain the stuff and maybe even keep tanks and/or fighter jets running. Feudalism will probably make a big comeback, but those who reach for the brass ring will be as likely to lose their arm as build a decent fiefdom.

        My point is, it’s just all too complicated with too many actors and moving parts to try to claim certain knowledge of anything about it. Which is why if I had the money at this moment, I’d be heading for the redoubt and finding a place as far out of the way as possible. I’d try to set up my own, much smaller system that would be more understandable and reliable to take care of my family.

        As it is, if anything big happens in the next, say, 5 years, we’ll be pretty exposed to whatever sh*t rocks the world. After that maybe we have a chance to make a run for it. Probably most of the rest of you are in much the same boat to one degree or another due to elderly parents or spouses who are not on board or other family commitments, jobs that depend on cities, etc.

        Too bad for us, I guess. I wish I could feel as confident as some of these jagoffs who write articles seem to be. If I KNEW it was going down in 2015, I’d immediately liquidate everything and run for the hills right freaking now and devil take the hindmost. But acting precipitously is almost never the answer in hindsight, and I’m trying to use some wisdom here. And so I’m trying not to hyperventilate and am just continuing on with earlier long-range plans. If plans ripen fast enough then we’ll execute them as foreseen and I’ll be sipping hot coffee on a porch in Montana in the mountains while I watch the sun come up every morning before I see to the day’s firewood, otherwise I guess we’ll improvise. The ability to improvise and adapt, after all, is always, without exception, what decides who lives and who dies. At some point you just have to put trust in your abilities and in providence.

        • Yep feudalism is my guess. My clan will need about 6 square miles. Where I live only has about 14 persons per square mile. If 90% die that will leave only about 4 persons per square mile.I thinking hunter gather nomadic style livestock herders. We don’t plan on leaving any buildings standing.

        • The best you can do is to have lots and lots of options. No one thing will see you through this. Start with the basics: a good family and friends, be healthy and fit, keep learning and picking up skills, don’t go into debt, save, have lots of options: different currencies, different passports, a family trust held offshore, various businesses to use as a tax shelter (this can get your taxes owed down to zero), and travel so that you know what is happening in the world and can feel confident about leaving the US if you have to.

          Once you have this stuff covered, then you must have fun. Life is short and many things can happen and you want to look back and say you had a rich and rewarding life with lots of achievements. Not look back and see a sad man cowering in his garage.

          Make sure you let young, beautiful women into your life. You need that little bit of get-up-and-go to make all the hard work worth it. Hire students, even if it is just to do some menial office work. Their youthful outlook will challenge you and make your workplace so much nicer to be in. I visit far too many workplaces that are fortresses of the middle aged, corporate burn-out, all blobby and shabby in appearance. That just depresses.

      38. Just do the math. Yeah I know most people hate math, and have been dumbed down so they don’t read, and worship at the alter of the NFL on TV. Good luck.

        • Whatchoo talkin bout Willis, I gots enuff chips and beer to get by for at least a week! Sheet man, the gov will have it all back together by then. You conspeerasy fools are crazy man. Fema gots are back this is amerika! The 49 states will hang together and git all them terrists. I gots me a bb gunn and aint afraid to use it. I won the weakly foootball pool and I just might get sum more cheetos too. Yer jus paranoyd dude. I went and bot sum more light bulbs thoh jus in case 🙂

        • would that be good old fashioned rithmatic or the new common core stuff??

      39. What a gre– inter–ew. I re–ly lear–d a -ot.

      40. I’m now picking scuppernong grapes. They’re huge and sweet. Get you a couple of plants. You need at least two for pollination. You can propagate clones by letting runners go to the ground and root. After they root, cut them loose and transplant.

      41. “Yes, America, that means that less than 2% of your deposits are covered.”

        Actually, it does not mean that. No insurance company on the planet can cover 100% losses simultaneously from ALL of their customers… not even the FDIC. What they can do, however, is call up the Fed, tell them that a disaster has occurred, and that they need XXX billions of dollars in emergency money. That money WOULD be printed off and delivered to them, probably as electronic digits, and the accounts of depositors would be resurrected.

        “When this house of cards comes crashing down, how do you think the government will deal with the situation?”

        Probably in the usual way… by the massive application of brute force and ignorance.

        • We will never run out of currency but will will run out of purchasing power. In the end its like having a car that has to operate on lower and lower octane gasoline traveling slower and transporting less until it stops.

      42. Question: what are you doing about refrigeration for the long term when the grid goes down? We live in an area close to the water where most do not have basements.

        • look up “clay pot” refrigerators and swamp coolers….

        • Optima N9931TYEL batteries
          4 230W 12v solar panels
          and an RV/camping 12 V refer from Cabelas

          • is actually a 12v cooler, only for intermittent use if we need it, are not planning on using refrigeration

          • Thanks Kula,that’s what I was thinking, our little motor home has a solar panel but the fridge in it only works on electricity or propane.
            How will you get by without any refrigeration?

            We are on a short road trip and I tried to light the oven the other day in the motor home and the pezio lighter was broken. And no matches! I can’t believed I failed prepping 101. Brings home the old adage 3 is 2, 2 is 1, and 1 is none!
            No, we don’t live in the motor home)

      43. Take a good HARD LOOK and I believe you will also see that the thumb is starting to press down on the RESET BUTTON! Can we stop that thumb NO WAY. Be ready.

      44. i know there are many articles that people label as far fetched or call “the sky is falling” type hype but i have direct knowledge that corresponds to this article i am placing below for your readers. My friend who i have known since high school would tell me things to warn me of upcoming events. HE HAS NEVER BEEN WRONG IN HIS ASSESSMENTS!! A number of months ago he told me that he would be leaving and not to ask him where he was going. He said he would pray for me and my family. Please remember that we have the puzzle pieces to figure it out and many of us have done this. May GOD be with you and good luck i am out. the article is below

      45. Why Is The USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

        “In May, the USDA’s Office of Inspector General filed a request for these weapons. But why exactly do they need them? According to a USDA press rep, the guns are necessary for self-protection.”

        “Submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot bur[s]t trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsib[l]e or folding, magazine – 30 rd. capacity.”


          • This was my exact point many threads back…

            The 40cal in this platform is a serious threat out to 50-75yds…

            We should ALL take note!!!

        • Why Is The USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

          Meat inspections! You know how hard headed those dang blamed steers get when its slaughter time.

      46. Russia and China. continue to buy up cheaper Gold.

      47. And naturally – the beatings will continue until morale improves.

      48. The talking heads are having a difficult time trying to hide the Real Estate “problem”. Student loans, $1 Trillion outstanding. Auto loans $950 Billion outstanding. Credit card debt is rising. The auto loan “problem” is so severe that the dealers and banks are installing GPS devices on the cars so that they can locate them when the buyer defaults. Tow trucks are being equiped with license plate readers so they just drive around parking lots and scan for defaults and repos.

      49. I am so tired of fear porn!

        • im not genius.. but you could stop watching “fear porn” then…

      50. The US is going out their way to avoid killing any IS fighters in Iraq and Syria. But the US is attacking Syrian refineries and natural gas plants that they claim are occupied by ISIS. I suspect that the alleged threat from ISIS is a fabrication to cover for attacks on Assad and the Syrian government.

        • ” I suspect that the alleged threat from ISIS is a fabrication to cover for attacks on Assad and the Syrian government.”

          I suspect that your 100% correct. IF ISIS was threatening Syria with its control of the petroleum facilities Syria itself has sufficient air forces to bomb itself. Syria close not to. Humm? Why? Because those installations were of high value to Syria.

          Whats next an ISIS agent is standing next to Assad and we “save him’ by bombing him? The ostensible excuses are laughable.

        • Like i said earlier, all under the thumb and guidance of Muslim Brotherhood. Don’t center attacks on our leaders/ISIS. Take out Syrian gov. so we/MB, can
          take over the country.

          I bet you a thousand dollars in gold, against a dognut; the ISIL leaders and Commanders are given the heads up before every days bombings. Where and when.

          A few acceptable causualties are expected.

          • This has zero absolutely zero to do with terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood and everything to do with removing Assad from power in Syria, installing a puppet (regardless how radical they sound for public consumption) and stopping that Iran to Europe oil / gas pipeline.

            Terrorism and everything associated with it is the ostensible excuse to unleash the dogs of war to fight for the geo corporate banking / industrial elite.

            “I bet you a thousand dollars in gold, against a dognut; the ISIL leaders and Commanders are given the heads up before every days bombings. Where and when.”

            I’m with you here but its deeper and far more sinister than your seeing. ISIS is the creation of some western intelligence (CIA? MI5?) to create “problems” that coincidental require a military response under our direction. Little to nothing is truly as it appears. Forget what they say and just watch the outcome.

            The globalists are very very good at being very very bad.

            • I’m gonna repeat this, cause it obviously didn’t get read when I posted it above.

              The Sunni ragheads and the Shia ragheads have been hatin’ on each other for 1300 years. The US government (CIA or whatever) did not create the longest-running religious war in human history, but when so much oil was found in the region there was an imperative to try to manage it. Which is about like a cop going on a domestic-violence call in Ferguson – they may be screamin’ and throwin’ things at each other, but when the cop shows up they both turn on him.

              Yes, short term there are issues with who gets to ship Azheri gas and oil to Europe, but long view is as stated above.

      51. It not that I don’t believe something is coming and he is giving dates. I’m just tired of hearing THE CSKY IS FALLING!
        Lets get back to giving ideas and things we can do to prepare.


        I saw a neat little way to set up a warning system.
        Use a solar light. Replace the pull tab that turns it on with a wire tie. Put a sting in the hole on the wire tie. Place the wire tie into the hole where you removed the pull tab to disconnect the battery. Set it so if someone or thing trips the string it pulls the wire tie out and the light goes on. You can pick up the small solar light for around a Buck.

        • Neat idea. I assume you meant a plastic tie-wrap when you said wire tie.

          Cheap driveway alarms are also very handy. I’ve got half a dozen, bought at various times from Harbor Freight. (i.e. whenever the put them on sale. Paint the sensor housing black, and cover the little LED with tape.

          Found a source of very cheap motion-sensitive video cameras.

          Intended for use in model airplanes or drones, but at $40 for the cheapest one they do very well for surveillance, too. Provide your own waterproofing if they are to be used outside. Need some ambient light – they are not night vision.

      52. Keep eating these articles up – just like you’re now eating your 3 years expired stockpile of SHTF food that tastes like crap that you spent hundreds if not thousands on. The title of this article is the same “could happen” title that’s used every 5 posts on this site and has been used for years. Think about what you’ve done to your family that will never have to use your bug out bag or eat your stockpile of expired food. The end will not happen in our lifetime. Stop torturing your family and yourselves and enjoy this very short life that you have. Stop living in fear!

        • “The end will not happen in our lifetime. ”

          You are a fool.

        • A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

          Proverbs 22:3

        • Don’t forget the ammo shortage that the government let the prepares make, they know that by getting people to panic they took the ammo right off the street themselves . like someone’s going to use 40,000 rounds of 22 or ammo. Now the price is sky high and you can’t buy it . A young shooter can’t go out plinking, almost a right of passage around here,but, no more. They sit in the house and play video games. The adults took all the ammo and won’t share it.. WTF

      53. Well you and I already woke up and we know impending doom when we see it, hear it, smell it, sense it. Thing is, theres people just waking up from there years in the sheep flock.
        I aint a fan of Hodges but cant disagree with the statement that the collapse has begun. Look around because the proof is right before us. Most stores aint busy, stock dont get put on shelves as fast as before, traffic on the roads is down, gas prices are down from no one able to afford the spare gas to drive anywhere but the necessary places.
        Homelessness aint discussed and gets hidden. Poverty is channelled into the welfare programs to prop people up and keep them from rioting or living on the streets. Low or no interest loans on cars to keep the profits looking good but whats the repo rate now? Whats the rate of the excess car inventory not seen by the public?

        Stock market is a scam and a lie. Unemployment numbers are a bigger lie. Economy aint recovered but to hear tell it, were in the money. GDP was raised up again the other day to 4.6% but the g-man dont say they changed the formula again.

        Keep everyone busy and preoccupied w/ no drama obama and his wars, terrorists, illegal alien invasion, enterovirus, ebola, Fast and furious, the VA scandal, the IRS scandal and all the other scandals. I worry the nwo stays up too late planning the worlds demise. (no I dont, I just get pissed off and I want the fuckers to pay)

        They got us propped and ready to pop. How long is the illusion going to go on before we see the drastic changes to society? The timeline is before us, the proof is all around. Dont really matter much to me if its this week or next year, I just do what I can w/ what I got in the time left on this earth.

        • Calgagus,

          A couple weeks ago you gave me some helpful information about the Jerusalem artichokes.

          After some recent heavy rain, the plants had fallen over. Those lying flat on the ground, I pulled out. Some were leaning on a fence. I was ready to dig them up, but have been busy with family obligations the past few weeks.

          There are now numerous yellow flowers at the top of the plants. I am still considering digging up some tubers and planting them in another spot.

          Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for the information and your advice!

          KY Mom

          • @KY Mom
            theyre all still blooming in this area and drove past another big patch near a river. Put that one in the memory bank, maybe its time for a notebook on where some forage spots are and for what. Probably not a bad idea considering everything.
            Thought about you this past week and wondered if you were able to find any but there they are still in your own back yard. If you transplant some youll have two plantings then. Two is better than one, redundancy right?
            God bless,

      54. “This Is What We Do” Warns 2nd Oklahoman ISIS-Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Behead Co-Worker


      55. Smoking Gun Evidence That The New York Fed Serves The Interests Of Goldman Sachs

        Lawyer has evidence – 46 hours of audio recordings.

        The Economic Collapse blog

      56. Oh crap ! Another article from “Super Freaky” Dave Hodges! Folks, friends don’t let friends listen to Dave!

        • Quick Leak, thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.

      57. west coast ‘california’ is completely fukushima nuked!

        “Rain would release the radiation from the atmosphere and will directly put it on the ground. Very long-lived radionuclides like the cesium will stay around there 20, 30, 40, and more years, and could affect agriculture… The radionuclides can be easily washed out of the atmosphere — and in the pathway from Japan to the Pacific Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean — supposedly there will be precipitation of the rain and most of the particles will be removed by the rain… We assume that there’s a lot of radioactivity now coming into the water from the plant… In reality there may be some health effects, but it depends very much on the level of radioactivity that comes out of the atmosphere.”

        Official Data: Lettuce from US West Coast nearly topped Chernobyl contamination limit; ‘Most dangerous’ alpha radiation also detected — TV: Fukushima poses “significant health risks” to areas thousands of kilometers away (VIDEO)

        … more

      58. At what point do you people wake up and call bullshit , now you know damn well that this title has been recycled for 6 freakin years now and it will be recycled for many more .
        Like I have stayed back in 2010/2011 ….this game will go on and on and on and on

      59. Took a peak at Hodges website, read his abysmal comment section. After reading his ALL CAPS replies, I am now truly certain – Hodges sucks.

        That is all.

        • Awwwe does all caps bother you ….are you insensitive to large letters ……FUCK you you P.C. COCKSUCKER

          • Rich99, I call BS on you bashing people for no good reason. Go f#$% your own self!

      60. suspected EBOLA patient in Dallas, TX hospital

      61. Whenever someone (video) begins by bragging endlessly about how important and “high-up” his nameless source is, the infor he’s giving you isn’t worth sh!t.

      62. Its not surprising that Bush is building a huge ranch in Paraguay. Remember who else escaped to Paraguay and other South American countries after WWII. The perpetrators of destruction of America are also planning their escapes when the financial destruction reaches its hiatus. The perpetrators who have been stealing America’s wealth for decades are now trying to escape with that wealth. The government that follows the collapse first duty is to form posses like they did in the old West and capture these perpetrators and bring them to severe justice in America and recover the assets they stole. This includes most of the current politicians, financiers, and Bankers. They are all guilty of treason and will be publicly executed so the People can see that justice was done.

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