The Collapse Has Already Begun: “Currencies Are Crashing Hard, Recessions Are Starting”

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    This article was graciously contributed by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: In this installment, Snyder makes the argument that the next economic crisis is already underway, while we’re standing around wondering when it will happen. For average people struggling under rapidly changing conditions, this may well be the case. The hard times have already hit for many… and obviously, much, much worse can happen.

    23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening

    by Michael Snyder

    You can stop waiting for a global financial crisis to happen.  The truth is that one is happening right now.  All over the world, stock markets are already crashing.  Most of these stock market crashes are occurring in nations that are known as “emerging markets”.  In recent years, developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa loaded up on lots of cheap loans that were denominated in U.S. dollars.  But now that the U.S. dollar has been surging, those borrowers are finding that it takes much more of their own local currencies to service those loans.  At the same time, prices are crashing for many of the commodities that those countries export.  The exact same kind of double whammy caused the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.

    As you read this article, almost every single stock market in the world is down significantly from a record high that was set either earlier this year or late in 2014.  But even though stocks have been sliding in the western world, they haven’t completely collapsed just yet.

    In much of the developing world, it is a very different story.  Emerging market currencies are crashing hard, recessions are starting, and equity prices are getting absolutely hammered.

    Posted below is a list that I put together of 23 nations around the world where stock market crashes are already happening.  To see the stock market chart for each country, just click the link…

    1. Malaysia

    2. Brazil

    3. Egypt

    4. China

    5. Indonesia

    6. South Korea

    7. Turkey

    8. Chile

    9. Colombia

    10. Peru

    11. Bulgaria

    12. Greece

    13. Poland

    14. Serbia

    15. Slovenia

    16. Ukraine

    17. Ghana

    18. Kenya

    19. Morocco

    20. Nigeria

    21. Singapore

    22. Taiwan

    23. Thailand

    Of course this is just the beginning.  The western world is going to feel this kind of pain as well very soon.  I want to share with you an excerpt from an article that just appeared in the Telegraph entitled “Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control“.  You see, the Telegraph is not just one of the most important newspapers in the UK – it is truly one of the most important newspapers in the entire world.  When it speaks on financial matters, millions of people listen very carefully.  So for the Telegraph to declare that the countdown to a “global market crash” is “one minute to midnight” is a very, very big deal…

    When the banking crisis crippled global markets seven years ago, central bankers stepped in as lenders of last resort. Profligate private-sector loans were moved on to the public-sector balance sheet and vast money-printing gave the global economy room to heal.

    Time is now rapidly running out. From China to Brazil, the central banks have lost control and at the same time the global economy is grinding to a halt. It is only a matter of time before stock markets collapse under the weight of their lofty expectations and record valuations.

    I encourage you to read the rest of that excellent article right here.  It contains lots of charts and graphs, and it discusses many of the exact same things that I have been hammering on for months.

    When one of the newspapers of record for the entire planet starts sounding exactly like The Economic Collapse Blog, then you know that it is late in the game.

    Others are sounding the alarm about an imminent global financial crash as well.  For example, just consider what Egon von Greyerz recently told King World News

    Eric, I fear that this coming September – October all hell will break loose in the world economy and markets. A lot of factors point to that, both fundamental and technical indicators and this indicates that we could have a number of shocks this autumn.

    Sadly, most investors will hold stocks, bonds and property and will see any decline in value as an opportunity. It will be a long time and a very big fall before they realize that the system will not help them this time because the central bankers have run out of ammunition to save the global financial system one more time. Yes, we will see more massive money printing, but it will just make things worse. And at some stage, which could be quite soon, real fear will set in, a fear of a magnitude the world has not experienced before.

    Hmm – there is another example of someone talking about September.  It is funny how often that month keeps coming up.

    And of course most of the major stock market crashes in U.S. history have been in the fall.  Just go back and take a look at what happened in 1929, 1987, 2001 and 2008.

    The “smart money” has been pulling their money out of stocks for quite a while now, and at this point a lot of others have hopped on the bandwagon.  The following comes from CNBC

    The flight of investor money from U.S. stocks has turned into a stampede.

    In fact, the $78.7 billion leaving domestic equity-focused funds has been worse in 2015 than it was even during the financial crisis years, when the S&P 500 tumbled some 60 percent, according to data released Friday by Morningstar. The total is the highest since 1993.

    Domestic equity funds surrendered $20.4 billion in July alone and have seen $158.6 billion in redemptions over the past 12 months. Even a strong flow of money into passively managed exchange-traded funds has been unable to offset the stream to the exit among retail investors, who generally focus more on mutual funds than ETFs.

    A global financial crisis has already begun.

    So those that were claiming that one would not happen in 2015 are already wrong.

    Over the coming months we will find out how bad it will ultimately be.

    Sometimes I get criticized for talking about these things.  There are a few people out there that don’t like all of the “doom and gloom” that I discuss on my website.  Apparently it is a bad thing to talk about the things that really matter and we should all just be “keeping up with the Kardashians” instead.

    I consider myself just to be another watchman on the wall.  From our spots on the wall, watchmen such as myself all over the nation are sounding the alarm about what we clearly see coming.

    If we saw what was coming and we did not warn the people, their blood would be on our hands.  But if we do warn the people, then we have done our duty.

    Every day I just do the best that I can with what I have been given.  And there are many others just like me that are doing exactly the same thing.

    Those that do not like the warning message are going to feel really stupid when things start falling apart all around them and they finally realize how wrong they truly were.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Just make sure you load 28 rounds Vs 30.

        • Be a man and buy PMags. Zero problems with 30.

          • I don’t take 70 rds. out for nobody.

          • DMONIC… What is the correlation between manhood and PMag? LOL. Read Larry Vickers test on 28 Vs 30 round along with the Wolf Spring engineer test on two round reduction impact on spring life / lip and reliable feeding regardless of mag type.

            • Someone here said in 2012 that SHTF would happen in 2015, and that he couldn’t imagine a 10-20% correction in the stock markets NOT happening before September, after correctly identifying the last one in October between the 15th and the 22nd.

              Its clear now that the world economy has moved into recession/depression.

              Someone here said YEARS AGO that the next downturn would be DEFLATIONARY in character, not a hyperinflationary meltdown.

              Someone here said two months ago that the Yuan would NOT be added to the IMF basket in September of this year; despite the naysayers, and he took a lot of flack from the financial midgets here.

              You know who you are. Its in the archives folks. 🙂


              • Unfortunately this article refers to Celente who has been saying over, and over, and over, ad nauseum that a collapse is coming. And he continues to be quoted. Why???? Heck I don’t know,

          • Dmonic, for storage I recommend 29 (30rounders)or 19 in twenty round mags. Stay with the Gen three mags if you can. I like the one that don’t contain the window…personal preference.

          • Acid… I mean this sincerely. You really are very intelligent. Just change the tone on your post about baby boomers and women and do what you doing with great post such as above.

            p.s. I agree that there are A$$H in any age and genders.

            • ???? link please!

        • SV
          I like 28 in the mag, and 1 in the tube!!!! On the M$
          I like 19 in the mag and 1 in the tube!!!!! on the M1A

          Good advise. Just keep them loaded. Better to have some in the mag and ready. Because can’t call time out and then load your mags.

          God I hate it but I think I’m going to have to use them!


          • Howdy Sarge…..You know your stuff brother. God Bless.

          • I like 30 in the mag and one in the tube
            and a shit load of them all over me

            the only 2 times you have to be concerned with carrying too much ammo is when your on fire or over your head in water

            • 30 rd mags are nice.
              Belt Fed is nicer ….Shhhh .. don’t tell anyone!

              • and a an xtra upper !

                • Seems like we have a lot of lousy shots here. Spray and pray,That you hit something.Thats what someone wrote about the cops.

          • Ah Sarge, I cut loose by M1-A Scout Squad( Mossy Oak furniture) to my Son. It ain’t far away. Still got my LWRCI Repr’s.

          • lock an load

          • SGT: We always kept 20 minus 2, in our AR-15’s over in RVN: 68-70., and in our Huey’s we used mini-gun boxes full of 1500 rds. of 7.62 ammo, and sometimes used 2 of those cans per day !! I guess I will subtract the 2 rounds from my pistol clips soon, to comply. Iron Mtn. MI. Disabled Vietnam Veteran… They told us ‘it was going to be a tropical paradise !’ —LOL, Ha!

            • Perhaps then I’m being overcautious by only keeping 10 rounds in my glock’s 15 round magazines. My thought process is that if 20 rounds of .40cal can’t get me to a rifle or shotgun then I haven’t been practicing enough.

      2. Question: will cash be worth anything? I am thinking short term that cash-on-hand will be good, but once goods become more scarce, we won’t have enough cash to sustain. Prepping is the only fall back I can think of, which includes dried goods and seeds.

        Again, should we be stashing cash??

        • my opinion for what it is worth, i think cash will be king until such times as the power goes out and stays out for a week or longer. after a week without power across the nation/world then it is mad max and energy(gas diesel)/food /water/ammo etc will be king. Greece is an indication of what could happen when the banks cut with drawls.

          • .02
            You make some very good points, and I agree!

            • thanks sgt, I also would like to add that change will become hard to come by so try to keep 1’s 5’s and 10’s as the mainstay of the cash stash.

              • Good thinking man

        • Ive been trying to tell folksfor quite some time. The world is not awash in the actual cash paper dollars. Sure the mint has been printing 24×7 for decades. However paper money wears out. The mint burns truckloads every day. Unless they start printing money in demoninations larger then the 100 dollar bill. There wont be the actual physical cash present to cause the proverbial wheelbarrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread. Right now cash is starting to be king. Lately Ive been buying unbelievable bargains at auction sales. Ive bought land and equiptment for pennies on the dollar. Folks in arkansas are losing property for not paying the taxes. Ive bought two parcels last month. Go to COSL for info. Even banks are losing land or their interest in it by not paying the property taxes.

          • Vulture,Maybe the people who owned the property will pay you a visit.

        • A stash of cash is a great idea.

          In any disaster that causes power failures, computers go down and credit cards are useless as are ATM’s. Cash works.

          In an economic crash there can be runs on banks that empty ATM’s or ATM withdrawals may be limited. In Greece they interviewed a woman that just walked away from the bank. She said her pension just deposited her check, but the bank only let her withdraw 50€ and her rent was due and she was out of groceries.

          Expect the government to do nutty things “they think” will help.

          In a cascading crash, banks will fail and some will shut their doors. Your money may be FDIC insured, but it could take months to get it. Accounts in at least two unrelated banks lets you continue to function if one gets closed. A supply of cash could feed you, if your bank accounts get frozen.

          Be aware home burglaries have skyrocketed in Greece. Thieves are after the cash people are keeping at home. The standard hiding places will fail.

          • I’m sorry but I don’t understand why she needs cash to pay the rent. I’ve always just written a check. Why can’t you write a check for rent in the EU? Or groceries? Or get a debit card? Or deposit your check in a bank that does offer checks and debit cards people will accept?

            I lived in Europe 25 years ago and even then we never paid rent in cash. I’ve never even heard of civilized places where paying rent in cash is common and checks and/or debit cards aren’t accepted.

            • She can’t write a check, the government is allowing only limited bank transactions. During the Great Depression banks just closed when there was a run on the bank.

              We are in the modern electronic age, the banks in Greece are closed but the ATM is open and will let you have 50€ once a week! Paying your rent? Your problem!

        • Simple answer is a resounding yes, stash cash. Twenties best, but Benjies if you have ’em.

          • And Twinkies Coach, lots of Twinkies !!! 🙂

            • Chocolate twinkies ty dk for your insight on financial

      3. We’re overdue for a re-set. Bring it on.

        • The right attitude is never “let them come”. It’s “let them not come”.

          PREPPERS CAN DIE TOO. Even if you are prepared you can die by some random shit.

          • AE

            The beauty of it is that you do not have to worry about anything ever again.


          The days of you old GOPers pretending the environment can sustain infinite abuse and extortion are over. You need to start taking the welfare of Gaia seriously. Belief in capitalism does not transfer to approval of infinite greed by CEO bastards to take every cent we have and destroy the Earth.

          • Stop being a douchebag. You are now blaming Conservatives for the idiotic japs that cant build a nuclear reactor properly? And who the hell builds nuke plants on an island that is prone to quakes, tsunamis, etc? Are you already drunk-posting?

            • We have nuclear plants near fault lines here in the USA also. Most people don’t think about the impact an economic crash could have on the nuclear power plants we have throughout the country. Maintenance will become an issue. Who will work at them? Maybe survival will be the least of our worries when the entire planet is filled with toxic radiation and your supply of potassium iodide won’t stop the cancer from infecting your body when you have to eat tainted food.

            • General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York. As of 2015, the company operates through the following segments: Appliances, Power and Water, Oil and Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation and Capital which cater to the needs of Home Appliances, Financial services, Medical device, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software Development and Engineering industries.

              Might want to get your facts straight b/4 the bashing.

              Those were GE reactors.

              • GE designed. The flaw was in the actual construction by a Jap company and a possible “payoff” for not fixing the defective, inspected part.

                • I read the Fukushima site was 25 meters higher before construction, but was cut down to ease installation of large equipment. That idea worked out well.

              • Actually the appliance part was sold off to Electrolux,Healthcare just got bought by Capital One, and HE Capital got sold off but I can’t remember who bought it.

            • Acid is tuned into what matters. Insults don’t phase him.

              • Nigger please……

            • General Electric designed the Nuclear Plants in Japan, and also 27 of the exact same design in the USA. The NRC, and IAEA published info, years back staing the design had Many flaws, and was unsafe. Surprising since they are both prpoaganda shills for Nuclear Energy. They. of course have now come ON side since they gat paid to Promote Nuclear Energy as safe..
              Check out Videos available on Fukushima, which is Still, and will be an ongoing disaster. 300 Tons Per day of Highly Radioactive water seeping into the Pacific Every Frigging day!!
              I bought a Radiation detector to monitor seafod, and Top soil growing plants. The Pacific is Dying because of guys like Jeff Imelt, Obamas” bud. Nothing alive in coastal waters i in Geirgia Straits up to Desolation Sound, and the Pricks that are covering this up should be HUNG! Check U Tube re Fukushima latest. My Geiger counter readings are Triple what they wer 6 months ago, and I love inland in British Columbia. Protect yousrself, and your families. This is no B.S.

              • 300 gallons is a little less than 2 cubic meters. The capacity of your typical pickup truck. The oceans are estimated at about 1.37 billion cubic kilometers. Or 1.37 quintillion cubic meters. See what I’m driving at here? The dilution ratio is so humongous that researchers on the West Coast are barely able to detect Fukushima contamination, because it’s buried in the background noise.

                Yes, your screed is B.S.

                • Foolish thinking, ocean currents transport Fukushima fallout direct to arctic feeding grounds without being heavily diluted. There things like plutonium and strontium 90 that concentrate in marine life. The higher the animal is on the food chain, the higher the concentration of radioactive contaminants.

                  We are fifty years later and natives have tried to return to Bikini Island, where the Hydrogen bomb was tested, Within months they began showing signs of radiation poisoning. It’s in all the local sea life, plants and animals. Fukushima released far more radioactive material than several hydrogen bombs.

                  Yes it will ultimately become diluted, but that could take centuries.

                  If things in nature always tended toward perfect solutions, and mixtures, we would never find veins of gold or silver ore in the earth, but we do don’t we?

                • Of course there is the obvious point that your missing here OC. Dilution, like passive diffusion, doesn’t always apply to wildlife. Think about clams and shellfish that basically filter water to eat, as well as other lower end of the food chain animals. They can often concentrate the radiation faster than it diffuses away.

                  So even if it was being diluted quickly into all of the oceans, which it isn’t, locally it’s still going to be a problem for some time.

                  Ask yourself this: “how close to Fukushima would you be willing to go swimming and for how long?”

              • ‘They’ have been sabotaging everything from a to z so as to cull us useless feeders from taking up precious real estate. Once they get the guns (and the bastards are orchestrating the media to do exactly that) we are toast.

            • DMONIC,
              Damn I wish I could give +100 points

          • And the Lord destroys those destroying the earth. Rest assured A E, they will get theirs.

            • problem is pastor, you’ll be gettin it right along with them !

          • The whole point of modern capitalism is to convert resources to goods and profit as much as possible. No modern capitalist cares about polluted air, dirty water or poison food until it arrives in their own back yard. Then they cry to the .gov statists for relief.

            Profit at the lowest possible cost is the definition of today’s capitalism.

            Hmmm….maybe that was always the definition.

            • And how much better did the Soviet Union do under Communism?

              Every industrial site there was beyond any environmental disaster the West ever did, and much of it still is.

          • I’m a boomer, registered Republican but am TPPatriot….I respect the environment because i don’t see sense in killing the goose – am definately not a limpwristed tree hugger born pc and dumber n dirt…..I fear your views “of infinite greed by CEO bastards to take every cent we have and destroy the Earth.” wreaks of OWS who scream environment, tolerance and socialism while they live in squaller for months in a Public park, raping, drugging and $h!++ing on the curb, or the EPA who can steal your personal property or make it impossible to use it through regulation…there’s a difference between being responsibly rich, creating jobs for people who otherwise wouldn’t have one, contributing through innovation, creativity, mass employment, creating a solution to everyday problems, needs and desires….when was the last time a poor person gave you a job ? I want to be rich and see nothing wrong with being rewarded for all the self dicipline (some people give up 8-12 years of hohum education while others hang in da hood wit da bros smokin jokin and slammin – then wonder why the rich guy lives so well and he don’t which brings us to where we are today… they’re comin for you and your $h!+, cause your white, and therefore must be privlidged, rich therefore you must’ve stole it from the poor doped up underclass ie: blacks…you know, the ones your daddy held as slaves – you racist prick (right)…you killed travon martin and mr wonderful michael brown hands up hands up !….stop bashin the ones who will probably supply you with ammo when you’re miserly stash runs out and the mau mau are comin over the fence ! as for the greedy bastrds with no respect, sense of brotherhood Amen or common sense just kill em,like any other enemy !
            I’m hungry, see ya ..

        • Not until people have had time to prepare.

          We are expecting a financial crash, the question is how do you prepare? The answer depends on age, financial situation, where you live, debt, etc.

          1. Become debt free if possible. In deflation, debt will eat you alive.
          2. Try to save some cash. Store some at home, very well hidden.
          3. Have some stored food, at least thirty days worth is a start.
          4. Have accounts at at least two unrelated banks. Check your state laws, you must have regular activity, or the account may get frozen, or even confiscated.
          5. For people that can afford it, some precious metals, no more than 20% of savings/investments.
          6. Have a means of defending yourself. American states and cities are responsible for pensions, in a major market correction billions will be lost. Pension funds and 401K’s wiped out. Cities and states must still come up with the cash. Services will be cut, to save money, people laid off. No police will be a symptom.
          7. If you have a 401k or IRA consider keeping the majority in the cash account even though it may only pay 0.1% interest. Avoid all bond funds that are not based on short term treasuries. Avoid all high risk funds. If you must be in a stock based fund make it a very conservative one. I was in a couple old 401K’s, they had lousy investment choices. I’ve moved it all to an IRA that let’s me invest in virtually any stock or fund. The move took less than a week.
          8. Many 401K’s have an option to automatically balance your investments. If one fund grows too quickly, the extra money gets moved to the other funds, to rebalance. In a bull market this can actually pyramid gains since different funds jump at different times, but in a crash it will work against taking cash from stronger funds and dumping it into the dogs. Turn off auto balancing in a crash, or a recession. Do this today!
          9. If you personally own stocks, consider dumping all high risk stocks, exit all bond funds. Keep only solid companies with good financials, little to no debt that make products that people need, not products people like. Stick with best of breed stocks that did well in 2008.
          10. Review all holdings in view of the above. If a crash does comedown decide now where your exit points are. Don’t use stop loss triggers for automatic trading. Periodically markets get hit with rouge low orders that trigger stop loss orders. And there are people that will snatch up your stock and sell it tomorrow for a big gain, your loss. Stop loss orders and market orders are for losers. Only use limit orders when trading and have a plan.
          11. If your account is flush with cash in a crash, you can start buying back in when everyone has given up and thinks the market will only keep going down. When you think it’s near the bottom, buy a little, look for it to go lower and buy some more, wash rinse, repeat! Same goes for 401K and IRA’s.

          Yes the super crash may not come, the FED and government may yet figure a way to kick the can down the road for another year or two. There will still be at least a 15% correction I suspect before the year is out. Stay frosty and play it, for what it’s worth.

          If it’s a Great Depression crash, just another correction, or a total false alarm. If you’re a good prepper you can still use it, and not lose it like the sheep will.

          • PTPO,

            Thanks for the solid advice. I like your straight shooting, no nonsense advice. May God have mercy on us all when TSHTF!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • I’d love to hear from anyone with anything To add that I missed.

              Today is a new day and boy did the market get hammered.

              There were only a couple dozen stocks that went up today. They are primarily conservative Utilities!

              At the market close today try to find a record of which stocks did well today. It’s a good starting list for stocks that can do well in a crash. Though we are at such all time highs I’m not a buyer here for anything the market is selling. I’m all about preserving capital.

              If we start to crash and the Gov figures out a new bailout scheme and it actually starts working I might return in a limited way to the market. I’m not proud, I’ll take their money!

              • I like the way you have a strong case on how to be prepared. I also think converting cash into gold is another way to be prepared. Cash isn’t worth the paper its printed on and it has been predicted that cash will not be worth anything in the near future.

      4. I let my domain name expire. No one cares.

        • I dumped facebook for the same reason Town.. That and the facial recognition sold to the NSA.

          • What’s facebook?

            • Lol faceplant is the nickname @ the hedge when it comes to trading their stock.

              • I like to post pictures of my naked butt, I hear they are a favorite for people with BULIMIA. I live to serve…….

                Oops, I just puked in my mouth myself!

          • a friend told me 10 years ago don’t use, can’t trust Google
            and now, I know just how right he was !

      5. who the hell let the Nigerians have a stock market???

        • The Nigerian stock market is actually VERY strong.

          Send me a check for $5000 and I will invest it wisely for you.

          Prince Konart Ist of Skruu Iu

        • Nigeria is very rich in oil.

          • Nigeria is the 57th state Obama talks about.

      6. Please, I’m not trying to be a jacka$#, but how long is one minute on their clock. Obviously not 60 seconds. Is is like the doomsday clock, just random guessing at the outcome of world events. Also, please understand we both purchased a ticket on the same boat, because I am convinced beyond doubt that a collapse, emp, cyber-attack, and a total economic meltdown beyond human comprehension is coming before the end of this year. Well, Mrs. Lincoln, other than the shooting did you enjoy the theater? God bless and prep on. thanks

        • You’re right. One minute is what they believe, need or want it to be.

        • For a financial crash clock, think in terms of events not minutes.

          It’s events that trigger crashes, no minutes.

          Now ask the probability of a:
          15% crash = 99%
          30% crash = 85%
          50% crash = 70%

          The powers that shouldn’t be don’t want a crash, they just want your money, and they want you to die! They’re not bad people, they’re just the corrupt spawn of Satan!

      7. Everyone have there popcorn out, gonna be a great show! Every night I go home walk the dog, change clothes pour myself a drink and pull up the Chinese markets etc and get giddy as a school girl watching it all go down. Early in the year I was pretty skeptical that anything would happen this fall and chalked it up to the usual fear porn BUT it is looking more and more promising by the day.

        Recently bought a 15 cubic foot chest freezer and some meat on order to pick up this weekend along with my typical Saturday purchase of canned goods, 100 round value pack of .223, shotty shells and the odd bit of kit. Wife got on board with putting our retirement into pm’s, 400 federal reserve notes a month worth. I am sure when it finally hits I will wish I had prepared more and had more time but I KNOW I’ll be better off than 80-90% of the population.

        • Everyone should put away one can of red spray paint so you can go to all sides of town to the signs that says welcome to_____ and over write BARTER TOWN and set up a table on main street.

          • lol…nice…and probably truer than most admit.

          • mhm, always snapping up cheap multi tools and little stuff to trade. Also have an extra set of hand tools away for when all those cars start breaking down. I have a hunch I will be making a killing off plugging tires and re inflating tires.

            • Here is a bit of a catch 22 for you. What good will be hand tools when there is no gas to push the cars to be able to fix the tires? If there is still gas/diesel coming out of the pumps (electricity is still on) then there is no need for tire fixes in barter town. Now, if/when the power goes out, being suddenly or it is the last service to die and 90% of population is dead, there is going to be so much stuff to gather that hand tools and other things like knives from every kitchen in the country will be as easy as taking it off the counter/out of the garage. Cannibalism of societies stuff could last 100 years. NOW, back to the movie “The Postman” when Kevin Costner found those cigarettes in the old abandoned cig machine and exclaimed, “I am rich.”

              • A truck axle is easily converted into a cart drawn by animal or human muscle power. And the tires still go flat.

        • belly lick you made me chuckle. My very own siblings who are soo smart. they have the big house big debt, big jobs ect. and don’t own a single thing. they have sold their lives in pursuit of appearing to be upper middle class. They cant retire because they own too much. Yes I will enjoy seeing their plight. There 401,s have already tanked. and too boot they are fat tele tubbies. good riddance.

          • Old Guy, do you think they’ll show up at your door???????

            • I try not to think of them at all. It wont do them any good to show up at my place. I wont tolerate moochers. and im not about to be anyones enabler.

      8. The recession is not starting. The recession has been in progress for six years and the government lies are just now unraveling.

        • Amen, Johnny.

      9. Anonymous will introduce them to my ventilation team if they try to get my preps.

        • OK Braveheart..

          • clearly.

      10. Like McDonald’s says.

        “I’m loving it”.

        Do you feel that sense of urgency? Has your anxiety level risen?
        Not mine. I don’t care what comes.

        All that matters is. “Are you ready”.

        What I do like about all this talk about the markets and collapse is people are going to feel like they have been stabbed in the ass.
        Worse place to be wounded. Can’t sit down. Pain when you need to go to the bathroom. Hard to walk. Can’t see it and to change the bandage is a pain another pain in the ass. Hard to heal. Whole new meaning to “Up Yours”.

        So listen to them squawk. Tick, tock, tick tock.
        How many more days? Tick, tock, tick tock.

        Interesting to find out for sure who was wrong and who was right about many subjects.

        • Agree with you 110% Slingshot! If you don’t have anything stored, don’t have cash on hand or any means to defend yourself- good riddens! I was reading some article on the preppers blog- preppers journal? the other day about being a “Grey Man”. That’s exactly what we should ALL be and say to hell with all the idiots that laugh at people like us. I personally am looking forward to sicking in all their faces and say TOLD YOU SO! as they starve or get shot trying to steal someone else’s stuff.

          • Your pride will be your downfall.

        • If you think you’re ready…
          …then you most probably aren’t.

          • US.

            Over the years there is very little I have not contemplated when it comes to prepping. Aside from a barrage of 25mm chain gun rounds or a blast from a 120mm main weapon from a tank, there is little more for me to think about. A good portion of information has come from this SHTF site. The “are you ready” part can be from picking up you weapon to fight the enemy to locking yourself in a million dollar bunker to wait it out.
            Some will have more than others and some will do more than others. Very speculative.

            • Yep. You just have keep trying to prepare for the worst (of everything) and pray for the best.

              Good luck, brother.

      11. A Shariah-approved nuclear attack

        h ttp://

        On July 21 at the annual meeting of the Electric Infrastructure Security Summit in Washington, Rep. Trent Franks quoted from an Iranian military textbook, recently translated by the Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Intelligence University. The textbook, ironically titled “Passive Defense” (2010), describes nuclear EMP effects in detail. It advocates in more than 20 passages an EMP attack to defeat decisively an adversary.

        The official Iranian military textbook advocates a revolutionary new way of warfare that combines coordinated attacks by nuclear and non-nuclear EMP weapons, physical and cyber-attacks against electric grids to black out and collapse entire nations. Iranian military doctrine makes no distinction between nuclear EMP weapons, non-nuclear radio-frequency weapons and cyber-operations — it regards nuclear EMP attack as the ultimate cyber-weapon. EMP is most effective at blacking-out critical infrastructures, while it also does not directly damage the environment or harm human life, according to Iran’s “Passive Defense”:”

        • This time you ain’t whistlin’ Dixie.

          ht tp://

          We are SO sold out.

        • The next major war will not mirror WWII, just as WWII did not mirror WWI.Innocent people trying to stay out of the way, but still dying is a constant in all conflicts.

      12. EMP=extra mushy pizza. What next? We’re doomed.

        • Extra Mushy or Extra Crispy. Hard to cook pizzas on a camp fire.

          • Try a cookie sheet cut to fit your dutch oven, add handles, also good for making cookies, rolls etc.

            Make sure you have the fixings for pizza in your long term stored food. Flour to make the dough, powdered cheese works, olive oil, tomatoes and spices you can grow!

            If you make it, the smiles will follow!

            • Yeah a circular rack works too, anything so that you’re cooking with the heat of the air inside (like your oven at home) and not with the heat of the bottom of the DO. It’ll burn if you do.

              Flour is a short term item though, get plenty of hard red and white wheat and a hand crank mill like a Country Living Grain Mill.

              • I keep flour in the freezer, sealed in plastic bags. It stops the expiration clock. This is my normal supply that is rotated and used daily. The expiration clock starts once it is defrosted, though freezing kills many of the bugs that come in a bag of flour.

                I also have wheat berries packed for 25 year storage + a grain mill that I’m converting to solar driven motor.

          • Its actually pretty easy to bake items over a camp fire. Making a clay/stone oven is not hard at all, and once you have made the oven, its just like cooking pizza in your home oven.

            Prolly won’t be perfect, but its something. Foods like that are great morale boosters!

            And everyone should know how to make things out of clay. Because you can turn clay into brick, and there are lots of things you can do with fired bricks. Like make a furnace hot enough to forge metal. Or cook pizza. Or build a very nice shelter!

      13. Stock up on good matches and lighters. Kindling. Flammables.

        • A couple 1 gal cans of denatured alcohol from the big box home store is great fuel.

          There are how to YouTube videos to make an alcohol cook stove from tin cans. You can also buy one cheap on Amazon.

          It’s a heat source and cooking fuel that is odorless, smoke free, doesn’t make CO, an it only emits a soft blue flame. Almost undetectable except the odor of the food you are cooking.

      14. If the commies and globalists win, burn this mutha down.

        • California has a head start.

        • If they win, it’ll already be burned down. That’s what they do.

      15. I do believe a “reset” is definitely coming. When? I have no idea. Do we prepare for it? Absolutely. I like eating, having water to drink and clothes to wear.(Yeah, I’m not that good looking) I like thriving as opposed to surviving. Will we defend ourselves? Absolutely. Be charitable? Yes, as long as it doesn’t impact the little ones.They are our first priority. Do I believe that UN troops will “invade” the USA and try to confiscate our firearms? Nope, not a chance in hell that will be allowed by the populace as a whole. Perhaps in the Democratic/Progressive/Marxist/Socialist metropolis areas, but not in the real world.I don’t see the members of our inner city thugocracy allowing anyone or any entity trying to disarm them at all, for all of the wrong reasons.

      16. We have been getting ready for this for a long time. Hope they are wrong but, it won’t be a surprize.

      17. Thank you for posting this Michael Snyder. Superb link to charts. I did take a loan on 1/2 of my measly 401k as the only way to get some to cash.
        The DOW already cross 50 over 200 SMA; and my take is the PPT and the options-expiry powers are holding this baby up. How long can they do it?
        What will happen if it blows? Will cash become king?

      18. This economy has been in the toilet for years, and they just figured out how to flush it. Now they are seeing it all go down!

        The best economy is the one with a good supply of, Food, Water, Guns, Ammo, P.M., Medical, ECT. and Faith in God or what ever you believe in. (That is your call. I believe in God)


        • Sgt.-

          I wish my neighbors were like you. I’d be happy to have a neighbor like you in a SHTF event.

        • Great line “this economy has been . . . lol


        I am not sure if its me or what. But the survival food is running out and everytime i place my oder, 2 weeks pass, and they cant even ship the damn order because of lack of inventory.

        Its heading stright to sh…t street to arrive at the Cluster f…k end of the road. Are you guys ready for this. I am having and unusaual slowdown in business that started In July. I wonder what may be causing that? You see i am not too worried. I for one, wont be sitting underneath a bridge on Hi-ways anymore. Why because the homeless are not preppers and they rely on begging for money to buy food. So if you are in the open with them, they will be attacking and killing the newly homeless and the kids in the streets. Then the 10,000 dred lock show up in my area.

        During that time, which was just over 2 yrs ago, i was literallyin shtf outside for 4 days with just the clothes on my back. I will never forget what it felt like to have no help from anyone, and starving at the same time, and literally thirsty to the point of calapse. But i am no pu…..y, i am one tough son of a bitch. My mind was really hardened before the event happened. I was just ignorant on who was runing the world and calling the shots. I had never even heard of a bug out bag. What was that?

        Things have changed and Urban warfare in the new war.

        I dont give a rats ass about currency calapse. What affected me during my shtf, was no food, and no water, because i never had a reason to stock up of these important items. My brother told me that the food bank is always avaible in disasters, and that where he is going when shtf hits. Yes my brother is dumbass, and whats even more laughable is that he is my older brother. My younder brother is gay and lives in California, tells me that i worry too much, that nothing will go wrong in California. That i need to chill out. The question i ask myself alot is this. Why was i hungery, lost my house, car, and almost lost my business, to listen to my father tell my older brother that i am and idiot that deserves what i got, and told him not to help me, so he decided to help me. He works for and oil company, so he has a little money. And that i am and idiot. Lets see papa, how you are going to fare in the calapse, and because of your stupidty, my mothers life is now at risk because your not prepping.

        I am much smarter and much more prepared now. If this happened again. This time i would have a big bug out bag with 1 month supply of shtf provisions, and armed to the teeth. I have 6 Bug out bags total. Each is built for differnet types of environments. Mine are even disigned for Dust storms. Chemical warfare. No matter what is thrown at me, i am ready. I even have colodial siver, first aid, vitamins, anti “dred lock” defense equipment, etc, and other crap you would not believe at strategic locations all over the city. Some of the locations are not even on my land. I have one that ways 60lbs. This one is the long range multirole survive, hell on earth, long range, This one is designed to last for 5 yrs. Even if i am 50 frickin miles away from Home i will make it back. Only russian and chinese soldiers blocking freeways, and hi ways could stop me because they would see me with my back pack, attack me and shoot me on site. Thats why is it hits, we must get back home very fast before the russians and chinese soldiers start to attack.

        Hey Old Guy, i checked out your previous posting and saw that you were legit. My apoligies for talking bad to you. You can still go kiss my azz, but I think that your right, i really need to cover my own ass and worry about me. Advice taken.



        Preps are for preppers and preppers only. Not for the lazy entitled usless eaters.

        • Houst I really don’t care what you think or do. Im not about to give anything you post free rent in my head.

        • Hcks, you are one fucked up individual. I hope you catch the first round right through your teeth.

          • Hey hcks,did you forget about us? We shouldn’t tell you this but we’re planning an invasion of dreadlock brain eating zombies if the Houston area right before the arrival of Nibiru.

            Brain Eating Dreadlocks, Eating Brains One At A Time.

            Don’t you just love it, wtf sh%t effers?

      20. Did you ever watch the episode of Gomer Pyle. Where sgt Carter and gomer and the rest of the guys where sent out into the woods with just the bare essentials. Gomer and Sgt carter came out fatter because gomer had Know How and caught them food. Having Know How and being Self Reliant are the best preps you can possess. if you have those two things and are left stark naked you could still survive.

      21. I don’t like to make predictions, especially about the future (as Yogi Berra said), but I think the world economy is in a deflationary spiral that it will not recover from. The worldwide trade links will soon break, credit will freeze and nothing will be delivered.

        Next year will be far different than this year…and not better.

        If you don’t know your neighbors, it’s time to find out who they are. Are they prepared or not? Does it matter?

        We just had a community kettle soup get-to-gether and I know all of the people there I would trust. Of course, I have lived here close to thirty years. We didn’t talk about “prepping” because that is the lifestyle around here anyway, and not some new fangled “fad”. It was easy livin’ and a lot of fun. Good eats and company. Cards and talk about shoe styles.

        I know that no one here likes the .gov pigs and no one here depends on outside help when the chips are down. I also know who will have my back and vice-versa.

        Get crackin. No man is an island to himself.

        • Its that one person who you mistakenly think you can trust that will stab you in the back. I believe in DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. Very few could pass the fox hole test

          • HOLY SHIT!!!!!

            Something that I can agree on with the OLD GUY.

            “Don’t Trust Anyone”

            I have “friends”, but they resemble more to be “acquaintances” than anything else. None of them Prepare for anything, even though some do recognize the troubles that are in front of us.

            Foxhole Test: like the Old Guy said “very few could pass”.
            That is the same for my area as well, very few or none could pass.

            Only people who could, are a good portion of the posters here…..There just isn’t enough us, and we are spread too far apart from one another.

            I have no problem working alone, I’m use to it and to be completely honest, I prefer it.

            • One of my brothers, my parents, my wife, my kids, one of her brothers, and one friend of many years who has been in some really sticky situations with me before. That’s my list, some family members and one other guy.

              I can’t list all the reasons I know I can trust the one other guy for legal reasons 🙂 but he also has cash stored at my house (and I can take it at any time if needed without asking, just leave a note), many 5 gallon buckets stored here, guns & ammo stored here, tools, he helped me build the barn, and the list goes on.

              So some family and one guy pass my fox hole test. Guess I’m more trusting than FTW, but then the name explains that.

      22. Well,i don’t know how Indonesia is in recession,as our Grubberment gives Billions per year to that 3rd world shithole,and 250 million people there don’t like us…

        • Like any Government, they don’t know how to manage monies properly.

          Gotta have their Bribes & Payoffs + slide large amounts into their own pockets.


        You all need to read this new post by David Hodges. He is right on the money. Hodges shows how the facts measure up to the shtf event. Pick a calpase, war, EMP, economic calpase. All data and info he is being told is matching up. See me shtf mathematical formula, it can help. Even the dumb down brain dead can figure this one out. Numbers re-crunched, yep we are f….ked.


        • Frig Hodges. He’s a shill just like you.

      24. OFF TOPIC:
        I had a long talk with a cross country trucker friend of mine. I asked him if he has seen anything out of the ordinary as far as military convoys (Jade Helm). He told me he has NOT seen anything out of the order as far as that goes, there were a few on interstate 44, but really nothing big.

        Now for the fun stuff, he told me he picked up a load out east (I’m going to be very general about things here)
        and delivered it in the southwest. Here he and his co-pilot drop the load.

        He was ask to pick up another load, in which he did. He was not allowed to even see what they loaded on his truck. He was told it was a USDA load, and was told to make very sure the doors stayed locked. He has hauled for them before, but never stopped from seeing the load.

        When he reached his drop off location (Midwest, by a large city), he had to go through a check point with armed security and was not allowed again to exit his truck. All the dock doors were closed and there was security walking around the dock.

        The place looked like an old factory, but it had new fencing and some real nasty looking razor wire on the top and bottom. Plus he could hear construction work going on inside the buildings he passed on the way to the dock.

        He backed into the bay to unload and the bay had air bags around it but the one on his side was flat and there was a gap between the trailer and the bag.
        He could see creates with writing on them that came out of his trailer with Korean, Chinese or Japanese, he was not sure what the other languages 2 were.

        My questions are. Why would the USDA have a load with foreign printing on them? Why was it so secret that the drives could not check the load out? What’s with all the armed guards at a USDA facility?

        I have to wonder are they building a POW camp in secret just like they did right before WW2?
        Or am I paranoid?????
        N. Reb

        • NR
          Yes you are paranoid! LOL
          Did Big “G” say anything about other trucks being off loaded?

          Remember I told you all about the guy I know that was off loading at a ware house and was not able to check out his loads. The places he was unloading at was guarded the same way. He also got a look and it looked like crates of weapons being unloaded on one of his trips and, the second trip was food. He was told to stay in the truck but he was able to see in his mirror some of the stuff he was getting unloaded.
          Strange times!!!!

        • In 2010, during one of my last Houston to virgina trips, I met an independent Trucker where I was delivering and he told me a story.

          He said the best paying load he ever got was from the US gov that had him haul an oversized container to a point where he met a man in a black suv that escourted him for about fifty miles out into the southwest desert, in the middle of nowhere.

          A trackhoe and hauler was there and a very big hole. The giant trackhoe lifted the container into the hole, and then began to bury it as he gathered up his binders.

          The man in the suv, signed his bills, handed him a receipt for an autopayment of his haul fee to his checking account, and told him it would be in his best interest to never mention this haul to anyone, and especially the location.


          • Yeah you’re good at telling stories all right. That one isn’t any fishier than the bullshit threads you weave here.

      25. Good observation on the carriers part. Something “in the milk” just ain’t clean. Not good.

      26. Like I have been saying , an article I read today talked about the crash coming this fall that will take YEARS to fully unfold …..Did you hear that ….YEARS !!!

      27. Yes, the collapse has already begun.

        The Mints cannot get the silver blanks they use to make silver coins.

        It’s way too late to debate, argue, name call. I appreciate you all, by the way.

        Prep, pray, and pray some more.

        Get right with God, above all Trust God.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • See ya next summer for more of the same

      28. Negativity has finally hit the stock markets. We are now definitely in bearish modes on the major indices for the first time in a LONG time. We’ll likely continue to see a steady decline with minor corrections until something happens and they fall like a rock, similar to 2008.

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