The BIG ONE Is Coming: San Andreas Fault In California Comes ALIVE!

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 94 comments

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    The San Andreas fault has seemingly come alive in recent days, putting the highly populated Bay Area in California on alert. “The Big One” is coming, and it could be right around the corner.

    The earthquake that rattled the Bay Area on Thursday was just one more reminder of the power and danger of the Hayward Fault, which runs below the populous East Bay area. But the San Andreas fault could awaken at any time, causing the Hayward fault to also shift, which would rock the area. The Hayward fault could easily produce a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake and it is directly underneath heavily populated areas.

    “So who knows, California!” says Joe Joseph of the Daily Sheeple. “Better buy a boat, build an ark, who know what the heck you’re gonna need. And anybody out there that’s feeling ambitious in the real estate market, why don’t you go and buy up some desert land…who knows! Maybe you’ll have beachfront property soon!”

    On its website, the USGS calls the Hayward fault the region’s “tectonic time bomb,” which could “cause hundreds of deaths, leave thousands homeless and devastate the region’s economy.” In 2016, David Schwartz, a USGS geologist, said in an interview that above the Hayward fault are “2 million people who directly live on top of it. It sits geographically in the center of the Bay Area. There’s a tremendous amount of infrastructure built upon it — water systems, gas, electrical, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) crosses it — so a large event on that fault is like hitting the bull’s eye on a target.”

    Of course, the San Andreas fault is well overdue for a massive earthquake as well. The last major earthquake on the San Andreas fault happened in 1857 and scientists say they’re due every 100-150 years.

    “One thing’s for certain,” says Joseph. “The San Andreas fault is a fault that’s certainly nothing to ignore. And if you live in California, you know how to deal with earthquakes.” Hopefully. Hopefully, those in California are taking these two faults seriously.


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        • 7.6 mag quake in Caribbean

          Drudge Report

          • Gandy will blame NRA for this.

        • Hey, not the entire state is idiots!! There are some good people here who work hard and are intelligent. We can’t help the millions in the Bay Area and LA area who are COMPLETE IMBECILES!

      2. Welcome to Fear Porn central.

        • Stormy, why do you keep coming here if you don’t like the site?

          • Deplorable Braveheart is a bloviating buffoon. Or should I say, baboon.

            • Oil can can go f#$% himself.

              • Eek eek eek! You’re a knuckle dragging primate, Bravemonkey!

          • @Braveheart,
            Just maybe, it’s what is being reported.

            “The San Andreas fault has seemingly come alive in recent days.” next paragraph: “But the San Andreas fault could awaken at any time,” then: “So who knows, California!” and then: “could”, “could”, and “could” which is a nice way to hedge statements.

            I dunno BH why Stormy keeps coming back. Sometimes it’s better to ignore the cutting remarks. There are good people and good comments to be found with many of the articles here on SHTFPlan.

            • Jasmine, thank you for that. I’ve always known they’ve got their “Big One” coming, just don’t know when. You’re in the right place.

              • we aint askeered!

            • I made this same comment here a few weeks ago because the Pacific rim is coming alive again and that is just a fact. Been watching it all for a while and anybody can as well on the net these days rather easily. I pay attention to it all because I grew up in Kawleefornya and was in some of the biggest earthquakes in the country. Bakersfield, Tehachapi and LA numerous times and it all got my attention in a big way. Most of the country has never experienced an EQ and it is not like anything else you might imagine and I do not scare easily because of my life experiences ! Earthquakes make you realize you have zero control of what is happening and that is scary immediately.

              A major event is possible any day, but that does not mean it will happen tomorrow or next week ? I do not see being aware of it as fear porn, unless it gets used way past over done. No doubt there is fear porn on many matters, that is part of why I stay super fit and healthy, to avoid it and sleep well ! Makes far more sense than living in fear or anger.

        • Get on with it already. geeze. shake that cage. rattle them libtards.

          • MWK, I’m an expert on rattling their cage, LOL.

            • Braveheart is acting like his cage is rattled, who is he to brag?

        • Agreed!

          • Frank, are you related to oil can? If so then move along, sonny.

            • Bravefart – I’ve told you before, this is an open forum. That means anyone may comment here. It’s in the nature of the beast and you, of all people, have absolutely no right to be this sites regulator/censor (or, for that matter, it’s self appointed meeter and greeter). I don’t see Mac placing any restrictions on anyone (apart from not posting stuff he doesn’t like until sometimes days later when attention is diverted to another doom scenario).

              There are only 15 or 20 regular posters here who believe that this is their own private grudge site, used to re-enforce their closed minds and prejudices and, to be honest, they/you all sound like the same old broken record from the 60s.

              If anything, posters like Ghandi, Oil Can, et al can bring a fresh approach to the tired and often boring rhetoric that the regular and habitual contributors churn out. Sometimes I think most of them have nothing else to do with their lives, so frequently do they appear here!

              You, yourself, have been responsible for making people leave by your ill considered and bullying remarks, yet you whine like a babe when someone hits back at you, and your rebuttals are invariably immature and childlike!

              You espouse certain articles of the constitution and then rubbish others when they don’t agree with your twisted illogical logic. Whether you agree or disagree, the law is the law and if you don’t like it I would suggest you take your own advice and “move along sonny”.

              As one of many examples, one minute you rubbish Trump the next minute you adore him. You truly do represent muddled middle American thinking, consistent only in your inconsistency.

              And please, don’t fall back and use your only tactic of bluster and obfuscation by denying what I’ve said, all of your comments are readily checkable by doing a simple search of this site.

        • Remember, it’s not bragging if it’s true. Tick tick…

      3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……….White women need to choose their men carefully. As a woman I know it’s natural to seek companionship, love and protection with a man as it provides security and it’s just a woman’s instinct.

        I see White women make mistakes by picking Black men who just want to use them to make Black babies and then leave them – White women should not get involved with Black men, period. They’ll be on their own as their nearest and dearest cut ties with them due to the shame of having a daughter that got herself involved with a Black thug.

        Everyone needs to know where they stand as there is going to be a collapse of some sort soon – be safe and prepare.

        I’ve updated my preps in the last two weeks and carried out another security check. My reviews take place every six months.

        Best of luck:)

        • Susan, welcome and AMEN to your comments. MY reviews take place every week the way things are going.

        • Glad to see you’re taking care of things. Some women (and men) don’t have a freakin’ clue. Keep at it. You’ll do well.

        • F.. you, Susan, my stepfather (a dominating, abusive, pedophile!) was white! I ABHOR white men! I LIKE brown skin.

          • Anonymous, you STFU about Susan. I’ll take white people over useless apes any day.

            • Wait a minute Braveblowhard, aren’t you an ape yourself?

          • Anon likes brown shit.

            • CJ, sounds like anon has been on the crackpipe for too long.

          • Well, since we’re talking about skin color here i have a confession too. I’m Italian/Polish female and i’ve always liked two opposite kind of men. One – blond hair, blue eyes and very light skin. And two…for some reason i am attracted to Spanish/Mexican men and even British men. Don’t know why. I only got the blonds tho in my life and they didn’t turn out good. I should have stuck with the mexicans ha ha.

        • Susan, you are right on target. Had this talk with my niece not long ago. She’s into the black spark plugs. I told her don’t ever bring one to my house and if you marry one, you are on your own.

        • Good heavens! How did a post about earthquakes turn into a post and many HATEFUL comments against black men? Apparently hate owns you. Too bad for you, and will only consume you. There are good and bad people of every race. Yes, women and men for that matter, need to choose a patner wisely based on the character of the individual, not his/her skin color.

          • T-town, throw all the blacks and browns into the active fault zone and erupting volcanos then we won’t have any more problems from them to hate them anymore.

          • T-town, have you ever been a victim of any type of crime perpetrated by a black male? If not then you don’t understand why we have the position toward blacks that we have. They give us reasons to be opposed to them. The DOJ and FBI statistics make it clear who is responsible for vast majority of crime in this nation. Plus, the all-black organizations have an illegitimate campaign taking place against white people. We stand up for white people, white culture, white heritage, etc. and not apologizing for it. We don’t owe a damn thing to any minority people, PERIOD.

        • you KNOW what they say…..once you go black….you just committed yourself to a lifetime of single parenthood!….oh dear, i HOPE nobody calls me rayciss for that one….let the record show, a good friend of mine married a black man, had 2 kids, and lived happily ever after….well, for the last 25 years anyway….to be continued….stereotypes are made to be broken.

      4. “Hopefully, those in California are taking these two faults seriously.”
        HAHAHA, do CA’s actually take anything seriously except their drive to Socialism/Communism? and the Freebie/Giveme State

        • NRP, truer words were never spoken.

        • Who the hell cares? It’s California. Sodom and Gomorrah of the US. Let it slip into the ocean.

        • You forgot about weed

      5. It looks like Cali’s ‘day of reckoning’ is getting closer. If the GOOD people in Cali can leave then just leave. To the libturds, you’re gonna get it.

        • Braveheart1776

          “To the libturds, you’re gonna get it.”

          Something like this in the extreme likely would have consequences miles away in disconnected areas. The global economy is fragile. Its not beyond the scope of possibility that this would be a black swan event kicking out just enough support to create one hell of an economic fall. The public would see just how ill prepared the government is given even the best of efforts.

        • now now, braveheart, leave all the GOOD people in california alone!….BOTH of ’em!

      6. It’s kinda like reading the Enquirer in the check out line at the grocery store…….you know it’s not real, but still get a kick out of reading the headlines to see what they’ll come up with next!!

        Keep the entertainment coming!!

        • twitter is the same way….it SEEMS to be written in english, but it never makes sense.

      7. Thats the thing about Mother Nature, shes sorta unpredictable, and man oh man can she rock your world!

        • Nail,
          Right on, but I disagree about Mother nature
          being unpredictable.
          Everywhere I’ve lived as an adult, has been
          declared a disaster area(not my fault!).
          To me Mother nature is very predictable.
          Shit is going to happen.

          • shit happens…..usually to ME…

      8. This isn’t really news to anyone living on the left coast. It’s happening all the time on many faults-many more than two. And the fact that there is movement isn’t all bad either. What you don’t want are “locked” faults which will experience significant movement when they finally do slip. And the comments about building arks or buying beachfront properties just demonstrates basic ignorance or laziness as almost all of the major faults are ” strike- slip” which means the two sides are moving horizontally, rather than vertically. Finally to those gleeful members of the haters crowd- if you check the book of Revelation, we are ALL closer to a day of reckoning than we were yesterday. Just saying

        • We may all be closer to a day of reckoning but for some of us that’s a good thing but for others… can you smell the sulfur from there? And how do they respond? Just keep throwing logs on the fire!

      9. Fires, Mudslides, Queers, Earthquakes, Communists, wouldn’t give you a nickel for the whole lousy state

      10. There was a massive release of hot air Sunday night from the Hollywood crowd. Amid some of the tackiest black designer gowns I’ve ever seen. As luck would have it, one even got nominated to run for President next time around.

        • Anonymous, The person who was nominated there for POTUS was Oprah Winfrey.

          I can’t imagine anyone worse than her being our next President. Trump and Oprah are longtime friends, since the early 90’s, and are still friends so I wonder how that will work out if Trump goes for re-election. Not only is she unqualified but she’s a nasty, awful person.

          She sure as hell won’t get my vote if she does decide to run, however, she does have quite a following and doesn’t need my vote. So if she does decide to go for it (she’s undecided at the moment) she has a good chance of winning. Scary, but true.

          • Marie, Trump and Oprah were friends but I don’t know about now. While Oprah would definitely get the Democratic Party nomination it’s not the same as becoming POTUS. The libturds would be committing voter fraud everywhere. She’s already been caught once live saying white people should die.

            • Brave, She would not only get the nomination, but as I said she has also has very good chance of winning.

              Yes, Trump and Oprah are still friends. They just don’t see each other as much as before he became President. Although that might change if she decided to run against him.

              As far as her “White people should die” comment, Trump has said many things, and there are even records and videos of these comments yet he won the presidency.

              So thanks for the reply but it’s still a scary thought of her in the White House because she is considering it and she does have a huge following, albeit mostly mindless, cult-following dumbbells.

              For now, it’s a non-issue since she hasn’t made a formal announcement. And hopefully won’t. Ever.

          • a MONKEY can be president…many HAVE been. ALL men will vote against oprah….many women will vote against her. she will have the LGBT crowd, and women that stay at home and WATCH her on the boobtube…..she won’t have a ghost of a chance, if trump gits r dun, like he HAS been….admittedly, it’s an uphill battle, but we GOT to win!

            • Hellery got the black voteand so would orcra. Hellery got the LGBT vote &womens vote. Hellery got the snowflake vote. And orca would get those also and Hellery lost. So tell me what votes is orca gonna get that hellery wasn’t able to? President Trump will still get the same votes he got before and some more from folks who wake up. And To boot there will be less illegal’s voting because President Trump Is booting them out. And commiefornica and ill noiseis likely to lose a delegate or two. Folks are leaving those states in droves. And more will leave commiefornica because their homes burned up.

      11. I used to live in the SF Bay Area and there was a 6.0 early one evening shortly after dinner on the Hayward fault about 5 or 6 months before the October 1989 7.0 Loma Prieta Earthquake on the San Andreas fault line struck. You’d think they would have heeded the warning. But no.

        That Hayward quake caused some structural damage to the Bay Bridge but the Libtard officials decided it was nothing when it was something that needed to be looked into. So when the big one hit almost 6 months later, that October, it took down that section of the Bay Bridge that had been compromised from the Hayward quake. Then they were pointing fingers and blaming each other instead of taking responsibility. It doesn’t get any stupider. And I see a pattern here with this new development.

        One huge problem of many with the Libtards there in CA (and in general) is that they are not proactive, which means they are reactive.

        They don’t act until the moment they actually have no other choice. Very reactive people. Technically, these ultra-Liberals (Libtards) aren’t mentally retarded, but they are so clueless, bent so far to the Left that they might as well be.

        That was why I left a few years later and moved back to my home state of NY. Not much gets done there in CA until it’s too late. I live way upstate in the beautiful country where Libtards are not tolerated.

        You really don’t know what a *true Libtard* looks like until you’ve lived in CA, Land of the Libtards. Libtards in CA tend to get into these high-level decision-making positions there and then pass the buck, use stall tactics, preach, fight and argue with each other more than they work/produce, don’t get things done in a timely manner, and waste time and resources fixing what isn’t broken. Useless, dumbest pieces of s* *t that ever walked the Earth.

        • I thought your governor
          Cuomo said people like
          you did not belong in his state?

          • rellik, I don’t care about Cuomo. He is hated here. Plus, imo, not all Dems are liberals. I didn’t mean the whole state doesn’t tolerate Libtards. I meant the area I live, which is not a small town. I’ve been here for years and have never met a Libtard here. Dems yes, but ones who are Libtards no.

          • No, that was his son Andrew, also now Governor of New York City.

            What all Upstate New Yorkers (and all Americans), need to do is ban these political dynasties. One Cuomo (Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Obama), was enough forever.

            Daddy Mario brought 50-years of economic decimation and a declining economy to Upstate New York. Sonny boy Andrew is completing the job Daddy started of destroying whole state.

            • what you are missing is ALL these people are related through bloods lines. Even the ones you wouldn’t think. Go back far enough (couple hundred years)and they have common ancestors originating in northern Europe royalty. crypto (we will call them gypsies)… much more to the story. history is your friend 🙂

        • The “libtard” is a perfect example of the person, mentioned in the Bible, that has been given over to a retrobate mind because of sin. The “libtards” are perfectly intelligent, but yet almost lunatic in their devotion to ridiculous concepts and ideas, with no basis in logic — a person that has been given over to a retrobate mind.

        • That last paragraph sure sounds a lot like a good description of our current Congress! LOL!

      12. That’s why they legalized pot there. Keep everyone calm and cool for the big one…

      13. San Andreas Fault I don’t care. New Madrid I do.

        • Sarge, I’m at the other end of New Madrid. I’m also concerned about that one.

          • I left N E Ar and moved a 100 miles west where its hard rock. That entire delta from southern Ill all the way to the gulf. Its nothing but alluvial silt and sand. It could liquefy and slide off into the gulf drop the elevation enough to turn the entire area into a swamp that countinually creeps southward until eventually its all open water. Remember BI thought it would be the San Andreas &Cascadia first and Then the New Madrid. I hope to live long enough to see it happen. Its gonna happen sometime I would embrace the adventure.

      14. It would make for some good tv watching news helicopters ect. Other than that its just gonna cost the rest of us money and you know its true the rest of us will end up paying for it one way or another. But if the new madrid was the case wouldent get jack.

        • Godsoldier, Not really. Trump hates California.

        • GS
          Got POP CORN?

      15. “…. how the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their households, and their tents, and all the substance that was in their possession,…” sounds like a good plan to me Ma (Nature).

      16. I hope Pelousy, Maxine and Diane are at home when it happens.

      17. I thought the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was the last time for the San Andreas fault?

        • no, we get 4.0’s and 5.0’s all the time.

      18. It is a little over 800 miles from San Francisco to Seattle. If a man gets in his car in Seattle and flees south to escape the eruption of Mount Rainier and drives at 75mph. Another man drives north from San Francisco and drives North at 80mph. When do they meet and where?

        • They will meet somewhere near Goshen, Oregon, around 5 hours after they started. Provided they both can keep that fairly high average speed, and not be caught speeding or be stuck in traffic on the way. Then again, if they both drive proportionally slower, they would still meet there, just a few hours later.

        • That’s easy: Half way.

          Traveling up the coast? Coos Bay, Oregon. If by the straightest route? Roseburg, Oregon.

          Newport, Oregon would be preferred. Bandon, Oregon is one of the state’s best kept secrets.

      19. Please be a magnitude 12 or higher. Please. Destroy this place already. Quit teasing us all making us dream about such a wonderful scenario. Hope it happens just around the corner. It will be so funny to see Hollywood in the pacific. along with all these movie satanists and all these movie making scum they deserve to DIE. RIGHT NOW TODAY. I hope its a 15 mag.

        • bill, It won’t be a 12 magnitude or greater because of the type of fault (strike-slip fault) that it is.

          Seismologists have already agreed both major CA fault lines, Hayward and San Andreas, are not likely to exceed 8.0. Although, an 8.0 will cause PLENTY of damage.

          The Hayward CA fault is one of the most dangerous in the world, more dangerous than the San Andreas supposedly. So far, the largest strike-slip in the world was recorded at 8.6, but that’s actually unusual for a strike-slip type of fault line.

          That also means, even if it is an 8.0, California is not going to break off and float away into the Pacific Ocean.

          • Good god, man! No one wants Cali to break off and float away into the pacific.

            We want it to break off and SINK into the pacific!!

        • that movie san andreas had a 9.sumthin’, i think, and i remember lots of talk on the news how it COULDN’T produce one that strong…..i don’t know, but i live 10 or 15 miles from it, soooo….fingers crossed until my sons graduate from hi school, and i can get out of this hell-on-earth.

      20. I’ve been hearing this FOREVER. If you want real prediction based on facts check out dutchsince channel on you tube. The guy is amazing hit rate of about 90%. Right now, west coast on watch for 4.-5. quake,not the big one. Big ones happen when the slow slip which is constant,stops and so far it is still moving.

      21. Flooded with earthquake refugees? The computers will know if you have a spare room or couch. And mandatory refugee shelter laws will send you the most discusting pervert imaginable or same sex couple to live with your family? And to refuse will imprison you and leave your family alone with them?

        • Im fully prepared to burn all my structures rather than let anyone else benefit from them. I will leave poisoned canned good,s for them to find. Im prepared to die before im disarmed or my property confinscated and redistributed.

      22. What everyone seems to forget is the impact on the rest of the country. A 8-9.0 quake will kill millions. The result will be economic catastrophy and human tragedy on a scale we have not seen since WWII. Next comes the survivor repat and disease. It will affect the country and world. Imports from Pacific origins will probably need to be redirected to Seattle or Mexico. The US imports 52% of its food so I wonder how much comes into CA ports ?

        You really don’t want to see this in your lifetime… believe me, regardless of how many silly liberals get killed. Moonbeam has wrecked the state for decades and that means the survivors will face MS-13 in a post quake world without much in the way of firearms.

        • B3K that’s good. We need a good culling. And the picture you paint fills the Bill. Those too stupid to leave commiefornia need to be culled. Those who live off imported food will starve. That’s good also. We don’t need those who are not self reliant and are too stupid to prep let them die off.

      23. How many of you Billy Bobs have had your double wide blow away in a tornado or float down the river? There are dangers everywhere.

      24. Forget the physical preps boys. Concentrate on the spiritual preps. That is what will count!

        • Jesus take the wheel, huh? Brilliant.

      25. A 10.3 wouldn’t even cut it. I saw the movie. What a disappointment.

      26. We can only hope that The fault slips enough that Commiefornia slides off into the ocean. Good Riddance.

      27. any century now….

      28. Can’t wait to get rid of 10% of the population and a large population of liberals. Come on San Andres!!! Get it together and split open in 2018!! Then SINK the western half.

      29. We are living in the last days folks. The bible says the earth will go through labor pains. If you look at the sleeping prophet (Edgar Caycee) predictions, he said parts of the earth would be inundated and others would reappear after being underwater for many centuries, in example would be Atlantis) Another good reference is the US Navy map of the future online. Coastal California is gone! And where I am will be beachfront property- in Pennsylvania!

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