The Best Ways to Prevent A Coronavirus Infection

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 13 comments

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    Instead of panicking like the rest of the United States, take the time to understand how you can prevent the coronavirus.  There are a few small things you can do that will have a major effect and minimize your chances of getting the virus.

    Minimize Contact

    This just means you should avoid people who are infected.  If you live in an area that’s experiencing an outbreak, consider wearing a facemask in public. Choose a mask that fits tightly to your face and offers a minimum of N95 protection. These masks will help protect you 80% of the time, which is certainly better than nothing.

    Do your shopping online if you can.  Fresh vegetables and fruits will be difficult to get delivered, but some larger cities do offer this.  Shopping online is one way to reduce your contact with others during the outbreak.  Although it’s peaked and almost over in China, the U.S. may not have reached peak infections just yet. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

    Cover your coughs and sneezes too by burying them in the elbow.  If you have a tissue available, use that and toss it in the trash immediately. If you sneeze into your elbow, make sure to completely cover the mouth and nose to prevent as many droplets as possible from getting in the air. At the end of the day, wash your clothes in warm soapy water to eliminate the viruses.  They likely won’t be active still, although they can be.  Viruses can live 8-12 hours on porous surfaces such as clothing. 

    Wash Your Hands

    Improving your handwashing will help dramatically reduce your chances of getting sick from colds, the flu, and the coronavirus.  Wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.  Wash up toward your wrists and get between your fingers. Teach your children to wash their hands well too.  Make sure you wash your hands before you eat, touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth, and obviously after you use the bathroom. This really does work to keep you healthy and it’s pretty simple to start doing if you don’t already.

    Disinfect Surfaces

    Make sure you take the time to disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs and remote controls. Do this several times a week, if not daily. Viruses can live in the air for up to 3 hours (after a cough or sneeze from an infected person) and for 2 to 3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, according to a preprint posted Tuesday on medRxiv.  Past studies have shown common household disinfectants, including soap or a diluted bleach solution, can deactivate coronaviruses on indoor surfaces. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a protective fat layer. Disinfectants will tear apart that fat layer which makes coronaviruses “fairly wimpy” compared to noroviruses and other common viruses that have a more robust protein shell.

    Just doing these three things will massively reduce your chances of getting sick in general, let alone cathing the coronavirus. General improvement in handwashing, cough and sneeze hygiene, and home disinfecting can go a long way as far as prevention is concerned.

    But if you or a family member does get sick, be responsible and don’t spread it to others. Learn how to self-quarantine and stop the spread of the virus.



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      1. We started wearing our N95 masks anytime we go out of the house. God bless you guys for getting us ready! Already had an hysterical women start screaming at us in Target. At first she was yelling “Are you sick?!?” Then she kept screaming “They don’t work!” “You are scaring people!” We walked away but she kept screaming after us. Just something else for all of y’all to be ready for.

        • Those N95 masks will trap any virus you were exposed to and bring them into your home with you when you go back inside where they will be a concentrated source of the virus that’s available to infect you.

          So remove and destroy them before you go home, then scrub yourself down with bleach to kill the virus on your skin and clothing.

          • ” then scrub yourself down with bleach to kill the virus on your skin and clothing.”

            I assume you mean “bleach solution” since bleach is caustic and will burn your skin.
            I also assume you are looking to bleach your clothes funny colors or are wearing a full PPE suit.

            seriously, just use alcohol.

          • Mask and glove hygiene.

            Yes masks can be a source of infection after use.
            When putting on your mask there is often an imbedded aluminum strip, that goes on top, press it to mold the mask to your face. Have a plastic trash can or bag secure in your car. Have a sanitizing wipe wrapped in plastic. Put on clean gloves and do your shopping.

            When you get to your car use the wipe to open your trunk, with the wipe you brought in your gloved hand move the bags into the trunk. To remove gloves…. Grasp one glove just below the top pull it off and into the palm of your gloved hand, without touching it with your bare hand. Next use two fingers between the other glove and your skin, you aren’t touching the glove on the outside. As you pull it off let it go inside out bagging the first glove. Drop it in your trash. Now remove your mask by only holding the strap, don’t touch the face of the mask and into the trash. When you get into the car, use hand sanitizer. And your off. See my other post below on handling groceries at home.

      2. Mac, thanks for all the years of being here.
        I’ll bet a lot of people who are regulars, are sitting tight feeling safe and sound.

        I have to thank Obama too, when he started flying Ebola infected people into the US and we got to see bloody vomit all over a kids playground on the nightly news, from one of Obama’s special guest, was when I added a pandemic kit to my basement.

        Some advice to people not prepared regarding food. Take your time, make a list. Take stock in what you have, and plan meals around it, add to your list what you need to make balanced meals. Of foods that spoil, don’t buy more than you can eat or plan on freezing some. Only go to the store when you must, keep a running list of necessities.

        If you have them, wear gloves and a mask when shopping. Use sanitizing wipes on carriages. No gloves? Go straight to the produce isle and take two plastic bags and use them as gloves.

        When you get your food home, use dawn dish detergent or similar with warm water to wash off the outside of every waterproof container. Wash all hard skinned vegetables like tomatoes, apples oranges etc a five minute soak in warm soapy water is best, then rinse well. You won’t hurt them. Stick to vegetables you can wash or that get steamed.

        Now that you were out, your car may be contaminated, just park it in the hot sun. Sunshine is a great disinfectant.

        Dry goods in paper or cardboard can be left out in the car or garage for 48 hours, a Princeton study says the virus can only survive 24 hours on cardboard or paper. That study says it can survive days on plastic, thus why you must wash those items. Then wash your hands and counters again.

        Don’t forget to leave shoes at the door. Always think in terms of layers when planing for home security, be it from an intruder, or just letting in a virus.

        A memory, after the big storm that shut down our grocery stores for three weeks a few years ago, I was chatting with the deli man as he sliced for me. A woman came up and joined in the conversation. She opined about there being no bread for weeks. I said I just used my bread machine and made my own. She looked like she saw a ghost, I said what’s wrong, she said I have an old bread machine in the attic, and never thought to get it out.

        There are recipes on line for homemade bread, and even how to breed your own local wild yeast, if you can’t buy it. You don’t need a bread machine, just flour, sugar and kosher salt. ?

      3. went to target and grabbed 2 cans of nestle nido powdered milk. wouldve grabbed another one but some lady grabbed like 8 cans. wife was pissed saying she shouldnt have been able buy 8 cans. i told her it has to be that way because thats fair and capitalist. rationing is socialist and unacceptable. i wouldve liked to get one more can but im grateful we got something. i hate target wouldnt go there normally but wife wanted to got there. no toilet paper no hand sanitizer alot of food gone. sold out of alot of camping gear. havent been to wallys but heard the ammo is gone.

      4. What we know about the coronavirus so far:
        1.) In 2002 Rockefeller created a scenario of a biological weapons or pandemic attack and what the response to the attack would be.

        2.) Bill Gates also created a scenario of a biological weapons or pandemic attack and what the response would be a couple of years ago.

        3.) The CDC abruptly shut down the military’s Fort Detrick bio-weapons lab for failures of preventing bio weapons leaks in 2019.

        4.) The military went to Wuhan for military games 2 months prior to the realization that Wuhan residents had been infected with the coronavirus.

        5.) The military has had a long history of practicing unethical medical treatments on service members as well as the general public.

        6.) Israel has suggested that the 2020 election may be in jeopardy and terrorist attacks and Russian and Iranian meddling might prevent people from voting and has engaged in yet another emergency response drill in the event that something of this nature may happen.

        7.) Democratic primaries have been postponed.

        8.) The U.S. government and corporations in collusion with the Israeli and Saudi governments delibertately imploded the World Trade Towers and bombed the defenselss surveillanceless Pentagon after the .com bubble to create a money laundering operation from the Pentagon to Wall Street using war as an excuse for trillions of dollars being spent on something leaving most Americans destitute while few have reaped obscene profits.

        9.) Businesses have been shutting down and events have been shut down as well as schools and churches.

        10.) The entire economy as well as Wall Street has been based on outright fraud for decades.

        11.) The stock market and economy crashed for the 4th time in
        33 years, in addition to the oil market and dollar.

        12.) This is just another fucking terrorist attack by god damn fucking psychopaths willing to cross every boundrary in existence and use it as an excuse to cover-up their financial and business fraud schemes!

        13.) America is controlled and run by psychopaths and enabled by dopes and opportunistic scumizens that are willing to leave a legacy of tyranny, corruption, and destruction to future generations.

        14.) Stop enabling the psychopaths! They’re just as full of shit on the coronavirus as they were on 9/11!

        • riiiiight. suuuuure.

          Fact: This originated in a Chinese biolab in Wuhan.

          All the Chinese propaganda being released isn’t going to change that fact, or the fact we now have to fix the issue.

          the fact that you are placing blame rather than posting solutions like PTPO above, or any of the other old timers tells me you’re a mouthpiece.

      5. To any of our old posters that might check this site: and to all you new ones.
        Most of our senior posters have likely gone dark by now. I’ve posted links to military manuals that may come in handy.
        I hope they don’t.
        So to relik asshat and hcks and the rest I say.
        Good luck God be with you.
        Protect what you have and those you love.
        I’ll see some of you on the other side
        Beaver out……..

        • wonder how Buttcrack of Doom is fairing these days?
          He’s finally right, yanno. I’ll admit it 🙂

          Good luck to you all

      6. Some banks are apparently tryng to seperate traders from brokers by having traders work from home, but in a market that has already lost complete confidence in the market, Bank of America is saying that they do not know how this will work out since they do not monitor employees at home and do know who ,ay be walking in or out of the room.

        The main concern would be who may be hacking! This is insanely irresponsible of the financial industry. It appears to be an attempt to place the responsibility of vanished funds on traders workng from home, when the problem is actually with the banks themselves.


      7. Forget this Crono hoax The Complete collapse of the economy is in motion,.. Here it comes. Timberrrr

        Today 3/16/2020 Silver took a dump down to $12.58 Silver to Gold price ratio is $116 to $1 Un-Fricken believable!!

        Nothing is worth anything. Guns Grub Guts. prepare to defend what is yours. The hunger games is on.

        • As the economy collapses and the virus spreads you can kiss the Constitution good by as people will eagerly cheer on ignoring it in the name of safety and security from the virus and a bad economy on top of it.

          Fear driven people do not think rationally or make rational decisions.

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