The American Catastrophe: Drug, Alcohol, And Suicide Deaths Hit RECORD LEVELS

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Headline News | 95 comments

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    Since the United States government began tracking the cause of death in 1999, suicides, alcohol, and drug-related deaths have skyrocketed to record levels. The new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that Americans are dying younger as life expectancy continues to drop.

    Feelings of hopelessness and despair are overwhelming many in the U.S. So much so, that people are turning to alcohol, drugs, and suicide to numb the pain of their lives.  Government enslavement and the stranglehold on the economy are making life even more difficult on those already struggling to get by. And this is seen in new death numbers released.

    The national rate for deaths from alcohol, drugs, and suicide rose from 43.9 to 46.6 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017, a 6 percent increase, the Trust for America’s Health and the Well Being Trust reported Tuesday. That was a slower increase than in the previous two years, but it was greater than the 4 percent average annual increase since 1999, reported USA Today.

    Perhaps most disturbing, is that the deaths from suicides rose from 13.9 to 14.5 per 100,000, which amounted to a 4 percent increase. That was double the average annual pace over the previous decade.  Psychologist Benjamin Miller, chief strategy officer of the Well Being Trust, says broader efforts are needed to address the underlying causes of alcohol and drug use and suicide. “It’s almost a joke how simple we’re trying to make these issues,” he says. “We’re not changing direction and it’s getting worse.”

    That’s because people have no control over their lives anymore.  The government controls every aspect of everyone’s lives and social media helps to compound the issue by often making people feel like they don’t have enough or can’t “keep up with the Joneses.” Human beings need to and deserve to be free; it’s a basic human right.  Once that right and free will are taken away, there’s not much left for anyone to live for.  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be a popular vein of thought, but it needs to be said. And problems caused by government control cannot be fixed by more government control.

    The truth is that big government is not going to save us.  People don’t need more government bureaucrats telling them how to run their lives.  Instead, what people really need is to find meaning and purpose in life, and that is not something that big government is going to provide. –Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse 

    Psychology Today wrote that in 1755, in Of Suicide, David Hume argues that, though only “one step” could put an end to his misery, and that’s to truly be free.  If one cannot be free in life, they will be free in death. Hume proposes to “restore men to their native liberty” by examining all the common arguments against suicide and demonstrating that suicide is “free from every imputation of guilt or blame.”

    Loss of control over one’s life (such as forced sexual abuse) appears to be a common cause even in the article written by USA Today.  However, Miller admits that while overdose antidotes and treatment for opioid use disorder are definitely needed in today’s world, he says, “it’s not going to fix” the underlying problems that lead people to end their lives, whether or not it’s intentional.”




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      1. I fail to see a problem. If we have mentally defective folks who kill themselves. Its a solution. they are no longer a burden on society. They are taken out of the gene pool. A culling is needed if some culls decide to take action and cull themselves its Ok with me. Of course if someone was standing on a ledge and I was in the crowd watching I would yell for them to jump. Its kinda fun being mean. Ive seen dogs & cats and other animals commit sucicide. The where in the road when I came driving along.

        • Like I say, By man or nature it’s going to happen. It has too!

        • The problem is it doesn’t just kill the drug addict or alcoholic when they overdose or blow their brains out. It annihilates families. Young kids lose parents and guidance and turn out as bad or worse than their parents which sets up a vicious circle. The scum foreigners are gonna own this place when we die unless we help people with problems overcome them. I’d rather climb up there and jerk the jumper off the ledge so they’d have another chance. No love in our hearts and selfishness is why we are so fucked up.

          • Menzoberranzan, well said. I understand these other perspectives but I don’t want to loose my empathy and compassion. I know that I have been lost but was found.

            It’s been my experience that you can, meaning it’s possible to, help those who are willing to help themselves.

            • Thanks Justice. I introduce them to Bill and the Dr. and then it’s up to them.

          • So you are saying if someone OD’s then we should “OFF” the whole family to reduce their pain and suffering? Sounds a bit harsh, considering there are several in my family nobody would miss. But if the alternative is spend gazillions trying to save a bunch of weak scum, maybe it’s OK?. Seems just not right tho.. Just like Jamestown, I haven’t missed any of them.

        • OG
          You must have been reading my mind. (short read) I believe you hit right on the head. I had a friend commit suicide about 3 weeks ago. I was upset then, I was pissed, then I figured it wasn’t up to anyone but him. He pulled the trigger. As far as the drug and alcohol is concerned. You put in in you pay the cost, and leave us along.

          • Sarge and Old Guy, I totally agree. You roll those kind of dice, you assume the risks and responsibility for your own actions. I’m totally free of any drugs and alcohol. Sometimes I get a little down but I know how to get over it and keep on going. I know how to cope with life; otherwise I might not be here.

            • I remember seeing Carroll OConner (Archie Bunker) and played a cop on a liberal TV show. He was on a Tv commercial crying because his son committed sucicide by drug overdose. So money doesn’t solve anything. So folks are mental defects. and folks who are suckers & fall for the political lies from both partys lack a certain amount of brains or good sense.

          • Regarding drugs: George Carlin said, Legalize everything and let Darwin sort it out. Sounds good to me; I kinda think of it as “a little chlorine in the gene pool.”

          • Sgt. Dale and DR, I respectfully disagree. People who are caught up in their addiction do not have “free will”. Their addiction is the master and they are the slave.

            I don’t want to get into a long discussion on addiction but it’s a topic a know a lot about. When I first retired I started and ran the No. 1 website on addiction and recovery. It was called the Recovery Broadcast Network. It even had an Internet Radio Station. Yes, it is a total BRAG. I know I shouldn’t be proud, but I kind of was/am.

            Luckily there is help for people who suffer from the Disease of Addiction. Working a 12 Step Program works!

            • and just what are you gonna do with addicts and mental defective folks if SHTF? I aint gonna mollycoddle anyone. I draw a hard line. when the collapse SHTF -WROL happens you soft hearted folks will be the first to be killed. Most folks are not natural born killers. But those mental defective and weak willed addicts when SHTF happens as soon as the don’t get their prescribed happy pills or hard drugs they will turn violent and become killers in a heartbeat. SO I say the sooner those culls are dead the better for the rest of society.

              • OG, That is a hard cold fact you present. I know a few addicts and former addicts from work and I really have little empathy for them. I did a shitload of drugs when I was a kid and still drink today. That is 100% my responsibility. Drugs are long gone and drinking is a lot less. Not because of some program but because of maturity and wisdom. I remember having to go to some court ordered BS alcohol class for a DUI and the guy running it kept praising certain people for doing sooo well! HA ha ha, we would meet up at the bar right after that with them and drink it up! They think they are doing so good because so and so tells them what they want to hear. I told him one time that I didn’t give a shit about quitting, I was just there because I was forced to go. Man he came unglued! I guess a lie is better than the truth? If you don’t want to quit, your not going to quit. If your forced into rehab your going to lie. I quit all drugs years ago (maybe a shroom high every 2 years or so). These ex drinkers ask me “so are you still drinking?’ WQell ya I am, so what? It’s not a problem with my life and I am fine. I don’t drink and drive and don’t drink till drunk all the time. Fuckin’ people think because they are out of control drinkers everyone else is too. Junkies and dope addicts will NOT be welcome in my place ever! I accomplish shit and live responsibly…. they do not!

              • Don’t worry man, you’ll get your wish. Most of them that are bad off will die from withdrawal symptoms if no help is available. They won’t be able to walk or think straight in that condition, much less pose a threat. I see the evidence of this fact 5 days a week. Most addicts and alcoholics are pretty good people inside and I know that too. You are ignorant as shit.

            • I am thankful that there are people who can still understand that addiction is about more than taking a substance, and alcohol is big in that category. There are slaves in our society that are esteemed above others, but a slave never chooses in what capacity to be enslaved. In a church a member may be a slave to eating, another to relationships outside their marriage, and still another to work. We don’t think of these things as offensive addictions, but they are addictions all the same. One more thing our culture has bought the pharmaceutical and medical drug pushing for years now and many of of 30 and above find themselves addicted. Until big pharma took over an average hypochondriac couldn’t get opioids. Drugs like that were for people suffering with deadly illnesses and not because they were nervous. So to the “better than thou” it could be you I’m talking about. I hope it’s not you, your family members or friends, but I would get off my high horse if I were you.

            • The addict has to WANT to quit Justice;if not nothing will help..

            • “J”
              My friend my son is an addict. I can only forgive him when/if he falls back, but I can’t forgive him if he dies. This what I told him. I also told him that being an addict is his fault, and it is only up to him to take control. No talking or molly coddling will do this. I is up that old saying, “you can take the horse you take to water but you can’t make them drink”. If you put their nose in the water to try and my them drink you will drown them, and that won’t work. I believe in TUFF LOVE.

              • Sarge, I am sorry to hear about your son. He will be in my prayers. I agree with your tough love approach. I can only suggest two things:

                1. Love the person and HATE the Addiction

                2. Suggest/demand that he gets into a 12 Step Program. They really do/can work. Unfortunately, the addict must hit bottom before they are willing to do what is necessary.

          • Stock up so you don’t run out of alcohol and you won’t be depressed, problem solved!!

        • John 10:10 The thief (drugs/alcohol pedaled by satan) cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I (Jesus) am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

          He is the answer–their answer–your answer–my answer.

          • Uhhh if I shoved a bunch of muzlimz down a manhole, would that be sewercide?

            • Pollution, at the very least.

            • . . .suercide would be offing the chew lawyers. . .

        • The problem is, the people culling themselves are not the ones that require a culling.

        • Really? Mentally defective folks who kill themselves?

          And you think you’re above the mark of mental defective, saying it’s fun being mean, “of course” “if someone was standing on a ledge and I was in the crowd watching I would yell for them to jump.” You must be the butt of that joke, that all life is precious, until it comes out of the womb.

          How is it not ironic for the website, SHTF, where people would have to explicitly accept that life is brutally hard, fail to understand why people would commit suicide?

          Honestly, a much better question is why do we continue to live at all when life gets painful? When most everything makes you think about how alone you are and your favorite thing is sleep your days away, why stay? Particularly when it seems the vast majority of people vote against more freedom in our lifetime, have sold our futures away in enormous debt, and almost 100% won’t allow a peaceful secession among mounting differences?

          Sorry man, your comment rings as extremely out of touch. Particularly when this website is niche, I guarantee you it isn’t getting CNN traffic. You’ve just advocated for the suicide of, at minimum, your sympathizers, and worst, your friends. Honestly, you owe them an apology.

          For those who are considering alcohol, I’ll give you a very harsh truth; make sure to read the 2nd part. It’ll work. Until it doesn’t. Then, it’ll make your life hell. By nature of choosing alcoholism, you’re saying you don’t want to kill yourself (yet). In a roundabout way, you’re choosing to kill yourself at that moment but making it a long, precipitous, painful fall when you do. It’s not an outlet you should choose.

          For those who have become addicted to alcohol, people have beat it and you can beat it. You can regain something many people have regarded as the most important thing in their lives: their freedom. The one thing that has kept me from getting addicted to alcohol is the idea that my body won’t give me the choice of whether or not I want alcohol, I despise that idea.

          Sadness is something many people struggle with. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly unlikely someone is going to have your answer, for you. As a general rule of thumb, it’s going to be hard. And I would wager it will require expanding outward instead of continuing to look and collapse inward.

          When you’re calm (really, it doesn’t work when you’re emotional), appreciate some of the things you’ve enjoyed in life (because you have enjoyed things). Laugh at the absurdities that have happened.

          When me and my friends were being cited for underage drinking at a college, having to get our IDs from the dorm reception. They couldn’t find my friends. This poor college kid was flipping through this book, five times, couldn’t find it. The police officers didn’t believe my friend and cuffed him; sat him down in the chair. Told him if he didn’t produce his ID, he was going to jail, when he literally didn’t have it. He told them it was in the book, the officers said they checked five times and it wasn’t there. He told them “Well they better CHECK AGAIN!!!” Lmfao. They found it.

          It’s taken two whole years, but I’ve built up an EDM collection of over 1,500 songs that I’ve personally liked, some that I’m in love with. I would’ve never thought I could get my own personal EDM music collection, a 3 day rave and counting, but it’s happened. And looking at it from the perspective of “taking two years” is wrong. It has been a journey, to have experienced those 1500 songs. Those moments when you have to skip past 10 tracks in a row and then you finally find one and wonder “why the hell didn’t they play this the FIRST TIME?!”

          So. I struggle with answers every day. A lot of the time I chalk it up to one of the grand ironies of life. If life expects the most from you (expanding your horizons) when you’re at your worst (most self deprecating and inward retreating), then there’s great things to look forward to.

          • Boo Hoo. The thing is I believe life is one big adventure. To be embraced and lived. And if your life was easy peasy and everything was always Hunky Dory and everything always went you way. Life would be terrible. When you have great adversity and seemingly insurmountable problems and you by your very own grit and determination overcome them those are the good times. anyone who is a non productive parasite for whatever reason I consider them a cull. If you or most everyone don’t like that ? So What I don’t care. Its not necessary to me for others to believe like me. I don’t need approval to reinforce my core concept.

        • It is a problem. And, it is not without artificial origin.

          The people driving the mainstream narrative for the last century have deliberately created this mass neurosis/psychosis. One normalization of the ab-normal at a time, one redefinition of what is good and right at a time.

          Destroy people’s families, destroy any sense of self-worth, and replace it with nihilistic garbage, in the forms of pop-culture, cultural-marxism, all manner of depravity.

          During WW2, the British conducted a classified study of the effects of over-whelming the mind with information, as a means of psychological warfare against Germany. The study was called “The British Bombing Survey”. They found that when people are saturated and overwhelmed with information, they become mentally paralyzed, unable to make coherent decisions, and instead make mistakes. This form of psychological warfare has been applied to the entire population of the U.S., for decades, by design.

          Also, over 20 U.S. military Veterans per day commit suicide. Many realize they threw their lives away for retards and parasites, who could’nt care less about their sacrifices.

          An undeclared psychological war is being waged against the people of not just this country, but against Western Civilization.

          You fail to see a problem. You seem to think this is OK.

          • In the greatest information age in history
            People choose to be as ignorant as possible….


            • Sorry, but it is not that simple.
              I do understand that there are people who truly deserve the Darwin Award, but much of the overall problem is by design.

              Psychological warfare is quite real, quite subtle, and quite deadly.

              • A contriaire monfrier! It IS that simple! Psycological warfare works on those who are too stupid to realize they are being played. Those with NO critical thinking (like they had in the old days). Of course it is by design but the masses cannot grasp that ability. THEY choose to be idiots! They could choose to investigate things but NO! Just go with the MSM flow and NEVER QUESTION SHIT! No matter who is to blame they are IDIOTS! A few escape the crap education system (I did). It doesn’t matter how they got there… all that matters is what they ARE! Ignorant, stupid sheep. I don’t have time to retrain them. If they are so stupid as to fall for the shit then fook them! I do hope they ALL die for the survival of this planet but then…. it’s a pipe dream…. I have a t-shirt I had made with that saying… few people get it.

                • A century of brainwashing, and mental manipulation, is hard for most people to even grasp the very concept of, let alone comprehend the depth and capability thereof.

                  Most people have had garbage dumped into their minds from the day they were born, and are taught to fear thinking for themselves, lest they be ostracized. Many who do try to think for themselves do not even realize they have been rendered unable to conceive an original thought.

                  This is not just about random stupid people, but the organized destruction of our entire civilization by the most vile of parasites.

                  • Yes I know that JM. But none the less they are what they are and need to go. Those who can think above that level should stay. Like it or not… that is a fact. Truth isn’t fair… Truth doesn’t have feelings…. Truth is just a fact…truth! Deny it and pay the consequences… obey it and have real civilization.

                    • ” You can ignore reality.. but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.

                • You overcame the system and still can’t spell PSYCHOLOGICAL.

        • Old Guy,
          You are clueless and should be ashamed. What if your son or daughter had severe depression and killed themselves? Should we have cheered and pushed them to do it also? You are becoming burden on society for being old. Maybe a Logan’s run society should be put in place?

          • I am old but I probably do more work and produce more than you. And likely will be self reliant till I die. The thing is I have a counstitional right to be a maen asshole curmudgeon If I want. And Like another poster stated. The Truth Hurts. And the Truth is too many cull Taking Parasites and too few Making Producers is never long term sustainable. And If whatever you do for money does not use the natural Resources of this planet to make grow or build something that adds to the GNP you are a Parasite. The farther you are removed from being a vital limk in the chain of production the bigger taking parasite you are. My fault- Your fault- Nobodys fault- That’s just how things are. Like it or lump it I don’t care.

            • I truly doubt you work harder or are more educated than myself. I’ve been a prepper, etc. for a very long and all that goes with it. While I disagree with your thinking and opinion, I must respect it.

      2. The problem is that a culture that simultaneously tries to combat suicide but celebrates euthanasia can’t coherently give us a reason why life is actually worth living. Devoid of a meaningful discussion of our higher purpose or an intentionality to the universe or a personal Creator, we are all just random cells in a universe of chaos; why stay here any longer? Why suffer if you don’t need to? Why do you stay?

        If God doesn’t exist then that means there is no absolute moral law. If there is no absolute moral law there is no justice. And If there is no justice what is the point of existing? There is no point. There is no recompense for your suffering so why continue to suffer?
        GOOD NEWS: God does exist and because He exists there is justice . Because He exists, suffering is not worthless, in fact suffering has value. Our Lord Jesus Christ personified this when he willingly laid down upon the wooden cross and allowed nails to be driven through his hands and feet . His suffering, the passion atoned for the sins of humanity. If Jesus Who is perfect suffered what should that say to us about the meaning of suffering and life?

        • Well said!

          • Thanks!

        • THANK YOU!

          You know what else they can’t do?

          They can’t explain to me why a guy killing a pregnant woman is a double homicide. Particularly now, that they’re killing babies outside the womb.

          And by the way, Marantha was incorrect on this one. It IS a double homicide and it always will be a double homicide “because penis”.


          That’s you’re reasoning???

          I mean YES, it’s a double homicide because the baby is HUMAN dammit! Which means abortion is murder. Which means screw your entire argument, society. Responsibility… it don’t just magically go away “because vagina”.

        • Deplorable ruski you say that suffering has value. Please tell me what value there is in the suffering of a child that is abused daily. Tell me where the justice is for that child when the abuser is never punished with jail time and the only reason they stop abusing children is because their children have all grown up to be adults?

          There is no moral law because what one person finds immoral another person doesn’t. Same applies to evil and good and their definitions. God or as I like to refer to him as the universe does not care about justice, morals or suffering here on earth.

          Not to mention if jesus atoned for the sins of humankind then why are there still rules attached to this atonement? Perhaps these rules are man made by your modern day pharisees?

      3. Some can’t see the forest for the trees. Marxist destruction of society. This is the result.

        • yep, one of the basic Communist goals is destroy cultural standards of morality. Drug and alcohol abuse and total disregard of ones own life are both a means to an end, and an end in themselves.

          • The old guard Russians are going to be so happy with their efforts once they have an entire continent of suicidal unhinged lunatics pointing ICBMs at them.


            Why do communists have to be on the bottom during sex? Because they can only fuck up.

        • I’m going to quote Star Trek 3 here and substitute the characters of the vulcan Saavik and the Klingon…

          Marx (Saavik): “The genesis experiment is a failure”

          Stalin (Klingon): ” A failure. The most powerful destructive force ever created…”


        The American Catastrophe:
        Top 10 causes of death in America.

        With the exception of #4 Accidents, ALL other causes of death are hurried due to the American garbage dump diet, including drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide and depression.

        “EAT SHIT AND DIE” is true

        End all welfare handouts and ban those fucking motorized shopping carts. We don’t need no useless eaters here

        • Well thanks to some politicians the murder of newborns in the hands of PP Hood, doesn’t figure into the count.

      5. Shame it hasn’t caught up to the politicians. I’d love to see the whole bunch of em do a Peter Pan off the top of a high-rise.

      6. So Trump takes office and the suicide rates, along with the drug and alcohol deaths, go through the roof.

        • You are delusional if you believe this shit just started to get bad or has anything at all to do with one man.

      7. I picked up this interesting little tidbit of information on a radio show called Phil’s gang.
        “Of the fortune 500 companies ten are pharmaceutical companies, those ten companies
        make more profit than all the other four hundred ninety companies combined”, no
        wonder the Lord calls them “thy merchants were the great men of the earth.” I have done an exhaustive study on our modern day drug problem from a biblical perspective. Scroll down to “Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23” On the Prophecy page. Catch up with me on YouTube.
        Click here

        • Rev 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

          sorceries = from Strongs Greek Dictionary from 5332; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):–sorcery, witchcraft.

          The use of modern-day recreational drugs, such as we have in the opioid crisis, is spoken of here in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Hallucinogenic drugs were and are today used by those who dabble in the occult (sorcery, witchcraft).

            Did you know that turmeric is just as effective as 14 pharmaceutical drugs?

            ht tps://

      8. Communism is j-ues.

        The anti-Christ.


        • Yep. I wish they would clone Hitler so I could vote for him!

      9. I bet Democrats have a higher suicide rate than Republicans because Democrats want a perfect world and since that is impossible, the rate is higher.

      10. Are we our brothers Keeper?
        Christianity says yes
        The question is How much are we our brothers keeper – When does it stop
        Christianity also believes if you do not work you do not eat.
        I think the answer is discernment -mYou need to know whats right and when you are being played

        • Well Im not a christian so I suppose my brother can fuck off. I will take care of those who I deem worthy of my care. Discernment is a biggie like you said. Family, coworkers, associates, etc. are all subject to the fuck off list. You CHOOSE your friends, the rest just come along…

          • Me too in no christan. I never asked some dood to die on a cross for me. I want full credit for all of my deeds good and bad. You are never truly free until your free from religious dogma and superstition.

            • And government control.

      11. With all the broken homes, lock key children, parents that should not be parents,and people living on welfare that just keep having babies to support themselves.

        Children, and adults do not have to be on a lot of drugs anyway.

        But the Medical community,and BIG PHARMA does not care, it’s just another thing to bring this country down.

        WAKE UP !

      12. When the percentage of substance abuse rises it can be indicative of several things. A greater percentage of youth who tend to “explore” this area of adulthood could explain it but I believe their numbers are dwindling. This leaves the most likely to be the pressures of the modern contracting for many economy .Much of this is directly related to manufacturing evisceration resulting from free trade. Globalist greed has collateral costs.

      13. Granted, some folks seem to be self-destructive by nature. Stress is a killer. Is there a greater root cause stress than a tyrannical government? Take just the ravaged middle class in America. Many continue to lose everything including hope. How many of them are in these statistics?

        • The “middle class” are 99% non prepping, short sighted, debt ridden, live like the jonses, bad investing, stupid asses. If they lived prudently on their income they would be just fine! If they invested wisely, lived BELOW their means, saved, practiced frugality a little, they would be a force to be reconed with. But NO! They have to go into debt as much as possible to have a McMansion and new cars and all the latest CRAP! Of course they are stressed, they are mortgaged to the hilt! Fuckin idiots with their spendy trophy wife from hell and champagne lifestyle. They deserve to eat shit! Morons, the lot of them! Very few practice sound financial being. The middle class of older days were a lot more prudent than the buttmunchers we have today….

          • I agree with Genius. Except those folks are not middle class they just think that they are. They don’t earn a middle class income. So they buy with credit and the stress of too much debt kills a lot of them. The life expectancy in the USA had been getting younger in the past decade. Gold is the currency of Kings , silver is the currency of the wealthy. Debt is the currency of slaves.

          • “buttmunchers”…

            Edification through expanded vocabulary. Useful.

            • Oh I have many, many more! I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon lol. I like my old street talk, it has humor 😛

              • In fact a good wit is the sign of an intelligent person. Not being some stiff with monotone dribble. Wit takes creativity. I am known in my real life for my wit and humor and improvisation. I don’t focus all my thinking to some sector of knowledge that doesn’t apply to my life. I use what I have left to make shit in my head for fun lol.

                • “You can stick your 9-5 living
                  and the color in your tie..
                  You can stick your moral standards
                  cause it’s all a dirty lie…
                  You can stick your golden handshake
                  and all your silly rules..
                  Cause I ain’t no fool….

                  Bon Scott RIP

                  • Here’s the full quote lol

                    Well you can stick your nine to five livin’
                    And your collar and your tie
                    And stick your moral standards
                    ‘Cause it’s all a dirty lie
                    You can stick your golden handshake
                    And you can stick your silly rules
                    And all the other shit
                    That they teach to kids in school
                    (‘Cause I ain’t no fool)

              • Awesome 🙂

          • There is a lot to be said regarding high expectations. In the “Ozzy & Harriet” 1955 a typical new home was 1170 sq/ft which was up from 874 sq/ft just 4 years earlier. This was by definition, “the good old days”, which included one car and in relationship to wages high food costs. Ice Cream was a treat not a common item in the “tiny” freezer.

            • That car was worn out at 80,000 miles and had “three on the tree”, no power steering, crank up windows, no power breaks and damn sure no Ac “You think your a Rockefeller or something”?

              • oops brakes not breaks………..

                • Ha ha ha, K2, I had a 65 fairlane with 3 on the tree (The shifter fell off so I used a big screwdriver) 289 engine and a fast ass car! I got 9 fookin tickets at 1 time in it lol. Man that brings back some memories! I wasn’t exactly a law abiding citizen as a kid lol. I bet my name is still carved in that jail! If I recall that car cost me 200 bux back then lol. LOL I had a 67 Galaxie 500 with a 390 that was fast too! Ha ha ha, my friends dad banned me from parking in his driveway because it leaked so much oil. I could smoke out a city block by punching it for 20 seconds lol. Poor kids have poor cars and HAVE to learn to fix them too! Damn those were some WILD times! 😛

                  • Genius

                    ” Poor kids have poor cars and HAVE to learn to fix them too!”

                    They were back yard fixable too w/o $20K worth of diagnostic equipment. I put down the wrench when the word “chip” / “computer” was attached to an automobile. A friend had a 289 HP that had actually Shelby upgrades that were ordered in unison. LeMans Cam, dual quads on a Cobra intake manifold, punched out 30 over with 12.5 / 1 pistons and of course free flow headers. With a 4.88 rear the 65 Mustang fastback 2+2 got into the high 12 second 1/4 mile range. It leaped like a bullfrog at the hole shot. Today they put a different chip into the computer. Not into it.

              • I still have and drive my 55 chevy .I bought it for $150 in the sixties. And every part including the sheet metal is reproduced. and If I wanted I could retro fit Power disk Brakes , power steering and Air cond.

      14. The sobering stats in detail:

        ht tps://

        • Worldwide, it looks unpleasant:

          ht tps://

          Looking at the world maps, it seems like the worst areas are where there are high pressures on either personal economics or socially. It appears areas with strong social connections, e.g., familial, tribal, do not seem impacted as badly by economic stress.

          They also address, briefly, divorce, nugs, and daylight effects.

          • All of which are under the individuals control (almost). Sooo, in those terms the majority of those situations are because of laziness or stupidity ya? Or being black lol. Even naggers can make a living in a decent place should they choose to apply themselves…

              • My neighbors loved this song so much they threw a brick through my window so they could hear it better!

      15. Miller admits that overdose antidotes and treatment for opioid use disorder are definitely needed in today’s world, he says… 

        Cops slogan used to be “Just Say No” but that’s been changed to “Just Do It – We Got Narcan”

        When a junkie wrecks their car with a needle in their arm cops now have to revive them from the dead so next time they can kill an innocent family of 4.

        Nanny Socialism has decimated God’s Free Will. Government can’t prevent you from using dangerous drugs. It must come from within you. Both parties are destroying humanity!

      16. Just cleaning out the gene pool. Idiots take drugs; smart people don’t. Long live eugenics!

      17. AmeriKa – The FAILED State, The ROGUE Regime, The Global Gangsta that SOMEHOW thinks it can PREACH to the REST Of The WORLD how to live!!!

      18. The VA in White City Oregon hands out suicide pills and offers them as the final solution when pain or life gets to be too much. My father was offered them and a friend was offered them, The sales pitch includes how using them will save money for the VA and is the final duty of a soldier its all crocodile tears folks. They want you to die on que for money considerations you have no economic value so bye bye time

      19. Too many folks want,expect & demand life to be easy. When in fact Life is Hard. Life is harder if your Dumb.

      20. “Too many folks want,expect & demand life to be easy.”

        At a minimum, largely effortless.

        Parents shielded their children from reality and therefore expectations were great while simultaneously opportunities for the general population diminished. The net result was a generation putting in too little while demanding too much. The liberal politicians see a resource of voters that can be harnessed with promises of economic handouts.

      21. Something that I would like to experience before I die. Is a nation wide Grid Down even if it only lasted a week. It would be quite a sight. The parasite culls not having Cell Phones , Internet , TV , gas , food , Air cond or Heat. You think they are nuts now. After a week of grid down they will kill themselves and each other. if it went down for a month It would be a stone age existence. It would be quite the adventure. The only thing that could be a better culling event would be if Hicks Nibiru was true. We could play dodge the space rocks LOL.


        It’s NOW just a question of how much of humanity it manages to drag down with it… as it descends into The Abyss

      23. Amazing how many idiots here missed the whole point of the article. They focus on the “weakness” of the “mental defects” who off themselves and think it’s a triumph for the gene pool. God they’re so awesome!! Look how awesome these superior human beings are who stand in judgement and cheer on the elimination of the “weaker” of the species.

        I wish I could be more like them, so awesome.

      24. Menzoberranzan
        You may never find or see this post, But I was saved by a man of your character.
        Your kind on man is a soldier of God. Your a hell of a good man
        Gods Speed and God Bless you

      25. Abortion (Homicide), Suicide, Alcohol related deaths, and overdose deaths.
        Our NATION is being told to murder itself by those who stand to gain the most wealth and power by our deaths a

      26. Rewrote the beginning because people have become so stupid that they don’t know that the cause of their problems is the drugs and alcohol.

        “Alcohol and drugs lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair which are overwhelming many in the U.S. So much so, that people are turning to suicide.”

        Poor drug and alcohol free people will generally be happier because their happiness is a natural one from actually achieving something and not an induced one by drugs that reward the person for just taking drugs and later when their tolerance becomes high, they loose their high and come to the realization of how big a looser they have become because of their dependencies.

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