The 44th Round Of Military Equipment Is Heading To Ukraine From The U.S.

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Headline News

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    For the 44th time, the ruling class of the United States has decided to continue to prolong the war and send military equipment to Ukraine. The Pentagon has announced a $200 million weapons package for Kiev.

    This newest round of equipment will include artillery rounds, dozens of tactical vehicles, and mine-clearing gear. The latest donation comes as Ukrainian troops struggle to penetrate heavy Russian fortifications in their ongoing offensive, according to a report by RT.

    Russia has repeatedly warned the West and its NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) of sending “lethal” arms to Ukraine.

    Ukraine Used “Cluster Munitions” In Attack On Russia

    It has also been rapidly destroying the equipment that is sent over to Ukraine.

    Russia Has Destroyed 1/3 Of U.S. Supplied Armored Fighting Vehicles Sent To Ukraine

    Nonetheless, the sociopaths in the U.S. military outlined a new aid package on Monday night. The ruling class has been saying that Kiev would also receive “critical” ammunition for the Amer-made Patriot air defense and HIMARS rocket artillery systems, 120mm tank shells, TOW missiles, Javelin rock, etc, and 12 million rounds of small arms ammunition, among other equipment.

    According to the report by RT, officials noted that $6.2 billion would be released from funds “recaptured following a Pentagon accounting error earlier this year, in which the military over-stated the value of certain weapons. Back in May, the Pentagon said the newly found resources – then estimated at $3 billion – would “go back into the pot of money” and finance future aid packages.

    It’s basically a scam the ruling class is using to continue to keep a war going so they can eventually convince the slaves in the West to join.

    Biden’s “Accounting Scam To Fund Ukraine

    The latest military assistance comes as Ukrainian forces scramble to punch through powerful Russian defenses erected across a 600-mile (1,000km) front line, part of a foundering counteroffensive launched in June. On Sunday, Kiev’s Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov said troops were being slowed by large Russian minefields, calling them a “serious obstacle” to the operation. –RT

    Reznikov added Ukraine’s current resources were extremely insufficient” at the front. Reznikov also said that while training is needed, more weapons assistance would inevitably be needed as well, with some Ukrainian commanders describing Western sapper gear as “ineffective.”

    The more the West gets involved and insists on “helping” Ukraine, the higher the chances of a wider conflict.




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