“Thanos Did Nothing Wrong”? 1000s Embrace The Population Control Philosophy Of Marvel’s Most Twisted Super-Villain

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    “Thanos did nothing wrong” has become one of the most common mantras on the Internet in recent days, and it just sparked one of the biggest events in Reddit history, but most people still don’t understand what all of the commotion is about. So let me try to break it down very simply. In the most recent Avengers movie, the story centers around a super-villain named Thanos that intends to wipe out half of all life in the universe. He does not want to do this just to be evil, but rather his plan is to get population growth under control so that those that remain will be able to enjoy happy, sustainable lives. If that sounds uncomfortably close to something that you have heard before, that is because it is. Population control is a major theme on the radical left, and many of them truly believe that humanity’s population must be greatly reduced “to stop global warming” and “to save the planet”. In the film, Thanos truly believes that he is doing the right thing, but since he is the villain everyone in the audience is theoretically supposed to be rooting for him to be defeated. But instead of being universally hated, Thanos has become the big breakout star from this movie. Large numbers of people are insisting that “Thanos did nothing wrong” and are embracing his population control philosophy.

    Of course population control is not exactly a new idea. It was one of the main reasons why ancient civilizations conducted human sacrifice rituals, and several centuries ago it was given a more modern spin by Thomas Malthus. So the truth is that the philosophy that Thanos is promoting is simply “repackaged” for a new generation, and this is a point that G. Shane Morris made in an article earlier this year…

    “Infinity War” casts its big baddie as a champion of yet another progressive pet cause: Population control. Thanos, who has teased audiences with sinister grins and cryptic statements in years of after-credit scenes, has finally revealed his true motive: He wants to wipe out half the galaxy’s population to make sure the other half has plenty to eat.

    We watch during his obligatory villain speech as Thanos explains why he needs the power of the Infinity Stones: to teleport from planet to planet, killing billions in order to defuse the population bomb that desolated his home world. He does so on the assumption that Thomas Malthus first propounded: that each species has limited resources at its disposal, and the only way to keep from exhausting them is to check population growth.

    The movie has been out for several months now, but the debate about Thanos has really heated up in recent days.  July 9th was one of the biggest days in Reddit history, and it was because of a “mass culling” on the r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit. This “mass culling” was actually called for by members of the subreddit in order to “honor” Thanos.  The following comes from Business Insider

    Like the “Avengers: Infinity War” villain himself, the Thanos subreddit r/ThanosDidNothingWrong sought perfect balance among its more than 700,000 members, up from the 200,000 subscribers it had last week.

    The online community began banning over 300,000 of its members at 5:00 PM PDT sharp on Monday, in a purge that was actually planned weeks in advance — a purge that was, indeed, instigated by its own members, who cheered the culling as honoring their hero, Thanos.

    Originally, the moderators of the subreddit were hesitant when the idea was first suggested. Back on June 29th, one of them asked, “You seriously want us to ban half of the subreddit?”

    The members of the subreddit kept insisting, and the idea quickly became viral. Once word got out that there would actually be a “mass culling”, membership in the subreddit climbed to more than 700,000

    Thus the great project was born. The moderators of r/ThanosDidNothingWrong had to get permission from Reddit admins to go through with the ban, and then they had to automate the process. As word of the upcoming ban spread, hundreds of thousands of Reddit users flocked to join r/ThanosDidNothingWrong just so they’d have a chance to get ousted. By the time ban day rolled around, over 700,000 users had subscribed — making the culling by far the largest “dusting,” or mass ban, in Reddit history.

    And this event got so big that even some high profile members of the Avengers movie team got directly involved

    When the process began late Sunday night, it was making headlines. Infinity War directors the Russo brothers even took part in the exercise, with Anthony Russo joining in the sub’s preliminary festivities. The ban process was also live-streamed on Reddit’s official Twitch account — and none other than Thanos himself, an inexplicably shirtless Josh Brolin, was on hand to snap the ban into existence.

    I understand that a lot of young people are just having fun with this, but ultimately population control is not something that we ever want to celebrate.

    There really are global elitists that consider “human overpopulation” to be a “plague” on the planet that needs to be dealt with. They are truly convinced that climate change is the number one threat that the globe is facing, and they have identified human population growth as the primary driver of climate change.

    And so they really do want to reduce the population in order to “save the planet”. For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “46 Population Control Quotes That Show How Badly The Elite Want To Wipe Us All Out”.

    About 50 years ago, Paul Ehrlich wrote a book entitled “The Population Bomb” in which he breathlessly warned about what would happen during the decades to come if humanity’s population continued to grow.

    Well, humanity’s population did continue to grow, and none of his prognostications turned out to be accurate.

    But now the same philosophy has been rebranded and repackaged for a new generation, and young people are eating it up.

    When a substantial portion of the population decides that the solution to our problems is to get rid of large numbers of people, that sets the stage for mass genocide. We have seen this happen before in human history, and it must not happen again.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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        • People are in houses they think they are entitled to. They will get reverse mortgages.

          People will buy houses too big and expensive for their income levels.

          People will earn and spend all their money and get loans on top of it, then when they are up against a wall and someone says I can get you “free stuff”….

          families used to take care of their own. Grandparents used to be able to take care of the kids when the parents were working and kids used to be able to help take care of the parents as they got old.

          It’s all been ripped apart. Everyone is owed something or so they say.

          2 cents

          • That is just living beyond your means. The old model pre1945 was a multigenerational home in a small town. Grandparents owned it free and clear. The parents did most of the work and took care of parents. The siblings of parents then were kids or grew up, even got married and had jobs. There was elder and daycare built in, and seldom did women work.

            And this multigeneration concept is what we are gravitating back to as at least 31% of millennials cannot find stable enough work paying high enough wages and benefits to rent, much less own a home.

            And then, whichever inlaws were best off, sheltered the youngest newlyweds. This prevented single moms though this happened in war time as people has sex before shipping out, or the couple married, and the soldier died in combat.

            In my opinion, this model makes country living very attractive again and ownership of enough land to create a niche business, or contracting, or raising animals, or repairing, or creating furniture. Then many who live in that household work in the business.

            The most inflated land is in the urban areas and the prices are absurd. Even if you got a decent job, you can’t afford the real estate, so what have you gained? And the crime and urban issues are compounded as every urban zone is a Demoncrat bastion. Only idiots live in an urban zone.

        • The non producers will be terminated and the producers will be enslaved. The elite will always be the ruling class

      2. And I’m not sure but isn’t that Gunn director associated with Marvel and Disney? You know, the one who likes to beat his meat watching 10 year old girls. Fuck him and the NWO’s plans. We need to kill them instead.

        • Which is exactly the case for killing half the world. The only problem with that has ever been–Who picks. If I get to pick it’s a great idea.

          • There are very few globalist scum that want to kill billions of us. I say they should die. What say you?

            • Very few? Scrape off the few and wait one second to see the next batch. Sorry to tell you but it’s close to half.

              • Shit, there’s only a few thousand of the true global elite scum that control finance and what not. The rest you speak of are mindless sheeple that may come to have a brain if given time.

                • Want to bet?

                  • You are suggesting that roughly 3.5 billion people are scum elitist globalists. Yes, I’ll gladly bet.

                    • Either that or they are completely useless; or just pine for socialism. That last part includes 90% of India and Africa. Ya it’s half.

        • This country needs to return to the unspoken comradery we had before everybody went money crazy

          • Much easyer if we all just pack heat people will be more polite just because, and few will try to force anyone

            • While it is true that an armed society is a polite society, it is more than just politeness. Societal cohesion only occurs among people of the same race. Diversity is cultural suicide.

      3. We are going to rewrite the Georgia Guidestones beginning with number one. It will read ” Maintain a zero balance of globalist scum to promote happiness for freedom loving mankind.”

        • The Guidestones make me think of Brother Eppe

          • No doubt. Miss him.

            • Menzo, I laughed at Eppe’s jokes a good many times. Rest In Peace, Eppe. Your are sorely missed here.

      4. I don’t advocate Genocide. It is easy to select who goes. #1 Liberals, #2 Moslems. That should about fix up the world.

        • If you also put poison in food stamps and pile opiates on street corners

        • I forgot about the crazed islamic savages there for a minute rellik. I was focused on the scum elite.

          • Menzo, I count the globalists, libturds, and Islamic savages among who needs to be exterminated. Think how many problems that would solve.

        • Thanks.

          Professor Bartlett, rest his soul, nailed it when he said “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

          Illustrated by the story about the stadium and the doubling of water to fill it or the pond and the lily pads.

      5. When getting rid of insect infestations, some approaches are not to kill but to stop reproduction. That was effectively done by (((3ews))) when they promoted feminism, and birth control to the 90% white European American youth of 1960’s.

        Isreal is an ethno-state which forbids race mixing and encourages large families, even paying for medical procedures which improve fertility.

        Now ((3ew))) Hollywood is making movies like this. Par for the course. Read the Bible. Kill man, woman, child, and cattle of your enemy.


        • Yes, the (((chosen ones))) have been slaughtering those they disagree with for thousands of years. Why should they change their ways now?

        • Why is your ethnostate better than the other guys.

          Can’t we ask the same thing of Nazi’s.

      6. Upon the day of reckoning anybody and everybody that opposes you for resources will become scum

      7. Population Control. The Communist did it in Russia and in China and Hitler did it in Europe and America still does it through Abortion. And in all cases the victims had no say! Trekker Out.

      8. Copy?

      9. Many of those calling for drastic population reduction are obscenely wealthy people, I call them evil greedy self serving pigs. The bigger problem is not the average people polluting the Earth, it’s the corporations poisoning the environment with no regard for any living thing. The more money you accumulate the less you care about human beings, you can put a smile on your face at unspeakable misery and murder while living a life of luxury. The emotion of humanity that bears any meaning has been erased as a human trait. I, me and mine are all that matter, money and the struggle for it becomes your God while the value rapidly shrinks as the greedy can never get enough profit.

        • Imagine Being one of the Elite, multi billionaires.Bill Gates for example.
          All around you, employees, associates, friends, are all the “best of the Best” Ivy League Magna Cum Laude graduates, super work ethic folks that will willing work themselves to death to serve you. Plus all your high society connections, Politics, Fame, Athletes, 24/7/365 all you normally have to deal with are the superstars.
          But you brush up against average folks a little bit, and they are not “owned ” by you so they don’t live to kiss your ass. That probably pisses them off. Then you see folks who really are 70 IQ or less, either in Sub Saharan Africa, or even in America, as part of the “urban Fabric of Society”.
          And you know they are a drain on resources.
          As A billionaire you have enormous resources and power and an ego to go with it, but not enough power, not enough resources, and you see this billions of “useless Eaters” and what do you think they want to do about them?
          I’m not saying its right, but just imagine what they ALL think about the bottom 50% of society.
          When your employee graduated Yale, and you see someone in the African Bush with a machete whacking on other natives, you probably do not even recognize/acknowledge this person as the same species as yourself.
          When your staff are paid $500k per year, a family making $100k is a comparatively trailer trash. And these folks view human value through the lens of monetary value. its like the Chris Rock stand up routing about Rich vs. Wealthy. He used Sports teams as an example. Common folks are amazed that Ball Players get multi million dollar contracts. Everyone know their names “Michael Jordan” He’s an athlete celebrity, he’s “RICH”. But the owner of the Chicago Bulls Pays the entire team’s payroll From Jordan down to the janitors, and the overhead on the stadium. That dude is WEALTHY.
          I would say the Elite actually imagine 90% of the world population to be “worthless eaters”.
          And that’s a sobering realization on the future for all of us.

          • My personal solution to living longer under those circumstances is to be as useful as possible. Keep moving, learn new things. I figure as long as my brain and my body continue to work fairly well, I can cook, clean, help pregnant women and babies, and garden, I should be in good shape.

      10. As I remember Thomas Malthus, he suggested: “for off” would occur naturally when population exceeded “carrying capacity”. Seems to me that would be obvious to any adult. Not rocket science.

      11. Well Im of the opinion a great culling of parasite takers is needed. And it will eventually happen. Mother nature might do it with disease. Or maybe a EMP will destroy the grid? maybe the ongoing pole shift will do the job. Wars do little to reduce population because its mostly males who are killed. Perhaps a economic collapse? And besides its the culls who are reproducing the fastest. possibly the SHTF WROL will do the job?

        • Old Guy, I totally agree. It WILL happen and there’s no stopping it. Any one of the scenarios you mentioned will be the cause but we just don’t know which one it will be until it happens.

      12. The movie is based off the Infinity Gauntlet comic, regarded as many as the greatest comic story book penned. Unfortunately, the movie, while pretty epic in its own right, doesn’t do the original comic justice. In the comic, Thanos had no altruistic intent (although he sometimes pretended the part to manipulate everyone), and he didn’t care about saving the other half of humanity/life; he was a nihilist. His love, Mistress Death (think female grim reaper), bid him to kill off half of all sentient life in the universe. The story is very complex and byzantine; Thanos craved ultimate power, and had the knowledge and ability to get it, if not the wisdom. The original story had no underlying population control agenda. Leave it up to Holly-Wood.

      13. Human beings are all tribal. They were never intended to live in cities, just spread out with a village as a hub so a doc, preacher, blachsmith, livery, wheelwright, etc serviced them all.

        Urbanization is the great evil. It begins when a chieftain goes insane and power-hungry. They want to be kings, but that always requires professional soldiers, merchants, lawyers, physicians, craftsmen in guilds, etc.

        That always means TAXES. The King taxes time, talent, and treasure. To do so,he steals from the tribe’s villages and this means young people, the shaman, their warriors, etc.

        That has been happening since ancient Romans and then the Dark ages and then medieval feudalism, and then monarchies.

        Freemen choose rural life as this minimizes interaction with kings and the depravity caused by urbanization like prostitution,crime,extortion, theft, rape, ghettos, and so on. And then you have pollution, inadequate water, sewers, disease, and fire.

      14. It’s tragic that the world has gotten so polarized. I could make a list of lots of folks that I dislike because their ethos has zero in common with my own.

        If I did so, 95% of people would eventually be on that list.

        Thank goodness and GOD that normal folks aren’t like that. My mentors were salt of the Earth folks but were not bigots. Bigotry is learned abberant behavior.

        A good way to understand this is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need.


        (This is just for illustration purposes as there are things he talks about that I disagree with)

        Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is actually sound common sense and prepper wisdom and good old human dynamics of tribes.

        If someone does not feel safe in the lowest level, likely due to security threat, they will be bigoted. They will overreact to a perceived threat.

        The higher you fit on the Hierarchy, the less threatened you are.

        A beginning prepper guided by FEAR has few skills, money, and supplies. So everything is about fear porn. That is not healthy.

        The longer you are a prepper, the more diverse preppers you meet.

        And old timers in the fifties took Back to the Lander former hippies and slowly woke them up. And those ex-hippies became solid conservative evangelical Christian preppers.

        Had the old timers not mentored them, who knows if prepping would have survived?

        The survivalists of the fifties became very insular and bigoted and SHRILL and that did NOT last. Everything was antisemetic and bigoted and racist.

        How foolish. How will the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread coupled with ancestral skills if you do not witness to liberals, muslims, Hebrews, commies, pinkos, feminists, etc?

        Sure, most will not listen due to free will and be in open rebellion. But all things are possible through Jesus Christ. The worst sinner who was a murderer was Saul of Tarsus. He was a deeply insular Hebrew and calling for the persecution and murder of Christians. And then GOD interveened through Jesus Christ.

        Don’t give up on people but don’t be naive and weak either. Otherwise you may call yourself a Christian and then end up in Hell because you violated Matthew 25.


        What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose their soul?
        Mark 8:36

      15. Fear the Walking Dead S04E05

        John is a regular average guy who prepped and so is still alive but he can’t sleep and even though his life is comfortable albeit still dangerous, but there is no meaning due to extreme loneliness.

        Everyone but him is DEAD.

        And then, GOD gives him a chance to rescue someone.


      16. There are plenty of baby momma, and baby daddy that reproduce like flies…..supported by the theft of working folks money
        via government taxes. These brood mares are rewarded for producing b—–d children, mo baby mo check!

        Next America is being overrun with third world illegals.
        Then we have those violent Islamic nut cases…
        Time to thin the herd!

      17. I wonder if its eminent that one day technology will not out way surface area? There must be a limit to this planets food production, along with everything else. Seems the tribulation will take care of that problem? Fill your lamps.

      18. Overpopulation is not the problem. Wait!! Crops dying through drought or being drowned by flooding have a common cause, the grand solar minimum. The air currents like American’s jet stream is shifting so that the major grain producing regions are not getting enough rain or they are getting too much. It’s happened in the past as with the Little Ice Age in Europe and America, but the global population was around a hundred million, with many of those being people who raised their own food. Today the global population is seven billion, most of whom can’t feed themselves without food markets. Overpopulation is self-correcting.

      19. A difficult subject. A few facts for the wachichus to think about. At the end of WWII wachichus made up half the world population. To day it is 7% and falling Not too far from now Africa will contain half the world population not China. There is already a mass exodus to Europe from Africa. All those people of the future will have kids too. They will look to here for labensraum as the old term is used. When they come as as endless wave what then

        • that’s exctly what the plains Indians experienced. The starving and downtrodden abject failures came from Europe in a endless wave. It spelled the end of their culture freedom and lifestyle. It will not be any different now. Great change is occurring before our very eyes and very few are aware of the danger. and even less care. and the number willing to do the necessary action to resist the downfall is miniscule. Only some sort of divine intervention will save us! There isn’t any other type of viable solution.

          • NO! What happened was Europe was tribal, but the Roman empire tried to enslave places like Britain, then in the Dark Ages equally stole from villagerw, then feudalism, then monarchies. And that lead to the same noble descendants owning ALL the land, and essentially perpetual serfdom.

            This is why smart Scots first came to America as surveyors. They picked land to homestead themselves as it was the ONLY way they could own land.

            The Scots were not failures but forced into a perpetual class of social undesireables UNLESS they collaborated with the English. That happened in Wales. That happen in Ireland.

            It happened EVERYWHERE in Europe.

      20. (rid of large numbers of people, that sets the stage for mass genocide. We have seen this happen before in human history, and it must not happen again.)—– And just as certain as the sun rises and sets there is no possible way to prevent it from happening at some point. Too many takers and too few makers is never long term sustainable.

      21. When times are hard, historical people got into high culture and fairy things, a return to nature.

        When times are easy, people get Goth and violent, in a sort-of Freudian death drive, called Thanatos.

        I think, there’s a herd dynamic, in which population regulates itself.

        In the Calhoun rat utopia experiment, his pets were provided with everything they could ever need, and there were no predators or hardship, which, counter-intuitively, resulted in the collapse of their society. He said it was from overcrowding, but that can’t be; there was never a shortage of critical resources. His expression for this was, “behavioral sink”.

        Attributed to Tytler and to Tocqueville —
        “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

        The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”

        Loose fiscal policy means their books didn’t have to be balanced. When was the end of material abundance. They never said it ran out. They said, apathy.

        “… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread (*panem) and circuses.”
        — Juvenal

        When did rule by the people collapse. When were they overrun by foreigners. He never says they exhausted their resources, once and for all. It was when they became apathetic.

        (*Panem is also the name of the fictional nation, in The Hunger Games. Would the fictional example survive, in a state of apathy / learned helplessness.)

        If you coddle people, enough, they become stupid and degenerate. If you torment people, enough, they long for comforts and praise.

        Noone can effectively manage that, because people will just do the opposite of whatever they are given, whether it is good or bad.

      22. The problem lies in everyone being allowed to vote. The right to vote was given to folks who where service to self parasites. And they naturally vote themselves good from the public coffers. The justify this theft by stating those who have more than them have more than their fair share. The right to vote should be earned. Only those who have property should be allowed to vote on property taxes. Anyone who receives revenue from a sales tax shouldnt be allowed to vote in a sales tax election. The government has already ran out of other peoples money to spend. There are not enough producers for them to tax and robb to pay for the spending. So the shortfall is made up by debt. That debt is a tax on some future producer. No matter what we are a nation in decline. The slow regression is seen as the new normal and no cause for alarm.

        • Old Guy, agreed. I remember one of the biggest complaints of the damn black civil rights movement was keeping blacks away from the polls. There were good reasons for those old segregation laws, especially concerning who could vote. Voting should only be for people with the right way of thinking. Voting is a bigger responsibility than most people realize. Minority groups didn’t have the right mindset to go casting ballots for anyone. Since that changed just look at what we have today. Yes, we are a nation in decline. America is doomed.

          • I dunno about the right way of thinking. I prefer to say if you don’t have a dog in the hunt you shouldnt be in the hunt. and you shouldnt be allowed to vote for your own dog.

            • Mad Maxine is telling them not to burn the flag. And, the pinko’s fly it high. They want to replace trad WASP’s. They want to participate and take up places.

              RINO’s shut down, when you ask them about Rainbow Confederates, in the alt-right.

      23. All the believers of this form of population control should go ahead and kill themselves off for the better good of mankind. If they don’t, they don’t really believe in it, do they.

        • Seems to me some of the battle plans were devised to remove Alfa males. Civil war,WW 1-2. Losing a half million Alfa males cures unemployment?

        • Well I believe in culling rejects. Gets their DNA out of the Gene Pool. My wife and I only had two children. One child has none the other had 4. so nonet gain in the White population. And that’s the problem the better quality folks are having few children. The cull & wigger types have as many as possible. Back in the day the old and helpless oxygen thieves where smothered and everyone was better off. Society is burdened by nursing homes full of zombies. society is burdened by prisons full of parasite criminals. Did You know that if a real SHTF happens like a EMP the protocol is to kill all the inmates at places like Attica in New York. The government isn’t going to allow those immoral lawless thugs to escape and form gangs and become War lord’s like happens in other shithole places. When we have a SHTF WROL it will be much like the old west.
          and those who refuse to or cant take a hard line wont make it.

      24. Humans are like bacteria. They will breed until some outside problem stops them, such as no food, no water, disease, etc. We now are well into the point where earth is at the limits of human growth. OH, the population will continue to grow, but it will become more and more dependent on the massive agricultural infrastructure of the USA and other countries that are now barely able to feed the starving masses. Any disruption of that infrastructure and it will be mass starvation. (possibly billions)We don’t have to take any action. The problem is always self solving! I’m old. I’m not worrying about it.

      25. Infinite growth on a finite planet, what could possibly go wrong?

        • Bravo!

      26. A must read article by Professor Ugo Bardi that concludes: “All biological populations need food and are affected by predation. Wild populations have no internal mechanisms to plan ahead and the result is normally what we call “overshoot,” where the population grows over the limits which the resources can sustain over a long time and finally collapses. The result is population curves which take the typical “Seneca Shape” described in [3]

        The future of the world’s human population may well be described in similar terms, that is decline caused by overshoot, predation, or birth control. Of the three, predation could take the form of a microbial infection spreading all over the world and killing a substantial fraction of the human population. Another likely effect is overshoot, especially in terms of the decline of the world’s agriculture or, more simply, to the loss of the capability of the globalized economic system to deliver it worldwide.”


      27. dc nailed it on the head

      28. For those who want to lower the population of earth, might I suggest you start with yourself?
        Of course it wouldn’t be fair to leave your (extended) family behind, so I suggest you take them with you.

      29. I really don’t think there is a shortage of space. there is plenty of thinly populated land. The problem is too many takers and too few makers. We have the technology to grow food in most places on the planet. However the infrastructure and tax base is designed around big agribusiness. A hog chicken or beef farmer can no longer raise their livestock. and kill and process it and sell directly to the consumer. Its against the law. Nope everything must pass thru the hands of middle men , brokers and commission agents who take a cut and pay taxes and fees. all of which is passed along to the consumer. Except for the parasites who get Food stamps. They don’t pay for their food. If the food stamp program ended in the USA it would help with the culling or converting the parasite culls into producing makers.

        • I understand that old-school farming and hunting kind-of stuff is primal and intuitive — along the lines of objective morality.

          But, we are no longer in pioneer days.

          There is a glut of modern things, like couches, tv’s, air conditioning, tv dinners, and junk food, with all due respect.

          Formally speaking, everything we have obtained legally is a derivative of corporate or social welfare.

          In case of crop failure, being caused by some local disaster, the loss (in food or whichever material commodity) is covered by foreign sources and cheap credit.

          There is no shortage, or need for shortage, or the appearance of a shortage is artificial.

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