Thankful For Inflation? Turkey Day Dinner Is Up 6,000% Since 1909

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    Originally posted at Zero Hedge.


    While not hyperinflating, the slow and insidious diminishment of the fiat US Dollar’s purchasing power (and thus the living standards of lower- and middle-class Americans – who are not balls deep invested in the US stock ‘market’) is nowhere more evident than in the soaring costs of Thanksgiving Day dinner during the Fed’s 100 year reign…


    In 1909… Thanksgiving Day Dinner cost $0.50…


    In 2014… Thanksgiving Day Dinner costs $30.00


    This works out at 3.98% annual inflation rate – almost double the Fed’s proposed price stability optimum of 2%… over a century…

    Be careful what inflation you wish for.

    *  *  *

    Of course these are hotel prices – the cost at home is considerably less:

    According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) latest price survey, the average cost of a classic Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people this year — with all the fixings – will come to $49.41, or up 37 cents from last year.

    Suggesting labor costs have soared? But even eat-at-home Thanksgiving Day Dinner costs have soared since 1986…


    *  *  *

    We are thankful for the increasing numbers of US citizens disillusioned with The Fed’s grand theft…


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      1. You can buy this for two, with a $1 gold coin and get change.

        • The Value of the Turkey dinner has never changed. Just the value of the US Dollar from $1.00 then, to a value of about $0.02 cents now. And the value of my .02 cent opinion… well that is FREE. Enjoy.. Going to have a glass of red wine and call it a night. Putting up some fencing tomorrow. And getting at it early. Ciao!! WWTI

          • Police Investigation
            1. No measurements by medical examiners were taken on the scene in regards to where cop was standing in relation to the body….because, “it was self explanatory.”
            2. Cop was allowed to drive himself ALONE back to the station.
            3. Cop was allowed to wash the blood off his hands before any documentation or pictures taken.
            4. cop was allowed to bag evidence from a shooting in which he was the shooter (his gun)
            5. Upon his first testimony to other cops….NO NOTES OR RECORDINGS WERE TAKEN. This, I believe, is so they can wait, upon advice, until the forensic evidence comes in to make sure his testimony matches. Remember the time line and how long it took for things to come out of the police?
            6. No photos were taken by police because “the camera was out of batteries,” I kid you not.

            Grand Jury Process
            1. DA didn’t want to take this before a grand jury
            2. Was asked by many, including politicians to recuse himself….he refused
            3.DA is familial tied to St. Louis police

            The guy reminds me of the dirty senator in the Mark Wahlberg film “Shooter.”

            4. DA brought the target (cop) in first, when normal protocol is last. This way the target is able to set the narrative and everything that comes afterwards has to meet up to his testimony instead of the other way around.
            5. DA questioned target softly as if he were the targets defense attorney.
            6. Discrepancy in testimony = so what? That happens every time.
            7. Jury had documents set before them with “Subject” listed as “assault of L.E.O”, “Victim” listed as “Darren Wilson”, and “Mike Brown” as “Defendant.”
            8. Assistant DA, Kathy Alizadeh handed incorrect 1979 Missouri law that the Supreme Court ruled Unconstitutional in 1985 (TENNESSEE v. GARNER, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)) in place of Missouri statute Section 563.046. The law from 1979 was a law that said it is ok for cops to shoot a fleeing suspect just because they are fleeing if they need/want to make an arrest. This hadn’t been law in MO during her entire legal career….you think that was a mistake? They had this legal document in front of them while they listened to the cops testimony with a lower threshold in their mind….do you see what they did? This wasn’t corrected until they were ready to vote, weeks later!!! Then she confused them with legal jargon and a long explanation when giving them the correct statute. And when a juror asked if the US Supreme Court over rides Missouri, this bitch, said “just don’t worry about that.”

            This smells of something much bigger than the Darren Wilson lying about murdering the thug Mike Brown. This smells of a major police force cover up and a dirty corrupt County Prosecutors office.

            • Anyone looking for a job or wanting to re-locate?

              I thought I’d post this after getting so many job notification emails from BNSF. Thought it might help someone here.


              Just add the w w w or the h t t p thing in front of above address.

          • OK, Listen up everybody. Watch out for Black Friday. The Rioting Protestors may be looting and burning down Walmarts and creating chaos in other Main Retailers who are considered the beast. Wanna see live streamming Video go check out UStream.TV and channel Dabhoo7. He will be filming live from Fergus on and St Louis catching it all live stream. No more waiting half a day to load it up to YTube. Also Dahboo77 on YTube. This protesting rioting is going worldwide. They just need to channel their anger at the beast not innocent people like in ferguson mom an popshops. Just like said many times when SHTF no cops or feds will be coming to help you, as they will be too busy guarding Infrastructure and governmental building like the did in Ferguson and let the poor people get destroyed. That is why We all need to take care and prepare for our own safety. And not depend on anyone else. Black Friday. Watch the beast get beaten live on UStream channels.

          • I, for one, resent the term, “turkey day”. The legislation signed into law designated it as a day of thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day. Calling it anything else diminishes the significance of the day, and helps the followers of Karl Marx as they minimize all national holidays.

        • End the Fed……!

          This criminal group has been and still is debasing our currency…..

      2. Deals are out there for your dinner if ya just LOOK!!!

        Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope y’all got to enjoy friends and family.

        Y’all play nice. 🙂

        • You are right about that hillbilly SC.

          We were at the grocery store a few days ago and just comparing the prices on the different brands of whole frozen turkeys. I told the little woman that I would probably never deep fry another whole bird again because of the cost of the oil and that the legs and thighs got way too done, before the breast did. D-fried a wild turkey gobbler, i harvested, after calling him in to a set of decoys, and it was delicious but the dogs got the legs and most of the thigh meat.

          We were not looking to buy because the parents on both sides of our family, were doing 20+ pounders.

          Suddenly there was a whole freezer unit full of nothing but whole frozen breasts of varying sizes. We found a good size, 4.7 lb. whole breast for $7.36.
          At $1.56 @ lb., we can afford to bake, and run several quarts thru the pressure canner.

          It isn’t as cheap as the chicken breast we canned all last year @ .99 cents a lb. but it sure is cheap enough to be able to add poundage to the Preps.

          It will make a good variety meat when we get tired of venison, chicken, and spam.

          Folks wanting to add to their preps should check the freezer sections at the markets, since many stores will mark down the turkeys, in order to reduce stock.

          We will go back to the market where we found the breast for $1.56 per lb., and invest some early Christmas funds we just received. Thank you, Lord, for the discounted turkey meat.

          • Whole Turkey .79 /Lb in FL. Bought 3. Frozen turkey is only good for about 6 mts. Yes a lot of meat you could can, like in a thick soup form. Good Eats Mon.

            • All you really need is one old bluetick hound and a .22 We sure had a good ThanksGiving dinner here in NothGeorgia. We had RoastPossum and Sweet Taters and the whole family talked about how much we missed Cuz thats over there in Memphis, wish he would come on home. God does provide.

              • The Earth provides and only because the other humans are lazier than you are. When they get desperate the forests will be barren.

              • NGIC – You Cuz’s down in GA sure like your .22’s.

                • Yelp we love them .22’s for possum and small version of coons and 308’s for large version of coons and Floridians. Y’all know what I mean.

          • Turkey was 75% off yesterday at our usual grocer…I bought 4 to eat and 2 for the in laws….49/lb was hard to resist!!!

        • Hillbilly, are you close to Marietta?


          • How about Woodstock?

      3. and no GMO/Monsanto food back then either!

      4. I guess the price from 1909 is the price at a hotel?
        I was going to suggest maybe it was cheaper because people were more self-reliant and produced the majority if not most of Thanksgiving Dinner themselves.
        I was thinking about that today, people spending sooo much money on Thanksgiving Dinner, when the symbolism is supposed to be thankful for what you HAVE. Not what you can buy.

        • Most lower middle-class folks earned perhaps $1000 or $2000 a year in those days. $500 a year would get you by, but barely, as working poor.

          Per an old movie I watched the other night, 15 cents would get you a ham sandwich at a diner in 1948.

          A lot of the inflation is since 1964.

          • I could get hamburgers for 15 cents in 1971. My school lunch cost 35 cents, and a half-pint of milk was 5 cents. The first haircut I paid for myself after high school was 75 cents. Gasoline was only 47.9 cents per gallon in my town. I saw prices really start to jump by larger percentages in the mid-1970s. Candy bars went from 10 to 15 to 20 to 25 to 35 to 50 cents in just 2 or 3 years.

            • hsown nsn nsn nsn name

            • Archivist you just brought back old memories when you mention 15 cent hamburgers and not really that long ago. I sure would love to have a bag full of those belly bombers from White Castle, man they was greasy and had a lot of onions and the buns were nice and fresh and I could only eat 10 or 15 and they sure was good. But not complaining, I had a Great Thanksgiving, and just like the pilgrims, I sure Thank God for the Bounty. Trekker Out.

              • And that brings back memories for me. My dad and I always called them gut grenades.

            • Huge Pressure for more falling Gas Prices. Watch the Gas wars at the retail level drop bigtime coming up. $2.62 Here in Central Gulf Coast FL. I bet at $2.00 or less by March 2015 time. Unless some major disaster or war stirs the pot, which can’t put it past these psychopaths.

            • I bought my first motorcycle in the late 60’s. I used to keep a quarter taped under the seat in case I found myself short on gas!

            • @Archivist… and that same candy bar (along with other food items) shrunk in size. A candy bar when I was a kid would actually fill you up……

          • in 1969 I got by on $6000 a year. One used car. One not too big of a house – 3/2. One salary. One wife but two children. 🙂

          • smokey, i’ve seen in print a FEW times, where the dollar has lost 85% of it’s value since 1971, when nixon took us off the gold standard.

        • I think I had lunch at this place a few years ago. It’s in Gettysburg right on the corner of the old roads, stone building with Bar and place to eat, nice but not real fancy. Think it’s the same place, because I remember it was built in the late 1700’S, cannot be that many buildings that old still in town.

        • Hey Mac, I am really suprised no news outlet has caught wind of this story today. Over in Oakland last night, I guess the riots were not providing enough entertainment for the police, so they went and blocked off a bridge at the port with a car club and possibly innocents caught up in the mix, and basically mass-detained 100-200 cars full of people for several hours. ABC News 7 in Oakland streamed the whole thing live. It was very disturbing. This is the only blurb I can find about it today, but if someone could find the raw footage, it definately tells a different story than this highlight piece. It deserves some media attention, I am shocked I saw nothing more of it today.

          http: //

          • This video seems to contain alot more of the footage, but it is not the raw video either.

            https: //

            • outlaw

              most of the collective herd (that works) is out spending their few bucks foolishly over cheap chinese gadgetry…and will probably do a little rioting on their own at some point over the last trinket available..

              much akin to the other collective herd (that doesn’t work)who love to riot for no reason whatsoever..

              screw em all


      5. Turkey? I don’t need no stinkin turkey!

        • I like to stuff cornish game hens, it’s like your own personal turkey and trimmings on your plate.

      6. Keep in mind what wages were in 1909. IFF wages kept up with inflation then prices are relative.
        The minimum wage in 1909 was 22 cents a day.

        So the advertised dinner cost was over two days labor per person.

        I’m on a very humble fixed income, I eat at home, I import and have Seafood for Thanksgiving due to my Pacific Northwest roots. All you eat crab, clams, fish, veggies, sourdough, and good wine, cost less than 3/4’s of a day’s income to feed two people and have leftovers for tomorrow.

        Efficiencies have really improved our lives, Don’t be fooled by penny to dollar comparisons across a century.

        • You’re absolutely correct. While these type of posts are entertaining, they rarely mention the other side of the equation. Specifically, that while costs have certainly risen, income has risen right along with it.

          Also, there are many examples of where costs are dramatically lower (particularly technology related). A flat screen TV costs a fraction now of what it did only a decade ago

      7. I remember back in the 70’s when you could buy a Nickle Bag of Pot for $5 bucks. Lol…

        • WWTI, man why in the world would anyone give $5 bucks for something that’s only a Nickle. Guess that’s why they call them dopeheads. Trekker Out. You Don’t Have To Splain It!

          • If you recall in the 70’s, 1 Oz was just $20 back then, and 1/4 – a quarter Oz was referred to a Nickle bag. Thus $5. Does that Spain it for you MT? However the quality was pretty crappy then and lots of seeds, not this potent high grade Aqua hybred green they have out there today. And for the record it has been years since I inhaled. Until it is legalized, I don’t need any more problems than I already invent myself or confront daily. Need to keep shooting strait right now. But do recall lots of great memories back then when we had real Freedom.

      8. The quality of store bought food is way down compared to just 30 years ago. Wages have’nt gone up for most in that time span and the quality of the food is far worse. I like seafood but since Fukishima I have avoided it completely. Most everything is GMO tainted and it’s difficult to eat a healthy meal from the majority of foods available in the grocery store. I’m not able to garden presently and need to relocate to somewhere that I can grow some of my diet. That’s my plan, to put a little distance between myself and the crowded environment of congested humanity. Time may be growing short so I better get on the ball.

        • It’s a little work and it’s good eats if can grow at least some of your own food. Better food, no taxes, what’s not to like?

          Brent Markham of says you can earn the equivalent of over $50 per hour working 10 hours a week in your own garden. Not a bad part time job you ask me.

        • alajamo- Was watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown last night. He was in China, and this one Chinese guy said that its hard to find good tasting quality handmade food over there any more, he said, so much of it now is Corporately mass produced.

          The problem they face is, that manual labor work force making home made food is disappearing, and that that alone is putting lots of their people out of work. China’s Population is 1.4 Billion. That’s a lot of food to have to manufacture. China’s Population is 4.4 times the population than the United States. And about 20% or 1/5th of the entire Worlds Population. That’s lots of Chops Sticks Baby!!!

      9. Will be off shtfplan for a day or two. Having surgery tomorrow. Getting the gallbladder out while I still live and work in a place where I can hand pick my surgeon and anesthesia provider. It is so safe these days, but we have a saying in healthcare…..if its gonna f up, it’s usually a nurse/doctor or their family. It’s kind of like winning the lottery in a bad way. They made a pin cushion outta me Monday in X-ray, so maybe I’m done with crappy odds at this point. Bless all my peeps at SHTF, an please forgive me if I say something stupid while jacked up on pain meds after!

        Hold the line.

        • Hope all goes well for you Nopityparty…..

        • Well good luck to you! I just went through the same thing, and am looking at at least one more. Keep your eye on the ball and see you when it’s over.

        • NPPH,

          Been there. Done that. Whew! It wasn’t fun but it sure was a relief.

          Beware: If you feel like going back to work, don’t. Had mine out on a thursday. Felt fine! Went back to work on Tuesday. MISTAKE!

          Give yourself a full week. You’ll be better for it.

          I was told that I’d be sensitive to some things, especially foods containing high fats. It was crap! I had a cast iron stomach before. Now, I swear, I could drink gasoline and I wouldn’t even burp it! I’d actually been having problems for years and didn’t know it. Just sit back and relax. Oh, and ask them to give you a little extra demorral. I don’t know what it is, but, with demorral in you, TS could HTF and you’d still think everything was WONDERFUL!

          Good luck.

        • Make sure you get a refill on any pain pills and stockpile them. Always handy to have a few.

          • No more refills at all on the sched 1 pain killers like Demerol. 30 days and you have to come back with NEW paper prescription. Sched 2 like Oxycodone you get two refills, then doctor has to write you a new scrip. Has to be a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, too. Doctor can’t even call or fax the scrip to the pharmacy any more, you have to hand carry the paper in. My insurance company’s mail-order pharmacy can’t dispense anymore.

        • I had emergency gall bladder taken out. Absolutely the pain level was a 10 in the ER . Doubled up on a chair begging for morephene to kill it until surgery. Was in hospital 4 days. Nothing to mess with take it out another useless organ in the body that you don’t really need since evolution over millions of year made it obsolete. Good luck take care. WWTI

      10. When Shooting Starts:
        1. First and foremost, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD! Think.
        2. When the shooting starts it is too late to go buy a weapon and/or ammunition.
        Have what you feel you need NOW.
        3. It is too late to go to the range to site in your weapon. Keep weapons zeroed at all times.
        4. Know where you stand. Your cause must be moral and it must be just.
        5. A shot fired in haste is a shot fired in waste.
        6. Before you squeeze the trigger make sure that you are prepared for the consequences and the repercussions.
        7. Your family and loved ones should already know what to do. Training and more training, what to do should become second nature.
        8. When you squeeze the trigger you are taking a human life, no matter who it is, prepare for that event.
        9. Be willing to die for your cause but try not to. You must survive.
        10. Be reluctant to start the shooting but be ready to end it. Start only if you must, but end it quickly.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead: I love that advice! When the shooting starts, don’t lose your head. I saw my local trash hauler the other day, and I ask him, hows business? And he said “picking up” Trekker Out.

          • Good advice.

            Plain and simple advice, was what i stuck to, from many years ago….”You can’t call a bullet back after you have pulled the trigger”.

            It was given as advice in hunting & shooting situations, but works anytime a gun is fired.

            Many times that thought has stuck in my head when shooting a highpower rifle at deer, and makes me consider where that bullet is heading if i hit a limb, or miss completely, and the bullet richochets off target. Are there houses in that direction, buildings, or possibly people?

            I mainly hunt from an elevated tree stand so it isn’t as much of an issue, but I do keep that in mind since i almost shot my younger brother, accidentally, when we were teenagers hunting squirrels with 22’s. He wasn’t where i thought he was and the squirrel was on the side of a tree. The bullet hit a tree my brother was leaning up against and brush obscured his position.

            The next year, a neighbor shot his brother in the head with a high power rifle when they were hunting in a corn field together, trying to push deer towards each other. He did survive, but was always mentally retarded after that.

            Teach your children well. Tell them stories about accidental shootings and killings. A story filled with fear and horror, can stay in a person’s mind and make them “think”, when carring a gun, of any kind.

        • good advice copperhead AND passin’…..printed out and POSTED!

      11. Good luck NPPH. Gallbladder attacks are painful. I have never talked to anyone that regretted having the surgery.

      12. Thanks for the advice copperhead

      13. Productivity from technology wasn’t even factored in. The per unit cost of the components of a Thanksgiving Dinner in 1909 was far less in relative value today due to advances in technology so its not apples v apples.

        I can assume that the 6000% is closer to triple that being 18,000%. You can’t compare a TV’s cost in 1965 dollars to a TV in 2014 dollars for the same reason.

      14. Here’s an interesting link I found this evening over at USA Watchdog:

        Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap

        “No matter how strange it may seem, but right now, Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold.

        Putin is not shouting about it all over the world. And of course, he still accepts US dollars as an intermediate means of payment. But he immediately exchanges all these dollars obtained from the sale of oil and gas for physical gold! [and] “China stops selling their goods for dollars”. […] In chess the situation in which Putin has put the West, led by the US, is called “time trouble”.” …

        • helot: Why do you think so many countries in Europe are getting their physical gold back into their own hands? Inquiring minds want to know. The petro dollar days are numbered and so is the U S’s economy. (Thx for the link).

          MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • When the wrong people have the physical gold you can bet TPTB will find a way to devalue it. Also, there is a rumor floating around that Putin has cancer.

        • Putin sees what is coming for the U.S. because his beloved FSB/KGB designed it.

          While Queen Barry is completing the last two stages.
          Stage #3 Crisis, #4 Normalization (Marxist Dictatorship)

      15. The numbers don’t really matter. What matters is wages. Inflation continues but after about 1975, wages have leveled off more than inflation. What they are doing, essentially, is getting use to work for less value. The numbers mean nothing. Its the value that matters.

        • They’re depending on the advances in technology to offset their money grab to the top. In essence they’re skimming off the increased productivity that advances in technology have and are producing.

          • Predominately, the main factor of increased costs of everything, and decreased wages for workers is “greed”.

            Many, many businesses have closed the doors, shut down operations, and laid off employees, “permanently”, due to greed.

            Not getting the profits one thinks they deserve or want, tends to cause people to make stupid decisions because of their pride and greed. That thinking, in itself, is based on the same thinking that evil comes from.

            An old aquaintance of mine had a thriving business that revolved around an annual contract with the State DOT.
            He had three, four men crews, that each had about $150k worth of equipment and tools. All made good money.

            This had been productive for six years and the annual contracts bid was always increased and renewed. The owner had new p/u trucks, boats, property at the beach, etc.etc. etc.
            Unfriendly competition came into the mix on the new annual bids, and the “new guy” underbid. The state in all fairness, said we will only allow this new contractor to have half the work, but we will only pay what he has bid for the hourly rate.

            My aquaintance, lost his head and his bid. His pride and greed got in the way of rational thinking. He went bankrupt, and eventually lost everything, including his $$ loving wife, (a bitch anyway), and is now working for someone else at salary. No more Mr. Bigshot business man.

            This has happened everywhere in the world, and is continuing at a rapid pace. Owners of business aren’t content with just making a decent profit anymore. They want to be rolling in cash like their buddies. Greed and pride will be the eventual cause of the demise of our economies. Screwing over others to increase profit is the norm.

            the rich get richer, or go bankrupt; while the poor get poorer.

            There are a few of us, that are too old to chase a dollar any longer and we just get smarter and wiser.

            But we survive!…. and with a clear conscience.

            • The US Textile Industry was the lowest paid among manufacturing and largely non union located mainly in the southern states having first relocated from the New England states. The Industry is largely no longer there as $10 / $12 hr was far too much to pay when $25 cent / hr sweatshop labor could be had in Asia with no import duty. This is better known as Free Trade which in effect is a Free Ride for the manufacturer.

              Your correct regarding greed. The companies greed. Industry had no problem paying good solid wages to manufacturing employees prior to this globalist nonsense creating a race to the bottom. Its a replay of the robber barons that now have an international arena.

              • You’re both correct in most of your narratives, however, the “price” never went up. The value of the dollar went down so the “number” went up but the price paid is the same. The rise in the numbers of various things represents the same price, just more worthless dollars.

                The misconception and the incorrect language that we all tend to use is a blessing to those who hide this fraud and have foisted it upon the American People. I only know 2 in 100 people that understand this concept.

                When the price goes *UP* it does not mean something is worth more. What it means is that the dollars that represent the price have gone down in value.

                So few people see it this way. They think that when gold goes up its worth more. No. If they raise the price of a shovel, is it worth more? No. Its *WORTH* is exactly the same as it was the day before. What changed was the *VALUE* of the dollar not the *VALUE* of the shovel. That means that the next day when you go into work that you are earning less.

                Here lies the problem: You’re stuck. When you work, you labor in Man Hours is paid to you. Once its paid, its static. Everytime they raise prices, they are screwing you. Effectively you are getting a pay cut. But, its a pay cut AFTER your contract is fulfilled.

                In effect it is institutionalize theft. You’d have a fit and unionize and protest if they lowered your wages. Wouldn’t that piss you off? But, when they raise prices, you never even know. They devalue the dollar and raise prices and your labor gets cheaper. You whine and complain and say its not right, etc, but to most people they just live with it. Then, when they raise the numbers on your wages you think its wonderful! But, what you find is that you never catch up to the rise in the price of the shovel.

                They would never be able to get away with lowering your wages, so, they fool you with fake numbers. AND THEY LOWER YOUR WAGES!!!

                …and think about taxes. What happens when you get a “raise”? You pay more taxes because the IRS says you are earning MORE.

                WHAT A LIE WE ARE LIVING!

                The fact is nearly everything about finances, government and industry that you’ve been told is a lie, concieved in hell to enslave you. The important question is: What are you doing about it?

                They hate people like me. My real savings is in real money as a store of value: junk silver.

                • NetRanger

                  My point is that even if prices stayed the same there still would be a devalued dollar because the cost of goods due to technological advancement should have dropped. This infers that the devaluation of the USD is even greater than the math indicates because productivity is not factored in.

      16. My wife and I are old Late 60’s. We got caught with our pants down in 2008 and weren’t paying attention to what was going on around us. As a result we kept our business going on cruz control and started taping a line of credit to keep paying the bills. We finally got the message about 3 & 1/2 years ago and went into austerity mode. By that time we had lost 70% of our business. But we have managed to stop the bleeding, get our overhead under control and although we are not where we wanted to be at this time of our lives, we are grateful to have an decent income and eyes wide open. We have our health and have 42 years of building business relationships. Hard work, honest business dealing and our faith in a Loving and Merciful God have paid us dividends beyond what we could have imagined. Just not what we thought it would be.

      17. Regardless of what one thinks of Putin, he’s telling the WEST/NWO to kiss his A$$! I personally like what he telling Obama GO FU~K YOURSELF, you are a light weight pompous A$$ in a man’s world. In a short time things are going to get very interesting. Prepare for what is coming.

        MTCFMF!!///RIP America.

      18. It’s good we don’t see much writing from Durden.. cause it suhkks. Turkey cost the same as it has for a while 79cents/lb. Stuffing was a low cost bogo. Cranberry was a dollar. Gravy was cheap
        I’m not whining.

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